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The Store With A
Good Reputation
We have built our reputation for sell
ing goods which are meeting with the
approval of all, keeping pace with the
reductions in prices. We are always
reducing our prices at the same time
maintaining the high quality standard.
Our Spring and Summer line in all de
partments includes all desirable mer
chandise with prices way below' last
Your Concrete Work
should be clone by experienced contractors. You have
seen many bad concrete jobs cracked and crumbling
because of a lack of knowing how to mix cement
and the quality of the material.
We have turned out some of the best concrete jobs
ever done on the Peninsula. We guarantee our work
in every particular. We have built concrete houses
out of blocks and stucco. We have made perfectly
dry cellars, smooth and solid concrete pavements ancl
macadam roads. In fact our business is
We do it right and we guarantee it. We want
the people of Worcester County to give us their con
crete work. We are located at Berlin and a card or
letter will bring us to you for consultation and esti
mate. Don’t hesitate t< use us.
How few of us realize the importance of
making over the foreigner —of implanting
American ideals, ideas and common sense in
place of socialistic and maybe anarchistic theories. It
means a lot to every American citizen. This work
and many other interesting activities of the Department
of Labor are discussed in the twelfth issue of the senes
of beautifully illustrated booklets on Our Government
which we have been distributing to representative
citizens of this community.
If by any chance you have failed to receive regularly
your copies of this series that has befen so favorably
commented upon, visit us today and from the limited
supply on hand we will gladly complete your set.
The First National Bank
© *“• !
We are doing Job Printing
at a Reduction from
he Old Prices
Hfcfr smut, m it... *~
Lash And Bail And Chain Abandoned.
Tile whipping pot and the light ol
the warden to appl> lashes up to the
number ol 13. along with the use o!
the old hall and chain, ail of which
were parts of the old rules, have been
abolished at (be Maryland Penitentiary
and House ol Correction by the Hua.d
ol Prison Control.
The new rules aud regulations, just
drafted and made public by Chairman
Ogle Marbury, supersede th* regula
tions which, while not always applied,
have been in force since they were
drafted by the board of directors in
The chances in regulations were
determined upon folowmg the ex
posure of brutality to prisoners iu the
Penitentiary last fall. In drafting
them the Prison Hoard abolished in
their entirety tie old rules.
One of the noticeable advances, de
termined upon with a view to doing
nothing that would tend 10 cause loss
ol self-respect among the prisoners,
but would rather encourag* self-re
spilt is the dropping of the term
“convict." which was used in tie- c>!d
regulations. Straight thiough tie new
rule- the prisoners are referred to a
"tie- inmates,"
To prevent th* board being kept ;n
ignorance of any mistreatment ol an
inmate, tie rules compel tie institu
tion physician to report to tie hoard
at once and in writing any injuries to
a prisoner, no matter how sustained
or from what cause
Stringent prohibition against guard
striking, punishing, swearing a - or in
any way mi-treaCng a prisoner is
another provision of tie new rule
following the- investigation of affairs
at ’h- Penitentiary last fall several
guards were di-mis-, d for brutality to
Harding's Roads Stand Commended
Supporters of the policy of the
Maryland Hoad Commission and th*
State Motor Vehicle Commissioner in
opposing unlimited motor licensing
reciprocity between the District o!
Columbia and this State are finding
comfort in the recently announced
intention of President Harding to
withhold federal highway aid irom
.-ta'es which have no comprehensive
system of road maintenance. The
reciprocity light has been waxing
more intense each year since Mary
land nrst launched a State highway
building program. President Harding's
idea for distribution of future federal
road fund-, as outlined in Washing
loti di- patches, is und-1 stood to b<
•lia: f. deral aid lunds will go only to
.-'ate- hav.ng sonic maintenance pro
wsion whereby the users of the high
wav- through th-.r vehtcl. licenses,
maintain tic road- This is the basic
princ.pl. of the Maryland maintenance
Decide On Hospital For Mad Criminals
Maryland .- to start at once the
construction o: u separate hospital lor
cart ol ai-ane persons of criminal
tend-m o-, this to to done at a cost
well within th.* original appiopria
tion lor the purpo.-o and for much
less than was asked by •be state
Lunacy < ommi-.-ion at a meeting with
■he Board ol Public Works a few
weeks ago.
Redrafted plans and specification-,
to take the place of tho.e rejected by
the Board of Pul lie Works at the
previous conference were approved at
a join' meeting ol 'he two bodies in
the office of Governor lfitehie
Tio- new Man- call for a single and
complete unit, which will comfortably
and -afely house 17 patients in add:
tion to the- admini-trative officers,
physicians and nurses. It will be
erected on the Soring Grov< Hospital
Governor Files Complaint.
Governor fli'chi* l.a- complained t
the Public Service Commission of "he
service over the old Short Line since
the con-olidation with the W I! & A
Following the con-olida'ion of the
.wo electric lines r.-cently, the Gov
ernor and tariou- members of his
office caff suffered -erious delay- in
reaching their offices The Governor
-tood ' for • few days looking for an
improvement aPer the rough edges of
consolidation were -muotbed off Then
rame the Bowie race meet, which put
all sort- of crimps in the schedules of
the \V 1! a.- A So the Governor iei
serially made an informal and verbal
complaint to Chairman Maloy. of the
Public Service Commis-ion Mr. Maloy
pas-erf the complain' along to the \\
B. & A In th* meanwhile the Gov
ernor is rid ng in his automobile
Hatchery Fish Distributed.
The State Conservation Commission
began th* -pring distribution of fish
ha'ched under the State supervision
Nine hundred thousand brook aud rain
s bow trout which were hatched at
l.iwis'on Hatchery m Frederick <oun
r ty w* r- sen' to Washington and Gar
► :ett countii These fish measured
about an inch and a half in length and
will require about three y.-aj. to u.a
'ure to marketable size Gam it Hart
ford Baltimore and Frederick counties
wiil also receive for di-tribution in
j * tie -mams oi tarsi counties thou
, d o! the . trout.
tup: democratic m. senger. snow hill, marylan
The Latest News From All
Over the State
Hock villi* L>r. Claiborne H. Man
nar, one of the iount> \ b<-.-t know n
physicians, (lied suddenly at his home
here, aged 59 years. He suffered a
stroke of paralysis about a year ago.
He is survived by his wife, formerly
a Miss Magruder, of this county, and
thne sons (Claiborne. Peyton and
Braxton Mannar*.
Cumberland Reports tell of snow
falls on the mountains at Thomas W.
Va and Deal, above Fmmitsburg on
the Western Maryland Railroad, and
at Altamont. Md . on the Ilaltimore
and Ohio. The temperature was thirty
above zero at Altamont and twenty
above at Thomas, making conditions
again si rious for frjft and vegetation.
Haserstown Crushed between two
car.- while making a coupling in the
Western Maryland Railway yards.
Yard Conductor James W Burke. age
38. was fatally injured. He was taken
to the Washington County Hospital
for a blood transfusion. Samuel B. Me-
Beth offering his blood, bu - Burk* db-d
b.-fore the ’ranslu-ion could be made
His w ife and one child survive.
Port iK-po-it.— Soldiers, sailors,
nurses and Red Cross workers, all
gassed in France, to the number of
350. together with the doctors, nurses
ana attendants at the Perryvllle Bub
lie Health Hospital, were taken across
the Susiiuelianna and entertained by
the Walter L. Main circus at Havre
dc Cl ice Mr* Downey, the owner of
the show, placed one-half of the big
tent at the disposal of his guests, and
furnished transportation to and fro
Baltimore Mrs Marguerite F. Har
rison of ’his city, of whom news has
been -ought -ince she was thrown
into prison by the Russian Soviet au
thority-. was still in solitary confine
ment last February, receiving barely
sufficient rations to keep her alive —
worse than those obtained by other
Americans and not permitted to read
or even to .-ew for herself This in
formation about the plight of the
Maryland newspaper correspondent
wa- brought to Riga by the Baroness
Forelk'-rson. a Sister of Mercy, who
had te en hi Id by the Russians as a
Let via n hostage The Baroness wa -
not in the same pnson as Mr- Har
ri-on. hut wa- kept in a piison at
Ba .rka. where, owing to her .-’atus.
she had rather more freedom than
other prisoners.
Ka ’on. Charb s Seymour, accused
ol a-saultine John W. Hinton with in
ttnt to kill, was given a hearing be
fore Magistrate Johnston and held in
iJ"" bail for -he grand jury. A< cord
ing to the evidence. Hinton wa? found
walking on the outskirts of Fasten
w .th Mrs. Seymour by her husband,
who drew a revolver and fired twice,
bu' the shots went wild Later in the
• veiling the three met again This
time Mr and Mrs. Seymour were to
gether and it was -aid the husband
again pulled hi- gun and fired at Hin
ton. who retaliated with a bsick But
one witness was permitted to testify,
the magistrate claiming it wa.- ucnec
• ssary to go into details regarding the
circumstance- leading to the shoot
ing \V Mason Shehan who defend' d
Seymour, was told by Magistrate John
ston that C’e unwr.-ten law would not
stand in tns court
f new size)!
V package /
10 cigarettes for 10 cts
Handy and convenient; try
them. Dealers now carry
both sizes: 10 for 10 cts;
20 for 20 cts.
Bt’s Toasted
Six Of Dead Identified And More
Than Score Hurt.
Texarkana, Ark.— Starting at a
point about three miles east of Tex-1
arkuna. a tornado swept northeast,
doing extensive damage over an area
varying from half a mile to nearly
two miles in width and 10 miles long,
causing the death of six identified per
sons. three of whom are negroes, and.
according to reliable reports, killing all
the members id the Motfitt and Jones
families on the Boyce plantation in the
Red River bottom.
Military Classes Of 1918 And 1919
Called To The Colors.
Paris. — Reports were current in
l.ille to th*- effect that the military
classes of 191 S and 1919 had been sum
moned to the colors for a period ol
preliminary training before being
called upon to aid in the possible en
forcement of th*- Allied reparations
decision, hut these reports were de
clared by the Ministry of War to be
baseless. No call for the mobilization
of those cla-ses for any reason wliat
soever had been sent out the Ministry
San Franei.-co Dr. Sun Yat Sen,
elected "president of the Chinese re-,
public" by the Canton or Southern
gov* n ment. hu- decided to resign.
ar< 'itding to cable advices received'
from Canton by the Chinese World, a
local chhie.-e language daily news.ua
Wherever fashionables congregate
on an afternoon or evening in the coin
ing summer, our eyes are destined to
feast upon such enchanting millinery
as that shown above. In this group
of four bats both France and America
are represented by models that vie
with one another. The topmost hat,
from Paris, is made of a fabric having
black cellophane figures on a hciina
, colorei| silk background. Another
French hat approves this long drap
ing at the side, as shown in the round
bat of navy blue crepe with band of
pink crushed roses. Navy blue was
chosen, having black cellophane dec
oration. for its handsome rival with
black luce veiling tin* eyes and Ameri
ca further distinguishes itself in the
all-black satin bat with cellophane
trimming and long lace veil thut fin
ishes the picture.
Kaffir Corn Is Smaller Than Wheat
and Is Excellent for Young as
Well as O d Fowls.
The grain of ka.llr corn is smaller
il an wheat and it is -..nl for the little
chirks as well as the full-grown ones.
The brood will I.#*-in to cat it before
iliev are a week old and lb ise who 1
i live Tried It say that it makes fine
i _
Gets it First”
■ The other day I ran across young Jim Jones. 1
i Jim’s father, who lives not so far from town, A V|
j bought a year of the National Farm Weekly I V
I from me a few weeks ago. “Well, sonny,” I ■ m
S asked, “how does your dad like w
® “ Hardly gets a chance to read it,” was the re* •
| ply. “Ma sees the R. F. D. carrier first, an’ she
r grabs it.” And when I think of the good things uiiinmii
' for women that this great service weekly prints, _
I really can’t blame her. ' ’* ‘
:* Just f’rinstancc, take- next onthe Federal Land Banks,the jg
wc< k's issue: M.iida Jolinson's rice situation, increasing con- ft
big series on canning that we sumer demand, water transpor- W
“ ; have all been looking forward tation, cooperative marketing, f OI'TO.M
to begins next week early poultry, bee keeping, pure-bred
enough to help with the first livestock. All this, along with
5' fruits and vegetables. And splendid fiction, cartoons, pic- |
John R. McMahon has a jim- tures and humor, is just of I
dandy article on modernizing thcbigCountryGcntlemandol- ft
the farm home. The rest of the lar’s worth that you w ill get if ■ , ii_
issue is just as gocxl articles you order through me TODAY. H
You’ve Already Been Without It Too Long r -
LENA H. RIGGIN, Snow Hill, Md. '
B An authoriied mihwrription o# m T
I T¥e Cowtrr Geotlemao The Laditt’Home Joaraal Tke Silvdif Efnii| Ptrt J
S! man-SI-00 12 ueoet-SZ OO 52 i-$2 Si
3 S
| s 1
IJC Wear the latest modes of the mo
merit and at the exact moment that
they appear in the Fashion Centers.
$1 Styles that sparkle with beauty and
'elegance—and such comfort Wl>lV
% H W Callahan & Sons “
Now is the time to ha
your car overhauled
Spring. We replace
and broken parts w
new and make it run
smoothly as a new c
Williams’ Go
Next to Electric Light Plan
Snow Hill, Md.

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