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JULY 2,1921.
Hochschild,Kohn 8c Co.
A Store of High Ideals of
Service and Helpfulness
Is situated in Baltimore, Maryland. In order that its ideal
of ervice" may be realized by it* out-of-town friend*, it
ha* inaugurated a
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knows good quality and values—she shops for you a*
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Lizzie and the Lip |
I Stick
((g). 1921, by McClure Newspaper Syndtrate )
Hot** ln<l always made love to girl*.
; It was mm ■uitimil to him ms breathing.
■ No matter where he was, in street
cars, In restaurants, on dancing floors
or in clinreh Boss made love to any
pretty girl who happened to he floss
enough to henr the sound of his win
ning voice, lint he was a clever fel
| low anil lie never pat anything Into
writing, ainl never naked any of them
i to marry him.
I.ate in tile winter he Invlteil all of
Ills old flames and many of Ills lit
tle fliekers, along with an equal num
ber of good fellows, to make up a gay
house party nt Ills lodge in the ntoun
| tains.
"Kvery face here a pretty facet”
he sighed thankfully the flrst evening
at dinner, when, Just nt that moment,
the hangings at the door parted and
May Tillman came In, holding another
girl, a stranger, by the hand.
“Hello, everybody!" cried May gny
ly. 'Tin late ns usunl. Missed the
express and had to eome on the local;
then waited at the station half an
hour to get a car to bring me up the
mountain. Uoss, this is my little
cousin, Lizzie Wilson. She enme to
I visit us very unexpectedly, so I
| brought her along. Knew you couUl
, put her up, and I simply would die
' If I hud to miss one of your great and
. glorious parties."
Kverybody watched Hoss to see the
effect of his uninvited guest. She
wore a blue satin dress Hint bulged
at the neek. Her brown hair was soft
and clung damply to her high fore,
head. Her mouth was big and wide,
n sure sign of brains hut a wholly
unnecessary attribute In a female of
the species, and in fact a real ob
stacle in the way of a girl’s social
success with men like Hoss Keeder.
Hoss was tremendously polite to her
and all the girls were painfully nice
to her. Lizzie was harmless. They
had nothing to fear front her.
Kaeh man did Ids duty hy his host
and wished her off on another with
the precision of an alarm clock sot
for n fatal hour. Before any man
started out with her, walking, riding
11 .
i r'nU/ A* *
Common Interest Stretching Their
or motoring, he took care to nequaiut
himself with the time, place and man
ner of her bestowal on the next un
It was the morning of the third day
that the blow fell, "tirent Seott !"
yelled Hoss, eoming Into the big living
room ami waving a sheet of yellow
paper. “Kvery servant on the place
has heat It for town. Belong to a
union or something and got their or
ders to walk out. " lie looked around
I at the Woeful fares, then he laughed.
| “Well, we should worry, with twelve
• girls here to shake the rolling pin and
I skillet.".
! "|'ve got a perfectly awful head-
I aebe,” gasped Mary Hotter.
• Boss looked at her suspiciously. "1
■ can get servants from town by minor
| row night. In the meantime we'll
| take it In shifts, four at a time, with
; all "f us hoys willing to I potatoes
i and things Volunteers, please step
■ forward!”
! '‘Come on. girls. It would he em
! Imrrasslng m have to eonserlpt you.
j Who is going to help Miss Wilson?"
I Two other girls reluetatttly moved
; forward.
: "We’ll have It ill one hour,"
: declared Hoss. "After that live-mile
I tramp 1 could eat a raw beefsteak.
! (lee. I'm hungry!"
He went hack Into the kitchen In
a few minutes and there he found
Lizzie. She wore an all-enveloping
blue apron, her sleeves were rolled
i tip to her elbows and she seemed to
I know what she was doing. The other
| two girls were setting the table, slow
! |y. carefully, touching things gingerly
1 "Isn't it awful for this to happen.
! Ross; right In the midst of our fun?"
i sniffed one of them.
• Lizzie WiNoii said nothing. She j
i moved bnek and forth, eapahty. from
’ table to stove. Cadet her skillful flu- •
| g*rs cold cut* were nit
ranged on platter* which *. /
'j IjP and prettily gnml*hi*i,. . *nla<-
' wa* ninrveloualy evolved <>4t of the 1
i content* of several tin can* and fruit
i was scrubbed nnd piled In n blif silver
j bowl. Itoss looked at her wondering
( ly a* he helped her carry ,the
■ and other things she had found In the
I Icebox and storeroom.
“Volt bad better find Out whether
er not the other girls run cook." she
told Itoss when luncheon had been
duly praised and devoured.
A light snon was falling and the
crowd, standing In groups at the win
dows, was planning to get out Into It.
l!o>s ei'ossed the room to speak to
them, then came back, shaking In*
bead negatively at Idr.7.ie.
"Ob. well, I'll manage." she told
him ipiietly. "There is a mountain
woman here who can wash the dishes
I'll cook and In some measure repay
you for my Intrusion. May made me
come. Perhaps It Is Just ns well now
that I dill." When Itoss insisted on
remaining indoors to help, higgle,
smilingly, waved him away. "No, in
deed." she said, “you couldn't do a
thing. You would Just tic In my way.”
Now Itoss bail never been dismissed
in such peremptory style, and again
he looked at higgle wonderingly. Most
girls would have seized the opportu
nity to have a long tall; with him.
Twice during the afternoon lie left tin*
crowd coasting on a -lick track nnd
sneaked back Into the kitchen to sec
what he could do. and each time higgle
pleasantly but tirmly urged him to go
A heavy snow set In by nightfall,
anti it was impossible to get servants
there as soul) as Itoss had expected,
and for three whole days hl/./.ie Puked
and hasted, brewed and boiled. The
gallants who hud so ungallantly
wished her off on their suffering
friends a few days before begged for
tin* privilege of bidding lier wraps,
fastening her skates or even peeling
the much-despised potatoes for a nice
French fry. but higgle smiled a Mona
hlsa smile iim! went Serenely on her
For tin* Inst night they had planned
u big dance, a full-dress affair, .lust
before dinner one of the girls wlio
really appreciated higgles hard work
derided to show her gratitude, "het
me do your hair tonight and loan you
that little white georgette dress of
mine!" she urged. "You'd look s*>
well In It."
"That's right nice of you." said
Lizzie. “I'll be delighted.”
It is surprising what properly
miffed hair, a bit of artistically ap
plied rouge anil a lip stick can do, not
to mention tin* simple elegance of a
gown with perfect lines. By n*> means
did higgle emerge from grateful hands
a real beauty, but higgle was wonder
fully Improved. There was something
different In lo*r manner, too. No long
er was she the shy, little town girl
whom May had * I rugged into the din
ing room a week before. She walked
with head up ami an air of conscious
When dinner was over, Boss rose
nnd lifted a little glass of elderberry
wine. “I wish to propose a toast." he
said. "To the most capable girl I
ever knew, Miss higgle Wilson! May
she live long and never be far away
from me!" Then lie left bis place nnd
going around behind the girl slipped
something around Iter throat.
The girls leaned forward Impulsive
ly. with common Interest stretching
their eye*. One of the Boeder lioir
looms. a cameo >**t round with dia
monds. was glistening on higgle Wil
son’s breast.
An hour later Boss broke in <>n I>on
Budget's, who was rushing higgle out
rageously, ami whirled her out Into
the hull. He picked up a fur coat
front the console table and wrapped It
closely around tin* glrL Then he
pulled on bis own coat, and opening
ti door cautiously whisked Iter through
It out Into the cold, crisp air of a Feb
ruary night.
biggie's band went to Iter breast.
"You're awfully kind to offer this,
tills wonderful pendant to me. It was
your mother's. I know, and —nnd
there's only one person In the world
who really ought to have it."
"That person has it. the girl 1 love,
the girl I want for my wife," said
Boss very tenderly. Ills voice shook
Kven bis big square hands were trem
bling on Iter arms. "I love you," he
whispered gravely. "Oh, higgle. I
love you so. I don't know how to tell
you." This front the eloquent Bos*
Boeder, who hud made love fluently,
beautifully ami poetically to girls ever
since be wore Fauntleroy suits ami
soft bow ties. 'Van you leant to love
tin*, just a little?"
higgle Wilson's head was swaying
giddily toward his shoulder. Ib*
caught her In a dose embrace.
"You're the only girl I ever asked to
marry me." he declared honestly,
scorning to lie about bis tunny loves
at that great moment of Ills life.
lb* announced their engagement
that night, announced it proudly with
' a ring in Ills voice and a happiness
In his eyes that none of his old flumes
hail ever been able to light there.
"Of course I don’t deserve a girl like
higgle. No man docs," he said hum
bly. "But site's mine," he exulted.
He was positively shameless about his
Joy. for lie kissed Iter before all of
Might Have Been Harder.
"I wuz tn de iiitiv les once," said the
tattered visitor.
"Not an actor?"
“You could hardly call me dnt, mum.
But In de big scene 1 wuz thrown out
of a barroom by >b 'tar."
"You should have been well paid for
I tbat."
“Well, 1 got my a day. an' da
' drinks I took WUZ real ones."
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