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Miss Florence Marshall returned to
Baltimore Tuesday, after having
spent the holidays with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. VV. H. Marshall.
Mr. Arthur Mill, of Overbrook,
spent Sunday with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. William Mill.
Misses Kli/abeth Taylor and Mary
Parker have returned from a visit to
Miss Klinor Nelson at New Church.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Burbage
ami son, Marion, left this week on a
trip to Butfalo, Niagara Kails, and
other places of interest.
Mr. and Mrs. Axel Sheppard, of
Washington, are visiting his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sheppard.
Mrs. Eva Parsons and daughter,
of Cape Charles, will spend the win
ter with her mother, Mrs. Nancy Bur
Mr. It. K. Powell, of Berlin, was a
guest in town this week.
Dr. S. 1,. McKee and wife, of Wil
mington. were guests of Itev. W. !..
Hess and wife this week.
Mr. Walton Chandler spent the
week end with friends in Onancock.
Miss Klixabeth Finnegan, of Cam
den, N. J., spent part of last week
with her aunt. Mrs. Peyton.
Miss Bessie Barnes, who has been
spending her vacation here with her
parents, Mr. and Mr.-. James Barnes,
has returned to Baltimore.
Miss Maxel Johnson, of Norfolk,
spent the week end with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. King Johnson.
Mr. Pierce Ward is visiting his
cousin. Mr. Hubert Sharpley, in Nor
Miss Gladys Bromley ha.- gone to
Frankford, Del., and Miss Catherine
Hancock to Berlin, where they will
resume teaching.
School reopened Monday with a
large enrollment. The primary de
partment was so crowded that Prof.
Hill has asked the Board of Educa
tion for an additional teacher.
Miss Cecilia P. Houston, of New
York, is visiting her mother. Mrs.
Sallie Houston.
We are glad to report that Mr.
Homer Mason, who was operated on
for appendicitis, is able to be out
Mr. William Sturgis, of Baltimore,
is visiting his father, Mr. William
Miss Mary Parker left Friday to
visit friends in Newark. N. J., and
to attend the marriage of one of her
school mates. She will also visit
Miss Bessie Hill in New York before
returning home.
Fletcher Nelson returned this week
from New- Church to resume bis
studies at the High School.
Mr. and Mis. Burton, and Mr. and
Mr.-.-George Evans, of Poeomoke,
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Burton
Hill Sunday.
Services for Sunday, September
11th, as follows:
10.00 A. M„ Sunday School. W. S.
Townsend. Superintendent.
11.00 A. M. Preaching.
•’*.oo P, M.. Preaching at Goodwill.
7.15 P. M.. Epworth League.
7.15 P. M., Preaching.
A hearty welcome for you al way
at our church.
D. B. PRETTYMAX, Pastor.
Sunday, September 11th, services
will be held as follows:
Wesley Church, Stockton—Sunday
School at 10.00 A. M. Preaching at
11.00 A. M. Subject: “Christ Speak
ing in Parable ." Epworth League
at 7.30 P. M.
Klej Grange Sunday School at
2.15 P. M. Preaching at 3.00 P. M.
Subject: “Duty Glorified."
Grace Church, Franklin City—
Class meeting at 9.30 A. M. Sun
day School at 2.30 P. M. Preaching
at 7.30 P. M. Subject: “The Sphere
of Influence." The Bed Men and
Pocahontas Tribe will attend this
sendee in a body.
REV. W. L. HESS, Pastor.
Life has many illusions, but the
greatest of all is to think you haven’t
—————— ' " ———aaMßnaanm——•
You may think
all corn flakes are alike
until you taste—
Post Toasties
—best corn jlakes
'. J
Then you'll underatand why the flavor, criupncaa
and texture make "Pout Toaatieu” the auperior kind.
See Our Samples ot Engraved Work
> Mrs. Mary Kyal and Mrs. Annie
: Dryden and granddaughter, Louise,
, of Fruitland, are visiting at the home
of Mrs. J. W. Dryden.
Misses Margaret and Maude liod
. frey, Minnie Gorily, Mary and Eliz
abeth Dryden. Grace Dickerson and
Messrs. Heston Cnrmean, Edward;
i Codfrej and Lester Barnes spent last
. Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs.;
i Win. Simian.
i! Mr. and Mrs. Gorman Perdue and
I children spent Sunday with hei par
ent.-, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert rook*.
A Home Coming Celebration will
. be held at Mt. Olive Sunday, Sept.
11th. There will lie three services
. morning, afternoon and night. The
ex-pastors who will lie present are
the Rev. Avery Donovan, and the
Rev. D. W. An-tine. 'Hie pastor of
i the Powellville Charge. Rev. I. S.
Owens will also be present. Every
body is invited to come and bear a
. good sermon and eat fried chicken.
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Carmcan and!
■ daughters, Thelma and Eunice, spent
j Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. M.
Mr. Victor Dicker.-ou spent the,
week end with his cousin. Mr. Milton I
i I iryden.
To the Democratic Voters of Wor
cester County:
Ladies and Gentlemen—Before this
notice shall be brought to your at
tention, it will Ik* generally known
that I have withdrawn from the con
-1 test tor the nomination for the House
of Delegates. The purpose of this
communication is to make deal to my
j friends. my reason for doing so.
Oi the successful outcome ot my
1 contest, 1 hail not the slightest doubt,
ii the many assurances of support
which I had from friends, and fellow
Democrats all over the county, meant
anything. But there were .many rea
son- way a primary contest at this
time,was particularly to lie avoided, if j
possible,especially so when the dim- 1
ination of only one man would re
lieve the county of this enormous ex
pense. there was also an clement of
uncertainty a.- to which one of the
loin candidates in the field would be
eliminated by the primary. Coslen’s
District i properly entitled to only
one. and the primary might not ha- e
settled the matter this way.
I So my friends, in making the sacri
i fire that I have. I trust you will
I appreciate my position, having con-
I I sulored the Democratic party, and tin j
-; taxpayers of the county, in prefer- i
-once to my own personal ambitions.
I feel very grateful to all of you who
promised me your support, and I
wish to he remembered by you, first
of all a- a Democrat, ready to stand
by my party, and do all that I can to
j further its interests.
Very sincerely,
unsweetened I
W* th Better
cream COoki Il£
left L.
Professor Garner reports that the!
female ape says “Moohoo” and the I
■ male ape replies “Wuhoo.”
. Evolution doesn't seem to have car-
I lied us very far. At a dunce last
; week we heard a chap address a girl.
"Who is oo?" And the girl replied,
“Ps oo’s.“
“Name two web-footFd animals."!
■ said the teacher. “A couple ot
spiders,” repied the kid at the foot |
of the class.
______________ ____________ _____
■y.— wmmwvhwih ,nr..xiftmiriH, nmm HILL. MAKVLANIJ.
11. LEWIS, Jr.. Solicitors.
Hartwell M. Malone and Agnes E. I
Malone, Plaintiffs,
j Walter T. Duffy, Louise Duffy, Nellie j
Duffy and Alexander C. Duffv, et al. |
I lefendants.
No. 3112 Chancery. In the Circuit
Court for Worcester County and
Sti te of Maryland. In Equity.
'I he object of this suit is to pro- i
cure a decree for the sale of certain j
property in Worcester County in the
State of Maryland which was de-1
vised by Joshua Sturgis to the chil
dren of Mary A. Malone
The bill states that Hartwell M.
Malone, Mary A. Chatham. Cora
Bunting Malone, Katherine Malone.
Walter T. Duffy, Louise Duffy, Nellie
Duffy and Alexander C. Duffy are
owners of a concurrent interest in the
tract of land devised to the children
of Mary A. Malone by the last will
and te-tnment of Joshua Sturgis, tie
-aid land being situated in Worces
! tei County and State of Maryland.!
and being sometimes known as “The
Henry Johnson Farm." containing
about 230 acres of land: ami that the
-aid land is not susceptible of parti-!
| tion among.-t the parties without
material loss and injury: and that it
i |
Miss R. Belle Wilson
= i
Announces Her First Display
1 Fall and Winter Millinery I
| Wednesday and Thursday |
| September 14 and 15 |
5 s
is We have an exclusive line of trimmed and ready- =
| to-wear Millinery, including the famous Ach trim- s
| med hat. You are cordially invited to come and |
| inspect our line.
1 Miss R. Belle Wilson |
Just a Minute ...
Due to the fact that our most able buyer has spent
the past week in our nearby cities hunting tip and pur
chasing beautiful patterns at bargain prices of
Dress Ginghams. Percales. Poplins. (|nilt
Calicos, Flannelefles. Serges (lioth plain
and plaids) Sport Suitings. I nderwear.
Sweaters and the like.
AND ALSO, with the same care lie selected
our new Fall stock of Wool and Fiber.
Axminster and Tapestery Rugs. Red Steads.
Bed blankets. Mattresses. Household Furni
ture of all kinds and Chinaware.
We are now able to show you a really and truly high
class stock of goods at astonishing low prices.
Chas. B. Timmons 6 Son
| Low Prices on Tires I
| 2 2
E Absolutely new Stock guaranteed firsts at I
wonder prices.
E -'ld x 3! Cnited States Nobly Tread 514.K5
E -’ll x I Cnited States Nobly Tread lfi.Ns s
E -I- x 4 Kelly Springlield Kant Slip 27.25
E x 4 Kelly Springlield Kant Slip 25.4.5
E .’<4 x 4 Omar Non Skid la.fill
E .’l2 x,4| Cnited States Chain Tread 21.85
E 35 x4i Fisk Non Skid 32.10
| 34 x4] Diamond 10.00
= 3fi xfi Goodyear Cord Truck Tires fis.HO
§ 3fi xfi Goodyear Cord Truck Tires. New
equipment on truck replaced with
another make 51.411
E All sizes in Fisk and Kelly at proportion
| ately low prices Call in and look this stock
E over or mail your order.
Berlin, Maryland
would lie for the benefit and advan
-1 - .nge of the said parses that the land
| Ik- hold and the proceed* divided
| amongst the parties* a* their respec
ti'e interest* may appear; ami that
tlie defendants. Walter T. Duffy, Lou
i-e Duffy. Nellie Duffy and Alexan
der C. Duffv, are non-residents of the
State of Maryland, residing in the
City of Wilminirton and State of
It is thereupon this sth day of
September, in the year nineteen bun
dled and twenty-one, ORDERED BY
plaintiffs by causinir a copy of this
order to be inserted in some news
-1 paper published in the said Worces
ter County once in each of four (I)
successive weeks before the sth day
of October. 1921, giving notice to the
said non-resident defendants of the
object and substance of this bill,
warning them to be and appear in
this <Wurt in person or by solicitor on
or liefore the 21st day of October,
next, to show cause, if any they
have why a decree ought not to be
, pa-sed as prayed.
| True Copy, Test:
The Cynical Bachelor observes
that occussionally you • meet a man
'who would rather be happy than be
in love.
STATON & WHALEY, Attys-at-Law
Attorney’s Sale
A Valuable Farm!
By virtue of a power of attorney
from the II ill view Realty Corpor
ation, owner, the undersigned will
sell at public auction to (he highest
bidder in front of the Atlantic Hotel
in Berlin, Worcester County. Mary
September 14th, 1921
AT 2 O’CLOCK, I*. M.
all that farm situated on both sides
of the state road leading from Berlin
to Ocean City and about two and one
half mile- from Ocean City, near
Herring Creek bridge, eommnnlv
known as the "Old Milby Griffin
I - arm," said to contain about one hun
dred and twenty-one acres, he the
sane more or less, being the same
land which was conveyed to the said
Mill view Realty Corporation by Louis
Klee and Rose Klee, his wife, by deed
dated April Hi, 1920, recorded among
the land records of Worcester County,
aforesaid in Liber O. I>. (’. No. ::8.
folio in:;.
Ibis property is improved by a
commodiotM dwelling and outbuild
ings. It is splendidly located and
well adapted to subdivision into small
parcels. The soil is good and is par
ticularly suitable for strawberries,
one of the best paying crops on the
Eastern Shore of Maryland, year in
and year out. There is an active
demand for building sites on the road
between Berlin and Ocean City ami
there is every reason to believe that
melt demand will continue anil in
crease. The purchaser of this prop
erty will reap that benefit. For fur
ther information apply to John W.
Staton, James B. Whaley or John S.
Whaley. Snow Hill.
TERMS: Deposit of #10(10 wid be
required on the day of sale, an ad
ditional sum to make up one-third of
the gross purchase price to be paid
within thirty days. Six per cent,
mortgage on two years with interest
from January 1, 1922. payable se i
annuallv will be accepted for the bal
ance. All cash v.ill le accepted if
the purchaser prefers.
Taxes will be paid to January 1.
1922. and possession given on that
LeROY SMITH, Solicitor
Assignee’s Sale
Real Estate
l*\ virtue of tilt* cont in*l
in iNtrli of two mortK* K<*> fr ni Al - #
fred L. Tilghman and Hettie J. Tilgh
mun, his wife, to George B. Tilgh
man, dated January 8, 1909, and Sep
tember 1910, both recorded among
the land records of Worcester
County. Maryland, in Liber O. D. C.
No. folios .‘ll2 and HIM, and in
Liber O. D. No. 7, folio 356 et
eip. respectively, default having oc
cured therein, the undersigned as
igr.ee will sell at public auction to
the highest Idddei in front of the
Court House, in Snow Hill. Worces
ter County, Maryland
September 17th, 1921
AT 2 to O’CLOCK, IV M.
all those lots or parcels of land, to
gether with the improvements, ly
ing anil being situate on the west
side of Federal Street in the town
of Snow Hill, Worcester County.
Maryland, about opposite the Meth
odist Episcopal Cemetery, where the
said Alfred 1.. Tilghman resided at
thi‘ time of his death, it iieing the
same property which was conveyed to
th. said Alfred L. Tilghman by the
following deeds: From Thomas I’.
Selbv ami wife, by deed dated Jan
uary .‘I, recorded among the
land records of Worcester County, ;
Maryland, in Liber F. 11. I*. No. 22.
folio II; from Noah I . I’ennewell rnd .
wife, by deed dated January 10, 19oti.
recorded among the land records
aforesaid, in Liber F. H. IV No. 21.
folios 202 et eequitur.
Title pa|>er- at expense of pur
LeKOY SMITH. Assignee.
The household and kitchen furni
ture of Alfred L. Tilghman, deceased,
will lie -obi on tin- above described
premises on the same date at 10
o'clock. A. M.
STATON At WHALEY. Ally' -at l aw
Notice is hereby given that the sub
scriber has obtained from the Or- j
6 an-' Court for Worcester County,
iryland. letters Testamentary on
the personal estate of
i late of Worcester Countv, deceased.
All person* having claims against
the deceased, are hereby warned to
exhibit the same, with the vouchers
thereof, to the subscriber, on or before
the 14th day of February. 1922. They
mny otherwise by law be excluded
from all benefits of the said estate.
All persons indebted to said estate
arc requested to make immediate pay
ment. Given under my hand this
27th day of August. 1921.
Administrate, c. t. a.
Register of Wills.
The ladies of Worcester County
are most respectfully
requested to
Call and examine the
latest arrivals in
Shoes and Dry Goods
M.T. Hargis & Co.
Snow Hill, Md.
School Days
are almost here and we haven nice supply of pencils,
tablets and composition books.
We are able to assist the mother in packing; the
lunch with cold meats such as boiled nam, minced
ham. potted meats for sandwiches, etc.
Here are a few of our every day prices in Groceries
and meats.
Look them over
Two best grades flour per 12 lb. sack . . 47c.
Corn beef per can .... 15c. to 25c.
Roast beef large can 25c.
Tomatoes large can .... 2 for 25c.
Campbell’s Pork & Beans large . . . 10c.
Armour’s Pan Cake flour fresh package . 7c.
Mackerel each sc.
Porterhouse and Sirloin Steak . . 35c.
Round Steak 30c.
Stewing beef Sc. to 18c.
Roasts per lb 15c. to 30c.
Pork chops per lb 35c.
Lamb, veal, lard, etc. at lowest market prices.
When in need of feeds for stock and poultry call
on us. Yours for business,
This is a good time to build a cellar, so that it
will be a DRY CELLAR.
This is a good time to repair your old cellar and
make it a DRY CELLAR.
In fact our business is Concrete Work.
I’m the Man Who
Knows Mow
We do it right and we guarantee it. We want
the people of Worcester County to give us their con
crete work. We are located at Berlin and a card or
letter will bring us to you for consultation and esti
mate. Don’t hesitate to use us.
SEITEMBER 10, 1921.

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