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Democratic messenger. (Snow Hill, Md.) 1869-1973, September 17, 1921, Image 6

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Fall Display
ii Of Young Men’s and Boys’ Suits •:
< > JI
o consisting of all new styles and fabrics. ;;
33 Younjj men’s double and single breasted <•
1! suits in pin stripes and herring-bone. ;;
h II
I! New cloths and new prices. ;;
;! $20.00 to $45.00 ::
o !!
O ;;
l! Boys’ suits two pair pants, prices ;;
$8.50 to $15.00
<> j 3
I! Fall and Winter footwear. Oxfords and ;;
shoes in the latest styles for men and women ;3
33 School shoes for the children.
1 o
! H. W. Callahan & Sons li
♦ 11
Pocomoke City, Md. 33
Of course when you go on your vaca
tion you want to present the best ap
dearance. You want some new jewelry
—such as pins, lavallier, bracelet or a
wrist watch.
if It’s Jewelry
We Have It
Snow Hill, Maryland
PAINT FREE! Enough Dcvoc r*
Lead and Zinc Paint
.*, • |23 for your house—//•'
| , j IF |; •- —under actual test, Dcvoe doesn't I
jt j \ wear a year oi two or three years Br
■! '[ ; Taj J- longer lunger and better —than B—
ii L-4 ! any o, h cr paint you choose ! BIT
jHIjIT J ii " Or paint halt' y >ur hous,- wit!, B
MBH| Ii g~t Devoc, and the <•! I is.- r hjli with
.7 VjZ whatever you like.
/ VT —• ' J!£~ If Devoc doesn’t take fewer gallons
U* ilr / i— and cos( l css mone >- "'-'ll make
■■“■■St, / pi— no charge for Devoc!
v* y \j Can you afford to pass th's offer ~
X//|1 ‘ f B Ii£VOKpKOI-l lx arc time It Medan J I
proven -backed t*> If/ > ears’ expen
. 'j ence cf the old*. f ; nnr manufacturing
nctrn in ti:c l .S, f ounded
_ Sold by the Dtxot Agent jjr
,n y° ur coir % MM*/
SNOW Hll.. MU. rl^gLn
PAINT FACTS JONES paid $49 for 14 ( of
ready for use Mixed PAINT—
SMITH made 14 Gallons of the Best
Pure Paint, for $35. by buying
f . ' vjr Y 8 Gals. LAM Semi-Paste Paint and
i7> 6 Gals. Linseed Oil to mix into it.
They are simply adding Linseed . so
Oil ,o 1 A M S.m. r..t. Peln. /n ■— °" r 50
W. T. CHERRIX. Snow Hill. Md.
Cat 'a* MiinmaHw mmmammmtm
■antannwr. slviww - > -#*
Governor Ritchie To Cut Tangle.
Annapi >ll*
Governor Ritchies aid may be In
yoked to cut the Gordian knot Into
which th** relation* of the Maryland
(taring Commission. the four one-mib
race track* of the State. Iledwell and
Shilling, and the New York Jockey
citil) haw apparently managed to en
tangle theuiselve* At least llll* was
the remedy suggested in quarters
whose opi>ortunitj for watching do
velopment*. more and more involved
with the passage of time, ha* been
The approach of the autumn racing
season, which begin* September 21 at
Havre de Grace, tia* rendered the con
troversy Involving Iledwell and Shill
tng once more acute. The significance
of this controversy is regarded by
man) person* as trot so much whether
Iledwell shall train and Shilling shall
ride in Maryland as whether the
Maryland Racing Commission shall he
the supreme authority over racing
matter* in this State
Tin Racing Commission ha- grant' d
license- to Redwell and Shilling At (
the same time the Commission granted ,
these ■ license* it passed a resuuiion j
1 calling alt' ntion to a clau-e in a rui
lug by Attorney Genual Armstrong ‘
to the effect that tlie tracks, as pri
vat. plants, do not have to recognize 1
the licenses issued b) the Kacitu
I. 0. O. F. Going To Toronto.
Representative* "i the Grand Godgi
of M it) land. J.inn s U t tap! a': J:
William A Jones. Philip J Ucrnsteai
and Na'lian itillstein. of tie Grand Ktt i
campment. I* ft llaliimon Thursday I
to attend the ninety-seventh annual
convention of the Sowng" Gain, •
Dodge, Independent Order of Odd K -
lows, which will meet in Toronto Can
ada. Scpu tuber 19 to 22 A bolt' 2c
local members accompanied them or.
tlie trip
Much important legislation wC:
com.- before the body, and of espechC
Interest o local delegates will he t -
r■••port of the building commission
which well present plans and | < .ti< ■
tlons for the erection oi a m llion
dollar h* ad'iuarter- building ’or tlie
Sovereign Grand Dodge in i'.aliiiuore,
the ii : hp ace of the older oy; 102
years ago
Many Fire Hazards Found In State.
State Imre Marshal Percy of the com
mitice on Incendiarism led a "d"
Idorahle condition" in Ma 'land at a
meeting of the Fire Fret, ntion Cam
paign committee held in tin- city Club
room- Mr Percy liu- visited many
•owns demanding tlial lire dulls he ot
buildings tine town. In said had no
H:e t ompany and in nno'liei he s arteil
a volunt' ••: company
Will Mark Const'tution Day
Tin Join. Kager Ho-,van! C apler,
D.illr -te .- of till- Am* ::< a, ReVidution.
will! co-operation o: till the Mary
land i'll iters, will oh-* i- t'onstitu
•ion Hay The anniversary i- on Sep
■emix: IT liut tin- 1 tuiuhters will celt
ara'.> on S“pt' tube: 1- t. > attend.n- in
a hod a patriotic service in Mad.son
Awnm Mi Imdist Kpi.-ci ; a Church.
The Rev lii Rufus J U wKofJ. pasloi
of tie cliutcii wii pieaeli on "Tlie
Fundtuie-ntal Principles oi the Con-ti
State Unit Gets Airplanes
Tin" j,hint - as-uuil by tin- Army
o t • .Mai ’-land National Gua.d Air
Serve, w, ri landt-il a Do-an Field.
Dic'it.-naiu Charles A Mi on and
1. ' Ut nan- James C Hoop.-: "fertieti"
two of tin machine- from Washington.
Tile;, at'atlied 10,2'.*' feet before tcac'i
ni, Hn i ’ , or* • aptain Charles N
Fitr-g'-rald of New 'imk perfortced
acrobat n s on the w ings of a flying
aeroplane tin iiiemhi r- of the Slate
War Mothers Start West
A de'i-at.im from th* Maryland dl
v,-a t. S, • v ’ Still Dig on Wat Moth
.of Ami-tica left llaltiinoM Sunday
to at end tin- fourth annual convention
of ti.i organization in Cleveland
\a,ong tin- Mar . land rep: *-.-iitative.-
are Mrs T Parkin Scott. Mrs Calvin
F Trouju Mrs K Golden K amlly.
Mrs John Wluteh-ail Mi- Frank Mob
!er and Mrs John Hut lit
Frederick Kdward tciirl* n. who
was recently filed for op* ating a still
at his Rielils mills, was found gu Ity
of violating a suspended sentence 10
•ears ago when In was convicted oi
larceny He was sentenced to nine
months In the Maryland House of Cor
Haltimorc —Veterans of the World
War. Marines and Gold Stitt Mothers
attended the funeral services for Prl j
vate Francis Martin Costello, of the j
First Battalion. Sixty-seventh Com
nans K fth Regiment. I'nited State- j
Marines. The funeral was from the
residence of his mother. Mrs Margaret
K Costello, 282" Fai-i Baltimore street,
thence to St Klizaheth Catholic
Church where a solemn requiem mai>
was aung Burial was in the New
Cathedral Cenn tery. Private Costelio
was not quite 20 years of age when h<
was kyjpd at Bellaau wood,
New ’iik folks aren't as f;ir re
moved from nature as some folks
think Sixty ot them, headed liv
I M l.ittauiy who ha- idea* all
In* own regardm.; too many clothes
heme nnde*ir,ihli 11 need aero** the
II in l*on to ne.r I iamiield N !.,
and e*tahlt*lied Ino nr.*." where
no him law- ai\ • and .hi
return to \d im wi. . Tie a|i|i.irel -
or neai l> so.
Treasury lU‘|i:irlment otliei.il- l ave
i.~.-i;ed a warning of tile i i •illation ot
four new counterfeit |•*edo|■al Kc-cr\c
hank note.*. The counterfeit.* include
a Seh note on the New York I'ederal
IN serve llank: a .''2o tint* on the
• hicacro llank: a -H' note on the
Kan-as City llank. ami a >.’• note on
the Chicago hank. Il.e first two are
-aid to he distingui.-hnhic hy blue in
stead of iri i en hack- and the latter
i . i.j li e i.dity tie pa|M r.
"What would you suggest for our
literary eluh to read?" a-ked Mrs.
I lididtih.
"A ir,,ou rook hook.' responded her
hrutal hu-hand.
Motor Ga§oline
l ' _7jpT has remarkable ]>ui!m<> Power
V# power and maximum
mileage is not thr product of
/ P 9 chaiict' hut of thr choice of
t crude stocks. skillful refining
and constant rrsrarrh.
Dasoline properties are deter
mined bv a large numher of
faetors. It is only by the clos
esl study that tin* exceptional
pulling power of the improved
“Standard*’ Motor (Gasoline is
obtained. Our Development
Department not only devotesa
large share of its work to re
fining processes, hut is also
constantly checking up the
actual performance of “Stand
ard" Motor Gasoline in vari
ous tvpes of motors, in the
lahoratorvaud out on the road.
'( lie power ohtauiahle from
gasoline depends largely oil
1 New Ford Prices I
>w ffl
t i
.ifflMHWraaL Hp
M Roadster—Starter and demountables $420 n
£p Touring -Starter and demountables $450 m
S Coupe Starting and demountables $495 ga
tp Sedan —Starter and demountables $660 g]
Ep Truck —with pneumatics $445 gj
Ep Tractor all prices f. o. b. factory $625 jp
i £p t?
K 3p
2 Above figures are pre-war prices and further
53 reductions will be impossible.
Ly Let us have your order at once and be sure ra
5 of prompt delivery. E*3
6 Snow Hi!!, Maryland ±
its horning properties,on how
much of it fire* ami how much
fails to ignite, thus lowering
the explosive fore** of the
whole mixture. The compo-*-
tiou of “Standard" Motor t as
olim* is positively predeter
mined w itli a \ iew to insuring
its comnlrtv eoujluistioii at
motor tern|M*ra til res.
'l'housamis of critical motor
ists hav c given this “Standard”
Motor Gasoline a thorough
test umler all sorts of euudi
tious. They say that it supplies
an unusually even, smooth
flow of power, ami gives ex
ceptional mileage.
“Standard** Motor Gasoline is
oil sale wherever you see the
familiar “S. O.” sign. It is
the cheapest gasoline per mile
you can find.
SEI*TEMBER 17. 1921.

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