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JUNE 17. 1922.
Time Now To Think About
4 >
Your Summer Clothes
4 ►
4 >
especially if you are comtemplating a vacation this year. If you are not planning for your
vacation so early, it is still the proper time to think of Summer Clothes, Bathing Suits, :
Sport Clothes, Shoes, etc., etc. j;
A Sale Of Trimmed Millinery
At The Unheard of Price of SI.OO For Any Hat
Included in the offering of millinery at SI.OO are all of this
season's hats, some patterns that sold as high as $7.00 while
a few had a price far in excess of this price.
Just fifty hats to be disposed of at this price, there will be
just fifty people who have considered themselves very lucky
after purchasing one of these hats.
Don’t Fail To See Them
for to see them at this low price is to buy one. Consider your,
self one of the lucks fifty and drop in and tret your hat for sl.
Your Bathing Suit
if you take swimming seriously, should be a one-piece Swim
ming Suit —all those who swim are wearing them. They come
in all wool jersey in many color, with their prices ranging from
$4.50 to $S on.
The'e Suits are the famous BRADLEY SC ITS, they are knit
and will fit perfectly.
Summer Sweaters
will make the “Better Half” of your costume—
a costume bound to be appropriate and becoming
for any out door activity of a glorious summer.
Colors.afford a range that will do justice to any
grey or known blue eye. to any pink or white
or ivory tinted skin, to any blonde or raven
trt'Ses. Choose your color, show your person
ality ami look your prettiest in a sweater from
those mentioned below.
Slip-ons In Wool $2.00 and $3.00
In Periwinkle. Red. Grey, Black. Brown
Tuxedos in Wool at $7.50 to SIO.OO and in
Fibre Silk at $6 00 to $12.50
In the wool Tuxedos will be found the following
color;.: Black. Brown, Biue and combined with
various colors as collar and cuff trimming. In
the Fibre silk Tuxedos are Blue, Black. Tan.
White. Tangerine. R>*d and Old Blue.
\ Ilf
A Better Figure ) . J
I in <v,
Added Style l 71
' i, , ) one 7j
Greater Comfort
Better Health j (
Test the New Law 1
of Corseting Yourself Ji
The scientific law of corseting now brings these priceless
benefits in just one month. It ends old corset evils. It is the
most important development in the history of corsets. The
law is embodied in
For ALL women who want to keep young
The “lines of control” of these new-day corsets guide and develop
the figure in right posture and right lines because they are parallel
to the body’s “lines of control”—Hie spine, the thighs, the lines cf the
pelvic basin—which give shape to the human form. Wearing these
corsets is like taking healthful exercise. They bring many equal
benefits in health and figure improvement.
Test these surpassing benefits yourself. Learn the supreme value
of College Girl corsets to you. There is a model for every figure—
back or front lace. Yours is here.
Mrs.J.Cannon Shorn
I (I Snow Hill
S-. 1 *
If You Prefer “Taking Yours” On The Beach :
there are glorified affairs that aspire to be frocks —with tights or bloomers. ♦
And in colors you can picture flitting like gay birds of plumage on the gray ♦
sands. In Surf Satin, Mohair. Silk Poplin, priced $4.00 to $7.00. ♦
Bathing Suit Bags of all rubber high colors sl.oo. I
Bathing Hats Too—And Shoes $
Hats that have all the characteristics of the French millinery art. compos- ♦
ed entirely of rubber in many glorious colors, priced at 25c. to SI.OO.
Bathing Sandals Ssc. SI.OO. Shoes $l.O0 —$1.25. All rubber bathing ♦
Slippers $2.00 Bathing Shoes are ail fast colors —cork soles.
A bathing suit Bag to carry your wet bathing suit in, 1 REE with every $
suit purchased at this store. ♦
A Quick Disposal Of Sheer Voile Waists In A Sale |
At The Special Price $1.95 l
They were formerly pri ed at $2.50 i
These waists will be on sale for just one week, providing they last the ♦
week out, which is hardly possibly for such rare values as they are.
"The Big and Busy Store”

- -*■ *■ * m * -*■ -*■ - ■ -*■ - -*■ * * a
mg m ■ & Wr
&' |H mi En H
Time to Re-tire? ,
Ayp/yi.. A (Buy Flak) A
\ Trada Murk 1U U. &. l’a* t*ff I
I RED-TOP 30 x
Extra Ply of Fabric —Heavy Tread
Price $ 17.8 5.
FOR poor roads, for heavy loads, for hard use
anywhere the Fisk Red* l op cannot he cquuled
for small cars. An extra ply of fabric and a heavy
i r ead of extra tough red rubber make a strong tire
I uilt to meet exacting conditions.
. 'i ime after time one Red-Top has outworn three
! ordinary tires. Its distinctive looks indicate your
selection of a high-grade tire while its extra mileage
mote than justifies your choice.
There’s a Fisk Tire of extra value .i every size,
for car, truck or . am/ wojoh

‘ \
McCumber Reports Measure
and Argues ter Its Passage
OUTLAY OF $3,845,659,481
Counts On Interest Payments By
Foreign Natrons To Meet It—
Plan To Rush
Washington.—lgnoring th<‘ sugges
tions that the Tr a.-ury cannot stand
a bonus drain an;: hint* from Admin
istration circles thui President Hard
ing will veto t!,* measure, Senator
Porter J McCumber, Republican, ot
North iiakota. reported the Soldiers'
Ronus bill to the Sena'e. with a
lengthy report favoring its passage.
Tin bill puts squarely up to the Ad
ministration the payment of a soldiers'
bonus from Interest to be collected
from tin Hrit:-h and other war debts
McCumber cited finding operations of
the Trea-ury to show the Govern
ment's financial condition Is steadily
T'..* bill is expected to siumbvr on
ttie Senate calendar for a few days,
and then an effort will be made to dis
• hr.' the tariff and rush it to passagi
Mcf'umber explained that tin bill, a
modification of that passed by the
House, was intended to "correct the
lr,' cualfties stiff, red 1 v those who per
form* d actual old - s' ilmies and re
<• iv. 1 meager soldiers' wages" and ex
cluded from its benefits “all those who
w e given commissions while per
■'orminu m* rely eh r r-nl service in the
departments.” Its ben-fits were also
limited ti> those below 'he grad" of
captain in the army or Marine Corps
and lieutenant in the navy, he stated
In discussing the application of the
foreign debt to the bonus. McCunibet
expressed the hope that the World
War I'eht Commission would mak
stich progress toward refunding the
leirand obligations of foreign coun
tries into long 'orm obligations as to
secure the latter "in the very near
future" and render it possible for the
foreign govi rnments to "provide for
the immediate payment of interest
thereon” so that such in'erest "can be
used toward defraying the expenses”
of the bonus.
"The budget recently presented to
the House of Commons provides for
the installment ol interest due the
t'nited States on the indebtedness of
Great Retain payable November.
lf*22 ” Mi''umber pointed out. "In
view o! this fact, it i- believed that
the !'n t- d States in count on re
ceiving interest payments from Fng
land from now on. such payments as
gregatltiß about 1200.000.000 per
"Tin March, 1022. revised estimate
of rec • for t . ti-cal yeat ending
June 2i't. 11*22. contained an estimate
of Ol.'ii *n>ii for interest on foreign
’P would be nearly throe time
the imount necessary to nu . t the ob
lisa' on- cieated by this bill for the
flr-.t two wars.”
T‘e hlghe-t cost the hill would im
pi si would h> .*1.1<‘..r.4*,.5*?r>. MeCum
I b. r estimated, but on'y in the • vent all
the v '. runs should avail themselves
of the 2■ > ir endowment in-u line,
e.-r • it' plan, with its borrowing
j pro'. -ei.
"Tin' i veil if this were possible," he
adde "tin- payments would be scat
1 ten d o.- • )u {>.- a;.i .- years." h - judg
ment ’ -ing that -many i x-ervin- nun
would ret actually ;r<pt> for cumpcn
-ation tin’ll they n <iHired it. or for ai
ha t number of years after tin* bill
t-i a ’ > a law.
Tin etual i stinin’e l cost of the vn
rlotis I.- ~ <>f compensation provided
bi f i 12! lie flsur d however, a; $3.-
i S-F .;r.l*.)M on the basi- that ?.*. per
re-t ■t' < • A service U'en would take
; the insurance certificate plan 22’- p*
cent fa: in. home and land settler ant
■ aid mi ! 2';. per rent 'oca' nine tra n
1 ing. will, but IJfi.eeii.oOO would t.l
need'd to meet the provision for a
cash bonus for those entitled to $ -
or less
"The purpose of this bill." McCum
her emphasized “is to g:\ the so!.: • :
who off id his service a cornpensa
tion that w ill more nearly at preach
j that of the laborer who remained at
home, secure from danger, and whose
compensation inossed from 200 to
300 i>er cent . and measured bv th
amount of labor actually performed a
percentage far beyond .hose figures.
•'During the war we paid our sol
diers S3O per month, or $1 per day. A
fair estimate of the cot to the Gov
ernment for his maintenance ami
clothing would be about $2 per day.
We might therefore say that the pri
vate soldier received a compensation
for hi- services equivalent to about >2
per da> which * very much les
ihan that received by the lowest class
of labor at home.
"It is the op nion of your committee
that during the next tliree-year period
the pay men: unt>-r t. bill two l
madi without additional taxation It
is ho< ,1 that by the end of the three
* year Yoriod the ieduction in govern
mental ev en-es. plus the payment of
interel' upon fore‘gn obligations, will
be ruj'ic'ent to obvlste the imposition
ot a.l&itional taxation.
Candidate Proposed For Solicitor Of
Washington.—Creation of the office
of solicitor of i>roh.billon is being con- 1
idered by the Interna! Revenue Hu
reau am! Justice Department. I’rohlbi- ;
tlon Commissioner Hay ne announced.
The Commissioner said it was planned
to have a solieitoi appointed by the
Justli— Department who would super
v.se and consolidate all the leva! work
of the prohibition unit now coming un
der the Rollelto of Internal Revenue.
This would ■ liable a more expeditions
handling of litjuor violation eases he
J J Itritt. of North Carolina, is un
der consideration for the position, but
a- yet the plan had not reached the
stage where an appointment could be
His Plane Wrecked. Cadet White
Has Rough Time
Hungry And Thirsty. He Finally Takes
Refuge In Seminole Indian
Camp—Found By
Arcadia. Fla.—Tre*d by a panther;
devouied by mosquitoes: Ids cloth*-
torn to racers by ‘he saw gra-s of
the Florida swamps: without food for
nearly lo hours—these were among
■he experience- of Cadet Raymond
White. Car!-trom Field aviator who-*
plan* crashed into the wild- o: South
j eastern !.■■< county last Thursday He
wa- bioug.it liaek to the flying held
t Sunday in on*- of the plan* - that hatl
; been searching the Everglades since
; his disappearance was ri-ported.
Cadet White, whose home Is at
| rritc'r.en. Tex., was ordered to make
a praeiict flight from Carls’rom Fi*-!d
to Okeechobee City and return la-t
Thursday. The fir-t part of the flight ,
was complied without accident anti
Cadet White, fly mg alone, started on
the return trip, when he lost his di
rection and instead of flying north
westwardly. headed his plane almost
due south.
When at a point about 40 miles
southeast of Immokalee. I.ee county.
! his fuel tank ran dry and his plane
fell. The plane was completely
wrecked, but the cadet escaped in
Whitt -’arted to walk, looking for
sign- of human habitation. With his
clothing torn to tatters and bitten a!
•lio.-t he'olid endurance by th-- -warn'.-
o f mo-qui’o s. ttigb’ overtook him
During the night a panther chased
the aviator into the branches of a
vt whft he rt-maißed un-il day
Continuing his tramp, foodl* -s and
wit', only i'll- 'war • water to t|u r, nch
hi- th ■-(. young White was p'eked up
Friday i-veni:>g about " o’cb-t-k by a
R -airtilt Indian and wa- taken n a
Reminoit tamp There ht -pent the
night, proceeding Saturday to anotlier
camp -t-veral miles distant Two of
•re “card planes from Carlstrom field
were - g'ltm! during t'-* da' hut the
' ’or-' - anals apparently were not
| seen.
R ittmday ’he av a-ot and hi- Indian
j guide reached Kennedy Carson's
rat eh "-*>t te 'lit niglit was passed.
: Fnrly t' is morning Carson started
| with White in a bupkboartl for Ini
| mekalee On ’ho wav another of the
-earch planes wa- -ieht-d and Fir
son and White -ignaling with a -licet,
i attracte-d the attention of the livers
: The plane made a landing and took
White on board
Whitt suffered no seriou- effects
front hi- bat rowing expet It net* beyond
the myriad hte- of mo-quitoes ami
•'e exhaustion of Ids walk in the
enurst of which hr covered SO nr!! -
of the most difficult country in Florida
Wouldn't Resign Now For Million, He
Washington Attorney Genera:
Pauehertv called on President Hard '
ing about a matter of official detail j
and wa- asked when he came out for f
his view upon various reports that ht j
would resign office “You can say,”
he told newspapermen, “that there ,
never wa- a time when I would give j
lift cents to get the office of Attorney-
General. hut that 1 wouldn't take a !
million dollar- for it now.”
Peruvian-Chilean Dispute Goes To
State Department.
Washington -Steps have been taken
to lay before the State Department the
differences over Taena-Arica which
■ have brought the Chilean P* r uv!sn con
ferenct here to a standstill. It was
; Ridiculed, however, that the move did
not Involve a formal request for medi
ation. but simply was for the purpose
of Informing the United States Govern
ment. as host to the conference, regard
ing the delicate situation reached in
tbt uegi Gallons.
. .... L.
IN 1
11 lexcu
= June 21. July 5,1
s 2, 16. 30. SeplepF
= and October 11.
E Round $16.8
S Ticket* good in uort*
ear* on |inyment/ot Ufut
S spare oecuirioiJ. inclu-
S Connecting nt PI
S train leaving followin* t
S The ideal Route t
5 Falls, giving a day
jS through beautiful
3 hanna Valley.
S proportionate f*rr* front o
Si Ticket** food for 16 c
i Pennsylvania
- Th# Rout* of N*o Brat
Timmons & Ma
We have recently bought the
of C. W. Pilchard at the Snov
Freight Station anti will opera*
well a- our big factory at
Flour Mill Site on the Pocon
River, near Steamboat Wharf,
barrels will b ■ the best and our pi
will he fair to you.
Snow Hill, Md. *
Effective May 13,
Between Bay Shore
I Standard
Leave Hay Shore (Bal
a. m.. 2.00 p. m., 6.00
Leave Rock Hall (Ea:
7.00 a. m.. 12.00 m„ -*.t>
Leave Hay Shore (Raltimo
а. m., O.tHi a. m.. 4.00 p.
p. in., h.oO p. ni /
I.eavt Rock Hall (Eastern Sh
T.oti u. ni., 2.00 p. un.. 4.U0
б. p. in., anti 8.00 lj>. m.
Saturday—Leave Bay .’Shore *
Leave Rock Hall 2. *>" p
-6.00 p. m. i >
Monday Leave Bay Sho yffoo
Extra trips "hen necessary
Subject to weather and tide co.
tion.-. but it takes some weather
stop these boats. The shortet
cheap st, mo.-t convenient and nv
picturesque route between Baltim*
anti the Eastern Shore of Maryh
You run right or and you run ri
| off.
Adults 30c. Children 15c
Commutation rates to regular tr
routes. Automobiles and trucks
very low rules.
14 \Y. Lexington St.. Baltimore. Md
Telephone Plaza, 6329
We Offer Invest tttntjk.
Located in Baltimore
Tax Free in Md.
to net
Write for particulars.
Townsend Scott & Sod
Established 1832
Bankers and Brokers
Fayette street, opposite PW
. v Baltimore, '

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