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SEPTEMBER 23. 1022
Bread, Cakes, Pies, Rolls, and Buns — |
made by an expert baker. Save yourself |
and let Wheeler do your baking.
WfN 5 0 0
v vgFmg: WJ :wMi*
Find the Objects In This Picture Starting With Letter “P”
The picture above contains a number of objects am! articles the names of which start with the let
ter *P" HOW many CAN YOU FIND You can readily see such objects as “Piano, “lick, "! ed
dler” etc The others are just as easv to find, and you don't have to turn the picture upside down or
sideways in order to see them. Just make a list of all the objects and parts of objects shown in the
picture, the names of which .tart with the letter “P". Fifty big cash prizes will be given for the fifty
best answers submitted. The answer having the largest anil nearest correct list will win hirst 1 nze,
second best, Second Prize, etc.
ITS EASY I 50 Cash Prizes NO MONEY
( lftKS ( liis> I I'IHS ( IllS.s |fs i til tr*st in u •1 ii .it jonal
This is u iuxzlt? khiup if' Prizes “IV’ “( *'ll*' **.V' anil fun -evokinu anti rtml •
which the whole fain 1 1 % ma> ~r n <i-nn nothing t> tr\ It i> not t
Join in—Kather. Mother. Sin- f*| pri/e sut,*, riptior. '(intent. and you
tor anl Brother all <r yon >.l nr j ze |0 200 .’550 750 don’t hav* t*. m*ii<l in i single
mn receive equal enjoyment . 1 . • imi onn -i-.n stihscriidion in trtler to win
while hunting • I--Words It Jd prize . -W ItW
Is simply a test of your shill. tth prize -> <•' - \y, Know this is the lout
trour ability to ttnd objects sth pr j le 20 10 ba 100 ( , ltxvl .. V(IU |„ IV , ever sen,
and articles or parts ol oh- . , j- 35 30 7a nothing hard, just different,
loots and articles shown in hlh pr zt * ihi.t's all W.- i. mure to sat
the iMclur.- whose 'lam. s to.. ( |h prize 10 -•_ • ,„„ have had as
4ln with tin- letter de- Hth pf|/p i..U l-> —> much fun a.* \ou will have
tern.ines the prise you wlm J* , 5 |3 20 25 while plavlng this game I'o
tJothei aJI the members o( ■ I •mih 3 II) 15 “’0 not delay start vour list of
your family together this 10th to JOIh • •' '• Words lonighi and see
•veiling and sis- which of yon .Hsl to 30th .. . • 7.a0 la ,r you w ill not agree with us
can f>nl the most L__——
Follow These Rules
1. This Puzzle <latn** is open to ;my man. woman,
boy or girl who is not in employe* of "'Hu* Haiti*
ntor. Si*wh "r AiiwtlivU)" or i member of an ••ni
family It costs not him: to take part in
the cum*
2 Answers should be written on on* side cm th*
paper onlv. and word.' numbered conxeciitlvelv ?.
2. 2. elc Write your full name and .ddr* an on no
top >f each sheet Answer** must be mailed before
Midnight Monday. October 'A. and addressed to Paul
o SerK**nt. I*' //.!. Manager. Th# Baltitnoi* Amer
ican. ~ , .
:5 inl\ wrd., ul.odi are found in tin* Mmlish
Dictionary will ••• counted Pompouml. hyphenated
and obsolei ■ words will !*•• consul red as error.s If
the .sine alar of • word is used tin {dural cannot be
count* *1 and vice versa. W.**id of th*- name spelling
b* .s. d only ntice, *-\*n iliollUh uvd l dcsic
mite difl. I. n objects. Th#- saint- object can be
naniecl **nl' one*-. • Bbouah in part of th*- object
ninv a I jo* b.- named \VI* re then- is mor than one
Worcl *• | I* \ applicahl* t.o till object. atl> on* *M
tii**tn will *'oint
, *1 end me in th* |arifi*t and ni ur®
oorr. n hi of urth b*ainninu with the letter "I*
naming oi*j- -howii in tin ii :ur*- will win First
I'i-ix.. v.. (• nd tu iresi. >* hid Prize. ••*• on* point
will !# given for* tell correct word sent in undone
point dc dt * • d . ; e ieh in* or e**t word ot • - jgdoii
This W: 1 • b. 11-' .l* d .IP I {•• r* • litai • basis Neal
n.-ss >tv|. m b'lidwritii' - !••.• b**.irin•: upon
deciding ill# winners
\!l ans vi *-rs Will r* ceiv* 11• sain* •■••nsulera
ti„„; regardless of whether or n*t . subs* s .pi ion is
sent in , . ......
; I arsons m> work together in prepat nu
1b,.11 lists but mill oil*- prize will b- awarded l.**
,III\ ..lo household Nor will nmr* than ..lie prize
be awarded to an\ grout tsde oi the family
\s her*- two or nior* hav* been workiinr together
T In tin .-v.-tit of ti# foi in' prize offered the
full amount of such prim will be *•-“•> _ r " •■“ J
person s• • n.d The of t list will be made up <•
correct word** submitted ii contestant wild will
not consist of am 1 mast* i" or ir* d* t* rmfncd
V Throe well-known citi/a ns of Baltimore. uiv
inu no conn** turn wjth 'Th* N* w • Aiicm I
will act hn indues Th* > will jse ; their auth •
\Vehst* i N* w International Dictionary. and * ms*
testants agree t * accept tile-ir iPclkumi as final ai d
conclusive. ...
t These judges will meet dire' til following th*
elo of the Puxxle (ianu*. and th* names ol
prlx* Winners and the winning list of words t
■-ether with the correct list. will be tiubliahed in
“The American' just is quickly there*.ift* i as t o
indues can cotnplct** the * heck inu.
JUUKt'H mil < wmI' ...-i
It's toasted. This
one extra process
gives a delightful
quality that can
I not be duplicated |
E Mmkkliis “V''. In- literally
: tliiov s In*i -elf :it him, anil yet .-he
5 doesn't ifm to ntaki' a hit.” I
S trill. "Oh. a woman novel hit.- any
-5 tl'.imj she aim- :it."
5 \\ iifwatr "That hot of years
E seems to have (juite a taste for
E nuisiv.” Vmmtr,*,ioii "I should say
E he has. He swallowed a mouth onjan
J > fsterday.”
How to Win SISOO
It costs nothing to take part in th* gam*. and you ■
don’t hav** t* send in i simple subscriptton t win a
priz* If \ oni list of “I*-Words" is awarded First
Prize b\ the judu* - Nop will win $•'•11.00 llow* v* r. if §
you would hk* t* win mre than s'*• o you can do
so b\* sendirm in on# or twa* yearly subscriptioiiH to
“The American." with i*mittam* to c**v.?r
IHiW If you have sent t.. six-month subscrip
tion and vour answer is aw.ir#i*-*l l-’ii t I’rixe l*\ the
ju dices \on will win s::.'• * • S#-* column **f prizes in
• 'lass “t * " )
‘U. if you have sent oil y**ari> or two six-months
suhsi't’iptions and vur answer i- awarded First l'rlxe
you will I** *I \ s:>iou ts * uir r* ward I S.-.- column
i• f I'rixex in t'lass “II "*
HFTTKII STIIJ. If your answ- r is awarded First
|*riz# and you hav*. sent two yearly or four six
months subscriptions haK : which must be now*.
\.*u will r*-ceiv* th* Ilia • ’ash I'riz* of flAontm in
place of **nl\ $’ o'o See t-ohimii of Prizes In
Class “A " •
.lust think* It takes but two yearly subscriptions
or four for six months • • *iualif\ for the But Cash
Prizes This is abwdutel-. all mu need. Your own
n*w .*r renewal subscription will *unt as on** and
\id can u*?t one mor*. then y*ur answer will to*
iiuatitled m full W can accept subscriptions to
St.iri at in\ future date To put vout list in ‘'lass
-,*■ yiui *t bs* riptions •an •• • ith* r new or ren* wal;
Flas- ’ B. ’ if it is fer on*- >ear it can b* either tc*w or
n-newal. hut if two six* tnoiit Its subscript ions i*n* *f
no n must be new If v#*u d. it* t*. put >our list tfj
* lass \\ one yearly siihsorlption must be new. and
mi nd fout ni\ - moil i uibscript two
tli.-rn must b* new In sending in -uB - * riptions. irivt
full itistructions •* a separate *heet ii • • that on
w hich you send in your answer
Kxtra copies of |ic % lure fret* on r*iuest
“The Baltimore American”
Pavablc in \d\an<**
It v Cnrrler I ll> Mall
nr.’; *>
I , c:i r .l:i ii > i I >ir .laily
Mill: Tun l.month uh*.Tl|Mlnn will rnnnt
ill** .11 in.* un unr *.r n >^ur.
8" a
• • i
i •
Over the
• •
• i
i ■
• •
• !
i 4 gg, b> Xli i iui * N .pi; ii-lu .it. 1
Alt Tod i owlcs fouled lh.it In*
Inn! lost imji til Ills rival, Wil
liens, in hi' nice Ini' the heart ami I
h. nl' hi' old-tilnc Incite. ,Mar>
Johnson, In* nevertheless li'i*ii , 'l in 1
■ti lmr riiilii>|iliniii* concert' every cie
Ted mill .Mar.v hail together I.<•<•• •■ 11* I
greatly interested in radio while at
i, •inline college, iiiii! Ti*'! hail at lii''t t
beeu delighted whrii upon tlmlr ri*inrii i
to tlmlr limin' town Mar.v had been i
given a contract tn sing lhn*i* tim*.~ ;i
wet*k fur tlm Infill broadcasting 'la- t
thin, which was managed by Wilkens. i
Ihit this delight hail sunn chunged tu
Jealous ragi* when he saw tlm appiir
cut interest with which Mary wet- |
culneil Wilkens' udvuncos. |
llf late Ted hadn't seen much "f
Mary—she had heen su liusy with her
concert work and with the attentions |
which Wllkens showered upoii her
that there hadn't I time in which
to see her old school friend.
So that evening Ted sulked in his
boarding-house rnnin and alninst de
termined nut tn listen in mi Mary's
concert. In spite of the tact that slm
Imd sent him a little |iersnnal note
telling him that she was going to sing
'ume new mini’s this evening and milk- ,
iliit a special rcipmst that lie listen to
Ted stared glumly at Ids receiving
set. What in the world could slm
see in Wilkens? Wllkens was un ,
seriipiiluiis, hard, hrutal. Ted lelt that
he could read character, and It was
Ids opinion that, if pressed, there was
almost nothing at which Wilkens
would stop. For instance, Ted in his
bitterness told himself that if Wilkens
knew about the money Ted now had
ill his room, there’ll be nothin;: Wil
kens wouldn't do to yet it. This
thought rather worried Ted It was
® v '1 ’
For Answer D;ck Put on More Speed.
a hiy sum of money. S7.ins 1, and It
wasn't his. It was all in the shape
of unregistered Liberty bonds and
Ted was forced to keop it overnight
in his room. He had received it that
day In a business transaction for the
firm of which lie was treasurer and
tlie big vault at the loeal ban . bad
lammed shut that afternoon and would
have to he opened on the morrow by
Ted felt that In- didn't really I
to worry and yet lie did worry, lie
worried about tlm money and lie wor
ried about Mary, with whom lie was
very deeply in love. Hut there was
nothing to be gained from simply wor
rying. so Ted tuned Ids reeelving tip
para tit' ami staried to listen In on
the evening's entertainment from the
broaden sting station where Mary was
employed, about a mile from Ted's
hoarding house.
Mary was singing when the first
sound' entile to Ted over the radio
phone. ll** clenched his tists at the
• - I love you truly, truly, truly, dear,"
enme Mary's sweet, thrilling voice.
So this was why she wanted him
to listen ill. This was her way of
notifying him that she had delinltely
deelded to take Wilkens. All the
world went hlaek to Ted ill this
thought. ||e wanted to Imar in* more
lie reached up to take the receivers
from Ills ears,
I'.ut now the song broke off sud
A sound of eommotion In the broii l
easting station enme to Ted over the
radiophone. Then a high-pitched
scream. Then —
"Help Help:" screamed a voice.
voice that "as surely Mary'', yet 'o
changed by terror that it was entirely
Mary in danger!
Ted .lushed the receiver' from h -
e.-rs ai d leaped to Ids teet lie intis'
r mi. h i.er i.s .pilekly a' po-. le. All
■ven then he might he 100 late!
Ted’s room was on the top floor of
llm hoarding house. Down the stairs
he raced to the room of Dick Thomp
son on the Hrst floor.
“Quick, get you! c.r’" Ti ll cried to
Db k, dashing In on the latter. ’Til
tell you why ns wo go aloijr.”
Dick was an eager young fellow, al
ways ready for excitement or iidven-
Mire, s,, he needed no urging.
Soon they were scurrying down the
street In Dick ' ,s| dy little roadster.
"You know where tlm broadcasting
slut|ou is':" Inquired T-d, following
lii' le.-ital of Just what bad happened.
"It is in that tall building near the
far .lid of I'alhotiu street, isn't It?"
said Dick ill response.
"Yes," said Ted. "We ought to see
It in a minute now.’
I or a moment there was silence in
the car as they forged onward. Then
a little exclamation came from Ted as
Hoy turned a corner.
"That's it!" he exclaimed, involun
tarily extending Ills hands toward a
tali building visible ahead.
For answer Dick put on more speed.
Hut another gucer exclamation came
from Ted as lie placed his hand com
pclliugly on Dick's shoulder.
"Do you see that light—top of the
building':' cried Ted. "There It is—
liow It's gone agnin!”
"Sure, I see it," Dick replied.
"Wait. Slow down." demanded Ted.
"It can't be Yes, by .love, it Is!"
For a few minutes Ted watched the
flickering light in apparent fascina
tion, hi' band resting Imavlly all the
time on Dick’s shoulder and indicat
ing by it' pressure the high tension of
excitement under which he was tailor
Suddenly Ted turned to Dick, his
face drawn with excitement.
"Turn around —hurry back quick!
Quick !" Ted fairly yelled.
Ted saw Dick gaze at him la as tun
"Why turn hack?" ijucrled Dick.
“There's no excitement there. 1
thought you said the excitement was
at tliis broadcasting station?”
"Quick ' You'll lind out why soon
enough. Hurry hack —hurry !" cried
led in response.
Then* was something so compelling
ill Ted's voice and so certain in the
way he spoke that Dick obeyed. In a
moment more they were scurrying
bimk to their starting point at an even
greater speed than they had left it.
“Keep quiet. Follow me. lie ready
for a fight !'' admonished Ted as lie
led the way into the house and started
creeping up the stairs to his room.
The door to Ted's room was shut,
but not locked. As the two young
men stood outside the door listening
Intently there came the sound of move
ment inside the room.
Suddenly, without warning. Ted
threw ojs'ii tlo* door, reached in and
switched on the lights.
A mnn who was bending over u
drawer in the bureau, holding n pocket
flashlight in one hand and a hunch of
Ted's Liberty bonds in tin* other,
looked up startled. Ted's pulses raced
as he saw that tin- man was Wilkens.
For just a moment the tableau re
mained static Then, with a leap, Ted
closed with Wilkens.
The light was s.ioii over. In a coin
parativeiy sin-:; tilth Wilkens was
Dick telephoned for the patrol wa
gon. While Dick did this Ted called
np the radiophone station. A broad
smile spread over bis face as lie talked
over the phone.
When Wilkens was taken away Ted
hung up the receiver and turned hap
pily lo Dick.
"It s us for the broadcasting build
ing again.' said Ted to Dick, Dick
s.inl noiliitig until tin y wviv once more
on their way.
"How did you know that a guy was
trying to swipe these bonds?" Dick de
"It was a message from that broad
easting building.' explained Ted "That
light was a message from Mary John
son telling me Wilkens was going to
steal the bonds."
11,, did she know about it':" de
manded Di*'k.
"She partly guessed it. she told me
over the phone Just now, 'Hid ied.
••.Mid her Intuition was light, too. You
s.-e, till' evening Wilkeii' told her he'd
heard I had the bonds early in the
day. hut that now they were missing
and that I would be ulTe'ted ill lbs
morning charged with inking them. As
she bad perfect t nit li In me. 'h
:bought tin' was a framc-up on Wil
kens' part to hurt me Then, while
she was giving her radiophone concert
lie dragged her away and hound and
gagged her and threw her in a store
room. She figured that he did tilts for
tile purpose of gel ting me to the sill
-11..ii as lie knew I'd be listening in on
lie concert and would naturally hurry
to help Mary when she screamed for
help. She ul'O tigured that while I
was gone from my room Wllkens
would coiuc to the room and swipe the
bunds. She managed to break out of
Per bonds, get to the ns it nt.it send
that signal with a mirror and with
ti e aid of the light from a street lamp
She thought 1 might see tt and turn
1 a**k in time lo catch Wilkens in the
ct. And I did!"
•Hut just why are you so happy
about all this’.'" demanded Dick. "You
haven't told me t'ail."
“Well, you sc. ' smiled Ted. "she
!• ■bl me she'd turned Wllkens
own iihei in the evening and that
_ la* sat - tonight was intended
or me alone."
■ wii.it was tk ■ song?" demanded
••That w. :! l be iel'ing'' smiled Tec
I'.ut he s*:iri. ' ! ummlng. "I luxe you
truly, truly, dear."

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