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Cc-naorat: in tne Holdup
One Spi 3 Victim With Crutch While
the Other Goes Through Hi* Pock
ets aid Relieves Him of
New Vnrlt. —John Itnzwell, thirty*
three years nM, of 101 Allen street,
, was held by Magistrate l>ourns In Ks
sex Market court in bull for
the notion < f the grand Jury o;i charge*
of n tihery am! felonious iissitult.
Itnzwell, who Is minus his right leg.
Is snbl to have lielil uji mej robbed
John Ke-ei. forty-five n house wreck
er of 4." Allen street, with the assist
ance of another crlpjile, man with his
left arm missing.
Ketel said he was (Kissing through
Hester street when lloztvell thrust a
crutrh I ctwecti Ids legs, spilling liitn
on the puveiueiit. As he- went down, he
says, the other cripple pounced on him
and ma lea narrow gie go search of
ids pock its. bringing forib a consump
tive roll of SU.
Beats Him With Crotch.
11l the meantime Itozwelt. as a
means of 1 -• uraging Ketel from aris
ing. was I eating a devil’s tntt"o on Ills
skull with the hnlf-moon end of a
When Hotel felt his roll slipping
from Mm p .sslMy forever, lie opened
his uioutli an I released one of the
lustiest sc. ias ) oio-d n many a b ug
day in Ile-ler street, whole the loud
lunged soucell builds its nest and
rears Its y mug.
The np o I accents brought I’a
trolmnti Pan l.yncli on the rim. As
!>nnlel brei • d Into the picture, the
man with the one arm and the taking
ways droj ped out of It
Itozwell. too, the gi't it wa> lime
that lie v s g, Me started away
on one or deli at re' irkalde speed and
was innklng good headway when his
crutch skidded on an empty lemon skin
and clattered aeri the pavement Into
tile gutter.
C*rs Aft*r Hep Record.
With I-ate entlp g tin. od ls on him
at a thousand to one, Johnny Ito/.wel!
took a e’.aiev. Men have s' led tier
way to vb ! ;. ( i * -rs have vault' d,
run unit Jumped S' liidlng there with
one leg. Imtli erubbes gone, Johnny
steppied o ! after ant r*cord lie
was going to hop'in freedom.
It was n n uahje event for the
length of ho-el. No one was on
hand to time him or to scale the
swing of the nr s ho des. ribed. Kiel
there l ' f siuali do .lit that
Searched H*s Pockets.
Johnny ?•*:• > ;• au'laimed the
• 'haiiifiiitl! .!l lit . ! .Dh or niii'-
U*Km*‘'l In ; ! **i of iln* civil .tl vorld.
While I fin I.;, lu ll "i 'oi*vcyliiK
Johnny K"/wt*ll D j.iil an unihulance
siirj;*.*un i. 1 . • ii -iiitai was
> —
one stllu! : •-*”. tiolhir nt* had lust
Paieot Sees Body cf Son, Two, Who
Lagged Eehmd, Float Helplessly
Dowr. fliver.
White i’la I ns, N. V—While a moth
er and du'igi >r sat Ml. on the bank
of the Saw .dll river at Tivour.vood,
a few miles from here, awaiting the
return of the iwo-year-old son of the
family, who hud I pel behind during
a walk ihrougl the Is. they saw
a bod; '.oi.pr.g do n with tin- tide.
The u •*r, Mrs. Ku.m* Vis i, New
York it <r* iiml, ;■ into the
river t# h**r w.-ui-r, ivi hmughr t!.e
hotly <*• ’ *r 'Mil. I’jifrh*.., to the hunk.
I’.oth t■ ‘*r ill-l ‘l;i )*.'• I*r worked
fev*-ri-. ! j;, • -*r Hi-' hot!; . hut I<* no
l\;;il. A {•!' *1 \\ —'' :! “! Mll'i h**
Umn| a • r. I*' ; < • to r**\ Ive
she ho • Dm! -s rt • A . that the
rhlhl • |’. i., '•!; the
Wa. H .'let I I ibe/zlenirn’ / it’
X. e Dsaertion.
| IP Mu-; f. c ij - -The Key J I
"••i', v’> i < t ed on chaigt
i 'lU'itinit I •:t > • r.>iii the KronK .
'i 1 . I ■ :■! t'.. .r.!". <*'k'.b , a'lii el
, t 1 i ; h.! from I lie i'll l
J i ( ' here. The h irs ('
'I t i is we i in I I
* ' i l • n ule hu I"
't • i nlsler VHi ill hi. 4 <•II .
' ::: il!.
1 11 > S.l by K'lifmky t-nlhon
i ii I . \ •; r i-il. s ; . nrd.,i .
.! cmh n ('i e I h / nfni'i I. I i •
'I i" r 'mtsi - Hirnßte.l a too.tlh
i . i al I. . mlfa, ( <l.i . in < ■
h V ,s An try l miihell, a nurse el
'ii -.• i • -iI !' ll* links liniltuit M.<
ii ; h i I |m i Ini h.H li*'i ii i t
.il It lias I" i.I i iking ( iiU-sl'i fci
i ii- c" er p in.nr ,•.
Women ai.d Children Dispatcl
e 1 With Swords
, i _
CHeM t-■'•ril—-s </ A -men>n. /.i i*
f i.k- X.’-rt 5- is' Ii f.'.vsei
| I 1 ! k ill C ll-
I ys.
A (HIS. 'll ( !'k ('ll 'I h'l'l
> * ;•,.■ , y in ;i :.'n! hi. •it te.'U ; lie
r.irs i . • ■ I . : Stay rim, Incoel
l v ’t‘ n ~<er.' i soldiers hiiil of
I '.iln- ,(' si'liiier-i being iVt.ip
■till (.' *i | i ' i:i s I's eiii>
. uiV’i ir■ I * I' i ■ 1 is • • iii< i ;• il l
it til-!*n h uv il .jiilihf I v'lli ..voi Is
•t I •• Ii ■. ills i ' I ■ 'i' .k < e.ul I'.e
| \ i' ii i n' ( ( "|i s mi l Armenians
i li iv tg it 1 ge'ly .s rn'tl in I .e
Greek e ,iy.
, ' ■ Ir ;;;• ly (' M.iyrna," s •>.< tie
I till- ' I'll!. 'I - - I i.USfll 'lllMlllll
I s iiSili'i nation hre A’ i-l <l' I *
. si' ■ pei . it, ;ie v '!!i thick I i
i'.M i '-h v "U- i loseil for Ixv i hours
i i i sign i ' iHotirirhg
' i i" i i'ii|i i s j ililisli I • 11*4 .•
'• i'.i {■' I i'i! i ivG'gei . inn'
i-. K-i < > ' . I , \ at r \ed l.oi• /.
~ e in- tilii ri ‘ ( V sriil !mt m
l ' 'HI' lt‘,l'l' I "|l f It.iVi I '.'ll .Hill
. . y l 'i: oil i •:.J•r I <• arcus.'
'i ni Ii > :ig st 1 li 11. I n (11 i h
,'' ■ > ( c * iimitting i uiginsry
"I i -H.
1 'iv ( ■■ r k s..'.' ers who i • it eu
•’ 1 ■ i lnirl; \ t. t’ ]!y I !ii I.
* *i " i ;. i! t .li'ig st ill
.'ii h ' e i I ny ( '( > i'i*
I|l*' ’"' ' I 'll S. J-" .' I ! "!• I*l •! }l.
i i. 'if I °'l j , . tii m r
•I 1 \. If - I, ,
-VII i ' I I e Sfi. Ag: I 'ii a.II
I ' o A 'lll •*. Ii• :i ; t nil (;:<•• t:< I'l-H
i" i .! isos iii 'j i.rk h gilt y;s.
<i f-i.s cl ! sitvjfeo ■> i i !tio
I si s el! imiuiii . in An
i’i v - man i' .till I ■ h.-ivi
Ih*■ If i fs w rn n vho I
!•""' l' 'll ' i l"'l Mill I 1 C \*'S
•■' < ‘ h 1 < ‘ o' !,lr> !i t h i 1 nl
h ki. 'il l>. su ! t : t|< lliroiigli
Ii !•• 'i'i o si-eui rfcnll the
I 'I if. i ■ < i iii'i.iii i:i i;r,t.
v' I " iil vt. s I iko i I y 1,.i
'I if h"■ r.' aimnet 11.
‘in n ..." if t hav* IcirnO'l I hat
.i i ' !'ig-'"i' n <.ri-.'k.s i nilirirk i Jr":.
' i •i • m*’ c -tT*i• •' i I’.n'fr r.e |rn
I ■ ''ni of i 'to (,r< k riillorjr.''
r nk C'i I no'iriH To Guarantee (irr
r in R yiorn's To till um.
I i Il*'rr | v 'isteia, Jirosii'cii!
' Ih- i' ■ ■ ■ h'l . in. if :;:•*■ 1 I < it
' I. * I f 1 * t!f Hc'f Ills hit Ilk
i. pr* |i ii 1 I gua.antee fit* mx
■i • 'i'i I a-nr..- i il''- ).• ling !.*•- in
'-tv ;i"..i .1 "ie. lx’lt. piytilile I i
J !' ' ill’ll.
*1 - t ■ !i."f f ■ iil'-il In ; ,'ily |lf I
i m ' ".'inly I is Hi i i'ly , •
' '".I l liorr li.ive i loin's mi
!i omeiit i !' o rmtcnme of !::s
. ' t'iif. o' I ilf.. \ liii-li won
pletejy ni" < sfnl. The Hank i t
•lami C • r" • ! .' llllnKllfsH In
" it' "i • • ii -Ivi.iK in !•
■ . 1 'ii' tra'ilff Imm lln
' -1. ink.
Seise Adopt' ' ifence Tleport On
/ • i • n'.cering.
Vi '■ nr' I .V .1 \ .if I i In
j7 1 i'' li i i ; .;nfi| the t onferem <•
r- ir' if !'•••' A iminisirfil'n i'- i oil
’ rih "'.'i.i uni u:it •f all'll'iriK hill
with a i i.isi'fi lltnltititr Its lile In
i niif > " . t . President nteai
v ' v! r.uM i'. ■ t iff the j-]'fs# ,i
ri'tioy in ; tiassod it now
'.ii I- I' - Si"
V ■ '"-re lo Mn;h r."—Thrr
'its 1.-avo Track.
' .v.ilf - Till'' i "re it.
k Vi ail tin in ! tired when >■'
'l'r.t i. 'ii •h■ m " tr .
v. ■ ! in i ii-i 'll V"
I ' ' 1 '
* ■ .' i t': ~fd i.r,
I . .f . i I
im*s. .rnmmmmm
i7 Ihi,i ni litisioii—ll .. ,in
'I'M ' Hie foni|j:ti i , 'ii"e re
(juiic I tin (lies In reach r ttutity.
T|i(ti lln i at! out mt ' • it-ease
~I > I file: .a. -Min' Tile, : ■ lan
geioiu uien.ii e I i . He 1 " They
•' i huui ' I' - , i;pi I nut ■ ■ .nme
' ■ rOW i • !tc.'. :.I i h• ■ Fly
Ih.. (i o.i'.'i. .i 'i in-. r '. w 11ti
: jii ;i\ * •* ei . ii'uK .a. .si a'fetl
I ’ I) ' -i'll inytlmii' >■ i
lue I'i npie's Si.ire.
I' li iVliMton .V -hi kton.
1 i '• i ni l 11 -. Outi'i hi • -pent
. mi" r!: Inn jhi i til M . ami
1 j in., i. '! i uitt, al Snow 1 •
'ii. nil. Mitchell, ii -1 -1,11 V.
' i • i .ii lie. .er i ic, - >car
-1 I'lu mull.
in; T. I. 'iiidin ij- her
l.nifjii'ei . >li Williinii 'im ami
• Inev Sin ik, al Hn . in.
11 ni I Mr.- Me vin - -lh v isiteil
l.i" In il’im Alt. Hairy Che Sun
V' an Mi- M. V i -nn ami
ia .-.liter, in. - v.ilcla N i‘.on. \ i.-it-
I <ii M rn : Ms. O. I 'il 'hat'll at
I'u ntnnk" (in I ly.
He\ William Witt m M .- Witt
ail i nn, ii Vi'i{itiia arc .. 'inn |)or
■ |iai n mi Mr... ('. '. Watson,
e. ni I Mn . /,. .i. S"Miv have re
-1111 neh I'mu i few ,la. - isit. to their
.son, J. 1 1 1 t i S "lh i Chinco
I , ■ ei i . ilyt'l, a -i i -hiii y.
! vi.-it" l lie , I"!, Mi.- > ivaKf.
Sun in
I '-,i. '•..!■ •, \ an,lf Im i i-t' la.-t
1 wc-ek , i ila- an e\;, ii - ■ -it to
hei |ia,en hi. a.i'l M K. \'an
t !(• ilf ml ii . 'a' Cl - ni. v
hi - della !o!.- | on 'ntmeil
til I I S "II I, |n i | ,' ' I'M -"nil
p- :.ales!,elv.
i li '*'!i >ma, Scti Inn i a i >' I'hila
ti" i)liM. - 1, -Ii tile v ck "i . 'til hi
pa cuts. M .si M .It ai •
; lint Illifll.
I'.s. A if-cl Sti'icklan i a-' t auith-
I tv' ol W'l'iMiui'nn. aie -r in< her
i niotlie,. M (if')i(rf Inn.
tec . ,i nne.. Vlii'ni' ruia,
i exi.ci ' i hem S.m •i. "it ntnK to
I prca.Ti at tiw I’uptist , r-h at l!
I "Vinci;, i' itclh K'len -at : : after
l noon a Hie u-tia! h*mii . "i • iero al
j nitfhl.
1 Mis. ' ;t> tie Ksti- It tit Mrs.
j Samuel .•'••nr'i.-on, Mr. 'in e-l Row
ley aim Mr. Jack.-on. >i >o;th Hill.
V.i. are , i.-mnu at the honi" f Miss
Molli - it iwley
.Mi. Uu.ry vVehli aim ,11.-.- Knnna
riiance. if Mell'a, \ a., .vere tutrrieti
i Sun l.i;. ercain, hy h I). It.
i I’n'tt man. W wish Mt. ami Mrs.
; '.Woo i >na un i hupp., na ied life.
ill X.ime Hickman m Mr. Kob
) eii ili ‘knian .ire attend n: a iiisincss
; e iHet"' .a iuninyton. ''key were
1 ffrati ei - .a 'e • . las., ; ,f i" ,
Vi .I'uau iiitten oa vrm
iamnmml w .'. .as hit
t ii oil ;ne . 11l by a .ft fiir. My
tie In: ail i leach i im just in
i t ihi e f l ,-eri ,-• : i , . When
; I sii v t. ,lanpei of "■ i nups. I
j c ; f ■ :)'• '-ni out witi. <luai
' t.nt t<i !It-.i lluif I.io ni. Protect
j yon iif a . I>o tin aine .my; TO
, DAY. . Solti ami jria:ant I by
i’. it f'otliiurhain i l i.
I’he i'eople'.- Stele.
P K. Wharton & Sm. Stockton.
Wllliotn If. Oriffin, of Oswegro,
N. y., is a thoUßiitful son. When he
heard of this tm.ck, sure relief for
Intlipt silon and dyspepsia he renieni
bered his mother and sent tier a
paikture of Jan.ns’ IJttlu Wonder
Capstilfs, which pave tier sucli re
lief from Indite t.on that tie y now
lave a permanent place in tliu
Griffin family lufdlcine chest.
iMr. Griffin writes: "I purchas. d
e. box of your Jauues' l.ittiv Won
der CipHuies, wlucli I si nt to my
•notber, who at time* suffered
rreatly from In lifrestioa. 1 am
Very happy to say that they do
everything you claim i y .vi:i do.
ITom now on they will !. a per.
maner.t place in our family nivdi
clno chest.”
Every family medie'ne chest or
<at met should have its package of
Jauues’ l.lttle Wonder Capsules.
On .-a!c at P. D. Cutlinghain &
l t>.. She. or fill cents by mail
postp: a! from J:u|ue.- f'ap.-ule Co.,
I* . ~ X. Y.
fiOl Clarke Ave..
Fftcomoke City, Mti.
I Ss I"** 1 "**
The beauty about a good suit
is that it usually costs the least.
Better fit, smarter style; more
“mileage." That’s the econ
omy of Kirschbaum Clothes.
S2O to S4O
Wm. Goodman
Snow Hill, Maryland
- , ,
trrr_,-: nrr:T.-:'-rrr--T-:—J-_ . . „ , . Ta
! Let Us Make That I
| for you, or come here and buy one ready to wear, of |
I the best material and the best made.
Fall goods are arriving daily purchased to suit our I
| exacting trade and guaranteed to give satisfaction. |
i ik i
i Jr fa jj Ml tv' I
| (ffl |i. j
“ VBf
= SWEATERS for men and boys,all styles and colors. 5
| SUIT CASES A full line in new styles and colors. |
| I. H. Merrill Co. 1
J. W. SINGLETON, Proprietor
Published 1562 POCOMOKK CITY, MI).
= i
SKITEMBER 23. 1922.

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