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-uiiitliY TGLD
ie Latest Gleanings From All
Over the State
Annapolis.—Sergt. H. C. Heffner, 4U
years old, for several years drum
major of the Naval Academy Band,
died at the naval hospital here fol
lowing a brief illness of pneumonia,
which developed from hii attack of
pleurisy. Surviving him are a widow
and four children, who live at Home
wood, near Annapolis.
Annapolis.—Major Edmund P. Du
vall, a native of Annapolis, former
prominent athlete at St. John's Col
lege. has been transferred to the re
tired list of the United States Army
at his own request. With his family,
he plans to go to Plnehurst. N. C„
where he will devote a large part of
his time to giving lessons in horse
Hagerstown.—Five knights of Dixie
Klnn. Ktl Klux. of this city, in regalia,
entered the Salvation Army hall dur
ing services and presented the officers
with s2l for use in Christmas relief
Adjutant llessie Humphreys had been
notified that a delegation from a secret
organization would visit the meeting
ami was told not to he frightened
when they app< trod.
Baltimore.—Vice-President and Mrs
Ooolidge accepted an invitation to ;
open the Charity Ball to be given for
the benefit ol the Union Memorial ilo--
pita! at the Lyric January r>. This an
nouncement was made by Mrs. Kugeno .
J.eV'-t" i getter;'.l t hairmau of 1 1 , 'tall
vmtmttteo other distingtr. bed gtte-ts
'll '.to ludt fieneru] I’er-I.ittg. t;,tv- !
or Ritchie. Mayor Itrnetiiug am!
•y of the diplomatic set i:t Wash
.nmorc.—"Modern religion with
pres < vvoitlt) lie impossible."
V Uohert Evans Browning
f the Protestant Episcopal j
>f the A eension. declared,
pf "Pulpit and Press." Not
the press create public opin
ftstahlish comity anil friend
ing peoples and nations." he
it it is tesponslble for the
• .otiication of many abuses and
wrongs nnd has been the promoter of
countless uplifting causes."
Baltimore. Warning shopkeepers
that in the future he would finish!- r
punch boards ns gambling devices,
Magistrate Joseph I. Ranft. In the
Northwestern Police Court, dismissed
Louis Hillman. 21 years old. who
keeps a store at 2421 West North
avenue, upon a charge of distributing
gambling devices. According to the
police. Hillman has been selling -lie
punch boards to children It was tosti
fled that cash prizes were given those
who punched t In* lucky number
Further distribution of the hoards will
bring a heavy fine, the magistrate
Easton. —At the meeting of the
council here a motion was passed that
the Mayor ask for the resignation of
K. O. Kastenhulier. Jr., town engineer
William Whitby, a member of the
council, stated that several matters
have come to the attention of the
body recently leading to the determin
ation to request the resignation The
latest. Mr Whitby states, was the
charge of $lB5 made by Mr Hasten-
Itttber for engineering services and in
spection of curb and gutter on South
Aurora street and North Washington
street. A few weeks ago Mr Has
tenhuber preferred charges against
Mr. Whitby, asking that his license as
a plumber he revoked.
Baltimore.-—Cleorge K Kieffner, As
slstant United States District Attor
ney. who has handled most of the nar
cotic cases In the local Federal Court
during the last two years or more, said
these rases constitute front 25 to ,'ln
per cent of the total criminal prosecu
tions before Judge Rose. "I do not
believe then* lias been any marked in
crease in narcotic addicts since the dry
laws went Into effect." said Mr Kmff
ner. "It Is an argument of the wets
that the use of narcotics has increased
with the enforcement of th* dry lav.
and at the same time they say the dry
laws are a failure because liquor is so
easy to procure "
Baltimore. - The nomination of
Judge John <’. Hose was confirmed
by the Senaf 1 anil he may enter upon j
bis duties as Circuit Jutlge of the
Fourth Circuit at any time His pro
motion leaves a vacancy on the dis-i
triet bench which must b<- filled at :
an early day. Appreciating the im
portance of speedy action, the lead
ers of the local bar arc concentrating '■
their influence to Insure the nomina
tion of a man who is eminently quail
fled to fill the position. Almost every
lawyer of any prominence is urging
the appointment of Judge Morris A.
Soper, and the pressure exerted is so
great he cannot well afford io refuse
to accept If the tender Is made. It
Is understood that others who are
seeking the appointment have strong
political indorsements, hut it is doubt
ed that these will avail when the facts
are squarely placed before the Pr*
■lent and the Attorney General.
, . /
i 1 rafts ii bii
Plea Filed in Supreme Court
Against Decision
1 Nothing In Congressional Debate To
Show Anyone Meant Law To
Reach Vessels Most
Serious In Pacific.
Washington.—A plea that American
•hips cannot Justly be prevented front
i serving liquor on the high seas under
the prohibition laws is set forth in
a brief filed in the Supreme Court by
'he International Mercantile Marine
in support of its appeal from the In
terpretation given the Daugherty
"hone-dry” ruling by Federal Judge
Hand at New York.
Tltc brief also declares It is not
| unlawful for vessels to bring their
: ship stores of liquor Into American
j territorial waters. In this respect the
| position taken by the Mercantile Mu
j fine Is similar to that set forth by
the foreign shipping concerns in a
! brief filed recently with the court
Declaring that should tile decision
of Judge Hand lie sustained "it would
! l>e impossible commercially to operate
i American flue steamers in the t>. -
; mtger trade of the world.” the b
| points out that the g-eat for
| '"in- A'lantic litters will always h.
I S, 'B liquor on their westhoitt. !
'"'.v'K"-. and against -m |, corn pm- -. ■
j tie. American liners will he serlntt lv
b- ntl'capped because, it says .
re-ns Will not travel by Amerhu.ti
t-t' -m-t-s when they ,-an come by
: L-ti ships and enjoy their ti-tiul
, -.vine.
Similar conditions. It adds, will
jor-v il in the South American trade
the northbound voyages. v.-hM
re ;se]s outhbnund in that trade cut
'••■ k up with liquor* at Bermuda
ior Havana. Tin post serious com
, •••titbit; w ill i onto jt as-.-rt - on the
Pat-ifii , where, in the Near Eastern
trade ships -ailing from Canadian
torts would have diverted to them
"o-tirully nil the pas senger busi
Only by the adoption of a fiction
is It possible by constitutional con
strilntlon to hold. tlo brief adds.
that the word "territory" as used in
the prohibition acts includes vesse's
of the United Slates upon the high
seas and in foreign ports Such a
construction "would lead to an cm
harrassing international situation."
it !- d* < lured.
The brief sets forth that cxtmitin
tton of Congressional debates does
not disclose “a single word which
would indicate In any way that any
one in Congress ever contemplated
that prohibition would apply to ves
sels of the United States "
1* sei used “hardly conceivable.” It
is added, "that Congress would place
an additional obstacle in th" way of
th" establishment of an American
merchant marine when the additional
burden imposed was not essentia! to
carry out the fundamental purposes
of the prohibition reform."
Goshen Observer Bases Prediction On
First Snow's Arrival.
Middletown. N Y Conrad Diehl
Go-licr.'- weather prophet, exports D
timr- storms this winter. According
to tho old sy-tem of reckoning he
ays, v.o are to get 2fi in all. and we
already have had eight, lie arrives
at this conclusion because the first
snowstorm of the season came on No
vember 2'i. and it Is held that the
number of snows is governed by the
date on which the first storm appears
Diehl, who is in his eighty-sixth
year, has been a close observer of the
weather all his life, and his fronds
1 -lare that his predictions have come
rue more often than those of Dcvoe.
of Hackensack, who predicted a warm
! )•>( ember.
Sits On Charge And Polls Cap When
Told To Leave Home.
Pentisliurg. I’a William Iteiter. a
retired well driller, of Held Hill, near
•-■• sit -ceiled in ending his |if. and
Ills worrie s quieklv
He walked from tits home, which he
has boon notified to vacate, and snt
I down in n vacant field on a charge of
! dynamite and pulled the cap Bovs
j r c trning from a trapping trip found
J hi- body, burned and mangled. 20 feet
! from the place of the explosion. licit
| or was *l7 years old.
The notice to vacate made him th
I - pendent and is believed to have
! caused him to take his life.
5253.000.000 FOR PENSIONS
Sum Included In Appropriation Bill
Reported To House.
Washington The aiicoal nnd --r
department appropriation bill was re
ported to 'lie House by the House An
uropriations rontmiltce. The met.
tire earrl-d >2!M.215.300. of whl"h
*854,858 '*lo Is recommended for the
United h'tates Pension Office. Of Ihc
V'tor sum 'T'>3.uou,ilßp is to go for the
* V*
UPSHUR & UPSHUR, Solicitors
T. Spence Smith, Collector of State
ami County taxes for the Second
Collection District of Worcester
County, Maryland, for 1912 and
1913, ex parte.
| In the Circuit Court for Worcester
County, Maryland. No. •’> Miscella
neous. October Term, 1922.
Application having been made hy
the petition of William <l. Kerbin.
i Trustee in Bankruptcy of the pur
chaser, to procure the ratification and
confirmation of the sale made to
Klijali W. Davis on the seventeenth
i day of August, 1915, by T. Spence
Smith, Collector of State and County
taxes for the Second Collection Dis
trict of Worcester County, Maryland,
for 1912 and 1913, of all that lut or
parcel of land with the improvements
thereon, situate on the east side of the
county road leading from Millville to
Salisbury, about one-half of a mile
from Millville, adjoining the lands of
the J. K. Dickerson estate,Larry Mills,
and Addie K. Moore, in the Sixth
Flection District of said Worcester
County, conveyed to the said Lemuel
A. Jenkins in part by Leonard U.
Mills, by' (iced dated June 20, 1905,
recorded among the land records of
•-aid Worcester County in Liber F.
11. I*. No. 2.'!, folio 52. and in part to
said Lemuel A enkins by William
M. Moore air wife, by deed dated
October 5, t&Ol, recorded among the
aforesaid land records in Liber F. H.
I’. No. 15 foliip 577. containing about
twenty-eight aicres of land, and as
sessed for the | said years 1912 and
1913 to said LAmuel A. Jenkins, and
tlie said Collector ha ing made a re
port to this Courtt of the said sale to
gether with all th\r proceedings had in
relation thereto a\nd the said pro
ceedings having b \ unined by the
Court and the sanAe appearing to In
regular, and the provision -of the law
in relation thereto Appearing to hate
been complied with! it i thereupon
thi- 2 s ' h day of Novjember, 1922. by
ti e Circuit Court for \Vorcester Coun
ty. Maryland, adjndgnd and ordered
•hat notice he given by *he insertion nf
a copy of thi order ini some weekly
r.ev -nape published \n Worccstei
County. Maryland, oncel a week for
■ks, beJfore ti e loth
' l: ‘.v o' January. 1923, Vvarning all
per.-ons inti n toil in -aid\ property to
be and appear in this (\ourt on or
hciore the 16th day of Jankjary, 1923,
to -how cau- e, if any they iave, why
aid -ale -houij no ( },e ratified and
order be serveo or. •• n
A Jenkins before the Kith Lemue,
January, 1923. day of
True Copv -Test: F v
UPSHUR & UPSHUR, Attorneys
Sheriff’s Sale
* OF
Real and Personal
By virtue of several writs of fieri
facias issued out of the Circuit Court
for Worcester County, Maryland, and
to me directed, one at the suit of
Exchange and Savings Bank of Ber
lin, Maryland, a corporation, one at
the suit of Ajax Rubber Company,
Incorporated, a corporation, and one
at the suit of Clarence E Bodley
and John C. llodley, partners trading
as The Showed Oarage, against Thur
man Dale; and also one at the suit
of Traveller Rubber Company of
Bethlehem, l'. S. A., a Delaware Cor
poration. and one at the suit of the
American Car Company, a corpor
ation, against Thurman Dale and
Vaughn Butler, partner- trading as
Dale ami Butler and Thurman Dale;
and also one at the suit of Traveller
Rubber Company of Bethlehem, l’. S.
A., a Delaware Corporation, against
Thurman Dale and Vaughn Butler,
partners trading as Dale and Butler,
I have levied upon, seized ar.d taken
in execution all the right, title and
interest of the said Thurman Dale in
and to the following real and per
sonal property, to wit:
1 All that house and lot on the
west side of Main Street in Whaley
ville. in Worcester County, and State
of Maryland, now occupied by the
said Thai man Dale and his wife, be
ing i lie same property which was de
vised to the said Thurman Dale by
hi mother, Jane L. Dale, by her last
will and testament.
2. All the household and kitchen
furniture contained in the above men
tioned bouse at the date of levy
thereon, to wit, November Bth. 1922,
consisting of beds, bedding, stoves,
chairs, carpets, tables and other per
sonal effects.
And I hereby give notice that I
will sell the said real and personal
property, or so much thereof as may
be necessary on the premises at
\\ haleyvillo, in said county, on
January 6th, 1923
AT 10.30 O’CLOCK, A. M„
to satisfy said writ and costs.
• Terms of Sale: CASH.
i W. Q, SHOCK LEV, sheriff.
f-Mmny people have paid their sub
•iptions to The Messenger in the
P*t week. Have you psidvours?
/ !'
... - i,,-. f
STATON & WHALBI, Attys-at-Law
Trustees Sale
1 Shares of Stock
By virtue of an older of the Hon.
oruble John C. Rost, Judge of the
District Court of tin United States
• for the District of Maryland, passed
in the matter of Christopher Ludlam,
individually and as a member of the
' partnership composed of himself and
1 Ansley Ludlam, trading as Ocean
’ City Fish Company, bankrupt, the
undersigned Trustee will sell at pub
lic auction, in Berlin, Worcester
; County, Maryland, in front of the
bank building occupied by the Calvin
I!. Taylor Banking Company,
January 13. 1923,
AT 2.30 O’CLOCK. I’. M.
! ceitain personal property of the said
I bankrupt, as follows:
Fifty-seven shares of the capital
, stock of The Ocean City I’ier and Im
f provement Company, a corporation.
Terms of Sale:—One-third cash on
i tlie day of sale, the balance of the
i purchase price in full within four
I months from the day of sale, or all
i> cash, at the option of the purchaser,
. the deferred balance to bear interest
l from the day of sale and to In secured
- to the ,-atisfaction of the Trustee.
I Trustee.
The creditors of Christopher Lud
, lam. individually and a a member of
the partnership coin) I of himself
and Ansley Ludlam, trading a Ocean
, City Fish Company, an hereby noti
, fled that tin sale of the afon -aid
personal property of the bankrupts
will take place a abort stated.
1 F. W. C. WEBB,
f Referee.
i NOTICE TO Slot iUßii BI BS
i Notice i- hereby : en that the un-
I nual meeting of tin 'ocklmhi' i of
> the Deposit and Sang Bank, of
r Snow Hill. Maryland, ili be I 'ld in
, the bank building on T n -ray tl e 2nd
, day of January, 1923. at 11 o'clock,
I A. M., for the purpose electing a
s Board of Director- of i.itl bank for
! the ensuing year.
f F. W. MARSHA! L. Cashier.
vie ■" '• v"r,ict.'ii' • .•!.
Notice is hereby given thi the
annual meeting of the -tockjdders
of the Worcester Fertilizer Com
pany of Snow Hill. Maryland. *j|| | )0
I held in the Community Hall f the
Deposit and Savings Bunk, ofSnow
Hill, Maryland, on Tuesday, Jauary
9th, 1923, at the hour of 10 o'lock,
-A. M., for the purpose of e!*ctng a
■ Board of Directors for the enuing
[fyear, and transacting any otlerbus
iness that may properly come bfore
the meeting.
Secniary. '
i ; •
' r
•Notice is hereby given that them- ‘
oua) meeting of the stockholder! of
the Bank of Ocean City, of Ocan
City, Maryland, will be held in be J
bank building on Tuesday, the nd ,
day cf January, 192.3, between he
hours of ten o’clock, A. M.. and fiur ,
o clock, P. M., for the purpose of
electing a Board of Directors of sid !
hank for the ensuing year, and trais
acting such other business as miy
regularly come before the meeting, .
Cashier, y
NOTICE TO* STOt'KßOfjlEßsf** :l
I \
The annuaj meeting of the Stock- ,
holders of I,he Snov Hill Electric ‘
l ight and PoWer Conrpany, of Snow
Hill, Maryland will beheld on l ues- •
day, January 2nd. 1921 between tho j
hours of 9 o’clock, A. M| and 9 o’clock
I’. M„ at the onycc of tl> companv in !,
Snow Hill. ‘
T. M. PI KNELL, Secretary.
Notice is hereby given tfbt the an
nual meeting of the stockholders of
The First National Bank of Snow
Hill, Maryland, will he he! ; n the
iiank building on Tuesday, ‘he 9th
day of January, 1923, betw> n the :
hours of 10 o’clock, a.m., and Vclock '
P- si., for the purpose of eletjng a '
Board of Directors of said bak for '
the ensuing year, and to tr* S nct
•uch other business as may igu- I
•arly come before the meeting. V
Notice is hereby given Vthat t\
annua! meeting of th stAckholdei, <
of the Commercial XationalYßank, <>,'
; Snow Hill, Maryland, will I*l hold ill
the bank building on Tuesday, the
9th day of January, 1923, Between
the hours of 10 o’clock, A. M.\ and 4
o’clock, P. M., for the dy|se of
electing a Board of said
bank for the ensuing ear.
The Messenger thes j
:> Happy
Public Sal?
Personal Property
Intomlin, to li’uic the County, I <
will sell at public auction, on (he
’ premises where I reside, near Klej 1
Grange Church and store, on
January 3d, 1923
Commencing at 9 o’clock, A. If.,
■ the following discribed property, to
• wit:
One Grey Mare, weight 1000 ibs.
• Two Jersey Cows,
i Three Heifers.
Three Shoats and some Pig*
Two Poland China Sows.
One 2-horse Wagon.
One Top Buggy.
One Runabout
One Horse Cart.
One John Deere Double Valking
One 4-raw Barrel Sprayer.
One John Deere Double Horje Plow.
One Iron Drug.
Lot of Tomato Basket*.
1 Other things, too numerous to men
Lot of Household and KitYn Fur
Torms: Made known on day <f .sale.
William F. Johnson and Edmomt 1L
John on, Attorneys-at-Law.
Oliver F. Tingle and Mbmie Tingle
Louisa 1.. Tingle, Okokna Hudson
anti Robert Hudson, Matilda Long
ami Stephen I.ong an! Mattie L.
1 Richardson and Thonas Richard*
: son.
In the Circuit Court fir Worce.-ter
County. Marylantl. in Etpiity. No.
'flic object of this siit is to pro
cure a decree for the Tale of certain
prop'-rt.v in Worcester bounty. Mary
land, of which Willi;m H. Tingle.
■ died, .-eixed ami poss-ssed.
lln bill -tates tha‘ said William
t 11. Tingle dietl about the month of
i July, 1922. possessed of a certain
, parcel of land situate n said Worces
i t v County, near the Delaware State
i 1 ins anti on the courty roatl leading
fi‘oi Selbyille, Delavare, to what is
■. knowa a- Carey.town, containing
tilty--i ■ teres of I""*, more or less; <
and tlyt be lei. *>*'iving him a
l °uisa L. Tingle, who is of
!td| age anil resitle- in the State of
Dt-lawar. anil leaving bc-dde.- as his *
heirs at law. the following children,
Olivor F. Tin (fie, a .n. \ho inter
married with Mamie Tingle, Okolona
I Ini Ison, a daughter, who intermar
!' ,etl w 'i Hubert Hudson, Matilda
i "i)(t. a daughter, who intermarried
with Stephen Long, al! of whom are
oi fuli age and reside in the State of
Delaware, also Mattie L. Richardson,
a daughter. ho intermarried with
I homas Richardson, ,vho are of full
age and reside in Worcester County,
I hat said real estate is unproduc
tive in its present condition and is
not now being tenanted and is idle
and unoccupied.
1 hat the said real estate is not
susceptible of distribution without
material loss and injury to the par
ties entitled to interests therein, and
that in order to make divisions of
-aid interests, it will lie necessary
that said real estate be sold and the
proceeds thereof be divided amongst
the patties hereto according to their
several interests. i
It is, thereupon, this I,lth day of 1
December, 1922, ordered by the Cir- .
cuit Court for Worcester County, in
Equity, that the plaintilTs by causing
a copy of this order to be inserted in
some newspaper published in said
Worcester County, once in each" of
four successive weeks before the Bth
nay of January, 1923, give notice to
tie said absent defendants of tho ob- |
jeot and substance of this bill, warning i
t! "m to appear in this Court in per
s.;n or by solicitor, on or before the '
" i,k d ?>’ of January, next, to show 1
cau-e. ,f any they have, why a decree
ought not to be passed as prayed. ,
1 rue Copy, lest: |
N" i t - ( . hereby given that the aub- 1
scriber has obtaii.ed from the Or
phan- - Court for Worcester County,
Maryland, letters of Administration I
on the personal estate of M
late of Worcester County, deAftaed. j j
xn persons having claims wcainst t
the*. ceased, are hereby warfld to
exhibit the same, with the vouHMb
thereof, to the subscriber, on omU
fore the 12th day of June, 1323.
They may otherwise by law be ex
cluded from all benefits of the sail
estate. All persons indebted to eai
(estate are requested to make imm
rtiate payment Given under t
)nd this 9th day of December, 19
f \ 1 Administrw
Register of V *
mm Bpntit your Itillhiaiis.
Hft ™l Letterhead- now, -
Hr ready for th.- fi
Opera House!
You will surely enjoy this
picture. Come and bring- the
kiddies. We will give to the
'child holding the lucky number
a Jackie Coogan doll.
Admission—Adults 28c; Chil
dren 17c.
JAN. 2nd.
This picture will assure you
good entertainment.
Adults 20c; Children 10c.
JANUARY .’th and 6th ...
to see this picture, one that will
Admission- Adults 35c; Chil
dren 20c.
The opera House will l>e com
fortably heated, and the new
machines recently installed in
sure a continuous production,
with splendid pictures.
Beginning January 2nd, two
shows a night will begin. The
first will start at 7.15 P. .M.. and
the second at 8.15 P. M.
Public Sale
and ;
* >7
mmi ■
Will be here and offf'oi
at Doc Ned Timmont;
Snow Hill, a choice lo'
and hotrses. on
Dec \ber 30th9
( ommey at lM
This is ~e ct, d s i
know me. a< ,j, e 1-
Don't fail to sv th ;
days prior to if .
your choi
This s
Also 1
j “Nam
r !
A i
1 A
In the Ciret
County In
Term, 19&
reported by
for the sale
above cause
confirmed i
trary there*
the loth d:
•vided a cop
in some n>
cestcr Cou
of Januar;
• Ired and *
The repor
sales to be $
, True Copy,
In the Ci
Count v
S. '

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