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The American union. [volume] (Martinsburg, Va. [W. Va.]) 1861-1861, July 06, 1861, Image 1

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For tho "Americaa Union."
BY S. V. CO. E. 2d KEQ't, P. V,
Live on, live on, proud Union of States,
Our homage and prayers are thine own ;
JKvery friend of freedom the moment awaits
When treachery shall be o'erthrown.
We sought not tho field for pleasunror^fame
For nobler than these is our cause;
"We ask for the nation a place and & name,
And must proffer our lives for our laws.
Live on, live od, Constitutional Law?
The product of patriot and sage?
Thy beams shed abroad like the sunlight, and
Their glory from history's page.
Bvery part of our land, North, South, East und
Acknowledged thy virtue and power,
?Until treachery called thee a "time-serving
And brought thee a thrice evil hour.
Live 011, live on, great place oftuo free,
The world must admire and laud ;
Many millions of hearts are centered on thee,
And bring thee the aid of their Ood.
Our sires oft battled beneath thy bright folds,
Then passed to a national grave,?
And each son that now thy glory upholds,
Hath sworn thou shalt "long yet wave."
Brownson on tiie Rebel Leaders ?
In the last number of Brownson's Quar
terly, the editor has an articlo on the pre
sent war, abounding throughout in that
elcarness and energy of statement fyr which
he is justly famed:
For thirty years or more, the South have
beeu taught to regard the North as their
enemies, and made to believe that they
eould not live iu peace with us; they have
been taught that we of the Tree States are
mere money makers, destitute of any high
moral or religious principle, selfish, colu
hearted, and, worse than all, mere cowards.
Their teaching has beeu bail, and has led
them into grave mistakes. For those who
have misled them, we have no excuse, no
palliation to offer, not a word in extenua
tion of their oflcncc to utter. They know
better, and have sinned against light and
knowledge. For them we have no mercy;
let tbcra meet, as they deserve, the traitor's
doom, not bccauso they arc Southern men,
or slaveholders, but because they are con
spirators and rebels, beet 011 destroying
tho Government under which they were
born, to which they owe allegiance, and
which, with all its faults of administration,
is the freest and be3t Government ever in
stituted by man, and which, frcm its foun
dation has been, with that of Great
Britain, the hope of the friends of liberty
throughout the world. It is not against a
despot, or a tyrant, or a foreign denomina
tion that they have conspired, but against
their own legitimate Government, whose
only defect, if defect it have, is that it
claims too little power for itself, and loaves
too much freedom to the citizen. The
American citizen that seeks to overthrow
the American Government is not only a
traitor, but a libcrtieidc, a dishumanized
monster, n<>t fit to live or inhabit any part
of the globe; he has no suitable place this
side*of hell.
A dispatch gives the following account
of (he celebration of our uatioual birth-day
in the Federal Capital ;
The glorious Fourth of July was ushered
in bero in the grandest possible style. At
the first approach of dawn there was the
most terriffic discharge of artillery ever
heard out of a battle. For ten miles along
the whole lino of entrenchments, on the
Virginia side, there was a continuous sheet
of flame, volumes of smoke and thunders of
artillery, that must have shaken the earth
even under the feet of the rebels at Manas
sas Junction.
This was answered bv simultaneous dis
cliargcs of all the pieces of tlie llhode Is
land batteries on the hills north of the city.
The effect was magnificent.
Eetween eight and nineoclock this morn
ling the twenty Xew York Pediments ap
peared on parade west of the Presidential
Mansion, and inarched past it at a quick
i step, under review of the President and his
| Cabinet, and Gen Scott and his staff, who
j all stood in a group in front of the White ,
! House. Each officer saluted theru in pass-,
j*t.'JTJje scene was grand and imposing be-!
j yoncl any ever witnessed in this country.? !
| For two miles nothing could be seen but the
! mighty column of sturdy patriots, their bay
! onets standing like a continuous sheet of
I flashing steel.
Annexed wc publish a complotn list of
the officers of the Provost (iuard at Mar
ti nsburg, Ya :
Provost Marshal, Mnj. Spcir, 23rd Itoirt; 1st
Assistant, Ca.pt, Hoffman, do; 2d Asst. Capt.
15f;tson; 3d Asst. Capt. Gffyn; 4tl: Asst. Capt.
Vaugb; Liouts .Wilson, Black, Waliaec,Wyod, I
Brown, Boggs, Hopper. i
The Congress of tlio United States as
sembled in Washington ou last Thursday,
the 4th instant. One hundred and fifty,
nine members were present, representing
all the Northern States, and the Southern
States of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware,
Kentucky, Tenesee, and Missouri. Hon.
Galusha A. Grow, of Pennsylvania, was
elected Speaker, and Hon. Emerson Eth
eridge, of Teneseo, clerk. Tho organiza
tion was effected harmoniously and with
but little delay.
Mr. Yallandingliam, of Ohio, appears
anxious to distinguish himself as the leader
of the few members who are willing to give
"aid and comfort" to tho rebels. He is
reported to have said "tliat there are twen
ty five members of the House who will
vote against all appropriations for tho army.
Ho himself will vote for money and means
for the defense of the Capitol, but not to
carry on war against tho Southern States,
as lie knows (hat J' j. JJavin is ?wiUingtO
make a compromise and remain in the
There can bo no doubt that the present
Congress will make liberal provision for
suppressing the present rebellion. One of
the first acts will doubtless be tho passage
of an appropriation to pay tho troops now
in the field.
Virginia Currency.?Many of our
officers are purchasing Virginia ten
ccnt notes to send to tlicir Northern
friends as curiosities. This Icind of cur
rency appears to he plenty enough, hut
of its intrinsic value wc are unapprised.
We presume it will he redeemed about
the time the Secession troops conquer
the Northern States.
A3 a sample of the way the Rebels
pay their debts, it may be stated that
at a point occupied by our army a pile
of orders were found given to a black
smith for shoeing horses. Thev were
generally written with pencil, and read
as follows: "Shoo my horse, and
charge to the State of Virginia.
Va. Vol," This is a specimen of
tha fruits of the present .rebellion.

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