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(! Wcmvrfl aware ©T ,»*. r»«iten*rt,t which
be oaeurrewae of af«w cases of Cholera will ere
P« ia our aeighborhood, ami .4 the thousand ru
mon likely to grow out of them , ami ther.-fi.rr
kel it incumbent upon us to gite a true espoai
how of every ma* which may nut. Since* our
lax paper, we base had two, and two only. The
aibjrct of the first, w as a stranger from one of tlie
Northern canals, who ramc to town *Uk on Kn
lay evening, and died oa Monday nigt.t It ia
lli'xight tins man might have hern restored, if
S^^rojH-rly nursed; hut his situation while sick was
fjwrr7 uncomfortable. Tike second, w ss th>- rase
■f Nr Isrimi, one r>f our citizens, who ta
•|B,n *‘th a slight .Har.lnrj on Manila* afternoon,
%birh |w thought w.mld gradually weal off, but
Ahich was soon succeeded hy alarming and fatal
jBmJirstioiis. Mr. I.V general health had been
'yktlm delicate for the lax year. Ilis ease wss of
ilomexie origia, ami shows the absolute
•jpeee.v.t_» of imniriiu/r aitrnhon to anv irregular. -
Iv of the bowels. Soot- of our tntnkcui ftentU
■nr reqmrotrtl ut to nr ft Hut tuotl rumettly upon
aiUntion of :U public. Haiti and peril will
[^Lsurv<lly follow neglect; and a disease, which,
S ilk iaeipiwaey, i« |«*rfeelly manageable, bc
by • ImurV indulgence, mo«t formula
|pe aad fatal. He vigilant, be (Inn and collected;
. jp CO vain hope of the premonitory symptom!
tipkWk* harmlesaly away, delink- you into false
^^beearity. Tlie poison is abroad in the land; and
^Bltbough this wrathful visitation must desolate
^ksany liappy firesides, yet IU who afflicts, prv
Haants no Lane without an antidote.
H With grateful heart, wc rvfieat our remark of
^■aX week, tliX the general health of our town nr
■tr was better at any seasmi of the year than it
s» present. .Vs cute of CAmeru now exult
-meet u
I tt produces nausea to read the flummery of
Some of the Jackson prints aliout tlie •• apootary"
JW the F.ditor of tlie New York Courier .uni H.n
-MHMrcr. They forget that in ahusitig the •• Kur
jEri,” ms they derisively style Mr. Webb. ther
Sing a stab under the fifth rib to their fel
orrra, Ritchie, Croswell, Kendall, and
It is a notorious fact, that the most con
i Jackson paper* are edited by 11 apoa
ipo states, too, from firvtci/Ur to intrrett.
I mini strati on could find no one but an
to be its orpn at WashiirgCoti.
l>eco well rrusarksrd, that11 he who never
his opinion, never eorreets an error.”—
r one who renounces a heresy, is to be
as an “ spwstate,” and if apostacy is dia
I, wills what degree of consistency do tlie
editors ask their opponents to renounce
U» * But according to their creed, it is
k*tf to quit the minority, and join the ma
Iirsty, when the "spoils of victory” are to he
The foliowring letter from Judge PaBkeb was
•tended for our reception previous to the puldi
■Eiun of our last paper. It may still have a ten- j
eney to dispel some of the false alarm which lias
mo excited by tlie adjournment of the Court.
ScrTtsiarB 3d, lrt.TJ.
Sib—-To prevent unnecessary alarm, from
Nl* adjournment of the Superior Court
l ChtfHentow n, it may be proper to state,
*** it did not proceed, so far as I am inform
i, from any belief that the Cholera actually
fcisted in the place, or that then* would be
he slightest danger to any one m continuing
he session. The gentlemen of the Bar re
pev-nted that, from tlie prevalence of un
tended rumors on the subject in the «ur
mmdiisg country, and from the certain ap
mran'-e of the dr«eaw near 11 a rper*-Kerr %.
kaiuc was felt, winch would in all probabiii*
I deter fuitnra and wHusbem from attending
ke cowl. Thar, therefore, unanimously r> -
bested m< to adjourn the session until .V
bnaber; eod lo ihis request l reluctantly ur
bded. .My ow n inprMMoa w as. that it WOtfld
I the more pendent r.»nr*e totrv tin nnerl*
I of keeping tin- court open for a few
[which would of itself have a tendency
ipate the alarm,> Iw.fore resorting to the
measure; hut belmving them to or bet
brined of the extent and probable cf
uf the fear* said to b« entertained, |
d toy own inipri'Mionti to th*?irv
myself, I hid as toon he in t harles-^
tt this period as iu any other part of the j
ou think this communication will lend
nWart the impressions which the ad-1
aent of the Court is calculated to pro
youare at liberty to publish it.
i, very respectfully, your oh*t vrv't, '
VROVI k—The brig American sailed
Norfolk a few davs since, with 14? etni
for l.ihsna. Of this number, w* were
iorth Carolina, 15 from Frederick conn-1
manumitted hy Mrs. Ann K Page, I t
W ashington City, ami the remainder j
Norfolk. Tlie Society of FricntU of
elptua have contributed most lilwrally .
expedition—-probably about gCTlitl— ■
loanl of ColuniutiOR, at Washington,
to despatch three or four expeditions
winter, should the necessary funds be j
Richmond Jeffr rsonixn speaks of the
in this wise. “Mr. tan Borers is a
al dr-dapper. He dives here, and the
• is all still ami smooth, and closes
over him, while he paddle* away invt
beneath, and pops out jnnder, jtist
, perhaps, you did not expect to we
then shake* In* head, tneexes, and
•no Wo/lw —Thr election in Indiana
suited in a victory to I tie National He- 1
an* The last rreeived Wahs«h Cou
ves returns from all the eonrito i hut
The result i* as follow*!
mnal Hepuhliesn Senators. T1 ) .
«lo. Representative*, IIH J* 1
ii»on Hwulrm, h i ..
ii. Representatives, 14 (
Majority for Clay, |4
OHIO.—The Ohm Historian say*
who doubt that the veto is w<»rkmg
irx. will do well to call at this itAcr-.tml
« names of between Urn mud three des
rrsoos who have ffmmmtti Juekmnitm ’
int Chaptal, the eelehratr.l ehemt«t.
t Pxrbo** the July, in ha ??tb year
App'iintm* ni if the #Vrsidriti.
iViuua Irui I vcaii, lo to* ConiaUi
Commercial agent of the United State* at
*b« Islam] of Bermuda, vice V\ Ulmw k. Hig
mbotham, deceased
Arvwo uf (he candidates nominated bv the
l lira Convention aa Klectors of President
j and Vice Prevalent, m opposition to General
; Jackson, were zealous Jacksonian* tu 1 t5jr>.
Mr. Wi-n‘'i)iiri.i, long a well-known actor
| on the Park boards, and lately Mate Manager
of the kiehmond llili Theatre, died at New
, Voik ou Friday etc mug the 31st August.
) A frightful epidemic, resembling the cho
lens, is stated to prevail among the Itussian
■ troops m Gslhcia In oue regiment it carried
oft odd men.
• Irt\fiei<il Hands.—The Salem Massachusetts
Ga/clte mentions that Mr. ItM-rea**- llili, un
ingenious artisan in that tow n, has just huisli
• d a pan i»t artificial lund*, wlm-h m tlisir ad
mirable adaptation to the uiultifarious uwi of
those nu|H>rtant nniubt-rs, are said to surpass
any thing of the kind ever sean in this quar
ter. The unfortunate voung man to whose
necessities they are destined lo minister,
cause from the country, and hae already test
ed their rlticavy in various ordinary manipu
lation*. such as writing, rutting food. ha:.
We are inhumed that the slop Kquatar,
from UtrrpaU, in addition to the articles she
brought m lor the Pelciahurg and Itnaiiuke
Kail Hoad, has landed /*#• high brnj Dnglith
ttailiana, consigned to John Avery, F.sq. of
t.recn-sill* county | and we are told that
I their owners will very soon announce to the
public the places at which they will stand the
matt tug trojan, and publish their full snd mi
| nule pedigrees and performances on the turf:
therefore, we will now only rematk, that—
l.tt'baroufzh is a beautiful bay horse, 15$
hands high, finely an<l powerfully formed for
strength and action, aud likely to get horses
of competent powers to carry heavy weights
and run long distances lie was got by
W illiamson's Ditto, (a son of Sir Peter Tea
I zle) whose dam was by Dungannon, (a sou ot
Kcbpse ) l.uzbormigh's (.Lain was uut of a
Dick Andrew* mare sent to France i and she
was out of F.leanor by W hiskey, one of the
best bred mares in Kngland, snd w-liu, m the
, year 18U1, won at F.paom the Derby, and
at Newmaiket the Hake great stakes—the
former.II subscribers, 50 guineas each; the
, latter eighteen subscribers, 50 guineas each.
Fyldr, a brown horse, about 16$ I lands
high, an elegant figure, and allows a good
flow of spirits for action lie w as got by An
tonio out of Fadlidinida—she hy Sir Peter
Teazle—her dam Fanny out of Ambrosia by
Woodpecker—he by llerod out ot Miss
Painsden—she by Old Cade a ton of Godol
phm Arabian.
It is but reasonable to expect, that these
horses from their superiority of hlnod and
Der/ormance on the turf will inmmic the
breed ol Race Horae* in the S'ate of Virginia,
and in other State* of the Union.
[Pctertbui g Inleliigtncer.
l'*yrer*dmltd iprtd.—The new steam-boat
Patrick Henry, built in Baltimore, to mu l*e
tween Norfolk and Richmond, is now in the
line, and performed the distance (145 miles)
on Tuesday the 2dth ult. in 7 hours aud 43
minutes, stoppage* deducted.
rum mi rasa rat-s.
Oh! there are time* when 1 could die,
When lay soul longs for liberty—
When life ap|M-ars a Scene of sadness,
A wilderness devoid of gladness,
A gloomy i«th beset with woes,
A waste, where naught but sorrow growi!—
A desert truck, a troubled dream,
A gloomy storm, without one glrani
Of bopc, without one place of rent;
A sea, from off whose troubled breast,
Hope's hnlhant star lias fading flown.
And left despair where once it alsooc!—
O'er my post life 1 cast my eyes,
Ami oh! whst thoughts of sorrow rise—
I recollect uo blissful scene.
Where sorrow’s footsteps have not been.
I hstlme friend in childhood's hours,
Who cull’d with me spring's gayest flowers_
Oh! for a poet’s skill to tell,
I'hr beauty of Ik r angel face,
ller lily bosom's giutle swell,
llcr matchless form's surpassing grace,
ller auburn trt sses, wildly flowing,
ller damask check, so lichly glowing,
llcr sture rye, whose flashes beamed
laglit like (hat which fills from h<'a«en;
llcr ruby lip* slxw breathing seemed
Roses stored by breath of even—
Where is slie now >—gone' yes, gone’
To that pure sky her spirit's flown'
Yes. site hat gone' 1 saw Ikt die!
1 saw the ilcatb-fdin dim her eye—
■ ww nrr uir — i uw nrr i«m,
I let- 111* howim* Inti -*t I leave—
Ami wfu-n l*er gentle brrath liatl pavt,
I gronnetl to are tbe epirit leave
A form ao fair, ao aweetly fair:
She aermeil an angel alreping there! —
I lien I Wat hit a wretched thing,
Without one Military aprmg
W itliin my In-art, of hope or glmlneaa,
Without one kindred heart to cheer, ^
Or pity rnr, when wr»|it in amine**—
A lo-iog wedded to deapair'—
Why ahoultl I live* life ha* no tie
For thnee wlio »-ep and long to die!
\\ hy diotild I Ii%«** death lia* no |iam
For lit j*e who long to break (lie chain.
The galling chain, w hub bind* tbevn here,
In thi* lone world of pain and rare'—
Ob' i* there not a traotpiil fieavrn,
A home beyond that aaure aky,
For thn*e » how Iv art* by aorrow riven
Are aick of earth and lung to die'
(Mi yea! that thought will calm the breaaf,
l lw weary breaat by aorrow t-rw.
To know th«T»-1* a place of rr*t.
Where we at length may rea*r tom-urn
_ I*.
«F rillMK qi AI.IT> for .ale hy
II. hi.vr.s
l!h»r!e«to*rn, Sept. 13, 1*3*1.
H+rnr for Sntr.
HF. it young, hand-iimr, and hearty,—of
»ne ante, ia well gaoed, baa Wen wark.-d
* .me—and i* tree from fault* A bargain will
be gieen, a* the owner lia* nolmtl,, r uar for hitn|
atid if ileaaml, a credit until next aprmg.
If not anfd prevt-nn to Monday the I7t|i mat
he will iiti that ila* be offer rtf at auetiutr, in front
of llcckbaui'a Hotel, f 'hat leatoww.
Alao, for tab , cheap, a Saddle, Hr idle, Mar
tmgwi. Hr *11 nearly ro w,—ami if wot w4d per.
lately, a,II like« i*e be offered at auction, a* a
IV home, He are in 1 liarfeatMwn.aml will
afiown to I bow w i*o with to purtVa Fur fur*
lher lofiwmation,
ai’pia at Tina or net.
Set* A, IM*.
OF prune quality, fur »«lr hy
II. KtYt*.
Aug. I A, 1-39,
ivimroRi ooMPifik
AS\I\I.I, hul no a l f.'uinpa**, h olh-rei?
fur f«]e, cb- jp Apply al Uits i*3W»
The •Harketn.
■ tLTtwit, nrr. 7.
II.Ol'K.—la ihr early part of tlie week, aal
until Wednesday, the wagmi price was ft 50, in
•war instance* a traction less, some-ding to Ike
rotiUilKMi of tKr tbk, a»le% wnr made frmu
•torea up to Uvit .lay at ft intj. The price sobar
ijoently fell, and ikslrfa paid from wagon* ft 37 K
and occasional lot* were obtained at G *j.
I *.♦» «*■•,» tuttRtau, ufr. ft.
I I.OL It.—\ rtterdae tin- current price of ftoor
Iixk.. wagon* waa fft *1, . f*w loud* brought ft
; ‘.'I, and one lonil, in barter, waa taken at ft » —
" r ,K^r of no aab-s front Mores ft *5 would be
accepted. 1 hr martini* ia mused bt tbc couti
uued Martin of vessel*.—^f.uz.
On Thursday evening laat, at llarprr»*lperrT,
by tlie Me*. Septimus I'uMon. N. H. Harass*.
Knj. United Sutra* Attorney for the lHMrtrt of
Ohio, to Mna Simam Awn Sr. (Juu Wauaa,
only dnuglm-r of tlie late John Wager, F.wp
I J"*.‘day evening last, b» tlie Itev. S.ptumn
'luMun, Mr. IU*ti Kunio Mrv Cat***!**
THoMraiaa, both of lUrprra-Fcrry.
On Sunday evening l-sl, In tlie Hit. Alexander
i Jones, Mr. Ji.MV Srill, of llalltowo, to Miaa
j I.Uiaoi Diiasov, of thia town.
~**—- —. ■■■ JL
On Tuesday last, in the 5*1 rear of Ilia ^r,
of the prevailing rpulrinir, Mr. Julia l.ivvv, of
! *!•*• place. | li»- di n-ktnl had been laboring nn
J tier general debility for toiuc months, but wa*
| attending to hit usual avocation* oil Monday, un
til near aiinaet, atul took a light supper with Id*
latnily, utirnnsciou* of the fatal progress which,
under the form of dial rliu*a, the dreadful disease
I was making u|mwi hi v ay Mi-m. About eight o'vlock,
| alarming symptoms ap|»-nrcd, avid medical aid
i waa railed in. F.very effort of skill and altrn
tiovi, proved fruille**; the awful ehar.icter of tlie
disease waa lull, developed; and his ixmMUut.on
proved msufflcieul to aUml the shock.
Mr. Ijunon was a native of Ireland, hut had
resitted in this town lor iiunv veurs, ami was a
restw-ciable and good citizen, ilia bereaved a tie
ami laimly feel most deeply the lost of a truly ile
ynlrd hutbandpiid father; and allhough their grief
is heighten^! by the suddenness of their WKic
tion, art Memory will bring up to them many rs*
ii><iiibr.nii-e* cal, uim> d to soften their anguish and
| recoin ile them to the coiomon lot of mortality.
I ( In Baltimore, on Frivlay last, I*i.TKB II.C*t*SK,
I F.wp one id* tin- rditors of tlie Patriot of thi* city,
and formerly, for a number of years, associated
with the editors of this 11*per. He died of the
prevailing epidemic, afti*r an illness of a few 1
hours. The immediate source of the attack was
a alight irregularity of dirt,—irregular only be
cause of the presence of Cholera in tlie city. A
peach or two, eaten on the previous evening, is
assigned as tlie proximate eause of sudden death,
to one ti mperutr and prudent in all his habits and
pursuits, and apparently secure against the at
tacks of the |iest ilence, so far as rarx- ami rirenm
spectinn rouhl guarantee seettrity. Yet a mo
ment's deviation, an imprudence scarce worth
remembrance in ordinal v times,—acting upon a
1 frame naturally delicate, iiaa proved suildcnlv and
j feartully mortal in its effect*.— [. inimcnn. ]
At SheiihenHtown, on the 3-Mh ultimo, at the
nuiaw til imu. WILT nnvnr, I.miHul flow
| AMU Twnwrso*. aged lOjnn, ion of the |»b
Samuel Thompson <>l’ Alelamina, 1>. C.
On the Mh in*t. Ilrsjims Run, F.v,. a well
known printer in Baltimore, ami a gallant officer i
in the Mars land twililia at the bailie of Ninth
On Sunday night last, after two days’ illness,
.Mr. Thom** Duttlt, a iwtitc or ln'kad, aged
about 30 year*.
At Oak Hill, Fauquier county, \ a. on tlx SI *t !
ult. J. A. \V. Smith, F.m,. Clerk of the Counts ]
ot kauqnier, iu the SMh year of hi* age.
ocyrix Her. S. I t erns will preach in tlx
lYt-abytt rian Church in (Jharkstow u, on Sunda)
txit, at II o’clock, A. M.
OyThe Ke\. Mr. Mu»r,»s will preach inUx j
.Methodist Church in this town, on Sundav ur\t.
•til o'clock, A. M. Sc|4. 1.1.
town hospitals.
meeting of the Magistrates of JefTrr- 1
son County, i* requested at the Court-House,
on Monday next, (Court Day.) to take into
| consideration the propriety of providing, in
| rack of the towns of Die County, suitable houses
to be. prepared a* hospitals, in case of a visit
Irutu the dreadful {xstiletxe which threatens
our whole land. A full attendance is desira
ble, a* the |M-nod of health is the proper time
for preparation. The meeting will bo held
at 11 o'clock, A. M.
Several Magistrate*.
Sept. 13, 1KL».
Of the Circuit Sulterior Court of 7>nt> and Chan
t ery Jot the County of J-Jfcroon.
UrIILKL\S, the Judge of the Circuit Su
|xrior Court of Law and Chancery for !
the county of Jelh-rson, after luting attended
at the late term of the said court, was pre
sented from sitting during the whole term, by
the unanimous request of the Bar to postpone
its session lor tlx reasons «ot forth in their
petition, which was ordered to he recorded,
now I. Ult mark K. Parrish, in pursuance ot |
the an entitled “ An act to establish a Cotirt
o| Law arid Cham t*ry in each of the Counties
of the Commonwealth, and in certain corpo
ration* then in mentioned,” passed the Kith
of April, 1~3|, do hereby appoint the first,
If fiuoJd* im A'.,r ... ... r... ii_ ‘_ I
iiienrcnxnt of a Special Term in tlm »aei
County of Jtlanon: And I do therefore di.
re« t you to give notice thereof to tlio Com
monwealth's Attorney, the other oflieers of!
ft.e Court, and in) parties w ho may he »harg-1
id in such court with any crime «r offence , \
and to issue all ne.cessary process, retumahle
lo si left special session; which process the
ttlterit! or other officer is IiouikI to enerule ;
and also to summon a f.rand Jury, and Vanires,
if necessary for Hie trial of any (arson sent
on hy au etatmnmg court, in tike same man
ner and Utah r the same regulation* a* in the
rase of a regular term i And I do hereby re
■(Hire all the officer* of the said Court to do
arid la ifouu all aueit acts and duli* * a» they
would t»e rrspnred to perform at a regular
term of the said court. <mru under nnr hand |
aiei arai, this nth diy of Heplemlier, I*3‘J.
KICII AH Ik K. 1‘AkKI.K, (»..
(September IJ.
nor s§:.f.vjp snop
rom miorr.
fVTf.NDINff to devote my who’e attention
to the (ilwi-jh and ersdle-rnakmg h*i»me*s,
I will therefore he able to rent a shop to a
wagovi-iunkcr who will retry mi that branch i
of business with energy. There is also a
small dwelling house to rent With the shop.
An industrious and enterprising wagon-maker
will And rt an advantageous situation.
I I ha»c on hand, a hamlvmie supply of sea* >
snned tmilier for wagon*, wlueti will tnr sold
on good terms to the renter.
The shop i* situated near I»or«e* '* hlsek
smith *hop. alioiit a ro.le. south of ll. H. Tur-j
orfs. tVfi.M.l OTT
?ept J3 »-tf
WIKI, be «<4d.on Saturday the «hi Ibst.
at the re sale ace of the widow Mary
strider, on Elk Irwrfa,
•IW the Ffriffiitvl Property
Of George W. JIimmI, dee’d, «onibtmgof Beds,
Bedding. Trunk*, be. be. upoo a credit of ti
mouth* for all mnim of five dollar* ami up
•wtsU, the purchaser giving bond with ap
proved security; the ea*h will be demanded
lor all «ums under that amount.
| All person* mdebted to the estate of the
| said deceived, will please make payment to
i the undersigned, and tho«o hav ing claim* a.
Cainst the saai estate, will give information
| thereof to the same.
I Krpt. 13, 1*3*2. «./ G. W. HomJ.
• WrriMo Sheep for Smie.
fill IK subscriber will offer at public sale,
Ji in Cumberland, Md. on the :15th of Oc
tober next. 900 ZmFZSS, 100 WlTEh
hMM, 20 BW1LAMBI. One
hundred of these F.wes are 7-*lh*, and the
| others are full blood Merino: They have
been graded and marked as such by Joseph
llowctl, (now of Wheeling,) a regular bred
wrooNtapIrr, who was employed as such at
the Steubenville manufactory. The wethers
art' u i-irt of III!' Vtimn rt... lr
lamb* art* of the finest quality, from prime
ewes ami Saxony bucks of very fine form and
size. Notes payable in six months, with in
terest, a ill lie tnken from approved purcha
sers, if required. Also to be sold, lor ca-h
only, li yearling H AM t.XXraf . some
of these are half Saxon's, lie has also a
number of Ham Landis of the present year,
tmni hi* prime ewes and Saxony ram>, too
youn» for pn sent use, but they are recom
mended to the notice of those a bo arc dis
posed to improve their dork*.
These sheep, except the bucks and ear
.lambs, are all in the tilades, ."iO miles west of
this plare, where they a ill remain uatil alwuit
the goth of October; hut the bucks mas be
seen here at any time, or taken away by am
purchaser who may rail for them. Reference
may be made to Messrs. Shafrrs. of Kunks
town, lor the quality of these sheep.
Cumlierland, Md. Sept. 13, JH3*J.
B' authority of a deed of trust, duly re
corded in the clerk's office of the coun
ty court of Jefferson, we will sell to the hijgh
cst bidder, for ready money, on Friday the
HkA .Svrembtr nrrt, in front of tlie premises,
that well-known HRIf'K HOUSE and LOT,
on the mam street in Charlestown, opposite
the store of Mr. Humphrey Keyes, and the
same which wa* for many years occupied as
a store-house by Messrs. Humphrey * fc. Keyes,
and lately by Mr. Nathaniel Buck master, ns
a shoe store ami dwelling house—also, aback
lot adjoining thereto.
Such title as is vested in the subscriber*
(believed to be indisputable) s ill be coutcyed
to the pun kax r*.
Sept. 13, 1*3* Trait,,,.
M*uMic Sale.
H A' INIS rented out the farm upon which
I now reside, on the Micnundnali river,
(near New comer’s .Mill,) I will sell, at jMiblie
'ale, on heutay the -StA c>y* the present seurnth,
my stock of
f/nr»c*,Co/fa, Coirs and Calves, Hogs,
Farming utensils of rvrry description,
Two good Wagons and tieurs,
Timothy Hay,
afxl n % of other trtifln not ncrrni.iry
« iitiiiiri.iir. .1 rmm uniii me IM <l;tv ol
May nc\t w ill be given on all sum* of $.*> mm]
upw ard*, for smaller amount* the cash w ill be
required of purchaser*.
Sept. 13. 1832.
P1RC1IASER.S at the sale of tlie personal
e*tato of Samuel TV. Washington,dec'd,
are informed that their obligation* are now
due. Immediate paynirut i* requested.—
Those persons having accounts agaimt the
said estate, will plcane to present them
Sept. 13, 1832. ]
Karen Font potted,
Till. RAC EH advertise)) to take place over
the T alley Course near Ifarpere-Ferry,
on the !(Mh iiist. arc postjtoncd until the
w*elc following the Fall Races over the Balti
more course. Particulars hereafter.
JACOB Ft>1 RE, Proprietor.
Sept. 13, 1-32.
Cheap IIV#rett.
1 Liverpool dining sf.tts,
W hite aiui Gold French China Tea Setta, (
Enghtli do. do
general assortment of GI*m and
Queen* ware, for »*le at reduceil price* by
Sept. 13, 1812.
VIU(*IN’ I A. I ll WIT.
At Mute* hidden in the Clerk’* Office nf (be 1
Circuit Superior Court of |.a« and Chan
cery for Jefterann County, the first Monday j
in September, I83Ji
Jeremiah Cooper.1’iaiBTirr, I
John C.rtgffa, Nimrod llutt and Fanny hi*
wife, late Fanny Atwell, William Stone
and P.hza ln« wde, lata P.li/a Atwell. Sam
uel Atwell. William Atwell, John Atwell,
Thomaa Atwell, Kitty Atwell and Julia At-'
well, rhildren and heira both of Thomas
Atwell, deceased, and Mary Atwell, de
ceased, lt«»**»a»Ts.
Til F. defendants, Nimrod Hutt, and Fan
ny h.a wife, late Fanny Atwell, William
Stone ami Khza h r wife, late F.liza Atwell
Samuel Atwell,William Atwell, John Atwell'1
I bomaa Atwell. Kitty Atwell, and Julia At’
well, children and heira both of I bomaa At- ’
well, deceased, ami Mary Atwell, deceased
not having entered their appearance, ami g,‘
ven security according in lb« act of aaaembly
and the rule* ul this court; and it appearing
by eetiafacti.ry evidence that they ee* not in
habitant* «.f thi* country: A it ordered. That
the tani defendanta do appear here on the
aevanth day nf the next special term, and
answer the bdl of the plaintiff; and that a
l^i®, order be forthwith inverted is
•ome newspaper published •* Charlestown
forlwn month* awece*.*e|y, **d posted at
thf fflMlt tff |K# IfOUMI Ml ||l#
low* of Charteatnwn
A Copy—Tette,
8*pM\ T DKOW.x.c. I

m mr t «■ ( ••muf:
C-P*ll hu brroiM iadupmublo, from the
{"•“**? •uponew necessarily attendant upon
the business of thM office, to keep a colkctor
■mivusg pretty constantly. It is hoped that,
•Iwr this notiec, no otic will tell him to "call
«MCata **
MmlmiHtrator'* Sale.
WILL he sold, at public sale, on Friday
J** l *(* ,H4* *l l**tc residence of
Samuel D. Harding, dee d, all the personal
property of said deceased, consisting in part
of Household and kitchen Furniture. Also,
111 Harpcrs-Ferry, upon the him day, in front
of t apt. M Thompson's Hotel, one valuable
Work Horse. A credit of months will be
given on all sums of Five In.Uars and upwards,
purchasers executing bonds with approved
security. The cash w ill t>© required on ail
sums under Five iHdlar* Creditor* are in
vited to attend as the estate „ *upp..scd to he
insufficient to pay the debts. Sale to com
mence early in the day.
li. W. 8APPINOTON, P. S.
Jot Kukard K il/nimi.
Sept. C, HtJ.
j In rnnsequmee of the sale of the pro
perty of T. Herrington, dec*dtaking place on
j the 14th, the above sale u postponed until
So/urday tkr IfdA ind. U. W. S.
Sept. 13, lr>3'J.
§*Hbikc Sale.
WILL b« sold, at public sale, to the
highest bidder, on TuetJ,,y ike 1"/A
; tndaid. (Se^temkrr,> at tbc residenee of tli©
subscriber, adjoining Southfield, Jefferson
I (» or 18 acrta of Corn in the ground.
One first rote Brood Mare and Colt,
Cattle, I Inga, and Sheep,
I (hie I Atom and 7 tickling.
Household and Kitchen Furniture oj
j every description,
; s'ld oilier articles too tedious to mention_
I \ credit of nine months mil ho given on all
sums of $.» and upwards, by giving IhumI and
approved security, on all sums under ^5 the
cash must be paid. Sale to comnit-bcc carl)
J in the day, and attendance given hy
Sept. C, 1832.*
I af#f >ni Hint ra tor's Hale.
WlJ'f- be sold, at public auction, on
h 11day the 14th uist. (September,) on
; Shenandoah street, llariHsrs-Fenrv, .11.1. Of
THE' PERSlKS.lt. PROPERTY of Timothy
i Herrington, dec d, consisting of the following
j articles, viz : one fine young riding horse, »sd
I die and bridle, also, one lady's saddle, one
; milch cow, 4 beds, bidding and bedsteads.
I one secretary, aud several bureaus_tables,
! chairs, one valuable clock, light stands, ear
• peta, kc—one elegant cooking-stove, toge
ther with various other articles of Louse
1 hold and kitchen furniture not necessary to
Also, one share of stock in the Smithfirld,
Charlestown, and Harpers-Ferry Turnpike
A credit of si* months will be given on all
, mmiis of five dollars and upwards, by giving
| note and approved security ; all sums under
| fi- » dollars, the rash must be paid. Sale to
i commence at 10 o'clock, and attendance gi
ven by p. B. WASHBURN, .Urni'r.
Sept. 6, 1832.
N- B.—All persons indebted to said estate,
are requested U make immediate payment;
and those having claims must present them i
properly authenticated.
THE subscriber will ofler at public auc
tion. on ThwrnUy the 13/fc »**/. at the re
side nr r of Robert Blanchard, deceased, near
Capt. Hall's works, Harprrw-Ferry,
efl# the per non at Kntate
Of the deceased, consisting yf the following
articles, to Wit: One set of Hun-smiths* Tools,
several Itifle Barn Is, one Tow. all the House
hold and Kitchen Furniturr, one pair of pock- i
et Pistols, a patent lever silver Watch, ami a|
gold Repeater do., and a variety of other ar-i
tides too tedious to enumerate. Sale to com
mence at one o'clock, P. M.
JOHN DUKE, Jtdm'r.
Sept. C, 1*32.
Tm&iee'u Sale.
B\ virtue of a decree of Frederick county
Court, sitting as a court of Chancery,
the subscriber will offer, at public sale, uf
Hamilton's Store, near the premises, on the
Harpers-Ferry roud, on Saint Jot, tk. 1 iib J,„
rf September nerl, between the hours of 1 ami
2 o’clock. P M 217 AORS8 OP VA
iiiv nvdi »
Kfttate of the lute I.m^in BoteUr, derrinejJ
situate on the Merry land Tract in Frederick)
eon lily, near the publir road leading from;
Frederick to I iarpers-Fcrry, about 15 miles*
from the former, ami live from the latter I
tdarr. The land is Irttilo, ami in ao rucl
lenl Mate of cultivation. The improvement*]
con*, t of a comfortable IdM*!
ffiDlTjTm It" F.I.I.INt;, a I on Barn, Sta- |
jiHliJKhiit^. K It h the :nl v antage 1
4l9RHH"f a thriving young orchard_I
It h» conveniently and abundantly watered,
having several springs on it, and stream* of
water liowing through it. It ha« a full pro-1
portion of fine me adow, and a sufficiency of!
go.*! timber. The part now i
♦ d is entirely clear <1 the i
blam e of dowi r It will la- <dfcr-f®Wl§ltl8
rd either entire or m parcels, a* ^J[
may I* deemed most expedient on tltSvffTSf
«ale. f‘r~*o*«ioti will lie given on the ratifi-l
ration of *alr am] payment of the one third
nl the purr base money, agree,hlv to the*
term* Die < hrsaprake and Ohio ( anal is!
located I brooch tin* prop, rty, and there will*
be a «onvrnirnl bavin on tin* adjoining farm |
Tht ferret ef refr. yrrwnLtd bp Itn dttrti,
0r* *' f"M«*r* -dlti' third til the purchase loo- '
ney to He paid in hand on the day of sale, or 1
on the ratification thereof by the Court, at!
the e tectum of the purchaser and the other '
two third* in two equal annual payim nt* witli
Miter**t from lliwd.iv of Sale, |o be secured*
by twit* of iHe |win baser or purchaser*, with
approved vurctie*.
MFMIV ■flTCl.CR, Trwvfrr, |
Aug. ‘.r». KM.
THrtHmg or .IT 1'OST!
v"^* mAh rdvis having determined to rty I
move ttieir dun from tins, place, irv
.UtSMMis to reduce their HTtM K ■«** Mni|i*
»nd respectfully invite all person* in vearrhol
**rPtM, t<* give them a call im| the* Will *
find goods on i'h h term* e* eannot fail to
plea*.'. H M N RIDIIU A to.
A. B. All person* indebted to u*. are re-!
|i|t*tr4 to rail md *■!*»■• then aeeeeiwtv, either J
by note w * .«*h. H M ^ H Ik 1*0.
t l*er|e-t< W| **ep» !• 1
HOr# *11. Jl*. Jtttcrnun
AV|M; returned to Charlestown, re*
•l^tfidh offers hi* profess i.m,»| ut<
vice* to Use public. Sept. 6, 1*3J.
« Hfff Tract of
ON the 19th day of September next, tl *
nimnwitrd, conmti«sH>iirrs tutnisi tn
tii* decree of the Circuit Superior t m.rt of
Law and Chancer* for the county of | r -.!er -
! ick, in tlie r»c ol Adam Douglas*. admin,*
! trator of Robert Turnbull, dec'd, and t l.jrh *
Binn*. administrator with the will annexes!
of W illiam 11. Ilarding, tim 'd, plaintiffs, a
gainst Jniui Smith, surviving admimsti «tor of
h/cLial W. Bull, siec'd,.and the devisor* « f
said decedent, defendant*; and John Snot ,
surviving executor of h/.< kial IV. Bull, dec's!,
i and the slavisee* s>f said decedent, plaint,i!,,
against Adam Ilouglasa, aslinuii'tratui of lt.>
lK-rt 1 iirnhull dec d, t iiarlcs It.mi*, mliioui**
--- --- w ••• ■lll'VAtll «•« M llllillll II.
H ir.lmg, deed. and the heir* ..f saw! t\ in. H.
Harding, dee d, defettduuU, w ill offer fur -ate.
at public. auction, mi the premises, the Tract
of Land in said decree mention) A. Saul
tract ia well known a* hat tug former I* Ue
| hinged to Doctor Kackjrl V\ Bull, dec’d, n.J
| aa having been for mmr year* hut pa«t m
j the poa*e**iun of tbe faintly uf Wm. II. llard
! mg. dac'd.
It u situate in the county of JrflVr«on. • :»
Mull-kin, and contain* about 300 ACRES.
It is said to be one of tbe rhoicrst and aiust
valuable farms in tin* \ alley
One third of the money w ill he required m
hand, and the other two-thiid* will U* puta
ble in equal animal payment* without inter
est. A deed will be made to the purehe»er
by direction of the decree, and a deed of trust
required for the credit pavut* tilt.
AuguU‘23. 1833.—t*.
Maryland State Lottery,
class wo. 13. r«* 1833.
TO se drawn in Baltimore on Friday, Sep
tember 14th, 1832—66 No. Lottery —
10 lfrawn Ballots.
1 Prize of $12,500 is $12 500
l “ •• 5,000 is 5.000
1 ** " 2 200 is 2.200
6 prizes" 1,000 sre 6,000
10 •• " 500 •« 5,000
10 •• •• 400 •• 4,000
10 •• •• 300 *• 3,000
20 •• " 200 •• 4.000
20 •• •• 150 •• 3,000
41 *• •• 100 •* 4,100
Sec. &r.
Tickets ft—Hslves $2—Quarters $1.
Class No 34, fur 1832,
TO be drawn on September 26th, 183?.
66 number Lottery —10 drawn balluts.
*30,000 for ft**.
•1 Him:
1 prize of $30,000 } 1 do 4,000
1 do 12,000 | 15 prizes *f 1,000
1 do 10,000 | 15 do 500
Ticket! $6, lUIrtt $2 (XI, Quarter* $1 60.
A certificate of 22 whole tickets will cost
75 dollars—Halves and Quarters packages u»
An official statement of the drawing will
be forwarded to each adventurer.
Hi*he*t M9rize *10,000.
*»*r 1 \»r#k Eeottery,
clam no. 33,
WILL be drawn 19th September—06
No. lottery—10 drawn Rallots.
ori.Lf* mu ruiAr.s.
MO,000, 10,000. 6,000, 4.104. 3.000, 2,000,
10 of 1,000, 10 of 800, 10 of 600, 10 of 500,
10 400, 20 of 200, kc. lie. amounting to
$366,080. ‘
Thi* is the moat advantageous scheme that
ku ew beta offered to Wester's patrons.
A jiarkage of »hole ticket* mil ru>t. .. .J.’Si
ls**s J per cent deduction - - . ' ||
... . *0»>
a minted to draw, nett $I0-I
The loss (hi a package eannot oxrer<t in*
By remitting 107 dollars a certificate copy
of the numbers 23 whole Tickets will ba
forwarded Packages of Halves, Quarters,
and F.igbths, in the same proportion.
Please address your order* to
S* Jf• Sytrr*ir9\
Aug. .10, 1832. litiruosr,
|f~7*Postafn need not be pan!.
AMBritiiaat Srhcmr*.
N INOKPKNDKNCF. fora trifle, and a
Fortune for lcs«, can be obtained, by
directing orders for tickets or »bsre» >n tha
following splendid scheme to
Lottrri/ I rruirr, hoUxtnort.
»• be drawn September lVtb.
1 price of *40,000 10 pn/.es of *1.000
1 10,000 Hi hik»
6,000 10 7 no
4,104 10 JOO
3,0IX) 10 4i Ht
1 2,000 20 SfjQ
Ac. he.
Ticker* $10, share* m proportion,
Aug. 23, 1812.
Virginia Stair i^ttrry,
the benefit of the l.!,/.abeth»owrt
road, will draw at l.iberty, Medford Co,
on thn 1 Jth day of September. 1*32.
nn.nr.sT rur/.n $10,000:
I prise of $10,000 10 ptue* of %t,(JOO
1 of .5,000 lO of V8*
1 of .1,000 10 of ,»00
.1 of 2,000 IO of 200
10 of 10O
To bn drawn on tha High and l.ow 8ya«
Ticket# $5, Halves $2 50, Quarter* $1 25,
mm^r.BTr.KN vikmmia i.ottf.r\.
w w • th (,1am, to be drawn at Union,
Monroe county, on the 20th Hrptember, 1832.
tllflHKlT PMI/K $8,000,
I pr.se of $8,000 | 4 pru«. of $X)o
* V*»0 | 10 of JOO
2 prises nf 1,000 | 20 ©f w
3 of 500 | 40 of ' 10
Ticketa $4, Halve# $2, Quarters $1.
for sale in the gresie*< variety of Mnkrri
bT _ . WH CLfcVItAM?
Aogxia* !1"2.

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