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\yv • — ~ — --— • ——————
- ■ - * _C'HARLE,ST0WX^JKF1.’i;RS0X (Ol'STY, Till RSI»AY,
.K-ronBR „r.TO. - ~~
run tut rut rm,<
TMF. OMPIIAN.—l m . wrier.
Sin- *M not wild or baitfrlWui in h r grief,
lint hk. .n.e eutmj.ce.!. SI. ■’< 1 net won , .
ar. '>’“** '• ‘ *'X«i.
H it oli h»r marble face, ilinhoe.lt I |,..ir.
T>. .ordered d-, K„¥l. ,|r, ,,, t.f
bad hcwit wn, broken, and tint f . ,„UI„
«Hher i"m» wa* deep and m( , :lnw m •.
1’alc noil ‘ilent iu bet lorn i, grief, *
A eery mvnumrnt of w 1 »h. --,..nie.».
Alone in llti* *a I wret. lied world, aim had
No kind band To Icirt, no str h»j> arm t . rive
Protect ion, no friendly t H <.ie t?> cmnivl ’
No tender ear 1.1 which to »r atlie her -Uinta 1
Noaoft 'unmi on which abe could retinae
* otic b% mtr %!»«• v*i*
ller kindird tom be -b-alh’a rrl. ntleaa l.an I,
I nun her fond d .v.„ ; t VCi, an I warm embrace.
Now frie.ull. a* and I irwake.,, n.en ... heart,
Aw«l t»lii%|r*i| |.i »tr«.rtuirnf whe .J
Tlnr motein.l meekly, w|,e„ some hind an - I
loi!iua..ooi.cl Iro.u the ak.c, air uld vonw with ;
0*mh»dowii.g wi„es and I .e. le fare, amilin,.
A o take a way the Orphan to ,w rvat.
i:m. \u.
/’row* the tmdm ,AVw ,Mmih!u .1/ , -uztrte.
It* i. untvmien.
It all one ai.<1 all r>ur f. art
\\ ere tirUoncd in life’* narrow bound—
It* trav llcrt »a tlii% inlr of trun,
AVr saw no 1 wtter wr-rld boe.m.I—
Oli. what would check the rising aagh
AVIiat earthly thing could plraaurc gie.»
Oh, who would venture then to die_
Oh, who would v. mure lire;, to live*
^a dark ami de-eri nvnor,
AA here mntaat.d clun.ls rtemal spread
Th.-tr gloomy nil b. Mt.d—hef.,r,,
And teiii’M-ita thunder ovci lira !;
AA here not a aunWanr I t. ak* the g|.w»ni
Ami not a Mink* br?u »t)t
AA ho could e\i»t in sMeh a t mb —
AA hu dwell in daiknevt ami in death*
\et such wcr~ life, without the ray
From onr divine Rtunn.s given
Th thi' llm makes i»«- datkm-ss «t ,V_
_ ,,*a' n‘-l‘'-s our raitlt „ heaven!
llnght is th<- gtd-leu *un above,
Ai«t beautiful tlie fliseis that bloom_
Ant! id) is joy at..! .,j| j( |0vr,
KeUn t-«i train th- world to cowk'

Tlie following is an extract from a Speech bv I
O. \V. Ci STi*, at a recent celebration of the
birth dajr of Oftivstu:
The recollections of America’s days of tra li
must tho more and more emii-nr to her th.
memory of Inshtit-n's services in the ” time*
Uiat tried men’s souls.” Perhaps I niav lire !
you with “a thrice told tale,” jet, if the A
mertcaus wore as much instructed in the his
tory of their nu n times as they are in the re.
cord* of antiquity, they would find as brilliant
instances of courage and patriotism t-. admire
in the tires sni>].erii.,u, of the her.«--.,f their
Revolution, as of tf.o-e who flouri-hnl ,:i th.
days of Rome a»d Greece. Tho risi - cem- !
rations should In* taught in their schools the
,1#7l? I ceir lathers fame; arid th, n t,.c
youthful historians would dwell wit:, as m i.-li
admiration upon the p.i-sJX,3 ,,f ft,, |>,
at they arc wont to-hi on the »< ,,f the
Rubicon or the Granicus.
Do the mellowed iWlcetions of ant.iuw
ty contain » flhcr^lnsf.rr.re „f ro-nage am! f,.
aclity, under the severest pressure oi mi-f ,*-.
tjine, than is found in the story which I have
illustrated from tho rostrum, and from the
stage, of poor John Hyrtic, the lri-.li su.dierof
the revolution. —(Cheer*. j
\ear* have rolled awav since an a»~«l ind
broken man came t . my .four, and ..iluic l me
with a “God hie.syour honour, and it. Wash,
i act ton's old sohlicr that's come to see
1 ain proud to inform you that I often receive
n C J /rorn honor. .! remnants «>r the
Revolution. They s.y that th.-v cannot p.
my domicil, without calling ,.n on. i . :iri.»
pleased to tchn a m»mte-r of the old familv
And so hear me, God* more veh- „„„ tu I
house and my hSarl arc these - , |
en-d relies o( tlie heroic time. t\,,'n -. ,|
tiie presence of an Kinper-r. -ft hterin - l
Ityme was one of the finest typ « of lint
oislcr of beings, now almost ext.net that t
met my notice. .Never can If-irgt tho to irh
tnrtseeuc that ens-u-d. when t hid ordered a
c**p to choi r tlie oid man’s heart, the snh’i.n.
expression of hie features, when, havin'*
ura"‘ Honors hr.»•!!,. he reverently
turned hi* eyes toward* higher and butter
w orlds, and exclaimed, “ and her * t> thr {
memory of fioncral Washington, who is ini
heaven.” Twas a head that m f.uidn slmuld •
have painted, o’er which seventy w inter* had '
*hrd snows, wild* tears «*f veneration, ut liw
remembrance of a Iotc-I commander, coursed
each other down the eh «me’«, wli.eh time
and hard Mr vice had worn (>| many and'
The sufferings wilieh Hyrne rod lrr-,:. wer,-!
e*m a refinement upon the belli t%
th* prison *hip. Fiw tbi* preference, he w ,
entirely indebted t.» hi* brogue, wlii-h In »<• »y.
ed his being a nafivi of the I .nV iM I
«*n»l then, as he rinph itimMy ob-*» rved, tiny
mhled their tortures a« a civ Upy d ic to mv
native country.
Oh, y* •' wim jest at scum tbit never f. if
ft wound," pictur • to j iur-e!f « V r*
and desolate, gnawed by i Toiii*,!.| jt',i • *fif
air pestilence, a*«oci ti«donly with dy
ing and the dead. Rut *-.• '!*••• u
commander, like an a* •*! m-r-s h iving
liealmg under It is wing* m tb* sb.i;»of pir
d-m, protection, f.xid, rar . ut. , ,\i. Rut
mark ye Um price of ad (h *<» i ,.•* • . -|
bk<- the devil temptin* t.bi . »o >.f v| m >f o.d. |
'•All these will I give y b it ye mu t «ba i. ;
dun th* can** of Ann r < an lile rty, said rny
lc»nl Admiral 11 p-. >r R• 'Tic, wb* "i tlie lilt. r ’
had erawkd a Veit thn d U, an I confront d
the ntitir of his fife. \nd r •» v .* th*
suffering hero's r ply ||* ar it. \m m ,
treasure it in your le art*, ay, and write it m
your bonks, that future • « « ms r. i I it. am'
admire the cry of bivc Bym* in tb*. pri.on.|
*hip at < hlrleston, and amid l)»c ran** «>i
death at Tutaw. Hurrah fur A meri* a I |.oud
and long continued cheering. J
Hear this, the bear* and g.wel of all th* I
-rorld, and then to the ban |u« t <>t n->. * .,,, 11
Horn ail eoura»e and fidelity, *y,a, ap_ !
rwtit* you may.” Torn **«er th* pi-*s of the
,»ast. Dive into the <!* pth* *.f «■ dunes. a„ j
you ran find no more brilliant ex imp!* of
• uuragn in the mid*t of despair, of J und
felellty in the c .««** of hum in litierty. than i*
bown in the *tory of John Ryrae, the li.'h
- >Idier of the Revolution
M' tab i» told. ! he oldorate r and kit uM
Series Will t.-;. (her descend the stream Pf
.if", chen.eg the g, .* t-»U*
..f the lu.sul trial, and i.tng portrait* !>..„»
1 I f" OI till • ’lues «},. courage and
f >'■ ‘"i.sm found* <1 !l*f cmj ire ,.f oi\ il md r -
i i.b. rt%% * bit li now i r.j ,\f at|41
H 1 ' ‘ to be enjoyed by million* \*t to
\N lien tour cmrlc banner *u .’I a »aiu l>.< un*
f'u'ed and the time is by to, means
remote—you aid have in your rank* not
in-re j ngiimmt* out w hole armies..
>••1 of the son* ol‘ Knu. |i, the hour < I need.
" •'* famed . -lUiitry in* n o| old, tin * w ,||
m-t be found “idle,” bat, nigraicii „„ their
<e »rs, the butt ie cry ol »l\rs e, will rush .uto
1* r‘'bs, n nil t tun all for Am* r.» a!
—(l.OUd eliecr»ng.]
nr.\ oMrnoNAitv n\ f.\* is.
i*r. \tii or L»«oN t;c k*r.n.
Immediately rer, j»in;r „rd,r* of dr
pirturc.wc e xited *>n t|,„ g tod old l)e
Kxlb to take leave, and to express our
d-ep regret at parting with |,im. • It i*
wit . great regret u,y dear *,r. that I part
With you.’ raid he, • because 1 Ter I * ,,-e.
sentiment that part to meet no more.*
U e fold him nc hopeil b tier things.
* 0,,« no*’ *»« leplietl, • it is iiur>o»sih|e.
*> sr IS a kind of game that ha* n« nx« d
rule*, whereby, when we ate well nc
quainted with them, ne can pretty cor.
re« ly tell hour the tii*l will gr,' q
morrow, it seems, that the «he j« to bo
c*st; and in my judgment without the
|ea«( rhanee on eur The militia, I
suppose, will, as usual. p|.,y the l.ich
trim , that IS. get eut of 1.,'tie is fact as
t.i-ir legs rill c .try th.-m Put that, you
know. «nnt do t r n,r I am mi n././ «d/.
dur. and c inn it run ; an | | h. !i«»ve I have
sortie ! rase f lion* who will stand by uie
•i the. list. So w hen you J«'*ur of our hat
fl". you wdl prohahfv hear that votir old
ine.1.1 II.. K-m 19 Mt rest ’
I never wan nv.re .fleeted in my life;
*n.l I percci,. .! tc. i* in the rye* of tien!
Mon-n V).- K .lb *:iw thru, f,10 ; *,»ul
uk,f*S .19 l.y the hand, hr »nid. with a fi rn
t me and -mi Tut- 1 ! -ok. • N no. gr„t|e I
men; no emotis-i tor me, but those of
eonirr.itnJ ttion I .im happy To .jtc j.
the irie. er»it |e decree ol llun who made
*u Then what joy to lie able i„ n„.cf
death without .Inn.Ht ! Th ink (isd, this
is my ease. 1 he happiness nf man is m v
w'*», ; that happiness | derm n'cnnsisfeni
with slavery And to avert so great an
evil from an innocent prople. I will gladly
meet the Ilntiih to morrow, at any odds
As he spoke this, a fire flashed from lus
eyes, which seemed to ine to demonstrate
the div inily of »ii toe, and the immortality
of the soul. We left him with feeling*
which | never con forget, whilo mriiiui) 1
retains her seat in my brain.
^It was f*n the morning of August I Mb.
»?*>. lh*l we left the army in a good po
•ittou. near Rugrly's Mills twelve miles
trim Cnmdrn. where the en* my Ivy. At
ten that flight, orders were given to inarch
and surprise the enemy, who bad at the
same time commenced » march to sur
pme the Americans. To th'-ir astonish
ment the advance nf the two armies met
at two o'clock, and bagan firing at each
other. It was sunn discontinued by both
parties, who appeared willing to leave,
the matter to be decided by day light
V eouncilof war was call-d. i- which
P- KslU ndvm. il that the mrny should
f.ll back t» II igelv’s Mills, and wait tn
he •■.Mocked. f»*'h ti .tr* not only rejected
Ho* e*ps>||cn« counsel.hut threw out an in
* nutition that it originated in f^ar. 1'pon
this the brave old mm leaped from hi*
Ii >rse. end placed himself at the head of
his command on font, ‘aying with mn
stdernble warmth. • Well. Sir. perhaps n
few Iw iiis will show who arc th» hnre *
As day hght inrreo*ci!. the frightened
ni.htiv began t » (lei Lvrr the wood* red
dened .’.I over wi:h th- .earlrt uniform*
ol tho Mriii*h army, which soon, with rot
tling drums and thundering cannon, earn.
ru*hing on to the rh i rge, an.I they* scarce
ly waited to give them a distant fire he
v >»r nun lien m yvrry direr
tl<in. Cafe* flipped *pMrs |., f,i*
»ior«e a* he *aid. • In bring tl*e r»*cal*
hark • However, h* did not firing him*rlf
hack. n<>r did he *t .p iidil he rearhed
Charlotte, eighty Hide* from the fold of
halfle. Two third* of the arruyh'titig
thoi yhamrfollr t*k*n tin m«e|< r« *(T, the
brave cl I I),. K.ilh and hi* handful of
rnnt nerdal* were left to try i|,r fortune*
oflhe day Mir* determined r.dru.a*
never di*pl <yed ; f r though outnumber
ed more than In to one. thee •«i*t-nn*d
'lie attack of the whole ltrif|.|| f,n e lor
more than an hour. Merging in the l.rare
ry nf |m* rnntinent d*. | >* K ith »r r.. J
hefor* them like a pillar rf lit. ,|.,.*
** h • t ran » d ,r do ;i/*in«| rnnal * ,|.ir aid
ed l.y *urh fearful odd,"* While trending
forward to animate hi* Iraop*. the veteran
received iler.n wound* Faint. g from
the !,»«* nf Ido d. he fell to «he ground.
«hde llritnn* ar.d American* wefr kdl*d
'.vrr Imn ■** (h*v *(rov* | . dr.troy or dr
fend. In the mid*f nf elationr luvohet*.
hi* onlr *ort iv»ng aid. Col It* || i'ry**nn]
•trefrhed hi* arm* over the fallen hern]
and called out • «**e the IJimn I >e h .|l» ’
The llrifi*h rdli •• r* Mien interposed, and
pr*veotcd hn immediate iC.im* tt >o
I)e K »lh died a* lie had lived, the no
c mnnered fncu I of liberty When the
Knghdi officer condoled With him for l.i*
mi«f<itlnnr, he replied. *1 thank you for
rnitr renernn* tvtnp*ihy ; |.,t« | f|(„
death I alwav* prayed for; ff(e death of
a *nldier fighting f r th* right* nf ni»n '—
lie «firvired btlt a few h ur*. and nu
Imried in the pinna of faindrn, near
whiehfhi* battle waa fought.
Manr yenra after, when 1Y««hMtgfon
ri«ite#| C amden. he inrpiiml for tb* grate
of He K 'l1' It w a* »hnw n In him Caring
upon it thonghtfu'ly. he etc|*im*d. with a
deep * gh, • Mo here he* the brave l*e
Kalb; the generona atranger win came
from a distant land to fight our battle*,
and water with hi* lloo I the tree of our
ijl.erly Would to liud bo Imd li»e«i to
snaic it* liui'd*
( ox* tin tio\ ami t.i r.ttrtiF.itr.
An *.., nV|ot*l tin t- ll.- r*,.„.rr r t .1... <;,„r.
"lu *'■'*" ,,,1‘ """Ml* • f p»i-n,
v«„r». at ... ..| , . Hro,, ft, *„ „ ... .\i”.
a If » «»*■*« . »•-*•! <lumM t> ri>df ..f iH,. , ...j,,, ,
j.ru.l. m.. a.,, »k.H ra„J, t Wr:
‘ .“ - I be u i, .liiiil.,1.
: ‘X'"n”,-‘Th *»l*r. rdtV.igl, ....
5 .*• •ilwi hr.nl * ret* .| with ■ hu> addition.
r* ** t,v .r,1A, „ ,MI
v.I,, „ It.,. ,urn.tier 1.. k
l,1<‘ro- Il'tUHton »,i»a« li.|!o«»:_
, 1 !‘ ' hnarrifir «». lying to. M,r Condi
liition lr,*„rly bearing ,lmn, «l r
'* • •’’hie n
'} »t4» tm, and all on board . re rage*
r ,f f"'',f S\ *hr* l,«ii rti« re r< m
m** red .■ »! I «*g efir-t. f • |r,.|«
f 't l | tr , , ’i!.r to b‘j «*'i' ,-ri» i.,..
i»i-r ,m gl ju. }: ,r
In i I* ur n , t mIv vm j, »•„, f,. n,
,hc r« k hr,,. 1 killer! ,,.d
wound, d a .me i>t one limr la a. | >( Mi
dorii. r.-d, trlv I- *t l.n „„
gtin.«.«r».- irpnn tf.r <<> ,| c ra(, >
*imI r«f|<u'ai|-d ;ici <ni^.i(i,i to rcttirn Hr fir. '
iu.n metc very d.*ir* u\ u. mg.gr ,|,c
enemy. *> «, (
• Mr. M »rri»,’ rnwnr.hr', rrnl)
irc y,,u f'%*J) for kctioci mi li e Kim J« ck >*
• W«f •ir *
• W.ll keep *o-f.i.t don't let a gun bt '
• ».| | j»ivc l!»r *
In » f w momenta Mr Mnrrl* again appear
(•<!, and stated tli«, le mold wi t, diflicultv
restrain t|,e men from gi» i- g t!,e eufn.v a
!»•: nl.ide, a-, a-.\iju* \» ere t’,. y to comifteiic •
'!i" « ng.'grmcnt.
• Mr. Morris* reit. n'ed the commodore,
intently gaging on ,Lc KiytMi frg.tr, • „rt
>t>n ready f.r action on ,|,r gun-deck”
• \rs, .it; and it i-i iiTi(io^s,vir f,,r me mv
IdMk*/ f fti *»#•» .... iL.. _ .*• e 3
. * - ' -.. • •• urii'jj mi me
''|r- I heir passions arc wrought up to the
highest possible piteh of rxcift men*. S*\e
r.l ot our br.<ve»t seamen «>« alt.-ads killed
and w oun.led *
k« t p root, Mr M'trrif—Veep coni, Pee
dl prepared, t nd do not sutler's • »„ bi
fired, till | g.»e the \vi rd.'
I lie g d! m* Lieut! nant wrnt below tn a
f. w moments the vessels having neared r:lC|,
other to w thm s pistol shut distance, Mtwria
w** for tn appear on the quarn r deck .
• Are you all ready for action, Mr .Moiria*’
again d insndtd the cnntrn ml. r-*,
• \\.- are all ready, nr—.,i d the men are
muttering horrible imprecation* nresuse tht \
.re nut aulfvrcd to return the fire of the cue
• Kirc then, in find’s name!' shouted the
Commodore, in a voi-e of thunder
It is sd.lrr*, that he wore at the dmes pair
"* nanhe n tight*— and he accompanied tins
soul-cheering older «i h such » s'amp on thr
deck W.th Ins right font, that the onh r-una*e
nsn alnons wen. completely >pl,t from thr
k'tirr to the wain!*nttt?
I lie conduct of Itacres hr fore nrd during
thr action, was such as ought hate hr. n . x
;iec*ed from a brave ai d getter. us oremy _
Mr. It rd, a y.-ung man brio gu.g to f.irs.
strr. Mas* at prraent .* rcaprr?*t>lr ship mas
ter out of ltns.no, Its I (•ecu pressed °t> t»nir.|
tl.c t.uerrierc a few art ks pres i us to the
engagement Several other \rr.er r»n «,-a.
mm were also on hoard. V. hru the <Vn,ti.
tut ton was iir. ring down in *uch a g»t|*i,i
*»> Ir, atul it bt c-atne evident tl at * s<-s, f . r.
non with an Amrncan fi -ga'r w sines 'nidi,
Mr. Feed |<ft his station am! proceeded to
the quarter deck, and respectfully hut lirmls
represented to f'ap'ain I (acres that he wa*
• o Amenon citizen, unjustly detained cn
boardtl e Kogli.h frigate, tint be had hito
cMn faithfully pi rformtd the duties wgi.cd
tiiin; but that it rnuld not reasonably be ex
peeled he ssusdd light against hiscountry
oien lie therefore »>~gged leave to decline
t' e honor cf participating in the eng-ge
ment. °
I be Fngi;»h Csptmtn frankly to! ! him t!iat
S'* apnrectatrd his p-.i«ti<itir fei lings, that |.e
d: l ii it uis'i the Americans on boar I In light
•gsm«t the it eountr; men. uml In- subsequent,
ly order* d them tn the c* k pit inn nder
a-srstaiTv to the «'irgcoi.«, tl if slit old he fie
c.tssiy. Ilcnl left the spar drrk af er the
ti’ii fncrn hid c -irrrtrnre.l the nr'ri.n Se
veral shots ur-e known to It.ve taken * fT. c\
but ttie lb nvi'nttrn had m t set fired * gun*
niitrfi to (It#* iiniii rihoi.i < i if.
•»!»'» pr« |Jir fed ill ,t the ent it y would beta
Wen without any rrnt'ance, w i'h thr rxrep.
,l,,n *»f • vrter»»|ni*n of Wmi'h man, win. w
*« the battle of the Nile, -»nd grufljy y
• I, w ith a ft gnifican* thrike of hit head, • that
d — d Yankee knon wha1 lie'* about.'
\ few moron.'* f.t.v d aw y, and the (’on.
•titiition pi ured in liar trimei.d nt* brmuWidr
— rxtry (cun *•* double »i otted ar.d well
pointed; and the »HVrt winch it had on the
enemy can hardlv bn rotter imf. Miatinud
t -ft!* ami jeer* at t:»- imperturbable but harm
let Yanaeea, p^vc p| ,rr. »o the groan* r>| the
'iw'iivlril and tljinjp ai d «i\ie n po >r niuti
• «trd creator** were Itiinl h d ih;w n ,nl-» thr
enefcp't.fronitherlferi* of tlmf.-.i bro-i l,i Jc'
ll*r»e* foa^lit a. long .* 4 «;nr 4 a« *«>nd
trg. or a gun root | he brought to hear upon
the enemy 1 hut wdtew In a matt war c-,mr tr,f
»y ahnt aw««, im.*l ,.f r^rn k.lle.l *r | i*n
ninhering the ilcrit*; while the a* upper*
were fttrrao, I g wrh g e j when the l.i r
•ere, w hich * few hour* tiefore n ■ « jm-h
eonudeied one , f Men o»t .plrntl d .pet 1
ne'iftrt natal architecture *vh>rli belonged
to the llntiftlt raty, lay on the water an tin
•ightl*, unmmfty fable m.«*; wtien he l»td
to longer the •Uiinp.if a m»*t rlt from which
to d .play tlie priori (lag of lot country, the
gi'l.nt lln’oo h’ frit to flunk that he had g .t
■ii*a ao «{''»/ rmrpe from wtiic't he eouM not
1 itftihlt rx'riea’e himaelf lie c'nihl m long
er oppote firm f.cble remittance to h • more
fortunate f-*e.
Captain I full *t nt #0 ofl.ecr fo fake pot
•e*fti«m nt i|,* (Joemere When he lia l ar
r»yr*| •lnnyiilr, he deo.andrd of the root
>nai der of 1 |.e l.rgt «b fnga’e i| he had *»rur k '
Ik.cret w*a ex'rrrocly rrhtivit to mike 11*•«
ovrn im m plain term*, hut wiiti a •! rend
•h ftft which wind I hare d*w»e h»te»»r to a \ art
kre, endaatn i d to evade the rpreetion
*1 *h*l uni know that it would bf prudent
to continue the engagement any longer,* l*e
l»o f iiitdeettftftd yo«t to «ay that ymt have
♦truck ** 1 nap 1 red the American |.leuteoanf,
• ^lut pr« (;*e|f,* rrplird Ittcrca, * bnf |
loo't know that it wdl be worth while lofight
ant Irntfir.'
• If t ■ 0 th-nk »♦ adaiftahle | wdl retn»n a
board,' replied the t tnkee, ' ami we wdl <e
»U Wt the CitgagraieoU'
! * V\ by, (i>m nreity nearly /.»»» Hu r-iulut *1
rcailv,’ u i| Dacrra; *| l»4\e bwtdly nx'ii *.
'•'"’Kb left m work 4 gun, and u»y *lnp >« in .
»i»ikmg condition.’
•I widi to know, air,* peremptorily tie.
mandad r lie American officer, * whether I
am to con taler you *• a pri. .ucr of war. or
an enemy ' 1 have nn time iur further par
ley *
*1 believe there ii no sbrrn-.tive. |f |
rwihl fight any longer I would wot, |.1ea*„rf;
but I miMt kurrender—mticlf—it prisoner tf
irar ’ J
• 1/isrcifa.iirortx.
Imtntkt tiunrlfly ItcjcisleT.
Tlie lVc I’rcfeMor I leyncoff* ttingrn.
“Hr of the gro.*tc»t Via*.teal %, holar*
of hitmen cr any other ngc. Me suc
ceedt-d the grert Joint Matin <« tietner a*
i*r<d, **or of Klorpienrc at (i itlingeo. an
’ hire which in; hrM fur fifiy yeart, and
hi which, by hi* public.it inn* and the at
traction* ul hi* lecture*. lie placed him- ,
trl| nearly nt the head of the c|H«*iral
trhnlarr of hi* age \ . t ||IC firtl thirty- 1
two or thirty three year* i t hit life, he
*1" n* "• *n almotf rnret* mt itruggle with
thn ruo»t depre**ing poverty, lit* lather
ua* a poor weaver %*i»h a largo family
llevnraay* “that he ha* ofltn seen lit*
mother return home on Saturday evening.
fmm an un*iircr*‘fu) c flint t • tell the
good* «Inch iii* father had manufactured,
weeping and wringing her hand*." lie
entered the I'nivertity of l.eip^ic with
hut four ‘hilling* in hi* porker, and no
tiling to depend npc n but tlie -mail a**i-t
on... .w I_I. I_1 I . • e
.i.n^m ivi i i*r in in Qif K'*U
(itlirr.a parnmoni*i»* old gentleman. w ho
scarcely ever wrote to It no, except jn i(l .
veigh against Iris indolence—often acto- j
ally addressing his letter* on the outride
"To Mr. Il-ync, I,llcr. I.riptie." Dunn-all!
?!im *\ln!e he allowed himself only two
nights sleep in the week
rpietetos, the relchr.vted Stoie Ph.lnso
pher, was born a slave, and spent many
yeais of his lile in servitude, 't his was
the f.tet also with .Ks..p, Puhlius, Svrus.
and Terence.
The Atilre Ilsur, who diril in Pari*. a
h*»r years since, celehrati d fjr Ins writings
and di'Cnvoie* in Chru*tnlography.attain
» d In* distinguished deration m spile of
every disadvantage of hiith.
\\ inkleinan, one of th«. most distinguish
ed writers on rla««ieal antiquities and the
line arts,that modem turn duir produced,
was the son of a ahneirt.il.er. He ron
trived to keep hnn«clf at n.liege, chiefly
hy teaching some of his younger fcllowt
students, while at the same time lie, in
psrt. supported his poor father at a hos
Arnigo. sn f»Aliun Purl r.f the lG.li
century, nt const Jcr.vhle g**nius an.1, learn*
»' i- followed Ins father’-. trade, i.f a Mack
sintili, till lie was eight, t u years old.
n.'ii,,di.'t 11 irdsoin. ii.)e (if (lie Irfirnnl
men of the IHtti century. worked for ms
ny years at his father’s trade, that of a
sho-wtaker; and in the course „f hfr
(luMisbed a very elvb *r «te work, * on the '
S’i >enukiox of the Anrw-nts ’
I he celebrated Italian wiiter, (Jelli.
1%ben holding the high dignity of C onsul
of the K hi re n fine Academy, still continued
to work at his original profession ul a tai- '
I r
Mctastassia was ths snn r.f a common
mechanic, and used when a little hoy. to
sing Ins ritcnipoiarirous verses about the
I he f.iflier of Haydn, the great ron*ieal
composer, was a wheelwright, am) tided
al* v the humlde occupation of a sexton,
while hi* mother was at the same time n
servant in the establishment of a neigh
boring nobleman
I he father of Julin Opie, the great por
tr;»it painter. was a Working carpenter of
Cornwall. Opt* was ruised from the hot
tom ol a saw mt. where he was cnudi veil
in cutting wooil, l<* the Professorship ol
Painting in the Koval Acmlrmy.
I he pirrnt* of (lutn^lio, thi* rjcp.int
!< itin translator of ti»c Itible, «i re |» *or
pri*snt*, who lived among ll*c. mountain*
ol n.ittjdiiny’
I >r .>uhn I’fitlmui, Wshop of Wnrcc*
ter, obtained hi* education by walking on
I mt to Oxford. ami grtH ig employment,
in the hr?t instance, a* assidant in the
kdrlicri of !-’.xetcr College.
I l.n father of liogo Jon", tlie grrpt
architect. was a cl >th auik-r; Mini hr
huii*rIf al«n, w»s designed org.ually fora
inrrhtnieal rnij I •jrnnnf.
Nr K Irnund ,H.ii»n>lrr«, chief justice of
thr court of king’s flrnrh, in the reign nf
t lin|r« || , teas originally an errand to y
at thr Ion* nf I *om f,
l.inn.Tu*. (hr dhidri us founder tif thr
•cirnrr'nf II Many. t«a« lor tome time ap
prerttired to a shoemaker.
I h* fumtua Iha ,l<ilin«MR, worked for
some time a* a lineal «v> r in •« nt, * nn|
Ift them not hlusli.* «ty* tin* ho! tiian
Pu!!r r. • th »t hate, hut th*-*r th it httr
nnf 0 I in fid r tiling, 11 -• In I|h-i| in thr
budding nf the new structure #,f f.tneoln’s
Inn. ivhrn, hating a liotvrj m In* hand,
hr hid .s bonk in hi* ft i-krt *
I)r I* ise ."Nfsdd<<x, *«hn, in the rejgn
ol t.eorge || , became |ti*hi p. hr»t of ,S(
A**ph, ami afterward* nf Worcester, and
u h » u rule an able drlmce of I hr d.ir 'nor
and disripiinn of the Church of Knyhind,
lost both In* parent* at an early agr, and
was pigged, in tlir first instance, by hi*
friend*, «*rh* ps*|rv em»U.
I,r- !• mc Mil or, 11 an »f f’* • o*le, ntm
filled the rbsir which l».tse Ne • lot) hid
occupied «t f irnhridge, that of l-ucaatsn
I’rnh »*or of Math' tiM'ie*. a «s original!*
a neater;- os w*« nlsn his brother Jo
• eph, the well known author uf tbe Church
Of the is me trade.in !„« young.r days,
•sssl'r .1 >«eph \\ hit*,l*r«»fe«sor uf Arabic
St Olfutil.
I hnma* Smpson, a very able Knghdt
Ma hrmalrco. Professorol M *>hefn stir*
• t >' ■j«!>ti<‘h Acsd-tuy, and l-'stlo** of'he
. Royal Society. wa* the son « w*»»er.
i Alter having acquired a *cry »hght ac
| quamtanco wit!, reading. ha was placed
in the shop with Ins father Instead of
giving any encouragement to his .0.V*
fondness for reading, the father, alter ma
ny reprimand*, forbade Imn even to open
a I'oob. and insisted upon his confining
him*i 11 to In* loom fur the whole day_
He »* a* tin ally banished from hi* failier's
house and compelled to «eck his fortunes
abroad. He contrived tn maintain him
*cll lor a while, in a neighboring town,
ivi'h a poor widow, l*y working at hi*
tnde. devoting his spare moments to hi*
tavorite cmpl lyuirnt of reading, whenever
be could hot row a book. In hi* Iwcuty
utlh or twenty .sixth year, he went toI.on
don, without a letter of recommendation,
and with scarcely any thing in Isis |»ockct.
except a wanuteript treat,** ,.f /4„ cam on
hhtxiout, more Valuable than any preceil
ing lreaiim on the subject in the language
I In* great Sir \\ ilhani Jone* was a
mo»r astonishing eiample of application
to study, in spite of all difficulties. His
m-ixini was, never t » neglect any oppor
tunity of improvement which presented
its. If. It «** a lived principle with him
nrvr to neglect prosecuting to a succe*-*
f*d termination what he had deliberately
undertaken J
\\ dliani Hutton, author of the History '•
of Uirniingham, Fellow of the Antiquarian
. onely, t<c , was the son of a woikin"
woolcbmber at Derby. • My po0r mo
Uier, say* I iuttnn. * more than onre, w ith
•*ne inf.nt on tier knee, and a few more
hangi,," about her,bare all fasted a whole
*'Vt Mill iflion I.)ml tlm ...r
r r. ,1 them, with a tear, to take her*harc.’
!• rom Id* seventh to hi* fourteenth year
hr worked in a lilk mill—and wa* "then
hound a* an aj.pientice to a Hocking
weaver in Nottingham.
.T.«n.cs Perguson. the celebrated writer
on astronomy. i« one of the most remark
j1. r in>Unn*H nf sr|f education winch Ibf
literary woi M hj* seen, i li* father wa*
in the humble condition of a day laborer
At the age of seven cr eight, young
r ergo* >n actually discovered two of the
most important elemental? truths in me
chanics—the lever and "the wheel and
axle. Ifn afterward* hit upon other*,
without tear her or book, and with no loo!
but a simple turning lithe and a little
kmle Wlidc he was feeding hi* flock,!
in the cinploymeot of a neighboring far
mer. lie used to busy himself in making
models of mills, spinning wheels. &.e
during (he day. and in studying the stars
at night.
Uefon |,is death, he was elected a Pel
low of the Koval Society; the usual fee?
being remitted, at had hern done in the '
rases of New ten and Thomas Simpson —
tjeorge Ilf., who. when a boy. wns occa
'tonally among ihe auditors of his public,
lectures, soon after his aere*«ion to the
throne, gave him a pension of fifty pounds ,
per annum from the privy purse.
* 1 ) urt? . hur ra ail.
W c cannot forego extracting a sto
ry from the Memoirs nf Mile. Juno?,‘
admirably told, exceedingly affecting,
though relating to a child nf only two
years and a hall old, but which, not
withstanding *o distinguished a prar-i
fitioner as Corvisart assured Napoleon
't might very well be true, appears
M’lite incredible to us. I he rider bro
Ihrr of Junot accompanied Napoleon
lu Kgypt, tearing himself with gieat
reluctance from his wile and only son.
lie returned shortly to hear of that
son's death. Mde. Junot shall now
oirr*w ,
•* l l.i* death of *n young nn Infant
won'.I have been more than aflncting.
ha>l it not been accompanied bv i ircum
stance* utiiclt rendered it iicart-rend
mir. 1 hey were a long time conceal
'd Iroin bv n brother-in law, wh. se ex
treme sensibility would at first have
bardly stood such a recital. lie was
not tnad.» uci|uaititcd with them until
hi* wile had presented him with a se
cond child. I have always said he
was a go oil father ; but if be was so for
tne children whom he had subservient
ly, Ins fust bun roller ted u|H*n hi*
head all tlietenderiie*-*, the luturrjovs,
the pride r»f a young father, anil he
loved the child to idolatry. He |)V|
him alum*: constantly in his arm*; and
wli*n lie war in those id Ins mother for
♦he purport ot illawmg nourishment
from her loeast, he would keep held
.1 one of Ins little hand*, and not re
l.n.juis'i It even timing a portion of
his sleep. ||*d the child not been I
naturally ;*nmj and nlTer lion ate, a con
1,1,1 ,nr<? "I - " h fetuler rares and en-1
■learing caresses would have attached
it In the one I»> whom they were bes
to ved ; and accordingly Henry loved
.ns lather with an alTcc lion which did
not belong to infancy. Ala*! (he poor
little ci ramie *wn gave sad and loach
log pi rods of it,
•* At the moment of mr brother-in
liw*-d**t nr fore, his son was two years
and a halt old } but hi* intelligence, *1
ready precocious. had hern still further
developed by the tenderness with
u'nih he had hren treated, a id at the
•sent thirty morphs, l,c was like « hoy
"| "f Irn years. \S hen the ve
iiirlu which railed ofl* hi* (stiver was
disappearing, the little bring offered
pincing eric*; whilst the mother,
* hose w ere in nni*<>n *» i*h his, nn
ly cried with him instead of rr.dravnr
mg to distract In* attention. Soun,
however* the whole lentil v, aslorushet
.it seeing, to an age so lender, a degree
of grn f w’ncli appriXtheJ t*j df«p»ir,
made use of every means to amuse th*
attention of the poor child; ihry
him stories gase him toys of every
lorm androlor. brought hislittlc liiende
to play with him; hut nothing condoled
the end of some day.- only
be reaped to cry aloud; bat his ciics
w rre replaced by sighs so deeply drau n,
looks which sought around with <uc!» ar»
anxiety and love for the paternal form,
that In, appearance was pitiable in tho
- lie was as beautiful as an angel,
resembling those cherubim* whom Ita
pbael has placed rn his canvass. Mis
little white and curly head was a char
ming spectacle.when Ins mother, with
the pintid complacency which all mo
thers ha\e in their children, would
run her fingers through the silken nn
g ets which leil in thick bunches about
a fair and rosy lace, animated bv an
cxprcsvion of liveliness, gaictv. anil in
telligence. Uut his days of beauty
were short, and never was the smile
of the* (lower and tho child mure appro
priate. ,r
“ * Mamma where is papar* tho lit*
t.e creature was continually asking.
4‘ During the first weeks, the answer
was * lie is gone awav ; but he will
soon return.* It appears that the de
vrlonement of the imagination of this
child was altogether extraordinary,
and tha*. Ine simple woid gone, coin
.— . * • •»»«» presenting
t<i 1.11 mind only an indefinite idea on
w ''*ch he could found nu reasoning,and
whence he could derive no hope, ha
•ras only tlic more distressed after hav
ing heard if. My sister in law, whose
pei In t soul understood the griefs of
e\riy age. was the first to perceive it ;
nod when the child would ask her for
hi* father she would answer that ho
was at Hussy. Then the eyes of tho
little one, w hich had already lost a
grout portion of their vivacity, would
sparkle again, and he would say ‘ Mam
ma, let us go to Hussy.*
1 hey took him there, although thev
were sure he would not find the object
»f .Ml search. As soon as the carriage
appoached (he house belonging to hi*
grand mother in that place, the little
creature would jump from the Up of
his mother or grand mother, and clap
ping his hand*.cry out—‘ Pap* • p„pa ;>
and on going into the house, his littlo
legs would find strength to mount tho
staus and traverse all the rooms, liis
voice had again become jovous, ho
thought his father was playing with •
him. Whenever he found a door at
nil open,or a curtain some what draw n,
he would go up to it anfilv, flunking
f! at his lather was hid behind it. Ho
would thus mako the circuit of tho
house, followed by his mother crying
bitterly, both from her own grief, and
a spectacle which lacerated her heart.
After having visited every apartment,
he would allow himself to be taken a
way, saying, in a broken voice:* Mam
ma. papa is not here; let us co to Di
*• When they were at Dijon, he would
recommence the same lamentations anil
the same question ;—-Where is papa*:*
•* * He i- at Semur. my love,* would
bn n.other answer—*I„et us go to bo
umr, mamma . And when they vvero
at bemtir, he made search over tho
house of his grand-father in the sam«
ns lie nan none at Itossy. At
first there vh the same juy. the mum
infantine gaiety ; thin the child dieip.
pcared, an*l it wa*a person, iIiiuk hiiIi
excraa of sensibility, who said to hit
mother— * Papa *» nut here ; let ua re
turn to Dijon. *
“ ’V *'•* o»ly presetiption which tl.a
{in’ siciart con 1.1 give, was (o amuse his
intiid as much a* possible, all Ida ea
prices were attended to, all hi* wishes
were gratified. Almost a year wa*
thus passed in repeated journey a front
Dijon »o Hussy, to Senior, and every
{ lace were the memory of lue child lo
cated n recollection o| his father._At
length hr became too treble to hear the
motion of the carriage; ha would no
longer ipiit the arms of his mother or
gr«.nd mother, lie no longer cried,
except, when sometime* deieived hv a
sperm* «i resemblance, he fancied'he
saw Ins father in some one, either in
the fttrert, or who tame into the house;
and then he wept abundantly, at soon
as he discovered hi* mistake. Huch
n condition could not last long, ami fh*»
* bild fell into a complete marasmus.—
My sister in law, irt despair, provided
him with every kind i t aid, but to no
purpose. | fie most skilful physician*
at I)ij*»n declared they could do nothin*1;
for tom. Ala*! the departure of hi*
I »ther wa* the atorm wbuh had hrokeu
.this voung (lower, and even hi* retain
would not have saved him. lie gen
tly declined,still calling on Ida father,
and bi* name was the last sound that
issued from those poor, delicate, color
less lips. which, formerly with the v«r
million dt a chrrrv, used to pronounce
it with a smile of jov.**
1 iocs aiWit •*.-.» bj |,,r In Km Wl)n
•n the 13*ts IVI.riwtry, I M, h. r., Ul0
omivsi»|ry ot Ihor i| ijd.f^./i,n*</,
' Mi' »«»t In | moI to Iter.
T*rs (ut, of a1|_ |,,ib tiirrl, <toQ#
tts s-iot t<«mr is4 )
Tis mm i|i year* •’*#« we «r a one.
Ar.C f.v* tltti v* wer r»>

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