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NO. 20
n suMu, wiuii, hi
Jon.r s. fi.gi. i..m i:n.
rr.u .x.\.v7.»/.
Piyubtr l>s»!T y. arly ; but Two Doil\r«
Will hi- MrilcJ a-s pUMCat in full, if p.wd
rntiiely in udvnn**p. Whenever payment i.
•leftrrvsi beyond the rxp.ratou of the v car
interest will br eliai'gcJ.
tfA'' inscription. for six months, yl Jj, to
be paid invariably in advance.
ADV r.UTISl.Nti.
The terms of ailurlhni’,arc : For a «<)inrr
or I***, jl| for three insertions — larger one*
i^tiio umt proportion. Lath continuance,
d j cent* per • juste.
(O-All advertisements not orJrrtd for a
•pee 1 he time, w ill be continued until forlnd,
and (karyri «rr«viiiii|/y. •
•John T. too /.us .V fo.
RF>rr.CTFl*l.!.Y tako pleasure to in
form their friends, customers, and the
public generally, that they are just receiv
ing and opening a very general supply of new
and seasonable QOOD3 •<> of which have
been purchased at reduced prices, and are
now offered on the like terms, at their Store
at BoJington Mills, Berkeley couuty.
Julv J I-3 I —If. _ _
henry bedinger,
aitlorncy at M.air,
llsarcas FLuai, Vs.
Feb. 13. 1*31tt
at. .a. uiTT.n1EEr.11~
Wll.l. practice in tho Superior and In
ferior Courts of Loudoun and JttTcr
son. The transaction of all business commit
ted to his management will be characterised
by the strictest attention and punctuality,
llis office is on Mjrkct-st , Leesburg.
April 18, 1833_tf.
To itutchan.
THE subscriber has three or fonr hundred
MUTTONS for sale. A lot of l.riO may
be seen near the road from Winchester to
Charlestown, about one mile below Servers'
tavern. They are wethers of fine siae anJ in
fine order.
June 12, 1 S3 S_If.
CTnilF. subscribers having furnished them*
*1 selves with a FREIGHT HO.iT, offer
their services to the pub
lic generally, in frtigkiing
i ptoJuct of every descrip
-1 lion between the Old
Furnace and Georgetown.
July 3, 1 ad4 —3t.
THE subscriber will sell, at private sale,
the I ARM upon which Jacob Benner
now resides, and lying on the waters of the
Potomac river, and adjoining the lands of
Adam Moler, deed. Gcargc Reynolds auJ
others, containing about
3rr 12 'feres,
A targe proportion of which is iu line thriv
ing Timber. The improvements are a com
fortable l.og Dwelling, a large Burn, Uc., with
a never-failing spring convenient to the house.
Tbers is on this farm an elegant Apple Or
chard, with other fruit trees. There is like
wise upon the river bank a quarry of lime
stone, the lime of w hich is •uperior t» any
made in this neighborhood. Persons n idling
to purchase, will apply to Wm. C. Brim at
the Anti-F.atam Works, or the subscriber in
Frederick County, Aid.
Terms will be tna Jc to suit purchasers.
Dee. 12, 1P33_if.
t*ooh at This /
THE subscriber, having determined to
remove to the IVcst, now oilers for sale
his entire stock of
oau/UiaaiX Ac HARDWARE,
•U of which he will sell al cost, fur ca»li, or
at tin usual prices fur good bonds.
Ms Unuse and hd
are now in market. The house ii sdnated in
the most business part of the town, and is a
comfortable tao-stury frame house, with a
line basement suitable for shops or ollices.—
There is a large and comfortable kitchen,
with a lino garret that answers for a smoke
house, standing within eight feet of the bouse.
There is also a -good frame Stable ou tbe lot,
that contains two stalls, a large tutting room,
an J a fine loft for hay. Any per<on who may
wish to become the proprietor of this proper
ty, can have it on »uch terms as will enable
him to pay for it with the greatest ease, by
•pplyiog to the s>ib*~riber.
I will also sell, fur cash or gooJ bonds, my
IIoii'ikoll a it Ktlrhm fitrntltre, namely, two
•olid ru'ihoginy Tables, one mahogany lY.uk
atand, one do. dandle Stand, cno dozen hand
•omr parlour Chairs, new, one dozen do. a
little delated, one striped Carpet and hearth
rug, one rag Carprt, one pair steel Shovel
end Tongs, best kind, one pair brass And
irons, one pair gilt-framed Looking U!a*te«f
three leather Beds, three Bedstead*, two ol
which arc high j>o*t, and a trunnel bedstead,
bwu Stoves, two mahogany framed Dressing
Classes, and a number of other articles not
accessary to mention.
My bursa, saddler-# press, screw licnehes
•on i lams, gl„* ra^es, and esery article at
•ached to my saddling establishment, are for
.i‘ »r*« Moightmurbood will do
well to call and es amine my stock of Ihrd
wr[',',V * ®'n ^*’*r,n|o* J to giro bargain*.
IT lb®'above pr -party t,, fMlt ,„j(j before
Fnhy tSt J Jmly .ort, ,t w ,|| n,rn he t„|,|
•" M‘« premisea. to Urn highest U dder with
out reserve, on a ere.! t i.f »,* |h*
p rrl.sser giving bond and seenruy f„r all
'■ of ami above five d<4iats -less •urns.
»»sh Tbe payments on the House ami
*41 be d.siJad to suit Uie purchaser.
All persons tad* hied to ase arc earnestly
»r'|i*''*d t« make pssmerit a* soon .* prai -
1 har!e«town. May 8, I?3I_if.
M*atrnt Hntnnrr.
4FIR<T-R.* rr. Pate.it Hal i.ire, with
, frame .-ooipMe, d.•». pound*, fo.
•d-'v UMIN s l.tAt; k WKHN,
r>.> pbrr-lstr -»k, Apsd J*. I»J».
Ttw* f ill >«'■■£ iHMiiiifnl Itiu-t are tlic iir-xlm.
imn of a d. al writ, r, Mr. IVIni«H..| II mil., a pi».
i 'I "I IUrtl..nl Asylum. Me find tin m m tin
Niw \ ork Meekly M. orn-rr.
Come, the day is lair.
The luitl. are humming in the air,
| T*** '• hning •« »he lake,
I lie tidies spotting near t'ie brake:
So come aud drink the balmy br.e/e
lly soft gales w ailed frjiu the Uvea.
The lake it like an angel's path,
And spited like a flow'.y heath
M till islands lotely at it a. If;—
No rock, or mountain trag, or de|f
Mol smiles U|MMt tin* grassy was,.,
^It lift Contented iu tlse grate.
So com,—O • co.or, and let tit go,
The day it still—the wind ia low.
j There's nothing to disturb or hr. ah
j The draw ty woods—or dev pi lag Lake.
'I In* spell of nature**a lord mess
IWth power to wrap the soul in blit*!
The hoot it wailing on the shore.
And ready hangs the light some uai ,
I will glitter at we tuose along.
And that al sir shall be our tong,
San* when tome wild birj't moos! subdued
t sires echo to the solitude.
, ihi.i: 1*11 i'ss.
Fint J.ul in /■', rd-rit h unit.
M hat would ills* «s askr ll.mk ol aus.li a p(is.»t.
at the* pr. se t day * I w. lie feet aqiuie ! An
African or two, in such a $/Hiriout »|e*rtnirnt,
w ould make the atiuoi(ili( re most d. ligiitfulls
odonferout in a summer day. *
trrifcrick County was laid nfT in the rear ITdS
The lust cunt of justice held in the .minty was
m Use year 1 .*id. I hit d. lay. it is p.. tun.able
arose from the want of a sufficient number ol' ma
gistrates to form a <|oortitu for the legal tranvac
ti.m nt business. | |,c first court was composed
or Use following justices, to wit : .Morgan Mur
• gan. Ikiil.l \ anee, Marquis Calnirs, '1 lu.masUu
Ib« i1 ard, M illiam McMahon, Mwditli ll.-lm
firorge Ilnge, and Joint White. James M ood*
Tlill fftllrl k!sf lllai iii si ■: .... • 1 ...»
! day of November, IT4J. At tbit term of tin
court ■» to Im-I.iuimI on record the follow mg t i.lrv :
j “ Ordered, that tho slier if of tbit county build
w twelve foot w,in.rf log house, logged above and
bt low, to ■> cure In* priuncn, h<- agreeing to U
viUvfHd With what shall be allowed him lor atidi
building by two of the couit, aiul he not to be an
swerable lor escapes.”
I 1 his was the first J4;j erected in the county of
j r rethink. , AcrcAci-u/'* Himlory njthe t'alwy.
" e* wc presume most others, fell into
a sad mistake as to w hat are tube the politics
• of the .lurvra Reduica. W ithout teeing Col
Duane’* nro*pectu*, we naturally concluded
that tho father of Wm. J Duane w&* worth j
of so illustrious a son, thought with him. and
I sympathised with bit injuries; and that the
enemy of encroachment and usurpation thirty
years ago, was their enemy still. |D ajj
these, as wc think, very natural suppositions,
wc have been, gentle reader, completely
mistaken. 1 he old man is vrholo hog, with
out the omission of a bristle without, or a
chitlin uitbiu! IIjiu, shoulder and iniiJImg
-jo!e, soucc anJ sausage—tail, liver and
lights—be goes the whole! Well, who could
have_ thought it* We fear age has done its
| office but too well, on the venerable Whig
[ of other times—[tt/VWnJ tfkig.
I Extract from (Jen. Jackson's letter to the
| Legislature of Tennessee, dated Ttb October
, 1^: .
I li “important appointments continue to
devolve on tho llrprrser.iativrs in t'ongress
it requires no depth of thought to be convin
ced that rorruylion urilt btcctnt the ordrr of tUr
«/.iV . and that, under the garb of , ,.„cicn
tious sacrifices to establish precedents for the
pu i.ir gvod, evi!s of serious importance to
tho JiteJem and pro»rr»/y of tho Jtepublie
! *n,r 11 14 ‘'•rough Ihit chtnnrl that the
I rcylt inay rzpreI to br ailndt.t m their consli
tutional sovereignty, and where lyrunis., may
br apprehended to spriu; up m s jaie favora
b.c emerzenr v ’*
| Appointments of Member* of Con-res*
made by Ucn. Jackson since bi* election:
SssATon*.—Wm. Tindlay, Marin Ann nu
rm, Join II. Katon, John ilranch, John Me*
Phersnn Berrien, I.ouis Mcl.ane, John Chand
■ U r, Thomas II. Williams, Davit] J. Baker,
Edward I.iviagstor.. I.evi Woodbury, Mali Ion
Dickerson, Powhatan KBit, Johu I'orsylb
William Wiiki.it—lo.
ItrraRsrvTATive*.— John W. C-mpheR,
Francis Bayhes, Robert s. Harnett, Urn. W.
• ramp, K. F. Tatnall, John Findlay, Samuel
I* Ingham. Uco. IV. Owren,Thomas P. »|oorc,
Win. C. Rives, Sdah It. Ilobbie, Jrronius
Johnson, John U. Slower, John Randolph,
Philip P. Harbour, James W. Riddle, Thomas
Irwin, James Buchanan, Charles U. Dc AA ill;
I let tor Craig. Nicholas D, Coleman, Joseph
II iromoo*, Wyley Thompson, Andrew hie.
sens an, luha Anderson—‘j.i.
The simp'e fact* are offered without Com
The name of Humphrey II. !.eavitt, now
a representative from Ohio, (appointed judge ,
may be added.
If" and wttfi the u./rir- «>i./ rant at of the
Wii.iissi Ifrvrrntohe Charge d' Affaire*
to llra/il, in the place of Kthaii A. Brown,
i Hfcuvwo Pm i us to be Charge .1'Affaires
In Chile, in the placo of John llamm, re*
' signed.
Essv R D'*r.w to he Consul for H-ono*
Ayres, in the place of «<eo W . Slarijm, rcioo
v ed.
AViiiia*i At. Owi* to he Marshal for the
Diitnet of Mississippi, in the place of Samuel
W. Iirkion, appointed Meeeirer.
Hi urnaev II l.etsirr to be Judge for the
District of Ohio, in the place of Benjamin
Tappan, rejected by the Senate.
Cut war.* Ilewann, F.i.ishs TiswerTA, and
l.rvi I'.i silts, to Its Directors of the Bank
of the I ntled Stales, m the place n( Jmrp ■
AAiiild, e*.,| AI.ey, s>. 1 Roberts A aus, wh*
duciine tho appointment.
Mr F> ipanr « powder mill*. at Wilming
ton. were blown up on Knday evening
the ‘JOih ul». One thousand pound* «»t
powder were burnt, end a in so killed
I The cause of theesplasioo is not known.
The eillxent of Richmond have not rclauJ
their zeal m behalf of the great central achenic
of internal improvement, so much agitated
la»t year, under the title of the James River
| uni Kenawha Improvement. Wo perceive
I Ihe Council* of that city voted unani
mously to ratify their subscription for Jour
I ivumiiJ shares of the stock of the company,
as chartered by the State, and have appro
priated the money for pay tug up the first in
The Bom] of Directors of llio Bank of
' ,rKlni* have acted in the same spirit, and
ippropriatcj the money foe paying the in
stalment* upon their proportion of Iho slock,
»r» IF uunJ share*, we belie* e.
S.» httle has been heard of this enterprise,
of late, that we imagirtcd it laiJ asiJc among
the numerous magnificent projects which are
started hut to fad from their impracticability,
or the want of adequate fund*. The prompt
ness. with which these institution* redeem
their pic If .•«, :mj adhere to this great scheme,
argues well for the public faith m its promis
ed advantage*, anJ ;be determination to pro
ceed—[Bolt, .finer.
Ritkmomd, F‘rtdtritkokurg otul Polomoc Rail
iruy—At a meeting of the Subset ibert to the
Slock of the Richmond, Fredericksburg and
Potomac Railway, convened pursuant to pre
vious notice at the luy of Richmond, on Fri
day. the -Olh day of June,.ls3l, the following
person* were elc: led 1’icsiJuii and Director',
to continue in offco until the uc\t Annual
Meeting, to wit;
i'reuJdii—John A. Lancaster.
Ihrcdun—Nicholas Mills, Conway Robin
son, James Duskier, Richard U. Haaall, and
Joseph M. Sheppard.
And at a Meeting of the President and Di
rectors of the Company, held on Saturday
the ‘Jlst day of June, l^f,
William I*. Sheppard was appointed Trea
surer and Clerk; and
Moocure Robinson was appointed Chief
A resolution was adopted, requesting Mr.
Robinson to organize his party of Assistants,
and to have the location of the Rail Road
commenced as early as practicable_[C*mp.
f rjm (At1 I‘!u ii,/ ’ftfuii IntriUgcni'er.
tusiu'ii niRincaMivu work.
NN c learn that Miss Kemble's—we ask par
don— Mrs. Butler's forthcoming volume, is a
work on this country. It comprises sketches
made up during her stay among us, and de
scribes ail that is interesting in our scenery,
our habits and character. Her pictures of
American Society arc said to bo particularly
lively aud piquant; and as it cannot be denied
that she has had ample opportunities of ob
servation, they will in all probability be found
full and accurate. Ws are told that it is the
be«t work that has been written on the sub
ject, and coming from so'gcneral a favorite
we are sure that it will be popular.
Impatient as the Yankees have shown them
selves, under the silly drivel of a dowager
dowdy, or tho pointed and poisoned slanders
of a cynic lory —they could excuse, if need
bo, the pouting autocracy of the spoilt child
of the public, and take the abuse of the
young and lovely scribe with a suid^^Uut
on this occasion, their patience wiinUliKe
tried. Miss Kemble has given the best
in the world, of a partiality for our country,
by ftcttlin^ in il; and if report speak-* truly
of her foi llicoming work, it will prove that
she is as true-hearted a yaukee girl as ever
smiled. An immense edition ot the work
will be stricken oir; and no doubt as speedily
caught up by the pubiio. All we liase to say
is, that wc hope the enterprising publishers
will not keep the public one moment in un
necessary suspense.
A negro man, named Toney, the proper
ly of It >bsrt M Venning. Ksij of Charles
Ion, while swimming to a boat anchored a
few yards from shore, was heard to uller a
sudden ery, and instantaneously disappear.
It is supposed he was seized by a shark.
ladies department.
Sometime*, I was conscious of ga
thering roughness from the continual
conflict with passion and prejudice,
and that the fine edge of the feelings
could not ever be utterly proof against
the corrosions of such an atmosphere.
Then I sought tnv home, and called n»v
bird of sonjr, and listenrd to the war
bling of her high heaven-tone voice.
The melody of that music fell upon my
soul, like oil upon the troubled bil'
lows.—and all was tranquil. 1 won
dered where my perturbations had lied,
but still more, that I had ever indulged
them: sometimes, the turmoil and fluc
tuation of the world threw a shade of
dejection over me; then it was her pride
to smooth my brow, and to restoie its
i smile. Once a sot row of no common
order had fallen upon ine. it rankled in
my breast like a dagger** point; I came
I »o my house, but I shunned all its in
mate*.—I threw myself down in soli
tude. that f might wrestle alone with
my fate, and subdue it; a light footstep
1 approached.but I heeded it not. A form
«f beauty was on a sofa, by my side, hut
, I regarded it not. Then iny hand was
.softly clasped, breathed upon,— press
ed toruby lips. It was enough; I took
my daughter in mv arm*, and my *nr
I row vanished. Ilad she «t*a\ed the
hackneyed.etpression of syinpathr, or
jeven the usual epithets of endearment.
, I might have devired her to leave my
pretence. Il.ad she uttered only a sin -
gle word, it would have been ton much,
so wounded was n»y spirit within me.
Hut the deed, the very poetry of ten
derness,breathing. not speaking, melt
• e.l »• the winter of my discontent,’*
Kyer was she endued with that most et
, quiaite of woman's perfections, a know
ledge both when to be silent and when
lo speak.—ami so to speak.—tint the
trosl might dissolve from around the
heart she loved, and it* discord* be
\ iui ned to harmony.
Tin n •• a powerful aitirle in I Ik: Uu nmnWrr
of ll*o A lot rtcan Mipuiiir, UUilrr I lie lu|< >,|
“ in iIk- IjIc of Mary Sluait.** L'n*l.le
•<» find »pacr fur On- wltolr of it m )Mir column*.
| rMin>| rrfi-aiii from giiing Ur- following r\
iract. IIk* illlilu* Clw*li Ur, lia%mg ronfi*sn**l
lltialoteto Ui** ol.j<-ct of a ami l.t-rn t ndirtMK.il>
• !l »llll\Wll, lll( KOH> illliui Cdlltiuui'll .—
An hour had scarcely elapsed before
the lights were extinguished through
out (lie vaulted lialls of llolyrood ;
the guards were posted ft»r the night :
the wilierrs had gone their rounds: the
ladies of the royal circle were dismiss
ed and all w as darkness and silence. In
Mary s chamber a lamp was burning
in a recess before a beautifully execut
ed painting of the virgin, but the light
was nut sufficient to penetrate the ob
scurity which reigned in many aoglcs
and alcoves of that irregular apart
ment, although the moonbeams were
admitted through the open casement.
Her garb of ceremony laid aside,
her lovely shape scantily veiled by a
•ingle robe ol spotless linen, her auburn
tresses flowing in unrestrained luxu
riance.almost to her feet.if she had been
a creature ol perfect human beauty,
when viewed in all llib pomp of royal
pageantry, she now appeared a being
°r supernatural loveliness. Her smaU
white feet, unsandled, glided over the
rich carpet with a grace which a light
degree of fancy might have deemed
the inution peculiar to inhabitants of
another world. For an instant ere she
turned to her repose, she leaned against
the carved nmllions ol the window, and
gv/.ed pensively, and it might be said.
»adty upon the garden, where ahe had
so lately parted from the unhappy
youth whose life was embittered by
that very feeling which above all oth
ers should have b$cn its consolation.
W irwr Imr- ..m #1,.
light scene, she knelt before.the lamp
ami shrine which it illuminated, and
her whispered orisons arose, pure as
the source from which they flowed —
the prayer of a weak and humble mor
tal, penitent for every trival error,
breathing all confidence to him who
can alone protect or pardon—the pray
ers of a C^ucen for her numerous chil
dren, and. last and holiest of all. wo
man's prayers for her unfortunate ad
mirer. Ves. she prsyeu for Chastelar.
that strength might be given to him
from on high to bear the crosses of a
miserable life, and that by divine mer
cy the hopeless love might be uprooted
from his breast. The words burst pas
sionately from her lips—her whole
form quivered with the excess of her
emotion, an J the big tears fell like rain
Irom her uplifted eves. While she
was yet in the very flood of passion, a
sigh was breathed, so clearly audible
that the conviction flashed like light
ning on her mind, that this most secret
prayer was listened to by other ears
than those of heavenly ministers —
I error, acute terror, took possession
of her soul, banishing, by its superior
violence, every less engrossing idea.—
She snatched up the lamp from the
niche — waved it slowly around the
chamber—and there, in the most hal
lowed spot of her windowed chamber,
a spy upon her unguarded moments,
.stouil a dark figure, Keen in that mo
| ment of astonishment and fear, as if
by instinct purely of female modesty.
sn« s::aicneu a velvet mantle from the
•eat on which it had been cast aside,
and veiled her person even before ahe
“ Oh C«od ! it is de Chasfclar. ”
> ” Siwtet Queen,” replied the intru
der ; “ bright,beautiful ruler of my des
tinies. pardon—”
** M hat ho!” she screamed in notes
of dread intensity. ** My guards!_
Scyton -Carmichel- Fleming—will ve
leave your Quern alone!—with treach
ery and black dishonor .' — Villain !—
slave!”-»he cried, turning her llsshin"
eye upon In n. her whole form *\vc!lc7
as it were with all the fury of injured
innnccnco—“did#*t thou dare to think
that Marv, the wife of Franii*. the a
nointed Queen of Scotland, would brook
thine infamous addresses—Nar, kneel
not, or I spurn thee—what hof will no
one aid in mins extremity
*• Fear nought from me,” faltered
• lie wretched Chastclar; but with a
voice like that of some inspired I’ythv
oncss. she broke in—**Fear! thinks*!
thou that I could fear a thing, an ahject
coward, like thee?—a wretch that
would exult in the infamy of one lie
pretends to love? Fear thee!—by
heavens, if I could have feared, con
tempt must have forbidden it.”
M Nay. Mary, hear me! hear but
one word, if that word coats »ny life—”
Thy life! had*; thou ten thousand
lises, they would be but a feather in the
4r*le against thy monstrous villanv!
What ho!” again she cried, damping
with impotent anger at the delay of
her attendant*-** Treason! My guard*'
At length the passages rang with the
hurried footttrps of the startled in
mates nf the palace : with torch and
brandished blades they rushed into the
apartment—page. sentinel, and cham
berlain—ladias, with disheveled hair,
xnd faces blanched with terror, 'The
Qieen stood erect in the centre of the
room, pointing with one arm. bare to
the shoulder, towards the wretched
culprit, who, with folded arms and
head erect, awaited his doom in unre
sisting silence. Ills naked rapier,
w ith which alone lie might have foiled
the united efforts of his enemies, lay at
his fret; his brow was white as sculp
, tured marble, and no less rigid, bat hia
eyes glared wildly, and hia lips quiv
ered as though he would have spoken.
The (jucen. still furious at the wrong
. which lie had done her fame, marked
the expression. ** Silence!” she cried—
** Degraded ! would'st thou meanly
heg thy forfeited life ? Wert tbou my
father, thou should’st die to-morrow !
' lienee with the villain! Hid Maitland
execute the warrant. Ourself, ourself
will sign it. Awrav! Chastclar dies at
day break!”
I is well, replied ha calmly, it is
well—the lips 1 love best pronounce
my doom, and 1 die happy, since I dir
lor Mary ! \\ ould»*t thou but pity the
offender while thou dost doom tlie of
fence, tie Chastclar would nut exchange
his shortened span of life anil violent
death for the brightest crown in Chris
tendom. My limbs may die, but m)
| love will live forever! Lead on. ran
1 nions—I am more glad to die than ye
! toslay! Mary, beautiful Mary, think!
J think hereafter upon Chastclar!”
The guards passed onward—last of
the group, unfettered and unmoved, de
Chastclar stalked after them. Once,
ere he stooped beneath the low brow
ed portal, he paused, placed both hands
on his heart, bow ed low ly, and pointed
upwards as he chauntcd the words,'
"Feme* a moi—Noble Dame—Pen
tez a moi.” As he vanished fiom her
presence, she waved her hand impa
tiently to be left alone ; and all night
alone s!ic traversed and re-travtrtpil
tlio floor of her chamber in paroxjtms
of the fiercest despair. The warrant
was brought to her — silently, sternlv,
she traced her signature beneath it :
not a sign of sympathy was on her pal
lid features, not a tremor shook her
frame; she was passionately majestic
and unmoved. The Secretary left
the chamber on l.is fatal errand, and
! Mary was again a woman. Prostrate
| upon her couch she lay, sobbing and
weeping as though her very soul was
; bursting Irom her bosom, defying all
| consolation, spurning everv ofli-r at
remedy. - Tis done !” she would say;
| " ft* done.' I have preserved my fame.
' anil murdered n» v only friend.”
1 he morning dawned slow Iv, and
the heavy bells of all the churches
clanged the death pcsl of dc Chastelar.
1 he tramp ol the cavalry defiling from
the palace gates struck on her heart as
though each hoof dashed on her bosom.
An hour passed away; the minute bells
still tolling : the roar of a culverin
' swept heavily downwards from thecas
tie, and all was over! He had died as
he had lived, undaunted — as he had
j lived, devoted! •* Mary,divine Mary,”
; were his last words—**1 loved in death
as 1 have loved in life ; thee and theo
only!” The a\e drank his blood, and
the Queen of Scotland had not a truer
servant lift behind,than he uhoin.froin
a moment of frenzy, she was compel
; led to slay: yet was his last wish satis
fied ; lor though the Qaeen might not
|rplent, the woman did forgive, and in
many a mournful hour did Mary think
on Chastelar,
• I Jlich Uncord — The truth of the pro
! verb that ' there is nothing lost by doing a
charitable action,' is forcibly exemplified
by a cor respondent of (be Christas* Advo
cate and Journal, who furnishes a sketch
of the life of I. t.. a respectable member
ofthn Society of Friends This in.Im .dual
it appear*, at the age of I*, stalked forty
u.iles to put himself apprentice to a certain
trade-, a ferry intervened and he had no m*
nry lo pay the far#, but a kind hearted its
man lent him/our pence. Ife learned his
trade, and experienced various vicissitude*
of fortune, until be finally settled in New
^ .-rk, where ha amassrd a large fortune
and retired from business. In gratitude to
the woman whj had lent him four pence,
he schooled all her children, and gave her
a pension of..nr hundred dollar* per nn
nurn. which, by a protition in his will, *h^
•s to receive during her life Tl,i# is more
than compound interest on the sum on-i
nally lent. •
Cur mu Chrlttrning. —The fter Dr
i oung, I' |*. of llaldoyle, admioisicreil the
sacrament of the baptism on Thursday
under cireumstangea not a bit la singular'
I here ware present, first, Mary, the mfaat
christened ; ne,t. KheaWelh, ita mother .
next its grand mother; neat, it* Rr*al
grand mother , ami nett it* great great
grand mother. The latter is still an aclira
and healthy woman, though .he is sup
posed to he nearly in fh. hundredth year
of her age — [Ihd4,nr%hm Ur*.
l\t Mntu*it—The last Springfield
Id.) Journal announce* the passage
through that place, of a company of Mur
mon*. ioOor .KXt strang—composed of all#
bodied men, with lb# a.ngle aseeptiao of
on# woman and a few children 'I bey
appear |o b# generally well armed They
did not state their destination, although
frequent enquiries were made upon the
subject One of the leader* rimmed (5
have performed more merael*. q„n ,rr
m»ot».o«d iq the O’J or .V** textatoot
Jjn'flkrr Utlrtuirt Bank Hither*, —1 hw
New Orleans Courieref the 9th i«.t state*
that ” Jacques Uandonin. the Purler of
the Canal and Banking Company robbed
the Rank yesterday afternoon, of about
fll.OOO It t% supposed that be took pas
sage in the erhr Creole for Taapiee—•
Fire thousand dollars have been offered
for hit apprehension Balt Gas.
‘I he annual Conference of (be Metho
dist Church in British North Atvcric*
commenced their session et Kioratun on
Wednesday the Itth ult —The Rev Ro
bert Alder presiding, and the Her Junes
Richardson. Secretary. Thn attendance
ol the preachers is said to hate been *ery
general, and that the business before the
body was very extensive and important.
1/hJi. Gas.
The annual meeting of the British and
Foreign Bible Society was recently held
in Kxrtrr Hall, l.ord Bexley m the chair.
From the report it appears that the Socie
ty, since its formation, bad ruculated, or
caused to he circulated, 15.000,COO copies
of the Bible, or portions of it. In 1800 no
part of tbe Scriptures existed in more than
sixty languages . of these the Bible Sorrily
k*d reprinted 42. and adopted re transla
tions of five ethers ; but it had also procur -
rd. printed, and circulated translations in
to 72 other languages or dialects, in which
no part had ever appeared before. Of
these, 11 bad been for tbe use of F.urope
ans, SO lor tbe nations of Asia, and seven
for America. 'I be expenditure uf the So
ciety since its establishment bad amounted
to upwards of 2.000.000/. 1 be loeomo
has increased 8.000/ In the course of tbo
year, amounting now to the sum of b3,
OOOf. An anonymous letter conveyed I.
000/, and Mrs. Hannah Moore had contrib
uted 1.000/.— [Ball. Gas.
Tl.« Islington Presbytery m« t in Staunton
OR Thursday last, and continued in se«sims
unlii Saturday. On Friday, the Rev Joins
Steele wav orda.neJ to the 'work of the tlov
pel Ministry, and installed a* Pastor of this
Presbyterian church in this plate the Her.
Samuel Rutherford Houston was also or
dained, at the same time, as an Evangelist,
to labor among the lleallirn. The ordina
tion sermon was preached by tho Rev Dr.
Speece, and the charges delivered by tho
Rev. Mr llendren, and the Rrv. Mr Hous
ton, (father of the missionary, whoisquito
aged and infirm, i assisted by the Rev F. Mc
Farland. The veene was deeply interesting
and affecting. On Saturday. Mr. Ilenry Tamo
was I ire used to preach the tiospel.
The subject of the Manual l abor School
was laid over to the neat meeiin.5 of Presby
There was preaching every Jay during tho
session, ar.J on the Sabbath the Narramcnt
of the latrJ s Supper was administered to u
lar^c number of communicants.
[.Stuuiitvn SUrctator.
The esrr.rr-stone of the Methodist F.pi*eo
pal Church, about to lie erected tn this plan-,
*»as laid by Staunton Lodge, aceorJ:ng to lbs
forms and ceremonies of masonry, on Tues
day last. A sermon was delivered on lbs
occasion by the Rev. Mr llammet, in this
Presbyterian Church, which, *pxrious as it
is, was not sufficient to accommodate all who
" ‘shed to hear,from these words •• For other
“foundation can no man lay than that is
“ laid, whi.-h is Jesus Christ.”—1st C\.r. m,
11. The discourse is universally prouounrrd,
by those who beard it, to base Wen a must
splend.d effort. High as the expectations of
the hear, rs were raised by the reputation of
the preacher, we bclreve they were fully sus
After the ceremony of laying the corner
stone was concluded, the Masonic frsternite
partook »>f an excellent Dinner, prepared
f>r U.eui by Capt. Hemphill, at the ttayco
Tavern . —[f>.
The Wjvhington i'orretpoi r,f
Boston Transcript .peaks of |y,« |(PT
Stockton, chaplain to the Hot,*- cf K' ' ;
* senlalivrs, m the following term* r
••IJei.i Maryland B*an, | belies#, and*
i Methodist j what else I fcnow not, but frun.
his preii hiii;, uhfli ws* certain! • .
ble enough to entitle hitn to a n.!„! 1k
well as to the crow,led and. dietSgUhed «u!
d.enccs which commonly collect arou. .t |I1D,
n.agme a man of tL rty-hve years of age ;
tall linn, erect; with luatrons eyes,
and eipre-»*
!“***!•*“*• ^'HemplaUo# of unseen anJ fu.
r,*#* ^ iir ofnthmmigi, 9mq4s
wort! phantasies of the mvi.ibU
" manner and nutter m *
"'Kr'‘e correspond, lie preached o ,
• •« divine character as the s *jn c of liie
•.«d light, and bn speculations, metaphor,,
and language, were intellectually worthy of
bu theme, always commanding attentxio.
and •‘•outline* ,tarllmgly beautiful The dis
course was neither riiemj-ore a or written,
hut apparently sery wall studied, and per
haps arrantcj with the aid of note. ||.«
v.ice „ ii.different his geature. rather mono
tonous, but oecastonaii/ sinking and bold,
much after (he notion we have of Whitehelde
manner Hi, poser was feelmg'y tested by
the ctiert he pre-rfo* ed by a p.« lure of domes
tic beieaveii.rnl, whxh bn ogl.t tears to n.y
eyes before I w vs quite aware what the geo.
tie own was driving at, and by the Ume | h„|
fairly ic|«ntc i of my fratlty, U was talkug
»ilb his hands dying over hvs head, aU.it tf.o
• yellow garlaml of the mommy, and th*
•p 'errs that fill the eBr of boundless .pno
with their mus.c " | Mtrf ,
speaker unde u much deliberate dignity of
style . f„r he is slow almo-t to s fault, wuh
so much ealbusiesm of sentiment."
it .’H* '*"'•** wilt be beM Hr the V’oited
Hr tbi.n in I Hr.*t, «w tV Iwot ,4 Jodeie Ifcnh
r.«, thr.P ,,*1 a i,.|f „*b., n..fb ,4 ppprVwi.k
!*•••., I <e«|t rick (‘only %|<| neer tbr III.- ,
rwufi.—to rontaumce on the la d.t vt Aug, •<
ae»r 7 •
M amp M-Vtmg e,|| be keM bv the wwne. o* ,
I'.r I*, t f,l Mr Hitter, m nr lb onttwro'. H a*K.
5f 4 ~ ~ r,*r *•

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