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reiu*au, vK'&it, at
jou.y s. f. //, t t ni n.
Pi'-iMe hslf t. »rlr, but Two n..iLta*
will t»- rec. iicd a* payment in fail, if pai l
entirely iu advance. Whctwivcr pa t me lit ••
deferred beyond the expiration of the year
iuterr*! Hill be charged
Subscription* far six tnocllts, <1 2^, to
be paid lovambly fa react.
T ie term* of a.lverti.m^, are • r«»r a » piare
«>r lr«, <yl, far three insertion*—larger ohm
,h« •*•"« |T<»ponwi». I.ich continuance.
•j cent* (ht square.
\ll idirrliiemtntv not ordered for a
•pacific time, mil be continued until forbid,
mnJ rftrpJ arr«n#ing/y.
- -- .
n. n. isonwnrs,
H\S opened an office in Smithfield. and
will practice in the several Courts ol
Jedcrsoo and Berkeley.
June till, IrJI—3m.
Cotter House taut Hotel,
.LYlt ST.ICE orrICE,
Tills establishment, nearly opp ^ite the
Court House, is now in the occupancy
of llte tnSwribrr, »ho respectfully iaiiln public
•ttmtion to it* convenience*, rontlort*. aid ad
un'njpoui I.Xiti.m.
lie Ins h*l tome experience a* a host ; and
timing tnpplicvl hi* h»u»c with every thing ne
cessary t.i mile hi* gurit* comf>rt»blr, he iu
tlolgi « llie liap" that he « ill rceeup a fair pr. ;nr
vmuof piUonag--. Ili*apartment* arcairx. pica,
•ant, »od aril fiiruifacd t hi* table and Inr arc
( so important to travellers) it comfortable, abou*
dandy supplied, and well attended.
I ho* pi i psn-1, he f« el* a cotiS.lmre that tlnte
who s«.|o*im • till him villul a art>lqart • iib pli-a
aai.t remembrance*. MlCtlAhl. HILL.
Chariest j a it, J one C l, l So t.
Tt IF. mbseriber, thankful to the public f r their
very lihcral patronage for the lut six year*, at the
house kept by turn «.* tn- 'J'umMle brtv.-m l. -rt
burjf unit /Ac U./ nf, m ost rt->|,ce! fully asks a
continuance of public I'atur at the S.UUC houar,
win. h is »tll| kept Ut It* usual Mile, ale! ti.ni.aee.I
It hta SOX. * .»/. ////,/_
June 96, I Ui.
R4, lie/ Pratt Street, brtirrm Ihicani anj
SKar/, .Vfrr.fa, JL1 t.Tt.llftft R.
Tlir. undersigned, proprietor of the above
extensive establishment, respectful!* in
forms his friend* and the public gent rails ,
that the House is now open for the receptiJn
of Travellers. The location of the
.rational Hotel,
is centtal and healthy, on one of
the most flourishing streets in the 1 * * **■*
City, and its proximity to the different Steam
hoals and public Wharves, will reader it a
desirable stopping place. The chamber* and
parlours are fitted up in the most modern
style with new anj appropriate furniture.—
The table will be supplied with all the luxu
ries of the season, ami the Bar provided with
choke liquor* of all Winds.
Board per day f|. Livery .V) Cents.
The Proprietor hope* by hts unrenutted at
tention to business, to met it a share of the
public patronage.
The public’* humble servant,
N. B.— Bid, I ft It flfj S taken by the Week,
Month nr \ car.
Baltimore, Jure ’J*r—3:n.
THIS beautiful establishment, situated in
JefT«r*on County, \ irginu, about ten
miles south-west of Harpers
j; Firry, and five miles from the
eo’M.ty teat (Charlestown.) will
lie open for the reception of
vuitcrshy lh« llllh of June.
The valuable qu ill.es of the water are uni
versally ktiown and a< know I. deed , and the
facilities now alh-rdt d for reaching tin* plea
sant retreat, hy the Hail 'toj.l and Canal.w ill
render it a jaunt of j kasure ai.d healthful
recreation. The health of the nekhhovhood
I.as bren mf)>t eirfllrnt for hum >rir«. «
Two line. of sta-r« run daily from Har
per* I'rrry to ( harle.tnwn, ar.J aeeouimotla
t'un carriage, to tbe Spring, can be bad at
any tune.
The iub*eriber will endeavour (o requite,
in the moM aati.faetory manner, all LW
who n.ay fe.journ «ilh i,,m.
May O'*. ! -!A I_-t.
1^ 'I llTl.lt k f*o. ( ,>mrTii«>mn Mrr
^ el*ant*. No. I#, Sooth t hielev street,
liailumare. Md., devote parti, u.ar ailentr n
t» the * ate of Woo*. Ail eon.t -r,ntrr.lt
f.ra-U- lb'm, " .11 ree.et.e fheir parlieitlar at
tention, an I liberal advance. mil U; u.ad.
w lten required,
Baltimore, Mat *. 1-31.— Cm
TO Till*.
Hreetter* at # mr 1§nr*c*.
riAiir. .oh.rri'wr bej. Itnr to announce to
■ border. ,,f ,,r.e //.,rie., that he ha.open.
» . a 11 aming Stable in tbe i.r of
W,nche.;r,. and n .w read, to reeve
d ,r™- “{-« W ,o be.ter c»*ur»e, a...
' *fVl U e»,t; u.tr<l t . hi. care ~
,f' **• Grave*. viell lit,.o n In the
f*. ,o<roo,«..r,.iv. ... t. .up no
1 ml I ha .table, and u, ~- • boo, it he drt
-ed 11 pair.to,/- th,. e.ta dobm-nt. are a*,
cd that every attention Wilt i.e #fKj
' - .t the training w.il be conduct* 1 Wl„
tftovi approveJ plan.
W ,r,r*ie.ter, July III, l-JI,
t of.o.v//. rr:o \* sof tnrr.
11 • n.*ir,U n «.f t ,i. Smc«r ae- r--n,,n,l—d
'h*ir Vibtri q.t. m nl Ihv lh if ha.
’• d'.. Mncr .April I•*#, m.tl (Kit lb- I'trrM
'' il I'lrtii.lalr to wn.1 rl fund. »t ik„
W. \ A I ts, Trmmnr.
-• *»? 10, I A. 4.
Tin: uevru i«:i>.
M T Noon.
Ilr l In r kfr«Ki<i( through tlx- night,
H' r bnmtlin^, wit ».„|
A « in txT timiu I Hr w m« ol’ life
Kept txailli’tll Mr) Im?
S » MlrMh *r wrm'ii I • tpctk—
S > tk»li mjiul uImui '
'• ** ll ‘ I lent Hit Hull OUT pu»crt
T«» eke In r tiling out J
• Htr tery h .pri he li.il our f. art—
t.-wr* .mr Inpri twl.cd_
\\ • tli night In r iU lug when the dept,
At»d ikipuij • Ikh »iw died’ *
I 'if wh.fi I'»e m 'm iante dim and tad.
And rhdl with raili di in ire,
II. r i|*Mt cjilidi cloeol—the had
An 4uer m mi than unri •
fkfk press. '
'l-i I»»» publidicd a long rr|dj lu the
r> |n>rt of ihw I’u4 OScr committor ol tl.w Senate.
Iln- Major r&hiluU a good deal ol temper in hit
replication; but doe« uut deny tliat the depart
•> lit it in d. 14. We could run furl roxn I'.ir
dr- it port i nt I lie majority and niinoriti of the
romnuttiT, aud llierefore fo | under no oidiga
ti'«o tu pilhlidi tin- M»j >r’t I.mg document. <
thing oug'u to b.' mnci.i'x red, howeirr that the
Senate, by an MMOMMMiit »,4e, (41 ntetubert prv
tenl,( declared that I an- had been made hi the
Ih-|wrtiuri4, to a large a.u -ui.1, without authonti
"f tc»- The l‘octmatter (imml tayc he can
pay all thia in three yeart; it mil be to, hut
die public will nat .rally inquire trA* tl.it debt
**' *«■»*• »** •! f» >*» I' H»gT* »• until ferntled out
by the cormuittce, and wAy wr were told in the
annual rrpimt that tlie dcpir1nic.it mat juniper
ou». and able to tun t it* own eeproart. Thctc
thif.gw are at difficult ul eepl .nation at art* fb.
"rtln allow anret. ”
Ki< ry body hat beet. heretofore di.jmted t-> ad
mit that Major U tact W ** a right •' gwod fellow4*’
U»ai He was raw at..I credulous,’• Ml>| |UI|
ih.- «hsp- of hi* designing agent*. U..t as be as m.
di •posed to ibnul.br all •• the responsibility,” he
must be permitted to b.-ar tl»e bun bn. It «ill be
n-collcet .1 be s it af*s *t fn.iu hi* office u1 art.
! the whole of List summer.
1 he two committn * of Congress are rviiihniiz
cd to sit .luting th. rver»»; and from their Labor*
wre 'hall |>n tastily learn the true result.
Tbc IVrsi.bnt and Director* of thr Patriotic
Itank of AV-th inflow hare given notice of their
int.-ntiou to rvsunu- specie (wy incuts furthwitli.
Tlnre has hc-n another great fire in Xew York.
I lie loss of property is estimated at not lew than
An Act making a l liltoual appropriations for
the artery al Harper's Ferry, lor the year
eighteen hundred and l!mty lour.
IU it rnwebd, A,-t. That, for the purpose of
completing the canal from the public dam
i across the Potomac river to the works at the
armory at Harper s Ferry, the sum of three
thousand three hundred and seventy-eight
dollars and twenty seven cents be, and the
same is hereby appropriated, to be paid out
; of any money in the Treasury not otherwise
.Approved June 19, 1834.
The Spy in Washington thus notices the
circumstance of the vote of thanks.
A«»u will have noticed the fact, that Mr.
jibrcns.li* lias received a vote of thanks from
a fraction more than out ikirJ of the whole
House. Some members who could not vole
against it, absented themselves. AA ith very
l« iv exceptions all that supported it were his
party friends. It wai, (so far as his future
tame is concerned) a most discreet move
mt -it. It had its origin in deep mortibratum
*t the proceedings of the Senate. The house
consists of two hundred and forty members.
• *f this number Dimly »cvcn appro.ed the
Blair, in hiv proposal* for publishing an ex- 1
lea t«h*be, say* that “the Itepobiic is in dan
ger” Tills is true, though the source of the
danger is incorrectly stated. The Republic
•s indeed in danger, and from such fellows
41 l,,r oi inc itloDo, who Intuplf
ujMin all lb.il n good and * irtuou*. in order
that acre** to tl.e public purse may be made
ea«y. tllair'a »barc of the spoil*, in llie'
item of adrertmng, for the last two year*,
ha* been a* follow* —
from the Slate Department £90.000
from the 1*0*1 (Ifirr do 4'i.ltOO
from tl>e Treasury do t; non
from tbe Nary do li.fmi
Making together £I.VMN)0
».v r. /;. .v/m.
The IVrsi.lcrd of the I nited State* ha«,
we un Jerst-Ufcl, left lli.i nty on a ri*it |.j
“the llrrmtage,*' hi* residence m Teunnt
*ee. w hence he dor* not propose to return
before «>ctober. —l it
A eirrular published at Vstrhe* promil
gate* the f*ct that the Pmuutrr of the
I mtrd Slate* hi* bred again lately interfe
ring directly with loeil elec I too*, and en
deavoring to control public opinion. .\ pr.i*.
pretu* ha* brrn printed at Washington, for a
new piper railed Ihe Independent t h-orm Ir.
t*» b« pfihli«hrd it Natchei-, by a person
whom nobody know* in Mississippi, amt «*re>l
ral c»pi«* of tbi* prospeelu* hare tiern rerm- |
red at \at* he/, frmnk’4 f»* lli I’muh nl tf thr
I flr>l >fef»r f Thi* »«, t-» «»y the least of it,
a rrry free use of Itir franking pi It liege, if it
lie not drrartty *' bringing the patronage of
the I. .rrrnment i« rondict with the freedom
of election*.'*— 11*.
—e NIMH ^
f'ttu tlfj — %Va* drowned on Tuesday ere
nmg la»t, in the Ohio rirrr at this place,'
f isdn ! ‘t i wtil, son of il<e flitor of thi*
P»per, aged 9 year* lie vm bathing near a
deep h tie into whirh he *u ra*l by Ihe wa>e*
r,f • steam hut pining up, and not tiring ahtr
to »wim. and no one at hand able or willing
to a**i>t him, he prn«V<d II * truly has
not yet be*u lc„n<i — M'ker/mg liiirltt
I A MlfeetkM tat taken up in Dr f banning'*
< bwrrb m B-»*l m, nn Sunday fortnight, for
, the benefit the Pole*, aud y.’lil roilcrlcd
unw AT Cll A I'll \M STUF.KT CIlAl'KI.'
The anniversary of VmerioQ Independence
was selected by the fanatics to celebrate the *
immediate emancipation of the blacks, and
Da*id Paul Brown, Lsq., of Philadelphia, a I
*e*y eloquent and crreutric member of the '
bar, was iRvitrJ to deliver a discourse m hon
or of the incendiary pmjert. The Chapel
»s as very luti.-h crowded, anJ the managers
designedly mingled the black* and whiles,
placing ladies of color along side of clergy
men, and jrranjfinj; them in such a manner
as to resemble the keys of a piano forte, at- ^
tcruaUly bla> k auJ white—“ a streak of fat
and a streak of lean." The heat aaf the day ,
aud the rrowdrd stale of the Chapel, sent
forth odours only to be endured by the faith- |
ful in the cause.
The Declaration of \merican Independence
was read, and listined to with res|>eriful alien- '
tion. Mr. Lewis Tappati then rose to read
the Constitution of the Society, when groans,
hisses, scraping of shone, thumping of canes,
and violent coughing ensued. The gentlemen
of color were quite indignant at the interrup
tion, which was continued, without further
violence, and the pious genth-man could not
cnlightcu his auditors by developing the
objects of the institution.
David Paul Brown, F.sq., a neat, natty lit- '
tie gentleman, rose and bowed, and bowcJ, '
and attempted to proceed, amidst the most
unequivocal in irk* of disapprobation, and
positive indications that they would not hear i
a word that iie had to say, and he sal down
quite perplexed and disapjNMnted. Lewis
I appan sent oil for the police, and the Mayor, '
with a h'»*t of peace olhcer* at his heels, made
lh**ir appearance. But all was tranquil,peace
able and orderly, only they srould nut allow
the proceedings of the meeting to be heard —
that's all. So the Society for the immediate '
emancipation of the hl.icks went home to
dinner, and David Paul Brown, Kiq., set ofT'
for New London.—[,\*. I’, /,'rmin^ Slur.
\\ e find in the II >Mun Liberator. Garrison’s !
paper, the following main?. The KdH<>r vouch
es I jr tlx- characte r of the advertiser, and ccitific*
that !«• is *rni>u**1ti hi* proposal* ami is actuated
by disinterested and gem mu* motives :—
A friend of Ivjual Uigltls.it convin
ced that our coloured brethren and sis j
ter* are entitled to all the rights and,
piivilegcs which are claimed by the
whites; that prejudice against color is
extremely absurd ; and that as long as
this prejudice exists, its victims will
feel the yoke of oppression crushing
them to the earth. He takes the liber
ty also to state, (being himself what is
termed a white man.) should he meet
with a suitable opportunity, he is con
vinced, that it would be his duty, as it
is his dcterminalion,to bear testimony
against this prejudice by marrying a
Coloured Woman.!!
Information would be thankfully re-'
ceivcd of any young, respectable, and
intelligent colored Woman, (entirely
or chiefly of African descent.) who
would be willing to endure the insults
and reproaches that would be heaped
upon her for being the partner of a
white man; and who is either in low
circumstances or would be willing to
cede all she hat or may have of this
wot id's goods, to the American Anti- j
Slavery feociety, that the mouths of
gain*-vers may be stopped. Iuforma-1
lion sent by letter (post paid) to K. K.;
West Chester, Penn, will meet with
due attention.
{Tlii* jjrnt ten.•»«’• rrfin^l tatte rui^ht be grati. 1
tied by strip to New-Orlcant, sh-rr, it it uiil, i
cb.m, lUmwIi may In- found of great beauty and j
aeroniplidiiiM-nt,, one of wbrun would no donbl |
promptly apprn i.te lu, merit,, and rate bit Ian- ,
ipiidiing In-art ]
josiii'a fi.kk rn un.
TH<-follow inginierritins border skrtrh it pub.
tidied in Hillimau’, Journal, at the relation of a
HOitbiiitn »bo ui for several year, p.-raut>ally
acquainted with tin- aelor. We recoil. <-t to bate 1
beard tntclliinj of the particular, before.
Joshua Flcethart was born and
brought up in a frontier settlement of
Western Pennsylvania, in the dsya of
her border warfare. He was as much
a cnnu 01 inc lorr^i as any 01 us clip
per colored tenants; hia whole life,
from boyhood to thirty years of age. ha
ving been spent in hunting bears, deer,
buffalo, and occasionally Indiana, lie
was also an experienced trapper; and
would, with astonishing tact, counter
act and overcome the cautious cunning
of the half reasoning beaver, when
once in their neighborhood, and secure
them in hia trapv. Ilia person had
been formed after one of nature’s lar
gest and most perfect niodrle—bemg
several laches over six feet in height,
w ith hands of uncommon muscular ai/.e
and strength. Ilia face was broad, with
high cheek bones, Irruuna'ing in a pro
jecting chin, indicative of great firm
net* of pur|»cae and natural bravery.
A lig>*t hunter's rap covered his head,
affording a slight protection to his small
keen eyes, which always shone with
uncommon lustre at the approach of
danger. lie could neither read nor
write, but as hie mental faculties had
been uncultivated, hie outward sense
bream* doubly scute and active. Ilis
usual dress was m the true backwoods
style—consisting of moccasins, buck
skin leggings read mg above the knees
mid fastened to a garment around Ins
brine; a coarse woollen hunting shirt
covered his arms and body reaching to
the top of hia leggings, and fastened
round him by a broad leathern belt, to
which was suspended a hunting knife
and tomahawk; while a capacious pow
drr horn and bullet pouch hung by a
strap frum the opposite shoulder. The
rdle he was accustomed to use was on*
ol the largest calibre, and of sjch
thickness and length that few men i
were able to raise it to the eye with a ’
steady hand. I
His four brothers were sll of the1
same gigantic mould, and two of thrm .
were employed as rangers by the Ohio;
company during the Indian war. His
two sisters were also about six I'eet in {
height. When the colonists frem New ,
England took possession of the country :
about Marietta. Fleethart resided with ,
his w ife and a family of young children
on an island on the Ohio river, near
lielpre—since become classic ground ,
as llicscene of AaronBurr's conspiracy
and the abode of Hlennerhassstt. Af
ter the war broke nut in 1791, he re
moved them into "Farmer’s Castle,” a
strong stockaded garrison opposite to
the island, and resided there himself;
but in the most dangerous times he j'
would hunt, fearlealy soil alone, in the'
adjoining forests ; and whenever there J
was an alarm given by the rangers,
who constantly scoured the woods, and
the other tenants of the castle were
seen hurrying from their cornfields to!
within its protecting walla. Fleetheart
would almost invariably shoulder his
rifle and take to the adjoining woods. I
giving as a reason that he could do
more service there in case of an actual
attack, aod also feeling himself more
free and courageous when behind a
tree Bghting in the Indian manner,
and depending on his ow n personal ac-l
tivity, than when cooped up in a garri
son. During the Indian war in 1794.,
being tired of confinement, he deter-1
mined to have a hunt by himself, and
again breathe freely in * the forest.—
Knowing, from experience, that the In '
dians almost invariably confine them
selves to the vicinity of their town* '
during the winter month*, he pushed '
immediately for their best hunting !
ground*. 'Faking his canoe, rifle trap*.
&c., he, late in November, ascended (
the Sciota river, to near the spot where 1
Chillicothe now stands—being ten or j
fifteen mile* from the then Indian .
Chillicothe. Here he built himself a ,.
bark hat. and spent the winter with all !
that peculiar enjoyment which i*
known only to the backwoods hunter.
He had been very successful in the,!
chase, and had loaded his canoe with
the hams of the bear, the elk. end the 1 j
deer; to which he had added numerous
packages of their skins and of those of '
the more valued beaver. With all the,!
precaution of an experienced warrior!
in an enemy's country, he had securelv ! j
fastened his well loaded canoe several [
miles below, behind the wilnws which!
then bordered the shores of the Sciota. '
The melting of the snow, the swelling
bud* of the sugar tree. aed. above all.1
(he flight of (he wild geese on their an- J
nual northern tour, reminded him that'
it was time to depart, lie had cooked
his last meal in hi* solitary hut, and
was silting on a fallen tree in front ol,
it. examining the priming and lock1
of his rifle: the sun had just risen.!
wh^n looking up. he saw an Indian ex-!
amining with minute attention the
tracks of his moccasins, made a* he re !
turned to his camp. While hunting !
in the direction of (lie Indian towns. I
the day before, hi* acute and practiced
ear had diatinguished the report of an
Indian rifle at a distance. Pleelhart
immediately atepped behind a tree,
and waited until the Indian had ap
proachcd within the sure range of hi»
shot. He then fired, and the Indian.!
with a yell and a bound, fell to the;
__ L __S •/ a a
aiiiiv uau corn- ,
mcnccd its operation; but at the In
dian wai not quite dead, he desisted,
and fell to cutting loose sumo of the 1
silver bands with which his arms were!
profusely ornamented.* and tucked
them under the folds of his hunting 1
%hlT\-. . . i)
V\ hile thus busily occupied,he looked 1
up and saw four or five 'ndians close
upon hint. This being too numerous a
party for him to encounter alone, he
•ei/ed his rifle and took to his heels. 1
They fired upon him, but without ef f
feet: h« soon left them all but two far *
behind, who being more swift of foot
than their companions, continued the
chase four or five miles, without his he- *1
mg able to leave them—he often stop *
ped an«l treed, hoping to get a shot and '
disable one of them, and then kill thr 1
other at Ins leisure; as soon as ho took r
a tree, the Indians did tho same, and *
by flanking to right and left, soon ,
forced him to uncover or stand thr
rhance of a shot In this dilemma ho r
concluded In try tho hills, and leave 1
the level ground on which they had so 1
lung been struggling. 11 is vast tnuvcu-{ '
lar power here gave him the adv autsge. *
ss he could ascend tho stoep side of the I
hill more rapidly than his lighter hut 1
less muscular foes. Perceiving him to ’
lie leaving them, the Indiana stopped'*
and liied; one ball passed so near that ^
it rut awav the handle n| his hunting 1
knife, as it hung at his side, jerking the *
blade so violently against it as to make
him think for a moment that ho was
wounded, lie immediately returned r
* In Utii'if’wtl, nnl fir feunllw V
tA t’t< rltllfl’i wlw»rtl»f*, Ilir U -iMmi i,( ^
liKtian f ><r'<1, »i|h *,>rri|lim»1| .i|,<r Ixtuiil
mi »l*e b>rt* * <A hi* »rti >*--*« Kl«-I |l.*«s ««r.|.pr >1 "
ntT <rnlv • |»ir1 <A in- '>»n l«. if i, -ri'irp t)tan |iro- 1
tielilc Ih.f lhi« *»i Ilir i l. hliral In imi. »,
hr shot, when the Indians, with a loud
rell. abandoned the chase. Flrethart.'
i little out of wind, made a wide cir-,
'(lit in the hills, and into the river near
vhere he hail fastened his canoe; and {
inding all sale, he lightly jumped on
toard and pushed vigorously through
he day; at night he laid down in his
anoe, and when he awoke in the mor-•
nng, was just entering the Ohio; cros-1
ing over the southern shore, he ccsst
d along its calm waters and reached
Partners* Castle in safety, ladeo with
he s|»oi!s of his foes, and gralihesl
villi the admiration of Ins former com- *
lanious. After the peace, as tha tide
if emigration rolled westward. Fleet
tart still kept on the borders, and was
inatlv killed in some quarrel with his
istural-loes. the red men of the forest.
TIIE si.olthei> II\T.
In tire year 16-. there appeared
n the goodly town of Huston, one Mon
lieur Ic Cain, who from the account he
;ave of himsell. came to sojourn among
hem for the purpose of instructing the
iwber and staid citizens, in the “ noble i
iciencu of defence.” He took lodg-f
ngs in King street, at the sign of the
Jat-and - Fai rot. from whence he issued
iis cards: giving notice, that at all
tours oT the day. he held himself in rca
liticvs at his room, to give lessons in the
loble exercise of the broad-sword. At
he bottom of his bills was appended
he following: “Any gentleman who is
>o good as to join in the amusement.!
tod escapes oitiioutthree cuts aud par-1
V to one attnnpt, will be entitled to
it sli-a _it. «• »n • a
' v 1 III!
Ircw forth at once the pride and feei
ng of all the young blades in town
v lio had ev er “don’d glove” or handled (
oil; and many in consequence were
he encounters w ith the dapper French
nan. It was all in vain : the activity
ind skill of Monsieur, carried hint
••rough all triumphant. This sneers*
ickled his pride: and to gratify his vao
ty, or more prihaps to extend his ce
ebrity.^and to increase the number of
tis pupils, he caused a stage to be erect*
id on the common, upon which he dai
y appeared, armed “cap apie, ” K't'iog
hallenge. that he was ready then and
here to contend with naked blades a
;ainst alt corner*. This was • cooler
—to engage in *ti iendly passage.* w ith
tultoned toils where nothing was ex
tosed but their vanity, was what had
teen and could be endured bv the young
Radiators of the town ; but to face this
;unpowdcr Captain of the Louises in
nortal combat, was not for a moment to
ic thought of. Nu one ever dreauiptol
ittempting it.—Thus Monsieur I.a
Jain had his stage entirely to hnnvell, I
ipon which he continued daily to re
lew his challenge, give point aud cut di-(
ect upon the empty air.
It was at one of thus* daily exhibi
ions, when an unusually large number
vere looking on to w itncss bis dexter
ty in cutting and nourishing, and lisle- j
nng to the olt-repeatrd challenge, that1
i man atept from out of the crowd, and
rery coolly walking forward, drew his
;love from his hand and cast it upon
he platform, in token of his acceptance
it the challenge, lie was completely i
•nveloped in a large dark coloured
•loak of course materials, which, in the
ict of drawing In* glove, fell open, and
lisclosrd to like view of the astonished
►ystanders, a ponderous broad sword
ruckled to his thigh, that, judging
rum ila si/e. would he u*rle*a in anv
lut the hands of ** \% illie Wallace,” or
i ** Douglass of the bloody heart.”—
I his, together with a slouched hat, con
tituted the whole of hi* kisibft cos
ume. lie appealed rather abute the
ointnon size, with a fotm that drnu
rd great strength and artikitv.
The Frenchman at fii»t appeared
tfeiljr coitloundrd at this unlooked 1
or occurrence ; but recovering Inm- ]
elfin a moment, he. with the polite
its* and uihamty of Ins nation, invi
ed his daring opponent to ascend the’,
lage. 'I he bystanders, when tWev i
ad recovered from their aui prise et 1
he challenge of l,e Cain being accep 1
nl, were very eagei te ascertain who 1
hit fearless being was. ” Who is her”
nd *• and what is he;” were questions
eiteralcd t urn one to another; but t
► ho he was. or what lie was, no one
new. and none could tell. No one 1
ad observed hnn until he had tepe
ated from the crowd to accept the J
hallenge. A* for l.e (’am, when he
>iut»d Inmsell driven to the issue upon s
isown terms, with a crowd ol witness I
s, among whom were a number of h»* 1
"ipils, and all of whom had heard hi*
rpeated boastings, he was determined
bat this unknown, w ho. in hi* opinion, *
►as hoping to disgrace him. should <
ay dear for hi* temerity \% i»h these 1
bought* in In* mind, he addressed
be stranger: ** You shall play a bli*o- .
f game lor this, air broad brim.”— t
I am here.” replied the unknown,in a r
aim and clear voire, ** to punish a *
am boast ; let the retell be a* God
rills.” “Well spoken,” sad l«e
lam, hit face reddening with pas*»wn ;
t the stranger** ermine**, *• but are ,
nu aware that four opponent is |hc j
tit •wordttnan in the tuuBtrv:**— i
This information dd nc* *-«*»*«. f „
rffrct upon tW slaochrd ha*. i» ,t | ^
f»m (idMlIr n.uWm1 it
the same proiuk.?>-and e*«-a **o*e .
replied, - Veer Uog.a^.
sparrow. welt betm * p,,^ M ;
but young «*o.~ (ami L-. .*»<, ,**.
®*“ • tone of *art a*w* — tva . T | .
Ur craae taw Wan* mg. and utr *,a,
strength for I astute tea that t*a « l
oretl »t all ta sfeadt tear ear. and
guild tour paiata.** The twH <4 tbe
her? I-tench man was ahsViiled i» *
minute—the stranger ceoil? i» Ua«.t
l.is eiample. ‘*Ttis itvdmc H »,*
te be borne,” said Le Cwa. pat% .
himself in po«<are *4 attach. “ defend
yourself;” and he taasn <ed a (a>i
ous attack upon the stranger. TW
«»ne mi a!l Lie and iup* * —*■
other cuol and collected, lie r«rac -
man esidetitly had tbe ad«a»*agc •»
actisitr, while tbe strength »» <• *e t
peeacssion ei the other apywaied *•
render him full? his e^onC Le Cauo.
"I'u had depended upuw Ls ujeiur
dull, finding Lunar'i repeatedly bW.1.
became mote enraged as (W caatrd
continued. Hi* fain nas a* red a*
scarlet, and ln« aUlecmateaaxrW'
trayed tbe height of pnamaac. *L.i
strongly contrasted n«b the calm atd
collected countenance *4 the «2rarger.
This self possession mis noticed be
Lc Cam. and tended to me tease k«n
1 *5r • be shifted lu* groat id. mA at
tempted ta bring the face of Via antago
nist to the sun; Lis «ff«sesl toted
to rcteise hits as steaddr a* if Le mo
led upon a pilot, con tanking to act
only on the drfrasise. TW at
tempt of U Caia ta blind tl-e stran
ger by the tuu apprarcd to Late so-:
cffdeH, for he had m txorr ftrtr!
him in that |*o*itu»*. tl.aa the sw«ed ml
the uuUbtu missed a pane. u4U
received a deep wound n the sward
arm. He still maintained m** nd
tod self posse****, bat the cwl ms 1
ra]m counter an re bad dtujpa.'eJ. V*
lace was flashed, eterr asmsclu *i I #
pow erful fi true appeared to be krwog* t
into action ; he shifted km ground with
the speed of iightuirg, and bm Uo««
were dealt with a speed and force that
showed a determination to krc^» ta*
contest to a close. This change of af
fairs in an instant altered the «p<r.4<a
that I*e ( am Lad euteata nod ml t--s
at.II of his antagonist. lie akanif se
ed at once In* assault. awd relied ►>
Iv on his defence. Tbeaiianger |*r«
u*d up«* him, lusface aasumw gadasL
rr hue. the muscles ml k» mvath vox-,
tractiog with ewu U«« 1« «ea>.
showing Lis teeth as Lm.le art as a
sue. until by a sweeping blow he dat
ed the sword <4 Le Cmm it mm L«iau.'t
which left him coapleirlr at k.* me?
CT. ‘•Yield.” shouted the *1 ***<-.
- or die the death «d a foolish Us*«;*?.'*
I.e Cain, with quivering Up and < -. -
ii nance a*hy pale.rejdted. - I si* Id. I
•arreuder ail pi '-tension* t* tie scarxcw
of defence; but may I kno« «o »ktir.
I jrieldr •• riiat,” roj.'.rd llie
gcc, “ is not for you to ls«s : to
■ ml In 1C... ... J-- i _ _■
-- -- - r-— —- -
• ould •»», I Bin B t» J<IB
ith prc#u®|lt«'Itl.*, llr ikra d r* t.«
cloak evrr liitn, and pul!it » km kit
dowu «tfr lias fin, leaped kto
platform, BtitJ in*t;jfdiale i« <! taaj*j** a* -
*41 ini tl* i4ttru4 tl* iraiu Him
tki« ttMliaidoal mil »!• • i« afte:.
»•»«!• drsienatrd tu* .Uwo hr£ Hot,
«*• not Liiaaa tstil tarwac la.
wbra if oat a*certa.*»rJ \1mnm »kat
aourrr it «u But known tU! it «u
the regicide, aba. *« i| ra or.l
known, ait(w<ealf4 lira aankti <4
f^*r* io «hit ccuBtrt fiwea lW
mra of ('harlea tkf II.. tW **m ad lie
inurilrrrtl kioj-\Dtdhmme .ter.
{ l-rti among i I#a—A fixi.d id m ].,
owed red riutei amoor r>ri aVr
li rough w itL the ru«u»ator the im *—-_
Hie vtj h a> |ir iitodwtS lr./ui tie fceMi ad ft*
jn * j the con*, it mnv f »orm< •
ery toon, and after the r ura w a* « j| *#.
hare *» »* a lutinint grtmefc *4 (ium. at*- a
iii- rilro true pasture UttiiT«;iu:<tw.M •»*
«n» The ird »freer i* iMMiloinr ir*
hare r«i»cd ati:<e rrap «4 ohraH. hy fhaa-v
r.f it) the nert/ad pMft after iw>r<*
(Jiarri'M f a>w<i
f * filVf »| fimi >)iwitn.* .4
he twnirM I •rnrer «mo h 1 *i.va» —
" t ftrr t had the letter tea • tee*’* «ert
>n (by han J. and haf "*rS a Tun ds* t 6v‘.w•
»"rtto *f t. Hie <>n>*.u>< i>t. Mie-fc ti»»A «l t.a
kin repeatedly * rttivul rfi i'.ibf ano,«
nend ad* i**d me t» whtaia a awe V rll r na»_
railed at** red rant. Indio* pass! Aei 1*
i*'« it m * x*e rae , and afterward* • m-\ *ha
art afle*ted a <th the Ixp-fd I dd •». a«t n
f«w (!«r« the «rurf war rtwn*«4 and » j
'eiwd hand t M M M Ixi* a* Chn it 111 ■**
A •team fnrat* at Tnui e |M Ww y w
r, i miH »e tie Owl toomaeir W*e«
**• hi/aarod Man of war iei.ear < tui* f 4.
1 be Tirrmf iif f <»j<1 ha* <*4 '*eAreia|
he ra’ I id I tcsa Idaeai *w> the d me| t «p
tin fewei H t>i* i* the Im uae AM a
hriatiaa ha* hem nanf tv tin* a^utt • •
lafcoMMOr taa owwr.tr*
TW h*a I »x I hurU* rtatar that am
fM'ow* »ef* fhiladelpbaa and *v.*w » wr%.
iw.|>lw»«»ii»lf Ml|t| w*rd rrt pwe *
peat l hre* hewer it t»et e »*, ut * W» BOB -t
h'y a**d rt tueaad to th> 4 | -m-i
icf^rr 4*iA

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