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Virginia free press. (Charlestown, Va. [W. Va.]) 1832-1916, July 24, 1834, Image 1

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jomm.y *. c.fi.L.iffcff.
i wo D9LI.A1S fc rii'f r ora.
rttt .o.u .n
VUf yearly; but Tea D»i i.
anil tar rocened as puynarnt m full, ,( pa„j
me .re.* in aioni’n. Whenever pjinrnl is
Aifceri->l lei ml tin* eapiratmn of tar year
kaBrrvnC WiU be charred. *
i^W tijtfcins U.t u* months, $1 **j, to
•R piaai msananiy i.» a/rruci.
TTta* ter ns- .jf aiirrlomt. -we For a square
^ bt three insertions—larger ones
*x»e pryTtMio. Each continuance,
23 ««nt* per square.
VI slurlwnomts not or lered for a
spm-iAe Ixae. «ill So continued until forbul,
ml ie/i t error JknqUf.
Hmrper*-Werrp Smrimg*
A* subscribers, a committee ap
* ™ yunted by the President and I>wee
ljn We Harpers-4 erry has irp Insiitution.
W on irnfiao the adam of the said Instilu
tosn tsr e>c Last sra months end in* the THh
•ua*. 1*31. and make and publish a rep .rt
* ■*'>« mewpapers printed in the
r “«lt) mi >rt£crvm — Brpor', That «e hasc
*'-*•*•*•* the Books, Notes, Ac cunts, and
•iri*>ium*, from which we subnut tbr
W^e ;m- statement:
.S*uo<s U^xtMwm Q2
■ ^ rtetiuii (rum wifely
Arpnmlora ....... All HO
Ax monthly A>. 14*4 Uu
,>J Ax special do. |s *J | j
* x Ax In tersest on lows IJ-i ,»3
l>x Ax Tinea j;j
$3,301 061
Bt rw sum p»J, interest on «pe
nal depcsstee id 33*
Ax J. b i.aUaher, for
pemtm^ - . 4 00
Av spend Arpoeitoes 1*33* t> )
Ax m He bawds of Trea
surer. ... H7 or, l
Ax teamed to mdiv uiuMls 3l***i 431
-$3,304 031
A'fe' * Vrfnwsi «/ thf m/furs «/ i\t fl,r
pen-fes-) Sorsn^j Autifn.'iua, on tht 111
la. »-•' • .
»r xautsory >o(tn on hand $.'474 50
Caah m toe hands of the Treasurer 147 06*
LtvkilUits, sir -
I*w t» special drpu**.
•oc* $1-43 la
£k weekly *». II? IMI
*.k BtioeUy 4®. 3312 Idi
d®. spsreial depositor.,
I* u»ier*»t go depo
***** - 34 241
-$3,507 10
Wanes 0/ $1H 4*..
h» he itdC-iooted between the weekly and
Uuo«k.y drpo..tor< as a divuiend.
n uu.u
.v ruiKUr±<KX.
1 • ott.
J'LSi.ru s.iurii
iAJU-t.it c.iJcYj;r.
rr. i-3«.
ilsrpcr* Ferry Sarin ** /mtitufion. >
Jut I ST* IH.VI. ^
THE Ere-Hlwnt and Director, of thi« ln«ti
C-Itron have tht. day declare,! adit elm j
«f 3t per eenf. for the 11 eaonths ending
7-0fk iuu* Ehcpooi tr. can receive their Ji
.ulend-, by caiitng at the office of tlm Insth
| J<*. O IIAY5, To fir.
D%T* or Dl$4 stf NT every Tuesday at
II s'cljek. ». w. ><ite. intended for Jo
» -ini m .it he left w tti the Treinirer on i>v
Be&ee 11 o’clock, a. w. on the said days ol
—•tuet B; order of the Bnari.
> *i. 1141.4, T/ru«or.
July IT. 1431 —3t.
eMmhm T. Cool mb Jr Co.
RE-ffXTFl Ll.Y take pleasure Ut in
f -em their friend-, customers, atiJ the
fvnhe C-S*eraily, that they are juM rerei.
Kid open a very general supply of new
a id se iKir.ah.e GOODS I »f » t.tch have
6c*n acre’.iteed at reduced ora...t si.
so» K-frnrt on Cm litur irnnv »t >;^rc
it *-■ U~'Zt >n B< r ■(.«!« a county.
>*H x HM-lf:
r«Nir Sate.
auWrA*r wt'l anti it pohli. a«l. *t
Ut* RHiliurt o« D M. < ortMM-k
**» r*m I.V4 ■*/* if .hemH rm-rt
’■a0t #•'♦•«!»! property of the -ruuin
t4lf o#„
T-.r*«'i»mT^n».» h.i.h.f. of arh.it,
!f A * afctrit of firm bora.., »n».>n«
n. bti»r» h * h .. »ono< atitli.Hi.
t •-» » *«»rj I»ir'.aiii h.ifcr*. an<J a anur-c
>*rb»» bull.
* a »->»04. a.# mi m.irH <••>«•,
I tf rattl* Mock .aft I*.
* & • fn-m* alo«-i» of >0M»th Down »h..p
***"*: h U».r. am man a tat .S..p,
* 1 taotrty of nW <rnr», tt.»rk hivra,
^ «rt*)lrmJr»l aiptn an ut ra*t
* of c«-«U#ot firmin' utmaila
* *■** •*****<• arvi wiiky »ary littl« n**<!
»f Vi w>,aat, ar j f,t ntt). aoH
* *f* MfeklMn Ktaiotc fK
'■■Mi art* «kti» j xrl «»>- irita. \\ K. .» |
* Hkr» by ft* p'«r.na..r (roan tb* bam
■ A * of «h# pr-.p.rt. f.,r ai| *,,,.,4
"f V» mo. Milbl' rrrjit h.,ftj aft,j ,,
*■' ^nnp tayrnf. -to-W 5.-, th* . ,.h to tt.
. W.la Lb* artwI. ■» 'S.liarr.y
nim.rf ttr' ohmi« k
% f*»L mi D. Ma>« oernirk (W.J
^*ar »*fT'rt..wn, July IT,— 1-JI
*f. .W. KiTXmftiieWet: A\
attokbbt at law.
nr**•* pra.fi** In th. hnpnrm* nH In
aram* mart* of Lorfuiji anal J.4*r
T . :n*' K’txwi of ail rnwtnt
' b . ainatr t.nt Will bn rba,rar«*r»«m
* <t**,r»t an.ntnn ami p-ir>r'o »|,r y
H . V>'k«Lat , latilwrx
*f» * I*. liU —t/
■ IH HNI IKH » to Ihr IMTIMin (4 ten f'gl
rt,r. by • lady , an , Uur <4 llvu hewn itul
I of the Free—tin Sag *ludl aar.
High o «T the llrto’j iaotMM- d gnm.
W boar ontanght arm. Hr. Man.lwvi b«rr.
” **“ murky MgU bong thy »l„.r. .
” b» raylr« ghaio>-*i railMaUin. atw
ArtuJ the lurid rat A* <4 mar.
Trampled. • asrv'rv I..J. rtgbt. •
| UrMnl, our , «ci»4 ,u her flight.
\» hen from her n r.« rud
In thr lorn b .men of tin rloud
P“ • rvatli. she hacll* c*,r.
1 Au cp* far the go mi amd bravc
Then, Ijlmlt't brv.bt grv.imv roar —
• Nhoofc <4f the fetters <4 her b» t.
Ami welcomed la the h. id of I mi or. -
I*» I ay lUr Her Ikukh i d htriM.
I U> bjri* *® “J ***** high .iMrur,"
| " »*. •'* °**r country g|,.r*. u«ar.
Bt»l ah' In % laur-Is »r« «r» gnn .
1 Or sculptured on the Irtc-irms sKmir •
( Wh.il. ( liuniHling truth.) hn yaert. bears—
1 he glory at I.J ihiiuspbcrrs.
V|<k ach'd i* that rye uf u.t,a I,.**.
>• nrh-M thr at m. once Wrung ... t.Arf.;
**•••« *» *cut> U-roa’k aiu|dr fr.mj,
JJ" " ar-ajirar trailed a poo th. grn.il
H 11 »Jflu.,i hand ahali gra<, hi. Ur.
” rth a.r.U h arrma lavrs t» w.-ar ,
W nh-eery flower .4 r. »i b.rth.
W oh every vparklmg ge.n .4 earth ;
A i-IHw. n*4 l a*, thr gentle »-h
And konlrrd b ar. how hrauty '•
‘ J »»U!ij» hifr
*'“**«• *£** '’“U Utj“' ,W b~wrow U^—
I hr - Uoa...- owlwowce loo slialj aA-.
I h- dumber* 4 the X -rtl.-Tu lakr
Aa.1 farthest s aitU ah all hear the hj,
1 I.A‘v hall lard be a Saturn's a«J—
* Ug of the I'rre. thr ful J. shall tm
O'er thy la Fayrtte'a Uuni'd grave.
fr" ,A*' *V *' f'1'wtW.'.Hrvtwrr, iah |<
We reyon r in being relieved from the m
cevvity uf occupying our column with drtai
of rvoi and outrage The formidable nr™
rat tout that were made on Saturday_liachr
by lb* Mayor's second proclamation whir
w e publislied on that a lie moot!—and the ,-ri«
ral understanding that prevailed ; reaching n
doubt the ears of the law leas rioter* llu
b.ood would be spilt if the outrages were rt
pewtrd, bate bad the salutary cdoct of n
J pressing all doturbauc*s for the lawt la
oightv. Fubiic Icelmg d«e* not appear to b
j fu.ly restored to its forotnr quietude. but w
, shall be greatly di«sppuiuted if it Ure*k»iurt
i agaui into overt acta
crawly 10 me orders issued on Salurdav
[ a large military fou r assembled, and unde
the command of tie .eral Morion. «m d„
tnouUd and stalioosj in sjih ,,»rt* lit
city as were deemed be*t calculated to mu
pre.* tins cio* cruet; l» of the mob. fir sen
hundred citizen* had been suom » durin
ihr day, as peace officer*, and in tU. -e.cn
ward* hand* of citizens assembled at the
re«pectire places «»f rendezvous and su
organized for action.
rile watch r ere all on dote. »nd lar~ d<
tarboaenw were stationed .■'duTorent smn
of the city to n pt I aggression «:.d „ pre« dr
order, wbrrc.cr they sh.wiU a-pear ft.
Mayor. Alderman and \*st.taot*. tbr fol.r
i ^ 1 iotralts. Slit rill and hi* officers bit i'ooc
olii in and City Marshals and Constable
• ere all in preparation for tbe anti-mat*
onset. The trouj- and citizen* were aftbt
*«veral p*t*t*, v siting for events to authors
IV m to act. t idetics were * la tinned at tn
uiilcrenl po.ts, and eapresscs ui readiness 1
eoavry tin- earliest intelligence.
The riultn, b'jvttcr, dared not atteiui
carrying into et! et their avowed de*ig.,T
. Vuac disturbance was created at the bead .
Cbatanne street, near Cahtbaa^onre a.
a No ,« srrenwirli ..ll.ge, fut aa nr nte
place of a chsrart* r mart, brvond those Va.
I *»*•''«• of the peace which occur un Salurd*
nights, in less troublesome time*.
The amount of damage already done hi
teen v*ru'j*!y estimated — -Jwftl tt
Crowds assembled near the Cborib at th
",n" r.®* *>CJ *»<i Washington street*, »-«
a view | ) demolish »i, anu also near a w
marble dwelling house on tbe tavt si^e «
broad way, the p.llars of wl.icb were .aid t
ha.r been wrought at tin- kmg ***„- «t«-|
prison . but I he 1 r disereti-io got tbe asresdri
ey of their *alor. and they w*ael* abstain*
iro..i rcticAitig the work of deatrucUuu
\ [>• vee o.T II*—. Ill lb- shape of a ilihbi'iK
' :.f . rt.in it*.p.’t.-,| *ip,i.i •*!*, wa-v.,-,*,- ,,^4„ *
i >it-.nl*y It.- 1.11. n,.t I. .ssdWHs roeUla*.
1 tin , iglwnrt tie- lit* if Xia \ * uui, U
Iloilo • 111- it a c -pr .
Aural, tv Avti-St tvi.ar Vitri-Oi
nnmrr — me unaeni^ird, ,n behalf uf tt
Lamjtiva t'omimttre of lt.e ** Inrrrv-i
AnliMacery Society. ” and of «4k<r iradn
friends of the ca>j*c, o<*w al-*eni from tl
city, ha; the attention of tt,c,r felk.w-r mat i
to tlie f<iUe«m( Disclaimer
1 Wa entirety disclaim any desire «• p
n-»c or encourage mtermari ia^e. briaac
white and colored person*
* " e dtsHaira. and entirely doapprevi
• n «a^e «f a hi<idtii|| re neatly nr- ulalr
in the - rtf, the tendency of ekrti i-> ttmi{i
to t»e t » e ante rm.1i ,r, to the Uat <»,
principle ■*, that e«m bard law* arc to k
.abuiiUr J to by all n.eit. uaUI they caa k
peaceable means be attend
2 lit disclaim, a* we liaee already draw
any mtrillion to dissotse the ('inns or is »*<
• *he * <M»stii-iii<m and l.tai of tt*» r ui
try , or to a-k of Coerces* aac act trae—< r«
mg their roost it'ilinal powers which it
i'cj'iIiimi «.f Sla.»ry by I wtijreo, ra ar
nUle, would pUiiiii d >
i *HN ItANkl V
July 12, H34
Itie N-w A »rk Journal of fumnirie i
*S« | Ith m.t says •• The rs>ra»dnr« 4 «,
It larks, writ, few. if ana aacwpurana, d wi>
!hs past day* of *t- itr meat, lia* u*ea *4 ft
ni »st uoeatepl! -.ab.c chatacter Tkcs t,#«
Y>4I pT'ttfif |tt jft4 Jftfrfl Iditf V tfbC tidL
•"*«*?**% wiJk tpfMinrfk^atrlr priton "
j After the adfray. at Newark. X j ft,.*.
Mr U erks. who is represented to hr a *-•«
and p- i* man, mwl ttie f<4ts»n>; m
through the Newark !<a.ly Adicflm t
t tot! ■!*: du am a farnr, tf fww please I
.state, • * I'-e information of the p.jkite. th
l»o. we alcocat* f r tba a-nal^ae at an i
cohw. | Ulw.e that «i..d. M
I 4 dul-rs deal »ur«. he« eadaraawtl} .ndwaW
ths -J itr t.« ns of kerpmr tbe „ »,
| of allowing of ora Ms term •Triages kH*«s
't.'ieu. I base not bwe f-w friler rap ew,
hi* tvsii, \\ i.J.IAM It kLUs
.!■ Air JitodiM Rato—*to TWwij* m-tor
*•“* • I»u bto fCank at %mmL « .Huurtti
®* •••■» ^ *••* Mfai— Cr mb fa»
job ir-i an
fcr— /rr-^Vimii C&atoafc m eui
;j>#*ar,d «( T u»-fy Tito >ru (m<muc hr
u’»4r • «r*r»u4 *Vi * awx* toabai
** a Wto. tomkad to to «Wck|Tjr*rLtvi
ug the toa*i ato. a»i* A* fwwn to.m Cut
|>ul|Mi. wi Iwrrl faoa to aunt hrfarr dton»„
•1 lhr <«ai bar gAaaaac tor riinan »-*i
bl *W-a arawlly b - -~r - f <•— •* to Blr
fdm*- to U rwr mfurani *g^«
to •{** tooa a oaf to Sac ato taaton *
/" "■ fit riMii/“t tf«-< nr - Jl", j-*
\ airnr
.% ktor tirr am nnittoL V» a pntomi
m *toa-a-t^WtrWad. 4rwt fr-ma tbaHin.
Uiac a UuSf mi «<ft mt-iu! ton-n m».
Wia W far Sru.0. LaCr
i« atariagnrto to m*- (U mar* m U Um
’••W? % >«t«to uantnwto trl-tu
• turn* *7yxii Stour rrawjar. wai a WiXr
• r-uto. ta L far >a&a • a* - Iiai I i *»
tbr leg. w! tore *iir-.ii!rn ttour-t a* artarac .
T*a1 fax ♦ "4U.V « a* aaaguCjCaid, kit hr
4m>4 Mn» a«*» ton tor
-I .--ii» Ctoria#*—Sau-inis a Cwtn.fr r -rr-r n
■•«* rinfftoaj toarama kr»C. *>■- Carrvutu
,4 tranrt n •'Wmtom. «m «a» truk to
HJAata^. toWrSi famifat nA> 6w r mu
* raria unit tor- erbanrfa. wwd fatont 1*4 tor*.
mi>4 Wt « wou*3-i t«> »r Tu-ra ~eiw. tot
tawi * tnttrfl «m tur wi t ■« tow* Y*i>* A^m
■ aged at tU *kiir luar. Vrf hi torn iuat:
. j •«*»••**ai. <««w rn 7.
•Vriaa'-fady fcfrw-;r»-» —to * jot j»tr) tr-t
ta tto f ■■—aa.n-ir to to.iv C jtj far Can atotov
1 tag rtarrf to a krcan farm, thr T n m r to
- ViDtoridft:
JfJ-it toh. M,Af rfa. 1-34.
- ' ** Itrm fcr—% suito fcrtoX'u -Vito ka»£*
a oarr tour wgaaimft. a €mr.yr u » to *»to7»
b . L»a»» kaaaac maihOnt eur tor or * pat 4
' f It ycfarflaa a t to to ■■■ aa rij_chrrr
u * *► a» <«ttor raw*, a U ■*> ynrJrrtir a .j
1 I? m jJMh* acfttoato*. }n xa- Miit yihik
- rmiaeut i kiwwd aa Sr* famN —in tor pw
- -n-mra to tonne, rwjyanr, atai gg^ajig
“ fWfllrta ’—iftaaturto
t . _
L /a tol fai fknnn^ng —W« krars fr-m an*
—-wt—ai.ur tLK.on
, '*■* *■»» mut uurC own A* atiitntii
f trM£h id tty Be*. J. ItiU »*. liM *£ rs^r 5o
- . r.tti^b lit arm «m hurt a utma s.»— M
t be, reflurji irmta Cm - imt. wheJter he had
!•**■ *« a «anl —a* BtoC mrtiiMit on
j .-in bnari in lie tea. nmt. akei£ a Lot * rut
c a»MW «u* ami Wico mibt».-i cxmid
j *— ■£>—Mil The twraimi
t *'» “* Li* 4«. a au «d •Crime aid sell to
r fui rnri and. wait Lot tk> if.pt,.cm
, hi> uuUnn _< irah — B4C fa
rtiuma C Pirte) Lr»- ~«r of du> fj^r
Uyvrd It, B*1immdL at.i !un*- .( f^hn— mr:.
I a W-auAri m tee in» a-*. hsa« n*c htr^—i >.
r «* leara. Or orracunr »<T he* latter U- Cd
e • m f*or!l «d hut Vr.sher hfr. L u»>« r*e
* efl. aui «T w* W di-arm K. hjtewua aid
“ rt+TT%m! ^.»»iejv_ »* oetr-euahtr mice*. mherl
r be »ba»m* it *t«. eft. The ftm* « ll ^r-.aa
r Ub CmT m ytdnarii «or* rapmde it * atan
r iu~ n.;ur«-» V1 tbr *um juet.
II ®* eejo tee mint «rf mikW kuLoafttai
-berprl *xt meatier drum, _ * M^.ter
‘ """ '" ..
t mthau sesars.
n-i a.*,,,; <Mm- -id ti-TOWOT aef Moil
t*®* “■ tbc bi.er li havonr wmrm( «. lT>i, «H{
•• w :*rfbm 14 Vmuj »*nu •Wh# r- f l»r
* .'»'td «• Oku %U*MC -4 lulta hnyle BV r.
Iimmindni Atfle* Int- k-llu. u rf*. fark.
i* <b—«e» mijV- <kui~ftnlg >-V for o»«~
i 'k i trtre* Ok* MuuA n* mi* ■ cram *» Sunk i
r 'S a *-' -
1' ~ \w**.e thr few on
‘ *Wk h»«t occired Mk the «f
P™ 4b*wij£ tkt »rar. «m the
r m*4 imirLkh'e »k ipe *f tai
i- , ^ -ihera. Jaha m.I lira*« l-aiaiim
u fwomc* tWten. tW larter rfr*cn
.,r,r* TWi faetj »e M »tafio«
-71 1W •e.| *~-ie W the dbaftm a—a*
' Iwink Smart envk., ami «*ui;
4 ki d.-«U*.y<■ Lie the h«re. et»
»- ;»{d ae the ofixtsoe wte an'.
♦«nk bnaat li' jel an. I e^rd
T'traai^dv'e* mm m 11*15 t*r pur
* «* Tv* p«r«ft:U *4*
I *c,,<^ *•■• *»n» («auc; tw»4t dwa.
f **•* * 4*-» kr!*«*4 t» !W »!t.re av*
1* fi«n t»-e bui a. aaui tv* ayprai. Wil
a* •« lnt< ■ » pr**9*..t «# r*
" <■ 4* M»i. »•>*-» la rikw f r4 tiuri
** * 1*ki»t *«*. lMUac*« «*rr hr**4 Lira
: * M •«« **alr f»-«wr*w ai.l taken
i abevl fwwr ai**. |irt*Vi*4
1 *4 *w raacSni pardtal coca
J 5IT*> tkm be tV» (4fr«K thef *n<
[ liriWla^kt.h hr-.n r plv*vi
irtaff* tkr Inlmrw t%| »*;)» rn
!, cm< ^ * IX *-'»* U IW «M Ml!
► tk«u
II:■»!*•. rte rail ^irr *# rk»; V^»*k*r»,
^ ka4 ^-*e*r>4 nr»:% at Lar s»4e»«# hrtng
, *4 k» IV laAnatw an>i .a*
biB M»**1 V»t ^ariaafii fvurmmj ai><
tW Uk 4«4 *f|T km. water*r«U.-_
^*4 mi tM eaJrawerl *» c «n
IhI l« MHfc «V »«yr *fa*t tM* ebw*:*J
he ee»**x»4 Heiaic site *»^* mi- e ml t'i*
4 tit »r^ *W !«Wt «• krm*
r «hr r pvntt ta| Irrtvx II* r»
| <i-tlt*krc*a#ev| Tv tfii rri
* «««. a.% L* ««it **k an>t«<a.p*aj^
it llJr, • aicik bal tm mit+m called mi
*• M u** mi w* n<aK«. v\.
>*• xtiaalf Mr» M4«Wfi
•<ev 4 iMic'r an. I *4 havul wh*ch
*’ .*1 ien h* rah
^ JaJe*e. •** mrrnm yrrvt'*.* t»
terrikH •**•£ %**•*•- tr^nri >* rka
* ikHS»« tiH tbr» »»» tkail la hr re
a texieJ *» W*mJ. la Mbc
% *f *Wia %»«er-4 *«•» f >e «mm t -it K«
' • ef* an !■»»** ie*» «a4 aA< L.a . hat
* *ibrat*«iiwa<iiri -<in|<iM t.<i
* 1% 4.' 1hr /k « Ar r> •, •“*«■* —
k- Wit** tr-% 1W t»1fat*a >• S t»nft |f
A * #**0 * w* h»i«hy, t * »1S 44 y
hen the fire «a« kindled at ni«M.
the tapper prepared and odVred to him.
1 d* de* of kitfite was merged in their
present kiodaes-; and llrnrv soon
•sok tn s.’eep. tlteegh enclosed in hoe
r*l hsg- fir savage arms.
It was different with John, lie felt
the reality •i their art nation.—he was
alive t» the angai«h which he knen
• »aM agitate the besom of his mother,
end he thenght over the meant of al
laying it ao intensely, that sleep was
banished from his eyes. Finding the
*thers nil locked in deep repose. he
Engaged h‘«»« If from the embrace
of the savage at hit side, and walked
U the fire. To test the soundness of
'Heir sleep, ho rekindled the Maze and
moved freely a boot «t- All remained
♦till ami motion I es*— no suppressed
Vearhing. betrayed a feigned repose.
He gently twitched the sleeping lien
»y. and whimpering softly m his ear.
mde fiina get op Ilenry obeved. anti
rhey both stood up by tho fire. “I
think, said John, we had better go
ho nr now." “Oh ! replied llrnrv.
t-iry will fidlow and catrb os agaiu.’*
~ Sever fear that rejoined John, vr'l!
kill them before we go.*’ The idea
was fur iooe time opposed bv llcnrc ;
hot sirs he beheld the savages so
smikllv aJrrp. and listened to his
brother's plan of executing hi* wish, bo
finally consented to act the part pre
scrib’d him.
The only gwn which the Indians had.
was resting against the tree ; at the
foot lay their tomahawks. John
piaceJ it os i log. with the m izzle
near to the head of one wl the savages ;
cocked it. and leasing llenrv null his
to tho trigger, ready to pull up
on the signal being given, he repaired
fo Lrs own station. Holding m hi*
, ^**d one of their tomahawk*, lie stood
astride of tho other la lean, and as he
raised his arm to deal death to the
keeping savage. Ilenry fireJ. and
iw we tower pari 01 me ir.
■fian** jaw. called to hi* brother. “ lay
m. /or fw </o**e /er tkit one.” ir./ed
op tive aad raw off The firvt blow
•f the tomahawk took effect on the
bock of the neck, and «u not fatal.
IT»e 1mltaw attempted to sprn.g up;
but Joha repeated hi* stroke* with
force and w quickie, that be soon
brought him again to the ground ; and
leaving him dead, proceeded on alter
ho* brother.
Thee presently came to a path
which thee recollected to Lave travel
led the preceding evening, and keep
mg along it, arrived at the *ta(ior.
awhile before day. The inhabitant*
were, hew ever, all up and in much an
eaaiwe*# far the fate of the boy* ; and
while thee came near ami heard a wrll
known voice reclaim in accent* of
•keep distress. “/haor lit lit feito >rt. they
art kill' l er taken prituntr*." John re
plied aloud.—“No mother, we arc here
kb hew the tale of their cap'ivity. and
the mean* be which their deliverance
** effected, were told, thee did not
ahtaia fall credrnre. P.qued at the
•toubr* es pressed be so.ne. John ob
•ereed. “ you hail better go and *ee.”
” But caw vow 'again find the spotr”
**"l me. “ Vrs replied he. I hung
i •* «p tt the turning out place, and
can won shew you the spot.” Ac
companied be several of the iwcn. John
ifttrael to the theatre ol hi* daring
eeploi’a; ami the troth of hi* *!ate
s»ewt received ample confirmation.—
ITie savage who had been tomahawked
•*•■5 »▼ r»e ure—ir.f other
bad crawled ~>mr distance, but
tr*cke»l by hi* bi kxI until found, wlirn
*t ■** agreed to leave him. ~ a» hr
awt die at my rate. ”
IHt »«-%» K ill Cl.WU.K
Whilst Mr civtntrv an vrl in it«
tofiMf, and bat a »f» Mt lime prrnuq.
-•t’»e ramnenrrmer,t i»f that ever ine
iveibV 4»i«j*;e, which terminated in
»W pwMicaJ aepnra'ion of the colooie«
tr«m the mother cona'rv. there eroded
the ah are M the \\ cm India Kfai.d*.
a K i*f'. known by the appelUt too id
’* bi.-fiii'er,na name given
h*«n fnini the colour *f hie iriol.uhuM
ester me w*« painted black; the better
*•* be *c teemed !.«• observation when
the government cr*««er* obliged k>m tc
mek •belter ar..| cwncraiment am«r g«l
tta* creek* and inlet* *( t ,« (aland*.
kttut had nnjele iliwramaiol 'hr
'larwg Mjilntt «f thi* notoruru* llacta
**+r. »W tllieit proceeding* were
pe-.acipally. if uot e«« l**i«r!«.diiected
H«e »d (ire a I RiKan ; but
■**• enmity tu that nato.n ant nnlv
proved detrimental to their iiMit r*«
bn al*-» acted mappr*****;* to our*. *«
neat *h*t t.mn acknowledged nllegl
•nee fa the *wwn»rv fr.<m *i«*e •ppce*
*»•* rntValmenf our illwtrwit m,fa
O.er* *nV»>|«t*lly emancipated th« m
•eter* ar.d their pooler**?.
I •pirj t.nl «atftu had Kuherta m
••riaWy attended th* m ut de*p*ta<<
tetmn* of ttn* man. and hi* *un.cr»*i
raptieru at length railed tor alien
*f the Vl'iti** governer, who ftttev
»nt a *e**el f ie the etper** p irpun# *
VeeiBg the *cean at «»e won proved
*• ;f««l • km ge t* u« i\jearner
cial interest* of lireat Britain ami it*I
dependencies. The command of thi* 1
*e»»el an entrusted to an experienced ;
officer, and »e vailed from the l'mted
Colonic* with orders ts let nothing in
terfere with our time and duty, until
we bad accomplished the object of our
At sunrise on the fifth morning sab
sequent to*ur departure, mas discover
c*i * vessel to leeward; orders were in
stsntly given to bear down, when,after
an hour** »ad. we discovered her to be a
fore topsail schooner, lying low in the
water, and shaping her course south
westerly; when she perceived it was
our intention to hail her, the wore a
round and lay to awaiting our approach.
As we diew near I haJ an o|»portu
nity of examining her more onuutelv,
and every one on board asserted that
she was the most beautiful craft thev
had ever beheld. Her tall spars had a
graceful, though no more than ordinarv
r»ke. and the delicacy of their taper was
only equalled by the proportionate tra
cery ot the cordage that enshrouded
th.-m; the bows were exceedingly
sharp.and bespoke the utmost fleetne**.
white the cutwater rose with a graceful
curve from the briny element, and waa
Uandsoiucly gammoned to the bowsprit;
but «>ne feature deteriorated from her
extreme beauty, and that was the dark
colour ot her hull, which was slightly,
though imperceptible from afar, reliev
ed by a thin streak of red, that marked
the lower chamber of her channels; e
v en the masts and yai il were of the same
dingy colours as the hull, and the only
trait that broke the gloom of the head
gear was the snow white canvass that
fluttered aloft. Yet amidst all this bean
tv here was something suspicious in her
appearance, probably imparted by the
tenebrity of her hue, or perhaps engen
dered by the recollectioo of our errand.
•'* *f neared her, five or six forms were
UWI»‘U scanning us with apparent in
terest, yet still she lay 10 the wind’s
eye, her topsails thrown aback, and she
resting as motionless as a gull sleeping
upon the ocean, while wu were dash
ing the spray aside, and every moment
attaining a lessened intervention.—
'V hen we had approached within hail,
our vessel wore round, and hoisting the
cros> of St Ueorge, fired a gun that the
strange sail might satisfy us of her na
tion, by showing her colors. Scsrcelv
had the echo of our gun died upon the
breeae, when a great black banner,
beaiing no dev ice. unfurled itself from
the stern of the strapger, and was in
stantly run to the extremity of the slaflf.
**The Hiack Duccanneer !” shouted
fifty voices simultaneously, and the
echo of their words were succeeded bv
a fearful, though brief ailence. When
the momentary surprise was over.everv
man in concordance with the order of
our comusaoder.prepared for action; the
gun* were loaded ami ran out of their
,respective port*—the mag«7.ioe ilium
-the loggerheads lighted-the
‘Iwki cleared, and every thing prepar
ed to execute the work of death. In
• he meantime the H iccanneer was no
»»y bickward in imitsting our e\am
p>; hi* vessel wa* swung round until
i.is broad-mi! a was bro’t to bear full up
on us, and her deck*, which before
showed but five or six forms were now
literally crowded fore and aft; then or
der* were given to commence the action,
and the huge cannons belched forth
thr:r iron messenger* of death.
" \\e must board.’* said our comman
der.after a quarter of an hour’s cannon
ad ng. in winch no signal advantage
**•« gained by either parte. - Fill mar
inr itn. and stand by to hrare the
4fipprl<. Tl.r mimiate war vb-rril.
and in a few momenta we were laaiird.
and fought yard arm to yard arm. with
the bra*rat and mo*t formidable Bvic
cannerr that ever ploughed the ocean.
~ fhr pirates were the first to board;
Headed by their notorious chieftain.
»t e*r *prmg upon onr deck and fiercely
assaulted our seamen; f.»r a long time
sidory remained unde.iJed. but then
the Kucraneers began to falter, still
they fought hand to hand, and with the
inf jii at ed fren/e of men w ho had espae -
nenced an opposition they did nnt an
ticipate. but st.ll the ta> a of Old Kng
land met them with all the eoolntat.
etpe,lrnce had taught, so essential to
victory. By this time one half the at*
• at!ants lay dead or wounded upon the
•Irik. — | tifir cheering shouts were
st,;i heard, though faint and almost
drowoej by the clash of arms, and the
gr >s*s of fh* wounded and dving —■
\g.in they filtered, ami retreated a
pare, but then the sous of their eoni
•wa-der was heard abate the ruthless
dm. urging them lea another etl’iot; a
gain they formed, and ru.hedmadly wp.
on our seamen, bat they met the same
pertinacious opposition ss before, and
they once m»ne broke and retreated.
\t this critical moment, when the p«
rat- s were retreating step hr step from
our quarter de«k. their thieftam rush
ed forward. aod catting S passage with
( swo .l, sprang down thu hate:.way.
and rushing into tha light room seized
I the bum* g tamp*, then shivering the
partition of g’a«s that separated it fiam
i the iHigti '. -. !)« entered. Tho»a wp*nn
>cck tins atiai.ga moteu.eul
with wotujer that can better be imag
ined than described. and both parnr«
'iniultaneoualy dropped their weapon*
to learn the issue of so strange an ad
Owr commander, accompanied by a
few of the officer*, immediatelv descen
ded. and the sight that met their as
tonished gaze was truly terrifying: the
Buccaneer was standing amongst thn
opened powder with a lighted lamp in
hia tightly clinched fist, his lace was
blackened, and a stream of blood gush
ed down hia cheek from a sabre cut in
forehead, with knit brows and resolu
tion stamped in hit countenance, he
stood regarding those who began to
crowd the lighted room.
— Stand back.*' shouted he. — if you
regard your own safety, stand back.'for
by my soul, he who first advance*,
seal* the doom of all on board.**
There was something so terribly res
olute in tha tone and gestures ot the pi -
rate, that those around receded apace,
but still continued to gaze with blanch
ed cheeks and trembling lips upon the
daring form of the determined bucca
~ In the name of heaven, what do yon
intend?** asked our commander, break
ing the painful silence, and scarcely
believing the scene arrayed so palpa
bly before him.
-Listen.—Years I have cruised in
these sets, but never have I assaulted a
vessel.but those who wore that detesta
ble ensign of tyranny that now floats
from your gaff; fortune has hitherto fa
i voured me. and I have been a sconrgo
; to your hated kingdom; to day fate has
decreed it otherwise, but though defea
ted I still have the means of purchas
ing my freedom; and now. Briton, it
1 remains for you either to grant my re
lease or to suffer the death vaur refu
sal must certainly bring.'*
t__a___* i»_ * __
uvi ■ im. i i i»|" I'aiM iv vip*
1 ture you.** returned the cummimler. e
vasively. "and yuu are ouw our priso
"Am Ir” said tl.eUuccaneer.glancing
| with a significance that could not bu
mistaken upon the deadly material that
' lay opened before him.
“\\ ill your own safety prove no bar
rier to the execution of your hellish
“(would ask you. sir Briton.’* resu
med the Hoccanerr.“whether it it oioro
preferable to be hangtvl amidst the
scoO'* and gdres of uupitying victors,
or to end one’s existence by his own
'hand, and purchase with his death thn
destruction of his victorious enemies?
Relieve me. sir, there is a great discre •
pancy between self destruction here,
and perishing igootmmously at the ex
tremity of the yard atm.**
“Your life may yet be saved.’* said
the commander.
“Were the probability ever so flatte
ring 1 would not submit it to the ordeal,
I but it is useless to parley; will you suf
, fer me and my vessel with all my brave
crew that hat survived this bloody con
flict. to proceed on our course r**
“On conditions that—*’
“No conditions will I accept,** inter
r up ted the Buccaneer. “ It is 1 who
have the power to name and exact con
ditions. not you. sir Briton; you rest in
' my pow er—the livea of all on board are
at my will—what is to prevent mo
from firing the maga/.ine. and revenge
myself bv destroying my captors' I’v©
seen the day when my own life would
prove no irreater obslarlw to tha kcrom
plishmrnt of my rtringf, did snch an*
opportunity thus offer. than the small
particle of sand against the inroad of the
clashing wave, but do you accede te my
“There is no alternative,” aaiJ the
commander, after a pause. “Your des
peration hat battled us. even when we
exulted in victory—-you are free, *ir.”
“And my crew and vessels’”
“1« aa subject as ever to your com
“Have f the honor of a British officer
te that efTi’ct:**
i “Y«>u have,” said the rommander.
“Knoogh?”rxrlaimed the Buccaneer,
1 and ascending, he gtined hi* own ves
sel. and wa# lost in the distance of
' the wide expanded billows.
• • • •
Year* had flown by. and the memory
of the Buccaneer had long erased to
occupy my mind. Our country had no
bly asserted tier independent • at Isl
ington and Hunker’s hill.and a splendid
naval vietory had been achieved in fhn
British Channel, by the renowned Paul
Jones, who was then nn the cosat and
•very hour expected in port.
The report of a gen buret upon the
fveeeze, and a loftv ship was seen to en
ter the harbor. The citizens flocked
by thousands to (he bearh fn welcome
the hero who had so nebly divp'ayed the
prowese if America on the very roast
of (imt Britain. A lw*at was pulling
from the frigate—an <»flu.er was seated
• n the *tern--a lively murmur passed
through those thet crowded the wnarve*
--the f*oat stranded, and Paul Jooci
leaped on the *.ore; but what was my
astonishment at beholding in the rnun
renanceof the here of the B>.n Ifnmme
diehard, the stern, Imugh nnt unp'aa*
smg featarea, of ihe Black Buccaocer

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