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ria mi»
The lUiTiausi Gittm, a paper auk aa> .
tee***! by »s ami ta base “ eat aar a» |mmt
ax*” foe the tea Ira days. 1'bm, tea ■ wr. dull
txk prnead a« fnau iluiig ju«n». ta kkr umli af
the lair Folitar, aar frnm *ite| ■ |md tea aad
aaacrua to the are aar. We copy ttm hlh» aag
Iran Ihr Kiokmi Herald ;
William (layno, F>v aha. m all tW aath
qualities of the bead aad heart, a as aa bmac
to the profe**toa. haa feUaqawbed tea mlereat
ia t* • Baltimore UiMtto, aiui a ill hartdlH
• etote hi* atlentioa eerlesivety to the law_
1 or more than t m eaty aae year* he haa tea*
at the editorial desk, aad during that period
ta* made a lea* number of enema* thaa My
editor of the United State*—the highest com
pliment that could be pud to ha upright****
and ability. Smcerrly do ar# a»h that he
may enjoy the *unny *»de of the hill, aad ted
the descent into tho ill* Wh uhoomr thaa
tbd ascent to that rude muuBl aheio me*
hope to buy wealth ud honor.
"■*- tiwjnn Jo-ki, l.uj succeed* Mr. C
lo tSr editorial chair. Me i» a youag geotle
man of baadtome talent*, and with hi* bau
or** habits will ar« kmg Wcome m aid.,
Mr. Hm arm bail* » uh great joy the irmal *f
the “ Araoaa** by CaA Itear. a* a *14r >g
co-labarer ia the Arid ut pola.es. 1 hr F.ayn
rer glirs a* ratrart fm*a the luterl i addri
** a* a maple af the Arm, nmols, aad diaOrn a
cd spirit abirh asay he espretsd tom thr Fdear
of Ihr i*o*l CeW heated pope* ikd the l*. State*
haa nrr produced. ”
ilea* a hat the anr mad /aad manat.«r Km
qmree *a*d af Cat. IV.rnr m 1U«. and thr. t«-H
a* U huch of them norara. ef Mr. Buda. ae
are to brlieae :
( f:mm tl* /bcWea.f EmfMrrr, .hj ird, !%IC
“The object which the F.aqutrer had m
▼ icw, it gamed. That uablalnag spoatalr,
the Lditor of the Aurora, plead. garBy ta the
rbirge* of apostary which were preferred m
thi* paper , nod thus stamp* the character af
forgery upon every federal paper, ah eh hm
TUii it but a mU ry—rirnra of tbr rime Loy
e.1 up* the nLlur of the Aurora by th> Fmyoins
toL Dll me mao I marrlr am Editor. It.'
Molydiwoicml arni ia, bio nppon uO 'A
Jackson,**omd dial v-ipport rrmd. ro tbr “ ot'Jad
img Vestalr”of (lift .uummeulwe mom. m>d. bkr
Mr. U Lutt lf, a irn pingr* of dxaoodm atari
“T -—
Soomr pr.oirro are ifuiogiuay to iknr poaroM.
for bad pnmtimg. stating that dm.tr mb .mg n>Om
eoulJVt otamd tbr bot mrtobrr. but mere mem
*• rwmmimy mrsre - Why Uem... tlmt’a mmWmg
°ur/*r» •“ ■*» being ladud imtu moaoUj !
Many death* bare ocrarml, stare the 1* of
July, from carrletamraa ia tbr mar of fete arm.,
••d from drimkjmg cold mater during tbr rtMemg
hot member. All (hr rtpmeaer of pool __
acetma to hare berm ia rata.
A amber cord mar has brubra oot ia Mrs arm r
taL ^ “ *“ again* the gm'crm- ,
Mr. Christian Thomas, of Frederick Cooa
Maryland, mas killed by lybiwiar om * *•—
3d instant, while sitting at the dancr table. |
Thare permoes were killed by J.ghloiag ia ,
Boekiaghaw county, during the last two
Two persons were killed by lightning in
the neighborhood of Is aide rm umtr r Mam’ »I
**•*• ,wf* The whole pmrty, etwwU
^ ***■ 0,,* *bomtmg, .
nod took shelter under a tree daring the
storm. All ten amore or leas injured^
The Rowan Catholic Chapel m Cbarlow I
town, Maw., was struck by Iwhtmmg mm the
lOtb inatant and1 three b,y, (who mnhoth.-.
haJ remained after their school betd there
waa dismissed) were killed, and a get stmmmod
lor some time.
« T 7, 7 ' M Wiiod by a,
lb*h of lightning. on the ith tint.
Wa understand that a man by the name of
Connelly o a* killed by lightning oa Thursdav
evening laat. a few mile* hr low ih* ntac*
tae t'aaal.—{ /£.**,, ' j
We regrrt to learn, that tVILua«t Att
romw> ■ mrmhrr of the Hibernia Engine Caw
|*eny shortly after the funeral pmcwsatn* a
*hrb *•* ,1>d *b»red. fell sudden I, down ,*
Arch struct, and died m about lea Wan at
ter war da—(X*. S. (,’a
fTWU —During a heavy .ton* on Moadai
evenwg last, hail of an extraordinary sue
*** “ lh* •••dbborbood of BakerVem..
■mndfl ia Urn county. It N ata*ed i* the
Torrh l.igh#f upon the moat credible authori
ty. that some of the hail itimi woe bod
found,many me am red from Mi to li IOC be.
m circumference. and that a cow waa killed
m that neighborhood by the falliag of the I
I’*'1. .W* understand that tw the neigt.hor
'"^“P*** Cr<m the core on.
’•'■•^''•••’^rrable injury froea the had a.
dul a Mo the trees m the wood. At Haters
Woo the hail were about the JiYmZJZ
fWOhw.^1 Beoocr. j
rns (V /bw<v Utrftri/iVae
Oa Snawrda, last f.er rj W. #;«hba *f
iT!W. “ ** M^nl at I
****«*" w the
.n* JZtfSS'Zlz 3 - i
fervins are rawtiourd t^HT:.” ^
mcnli of the Born*, well known hece^TTw
Tennesawe Beads, held by tho t *_ 7 .
fieneral tifbbs deelnrw* hmmelf m he ,
ftesl •« give bail to the amount of daTTl
•• required, was committed to jail where
remained 101 lh* moewm*. The cal*
Mawre borommg generally know.. * nmew I
•fa number «f respectable me ret. ant. TTj
was held, at whirl* it wa« determined
S’ TV'S!m* tW u*4' r"»—d* >od about
mi mm of dollars. Signed the Bad hood -- J
htakm Iron. pr-o.
Mr Bee aiwcoaw, a dotiwwohod mamhee
•f lh* British f art lament, hat krumli foe
•htdoh dueling a the 1 owed 1^* “*
[ffirkmewd ( mjiirr
W» antMaff twoar last, the arri
••I * ctf.tf «W lisa. Thomas P.
M#hi, sa U.s wav ts hia nmaii/rntml,
Allred Hacker, ofPoll k4 memory
Hm arrival was celebrated *»r a trraaea
d«a« peal si irtirst.—Naiwatr had
h« alighted from the stage at Pos
tlctksaic aad IWrasaa’s, thaa same
•aa whteprred ia his ear. that Satn
Brawa was ta the city. l/eratay«».
taL W hy he ikd. sr what he shat at,
Hahady kstr.-lhs. he srtt ta the
l<esiogteo llvtrl;—bung goes another
•I h«s pastels, which lodged its ceetrafs
to the foot of a Vrawe aaa, who was
(hereby enable ta al’rtd ta Coart.
Jft'W was a city ia greater roaster ns
h**- Same thsaght it pradrat te call
oat the mill ia. Kerry aia arwied
himsrlf, aot kaasiag whra 4m tara
weald came. Klead aad thaadcr!
" hat d»e» he meaar The aaa is as
mrage as a meat ate. Ihd yea ever
hr»r of sack a WsadtkaNv Naranafr*
He tetrads killiag ererr bii, woman,
aad chsld a Um, ear dierated citv. br
pmee meals. Tbts taste mi blomi.
h*"* tttt, did aet have the rffret apoe
hiaa, (aalike other wild beasts} sf sti
noLatmg him leather atrocities. lie left
lathe marwiag. with bis e cot meet
apparewtly aver, ta the great relief of
ear cuixews. especially the wamea aa*1
If .itfrrJ tla'Lrr rheald read him as
4m mcmhrr hack ta Cowgresa, at ear
oeatlr baarech bia ta lestrwct him aa*
la c«me fhreegh lensftis. This
short siait adl seffee.—{ Ap. 06*.
Governor Irempire a# Georgia has
faawd it aeceosarr to pah!i*h all the
iacwmewU aad rsni ipaadiats caw
the d iff mines beta era the
I ad taws awd the settlers ia the Chero
kee rnwatrr. Ihey rnwssit of the pew
reed mgs sf tit art tiers, therr rerital of
the Iwdiaa aggtrsnnwi.thew apfdieaiieo
»a tLe Gsee-am ler malatary aad. aad
the Kcecntire measarea taken re coa |
papers sham a great aad i
ritemcat «a these lands.
»*live* aad the n
ge****1 allegations af cantinaed ag
grrssiaas aad assaalts by tke former,
ibe whites at a paUic meeting assert.
pradace the testimony af aa la
iian girl to prove a cawerrted plaa a
*®*S tha Cherokees far rising apaa
and massacre to; the settler*, la the
slarm and resentment caased by these
saspiciea*. they determined apaa with
drawing their wires awd children iota
the aid can a tie*, ta arm themselves for
defence, mad to apply ta the State Exe
caUve for military aid to keep the I
peace, and defend them against Indian I
Hostilities. The meeting farther re
mlved. that for every white maw assas 1
iina ted. they weald seize and exec ate!
three Cherokees. sales* ibe aaamins
aere delivered ap within a fortnight,
ar good reasons famished for delay.
The State Kxeratire disapproves af
iwd censares this resalalian. as savage
aad illegal/ aad discredits the alleged i
concert of hostilities among the Cbera •
tees; although he admits their excited
rand lima and exasperated tempers. [
Ho refases the military gaard asked!
far. for the whale district af cawatrv.—
■hich embraces tea organised mi
tie*,—hot give* assarance that ewer
getic measarrs shall he taken ta eso
cote the Stole laws vigavoosJy by tke
cirtl aatharities. lie directs the mili
laH'y *• be ready ta aid ia enforcing the
civil peace**, and arms fa U ,
I hem f«r the porpove.
la coaarqoeace of throe prepare ,
lla divUrbancra appear to Lave
been qeirtrd. At Iratf.Lave heard *
•f ao very violent oIIimwl aad if the
governor a information rv correct, the
c one I avion of a treaty with the rovera
meat i« at baad. which. by removing,
Ihe rrmnaatv of the tnbe be rood the
M rniMipp. a II bnolle extionvab the
Jifficaltica.—[/faff, .finer.
I'atrkirm.—From the laat
Itowmegton Spectator, vre learn that
■boat two tkoovaod v pec tat or » aueo
Med at Cnsteaville. on the 4th ia«t.. to
w.taeova a man named Abner Sterne,
a laborer oa the rail way. make an
a:ncl flight or leap, with the aaaivtanee
of a pararha'e. from the bridge erect
ed over the Brandy wiae. He tooh kit
•eat in the parachote. displaying evi
dent feeling. of regret at bm wwderfa
king, aad descended to the water* be
low, a d.vfaacr of awe bond red feet —
lie received ao lojory. and on reaching
there received a narm enbrirt from
J oomaa. nbw watched the
"**• with pec • I tor ia ter rat.
TW celebrated TcOtwick jfapp. Fac*.
recently died at Kcmmmy. Pa. the ve.t
of Harawmi,' to the tOth veor of
bm age. Il« not a Mrowg miaded and
maw. aad ■ • believe, a moot
mpatoatly boaevt mm. He nas the
chief actor or agent for the Harmoeitta.
whaer peroimr babvtt have been often
dearribrd. and to ttoa bm Iona will,
probably, be irreparable ao a society.
TW fork Freeing Star atv.
that tbp Inaw of the State of \ up...
5U»ir i. u 1»
J***£ v Mvd Mr.
•r*_ R 4 I. Fbdipo. of Philadelphia.
|fartb«wtrra Temp*. Company.'
I*" •• *—• V-r. MmTfc
*> *«■"•.«* J CCM—M ■ art
of per ceat—[kick.
The report of a battle beteeee the Mar- |
«*■•*♦ *bd tbe riUriti of Jackvoo county, f
Missouri. u> which it was said that the Mor
m* (easier was stain, is not confirmed. Tbe
arcoMSts from St. Imh make it probable
that mo such collision has taken place, hut
that, oo the contrary, the Mormons hare
abandoned the attempt to use force in order
te regain possess ion.
Jarksoo cowety. the disputed lands in which
are the object of Mormon real, is tbe lloly ,
Hadaf line ral>;«m, a here the millenniuui
of their faith n to l>e accomplished. They '
•tUl adhere to the persuasion that they will
be pwt m possession, and establish tbeir doc
trines triumphantly on that spot. Tbeir1
peephets who base taught them these notioos, I
base, however, with a shrewd regard to their
present credit, given them warning that
their triumph may not he completed for a
hundred years. It ia to he hoped that their
faith, id it be strong enough to digest the
prophecy, will be strong enough to induce
them to wait patiently (or lit accomplishment,
■ about crusading, sword in hand, against
the models, whose stay in the land is thus re
duced to lease for years — [ Bail .Jui.
A particular account of the laat)
Mecwan campaign in Missouri.isgiven
ip the Western paper*. The bcllige
raats sec as to hate been mutually ex
asperated. and to have approaches] ve
'7 near to a general and bloody battle.
r*« ■•■bers engaged io the* cooteat
"« both files are much larger thao we
had »appo*ed. before seeing these au
thentic details. The Mormons assem
bled late ia Jane in Clay Counts,
;Mo.) and were reinforced by parties)
principally from Ohio, until they tans-)
tered from 800 tu 1000 men. armed
with -goas, tomahawks, knives, and
from two to four braces of pistols each. ” i
Thetr design was to cross the riser
••d take possession of Jsckton county.
»ho ‘Zion,* no they term it, of their
faith. Their leader, the prophet Jo
i nr in to -rai*e again'
all who shoo hi be slaio in fightiog the
botilca for the possession of this Tlolv j
Land. The Jackson county people!
were equally determined to resist Uie
passage of the river, at all hazards.;I
A letter from a person on the spot,;
published in Marseille, Ky., saysj
•hat Jackson County raised 900, and <
Lafayette 400, and that several han- i
dred more were ready to come at a I
warning. The feeling of the <
people may be coojrclured from the i
repression of opinion in the letters,
qswted, that had the Mormons attempt- i
ed to cram the river, not one of them 1
uoold have -been left to tell the tale.” I
quarter wsuld have given, and j
we could have killed motf of them be- \ I
fore they gut across the river.”
. There were some attempts at nego i
tiatioa. The Jackson county people i
»«rred to buy all the lands of the Mor
mono at a double price—ubich was re- i
fesed. The iovadert professed peace - i
sbio intentions, and a desire only to I
tako qoict possession of their own i
professions which appear to I
ia*v got oo credit i
la the ead, however, they desisted
•he enterprise, and postponed the <
rnnsdt fur the possession of their I
-Zioe.” for fifty or a hotrtlred years. I
Thev will tako op their intermediate1!
residence somewhere else; and thus <
the battle, which must have been ob I
Minute and very bloody, was avoided. 11
Itb to be hoped, for the sake or ordi
nary justice, that means will be fouod, 1
Far making compensation to these da- <
luded men for the property they are <
f«r««d to abandon, as well as for the !
damages they hsva sustained by being I
driven out.—[/toIt. .imer. I
-- I
TW l.rr. nf.rM ( Mm ) M. mrr-r. rentaini the ,
folk.*...* .C.f.h a* *M«n| ikanrlrr, «Im, \>r
*“■* ^ *»»••••* IWC* HM«y at our
ottfM, kat |u« a! l,a \«-rn riMT-,1 — I
rW{r4 »nh a Mm., fa »luck kr t, Ki, •imlar. |
P»H ^ at Ike Uvt.V. I'. Star. |
— Among the recent criminal eon- i
lictions in the city. New York, we no-1,
lice that of ’an individual, known bv
the name «l I .on! Rivers,’ for grand i
larcency. The name recalls many re
collections of n career so carious anil i
foil of incident, that il it could be tul i
I j portrayed with all its success and j
reverses * by flood and field,’ there are i
bat few romances which could com !)
pare with it for drsmatic effect. *!.ord
Rivers,* alias ‘Doctor Dubois.’ alias *
* llooov ble Mr. Blanchard,’ (the last'i
of them we believe was his real name) ij
is probably well remembered in Boa-li
,0*- an individual whose superlative
whiskers, innsmerable frogs, magmfi
cent watch goarde. and distinguished
Ned Pepper ish air attracted universal
Mtentwm wherever ho deigned to ex-ji
hibit himself. Both hers and in Kng
land be occasionally relieved the mon- |i
otony sf ordinary life by passing for a*
nobleman ; a character which ho would
with tolrrablo 'access, till
•••• •*•**•* wis-adventure. such as an
arreal for awindtiog. or a charge of
pwkmg pockets, came to reduce him'
ogaus to the rank of ordinary mortals.
In a visit to Knglaml. two or three
yeors since, he was detected in tome
crime, and transported to Botany Bav.
An American vessel put in there ; fie
became acquainted with the rapt, and i
■sate, ingratiated himself into thtir
eooftdence. mode them believe (hat he*
WM • Prn#* ^rank, fortose and merit.
oo|ostly persecuted, and able at some
*• repay all kindness, and I
finally persuaded them to aid him iiili
esraprag. and to roaceal him ia then 1
vessel after the escape was effected.!
In rct.ru for this favor hs borrowed
**• •*»•*<*rad dollars sf sach of them, of ij
• hwb they never received bark a far j
(kMg. and m the course of the voyage,
•h.fe firing carelessly at a biarkThe
lodged a buckshot in the mate’s eve.
a»d deprived bg forever of the ate o|i
t. Not long after that lime. ho wit
teen by an American gentleman at Pa
■i*. parading the Palaia Koval with
ohitkera twice as luge at ever, and a
corresponding increase of froga and
natch chains. It ia to be prrsumrd.
tow ever, that the Firncli air was not
talutarr. fiom Ins bring earthed nt
>avt on this aide of the water.**
ConMrimcr.--A young man latelv
ippeared before the Liverpool police,
lo surrender himself aa a prisoner.—
lie stated that four jeait previously
lie had been clerk to a Dublia bank
ing house, from which ha absconded ta
America with a large amount of mo
Deyr,where he had lost it all and return
ed to Kngland, where he had been for
»ome months waudeiing around, a
plague to himself and a complete con
icirnce-strirken vagabond.
" e have srlev t--d a few of the mow impnaSaaS
'turns of Nt ws brought by arrivals at N<
Mr. Alexander Baring presented to the
House of Common* a petition signed by 2.t,.
JUO merchants, bankers, and otlier uikal*
LauU of London, praying for the remotal ut
the political disabilities of the Jews.
Lord lire*-, in a speech on the Irish tythe
hill, since tlie change in the imnistry, clratly
indicated, by bis conciliatory tone' that U
ronsklera himself, in a measure, at the merry
uf the conservative party and lory lords.—
The Times *aye, “ Is this a position foe any
tnioistcr, with a heart u> his body to stand
The new ministers hare all been sworn in,
ind kissed hands. The Time* cotuiuetitv with
much seventy on the late declaration of the
king, in In* »|>eecU to tho bishop*, “that he
^eld himself responsible to no earthly tribu
nal.” If tbe declaration eras political, as all
^Rtee, then.vays the editor, this repudiation
31 responsibility placet Lngtar.d *’ under an
incontrollrd power, constitutionally unac
The bill repealing the disabilities
under which the Jews labor in England,
las passed to a second reading in the
House of Commons.
The Duke of Richmond has with
Irawn from tha Post Office Department,
n consequence of a motion having
Men made in the honso to make it an
•ffice of commission. He has been
luccerded by Lord Conyngham
The Duke of Wellington has been
ostalled Chancellor of the Oxford I'ui
rersity, with great pomp and solemai
Mr. Spring Rice has been re elected
roni Cambridge.
Mr. Abercromby has been appointed
naster of the mint, and tendered a
eat in the Cabinet.
l*here appears to be an impatient, if
lot dangerous state of excitement, ac
ceding la the Times, under the appre
tension that the continued procrasti
lation of the tythes and dissenters'
•ill* will and in the defeat or those
Hassuina. prime minister ofTtipoli.
:hargod with tha murder of Majot
L<aine, at Tiinboctoo, appears in it»c
.ondon Timesunder hit own signature,
msitively disclaiming any knowledge
>f the circumstance—having tome to
London expressly to clear up his ebar
In answer to Lord Farnham, Esrl
3rey stated that it was the intention
>1 (iovernment to propose tlx renewal
if the Irish coercion bill.
letters from Constantinople state
hat some difficulties have occurred
Mtweeo the courts of Turkey and
iuttia, the latter settingup claims iu
:onsistent with the term* of the late
resty, and some of the tioops had ac
uslly advanced beyond (tie stipulation
rentier. It was expected that the
ricntn mu r.ngiiAii, ministers would
nferfere,which would riOM tome sharp
liplomatic correspondence. A report
if an invasion of Persia by the grs»p
ng Russians wst quite current.
Marshal Marmnunt arrisrd at Odes
sa on the 19tb of Slay, it is supposed,
o enter the service of Nicholas.
At the opera at Lisbon, on the
svening of May 27th, as Don Pedro
ind the Queen entered their bov, there
vaa a cry of •• Death to D<m Miguel.'
Jeath tu the utarper!'* Don Pedro
* mad lately arose and addressed the
ludicoce, calling them a rabble, and
threatening to use military force._
rha whole house then slavtshlv res
ponded. •* l.ong live the emperor !**
Don Carlos is to rereive an annua)
pension from Spain. II# is quite dea
litute, thongh he arrivre ia England
arith one haodred in hia suite, it-dud
n8 »'fe, generals, monks, and Don
Miguel's sister, the Princess of Iteira.
The English frigate at A Idea Dalle
(t, on receiving Don Carlos, ana
»ed the yards and ftrrd a salute, lie
ind his suite were quite embarrassed
■ ith the pretence of Capt. Fanshaw. ot
ihe frigate, at dinner, having never
satan before but with royal personages.
f mrm ,1/riem. — W# art happy tu an
inunre the arrival at Hovion ot the
Spauldiog and h»- wife, Lem
Liberia. Mr. Spaulding is the >uper
ntendent of the Methodist Mistwa m
V' estern Africa Hsih are feeble frost,
he effertaof the climate, yet it is be
lived that their visit tn their native
:ountry will restore them tu their wuu
ed health. Miss Farnngtoo, a nrs
**T th* Mivsien family, was leit at
Monrovia m better health time she eu
oyed when aha left this nty. latum
»aoy with Mr. Spaulding. M thu llev
V Herring, a member ut the Lhrm
Methodist Cunferenre. whu has the
dUrge uf the Drand H«v*a afstiuu
*A*. r Tem Ut
TU Uelmj Ton. mi iu I .»:*■
tlu • rtia tea 4i«t|fL iWit tax Uta
wirral r c4 chakra attUi m tiai tom*,
aim, ti ne dealt* ft*~wm tirftra. ta*«h,_
Mr* Wc<*a1nry. a dm mi Mr Mrtxtuj
m Sxutl. W Uoi*|- Mr* f *Uk* *4* *4 Mr
Horry i>WI>, aM Mr Mtrvwk lor u*
laal U« day* tWrt Wad U«» 00 t#« c m «f
, cholera. aM lU fimWar mi tW <r«*x at
aa 1 yaeair a a* *U iffrrUMrd TW {r.
tern toa.il> a4 WU*U(«a«M|*MuiM
al at tU* waaa vf tW ;»*
!*«•«•*. to- tell I-.
TTilt iread<* aM («!i> <*>*» t» ti« ~~naf*i[
to Wad >t« a ay up tM UW, aad already oo
tLaa *1 J rt tW ritrr tntnJ I«r«r»i kait
'al>* »»! ib* to 4* deadly pn^itt* la wx
"■«> eotibty. la a dralW k»»r ixaalh actw
red fro** it* attack Tie lot aa* a Mr
Hooper, a La Wm(it t*e dmaw a.fh km
‘tea La.aaata.lr. aal d«4 ■ Watty after k#
reached I rrrd.m. AaL mm %Teda*eday lax.
fajt Kaualct, ad tW »«ra« Wat Lriip*,
• a* attar Wr J. t*J aa it* tew* a a* a car par
Tl.e boat Wad kra rca **W«e tear LW an il
of Bra*tc. aM acdiral 1 ntmri -*-*-f
free* tk>.» Wna(k. Wot al m «aaa—tW cat
■ aa Wyumd tW reach tS Laaaaa ».t
\ fmr%zr%f'\ ta tW PcttoVarg. Pa Mrw*t,
of lid 234 a4o.il* lir ru Vtrt mi tic ft*
Wra an that city. Tim Wad. 4 <c*a*. bees
*c»cral ca«r> aaaomc tic rroir*-*. too e»
lifer of *krt turf tctaeolal Cmlmlif. TWc
tiaxeUe aiM tic T u»c*. 4 tW LU»*' 4a« ,
are boll *.>*1 to Ur mlyrt
Tic Allc{laUai rfatn Hat Mr*ar* fm
and M. I» *m are at tVe nir« Wfi'ir
Spr.-'C* TW c3**Mr <4 M*4m already e»
rcol* ta o LuMml aol 1ft]. TW ataann
datbjtr* at all tue -}tf Hie* axe tad ta be arucl
enlarged and >apr. . rd
rrc*»Jei.t TacWvr. atM Jalp* Broke, Ca
bell. and Carr, aro n attcataare at |4«»
W{, aa tW Wrrfrta Coout mi Ayyca!*—
JM{* BnWctkrvh^ W>» Uca coadaed aa
tku* » itjr aa rove yjeo** 4 re**< 1 if teen fr.a
*k>«ch it are j.Vra-ed ta or W n vnr rij4
It rectifcnnc —llifkani lie I • I
Coir lt<m or Ftmn » im *—It aa *ta
trd it> ll< loartaur Journal. that hm of
gold. Uucj Urge 4rpotato*. Late boa tjnad
tn that eooT.tr. • barb are thoaght to be- rvh a*
anj uuor an the U.aWr Irma ar.d
roal, her rcaat c4 (laid. »-*! abate all. iter
hardy and ntdu*tnr-%-* pftUlan. the her
alone atate. r*m d*-*pmr of ar^oieraoert,
■u't rttrmlriat to hr a pnl aad pier
ful roaacnaraliL
Dr Arcrtir* L Wtttn. of the* rate. hat
been appear,ted by the B art* cf \ ih!( r» of
lbe Tm* r»*iy cf Virr* ». Fredettor at Ana
tomy. I*by «aci'<agy ud Serpn. m that tamr
ohtnc loat itcltcra It totenea otaitoa. at
an UnanUr Maa*cu! m behalf of Dr
" araer, that thaagh ■ hilly wiilrtof aaa
hit part, the »|ymtaril a a* — ft an porto
aaee of aa taauoom toto of the Beard. Hit
private tenon on .Anatomy and Haytmlocy.
del terrd aa tbit rate. dag-nag the litt three
or four year*, hate aryinvd for the anchor a
high reputation, aback hat no toabt W| lo.
at it nil! abuiduTlr ynldi. ho rrrteat
poaatmrat — Tot
Cfchrr o-aim, Wnd tn»e IwWi «f lit, to.
■“* h“d inmitliiig cf nao-n aa the nriti
i deeamot ► cf ih toanl Cctel .
/Jmnoui •/ lL- t.-mr-a! fart, or 'r m im
The (VoawKircdu I*. JLivarf f.rcmtU_
Cam adjourned from lie larut Cuut of
The defendant m preten*ed hit h-oaeig.
iy aid » all all*, ailhont in a 1 11 MltectTi. but
not (rkaawli. ahootmg a»d htogjl'up,
the property vft L Beene The j.ry fir-mit
hua guilty U the eaar: chrnd tK-ei bam >a»Mr
to the jeualtar* of the art of Tab. II. |j.*J
for hating thf and hi<*fd em he*. t>«
pttprtll «f F. E Brent, aback acre aa the
land uf the da fcada'.t at the time of *hoot»ig.
■tad hallmg ICrirof Ta* i|- r i~ma acre >i
. l-t AAbethrr tie tootft.-.g *rd
killing of hog*, not •; e the larol or m tbe
ftrv'ol faneum cl the onarr. bet m the
land (f the lefetdul at tie Lae of the h.l
l«f»g. it «it Urn tie Beun ' of the art_inj
* bet judgment ought to be p«* ^ Ike
prtx ecu tag* ta tlr* cate
I poo the kr*t ptr*<on. the Tourt decreed,
that i jam* t» liittg dmc>le an.mi’* of
a inch larceny augLl hr (mmfud are aith
ta <4 tW :•«. aad May be
w«ad wed*! d. a«J UH tW ktUr^ on
U/r land «f lat dr i>*. !*? ». >« f. •■ad m lb< '
irrdirt. dd tx< «4 HirS defeat sbr oyrraf to
-f ttr lav »4 apoa fr «pr*».o»>
that tlr trrdart i» Afartur. twrauar .» Aw*
oot £tij «iU wfjorit rrrlkA'j. tVat lit
tli'aUrc k«Iiat<j. a a* doa* ' kaoaa^lt
wl »iKa«T. *4bd lia (d Mibwti} - TW
trrdirt h tLrr«f<vr. So tw *•( j4J/» v » ,
tf**f fao»»* dr ana a* aedrd.
4 ""•'■"‘SI »» r 7.k l#o#d_TW prt.
•«a»rr » a* fut »joa iN Uial lafcr* (Sr I w
rart Coart of Pr«rr»bary. Cw fer^rra. b? ,1
trr iftj a draft by tW B*r k of t nan
of it? Eraa<bn, aad m to Sr
aaotrd tir 1'atrt S> ,ia*b ttr ■«.’. k»„
rat»-a K aa» feerrd by t»w 5raad yvy Wfe,,,
tw fart? a «b vbacb ba *d r b*.»
torra F«wwd «poa by aa oa«a.( ton. **
rrquwd Sr? la? Ur W>tarat •»« Ukt,,s
'* *»t *f aa tkr | |ib. ik*
Court of niiMtUa aw t aad >raaaSd IW
prt*u«w< f ? Uial v tb? i>r? i ( mt. »,4 J
an |S« | AS, b« a a? lira- ud ad yal aywn
bn trial, oa tba wJw taaol f.**od aa ttr
IfHli | Ur < neat I Kit oiriruwd lia aa»
Uf« ta s W tba |ta«Mi aaa u«d aad
kt ISw trrv. tW proMTT af{:*4 fr a
arit of rrror. »«>r »< a tba y? n# ( 4
lround of error. ttr M«m 4 u m>?
ta rpiaob 1U wdwtaaast aad t»r W*r? ddtr
,bf « T1^ tkn yw>l«a. a ar t of
,”f« a!toa»4. refer*.?.o to tb* oaat
*4f* ~ U1""*, «< url b. A# yrt*. -«r
I fb ( raa^Mfiri. t io /ad>w«?ff 4Wf
4 »**• af^wanad taa I a?** i *4
T a/ciil
* 'u'-f.M naurd V? refer 4 •Sr « .
4 «u*l t* naaa tba dafeWaa*. ?«, a*jwa»
aad (iar»*dr?r« Srfora t*r Cra«d i«r» tarn
m iwiaa. but tW> bv.?^;, Mf .44,.
W4 «nt of tw • ay of tba afe*?. a«ib d»
•**m ba frairat aad lad? ibr «#««** of ,**
wAjrtia. md A* rr*t-4 >?ey «?t? WW
*4^— * '«•» *** bab a<aa.ti tSraa ta akaa
rau«a a by Ary «4waM M W ywonbad for a
• naan aft tw? ayyaar.d. avi Mt(J tba
< ourt to b'ia?b tba r- ta. aad carta tw m
l«v. Ar far* *dy Wed «e (dlcaac
T* <*+ Ara Aa dafradaata baS'a fe pr.o.
nbarat by . -—ary y**rar*.<v ..A.,
***,*4*»» fiutonai ftlaaf aaaVvyta»
l*ord»d aaa-am»». ttr? ar* m IrW
° ^ |^»»Wd bad (bat tary aui aa Ma
, ky aintMaav alrtaral
7br f ■caiim 4> ta AVldr ft«u — faua
' tfjntttd li««a tbaC 4*0.11 tartai linrr.a
Tie Prisoner was iodM.trJ tried. •
• x**d m tie Circuit Court f..r (.:
is. fraudulently rtrri a slate ,
county ot Henrico mto it.- <-• !.•* . , p
with intent to defrinl »i j
tie owner of said data, lie ■ ■
*r:e>t djtUnunt, aad a»- 4 t
mat the mdictmebt did out • ,r,» •..
mg away of tie il*i« to bur ,
“without tie consent of Hr . r
n-.rdtef tie trt of .!»♦• . . , H
He was iblutrii and «on«i< t> 1. 1 . (
Court adjourned tin ituc*t. -n », tt , ,
lion s-in.«M-Bt to arrest tie *
Tio court bring of opinion, ti t*. • ,*,
** w uliout tie consent of t* e nenrr
essential evMistrfient of the < tUM r r, t!
tie statute, and that tie owns* ri t. ,
it ta tie words of tie statute, or i;i .
of CS-111 al*t.t import. ts a delect, u
bf tie Ibtata af Jtufiili, therefor
that tic judgment ougit to i» arrested
* ctuasel for lie Prisoner— Miyo a'hr
7 be O—W—ttk M It • 1 n 1 L
-TV prisoner was tried and coniwud I
for* the Circuit f eurt of lltionr, for i, I
mg tie common jail of that count; f
Tic mdretment charged that hr f. I - ■
ty set fee to and burnt a cert*,.. f
the rnoiora jail and ceur..; puv.fi, U.r ;
house of Lace; Jones, She rid, we. t >rj
trial, tie prisoner moved tie Court to in*?r
ii* )«j that Jones as sheriff. ic ct .
• j base so sorb r*rut < f pr perts to
as la s’.'taiw the mdictmrnt , which 1 •*
tie Court refused, and for this reuivu . 1]
writ nf error was applied for. I!
The Court decided that the mffi. t- . I
l^’npnrty and sufficient ?y described tie hr
la* roemeu jail and rouotj pn»< o. 1 f
liat so much »f lie description, as char
it to be lie ioo.se of the >b*rif., wee «iui
mntmsir; and limbi lie rerarded as - |
pluswge—Writ of error dcuicd— Uri,
Counsel for the prisoner.
Tie Csmasewtreoiik »». HiV/ieni ,*
The defendant was presented in tie < ir • 1
Cornet if Prince George, for vesMtin;
fieco of arms, tie Deputy Sherut if t »; »'
counts, iu tie lawful discharge , f b,. . ‘ i1
am* was thereof remicted, upon tic t\. "L
of the Deputy sheriff, who had gn,a ,r 1 ft
»* a voiuatary m former. and . ■
o«ty witnes* introduced on the trui 7.,
defendant moved the court to ear!.,;,.
t»u*«r)ov of the witness from the j>sry. u. . R
the grourd that, a* a voluntary mi. in . r V
»** table foe costs, if the proeerutitn f*,„ .
he was therefore incompetent b.,t tl * 1 ]
overruled the motion, and fur th.v rea*,_ , j
writ ef error ■ av applied for.
I pon general principles a* veil i« tr«i
the authority of the rate of Brook* llifc.. .t
the Commonwealth, dnd V irginu ease,, j
the writ wee unanimously denied
The fVmwsewieealtk t». ><•!. win .inlrrtn — !
The petitioner, a free m1 of color, «i. tr<
before the Heiltnp Coartol Petersburg, »
UtlC •* » eowrt of oyer ami terminer,couvictr. j
cf Urreny, and sentenced to th«: Protect n )
He applied for a writ of error to the
■seat, for error* assigned in his petition I
two preliminary enquiries arose in the cj
1st. Does a writ of error lie to the pro- *«■ >
**S* of the ceonty and corporaiiou court* i>
ewur»* of oyer and terminer
*sd If ***, may it be gnntrj hy the •.
ral t ourt. or must it be granted b* tl < ' lj
rmr • cut of the county, or cerpiratK 1
The Court, without deciding an* * • Rj
^wstwo, were tmantmously of op in ■* 1 I
a writ of erfor doe* not lie from the <• - .
Court to the county, or corpurat.on 1 «
and therefore dected the wr.t.
Tie Commonwealth v*. Thcmpt, a B.'.un J
To# prisoner was tried and coneit tnl tr. - w
Cireutt Court cf Hcnrun, of the larrc r t
watch, chain and seal, the property c I to -•
K- Johnson; on the trial hi* couu**j r. J
the court to uwUssrt the yur*. “ That .! I' u *
the evKirr.ce. the jury shall'believe nai - 4
arru*#d had bargained for the ** alcU * 1. ,
ckra of Johnson, who delivered the •»«.* v
the mined 00 a promise, imrue*. i'.<>* |
pay for it, aid that the accused rnrr at. . j
**J with hnu. acd neglected sad fsitrx* *
turn and pay for the welrb, then tii« »r. t-* j
is ao« guilty of the larreny charged in tl- ■*
'twlatent wturh institution the OOOit t K
fas«J. and gave the following: •• That it tl- ■
l»iry shall b*r *i;.>u»4 from li e evidence 1. I
the clerk of h.hn* >n made a bargain with 3
• r f. r the watch, in pursuance of «* R
»atch was delivered to the prisoner w‘
ti>S ZHrorwis* nf is.nii.Loi,la f . V
ten Ij>; ta*t the pr.n«r| mi^ht tako the * .• #
***J. •nJ return immediately and pn t
tu«b the arrived ;•* not guilty of larceny »
•f the j try >Lali be .attested from thrs e*
that the nroued obtained po*»v.»e,:i ,.i
m »uW to f.»Se and fraudulent prela < n .
Wyin^ it l«r rash, and then carried it •**»
• »Wt the convent nr hno* Ii-J •<• > • i
r!e»k. then the erroncd i* guilty of J. ■ , ,
The pr vinrr petitioned for a *»ni ni >m> ftl
and aligned fur error, the fidlo* i • i
I*t. That tke court relived the ia»l<Uct«M I
*■ *»•! *■»*. f
■hi That tke court proceed I to g .f r I "
.s.fruetm* nrfhotit being asked t • do / | ;
the \::• rne> tor the Common*rail).
hf That the MMtrin'11'<Q gitcb » .1 >r:
ne run.
Tr.e« ourt •leeul«ul. 4nr, that the u..'- *»
**k«d »a« pr iperly refused, reread, r , .
*»g been applied to for i'i mitructiui, • <
basirg refused to gite it in Ike pten • \ 1
'* *k*k it tea* asked, it »•« correct t<>
•t • ah vork IhkI•'O'■ ttoo< a• Ike t'ouit hi 1
»cd kn ke legal and proper—for (A* f<
»»f, <1 </< I'Xv>, ioi/mi.I fkr y»r| rn at a*
rinn »/ fee enovg 1* v •»»,*». ly re Hi < •
j • •kat, •# r a (force , and Ikrid, that Hr
itrwtea an erroneune. Tke jWgi.
therefor* rein*ed, and a nan trial to < j
m a?.«rk, J tha nix in«l«i*rtion ,
hsird. and the a tide nee that r* .
Tm.*t directed to g.ts the fotln* , . i
•tr*» f on Thar if Ik* jure «t> »ti V A , .
•am. tram Ik* at idemre. that the p-i •
• <tk a U famous lateat. •Mimed v «• • I
d tka » »trh, by false and fredo* • j
res, arid after nerd* railed a* a.
•Hhnut the ink it of the owner »
*i*rk. then tke ffn-xt e guilty «* .
be .t an I fc'-igs tor the ptnwikr
J**r«A ikirddl »• .11rromjfr / • •
for a ehaagn of eerv • '
trx.ai law *as Weught by Mm<h
Kr*r •»* ,a the f irrud t oort if » . »
, *;■•■ »af» **d aftefasrd. Hr. »
tai rd m ajiaetuMi la tk« jn-tgu t' 1 1
tha re>irun 4 proceedmes *» t
rkaeccry idl sf tbit t'mn, ra >•. • ••
raeud to to triad et tk* H*r ik i<
psrposn sf to*iu<t >»( mti,,, 1, •»
•tot beta era tto |«ri«s
%t tk* Apr4 term, fl-TT.» to, »1 ’ »•
plied la that Const to change r*>« »n »
>ae hum to to trad 10 .
ronnty of that Ctrterl. an*n *
asereuted, amt tka appi* at in* is <10 •
ted *•» thie I sort, »«pparir<i try the •«
dena • nkirb a aa knf.r* the • *• .. « 1 --
Ik* l i lpi, after norwidarmg the »p, *1
a*r* aoxaouaty *f op***,,, ifc .« ‘
baa aa tsttoity to atoyar f t us p
of c hanging Iks m a C* the tr »t of v*
<«at aa by 1 Court of the* ec

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