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Virginia 0v*t
- _ a rare pnrss. tbs palladium op -y
«»• JOttV s. aMM^.IUKK._( IHRMISTOWX, JKK1T.K.SO>i ( OI ^ITV, TIH KwDAV, Aim ST 7. 1*01._Mt.
/V Surf* •/ ro/mno, Ay.tfr*.
“ Y\ r have hut to bi*w the head irt .ilenro,
" Inn brwvcu'a voice call* hack the thing* we loir.
“Love’ love! there ace a«A an.ih a ai.,1 genii,
word*, •
Ai»l there arc face* akilful to pot on
The look we truat in : and >,* motkerr all*—
A faithlrw null, a dean-t vapour. wc.i.g
I In- heightnro «l clear water*, ll.u* tu cheat
I he Ultra! tliat aciublatu«• kindled •
. .... . . There ia none.
In mil this roll I irw| In4|r>« «orlilv oo (hum
t »f deep, -rung, drMl.l -aa love, *«a. that . .thin
A mot tier • hratt It |Mlt prvdr. wherewith
T ohtv fair atm the father'• eye .hah torn.
\\ atcl.ang hi. growth i aye, on tie- boy tar look.
Jl hr bright glad ctvaiurv- .printing >a hi* path,
R.it a* the bi-tr of hit great natn.-, the roung
A ml *tat< Iv tree, whoar rising Urvueth, ere k.ne,
Hhalt bear hi a trophic* well. And tl.„ ■* |ov.- *
Thil it nua’i love! What, matvrl »
You ne’er made your brraat the pillow of hi* in
fancy ,
While Id the fillin'-** of your lieart’* glad heaving*
III* lair chirk* ro*r ami ft II ; and hit* bright hair
Waved *oAly to your breath! You ne'er kept
Hr aide him, till the lavt pair Oar had vet.
And mom, ail ilmling, as in trium|di, broke
On your dim wear* rye ; not ywri tin- fare
" hicb 1-aHr failed through l.md carv for him.
Ilnng o'er hi* vteep, and, dulr a* Heaven*, light
Was there to greet hi. wakening! You ne'er
lli* couch ( ne’er sung him to hi* roc* real,
! w; »hi«|KT w hen hi* «oire fnuu vonr.
*i*L '* ,oft uttcranea-; po-wd » our l.p t'.. I.,.,
XT i parch’d it ; hualiM Ina wa« wanl crie*.
Ao. These arc wotuau’s Uak*. In thete licr
And hiootn of cheek, and huovanev ofheart.
StrJ front her all unmarked Ylv boa a’ mi i*»vV
1 lath vain alTrcliijti borne with *11, fgg |b,»'
—W hy were »c given inc
Th« responsibility which is incurred by
every mother imperatively calls upon her to
seek the best means of making her children
good and rational beings. This is not to be
done by merely sending them to school for in
stroclion. Education must be continued al
home, or otherwise its most important re
sult* are left to chance, and it mainly depend'
upon accident or circumstance whether tin
child becomes vicious or virtuous. All per
aona mar not have the power or the opportu
nity to direct the infant ntiod with sudicien
steadiness and judgment to produce certain
effects. It is much more within the ability ol
a mother to make her children good temper
ed. and to endow them w ith cheerfulness ami
contented dispositions ; but even in this, will
the best intentions, she may fail from wmi
of understanding the means. It is, however
in the power of all mothers—the learned am]
unlearned, the rich and the poor_to hav«
the most derided influence on the moral
character of their children, and to make
them * irtuous members of society. To this
end children roust be educated by exampU
** •* hy precept. I.et not parents be
liere that they are discharging their duty hi
admooishmg their children to do right, whili
they act at variance with those principle'
thwy would inculcate. Children are ’peeu
liarly quick-sighted in this respect, and de
tact the smallest contradiction in act an<
word with surprising acuteness. That whicl
*• wish our children to become, inat si
should endeavor as much as possible to b«
ourselves. This is a maxim in parental man
agement which would tenj more than an\
other course to ensure success.
During the seven years war,(heexer
lion* of the Prussian* in that critica
period to support the falling fortune n
their indefatigable monarch, were trult
worthv of luminous character* in tin
records of history, but they were f«i
I outdone by the public sacrifice* tha
were voluntarily made by individual)
to Praoee in 1803.—Kach family con
tributed in different way* to the eipen
•ea of the war : and even the poore*
peaflant* ease in their mite fur the re
neral good, though it deprived their li
milieu of many a luxury which they liar
been used to.
In one of the romantic vallies of Si
| le»ia. there lived a young girl of «ur
priaing beauty, the pride and delight o
her aged parents, whose only orcupa
lion waa to attend their flock*, am
bear the acant produce of their littli
larm to a neighboring market town
Klla. like the wild flower, had grnwt
ami bloomed in obscurity, adorned am
beautified by the unerring hand of na
t«n». She had know n but little of thi
world, until the bruit of war spread o
yer the country, and echoed discor
:fj dantly amidst the darkest recesses o
solitude; am) when, by her inquiries
her father was obliged to tell her uf thi
* distracted state of her native rountrv
the indignant blush, the heaving pi ih,
bosom, told how much she felt for he
enterprising sovereign and people i*ta
wfff arrayed to defend hi* dominion
Heaven grant ns victory ! she exclaim
■ . *'!• <tt the patriotic enthusiasm of he
sou!. I would,father, that natuie hat
rnvl^. woman strong enough |o fight
j. I he nhl man smiled a reply, and ki*
“,nS hrr rosy checks, bade her keci
out of tight of the soldier*.
f*utmn was scarcely nettJrd
r.ils knew where to find one on whon
she could ga/e. ami be g„e,| upon to
hears: and wh« though not dresse*
out in the trappings of the military wa
more to her than the whole world be
*. le. Sue was soon upon the tnsnn
tun slope watching her herds, ami In
t*nmg to the mellow note* as they fl„w
ed from the pipe of Adolph, a fine Tea
i t'lred young tnsn who sat at her feel
gar^ng tenderly upon her smiling face
That hair of your*. Klla—said h<
•asing down the instrument—I woul
K>*e the world for one little lock, an
f he ruu hi* finger* through the gl«**
ires*es as they hung luxuriantly a
ruiiini her finely moulded shoulder*.
I lie world is not yours to give. A
jdolph. said she. smiling—but do vou
only love me for my hair, which 'vou
•re always worshipping?
I love yon for yourself, Ella; but
th«»*e rich ringlets which might grace a
crown. I iduli/e them; ami vet jou re
fuse to bestow one little tre»s.
_ Have 1 not reasons? Were 1 to
give you a lock. I might never see vou
again ; for then you would always
have jour idol by you. and I would be
tursaken. No, Adolph, first prove
yourself worthy of the gift, and then
you shall not only have a tre*«, but the
whole of me.
Tell me how to become worthj of so
r*c!» a gift, exclaimed the enraptured
youth. I will follow the path jou shall
point out.
There it is! answered the maiden,
pointing towards Hrcslao. and looking
her lover fixedly in the face.
And what am 1 to do with Dreslaur
Join the brave men who are strug
gling for the liberties of your country,
and ten told shall be the love of Ella.
A slight blush overspread the face
of young Adolph, and kissing the hand
ol the lair shepherdess, he lui oed a wav.
and was toon lost amid the deep reces
ses ol the valley.
There was more courtliness in the
last salutation of Adolph than general
ly fails to the lot of the untutored and
robust mountaineers of Silesia—and
Ella thought, a* he wended down the
narrow defile, that there was more dig
nity in his mien than she had bcfoie
observed. She scarcely dared ask her
self who he was, for he had been but a
short time among the ahopticrds, and
no one knew aught of his birth or his
•calling; but every one loved him for
his generosity and noble spirit: Mv
ll,ir ..III I." Ill < _ t_If _ . .1_ .1
-t-- - »«• uvi ■vu« mm inv t uumi
, vanished from her tight—I will dret*
it for hit take. They tty it it rich
and beautiful—ah ! how freely would
• 1 deaf i oy each ample tress, and acattcr
it upon the wind*, did he not lo\e to
comb it with his fingers.
Months rolled away, and Ella
watched her herds alone and in tad
nets, lur nothing had been heard of A
dolph. ami the demon war continued
in spread his desolation ocer the land.
It w'tt proposed to raise a turn by con
tribution among the inhabitants of the
mountains, which thuuld be placed in
the general fund, which was to be ap
propriated to the use of the brace de
1 fenders of the king and the country.
\N hen the father of Klla was ctlled
upon for his sharr. he had nothing to
give, and the noble-hearted girt then
for the first time felt the want of
. wreallh. Father, let us tell our llu^ks,
said she. we will be amply repaid in
the freedom of our country; and
1 when peace comes again, l*m tore [ can
woik fur you. No. my daughter, an
‘severed the old utan. our country re
I quire* no such sacrifice, see must not
r d«prie0our*elve* of the meant of live
, lihood.
Klla reflected fora long while, and
formed a thousand plan* for raising a
;jsum of money worthy of being given
i in aid of the cause, but all her schemes
were impracticable; she even wept in
her solitude for her inability to terce
the country. \V ould these locks v era
gold! exclaimed the. running her fin
. grrs through the cluttering trnirt, it
| they dallied w.ih the amorous wind, I
might ihcn give them to the country.
(Tan they not be sold? I will go in
Ureslau and olPrr them ; they will nnl
r bring much, yet they are my all. Hut
. Adolph, when he return* and brhnhli
I me shorn of my greatest beauty, what
i willhesay? Alas! he will turn from me.
he will love me no more. Well, be it
i an. I will sacrifice hi* love for the good
| of my country.
She accordingly proceeded to Bres
lau and olTL-red her hair for svle, to thr
first hair worker in llm city. The
beauty of the young girl ; and the
I novelty «>l her nfler, caused the person
> to iorioire of her the evue of rubbing
' hersrlf «d such brautifol tresses: on
.'receiving her answer, he was aston
■ ishesl at the evtraortlinarr disinterest -
ted feelings of patriotism displayed bv
1 one so lovely. I will tale the lmk«,
my preftv gul. said he. admiring the
.softness of their lesture, ami turn
them into bracelet*. — Kverv b«»dv will
I buy when they know of whose hati
' they »*re made. The delighted grrl
received the profT- red sum. and new
' I® add it to the general fuml. Thr
‘•sir worker hail predicted right ; tin
• story got wind, iml the ladirs am
' gentlemen of th« city flocked to hi
r store to purchase thr bracelets marker
I with the nsme of Klla. Among o
* thera a young officer ol high rank, heai
* ing the atecy, endeavored to obtain uni
of the articles. 1 be Vender hail Iw
one left, ami as he had alrrarlv raiser
* *fry ron*iderable torn from thrii
•sir. wJiirh sum he mtemlrrl putting it
• the general fund—be intended to ker|
* tfhai one h»r hioiself. Tbe officer ei
• smioerl closely the color and tesfon
of tire hair, ami when Ins eves fell up
1 ,,n ,,u? «f Kit a. a smile of peirl.
k aad grattfi^a'. on curled bis iipv^u Is.
uttered, it must be she!—He emptied
his purse upon the counter, and a*kcd
the hair worker to take it all for the
bracelet. The man, charmed bjr the
sight ol an much gold, readily consen
ted and the officer left his shop with
the treasure to Ins lips.
Klla. sai.l Adolph, as he sat by the
side ol the mountain maid—where are
the luxuiious locks that formerly hung
around your neck ?—I went anil fought
fur my country at your bidding, and I
now enme to claim me reward.
Ad'ilph ! answered she. I became
jealous of my hair ; your heart was
entangled among its thick curls; thee
w ove the web around the hearr. and so
1 cut them oil'-—l)o you not love me
without my locks t
Dove you. Klla! could I do less tiian
worship you since you have so nublv
marred your beauty for the benefit ol
your country ? Dook at this bracelet ;
this hair is yours ; the name ia yours !
Thus caught, the generous girl
thought it useless to deny ; she confess
ed ail. am! shortly after she was the
wife of the stranger Adolph, and
Counte»s of
The following was related to os a
few davs since by a gentleman from
New \ ork. A singular robbery re
centlv took p! re in our city, the cir
cumstances connected with which have
produced quite a sensation. One ol
the most respectable physicians of New
' ork. who resides in the upper part of
Hroadway. was. while attending the
Italian opera one evening a few wrecks
rnhftPil n f tn« ti tli K It u s a •
family piece, ami had been handed
down from father to sun for several
generations—hence it was prized far
beyond its real value. In order to re
gain it, if posviblr, the physician ad
vertised fur it in several of the public
papers of the day, offering one hun
dred ilolljta for its recovery, and no
questions to be a«ked the person who
should return it. A few dava after
the publication of the advertisement,
he received a note through the post
office, stating that if he would appear
' in the bar room «»f the opera house at a
certain hour on a dctgnatrd evening,
the watch would bo returned. The
physician laughed at the note, pro
nounced it a quiz, but nevertheless^vo
anxious was lie to gain his watch, that
he cherished live faintest hope on the
subject, and determined to attend the
opera. Accordingly, at the hour de
signated he appeared in the bar room,
and after looking round upon the com
pany for a tear minutes, without obser
ving any one who seemed desirous ol
an interview, returned into one of the
buxes. Still anxious, however, he a
few minutes after again passed into
the bar room. It was comparatively
vacant, but lie bad (wen there but a few
seconds, when a tall, getiterly-dressed
young man came up to him. and with
a silvery voice and affable manner, in
quired the hour. The physician liesi
fated a minute, cast an inquisitive
glance upon the stranger, and obser
ved. with somewhat of irritation, thal
^uniciLwuuuin nau m >uori uvnr iveiorc
robbfd him of hi* watch. •* Indeed!*1
cooly replied the stranger, and drawin|>
an olu fashioned gold watch from hu
pocket, ha held it befor* the physician,
and with a smite ot»«erved. ~ the true
time. I believe sir!*’
The physician immediately recogni
«ed the stolen watch, and nude an ef
furl to grasp it. The stranger stepped
back a faw paces, and coolly observed
that *• ha had attended the opera as a
man of honor, expecting to meet a man
of honor. You advertised your watch,*'
lie continued, “and pledged your hwn«M
as a gentleman to reward with nn«
hundred dollars the individual whi
should return it to you. \Ve meet,
therefore, so far as th« law is concern
ed. upon ntutral ground. Here 11
your watch, sir. My psrt of the con
tract is fulfilled, and I appeal to you at
a gentleman to perform yvurt.'*
I he physician Hesitated, was evi
denlly confused and agitated. Aftci
a moment** pause he took the watch
stated that he did not expect to tnoe
the author of the note addressed to him
confessed that he had not provide!
himself with the inonev, hut pledge*
h*s word that if the stranger would ae
company him to Ins residence, th<
money should immediately he paid.—
** Without hesitation,** said the stian
ger. and putting his arm through tha
> of lfve» physician, the two walked out «
I the opera house, and up Hioadway t
the residence of the latter, who pro opt
tv handed the supposed robber a hun
‘ died dollar note, lie politely bowri
I ami departed.
I It is iurthrr stated that the |4iyvit ia
’ felt much (urtosily ta discover !h
i stranger—converse,! freely up«'n th
i subject with his ft tends, anil mdre
■ endeavored to detect him in ever
t way possible without having secours
> to the police oilier. About a lotting*
• after tha recovery of his wair*. and o
: uuc of the stotimsst mgbts of the sei
son. the bell at the phymcian's duo
was wrung with the greatest violence.
It was near midnight—the »isd Wool-'
ed and the streets were flooded, the
w ater running above the gutters. an«J
rendering even the side walk* almost
impassible. The servant, tossed from
his sleep, horned down stair*, opened
the door, and ushered an old mao iato
the hall, who in the must pressing man
ner demanded to be shown to Dr. S.
in privat*. The doctor was abrsptly
summoned, and expecting some argent
case demanded lit* immediate atten
tion. hurried down to his study, into
which the old man had been already
ushered, lie immediately ram mm
ceil stating a ease ol extreme distress,
said that his wife was subject ts tem
porary fits of madness, and had jast
been seized with a paroxysm of a most
violent eharacter. lie proceeded to
give an account of the history ol the
case, bat before he had entered deep'*
into details, he threw off the clonk in
which he was enveloped, and the wig
in which he was disguised, and stood
before the physician as the stranger ol
the opera house, the fair faced, gentle
, voiced young man liom whom he had
received his watch. The physician
started back with astonishment, the
stranger continued. ** I have chosen a
stormy night for this visit, sir. but how
ever calm my demeanor. v« a thin I fea
| tures or composed manner. »« life is
: necessarily one of storm. It is now a
fortnight since we met. and have you
; redeemed your promise to receive back
your watch and ask no questions, im
plying that you sought your prsjwitv
alone, and not vengeance upon thr
wretch—I know the meaning of ll»e
phrase—who was forced b* hi* accur
sed destiny to seem a thief r Canvas.
r:.wi ....1 -___.4
firm that you have acted a generous
part, an honorable part? V«a ruuot
|—I tell you here 10 this shadonx
room, at this midnight hour, that you
cannot. 1 uu hue described mr. tr.x
person—my appearance, my manorr.
' to a hundred of your particular fi leads.
. have done every thing but visit the po
lice with a detailed account o! my |«ei
•on and the whole transaction. Vuu
have forfeited vnur honor, and even
now through your confidential rrjwe
i seutationa, the miuisteia of justice, ihc
»n rtuidoiia ol* the police, are eager fur
my aire.'t—are hunting me wuh the
j spirit of tiger* seeking for a victim.—
Sir. beware! \ ou provoke a desperate
man when you make lur your foe. /
am no thief; / did nut filch from too
1 the watch that I restored to vuu. A
1 gain I say. beware! I know you
thoroughly, and wish you well. Rot
i villain a* I may b. I will not be hunt
' ed down with impunity.”
A minute mwr. and the doctor wav
■ alone in his chamber. The young rob
Iber is yet at large.—Penn. /ny.
l ilt: MIX KM K.XNV
I pon the 11 ih day of January. 1813.
the wing of the Nor ill Westrru arms,
under the direction «d tirn. iim<->
" inchesler. reached lire loot of the
ItapiJs ol the Maumee of the lakes,
the contemplated point ol a-seiaW<n«
the north vrnrrn army, noJt-r the
command of llic(hucial-iu Cloif.M tu
II. Harrison.
V' iochr»lfr encamped hi* dnisroc
of lhe army (about 2-500 men} on Oh
further bank of Maumee. uj«on a band
some rising piece of ground, gradually
descending in all directions Irom tl.s
centra of his camp. Ilia whole cosn
maud remained to this position anti
the morning ol I7lh of January.
Between tl»e llihaud 17tb. disen
person* had come to Winchester*!
camp fiotn settlement* on the Kumb
ail uigingthe piopnrty «4 a ntmemetr
upon Pienchtown.n tillage u|>w tin
Haisin .10 m:Ira distant, then in tl.i
> occupation of the British and Indian*
Winchester** latest mfoi matioa * a*
\ brought by a coi tideuial agent ol (sen
i llarrisan.) that «f the An.eiKans *k
’ not scry ijuii kly «ncr or the *ett!ement<
i • on tbe Raisin, that » hat »l the proper
J tjr the enemy could not carry it|i
• hey would destroy• This deteim.net
AA incbrstrr to consider the matter
■ lie, ac<otdingly. during the night a
I ii»e Kith, held a cwwsutlalron wiu» t».
. held offerer*; the result was that 4 *
I men. umirr the tommnal ol Col. AYm
I Ieaii. wn«!d set out early on tbe morn
t»| ol tb* »r*h tw occupy fnarb
• town. In cool-Mmity u iih order*
. I.ewi* proceeded a* far a* Prr«|«*|»lr
- 1H mile*, where he sensed at night
t .An haur after ward* he w as pmrd t>
I l.t. Col. John Allen with kaadir
» men. thus mating Itii aUlec^wotau
5 ! >. I.r>e in the wight, a prwa wu
• made his e-cape from hmctitawa. r
J the name <>! Day. ga«e infmaoiiv■» t
lr:«* i« of the atrrngih. p»*iti ,n, i ,t..ur
i cel. tc. of the et.rti.y, I here wer
e two companies «d t ar.aoisn Amua
r leer*, mm mended by KUmi and Mi.
I son*die; a fragment of a ■ ompa*>* «
i Artillerists; with tour hundred fa
e disns, making altogether Lee u a.
t hundred tw’lltger east*. all under to
n lomrorndel Maj Ke*n>«Wl«. Cwt. 1
i- liutt na* *»pc-ted there aomettuie o
tto 18»k • hW a caa«4mUc rral«rrr
•rat ai ladvaa* a of I mimIio*. |>
ttoa tor tar tto rodwyrauto dct« a*
Ir«i» ta uiMifii* «to caaim^lato
jaactaaa af Kili«U aitb M.j. B>i
naif *-—He aa* baaad t*4a«.a arl
b» tto fe«t atji tt to Lai aa ora ar
der tto order® af H a, brarr. aa to
<br rrcrat aUiaa'aa al lln. Hrmcr
before tto daaa af tto a»m^ of tto
IHK. alter taoaitia; a :tU oaatb
dratial tiicrts to bad l to re caparaal
the UlUaia; order prepared .t*f pia
< cd ia tto kaada «f tto cWft of banal
*««*. Allea. UaJ.-wa and (« ar*
rare order o at aot trad U tto detacb
•ret aatil tto acre car of tar haute
Snwtat! Yaar aacirat rarer :*
before two Tto a iae^t tLat to ba«
ir3x led apaa roar rawtn are lir>b
<b roar •ra.arr-—TLat caartn cal >
apaa r#i tbit dae ta riadtrale tor k ma
or and tor taler e*»t to lafrtc; apaa
'•'ta roadi^n a<«*. la tto bra
of battle rrraecotor abal tto patrol u
»*«•» ‘ uiJ ta raw at ((roptoa. —to®
bare tto da-sUV T‘aritlcr af Aam
rang mod Kr-atockiaao ta •ttiaca-'’
!>o to at I (erf a>>arrd r«a aiH. and
all atll to ar!L \\ a Lit iw
TV rat marred b- fate da» ! „bt.
Taoftioit ta latxL aod a part of tLi
titar aa tto tee of tto Ulr, aa akri
latter place tto ttMcrt ttoem tbci;
blitikcio aaJ <•» lira parta-l. «f a
cold tiuii, atoait 12 or 1 a'ctol —
Cotaa* vithia litre rnlrt of Firtib
lor t*. al»e»e tto ial((iacdi«!a cwairt
•ft coveted «i’b fted-r^risv. tto a*
• aader tomrd L;» ukd ta tto lollea
io*««rder: CoL Allea aa tto r^bt.
M/j. lirarea aa tto lei*, af 11..
u. i^_ .t___ t._ .J
nmraetil ike MJrt m»% read —
Billud, actir; m U.je. brM^ut me
the attack. A» me mere («mz;. a
piece ml artillery m*« bred at 81 l ie
taxmt ire ;U f t« the ram lu'.dim wot
•!»»• ; •»*< mleaU parted UtsM IteL
at lea-t. *b*ce mar head*. A iMatd
*imt ma* dim'.rd at a*. «LA ma«
tn*«rrcd L*y fVe ■ t’l Lt'-mt «mice u.
5*irwle. mbm cmmld Me tiaa amy •tie:
bsmar* brifi*. tmutate a each. Tir
£**« moral u&fiJc&u f«r the mur&e-t ;
mhea Ballard, ja~»:r- the mer ms IW
ice. tii-‘ ;rd ajwn* the ts«L—the V-t«l
!ioa* cJ (hate* and \!rdnea itppur*.
**•? him. (be tons ma* carried u a Irm
minute*. It c»ai Um w.»arL'. t iie
the -aUa»t cimasdiT ma*
latio- Ike Miirtdil battat’rrm*. I',a
he ma« alarmed at the kr.v et bn -
ball a mile tm the li-ht. Il^bjit^ mi
it* cas*e. be Uttd tUt Li* arc mid it
command. mitfccmSy one buditdon.
had attacked the entire enemy, *L<a
i*e had drum itvm the tamer. It,*
enemy had tetrrated brfwe Lis a hall
a m:!e ; enclosed by U»u*r*. CrLte r«/<%
a:.d a * a»t deal «d laliet timber. C«*i
L:« i* jruti :r- *p*j * tm hi* L«>* *e. ;w!
*|>pr<.act mg C«*L Alter. f«ktd him a'
bay mrtl* tie ttirwy. and |*rremj:,«*i‘«
(t ramanded him km retreat ana turn
hi* -oldier* (* iLr piscd and *e*”-e
?»♦»• Tbr* order m a* r< lacULl.i
obeyed. kleanmhiie .'rart G«rrm<
at Hi £ a* the a*d *4 le».*, krn._U u*»
btljii.afeid Mtdwti at d ((Utr*.|n
» uu biIobi t*»:r, id* il« it** «4 iw
enemy : •bn^'cvmpVtrd iktu
1 »tl*e mrn mere liUtd *4 Lr*i«'
! tmmmar d and 33 m mandril—a*d a
l«r a- a *< ext-iced. 33 «d t ts rwm
’ mere kuinl; (he u.aWr *4 ■ nrnii i
tun Lma—.UryXMmuSme.
* It -vet (1m. m> *» »44r*-v* a TwmJB r. L
• * iii* cim> «4 r I'lt-iNa .. ,u r--- •-m..
im "lie Bm-m 1 Aar—w, mrC C<* rtiatoa*,,;
I ImI-4 M,«kMr liUxIt^ar. IMC
»»*•« rat <n< i»nn - - n a- ■
I \M» nilT! <•
*1 Ok •far' k t» kr» J.’ra*« I*.
tTk'Vr» <4 tte V4»»t». U ■> It* w-Mwk,
* r» mm*. « wr« 4 U* rath law* m t.a lie*
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i "“4*4 *u it*. •* ii tea Hi
I!*<•• m « » U* *- Met i**a()M 4r<
I !••€ 4 .4 atari tlr aiOrf »• •]*«,.
** 11* rrfc„**rfMtt 4 It* leil .. m £ lav*
* f *>»»■; tMUt.«, n
“ Ii* > MKMna •« %<■ UibMa ak
r »tlUj»»a4i.*i*tii»^*i4M4«k. 4 a.
I «w4* a»4r <4 ifa«(*r..ii{ «uat aa
bj «***4>« *4 bto. 4* »i4 kitf.1, aiar;
. tW rra*r «a •#«f4Mf. M-tf frlw.
*4 law r» Ha witiia. TW f*» 4
► • »*..•*• W far 4«*. a. .’mm Mkaai a.
4 arr« *« ai4 m.mm, a
, tV <•* • Ut'j ««»i4 wa "J* turnAt bar • * . *r
. *° ttw l«w* lw*k| m4 M* (aj .
•*'•» **?•*% Mlucb mkniK M**^..-n
•* l.twt I* »k*t t*t 1W a* la <
* r4;«Mi bat. »W«t
» *»W I UT4* • •» 4.nfri ». ma a
► “4»» 4ii, *a i*< «4r«|«» . • —r-y, ,
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I 1 . ’ l< 4vii • 4 tafi%**' ifiaf 44m
(4 ll*aMiw 4 * flair rail* la 1 > *t
* a%« /•***»." I.tarnf fnr* «»Mr IV
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I I* » j %» Ha 1. ' **e « aa kart. *w Mb
a > aak •'».** ataua Ul*r«a Ur W. *1
alb Ir4 hit <arr a jra, (W i«tr* ■*.
•twriKj a» irrVt li4ra. tu*« 4W r«^.«« «
r • t* <4 IMrM a* - a*. u r» m p. aa(Wr
* m, at>4 k^ti l nw 4«a IW «« a< 4
- tv4»«l «4 Habwiyea, uaMrtar a> r ,
| l>‘1> V* at>A I ibak • matt HMta a*
_ (gc>4 A ra a* vt**4b ■ 4 ar **i|p a* War kaal ~
4 v L*. « lira at. t | |m ....
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r - |s tvr •yr*{ !*** a ‘arr* (r'-f.^ t
Mt La4 *«arw4 f aaa Va <>
la b »(* fa Vr i«k« * U Mr- Uvi<i> far **
I*• •»* **• «
'n.fa. • lew SB «few: m rn t »•«-» <|.p
*■ “ * km ft* bmimotv* far m* *t
* —3* »a •*» ««p —•
lka' *■•—»•*» «a*V« iMlI 4* «WlB H<v
j» *jw*» De 44*2 a>*u£ ^**4
■ft-***< ft* Uk ad 4au• nO*r« faaT »—I *r*~
ft ft* *W tnhw cmor <4 •
■ft* ■»» •»*•«»•* n— r«r»,mi i>.a
•rj7* mMBc ft* iMuia'i n—
^ ^ •* ft* ««r .•Mn't Aen^lb
MB* » in r* rw • iImc ./ 14 -l.m uul Am
r«*i «* fan L—a faliBrr fat*C SUiC ut » a* a d*
gr» in* ft* f*>--«*«—- ntiMr—_ar®—i*» *< l,#
’’*’• l<2 r •*» fitara u i.nt i. a iac afacns
ft* In—« m*»ic.. ft.ratl«t • — a—.—
•**‘**k*k*'fa. kt* r»i» — S> amt 1% one at
’l—1 * ** • **®>*'*c i» in.* fai^uuac. l— Spa
• yrt’jmx fa.aa i.I**. a A—V X— *1ih*
Jr*ft|'* ft* Walk- Jttmr L fat tu»44Mfc a!u*
-»’■*• r ft* tliwaikea Mat annqp. - i — f - »
**-• *v *w« «*r i*5m - r in fan ,
■•S'4 t»t* 41.--J* naifiar'juia « ft* inOit;
M"!— 4 *-**at. •> —a — A* flit
***» i4t tr -■«—>*** *i Am Wrr. ■*
' ft*-■*• aeatMnQuCa^ it Mu- .nr* ,lli.
’•** J"S *ft» C«r»neA. «4aa-a- ..*.ip!*l. jn4tat* a
*•*• injftat It >*• .*«r AaC ft*a Vtl
ifirfle-t fa— ftifa ciaiaiM iia«ar« ar t iiat
til* fa 111— » -X* ft— 4J—lii m» 4k 9<ar —U-*
M*. *.«Mir *rKr\A*m ■** fan- *—«W*c —aA
•v **. m *» tia*--C 1 .Mftftir*. Mfat *i,im AmJ
*^yr • •• 'ft- «J* — *M* *Ck*r (ra«*Ci.
ft“! frT: *ft*t I i»1t —B. ftatift Aar tar-—
’**• u »a*—i»r-4 e4 UI • *n- i» £ Tij> aia
4W -41* .a* Xfa*- tfar Mrr— AraraaO. In
■ “**’* ttjr ftrt a^.r—.n — ay*-—. a* Wi
Aa at» -<•1 Mt i«- )*r—rwa fa nt 1.—. ia
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bniUkm. 1*. X. (jmiOk iflar-k
T*r l*t«. u!iW r»ra. .tiUam a*y*,.
•*** "'■'*•*■ « TVr r>n.^m:« Cat*—
"a3* *»• '■»'*. ant C at*. actem* tef-kac-k
fan* and W- k!»•-« r >. -njarWlir _ "a.^- the *<55
It* dunirr 'Umil in Tut njpun Sic irttm
Ttm W ar wf 4*"ir sc '(ravpli T%m
m« r* * •miKn ti n a .uuotraw* nuaiftk 1
ae Bfcd aUCaimnd Ha ■at*'" ' 1 1c flin
Wm and iIim and aaui * aur kaWr-v a» pn» -
ku*u rnkciSDcaa-,. «aratf» **nc
mtSTurc «» a *Si1nr J*aa*C nrtm'anM't .ink
aud tt-amr - miapajuiW W «m« a» 1*
fm-r<nvf« «U! ilk r.wnfin k**e -.*4fcrr» Cur
*'ll'1 *“• W« bad *>oaif (mk. la Oiuik &n»
jonrjBk a ta inn 1# liar Viac. mr ana if
tkc ruuar * a aC’na. lar—'.am man. adn*
a aa an» C '*/•■**•;. a* a «*s» n.mp wruvtj *c
f* t» b» ai'j-Ua'aim. r *•*•>•*•» p»~i tin*
T**' ’** wear lua a *. nsici'in^ n a mVirv
®*1 H* *{*af if Mflijini' 1# aanf Vink
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aanaiOf— l» Wad li*ri<k» Wan .c iian i«r
Ruarfi l>t *..4; w a it «m »«n 9m
Mai—a c V WOrn.n#f 1i w- Tajiauat
w tin ruMunip v-nmd- -urn «llac
•AW kmk'la 1ur lard !»*•» 4ja*ggant Kt
tt* Or' a li.m » li* «s u vt ra
•» *1* kcau'unir -Star a*lks nai*pin(.;r»
•*a ><Wr. M fd aiiinf a awa Mama
S al. * Aar a S-ndr* liar *4 a Ua a-.atk
rkrtd. and llm *i':.lar* lira rtaamna V
R* kur ii» irk ik wflaMt la .iWc Ml • r
* alan?»* Tat af •Sir ami.»rann« a*
ir-a. V: fcai-ur: Aotuuat M ^r-klaiiC &a ra -
l*iTk Wr* airram. fl.» ia anai.fifipi'f
ujS law lierarr « Ia-i W Mrausandaarar 3m l.,i
l‘*»i d f-ai V. iiar Igguna nd( rf
•'a rjarf Hi II a'I't lark llteak. anal
3*« •» nf ka 1 iy«l*r« ant fttaarv
1» Oar «a. —mar. alia «aian<tgaMt nai a t
-■ In or- Inna.. 3m 1C. laaarr—, Sk
*-'« *i«Ua-k i^f Wji-Rnr. niumif m;i a - .aagik
i a. It* a-... e aitia ■—.Muan'* rt m mm •«
l* ■*■' •*'? ♦ij* - z « alia BaaC Vn *nai..VillT**.
'*-» a pm Jal kink **•»«:>*. miter acagar -
, "H • *»* * *i'l aen»r karate Hart* Wpiaipt
( **--• *»i»a«s«a O'-an RRRklC, JI JaiamOiR la
aamna tSar arc *tc *ar.aia^ «MMn* marv
•***< Hr l iiiiitr- «• c (am dm »,!—*,«*
mrna.rm aan.» a wir c^irir Jt!»
■I I-i* lau' Vuc •«!
e ate k a Had am llr in.- my •
tern 4m anam*S Hier » I
Bad a rnmatelun a 1. da .f
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*—-••** c» binl tf £« xloM. ’Wr * _
. 1*** ‘i»e c-i ffi*t iw *e tw#
•* •* I - ■•«•• ** It* l«n4 *f m ftr*ft* Wfct*
. ■' »•**«< *U»
****** •* ij* * K~ --wr*>>...• i .**( 4,*
l>» i **<'■• £•*< gwt ft»ft#»«r»»
•ft •4*4 •** ■■■ * nuftfti iM , *w t
r •<*»»* •-JIirtlrfliftlir’t'T* MMMMl
*■ * • < f ■ ***«■ <4 *J in-.« TV* {r-» ar»r
** :<«* ■**.. ^r» *-•*•» 4>t* a% V»*r■• at*
, »nfliw«i»aifti#4*garaftifft»t>
r M «t 1 <*M
*• >** y '»"** tlfttc Uor itm *Ar** *4 tuyar
. fc**rt «f IV «r-—t# 4 «* yr-ym «r ft#
r • '•** «r*a m mwM *umr*m-r m>* #i*»
. »»*' 2 -- -4* «oa* ftJLK* I *4* y.r
. *• »'• •-*(..
[ I* IV <»—•_ V SI *S ■•**#• ■*».»***». **► I
» It a* ■ » !»'* --* 4 -fl» V*HT ^ *4. ft
MiljBft ft: »| «ft W*■ • *> *# 'Sr- 4rt*i a* ■
B aft a*. Saft ««*-.,•* *i i # ft a*a aaatv » ft**-■ 4
" »***»*» *' iftf* •* *«aM S’I ft* -ft* *W 4Jft ft a
* « Bftt * ft act li**.ai pinli | 4ft fc*.
>**•- »■■»< M« *-ft*i*1ft ftat4*r^&
■*. a**-- * *B% #!*># Tftft *»rr# Sift b*b
» M-ftMft. I 1* ywo >t* a 4ft jm* * t.aa*H «• S.I
f . !►« * 'p*- . ftmmttk W f* 1&fta wT’lftft aaMB# '*T
. •'•ft'*'•■■ft ft#ft*V. *ftB • I* * *ft M*ri« * «***-»•
<* -* y* awwa***** aw* ■•** at.** US «* v-w*
( • » y M'ft alt I i*a— aft Haa^ «ft aft* Mon
8 -*>«i a fttiaana bm »M * > ay* Aft.
• aftia* * 4ft t-y ft.i* *ft» *M.* fttt*
* 4 SB ftftft t* * B*a4 Vl*t ****** 4B**»«, *|S 4S*
ft* o* -•**.'* ta* * ft* ft ‘O- f nftt *BM T ft*
| naa 11 (ft ‘ * - -aft ***■ a V* 7# •**■*. Sft i
, ftWtf Wft- . • aft.« •• V r*4*
S' lat-ft ft * • * aft ftS"—. I* 41* ftftftn.a
4 BU »•» *-» •• I man S iiaa Ia^
ft1 S. I *—-l|BBi t1 '•*-ft * i4- •*• M' *ao iyftift
« |» y-naB ft 4* I ft *4.AI a tSu la bbhSi
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