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Ths Old Family Journal.
The II Ju*eh4***i>er'a Lament
Oh ! li e i< a toil, and lot ' is a tron’ilo.
And bctfi.tv will fade and rich.-* will 8 -e.
An I plca'U' »tit. » d* im>L> and e: ie they double.
And c.-thing >i what l c u I w isli it t > be.
There's t k> much of trot-rim tut goo* to a bonnet ;
There's too 11; itch of ironing goes t-> a shirt;
There's nothing (hat pays for the ti ne you waste
•>n it ;
There’* n >:h:ng '.bit lasts n but trouble and
In March it is mud ; it's slush in P rcember;
The in id-n uim--r bree.vs are load d with du*t;
In fall th leaves litter ; In aiuggy September
The uall-paper iota and the candlesticks iust.
There are w--*tti» in the cherries, and slugs in the
And anw iu th - «-agar and miee in the pi **,
The rubt»i-h ol spider* an mortal suppo* -j.
And tava giug r -ache* and damaging tties.
It'- - ping at six, and it’s dusting at wren :
It's victuals at eight, anJ it's dishes at nine;
It's [. ttirg and panning from ten t » eleven ;
VV. - s et* break our fast ere we plan how- to
R'uh grease and with grime, from corner to cen
F<e ver at wrar. and forever alert.
Norc-t f-raday. lest the enemy enter—
I spend my whole life io a struggle with dirt.
v auiia v.
The propriety of rewarding Sp tied Tail
for 1 - i ct-i.t services in successfully ceg. tiat
i gwith the h -tiles bus lecu discussed by
tiem t a la Sle rman and Sh- riJau ant] the lu*
iliati i mnns.-: r.Jat.-l it is pi. I all* that li e
}’r<.-ehnt will recommend Congress to autho
rs* the app inhnebt of that distinguished
thief to ac-1 nely iu the army. I'uikr u
sect: l act of Congress, autli rity is given the
War dr] aittueiil to enlist 1 ,CCO lndiausas
*■ t*. C .nil,isai-'ticr Smith lav rslcgislati :
1 y w hi oh t! ■ >i scout* nay bo given a regular
r>-giu.vutul ugaoi/ati. u. « ith a full line of lu
than officers, wh> shall Ic commissioned for
g lle-hav t, the rgimei.t tote under the Ct. m
r i 1 of C 1 Sp tied Tail. The conimi»»iou<r
pr ; -s that thi- regiment shall net strictly
m ide a part : t’.c regular army, but hold
t • perfotm J lice duty in maintaining good
r ..tii- i . tl ir ante lie. It is pr ; -s
• t give the Indians the same pay, uniforms,
I tat. t.s that ore row suppled t!»c regular
i hi.}, ami establish a special code of tacti's
.. ,J discipline t r them. It is believed that
*uh au (rganizath n would rtsuit in keepiug
the It.dians in g >od order, and ly bringing
tl etn ui. h r military discipline would mati-rial
1> contribute to promote their civil;/.vti >n —
The t'.rrm*. to:, r believes that, with th# wtU
k wo fondness t f the Indians for pomp and
♦!.splay, such a military system might be in
augurated among them as w iM re-ult in in
calculable benefit to the Indians an 1 pr fit t
the g verum t.t. General Sherman regards
this ; lan with fav r, and thinks, if the exp ri
t ent should w.rk successfully with thebioux.
that it Slight be extended to other tribes.
A fei! .. tw.r aj; reciates the tender beauty
rt a r’s 1. vc half so much ns when he
makes h. r get out of the big rocking chair and
let him Lavo the morning paper, while she
goes off ar. I leans ag..ii t the end of the lu
r au and feed her starving intellect on the
h u*eb Id receipts at the back of Jayne’s
family almanac. A brother’s love is like pure
g Id. It's dreadfully hard to find it, sod when
you fin ! it, it'< apt t * he pyrites.
A stablo-kc per, wfcu invariably canti ns
Lis p>atr us aga.i. t dr.ving fi t, repeated the
injunction to a gentleman who was hiring a
t.atn of him the other day. and received the
f mowing r -p :. . "I am going t >afusml.
and must keep tip with the pr session if it
k.lla the Lowe.” lie was permuted to drive
We rise t ■ .x.-k if anybody in this city knows
tl e name cf the young man who railed on his
n ! r.-d last evening, and getting short of s'mo
th ng to siy, o .. t’.y remark. 1: *‘11 >w sail it
»s ! Frost has come, an ! it will kill every
thing green.” Tl re tpin the y un» lady
cute-. 1 d her hae 1 an 1 -aid in a symj vth tic
Vne: ** G ' -d-tye. ’
r«ii»an tir.ii t i’ i.t i j
conn vest- -rJay f r drunkenness. She sai l,
* Y.'.irll : r. I'm an aunt !<• l iy??-s that
w as eight y -*r- in Y. jA.irgt n. I went t -< r
him then ?• vera! times. I last two sms in
the army .• . J1 1; nr, an 1 my hu-divn J was 1 ?!
in the raw ” The .Jg- lit her go.
Y ting 11lu ? w id ! Jo well t» tear in mind
tl f t !h »* * » at r ’ at n r-.kr a h is i •
.-. fra. tv to g'• • • r r ; thy are afraid t
t >i - ? r. tii v ! ?.:• an.: h a cr .Vi.r. —
A t g mi! a ? uss. in >h rt, do u -t »• vitc a
bug and a Inss.
a pby»i r to an v.did. “A little fwti r
\YI y. dooti r, d * yon
(l it: ir'? t--r 80' ’ as i end?” m»1 ! the
gr tie s’ r r.r. ♦* An end pirhips, madan
m. pi *d t! d * lat r»> c -»ti a.”
T v ' J riant quest i n for a > g
11 ly • 'tv' n a man j r? the qu ?tinn, i
1> y it.' it w jar r 1 pay far it
A!" »>' h-ioc a d' h ■ f 1 t water bandy, in
•I ays eo. P.t if h" says yes pin L. .
— hi - y ■ r r an ly all means.
• l». I • ■ ' give y :i a t cgii'g the ( ' t
'. - i ! a - ' lm ist- r to a Iren bl r; 1 y
• Yr?, so. *• Will, wlat J ' the Scripture?
toy n the sul oil "I don't know, sir,
answered the b y, “except it is in that pas
i- ge whirc it says, :t i? n.^re blessed to give
than to rec our.”
Indignant 1 *.r ! r to his bant! lady ; “ M .d
n. :t, if y ' i expe t 1 i.r buckwheat cakes t g
>. t<« five per- : s and leave any remainder, al
! .v me t-> ? >y tl. A ycu are decidedly out in
y .r arithov :: d calculations, for they wn't
d i :t. I"II tt ul ' v 'j f. r that plate of 1 t
• v 'i'vc gi t < ncealed behind the sug.o
bowl. lie r: >t ’em.
“ I: idern pbil - j hc», “ a*e
like unterfi t :. : cy. We can: t hiL lei
their lui.g r I, but we are tuA compelled
t > tab them.
.'.•a txch gi r :. irks" “ The only ji V <
w • vl like f r- . 1 are tb o which rctlect r; Ji*
: ’ •....■ • Y-s cu taking up a paper a
w ::ir. invar y turns to tlid Ci.tfriaga c 1
♦ • -- ■
l’r f r ■ r "'irk- J tn the c«ur- • of
liil t r? • ' iw Y rk that w! at a w .
u ,’i ;• t o: . ke «rs, c C t icu hr* If.
13 ri<_r2^s &'• 15 v( > 11 ler
S(Mm!si;)(‘u anil FloristK,
I; Vster, V.. and Chicago, Illinois,
/)a »Ac ti< -trie-.’ /! !»••.« in if. iV lineii/'any lljme
in the U‘.» Id.
P.t l>t . . .V .o f'rtr a t i-iarantetA.—Wo will
- id small packages by Mail, nnd the larger bv
I < j.iv.i, prepay charge*. ai d guarantee their safe
d live. v. Fartie* ordering by Express will please
t.ite i: it is conveni • i:t to re- ove packages by Ex
prasa, and give their nearest Espi es* o.'lice.
i> ; r’■ i X iher. — It will be noticed that the
f! .-r Seeds r.re numbered at the left of the
c 'amns of the Catalogue. It will be much easier
f,.r t tose who order simply to give the numbers
d th varieties they require, instead of writing
out th » names of the flow ■■.->. and taoreconvenient '
' -. In ordering by a amber* il |
i« it.- ’lute’v n c s.ary to give the J iit or year in ,
which the Catalogue was published from which :
[ the order i* taken.
He •tbiliiy of SeeJt.—It is almost unnecessary,
1 in vi. w of the many ex id.-nc* ? already presented,
1 t ■ a-- it the r- lability of our Seeds. Hut we car.
I re ,i- are uur friend- that we have in stock ike
l|i e -t varietv and .{uanlity exclusively First
1 Clit-s See,Is -lid Bulbs uo>v held by anv bouse in
the world.
II i t Sen l Money. —By Fort Oilice Money Or
ders. Drafts n N * Vorfc, by Express, or small
am- uuts in Registered Letters. The cost uf the
P. t). Order, Dtai'isor of Registering Letters, ac.
; mav be deducted Ir- in the remittance - n orders
| aui- atiling t" Two Dollars and upwards. Sums
I •« thuti Two Dollar* in ty be c ut at our ri-k
1 without registering. 1‘lease send the pay at the
: tirue >1 ordering, a- we do not keep any book ae
lc uotsinthe Mail Department of our business.
1 d-' the li ixiest business in our line of
a:n i .us . in las w orld. Address all communica
tions to
Rochester, N. V., or Chicago, 111.
Mij 13,
Successor to Dennis Fenton)
Pi in: IIomf-M\m: Whiskfys,
d*<>i«*o (srnct'rit's, Ci^arn,
T -bace-', Wooden and Willow Ware, Brooms, Ac.
Sj xial »;ti i,ti ti is c-xlleJ to Lis large Stock of
luntucky ltyo Whiskeys,
snd their purity guaranteed,
li'gheat Ca>L Prices paid f->r ll-.rne-trade
Whiskey and Apple Brandy.
ft* fall and see for yourselves at
N . Ts Main Street, Winchester, Va.
Oct -b-r 21, l",*.
I birncss-Makiug Establishment.
r|1:IK nndi-r-'ijni'd jointly »»l*h II. A. Burton,
1 j •wrller, occupi- s the n-en heretofore partial
I . u; i <1 by S. 11. Wooddv, tle.it door to store
: Mr. Oavid Howell, and u ill conduct the
Harness-Making Business
in alt its d •partmint*. and will endeavor by mod
erate char/. - and atteuti >n t > business and strirt
( tnpliauce with promises, to render satisfaction
t uL who tnav facor me with their patrona/c.—
Being a p.-acti'eal Harnes«-M.tlser, I think I can
make it to the interest of the people who mar need
NEW WORK OR REPAIRS to call upon tue.
ptemher 29,1*4] lj«
rI',fiE undersigned fe g» leave to Infi rm bis
|_ .<1J cu-tom.T* and the public in general, that
h. has again taken charge of the
• t hi- -h >p. and that he is n o* prepared to exe
cute all kind* of work in his line «l bn-incaa.—
S[ rial attention given t> Shoeing Horae*.—
W AGON-MAKING c r.!nct< d in ail if-* branch*#.
W ag. n» and Huggi - REPAIRED at -h'rl notice.
Sati- i li n guarar.t • 1. My terms shall be very
low , t. -uit the t in •. Thai klul for past favors,
I r. ctfully a-k tor a con tinnance of th ■ - *ne.
- ■ ■ - at 1 I.*; >
IIAI LING .1 all kinds d"ne at short notice. All
kii :• ■ f or duce liken f..r work. Shop on Sam
il l ■ ir,- t. near the ff.iid \ ard of Washington
and 1 ippilt.
Feb. J. 1-77-If. O. AT. SPOTTA
SW \ f M'.'s 1' \ N A' ! L I; v. led. Ilrotn. Cal.c >.
aci Vegetine for sale br
VRNOLD’t* C ugh Killer, fi sher'. O rman
Syrup, Bull’s C igh Svrnp. S"ld hr
| I KNKTT'it Cod Liver Oil, Br dimer’a C 1
1 J ) 1 it. t Oil, Wilbor’a C >d I.iver Oil. ,i'd Tod
Li. *.t Cr 'am, told by LIGHT A MI TCI ILLL.
1 *«>RIA N I>}'R. Ground Per- r, Sag". Salty Tre
\ pire. Sold by LIGHT A MITCHELL.
j | \Mpr 11 fnrrish for’the fail '.rad-. «t»n
I ir I Fertili/ rs—sn *» a- Turner’#, Ober'#,
; W h.tr.n's Pur H*>ne M-ul, A -., ard won!d reqn*st
! p - i - hr -"d of -u -h goods t>’ give ti« a call b*>
I lore? archa- r ; — will ep a Jt Ci on hand.
A g. 1 •. 1-JAS. LAW. 1I0UFF .» CO.
1 4 1‘1’LE t'arrr*. C -. rs snd Sll-.T.. for sale bv
I ^ V jab. l \w. houfk a co.
/ 1 P.IXPSTONES. “Ber a.” f-r sul-br
\ i A»/. i.'. Jab. law. Houi'T A co.
'IMMOl MY SEED.-O i:«uh, !• Tin thv Boed,
I fur ml J i-. I vvv. IIOOlF A CO.
kagmt 19, 187#.
r I': i I! Che .ip> • ht .1 h' *t I’owd r and Shot In the
I X ceoniv. Trv it. Fcrfali br
*' .* * ’ iv !*; «filne f Cat! tv in the
I Yalle v, for sale bt
J AB. I iff. HOtiFF ,f- CO.
i / • ol.l» : -I : i!t• - NV i r • f. r Pic fnr-.s. Picture
* f Ct : !. Pi lure Nails, .1 o.. f>r sal • hr
Nor. 4. 1ST*.
. r|' V Pan4 and C f<-e i’o*«, Btew Pan* and Tin
L Cups, * r mle bv
i Y"i t pNcwOrl in» Molars •>. Sogar Drips
4 1 . ir Syru* *, Cantin Syrups, Coflfecs, Teas,
: >n * ts. r>; le s, Ac.
W.Y XTK!)!
\xe Ilaiull and Rim Wood,
A \ I>
!0.(500 Feet White Oak Rut's.
NN e will p.iv II t> Iti lloltars pi*r ran Red Curd,
f r -" D • - ; C ,. ie ('• : J in C nh, if delivered
■ ■I nr Mi i in C‘: ri w ii We Lave on hind a
: •" r.il i rln : ; HANDLES AND III MS for
' sale.
C. II. Mi K.MCinT A CO.
October 2S, 1ST8.
Professional Notice.
Ill AN E t!.i> iiriv aasnri.tt d with n»” for Prac
Dr. C. FRANK FOURS. AH ernes cn
kru-t’d t'> Dr. F. v, t!i bare the benefit of my counsel
.M..I aid whenever required or desired. i>r.
t. can be I u. J at rny otliee when not profession
| ailv absent.
f f-b. 3. 1>77. J. J. II. STRAIT!!.
A', ml Cop).
IFCSilELS Corn wanted eith-.r Shelled nr in
) t . ■ Ear, l. r which we will pay the top figure
t fictly d y leu •.<»!.*, We also take Corn
: on old accounts.
1 January 20, l'77.
I Ol'0:*flNii l > • -, E'lftiag P wi r. Caps)
O Gw Wad*, Chni
fi st and ebi ap<-t < ■ »l Uod* ever otLndia
tLi- market, for sale by
O t. 7, l'Tti. DUKE A O ALL AUER.
Vr \ TiO E fi x if aU kiad* of STOTCS, jurt
»■ «l» <j ard forssle hr
Charlestown, Jefferson County, West Virginia.
Fruit and Ornamental Trees.
Flower and Vegetable
Blii'iibborj', ito.
rJ',IIK subscribers rail att ntion to the great n
| rlety o! Tree', Plants, 5 ;ues, Rose*, Ac., Ac.,
at their
FVu it Hill Nitfwory,
and are gratified to be conseiors of hiving a ‘trek
likely to please ail who pati uite th, ta. They
will n<>t undertake to present in this advertise
iu nt a catalog no of stock on hand, but will be
coDt . ut to generalise, hoping that our people will
call and see for themselves that tire necessity for
• ■uding abroad for Trees, Shrubbery, d e., uolon
ger exists. We have
I0.GG9 TPP«*a—choice varieties;
5,000 IVttrk Tre^s,
Mrawbcrry IMiiifs,
Asparagus Root*, Green House and 11 -dding
ib.tnts—Cabbage, Tomato, Egg, Cauliflower end
S« '-et Potat >. nil lor ?a!e Cheap for C ish.
April 15, IS7«—If. HOl'KINS A CO.
Tight & mitchejll,
0BALC* 231
I)rmrr*. Mfulioinr*?*, Paints,
rjlAKES thisopr ortuuity of thinking his J
X patrons for their most liberal patronage
lor the last year, aud hopes by strict at:en-^B
ti b and fair denling to merit a continuance of the
same. 1 ->-11 fh-t rale goods always ; do not sell
C'ltiHter/eil or rkrap yootl* tor the 5e.f, Warrant
everything sold-to be returned if not as guaran
teed. It is mv desire, and also pleasure, to sell my
a/troys, but will if Compelled, sell them Laudannm
lor tl ctj., Svrup for 3 cts., and Cologne for 'J>5cts.
per pint; but at lb • same time, let me inform yon,
that according t the L'uited States Pharmaeopea,
jr u can’t make Laudanum lor less than lbct',..hy
tho wholesale. A mach cheaper plan i> t.> bay
your goods yet mine, and add 'he "■aler yoarsel'.
1 want all my old Accounts settled up by paying
the Cu-li immediately, ar.d new ones begun imme
diately, if not >■ oner. Will not ask for money on
the new ones until after Harvest.
C’lUAHS—best ia town.
May 1, IRIS.
rpiXX D Wire ( ' Pot Stda, Fn neh Pal
1^ tern Codec Pots with tilu-rer, regarded the
b- -t in use, ofr sale bv
Doc. In, 1*75. ’ IH’KE A OALLAIIEB.
New Goods.
Ill A V E purchased and am now reeclring my
U''.r»l supply of seasonable I'll 1 H00OS,
which I invito the attention of lay customers and
th ■ public generally.
May 8. O. W. T. KEARSLEY.
Herring and mackerel for sale hv
I FLANNELS.- Wbitefl art Twilled Factory,
* Twilled Dnmct, Shaker, I'laiu Domet. and a
line of plain all Wool r lautieis.
1) ED Firemans, Hnperi >r Scarlel Merino, twill
\ ed, tine and heavy ; and plain ail Wool Red
F iauuels.
(1ANTONS.—Colored, Tnbleached andDloaeh
1 ed Cantons from 1 a1 a t * 37 -2
Nov. M,1875. OEO. W. T. KEARSLEY.
Corner of ,M*!n and I aw retire etreeta,
Produce, < Queens ware,
Woodeuware, Crockery,
Ac., A *.,
I hare in store a largo and very choice stock ol
Consisting of
Sugars, CfToon.
Syrups, M lasses,
Salt. Fub, Bacon,
Iiioe, Crackers, Cheese,
Butter. Eggs, Teas,
Tobacco, Bnekets,
Canned Fruits, and everything ro he fonnil in a
I"'t-ciass Grocery establish men I, in which l am
prepared to otL r to tny fri a.its
Orcal Indncemonf'v.
All arc invit' d 11 call and examine my stock, rt
the old aland pji w'te the Hark of Chariest* w n
ountrv Prodcce taken in exchange for
Go. .1. .1 >n k. I r a
'fl'JESl.TZfl capji.
5 ’ 1 - \' ncf<t i* Je.-ired front th we in
I .lebteil to me.
I>. S. niGIIES,
Janaary 8. 1878. • _
Uoot *tn<I Klioc Mnkinjf.
I rpllE • - bis 81 lh<
i buii:i..g on the rorru i of C harles and Libci tv
1 t« :n fh<> bnilding l.ttdv occupied by V. -i
I rick tV. !! -. The charaetiTOf th > n< rk don. by
m i 4
ci(iaen?of Ch i’I -* wn and v'cinitr. It i» hardly
neei\**ar? t<> add that he will endeavor to retain
hi# reparation a# a rtli.ible workman.and will ex
ecute prompt! v and it reasonable rat s all order?
given him—either for New work or Repairing.
May l«. 187*. April 15, 1876.
Furnitnro K<-pntrt*d.
rpirr undersigned ha.* • r-t-.l a rnrnitnre F.e
^ pair Sh :> in the bnii-.’ing on corner of Sam
u .»■ d Ma n #tre i*. Chat' ta-a few door#
East of ( uttH 'O ’. on same #ide. He will He
pair Furnitare ir. •Rb^t intial and neat manner at
re i* n ih;.- t • ice#, -ind with p ro.xptitnde.
Jan. 30, 1573—tf. T. (». KUST.
ZNovr Kwf;i?i!lshmcnt.
j \ EL ROnn, having for a number of yea:#
S r, I mengag.il at the Machine Sh> f # "f
Me-*r*. Vr'eiriek •{■ Weller, ha* coneloded t > ope
r»r • in ' pend mtly r f th <t firm, and ha* a*?ociatt i
with h.m hi* - n, J. Marshall Rohr, fi>r the pur
pose of conducting the batinee* of the
of Wagon*. Drill-. Plow#, and Farming Irnple
i nt? generally. The Sunfish Plow will b.‘ a #pe
cialty with thi-firm. Every description of wi rk
\ tr. oni d 'partn:ent will be e . -cuted promptly and
with an expectation of rendering entire aatuiac
tion. Charge- w:!l be mod -ate.
i Shop n at Toll Gate in Charle?: .wn.
I). K. HOUR k SOX.
Drills for Repair ooght to be sent to the shop
' early, that the necessary part* that can only be
obtained ab: id tr. iv be secured ir j .d tin ...
J. E. It. A SON.
July 1ft, l>7t>. — 8m.
rARD CAN'S—ol the beat wmktmr*hip and
j made of the bitt tin, that will last twice an
i g a* ffc -.• made of In' - mat r i.P - f - |
by III KE A UAJ.l.Ail hill.
Isf\E CUTLERY—Pen Knivc# from ft c-rr»np 1
i to $.•. S J by LIGHT A MITCHELL
iNUTCHERKMVnS. bcM English and Ameri
| can mannfacture, f - •»! • br
Nov. 13, H75. DI KE A OALLAlIER.
IX 10 g»r Ktgr. for *ak br
May -k O. W. T. KEAR8LIV.
J1ME.—Fresh burned «tone lime for white 1
j wasbitig. jutt received and for m!c br 1
V» ? W. T. K1 IBf LEA*.
c. e.Ibeller,
1 TT’ITU an eye to the \vinis of the oppmeehin g
su.win, ban now open for tb-in .> cti -aofihj
l ublic, the largest and ino: i beautiful ecl.-uiun ut
Holiday Hoods
ever offered in this town. Many of the articles
nre entirely re ar in dr>ign, attractive in appear
ance, in i would be treasured ter a lifetime o- a
memento of tbe Centennial year. Among the
Souvenirs in tio*t gen rol demand, il may suiiice
t > . numerate tbe following, all of which are of
the latest style, of the ut. s>t artistic h.iUh, and
offered at the most reasonable pric.-s, vi» :
p.u-.a, i’apier Marh-1 and Walnut Writing Desks,
U h ao T tilt t Setts aad A > i, r i tat
Ladies' Work Baskets. Brackets and Wall
Pockets, Paper Weights auJ Hud > a.-es,
Fine English Perfumery inel.-ganf II >ae.s, English
und American Chroiuos. Autograph and Ph.»h>
grnpb Albums, Picture Frames in gre.it variety
and tiles, Pen Wipers, Ink Stand* wi-h fh.-rmom
et.-rs attached, Elegant tuts of Children’s I arni
tnre, Bareans, Wash >|j:.tls, and a nice selection
of Christmas Annual# for both old and young.—
Large Birture Books and Transparent States with
an endless variety of minor Toys, Oats vs, Ac.,
useful and
With a dn - appreciati n of the very liberal pa
tronage bestowed the last holiday season, an early
call from all who are in wanlol a Christmas '1 «»
ken.be it big or little, is respectfully invited.—
Something to suit the taste of the most fastidious
can be found on elimination, whilst for those less
exacting the articles are uamberleu. the quality
superior, and prices inoderat-'. Call early an i
secure choice.
December Id, 1P7«. C. E. B.
House Jluikliru' unci Cur
undersigned will execute work In
House Building and Carpenter
In all ils branches in the best manner end at re
dnced prices. STAIR BCILB1NO a specialty.—
FCKMTI UK made and KKPAIKKD; also orna
ments. such as WALL BRACKETS, FRAMES,
Ar.. loade and repaired promptly.
Shop at residence of S. il. Woody, In Charles
town. Order# may be left at Fan Pairs Office, 01
address me at l’osi Oilice.
August5, 1*78. S. STOVER.
Grover «.V llaker’a
'\"rKW and Improrcd Hawing Machines, «nch
^ as have be^n selling at $65, reduced to $45 —
and for sale by
Aug. 12,1876. O. V/. T. KLAR.’Ll.T.
Oi **' “ o C,ryry * Week t-> Agents. ?!'
O00 H O / # O-.V i FKKrl.
0. VICKERY, Augusta, Maine.
Aug. 26,1876 -ljr.
I)ARTLY made Dress Shirts made fr-Warn
suit* Muslin and Irish Linen. Only one
htjulitv, the r«ry best. Bosom's d ply—all linen
Wholesale price $15.00 per dog.; Half dog. 7.50
Bovs’t>i*os $12.0 » per dozen; Half dog. tt.fn't
lu tail price—Men’s 1.50 oath; H v*'1.2’> each
1 lurni*h the same shirts, finished in tbe bos
manner, for 50 cer.ts each, additional. Krprt*
s nti d by the aboTe cut, Culls are made, Hirers,
cut. the Shii t- can be finished by any one compe
tent t > s, » u straight seam, as it laonly necessarj
to sew on the culls, put ia the sleeves and sew u;
the tide seams.
Jaccary 8,
Cohnttt or lit cor Street amp Twesti
Dlolil & liro.
mlarrACTrHKKs or
710 X V .11L T 8, T O 7t 21 »,
Mend And Foot Stones, Mar,ties, Statues in'

a >! k in their business. All ordersproruptlr till?
*t the lowest rate, and shortest notice, nod :>!l w.,r
i lirend Hnd put up, and gua: anteed to *ui: pui
clivers. If not. nn sale. PL ase call cr.d see an
judge for yours Ires before purchasing ehewher.
and patmnigi' li .rne Manufacture rs.
The subscribers hare also in opera;ion theirsho
in Martinsbnrg, where thry will give prompt al
tentieu to all work entrusted to t> m.
Charlestown, July 19,1867—lr.
n'AVl.VO purchased the STOCK OF GOOD
of the lat • W. C. Sh *rrcr. (formerly Kent
siey A Sheerer,) to which f hat e tuado a,l,l
lions of
nppraiK npErfOTP?
UiiutlLIlillv, 1-.lijLlfj I) J,
and “U' h wrtic! • its nrc ger,■•rally tierdedby th
people, I respect fill ir u-‘k a call Itom my formr
! <oj t .mers and the pnb'ic generally, at the ol
-find, whole th-yean judge for themselves as i
quality and price of mt good*.
Charlestown, Dor. 6, D7U.
KNOWING themselves ind.*bt< «1, trill plca«
come forward at once and p..y up, and ena
1-!.- me to meet the Count? indebtedm?*. Fui
tli >r ir.dnlgcnce cannot h • given.
May 15, 1875-tf. Sheriff.
EnI n?>ll»lief1
Ktif rcsror* to CUipman, Husmcr & C'\
Arjsprican amd Forflgn Z’aK'nl*
Pat-r.ts procured in all conntri *. Nu f*f*p i
advance. No charge onle?* the patent i* grunted
No fe \« for making preliminary ei urination*.
No aditi nul fe - • t'-.r obtaining -md conducting
rehearing. S|
cnee ( are* b- lore the Public Office 1st nri- r
P fore Ccngicr.«. Infringement *uil* in differet
ties, at . litigation a ruining to Inren
tiar,* rr Patent*. Send Stamp f r Pamphlet o
>isty page.’.
( uitiJ $!nt~* Cnvrl• find Ilrpnrttnrnt*.
Claim.. pr recut d in th- Supreme Court < f th
United 8t u Ci nrl of Claims, (
raiprionera of Alabama Claim*. Soothern Claim
the Lsccative 1) partmenti.
Art tart of /’<iy on./ /?*.-■•';/.
Officer?. Soldier*, and Sailor* of the late mar
o th.-ir l.vir*. are in many ca*e* entitled to monei
[ tri-.m the gorercrarr.t, of whiih th-y haro re
kr ni dge. Writ- foil hi«l t_v of?-rvic-, aru
Ptal .e t f pat . It ret 1. In
close 'tamp, and a fell r.-j ly, att r esamination
will be given yea free.
All G.T.ccra, Soldier*, and Sailors m -.indcd
raptured, or injured in the late mar, h •»-vei
•lightly, can ibta’n a pension, many now r**c in
i. • p't.-«.n? are entitled to an lotra rvn
.’tump and information aill be furr.i.-hcd fr,--.
(’ nt -ted Land Ca.*e», Prlral I.and Claim?
Mining Pre-emption and llotn • ad Ca#>*.fr .
cut d before the General Land Office and l>epart
ment uf the lnt- m-t.
Old li 'iuty /.m l B'lrf UO.
The Ivt Hep..rt of the Comal** loser of t'.
Gen ral Land Office phow# 2.*‘l/7,5u,i act* • «*i
Bounty Land Warrant* outstanding. 1! - r
toned under net of laii and prior acta. W- ;aj
- a*h for th-re. r*» r d bt r. got r f ■ tier. Hi. r
*<*igt>a> -nt* are imperfect trn gr»> in-troes n* t*'
pi it- rt them.
Each department of our bn-'n. -» i» conduct---]
in a .*• i araf bur. tu, end* r the charge of * aj eri
•need lawyer* and clerk*.
A* we charg t** fee nnl -*• *occe**fal, *tampi
f * r t i ; at n* I
rang, r* nt* tirade w .*b Attorney# in all rla**. * < I
boiifi. **. AdJr- -*
an more .i co.,
P. 0. But 41. H',-.A»»*/ton, D. C.
WltllSOTOf, l). C.f A’i>c«J-il*r 3*, l"7(l.
I take plca-ure In e«pfw* nf ray entire Confi
dence in III* r«*/ Mtbll atid 'ii- i f the Is*
Patent and Collection it “f Giltn re 4 Co.,
, f thi* *-:fr. GEOBf.L II. B. WilllK.
,r . r i f the National M. trop !itan Hank,
.fan. 13. 1*77.
.iolirv J. JOBE*
(Successor to Wm. Jobe A Sens,)
Cloth*, Casaimcres, ■
Tweeds, Blankets, ;
Flannels, Ac. t
Hrucctoir/i. Vi Icnk CoU7l!yf \ iTCjillid. t
pust Office— WadesvSUe, Clarke County, V*. j
A| i. IS, l -T'. _
Clutufft) oT Location*
; rrarfE undersigned rcspretfully informs bis tor
F tner customer* and the public generally that
h.- has leased the
Shannondale Factory,
and will there marnfartnro Woolen Goods on an
increased scale—having greater facilities and more
] mprovt d Machinery, b.side a foil corps of com
petent workmen. Every ar tide heretofore man
ufactured untb-r no super s i.*ion it ill, in my pres
ent , st ibluhuifnt, be produced in greater perfec- -
| tion, and will compare favorably with the best
fabrics. i
I am in the market for Wool, and will purchase ,
ct the Factorv,and thrnngh mv Agentsin Charles- }
town, Messrs. Duke A Oaliaher—allowing the <
highest market price. If more convenient for my I
old customers who tuav desire to exchange M ool
for Goods to deliver the Wool in Charlestown, ;
Messsra. Duke A Gallaher are anthoiized to re- f
eeive and receipt lor the same.
Information as to prices, Ac., mav be had by <
addressing me at Kab!etown,or ay Agents at '
Charlestown. *
Thankful for the verv liberal patronage hereto- 1
fore extended me, l ttu'.-t to merit, by careful at
tention to business, the manufacture of superior
goods and bv model ate charges, a continuance ot
the good will and custom of old friends and a trial
bv new ones.
3 A. McCAURELL, Jr. (
[ May 23, 1974. Spirit copy. (
Porter's Factory. ;
rtAHK undersigned, an experienced workman.
|_ having leased the Porter Factory. 5 miles ,
fnnn Charlestown, Jefferson Countv, West Vir
ginia; will endeavor, in the manufacture ot
to maintain the excellent reputation for so mttry
years enjoyed by -aid Factory under the manage
ment of its Into proprietor and his successors.— i
Th ; Factory is amply supplied with improved ,
machinery .'and the facilities are such as to ena
ble the undersigned to turnout
Every Description of Goods
heretofore manufactured at said Factory. Deal
ers and others will be supj lied upon call or at
short n >tice, and upon reasonable terms.
wri u \ r w \ n: ri’ i-’ r >
h the I
be paid upon deliver/ at the Factory.
J as. I,aw. lino If A <’,.. Charlestown, are au
thorued to purchase WOOL t"r in*-.
C. C. T11031 AS.
1’. O.—liinr.n, Jeff. Co., W. Va.
April 2i, l«75—ljr.
David H. Cocnaii t. Joskvh H. Occam.
Architect?* nnd Builder**,
OCR expert- ncein th- business which weadver
tise to condnct. and ourthorongh acquaint
ance with it in a!l its branches, rnable u.< toassure
th-.-public that any work entrusted to ns will be
executed in the m'vt workmanlike manner, nnd
with the utmost dispatch, ff ax ing stood to their
posts in the Confederate army during the four
y ears’struggle which it so manfully encountered,
they hare located in their native county, where
th ii s.-rvic- s are offered in building up the waste
, (lap' s.andir.carrvingoutprarticnlrcconstrnction.
Particular attention given at ail times to the
drnwingof plans and specifications; and in the
construction of
GEO VET MCA l ST A fft ff A TS,
w here calculation is reqntrcd. they are confident
that th< v cannot be surpassed by any workmen in
1 the Valley of Virginia,
1 J7-4T“E<-ing well known in the corr.mnnity. they
t d"*':ri itiinnec s-arytnsav more, than th.itorders
t I,-It for then will receive prompt attention.
Aprils, 1803—tf.
’ General Fire Insurance Agency.
FY UP,’: l.SMNTI vf) three of th" leading Com
IV pani -s doing b .dncrs In Joffurson Count/,
West Vir gif.ra.
cj> fin ex ra i. o»■ .v r; w yoft k ,
’.tismiMi Assiisar
jioisk .so,ooo,coo.
I A M prepan d to write policies on Dwellings
I and (. ir,: nts; retire lions-s and Cutouts;
Mills, Fuctori -. and all go in-nrahi1 property
fit lowest current t it'*. Farm Dwellings a
‘P *ciiltv. I will g-v ■ my pi-rsonal attention to
viewing’, making diagrams at.d furnishing such
Olli.-r lit-ed d in to I-III itb.n to all piiti -s d-siring
t . insure. My cu«t mers will he furnish ■«! trom
i time, It I tt : i, Ca l< nd »rs as w-ll a#
ri p ir.! i matter, -h *it'g I he conditions of the
> Companies in nbich th, y are in.-ured.
1 *.i*e ;ii n my con.-tant attention to tho In
set an t ■- Fusin'-. , fur the | ut six v< a is, and heir g
so generally known throughout the County, do
. not think it ncco.**ary t> give references, i’ar
i tie* in-iiring with me may rest a--ur, d that their
t I.•.!if:t s will properly written, anu mat unie
Ir no'iee will b • >^ic n t'hero as to ol‘ axpira
c lion. Mv rv-idT.ro uili b • .it Charlestown after
(I first, I87t l that ti , 1 wi
Charle-town every Tin-day <t‘ Friday, or any
emntr.iinicafi'inw addres-ed tome at \Voverton,
Mil., will rcceit • my attention.
Very Ue.-io etfullv,
Oen ral Insurance Ajjent.
December 23,1*73 lv.
: ;
; i
And Machine Shop*.
(Formerly Ginn's)
Cillhcrt i\ 3Iorl«!it li.
on baud or mal.* to order.^ We bars
for nearly all the Mills and 1 artnri*«ia tbs \ alley.
We make a Specialty »f
n nr a in i.vo all ki.\rm or .v.i ciusf.r r. 1
Office aw* Sh 'pa <*o Me*Vet St' t. r. ar th* 4
Depot, Wiwcbealer, Virginia.
Jmlj 13, l"7«-ly.
IpTUN'T', liCa ' ,*d and Bfowa (' tb'f •. T nl*
I 1-1 Oeam*. K -nta kj J»an« and C tt mart—.
, April D.1'77. GEO. W. T. KE.VK.-U.V.
l|H 1.LTIS0*.—lo’, Hl.acl.ed Urn..*, l» »
^ Hi*-ached 1’ujwrt, in 4 l nib a. hedt - »t rfa, r
lor »al br GtO. Vt. T. KL.Uii.oi.
April 14,1077.
Queens ware.—f«ii stock just r*:<vi»»i b»
April 14. GEO. W.T. KKAK.-LFY. "
I ---«
f I I VN1) C >rw Planters, f r sat- br
A Ooocl Heason ior Corn.
VT tbeurgentrcqnestof the Council of Charles
town, 1 have removed tny Harness Estab'i.-h
jent for Beasts, to the lot in the Jail, which is
ituatedupon tbesite of the old Jail, in which Mr.
ohn Drown served a short time. My shop Isa'sn
ppositc Mr. I.' isenrings Hotel Stable. « here par
ies stoppiagand breaking a Harae-String can have
hem repaired. With the con-ent of the Couimit
•e on grounds, work will be despatched with the
,a«l p,o»r.""’ VBV n MII,nliKKAUlF.
Late of the Market House Lot.
August 23, 1873.
fhe Confectionery Store
[ T E.NKV DEMM ha* received an extraordinary
I 1 supply of goods suitable for the Holidays,
nd in order the better to display them and to
ccommodate customers has opened, on Main
Itreet, the room lately occupied as a Dry Goods
Store by J. W. Lock, opposite the Dank of Char
JUTS and in fact everything common to a Con
i-ctionerv establishment. Also, constantly on
and. FRESH DREAD. He will make to order
lakes of every description, lee Cream, <t c. I t
i ill bo the pleasure of the subscriber to please his
ustono-rs, and to thnt end no endeavor* will be
cinittr d. Respectfully,
April 1.!. 1873. HENRY DUMM.
VLL persons are hereby warned not to trespass
on in v Viney artl and Oi etiard. The Ian w ill
ie enforced against all offender*. Barents are
arnestlv requested to warn their boys or they
say bo injured. Night plunderers will rooeiva
pecial attention by an armed guard. No aduiit
ancc on Sundars to anv person.
Aug. 8,1874—tf. J. J. H. STRA1TII.
n■'AVI NO removed my I’arber HI p to the
Room formally occupied by me in rear of
he Owing* House, I will be glad to see all of
»y old customers and many niw one*.
Hair Dress in O’,
t o A-r Anne with ri llnp-s and ilislMh h
S'o loafing will be allowed, drunken ilaik
gnarda positively forbidden t o- me arid orru*
hy my gueete chairs. The latest papern will
1 c k> jd for the uec of mv customers.
Aprils, 1876. JAMES E. 11 RADY.
Tlmotliy Mrcil.
11J E have on hand lor sale a lot of Fine Timu
tt thr Seed.
Oct. 0,1*75. TR CSS Eld, A LUCAH.
Perfection of Light.
r Jx|IE on!r abr- luti'ly safe illuminator to tire In
| any I.-imp. It ei'unot be exploded. Elaine,
the family safeguard.
Pittsburg, Pa.
For sale hy OEO. W.T. KEAtteLLY.
Deo. 1.1875.
l’luln iir:d Ornnmentnl
rtx (I E anh*criber takes ndvantage of the Pres* as
a medium by nhieh to inform the citizens of
[Ins and adjoining counties tiiat he is prepared to
undertake the
in any ate I" that mav be desired, fr- m one C <>at t'1
Ihree* Hard Finish, White Peat er Heavy Skim.—
[■ornices and Centres rnn.and Ornaments stuck.
Idesired. Ni ne but first-class workmen will t-«
imployedon work thntrriv be entrusted to me.
cisu.Ksservr.sru> a so o liras
I hereby »eed r my gr.v« ',,ut acknowledgements
or the liberal patronage I h ive received sinci
:ommencing business, and hope hv a sti iet adho
■ence to duty to merit a contiruanc< oftheaaine.
PH~ All communications addressed to me al
Charlestown, W. Ya.. will receive promj t attrn
March 28, 1870.
OH, YES! OH» Yl S!
nA VINO taken out license as Auctioneer. 1
w ould Inform the people of Jefferson that I
un prepared to cry s.;l •«, Ac., at the shot t -t no
ice and upon reasonable terms, and invite the
irders of those having property to dispose of at
1‘ubiic Auction.
Kippon, September 27, l“73 bin.
l’ninft*, Oiln, Gln^H,
JEM IS’ I.ead, V.irnishe- Ero.-hes and all goods
j belonging to th tra I-*, f>r sale hv
Apr. 10, '75. JAS. LAW. HOOF F A CO.
1H.WE on hard and will keep in stock the Pat
ent Chemical Paints -prepared for immediate
use, for inside or outside w o, k.
Apr. 10, ’75. JAS. LAW. IIOOFF A CO.
f fOM i!l NATION llam<--Straps, Vaeuurn Oil
V i. r name *, Lott n i.aeK limn*, irace* tor
alu bv JAS. LAW. IIOOI F A CO.
April 10,1875.
f i ARDEN Tr»« I;, F -i,.*, Il> < flak*«, Hp.,.1. -
l IT and Liner, for rale bv
Apr. 10, ’7.5. JAS. LAW. IIOOFF A CO.
YI7E have every size of Slot ■ pipe and Elbowr
Y? readymade »f go. d Iron—cneaf rthanwi
lave ever ridd them.
Oct. 7, I87t». DL'KE <f- GALLAIIKU.
\\ EitY ruperlor etock of Qnecnrnare j i t
received by
.May 27, 1870. Till SHELL A I.L'CAS.
IAP Rug* aiel Horrc i.lankcLL A line line of
j the above good*.
2' 1 < 01
^ Shov.l and Ton^-, ."*ad Iron*, Dog Iron.*,
iutelur Kniver, for rale bv
jas. Law. iiooff ,i co.
1,''ODDER Yarn and Hamper;; at redact'd rater,
I ale bv
1 j
Niotloc ! >'o|ic«> t f
\I.L perron* knowing then a-dvc* Ind. bted to
the and. rrigned by oot* or wt **- oitit
ml beap.-i ted to el*mm* the ram wtb-wM 4*lay,
r no longer indulgence can, or will b. given, <• [
rc o.u*t have m n< » to rarrv in • nr bn<tn.--. i
Jas. i. v w. iioott a iu.
Jan. 5, 1877.
100 ;M
Apr,! |, 1*7*.
Jalj 1,1-7*. W. i kUk.-l.lt.
M^IYfE MEAT for *.1** kv
. l»-». 11,1-75 «. W T KIARSEFY
1.1.Ml.: 1.1.MI I!
4 FH -:i KII V LI4F nr f..e 1.
\ ilIrttMll.
F«It«nk r X 1*7*— If.
L t >»n, ai . bv, prepared U» parr ear*
Straw of All Kind*,
, ard aft> r the lit of Aagu-t,either in tboittck
• d-;i»ered at 11 'I ili* at Hall town.
An lvt -J II. Hartiar oww At Mills.
MfVl«V tt
< >1<1 Books,
maiYetprice, in CASH, will be paid at the ^
, •
J*>°. 8. KA8TEltI)AY\
Practical Tinner
HAS Uemovr.l fj» l‘Arkfpv«i|d\(ani,
now known aa.Weirick and W«IR.r', *•
wh"rc h>-‘ *» I’refar.d to do i"
Tin and Sheet-Iron \VC1.]
In the beat inanrer and at the ttrvrt re*.......
ratca. Sati.-Lict; n gnaraett t J. Tit< It.
Snouting done in the beat .tvleof ,
Old Stove* repaired at short notice. \ riii f 1
mv old friends and the public gen rally 1» aolicT
^re-ORVIron. Brew, Copper and Ha-. .,y ,
in exchange for Tinware.'
JNO. S. easterly
XoTcmbcr 13, 1875. kfv'ut.
JN O ( Iff.
RAVING recently suffered eonridnabh’ r, .
fire* in my woods, on my land* - t|f
tide of the Shenandoah river, origii at t (,
trearpasees by huntsmen. and lav irg “
ebated of Mrs, McKeriti her “Rose Hill'' ,,
“Mountain" tracts of land, (late Chaplain t!'
lattortract stretching from near ruv Sbci R r bv
rv along the river nearly to “Iluil’t P'.,!!,_••
n'ecnmuch tresapatsed upon, I henI v ju/,.
hotice that lam determined to prosecute all «]
lereaftcr offend by tresspassing on anv f. ,
band*. Wbl.LCCVS 7
March 9, lS?2-tf.
1TRKS11 Ilnrnei! White-Washing I,in, , j ,
’ ceived and for rale by
Apiil 8, 1875. GEO. W. T. KKARSLtA
IGA V E just opened beautiful S-ring I*riuf»
Hrown andyllleached C. tt .n, very 1 *
Shirting Stripe*, Fancy Cheviot*,, d kaft'R »
A nice line of Philadelphia SHOES f r 1 #' »
Mi-iit and Children.
f ulf I in.- ef G KOCFItt MS constant!» . n h»
stum: milk pass- v »,is
• ihavh « n
April 15, 1-77. PAVIH JU)M M l
Orouml Plnstcr lor Sal* .
,*r / j TON." | (!r. , • 1 | Ittt. r f r Ml* at
>/U >ln • ir. I stir ' n
. " FlttlCK A WELLER.
April 29, l*7lt.
rs( iTicTK.
F TAKE thia method to Inf rm at? friend* tint
| cuttniner* in general, that l hare tr , |
mt *■ -• try,establishment to the roou form* II,
u«k1 by tho “Centennial Ho. It .spirr," nrd .
door treat of Light’* Drug Store, where I will ,:
wllfcf r.d.s of
CLOCK, j£.\D
At price* that I deft cor petition, I will n
cheaper than ant man In the State of Wr*t Vir
ginia, for the name amount of work. 1’aratolr,
L’mhroll##, Violin*, Ac., repaired.
June V7, 1S74 — ly. W. W. HFRTOX.
Dry Goods, Notions
And I’ancy floods*.
W. F. (riven. Washington D (
HFOH leave to annonnee that he ha# Jn#l ; » •
i ■! the Store on Main flreet, i foar d tt t
l w tho Owing* Hor.« with an «■>. Hint #t
Dry Goo its. Notion.**, &c.,
Which h. I* * lllrg at rate#I wirihaathi* »* •
good* could f •• light at to » r, Ih. war
Highest market j rlo* p»id f..r •
Country 1 'r.'ducc.
May '.'7, 1*70.
Tfir* Trtio Mountain.
1 jEHSH'rt owing u# h.;'* will t .? * # *i
I favor by | lon pt r. u!rn,i nt W r. .d i».
ii oni t to r • ■ t our iulilit', #*d n . I t f. r
to niak, collet' ..na f..r tl.l* p.irp W» tr.
our frit ndr w ill con., f,.r ,* ,rd a»-d j ap pr ,
ly, longer indulgence i# in po**ible.
Tltl SSLI.I, A LI (’AS.
September 2, 1*7(5.
T ’ S E Congili-.e f.r meriiing China, (< tsl
link. t*. T<«t *, Ac., I >r f. . I,v
April *, 1*76. ' C. K. HELLKIL
1 )I sT I'OISO>. — The I., t preparation f..r th
| detraction of in • rtr, 1*. tat" Hug#, Ae., r >>
■uade, I <enough for one a re i f groan.I. It it
rolutile in water, for rale bv
June 3, lh?C. JAS. LAW. HOOFF A <’•».
I> EAD THIS. Safety from I re Inturtd Ly
k. u - • i g the Hang up it on Matches 2(W In all •
lor > nlv r.to e. r.t*( can be had at
April 8,1*76. C. K. HELLKH'S.
oueat i&i:i>i i tio\ n mid:
Of tfm Celcbral. d
rf 'llE prlo ' i r du re I'lmt. b ii bc-n ndoet-d i/>
I ii't > (din di in aid.ill dm r> arb of all. A
fiill mi'pli on band, ( all ii dm Ji (T'-rntt Foundry
and Macliin< Shop*, n, at d - totl/atn on On 11. i
rr»ill.- t'irr pik".
' April 7, 1 <77.
s t i f Tj i x (;
Mli.MIA FAlDOA* Inl.l
i i Rlok gi \i.n \
Mar. N 10. 1-77 St
Ol’IM TITO T. * i. a .. a l ba- -
| ’ ■ t f’|«iMl- iM i.* i*f »t ■
price* I-iw. llPII. a 'Mil (Id
I" kLA-T!Tt*| o ' l.F». -till 1 ■»
> *4 *'.r ..)- I r
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May a*. {•;«.
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May 11. O. W T. KEARRLEl
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Oct l«.7tJ. D( KE 4 OALLADHi.

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