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r?7r..---:vi.i ,vh^i;,,T^—/Ml \ 1.1 i\Tn\v\. JEFFERSON COUNTY, W. VA.. SATURDAY. JANUARY 26JS78. NO. 23
• ' ' Ut vJ I • v \ Mil
Ch* Frnct Pantries ibliikod w*»1*1t *t Tie0
i * l f iftj Cmttpcr hh»«m tia atUattce.
j- t ; ; ; > )M.\TS if not paid in adranc
ST~ 1,4 » t i ■ I •' ' ilt/of« r h»iu4
,->#* Phttern* of advertising arc, for-a square
n ) inch ) or Nias, On# Ooilmr ami C’enufor
■ t *11 iriion* —largerone* in thus uie iroj-Oi
twin Cveb ontmuan** #*•/»y Cant•,
. » * IrertUtatenlto be considered by the
i nta >r year unless specifiedon the Manuscript
_ . r«vi«uily tgretd upon between the parties.
tn i l» Ttisement not marked on the copy
j. 4,pjcili*d number of insertions w ill becontinued
»til-ird :r ■ J oit, pay mi ntisexacttd accordingly.
-iff* , * j-s. ia AovnuTissnxara.—To avoid any
liudirstaalinjjonthr part of the annujladver
■,.n I is proper to state diitiaetlj/ that their pri
aa'y j a tends to their immediate business.—
. • *Ji4t»t*,l»igal >r alt itberadrertisementssent
, lUimtobeau adi.tioaal charge, and no varia*
.0 _ t^iti try V iticcs of more than firclineswill
> * t barged or.
j.) j ,> ».6it.-P»stors, Sale Bills,Circnlart,
i ; t icuted promptly, neatly, a ndat; air
p •«*•
Csratr >f Pennsylvania Avenue and7tbStreet,
Washington, i). C.
a X a- Iii -tiia f th ■ W-iue anJ Sev -tit
JL -A. • t l nir *v I. lie •» o • o iiuu eatt »i »*-»h
.\ l4 f t Stiaui ’osl aa i ilailr ad lines is (
ftrt 1.
BOARD * J per Day.
s ;rj fU.D.A !>l FrV. ;
it -‘7, 1<7i»— Dfwputlors.
0- C. « vi i- vm.n,
ATTOBN l-.Y at law.
4.1 «1T1, Jfiaasaiis Cinntj, W—t Vttjfiaia. J
Kaik i» rj — Faculty >f University of Virginia
h % i Kiiv*l ?r, > i *ph *ru•*! *•% n, H i*?i \ I
,t .... J J 1**1 !•““ sad A. II. U. Stuart, >taun
j *3. Virginia.
J.m *. i»ri — t*.
attorney at law,
tf Variesto**, JtjftT'U* County, H' *- liryiiiil.
\\TlLL practice * n the Courtsof this County and
\\ the adj lining C mntie*.
ilt-f ’| Q^it Jo »i' I*' of ..ij. » • J.
M j«ti, »u 1 a arl * oppusite the • * C arter House.
jd.ll.HU. ____
A WtLioi, | J J- F. NAouantifsc*,
Afcarle-t .*rn. \ M »rt»o*Ourjr,
J«*e.-*.-a t .. W Vu) ( Re'krley Lo. W.\ a
> a hou^cii,
1 I A VINO associated h r tlu* practice of law,
5 I will regelarlv attend all the Courts ot Jet-j
r, u au«l lie tie lev l anti s. and attend to other
l,f business in tli.1 State of H **t,\ itgiiiia- ‘>iK
aial altent >n given t> c< IcCltons.
IJ- v.l l ess at cither place. t> ^
March JS, ISM. _
A. l .. KENN1 :OY,
CA*»>*’«»to+“.Jrftrto* CutHty, ». I I ,
ity 11.1. practice in Jcieriin and adj lining j
Y? Caua-ie*. „
, i dr»t 1 > r U.-t >f “Carter Hoase.
b.ipteubor ad. 1873—if. _ I
Caistt* J. KaCIK»«u. I
J 8 t e F itLtni, Cnve!.isJ.FaciKS£a,Ja. i
f’uuIWui'r «V 1«»»IK
a :touxey8 a ni) col ssf.i i ohs at law.
.Ye. I. FeA.'.e i'jwirr, 1/ i -t.arMry. IV. I«.
\ \ ' ILL practice in the c antles of Berkeley,
Yf Jefferson, Mure an and other counties in
W .st Virginia. nth - tine of the Baltimore and
tia o Unilr.ud: in the C urt of Appeals; in the
kedrral C >urt*t Id in West Virginia, and in the
aip -in#Court »fthe L’nit* 1 State*.
^jr-.’r >mpt slt-uti a ntlioe given to the c»d
f t u >a <f Claims.
Yor. 1J, ISTJ —tf.__
C’In* t* 1 *‘s* !)*•'
H t’*rrj, II’mI Virjl'uio,
I\riLLitt*t4 t<. business in a!l the Courts or
YT this Slate.
Xov. Ji, __
r. I. U-Attstiun. WaknV tic*.
JL5 1 ucK Is ii »• »* «V I.iiiuon,
r TACT ICE in l' arts H West Virginia, and in
the C 'a is, ul J tie-ore liepartuientaat« nsh
! aglen City.
ATa.-lis.Turf, W. Fa. ir»«l*ajf#« Citj
O *»icts.
I, 11. Y. q* an St. Cor. uth A I u. Ace.
April 1,1371._
I* hyaioiit u SiirtfiMin,
April 4. 1ST4. _
si.nuut‘1 .F. A’. Moorts
; -trit• . Ctai kt CoH*fjf, Wr-jinia,
A J» J
< !ron M001*0*
Cl, .'»»/** *. Jijftr+t* (\untjf, lF«»t 1
u* .l,*ahruV< t' *j ntly in Ihe Court»«»l i
\* th <>f cod Conutic*.
k P it , 1>71.
Rlohttrd I’uflii't*,
„4Me j*o»« O-i. vl '-’M »» Winchester, Ya. •
log-ther with
3. >Inr*hall SlcCormlpk.
W*"ILL pract.ee in th- Circuit and County
W Court*of JeX-rsonC anty, W. V a.,alsoia
the Cjurt of Appeal* held in said county.
.fair Pi. 1*74-If. Spt. copy._j
oTTTa. L' *«. BuacEMrma Kvnna.
#Sa'.W «», »r. Ye. M. I u. i
IYTACT1CE inallthe Caarts of Berkeley and
_ JcTereoaOunti .*, W. V a.
July Jt, 1875 —ly.__
DR. .T. i>. §TAit it y ,
Pi. Jr T«r*o» C.unfy. r*.l I'irjui*, !
nAY[VG resumed the practice of Medicine,
>fl ua Trofewtonal »t-rrices to the puo
Orrirt aetf d • >r to resi fence, near cornerof
• nrg- tad Mam Street*,
iiciurj _
K tyeeej, Preefea Co«afy, VUc.l Yxrjinia.
\ITILL »u»nd p-otaptlr to »H legal bt»ine*>
> > intrust, d 11 hitr. ia Urert in and adjoining
Oet. ?«, 197«.
o AO CAR] _.....
S neember 1?, 1*76. _
r4> \ D GOOD? la-gc i.'»< rtxit?. f»r *ale by
jj,. W. tel.
„ AJ n JlJLULiU.J V.
- •
Celebrated Clothiers of Kaltimore, !fl«l.,
Announce the introduction of a plan of orJering
Clot Liu uii(l Underwear
To which they call your special attention. They
w ill send on application their improved and accu
and a full line of samples from their immense
SHIRTINGS, ac., thus enabling parties in any
part of the country to order their Clothing and
Shirts direct from them, with the certainty of re
ceiving garments of
The Very Latest Style
And Most Perfect Fit Attainable.
Goods ordered will be sent by Express to any
part of the country.
As is well known throughout the Southern
States they hare for fortv-Tbree Years
in all departments of their business, which is a
substantial guarantee as to the character of the
Goods they w ill send out.
A large and well-assorted itock of
a’wavs on hand, together with a full line of
t'uruisliiut; Goods,
including all the latest Novelties in Design, and at
When Goods are sent per Express C. 0. D.
there will be no collection charge on amounts ol
$ jo and over.
Rule, I >r Self-Measurement, Samples of Goods
and Price List sent free on application.
The attention of the Trade is invited to onr
... Department, which to always kept up
t the highest standard.
'ia:;uf«< turers and Dealers in Men’s and Hoys’
Clothing and Furnishing Goods, either ready
made or made to order.
1 and l»>7 Baltimore street, BALTIMORE,
May IJ, lt>7t>—jtf._ MD«
CoaMta or llaLTtuous a Light Sts.,
KEEP constantly on hand a very elegant as
sortment of
1 VI. !• • er ivvtill V V IJ VV t n l
And the Celebrated
VLL manufactured expressly to oar order, and
which we gnarantv togiveentiresatlrfhetion.
March t, 1871—ly.__
M niision House,
Toi'uiri #l.flO por Day.
Opposite Barncm's City Hotel,
3** 1 kV AI.UrUTMLN, I*ropiI<‘Cor.
March 10,1875. June 35, 1870—Cm.
Malt) >y J I a >use
rpilF. "MA1.TUY” is the only Hotel in Hal
A tiinore couducted on both the
Owing to the decline In cost of many articles
appertaining to our expense*. the rates of board
ill to r,ductd after March loth, to
| < si |li p«r Bay •« AalIswrtras I'im.
u«J $1.00 Co $2.0l> os oeitn.
H Ing the only Hotel in the coufctry having at
those rates
and all mode rn improvements.
April U. 1877— y. _Proprietor.
M iKcracrrara or
Jewelry and Silver Ware,
No. 84 Lrxixaro.x Str*et,
( Between Charles and Liberty)
Allkindsnf Hair Jewelry made toorder. Jew
,-lrv and Watch* s repaired 1 n the Best Style and
at the £o«*e«l prices.
rtri ‘ai ticularattention given to Country or
F ibrury 8,1873—y.
Willed Liquors and Cigars.
tx : c. ix i r xLt thi LsiriTO iihanps or
LVitM.CoflVeM, Sugars-nil
^rnxles- S|>leos, Dlekli'H, ■
CondimeutH, Jk <*.
_ t
<. )ld Hrandies. Wines. Whis
kies, Gins, Art**, tfce
PT'Spsri*il Indneemente to Hotel-Keepers and
Country Merchant*. v
tiios. M. «reea a nuo.,
Oct. 13,1677—y.
Oyster Packer,
Successors to Alt A Foy,
No. 1> llollinu^wortli MrccI,
Country order, prumytii attended to, and
ialt./aolwn fnaraetteed.
October 31, 1871 —tf.
r.D.IAUITT. JK»»* T. Htaair*
„ 4grrACTrmri a*n iorri# or
Hats, Caps, Straw Goods,
and I radios’ Furs.
No.257 W. BaitiroriSt., Corner of Hanover,
J anuary 10, le»?7.—Not.?7.1'7.->.
New liraiulM ofCitfnsr.
\\rF. have Choice Ci/ars. and Siookins and
\\ C'jewisr T»Ai *e'of unaurpasaed eaeeUenc"
A belt R. Mettee & Co.,
IMFayrttr Street ,
SrdDoob Westoti ai-k
( Formerly Mttloditl Book Depoiitory,)
OUR&tock consists of a beautiful and varied
assortment of English, French and American
Coatings. Suiting*, Cloths. Cassimeres and \ est
ings, which we make up in the Rest Merchant
Tailor Style. Our cutter whose reputation
is well-known forcutting and lilting, willgiveln*
personal superintendance to this department.
Orders from the country promptly attended to,
and satisfaction guaranteed. gf-pE'E A do.
Sept. 25, 18?6.
Mathers & Co. i
Merchant Tailora,
32 North Charles Street, Hai.tim. uk
VLWAYS on h and a choice assortment of
GOODS, which will be made up in the moM
■ub&mtial and fashionable manuer to order, and
at moderate prices.
33 North Charles Street, X. .corner of Lex
ington Street. Baltimore.
March 15.1875—It.
Grand, Square and Upright
B&r r II K R K S T N 0 W M A D K.“®fl
Erery Instrument fully w arranted for 5 years.
SECOND-HAND 1’IANOS ut all prices.
01 It >A,NS.
The Largest and Best Assortment in the Citf
Sole State Agcncie* for
Smith's American Organs,
And other leading makes.
Illustrated catalogues furnish, don application.
TTarerooms 304 and 2<’C West Baltimore St.,
between Charles and St. I’aul Streets.
October 13. 1ST7—y.
Fire Place Heaters!
- - j
Stewart ۩olc Stoves,1
Farmers’ Boilers, Cauldrons,
_ l
Northeast Corner
LIGHT and L0M1IAKD Streets.
llaltimore. Md.
DUKF, A GAU.AI1FR. Agents.
Oet 13, 1877—j.
___ __ . _____ - »
siSfii; &s
S “t
>r^hl" ; 2
s.?g. f!
? l!lp it ■
I z=\ *. r _
I 21 - 3= -
I' 2??i!
“ o' ^ S-i _
5 . . > vr
* >-5 15- “ ^
From a Distinguished Physician.
N O single <inww hns entailed wore suffering or has
tened the breaking up of the constitution than
Catan h. The tense of Suiell, of tuste. of sight, of hear
tng.the human voice,the mind, one ot more andaomc
titnes all ' ictd to Itsdestrucllvoiallacncc. The poison it
distributes throughout the system stacks every vital
force, nnd breaks up the most robust of constitutions.
Ignored because but little understood by most physi
cians. impotently assailed l v quacks and charlatans,
those F iltering from It have lltti> hope to be relieved
of It this side of the grave. It Is t me. then, that tho
pop ilar treatmeut« f tills terrible disease by remedies
w.t hi llie reach cfhllpassedl to hands nt once com
pelent and trustworthy. The n <v and hitherto untried
id lopted by Dr. Sanford In ttton of
h's I; .1.1. >i, l i rk lias won my hearty approval. I be
lieve It likely to succeed uhen nil the usual remedies
fall, because it strikes at the root of the disease, viz.,
the firtiUlU l blood. while it heals the ulcerated mem
brane by direct application to the nasal passages. Its
m tlon li based on certain fixed rules, aud unless tho
vit al forces are too far exhausted, must, in the great
majority of cases, effect a cure.
Vobscott Block, So. riUMixaneM, CKt. 1,1B71.
MAY safely claim to bo one ofthc fewpopular rerne
. dies receiving the approval ofmcdlcal gentlemen,
who. In private, uol only freely i commend It but use
It In their families In preference to any of the prepara
tions usually prescribed by physicians.
" You are aware ."said auistiagulsh deity physician.
" that my obligations to the Mass. Medical Society are
- eh tb t I cannot publicly rccommca '.or preserlbethe
’ . .1 Cure : but since I received so much t llcf Bom
the use of It myself, after a thorough trial ofthe usual
•:-edic«, 1 h ive prr. del; advised n iso, and p-eaume
a hundred of
my i illcuti for it."
rr F.NTLFMENd— Wc have sold P.vxror.D’s Rvtiical
i tunc for nearly one year, and can say candidly
that we never sold a similar preparation that gave such
universal sntl faction. Wc have to learn the first com
plaint y* t.
Wc ure not In the habit o. recommending patent
medicines, but your preparation meets the wants of
thousand*, and we think those ntilictcd should be con
vinced of Its great merit so that their uitlering will bo
r >rcd. We h»r< bora In the drug >uslnea* for the
past tv.', h e i ears constantly, ami sold everything for
Catarih,but vourslead*all the nst. If yousco proper
you can u-e this letter or any part of it that you wish.
Very truly yours, b. D. B ALDWIN * CO.
Wholcs'ulo and Retail Dealers In Drug*. Books and
Stationery, Washington, Ind., Fob. 13,1816.
• Eiu i package contains Dr. Sanford'* Improved Inhal
ing 1 a' u nnd full dlreetious for use In ail cases. Price,
f 1.(1). i :■ sale by all wholesale and retail druggist*
and ib alert) throughout tho I'nlted Statesaud f'auadas.
WEEKS A POTTER, General Agents and Wholesale
Druggists, Boston. .Mass,_
An Electrn-Onlvanic Buttery combined with
it highly Medicated Strengthening Plaster,
tiirininu tlie best Planter lor pulitnuud ache*
la the world of Mrdicine.
A* a grand curative anil restorative agent is not
■ ,11a!!. d by any i lenient or medicine In the history ot
the healing art. I'nh ssthc vlt .1 i p irk has Bed the body.
r.'Monuiuu i ) mi :i:.a wciecvoriiy is pi»s.oie. iii.iuo
lust mo t of «ll physicians utul surgeons, anil lias res
ell' 1 thousands, apparently dead, from an untimely
)-r:ivo, when r.o ot'n-r human ageney could have sne
er. 1 d. Tl>is is the leading curative clement In this
The healing properties of onr own fragrant balsam
and pine and the gums of the East are to" well known to
require description. Their gratiful, healing, sooth
ing. and strengthening properties arc known to tliou
s md-i. When combined In accordiuire with late and
I nporl r t discoveries In pharmacy, their healing and
strengthening prom riles are Increased tenfold. In
tills respect opr Plaster la thu best in use without tbo
aid of electricity.
Thus combined wc have two grand medical agents in
oil ', racli i'f which performs its function and unitedly
pr' dtic r more cures than any liniment, lotion, wash.
. r i ; r • ver before compounded lu llic history of
medicine. Try one. PltlCK,21 lints.
S d.l by all Wholesale r.ml Retail Drnggls'* through*
out i , Cl Me l i-tati s and Canadas, and by WEEKS &
pi »T'l Kit, Proprietors, Boston, Mass.
Huy Your Furniture Direct
L’pom t he Manularturev.
No. 3, South t’ulvft Slrofl,
I iiiltimoiv,
Walnut Parlor Suit*. Rep* or Hair) {50.00
Cloth, containing seven pieces, l. j
Walnut Redrnom Suit*, Marble rops, | tjp 00
containing fen piece*,... . / " ‘v
Reautiful Painted Ci't‘.4»e Suit .com-) .{J0.OO
pletc. .1
AI*o a magnificent variety nfHIGHCOST work.
~?T'Fnil Catalogue, sod p’ioes of mr stock
I .. Write for
ui»*. _ i
December 14.1872— y. Oct. 18.1 ST3.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Butter,Egg*, Poultry
No. .“iKiitnw Street*
Consignments solicited. I, i b .• - * l advance*, And
good prices guaranteed.
November 2A. ls7G.
i VOW oconpv the Building lately vacated bv
j Mr. David llo-.r 11 on Main street, wh re 1 «ill
friendi and co>t ta. ri,
ar.d b'. «• llinggood Ho'd« at LOW PltU ES, hope j
to have tnanv mw one*. I hiTo n *v on hand
rerv fine [
Hoed and Havana
nf rnv own manti facto re. for live Cents; good
Conner tirut Seed Cigars, Two I .r Fire Cent*. A
Fnv iot ,f Chewing Tobacco at almost the whole
talo price-such as the
Wade Hampton. 11 inch ping, r.t W cts lb
Osceola Twist, only 7® “ 41
Old Hickory 1’lag Tobacco,
Emperor llrard, finest in market, ?1.00 “ " 1
Fine Old Smoking Tobacco, CO " " |
Genuine Powhatan and other Pipes.
Goods at these pric.s cun only be Sold for Turk.
Give me a call. J- II. HAINES, .
Octoberl!'1,1S77 Agentfor U. A. H.
For tin* Ladlcts.
rPHE Stylish 1* tb. Lasting Hutton and Side Lace
1 Gaiter, for Ladies and Miss>s, arrived this
Uv be the Western found 1 Gross. 0*11 and
rjamloe them. C. W. TKt SVEI.L.
.Inne !>, ItTT. _
TVot i<-e.
IWILL etohange Goods for all Merchantable
Corn that is offered. C. W . Till SSELL.
nO.VT forget the place to purchase your cheap
Boots. 1 have the facilities to sell them
| nr than vou purchase th-m elsewhere.
\ nr. 17. i = 77 C. W. TRUSS ELL.
DT EJIl’-T «. 0 t K ~Y.
Little tiny led his sheep d urn tn pasture,
And hi*cow* by the side of the brook ;
But his cows nerer drank »n r water,
And bis sheep never need a crook.
For th-1 pasture wa- as gay t* a garden,
And it glowed with a'fi >werr red:
But the meadows had never a grit s blade,
And the brooklet- -it slept in its bed ;
And it lav without spaikle’nr murmur,
Nor reflected the blue of the skies.
But the music was made bv the shepherd,
And the sparkle was all in his eyes.
Oh, he sang like a bird in the summer !
And. if sometimes yon fancied a bleat.
That, too, was th • v lice ot the shepherd,
And not of the lambs^at his feet.
And the glossy brown cows were sc gentle
, That they moved at the touch of his hand
O’er the wonderful rosy-red meadow.
And they stood at his word of command.
So he led all his sheep to the pa-lure.
And his cows, by the side of the brook ;
Though it rained, yet tho rain never patter’d
O’er the bcauti ul way that they took.
And it wasn't in Fairy-land either.
But a l ouse in a commonplace town.
Where Hoy as he looked fr-ori the window
Saw the silvery jlrops trickle down.
For his pasture was only a table,
With its cover so ll nvery f t'ir,
I And his brooklet was just a green ribbon
That his sister had lost from her hair.
And hi*cows they were glossy h >r* chestnuts,
That h td grown on his grandfather’s tree ;
And his sheep they were *m wy-uhite pebbles
lie had brought from the shore by the sea.
And at length, when ihe'shrpherd was weary.
And had taken hi- milk and his biead,
And h;s mother had ki led f iin and locked,
And had bid him “good night” in his bed,
Then ther" enter- d his big brother Walter,
While the shepherd was soundly asleep,
And he cut op the cows into basket1?.
And to jack stone* turned all of tho sheep.
,<SV. Xiiholat for February.
•lariestouro, JofFersen Co., W. Vn.
Office is “ Jeffekson Iiuii.Dixa.”
Saturday, January 20, 1878.
Cook Notices.
‘ DeMount's Fashion M' Iazine for Febtnarv
j contain* a beautiful cliromo, “ St. YalenlincV
Day,” >>. hich Is alone worth double the price • f
■ the book. It contains choice engravings, fashion
I plates, colored and engraved, and many smaller
! cuts, all, with a choice supply of literature, going
t to make up a superior and attractive magazine.—
l’ublished4at New York.
(roDEv'i Lady’s Rook for February adds to it*
already nutnerous attr.ictions in many wav*. It.«
fashions are superb, it* reading fascinating, it*
work department better supplied with novelties
than ever before. It i* a valued visitor when ver
it goes. It is published st Philadelphia.
Shcpherdtstown Summary.
From the Register:
$710, clear of expenses, was realized at the
Elmwood Cemetery Fair.
Ilev. John. C. Bowman, pastor of the Re
formed Church nt this place, was married on
Tuesday morning. 8th instant, to Miss Minnie
A. Davis, one of the most esteemed la lie* of
Boonsboro’, Maryland. The event was one of j
the most pleasant of thp season. The cere
mony was perfumed by Rev Simon S. Miller.
It was a Church wedding, ami among the ushers
were Rev. D. N. Ditm >r, Rev. F. Hahn, and ,
Rev. J. M. M tl r.
There are a few vac.v cies in the Normal
Department of Shepherd ( liege, which may
be filled from Jc fT>. n n atid Berkeley counties
Mr. George Kindt lias succeeded Mr. John
Hess as teach' r of the public school at Rhine
liart's. Mr. Hess is efficiently engaged in the
duties Of County Stipe rioti nd mt of S :h > Is.
Oir particular friend. Mr. Charles H Knott,
slaughtered 13 h gs. » f.-w days ago, which
averaged JIG pounds each—aggregating 4.108
pounds. The two largest weighed 552 and
450 respectively.
Femiuine Follies.
Widows above fifty, in I’ rtugal, are forbade
to marry—by a royal edict.
Mrs. Sarah J ILile, late editre ss of Godey’s
Lady's Book, is ninety years of age. She en
joys perfect health.
Dr. Mary B. daefcson, a Boston homeopa
thist, has commenced the study of German at :
the age of seventy-three.
A party of amateur l.nly minstrels arc or
ganising in Washington under the r.amc of
Jinuio^i * lorriB.
A young lady at the N'.iti ma! Capital has
compiled a list of her gentlemen friends. The
names fill a big album w! i <h sl.^ displays on ;
the parlor table, calling it her “ him ” book
- ore residents f Whitehall. Just half ago!-1
Ion of sweet ’hisses1
The first tin.o hi: sleeve encircled her waist
she felt—she said—like a pavilion built of
rainbows with wind .w-ciilsol <!ian harps !
A well dre-sed Omaha lady can publicly
smoke a briar wood pipe and mile no cm
When a girl begins to tai:-. an ir.trrc't in the
set of a yor.ng man’s cravat it is a sign she
does net love him as a sister.
Mr. Smith, of Stanif rd, Conn., with hi
wife, got nut of bed t<< answer the call of a
tramp, and while they were g ne tner<> fell tip
on the bed a massof plastering, which would
1 are | th
maiued. Tlie lesson this event teaches, is:—
That husband and wife should together re
spond to the call of a tramp at nigr.t—li t the
plastering should fall rr one should be imp ced
upon at the do. r.
James English is still at w rk on the re i
wood tree lie f lied at It-Hsim River station,
California, seven months ago. II • has already
made from it 200.000 shingles, 100 fence posts,
C,00C shales, lumber fra dwelling hou?» and
out buildings and has lumber left f r bOO.OCO
more shingles. The tree wss 1 4 feet in Jiame
We don’t know which is the biggest—the
tree or the story.
Chickens.—In frying chickens try to have i
the lard very hot, sprinkle the pieces well with
flour, put tbc-m in and cover tightly for awhile,
cook as fast as jh .-Able without burning. After
a little while take of! the lid, season with salt
and pepper, and if brown turn the pieces and
brown again as fast as p— ib!o. We think the
meat is more tei. kr and much more juicy than
when allowed a long time over a slow fire.
A Story of a Womau’s Love.
Come to the bridal cbanilvr, i.eatli; conic
to the mother when she fills for the tir-t lime
her first-born’s breath; come io consumptions
ghastly form, the earthquake's shock, tlie
ocean’s storm, but if you can avoid it. please
do not come again in the same horrible shape a*
on the occasion of which we write. It is a store
too full of woe to breathe upon this beautiful
Indian summer air; but duty leave* noknot
hole through which the tender-hearted report
er can escape. Young Uad-pinner and Lil
lian Detiscnbcrry had long been lover*, liu-y
were engaged to t*c married. Inc day "as
sot, and, waiting for this day to come, time
moved as slowly ns an accommodation train
on a Western railroad. Yesterday evening,
just one week before the time fix*-d f-r the
nuptials, young Kadspinner and Lillian were
out strolling up and down the railr : i trad;,
enjoying the calm and peaceful sunset. They
were talking of the future, and wore m happy
as happy could be. Lillian wore her wine
colored silk, and her proud young h ver had
told her a hundred times that r. made her lm k
sweet enough to drink. A tender speech w*s
interrupted by the appalling s< reech of a steam
whistle just around the curve. The limited
mail was coming at the rate if sixty tr.ihs an
hour. There was not a moment to loso.—
Young Kidspinmr caught the beautiful arm i t
his heir >thed and attempted t» drag her fi »m
the track. Her dress caught on ft spike md
held her fist. She trieil to kick it loose. She
screamed and kicked thrice, but the spike
would nutlet go. The train ww bearing down
upon them like a demon. They could almost
feel its hot breath up >n their cheeks. Yamg
Radspinncr stooped over and seized the f Ids of
the handsome dress in his hand, intending t >
rip it from the spike, and rescue fi in death the
one fair woman beneath the >un. So a stop
ped him with a cry of alarm ;
“ Don’t tear tny dress !'
•• You must be rclonej from t!.;»,’’ h.n ytT.- (
ed, “the train is upon us '
“ It’s my wine-col 'red .-ilk , i w- iMn tt.ave
it torn for tlie w. rid. ’
His love for her rose ah >vc everything else,
apd, renewing hia hold upon the garment, he
exclaimed :
Darn yonr wine-colored *ilk
“ Don't you darn to ti »r it!” -he eritd, en
deavoring to open hi< grasp. Yoo 1 eoniotive
screamed again, this time right in their ear*.
The brave girl pushed her l..vcr < If the track,
and shouted above the rattle of the train ;
“ Leave me, George, leave me and haveyour
.At I \ , 9\n, 1 fs* 11 vi• ( •r r.>n (t r T Inrw
you devotedly, and I'm sure we > vl.! have
been very, very happy ; hut I would dio a
thousand deaths rather than tear my uino
colored”—The locomotive alrui k her amidships
an 1 strung her along the tr-wk for a mile and
a half. George hunted and hunted until hi*
eyes grew weary, but he could not find enough
of the wine cilored silk to mako him a neck
tie.—Kcuton l'rt<’ i’rm.
Old Rough and Ready.
General Shields, who served gallantly in the
Mexican war,
of ita leading incident* and per# nagea. Tin
foil twing is very characteristic of old Rough
and Ib-ady •
After dinner while we were silling by the
door of the tent, a guard brought in tw .
roughly dressed Mexican peons. They ha I
been about the camp selling oranges to the so!
dier*, when one t f the guards a-Lid i.tally no
ticed that one of them w re a fine linen shirt
under his rigged peasant's drc<s. This excite 1
suspicion; they were seized, aid n search re
k r I ;
of the camp, with location of defensas, the
number'd balt« riea, rtrength of the force, and
some notes showing how the army could be
successfully attacked by surprise. They were
military *pie*,ot course. The general sent for
his interprt ter, f r he never mastered the beau
tiful Spanish language, and demanded their
names* They gave them correctly 1 suppose,
lie a*k>-1 their professions. I'i.cy saw con
cealment was usides*, and tlx-y answered like
' '
were colonel* of tbs Mexican forco at M >n
“ Ask thorn," thundered the genera!, “ who
sent tliem into my camp in this cowardly
sneaking way.”
The interpreter put this into Spanish as well
ns he could, and they answered, “General
Ampudia." They w re sent to ascertain the
strength < f the army, etc.
“Tell them," said General Taylor, " that
General Ampn lia is no gentletr.au. If he had
boon, he would have sent to n.«- Tr-ctly, and
I would have given the informati. n d. sired.” ,
They smiled, f-r they wercevi lently 1 taven en
of courage and the Genera! a .'■! if they un
derstood their information—that thsy would be
Slli.t as spins.
“ Ves," they answered ; they expe'!. d to hi
shot, and hoped to meet tl.oir fite as brave
General T.ivl r saw that they were bnvo
fellows, and this touched him. liis great, no
ble, generous face showr-1 his etrn ’i >n. lie
considered his duty under cirenmst new. At
Id-4 hi* faoe lit up w ith a bright »milo.
” Tell them,” says he, “that I will not shoot
them this time, but if they come sneaking
around try camp again, I will make short
work of them. Tell them to say to General
t mpudia that I have six thousand men. that
we are g in** t > take Monterey, ai d that I don't
care a d—n how many men lie has."
Tricks of Tramps.
The hum r of the tramp a r times a “sitkas
licid '' turn e mu times. A genteel-looking
poling fellow, who says he is on a tramp, re
ports the following at s .me of the devices
lie ha* practiced t procure a square tueal:—
‘ At Terryrllle, a few days ag >, I went to a
Souse with a brick in my hand. and asked the
ady if she Would plea.-e !>e so kind at t<> put
•ome butter on it. The r> quest excited her
:uri-xity, and she r.-.ked ; ’Why do you want
to put butter on a brick ?’ I to! 1 her I was
joing to eat it. ‘Surelv,’ she Pa; 1 ‘y tt nfe not
>ohungry as to eat a buttered brick 7 Come
into the house and I w.ii give you fj.d.’ It
is needless to say I accepted and bagged a
iTi ire meat, for w hich I had set so slick a trap
[ii the western s- Mi x of the State I asked f r
. . , •• ra|
[ tneu asked f r a b king g!a«s, which aroused
curi lily to know what I would do w ith ll«
mirr r. I replied, ‘I want to ,e myself
-tarring to death,' ar.d the appeal hr ught the
bash.” Another tramp on the same errand, .
when told by a w .man that she had nothing, 1
a ke l f r r. basket au l told her he would
bring her something.
Itev. J. W. Diingee, col’d, favorably known
in Virginia, is in Washington City and is ma
king a personal effort to collect fund-i in aid o
the Home of the Friend! ac bared institu
tion which seeks through its influence to alle
viate a great deal of distress.
Why is a doctor better taken care of than
hwpatients? Because, when be goes to led. I
somebody is sure to ro/i him up.
The Old Family Journal.
The young woman ti.at’uas !o«t in'th< o?ht,
after wandering In her own mind, f. »ii;J*l.er
Ftdfin her loverVjarms.
Why*is a drunkard likenfbad politician:—
Because he is always poking'his r.c*o into
moa>ure?jlhat Fpi si il.c c< nstltiition.
A "contemporary asks: •’ Are American girls
tlelicate?’' It depends very much whether
yon offer them cnenanut c«kc acd ice cream or
a l ar of soap ai d a v .add cord.
“ Child, haven’t. If told jott net to stard fo
much before the glass /” " Why, mother, you
told’me to read and r« Herf.' I have heat, rcad
ing'aud now 1 am retlectinf.
One tf.Tosh Billings’maxims: “Bite early
work hard and late, live on wbatyou can’t sell,
pivo nothing away, aid ifyondi n’t die rich and
gn to the lev il, y t may sue me*f«.r dan ages.”
The following is a true copy nf a sign up u
an academy for teaching in’one of the Wt stern
States—•* Freeman \ Iloggs, School Teachers,
I’r ernan tea:! cs lb : boys and lltiggt tba
The y< t:ug m ».. who resolved to c> Tna.it
suicide because bis sweetheart married an ttn
d.itiker owes hi. life to li e second 6olcr
thongiit that be might l? furoisl.it g*!.i» rival
a job.
A yankeo has invented a'milking machine
that cau l c carried in a pocket *1«k k. N..w if
he were to invent a milch cow ll at 'could bn
cartied in the c »t-t.«il picket,'his machine*
would sell more rapidly.
- -
An editor is d< siribed as a man wbo is liaT la
to errors of grammar, toothache, typ. graphical
error- and I»|m s .,| 'memory, am! It s twenty -
five thousand people watrhiug him to catch
him tripping— a t.anc.f sorrow and nripuiot*
ed with grief, poorly pail, p orly estimated,
bar made.
An Irishman in la vi» was bitten by a rattle
snake, l»ut the liberal use of a neighbor's wbir
key cnrcl him. The next day ho, was iccti
walking slowly un lie prairie, and looking
earnestly f r r tm thing He was asked what
be was looking f. r, " For 'the /boitJ of 4
snake,” was the rej Jy.
" Madam, do you kt.aw t!mt you postes<ar.o
of the be: t v i^t ji in the w rid?” said a saucy
fdtow to a woman tho other day. “Indeed,
do you think s. ■ ? ’ riplhd shcjwitb a tlush of
priile at the compliment. “ I do, most cer
tainly.” continued tho rascal, “for if you
hadn't it u uld have l ren worn out long ago |”
“ Children,” said the tin her^addrersing tha
infant class. "Children, do you know you
were nil born in sin ?"
“ Phase, sir/' intermpted .1 little dtio.
“ I wasn’t, I was burn iu*W* Orleani."
“Will, that's the rime thing,” said tho
teacher, impatiently, “ Don't interrupt mo
any more.’’
The cure of a country chnreh where tho
men sit on < ne side of tho aisle and the women
on the nthcrjl -tu;' annoyed in the middle of
his sermon by a babbling < f cor.telation. gef>
t > reminds the enngregiti n that it should be
silent. One of the w men arises and trium
phantly exclaims: “ 1} want you to notice.
Father, that the ch«tt< ring isn't on this side
of the aisle this time." “All the better,” r -
plies tie' pr>tt, rr.ckhr; “It wont last so
Giurnvis-K Ri\vs.—Rows of grape-vines
should run north and s nth n > that every leaf
may get the .-untight, either in the foreman or
afternoon. This is m re imp rtaot in Septem
ber than during the heat of rummer. If tho
rows run east and west the tines shade the en
tire gr. or. | find her.ee you b e a large part f
the heat, and tl " r roent the mn J-lissppcori
there is no -tored-up h nt to ejrty the vims
tliranghth' night. ,Thir, in time of frost, is
f great importance.
Crocking Hie Elbow.
A select party was highly entertained last
'veiling l y the pn ; ious four year old of t! 0
. -t. The youriKatar attracted universal at
tention by the singular 'movement |uf I is el
ow. l::s aunt resolved toaicertun wtiat tne
ittle chap was up to, and io answer to a q^»
tion, he said;
“ I'm cookin'my elbow,’’
" V.’liat ar ; -u> king it for Johnny ? '
" 1 wants to det a nice little stew bewey on
vy nose."
" Why,'J .hnny, that won’t make a »traw
** Ye* it will. Aunty, ’cause ccck *ay» pa; %
wouldn't have a straw be w ey on hi* nose if he
lida’t ■ >k 1. elbow to much an 1 I de*»
:ook knows.”
His questi ncr's and wire’s fare* b came r»
iiant, while Johnny continued hi* perform
ance unmolested by interviewers.
Tie illu.-triouu convert and oratorian. Father
Faber, wb- c works "AH for Jesus,” "At the
F t of the Crosf,” "Growth in Holiness,''
” The Bk-;'.d Sicram»nf," etc., have had a
large rale, died in 18C3. A abort time before
hi* death he concluded the last a-rmoobut
one, which he ever preached, w uh the follow -
ing word*:
The devil’* rorst and most fatal prrparati n
for the coming f Antichrist is the veakemni
of m'n't belief in eternal punishment / Were
they the last v. ;d* that I might ever *ny to
yon, r ill. mg ild I wish to say to you with
ur r<* etnphar s than this—that, next to the
thc.gbt f the Freeh ti* Blood, there is no
thought in all yr ur faith more precious or more
tiref d f r y u t vi the thought of eternal
p. r.i.-.liir. u

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