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irtaatovii JefftTson Co., W. Ya.
Orrtcx m “ JxrrxxsoN Bertpisu.”
8itnrday, August 9. 1879.
“Fut nut your trust In Princes,” says
!y Writ, aud-we may add: confidences in
ne persons ia high places in this republican
I j( WJ may be misplaced.
1’h army of King IVtywayo of Zulu
•tid is broken up, the nation is dispersed and
c King is a fugitive. When leaving the
lUlvfivlJ of I'luudi he told his chiefs to look
) thei* owa safety and to seek terms of peace
<• best they could.
On next Friday, at the Urecnhrier
Vhite Sulphur Springs, a special meeting of
he Executive Committee of the Southern
i 'toriral Society will take place. An address
vill be delivered by Gen. J. It. Chaln:crs,
f Mississippi, the subject being “ Forrest and
>tx Campaigns.” A large gathering of ex
.'.lekderates is confidently anticipated.
Mr. t'. Johm-tiu, of the Wheeling
3andtf Leader honored us by a visit to our
pactum on Monday. Ia company with Mr.
-ilalnuker,— private secretary to Governor
Mathews,—and other gentlemen, he was en
■■n'e to the Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs.
— a:i evidence of the prosperity of the Sunday
Judge J. T. Loi. l of Je U'nnat S,
< />■•( visited oor t \rn on Monday to attend a
meeting of the S. V. 11. K. Directory, and on
Tuesday give us pleasure t>y a call upon us.
Mge L ve.'! ha.s been an hor: red representa
ve of the i • pie of Warren in the As-embly
-f Virginia for several years, and in bis leg' -
t ve capacity and through lis press and as
liroian of the Stale Executive Committee of
..<* lKimocratic-Conservative party fairly and
v;i«ly and ably reflects the sentiments of the
■ st people of the OM Dominion.
Tho puldi.u.ion by tho Purker-btirji
Vi ./i)»ef of such a paragraph concerning Col.
' Q. A. NaJenbou.-ch as appeared in the last
-ue of that paper is proof that tho editor is
ignorant ol the character of the gentleman
vhom bo so grossly maligns. The ten lines
>!o t. >t contain a truth. lie cannot find a man
• ho has exhibited a greater degree of public
spirit, or who has been more lavi.-h, according
to ability, in the expenditure of his private
means to forward the interests of the public
about him or to minister to the wants of the
needy, or more generous in libations c f blood
:pon the altar « f Lis country, or a man more
thofcughly unselfish than Col. Na leubousch.
—. -- - ■ --
Tho lT. S. eohiniemul a gout at Xotli
.dgham, England—whose opinions are render
ed authoritative from the ceutral po'iti* n he
copies, writes to the State Department pre
: ctir.g the “serious failure” of all crops in
Britain, and a large den and. in ccns« querne.
upon this country ar. 1 Russia for bread stuff
applies. From another source we bear of the
1 -s of tho potato crops throughout John
liuli’s dominions. A connectve item in tho
rate regard is tho recent shipping from New j
York, for England, of oOO tons of fresh meat
—either on the hoof tr in refrigerators. Eng
land's loss in ffx>d material is cur gain.
Referring M the ilonuti m of J. I>.
Crowell & Co., of Greeaostle, Pennsylvania,
through their Agents, Duke A Galiahcr at
this place and II. M. Faker at Winchester, of
a Wdl.’jphby Com Sj ri*;g Grain Drill to le
gold to aid in the payment of the ba ance due
U[ < n the Monument recently erected at Win
c! ster, the Franlhn y of C' ambeis
burg, IVnnsjlvania, says:
41 We do n't m*-ntian this doom n t i th" C' -
federate <A*ru-terv «tl Wincnv.-,ei i .e o e
of unfavorably ci hiciVng tueact. Tho io ... »«.«
,’avi-h ta*t year in ber remittances of .aoe
the beat tit of the yellow fever sufeie s i i ie
- mth, and the operation will no dot it bo -e,
ed tb;s year if necessary. It Is well that these
manifestations of good feeling betaeea tbe sec
tions should be made, even if thev do come al
from one side. Messrs. Crowell * Co. hive rn
undoubted right to give one or severa o i
dril s to any public or private obj.-ct that way
str.ke their fanev, but «c know an or^tc rt.. >c
at borne that would have been clad to receive ih.it
I d r another one IA • if. We refei to the >d
diers' M muiiient .Vnooiati >n of l'raat:i;u eotntv.
\ :?r a l aid s!rus:s:!e b\ the cjujii.tce of cs
and geutl-men having i« charg? ibis c-iUry .
ilurc i.< -till a •• balance due” of come ti> re uj: -
dr>-d dollar., which it ippeaiS to i»e a'-msi ' v
] -ible to liquidate. The merii'.fy oi on. > > a
gallant dead should have the first place ;j oa
th'■ a jjhU and aflVcti'nU, and if »e have a . . >g
to bestow on pub'rc tn -nuuient* a sue e. ii s
proper that patriotism, like c ark . sho-td be> .u
at h lie. We t: u-t that ou h aie a*-ucia> n
u.ai tied - memeatts of escape fioiu their two.*
It Jc:tacts somewhat frui the grace of a
gift t3 be continually reminding the rc*::p:ent ,
f it—as seme Northern paper.- (not a!way at j
the p >int n *3t liberal in c-iutribut os! art !
i -it - !i cotif-r: !ng t.o re‘ ef to the ye
low fever sulTercrs. The S uthern p 'pie are j
very grateful for what was lone for them, ia
it ti. ut generous manner, l>v Northern comtuu
ii ties an 1 individuals,—have not a ul wiii Hot
for.f t if,—but the freiuent remin ' rs by the
r f the N r!h they right y v-. shkrwoiks
■ far p -er gat a. A Ur all. perhaps, “ anui
t -tati r.*of good feeling " t o not altogether
ns the R'fotitory express-s it “ from one side.”
Tl.-s.ame Monument to which Messrs. Crow
ell iV <'•>, contributed, a:,d one other—the j
*• Yi-ginu Shaft*’—both casting $'2,000,
w re purchased at Philadelphia—Pennsylvania
reaping the benefit. Wbat the South receives
I. a tho N Mb in the time of her extreme need
-;.e :s veryr sure to repay in one way or an
i tl r. ?a that the not “ unfavorable criticism ’ |
rf the lUpos<!»r>j comes with bad grace from)
i 3 State wbith profited esclusive'y from the j
erection of these monuments.
i'lio contribution of Messrs. Crowell 4 Co., !
visa proper exhibit. a\ of kind feeling, as well
-> appreciation of a large patronage from the
j ; !c "!’ tl -a great Valley for the pa.-t twen
ty years. Why, tho stoves, by which our
< unty people warm themselves in mid-winter
wLii.-t atterdrig Court here, were made in
* aoihersbtug, right under the nc-sc of the
7 iJ.I r, and yet i ur peop'e get up
». > fevliug of t> ry indignation because of that
If ;Av tima! T rp r of the f.iver t vists, the
• i' tit> of the iiilo will remain in the Mood, I
■ . ti:r a tha* tin 1 and iodni ing many Skin
**• - Mr. Bn‘ « Haiti" re rills area
r -• r»'.'\l • liver ll ; .la*, r. S 1 every
Bridge Meeting in Uarpors-Kerry.
Notwithstanding the inclemency of the ,
weather on Monday evening, August the 4th,
a very large meeting of the citizeusof Harper’s
Ferry and the surrounding neighborhood was
held to give expression to public opinion iu
reference to the legal proceedings that ha\e
beeu commenced for the purpose of enjoining
the erection of a bridge across the Shenandoah
river. The interest felt by the community in j
the matter is very great; the enthusiasm and >
earnestness that marked the proceedings of the
meeting was quite observable—the various
points made by the speakers beiug cheered to
the echo.
Ou t»k;n the chair, S. V. \ intis, E.-q , the
Mayor of the town, said, that he had called the
meeting iu comp cnee with a numerously
signed request, winch he read.
•• Draii Si:;:—Asyouareaware.au Injuuc- :
tiou has been granted by the County Court,
enj.duing the Bridge company from proceeding
with the construction of the bridge across the
Shenaudoah river. We need not inform you ,
of how imp irtant to the interests and wel ire
ot liiis town. this bridge is, and therefore, id
how injurious to tin >e inft-rts s and to that
welfare any obstruction iu tue way of itscrec- ;
lion must necessarily be.
We, therefore, citixer* of the town and |
neighbor!) beg leave, most respectfully to i
ft quest, tii it you, as chief tflici r ot the town, ,
call a meeting of the friends of the important
internal improvement now attacked, that pub
lic opinion on the subject may be given ix
pressieu to. We are assured, on the opinion
of disinterested persons competent to judge,,
that the Fij'iuct on ab >ve referred t > was tin- 1
wisely granted, and will in all probability, be
Unsolved. Iu the meantime, there is a very
gi rural .!• vre, that the universal and warm!
s\rn; at' y of the c niimiuity with the Bridge
0 mpanv, 1 e public y and emphatically ix- !
Mr. V .utis aUo rea l a letter from tue Hon.
\V. 11. li ners regretting his inability lobe
present at tl.e meeting. It. the course of his i
h ter Mr hrav'-rs said—speaking > I the Bridge
entei.in- .—*■ Ti eie may be obstacles thrown
in u \ ct t *y must, a* d they will be
over :' Hel'irt.oi expressed bis eutire
c ti . ; In the Courts—the matter
would triumph.
Mr. c niles Davies, then proposed the fol
lowing re>- ’utions:
\\ „i A Bridge acr" s the Shenan
doah river at Harp' r > Ferry would be of ini- j
i: . - l U alit.l-C. I: t olilv to t he town, but to
the surroun liog country, nuJ the want of such
a mode of crossing the river, for years (wist, has
been deeply detrimental to the interests of
both ;
11 hfi as— At present, and since there was
a bridge a r ss the river—when the water is
! w, «• 1 w .ien it is frozen, aud very often in
ti.e nigi.t time—it is impossible to cross the
river—the Ferry being useless. And so, the
large nuns her of prsuis—in L >udouu for in
stance—who formerly transacted business in
the Ferry, can do su now !)•> more, and the
tu'iuess interests of the town have been almost
destroyed. In addition to this, great personal
inc liVtr iotice is often expelienced, as for in
stance, w:,cn the sick have instant need of a
physician ;
It In:' ja—The Bridge Company of Harper's
Ferry— clothed with the authority of law—
have commenced the erection of such a Bridge,
but are now impeded, or are about to be im
peded, by an Injunction—an Injunction that
h- wever iraprevMcntly and unwisely granted,
w i.l bo an impediment—hew ever biief—to the
progress aud completion o. the enterprise;
/.'t /, That we warmly sympathise with !
the Bridge Company in its elTorts-to build a :
Bridge a.ross tho Siicnaudnati river; that we ,
- ,i i stand by it. and mini it to the fullest ex
tent of our ability. And furtlier, we hereby
pron '-*• to bear a liberal pvrt of the expense
of the litigation now pending ;
AV-. ,■•.(/, iHat, trusting to the spirit of the
age, that each day is becoming more libiral
and enlarged ; trusting to the growing dislike
of nioBop dies, and the grow ing determination |
of the p pie to suppress them ; and trusting |
to the Law, r|,at is never so vv irthy of respect
is when it is »v re st’d for the purp -e > t ad
varx i g • • public interests— whilt we pity
the sh* t-siglitedniss ti.at cannot discern, in
these tilings, the signs of the times,— we de
nounce tne nurrow-n.mded selfishness that—
regardless of the public Mite -is—seems anx
ious only to enr’Cli itself at the | ublic t xpense,
aud rise, on the ruins of an in poverishtd com
munity ;
liesoleed. That we have the fullest cot.fi
dcuce in ti,c fair adiuiidstrati n of live law—
the fulii.it asau: iince— based on the opinions j
of those versed in the law. and experienced in [
irs interpretati' n. practice and application, j
that notwithstanding li*o m tnent.try impedi- I
mer.t thr wn ia its way, the enterprise, in |
w uich we are ali so deeply interested, will go
ahead, ai d that we snail .*:,oriiy see a Biidge
acr >s the Sbeuaudoali.
The 11 v M C. Brackett, and Charles Davies !
each spe ke to the res ’.utions, at length, and
were l udiy applauded. The rcsolutii ns were I
carried by acclamation. A resolution was also ;
propcised aud carried, th.at a comm': lee of :
three be appointed to ctdhct <n< *». rij»lr ns.— I
The coti mittcc c< i -ists f > S . Vantis, Chas. I
Davies and John .MeArtuir.
'1 lie ii I'ting adj urutd at lialf past ten. It
w is i't.e f the no st •■artiest, spirit*' I and gratt
fy ing gatherings ever held in tue Ferry.
Dr. Win. V. Men.i t. Murine Hospital.
Port ol' Baltimore:
I take |<leisure i'i commending Golden's '
Le i :g’- I. ;ui ! Kxtract of IV. f as a oust ex
cellent t> ;• and i.ivig.irator of the system.—
l have f i t with nn;versal success.
Sadden Death at Winchester.
Mr Ii II Sttwarf. a well known citizen of,
1'. ’ y arriv I at tin Taylor Hotel on Mon
g, having drives < ver in his car*
:.i i . 1 ly bis wife and her sister,
trap . re »-i: t. Whilst seated at the ta- •
1 . eat • g i s dinner, between 1 and 2 o’clock, |
i.v it I from his chair. in an insensible coodi* !
t1 : G ; t. W L Howell, who was sitting ;
next to him, and Mr 11 -bins. the pr prietor .
of the !.■ tel. at once carried him to his room,
an 1 Dr. Live was quickly in attendance; I
but medical skill was . f no avail, and lie died
about an ’. .r a . ! a half after the attack.— j
He ha ! i >t been very well f t s>me days, but '
the immediate cause of his death could not be
determined without an cximination. Dr.
Love suspected an internal hemorrhage.
Mr Stewart was a * on of the late Wm.
Stewart, fi ■■•til wh in ho inherited an ample es- 1
tate. ii resided on his farm nr.tr Martins*
burg. . >1 was an enterprising. public spirited
cii./. u. lie was one of the promoters and
pi : > if a! owners of the Grand Central II tel
iu Martinsburg—a concern which has given
that city as much reputath n and bias been of
as :i»» h -olid benefit as any thcr public en
ter pi .•>o ’ ver inaugurated there, lie was very
w '1 k: wn a. I highly esteemed in this and
the ad; ;i.iug countie as well as at home, an! 1
bbl ■ . ; r | .* r
row to h >t* of warm friends, arid is a genuine
loss tu the county of Berkeley. Mr. S. was
a! ut -10 years of age. !L* loaves no children, j
f IlVucAciftr Times.
The hand that rock* the cradle, is the hand
tl \t in v s ti e earth. Dr. Bull’s Baby Syrup
is the l'» st tcmedy f r all complaints children j
•ire -uh t t , soch at Dysentery, Diarho-u, !
Summer t mplaint, Wind Colic," etc. Price |
-• » »
riio <i» ojn>t running stream known L- 1
ti. ' Niagara iivir. whi. ii just under the lower
Misf i m u bridge ii TOO feet u; actual meas
Harper’s Ferry Happenings.
Mi-.- Emily Child lias returned home,
after an absence of eleven months spent at a
Musical Institute in the Hast, much to the
gratification of her family and friends.
Kpi.-ci pal service will be held in the Luther
an Church on Sunday next, August 10th, at 3$
I’. M. Uev. Dr. Wm. H. Meade will officiate.
Excursions to this place—big and little—are
becomiug uvmotouous. At the Firemen’a ex
cursion on Tuesday a little extra hci zine and
a few pistol shots gave some variety to the pro
ceedings of the occasion.
A few days -incc July 30th, Jas. D. Fore
man and David his son — po r people who,
with "tliers, live on the property of J. M Ma
son, E»q . on the mountain, were arrested by
a Deputy U. S. Marshal—hand-cuffed, and
brought before H. H. Flick,E-q .Commission
er at Martinsburg, to answer a charge made by
one G. W. Graham, calling himself a Govern*
nient Agent, for setting fire to the timber on
the mountain. An examination of tho case
showed that the prisoners were not only per
fectly innocent, but were absent from the place
at the time of ti:c fire, so they were promptly
discharged. To what extent our citizens—
however humble they may be—are to put up
with such treatment is a question that is uow
very much discussed here.
Geo. W. Graham—referred to in above item
—on complaint of Jas. I). Foreman—was ar
rested here, on a warrant that had been in the
hinds of the t fficcr for 7 or 8 days,— brought
before 15 Avis, E.-q , and bound over to keep
the peace. It seems—by the evidence—that
Mr. Graham, claiming to be a Government
Agent, accompanied by four or five men, or
dered Foreman to leave his cottage—or hut;
pulled down the hut and destroyed the man’s
property, and when he left, said, that if he
Foreman was not gone when he Graham came
back, that he’d burn up his property, or what
was left of it As the property—save the
wood right which belongs to the l’. S.—be
longs to Mr. J. M. Mason the whole proceed
ing is most extraordinary, and requires, w-e
think, a further investigation.
Murtinsburg Matters.
Admiral lloarman is confined to his
room by serious illness.
Jno. I*. Kmrfott. Esq., lias sufficiently
recovered from his recent severe illness to be
able to go about the bouse.
During forty-eight hours, from Satur
day night to Monday morning, one hundred
and twenty-three trains of freight cars arrived
and left the 1). & 0. II. R. depot at this place.
1’asper Wcvor, Esq., one of the oldest
and most respected citizens of this county,
died at his residence in Falling Wttera Dis
trict ou Thursday, July 31. after a protracted
illness. He was in tho 80th year of liis age.
How Women Would Vote.
Were the question admitted to the ha!' >t,
and women were allowed to vote, every wo
man in the la d who has need Dr Pierce’s
Favorite Prescription would vote it to !>e an
Unfailing remedy for the diseases peculiar t
her sex. Dr. Pierce has received hundreds of
grateful testimonials of its curative power.
Iowa City, Iowa, March 1, 1878.
Dr. R. V. Pikrce, Buffalo, X Y :
Dear Sir—For many months I was a great
sufferer Physicians could afford me no relief.
In my despair I commeuced-tho use of your
Favorite Prescription. It speedily effected my
entire and permanent cure.
Yours thankfully.
Mbs Pali. 11 Baxter.
/ tlDEit .V I I.I.S, Baker Fin M.il-. Outtinir Hux
es, forsa'e by DUKE A UALLAitKH.
(CHEAPEST place in town fir T’a F uit Cans
j and Can Wax—
AugustI * i i\ i! 4 GA LA li ER.
riMIF.RK will be a Crand Barbecue at tbc old
| BEl'. Bit 'I * LL, 2.1* unVs Sou to nf Ch.irles
t"«n. on .n'.I Tl<-M V, .11 <i VS TT'^'d, I'm'*.—
I’ersuns attending will be accommodated with
horse -*eed, and dinner for themsclres. T^ere
n 'lbe i It as* Band in attendance. A Stri'g
Bandw l fui ii >ii music for Dancing purpose*. A
g<v.(i (Vatfo- in a"d everything convenient to nffoid
a day ot enjoyment to all in attendance will be
■upp Vd. lie'Veahaienta of a'i k’lids on th.'
ground. Comeor.e ! Coiea'l!
.. Danci g to continue till 10 n’c ock. P. M.
August 9, i
I* cat Estate
Near Charlestown, West Virginia.
riatfK undc'sigrtd Special Cnnm?ss:o:.orbv
f ,H luc of a dectee ia ibe chancery cause o'
Joiin Bu ns ngai >t (ten ge W. It-i.-eoe, Ac.. .
Ai»•"iI 29, Is7!», w'|i offer at pab-ic sale, in '-o.it
of the C- u t House in Char.eslown, \N e.-t Vi . i
ia, oa
Friday. September 1 2th. 1 STD.
A Lot oi* l*i»i*<*«'l of Ltinil,
the property o' t.'eo go W. I’.ilecoo. cow-is ting rf
11 Am s, 1 Umid ainl JO I\)h'>.
Si* id 'and is ve-v p"ndnctire, and < » railed about
one in He ftuii Cba. lestow —, ear the Clia’ii stow n
and Hafpe S Fei v Turnoifcc—and adjeoas the
fa :n on nuieh (leo ge W. B iscoe now resides.
lernis ol hale:
One-Third Cash and the residue in rtjual pay
ments at Aiaeaud Eighteen months. wdh interest
on deferred payments f oin the day ofsaie—same
to be secured by a Deed of Trust upon tile- p. esn
jBirSak- to commence nt 11 o’clock, A. M.
Soeci.il Com mLsioncis.
J. S'tvv. Ou.Mftru, Auctioneer.
August 9, l'*79— .">t
State of West Virginia,
County of Jefferson, Set:
IX tho County Court of Jefferson County,
* West Virginia,
At Utiles held in the Clerk’s Offtee of said
Cowl, the Gth day of August, 187'J.
JACOB M. KKPIIAUT, Samuel M. Knott,
and Margaret M. Knott, his wife,
a Lit.
MAKY J. Mol,KB, John K. Kephart, Jarr.cs
K M -ler, and tno f->'!»wing named infant
children of said Jaine* K. Moler, and his j
wife, KiiziLetli K. Moler, dec’ll., viz: Kiiza
beth It. M er, Kllen J. Moler, Maggie K
Moler, Indie J. M- ler, JennieE. Moler, nud i
James K Moler, Jr.
The object of thi* suit is to obtain a decree for
ibesaleut the rul e-t.ue of John Kep tart, de
l-eased, consist eg of SO acres of land. In this
County, and d i .but on of t--e p uceeds of such
a'e among the he' s at -aw o' said John Kephart,
iecea.ed, it beiag inexpedient to mase partition
ihereo .in kind among ,atd heis.
Itapeua :g bv a.I ,av t o id in-tthe De'end- i
lot*. Jo.in I,, K- .«bs l. J» ues E. Mo'e . ETzabeth
It. M er. E..en J. Mole . Maggie K. MoV -. J.il- |
le J. Moler, Jen .lie E. XioVr. and J .■m> rl. Jioler,
J are uuu e.-.de -s of l!:i- Sia.o, they are
eOjr ichaired .o appe.-s ■ within lou-weeks a'ler
ihu !i si publication of thisurder and do what is
accessa y top olect the! • iule>t he t in.
A .id it is ordered, that a c -,>v of thi* order be
l ubti.-hed one.- » week, for lour successive weeks,
m the V i.-\u FukE Peesi, a newspaper publish
<1 in thi- County, and posud at tho front door of
die Court 11. uet of this County as tho law pro
A copy — Teste.
T. A. MO(.»HE,
Clerk of County Court.
B • T! -a A Wt T SON, r. V.
August . 1ST.* -4t. . 1
Charlestown Female Seminary.
Monday. September Sth. 1879.
Terms made known rn arpiiaatlon to the Princi
pal. Mitt SARAH H. BROWN.
Aug. 0, 1879—4iu.
C h a it i .estow x Acad i: m \.
A Preparatory School for Hoys.
WM. II. KABLE, A. M., Principal.
It. F. CAMPBELL. (A. M. and Medalist Wash
ington and Lee L'niv. i Asst.
Y ext Scssi u begins SEPT. 10. A full course
> in Ancient anti Modern Langaages, Jlatlu
matics, Natmal Phil, sophv aud Chemistry. Thc
School it veil •applied v ith Aftporalut for II
: Intt ration im the oVienc... /CiPIor Catalogue
I containing terms and list cf testimonial*, apply to
the Principal.
Aug. 0, 1870— 3ui.
West Virginia University.
"VTIXE departments of study: text books fur
| niahed at cost; calendar arranged to -uit
i teachers; expenses for one year from $175 to $200;
non-sectarian, liberal, thorough. Fall term be
I gins Scjtt ember Wrd, 1870.
*v.*For catalogues and other information, ap
; ply to the President, J. K. Thompson, Morgan
i town, West Virginia.
August U, 1870—3m.*
117 I1Y should she hesi.tate to save her health
11 nnd monev, when she cm do so hv having
TERS attached to her Sewing Machine, at a ci »t
of only $2.00 per set? They f ive Money, they
Sate your Carpets, they Save Time, they Save
l Doctor’s Bills, they Save Weak Backs and Feeble
i Constitutions, try them nnd be convinced. Every
Sewing Machine should have .Casters and is un
finished without them.
•I. W. McGlNMS, Gcn’l Apt..
Middle way, Jefferson County, \\. Va.
Special Commissioners1 Sale
Valuable Farm
I Si
1) Y virtue of three several Decrees of the
y Circuit Court of Jefferson County■ West Vir
! ginia, entered respectively, at the March term,
1 '>7S, the October term, 1S78, amj the March term,
167!', In a certain suit in chancery therein depend
ing, wherein Robert Fowler’s Administrator, <f.
ft/., are plaintiffs, and Joseph Crane, of. are
defendants, the undcr-igncd Special Commission
er* will offer for sale at Public Outcry, to the
highest bidder, in front of the (’unit House in
Charlestown, Jefferson Contj, We.-t Virginia,
Tuesday. September 9th, 1879.
at 11 o'clock. A. M., the following valuable Tract
I ot Jefferson County Land, being the farm upon
which the defendant, Joseph Crane, now resides,
and containing
301 ACHES,
about Ten Acres of which are in
Good Timber!
The Farm is improved by a comfortable
Dwelling House,
1 with necessary OUT-HLILDlNOS ; and is finely
watered bv an unfailing Stream ol Water ami n
fine Well and Spring. Location, about one and 2
fourth miles Ninth of tbo town of Charlestown,
convenient to Markets, Churches, Mills and
Schools. The Land is of first quality I.inn-tone
and is in a good state of cultivation. A Plat of
the Farm may be seen by calling upon the under
signed Commissioner*, and will be exhibited on
tbo day of sale.
minis OF SALE.'
Pr escribed hr tile I»eerre—Otie-third of purchase
itionev Cash, and the residue in one and tn n years,
eijual payments with interest from day ot sale.—
Tti,. de erred payment* to bo evidenced by tlie
bonds of the purchaser and secured by n Deed of
Tmst upon the premise*. Ten per cent, of the
cash on ment maybe paid on tho day of rale, end
! the re- due thereof upon confirmation ol rule by
the Court.
Special Commissioners.
.1. Shannon Haliaher, Auctioneer.
; Aug. 0, ls7l>—fit.
Special Commissioners' Sale
I> Y virtue of three several Decrees rendered
) bv the Ciicuit Court of Jefferson County,
\Vt «t Virginia, on the 26th day or April. 1*7*, on
the 21*t day of October, !*7H, an l the 2nd day ot
Mav, 1S7D. respectively, in a certain suit in chan
! cerv therein depending, iti which the Jefferson
County It tlld:ng Association No.'I, <i.nl., are
P a ct Tj and Samuel M. Knott, ct.nl., ore De
fendants, the undersigned Special Commission
ers will oiler for sale at Public Auction, on
Wednesday, September 10th,
1*711. in front of the Court House, in Charlestown,
Jefferson County, West Virginia, at 12 o’clock,
M. The following valuable
Real Estate !
Tbc farm known as the Samuel M. Knott Form,
j Iving near the I’otomnc River, in Jefferson county,
West Virginia, about four ini lea from the town of
Shepherdstown. This Farm contains about
SO Acres of LAND!
is of the first quality of limestone, nnd Is improv
ed by an excellent two story
Bum k Dwfi.unf House,
TENANT HOUSE, A HAHN—nearly new,
amt all ncc. -<arv Ol'T BUILDINGS. Has upon
it a line ClSTliitN of WATER, A THRIVING
or.d is in a Good State of Cultivation.
The Farm is in a desirable neighborhood, and
convenient to Schools, Mills and Churches, with
in ease distance of the Chesapeake A Ohio Canal
and the Baltimore <t- Ohio Railroad t pnn the
following Terms of Sale pi escribed by the Dc- J
crees :
TEH MS.—One-third of the purchase money
Cash on the day of sale, and the residue in two
equal annual payments, the deferred payments to
be secured by the Bond of the I’urchaser and a ,
Deed of Trust upon the premises so'd, the Bonds
to bear nlercst from the day of sale. A further
description < f iho Rand can be obtained at the
Otliee of George M. Beltxboover, in Shepliords
town, or at the Offices *f WtHiam H. Travera, or
Frank Ueckwtlti. i t Charlestown, West Virginia.
the Rand will b„- started at the price of flihSu
per acre, being the advance bid made bv Mrs. ;
Mary K. Hunter for said land, to the Court at the
March Term, 1979.
Special CommfjGon-rs.
Aug. 9, 1979—5L J. ShannonGallaher, Ac’nr.
Tho Largest Wheat in the World.
1S7D. For Fall Sewing. IS7D.
N'OW off, i id to the Ptibl'c for the first Time.—
To every subscriber to lh:s paper, w ho will
send a th“ee-C"nt stamp to pay postage, we will
-.•nd a sample of the wheat with circulars ana
t wins t’> agents, givisg sigeo1- the packages. Ae.
Aug. 9, 1S79— It. Cleveland, Tenn.
\ HEIFER, with undo:bits in each ear, raaio
to the “ Cat-Tail Farm " about the fust of .
M.iv. The owner will come forward, prove pro- ■
v- i tv, i av chare--', and take her an av.
August.0, 1 *-70— At. * i
(Jo and scc’hiin, examine hi* Stock end satisfy
yourself. Brauch of 217 Broadway,
December 21, 1P7?.
HAS now open at hi* new store-room, one door
east of Maj. 0. W. T. Kearsley, a large and
attractive stock of
Fall and Winter Goods,
In Addition to his large stock of
including FLANNELS and BLANKETS, he
would ask attention to his stock of
151k. Alpacas & 151k Cashmeres.
Ladies’ Cloth for Suiting and Wrappings in
Beautiful Styles.
Special attention i* called to a large stock ol
Heaver CLOTH for Overcoat? and Ladies’Cloaks
Good* manufactured at CharlottcnrtUe, and teclL
tintedio the trade tcillbe found for talc here.
Ladies’ Merino Vests, Corsets, Ladies’ and
Cents’ Linen Cull- and Collars. Kullling in great
variety. Scarfs for Ladies and dents, Table
Linen and Napkins, Red Twilled Flannels (Medi
cated) Red Table Damask.
FAMILY FLOUR in paper bags ’<ld.and
barrel. Corn Meal, Canvassed Hams, Sides and
Shoulders, and a luli line of
a? low as the lowest.
Measures taken for Oents’ Shirts of the best
Material, and Sit guaranteed.
.Nov. 3, I '-77.
Extensive Sale
sol runo ir.v a .yd cots \yold sheet.
rI N]l E ?u! cribcr’s second anneal Sheep Sale will
£ take place at “ Stratlimoor,” near Mt. .lack
son. Shenandoah county, Virginia, immediately
on tile Valley lirnnch ol the Hall. A O. It. It., on
WEDXESDA )', ALU 1ST 20th, 1S7H.
Will be sold,
Ibo Purebred Yearling Southdown and Cots
wold Rucks.
16(1 Pure bred Yearling Southdown end Cots
' tvold Ewe?.
160 High grade Cotswold l earling Ewes and
Ewe Lambs ol bis own raising.
The most of the Sheep were bred by the late
Hrutus J. Clav, by llenrv ( lav Snr., T. J. Mc
gibben, L M. Bedford, Mr. Kenn.nd and other
well known Kentucky breeder s. They arc choice
and desirable.
lie hopes to offer some 20 or 30 Head of'ynnrg
p»digree Kentucky Shorthorns of both senes, at
the same time.
Sate trill commence at II o'clock promptly ;
Lunch at 1 o'clock : Sale rrntmed at 2 n'eloit.
T Kit sis :—Fifty dollars anil under cash; over—
IiO davs will be’ given for satisfactory negotiable
Trains on the morning of the Sale will leave
Washington at 5 o’lotk; Frederick, 5.45; H.v
geist’iwn. 6.10; Mtt tinshutg, 6 25; Staunton,
7.20; arriving at 10 o’clock an! returning the
samedav -topping at all wav stations. Tickets
at hall litre rates and good for three day*.
Col. L. P. Nfi.ir, trf Kentucky, Auctioneer.
August 2, lfs70.
Special Commissioners* Sale
Valuable bands
,if.iti:ison county, west va.
I>Y virtue of a Decree of (hi1 Circuit Court of
’) Jefferson County, entered in the cnu«e of
.Ino. II. Campbell's administrator vs. N. S. White,
Trustee and others, in chancery, on the 1st day of
May, 1*70, the undersigned, appointed commis
sioners for the purpose, will offer for sale, at Pub
lic Auction before the Court House door at
Tuesday, the ‘ind of September.
187", .tt 12 o'clock, M , those Valuable Tracts of
Land described in the Decree aforesaid ascontaing
respectively 12.S acres and 10 poles ami one undi
vided fourth part of 215 acres, and 130 acres and
It'. iioi-ohiva—loss 41) acres and l1. noles—and an
undivided fourth part of 215 acres as aforesaid
bein'; altogether 317 acres, I rood, and 33?,'
perches, more or less, jrr.d constituting in great
part the land whereon 1). F. Shoemaker resides.
These lands w hich constitute one tract except a
small detached tr act of Timber land which will be
exhibited in the Plat are among the best limestone
soils of the Shenandoah Valiev; arc situated on
the oM toad leading from Middlew ay to Winches
ter, about 3 miles from the former place, and 3'.
miles from Summit Point, on the Valley Branch
of the B. A O. It. It. and are convenient to Post
Ollier s. Schools and Churches. They are iuiprov
—one nearly new,
A Good BARA,
Stabling, Smoke-Ilousc, and ill other necessary
Out Houses.
A Plat of the premises may be seen at the office
of Frank Beckwith, one of the Special Commis
sioners, and will be exhibited on the day of sale.
One-third Cash and the residue In two equal
yarly payments, w itn interest from day of sale,
to be secured by deed •>f trust on the premises.
WM. II. Tit A V KltS,
Special Commissioners.
Aug. 2, 1S70 —at.
A i 111 l*od Trusjpell |
Is now offering (.BEAT BARGAINS at hi* Cheap
t’.isb Store, Fi'-t National Bank Building. I
shall offer, for the next Thirty Days, my Desira
ble Stock of
L)ry Goods,
-Volions, D«A*, Shoes, /Ids, C<ij>s, Clothing,
Arc., rfe.,
at Oreatlr Rcdaced Prices, in order to make
room for tJte comicg season. Read the following
prices and be convinced ; Richmond Stitch-Down
Shoes, 81 70 : Gents’ Calf Boots, $2.50 up; Ka
di-Slippers, 25 cents up : do. Morocco Shoes,
85 cent* up: do. Lasting Gaiters, •;.*> cts. up;—
|; -r Pi in:.-. 6 nntl; 1 oox. Spool- Cotton, 5 cts.;
Wash Poplins. Scent3; yard-wide Cotton, 6,'i
ct3.: Ladies’ IIo«e, 5 cts. pr., Gent*’ K do. 5 cts.,
and other good? in ptnportion. Never were such
bargains r! red in Charlestown; No Auction,
Goods, but all First-Class Qoods. Don't forget j
the place. First National Bank Building.
August 2, l'-T*. NIMROD TRUSS ELL.
I)KIAK SCVTIIES, Patent Fly Fans, Brass j
, Chur
August!?.' Dl.'KE GALLAHER, I
I shall open and display oil my Counters on
MONDAY, APRIL 28, 1870,
Tiie Largest v\i> Most Elegant
-- --1
d. tU. BURNS.
I Call especial attention to my New Stock now b.ing received. Every department (it!, .) t, j(,
uttermost. I have taken special pains with each department. Mv specialty is p t in aai
one line of goods but in every article I offer to mv customers.
In Price and Quality. In my Stock may bo found
Staple Dry Goods and jno! ions
Staple and Fancy Groceries, China, Qilcenswarr, Glassware,
Wooden and Willow Ware. Boots and Shoes. Hats and Caps.
Ready-made Clothing, everything in Canned Goods, Fine and
Coarse Salt, etc., etc.
%-iulli'MEMJUEll l GCARASTKK .4* TO I'RH'R ASH tjCALl7 'tS
August $3, 187!>. ,T. EI). ltiritNs.
Manufacturers Of and Deal* rs ift
Sash, boors, Blind.*, Mouldings, Brackets, Ac.
no. i » i’i:\ri;i: stki'.kt, < i tiki:emland, »ii>.
I><» Not Road I'liisa:
Ml ANbWKIIR A CO. keep constantly nr. hand «-'*• it '.t.fif.’-tii'-e t . on' ; • I • l ’ • ’ f W i
, I j dotv and boor Ft line*, I).s,Sa-!i -glared and tinj:! i * d,l!lu«l It .'i m n,,! '
Sawed Ballu.-ters, Drapery and Mouldings «>l every description. Yellow Cine. Whit- l ie, .'r.dSpu,
! Flooring—in fact everything usually kept in a first class I,umber Yard or S.i*h mid boor Faetoiv, »<
prices and quality that cannot be surpassed. All persons in want of itI 11,1)1 ,3 o' .1/1 it'.RIM, wil*
Had lj to their advantage to give I| a caH o IS Centre Street, Cumberland, Mil.
fi&ENe ate also prepared to furnish Oak Timber any site* or leugth* desired. All Uitln b *
mail promptly attended to and satisfaction guaranteed.
March 13, 1879—y.
-j £ Vc Friends of Utility. £ \
2 In your rounds for reliable good*do not fail to call at Z ”
V* •) O
| Hardware, Agricultural hnplnnent\ Seed,
And Fertilizer Store.
Carpenter, Coach, anti Wagon-Builders’ Maltiml.
Paint*, Oils, VarnDlw’s, Cl!:ir■*•, Ac. (tomral ami Staple Hardware, Pun N<i • »■'.
Terra Cotta brain i’ipc. Steel Baib Fence Wire, Corn Shelters. Cutting Ii-.t,*. Rope. lack
Salt, Mi.) and X Cut Sins, (jutu, Hemp and Soapstone Hacking, Hor.-e Collars, A>
Agent for the Famous and Justly Celebrated
Clr ii pion Reapers tnil Mowers,
\\ inrd Plows, Harrison Pros. Lcady-iiiadc Paint, Laflin A Rnii'I Powder (
! Thankful for the patronage received in the past, I solicit a continuance of the same and gusrast, <•
Charlestown, West Virginia, May 17, IS7I* y.
J. X Tl IIM.II. X J) KI.II.I.Y, Jr. J X l 1 I.M: :, Jr.
•J. -J. TURN Kit & CO S
•‘ammoniaTi u done siteimmiosi’IIatk,’’
tSTAItl.ISIII!I> ibih
Forming fh»» mo.-t concentrated. universal and durable FKltTIUZKIt ever off-rid to the J'arEor
—combining all the stimulating qualities of Peruvian Guano and the cvcr-durable fertilising proper
ties of Bones in fine dry powder, prepared cxorcf.-dy for dril ling, and tan be applied in any quantify,
however small, per acre, it is the opinion of many close-calculating Farmers, after TWENt Y-ON K
YEARS’ experience in testing it side by ride with other popular fertilisers, that an application of
100 pounds <jf-‘ EXCELSIOR ” is equal to -00 pounds of any other fertilizer or guano, and therefore
fully 100 per cent, cheaper.
Vr.iforiitit) of Quality Guaranteed by the Manufacturer*.
'^..Farmers can only be secure from inferior imitations by* eing thatevery Bag is Branded with
our Name and the Analysis In Red Letters.
Composed of the most concentrated materials, it is
Thin any other fertilizer sold, except OT'R EXCELSIOR, and is made with tha same care and soper
vifion , uniform quality guaranteed. Fine and dry, in excellent order for drilling. We Lave al»o
a very superior quality of
Ar 1 l p constantly on hand • large supply of high g fade PERUVIAN GUANO.
42 W. Pratt St., Ualtimorc.

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