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Th.3 Virginia, F:33 Pr333,
ru*‘ “Old Family Jonrnrtl ”
Chaklistovcx, AcarsT 0, 1*70.
liA IS V.
% SMAl.l. BilK VSTl’IN, will “ iUHy” «* ft,
Y was lo«t on W.-dnetday evening. Tlie finder
> • ■ .. l' i.i Hasli • v«rv wwlliltlt, girl
Vv leaving it *t IKKE PRESS Of KICK.
Aag. 2, IsT'J.
\Ve have I ii 'ilili, <1 to ilet’er a large
amount of news matter, in type for this paper,
\j a til next week
We have tr- in Mr. I>. I> f'nutter a cap
f delicious Honey —a sample of such as he
*hl' to furnish customers from hU Store
V: >ng with other goo.!* common to a family
grocery. His go ..Is nre of nice quality ami
st “bottom prices.'
We have th ‘ (!thwnl>- ujk>u our table,
■ ti-s* terub-r of a pip t publishd iu *lil
:a re couaty, NY A Yirgiuii—the first journal -
at:-' a-1 venture there It tou patent outside.
: it a h eu *-m 11 • ind l.», ail the m! it at tv
.■ enpreb'»i».«:Te a i l w, !l written. IN j h :pe it
to id prosper. T. Marcellas M irshall. Pmprie*
I r.
I'n ■ l ai.»;i I.'ag-i ' an l other colored
I ties and individuals of this p tec—iu all
t the number of “no—visited Sheplierdstoivn
» -i I'n ! iv of lost wuk r. i the S. V. R. R.—
’{• - lav, Friday, the S. V. R. R . will convey
» i’h as desire to attend a colored Sunday
S.hjyl Picnic at P. rryvil’c— round trio 50
Tiie K!e« tio:i uf School officers passed
;] very quietly iu Charlestown. The ticket
presented through the columns if the PlEK
P ;ess wis elected—the result was that fore*
shad need by us: it received M almost uoiver
-jl support, ’ ami is cne well calculated to a.l
v ri" educational interests. NVe give the vote
II «n. Win. Milm *. Jr.. President of
the S. v. It. It . Hon. A. H. IMelcr. David
ltillmyre, K>*1 , .lu.Jge J i. icveii, v,oi. o. •{
A Na.lenb.msch and other members of the
S Y. K. U Directory were iu town on M n
day. We understand that the outlook for a
speedy ccnstrnction of the road to its coutcin
j at -1 termination in Augusta is lutter now
lum at any form- r p ri *1, an ! the fit- tids ol
th- real are greatly encourage!.
The Fireman's lVni-' at Byrnes I
lan.l on Tuesday was*well attended, but Uo
K, numerously m was anticipated. We under
stand the day was ci.j-.yable to many. Sonn
of the firemen thought it »fpr trine to tak*
m an vstra supply of fire-water, and one LI
J.av from Frederick city in drawing a pi»to
e:cUkn!aliy shot himself, Causing a ties!
w un !—thus m iking the W-t use of a wi ap -i
tl.it was no part of a picnic equipment an
wb c!i should t*a/3 been l *ft it *• ■ n ?.
\Y .man's Friend! i- >i i'-ti‘r- (Yli
» rat...’ A c Wi A 1'i'tv fs t -r Scwii g M whines
p.ji . . «ts are s... 11 av.* been add with!
the pv t twelve m t- ’i?. Mr. W . MeUit
,.U- is the U •: .-ral Agent operating in tl
i. r k I f.-' nple nrr;Uipement n-ay !
..-i, | t vr. , r. th r fur itur to mak
v. It S a .g Machine - it
M Girt i.- is the L*ca! A:- :d it
. M>i Th*i
;«d d !.: < ilayun* 1 .»*• 1 .Johnson, an
.j i s L :»g, t ei W Ines-ivy un-rj
a!id at h->tue. t’ 1" }•■ lie < urt tf Appe*
•rgatii/ si on Wedm .-lay '.[term n and t ut. i
d i vr! v up -a business ou liiur> lav m< n
bg. Dav tl it ''.veil v.-.i* app luted t rier t
i • C .it Turner A sit by Deal! is I'agc an
If*-- 'y I* Mi i i".ka . t -I.iMt -r.
l ie care argued on Thurs-lay m 'rr.i«i
u ti..! f W. f Grantham, aj p-GIa- ?. r
D ft f a.-as t. c* app-.d’scf. Counsel—Tran
•,T9 and Fi-uke, and Lucas and TrapnelL
y .Foukc, Trapnell and Travers mail
t. .i irguments.
«fat inlay • : :"-t ‘-IV
i. r G l’t-rgu -ti, lit* in- '.uir, wife and tw
r ldreu were ridir* In a vehicle near Fr.-n
11 - tie «i . el c i • Hi and ran t:p m th
1 .Is f tLch rse, frightening the animal an
g it to run. .’ g :;nma: -g •»! a
1 left the rua I. and U the edge of an embank
m it the t p of the Teh* cl" caught in th
t ranches ■ f a cellar irce. l e h rse > rca..
• • Ir :n the car rug* ran ir.,g luuuy >■} -
Mr 1' 1: it it.g bold <f the lines was drawn oil
mil r it h i m severely. m tne turn
4 over of iLiu* ve’ii. ’t the venerable mother.
Mr. F.-rgus a w i j litc seriously injured an.
s wife <ii-.tait.cd s uc bruises. 1 e chi! !rci
re euiy slightly hurt. F rtunattly tne ac
ot • . eurred after they haJ descended tb.
t aontaia.
Ou T llie mt.-t vigi tnt* refill aw
- grteous * mdactors on the Valley Divisioi
f the IV A 0. U. It. t M us sotue weeks ag<
t! at he had greater ipprcheosion of accident
,t the Charlestown i>. j • ♦. than at v other oi
ihe row), because more persons got c*n and ot
L. re, .»-•! t o many of them risked their live!
lin.bs by getting off and on the trains
when in motion. Ho has been trying to cor
r.ct the trouble—mainly caused by friend
g. tting into, the cars to see . r seat friends.—
> . Tuesday a serious accident was barely cs
.aped by a number of excursionist* leaving
the cars for the brief st p here and rushing tc
the platform whilst the train was moving o:T
The life cf one of the superior officers of this
I).vision of the road, M»j. Fitzgerald, whost
: ity called him tempirarily from the trainer
Tuesday, had his life j ut in jeopardy by just
such a rush of persons as had no business tc
leave tho train at all. It is very dangerous in
these days of fast trains and when very brief
f>me is allowe l for »t ppages f-r persons to get
ft r on the trains unnecessarily. We have
daily warnings.
A an e:\fiutrut of Isratlili'h principles
ar.d an organ t that race too San l rancisco
rj ) lkbr.tr takes high rink. In its issue
f July 2oth this journal has a few words, dig
nified and well cb sin, antnt Corbin s recent
a t. >n in ez< ludiug tne Jews from Manhattan
i- ach. Associating Ju,l?c >klton's precedent,
* year, in this regard with t irbin s later
1 ndoct, it sav* that “instead af disgracing the
w »*,’tl.y intended tiny have humiliated
1L iiteive*.
Electron of School Officers.
<*haru->tow:j District.
Charlestown. W. S. H- Totai
for Countv Superint. ,
John H.ss 273 ?l 25.
For IPre*. RuardofKd.
Cleon Moore CTO 11
For Commissioned. . - I
1 "hn Strother Moore '*65 13 23i i
William Phillip* 233 1C 24!* I
Wm. H. Moore 232 20 252
Wo*. H. Travers 231 16 247
Jno. K. Hilbert 3 41
S. S. Dalgarn 31 00 31
John Torterfield 44 2 46
Ksroin Slifer 1 0 1 1
For Power to Levy.253 20 2i3
y 00 5 |
Middleway District.
Middleway. Strider'i. Total, i
For Coontv Sup’t.
John Ileaa 157 57 lb4
For Pres. IP aid ol Ed.
J. M. .Nicelr 84 35 122
Henry Tantjuary 41 15 60
For Commissioned.
J. J. Kaunsborg P- 37 l.fl
J. 1.. Mmeinhi s"* 83 117
John B. Wat-on S3 23 U*
J. W. ChapiUan' 45 30 iS
Ja>. I.. Kobe u 3!* W» 3?
I'. S. Hinton 3'J 23 Ct'i
Jas. F. Watson 3!* 23
I. H. Strider 33 21 60
Danu I tletzendauner 3d 26 65
J. V. Evan* 00 2
' For Power to Levy 127 57 1S4
1 M 1
Oski us Distrut.
Kkble'.ow a. Sam. Ft. Total.
For Countv Supt. „ .
John Ucu 03 00 060
For Pre*. lid. tf Ed.
A. F. Davis 83 00 000
II. W. Crittenden H Vi 000
Daniel HelMebower l 060
! For Commissioners.
i «S. I*. bi-sVr 62 00 000
Caleb Burn* 7!* 00 000
K. V. Shirley 66 00 000
It K Mill >u 6.» 00 000
Samuel Hill 33 00 ono
Joan J. Kablc 34 00 oo«
Daniel ID tlebower 1!* 00 000
A. P. Thomson 26 00 000
Joseph MorroT ti 00 M0
For Power to Levy 00 00 000
; A£»ia,t 5 *"J 0O0
ilol.lVAK DlsTlRCT.
Ilailtonu. Holivar. Total.
(For ('■ untv Sup?. •
John ll.-'-s 43
J McMurran H 1 *>
Joshua Cavalier "0 II
For Pro*. 11<I. of Kit.
I J. W. Killer 53 223 2S2
For Commissioner#.
, \v. K. Anderson 53 n3 113
A. Hu ton V* W \‘*
[ Jacob F.t'i’e H ,Js
Ileorye Ki«ti-r 5.1 "s J-*'
W T. n.den T 121 |
1 J„hu II. I. nox *
0. T. K *n))' '3 1 -■ J-}"
Dennis M. Daniels 27 134 161
F- r Power to l.-vy *'• 137 l!*rt
t .. •»
, Potomac I>ist.
llioun's. Sbcpshnvn. Totil.
1 For County SUpt. _ ...
i John Hess 21) WO
1 I. - Pr.-s. Pol. of F.il.
Datld billajn ‘-’d * Wd 000
For ComuPsslnners.
XV. T. V. tpulAin 13 M3 063
J »-. A. O Um.n P' *HH> 000
Jacob XX'-nteniiover It# ,M,0 "00
a CFirl.- XI. Fulk' 17 000 000
l-aac B. Moyers 2 W» WO
M. J. Hi ''iivre 2 IKK' "00
e II. Johnsna 1 d*M> ooo
; XX iittarn Uutlvr 1 «» "W
F->r Pow er t ■ Lew 00 000
e Ag.iin.-t ' Id 000 000
Dutlield*. Siieptown. Total.
F t C> un?\ Supt.
.1 S •> lie.- * 107 0‘») 000
H. L. W;«OBjr l 003 600
r r Pro- Kd. <•! Kd.
1| James it. Sbeph.;d III "W 000
For Co n r o.-'iners.
I*. F. Kar; in t 107 0»n 000
i t. \X‘. I .-k dtr CO t>w 000
> i XV. J. K ott 60 00O 000
«;. ... K. Car I v 60 000 0«0
D. XV. ilrndricks 54 000 000
-I J. M. Hindiicks 50 0«0 W0
„ ; J. M. Kephart 52 WO 000
i • Fo- Power to I.cvv l"! 000 000
Agi.njt * 2 000 WO
T . • (’• iinty SoporK.temteut xvjs elocletl by
' rvoter- if tl:e entire County. Iu each Di»*
tr.it i l’r •> 1 nt A". ! feitr Cimniissionerj xvcrc
elect, it.
II t •• ; fr nt Harper’* Ferry District; and
-vi ■ nut P,.ii.’. au«l the Sheplu rd&town Pre
cinct- m l yit received.
On thebri 's>- at Ha.p>- '» Ferry, August .>th,
> !»: I,-. i;. ;. J. \. M -Fad—i. 'lr. CH \KI.KS K.
1 Cii A P.XI A N l - Ml - JOSIK C. UUYAX, both of
1 Clat k • County, X'a.
i At the r- •-r.ee uf t!io c- lie-atlny trdnUter, at
II, , . r r. Autc-s; J. bv l:> r. J. A.
x; Jill! N X. KUDKICK to Ml#: ’!\K\
- L. Tl'cK KX hot i of this county.
I)i . «T. AV. DOWNEH,
< 0().~> Main Sti*c(. t,
: j At Mr*. Matwell’*)
• < a:»i iOotowa. k«-H. < »., 1k. Ml.
! j Jut.*3, 1*7S.
Shcpherdstown Summary.
j r.oin the R "-;Vr:
\ t'r Wt’Tt’ii Mr l; >l k in.i hti >
l, r.-r- -r : twcii?y*fivu chkkcua mi Friday
I night.
Mr. Wm. I (ill was thrown from his
’ buggy m ar Martiusburg and severely bruised
' j Sunday afternoon.
II ,i n showing some w rful bargains this
a '. beopor U • i • i Stred See
I |it.,ivt St:trbdowt:s, .<1.75 per pair. Ouecase
• :J. kV Cilf l»o. j?'J 00. One eve 00 pairs
1,1;. - ;.i>!t ,g Siippers. to c. Kid Slippers.
: . c. Nev.-f rts, 90 c. l adies’ Haltimore City
: Made I’. itt II H $2 00, guaranteed. Men s
11 u . I'r ga:.s, 90 e. 1! vs I w Shoes, .<1 00.
s : .,l ktl. r. Slioe Making and liepairing
i done at >lmrt notice. Geo. II. Haclet.
-r Reliable Agricultural Implement; anu
; imere. Stcum Saw Mill*, ^c., purchase <>t t.
!.. Bursters, Usd D I, Vs. Agent far
Tuscarora Agricultural Works. Martinsburg. \\ .
• Va., wh-'re ail work is guaranteed to give satis
i faction in every respect.
V !.. BARNHART, Agent.
I >r the ati .t impr-'i ■ meutr In Hor*e Hay
' Rak--. callmC, 1.. Barchart, 1‘utheld* Depot,
\\ v,i Ag* nl for Tuscarora Agricultural Works
Marti-. i":rg. W. Va.. .t, hn Kitz. Proprietor. A
■ child < in run them. L. Barnhart, Agt.
- WANTED —Kverr farmer in n.-ed of a
Horse Hav Rake, or a drain and Fertilizer Drill,
to -all nn'Charle* L. Barahart, at Duflu Ids Do
. | W \ ar. I c amine the Rakes and Drill* I
^ ,.thibiti- n before purchasing elsewhere. |
1 .im s..»ijr. - a Hake which g ive full satisfaction
l last \ •- ir, and which I claim has advantage* pos- <
r . aberrate. Also l am .-thing a per
fi-ct Dri !. thit h i* stood the test of competitor* j
t r vear*. I guarantee eiery rake and drill I sell
t ' gire full satisfaction, t*» *'iu»l »av, I
..uvd t-v nine. V. I.. BARNHART, Dutfields i
|t. i, W. Va.. Agent for Tuscarora Agricultu
ral Wot it <. Mariiusburg—John Fill, 1'roprietor.
Th.- wifl* <*f Win. Winobmmcr. of
rrcdjr '» c.'-inty sustained a fatal fs’l fr. n n
j cherry tr* •: see n*' *.
t *
Barhof.r institute—'Mr. Faulkner at
ITumppi, August 1st., 1870. !
To the Editor of Free l'r.u.-fi :
As v*>u were so kind in yutir last paper as
to mai.itest an interest in our intended insti- j
tute, 1 will take the liberty of sending to you j
some accouut of our proceedings.
The Educational Institute of this County, as •
you are .“.ware, '.Vis fixed by the State Super- |
iutendent to commence on the 28th of Iasi i
month, and tlie friends of Mr. I* an .finer,
whose number is legion hereabouts, determin
ed to afford him tlie oppottunity of visiting .
this place by an iovitatioo to address the In- j
stitute. And here let me say, that the Free
School system is in as Nourishing a condition j
in Harbour county as it is in any county in ;
the State. It lias been warmly encouraged !
and supported by all of ocV promiuent'eitizeos .
who hive tak'-n gnat interest in ittf success.— .
A11h one of the small counties and only en
titled to one delegate to the Legislature, Bar- ;
hour employs in its Free Schoo s a hundred j
teachers—l inks amongst the wealthiest cun
tie? in the value of its school property, and in j
the attendance of the children at school.
The invitation was accepted and Mr. Faulk
ner arrived here last Monday evening. He |
was cordially received and welcomed by our
m*ple, and at right was han laomely serena- I
ded by the Philippi Cornet Band, lleicg loud
ly called for, Mr. Faulkner addressed the i
crowd from the porch of the T irgtrua Hotel,
kept by d . J. Newton. He thanked them ve- ,
ry kindly for the compliment tendered to him, j
spoke of the beauty of their green bills, and
the intelligence of the people, &c. At the I
close of bis remarks lie touched upon politics. .
He svid there was danger threatening the De
mocratic party of this State which demanded ;
its earnest attention. In many parts of the
State, and especially in the third Congtcssiou- ,
al District, organisations were formed and still \
forming, whose av oved purpose is to break
doWu and d.stri’V Vho Democratic party of
West Virginia. The new I'arty, composed of j
a full share of Democratic disappointed office
seekers, professes Dot to be satisfied with the |
ability and good fd'.tli of the ol 1 Democratic ,
I’uriy to relieve the people, yet, parching it
s-eli toil lirgc ektent Upon our own platform, j
it prop res to push our policy to extreme
measures, which we do uot believe to be pr.ac- :
licable and wh o. Tlie only effect of this new I
organization, if persisted in, is to create divi-.
si ns amongst those who ought to act together,
mil I,, civc the State to the K publicans. It
is a rule or ruih policy. Such movements
mnv accomplish personal anil selfish ends in
particular counties, districts md perhaps in
one or two States, but as a National Party, it
cannot be Sill tj have an existence, It does
not command one State in the N irtli and
West, and the Solid S .nth U ks t > the Dem
ocratic Party, alone, for relief. Me said for
bis part lie had not lost faith in the old Dem
0 r nic Party: whenever fairly tried, it had
never been found wanting. T >r near twenty :
years it lias been ont ot paWer, and \Vas n t ,
responsible for a single evil under whieh the j
Country now liliors. \\ lienover it gets in full
i possession of the Government it will give tlie
people all the relict which sound and honest
i legislation can give them, lie sa\V no results
, from tin- present movement? of the dissatisfied
Democrats but to Secure the continued triumph
>f |t publican policy. If they preferred that
1 result, to the success 'if Democracy, it would
: be nmre tnatPy to unite with the lb pullicans
; at oiu’f. Ib" had no fancy b>r these new and
' untrle. organizations, while the old one of
approved merit was tally corppcp nt to do
for li Biting for
I Democratic principles under the Democratic
1 tDg. His remarks rret with an enthusiastic
response fr un all, except > • e ra 1 ir.il member
j of (lie Band, whodr'ppid his drnmstreks and
h istdv departed, tthe next day at t •>’( lock
P. >1 . he addressed tin- Iu«titiit an 1 at 7.30
the same evening, the citizens at large in the
Court House. The Building waa crowded to
its utmost capacity, the ladies constituting
fully one half of the audience. I need ii"t
say that the addresses gave full and general
satisfaction. Mr. Faulkner has a warm and
entluviesrir body of friends i't Barhoiir. who
are for him, whether his aspirations p'int to
the Governorship, a sent in Congress, <r tu lire
■ u. S. Senate.
Church Notes.
I Uov. Mr. Moslior, of ''iioJ>her«lsto\vn
will preach in the M. K. Church, South, in
this place, on Sunday night, August 10th.
The Lutheran Fviuwl ol' Virginia will
i hold its Filtietti Convention in Woodstock, be
ginning the 27lh instar.t.
SelitMlule ol* Tntlns
Harper’s bYrr v$c \ allrv Branch
15. ‘O. 15. 15.
! 010 G38 GiQ 63G B1R2
I Stations. v. m. 1 a.m. a.m. a.m. p.m
lialtiirore—f.eare 7 l1' 8 00 4 20
Wi : ‘5 4 35
Frederick- 5 43 1<> 40 G 30
llagi r-tovvn— 0 25 p.m. G 3.>
Martir-Ourg fi 25 2 38 C “5.12 25 5 13
Ifarner's rorrU- It 0t* 2 7 b t 30 8 03
Charlcitowo '■ ll 23 1 (JO 8 00 2 It) 8 21
P.M. I
Winchester— 12 tG 5 30,10 : .. 45 0 15
' P.M.
Stra.-bupg-- I 08 6 53 12 27 G 10'
Woodstock- t 41 7 41 2 47 r.n. ;
Mt. Jackson— 2 35 8 31 3 45
llarri- mburg— 3 1! 10 25 <• 00
Staunton— 4 45{
P.M. l A.M. p.m.
Train 639 dalle. Train 640 UondAfi, Wedoet
day* and Friday's. Ail other trains daily ek'-ept
615 1,37 631 «J5 -3.'
Stnt'OH?. A.M. A.M. A.M. A.N. f.lf.
Staunton—Leave ' 11.40
ilarrijonbu-g— 8 15|12 40 5 19
Mt. Jacks,m— 10 25. 2 14 6 51
Woodstock— 11 29 J 47 7 3U
i Stra-har? 7 10 12 27 •'» 18 8 28
Winchester- 6 00 9 15 3 00 4 12 9 50
! So mm it Point- 6 2' 10 11 4 09 t 49,10 41
Charlestown— 6 44 10 43 4 48 5 lOill 11
Harper * Ferry— 7 00 11 37 6 55 5 35 11 oO
r.st. r.u.
I Hagerstown - ; 8 35 2 50
tburg — 'll 31 1 ii" *19 17
1 Frederick— 8 30 :t 00 k 7 20
Washington- 9 45 5 05 8 00,
| Haiti more— J10 50 5 25. 9 l»o
I a.it. r.u.
^ Train*132daily. Train 631 Ta sday*, Thurs
days and Saturdays. All other trains daily ex
cept Sunday.
jane 1,5, 1879, ^
Special Notices*
To all who are sutTering from the error* ar.d
indi'Cretion* of youth, nervous weakness, ctrly
decay, los*of manhood, Ac., I »il! send a recipe
that will euro you. FUEK OF’CHAUHE. This
grut rctnedv no discovered by a mis-ienary in
> uth America, t^eud a sell addressed envelope
to tho Hi . Jot. T. 1*11''',.' ii •./>, AVir Yoi k
Jan. 19.1879—ly.
Medical authorities assert that more than one
half "f the annual m ?tal;ty it due to pulmona*
ry coniplaiuts. Why. t’ Vn, neglect sa great
an earthly salvation when Dr. Schley’* I'.iti.i- i
lv Cough Syrup is guaranteed t "> a:: ,>rd relief ? j
It is no patent humbug, but is prescribed by
the faculty. Try it and be convinced. Trice
only 25c. Tor salo in Chariest >wn by C. K. ;
Heller.and at Harper's Terry by Gilbert Hres.
i.*; F>t simplicity of construction, an 1 ease *
with which they are operated, I claim to have the ;
ht ?i Horse ilav Hake in the n: irk t. CHARLES >
f.. HAKMI \KT, Pulliettfs Depot, W. Va,, Agent i
for Tufcarora Agricultural Works, Martlnsburg. ;
Frederick, M»J.. c >n:r!hul* i > iO.TOO to '
the revcoue the year.
U the fruitful emtree of manv dis.*a?er, promi
nent among which are
Loaa of Appetite and Nausea, the bowels
fcreoostive, but sometimes ulternata wtta
looseness, grin la the Head, aoct mponlqd
w ith s D nil sensation in the bat It part, Frip
in the right si jo and under the shoulder
blade, fullness after eating, with a chain*
clinatieh to exertion of body erntind, Irri
tability of temper. Low spirits, Loss of
memory, with a feeling of haring neglected
Bents duty, General weariness; Dimness,
Fluttering at the Heart. Dots before the
eyes, YeUow Sltin, Headache generally
over the right eye, Rcstles-nesa at night
with fitful dreams, highly colored Urino.
are especially adapted to such
cases, a single doso effects
such a change of feeling as to
astonish the sufferer.
tre rcBipcundtil frosn nib»imrr« tl-r.t are
free from any propertied that i nu injure
Ua* mul delicate organisation. Tlicy
benrch, flrtnae, Furliy, and luiijiii nle
the cnriie ityilam. Hr rclirv inu the »n»
gorged I.iyrr, they rleauae the blnoil
from neiaonoUR lintuora, and Itiue Itupnrt
beiillli and vitality to the body, catiairw
(he bowel* to net naturally, without
vi hieh no one can ('••! vv ell.
A Noted Divine says:
Dr. TUTT: Dtmr Sir; r or ten rears I hive Imen
S martyr to Dy«p*psi», r 'iistipnti n and Pilos lost
Spring ronr Pill * were recommended in me; I used
them? lint with little (silhi. I smi.w n \»»ll ire n.
lisTD good nppet.ro. digestion twirtoit. reguU s o Is,
pilos gon». gad F hgregam-d •■'f.y pound* mi. id llesb.
Thev gre worth their trp."I t in g I
Ki.t kTi to, hr
Their first effect is to Incrcnse the Appetite,
mid e»nss fho body to Twite an t is the
intern ll —rtwhcd, and i v the Tonic Ac*
lian on the Di|f«tlve Orguiis, Kesblsr
Moo!* are produced.
•* F«w ox’«t that cannot \>* r« 1 » y r«.
gtortna thi liter to iti i I i
thui pun***' no remedy h * • v-r ». • • nvo .•• a tn.tt
has as happy an aa TUTPft I’iLi»'> ’’
ODlrr 35 Murray Street, New YotU.
t r- Dr.TI TT S MAN CAL or V:.!u»Me
luatlou and Uaeful Receipts M will Ik-ir.:ii i-J/raa
on application.
Shat riAia on WHTPKtm chinjvl to a Ul* * i
LACK by a kmI* apj>ii<*ili *i oi tbl* Dv» 1 i.u
paiM a AatunuV dor, nett luatantanf.f.bly, f.nd is
#r Hanoi art at t;»riu*; valor. by t.V : t», cr
by •xpre>«t «n receipt <»/ $1
Office, 35 Murray St., New York.
with tine II ui Id ins:.*. located in a siea'I town,
c. uvenicut tr> Schools, Cbuicliei*, Mills, <t c. Also
35 1-2 vYCIl ICS
Will re!l reasonably or cxcltantf*1 Fur a K.trni, or,
peritape, town property. V. M. E1KOU.
A!.i\ 1*7:* •• 3 n o. Ileal Estate Agent.
Drug Store at Middlcway.
wm. n. GiLiiKirr,
l TORSI EUI.Y with C. E. Bellor of Charlestown,
I has opened
: A M ’AV STOKi:
at M iddleuraj.and trill keep a wellst looted stock of
Also a line line of
ConfVcflottr’.v,Toban oA liya »'**
r?J-Physicians’ Prescriptions .iml Family Re
cipes e treinllv co.npounded hr expel ieoced hands.
Kb. 16,18TS—y. W. I!. GILBERT.
Important Notice to Builders.
rIMI K mid'r-ign, d is gii ir.g his solo attention to
I th"
at Roadside, Rockingham County, Virginia, and
has facilities I r filling orders ol any c2tent and
grea‘ variety. lie command* frrests of growing
timber of the very best ijuality, and milling ca
parity to meet the most extravagant demands of
this section.
Orders for I.umber for
I rut in size and length t*> meet the demands c
j lJuiiders or other*, tilled promptly Upon terms
with which no other person in the Valley of Vir
ginia can compete successfully.
The subscriber has in former years fifppliod
very many person* in thi* section with I.umber,
and in returning thanks for past patronuge, and
in soliciting the orders of old customers and new,
promises a careful personal superrision, so that
orders u»ar pc satisfactorily tilled. Address,
I)K. S. r. 11. MIl.I.KIt.
Rockingham Co.,
March 1C, ISTN Virginia.
r;ti>n AtiiciA vi>.
If ST rec, iyed a large >t o k of Qu- •is.an!
Glassware—purchased at extremely low pri
ce.* and Will be sold cheap at t!” •(*■ rr.er Cioc.-ry.’ i
May 3, 1S7'1. J. It. KUDKICK.
r|*iiK‘Corner Grocery'is n"-., .-up; d with a
1 splendid stock of Family Groce i * it bottom
1 prices. J- K. UODKICK.
I* elegant, for sale at the * Cornet Groc t ••
M?y a, IsT'* J. It. KUDKU’K.
I lime!
Fresh burned whitewashing I.IMF. just receiv
ed and for sale by OKU. W. T. Kh.AiiSLKY.
Api il 5, 1>7?.
M aying purchased the Store and Stock of
Mr. Warren Kbv l will continue the same
line i f business at bis old stand, i o8er a tine
assortment of
ann(i:nn:s. sugar*, coffkks,
TF. I \ >7V< A'\ >') J! 17'S «(• <
Also a large stock of
I - licit the patronage of my friends aud the j
public, and am satisfied they will find my stock of !
rrime (Tuvlitv and mv prices very low.
ApriilS, 1873. • R.H. COOKE.
ll'iiidintw, 1 irjlnia,
,T. I.. KOinUNS, Prot>*r.
Nv . I * * C*.
f is[[g undersigned are Agents fjr this and the
neighboring counties for the sale of
li if. f.\ TASS Ell A- CO’S POUTARLE ASD
s ta nos a n v s tea m esgises.
M'snafactarid at Richmond, Va.
These Engine* are superior to anv heretofore
introduced to the public, having several «e.T and
ter/tortant fnroremerif•>. \\ e call especial alten
li< u to the ftr. angemer.t of th • Boiler and Super
Healing Dome, by which a lug- aruountof . st a
beating surface is acquired which is not utilised
in ant other make ot Engine, tliur economizing
largely in FCEL and in TIME in generating
steam.' We have a Iloose-power portable En
gine of this make furnishing power at our Plaster
Mill and as‘ actions speak louder than w ords” w e
w ill bebappy to show iu action and point <>*jt its
superior paria, y-ia'i'.y •>/ Matt-v'l ami II »rh
nrne-Ai/i. Parties needing power tor Wheat
ri * should call and I mr d-.-■ riptitru
cital'^uc and jn i« «* h?t «*t l'«»i table tnginef. ” 6
can sell them belter Engines, and upon more
favorable terms than they can supple themselves
elsew here in the Country. EIPIMTT X CO.
June 14, is7:<. _ __
Wi’l euro or prevent Disease.
Hossk win Ole of Como. rims or I.rse F*
v*e If route's Fowdursare used in time
Foute's Powders will rare and pre ■■ .t lloo Ctioi.*ru
Foote's Powders will prevent Gape* i*
Fontz's Powders will lm tease the quantity of nihK
and cream twenty percent, and make the hatter firm
and sweet. .
Foate'i. l'*wders will cure or prevent almost eveet
Disease to which Horses an I i »tt.- arc subject.
Fovtz’s Powders will live SaTisracTtoa.
Bold everywhere.
DAVID Z. FOUTZ. Proprietor.
Mitnlirtoils How Lost, How Restored!
,ld-tpublished, a new edition of Dr.
-CulverweU’* Celebrated Essay on the
“T-.-' *•" radical cure (without medicine) of
Sperms torrloe i»r Sem inn I .-a k tiers, I uvid un ta ry
sl iiiiii.il I.o-s -, Impotence, Mental and Physical
Incapacity, lth|’e«limer.ts to Marriage, etc. ; also,
1 MTIMlir I'll »II , .»....*
indulgence nr sexual extravagance, Ac.
The celebrated author, in this *1 mi t able Essay,
cl.u It demonstratis, from a thirty years’success
tul practice, that the alarming consequences of
self abuse may he radically cured without the
dangerous u<e'of internal medicine or the appli
cation of the knile: pointing out a mode of cure
at one • simple, certain, and effectual, by means of
which everv sufferer, no matter what his condi
tion mar be, may core himself cheaply, privately,
and radically.
IT.is Lecture should b<* in the hands ol
,-vei t \outh and every man in the iand.
Sent free, under * a I. in a plain envelope to any
addre** Add' es*the Publisher*.
41 Ann St.. .New York; Post OlliC Tt x,45Sf5.
June SI, 1S79—ly.
I* D^i’unicr,
WIlllI.KSAl.l'. filtOCKH
-.1 X D
Coitimfosioii Hici't'liaul.
000 Lousiaw Avfnce, and OlOCSr.,
( L'nder Fold’s Opera House,)
Capital Citv Brand lloasted COFFEES; ‘Opera
Pure live WlilSRII.S.
whoi/;.?.!in Ac.ext rbn
1. Wenger’* Patent I’roce-* Fhur.
j. ]!. Ktckiin A Son’* ‘B linont’ Frmiiv Klonr.
t». W. SmuiHer’a ‘Carol Miiioi’ Family Flour.
D. C. Lls»»‘Olcbi at d ‘Chester’ sngat-Cuivd
r**‘Otrfe'< for Croc.lies li 1 d .it LOWEST
jobbing pi ic s.
U ^.Consignment* of Produce respectfully so
licited, wit- guarantee ot prompt t turn*.
June US, ls7’»
riMir. i,EA DKU Oil. STOVE. The cheapest
J Oil Store in the market -verv family *h >uld
have one -fui preserving, lor beating sad irons,
| for making l ea mil Ootli-e they ai e just what is
needed— *ave.? making lire in the Coolt Stove—
does not heal the house, for sale be
June T, 1S79. Agents.
|£ 10. CIIILCOTE A: C:C>.,
i’:;.\i:r.r>r tvs, Jr.vn:r:»ox Cot sty, \V. Va.,
In "tore-room of Mr. W. S. Merchant,
Main Street, ijnmediatel v opposite the Parsonage
of the M. E, Church, South.
Y/;ir sronn axi> xi:w aooDS.
fTlHE undersigned have just opened a very large
! stock of
i r
SUGARS of various grades:
COFFEES- Rio. Laguyra, Mariealbo,
Java, Ac.,—Green and Toasted ;
TEAS, Green a,id rlrtclr, of superior
quality and flavor;
different brand.- and excellent in quality ;
BREAKFAST and other Ba
cons, sold in quantities to snit customer* ;
CHEESE—Bine Apple,
Cream and flapsagor
I'ionr, .Tirui, Hu e. NpicS. ‘iii«icr<iJ
Cannv-tl and Dried and Fresh Fruits,
Pickles. Chow Chow, Canned Oy«t> t?. M>‘i*said
Vegetables:—in fact every desirable article u-U
r.lly found in a Grocery and Provision Stofe. Also
Trihaeeo and CijfurH,
(.'aixiii-s, Nuts, \V< xlcii and Glassware.
These Goods have ju-t been purchased at such
figures «? will enable >ts to sell at unprecedented
ly |ovv prices, and we propose to renew oar stock
1: (uentl v, thu- enabling us t * offer fresh goods.
\\ e ii -[iectlul!y solicit no examination ot our
*0 ck and inquiry into prices. We are confident
our quotations " ill induce purchasers to patron
ize us.
its.-:'Country Produce will In: taken in
v-xt itanife lor Goods.
May 10, 1ST?.
rfMX CHAMBER SETS. Wire Dish Covers,
I Table Mats. Wire Cloth-? t.in-s, Bread Box
. Ac., for saV bv DUKE A GA LEA HER.
May 2-1, l«73.
IUBUICA i ING OILS. We have on hand a
, full line ot Lubiiraiing <Eiv at prie.-s to suit
June 7. IS70.
I ,000 LBS. Country Bacon Sides for sale for
I^XGLISII Waldron Grain Scythe?, Clipper
'j Mow ing Scribes, Briar Hooks and Scythes,
Snaths, Rilles, Whetstone?, wu receive i and for
g’HEEP SHEAR’S. Sheep Bells. A full stock of
^ Tinware, for sale bv
Corn and AVJieal
W > TE D :
Vi Charlestown, Halite wn, Cameron’s Depot
and Summit Point.
I HAVE an •i’ice in Hunter’s Bur, next daor to
the t’a: ter R us*-, where l will be found during
► • r.t i ur-. it OS. B. W ASHING 10X.
Jan. 4,'73—y. Charlestown, P. O. H-a26. |
1879. SPRING, 1879.
9 V JTTII pleasure I inform you that my S: ,-k of SPfiJXO -I VD M' r/ !;/ /
I ■ I GOODS' i< nor- complete in everv department. It seems ot.lv creessarr to ear t. at in r
If erv ^.tment the pre^a bi,h X.Ctrro. ,v 8.cck W»i be fttif/ u...nU.md an
■ 1
■ ■
stand on their own merits. My Stock in Store So. M comprises, as arual,
1 Fancy Novell it- IMctiv for. Ladies. Gents m d Children— in all the; mw atul
Sirable styles, Carpal*. ItUps. Floor r.nd Table Oil Cloths. Matttnps. " indoiv Shades. *c.
I have added t<> n.v already e? tensive stock ft lull line of Ladies t ndeM.eftr, tt'-li as t>ki t., (
mtit-d, Drawer.*, Night Drecrea, Oauzc ! ndcrshirtt, drc. )* t ****** c.
For Ladies and Children is complete In ererj respect, Onr Store Ladies ar • in constant atteru.n
8T0RE Vo *»: —the Gentlemen’s Department in « l.ich nil! be fourd Readv-Made C:, ti. i
G,;. Furnishing Goods ^'$£% Ul^.!^:s<\\
S8otba!o ttoB-i^ll rrk " ;,.d Hess Brother? bo* ta «S 8^ T.j lor*. Mu kit
TtaiBS r'it ,f,v..ur0vCek. V on me in the past, you will still find
determined to merit a continuance of the t-mre. 1 outs luspicliu >, , coLHSIllT
If • 3,1873.
Dealer is
Groceries, Provisions* Liquors
Tobaccos <' ixars, ('oiif'cctionorl “s
In A V I’.i n hand aud am in receipt of a I.arg
Stock u f
Family Groceries ami Liquors,
which wlllbe aold a« low a* can ho boughtclK
iv bore. Give me a call before purchasing.
CBABtaarowa, June #, 1877— lr. J-S.
Works : Christiana, Lancaster County, Pa.
Uibce :23 S. 11 aver St., Voik, Pa.
1 ■, i tber T, 1878—ly,
I HAVE received mj usual assortment of Spring
///.’)’ ROODS, also ,R ROCERf ES AAD
yl'EEXS II I RE. G. W. T. K KAKSI.E 1.
V K * . ■
Hampden-Sydney College!
rilllE 1 o I til Session logins > tember 4ih. Is79.
I Expense* about S-’iO. The Curriculum of
i Classical. Scientific and Moral studies i* retained
| —but ample provision is made for those who do
| not wish to take it* full coarse. No Studcntad
vnneed w ithout standing a searching examination.
| July 12, 1879—2m. PrciitlenL
VIrtf nia Sostp Worltn.
f pH K undersigned haring el tab li*I ed in the «u
i J burba of Cbailestown, Jefferson County,
Y\ eat Virginia,
rrii«% ^oap WortiM,
is now man j fact u i ing HARO AS!) S(>hT
SOAPS, and are ready to till orders of Merchants
and Dealers and Consumers generally.
I propose %o run n ivi^**n ini*> Chjr»oitow*n
every Monday morning to retail Soft Soap at ten
Cents a gallon.
,jr-tY“l will pay the highest price in C.»-h or
i trade for Tallow or Card.
I JtrU 1?, lsTti-iy. JOHN 8HETTF.it.
N’ O I \ . ' . • •' !: >e i al -:iU
faction this season as (Irange Mixture. Y\ o
i ate glad to state that tin* price has been reduced,
| though the standar d is guaranteed !■ be the *nme.
i i.iiTin .t co.
]»ATA rsco.
reliable an«i well t'sted Fertiji' -r still
I holds its own, arid will be‘•old thiswar at
j a reduced price bv I.fl’J'll 1’ & CO.
i July 5, 1873—3tn.
1) fl V !)i I.V’S SlTEIt I IIOSI A.VTK. YVe
) have already large orde-- for the unvarying
old and reliable Phi apbatc. YV’e urge our larnrer
friends of Clarke aiid Jefferson to send in orders
earl'■ if tbev would be sure of supplv.
July 5,1H79. LUT1TT & CO.
(IKON X Foiling Mar tinea,
jUDe 7. PUKE i OALl.AIlER.
250.000 Dus. Wheat Wanted,
!^OU which the highest price in CASH, will be
i I iiJ a DELIVERY".
j July 19, lh7!t-tf.
Ho! for Mcchanicstown !
Bool and Fhco Factory
. ^Prii
J self at the above nam'd place miles South
cast ol Charlestown, is prepared t» execute all
| Work in the
.1. _ _ ... I.#. • ...WKSI..W si sw.t ■» ranbui sjftiftfrM r»
■ in ill ca.*o;.
j Repair ing ^i»ne upon short notice ar d at ihe very
lowest Cash Prices. I have on hand * fine sloe*
of leather and make nrv Stitched IVmlt a epe
| Hutltr. J■ Vf. GARRETT.
1 June 21, 1873.
i AS just returned from Baltimore with her
£ 1 stock of
Dry Good'?, Notions.
sMilXGA- si :mmer MI LUXE IIV.
Ac., wnicb ahe will sell at the lowest margin ol
i profit.
May 13, 1870.
Pens} ons ! Pensi ons!
WAR l s 12.
John !«$. Gnllalior,
Clai* Alias PaTkxt
. 1878
Druirs*. Medioinos. Paint.-',
'HAKES thi* op: tunity ■ f thinking
J. patrol - '
Gr the la«t year, and hope* by strict att "n-£*
tion and fair dealing to merit a continuance of the
same. I sell jint-rale goods always ; do not seli
counterfeit or rhenp rjo.de forth*- 4e«f. Warrant
everything sold —1<> be returned if not as guaran
teed. It is a;desire, and also pleasure, to sell my
the best Quality of goods
rrftroys,but w ill if compelled,sell them Laudanum
for C cts., Syrup for 3 cU., and Cologne for 25ets.
perpint; hut ai the same time, let me inform you,
thataccording to the United States 1’harrnacopea,
you can’t make l.audanum for less than 10 cts., by
ihe wholesale. A much cheaper plan is to buy
your goods genuine, and add the iratcr yourself.
I wantallmv old Account* settled up by paying
tbeCash immediately, and new e =e» begun imme
diate! v, if not sooner. Will not ask for money on
the new ones until after Harvest.
CIGARS—best in town.
MavJ, 1BR_
I)AIST BRUSHES.—A fail supply at prices
:ower than ever t- fore.
I l'ST received—a lot of Canned Goods, »u_-h a?
Peaches, Pine Apple, Lima Beans, Green
Pea?. Tomatoes ant! Corn. Alio a lot of Fresh
Salmon and Lobsters, for tale bv
April 13, 1873. ' H. II. CO OK if.
f|TO the lax pavrr& of Charlestown D ' •
I have not paid their taxes for the year I
In7l, ls7j and 1S70, will find their bills in
handset M. C. Zoiubro, ("unstable, to Ih^coIIi. ■
ut once. No further indulgeneu’w ill he pin
April 27, lSTS-tf. late Hher.f
■j" AM new opcoin£ a stock of
Family Groceric
in the lower story of the residence of my Fal
Mr. A \V. Cramer, under r. bnae supervision
. bas'tvus "*iil beconducted. I will sell as !■
. possible HNCI.USIV ELY FORCASIIorexcl
■ tor Couotry Produce, and invite you to call
examine the alock.
Apr. J9, *70— 3 mo. ISKNJ. P. CRAMi.
ICST received a fresh lot of Oat Meal
Cracked Wheat. Also McCurdy k Co's
| Family Fleur, lor aale by II. 11. COOK
(< ROUND Alum and Fine Salt i->r sil< < I
j b.v II.*11. COOK I.
ilUCKKTS. Tubs, Churns ard ltroom
> by II. II. COOK I
\ LARGE Stork of 'Juecnaware, Gla«>..
ar.d Btor.ewr.re fnr sale cheap at “Hie t
HKRRING.— Potomac and North Carol'
Herring for salebv thu barrel, and l'an
Roe’Herring hy the half barj-el.
June 11, *79.’ •• HO. W. T. R HA RSI,Ft
Kelly Siccl Barb Fence Wir

The Host iu the WorM.
,i n VA .v r.i (> f:s b >’ n t it ni:n win /:.
I T is the cheapest, strongest, mo*t 0 .-»i«
I most durable fence known. It weigh* but I
! ounces to tiie rod, and, consequently, at sa
price per pound, l* from «»* fifth to «> j
| cheaper than any other bath wire in the mask- t.
It is proof Bjiainst storm*, lire, wind and sort,
i animals will not rub it down ; it arts on the .1
j fensive; it protects itself. It tikes less posts, If.
I labor And less time to build it. It Likes but li b
I room; jon can cultivate close to it and weeds > "
I be kept out of it. It is the greatest practical in
j vention of the age, and adopted by loading fa •
: ers and railroad* of the country.
It i * Strom;.—It 1“ all steel, both wire and barb
i The w ire is drawn from new sled rod* espect.il
1 for us. U'.'t ’Inrl. It is cut fmm diamond >: I,
with he*es pdeehed in centre, a lias mostrtreig 'i
~t the b.i*e. Xot Onnfjrron,.—The barb i* t.v
ed from Ir'th sides, and does not injure sb .
Durable Point. It has a smooth, cut point, which
will not rust oil'like a ragged wire point. Po. t<
I in lii'jht Plarr. Our wire presents 80 paint. t,>
the rod, where they will be effective; n tf>”r in
abnnrh, as i the case with some wires that mu-1
j have f ,ur points to hold the bath and can bo m i
| no other v, iv. Under all the PptmU.r- It (j i.i*.’
under the Kelly patent* of 18C8, and I* fullv li
' censed under all the letters patent owned nr < n
• trolled bv the Washburn .V Moon Jlnfg. <’■».
I DCKK rfOALl.AHKR, Charlestown, H
\V. Va , our General Agents for the Valle
j Virginia, have a lull stock of \V iro on hand and
! w ill furnlah Circulars and *11 needed informal! n.
June 21,187!*. Chicago, Illinois.
VI. A RG E STOCK of Cedar Tubs, Ciiurns at d
Field Can* just received from tb" Faei.,iy
amt for sale cheap by DUKE A G ALLA HER.
\i riftE iiuzzli
>> ftsloby DUKE* OALLAIIKR.
1JRASS Preserving Kettles, H.-iar Scy th' - at d
J Snath-' for sale o v
July 5, 187!*. DUKE A G ALLAHER.
ATOP promised to doao directly after hart.
! J If thev are ni t paid promptly I \> ill bi c ;
' pellcsl to mike the money.
July •">, 1S7D—tf.
I JEAN'S Great American Root liter in in - i
> si ■ . t ;K’:>'"H-and ■ ilthfo'dt tA,t. - • • •
1 great properties 'or toning up the L'l.od, Kidneys.
Stomach, if c. Onlv Vt e-nts a package, so,'!.cient
for 5 gallons of creasnv Brer,—fobe f.ad at
STICK FAST ELY PAPER -free from Poison,
| 00 rOL.NDS of ! re li A <1 Turnip Seed it
I NSECT 1*0WDER (IL N, f» »i i pie in comiruc
| tltn, ha: nothing liable to get out of order,
and will issue the J’owder in any desired direc
tion. Also Persian port powder, tin- bctin
use, at Ql'lGI.EY’S DRUG HTORfI.
/ *'
\ j Canned I uits, st the ‘Co • . (Jr - , ■.
May 3, 1879. J. R. UODRICK.
OULPHCR SOAP never fails to cure V.tti.
> ’ Ra-h, Tetter, Heat. Hives, Chaps, FI h
wnrinaar.d all obnoxious di-.-ases.fortneriy treated
with ointments—f!)e genuine to b- bad at
rp<» prevent d-.*-., call a! Quigley's Drag
| Store, Harpi, ’a Kerry, and g< t some of then
liquid Carbolic Acid, the h.-st and chcapett
knoan Disinfectant ir u- ar.d tha only one that
"ill prevent the spread of contagious disease*.
We have received a large invoice which we off- r
at very low prices at Harper's Ferry.
June 21, 11:79. QUIGLEY’S DRUG STORH.
^I'A.YI.S fr.r 1878 *»e ove- due and mud be .-r.
1 tied this month to eqable me to meet the e*
penics of the State and county. All persons In
debted for Taxes for the rears 1*77 end 1 wtk, ar<
requesud to K-tfle f«r both rtars oc'or before the
20lIt ol LI ..reft, 1* Of. t.T'e bills will be levied
and prop rty .old after that date.
J. C WILTSHIRE. D. H., is instructed to ex*
of Charlestown.
March 29, 1879-tf. Sheri#.
O, i, 4 and 5 Galloo Wat.-* Coolera, Terr ' i
£ lor sale by DUKE h OALUHER.
lh'* Willoughby
With Croweli’a Improved Guano Attachment.
fJMIJS Drill i.ai i- - c greatly in:prori -I or 1*79,
1 ft is cot equalled by any in u-e. Fa-mers in
, want of a superior and improved Drill should ex
amine the Willonghby before buying any other.
■fre keep on band a full stock of repairs fortho
Will ughby Driil,—a gr. ,»t convenience to tfcu
July 26,1979. Ag.-nta.
^ ■ ■ •
ii pnnpkte giving fu ! , articular* of -,*.••

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