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Virginia free press. (Charlestown, Va. [W. Va.]) 1832-1916, January 10, 1880, Image 1

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VOL ()!).-- 1_
Charlestown; jefferson county
Tlr'll US.
.'•T’TmFstf I'jin is pub!i-i »d »«'«U.r *t T<ra
:> ,7tr, .iM.i n/»j «««'•■• "
>t*THREK l>Ol»L VH-i if not paid inadra’
.y- term*of aJ er <irt: *«• f,,r »S'l“'»re
, .,a^k‘h or K ,-. (>., f< i«J *V'J < *«f« t<>r
.rti^-Uy-rr »;. * Inthe same propor
ttan, Kaehcjatiaaonce >»/ty < *•***•
>j-X" aJrertis, nt t • be c •usider.-d br the
... ,tb ..r year ual ■'< - • d on the Manuscript,
I , preTb.ilv • -rvcd u,- a between the parties.
. y Vt. tdresri*-mea» n *t uitrked on the copy
*, specified number of insertion* will
** •
exacted according!*.
e.t*K• Ht. k» A;. c<tt<*.a-srs.—To nr* .•! any
: * r<t»nlic; on the part -f th .annaaUdter
olbpt >rt> « •* -fo that *... :r pri
vy estend-*11 their i a Mediate ba..ti
‘.jj. >,».|. ,-il r *1! r adrer Hs«n «‘»u «en»
: th n to be aa additional charge, and no varta
♦:t7~Jbiiai*v i tices *‘ more thatk tire .ines
w i.l b-> chart: d ***•
j.)ij WOHK. V - s.SiSelUl-s ( ren ars.
; \ 'l«’A a .1:' .» >• ally, and at fair
, . .* Pennsvlraia » Airnti and . th Stre*.!,
Wishifiglon, I). ( •
» Tths f »’>• ' *n! S‘ront*
\ ,. . .. ; ., l, d. nuaicatt .»• Mth
. . : ■ k j j At iud oidi'Ad lines »i ••
f r»J.
lid.VRD s.*: p r bay.
.s UO 1.. l> A !l* r ! V,
IUy , I'7 - l-roprk tor*
i>. r. (tAi.iaAUKU,
v; 1;»h 1* \ AT I. \ " *
■o h a .1st ,k u. tt i*« 1 a.;
' * t V.-aAoJ v. i «i..S»a.; i, Stann
i*;j tf
\\ M. 1£. T15 \ V K US,
.VTTUii.NKV ai law.
♦ v ;Vi .r...
* •» i »it I 1 »f »' 1 »»
«■ VVi-s,s
r\ irV.tv ».
, IA (-H i »M *:»♦ 1 f-» t>. pwt»«-*,,fr l?*
/."•j. «:.=>■. .* i,u- *'
<tt m gtf-n t* v - *
Dim 5, l'-6.
v. T. i- - >V»
attorn* y AT I Yyv,
, J-/•■*“*'»* **' 11 r“
•<1 -
w » »V.’» * l* A V\*«li*«»*r.
.v;y5ay:» c- ati.aw.
r. *. r *<■ > v. ** »'"■
... c..,v.-o«t I’.*rkvt.>y.
\\ 1'
• I'. tUimorc and
V uTiTl. -* l *i»>
, . • s: ■ OR Yr !. yy\,
r» t *r*r, M «*» ‘
• t r •' i :W1 u.c C urUo!
V,‘i , II. 1.4 V
IV ..Liable* CiIj
■ r i • 'ii Pa. Avc
»ii 7vr^KUHl \K1 SON<
L» it v«li*la« »
1 vuusisrow X, VIRGINIA.
Ai»nl ». 1st l.
Samtii'l .J. Moor**,
attorney at layv,
ifv. ^k'..*a,*.’i«rS, *•->-.»'• >•" **
Cleon M «»»»**«*»
T; 1 Vt!>-U!«ec»V« .nil; itttuet urW'
\y ‘0'-»f i»li CoUOUc*.
,a k ii tv »* 14 ViachcaWr, A «•
| .j.-tfier w.ih
i Mft’ormloU,
. •« -r r» f r,f*,Ue in the Olrcal* and Coantj
\\ .JZiJcLr. nfantv.M Va-.aUola
• . «tt » At h-->d la M. 1 - - »y
I'.t-n tf. ."pt.copy.
i, «V III < ■ 11 4 *
i-MiiXEV»A»t»Cl>l S.St:.L-"t? AT L V’A .
I ) iArrU'Kinallthe*- art* <»f Uerk icj !
| Jetteij . 0 »uttti . A a.
* l)K. .1. 1>- HTAltKV,
■ 4*S*r* ' W‘“ l.
I I \V t Nii r •«utne.l th* primee <*f
| L f it i»’» l‘r f«*»* ,:-*1 *«r*ices t > th • pat;
<>.*: en*»»J • t »•> rctileuce, n« .ir ceraerof
>r *♦ Md i»lt StTMt*.
\ V T. LE Will
Attorney nt I ow ,
j\D NOT Alii V tilA'■
, Wrl
Ak'ilLr.rtt, ■ inaUth.-C irti -f J> (Tettou
\\ , rk > 1 ’! « Front pi attention
oi < i.. .auJrvtj.ni inaJ*
,-r-ii’tLj It >Ul*j oa \G<org*
(iKOVl! 1I1IOWN,
***, J*»r r ,i,nly, H'a.f Virginia.
r! \VI\I* - riat *f rti*. practice of Law,
J t *• . (ir , n |i« dtl!kte»t t nr*.
: vf -.t Vi- - i. » and -'ar.'iiSd. Attention
it p n :na. aad all vUim of Clai® »againat
S. <j iTvrameat,
r*M>e *1 »■•-.-ntioa to C !«ct.‘>ns.
t:• ri 1 6,1*7* -V.
Mansion House,
To i'll'; r-por Dtiy.
Oj j■ tit.' Harnuuj'. I’itv Until,
|S\ if AUtnt fSOA, Proprietor.
March 20,1 -73. June 35,1S70
M all by I Louse.
BY” Dotal Itt Pal
i t: nre con 1 *ict -d on both the
.1 1/ • .. M.v A\!> lii'Ji< PSAX VI A xs.
0.. i ; f.. ih > 4c.' •’<> In r ' ! of n ntir •"tic!, t
rt i. In oar • th ' rat < nt bnani
. b duci-.J alter March I'Mh. t>
i a? .* . f. r Imyi.ithi .Uel.M Pi an,
.ir*<< $!.»"> uu tke
15 rhe oi t l! >tei 1= t'u> c .uotrr raving at
those late*
ami all modern ithprorimont*.
A, II. I?77—r. Cioprietor. ^
). W. POYi
( )ys11 • r Packer,
$4«e 'f-rs to Ali i Fy.
, 0 alarttinswvorth direct,
,*/ . ‘*1 ?4 firMi'i' $ l #o, end
It ; il, 1*71 —tf. _____
. '
UAiuurrr & 11 iggims,
•< tT i -rcaras ii p jubcbs or
’ll -, C:\!'4, Sir.'UV (rOOilsS.
i l I is Ti<v-t’ furs.
*... ** c t liaiuuiore s* e ft.
u I. I 7 \ \. 3.. 1 * . .
l.i V blit v.
I dun nt, &.<*.
1 r j v [ i v,net!hav,og purclmeU tfieolu *.«
< • Well* J
. -n Charl*it«v?a, with the ti»w ot enter
it ill i t !>• in *h»«, offer* for *ale a Urge number
*a.v ami S >:id baud
. ' IV*lc£h >. JaiTiT' rs. &C.
,;t i!.. ; »• .«t pri • . **nd uj»»>n the noft tcc*»mmo
rv ni v ; y s tcha vc b
/ ■ > 7 A i. 1C. —
7.1 7i t*dt OS IJrpfflrs
• :i n.-..: tv s *ud U - *lf and i-itisfaction
HORSES a:;d carriages
• • - v a! .re I rri II continue
i \ J . SI N CSS. and be prepared to
• '< - i; -. iSuirgi'-s and .'aggers at the
,.- i .»• ab- - inillbe under tbesu
: ■! cceot Ibram St'itBp.
Ta> .:;'*r t ■ tli a pubi.a a large lot of Furni
lui. C spr r.*i ig
< u i li: ' 1 \ III. FA Frit* > man] "ther BED
A : / .t 1>S. UA TIB EASES,
« * U1U4I. I ivuuu in • * wmiawi w ««
l J'ii: att KL
i ' / Fumil• e n^ 'iirc!.
I ... pr •• a red in a ah ~rt tim* l<> ff!»# »J
• it the luiaiueas ■( Uodcrukin.*
1; a .ical tn,'chanic and determined to
-i, ■ ■«..•,« •rtt»ti. I r • .sluiiy solicit a ibtre of
etibia i atro.i ije.
M . :
} o..i;Ul\ A XI* IX'ME^TIC
Win, . 1: ts an© Ch;at:*(
« , ; H 1 i '« r* iS , ' o* '*’Jf .£' f.' **!• •
Pioklvs, Condiments, A'c.
- i
caxx: i> y.rjTS, meats a xd fisii
< >hl 15ran'lit's,Wines, Whir'
kies, < lins,Are.
r»'i.>. ?i iiireii'.D fe //**fal*Attptrm a*,*/
.»f> , Mtrc\'i<ih.
‘■r \V >t Ualtim-‘re Street.
Fi: runry IS. I*?’.*
Attorney ill IaMaas
i 1
1ST II I Mminz I
\y ( .. |*r .»pt attention U collecti >a ,
i a • iari< - Sir- t. ia r.ar oi residence o»
X S, IV . ,1
February 32, 1*79—y.
VN # : i 'I' Cal u. . v .ft' *k and *!. .Lug
- ... d, ,r.d for sab* cheap
AVo l*ri«l«* Ourselves
iroJf ova
(; A I? M E N rl's.
» r. take Torn MEASURE ASI> DEL1VKU
The tJarmonts I’oropletert
And save you the Annoyance of haring to Try on.
(’; <h Priir* to Suit the 77 mA.
Albert B. Mottoo & C'<>•,
123 \Vest Fayette Street, 3d door from Park,
I, Baltimore.
i :* r v«?: .i*in :i> 1* t i.
. . • Co
K t.’TiM i. IN ri)R I’siTED SfATIW, I Alt ABJ.S ro
! orri* as Immense Variety or
• from the vert cheapest to the richest, of
Own Manufacture.
So’ i f t f '.•* 1 '.stand uj.'.kcj -roTn Selection.
Complete Gataloguo
Stilt FILES on application.
■ Feb. Ilautiiioat, Mo.
A. A. LirtiCOM 15,
It i .m« ft and l'» Oh nine r liu'Minfj,
"! and 52.1, I., Street N. W.
A | ■ 115 1 ' • ■
Permanent ruul Transient
(IAN l>e a- ’omnjodBted with f>Va«ant room?
ar. t t\e 1 • f*f» on reasonaole terms at
1*2 ) » I\ direct *V.. Year ISlIi ,
AY'nsM ntrf »>*i H’ii > , 1). C.
Com n- •••'••i f Sir t Cara.
Mountain View 5 lotel
II \itemi's Filhiiy, M. ^ a.
'L'KHM * :
jf’J.OO I'fell 1»\Y. jUl.Ut) 1*1.21 V.’KKK.
-s „il Hate* to Farmers of Jeff’uson arol
Can:.: reila Men.
Fropt ietor.
Cot T. 1! 'V inr, Clerk.
Octi'hc’r ‘.’’t, I *>7
i.il E>.: -iiHtii Kx. I'nivn.'-t’!c,
■; 1 . PARI 5,1 78.
Ti e "St . T” unri-a!l."’. Grand, Upright and
Square l*ut.. - i. r nt< of more than fixty
l-i*l pr.i ili n? a,ut t; old »•, I Silver Medal*, in’*
- cladinjf if M.d ’ -f Merit and Dipl 'tna of Hon
or at the Cent nuial imposition in 1 >70, have
: t - Exposition I r.iv. i -•Paria,
1$;*, over all American and man] ;n com
petitors, th. ir
(I rai'. tl C a*o \v 11 i ii£ T riumpli
V M I?Arp ’ end « Diplomc
d honm - <•,
7. r with a special Certifeate of merit to
Jjc (j.. «*, Supet i”.(fndertof the Stir# f»et«
t >ry. (<£> hi* extra . *in<i. v *xlli display ed in every
part of th.-lr c nstructi-n, the whole forming h
• ir-ni Award, b.irh.-v by tar than tliat of any
mb.. Aretri.ao f.« dibit, and d..-tn -nslratlni: bo
Yi ad d nbt unin-nf *i> rioiity ot the SlietT
inrti nstirtu*.
Th “ c " -''ifiblner every quality ri-ee*«a
11 - rirh, Jfrand.
i: , lio* end p ".» - 1. v« r. -v -r be.-n excelled
hvar .-f'th * I'-.-., union*. t.*pee • i!w i.i the tre
l >i' - ‘he “ Sti- tr” I’i no sh w it- superiority
..v i-a.! her.-, bj the boit-liikO c Varne**, sweet-,
Ui.-s and ep-ng qu.- it* ti . w hich tend to it
• in *.i:. -• irm. ■ r ■.-lie' *s«ot rt -ponse
r , tt- >; i >v. : n •<« ‘ i h th. ouchuut tile
■ ■ -. -• ■ j .. . . i - • mbit*
i- • -• < 17 an-. b ju.-:Iv earned •
A n 01 id w l-lti r lii-n.
v.'tv- * li ’. Si* IM VN’OS f all tcaStcrscon
; tint'- v iu -t i fe, at wn ?7S to JitfO.
S .Mu'll- • h rn State* of the I’ol
oub *. l\,' n A •'o. and other mal. MORGANS. I
U ..xloguei- -f 1’iani - eed Organs seut On ap- i
plication. Address i
( HAS. M. STI itFF,
So. t* N. I.iskkiv Srur.t r,
s • \ \\ \TVR -Having just erected a new
, . retie -- Fountain, we are prepared to
., v*. customers. All and t'-e d- -! o' Svrups
Mar SI, 1ST9.
M. W. Galt, Bro. & Co,
Jeweller? & Silversmith--,
1107 Fennsylvania Avenue,
AVn.-il*!*>«:< °-1- C.
| VINE JEWELRY 'n every variety.
Duunnntl Bine I'.ir-KiL^uinlLactJMu
For Ladies, Gentlemen and Boy?.
Xew I’attern Sterling Silver Forks and Spoons,
Sterling Silver Fancy Ware in Cases
I ,r Wedding and Anniversary .Gifts.
Children’s Cup* and Set.*; iable Cutlery; and
Fine l’lated Table-Ware.
Clocks Bruiizea ami Fine Fancy Goods,
Antique Brass Candleatickl,Sconces and Mirrors,
Gold, Steel and Shell Eye-Glasses, Spectacle*, Ac.
-:-y Fine Watch Repairing and Engraving.
Strang rs are invited to vtait ou- Store with
out incurring any 1 bligation to j uich^.-c. . >1
orders by mall promptly executed.
October 1 8, 1879—5m.
Pensions! Pensions!
,T<>!• xx S. (iallijltor,
Cmy axn Favnnr Ai}kst.
KO 2010 F. STREET, N. WI ST,
March 30,1878.
Light & mJtc hell,
ruaiJii* t»
I)rutr?. Medicines, Paint?,
1 rp AK ES this opportunity of thanking hi* J
I patrons for their ratvtlibcral patronage^-*/
for the last year, and hope* by Mrlet atien-/ w,
tin and fair deni in g to merit a continuance of the
same. I sell goodsalways; do not sell
miiatvr/’eit or oAeitp jondt for the Dit, it arrant
every tiling s ,’d-t. be returned if not a* guaran-*
t <1 It is mydosirc,andal*opleasarc,to*dluiy
itE, -yi.but nlllif compelled, sell them l.audnnuin
for 0 i ts., Syrup for 3 ct»., and Cologne for 25ct*.
per pint; but a t tho same time, let me inform you,
that according to the United State* Fhartnacopea,
you can’t mako Laudanum tor lea* than 10 ct,., by
the wholofftlt). A much cheaper plania to buy
yotli “1 s* (j*a »i and Add the un*eT jourSML
1 want a!liny old Account? suttlcd up by paying
the Cash immediately, and new one? begun inune
i dialelv, it if timonur. " ill nuuisKir mouei on
the now ones until after Harvest.
CIGARS—-bestin town.
1 tv 1. 1870. ___
CI-iAlS. bein’
o. r i Li zing tot Street, Baltimore, Mil.,
TTedditg Yicsents always on band at Low J’rlces.
and Jewel fy a specialty.
Ilair Work Made to Order
I'. M. OMJOllXE .formerly with Canfield,
llvotlier ft Co., having connoted hims.If with
Chas. Itein will at all (lines l u j leased to tee Lis
frt• fcdj ard the public generally.
Nor. 1, 197!)- Cm.
rK*AXKS for U*7ft ate overdoo and must bo sot
I tied this]n»onth t«* enable me to meet the ri
pe nses of the State and countv. Ail persona in
debted for Tires for the years 1977 aid Is."'-, are
requested to cattle for both yea i ? on or bi fore the
I 20th of Mirch, 1970, or fh'u bills will be levied
and property sold after (hat d*f-\
J. C. WII.TSHIKK. 0. 8., I- Instructed to exe
cute tlit- above notice within the corporate limits
i of Charles tow n.
March 29,1979-tf. Sheri'.
HAS just returned from Baltimore with her
stock of
I)rv Goods, Notions,
.si‘RIX(,w:simmi:r mi luxury,
ifr.ywhitb she w ill iell at the lowest margin of
: profit.
May 13, 1»7!>.
1 l» AII 19 5UJ P11*MI IVIIII la.tiu Ti oi CWTV
| description—of the bv.-t qualify.
Baltimore and Rochester Beer
—a'! of *be best.
Jen. Cj, 1879. Basement Jetlerson'Building.
H. R. SPKESJProprietor,
H AVING leased the "Owing? House,” for
ineriy known favorably at iho "Sappington
lloul,” the onderjignril proposes to call it the
: •• CITY HOTEL,” tnal to the
I public
I'lrsf- Class Ar< on::ao<lations
Tee ROOMS will be well furnished and care
fully kept, and the TABLE will be supplied
with the very choicest viand? that can he pro
cured in City and Country. The Bar w ill be sup
plied with Choice Liquors, and tlio Law to be
strictly complied with. No Liquor for tale on
Sundae*. Good order, quiet, comfort, luxurious •
Lire, ard polite and attentive servants are expect
ed t give character and commend thollotueto
transient visitor* or permanent guest*.
THE LIVERY STABLE is c* xuo.do.us, and
Horses will be will-provided for.
A HACK, fi r the accommodation of guests
free of charge, will bo a; the Railroad Station
upon the arrival of trains.
May ■*. 1 STS— y. II. R. SFF.ESE.
(j.av. (;haiiam,
AttoriH'.v nt l-nvr,
II'2rj' r't Fetry, Jeffert- n County, II c>f ' try.ui'l.
SFECIAL attention pircfl the Collect' n cf
Claims against the United v tates.
August 23,1*73—I:n.
Charlestown Female Seminary.
Monday. September 8th. 1870.
Terms made known »n application t • tbe I’rinci
Aug. 9, 1879—tm.
ATTORN EY-AT-LAW, Shepuerdstowa, W. Va.
(\FFICE opposite Adams’ Hotel. Fartieular
/ attention paid to the Coll* ct:**n of t ihui—
In contested cases wiil have the assistance of Mr.
Andrew I . Kennedy, of Chat !fe»t**wn.
Oct. 2e, 1871*.
from a Distinguished Physician.
VtO slae> i'!»v» !. - entitled n re rtf rln;: *-r 1 -.»*
i * -u
Catarrh. Th s' I ite. of sight, of bear
,i '
limes :i > |. Uto a \T - i It
<UmIt ■* throughout
('-■c b
I.. . > 1 til • • i ■ ■■■'. !• s phv* -
clans, I tcoily a*-. !• i' l v < . .. ■! -. on ! char 1 .
»i'» • Ir »nt It hr.ro Jl*:. • ! pc tiler - ih-v* .1
of it t!..s rid ■ of the crave. I: :- t r then, that the.
I !..r trc-.trt. ut i ft: is !• rn’i • o. <n«c by remedies
w;::iu tbo i.ch ofsil; it‘i-di to ham's at once com
i pet. r.t amltrustwnril.r. lien **r and l.ltlwrto untried
• i • v . • tUon »■!
l.'sK-io *!• tv:.;*Tins won toy hearty approval. I be
hove It US. ly to sneered when all Ire usual remedies
I 1 id, l i e - • It strikes at th« ; l of the dispx-e, viz.,
the rn I t/h til. vhlla It herds the ulcerated mem
brmo by direct application to t oMim-al passages. Its
netlm is b .so 1 on certain f.\ rules, and unloss the
; roes are too far exhausted, must. In the great
majority c1 casts, effect a cure.
| , Sobscott Er.i'cs, fo. Fcaxtscnaat, Ocu 1,1S71.
^1 AY snfoiy rlrin to be one oftho f.-tr popular remo
I .11 lies receiving tiic approval ofmedlcal gentlemen,
: wh«., l.i prlv tfe, not ordy trecl/r commend It but ttac
, It In their f.ur.ti! s I i pn ference t > rny of the prepara
tions nsnaliy proscribed- liy physicians.
You r.ro a i aic." I adlr’lrrdiish d cifv physician,
i “ V ..t t. y obligations t > the Mas- Medical Society are
| •■aril if: -1 ! ran:. .tpnbiiciy rceommend or prescribe the
1 ■ ' .!• •• ;! r .'ll' ivo.i so hi'.ic't relief from
tl-e i- ; of It Vi-. If. r.f:-t nlii r"-u;h trial of the ostial
rrtn .lie-. Imri piin trlyaifrlnrd Inmr sndprcwiaiti
I 1 I. -V" s • | t > y urstore nol rsthan one hundred of
t my i atioi.ti f jr U.”.
j p EVTI-KMEX.1—We have sold Sc\Fonr*’s EaPIcaI,
' ' ( c:a; f»r n-arly oi;o j ear, mid can say candidly
| tints - aev. r sold n similar pr parallel that gave such
u dv .- d sail lJi tie u. tt'e lave to learn the first com
pin!at y t.
\\ .a: e- mt In the lirbit o, recommending patent
i n.-'dlcini In t y i:r * n paratlon ru et« (ho wants of
] tvus.inds. and v c think those niili.-t.-d cV nhl be con
- H Incod of its great merit so that tli r inhering will be
j r lloved. Wo have |.. , :i in the ' nig .uslnn-s for the
past twelve yeans constantly, unci sold everything for
Catarrh,but v 'Unloads all the rirt. If you sec proper
you o i. u tills letter or any part of It that you wish.
I V ry truly yours, . , b. D. ll.\LDWrS'&CO.
I Whole-.!' and Retail Dealers In Drug*. Docks and
btattoncry. Washington, Iud., Feb. £3, lSte.
i Eprn'pr.cksffe eocialns Dr. San"mi's Improved Irhal
IngTube, and full directions for ose In all case*. Pries,
; J1.00. i -r »nlo by all wiiol *nli! mid retail Ur.'.gg'fi*
and il r.lers tlirotu'bout the I’r.Ued btatesand ViAdna.
. WEEKS A- DOTTED, (1c.octal Agents and Wholesale
l Druggists, Heston. Mass.
Ail T'.Ieetro-fJnJvnnlc Battery combined with
Iiii lily Medicated tst reuKthenlug I’laMcr,
i m nit tin* lies’ iMaatcr lor pains and r.cho
1:. [!. • World of Medicine.
As a rr'nd curative end rstorstivo ngert Is nri
• ,pj.;l!- i by r...y els us< I i r iiirdlch • In tlir history i I
the healing nri. T r >•*the t 1UI spark hnsfled IV body,
rest oral t<m by menus ofi loctrlelijr 1- pcslblc. It is the
last rr. t cf nil physicians and -urg >, «, nnd I 4 res
cued thousand*. apparently dead, trc-r.i »n untimely
i ritae, wh> n t. i ouier bursas agency C" .Id Imre sue
re -2•■<!. This Is the lending curative element In thli
T!.e heeling properties of o; r own fragrant balar.m
Cud pine a.id thu gams of the Ut ure I >o well hue wn to
repine description. 'Ihelr prat-In aling. sooth
ing. r.nd sirenjrliiojiinc properlhs nr. known to thou
m;i >. When ivml-lr, I in »cc»*r tune- v ith late st.1
I r; rr, t , <rjv,r < In y.lnirmatw, tip Ir lu'U'Lli Bid
!•pei.el.iei. |-r'-, r :,* nr.- increased t tit ,Id. It)
whs re i t r Fluster is tile best la u»u Without the
kid of cl ■ •.. .
Thus coashln-,1 tvohave two grand m-dlca! nger.ls Ir
one. i.< !i ,if tv! i a | rp rm1 its function and unitedly
pr, Pr ,-s : -■ r.' > nr lain any liniment, loti ,n. wash,
,r ; r-r v, r l>- lor • cutup',ended la tlac n.. t,-ry ol
..T.youe. l‘::ice, nc'CM*.
I tVlml d ad Hotel! Dt A
- out , i - - -I Mat, * nnd (' uiudus, ami by Wthhli A
pun 1111. 1‘roj r, tors, TIoston, Mass.
Jefferson Carriage Factory
rpiIE nfidersignnl respectfully ofinounr to lh
cltir.tn.i of .1 'ller.si-n nnd the public gcncralE
lh.it he If still at (ho old etund in
on the adjoining square to tho Hank of Charles
town, two doors \\ est of Irussell d.* Luca?' store
where he makes
c a n n i a <; it fc
Hockaways, I’lia- tona, Buggies, .lump cat.', Jag
gers, and Extension Top Spiing Wagons
and .Market Wagons.
Having been doing bodne's more than trol
years, and working lor Wells J. Hav.ks before th
war, and having now in my employ Mr. U rn. A
Davis and Thomas I!tan, Hawks’ old rciiabl
Daint.-rand Wood-worker, I can giro sr.tlsl'actloi
to all who may favor me with a call. All Xev
Work built bv me warranted for twelve month"
KKPAIItl.NG done in the best manner and u
short notice, nnd with the best material.
i-' *-* fc>
« ,
'— ~ fn^j
P |> 2 5^
I 5 ' <._.
A ^ Jf
g 2 1-2 1*33
IS -?^3S»
q 2 ;£ ^sxetj
“" Lj 'L ' (nani
s- *-: ^ = £ “
t **
i c£
- S*,
e *
1’lij *i< i:tnnn<I Sur-cou,
(■• trli : a, Oct baf It, If • _
\V >f. BURNET1 .
Justice of the Peace,
C »mmiw>ioner uf Circuit and fount* Coart*.
QJjfiec Ore* L^hi’e Drug Store, CLailetU, :•.
F'-bruarv 15, 1$7‘J
\1 M'T'.' B! AT KKBOS1XE OIL. for f'-.b*
^ ' Ld'KKA UALLAltfc.lt.
I ADIES’ and Oetitleteen’s Lubber Over-Coat-*
| o. \V. KEARSUEY.
v,,T. 2.1, *7S.
is life worth lu irgt
Tilt: B1BE.
Jlegon’l—and round tr.e glowed
Huge mask*, with Haring eyes—
And smiles alarmed me more—
I after’**w in pantumiuial story. %
I had no sense of time: nor overmuch ,
A sense ot anything:
I woke!—my eyes confronted with * glory
That made them open more and more,
It seemedjthey’d crack to take It In :
Anon, a will of black would supervene,
iSSB’l’d trv to tight it off, and cry al md 1
The light was out 1—
Brief, brief candle!
Another spell—’twss not the one at school,
Vet tanght me more than aught tes des:
A being like myself,
; But unlike more—a finer—fairer— _
To every sense and thought a newer i st
And newer meaning.
How great had been the’void
That now wa* brimming o’er!
IVhat measure’s depth c mid hut I it all
Biehes untold: a world unknown before :
The idol!—and l worshipped.
’Iwas turning then, was life and love—
Brief, briel candle!
’Tis further on :"JI’ve staying power—
For friends are gone, snuffed out
As tho’ they ne’er bad been—
Whilst 1, who miss them here, liveoralone 1
A retrospect of graves
And jii't ahead—my own.
There’.i over all a ghastly hue—
Ami rosy, golden day no more
As reea with Infant’s, lover’s eyes —
The tl.ime of life is burning b u*!
And dwindling—near the final dicker!
* * *
But at Its best It give" me handle
To ark if it were worth the candle?
lJilef, brief candle ’
— <1. J. A., •« A'cnV.irr.
Jhajrlootown, JoiTercon Co., W. Va.
OfflCI it; “ .1 r.iTKBiOB Boiutufo.’
Saturday, January.10, 1880.
Fencing and Fences.
This important subject comes home to every
owner of a farm nr of a villas’ lot that re
quires enclosure. At a mcetingof New Hamp
shire farmers,several gentlemen publh y olb-r
1 od to sell their farm* fnrleisthanwh.it the
) existing fcnct on them bo 1 cost. In h recsrit
: address at an Agricultural Convention, Mr. A
I'1 W. Cbeovcr, editor of .V. Farmer, said ha
had carefully gone over the statistics of farms,
animals, crops, an 1 evt of fences, and found
that: •' It fakes, on the average f -r the whole
country,.?! 74 worth of fences to keep $1 G5
worth of stock from ratine up ?2 45 worth of
crop*.” Five year* ago the statistics gathered
at Washington showed that the fences thvn in
('existence had* cost $1 747,549,931. 'ihcat
I ditions since have raised the cost of the present
tVarisg of the country to fully k2,000
090.000. A million dollars is a pretty
large sum to count, or e\ :n to conceive of, (we
cannot count one million in the working days
of a month, counting one a second and 10
hours 4 day), but here are two thousand such
millions. The interest and repairs amount to
over $200,000,000 a year, and tho rebuilding
! ul decaying fences nearly as much more,
making our annual fence tat far m >rc than
the entire cost of the Army, Navy, the Gener
al Government e*p**ns*s and Pensions, tn
, gether with the’latere < n the public debt.—
In X. Y. State, for rx implc, there are some
• 7-5,000 miles of roi ls requiring 150.000 mi'es
* of fencing, i-. 1: ting over $40,000,000, and the
total fencing in this single State has cost net
less than $230,000,000. During 58 years past
I the American Aji'ii iiUnri.<l has had not r. lit
tle to mv ?■ to the n -cb'ssni'ss of a good deal
of the fencing. Put much will bo needed
wherever live animals are kept, and we pro
i p isc now to direct sotno effort to reducing
the cost of fencing generally. If this one
item in the I ‘ailed States can bo reduced only
• one-fourth, the saving will amount to $500,
000,000. In the older States, there .arc an
average of alsiot two miles of fencing ( >r each
100-acro farm, casting about $1 « rod, or
10. If, ia building i vw lonces and replac
■ ing old ones, wc can erect them at J to j the
1 cost of the present fences, and have th sc tliat
’ will 1 i t two, three, four or more times as long
| and require but amnll annual repairs, the aver
age value of farms "ill be enhanced some
hundreds of dollars at least. If a narrow cf
' f etivo fence can take the place of (he ordinary
“worm fence,” there will be a great decrease
in the production of weeds and f,u! plants.—
! Two miles of such lence on a farm, occupying
. itrip bj fa 1 v.ide with Its projecting connrs
" istes two full acres of ground, worth $150,
or moro. \\ hy should iron ami steel not take
the place of wood in all varieties of fern ing,
both for posts and rails ? Mure tbau 100,G<*0
unit'dI nf llarbed Wire I cncc have be 11 recently
: erected.
Tho Wit'c'B Soorct.
“ 1 will tel! you the ferret cf our happy
married life,” nai l a gentium in of three score
and ten. “ We have been married forty years;
my bride was the belle of Vew York, when I
married her, and tho’ 1 lo.ed her for herself,
still a lovely flower is all the lovlier
|> iscd in a beautiful vase. My wife knew
this, and, true to her genuin refinement, ha.-,
never, in all there forty years, appeared at
the table or allowed me to sec her less care
fully dressed than during the days of the
honeymoou. Some might call this foolish
vanity. I call it real .wonunlioeM. I pre
sume I should E't have ceascJ to lov. her had
she followed the example of many others, and
considering the everyday 1'fo of Lome neccssa- j
r ly dev id of beauty allowed herself to be
careless of such small measures as that of
dressing for her husband’s eyes; but love is .
increased when we are proud of the object
! 1 vi d, and to-day I am premier of my pretty
' wife, with her silvery hair arid gentle face. I
than of the young bride wh so lovlincss wa»
( the there of my tongue. Any young lady
* can win a lover, but h ow few can keep them
*nch r.ftcr years of married life. In all the
i little courtesies of life, In all that makes one
attractive and charming, in thoughtfulness of j
others and f rgetfulncaa of self, every bouse
slr vld bo begun atd continued. Men should
be more careful to a) mpathirce with and protect ,
the wife than tho bride—m- re willing to pick
up her scissors, Land her the paper or carry
her packages than if she were a young lady-;
and as no young woman would for a rnomeat
think of controlling the engagements and
movements of a young gcutletr.an neither
should she do sj when he i- her husband. If
by making her. if bright and attractive she
fails to hold him, compulsion a ill only drive
him farther from Iier. 1 d<» not believe it pos
sible to obtain the friendship of auy one 3e
manJing it. I do not L Iicvc it posS»Lle to
lose it by being l ivable."
Within the pist five years the acreage of
cereals in the United S’ates has increased from
74,000,000 to 9o,OOP,000.
Artin Botting-How the oiptatn w on
His Wager.
“ I say, Ciptain Brown, tell ns—is it true?
They say you win every bet yon mike.”
*• Yes, Colonel,” said the Ciptain, smiling,
“it is quite true.”
•• Nonsense!” chorused a dor.so voices.
“ It isn’t nonfedse,” sii i the Gdoncl, “for I
am t •!.! on very g>o 1 authority—namely, his
old Colonel, a dear friend of mine, that it is
true, lie told me when it was first settles!
that Brown was to exchange; and n>w you
: hear, he attests it himself. "
“ Proof, proof!" cr'ed toe others.
“Ah!” said tho Colonel, “proof. Come,
B'own, how is it you minig? it ? \ ju won’t
mini telling, I suppaae?"
“ Oh, dear, no,” siil Brown, smiling. “I
' don't mind telling. You sco 1 stn ly tho coun
tenance of the man I bet with, and know be
forehand how in liters will be. I can reid a
i man’s face enough for the purp >se of a wager "
“ Yon can read mine, theu V asked the
1 Cblonel, chuckling.
•• Oh, yes," was the calm reply.
And the offi :ers around the table grew in
i t crested.
“ What can you real there, then?”
Ciptain Browu looked at him intently for
a few moments, and tlien said :
“ Well, for one thiig, l can read that the
old w»und on your ba k has broken out a
“ XoMJnse!” r nrel the Cdouel. “I never
i had a wound on mv hack.
' The younger offi.*ers exchanged glances, and
the Colonel saw it, and it made him more
. “ You do not like tho subject touclietl. ’ sai l
Captain Brown, gravely, “iiien we will pa>e
it over. I beg your pardon for touchiog so
, tender a place.’’
“ Bat, confound it all, sir I" roared the
j Ciloncl, “ I have no wound on my hack to
, break out afresh ”
; The Captain smiled.
“Como, theu,” said the Colonel, fighting
hanl to keep down his anger, "you are « let
ting man • I'll b.-t you tw > ten-poun l notes to
one that l have not got a wound, nor yet even
a scar of a wound—even a scratch—upon my
back. Will you l« t? ’
“ With pleasure, if it pleases you, Colonel.
“Damme, sir, it does please me: l want
this cleared up A wound on my back !—
Damme, sir, I never turcol my back to the
' enemy in my life ! Now, sir, will you bet ?
I “ fwill,” said the Captain, speaking reluc
tantly, as If ho were forced into It ; while thu
J Colonel was evilently growing purple from
i suppressed rage.
••(food, then," sai l tho Colonel; twenty
i pounds to left. The mess here aro witnesses.
. Smith, lock the door.”
j A cornet obeyed and, heated by
! wine, tho Colonel, in his rage and de-ire to
, show his now caplain to ba what he mentally
called a humbug, proceed*! to diveat himself
of all bil upper garments, revealing several
j bullet-scars and sw md-euts upon Ins ehe«t and
I arms; but there was not the vestige of »
scratch npm his hack.
“Ojitie, look all of you V cried tho Colonel;
“ I'm trot ashamed. You’ll Cn l no old wound
upon my back."
Onu And all ins pected tho old gentleman,
and declared thcro was not a scar.
“Now, Captain Brown," said tho Colonel,
“perhaps you will Como uud look, sir, and sa*
j tUfy yourself ?”
“ I II take iho word of these gentlemen,
Colonel,"naid Brown. "1 have lost. I wus
“ Ilumph! I'm glad of that,” sai l the Col*
onel, snatching himself back into his clothes,
and at I act dm Honing up his coat. “I’m nfrai-1
sir, you could not read my countenance."
| “ No, sir, I conics-1 could not; I am beaten.
There arc your ten pounds.”
The colonol chock led and looked delight I
• as be pocketed the money ; for this, an I tho
feeling that lie bad been t *■» uiucli fur the in w
captain, pot him in the Ixst of bnm *rs. S>
Jolly was ho that ho patted Brown afTeclimate*
ly on the back when they parted.
I “ You couldn't rea l me, my D I. eh ? V >,
no ; rather too deep for you, eli ? cb 7"
“ Much too deep, Colonel. I w i . beaten,
said Brown.
And from that day, for a whole fortnight
Brown’s glory ns a better was under eclipse.
At tho end of that fortnight lli-r•• w *s e
I ch»n;ro.
The reason was this.
C j|on*| U rllius w.is s i delighted at bavin ,
as he said, beiton the betting in in, that b*>
wrote to bis friend, the colonel of the lancer.,
"/year Warren: That was all gammon
about Brown's luck at betting. Ife mi I bo
could read people1! f.ices, and so win in that
way ; and lung me if the first night ho wn
' here he didn’t bet that f had a reopened wound
! on my back. I bet him, of course—two to
„Ue—proved I > him that I ha 1 not, and pock
eted bis t n pounds, ft will be a !< >n for
him. lie is a nice fellow, though, and we a!!
like him very much. Yours very truly,
JottS UoM.IN*
an:v.i.r cair.e Lack iu th'.-course of a
|>uht or two:
•• Dear Hollins: Gla! you like Brown.—
Hang him! we don’t. He has bitten us too
often, and has just bitten us again. Confound
i him ! The night before he left ns I was talk
ing about what a sharp ofii er yon were —
quite a Tarter—and h- laid a wager with me,
that wan taken, too, by half the olli ■•■n in ti -
me*, that he'd do as he liked with you ; in
fact, that the very first time you dined t »
gother he’d nuke you takeoff your shirt I ■
f,»re the whole mess, and that you w odd wrl'
and tell me. You may heop frown. V. o
don't want him back. ! ailbfully yours,
Bt/xit'V Mu.* —\V. H. \V," I ent f >. Md.
The miik may be found mixed with blood,
without any distinct attack of Garget,. Garg> t
consists of inflammation, and congestion of the
udder, or part of it, and B a< cotnpanied by
constitutional disturbance, g.nt rally fever. But
the miik may be tinged wi»li bhx/d from oth< r
cause*. Violent jerking of the udder, by ra
cing about, a blow, cold in the organ, or other
similar accidents may cause it, and with some
heavy milkers, which are subject to it occasion
ally, the cause seem* to bo over excitement of
the secretory apparatus of the odder Gen
erally a cooling purgative, or a saline diuretic,
inch, f * instance, a* 8« ^ of Salts, or 1 drams
of Saltpetre), or both together, with r- t, and
fr* qnent, careful and gentle milking, will r i. ,t
a cure, when the latter is the cause. For Gar
get, similar, lut more active treatment is
needed.—American Agricultural Dt<-ewlter 1
The Drift of Pupi.lat'on is notably illustrat
ed by a clip from the South (Jarolioa and
Georgia Almanac of 1704. Then Philadel
phia was our chief city, population 42.620;—
New York second, j<opul»tiou 30,000 ; Charles
ton third, 20.000 ; IVwtnn f mrth, 18,000;—
Baltimore fifth, 18,608; Newport sixth, 6,000.
The entire population of the country was un
der 4,000,000. To-day, Baltimore, with 350
000, is outranked by New \ork, Philadelphia,
Brooklyn, St. I/>nis and Chicago, whi’a
Charleston and Newport are nowhere io tbi

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