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i he Constitutional Amendment*
Jmsr Ki-tlitios proj'c&ing -aft amend
ment to theH’orstitution of the Stale,
ll.v.lvrd, hr the I..ffeHlur* of Wist
\ irgini.i, two-thirds of ail the member*
cUeted to each House agreeing thereto:
That the following and the same is
hereby proposed sc-»n autenOment to the
<'oii'ii tat ton of this State, to wit: That
article eight id ' aid constitution »s it now
I* lv .* ru ken .’ it, and ilie following be in
**ttcd 111 licit thereof;
I. The j'Klitial power of the State shall
la vc.UaI in a supieme court of appeals, in
circuit courts, and the judges thereof, in
such infeiior tribunals as arc herein au
thorised, and in jus rices of the peace.
‘J. The supreme court of ap|w»als shall
c i 'i>t i f 1. ur judges, any three cf whom
drill l«e a *pi r.m for tiie transaction of
business. They shall be elected by the
voters of the Slate, atnkbold tlteir office h r
ihe teito of twelve yean, unless sooner re*
moved in the manner prescribed l>y this
const iiutioii, except that the judges In office
when this article-takes effect shall remain
therein until the ex pi ration of tin ir puts nt
term of otlii e.
J. Il shall have original jurisdiction in
• i*. s i I habeas Corpus, in aw litn us and
prohibition, ll shall have appellate juris
diction in civil cases where the matter in
o«n* rover, v, exclusive of cools, is of greater
v due or amount thau one hundred dollars;
• n controversies eocevrning the title or
U>iind.>iits of land, the |>rot>ate of wills,
the apjs intment or ipialilicaMon of a |*er
. n.il representative, guardian, committee
• c s-urator; or concerning a mill, road,
w i_v, ferry or landing; or the right of a
on (Miration or county to levy ti lls or taxes,
and also in cases of ijiio warranto, habeas
. i pus, martlanra*, ceitmrari ami proliibi
:; 'i. aid i i oa-es involv ing freedom or the
constitutionality of a law. It shall have
appellate jurisilicliou in criminal case*
where thebe has licen a conviction for fcl
iiy *-f lukslemcauK in a circuit court, and
•\ !hTc-a conviction has hvn had in any in
• rior Ci' itt and been affirmed in a circuit
court, and in cases relating to the public
revi line, the right of aj»j<eal .-hall belong to
llic Slate as well as the defendant, and such
h r appellate jurisdiction, in both ci.il
oid criminal cases, as may l»c preseti'xal
hv I iw.
I. No d- cition rendered by the supreme
*c«>uit of ap|*'ids shaH l<c considered as
bindirg authority ii|n>ii any of the inferior
v’laiv, III uiv I'Jim u*
I r c.ii-c ilii'iiivtl, unless sin It xlecidon is
>i currexl in tv at least three juxlgcs of
vjiil court.
5 \\ hen a judgment or decree is reversed
Of jthrjied l*y the supreme court ofap|>eaK
x very piinl f.xirlxr arising up*n the rex-ord
x f l!u* x’ase sh.d! !*• considered ami decided;
and tin* reasons there-for shall l*e concisely
ft itx-d in writing, ami preserved with the
rxcoid xd the case; and it shall l*e the duty
x>f*the cxiurt to prepare a syllabus of the
piitiU adjudicated m eaeh ease cu)icurrx-d
its by three il the jmlges thereof, which
; h tfl be prx lived to the published rei>oit of
tlie ca rs
<>. \ writ xJf error, supcrse-xleaa or ippeat
•trail l e allowed by the supreme court of
:<p|>eali> or a judge thereof, upon a petitii u
-igning error in the judgment or pro
xvestings of the inferior court, and then
only after sard court or judge shall have
x x a mined and cxmsideml the record and
a-'ignincnl of errors, and is satisfied that
there i< error in the same, or that it pre
.■ lit-a p int po jier for the consideration
of the supreme court of appeals.
7. Jf inm any cause a vacancy shall
occur iu the supreme court of appeals, the
governor shall is,ue a writ of election to
.ill such vacancy at the next general elec
tion for the residue of the term; and in the
meantime lie sh ill till su.h vacancy by
appointment until a judge is elected and
qualified. JJut if the unexpired term be
less than two years the govcim*r shall till
mch vacancy by appointoicnflor the unex
pirx-xl term.
K. Theollicers of the supreme court of
sp|"eals, Jxirpt the reporter, shall be ap
pointed by the court, or, in vacation of the
judges tliereof, with piwcr of removal;
flicir duties and combination sh til be pro
serifs d by law.
y. There shall Is* at least two terms of
the supreme court of appeals held annually,
at such time.- and places &s iuay be pre
*vi!U.d by law.
CinrilT cornts.
lO.^Tlie State shall l>c‘ divided into thir
b eii circuits. For tin* circuit hereinafter
, .ill* d the fii W, two juijges shall be elected,
and for each <h the other circuits one judge
shall lie elected by the voters thereof, hw h
ol the judgus so elected .'hall hold his oflice
for the term of eight years, unless aoomr
removed iu the ninnner prescribed In this
institution. The jnjgis of the circuit
VxrfirU in office when this artiele tak*s
cllrct shall remain therein until the expir
ation of the term fi r which they have bexn
elected iu the circuits in which they m y
aforesaid. A vacancy in the* office of a
| !ge of the circuit court shall he fillexl in
toe same manner as is provided for in any
• isc of a vacancy iietkc office of a judge ol
the supreme court of appeals. Ihiring his
i ntinnance in <d?sre the judge of a circuit
x ourt shall reside in the circuit of which
by is judge. The bndnesn of the first etr
i uit may Is* apportioned between the judges
111 thv same county «>r in diflVreut counti* *
within tl.e circuit al the smie time or at
'•^iScreut time*, as may be prweribed by
.11. A circuit am it shall be held in every
county fn the Stale at least three times in
• ach year, and provisions may be made by
I iw for holding rjiecial terms of said court.
A judge of any circuit may hold the courts
in aiHithcr circuit.
12. The circuit court shall have the sti
Jarvision and control of all proceeding*
before justice* and other inferior tribunals,
l*y mandamus, prohibition and certiorari.
They shall except in cases confined exidu
cvfly by this constitution to s*.mc oilier
tribunal, h.ive original and general juris*
diet*<>(i of ail matter* at law where the
amount in controversy, exclusive of inter
est, exceeds fifty dollars: of all cases of
haiieas corpus, mandamus, quo warranto
tnd prohibition: and all cases in (ijtiHr,
and of all crimes and misdemeanor*. They
shall have appellate jurisdiction In all
cases, civil and criminal, where an apj-eal
writ of error or supersedeas may l>e allowed
to the judgment or proceedings of any in
ferior tribunal. They shall also have such
other Juri-dictioo, whether aupervisory,
original appellate, or concurrent, a* is or
may beprescribed bv law.
13. Until otherwise provided by law, the
State shall be divided into the following
circuits: The countie* *»f Brooke, Hau
<%>tk, Ohio and Miyeiiall shall corstltute
tlieJirst circuit; tiie counties of Monon
galia, Marion and Uarri-*on,*the second;
• be counties of I’restofi, Taylor, harbour,
Tucker ami Randolph, the third; the
. uniie* of Wetael, Tyler, Ritchie and
1 *isldcidgr,the f< •tilth; theeountii s <*f Wood,
Wirt and Pleasant, ihe tilth; tlie emnliw of
< lav, (i ilini r, JackwHi, Roan ami (iillrriiii,
lite sixth ; tbc counties of Putnam, Kanawha
und Mason, the seventh; the counties of
<'shell, Wayne, Lincoln and Logjiu, the
eighth; the counties of Me Dowell, Mercer,
lialeigh, Wyoming and Boone, the ninth;
the counties of tlreenbrier, Monroe, Sum
mer*, Fayette *nd Pocnbontaa, the tenth;
the c^un'lic* of I’nahur, lewis Braxton,
Nicholas and Webster, the eleventh; the
li. . o! (.ran* Hardy, Ha...|
Mn.^,.,1 ..,d 1‘emlMoti, the twellh;the
i untie- i t Jetlei on. Berkeley and Mor
t »c, the tnuteenlh.
I 14. The legislature may rearrange the
i circuits herein provided for at any session
thereof next preceding anv general election
of the *udges of said circuits, and after the
year one thousand eight hundred and
eighty-eight, may at any such session, in
crease or diminish the number thereof.
l'> The legislature shall provide by law
for holding regular and special terms of
the circuit courts, whoc from any can***
the jttdge shall fail to attend, or, if iu
attendance, cannot projwrly preside,
lt». All judges shall be commissioned by
ihe governor. The salary of a judge of the
supreme court of appeal* shall he two
thousand two hundred dollars jwr annum,
and that of a judge of the circuit court
-hall lie one thousand eight hundicd dol
lars iwr annum ; and eaclrsh til receive the
j -same mileage a member* of the legudittute.
Provided, That Ohio county may pay an
additional sum per annum to the judges of
the circuit court thereof; but such allow
stt.ee shill not be increased or diminished
during the term of office of the judges to
whom it may have been made. No indue
during his term of office shall practice the
profession of law or hold any other office,
appointment or public trust, under this or
anv other government,and rhe acceptance
thereof shall vacate his judicial office. Nor
shall he during hi* continuance therein fa
eligible to any political office.
17. Judges may i>e removed from office
bv a concurrent vote of both holi es of the
legislature, when from age, disease, mental
or Ixxlilv inlinuity or intemperance they
arc incapable of dint harging the duties of
their office, lint two-thirds of all the
members elected to cadi house ftiusi fcrtrr
cur in such vote, aud the cause of removal
shall l»e cntercu upon the journal of each
h<>u-e. The judge againal whom the legis
lature may be about to proceed shall re
ceive notice thereof, accompanied with the
cause alleged for his removal, at least
twen'v day* before the day on which action
is proposed tube taken therein.
18. The voter* "f each county shall elect
a clerk of the ciicuit court, whose term of
office shall l*e six yearn ; his ditie* *»td
Compensation r.r.d the manner of removing
him from t 111 - v shall !h- prescribed by law ;
an<l when a vacancy shall occur in the
office, the circuit court or the judge thereof
in vacation shall till the same by appoint
ment until the next general election. Tn
anv case in rcsjwct to which-the clerk shall
be so situated as tosuakc it improper for him
to act, the said court .'hall appoint a clerk
to act therein. The clerk* of said eomt
in otlicc when this article takes effect, shall
remain therein for the term for which they
were elected, mile** sooner removed in the
manner preset tutu t>y raw.
19. The legUUhrre may er talli-'h courts
of limited jurisdiction within any county,
im*orjH<r:tted city,town or village, with the
right ef appeal" to the circuit court, sub
ject to euch limitations as may he pre
scribed by law; and all courts of limited
jurisdiction heretofore established in any
county, incorjiorated city, town or village,
shall remain as at present constituted until
otherwise provided by law. The municipal
court of Wheeling shall continue in exist
ence until otherwise provided by law, ftYid
-aid court and the judge thereof, shall ex
ercise the powers and jurisdiction heretofore
conferred upon them ; and appeals in civil
cases from said court shall He directly to
the supreme court of appeals.
20. No citizen of this State who aided or
participated in the late war between the
government of the United States and a part
of the people thereof on either side, shall
l>e liable in any proceeding, civil or crim
inal; nor shall his property lie seized or
sold under filial process issued upon judg
ments or decrees heretofore rendered, or
otherwise, because of any act done in
accordance with the usages of civilized
warfare in the prosecution of said war.
The legislature shall provide by general
laws, for giving full force and elifet to this
21. Such parts of the common law, and
of the laws of this State as arc in force
when this article goes into ojieration, and
are not repugnant thereto, shall Ik* and
continue the law of the State until altered
or repealed hv the legislature. All civil
and criminal suits and proceedings pending
in the former circuit courts of this Stat**,
-h dl remain and be proceeded in Is-fore the
circuit courts of the counties in w liicli they
were landing.
corsTY coricr®.
22. There shall be in each county of tl.v
.'late a county court, composed of three
omiui--loners, and two of said commis
sioners shall lie* a i|Uorum fur the transac
tion of business. It shall hold four regular
session* in each year, at such times as may
bo fixed tijmin and entered of record I v the
tid court. l’iovi-ious may lie' made by law
bsr bidding sjK-<i d sessions of said court.
2A. The commissioners shall lie elected
hv the volets of the county, and hold their
oihee for the term of six years, eVeept that
at the first meeting of said coin hi is. i mers
thev shall designate, by lot or otherwise, in
such m huh r as they may det* rmii.i'y one •>!
their numlier, who shall hold his ollice for
the term of two years, one for four years,
ami one fur six years, so that one shall l<e
elected every two years. Hut no two of
said commissioners shall In? elected from
the- line magisterial district. And if two
or mure persons residing in the same dis
trict shall receive the greater intmlier of
Tutes cast at any election, then only tliconc
of such i» rsons receiving the highest miiu
lK-r snail ne ueciarcu i icrieu, ami me per
s«.ii living in another district, w ho.shall re
ceive the next highest numlvr of votes,
shall Ik- declared elected. Said commis
sioners shall annually elect one of tln ir
it q-a I cr a* president, and each shall receive
50 jKT Jay for his services in court, to be
paid out of the county treasury.
21. The county courts, through tlnir
clerks, shall have the custody of all deeds
and other papers presented for record in
their counties, and the same shall Ik- pre
served therein, or otherwise disjK-sed ot, as
now is, or may tv prvserib. d by law. They
shall have jurisdiction in all matters of
probate, the appointment and qualification
of jvrsoiial representatives, guardians,
committees, curators, and the settlement of
their accounts, and in all matters relating
to apprentices. They shall also, under snch
regulations as may l»e prescribed by law.
have the su 1 vrintemlence and administra
tion of the internal police and fiscal nfi'flirs
of their counties, including the establish
ment and regulation of roads, ways, bridge*,
public landings, ferric* and iuill<, with
authoritv to lay and disburse the county
levies, Provided, That no license for the
sab-of intoxicating liquor* in any incor
porates! city, town or village, shall he
granted without the consent of the munici
pal authorities thereof, tir«t had and ob
tained. They shall, in all eases of contest,
judge of the election, qualification and re
turns of their own members, and of all
county and diotiict officers, subject to such
regulations, by apival or otherwise, as may
Iw prc-scrilvd by law. Such courts nny
exercise such other pow. r* and perform
»ucli other duties, not of a judicial nature,
a< may be prescribed by law. And pro
vision'may lie made, under such regula
tions as may be prescribed by law, for the
probate of wills, and for the appointment
;,nd qiislificatiou of j-* r^-nal representa
tives, guardians, committees and curators
.lining the recess of the regular -essions of
the county court. Such tribunals as have
been heretofore established by the legisla
ture under and L-y virtue of the thirty
fourth section of the-eighth article of the
constitution of one thousand eight hundred
and seventy-two, for police and fiscal pnr
im-es. -hail, until otherwise provided by
law, remain and continue as at present
tt»i.-tittiled in the runnt-es in which they
have I veil respectively established, and
.hall he and act is to |h lire and ll-cul mat
j lei in lu u ot the county court created by
: tair article until othe w;ee provided by
I aw. And, until Otherwise provided l»y law,
such clerk hs is mentioned in the twenty
sixth section-of this article, shall exercise
any power* and discharge any duties here
tofore conferred on, or required of : ny
cr-urt or tribunal established for judicial
purposes under the said article anil section
of the constitution of one thousand eight
hundred anil seventy-two, or theclei k of said
court or tribunal respectively, ifc*j»cclinj.j
the recording and preservation of deeds and
other piqtcrs presented for ^record, matters
of probate, the app iintnicnt-and qualifica
tion of personal representatives, guardians,
committees, curator* and the settlement i t
their account*, ar.d iu all matters relating
to apprentices.
*25. All actions, suits and proceedings net
embraced in the next preceding section,
pending in a county court when this artrcl
lakes cileot, together with the record* ar.tl
i is pen pertaining tliercto as well s* all
record;! I'.cd-piqiers jici taiiTing to such ac
tions, suits and pro veilings, as have already
been disposed of by said courts rliall be
transmitted to and tiled with the clerk of
the circuit court of the county to which
i dice all process outstanding j»t the time
this article goes into eperatiou shall l>e
returned: and said clerk shall have tl.e
same power and shall perform the same
duties in relation to such records, pa jars
and proceedings as were vested in anil rc
quir I of the clerk of the county court, mi
the day before tills article shall take eflcct.
All such actions, suits and proceedings so
pending as aforesaid, shall he docketed,
i prue* oiled in, tried, heard and determined
in all nspools by the circuit court, its H
said suits and proceedings had originated
in said court.
23. Tir" voteis of ea h county shall elect
a cleik of the county court, whose term of
office shall he six years. Hi* duties and
compensation, and- the manner of his re
moval, shall l>e prescribed by law. Hut
the clerks ol saiil courts, new in office,shall
remain then in for the term for wl ichtliev
may have been elected, units* sooner re
moved therefrom, in the manner prescribed
bv law.
'*27. Each count--shall he laid oft into
districts, not less than three nor mote than
ten in numbo , ami as nearly equal as may
be in territory and population. There shall
be elected in each dL-trict containing a
p ipulatioii not exceeding twelve hundr-d,
one justice of the peace, and if the popula
tion exceeds that number, two such justices
shall be elected therein. Every justice
si;-ill reside in the district 1 r which he w s
elected, and hold hu office h r torn of four
vcars, in less sooner reiuovi tl in the manner
pn*cril>c<l hy law. 1 he districts as tiny
now exist, Mian remain mi cuaugcu u; w.
county court. ... , . .
28. The civil juris lictiun of a justice of
the jieacc .-hall *':tcnd to actions of i:s-um;>
i>il, debt, detinue and trover, if the auioti* t
claimed, exclusive of interest, docs not ex
ceed three hundred dollars. The jurisdic
tion of justices of the peace shall extend
throughout their county; tliev shall te
conservators of the pence, and have such
jurisdiction and power in criminal o -s«s as
mav bo prescribed by law. Ami justices of
the’jieace shall have’ authority to take the
acknowledgment of deeds and other writ
ings, ad minster oaths, atrl take and certify
depositions. An.l the legislature may give
to justices stTch additional civil jurisdiction
and powers within their respective counties
as may be deemed expedient, under such
regulations and restrictions as may be
presented by general haw. except llial in
‘nits to recover in or. y or damages their
jurisdiction and powers shall m no ease
exceed three hundred dollars. App hIs
slial 1 be allowed from judgments of just c-s
of the peace in such manner as may te
prescribed hv law.
2”.). The legislature snnll Upon the appli
cation- of liny county, reform, alter or
imr.lifv the county court established by this
article in attch county, and in lieu thereof,
with the as-cnl cf a m .jori'v of the \otcrs
o m. It county, voling at an e!ettlor, create
n not her tribunal for thr transaction of the
btii-imrs required to be p.riorined by the
countvcourt created by this article; and in
Midi ease, ail the provisions of this .-.'Hide
in relation to thepothity cobij shall be ap
plicable to the tribunal t sialdisfrcd in.lieu
«-f said c nut. And when such tribunal has
been established, it shall continue to act in
lieu of the county couit until olher.vitc
provid- d by law.
30. The ollicc of connuWoncr ami jus
tice of | cace shall be deemed ic.e- m
I ...tilde. Vacancies in the olii.e oi com
missioner, clerk of the county court and
justices ol the jH-ace shall he Idled l>y the
touiity cwiut of the county uutil the next
l^r.cral election.
Joinr Kksoi.i tion pro; n amend
ment to the cm-litiiti.-n «>f this Slate.
I.'-solved, 1-y the legislature <>f West
Virginia, two-thirds <f all the numbers
. lech d to each house agreeing therein, That
the following te and the same is hereby
pr.-j 1.1.1 .-s :.n amendment to tlie constitu
tion <if this State, to wit:
That section thirteen, of article three, ns
ii now is be strit-heri out and the following
' ins-i ted in lien thereof.
- 13. lo suit:- at common law, where the
value in controversy i-x.aeds twenty dol
lars, exclusive of interest and costs, the
right of trial by jury, if n.piir.d by fill.* r
p:-rty. shall be preserved ; and in such suit
before a justice, a joy may consist of six
|x rsons. No fact tried hy <i jury shall he
otherwise re-examined in any Case than
according to the rules of the common law.'
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Exuci’tivk Conuirrnk.— X. S. Whito. Win. IL
T. Lewis, John \V. Rider, Eugene Baker and Wm.
L. W ilson.
R. A. ALEXANDER, Sect’y *fr O n. Agent.
I.ocai, Aukxts.—Middleway—Wm. Gilbert;
Kearneysville-J. C. llitner; !larpei'« Ferry—
(.'has. K. Trail; Shepherdstown—11. C. Entler.
ron P.CGTCRING gray hair to its
I r is a m ?t agreeable dressing, which
is at once harmless and effectual, f«.r
preserving the hair. It festor-g, with
t!ie gloss and fr linesJ of youth, faded
or gray, light, and red hair, to a rich
brown, or deep black, as may b • desired.
By its use thin hair is thickened, and
baldness often though not always cured.
It checks falling of the hair immedi
ately, and causes a new growth in all
cases wherirtfcugfbMids are not decayed;
’ > to ' 'ashy ' of oflicrwiso
diseased hair, it Imparts vitality and
strength: end fenders ft pliable'
The Viooi; cleanses the scalp, cures
end prevents the formation of dandrulT;
and, by its cooling, stimulating! m**l
soothing properties, It heals most if not
all of the humors and diseases peculiar
to the scalp, keeping it cool, clean, and
‘•oft, under which conditions diseases
of the scalp and hair arc impossible.
As* rt Dressing for Ladies’ Hair
Tin' Vkjok is incomparahle. It iscolor
less, contains neither oil nor dye, and
will not soil h Idle cambric. It imparts
an agreeable ami lasting perfume, and
as an article for the toilet it Is economi
cal and unsurpassed in its tcxcel!encc»
Practical aiul Analytical Chemists;
Lowell, Mass.
SOLD BY al:. DKCCCISTS btbbtwbbbb.
UnUUIN'O.—I'ofrunM and North Carolina
Herring for uik'bv the barrel, und Family
liue Herring by the hi.lt barrel.
June II, ’7J. OKO. W. T. KKAUSI.EY .
1 )rtitrs. IMctlicinos. I>.,\iril
r I iaKI-.S Hi is opportunity y I manning
patrons lot their uioslliberiilpair*.nagevjr
foi the lust ye.tr, and hopes‘by strict atteu- /ft
tion and fair dealing to merit* gontinuanceofthe
fame. I sell ji ti-ruie goods aiv. ays ; do not Wit
coirn/r./Yt/ or rhv»p go<>tl" for the Ac-/. \\ afHnt
everything sold tube returned if not as guaran
teed. It is ui y desire, and a i-s" pleasure, to sell tny
o fir t »■., b ut willi: compelled, sell them Laudanoni
for ii cts., Syrup for :! cts., aiid Cologne for 2-Act#,
per pint; but at the.same time, letmeintorm you,
that according totho United State* i’harmacopea,
you can’t make Laudanum toiTessthan ID cts,,by
the wholesale. A uiuch cheaper plants to buy
your goods ye a mi ii a, and add the- imltr yourself.
1 u ant all m v old Aceounf.- iettled up by p*y ing
the Cash immediately, atohriew/rnes beguti imme
diate! v, if uot sooner. \Vii I not ask for money on
the new ones until alter Harvest.
C1 < >’ A Kit beat in to mi.
May I, 187C.
Feet of Yellow Pine
r|t|IK undersigned ha* just stocked his Lumber
I Yard, at the Charlestown StcAin Sa'.v Mills,
j w ith one of the largest lot* <>f
Choice Yellow Pine Lumber
ever offered to the citizens of Jefferson county.
The supply embraces the b -t quality i>r Framing
Lumber and I'lank, I'lasti ring Latli*, Ac., all of
u hich will hi disputed oi at the lowest market rates
I May Is, 1“TJ. WM. I’lllLLU'S.
] C'iD-prl iii 'gttinl T)il Clol l*S.
i ,■) I S. liag Carp, nrigju.-t received: t'l styles of
. S If/roin - Sup* r. Extra Super, and |tiu‘sels,
4 stvies .1 Floor Oil Cloth; 4-4 and 4 Mahoga
ny, Oak, Rosewood, Mottled and White furni
ture Oil Cloths, and 1 4 and C t Rlack do., for
sale by GKO. W. T. K E A LSI. E Y.
Dec. 20, 1879.
I r'*»/*/* A WEEK in vnur own town, and no
Ol)t) Capital risked.” You can give the busi
ni -s atrial without expense. Thcbestopportu.nl
1 Jj
. . - - . I
• •
room toexplaiu here. \ "U can devote, all your
lime or otilv your rparc time t > the business, and
' make gtest pay for every hour that you work.—
: ake A • mu oh as rat n. 8 sod I »r *im cUI
• private leruir andpattiriPar.-. which we uiatl free.
- i Outiit free. Don’t complain of haul tino-s
j while \ou have such a chance. Address U. U.YL
i LETT A CO.. I’m liiinJ, Maiue.
i Au-. Id, lwi-i ly.
; Jefferson Carriage Factory.
| rnilE undersigned respectfully announce;! to the
j citizens ol Jefferson ami the public generally
1 that he is still at the old stand iu
on the adjoining souare to the Bank of Charles
town, two doors \\ est oT Trussell A Lucas’ store,
where he unites
€ A ft R I A G E S
'!?t>ckav-*ys, Phaetons, Buggies, Jurapscats, dag
gers, and Extension Top Spring Wagons
and Market Wagon3.
Haring been doing b’l-iness more than twelve
years, and working lur Wells J. Hawks before the
war, and having now in ury employ Mr. Win. A.
Davis arid Thomas Ilian, Hawks’ old reliable
‘Painter arid Wobd-wot iter, I can give satisfaction
.to all who may favrtr me with a call. All New
Work built In- me warranted for Pvct.’C months.
REPAIRING done in the best manner and a',
ihort notice, and with the best material.
Oct. ’>J, 1 $7£ -y JOHN K. IIIJ.BERT.
' riXA’XES f r 1878 are over dfce and must be set
} f tied this month to enable me to meet the ex
penses of tire State and county. All persons in
debted for Taxes for the years 1877 ned 1878, are
requested to settle for both year s on or before the
2oth of March, 1870, or the bills will be levied
and property sold after that date.
J. p. WILTSHIRE. 1). S., Is instructed to exe
cute the above notice within the corporate limits
of Charleston n.
March 29, 1879-tf. Sheriff.
General Fire I nsnrance Agency
J) EPRESENT1NG leading Companies doing
l. business in West Virginia.
of England. Office In the Gibson building near
the Court House.
Dccombcr27, 1879.
Mitchell’S west end cologne for
. sale by MERCIlAN r A MITCHELL.
i'i AKDEN .*K>nS.* fi’.'r shle t ••
(fOA'L..l>! L, Turner* and Lamp Chimney* for
j uli'CV
Mar. U.’80. MEIICH A N T & M ITCH ELL.
\ LARGE and superior stock of Toilet Soaps
just received by ,
i I LATENT MEDICINES ot every description.
: j lie rl.Ei; & aisqi i \ it.
HEADQUARTERS for Lucas’ Liquid Taint*.
Call and get a Circular in refer ur ce to their
excellent quality RITLKll A AiSQl 1TII.
\ LARGE supply of Taper and Stationery
Goods at very fov.’pr.eer.
IANRKKTH'S Garden Seed in great variety.
HAIR itUCSIIES, Combs. Torfumerv wild
Toilet One'4*. lll’TLKU A AISQl lTit. |
I NINE Chewing an.1. Smoking Tub:’’, ecus an.' .
^ Superior Segars. HITLER <!• AlSQlilTlI.
I EVERYTHING usually kept in » first-class [
J j Hi uvr Store* can !•.* purchased from us a: j
t. - . rnable price!. HI TLEKA AlS M IT!'
WTINDOW Glass, T.Vgv.uh d Nears foot OiJ.
.Mar. 20, '80.
<;ix>. t. jai«HT
U AS just received some novelties in the- Taper ;
line; also Visiting Caids. .j .
GEO. T. ' Ci T.
})‘,'.V0 A TI) DEANS grown bv Landreih X
Son!, ao.d Cy v. GEO. T. LIGHT.
I'' TREK A HORSE i OWDERS- the b.-t or.
j llie market —w ar runt. <1 not to injure Kronil
.Marcs—prepared and sold bv
‘ GKO. T. ! IGJIT.
\ LL kinds of Taper am! Ei. eh'pes sold i>.
2 i Murt!i 20, Jnso. GEO. T. LIGHT.
1)1UMK Clover and Timothy Seed for sale* ul
lowest market prices by
t Mil E best sapling Clover ,’.•(•(! for sale bvj
V Complete Slock of Choice Garden and
Flower Seeds, Onion Set*, and Seed 4’nta
toes' for aalc by HORACE REALL & CO.
I }l V the Ruelfeye Wheat and Seed Fan. It i
| ) cheap and does its work rapidly and well.
flMl E Young Amer ica Corn Slieller ar.d Sepa
I ratnr is tlio most popular machine In use, lor
rjMiY the Wiard True Chill, d Tiow. It is tie'
1 lighteat draft plow now manufactured.
Hoot anil Shoe Making.
rpilE undersigned having returned r<> Chat I -
^ town, ha* resumed TOOT AND SIIOK
MAKING AND RIA AIRING, ar.d solicit* the
patronage bf the puhli'c. TromptitMde, good
work and reasonable charge? arc the inducement?
held out for cn?tomer?. Call upon me at the
Shop latilv occupied by Thomas C. Spinks, on
Main street. DAVID HECK.
April 10, 1880.
rpiJK “ Ufci.VFOilCKI* Slllui for Mm ana
1 Boy* at J. KAN. BOBKlCK’rt.
f FVS* Bor*’ and Children’* Hat*. Turkov
I _[t! Kit] Oil-dressed Table Datnask, Napkin* to
mutch, for sale bv.
April I'd, ’ J. KAN ROMtiCK.
^’•O/’V/’T A MONTH guarracteed. SI2 a day
>j. )( /\ ) *t homemade by the Industries.—
I Capital not required; we rtarl you. Men,
women, boy* flt.cl girl* make money lu>trr at work
f»r us than anything else. The work 1* light and
| pleasant. ondfUch U« anyone ran go light «L -
Those who are wise who *ee this notice will lend
us their address at once and for theiuielr.es
Coitly Outlit and terms free. No tv Is the time.—
Those already at work are laying up large rums
of rnoner. Addr.-rs TltUK <f- CO., Augusta,
Ang. i1 i ■". — l V " i
1)KST Brand Maryland Canvas* Hams, al.o
) countr v-cured Shoutd- r* and Sid<-.*. fir sale
1 i y ’ (JEU. W. 1. KEABSLLV.
J April !«, 1-..W.
Druggists & Apothecaries,
Drugs, Paints, Oils,
Cljcmicnls I*:tlciit Mt'dlfiHMi
School Ilool£N,Stalioncry,
Tobacco and CiyrarH,
Would respectfully inform their Customers and
Ihe Public that they are new addin* largely to their ,
I Stock of all the above mentioned lines of goods
I and offering them at j-t iocs to »uit the times.
t> •. 1,1879. *
I HAVE received uiy n«rul i«sartmer!t of "Spring
nity ooous, also anovtutit:s axu\
j V t’h'k'XS II’ I HE. G. W. T. KKAKSLEY.
\ 17 li ITK ind Fancy Matting. Table end Floor
XX Oil J.olbs, Ac.,’for sale by
May 10 is79. 0. W. T. KKAUSLKY.
I'MIESII Turkish Prunes and canned Tomatoes,
^ iuat received and for sale cheap by
i Feb 15,187!). DA VTD HOW KM..
C* 1 Xl1 ° A ' EAR, or $ > t) 20 a
lOv/v/ day in vour own locality. So .
Women do as w II «■> men. Many make
tnoTe than the amount stated above. So one e.in
fail to make money fast. Any one can du the work.
You can make from SR cl*, to • an hour by tie j
voting vour evenings and spare time to the busi
ness. It costs nothing to try the bu*im-ss. Noth- t
jpg like it for making money ever offered botore. ;
PVjinc -s pleasant and sf«i— ' y hou liable. Read
er, if vou want tc know all about the beat paving
business before the phblic, send us y«*»r address
and wo vi ill sent! vou lull pai ticulars and private
tetins flee ; samples worth als» free ; yon can
then mhke t:p vour initnl tor yourstlf. Address
GEORGE STlNSp.V & CD , Portland Maine.
Aug. IC. 1879—ly.
I fuels’I.iiriid Paint, all colors. jn<t recefvi"!
UT IN DOW GLASS, all »i*t ?. and Puttv. for
- i . ITUTL1TR <f- A’Sgl l i’l!.
HAVING ‘7 urclia®. «l tin* Store a uil Stork <*f
Mr. Warren Kbr 1 will cu&'iuOc * ’so same
line of business at his old stand. 1 oiler a i.u •
assortment of
dine 1:1:ies,siwahs, <defers,
TE.I ,v, SEl < 'ES. S1111 1 % .(• ('.
Also a larj;o stock of
I »•.licit the patronaje of my friends and tli •
public, and am satisfied tln-v willtiml inert .cl; of
oi ime iiu l til v mid m\ pi lees vet v low.
April 12, 1879. li. II.COOK I*.
I I I.II S I. " (lull’s (tl.OSS STAIll’ll. T'O
sj I.KI and I.Al'MiKV ^uAi’S, COcNTItY
l: VCO.X—llauis, Sides and Shoulders, lot -ale by
I SAItlilNKS. I. OliSTI.lt and fAJ.Mo.V.
CHOW <TIO\>’, .1 nd Kill M, CAKING I’OW
|»Kll, for sate hr 1*. tool !.. I
Sepl. i:.. 1879.
Tin Kooliirjj.
0 (
11 ill Kit K is Midi a llilnp as •* -I,...l.!\” in tin ,
I rooling. We would be triad If the peisoii,
contemplatin'; tin roof* tor tin ir balGtin^- would
call and examine the quality of the tin nod In us.
Sept. 20. 1879.
Yonv A 11 on lion
IS respectfully called to lie most extraordinary
ulTerinf w itbin the memory of the oldest In
habitant. Good, II mot, Staple,
EVEIc i J) \V auun>,

i ur Inter, will be su'd .it tbo lutve/l ptict*s ever
united. Keinuuib-r that tbis sale Is nut a re
Unction of price* to dote oflt anold, rbop worn
,ti;cV, blit a tioHO fair offering of fli-rh, tiff i I □bio
and Sellsonable flood*. And I barn made eaten
rive preparation? to take nil the <'OK' olf-ivd in
exchange for g*>o*I? at matkrt pile*. Roll In jour
i coin and gelyoilr g■ toil tub.'tautial
HA TS, CAES, t! A'1..
for the winter. C. W. 1UUSSJ.LL.
K. I.. Kreniso*. ) fl,|.,iKtn.
K. I.l.o I Sil.LL, J
Nov. 1, JS7!>.
l»lnin itiiti Orutiiut'iilul
flAin; rcb.-erlber taV nd-.intageoflbe I’rt ia?
I a medium hjr which to istoru tbucUfacelsi of
tiiij .ind adjoining counties that Lc is prepared to
undertake the
in any itvlethat may be de? irvd, from one foal to
three, I!.ud Kintt-h, White'Coat or II ary Skim.
Cornices and f'f litre? run,.md Ornament? rtuek,
ildefired. Xonebnt fir.«t class workmen will be
employ i d on work that may bo entrusted to use.
I isleSXS I VESTEP X/? 0 t A U.1 -V
I hert bv t nder my gi atefulaoknowledgenii nt?
for the liberal patronage I have received since
commencing bii/dne??, and hope by a strict adhe
retire to duty to merit a continuance of the name.
JEdf- All communication? addri.-?td to me at
Charlestonu,\V. Va.,will receive prompt atten
March 28,1870.
HAVING removed uiy Rather Shop t*i the
Room formally ot■< upied bv A. K. Keliio dy
next to Carter House, I w ill be glad to see all of
my old customers and many new unci.
Mail* .Dressing,
Ate., Are., *i nc with rentor-sa ami dispatch.
N" loafing will bo allowed, lirunkcn lil.it k- 1
guards j>• -»>itivi-!y f rl>i<Mcu to cnic ami nccu*
py tny guests chairs. 'I'lte l.itc.-t papers will
be kept ft r the use of rnv customer*.
April 8,1880. J A M KS Ik Li RADY.
I Al’ANbab Rr.tkctsand Trays for sale hr
IA.VHRtTH'iS and Sildcr’s Garden .■'udi old
j by ULU. T. LIGHT A CO.
Surveying ami r..mvy.j
1\VIM. survey anvwhere, , £
short notice - accuracy guarant-j Jt
• Ucntio" piid in connectionUKTew'ni,', iTi I
|N(J l»t ED < or mr other null u „
1'. O.— Cnarlestow n, Jefferson C ., \\ ,
Dec. 8, 1877. rt. UOWKl/ll lsi;owx ^
lJoot nml Sliott 3i;,i j
"O III*.
RKPArnixo.Ac. j i
fTIIE nnderetgned liatremove.loM , ,
I buiJdingon tliecoiner of C !,ai,|.i|. ? *-» | |
rtii-cte - in tbe building lately orrui.i, d i .! I Ij
rick S’ Weller. ’Hie rb.uacter«l the „,,tm l
the subscriber is w til known abriapprn iaN d/ r f
citixcnsol Charleston n ai.d vicinity. |, f
necessary to add that lie w ill endear,,r t„‘ ’ ?
bis reputation as a reliable workman,and „ ' * >
ecute promptly and at reasonable i4;!, '• fug
given him—either for New w,ok or K,o 11 F !
JOUN AVlSufiv1- |
May ld.Js71. April !i, |.:y |
of rl
Axe IInutile nncl Him \VooJ
10.000 Feet white Oak But<.
Wo will pay 14 to 1C Dollars per ranked (•„.,<
or Dollar* per Cable Coni in <’.n>li,lf.j 'jr, <
r.t o".r MiH in Chari, stow n. We hav»„h hat 1
general assortment of!! A N 1M.ES A X It ;t [ y ;, ,
C. II. McK NIG III a po
October 2$, 1S7C.
_ > ■ • —| ■ ;
HAVING completed my Contract* ahr,41
which have occupied uiy sole attention fo,
nearly a year past, I am now prepared f< r
in all the dopaituicnts ol ilouso lluildine. \
dress me at Chat Ic.tow n.
Sept. id. Is7d. J.C. IIOI.MKS,
\LL feribna indebted to the umlersltacd |,
former Agent ol the II. if U, It. It. C,,m|it»y
lor freights, or Commissions, or to the late frt-,
ofStarry A ls>cli, areuotltied that payment it,a«t
be in.ulo at once.
July IJ. le7H. J. I>. STAKIIY.
liEAIOV A la.
f|MIK oimIi mignpj fa# removed bii TI\XI\,
I l-.STA lll.ISII M K\T totbeatnre roonufUr?.
Mary llniwn, on Main etrect, opposite tb. p4.
sontge of tlic M. K. Church, South, wl.iu |,_ ,,
prepared tu do in a workmanlike martur N\w
Woi k and Itcpairing. I’i 'inaptitude utnl r*ti.j
jble pricy■!> er«* munendatioiis whirl. II
will induce the public t<> acrntil n<e a lair thu,
of patronage. JOHN S. EANTLUDAY.
October jh, 1*7*.
e:nt N:tsm* ihmtl ::l f!u* IDiUm*
f I 'llundcraigni'd has removed ht i
t.i ll !• I adjoinin'* his loftse, are! nearly n;.[.
I In* I*, put III tbolI.aO.lt. It., In flit lit tin* : ,
ulicrv nil pnrmuie in need of nnt thing in hit I
rail be accomodated in plmrt order, w oskiotnbt.j
■tile n’nl at rei.niitlile telmt. I alin |i
IIOKK1S A Ml 1:1 Ml.IKS Vuu lllKi:, and >■
Thankful for |nt..| favor#, I respectfully i>lb .
tie iMiiiinnanccol iny old ctutooicil, and liirlt*
the public In give mo a trial.
Nov. .10. ■?*- v. t;ro. w.sjmivt.
'f MIIS DKPAUTAIGNT I .i full and romp to to w III.
I all the fad.InncMu l ain v Oood#, fugn-'l '
nith all’ll I* no of Childrens’ rluu Ulillv Muitn
Ve*t#, itipii riein'd# of Superior Kiijtlkli ll< ■ >
t# tut LbJm, VI
uni "tnrr Wib Hells, I.Inin Soffit iJfald tin/,
uni |Wei|. i ,‘)in !i! f, llrenkfa.l Shan I#, Knit
Fancy SI. .!•, Se#if# n»td Silk Ilani1k-ircbk.fi, P
ill varieties. font and fee u# at one.*.
Nnv. i, ISTd.
le.’ .nI:, JciTaraon Cciunfy, WestA'Irpint
Pruit ami Ohlninrnlal Tret*
Ylnircr a ltd Vcgchtblc
SliruMirry , tt <*.
I 'll II fub#c| ibi r# mil r.'fv!itl-»n I the great i •
I i ivM of Trees, 1’l.iuta, Vine#, }(••#•:#, Ar.,A, ,
it tlndr
If i* si if IIIII iNutnitv,
r li d re Jpr:i tlfb d f I be Cl f:r ril UP of ha » I fig fl i li :
ik. fo plvaeo nil who patrol no tin hi. I1'
sill not undertake tn pripi.i.f In |M< mlrerli
innt a catalogue of r>nrli oh hanJ, bnf will !*«•
I ' 1 ' i •#
■all and <• •• f«»r tlu rfi#eltv# that Mm Oeoeirit# k
einli’inbr ul f. r Trr.-c, Shrubbery , it-o.
jer exist#. We litre
10,000 Apple Tmctt -rltK vwrvfi'*,
•5,000 AV.'tcCs iTrsvnf,
WtrnwOcrry i'MiN
\ pp.ir.igue ll -d*. Crvcn If• .n»o and 1* l-W
'l.iiitp Cabbage. Tnuaf.i. <’.inllfi-iwit a. l
in, cf 1’nt.ito. all for *aK CIi"»u fat > «ih
April 16,1S70 if. IfOI’KIX8 A CO.
ioi>l isi.i '.n.
I'.icneil Tmimlurt,
Ctnnid Coin,
Cafluid I'eachr*,
Jiri. il Corn,
Itrn d Peach' s,
Juried Apph «.
Cracked H !i if,
Oat Meal,
L’hei «et
Superior Gunpowder. Young Hum, Ja
11, dong mid lirratliol Tt ast Ti.aitefl l.acuir a. !»••>
del tin i n Coffee, \evr Crop W. II. Alula >-p
I'nntnii and Goldi n St rup, l!r«un. Standard A,
liianulated *r.d Cut Sugar, Mackaful, Pol'ie •
If' iiiug Li the Parrel ur Horen, All Hoc Hr
ring in halt hail*!. For raUhv
Feb. 21, 1M0.
Phirnix Carriage Works
(HAVE on hind and arn constantly adding
tlnn to at uiy Coach Factory in Hr rrjt ilia,
Ularke county, Virginia, in.iny handsome, #ub
itanthi and easy going vehicle*
:;Al!i.i.\GKs, sun riNtj.'itiF p,r<;<;n:\
kttks, ac , vvc.
It is mdl worth the ntt niton of those who in- 'I
irn ol tli*-»" artu-les to call and rnnllr >'■v
■ fP,ek. HI PA I l(S •>( ail d‘ •crintioh# proinptl.,
made, and the mort liberal terms and low chat
fci rule in my tiaiisacliona.
ClarkeC’onntv, Va.
May S,U-0.
STOVE PIPE all ei/es, patent Elbow*, Palm*
Zinc Htove Hoards, new and g> -"l.for sale by
ih. ki: .t <; a pi, A hep.
SPICES, now r< adr f >r the pirkling aeai-n,
ill kinds, for itle by II. II, COOKE.
VXI.K GREESE, Ilcst brand# of ROASTED
_ COFFEE,for sale by If. If. COOKE.
1)0XEI,KSSCod Fish, Potomac Herring. and
) Mackerel fur talc by If. If. COOCE.
{ tOli.N HAMPERS, 1 dder Twine, Cucoa f« ’*)
Mata, for talc by
MINCE MEAT, New Mackerel. Potomac
llcriing, and line lien log. In Half RbD-,
or sale by G. IV. T. K EARflI.EI •
a tlv . fyt *ale bv
Jan. ID,’ML O. W.T. KLAUoLLi.

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