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Virginia ^rcc Vvrss.
, v .1 u it B. c iLLAHKRy EM* ><
'('knJr/firrMN ('oiu»/ii.11 r*.1'.«».
M<1 u If. f.VS'l
What's the penalty for breaking a “dead
lock ">
— •« *•
S autor Mahone was thorn of his strength
Mhen the “dead lock" w*- disposed of.
There has been a split in the Republican
partv, and Senator Mahone has dropj*cd
into the crevice.
0 a. Mahone’s heart beats for Conk ling ;
hi> pocket nerve reminds him that the
President controls patronage in \ irginia,
hut his conscience IriKtW- him.
-a^- -*®*.
Hon. J ohn S. Presf'u ofSmth Carolina,
the legislator, the sohHer, and always theor
ator, is dead- aged'” l years. He w as horn
in Abingdon t irginia, and married a sister
ofticn. Wb.dc Hampton.
fht judiciary committee of the Senate on
Monday reported adversely on the nomina
tion of Stanley Matthews for Justice of the
Supreme Court of the l*. S. If Ohio can
stand it we can.
Will H. Hayes, of Cleveland, has eloped
'vith Mis* Jewsie Kimball, an 18-year old
*T>00,Quo grass orphan, w hose elegant moth
er is whiiiug away a rich widow’s leisure in
I'.uroj e. Hayes is as lucky a dog as his great
\ new allotment of Sup-on * «*• rt justi
vc* among the s'* ffalci roil its— rendered ne
cessary by Justice Clifford’s disability and
Justice Swayne’s resignation—assigns His
Honor, Mr. Chief Justice Waite to this, the
fourth circuit, comprising West Virginia,
Maryland, and the Caroliuas.
Hon. (ieo Colton has assumed the busi
'iirvs,"'ff?,nil of the Baltimore and it
appears in a becoming new Spring apparel.
*We have no doubt new life will Ik* infused
into this heretofore influential and readable
Col. Thus. A. Scott, the great railroad
king, has again been stricken with paraly
sis and his death is only a question of hours
—and, no doubt, a momentous concern of
his. Iaitest reports pronounce him better
and hopes are entertained ct h*s recovwy
a id restoration to great -use till ness.
- - -
CharlcstosmV legal brotherhood will rei
>-h the «*t#v of a w itty lawyer who, as oppo
sing counsel, did not know how to address
die Washington lady lawyer. Mrs. Bob
Lockwood. The usual term “my brother”
wouldn't do, nor was “ my sister "just right.
He compromised, r* thought hetlr.1, by re
ferring to her a- ** my sister in /«w," and was
rewarded with u h*»k tlmt blanelied even hi*
1 >uring the accent demolition of Lincoln’s
old home in Springfield. Illinois, an enter
prising .-.mull boy bought up all the shin
gle- for a dollar, fashioned them into vari
ous designs y ith a scroll saw, and then
worked tliern off on the patriotic at 7’* cents
and one dollar a piece. His sire can safcdy
si mint r away and leave that scion not a
cent. He and his scroll saw are just bound
fc> make a living.
S.aucthing wonderful iw the tootsey wuot
«ey Vine is the 110 pown4»*hi?tv-t»«o inonth
nhl baby, Harry Caatleman, inCaws cotonty,
Kentucky. Thi- grey-eyed, mild faced,
good-natured youngster stands ?> *1.3 ineb*«
measures al>out the calf, thigh and waist 4,
2 ! and 29 inches, respectively, and at birth
weighed 9 lbs., at three months 24, atsix 49,
at twelve 97. at twenty-one Mi, and at thir
• -two month- 110 lbs. Hi- daddy i-proud
as a js
Heart disease has rarely a wore sudden
victim nor a biblical text its sure iilo-tra
lion than is show n in the death best week of
... ea:. n...;■> uut.,;
miicc '<>7 of St. Augustine's colored Catho
lic church in Washington. On Sunday h*
p readied from the day’s gospel: “ The good
shepherd giveth his life for his sheep.”
The next foremion besought his physician to
consult concerning some pacing symptom’s
of his malady. In the afternoon he v. a
“ I see you arc getter*'!* ft*Il, but hope
this may get in”—reads a tinted not- from
“ Im<»gene,” who sends a pome. It * maw
was to make such an insinuation to us w»
would up and pnnch him full of holes with
our pcneiC but as it is chivalry restrain* us.
N*> luieg* 3e; it is a 1-ittlv fib. Nobody
who over -s* *».* would ever aerusc its of be
ing full, tho’ we are most generally treated
as if we were and are not asked to “take
'Uthin'. You never saw us full, and until
the cruel slander is taken back your pome
That. Virginia is not responsible for
the \ of the Virginia d< bt, wjm h the fund
ing bill arbitVnrily ascribes to lief, .Senator
II. <«. Davis contends these facts prove: 1MU
of the improvements for which the burden
was iur trml were located in Virginia: that
■state c<uitaine<r I' i*«* s«juar,- t,d» s. West
Virginia but 20,04*: »t the separation the
population of the Virginia counties was
1122,000, that of Ah *VVd i i^i.Jiaeoan
tio* 371/*00; the taxable property in Vir
ginia aggregated '*•***,t***o in Wot Vir
ginia bat #647,000—less than *.
Isn’t there some mistake a.* to the aggr* -
i:ate of taxable property as stated aboveJ
Jeflerson county alone has more than is
named for l*oth the Virginia-.
[•ate decision of Judge Jacks**!*, Wheel
ing circuit, at 1’arkersburg—confirming i
colored man's p ivilege to be tried by col
ored jurors: The State vs Taylor Strander,
colored, indicted for murde* ip Wheeling
'line years siure, twice tried jn the Wheel
rg courts and sentence*! each time '*> hang,
taker1 to the S:at Supreme Court of Ap
peal*. thence to the l\ S. ditto, tlieuee batk
• the C. S. district court for West Virgin
ia’. pleas in ahab iRent till**wed to l*e tiled
d ndiud/i'tl ■.•oh! m lav, S' it* <l'-mnrrer
thereto and motion on behalf of State to r
iualiikp'i>'on* r overruled, holding him for
indictment in I . S. « <mrt refu <’d w*d prj
j!\T (!’ • barged.
l«rtai / 'cursiiw fo Urey.
The Cumberland Valley Editorial Associa
' tii.n of Pennsylvania baring been Invited by
j the Authorities of t he Shetrvndouh Valley dr*-1
The Cumberland Valley Railroads to visit the
famed l.uray Caverns, made ah excubdon to
1 that town ou Sutunlay last, ami by the -ourte
1 sv of the said Editorial A"o#ftib'tnrtul of the
officials of the M V. R. It. U»e editors of The
i Free Press, as invited guests. |«articijiatcd in
j the pleasures of the ivensii'.i. A train ot live
’ handsome coaehe- tn-l luneli car afforded lux*
j urious ae*-Wmtnodatioii for the party of two
1 hurwlred."including the Meebauicsburg liras*
Ifu d. Capt Wm T. Dougherty was the con
•luetor, and the headquarters of theS. V. K. R
1 were represented by tSeaeral Freight and Pas
senger Agent. 0. P Hatch. Ksq., and Mr. Ca9
scl. Train Dispatel.i r Ac. A number of thecd
i itors were a*-i*ampauied by their wives and
daughters, tin the first part it v as a dignified.
1 genial representation of the ‘‘fourth estate,
and on the second ?«•*> of pretty, intellectual
and graceful women and young girls. This
latter feature w •< ;v proofin' the assertion thut
this life is made up of isniipcnsv ions, each ed
, iti*r feeling hlm**elfamply rewarded by thepreS
, .f the fair • les for sending a dozen or
more hour* with .■ hnndnsl and fifty other quill
i drivenaway-ftr*' *e»«»e!
The day was perfect in ten tv No.ft.r -d>ckK.
in her gala drew* of living green " as. ornament
ed in gems of dogwood, apple and wild-peach
Kit Him. All along tie- »u»d loomed up the
s^mnd old peaks of the Pdue Ridge, their intense
blue only fading into the softer azure of the
summer *ky nln.ve them There were excla
mations of delighted surprise as different pha
zes of the sublime scenery followed each other
like a magnificent panorama—now a smiling
, farm house w ith green fields and orchards in
*VM 1-lo.wn, am* i-i to** er Mountain v ith the
lovely Shenandoah lazily bathing its feet—one
gentleman protested that it was equal t' the
sivnerv *»l**ug the Hudson ot which volumes
have been written
Aswesned swih’y ahnitf through JetPfrs*"
and rtarke it gave «s pleasure t.vindieftte to onr
editorial brethren many places along and adja
• rent to the lino of the road, connected with Col
onial history and associated with heroes ot the
Revolution, —near Charlestown such as the ivy
clad ruins of Trinity Church, on the estate of
II 15 Diiv.-niH.rt Ksu . erected away back in
the age*, and at its base buried tiie forgot r-n
ik-ud of generations; “ I’ielinotit, within a
1 stone’s throw of the venerable church, the home
<<f Gen. Win. Park*- of revolutionary fame and
descendant of one of the judges who condemn
ed Charles i. " Piedmont i* now the re>i
' dencc of Maj. F. A and Win. I). Briscoe, graml
sonsofGen. Darke. A mile beyond is "Haro
w*hk1." the home of Samuel Washington, bro
i ther of the “ Immortal George”—wh**-e *.ore“
I'lr-'Mpret. j- entertained da ire Madisoii'mar
' rush and where at the present time hang j***r
1 traits of the iic wives of the original proprietor.
It is now owned and occupied by Mr. John A.
Washington. Almost iu sight of the S. V. sta
tion at Chariest«** n is tb- nk by Gen’l
Itra hhvk ♦. ho-i \A i the march t« I >eaite-*re,
now Pittsburgh. \ little r-i the left, within the
limits of Charlestown, the grave of Charles
Washington. Iu t larkc we passed near “Sol
dier’s Rest “ and also “Saratoga, "—the homes
of Gen 1 Paniel Morgan of Cowj*cns memory
Saratoga « i*- tor *}«** , *y iuT
soldiers it is nor . v~-!i«f* eof Mr. Po* ell Page.
At White Post points of Interest noted were
•‘Greenway Court " the home of Lord Fairfax,
Rarou i»f Cameron; the ' Meade Mewcrinl
Church " ere-'eH in heftoV <*.f ihc venerable la
mented Bishop Meade. Kvery mile of the road
is replete with reminisevnees of colonial and
revolutionary names and days, and of those l i
ter incidents associated with the recent strite
ami its principal p.irti* ip ut-- las'. Store? id’
Jackson. Ac.
Arrived in g***sl time at Luray party
inarched in column of twos to the Ukr ’W'i'.-v
and Cave Hotel, where arrangements had been
made by the railroad authorities for a generous
1 <tinner and supper and sumptuously was the
i programme tilled out. The “OldFamily ’had
i it-< wants provided for iu a imwt satisfactory
1 n:ati**'v V ***rtee<i'* *-*»st of the Bust
j House, and the viand- * -s.-r* My mwnrM up r*
I the proportions of one "t Br**. Zittle’s “ s-iuarb
' meals," with a top-dressing of delicious frozen
custard and poundcake. Alter tb*- naantit*
: of dinner that some of **itr e literal confreVe'
| succeeded in hiding away, we woiuleretl if it
I would be possible for them to “take in the
* Cave. But they did it,—and now we are hook
ing with someenriositv n* r»-.d editorial g*
, nit*s«sss*'»t its,-If. W* ran’' to “C" how our
Pennsylvania friends— * > many of whCtn have
^ !s-en tirnily < "in ii: e,l that tin South is "solid
get out of the* LiHculty **f .Inscribing the won
dvrs they tohehl oil Saturday. We wiit net Ke
1 guilty of the uulA rctr-t ,>t attempting to por
tray tin- >ii!>i' “i a *tt<*s of Mtat long hiihlon
1 depository i*f some of \-n ■ uV*'-? curious
liandiwork the vast domes, un.suj>i>orteil by
eoluuui or pillar, long corridors, fairy g" tto<.
deep abysses, cas. ades, crystal springs and
lakes, a natural- rgaii. giving forth music *«»
the touch, the -trangcly grotesque fish-market,
! a tiny bird's nest with three little white eggs.
hundreds of wild and gorgeous sjHftacles, va
rying at every turn, and yet we did not see the
i half—it would require days to explore it tho
roughly. Civ thousand candles, employing
j f<*rty met' W‘» er.o botfe* ter light them, illumi
nated the cave, au achievement, that throws
light upon themp . ity "fthcS. V It It <><li- ials
to do magnificent things regardless of exp* nwe.
All pen-picturcs of the caverns must fall far
short of the reality—it beggars description—
only those who hv rail appreciate its marvels.
Noli*sly can go through and come hack with
the conviction that there i' no Hod. 11 is al
mighty hand i- to,, plainly visible in these
works l|i* to doubt that lie exists. Bob In
_ers*.lt ought to visit them.
The proprietors have done much to facilitate
a safe and comt- rtablc exploration. 'Id's* t»i
graded and l - sir i w i *- with bridges. guards,
f. nees and stairways h ue Ivon provided, and
much more is. mplnied—electric lights. ,v*\
While it is proper to wear rubbers and watcr
wre«f> a.s a pr..;< ti*»n from dampness, there is
n* wry gA at amount of mud, and gui*le» are
nuinen>it3 t>> •»**< -r«I bit* mutt ion and secure the
safety of visitors. After'pending two hours in
the avert’' tin wii.de party were conveyed bai k
to town in vehicle** furnished by the K. R Co.,
and after partaking of » bountiful supper re
paire* 1 to the depot ard *o*«k tin- *xirs f«*r home.
, c\ i *yb*i«ly expressing thrir delight at the com
pleteness of tin- .t-*w»g**T»ent.s and the entire
gratiir-ation of ti e c\*urdnn. If tliere was
anything in tic hi:..In- n that rvt-uld give col
or to the i up. it had disappeared before the ar
rival at hurav. —dotAt’.s it* deference to it*
prime <inaliti*- and »■' rfie Local (tption senti
ment of the ■■• ••• mti»o»v There wasn’t an ed
itorial rbse red n. ' gi'f 'rg d|e a bee from a
posey, or illume the most *!'ti”*te rimal nock
in the Lttray Caverns.
• nr Senior 1 id the special pleasure of meet
tr*r hi* old schoolmate and friend of lang sync,
Judge James 1 .". wart. They swapped a few
recollections >»f Mart in-burg sixty years ago, -
when they plated marbles in Court House
square and ti«h. <i f r minnows m thcTuacarora
I’unv weak at.dsi'-k'v children made happy
and >tr* t ^ b. B )wn‘ ho*. Bitter
xeirfi sctfs.
The colored Baptists wtre it convention
ai Staunton last week.
A true st'riWthening medicine And health
; reliev er i- tfoown’* Iren Bitter*.
The Warrenton Rifles have been mus
> tered into the service «»t the State.
Demand Brown’s Iron Bitters of yourilrug
t gist. Take no other. It i-* perfect.
Jennie June savs “this g'cat Republic!
has no right t.» ask ld;.\;tt/or con. ideratibu
from women; It gives them none.
Mak»- life Vorth living -renew your health
i Brown’s Iron Bitters will do it.
Maine claims that General Knox, who
had charge of the siege guns at Yorkfown,
was the real hero of the surrender of < orn
i wallis.
Vervons prostration, dyspepsia, Yielancholy |
curd bv Brown’s Iron Bitters.
Dr. A. R. Mott sold, several days ago, In
line farm south of Leesburg, containing400
acres, to Samuel OrrSon, Leesbv.rg, to'
Mental dcfiT'-ib.v Y.eoknoss ami gcneial j
' debility promptly cured by using Brown siren j
l BiKers.
•r.iri\v_-*:n f. ir.t" l&wAtUCroiiise,
| of Sharpsburg, pieced a qift ‘v ILch con j
tains 1,440 pieefo. No two* pieces ot the
' entire »juilt are alike. ^
Softening cf the hrwiu, prevented and r-' r" !
! vousness cured by using Browns Iroi Bitter*. ,
According to the census West Virginia '
had in May, lSS0,’fwciTy rc" r-tel.lbb
li-hments, poscs-inga capital of #.‘1.013,1510,
' employing 4,121 persons payiiigout *L->41,
M,; in w arc* s**,i .products amounting tv *
i $6,0b4,032.
The l«*st f*s*»| for the nerves, brain and mus- :
I elc i* Brown’s iron Bitters.
The New Orleans granite statue of .Stone
rall Jackson, unveiled last Tuesday, is eight
feet live inches high, ami represents the ,
General in confederate uniform lib <rp
drawn tl>f ii dii his forehead rid! li • head
inclined to f ie left side.
The urinary ami digestive organs'.:?. ;!;t ogib :
! cued by using Brown’s Iron Bitters.
Delegates from fifty-six Presbyteries to the I
t ueiicrai A^emim in wuutf m
oil the ltnh instant have been appointed.—
'fen other Presbyteries are yet to make their
i appointments, ’it is expected that there
will he 41 very large attendance irt Addition
to clerical and lay representatives.
Nature’s true assistant in curing urinary anti
digestive trouble* is Brown’s Iron Bitters.
Dr. Cbas. MacGill, aged 7-‘>. of Uie’n
mond, is dead, lie was a native ol Balti
more. and came of distinguished ancestry,
being a lineal descendant of Thomas Jen- ;
nines, who was king s attorney under the
colonial tr've,r*n*ont rt' Maryland, ami Hew
: ,.i„e* V.ih^ill. <■(* "tPml, * lb sett!" ' in
Maryland in 172Js.
Indigestion, tlysf*opsia, nervous weakness, ,
I etc., eureth by Brown s Iron'^’itter*.
[v. |}p- \\ >_ coh^tv llarrisonbnrg, -Ii'
long pending lantl suit of Bicfcle, Simple
I aiH. Alti*sus (trustee*;, pit’s, vs. t’. b.
. llavncs Thus K hum -1, drtr. is being
| tried. The right and title to 102,»RH» acres
| in Bath and Alleghany are involved. 11. L.
Parrish and llugii Dutlv for pltls. and
t It n. Win. S. Keen for dtts.
Hr,,wn'* *.rrr> Witt'r* ii! health,
i tlub eht« 6f nsB.g'* liMy.ff .
Mr f| A Due, Ar. •ef Cliarh ston, S. C.
ha* perfected rm -ii^ cation lor grinding
I phosphate rocks itli <et aid ot Ittrr
stones, an iron eylindt*. of •> ft. diameter,
pulverizing the mauviid to any re juiredde
grtv—the rock" forming the grind
ing snrfa Six tons per day is the 4>r*,s
, in . g* i bt\ ««; the new ;T teas, but this j
wa*- e*siiv F inn Cast d bv enlarging >>ie ,
»V.i:* No bolting cloth is need'd.
llcurf rr.. * c.A B •**;.<-J> ipv-kG re |
'if' ed *e, •-'ing Brown's Bitter-;
A re^ tnrrtf composed ef'Mfr W'n' luster |
flight Infantry, Stn’*,r.t<va M t-st Augusta
! Guards fla-^iHi^.brsrg Gflirds. ‘gltixin
tiuartls of XV ordstrek- 1'ont Hoval In
fantry, has both organized with the follow- •
' ing officers: ('olend--■ \\ . Bu'.ogaV'lncr; ,
;Lh Colonel- t >. B. Holler; Major -C W.
I Magnifier; Adjutant—Oipt. II. II. Down-j
ing; andliiiurterinaster—C’Hpf.Johii Brown.J
It <k id be known a* the "ml He. imeiit ol
Virgini* lufantrv. Tlie first regimental pa
Tai*. wiM be**t lvor<d*»iv-*- -<v« Mic J»b of
lute. a’.Vi bt-x'i at Yorktown ( ea.tennial.
No matter what your ailment, Brown * iron I
; Bitter* will help nature cure you.
Dr. Dix has sixteen assistant minister*
in Me ''(ivk 01 Vlinity parish i*' N. V. 1
■ Trinitv ha> 4,21-1 eoiniminicants and l,s71
Sundae ■ hool scholars. Flic vestry appro
t prias 1 j->tf,2.‘17A7 Ibr paro hial objects last
Mil*auk ' FMci’.lt*-’ \vi?eortsi».!
"i i,o *j.i“;t rf mortal may not be very
pri ml, out we nonce it waxes overt' pro
fane in >■»> e cases where rheumatism is the
i moving cau>e. We use Hi Jacob? (»i' lor ^
! (,nfs ami ate nappy
Charles Baker, of Winchester, jumped
from the Chesapeake and Ohio train 1 ridav
i;igh* r* Boi.re'.’efte, and wits killed. Me
si" am 'her train approaching, and fearing
a collision tded t > escape. T!ic trains
came into eollisioli. !»*’♦ did *»o damage.
j <‘rente a health'- apix-tite. prevent malarial
diseas'-s, l>v using brown’s Iron Bitters.
The Philadelphia 7’rw says that an in
timate friend of President Garfield, who
knew of the coming disclosures in thePost
ofliee l>epartment, asked him twoweeksago
" 11 v (»en. Brady was not removed at once,
i “ It will he easier,” said the Mentor farmer,
to fin^ the rotten eggs if we let the old
hen remain on the nest a little longer.”
Nature's trim assistant in fevers, malaria,
biliousness, etc., is Brown's iron Bitters.
Mats for men "« re invented at Paris by a
Hwi-s. in 140-1. They were tir-t manufac
tured in London by Hpauiards in 1510 Be
fore that time, both men and women *n
. England commonly wore close knit wotJllen
Young, old ar.d ndddle .tgod find Inset I .4bd
strength in Brown's fron bitters
Eia>lus Corning, of New York.-h:*- paid
$1,500 for “Gobi Thread”—a Jersey cow
•j;; per cent, of whose milk is pure cream.
The weak, nervous ami debilitated find sure
■ relief in Brown's Iron Bitters.
500 acres at Yorktown arc being laid off
1 u> parade and camp grounds for the French
•*nd ' no riean soldiers.
r'hc be*: -n•' *i•'■•»'•* -if the age for curing gen
Jral debility is Brown's Iron
Says the Chicago Tribune, a rept.hli: h
paper: “Mahone has ceased to hold this
i great republic up bv the fail. was hot
j an Mifying spectacle.”
J Xo.sfiif/ Juki
A p?oinfnent physician of Pittshui^ said
jokingly to :* lady patient who was com -
plaining her <?ottiinted ill health and of
fiis ir-jhilitv to ettre her, ‘ try Hop Hitters!”
The h **v VtrV if in earnest, and used the
Bitte v tri.at which rhe obtained permanent
health *he now laughs at the doctor for
j hisjol, hut he is rmt so ’Tell pleased with
it. ;i- it cost hint n good pntien* — Hirrii
lu>•<] Pntri ii.
lion. Hh« rman’s son Thomas has been ad
niitted to the Roman Catholic priesthood
by arclibishop Gibbon.% of Baltimore.
[Springfield, (Mass. Daily Union.]
IIin Anairer.
They tell it on one of our citizens who
was ambling toward his place ot business
that he was approached by a lady acquaint
ance of the faniilv; who said: “ air. —
I hear you are suffering front rheumatism, is
it so?”* “ Humor 'tis mm” said our citizen
of fe\v Words, as he proceeded on his way. ,
Over iti Chicopee our neighbors and friends 1
have been having quite a time with rheu
matism: ht.t according to reports received
I v t.Ur representative the tiirrry is over, a*
the sure antidote has lteen usctl and thus
commented upon: Mr. N. Manchester. j
Cutler street, savs relative to his experience:
1 have used St.' Jacobs’ Oil, and esteem it
.he best remedy tbr rheum'fttism 1 have ever
tri; I. rt acts like magic, and I cannot
over estimate its value, when 1 'pronounce
it the greatest rheumatic remedy ot the age
Secretary Blaine and .Senator Don Came
ron rent a pew together in the crowded New
York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Wash
Among other Easter charities of Leo
X III was the gift of l(tO beds to the poorest
families in Hove, and presents to 500 fami
lies of at 1 ast ten francs each.
In the make-up of a small boy there is
altogether t« t> much whistle for the amount
of boy.
for Superintendent of free
Sr hoofs.
' j • 11K eminent fitness of the fn sent worthy
I C.iuntv Suporintfiuti nt of Free Schools.
joHN HESS. 1.~<i., for the position which he
liuhls (lieiiv- known throughout the county ns
one «r the oldest, nmM efficient uml practical,
teachers within its limits) induce* ustogfyi j
him our cordial support, and to call upon the i
|»lo nf the eountv t > give liim theirs.
May M.'lrW! ’ M.ANV V(‘TFT'S.
Chaflestown District.
j. lH j i ; j- 1'krss:—As i» is understo id Hon.
W.M II. I’KAVKIJS will -rept the Presidency
of'he Board of Education for Oiarlestown
District, if elected, we In reby annouBce him
for that position, and will vote for him on
Tm -lav. May 17th. “ MANY VOTERS.
Kns. 1km: Pi::.--:— Fieasc nnnounre .nr.
\VM, PHILLIPS for re-election as a School j
i omnii.-sioucr for Charlestown District.
For School Commissioner.
Ei'iToi:.' Eat::: Pin. - : -Mr. James W. Lloyd !
is a" very worthy gentleman and interested in j
the public schools ami i- a very suitable per- I
s.,n for » oiiiniissioner. lie will he sni>porte<l
l,v the veers of Wilt-hire's School House and
u:c commend him to the v..ter-of Charlestown j
precinct. MANY \ 0 1 ELS.
May lb l''SE
Jftfcctiiu* Tuesday, •Way *7'.
EH-. I ri k l'i:r.- -: -AnnofcnCb the following
ticket whil ii will lie sllppr rted hy the Voters ot
Middleway Di-tri ? at l.ti own School IP'S
I „■ p, aided of !ht Um, \ of Cominivioiter* :
i t t.i. vj: it.iii.E7t,
(\*ui mi** toners .*
p;tnicl Y ct:cnihinncf‘,
Hurt. H'otson,
'T'lIEUE will 1> • a mot ting of the Trn a of
1 Edge Hill i emetery ott ERIDAY. MAY
I,Til. fssi. fit :p u clo -k. i’. M . at the ofllee of
; Icon Mr ore. at which meeting business "f
jji-ci.t importance will be brought tothcattcn- i
tint of the Hoard. Lv on! .• of the President. |
W.M. H THAYERS. President.
jiay i•« - tt.
J i*ON SHOVE!. PLOWS Singe r.ft l Double.
I just received hv DI KE A OALLc.HEn.
May U. ’*1.
~oo r I N1'? sTFF.Tj Hr«»YK!.s and Hull
• ) Tongue-, i i- received and for sTde* y
May 11. ls-l. DI KE A HALL.' HI 1>.
Ur ATKIl COOLERS all sizes, just nicowd
and for sale l*y
May 14, l'-'l. IH’KKA HALEAHEK.
' ' T llVl'KW Y * D DUE SEES. Hroonis, Tin
Y \ i w ■ . nt> ate, < HI Stoves, i >r sale
‘ May i t. Rod.
t'EC’ M. aiUi.Inn given to t if. Hooting
^ Sp-.uting and Repairing.
Tuesday *Ye^hf. • 19 ay 1 < t!i•
Will gi\* selection- from hi- humorous rvo
dueti< ns, sf . i
WaslviiifftOH liall
in <'l:arb'’.'wn.
1 ' opt - '
OnUNH tin season lee of good quality may
he had at am hoqr during tint day j't the j
-to*vof Mr. .1. 11. Hums in quantities to
-nit purchasers and at popular price.
May 4. 1 SSI ill o.
(A ilcdrlnp, not i* l>rWJl.
H ?;urs, incur, jianhkakk; ■
I TIM Ol1 ALL Ol Hitt HlTTKHli. ■
I All Ww isesof tlieSlnmaeli. Itowol*, Hlnoil, I
I jjvi . Kidney*, and lirlnary<>rgan.. Net" ■
I vou.uCj>lwple**ni’‘saml e.peelaliy
S1000 IX COLD.
Arm he paid for a case they trill no» rare or I
I help, or lor ant tlilnR Impure or lujurloua I
■ found lu Ult'UI. 3
I A.ltyonr drnecl.t for Hop Hitter, and try
■ them before you sleep. Tuke no oilier.
I D 1.c.Uanahaoloteandlrrealatmiemrefor
■ liruukemieaa, u»e of opium, lobaico and
Sim) ror. ( inert.in,
9 All »Se»# inM Sv d-'-rt iO.
■ Jl'-p Hlltf', Mr.'. 1 . K ^nr.i,r, .S. V., A Too-nl'.. O l.
Tii i: c;i:i;at
‘lu opened oai in the ol«l Post Office Building
:i very fine collection of
Household Goods
fir>mHi Y J'ii'fiirr*. Oil Pnii>thifj*, Cfx'omo*,
Moffo,■*. BracH*. 1 Vail Pocket*. Tnrrcl
R<wl;t, fid R>vt*. ,\H Kind*of /’»•
furr Frmnf*. Book*, Mode Fo
lio*. Mo.*/.* Hod* Alfxnns,
Brio a Rrn<\ &•<*, <{r.
The Handsomest Vast • Statuettes, At .i\ i' >*rk.
Flower Stands, and other
in endle" variety.
Tii. 1 I'd 7X ( l x A>. Ti.Y >- 'H-1J/BUl
OF K TEN* < ENT COUNTER of useful House
hold Kitchen and Garden Articles cannot be
compared with.
Ci.jne and .*•" us and find out for yourselves
that wnat we .-ay is true. The Great New York
Variety St -re. ■ acai cr than the Cheapest
May H l;i1
Something New & Entirely
Original \
Unlike Anything Else
there is on the Market!
'X'lio Grandest Invention
oftlie Affo in Harvest
in«: Machinery !
Self-Binding Hamster!
For the^tfsicng Season.
// J ’Eli Y MA ('ll IS E G l A HA STEED TO
‘in oflif-i' $j tiif aliove Marhutt to the far
mers of Jellerson and Clarke< ounties, we wish
to say that last season the demand for them
was so great that the Manufacturers were not
able to fill orders, and we only.' t.faedco in
securing six for our trade. Thescsix machines
however we sold to gentlemen of large cxj> ri
encc in the .use of agricultural machinery in j
Jellerson, Clarke and Warren Counties. It will
i„, mum ’rv letters from these gentlemen
that e>ery machine gave entire satisfaction,
performing in even case all that was claimed
for them and more.
We will send hv mail to every farmer in Jef
forson County a Circular fully descriptive of
tins justly edehrated machine.
Prices and terms >t.«te«l upon>pplicathm.~
Send order early, a* only a limited number will
he ordered. Kesj>crtfully,
t Vppitt Jt CO..
< 'hurlcsfown.
West Virginia.
.. . ( harlestown, April 2' l''l.
Me*-^’ hu pitt & Co.. -I
(oftHcmen: I purchased a large size Wood -
Twine Hinder from you last harvest,.and m iv
n|v tn your inquiry will say that it gave me
entire sntP iVf?on in every frfy ihv h i cut
from 17 to 2o acres per day with d in heavy
wheat, on rolling lands. It i- simple w. !!
inade, light draft for four horses. I had par
ticular satisfaction in handling the sheaves as
hound with the twine hinder, at time of st:u a
in,, t found them tightly hound and of even
size * ei'nsidcr the Machine a lirst.-cluss mi
t.l. ment —one of the greatest labor saving
niael.ines 1 f the day, and take pleasure mre
cor''mending it KUIN M HN>.
f harlcstmv 11, A; in .V, .ISsi.
Tnessr-. lappitt .V Co.:- You ask my opinion
of the ‘•Wood Twine Hinder purchased of
vou last summer. From liavb'g iccVa
in r Thomas" upon the practicability ol the
co.f.tructioii rtf such •loirttHMc.m a m sel,
binding reaper. 1 am n .v convinced m t only ..1
the Icasihilitv, hut the great Utility in the future
of the uonstruction of such an one as the Worn
Hinder. As for its working capacity. | fotiml ,
it was comparatively light ot drat’ b" tin*'
hoise that I could average 17 -.vw H . r d-n.
goiiv'along ,M a moderate n1' that thecutting
was clean israScly leaving a head of wheat h<
himl) the sheaves of a uniformity in '"'and
tin4 hill ding almost perfect. Marty persons vis (
it,-,* mv field during harvest to witness tlm ope
, „ions' of the Machine, and the universal !
ae. laiin was that of perfect satisfaction with its
performance of it' ta-k. I am perleefly satis
fied with mv purchase. Pesp'y. your-. .
HKN i; x n 11'' iv' i ' i
Messrs. I ippitl .V W ashmgu n : Pn *ri *>' (4
v.mr imiuiry with regard t«» my npltii.-: of 'lie
\\'.»od Twine Binding lleaper ami it-p rtorm
anee: It did its xvnrk well, ami I consider it an
c •o.xoiuieal implement in the harvest field —
\ ._-nnt mafy |<.'< vl< -ct'o- to it. and I have
not heard of anv <>ne finding any fault ■ 1 it t.
, m the other hand, it elicited mm h applause.
It t- a desid.-ratTn’ xxitli the farmer tf have lo>
crain handled xvitli neatness^ < "•- a. v ami
i«,-h and the above mpehuo. dal-it l-T Hie.
Cl I fS. \(il.H»NB x,
Near < ’harlestown,
.Tcfli'Csot) ( olMltV.
Klinington, Near Berry villc, Ya..
April, I'M.
Mi - v l.ippitt A Co.I»u-t harvest I used a
\V. v. Wood - Tx4 inn piind'T. and think it the
he*t farm implement I ever saw. Both the
cutting and binding was done t-> perfection.
The draft xvas >o liuht 1 qsc.d only < net» . in h-r
the whole liar*’.-*.. ’ t< t- d it in down wheat
-ide hy shin xx ith a Sweep Bake Machine. It
t.mk up the down wheat ps clean a- the Bake
Machine and hound it stronger an I hetterthan
1 ever raw it donebv band. Alltbc y! eaten!
was hound in sheave- -' U *’"c '"its' | lie M\
no rakings. T'”- H •• ;Vm .will, I am sat o*
tied more than i av for the tv ine tt'cd in hirnl
i,i<.. The regular hand of the firm can sirnn*
a crop of wheat with a Binder And the v orrj
•md co-t of a crowd of harvest hands he dts
pen-ed xvitli. The Wood Binder is strong and
easik managed and the admiration of ill who
have seen it work. Now that 1 have once used
it, I would as soon think of seeding without a
,1,'ill a- harvesting without a Wood Binder.
Yours, etc., C. K. 1.1 Pi'll T.
Berry villc, Pel). ->th, 1 "1.
Messrs. A.S. Lippitt & Co..
(ietitlemen :—I have your lett- raskinghow
I like the Wood lYin l.-r. ‘ ! think it i.- the best
machine ever gotten out tor the farmer, and
xvill save him more trouble in hi* house than
anv otlier. and xvill save him more mom v.iflu
takes care of it. Iliad i\0 trophic with Mine
at all. m» break to stop mo more than fifteen
minutes. Though my xvheat wa- badly beaten
,lown hv a hailstorm, it took it up clean -t
I hardly paid to horse-rake after it. Not me
sheaf came open, ft stacks better than band
Isitiml grain, all the sl’Wives lining tlu -ame
-izc and no heads in the belts. Aottrs.^
Lagrange. Warren t ountv. \
April •_•*;. UW1.
Messrs. l.ippitt .k Co.In response to your
inquiries Imw the W. A Wood Binder that 1
purchased of von last harvest worked. I would
- c. it xvorked to rifv t':T> ?iiir*fart!- ri..r rtiiur
th'.in 12 to loam? t/e**'*:!*•. with •' •' y draught.
There xverk stvefal rf ojtir best fanners in jtlv
field that had seen an Osbam and M'-Cormick
w..rk the same dav. All agreed that the W.
A Wood Twine Binder wa- the easiest draught
and did the work more completely than the
i other-, making a full bundle without the u. - of
ia a complete raece • the others.
It* du: Tulitv was tested to my entire satisfac
, rt-.w Fespeetf'tllv v-vir*.
r. athby
1881. 1881.
if*, V. (•BRRFFI, has oit ha tiff a trill silrclcfl Mod of
Spring and Summer Goods, comprising ail tli. ho st style* iu Dress Goods, Notions, Fancy
Goods, Kid * llovcs, Shoes, Hats, Cups 1 runL-, «kc.
Rrady-matlr frothing for •Urn am: Hoys—a 'choice as
sortment. ol Gents' Furnishing Goods. Sole local agents tor the best l ulaumirkd Shirt
__<i pp' VRT. SHIRT! $1—Wamsutta Coiton, liir . -|*ly all Linen Iius'om, lit guaranteed.
Mattings, l?u^s4. Oil Clot Ii*. l>i tis, I-inon •• luulcs.
May 7, 1881.
- # 5UKM - w
Door and Window Frames,
And rrrning in all its Ya'rions Bratu he?, Corner Church and Walnut Sts., oa C. V. R.R.
This Company has constantly on hand a full stock of Rongh anil Worked Lumber
which will be sold as Cheap as c.-pi he jiurchaf d cF where. Our Spick consist ,•
BER, of Graded and First-Class Quality. Also,
Also keep of. tf:it'? or make t6 order WINDOW. SASil, DOoRS. SHUTTERS,
MEIN D.-, Ac., enahling ns to l'lirhD'i **hi»ldi is with material to eompletc a house or Earn.
All order- for lumber ..r work will reeeivi p orp* atfvrtioh and the personal supervision
of competent mechanics.
Apr If'., 1881—Iv.
rURS ER. J . ■ !
d. d. TURNER & UO.’S
“FNUFLSIOR.” ... .
' \ XDtON I aTP.D BONF SUPER-FJi.OSFH \1 E.’’ v ,
\ \ re dtssotA l b
To Corn Ijirotrcrs.
l urming tnc most e .neeuirated, universal an I durable !• hUTILlZI.U ever nth red loth*
Fanner eontbininst all the stimulant* qualities of Peruvian Urn.and the ever durable !■ r
lizin" properties of Hone* in tine drv powder. prepared expressly tor drilling, and ean be applied
in uuvqulintitv. Imv.-ever small, per nrre. It i* theopinunt of many el.ee-ndeHlatu^ Karim \
■itt.r T\V BNTS'-TII lil-IK VK\KS exp. rum e'lWertitm i. id by side with other popular f. f i t
:-. r tf.at an ai.plie.iti'>ii of ]:M) pound*«d *• K\FKl>IOU" i-equal t<i *_?«► pound- of anjr otln i
fertilizer or mu.no. and therefore fully loo (nr eent. > !io.i|ht.
( ,iljunnltjt of OaaWu Ciinriintrc1 Ity the HuiiiifavtH' rr«
Farmer-e:;n only he ."e tre from i'vfen..r bnitatiott* bj ->•> ioz that every Ha- is BratnUd
v iti' <>t r Name ttml the An'1}'* :s in Bed Letters.
i ,,.i j.«eil of the most edneptitrated material
nwhrr in .innnonitt tin ft So/miMt *'iw<p!:t!lc;
Than anv other fertilizer -old. cx.-cpt <>FR i.X* KLSI*»!l. ami is made w itli th- •'atne/ate nml
*ti|K*rvi*ioti: uniform quality, guaranteed. Fire at* 1 dry, In ex.-elhmt order h»r drilling. W C
have also a\orv siip.'dor qdaiity of _ _ __
\i.,| ' cei.nstantlv on band a large aftpply«»( high g a b PKR1 VTANfil 1X0
J. J. TUR \ER N CO.,
it W. Pratt St.
N iir»ro<l i l/nssell,
C'kntkk Room,Sapeek Bciliiing.
Ready-Made Clothing
Tohncoos, Conlotit’oix'fl'i
>c„ that I have ever sl»rv rl to tin put 'i‘ F r
the hefirfit df the [hih|i< I ip’otc prices below.
t< compare with pric'-x von ha”’ t’- ' M tnv«ni;:
ft,;, I,..;,I . Xft' H'. Wf- if PV/ fV|V ».
< alicocs, t>ic. vd ; Yard wide < . tt- tj Tic
! All Wool » ashmens from (Or. to f l.«»0 J < r yd.
Dress Oooils fit11it x<*. to Ax-, per yd.
: All WooHassimert* Coe. yd.
! C.ittomnh s from 12Jc. to .'{.V*. ]>er yd.
| Towels ,V.: tii-nt.s’ J lIn-cTe. p-r pair.
J Indies’ Hose 7e. per pair.
I A >i‘ ,’lSoit of Men's « lotliing for $d,7.’’
<ictits" ii;',s fVn* 1fc' Ft1*'.
Two Sjiools Cotton tor .V.
: ( ar|»ets from A*-, to £1.A'>.
lavlies' Shoes !*kv. (tents' do. *l/*o. . ,
Overall's AV. per pair; Drawers AV per pair.
(ir’tfrry and Ttlnicco I'ricrr.
Enterprise Roasted C* it tee 'Je ]>er pound.
* O. K. “ **
, Ki<E Or>Vti “ I V
V (’ Prnwn Srga •
Yen’ Light " .
Coffee A.
• Crushed “ 1-r
Pulverized ,l > . l-f’
Hot:-y D-ii >\V’ i •*. p, ■ guMof
I K-sei’r e (a.tfee i'» •. per dozen 1 v‘ -
< an tied Tomatoes, the best, lAJc. |» r can.
(ioo<i Tdhacco, aOc. per |«»un<l; d<>. tic. |»erplug.
I i^j,s-e»y Tili’atvoSl *10 i»r. lb.. Jackson s do. < *v
i'ride cf Virginialino'king Tobacco 70- pe- if,.
White Wash Brushes from We. to f*oO
Brooms from IV. to 4,Vg Gi* d Tej.. ('Tib.
; All kinds of t rackers ami < ake-vfro'ii JO to .'JOc.
Green Apples, the lint t kv .' iiTJc. i* r peck.
Motto—" t^uiek Pale* and Short Profits."—
Goods delivered irt the Corporation, as 1 always
Liv*'a “ Potter,
Luther J. Etchi.son, )
Time. B. Timbcrlake, Assistants.
! R. L. Tniswdl, )
' . ' '
I->\PER SEED.* > rent - r- * • ■ IE-wet
-teed nnhidcd OF«> T. LIGHT.
The Family Cirocery.
The undersigned has !ai«l In a lock t -,«•» i*t
l\ “oiled lo tfc ll.-’i'i.iv si a-oll
&ROCUKI 158—
Fir, Hill Fresh <;r»Ks *•!«•*. Frnit* and <'<>nf<
tinners iorciiOi #t*il doiQi tie - in great v.ir • -
ty rnd aFflr.damr f*tfd sold at a very small ad
vanee mi cost. Excrythitig finiKxl f<*r • hrist*
mas .In, r can he1 ltd at tl.i Family store, inch:
[ * liter the richest Mi net* Meat. Itai.-Hi", Orant i’*
and la-i)intis. titroy and I'urnHit*. CriiiIh rri> *,
Almond*, • •- oat I iliierU- I i"- ' - !
niatiKH, and other • 'mined \ *•,■> i u hie* and 1
/ 7 v/; si v; i us, ('<>FFmis, s j u \ 7■ *
Mola n, Ac., Ac.
is TIUl 011 V I nous J)HF. I/»’ TM / \ /
arc Staple and Fancy •»»<«!<, Notions, A,
*?p .i 1an5i.1l and cheap. • cupt'
n'Srs' tliiii •. . 1 rial" and desirable te I l -!i
i|j; Nieeas-ortineiUoft^ueensandtil t
till , .t -T. - I|||l ri to boss . ' o
East Room of Sul Ur iiihli**'j.
December is, ls»o.
N ew ewel ry,
New Silverware!
I s/»/ //(</;>
pood a* found in any market, and have tin
OFII VI TIUl hv which ail ■ ■< ’ i r. i ♦ • • It ;
nieiit -.".r 1 r s i u*vd. I will take the titm an ’
lias, the patience to i- lire to my patron
per*'t Z. tit ns po-»iblo, hut if after trial they
' d,( «usjt, (aa is often the case.) I will la'
pleasure in exchanging;—which is ’111 advantage
ov*-r itmcrciit s,«*-tarle |HalLers. for 1 am here,
and they eomc ami po, and when pone if yotir,
sjns-.s do not suit they are only injurious and
xviirtliles*. t,’, f
1 i'n ti hr*. ( I in'lrtot iuL Jewelry flrpu Irrd
in n workmanlike manner.
Nd Charge for Engraving
attv giy»h sold by me.
Sign of the Hip W atch.
. . i 0j»| the -Sadler Building.
&*,»♦. 18, Ivat.
/( /; 4 ftiwi.fi.
M V Ii E t'BKAM PAKl-OKis ltv opened t
the season. Ladioa and flentWsmon cat
now be accommodated with the best Ice Cream ,
I 1- :iru and I • AI*o Welding*. Parties ami
Faniilh-sf'Wiii'he 1 xx i»li Ornamental and other,
fiikcs, ami Icc- oil slmrt notice and'
reasonable terms HI >TAV BROWN
May 7, Mr l.

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