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' - * IT - , a ■ . Egiiyr
** * * * I ^
■ af' } , ’
Ti:ii ms.
rff* Tux Fax* I'tK* is published weekly at 7Vo
D i Fifl.1 Feats prr ni»*ni *'* •*«»«.
rHRKK DOLLARS it n»t paid inadvanee.
irir > .« dw.w <« v< c *i*for
far- The teraM <*f advertising are. far a square
f.>ue inch >r’.ess. ft-e !»•> ir.r / */«jr <?«*•«• tor
threeiaserti-W* -larger one* in the same propor
ti .n. Kach continuance Ft/fjr
p^p«Sn advertisement !■» be con-iderod by the
m >alb or rear utiles* specified on the Manuscript,
or previously agreed upon between the parlies.
•tT v:» advertisement not marked on the copy
f..r a sp' ciiied nt nber i>f insertions will be con
tinued until ordered «ut, atid payment will be
exacted accordingly.
•(Pll^rut AitvcsrtsRUssrs.—To avoid any
m,sand *rstandin" on the p*i t of the annualadver
t,.ers it is pi «p >r to *tat • it*f»*cf/y that their pri
v, Vue on'v extends to their immedikte business.—
Real tattle, Legal or ailoth r idvertLcmcntssent
t,r them to be an additional charge, and no varia
t^T^bitoUT notices f *n *ro tain tire lines
will be charged for.
JOB WORK V, Fircu’ irs.
Cards, Ac.,executed promptly, neatly, and at fair
prices. _ _
Charlestonu, West > irginia.
*. in e af L _ril.tr >!• s * >:i tin- Kir-: Friday
lore Full M • 'U, unit" M » t'uii>>»‘ Fn lav.
J. MIL 1>1 K.F., \\ . M.
V L. Hum >• •
Sc; *. I'L 1RS1—ly.
I*i'OffSM j (tit . a f 1 ’ft »*• fs.
\V3l. H. TH VVIMiS,
.irroKYia i*» i t»r.
i h irlr>t ‘ir i, t fW*v. I
V !t pri i«v in tli' * ‘ io‘ *t tliisf'unity a:ul
tli- i I uning t’ oisi'i -.
• >.i • u-xt tl > tr ! • ti T. i-l-"vot Mro W.J.
H v, .. .hi 1 iie.irl -• • • • - t tii * Carter IL>ii c.”
' iIkt ‘JS. 1 ”■**».
g. luivlur. Win. L. kVilmm.
i rro/f \m s it 1.1if.
I vi.-WI. "• ' ■ "
v ill attend the *‘-i I • • •» and lh rk
, . f itinli'M. and fiend t" ■ :i. r !nv Vi-mcv
iM ti|,. >t ,v \V*-t Vir iaiu. Serial alien
ti«*n riven ?•» eolleetitins.
Matvli a, 1 r*T* >.
jY. 11. lvllNNHDV,
attit s t: i i i /. nr.
i'lkivTi futrn, Jr '!" ' /. h - I -
Will prartiiv in Jed- r->'» an l a lj*>min;i f »un
• trti.-r third 1 »,»r ;tt (ti’tsoii Law liuiminjl.
Sejij.-ndH-r 1^7 ■ » I.
L>r. C. T. KICII Vlil>Sk ’ N,
i»:i > sn i i v ,v si uuiittx.
Charl‘ +>K», 1J I t >»>,' I 'l t/t'tta.
April I. l'7t.
•«. .1. MOOIJH,
■ i.tryrtH', r t, /. t . **7, I tt ‘jiuuir
.trroif.vkr if i. in,
JrTi* .. ' :ufy, If, V I .
Will uutlt*r<»ke ea.** jointly l:i tin* V mrtv yf
W..‘i Count iv*.
ii.s/ li, i?7i
Ui.-rtKi. » Lr« \t, K W. Bran.Nines.
t.L'OAW A: HUDlNGllli,
Attorneys and t 'trt.- llor* at I.aw.
1 > .
.1 s'jrr<»iuidini; tsiuati
.\u<u-t 1 : ihsl.
1)K. .1. 1>. STAKKV,
. kerf ■•ow i. • iftr. M'-. ‘ . .ij,
ll.vriiii.’ (vtiliiusl lilt- prs»et t* Me.lhua', ■;
v,ts 1ns 1* f -viiir i' • v i, r t‘> the ptti»ii‘
tiJkv iii-t* d 'f in n -nlt-nte, near cttfin r ol
t . an.I Mi,in - if, ;
January -2. !<*♦►.
. ■ |1 ■
* 7 ro ft v/;i s nil *».
r'hir/diiuti'ii, Jv.' ' h him,
li.Atiu ' .osts-nitt 1 fttrt:. ; ti of l-aw. v. il!
Vir » .til 'I." lih.i. A' ,-Ht: -a ii\*-u t-i
» > t; iV'Tiwmii
.*.* sp. ,dat». :h'^t.»Cul!e h a
V |.rii ■ I s* -'
ATTitK.M i IT t II*.
Will pr.u-litH-in J« i at; i ulp'initi-.' *
*1 • rrotupt an-ntion t.»t \!k*-iioiu*f t1ahn<.
*,-»»,li«v ill «•! ••*•>» I-1' * t'liumsr. i >' • >n
V, i -<• ' n!
l«ri. iry -*•-*. 1 :'>—y.
SAMi KI. H. >i:iLI *
ATTtH:\t.Y ’fl Ilf.
SA- A.. ' f ’r,4, J, f.* • •' ;t. If * !>*»»«,>
I‘art Otari • nr i j-aid to *• - F -i • "i •-!
, . , I,, >t< .11. j—< will haw the iueust
: „f Mr. \:i t- -v F. K« r tv. i harles
. ():!i • • ■ : ' 1 »•• • !.
o,-ti.:*r -i’>. 1 'ft'.
mi. c. i ‘. foi ki:.
/•//» sir/ IN sYitt;Ko\
rr„, w. J"j h r • •. H' t
•* > r».- in 1 • Kut;■' T.i-v Building.
o. t .Ik r t_\ 1*7'—y.
ATrottWY ir LA IV. t
HWo if«» ( <‘j. I> <*/
|; . .ms . and » an y Building,
ii* 1 .;i \\ >t■ V \V.
\j.ril .V. 1 '7 s.
ItK.VXTON l>. (ilH'ON.
r\ t ft,J -r r.. IF. F<».
OI'; ■ in (.io^.n I..4W BniMin • 1 ur
1 yard. Will I' J*r -v.ipt in nukin'! .*i d liv
emu collection*.
All.- JUth, '! y.
1)11. II. .-s. CAS I I. ; man,
1*1/1 si Cl IV «V '1 /*<■*.»> v.
• h‘ir!'-d-“r>i, J> tfrr> • . H»-*' !'•>/*>o'».
Z -j-infivt* <>n t 'iiarle -! r« i'. next to redden*,
. of N ' White, K-|.
JiOiuary '-J. I"1
Kif .NTH XX AXTKD for the Standard
Revised New Testament,
I . >
|>ar.!i\.• Kdittoa. <>v r 11‘»» "lit**'*? ••
tii<‘ Hihle .uni "I tl" New K**vi>ion y'»wn t
witoertlwr*. The -e.-ret of s»nw*'t»»l ea»'a>s
in.. -iv.-« ewry a„'. nt, < ud tor o«r Id-era
ttTin* ( \(<-ntioii ihi** |*a|**r
k tiikuksiW hii.utb.iu,
F.'iahli«t..-,l l '17. Norwi. h,»-ant.
Sej.t. !o, i*t.
. w‘t Kf .n- KV.
Orner o f Pennsylvania Avenue ami7th Street
Washington, 1). (J.
VTthe Junc'ion of the Avenue and Seventh
Street iUilnad, direct eeaamuuieudoa with
he liferentStea about and Railroad lines is of
BOARD >’2 per Day.
May 6, 1376— Proprietors.
Mansion House,
1SA\ r 131015 10.
1500.11* I IIIST-CLASS, M i l’ll
Terms jS* 1.O per Day.
Opposite Barnum's City Hotel,
ISA \t’ AM5DI5TSOX, Proprietor.
March tO, 1375. JuaelS, 1S7C—
MaltHy House
rsill K *‘>1 \ I.TBY” is the only Hotel in Btl
^ timore conducted on both the
! Ow ing to the decline In cert rf many articles
appertaining to our expenses, the rates of board
will be reduced alter March 10th, to
$2.00 o«.i $2. jo pee l>rty oh tke Aif rrl:-u'I PinH
anil $I.0tMo,$2.00 om tAe Europe in.
Being the only iloteiiu the country haring a
1 those rates
and all modern improvements.
April I t, 1377-y. Proprietor.
4iMR*Mnn awvxe,
X. E. Corner Ninth ami Che :nut St.*., P‘:l»
J. M- Ku i x. Manager. J. II. Dknmsox, S.t p
STREETCAUS run from all tlic principal
|> t,. tin* HOTEL. The aeounm... Lit ions
are in all re'pvVls e^Ual to any in the City.—
j - vim per il.iv.
GEO. W. iJ'OY,
Oyster Packer,
S*ccexsor> to Alt Ft y.
\o. () Ilollin"*worth snort,
|ifowjWty to, <%n<l
+ai%mJ**9Ct\4>H J *'»»*« Htttl .
| October *ilf 1ST 1 — tf.
THUS. M. GREEN & i'lU).,
Winks Li«»rotfc> ani> Ciuaks,
rSj 0 til tutor* Si., tj'tg >9 fl iltid' Jjf,
aiM’Piom:, ml'.
XVuw. Coilt'OB, giiffarH-uU
ol< —>,i -t t, Pick Its, I oiulimcut', i'Cc.
<)ld Hlvmilios,Wines, \\ his- :
kies, Gins,&o.
Zt^Syrrial Inducement* to Hotel- Keeper* and
Country .l/rr, 4<t*,/*.
Til OS. M. OILMEN A 1)
-G West Baltimore Street.
F brmry 13, 1S79-T.
j SEN’S :
if >iS ? J.» VHS Si) I /.V,
V .all.'' uml lLiet" Summer mill Fall Press ^
usul School Suits,
» ,i th .< mint r tn 'i i • * •* •» v i
A - vari- ‘ v >*f Now ami Beautiftil Designs. |
\ *' ,' . iin h'r<nj Partieufcr, I
or M’Huy R- 'uu'l’ l.
anil 1»17 \V?}I Ualtltnoio *«rr:ct,
II,ur Watches are Made.
Ir will !>•■ apparent to any one. who will ex
a’tiin n Soi.ir> iioi.n \'*ati ii. that aside from
t!u i -arv thi. 1 d rengraving ami r"l
••-hill V a large proportion ‘ f the precious lettal
u%li . ms li d o* ly -till* n and h‘ld tlu* cn
. i 1 l. -ti ms in place, and 'iipj ly the nocos
•idit\ and strength. The surplus gold
w a< tnallv ins dlessso Tar as vtiutv andlieauty
■•'■r: i d. In J AMI id BOSS' PATKNT
i, »»!,!> W.VlVil l 'ASKS, this w v<tk of prci ion
nietal is overcome, ami the samk souditv 'ni
srm v.tii pr id need at from one-third '■ me
half of the usual cost of solid cases. 1 he pro
, ,if the most sin pie r.ati’.r > ‘ llo*' s: a
i t.of nicklv comp- sition tm. 1, especially
ad. p d to the piirjioso. ha- tv o plet- s of solid
...ldored . ne *»n each U\ The three arc
tin t: passed k'Wccn polished steel rollers, and
i he r »nIt is a strip of heavy plated comp *sition,
from - v i i •! i the ewes, backs, centres, bcsclsq
,Ve are cut and shaj*ed by suitable die t!i"l
formers. The gold in theve cases i • -tiy
thick, to ttdinit of all kinds of chasing, hngrav
ing andemumlling; the engraved ca * have
!•■ on carried until worn ptricctly smooth by
time and u*e without tvmov dig the a Id.
i us Is rill: <>\KY ( AsK M ADK WITH
TW <> PI. VTr s , ,!-• *i.| |> i>I.!> ,\NI* WAU
K VN 1 KD IIN >1 !< I.lld KKTlFIi ATK.
! r -ah ‘a all Jew. lers. Ask for illo-t rated
Catalogue, and to see warrant.
1 April .. -ly.
M Y BAR is supplied with Lintinrs of every
description—of the best quality.
iijb. sms. is m
Baltimore and Rochester Beer
— ail of the best. Fre*h Koct.e >r Beer delivered
«tivwhere in town at $1 per dozen.
’ .5. 23, lt>7‘*. Basement Jetlerson Luildin'’.
H AXDSOME Fanlilv Quarto Bible* V*' —
. Worcester's Unabridged Dictionary $7.5°.
Brvant’s Selection of Poetry and Song f --
Bartlett * Familiar ('notation.' S'klM): Bry:r t *
Complete Poems. Illustrated. $-l.no. Owen Mer
i.litli s I.ucite $2.50; Shake* per re’s < ’■ .mpieto
• Works $;*.o0; Campbell'.* Select ion Of Poemsc*.
The Popular Lansdoxvne Editions, complete, <M
English I’octByron, Burns, Moore, Words
worth, Poiie, Coleridge, Campl'd!, etc., ?1.00.
■ Either Bvun, Ib.ht. Brownii'.-. Edgar A. l’oo
j from $1.25 t<> .*'2.'>n ‘Ike Pin.imr.n Edition of
i I*... ;*■ Longfellow. \\ hittier. Saxe, Bret llnrte,
| Ac., 75c. c.l imbers' Kueydopcodia, complete,
: 15 vol. edition of 1 *so. cloth binding. Si.00.—
1 Same with ' nuric:.» ' n*. larre type, 13 V.,
doth binding. -1.‘<; same half Russia. ~'K
We will order ami furnish any look publish
ed in a short time and at moT'-rate prices. Ur
dc’“s solicited.
Agency for publications of the American
Book Exchange, large stock till hand. Seaside,
Standard and Franklin Square Libraries. Any
kick* net cp k g,! v. ill 1 • tdered promptly.
Full »U>ck of all SchiMil Bo;>ks< tisod iti the
Male aiul TYmale Srli »»!> «*t I'lmrldvtown and
vic inity. We- Virginia Sell >ol Books at con
School Supplies.
•, ho.ii Satchels, t* . tc.', ( -.pv Book*, I cncil
Tablets, Exercise and Drawing Books, lens,
, Pencils, Rubbers. Inks, etc., in largea.**ortment
I > I.AIR 1 a-kets Writing paper 25,hfid
1J 5oc. Writing PajH-r in ! " ■ all s’ylns and
price*; Xote, Lett, r, l’ool-c -p, !.■ 1-cap and
Bill Paper, Plunk Fo.-?- . Memorandum Books
in great' aricty. The host 5 ct::t paper out—
try it.
Sow is Your Time to Punt.
Agonev for the sale of the edehrated Ayr
Y»rk Hon ot I'flnt*. We can recommend tlii*
a* one of the best an* l mo*! durable of the rea« ij
mixed paints in tli • market. Sample card \
soi mi:us caiiMicxLCO'x r.uxr.
W® are lust in receipt of a ! ;r.m shlpi »ent of
;h"*e cod-urn 1 can iiil order.* for any <;u.mtity j
i je.u tin in barrels, pad*. • ail m and hat! gallon
I cun;—call and see simple color*. ... ;
, l.owls' Lead, Linseed Oil, Color*. <’ia*s, i ut- ;
t v. Varnish •*. \r. Everything in the Fainting I
li.ii. nr lu.Ttoiii orices.
For Nile bv
Vn 27, !. ' N. P. HENDERSON * 00.
Wholesale Dealers and Manufacturers of
No. 31 S. Sharp Street,
*\b. It. *80.
J.ts. H. Mckiughlin.] [Clitf. 1! Herbert.
When you go to
(Ojicned September 1, lss.*,)
Entirely new. First-clas- in every respect..— I
Solid Walnut Furniture throughout. Gas in
cverv room, ttnnnin.: Water i jvn eaeh door.
April 10, 1SS1. Proprietors.
Pensions! Pensions!
WAR 1812.
John H. Gnlluhor,
Olaiu ami) Paths » Aukst,
March 30, l*7S.
l.urny, V irginlu,
X. A. REST. PjmrnnrroB.
Table snppliisl at all time: with the best the (
. . Hacks for th I.uray Cavei
for fi uccon
January “r*, ]S*t.
One Piiee Mannfuctmv. r and Furnishing
Fall and Winter
Our Own Make
. Ready-Made Suits
ars constantly at work in our Manufactory,
making what the l’coplc want.
Boys’ an<l Childreti's Clothing
.1 Sj'fciiiPy.
Neat f'tBttg and Stylish tlaC'V nN
this lino
for less Money
than the Material am! ''faking
will cost.
iyiecv itiooiis
\ml Merchant Tailoring Ivparfment nr>t-<da>, •
i:i every particular. NI« n'saml Boys’ Furnish
ing tii. «K Hats and ( a:». ' 'aiics and Fiubrel- j
'a*. Kol • >, Buggy, Sleigh and Horse Blankets,
,V <;il!eirnt stvlc* < f t«love> of our own make. 1
, 1 f. - or*- Illustrated Circular, mailed free i
to ail.
* ‘othic's, Hatter, and <rents’ Furnishers,
Opposit- “ Baldwin H« use. ”
Hagerstown, Md.
! Sept 94, 1881.
«ft Wrluablc i'tiiUUng i.ot for
rPHE 1I0FSE and I.oTt w-■< upiedby Mrs.
I Susan Howard, opposite the Presbyterian
Parsonage. It is one of the most valuable
Bui 1 diner Lots
u he found in the town. For terms apply
. to M: SUSAN llO\\ AKD or fc>
Tidy 10. lv*l—3ru.
Hsuralgia. Sciatica, Lam b a go,
Backache, Soreness of tho Chest, Gout,
Quinsy, Sore Threat, Swellings end
Sprains, Burns end Scalds,
‘ General Bodily Pairs,
Tooth. Bar andHecdacho, Frosted Feet
end Ears, end oil other Pains
and Aches.
V Preparr.ii r cr. earth CQtu'.l:« Pt. .! tOT Oil.
n . Ktmyl-anO Extensa! Krimaiy
A '.rial (•is:', but (he coHtMUtUi 11iriUiui; ouuu/
r.( . or.** ■ -X very < no Mllfcri: •' : - pa.il
v have cheap i • | £8vo {® : : * .
Directions in Eleven IjurTUigCs.
A.VO£r'')uh <jG.y
Jt:iltitaorc, 2Id., C. .7. £•
H'iiir/ioxfer, Virgin in,
April 1, 1**1.
T:r<-it hj h Vf*m.v’ £-Ixpcricm cc /
/•». ivii/ni/ S i/H'rri.-inn, F hionabfc Cutting, thr
Jicfl Workmanship and the J.ovot Price*
are impovtint fac-t* to Ik* considered when se
t cling your
] Spring ond Sumtte
Gents’ Furnishing Goods, Ac.
Merchant Tailor,
Xortbrret Corner Public &iuare,
guarantees nil th'f**-eo***HW»fntionK; (Uul oilers
to the public tF*!lrr<'wl*«nil most choice
stock of
to h • found in this dr adjoining counties.
1 and inv son do nil the cutting, nnd with j
twentv wars' experience, strict personal super
vision of nil t.dn nnd suits going out of my
establish: •» lit, ivii]>'ed with u l.ar :v and Choice
Stork of ti e i.iOe't Pes’Cll: n'd best textures,
piece pi .Is -i ld l y the yard and no charge
made a r cutting them into suits with the
Lovowt PosMlblo PricoH,
I am conlldent of j:i\ ing entire sal!.'fact ion.
I solicit patronage, court competition, amigo
upon tl'.“ : '!••> , t " Live and I ■ 1 Live.”
‘ J. I). SWARTZ.
June 1. ’ -1. Merchant Tailor.
time Tc i i on 'a-t;,
(Foruier’y flapping!' u Mol'd)
r»*HK Undersigned h vine* b the above
1 named li •!. mb. pa '• rc :
and thoroughly* and e.mu' furnish o it,
now informs the public that i*rej arc.l to
r, iw ]»»(•!>!:'iient Imurder* <*r transient cueists,
fho i j (nee of year# t '•
ranee .f hi# aptn< and ability b> <• iter ogrcca
I ly to the wants of the public, and lie helievi
lie subserves his own inter, -t 1..-U by serving
the public generously and honestly an lcourte
R.v.p eoU'fe.rtahle; T ;*i!eand 1> ir w-n up
plied : Stables amide t or t:ie ac**ouinio lation of
horses at Liverv: Omnibus, attend upon arri
val and denart ire of trains , < • mo-U nUc.
July 1*. 1**1—3m. V,. h. 1 At
Important Notice to Guilders.
‘fJpHR und wslgncd is gi' ing hi? sole attention to
at Roadside, P Mcingham County, Virginia, and
has facilities for filing onhov of any extent and
great varietv. 11c command fere ts of growing
timber of the very best quality, and milling ca
pacity to meet the most extravagant demand? of
this section.
Orders for Lumber for
cut in si?' and length to meet the demands <>i
Builder: .r other , tilled promptly upon terms
with which no other person in the Valley of \ ir
ginia can compete successfully.
The subscriber has in former year?supplied
verv many persons in this section with Lumber,
and in returning thsnksfor past patronage, and
in soliciting the orders of old customers and new,
promises a careful personal supervision, so that
orders mav posatisfactorily filled. Address,
* DR. 8. P. H. MILLER,
ft. V. R. R.
Rockingham Co.,
March 18,1879.
• . ■ i; in yoi i oun town. Ten is an 1
JjjSOO ■
‘‘O.. Portland. Maine.
Mar. 1:\ ’81—Iv.
Corner of Georoe Street and Twenty Foot
l>Iolxl & TJ ro .
m o > i; n e .tts,tomiis,
K. alnml Foot Stones. Mantles. vtatues and
Carving, in all it* various branches. nml all
work in their business. -Ml order* promptly
tilled at the lowest r:*te. and Miortest notice,
Kiid all work delivered and put tip. and i nar
entc«-<i to suit purchasers. If not. m> sale.—
I»lea*e cnll and see and judge for yourselves 1*
f. ire purchasing elsewhere, and j.atroir> Horn*
The subscribers lmve also in operation their
shop in Martinsburg. where they will give
, protunt attention to all work entrusted toth.m.
Cf.arlestowr. Jt.lv 1* 1S07—y
KcnJa'Mn Cabell Washington.
Written for the Pittsburg Evening Chronicle.
He was a boy for whom we well might mourn;
Gentle, docile, tractable and good.
Our Ik arts had felt no shadow of a fear
l«'or all his future.
In our agony'tis hard to say
•• (tod*.- will he done" ; hut yet we truly feel
That our affliction is our dear one's gam;
For in his sinless youth he went to God,
And so in t< ars. vet willingly, we make
Our Ford this ..ifering—a Cur young heart.
And while we ll never cease to mourn forhim;
ilis di-position and his nature sweet,
We would not ask to have him back again,
For well we know that when our course is run,
And we shall tread, we trust, the paths of ;
Among the sweetest flowers that blossom there,
We quick will recognize our own pure bud.
Thus is our sorrow tempered with the hope
That we shall find our dear dead boy again.
September 23, 1SSF By F. C. M’G.
Finland Jove Song.
I saw the moon rise clear
O'er hills and vales of snow,
N'cr told my licet reindeer
Thu track 1 wished to go.
Yet quick he bounded forth,
For well my reindeer knew
I've but one path on earth—
The path that leads to you.
The gloom that Winter ca t
How soon the heart forgets,
When {Summer brines at Lest
Her. sun that never sets!
s<) dnv'rcd my love to you,
So, ii oil through joy and pain,
Thau Summer sun more true,
'Twill never set again. _
II. V. *C U'. IF. /.’• CALL IHEIt. Editors.
Charlestoirn, Jefferson County, West Va.
■, . 22, 1881.
From the an :
The Baptist church whit h has been un
i • c .. _i.ii,* ...;n (in
unuuui|; u j«ui o -.
reopened this week.
On Saturday 1-t instant, the Masonic
Lodge at Bunker Hill, assisted hy members
from siat< r Lodg< s, laid the eoWw r stone of
a new ehureh building to be erected by col
ored nicinbers of the church at that village.
Judge C. J. Faulkner, Jr., of this city re
ceived a severe sprain of tin* left ankle on
Monday last. In step} ipg from the .pave
ment to the street, his foot turned, causing ;
a painful lmt we hope not a serious sprain, j
Mr. John \\ all, who came to this city
from Winchester several years ago, and held
a position at the Ii. A: <>. depot,-died at the
residence of his son in-law, Mr. (*. F. Leans, .
on Saturday morning last, after a severe and
protected illness. His ago,was o7 years.
On Wednesday night,-r»tb, a fi*« broke
out in the rear buildings of the dwelling of
Mr. Thomas Kratz. By prompt arrival and
energetic work of the firemen the flame*
were subdued before any serious damage to
the main building. Loss several hundred
LorenzoSibert. the inventor of the famous
“ Sibcrt” process for making steel from iron
ore. died in ^tafuiton aged seventy-eight.
Forcpaugh’s$10,000beauty, Miss Louisa |
Montague, was perhaps fatally injured last
week on a Kentucky rail collision.
Colonel William I’reston Johnson, of!
Virginia, has gone to Louisiana tot ntcrupmi
his dutit s as president * f the ^tatc I niver
sity at Baton Rouge.
Last year J. K. Yates, of Rappahannock
county, Va., purchased 27r)-!n. p, for which ;
lie paid $3.50 aidece. The lambs and wool
this year brougr.t him $1,701
A 'Frisco Presbyterian church lias expel 1
t"l a Mrs. Cooper, Bob Ingtrsoll’s cousin,
for heresy in disbelieving the story of Jonah
and the whale.
The next general council of the Presbyte
rian world wide alliance will occur at Bel
fast, Ireland, in June Tl. Committees arc
air 'udy stirring.
liev. I>r. Lee, whom the Newark Prcsby
t*Tv lately disciplined for inviting ladies to
occupy li>- pulpit, has bec< mean editor and
a l-wedcnborgmn.
Oliver Doud Byron, the actor, x ill build
at. L(i:i./ Branch'll cottage modelled after
(larfiehVsbirth placefr< in the ties ami -pikes
u- d in tbc temporary track laid at Elberon.
The country stores are taking in enormous
auantiti S of dried fruit. Anextinordinary
demand it anticipated the coming winter for
every species of dried, prest rved, and canned
i edibles.
General John Echols, of Virginia, reports
that on a tour through the baekwoods of
Kentucky and West Virginia be found oven
the cabins of the colored people with their
bits of crape in mourning for Garfield.
Presley Cowen, of Helmont count), Ohio
—son of ex-iinh’C I). I). Cowen, of St.
( laircville, nephew of ex-Asst. Secretary
; Cowen, of the Interior and grandson of ex
i ngn is man B. S. Cowen was killed last
week by falling some60 feet.from a balloon.
In London, where the average 'price of
coal is higher than in the United .states, gas
is sold at seventy-five cents per thousand
feet. At this rate the leading Condon com
pany made a profit la t year of >1,000,000,
or 13.1-6 percent, upon its capital.
The new -team pump which ij to supply
Richmond with water will lie in operation
about October 13. The water is taken from
the canal, about 150 yards below the point
where the river water enters. Fortheentirc
work the city council appropriated SH0,000
in 5 per cent, bonds, worth considerably
more than par.
“Is l c sen hot?" asks a contributor in
S' in.cr. Her •*-: the mr.fi you’re looking for
Mr. President, the dog days have failed to
r< ach him. Send him as consulate to sonic
warm climate—very * arm.
This notice is found ported up i:i a \ ir
ginia blacksmith shop : “N< tic—Pe co
partnership heretofore resisting betwixt me
and Mo>e Skinner i- hereby resolved. 1).
what ocede firm will settle wid me, and
dem what dc firm owe will settle wid Mosc."
“ Off with your coat !v’the father cried,
ran dished
Between the licks his son replicl
MA soft tan, Sir. tumeth wrath."
“Now, Willie,” said the anxious mother,
1 “how did you get that big daub of molasses
on your best jacket ?” “Oh, sirup-titio’ sly,
* ma’”and his peculiar wink save 1 him n
1 boxed ear
.1 Colorado
Standing upon the margin of a lovely
lake in the bosom of the nestling mountains
above the beautiful Village of Georgetown,
in Colorado, one can see a sunset more
brilliant and beautiful than was over looked
upon in the East, and which G >>nly equaled
by the virgin reach of reddening light
which mellows into twilight shadows on the
plains. I saw it on a summer evening when
all nature was hushed in stillness. The
hreflio* shot through t' growing dusk like
sparkling louries in Egyptian night. <)vcr
hanging forest and swart and blackened
crag were reflected iu the green waters of
the lake. The sun hovered, as in a fascina-1
ted spell, above the mountain tops, while
ravs of golden light, flushed with crimson
peak undine, * (.r nature’s battlement-. It
seemed to glow and expand like an opening
r ’se, until it became full-blown, ar.d cast
its arrowy peneiIi*,os f,,v mi!i.« ro.-s the
sky liken mighty flame. Thou, as ifashanied
of*its boldness, it drew a veil of grayish
mist about it; face and blushed beneath it.
The mist changed into a Clou ! shamd
gold, ar.d in its wonderful asp recalled
the legends of Mohammed’s bantu r. red ami
lurid beneath Asian skies. Even as 1
looked it change. The darkening scarlet
was tan.-i irmed to rnbv brilliancy. Long
lines of pallor whitened on the parti-colon d
surface, side hv sidojwi'.li guidon lances,
which scorned to ila-di from the glowing orb
like dissolving rays. Theeimmorii sky f<i
one feverish instant caught and mirrored all
the colors of the rainbow. Then again it
darkened—flushed a • I paled -and drawing
the hovering draperies the n:ghtut it,
sank out of night. The stars cam ; out.
The night-hawk poised on swooping pinion,
-bricked above me ion si solitude, lue
leafy murmur of the meaning pim s took up
the refrain and awoke the fp •il-bmind - use
into life and action. The charm was gone,
but th" beauty lingered on t: e farcy Id.e a
beautiful menu xy.—Oiu Herald,
Friendship t»i Lett ere.
It lias keen wid tha* Ktti rs ‘‘ari' in vain
for purposes of intimacy, ’ and though per
haps they may be for building up a friend
ship, yet some iiicnddiips cannot survive
Wlliiom, incir ncip.
there arc that wc dare not trust our-; Ives to
say in the actual presence of our friend.
Uur faces and our tones are expressive, and
we cannot choose our exact opj*ortuiiJty, nor
frame our sentences on the spur ot the^ino
ment. Many times we say to ourselves, “1
will tell him this, or I will ask him to tell
me that,” and then w hen the time comes it
is impossible to catch the moment. A iqot
step, the rustle of a leaf, and timidity seizes
us. We frame the sentence, wc look up at
our friend’s face and sec something that i- a
barrier—ptv«ildy only ft shyness po-sihly
a passing fear of how much must follow, it
the question is put and answered. Anyhow,
it is a barrier, and we end the sentence in the
opposite direction to w hich it was begun.
Vet the words unuttered, and the friendship
ni l /as so many do in the mere exchange of
every day opinions, flavored to -uit the fan
cied requirement* of the person we are Ini' -
ing to. Hut in letters it is dill' r • it. T •.< re
the question can bo asked or the sentence
framed, and yet that ubtle influence we all
possess over each other not produce the
wrong ctlect or came the thought it self to
cease to'l> lor the time. Your friend In
time to hear you to the end. The words
remain with him with just that s< •n-eof un
certainty as to why you uttered them which
is so often the saving clause when w hat is
said might awake auger <>’• annoyance. No
doubt you run the risk of the letter reaching
vourjfricnd when lie is full of other thougl ts.
but so he may be when in your company,
and this is not forced upon you siiddei'lr, ji «
it might easily lie, when you had said halt
of what you meant to say. After nil, ri-ks
must he run, and it is often better for the
friendship in the end that £one side sbrnild
be able sometimes to frame his speech un
trammeled by hi t friend’s presence, than
that both sidi's should hesitate and fail at a
critical moment through the undue influence
of what, after all, may not be more than
passing emotions reflecting tlnaoselys upon
an o:<i rcssivc countenance. It i « ■> n true
that some natures can only be reaily inti
mato in letters. Saturoa that are i
more from habit and instinct than from
reason, and who are unduly sensitive to tone
or look, will often find p* r-onal inteVcoune
h -s helpful to freedom of intimacy than the
comparative solitude that .surn uuds inter
course through 1‘tiers. / s Iviiuisor says,
“Wc it and muse, and arc serene and com
• A. * « l.nf tl*n mnmnnt W'ft IliH f \Vlfll lillV"
iiodv t ;.' h becomes a fraction ” Perfect
conTnii nco may exclude all rc'd for letters,
and the f) * 'r the friendship become# tie
more diilie .It iii s. me ways it i- 1 > b • inti
mate in letters but - > I mg a in' imaev ij
complicated by tdiym-v; and r- < rve, - - long
will me r.aturi tir.d th'> uniting element
only in letters.
-*.> -—
The Vnntal ( aril.
A Treatise on the history of th p«;bd
card has been published in M<*rl*n. The
originator of the idea is i.iid to ha\c been
i a German .State official, Dr. Stojihan, who
wrote an es ay upon it in Ibi'A. nutria
was the fir.it to adopt it, beginning in Octo
bor, 1809. 1 lie hrst fIir”.• months witm .d
tire passage of cards through the
maiis. Germany followed suit in 17<>, and
on the first <b;v after the introduction of
the postal card 4r», M‘tB were hi nt off in I»* r
lin alone; and within two months over
2000,000 were used. Other countrie- soon
initiated the anu -tep. 1 Hiring the Franco
I’russian war the postal card *y* ten was a
great boon to both armies. Ovir int0fi»i,000
' cards paa-cd during the campaign between
the German soldier* ;vd th*f* iricrds and
homes. Thegrer.test proportional < >njiimt)
tior. of jK"*-/.i cards occurs umiU'^tionably
in the 1 niUsl States. Tlic whole of Lurojte
is estimate'] to use annually 3-Vi/si0,09*t,
ivhile the consumption in the United States
alone will probably not fall short of 280,000,
OOO.Oou. Germany consumed in 1*7’.' 122
747,000. The use of the j-.,ul card is,
moreover, constantly increasing, and to some
1 extent, at the expense of the letter corres
pondence. There are now said to be seventy
three countries in which it is introdu «d.
Austria, which has the honor of first putting
the idea into practical execution, is now
said to have cards of tin* poorest materia!
an I most inconvenient form
“Can pa mah'e a circus, ma “I don I
know, Johnny; I suppoae hi could it he
had a gr>- it deal of money to buy hor-; s ant
wild animals; but why do you ask, Johnny V
“Ob, nothing much; only I saw that Gaitot
fellow that you told sis not to have nothin,
to do with standing with his arm arount
her at the hack gate last night, and he mi*
to sis, “I s’pose if yer old man came a
1 round now he would make a circus,’ xnd -i
laughed and -aid, "You lx !
.1 Visit to Henry Clay's Toinb.
Here we visited Ashland Farm, the home
of the “Great Harry of the West.” All of
that once magnificent farm (except that
p jrtton owned by James Clay and on which
he now resides) w as bought by the State of
Kentucky. A portion has been set apart
fur an Agricultural and Mechanical School.
The old residence, on account of its dilapi
dated condition, has been rebuilt by one of
his sons on the same model. A go. si many
of the trees planted by the hands of Mr. and
Mrs. Clay as ornaments to the grounds
have been cut down and carried way. lie
is buried on one of tin* elevated spots in the
Lexington cemetery. The State of Ken
tucky nas erected over his remains a very
impofing monument of gra;iit and marble,
cut from its own quarries, in the basement
of the monument, through « glass door, is
seen Ids tomb, cm which is inscribed one of
those eloquent sentences, taken from one of
his speeches in Congress, in which he calls
on Hod to bear him w itness to the purity
of his motives and the absence ol any desire
for self-aggrandizement that prompted h b
advocacy of t^e pending measure before
Collgr. a.
The leading features <; a good root-cellar
are, proof ugaii -t f* t, neatness, dryness,
ventilation and cheapness. It a hill- ideis
conveniently near, it helps much to secure
these desired ends. An excavation should bo
lir.-t made, in sizA> depending noon the
required capacity ot the cellar, and in tb-'
erect a stout frame of timbers—p -t.s with
plank, or a log pen, and on which place a
-tout r of. The tarththat ha. b on excava
ted, is thrown over the structure, until the
whole is covered to the depth of two teet.
A door should be made in the exposed end
of the cellar, through which the rooti may
be put in and taken out. The smaller the
door, and still be convenient, the better, as
it allows of less exposure to the frost. A
quantity of straw pre-.- 1 in the duor-tray.
will ai l greatly in k> ping out the frost
Every farmer, with many roots to Ik stored,
should have a root-cellar, either bv itselt.
or in the lower part of tin* barn. It iJ not
well to store a large quantity of roots in the
I. _ .• •• i. .... .. .i. . __
thorn during wint-T may cause ickm t*'
the iumat —In imerican A<jriru!tnri*t
fur Ortoln-r.
The first article made from California
gold N believed to l>e a rosary, the metal of
which was mined in 18k-. It is on exhibi
tion in 1 os Angelos.
There is in Springfield, Mass., h piano
made in 1770 hv an undo and brother nf
Joint Jacob A*tnr, Iwrth of whom were at
that tiin? piano makers in 1/union.
Thyme will grow almost anywhere, but it
prefers a dry, poor soil. If the ground Sr
rich, the plant will grow too luxuriant and
lose its aromatic qualities.
The “rose” diamond is so called not from
any peculiarity of color, as many supposed,
but from the form into w hich it is cut, which
is twenty-four facet, w’tli Mic Jissc a plane.
All that is good in Lc Page' * “ Joan o*
Arc” is the expression beyoii'l d< seription in
the (aces. Ilersoul is fairly beaming through
tin* eyes. Hut a rose fare and brown neck
and shoulders are they a bh inisli'.’
In strength granite exceeds all < *fi •.
huihling stones in < < u nion use. Its w< igli*.
is about 1<><> pounds t<> the cubic foot, hen. *
a cubic yard weighs about two tons, tlran
itc usually contain* about ouc pare nt. M
The whistle of a locomotive can !> ■ In :r'
3,.‘{(in yards through the air ; the nob* ■>! a
train 2,500 yards ; the bark of a dog and
the report of a musket can be hear! I,*'1*
Minis ; the roll of p drum or an orehe-Ura
1,6<K) yar«ls; the human voice travels l.' oo
yards; the croaking of frogs, HW yards, the
chirping of crickets, WH) yard .
♦ -• ♦
The greatest curiosity at u country fair is
the orator. He is usually in his stweeh *<>
distant from uything agriciilWriu, even
when h»* talks of crops and stock, that the
farmerslik'-tolistfii to him. llepatronin
the countrymen by saying that the -on** of
the :-<»il an* as go./'l a-. <*tiur per,pic. .'lr.
Beecher pseil to talk about licit, rs and near*
and po-i'v in to miter that cutis* *1 tin
farmers’ wives to smile win n they discover* 1
how little be knew. Mr. 1 lay*»shook hands,
kijed the babies and wrote common places
in album? The agricultural orator is uu
Her,> n t cnmfrv fairs nrt< 1 tic
|t>* !r know about the things he talks
about the more h > *up]iorod t<* know a i*OUt
everything else.
«♦ ♦
A Wool anti wlx ; * gr».w« r -a> • Ii is my
ticii< f the'* the n al ria«n why our whr. t
crops only yiel l half a* much as the Knglish
• crop is that in Knglaixl fanners utilize s.'iccp
a~ grain-growers, while we only consider
them wool air1! mutton-makers. I have
; even heard an essay on ‘Sheep as the Feav
J engera of tl:** Farm,’ mi ailing probably
pickers up of unconsidend trifles in tins
i form of weeds. Now though 1 object on
'.in ly to slu rp bring graded a> wavcugtn,
[, with admirable ineon-i«t< ney, adiriro
them greatly in the office ot dung-carrier
that i-, feeding on heavy lands, or on crop
which cannot h*i profitably used in -m
■ it In i way. Fliei ji fed upon linseed «-r co!
ton-seeil-mral will distribute the < !• 11< n
' of fertilization continued in tlx -' fee*!
which they do not economize, and deposi
them whore the wheat was wanted to grow
I; I xw inarr; ,■ in T.xi 1 t>.d ; ' I;)
special license, is not legal if lb" ceremony
1 don not take plain i;i tin* in ning- that i
before noon. A sjn-ciai license, obtainabb
| on pavnient of r ier«r in t< <• toth<*arclitiiebop
I of Canterbury (that is to one of his * ierks)
legalizes a marriage at any hour of tin day
or night. Of late it has become rather
fashionable to pur< hasethe-c special li* n • -
an<I to have tlx- ceri inonv perfornxd in tin
' afternoon or evening.
The necessities of commerce sohlc times,
bring about strange re-ults. About three
■ hundred tons of bones for manure have
, arrived at IJristol, which are believed to i.'
part of the remains of thus who fell in and
near Plevna during the Kte Kuaao-Turki-h
war. home years ago . cargo of brines ar
{ rived at Livorjiool, and when the r marl
was made that they did not biok as it tlx ;,
were worth iiu'ch for manure, one of th
crew anftwered "1 don’t know what th*)
are worth now, but they’re part of tl
knights ot Malta !"
i J This i- the way a \ os-wr girl tells a j
• '■( Mi . oat the bi -t thing
I day. It waa too'fimny. I can’t retr o
1 just what she -aid ; imt Prof. Mitch*
■ answer was ju-t too funny for any use ; i
\ forget just exactly what 1 <• -aid, lutvit v.
just too good for anything

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