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oMil Tamils journal
Ortitfi* '.' i. issi.
UVmnI atul 1.<*»'«/ H tntrd.
\V«- are in need of both the above named
articles. Those* indebted to us^who prefer
lt, pay iu this way are respectfully requested
to meet our necessities iu thi* respect prompt
lien. 1>. U Strother. 1‘erte l rayon , f< r
tlie pa>t two years Consul at the City ot
Mexico, is uji a visa to this to* n.
Th. S. V. 15. U. Schedule has apt in been
channel. See in another column. It r
not incompatible with the interests «>t truv
ellcrs to note it.
\ tru# strengthen in >; tonic i* Hroivu s iont
Bitters. It makes the old tVel youne.
r. B. Winters died at hi* home in lltr*
p, r'n Kerrv o*i th“ tith. lie wii tut* n sud
denly ill whilst at work in Baltimore as an
employe of the P». At
(mss! health, r •*>• check*. b. uttiftil skill to
l.u<lie* win* u*o Brown * I ""ii bitters.
The dram! L sip* of I. O. O. F. of the
<tnie of W.-st Virginia met at IV.rkcrshtir^
Tuesday. 1*. th C M. H 'nsrn r.-pr-* abd
\Vildey I.odp\ of this place.
Wear, infornud that Mr. 11. 11 C >• !.
ha* purcl of Mr. J. V Simmons one of
the two brick dwelling li.e.t-es r. cvntly creat
ed by liiin on Mildred street.
M:ij. K. 1. M 'to b»* purchased o Mr.
.1 V. e:s the Mru. M r- . .\*tr the
“ Csrtt r I loose.*’ a ml la* s. ur> d t! e sc r. -
e.s.f Mr. C. W. A’Mpiith to conduct the
In a list of advertised Mtur* r.main :i;
.a the Charle*A-«, K.tnttha a maty, P >t
. • w. ft mi th.' tom. iv; ti{r nans* ; J< hn
. Jt j r. M* ore. Fannie Burn* Weir
r; „ e \\ ;ier. P.itri k II. IIu^Ik*
V ! of - >me scurvy purth * r>« i.
ve are itching for tl:e ! .*h. Anti *eorbu
ti.* i*i lee shape ofcowhuh* tufty be f p
i u*l ... .tear and inor- v . n«u v than tiny
]:..vo any id. a of. Her >i • tw.itBuiit win
surely W nietnl out.
Tlieen- ifrvtie r. ii.iht in w! ! h Mr. l!. K
-m.tih, c- utract-r, !::■> •: r i »!»•■;» tin
work of | f- paring for the tie.' apparatus, i.
an earnest of the promts; t • till the contract
t-» the letter. The m—>"ary excavation
are being mad by a c<>... ■ ? • t*« r*. o.
Hit. A. II | kies will la- ac-oni] aniul
to the Virginia >\n •<: next v.i k by Kuhn
Klder Jean Hunts, who wise. '*11 hy ti.*
sevsam to represent the 1 ‘r- -I.’.'. t .a!i t Litm 1
of this t- \in. The^yni -i is !• tui- t in IV
Ursburgon the 1st day ■ f Xo\ utl ir.
\'ol. \V. A. Mirgi:;, S.tepli, r 1st >w 1
hail his breech sp-icket t eked in . or V
iu Haltin' >r* last wiek .- c c Inn-ire:
dollar notes and heck-f* r % ra! t ■ u-aud
iu a sale pocket were not ached. L at.
8 by > com mission that l. in': km a a- laueii
v. it tb ::g; t it di-V
Rein u'i-r, ltr..a":’- I- 1 •• ' ivc lit ».
an i strength to min i ate! *• > !y
Mr. .f. 1*. .'h i r y, lin/m 1h l-et
running a !...*• .«»r the *' I -l--'t-v* 1. ::n .
Frederic*. 'it) Kailro:.-! r-c.at-y .rj ru
•id. He btaran i:< ar tLe r- V. It. It. dep.-t.
• i-iir.g ti.r <***b the :<■*: h tsof II. Ik l>.i\
■ tip. r» * ' .1 1 k r. M. K :1 ' 0::
rr*. The is the road of v hi-h Jude" (Ircvn,
Hot*. I*. H. J.ueas an-1 «-t!:er> tire « rj < ru
Mr. Ji-lin \V. >hr« :z. «u ■'* year', d -1
of ci re! r*> spinal nieuingcti- ■■ 1 Saturday
morning last uitci a two duns iilu. ". iii
was an industrious itag nmn, a l- • *'
Templar, :ui 1 a M x an a .r vctcriii. Hi
was buried «*i: Smi !;;v by ti * ■ - d 1 emplac
in tin* |fr*'s«-mv **f a large con-• ur>e ot c.'i
M-s r- l*p ligra‘1 it .■'•oi td '{:ig,Ts*..w:t,
■haven't uupn doited demand Upon t’ ;
lor i: c . s;nl the capacity of their exten
sive i.i..aula ’ -ry i- t. xe 1 t • it' uti:. -
TI ir clot hi • g d« par a ■; te--,* a n>
of activity. The e xtent of the husinesa ol
nit' it ii i> i iniin. iiK'ii *«• *
prise—capacity cnergiz—l. em a-.-.* mpl’-h.
< >n Friday evening of la-t week, a* >ui e
eV:<" k. as Mi. Janos II. ’’..wland
walking within a few yard' «*t h.s ledl do<.r
- fmir miles fr : . t »n a eo’ tvd man
pithily came u'>»»n him ami hit him u
the head with a stout 'tick, knock'd him
«i ib, sever. 'y cutting ’ m by the blow.
Wh; st in a helpb -- t ndition fcis poekct
were rifled.
It will be - < n by advertisement that Mr.
John K. Hilbert ha* :i s'»'int 1 hi'sons with
ban in the Carriage making business. Au
ar< » \ji- rteneed workmen an 1 take pr.de in
putting forth vehicle* that will compare
ft- trahly in style with City t* mufactimv
whik- vastly m .re durald". f Stfher and
r * -OJ ra’ . enable' this firm, doubt
ss, t*. compete with other e •ablhhment.s
advantageously to purchasers.
flu* Marfinsburg //»•;••»'/ i- inftrmeti that
1 * * ■ Friday t veiling of last week, its M r. Co.
M . Creeu, in company w ith a young lady,
was -taading at a window ot hi* d.ning
rnoin, in Harp. r‘> Ferry, a negro man -1U
1 iiargtd a n culver with the eviilent irttention
ot di.siting Mr. (»rcen, though it that wa
hi' purp« - he fortuna’* U m.-dlu' aim
1 he negro was arrested an 1 taken before a
magistrate. He cbtinu d the weapon wc
di*f harged accidentally; notwithstanding
h* wa-!• mid o\ or to app ar at Court. He
i* in jail.
Mr th'orgc \V. Kidxlbcrger, one of the
nv.'t generally known citizens ol tlii- boun
ty . died at hi* residence, three miles from
* .r <.s‘->wn, i n Sunday afternoon last.Hgcd
•’2 years. He wu-a public-spirited gctitlc
!'m. r.nd in hi- day filled jn.-itions ot pub
lic tru-t and rispcmobility, h r forty-fout
years he was u member of tin Presbyterian
f’hurch - part r.f the time art nflicer-beaier.
II. .li'jN nsed the ho-pitalirie* of hi- Ironic
•finer•u.-iy, and was esteemed a kind neigh
bor and fri*-nd. His funeral took phire on
I ur-sday and the serve e- in the Preshyte
r.an ( " ir- h w. n- conducted by It w -t • .
Hopkins. Hev T. B. Shepherd p:irtiei|at*i‘g
•• Iknt't kr if half their lulue."
*' They cum! me of Ague, BiUiou-iwtw nrrl
Kidnevl' unplsit t; as recoiuiu'bndpd. I had
u half Iwittle left which 1 used for my two
little girls, who the doc-tor- and ncijfifhors
slid o>uld n’t l>e cured. I would hare lost
both of them one night if Iliad not g"vcn
them Hop Bitter-. They did them -ovnXich
good I c itiiiu-'1 their use until-they were
cured That is why 1 -«y y.»ti do a.it know
half the value of lio;> Bitters, and do not
recommend them high enough.”—B.,Roch
N. \ I Ji
•IT. lKlMEB.
|V t.<! , r tsth. :r theM. K. Church in Mar
r:- A irg. by R. v. M. l\ If P.ice. t 11 .\S. LL<»YI>,
I of Jeffers lunty, to Miss JKNN1K GARD
NKlt. <i.m .oter of George Garilner, Ksq., of
Marti ns! <urg.
At the r<-idemv of the bride's parent's, Wed
iMsbv. liHli itu>!., by th Rev. I-. A. Stiutli r,
Mr MANN t\ WAGKLKY. of thiscounty. t"
Mb FLOUKNC1 ii< HT, of (larkt
; Va.
At r - dene of GcO. D. XX'ilt-hhc. Bw.,
n.-ai l.e*-tow;i, i! H'L.VVb*. infant son o*' Mr.
Kugeue l ake?, agni t-'l years.
!o V> j- ’i ' i • V t. .1, ClAK V. age l J.'f
i dau.htiToi Wmi. Burke. s. Patent <»tlicc
! I_x iinit.c.-.
i o»i tlie ■••th of .-A; :■ nil-ir. !--!. in l*«fW;i,
[Co! >r.it! >. rite i-'.-m- dr. XX II. Kern-.
1 Mr. AI.BKIC f \Y. oYKKl.Y—aged 2K yi-x.^, H>
moiitii-rii!-! Ai - formerly ol this cuitlAV.
I' • -t !-r>eh r. tl ■ r lei-t i«-ft u-,
N« ver c;.i lie. }>lae«- Ik- fillet!:
New -a it: r. . ; vole can greet its —
\\ U w i'll joy ourlsi-*ii»i- thrilled.
11 ... of lo. light and beauty
Far i-cvoiei Mir bright blue -A1 .
Th ltd.- t‘-e«l a*-" -T*
\Y. tin. th "e tc> \\eleome heme
’> - • In- left on earth bervavi-d—
X'. 11.-:, V - .* i..r hid- them '■■•m >.
S K. o.
i ni ittn vtiTi:s.
Rev. Mr. V. hi-1: r is conducting a pi -
tl 0 led ill-til .It /. -.tr. KeV.d. W.T-.iuUO
pre.. -he-i tor 1!: • M. 1".. I otigrvg-.ti n at
t’l.ar'-- \Vash:" 11. V." mi Sunday
ni r! f.
1 ‘a S;-.t’.;rd:>;. i d Sunday, f*th and (ith of
Novcmh- -, a iju. rlerlv Meeting ot the f tn
l Brctln. n xi ? be held at llnlltoxtM. It
i* \( . t retract the *neet:i:g aftir
R civa in M. K. t'iur-’i :it Lit. town—
Rev. Mr. I. *• ng-i -n in charge.
V y -a \ "k ( V . * •
K ' r ;.Sii< . a H ,Jv ami .*t< ; ■
» I li . V 'it ( T Oi l «'• ' i* r. ■ i
'Vj -t, t " r* c-i~. Iir>, • it;, at a • of one
•;ri I . -It*’, a:. I itrnvar.ls j- r
■ !. i; ,oi n’.tti. IT-vanc. Kestatira? ;
:hc •>.•*;. 11 -r- ur-. 't.i/c.- ,u 1
r i > l :»• .11 J.-j* Kamilie* <-.m
Hvt ! r: r f-rh - mo. ■ at the Urn. I t
Hut li. . .o any ■>: i -r ; -'f-eK*s hotel in '! •
• eitv.
Airili. .v
iu v. ( . S. Lii , uihltcr hits be. u XuJlcJ
Hr. '.t:i < l»cv. N. t Amp
le 1 !:a : r -A I. Kw. l>r. Murllami
t ■ tin •• • '•.Viin.uFacii :r.ii.i>ttishavc been
a; • i- j a.: ,.itc in the iitallatmn
W in *■ that at a r -rent neetiitp of the
1 Virginia re*ijenty of I'alti
I, tettd by J> Bin
Smith an ! (’ T. Hutch rr. Tilt*linltbu rmn
-ay* J •„* tFimto were paiJ to the* ahil
it rat:! i..a:i!ints.< ef Maj. I‘an; -1.
\ ,V. ’.it! i that AlMict I s can Ik*
Ij r a- ■ • ! ••el*—'* J by k- i j'iter tin* *tom:\eh,
li. r .in.! ! !te y in tV'.rkir.p >nlor. There
i j, . muli. ’jo known that will Jo this as
* ] ario •’* t liay r T*:iic. Sc aJv.
At the Valley Agricultural Fair a j»r- mi
,. i f.*r or* -In :iup or worsti J work was a*
! .iu.—e , ape.I years, J.iuph*
• r t \V .. *1. :l:i- -.1, Jr.t .0 Winehe-t.-r.
Tu. I-, cry ijvhi*. mercurial Ji»'tt»c<,
- r- aid . :n mi Jchility carol by I>r.
Iji !- y' • i • d *« arm r."
♦ «t> ^
Mr t ■ ’.•• 1 Mar’m-burg, i*
th . hi hi ivy !. >p raix'rof that loc »1
•;• . 1 n ’ -;;y.» he trains his pips
• ;,k> ! ! '. »' - :) . f imitation in the
.’via ;di -s of hi.’ pc . i, anil keep
the ’ ’y ! -t -.vhi-kic-i at $!.*•«» u pall *n!
Mr tv-. ; mister of S. V. il. K. darte-l
mi . .. : : u- i c • •• i u*'k
with f’ • : iy employee .
1 J i.v ■. hi tor • i ,■ u! »-t complete a -
- irfnm • f goods ;h:.r I havi t ve. hnd the
pleasure .f ’. Thepni iic are inviti 1
••i * ill . : . < '.i. ’ i >1
.Y a M !!*•• t "I*>ii»:. Fonts
ar d >’i > i d -- vari* tv. Fuderw. ar.
!.'• . 1L.:- Caps. Trank.-, sate!, is,
T ba iv •■. I rn, in any (pianCty taken
in exchange.
C. II. 11A(,i.kv.
iiUUfird —The umler
signed - a mi • - vnud-hand Hilliard Ta
bl>-, newly *••»*!» i i, whit!-. hi xvtll -• 11 ve
rv i-w. Al-i.a'd nny Lind’ llag.itclleTa
la'. Cal! .it <:i anil exstr line.
Mr. M. S ■ .it Well, r, an ingenious maebi
( ni-t • f till- plan', ha- Urn awarded a
p.t at f..r i “ Yielding Connecting," or ad
. i-.i-taldi-rist an important invention for
room ■ dm d j oint- on cranks, find
which \x t hex on 1 doubt prove a valuable
ci - >f nn
: .i.iu. rv. W . ■ u _• ratulate our young t< »w n - -
,v! >; ac< inplishel, and
tr •• ’ ■ i r. - i:i result of hi- labor*
wiil yield him a liand-ome iwonie in the
,.,.;i«- i’i;*•;r ' 'I'inf
i : - vy 1 >r. Summons always has a
lull supply i f Fulmnna, the greatest known
reniclx !«•: uighs. tbr it and lung trouble.
It r. -jiiin - only a fair trial to convince otic
of it- tiieacv.* Free from morphia or any
i.11;. r :•!! hue. ITice *<• cents. For sale
!>\ I >r. Simmons, t harlcstowu.
< <•;. !"«, 1- -1 m.
!' j loah V;‘1
1, •. • M', rn Maryland Kailr -iM- now
enable | - ntri-rs t<» go to Haiti more from
t !i..r! -t xvn .m 1 j oirts northward. by this
ro..t ‘ and r turn the -amc dav. L ave
• ! it 6:45 a:. I airivi it. B»Hu • lie
ILL'* V. M.; returning leave Haltimqre
at i no, and arrive at Charl*>t«>wu at {kCi,
r. M.
^ *«» ► —
t alt at C Id-taith’s and see bow nicely
von can pie.*- 1 an 1 i tied in a tu" suit,
iin over i . it or a pair of b ts. Our stock
,,f Fall *v W int. r Hoods is very large and
low prices pi. 1 e.ninate.
(Vtfiei > 'A Main >'rv> \ Chari*.-town, W. \a.
June A l'Ts.
N'.e.x or never.- We odor our entire stock
in 1 ;ir • r by r. : dl it / ■ ■ r- <t for a few
davs onlv as w. -hal? shortly move to an
,,fh r poi:r. For bargains call at once, at
i Kohlhou- '' ‘v Co N. York Y-mVtv Store.
y—wuwMTlBMM*lM . WflMBM
IRON BITTERS act like a
charm on the digestive organs, removing
all dyspeptic symptoms, such as tasting
the food, bclclung, heat in the stomach,
heartburn, etc.
IRON BITTERS are highly
recommended for all diseases requiring
a certain and efficient tonic.
I IRON BITTERS enrich the I
I blood, strengthen the muscles, and give
I new life to the nerves.
8 IKON HITTERS are the only
S Iron Preparation that will not blacken
I the teeth or give headache.
gag1*Sold by all druggists.
ILWrite for the A B C Hook, 32 pages of
useful and amusing reading — sent free.
K-> that ail Iron Bitter* ar* made by It row a
Chemical Co. an-l have crowed red lines t>u
wr«j>rer. heK.tr* of imitation*.
Baltimore, MtL
J£PIff.2Is «V«>TBi'E.
. T > the CU-rk tie- rip hi C vr: of J«lTiison
, Cmyity. V»'e>t Virginia.
The l:»-t rcirulr.r term •>( the rip-ait ( -nri
j having ended without disjuitehiny all it- hu-i
' a.-" a special term of said Court is iter. by a; -
i iiat*'d . i he held on Flit 'day. the lfith day <>f
. N >. -;fvr. 1 "1. at the < 'a art il-n:?- in the town
i of Chare -i .vi. to comne-nee at 10 o'clock,
( a. ni., on that day.
A 1 Vti* .lory will h. retpiir.T to attend said
| t nil, a i th-pre vis e of parties and their wit
ness—- iii p. ndSiu; ease- will he e.eees.-nry.
<... . d r my hand this 11th day of Octo
ber. 1"1.
( HAS. J. FAl l.KNKK. .111..
Jadire of the l.lilt Judicial Circuit.
A copy. Teste—
I'. I* I.YNt II. t’urk Circuit < >urt.
[ Octal* r I t, 1—1—fit.
PULM(> .s A.
• rPHi: ■ t known Uniu-'J f i
Til no AT
. |i ropiir. -only a fair trial to convince one of
i XI ny other
anodyne. Price eO cell's. Sold hy Druggists
j and
A 11. XIF.TTKE. IT- prietor,
122 West 1 ette Struct, t I* trcct,
Send for Circular.
liefereiu > -
•• W. S. IMwards, l>. I*. '* ' A Wilson,
“ U W. itlack, " J.. It. lliroii,
T. V Price, “ A S Hank,
l>. If. Carroll. “ P. W. Crowl,
j ** J. J. H Webster, “ W. I Speake.
• , | ; . <im. Xfilhume).
Z 1IKKKKY remind the t tx paye r- that many j
• I »* . t.* r.» in •ir-rtvs nip for tuxes, find
i r [iiin d to ir jke nroitipt s ;tlcuiont
«■ >! it and 1'■ \niiy, I uri t collect mv j
diii/ hi i-v.>ut »!■, !.,y. I’tc.isv com*' ■

u.t'd t ■ *!*••. 1 will priM-ee I !■> make them j
i in
r.r<;i:Ni: bakkr, j
I. Slj, rilT ut' Jt 111 r- m < ounty.
N ©w J ewelry,
New Silverware!
I 11A V1! ?' ti* - mid 1. -• -.lo- 1 stock id j
I Si’i.'t T. 1 CI.I'.S to 1c f olid in tins, ora' ]
pr„] a' found in any market, and have the
Oi*l l MKT UK !■;. which m ad uraic adjust
n, o: can In- s'ciir l 1 will take the time and
| have tl.e patience to-c or• to mv patrons tis ,
p ri'ct t a lit p i'sihfc, hut if alb r trial they j
1 do not '.lit, ms is oib n the ease.) I will take t
ph a.-urv in cxchanmp.fi:— whieli is an advantage
e . r i‘:' •;* spectacle jiedhrs. Ibrl am here,
and the ctnpe and go. and win u e‘m’ 'I your
' do not ' lit tiny arc only injurious and .
U utrhe*. Clerks anti Jrirrlry Repaired
(tl a workmanlike manner.
No Charge for Engraving
any goods sold by me.
Sign of tlic Big Watch.
Opp *'i»e tin Sadi* r Building.
Sej 1
Just published, a new e*litioiiof Dr. On. vs*- j
VKIU. st lv-SAY on the- radical ntre
,.f sM.,niA'.'Kii!ii't or Seminal Weakness,,
Invid lniarv Seminal bosses, Iinjmtcncy. i
Mental and PhysVai Incapacity, lm,*odi
!!■!)• ti : tarriag , efe ; al-i (in.rjimi'S.
licit i:ps\ and Firs, induced by self-inndul
gt nee or sexual extravagance, Ac.
T'tceel. hrated author, in this admirahle Ks- ,
;tv. elearlv demonstrates. frotn a thirty years j
-if e,--m ! practice that fhe alarming conse
hhcv. • of If al i’se may be radically cured;
p .iiitinc out a mode of cure at once simple. :
i : tin. .old effectual. hv means of which every
■ailFercr, no matter v hat iiis condition may be,
i aveure himself cheaply, privately, and radi
TI is be. lire should he in tin Far. Isof every
y utli an«l every man in the land.
v nt under seal, in a plain envelope, to any
('hire's y o',/. on receipt of 'ix cents or two i
W e kat e ilN t 'lice cure
for Tape Worm. Address.
mi. t n.v ciD'diu medical co
;I li Vew York,N. 1. j
1m X. OfO.
Oct. \ lssf.
Th Maryland State Fair began a^ Pimli- f
■ co, Baltimore, on Wednesday. •
The Luray tnn,
Now Open to Visitors.
This Hotel, just finished hv the Lurav Cave
A Hotel Compauv, is situated on an eminence'
imine lia'. lv opposite to and not more than
yards front'the Luray Passenger station of
Shetland' .It Valley Railroad.
at an elevation of 1<>! * feet above the ■> i level, i
commanding a magnificent view «>l the stir-|
rounding country. It is built afar tin: model
of inns of ilucen Anne's time, and is thorough
ly in hiiriuony with the <iua;ntiiess and cozy .
comfort of that peiiod, while in respect to the
conveniences that modern ingenuity lias con
trived, ii is the isjual of the best hotels oi the I
present »tav.
riiis bot'el has been buiit expressly for the,
US "MMOliATIo.N i»F VISIT ',: VO Till. C.Vt Flt>'S '
and is furnished throughout by the best man
ufacturing and importing house.- known to the
trade* of New York and Philadelphia.
Every room in the house h supplies! with
WoveH-wirc and hair mattresses, electric bells
and gas. Hath r tom-. hot and cold water, mei
every convenience pertaining to a lirst-rb**
The Wonderful Caverns
of Li?rsy
Illuminated by the Most Perfected
arc within a short distance, and arc in tele- ’
phonic communication with the hotel.
«;<l, 1 s.sl tin.
OF |
iVl R8. C. F. THO M A8,
M.:s Struct, Cit\Rt.Esro\. x.
MRs. THOMAS li?s received, and is still
receiving. Fall nrd early V.'intcr Supplies,
and invin s the attention of tin Ladies. To
beautiful Millinery, ladies I'ndcrwear. Ein
!i-iedcrv. Notions, Ac., she has added a snjicrh i
to. I; of li en ItYmid CLOVES.
is c.'inplcic • i Ttaif.jng the nowe. t tilings in its |
line. 'l'riminin.c executed promptly and w
..rdiie-t »the latest fa-hion reports. STAMP
I'lUcr ii dope .it short notice. The.
Lillies itre invited to call and cxf.ttPne.
September 17, 1"1.
rI,IIF utnurt.'giMtd Intending to remove from
1 £}i;s ,* to 1 Lcac -t.•»', U, Md.. SrJ.Tit!:' *w 1,
1 "1. and th t Ids honks and li-tsli’ -s (iiii-. he
closed l>y the loth c.f Aaj'*t :■ vt- he will sell
Aid. HOPIV AT < OST. in order to <•!■>>«• out
ids or- .-lit --t.vk of |*.•• is. IV:'m • wishing to
I *;|y a suit of I liVhcs will saveTW KN I -l-’i\ I.
PKR CHST. hv go ing him a call. All goods
warranted to W made and tri imbed V. lh| I- •>
stvie and li guaranteed. SA I.FS 1 • 'SITI \ FLA
c \S!l. AM jwrsons knowing themselves in
dehted must settle hy August loth, otherwise
their account- will he placed in the hands of
an attorney for collection.
l-'r: 1. rick City, Md.. July 2, lssi.
The FamUy Grocery.
The undersign- 1 has laid in a stock especial
lv suited to the Holiday season.
Fin - and Fee h Croe-ri.-s. Fruits and Coiifee
tioner. foreign p.sul done-tie—in great van—
II and abundance, aud - 'Id at a very small ad
vance on cost. F.very thing needed for Christ
mas cheer can L>e had at the Family store, inclu
din'/ the richest Mince Meat, Raisins, Oranges
an-l i uniiis, Citron and f intrants. Cranhn ri, s,
Almonds, Co-oanuts, ltjl oorts, Figs, Corn. To
ma: • undotliert aimed V^jp-labh-sand Fruit,
ns): siv;. i ns, < 'offers, s} 7/1 ts,
Molasses, Ac., Ac.
are Staple and Fnnev Hoods. Notions, Ae.—
Ix-nutiful, substantia! and cheap, eompri ing
inauy thing- appmpiiateand ih -i:ablc - J lo'i
dcv <lifts. Ni. e;is«»rtuu-ntof tpu-ensand<• lass
Attentive salesmen to show a - >ds.
Fast Ro-ini of .swu/.,- Itril'li ij.
P -eomlx r is, ISM).
1081. FALLS11D SKiUTER. 1882,
X’ imr-oc l' lb -i iss< -11, ■
Ckntisi-: Room, Sapllr Jim.ntNO. i
■ • i . i ,\ ** • • • • mi.'.. ■.
lUady-Hacb Clothing
'Fobacoow, ConiVefionory, ]
I ,*ivo name <«f some of 11* eo."!- you < an find
.it my uttnutivo store: Black ami Colored
i Ti'lumTcs Brocades, Fluid.*. tin endless variety
of Ladle*’ Cloaks. Full Lim-cy, Cas-inure.-, all
color* of Flannels,
Hosiery and Ties. Bed Comforts :;ml Blankets,
Ki«l Cloves, Berlin (ilovi s, < »rsv!s, and in fa< t
everything k*-j*t in a first-class Dry Co. <i- and
(inn ery Store.
1 invite tie public to examine my stock be
fore purchasing. Thanking y< u all for your
liberal patronage during my short time of bus
iness, 1 hope by my close attention t > business
and fair and honest dealing to merit the con
tinuance of you all.
Motto—“(juiek Sales and Short Profits."—
Hoods li livered in thcCorporation. a* I always
have a "Porter."
Country Produce taken in exchange for
goods. Respectfully.
Oet olier 22, 1881.
Htnj Wanted.
I7ARMERS who have Hay f r sale wi’l e.>n
« It their interests bv culling on us.
Oct. 22, 1881. LI Pi'ITT & CO.
*Vof:r: .
VDARK red Heifer came to my place about
six weeks ago, marked bv crop and slit in
the right ear. The owner will please eonte for
ward, prove property, pay damages and take
her awav.
£.renttri.r- .Votir:.
HA VINO duly qualified a* Executrix of Jno.
■ A. Mjtson, deceased, I anthorire Mr. John
Koonec to act as my Agent in settling up the
All persons having claims against the estate
will pleas" present them promptly properly ail*
tlienticatcd. All indebted are requested to set
tie at once.
Executrix, with the Will annexed,
of John A. Mason, deceased
October 22. l''l—4t.
Special Notices.
Harper s Feny& A alley Branch
u. & o. ii. it.
Taking effect M mday, May 23, 1"C
■ - • , i • : l ■ I •v
Stations. a. m. v. a. m i'. m. p. •"
Harper's Fcrrv- 3 15 7 15 11 1" 1 s mi
Ilalltown— 3 5' 7 45 1L 2.* 1 ;>4 s 13
Charlestown— ' 3 .53 s o5 11 51 2 1" S 22
Cameron— 1 0> 8 22 11 40 2 23 8 31
Summit Point—le 4 23 9 15 11 49 2 50 S 4"
Stephenson's—le. 4 54 9 53 12 "7 3 4" s .59
\\ iueheuer- 5 17 10 13 12 2-1 4 M 9 10
Stephens City— 5 43 11 ! - 12 40 1 50 p.m.
Middletown— 5 50 11 50 12 >" 5 1
Cap *n Hoad— « 17 12 2>» 1 '»7 5 42
j'triisiiuiv— 6 l J ;kI 111 5
Mt. Jackson— s U0 2 4B 2 27 P. m.
Now Market— 8 40 3 23 2 42
Harrisonburg— 10 0o 4 •50 3 25
Staunton - | . 4 29
*. P. M. P. Jl.
No. G3S daily All other trains daily ext■•-•pt
Sunday. No. 010 eonueets at •'tra'burg web
train" 0.1 Va. Midland Hoad, a'.i 1 dine.-:.! Mi.
3a< kson. l’a.-.-engt rs for Jordan Springs lca>'e
cars at Stephensons; fur Kook Knoti leave ears
at Winene-ie'-: for Capon Spring' leave fa:* at
t'.aian K *«d; for Orkney Spri ig- leave eats ;t
Mr". Jackson; for Hawley Springs leave • ars at
llarrisonbucg. Parties visiting New Market
and Lnfsy • V • W'vc • >r* at New Market.
015 '.‘1 005
S'..lions. M. A. M. V. M. A. M. P M.
Staunton—le. H 00 _
Harrisonburg—le. I 7 on 11 59 • > 20
New Market- . s 40 12 40 ti 32
Mt. Jackson—lc. 3 11 1 IS 7 10
Strasburg— 0 40 11 O') 2 1* s .>1
Middletown— 7 12 II 50 2 43 9 29
Stephens Citv—k ’ 7 29 12 I" 2 57 9 47
Kern-town— t 7 41 12 ;>:< "s * ‘ * * 1
V. a. •• . ; " I ' 3 24 1015
Steph nson’s- 0 V) 8 37 2 f? 3 40 1U34
Summit Point— 0 31 9 15 2 .50 4 05.4100
Cat.HT'9— 1 0 4" 9 3.5 3 1" 4 17 1122
( harlcstown— 0 47 9 50 3 2" 4 27 1135
Ilalltown— j 57 10 "0 3 10 1 :;»Jk.o
Harper's 1-5 r'-v— 7 12 I" 30 1 v< 1 55 '21..
>.. M. \. ||. i". M. I . M
V. 1633 runs dailv. AH othcrtra’i'isdaily ox
,. • Sundar. 3' " 5 rdnnecl rt 8ft b ire
with train*" on \it. Midland Hoad. N<>. 00->
runs to Baltimore via Waddngton w.t!e>ut
<41an 'c of cars. No. tioadine at Mt. .1 .e-k-■ »n.
V. ’<1. MANTZ.
Supervi-or of Trains, Winchester, Vn.
eder of 'i nmsportation, Camdo** Nation.
M y 24 1881
O ] i n n ic © o f r11 i i n e
Shenandoah Vali.ey R. R.
Tiling Effect. October 24, lsRI.
Philadelphia time (five minute-' fie-ter than
i iHii". ve time.)
Rally, except Sunday.
g jj No. 1 No. No.5 No.”
A. M. A. M. V. M. P. M
Hagerstown— 7
St. James T .44 JSi *20
Slir.rpslmrg * »r ' 4 12 8 -in
Sheplienlstown 8 II 4 29 8 50
Siicn. Junction Ar. s 4 34 p <,r»
Slien. Junction—l.e.
Charlestown * 371 4 17 9 2"
Ripon U 8 to I SO,
Fairfield F. * <r>6 , S oo
Berrvville 9 94 5 Ifij
Boveeville 9 V. 1 5 29|
White Post 9 2* : 5 87
Riverton 9 4<i
Front Roval 9 5.. 9 ID
Rentonville 9' 24
Lnray-Ar. U 05| 7 26|
l.nrav—I/C. 11 25j i • 45,
Slut’.. Iron Works 12 12
Klkt.m 12 24 I 8 50 i
port Republic 1 ,MI
Wavnesbom’— •' r 1 40, lo !■>
Daily, except Sunday.
Stations. No. 2 No. t Xo.fi No8
A. M. P. M. P. M. \. M.
Waynesboro’—Lc. i , - 4’1 5 40
i' ,v i». .lunction
Port Republic I A -< *» 25
I'llkton , 1 4 07 , 08
Shcn. Iron Works 1
I.nr.iv—Ar. i ,r* I*’ -M If*1
I.ura'v—Le. I | 5 30 * j
Rentonville i ® 11 '•* *4
Front Royal *’ !* ”4
Riverton , ® 43 9 l<
White l’ost • i i °2’ J2 ^
Boveeville ; , . 1. 10 li
llerrvvillu 1 7 32 10 31
Fairiield F. ' 7 J3 1" 39
Charlestown • 4»> j H W ,Jt
Shcu. Junction—Ar.

Shephcrdstown 7 11 • i * 81 11 21
Sharpsburg 1 21 * *9 11 ->o
St. .lames 7 44 9 00 11.50
Hagerstown—Ar. 8 no 9 15 12 05
A. m. p. M. p. M.
Gcp'I. Freight and Agent.
JOSEPH H. SANDS, Superintendent.
October 24, 1 1.
IIWestern tlfaryland St. ££.
Taking K.'Tct Sunday, ‘■••■pt. 4. P'l.
(Baltimore Time.)
Daily except Sunday
7.15 A. M. Mnrtin-bnrg Expres*—arrive-. * 1
Baltimore 11.45 A. M.
:>'<» A. M.‘ and *>.: • 1*. M.. 1 ■ r Kdgcmont and
intermediate points.
I. rjO P. M. Mail—arriving at Baltimore 0.00
1*. M.
4.45 P. M. S. V. Expri1**. at C. V. depot, ar- j
riving at Baltimore at 8.1 • P. M. i
S.25 A. M., and 2.iV» P. M. From E igeinont ■
and intermediate points.
II. 00 A.M. S. V. Express, at C. V. Depot. !
from Baltimore at 7.35 A. M. i
12.15 P. M. Mail—leaving Baltimon at >15
A. M. .
7.55 P. M.. Martiinhnrg Express—leave Lai j
timurc 4.00 P. M.
.1. M.HOOD. |
General Manager, j
B. II. GRISWOLD, Gen’l Ticket Agent.
8 pt 10,1891.
House an ft Srgn Painin'*.
"PilE undersign l having f-mt^d a co-p-irt
I n rship f"T tin purp-eol • dm ting the
aliove businc - in all its branches at moderate
rati- and In the shortest time possible, and
of making
Paper flanging
it special tv. a-k a trisl so as to enable us lo give :
satisfaction. The experience of years of lioth
if us l- sufficient guarantee that all work en
trusted to us will he done well.
Respect full v,
September 17, ivsi—ly.
Shall Hr os. tV «floor?.
’ PIIE undersigned having f rt; i-l a t’o-Part
1 nersliip for the pureba- • ami shipment of
Grain and the sale of Fertilizers, are ore pared
to pay the highest market price in cash for ail
Grain delivered at Charlestown and adjacent
points on the S. V. R. It. and B. «V 0. R. R.—
References: Cashier* of Bank of Charlestown
and First National Bank of Joflerson. Office
nt store of Horace Beall <fc Co.
Charlestoa-i. July ■/'. l*?l.
For $12.00 n. Farmer can buy a formula (520 lb) of POWELL'S
This, when mixed at home, make* ONE TON of fil I FRIO.
PHOSPHATE,which is equal in plant-life and ns certain of sucw • lid
crop production as many of the high-priced Phosphates.
No trouble to mix; no extra expense. Full directions.
Powell's Chemicals liave been thoroughly tried, give universal satisfaction,
anil wc offer leading fanners ill every state as reference.
£*nd for Pamphlet. BEWARK OF IMITATIONS.
DROWN CHEMICAL CO.,Baltimore,Md„ Bole Prcprieter-:.
I Powell's Tip-Top Bono Fertiliser, pri. >• only $»i a t •> ■ c-v .
ManCFacTTRET-S 01 < Pure Bone Nival, Pure l)is-ulvc,l Bone, Po.a.sh, Ammonia,
(and all high-grade Fertilizing Materials.
KBT a 131A S i I. ED i N 1 B(j~>
is* 3 F'fLL .#.1 'D KWTIltt 1*^2
i9 GOLDSMITH’S T#§W h’ftOMTS, 21
! far Bargain*;
LARUE d .’vf,
i t; >j» (i Ol)3,
t r.
d'amr and JKj aiimte*
ll is a itlc.i ;ir to ex it i l»i t our |*oods ehi the- y«.c Iwv nr not.
S. K ! 'B It. IK lift.,
AtACHTNl-: liliL C H,
' liarlestown, W. Ya.
1 \ J Y OW friend sad the »*!*!*!•.r:dR V'
I .'I inl 'rft:. ililint I air. |' , pm 1 ti dosill Uiin*
of llriek-work and Stone Mawinn at tlie -! > rl
e..t notice, and am also prepare I tocontract to
furnish N<>. I ItRK’K for building and all pur
no*.*. Thankim/ my friends for ibe jmtrusuige
I bestowed t poll me in tlu* past. 1 -olicit a <■*»!»
tinuanee, and to new order* promise tin- most
prompt and careful attention.
N..C- i--c i rv« iVMtKR
IN the (inniit Court of Jefferson County,
West Virginia.
SABINA 1’EACII ER, ritiuHff,
j.trLIA PEACIIER.Samuel Sttide . <VU
tian Smith and Sarah Smith, Id* wile,
Randall Wood and Ellen A. W md, Ids
I w jfe, Snntu< 1 Peach r, Ea
I Sheriff, Committee Administrator ut
I'honips l,c.o-her I hoii'Ps Merrith and
Maria J. Merrith his wife, Alexander
Jenkins and Martha .Jenkins, id- wife,
Lewis Jenkins and Cordelia Jenkins,
/*> ftntUiut*,
S AM U EL W. STRI1)ER, 7Y tiutiff,
SABIN A PE At 'HER, Julia Pt aelier, ('liri -
tian Smith and Sarah Smith, Id* wife,
Rumlali Wood and Ellen Wood, hi.*
wile, Samuel Poacher, Eugene Baker,
Committc • VdininUtrator »>1 Thomas
I’c,teller. Tii no a* Merrith and Maria
Merrith Ids "ile, Alexander Jenkins
and Martha Jenkins, hi* with, Lewis
Jenkins and Cordelia Jenkins,his wife,
James Beek and Hart E t Ik ck, l.is wife,
John Peaeher, Sr., Win. Hays and Ly
dia Hays, hi* wife, Oenrge W. IV,u her,
John S. M*>ore, t ->inn.itt* Ad; .ini -tra*
ter of John Peaeher, Jr., Maria Peach*
er, John B. IVacher, t'livi*- Pearlier,
.Martha Peaeher, Cordelia I*-ucher, Syl
vester Penelier and Kaudi l]»!i lYaclier,
heirs of John Poacher, Jr., l)>frndt*.t
Kfieuct from hi Sf ./ rrJtrr %r>L 1**1.
“ The Court lines udjudgc, order and d«rrce i
that tlie.«e can- - he re It rred to a < otniui -doner •
of this < oiiri, with ins! rue* ions,
1st. To i tale and settle the count of Sabina
Teacher, a* Administratrix v ith »f*«• will an
nexed ofJohn Ti.icle r, »!• ■ t id. taking any
rjr juirtr si-ttlentcut heretofore made ntul eon
untied it* itriuutJ'it'H correct, except *o Cur t1* the
same may he surehaiged and falsilied.
•_'nd. To state the amount* of the bids made
for the real e<*-.te <*f tbh -■•id lu)tn !•» a« 11-■ r, at1
tl»C* offering of the s.uite at publu am-thil! by
Tlioiua* Vtin Hwearinge.n, the Hpc i.d • oiumi»
stoner appointed to make -ale ot lie -aid nalty,
and liy whom tlie said bids wi remade.
."rd. To state to whom ami in what propor-|
tion atlV furd for •Wsfll.ption ill tl e -ilid rail**,
is properly di drihutuhle.
•1th. All other matter* deemed pertinent by
himself or which any of the parties may r«
iitiire to have state*I, and make return of his ,
Report to a future term of this t ’ourt."
A Copy-Tole—
V. T I.YNCH, Clerk.
V- tier is her* by given that I will* ,c up the
forgoing lH-erec at my oilier in t harlestown,
We t Virginia, on the -ml day of November,
1**1. CLE<>X MOORE, j
Oct. 8. 1881—ft, Cofttmiswbiner.
Free I*rc** Fee $10.00.
COM M»SSI ONER’S N()T l < K. i
IN the Circuit Court of .Trfferson County,
West Virginia.
,T P, ENTLERand wife. hnin1ijj)'*
M ARV ANN McELROV’r* Administrator,
ami others,
E> trA.fi from decree of September 2nd, 1881. (
“ It is decreed that this-cause be recommitted
1 a master Commissioner to ascertain aud re
|M>rt the exact amounts now duo to, and from
Baker, < • - toe of
Thomas T. la-men. on the bosi- of the eonftrin
i*l report of October UKh, lr»*j, alv> what as
signments if any, have Uon made a* to the
respective distributive «lu»re* of William aud
Samuel M F.lrov . ami that -aid < ommi- ioner
d * al*o ascertain if any payments whatever
have liecn made to the parties in inter**!. since
the date of making up of said Report viz. Oc
tober 19th, 1*00, and aLso who were tlie securi
ties of said Thomas T. la-men on his bond as
administrator of Ann Me Elroy ’’
A copv—Teate— V. P. LYNCH,
Notice is hereby given that I will execute the
West Virginia on the 3rd <iav of November
October 8, 1881—it. Gotntnitrdoner.
Fr**v Tn->* 1 k*
1.V Mt. <'iv, .it ( on rt <1 .1 <i • »ti t *.»n nly,
\Vr*t Virginia.
LOUAN n*'i ! 1.W*. ! • hU, . f J inn*
IlojK-r, rt'uuttf,
JOHN KOIKV \tin:i; -tutor of Mi*
• V, | v . i»j * i L I’r. .-ton \<!inin
istrnfnr of Join*. C. V: - Id, Ann iulry
widow, Jolm !• 1 .Vy, ' ir,_'iniu J. I’o
lev, Annie 1' »lt % - .11 Currie and
Miehael 1 oh \, dee . > d.
1 Vrfenddntt,
Ertrt'ctffjm / r>. .. >,yf. Id, Is-*!.

1 Ma.'li— > 'oftlltli-dott ■ i I I i- i irt, run
rut tin; order ol rt -.- < i.tituiiied m d"■•in
[of November'.ah. I N ■ • *. 111. * • • r JmIi, ]*.
April :Mth, 1*7* ami O.-io: -r “hit. i win.
I in ttnietioim tomakt’ r«'|« rt >• tin ii \t term
1 i*f |Iti- < nrl ufi*I -tid i .'in -inner hull fur
| lie - M-tth ilte ndiinto*; m‘ on mi-oiitit of ,lo|, .
F. Folev it* ndotini.trulor of Mi. !u. I lulu.
; tltriWi)
a ctij v THf - i*\ r. i.v.m ii.
i Vrl.
1.1from dr • - I -, "t
!!< hr ret 1 to. above.,
" It i-adjudged, < ..i.:. >ie r. ■ I that •
I’omndssiom r ii| t'l.aie•**.•*« .>f ibi • < on:i, do a •
tertuifi nit.I report to tin. n.**vt l ' it, wha? n»l
e-tate lie—af t Mich . i I ■ i.<bl* and <■!.
tilled to, ill they .co.: ... etlcr-oh, W. ■ t Vir*
iriii'A and the Value tie i-if a* \v< Il if the aiinii
a! rental vitlai* thereof.”
E.rtr>ui frou dm >,/ A*. • „d. r _ \th, i *< 7
Referred to, above.
"It f atljutl,'. d, or.h '*.<•1 and «b* rfi *f (bit*
till* euil.se !«• ft > aii u in d i-. ii > . mnd-j-iom
of tilit* (Vurt V i; 1 r ||. ill.pill: and
report- to the next term. i-t. What liens are
title any other . retiitor- wit., may e.*im forward
prove tlicir debt*-, 2nd. Wb.it real • -t.ue said
defendant Fob y mi m, v. hi lt i« liable to the
payment «»f hi* debt, with the v.-diu* und annu
al rental value of the stn.e. .'i-i. Wh.it lien*
exist s>?itin**t site whole or liny; j >rtiou of tic*
aim, with th'-iror-ler o f |-ri orlty aik I .ipplicn
bibty, u.. to pat.c.iiltir p o'li* or Ibe whole.
It!t. Any . iher ii.c’■ • t • ):• may «]•■ in perti
nent or any of the paid * • i..;. re<y "
Ertrurt/>■'. ,i d-1 r-' of Ij.ri J 187 ■>
Referr d io. ah-,' <.
*■ The *’-uirt i* of opi* ‘ ni to r, iiumil the
Report f the Co;omit- • r, tvi.lt m l na tions
to and'* the debt ot the T'I ibttiil !l Kxi* uioi*
of Jaiiu Roj.ef ;.nd .h<T jj..;, tnat tti,*._\
|uirj>OM and utile i!i .1 tin- horStf
ti r rents t< • . »»«•.I In r ■: ;..n■. ’
/:' 'rn'ifro7. r! cf, < t '/< - i/ 'J.V/’, 1-7?.
Hi Arred to. filniv . ..
" The «Viiirt doth ri .-.in t! cvii ;>tion.< ti
Cnniniiwdotier'* H | r' i r ■ o.t i<: : .tin-anil
doth n-emtHoif tft< s.t!«l if. to a ContfuU*
sinner ol' fir- < -’irf v irn in • is: tlm.
fn.ti' i* t< the i tiiii -infi i -t' i and fm.|i
tnoxn uU tiie deen-e mn le in tM« • • n ut the
t Ni tii e i In r 1 y given that I v ii) *■ v< < ute the
foregoing deem - .if i.r. oili.-e in Charh-*lown,
\V< t Virginia, «.ji tin.' >tli •• of NViv- ttiliir
ls.il. i f>< \ MooitK
iMolicrS, I''l ft. t '<niiini*!': mcr.
Knr i'ri-si Fee, sis.fr>.
IX the Cjryui . Court of Jct'i r. on County,
Writ Virgil,.a,
•iuHN W. UOMEHT , A. Trutnn ntt<l A
Harris, sitin in behalf f tin t:: elvcn
and .ill other t r e.t .r.- of Ephraim Cui>
ter who may contribute to the co-u of
this suit, ' Plaintiff*,
EPHRAIM C I sIER.nd Ann 17 (A or,
lit Jen 'In nt*.
l.xtrarfffroui Jtrrrr-- oj Aurpt J9, 1 ■ 1.
“It is adjudged, orilcrai I decreed that
this rause lie referred to <• .nr A - tier Cleon
Moore, with A . .• la!o ■■> pa;,
incut* have Is on made < :i th* iteh;- au<lit<*l
herein by the defendant K t u :• r, or anyone
for liirn, ami if payment* have b«en made by
other partim for th* l*-:i»-rit of said Cutter,
ami a-.-ignmenU ii’ an;, of -aid claim* have
been made, to audit -aid • Udius .-o a. -igued for
tiie Use rf tin *i. «-*
2nd. To audit any rather liens which may be
properly proven against the re. I estate of mid
K. > u-t< r.
3rd. To report anyfofher mutters Unit uray
be deemed [>ertimnt by bin »If. or tiiat may
i>c rvqtijisd by any of tiie partitV
A copy—Terte— F. I*. LYNCH,
Noting I* hereby given »fiat I wil . xecote fl.c
foregoing Ifr-.-ree a: in oflbr in < *town,
West Virginia, on the v.u davof NoVr-rnbcr,
1861. CLhOX MO*'HE,
October 6, 1*61—5t. Coim iis Aitier.
Free Press fee $llj»»
Ct ALL and e>: am Inc the Victor Sc.vmg Mu
J chine, tiie best in the murk, t, for -nie l>y
(1IGAR8, Smoking and Chewing Tol*anco.»
J IE * in town, at UEO. T. LIU1IT ^

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