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.r:. "~T77V "1 > vru-cvon^ t'U vnT.KSTOWN. JEFFERSON COUNTY, W. VA., TIIURSDAY,_D1X1KMRER 13. 1883. _ NO. 10
VUIJ. /O. ” 1 vmj. 1./,
teu ms.
-«r,TH»F*«*P**,,*'*Pu,>’i*hc^ weekly at TVo
j, ,iiar. .. < «y>J C««f« P«r <*«•"«* •'•
•'ifTURKS DOLLARS if not paid in advance.
s:<r >*r Mar #’./fy Ctnl'fo* ei*. months.
’«-<*• The termsof advertising *re. for a #ijoare
, onTineb i or lea*. Of DM** an F.fty Ctni,tor
tbreemMrtion* -larger one. in the satuepropor
>n. Eacheoatiaaanee Fijty ( •»!».
««-<. -> > nement to bo considered by *h«
_ ,t,fc 0r rear anicss specked «»n the Manuscript.
"r !revioi.lT agreed upon between the parties.
v^* in advertisement not marked on the copy
f»ra <t»**cilied nu mber of insertion. wtUbn coo
UaaVlMUl ordered out, and payment will be
e iacted accordingly.
ra~ iru AovanmewtUTn.—To avoid any
.i„.r, it • * proper to state </•«<• »<-t/y that th-irpn
o0!v extends tolheir immediate business. —
U *1 Ksttte.L-jalor all other advnrtkementsaent
b*y :b u to be *u aJditioual charge, aad oo raria
11 «iD.
*<f*dbil!iarr notices of more than fire line.
will be charged for.
JOB WORK- Posters. S tie Rills. Circulars.
Cards, Ac., executed promptly, neatly, and a; 'air
SJT2E. 1 1 *-’■ '
rrafvss i o u a l Ca r**.
.4TToB.vi2r.ir j nr.
C^irl st iw*. J-fn>n Cavity, R’ <1 I irjini*.
Will j>r,i tiee in the Courts ef tliisl unity .in l
tti.- .a li >iningCuurifi •?. ... ... T
Dili ne\t d i >r t » tiiorc I 'l ■ ••• " • •»;
II rvks.anilnearly • ippusitethe “Carter U
November it, 1
Q Wi it"- ■
Char: J'f.n-’i r-,n ' . Ms* riryinto.
Will attend the «' •art* <*f -J vx'} ,l.'M
lev*-•unties, an t ttlen l t. .’her law l»:'.*ine^
ivtU^’Ue of Wed Virginia. -"T n*l atten
tion p.ven toe die .'lions.
Mart i* l *7'*.
^V. 11. It A*-" ».
.1 /'/'<»/{ > 1.1' ITL.4IF,
marl*.J f '* ‘ • W* -f Vi'-:' •»• J.
Will |>m 'i v in J t r* i an Ini >: uu; *
1 «. .it Ri-i'i* n.v<*n s ith MiMr.-l sTri-f-.
S«-[.!i inrHT *. K J -tf.
i)r. r. r. B1CI1 v UDSOJt,
rm sii i1 vit srjtuiio.w
C\ '4. J J ’i ’ • C 'J 11.'.' I .’ jinil.
Ai>r:l i. 1"7l
m. .t. <. \ a:< >• >:« i
.1 non \E r if i.iir,
/.‘ rj ’U, '*• t-'_ l.O'i.l,
an l
clkom >200111-:,
.4rro«-Yi.*v tr / ur.
" ■< ‘ ' i4 ■ l
Will u ! rf i!i join ) in t! o*
f» «!n ui >ii. 1 )'in'jd.
Mo., U, t'72.
HvMKL H. Lr< \a, K. \V. Hi n>:% a:a.
Att >rneya ami iVm-.'Mor-* at Law.
15 M \ ;1 ' •' f ' ■■ •• •>
;rr ■ im n . ©Mint
A*i • I't l\ i--t.
l>!i. .T. I>. CAltH Y,
c\r: J. -r ' i r. u * R.v •-<».
1U r. - ttu 1 til ■ J>r. ri M-Ii
• n <t .t > >r t > rv-i 1 :kv, u„\ir corn r of
ti r_ ..:t> 1 M .i . -irv
J n . .r t ’*7' l.
I*: .v-11 ilrun*. \\*. Hr>»wrn.
CiltOYK A' IlliUWA,
t l inn Y' i > ir r. t '.v.
Ho ,v.i f-rth (•»• ?i.>Maiw will
> in t!- Utfc: nt (' <nrts mi tt •
;t : tf. .. i i. Vt II t.i awn to
\ ..J . ! .! . •> Ol « .n.m a.:a u-t -n
l >, l«.».i-rnt n-nt.
jr- ..i* a.ivNition to On"
A;>ril *», t S7s*.
c*. \V. WASill.YCLi'OA,
irr<tn\r.r t r l i»r,
r\r- • . i, J f■■■•**' ■ W :
MTi prartiw? in Jvf- non an I . M
. , > [i n . i ■ . law 1 ■l.tift. in 11 '.trt
ii i.,ri
February l"73-y.
l>li. t'. ®\ s'- >i * K:
FjiiAfn.i v«t m
r\irl&t.’fvn, J ’?■ '■-■ •» t ify, *!’ : I •>
-.71 > In ! Fuukv- law Build
v : . vr t.\ 1-7- -y.
.trrojjvEr.tr /. nr,
■■■.. ..f a trkt / <> ’ i’l l.
jn l • - reet. N. W .
April 1*7*
l>it. WM. NEILL,
l»/fi */# i iv tv/* si at; /; < >.v,
Ofwi k at n-idcnce, torn* r i Maim a:id Mil
dred t>. ft* ».
t'Harlrstturn, Ifcsf Yirjlnla.
I • .' 198. . .
I>li. 8. IX. WILLIAMS,
F rrn r!y <.f A!« xandria Va.. Tcccntly f* m
1 r>\ Md.t having c*ta’,i>li l !• im-— •.t i'•
the practice at hi- pr«.fc—ion in • harh-tovn A
it. rr . lie will b t >un t the first ton day.- in
•nth :'i H rr> .i an 1 the remainder
<•1 the month in Char. -tuWB.
Feb i ■ l" •
T. C. (iKUHN,
ATTORM.V ir L.llY,
4Jrjftmm C-mHiy, 111 la.
Wilt pro tioe inthe Court* of Jciler-.nand the
1 ', <iuntie- an 1 m the." tprenicCourt
I ; Appal- ! Wc.-t V irgin a. Prompt alien
t -..I - .Hi" ■■ i .a "t el. •
1 in the Ltw lti ttniNU in rear of tin
I C irt-il .u-e on George Street.
1 Aug i-t id, l"-\
U. M Lau-Min.) [Chas. II. Herbert
Whe n you go to
(Open 1 > mborl, 1" ),)
I • f.lv n-w. Firwt-vla * In every raspect.
1 - l Walnut Furniture through,>ut Uus n
I • .tv ro uu. Rum in-' Water ui>n wh floor
■ \j -ill; , l-l. l*rop!iitors.
IVUUnlcr, fojWMt,
Apr 1,1981.
When \ .»>i visit Washington step at the
iVi : .trcme, Chr. Seventh Street,
Tkunw $2 Feu Day.
i ''piIF. proprietor* of this House, the oldest
; 1 establi 1 Hotel in Washington, desire to
1 call theatt, nti ei of their patrons and thepub
j lie to the ft, tthat the Hotel i* and has been
I the head,pi -ter? f*»r West Virginians for over
1 half a century. Th “ American'’ is centrally
lo at, i in the business |M>rti<»n of the city, and
within a short d.-tamv of all Public Buildings.
Churches, and plats ? of Amusement.
November :». 1?M —lv. Proprietors.
(European Plan
Neartiiu Treasury, Washington City.
! El tuntly Furnish, d Rooms, single, double,
| or en suite, fl.tr* ar l $1.30 per day.
or longer
Dec. 2, U l’roprietora.
; Mansion House,
! noons first-class, with
Terms $!.£><> per Day.
N. W.Colts ::« FaYKTTE* St. I'aCt.Sl AKETb
Opposite Bsruurn’* Citv Hotel,
ISAAC ALISLil «SON,Proprietor.
M»rch3d.!$75. June 35,1970
Oyster Packer,
Vn i P. , l-’r : t Foreign and Porta die,
i r -t. and Vegeta ks.Fi-h, Vegetables
I m :><* im.hi, .
5 iccesaor* to Ait it Foy,
la. i) 3lolli!»s*worih Sircrt,
>^U t’juxf’j . !,ripri)mj> .yt»U€nJeJtol'l<Kt
taU-JttrU'U / Iin iff ft.
October 21. l*»71 — tf.
A If nvil •s<u;p'i il i r h Liquors *»f #»«»J
ji.» JL description--of tbe best quality.
m IMS. mm. n
Baltim ire and Rochester Beer
Pare French Brandy,
?7P P:iY^T‘T:?!S! ST’I ?"H OTl
aij wit 141 i iill. itvJA iiAO Alii,
— aUmtV 1> «». Fr ib Rochester Her delivered
anyth rent .tn at $1 per do;ca.
fa v tiTTK u. sornrus,
Jan. 25, l•>7'). 1U- euietil Jciierson lijilditnj.
rj'jr ;v v!-i *ir»r
i *p.IK nn ! • 1 l.a • taken the Agency of
I I the
- v.: ,\7 yE co ur. i x v nr
•V G ZZ TiS .i,W M2 Si 2 (\ 3,
Tliis C • • ••> v i >f ;’ic v ry host in ox-1
-• . e ar : k; li.i l . i •> -nil c\|* rii r ee of j
Ki-hty - v :i y ..r-, mutt »: “ Security ami i
In icnuiity.”
A;,; ’ n- fur ln*'tramv v.;n«t Loss or
!*a:i..ir ! y i-i •»• j»:- my at:• • L .11 >.a:; i IV!
; •< i- in i it ■! ho, ill tius • I utlvi favo
rite Comya: y.
Also of the
* ] W ' \ -! k i S'l 'ilAN1’»! >' )MrA7t Y,
or M VX''1 VST Hit, IXiiLVXP.
li F !.FI>K\iMN<f. Vrcnt.
“-•y-i v in 1.iv iin' ;in4, Jr 1 fi r.
i n.ir’i i\vn. Marvi' 1 ■*, l>sj- y.
' k 4 W *v» « •— .» 4 « x - i -i <0/ —1 j -Iw
* 5 r?v iH c
*-itl vj t « «d I iif.
7 n 1 I' S -r •, li: ‘m t-\ M V
I and Calif >niu Grilles, Figs, Prune.-,
I ,rr os. < urmut*, Humus all grad*"* and kin ’.'.
• - rv< nd Conserves, Wain .••• 1 Fm«h
Min ■ M it, M Syr
>.• . f • ,p 1 s :
I \V dnu' . ind . •->• v.* tv : Staple and
Bntto • Pricis, It "i!i
i.- v i t » ; vi 1 an inter,
lyt. 11, 1 -1 : 1. AASon.
V KW II .-ins.' tr a and Ctorr tntiqfor sal
J I,. C. P. KBY.
MINN K Meat, f »r Sale by
C. P. KBY.
! ; ME-SG f. kero and Che. -. for -a’.
i Y'TW 1 • ns . • tr m 1 M lla*- •*. just re
. i D.EBH
I f \t A’. NI i l l M •:t..ny, f r vale by
^ • 1
1 i V.NPS ME Tin Sets, for sale by
1 i C. P. KBY.
X ew O 00 ds.
F AM now in receipt of my fall supply of
* icn-Ta 1 M> rvii : ei -c and will *>>• ph a’’ 1 to
: > apply my :rit i.d.-and tin public generally.
I ) ::i\ It- .VJ1.S1 ;‘e Fancy Figured. Bleach
I i e«l and I'nblea led Canton Flannels of
ail grade
| TM'f Vr’vIMKK' IVim -tii ditto. Fulled
I l4 cl \V -f n Shirt Am, for men'? wear.
! jvK V1 I ’ eh, and oth t Wo'Ictis
I J) i .r i.r- !.:i. .uclndium White Flati
| ti,!« li .v : :cr Flann and Fancy ditto,
i h ./v. li Grey. line Saxony Steel
ii- y.’a > ! P 'in.ditto. Ladies Vests.
B it* >DEN WARE.
TTTIII"" >\K 11. - If 1 ‘X Buckets.
> \ I
O' VEKN.-WAUi.. till-"'. ''. Lamps, Majoli
ca War*. For Sale by.
j Oct. Is-I
s r >vs JARS, qu irt and half-gaVon. for
01 vM<>NP Past, tor the hair.
. 1.1 by GKO. T. LIGHT.
To the Ladies
MISSF.' Amelia link* an 1 Katie Lolir
r ■ Ladies of Char
en . 1 \i initv ihai tin v have taken a room
f the residents
• ■ . ' '
prenar l to esc ito w >r.v fosmonably and
neatly and at r a- nuble price-and promptly.
1 hey Elicit u cull
May 1L lAM.__ _
/ S I \1 - Fruit Jars f,r-.dc ?.v
^ f t. P. Lull.
James W. Butt,
liooilufif and Spouting
rpiIL undesigned has recently enlarged and
J. very much improved hi* salesroom, and
added largely to hi* stock, both in variety and
uuantitv *f go .Is in his hoe. lli* supply of
nn)K STOVES AND RANGES will compete
with any. embraces the celebrated “ Excelsior
an 1 *• Farmer Girl,” which never fail to give
besides a large number of
. With each St ive th sre are given Fifty
L’i. vs, exclusive of plates, ail of them very
useful o housekeepers. Important additions
i mam of these Stoves, as furnished by me,
are Side, Automatic-Oven and Pipe Shelve*,
Water-Hacksand Warming Closets. Coal Oil
Stoves always in stock, ami the best^ Wood and
Coal Heaters ou hand in season. Every Stove
guarantt d. Mv supply of Fine Goods in my
line is one of th’eheatevcr oiTcred in,Charles
town. and includes handsomely ornamented
Water Coolers and Chamber Sets, Beautiful
Prip Coffee-Pots, South h e and Cream Ladles,
,Vv„ with all the usual variety of Tin and Sheet
Iron Warm of all Kinds. Prices always mod
el ate. Price of Stoves from $12 up.
hooting and Spouting and other Tin Work,
promptly executed. _
1 1 3 JAMES W. HI TT.
April 2*3, 1885.
’ gIsasid uuvse, ~
' N. E. Corner Ninth and Chestnut Sts., Philn.
J.IM Kibokn, Manager. J. 31. Dennison, Sup.
STREET CARS run from all the principal
I !vp - to the HOTEL. The accommodations
j are in all rmpi tscjual to any in the City.—
$.{.(>* per day.
i ua. nw»jr»_
UAVIN'O purchased the Store and Stock of
Mr. Warren Kby I will continue the same
list of buiscHttkil old lMtd« 1 oiler a fine
assortment of
Also a large stock of
1 solicit the patronage of m \ friend* and the
public, and am satisfied they will find my stock of
prime quality and m v prictl very low.
April 1‘i, 1879. id. 11. C'OCKr..
/"'t ROUND Alum and Fine Fall for sale cheap
\jT by 11. H. COOKE.
JUST received lot of Rackets. Tabs and Cylin
der Churns, which are for sale by
VLvRC.E Stock of Quecnswaro, Glassware
^ aud Stoueware for sale cheap at “The Old
.... \ ii'oeery" of H. II. COOKK.
jACOli 8TA11RY,
Dealeb in
Groceries, Provisions, Liquors
To&act:os,CI}rurs, Confectioneries
Til WK- t hand and am in receipt of ol.urg
Stock of
camily Groceries and Liquors,
which willbe « Idasloir aseanbe bought clsts
wh re. (Jive me a call before purchasing.
Caiat-eaTows, June a, 1877—ly. J. 8.
Summit I’oirit, W. Vu.
rpHK unJ. psi^ne Ilia* leased the above House,
a arid jir> j»''; to conduct it in stylo,
f--r the a...mm,Klation "film traveling pub
1; ■. Kates Moderate. Good liar attached, and
Livery Stable, with > >d Horse-: and Vehieles.
April 5,1SS3—y.
Charlestown, W. Va.
JAMES WA TSt >>', Proprietor.
MF.AI.F at nil h )’trs to suit Travelers. Tran
-ier.t It eirding on Reasonable Terms,
llaeks t>> and from all trains Free of Charge.
■ 1: . Ear is Supplied with Choice Wines,
April 5, 1**3.’
Piano or Organ.
.TJxvif Fteptf* tZ\‘t$sTc;t.
j . \ PIANIST and i MIG AXIS C ami an c.xcvl
1 lent ami experienced T« .i d.or, desires to secure
afe .v i lpils. For information apply at
February 5,1881.
Are l-'imr ■■ -Mntlv advertised to take place,
j but really Grand Openings take place
every dav at
J. 1). SWARTZ’,
Gents1 Furnisher,
No. 16 West Washington Street,
Three Dots East of Baldwin House,
■ In a Miti- n to the large stock of Fall k Winter
Fancy Suitings,
I !...ve already purchased for the season "f ’83,
1 am constantly receiving the latest designs
manufactured, ami am thereby enabled t - fur
ni'h any one desiring a Plain <>r Fancy Suit.
Having no rent or cutter to pay enaM s me
conduct my business on alow expense basis,
and as 1 give my purchasers the benvtit of this
1 . ving you can readily see why I can furnish
better g for same prices than m ire preten
ti >u< houses. 1 also keep a large line ol
I.incn Collars and Cuffs, Gloves, Suspenders,
an i the finest selection of plain and fancy
N< k Wear, and especially call your attention
t mv larae assortnnnt of Underwear, both
\Y i- n and t' -nton Flann- •, and the celebra
ted Pearl and Scratch Pock t Shirt, at $1 each,
(which have each given entire satisfaction, all
of whieh will t>e sold at the 1 -west cash price.
I return many thanks for your liberal pair >n
ay in the past, and solicit a cuntinuaneeof the
same, an-1 a- I superintend al! >f my own work
in ; rson 1 guarantee to all «»f my customers
sati'f.ictiun. Bespcctfully,
Oct .1*. 1*83. J.D. SWARTZ.
4000 yds. of Prints & Ginghams in variety,
for sale bv
! May 17, GEO. IV. T. K EARS LEY.
dey goods,
Baltimore and Holliday Streets,
U^VE now oj>en a most attractive assort
ment of Seasonable Fabrics for
T a.lics’ Dress Goods 15, 12,18, 25, 31, 57} cent.4.
Double Width Dress Goods ut 18, 25,371. f«, <12,
75 and $1. Our Celebrated Black Cashmeres,
37}c., 45c.,50c., 02jc., 7oc„ and $1. Black Silk
Warn, Henrietta and English Crapes for mourn
ing. Our Specialty Black Silksat 75o„ 87}e..
$l7$1.25, $1.37, $1.55, $1,65, $175, $1.S5, $2.00
per yard. Colored Silksat 75c., $1.00. $1.25, and
81 50 tier yard. Full line of Cassiiueres for Boys
and Men at 25, 30. 40, 50, 62. 75, $1, $1.25, $1.50.
Housekeeping Linens of all kinds in Table
lUmasks, Napkin Towels, etc. lil^achcd and
Brown Cotton Goods, Calicoes, etc., und the l>est
uualitv American Dress Ginghams, 10c per yd.
White Goods, India Linens, Xmnsooks, etc.—
Swiss Embroidery. Laces, Fichus, Handkerchfe,
Fringes, Gimps. Buttons. Notions, etc. Misses
and Children’s Fancy Hosiery at 25c., &V-.
and 50c per pair. Our Celebrated “Arthur Kid
Gloves, 3 Buttons, $1.00 per pair; 4 Buttons,
jtl“5- in new Fall Shades and Black, guaran
teed to give satisfaction likcall goods from our
Establishment. The best quality for the lowest
prices. Ladies’ Ready-made Dresses, Wraps,
Shawls, Cloaks, Gu-->amcrs and Waterproofs.—
Ladies’, Misses’ and Children’s Shoes at popu
uiar prices. ...
Our Mail Order Department is now SO tho
roughiv organized that 1 Julies living outside
the i Itv can do their shopping through us with
as much certainty of satisfaction as if they were
personally present. Samples of all kinds <>f
goods sent to any part of the l nited States,
Canada or Mexico, upon application.
Largest Stock and /.»•< Wo*
Dealers i:i Dry Goods Ex- lusively,
Baltimore, Md.
j -i , inoj.
SFcrrssoR to N. F. IIesdmsos A Co.,
DEALER ill Drugs, Chcinicjjs. Patent Med
icines, Dye Stuffs, Fancy A Toilet articles,
Books, Stationery, Ac.
Gustav Brown's new Building. Main Street
Cit \iu.kstow.v. West ViBqikia.
VCMECorn Eraser—Positively cures Corns.
Bunions and all other Caluses. Best of
Reference given. For sale by
March 1,1883.
J UST received a large line of Soaps—inclu
ding Jesse Oakes’, Brown Windsor. Col
gate’s, Lubiu’s— also a large lot of cheaper
Dr. CHAS. E. Tit ATT.
March 1,1383.
Tiles! C. Eau.'.siiaw. B. Fbvsk Dooli t.
(Hilbert’s Building, Main Street.)
Charlestown, W. Va.
D23!cr3 !n
of all kinds, aad Manufacturer- of
Special Attention glvento
Hooting ff Spouting.
All Kinds of Repairing promptly done.
KAVING purchased the stock of Machine
ry, Tools and Stoves of Messrs. Duke
•V Gal labor, we will r utinuethe Tin and Stove ;
l nisi ness in all its various branches. We will i
keep on baud a full stock of tinware of our j
own manufacture, ami will make to order
promptly, any article in our line. Being both j
practical tinners, the senior having served 17:
years at thehti'iness. is a guarantee that work ;
entrusted tons will h properly executed. \\e !
guarantee all work at lowest prices, and ask a j
share of the public patronage.
Feb. 15,1883. I
Spring l:: Summer Goods
EliGG E. Kohrer’o
Merchant Tailoring Store, in the Room of
Mr. Talbott.
T HEREBY notify the good lYoplcofCharles
L town and the Public, also, that all will lind
it to their advantage to look at my puds be
fore purchasing abroad. 1 have on hand a line
lot of samples from some of the leading houses
of New York A Philadelphia. All garments
made in the latest style ami in workmanlike
manner. I will say with confidence that all
ordt r< f« r garments will he tilled to the entire
-at taction Oi wuocvcr may ia\or me nau a
JLS?"Cutting m i lc a Specialty.
March 20, 1-M3.
ANUFACTrUEIlS of all kinds of FINE
Itl CAltltlAUE and BUGGY
Saddles, Bridles, Homemade Collars, Whips,
Lap Robes, Blankets, leather, A Cotton
Fly Nets, Farm Harness of all kinds, also Deal
ers in Harness Oils, Saddle A Harness Hardware
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in all kinds of
All Parties wishing anything in our line will
do well by giving os a call before buying else
where. Always keep a large stoi . on hand
which we will -i ll at the lowest ea-h prici-s,
Repairing of all kinds done at the shortest
Highest Cash I’riccs paid for all kinds of
Hides delivered at Tanvard.
Jan. 2o, 1853—ly.
M.ux Stbeet. Chablestowx.
MBS. THOMAS has received, and is recciv
. ing. her FALL and W1 NTKKSUl’BLlES
and invites the attention of the Ladies, t >
beautiful Millinery, Ladies’ Underwear, Em
broidery. Notions. Ac., she has added a superb
stock oi HOSIERY and GI.O\ ES.
the millinery department
' is complete—containing the newest things in its
! line. Trimming executed promptly and ac
i cording to the latest fashion reports. SLAMl
! latter a sjwiiulty—done at short notice. The
ladies are invited to call ui examine.
October 11,1883.
r 1CORICF. Lorengera and Cough Drops by
Lj the ounce or pound. t
Jan. 11,1883. ___
OPADES, Forks, Shovels, Garden Rakes,
O Hoes, Ac., just received
and for sale by om
H. N. OaUahcr—lHed November 3,18S3.
Bide yet awhile. 0 gentle, gift. d Muse,
And thro' these lines a tender love infuse.
I ask of thee a tribute, brief and true.
Entwin'd with willow, cypress leaves and yew.
—O'er Valley paths dim shadows mutely rest,
Appealing eyes betray the vain less quest:
For he is dead ! a Father and a Triend—
In dreamless sleep his days have Pound an end.
A slumbrous silence all unbroken dwells
And, more than words, an anguish'd storytells.
The deep fruition of those lanrelM years
Is drown’d in Sorrow's unavailing tears.
No kindlier heart than that which now is still’d,
Its wealth ot love all human measure fill'd.
That radiant smile diffus'd its cheery trlow,
While yet his steps grew tottering and slow.
Mature manhood knew his wisdom grave.
Youth sought his counsel—prudent, still, vet
And childhood cluster'd 'round the patient
To list, enrapt, to fancies, droll and free.
9 # • * *
There lingers on the air a hearted erv :
The cry of Hope, imprison'd—loth to die.
It seems to say to hint wo knew so well:
“ Ah! cruel parting. —Father! Friend, fare
well !
December 18."!.
MaiauBMwayfCTWiw ■■■— —■■»»■■ n-— ——r—-rrsrr -w
Virginia rfree %vros.
IF. IF. n. GALL AUER, Editor.
Charlestown, Jefferson County, ITfat Vo.
/». ■< embt f 13, 1883.
The Morgantown Poet pays the following
deserved compliment toCapt.C. 1.. Dudrow,
but infercntially lets the “ cat out of the
bag”—that barns and houses were burntd
i because-"simply because they would
i burn.” We are glad to be confirmed in our
belief that Capt. Dudrow was not imbued
with the incendiary spirit ofsfhcrman, Sher
idan and Hunter:
n c ui wn>s uuiu^iib vupu i/uur ^ vtt'uiu
arrive at great fame. We have traveled with
him as a conductor, and always found that
».<• gave his whole time for the comfort of
his passengers; and in December, D'63, we
“climbed, slid, swam and fro/e to death ”
with him on the “ Avcroil raid ” to Salem,
lie was a “ bold soldier boy ” in the 11th
Pennsylvania '' ■ airy, n< v. r gruml 1 1 -.t
hard service, and best of all, never d
private property nor burnt a house or barn
simply because it would burn. May be
live long and acquire till gr. atcr fame. The
B. A O. has no more gentlemanly employe
in its service.”
We have seen much mention in our We t
Virginia exchanges of the hospitality of
Parkersburg as developed at the late Edito
rial meeting there, but we have had no evi
dence po absolutely convincing as the state
ment now made that at the banquet, not
withstanding (in deference to the near prox
imity of the Freeman—the Keely motor of
prohibition) the toasts were drunk in Adam’s
ale, some of the speakers were so full of
a sense of the eMibernnce of hospitable in
tent that they respon I d to sentiments elo
quently, without g tting their metaphors
mixed, and retired to their virtuous couches .
utterly oblivious of tho marked sensation
Skinny Men.
“Wells’ H.alth Uenewer" restorers
health and vigor, cures Dyspepsia, Impo
tence, Sexual Debility. $1.
The cotton planters’ convention at Vicks
burg last week adopted resolutions urging
State legislatures to appropriate funds for
State exhibits at New Orleans’ Exposition
next December. As West Virginia will be
blest in not having a legislative session this
winter parties will not have to straddle an
appropriation hobby to get her coals and
other products to the Crescent city exhibi
We learn that the number of \V cst \ ir
pinia editors who found the Tabernacle and
heard Talniage’s sermon on salt aa a pre
servative. instead of sixty upon actual count
was fifteen. Wc repeat: the theme was ap
propriate; tho’, as bits of truth about the |
Metropolitan visit of the journalistic crew ;
leak out, a discourse on “ burnt brandy as a
failure1' might have been applicable.
Currency Comptroller Knox finds that a
National Hank currency contraction is im
minent and to avoid a cutastroph'1 ’-ug
gests to Congress the continuation of U. M.
bonds in use as a basis for National Hank
circulation so long as a sufficient amount of
them is outstanding.
“ llVCUU-VAIBA. •’
Quick, complete cure, all annoying Kid
ney, Blander and Urinary Disease*. *1.
Dome tie troubles crazed a Mrs. Laura
Iiiall in Baltimore, and on Friday morning
last with a razor she cut the throats of her
two little girls—aged respective y 5 years
and 14 months, and then cut her owu
throat—inflicting a probable fatal wound.
i St. Agatha’s (Catholic) spire, 1*5 feet,
i in Philadelphia, has a new 12 foot glass cross,
j t) feet at the aims, in a gilded iron frame. It
: is lighted, electrically, with gas.
Mrs. Rachael C. Boyer, deceased, has
j left the best part of her estate to the Balti
more Y. M. C. A.
Ex-Speaker Kiefer has been given the
empty honor of a re-nomir.at:on.
A Baltimore justice decides that husbands
are liable for slander uttered by th ir wives.
DEC LlS 1- or HA'.
Nervous Weakness, Dyspep-'.a, Impotence,
Sexual Debility, cured '' W Health
Renewer.” $1.
Admiral Raphael Seann-,’ birth pbco at
j Washington, Go., was sold btely for ?2,
Hide Awake for December, lssj.
The Christmas THifc Jwh, of extra size,
just at ham!, is a refined and very beautiful
number, sure to be carefully treasured in the
family for years, for its literature is not of the
evanescent class, and its illustrations arc an
art-portfolio in themselves. The Frontis
piece, by Lungren.is threefold, and designed
as an illustration fur Miss Wilkins’ dainty
poem “On Christmas Day.” Sophie May
follows with one of her inimitable stories,
" A Christmas Breeze.” Then comes
“ Facing The World,” by Mrs. Dinah Mu
lock-Craik, an Edinburgh story; a strong
one, and a true one; its illustrations are by
Miss Dowie, a granddaughter of Robert
Chambers, the famous Scotch publisher.
George MacDonald has a charming poem,
“ A Child’s Make-Believe,” with several il
lustrations as charming by Garrett. “ Some
Curious Cat Music,”by Elizabeth Abercrom
bie, has an irresistible full page drawing of
cats, “set to music,” by “ Boz,”suggested
by the painting which the artist Von Sch
wind dedicated to Joachim, the conipo>cr.
Then comes the opening chapter of “ A
Brave Girl,” the Smith College Serial, by
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps. The WidtAwah*
serials promise to be of great excellence this
year, the one for the older buys being a ro
mance of the Revolution, “ A Double Mas
querade,” by lvev. Ciiarles R. Talbot, and
there i.- a delightful \\ ondcr story tor little
folks, “ In No-Man’s Land,” by E. S. Brook-*,
illustrated with dainty pictures. Lucy Lar
com has a long Christinas poem, “ Bridget’s
Christmas Flowers,” and ’here is a Jelly pa
per of winter sport*, entitled “ A Canadian
Carnival,” by Dr. Beers of Montreal, with
spirited drawings by Sandham. Then there
D “ The Patchwork School,” by Miss \\ ilkins
" The Patroncito’s Christmas with Cherokee
Sam,” by F. W. Htealey, with a full-page
drawing by Lungren, and there is a pictorial
four-paged JEsop's Fable, by Mrs. Hates and
E lmund Garrett, also the first of the “ Zo
diac Procession,” by Miss McDermott and
Miss Johnson ; and there are three pages of
music—Iherman's setting of Lord Hough
ton’s “ Good Night and Good Morning.”
And after all this, there cornea the ('. Y. F.
R. T. Reading Course, a whole family mag
azine in itself.
Subscribe now, and secure the opening
chapters of the Serials. Only $2.-r>0 a year.
D. Lothrop & Co., Publishers, Poston, Mass.
From the Independent:
Mr. John Feller, of this place, received a
dispatch on Thursday, from Green River,
Ftah, announcing the sad intelligence that
his son George, had the day beforo been
shot and’ Idlled.
On the 14th of November Mr. W. A.
(lard, a former resident of this place, was
married to Miss Gallic I>. Eyster, daughter
of Mr. L. A. Eyster, of Chambersburg.
The ceremony was held in the first Luther
an Church, Chambersburg, and conducted
by Rev. A. Stewart Hartman, assisted by
R 7. F. M. Woods of this place.
The case of Ezra Herring vs. Chas. Lee,
which was submitted to the Court of Ap
peals more than four years ago, and^ has
been three times argued before that Court
was decided on Saturday hut in favor ol
our townsman, Mr. Herring. The case in
volved the title to the property and its im
improvements, embracing some sixty acres
of land, lying within tho corporation, on
the ea-i rn limits of the city. We congrat
ulate Mr. Herring and his counsel, Hon. C.
J. Faulkner. upon the result of this doubt
ful and hard-fought contest.
From the Shcphcrdttown Htgitftr:
Last Sunday the work of moving thehigli
bridge of the Shenandoah Valley Railroad
which spans the Potomac at Shepberdatown
into a mathematically correct position was
accomplished. For some cause—perhaps
the settling of the piers—the bridge was
thrown out of plumb six and a half inches,
down stream, and the difficult and skillful
work necessary to move it back into its
...;,.in<il Ttmitinn was done in about five
hour*. Powerful hydraulic jacks were placed
under the bridge, one side being raised
higher than the other so that it would slide,
and then heavy strokes with mauls were
given, throwing the bridge into pot-ition.
When it is known that this bridge is over 1,
000 feet in length and nearly 100 feet high,
the difficulty of the work may be imagined.
Rev. Charles Ghisclin "ill be installed
pastor of the Presbyterian Churdh at this
place .Sunday morning December Oth, and
at Kcarneyavillo in the afternoon of the
same day at 3 o’clock. Rev. Dr. Hopkins
will preach the sermon and ask the con
stitutional ouestions. Rev. F. M. Moods
will deliver the charge to the pastor ar.d
Kev. J. S. Lafevre will charge the congre
gation. The same ministers will take part
in the services in Kearntyaville, but in
reverse order.
JTor.tr Item*.
—•• All your own fault
Ifyou remain '< when you can
The weakest woman, smallest child, and
sickest invalid can use bop bitters with
safety and great good.
—Old me n tottering around fr >m Rheu
m itism, kidney trouble or any weakness
will be almost new by using hop bitters.
_My wife and daughter were made
healthy bv the use of bop bittew and 1 rec
ommend 'them to my people.—Methodist
Ask anv pood doctor if nop
Hitlers are not the best family medicine
On earth.
—Malarial ft ver, Ague and Biliousness,
% ill Rave every neighborhood as soon aa
' hop hitters arrive. .
“—My mother drove the parayPis and
neuralgia all ou* of h- r system with hop
bitters."— Ed. (J*tn<jo Sun.
—Ice wati-ris rendered harmless and more
1 refreshing and reviving " ith hop hitters in eacb
drauirht. ... . . . -
j —The vie .r of yyuth for the age I uud infirm
in hop bitters.
[tromthi \Ytoeimg Kfji»ier.\
Congressman IVllson Tells why he
1'otcd for Carlisle.
The Correspondent of the Register says:
Talking over Congressman Wilson’s sup
port of Carlisle with Mr. Wilson, that gen
tleman told me his first inclinations were to
vote for Randall and that it the election had
come off some weeks since he should proba
bly have voted for the Pennsylvanian with
w hom he sustained pleasant social relations
ami for whom hp professed a goml deal of
admiration. As the period of final decision
drew near, however, an examination ot tho
records of the two leading candidates for
the Speakership convinced him that Mr.
Carlisle’s record and position were more in »
accord with the true principles ami policy
of Democracy than those of Mr. Randall,
and for this reason he felt constrained to
vote for the Kentuckian against the advice
and solicitation ofagood many ncraonaland
political friends. “ A vote for Mr. Randall
as the matter was finally presented, ’ said
Mr. Wilson, “ it seems to me would have
been a mere dodge. It would have
represented the views of those who insist
that the Democracy shall do nothing until
it comes into power ami that all these ques
tios that affect onr best interest, shall bo
deferred until we get possession of the (lov
ernment. Such a programme docs not strike
mo as being either right or politic. With it wo
should go into the Presidential tight with
tho charge against us that the first tiling wo
were likely to do if successful would bo to
remove all protection from home industries
and thus destroy a good many business in
terests. I had sufficient confidence in Mr.
Carlisle's position on the tariffquestion, and
in that of a majority of his supporters, to be
lieve that this session of a Democratic Houso
would effectually answer all such charges
and demonstrate that the Democracy were
as lit to be trusted to care for tho business
interests of the country as their Republican
brothers. Mr. Carlisle stands squarely upon
the Ohio platform, which advocates a tarifi
for revenue, with incidental protection.
. r * i _n r.,
I lir riUllMilIL IUUTIUI WV/ a/V v\/stvv*,vx* -w.
government expenses must always be sufii
cient to afford llie opportunity for protecting
such interests as need to bo protected it a
wise discrimination is used. It might be a
fairer way to collect such revenue direct
from the people, but it is not likely it will
ever lie collected by direct taxation. So
long as it is gathered as it is there will bo
the opportunity to care for interests that
nre l protection, and there ought to be mu
tual concessions to this end. Take our sit
uation in West Virginia, for instance. Wo
are an agricultural and pastoral people in
the interior, but we have iron and coal and
salt interests in various sections of tho
State that need to be eared for, and there
ought to be a feeling of compromise and a
greement in this matter between different
portions and varied pursuits. The general
average oftari 11 duties is about forty-three per
cent. That on coal is not over twenty-five per
cent., and other West Virginia products
even less. With a wise discrimination in
levying the duties needed for national rev
enues it is possible the protection to the
industries of West Virginia which need
protection may be increased. In any c
vent I do not expect that my tariff record
f in Congress will end with my vote lor
Speaker, and I hope to bo of service in
fostering interests which ought to be re
garded in framing revenue laws.”
Tho Democratic majority In tho present
House is 75.
The Frinco or Wales has just entered Ids
431 year.
Sojourner Truth, tho color'd lecturer and
fortune teller, is dead aged 108.
Kanawha boasts of nn Indian mound
containing skeletons and relics.
C’apt. Ham Shcyord of Faqulrr is gun
inng after Elam’s office—the £tatc secre
tary ship.
Carey’s 4-story cotton warehouse, Lom
bard and Frederick Sts., Baltimore, is burn
A pair of thorough trained sturgeons pull
the lR-foot canoe of a Tehama, (Col.) boy—
he guiding them by a neck rein.
Jubal Early bluffly declare* that the En
glish language utterly fails him in speaking
of Lilly Muhone.
An enterprising Chicago firm has secured
cx-sorgcaBt Mason as a clerk at $1500 per
Judge Jackson ha* appointed Thoa. It.
Sharp receiver of that part of the Ohio
River R. K. lying within his jurisdiction.
Gen. Joe Johnston is president of a new
telephone company organized in Washing
ton, last week.
Well preferred 18-foot piles from the
Rhine bridge built by C'harlematrno in the
■ *th century have been lately discovered.
Southern capital ia opening up a manu
facturing city on the South Tennessee banks
in Alabama—near Mussel Shoals.
(itiv. Cameron of Virginia is waging ag
gressive warfare with the illegal oyster
dredgers on the Itappahannock.
The Windsor Theatre, Now York, valued
at $300,01 JO was burned a few nights ago ;
and ou .Saturday the Masonic Temple was
damaged to the extent of $200,000.
A contest for possession of a Westmor
land county (I’a.) natural gas well resulted
last week in a bloody riot where a dozen
' persons were killed or fatally injured.
Our item last issue anent the Virginia
lerisluture should have read : Senato—d< m.
24, coalitionists 14, vacant 2, dem. majority
10. Mouse—dem. 63, coalitionists 36,
vacant 1, dem. majority 27. Joint demo
cratic majority, 37.
In the Supreme Court on Saturday State
Attorney General Rlair represnting tho
State, will file the brief in the Virginia
| coupon trespass cases (submitted last week
by Messrs. Witt and Royal of Richmond; in
involved the validity of all debt settlements
made by the readjustcr legislature.
j A New Britain (Conn.) factory for mak
ing cups out of quassia wood—the intense
bitterness of which imparts a tonic quality
to fresh water drank therefrom—derives a
large profit from the sale of the chip* and
shanugs to beer brewers us a substitute fur

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