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Virginia fxst fun.
IK. IK. It. GALLAUER, L'dttor.
Charlmtuun, Jefferson County, ll'csl Vo.
December 13, 1SS3.
The President's Message submitted to Con
gress on Tuesday of last week opens with a ci
tat >n of our friendly Foreign relations, the ma
king of e>>nsu!ar and commercial treaties with
Servia. Uoumauia, Corea and Madagascar, a
boundary survey treaty w ith Mexico and an ex
tradition one with Spain. A Commission is
suggested to consider our interest in British
North American fisheries—as the fisheries arti.
dot in the Treaty of Washington will termi
nate July 1, 'So. Revision of legislation is urg.
ed touching the deportation of paupers hither
from England—as present application of the
law is ineffectual. Congress is urged to recotu
j*ense the expert commission appointed to in
vestigate, especially for Germany’s enlighten
ment, the alleged injuriousness of American
swine products. France has repealed its legis
lation against American swine. A new marine
treaty to remedy the present hardships of A
merican ships in Mexican waters is (tending.—
The re-survey of the Rio Grande— Pacific boun
dary has been completed and Congress should
prepare for re-locating the boundary tyonu- |
uients. The appointment of a consul-general
at each of the South American capitals i> re
commended. The Bolivia-Chili-Peru contest
has changed to one <>f negotiation wherein our
counsels are prevailing. The modification of
the Hawaiian reciprocity treaty is urged. Le
gations have been established in Persia, Siam
and Corea. The Chin esc-restrict ion law has
been violated by the Chinese in their duties of
certifying that immigrants thither belong to
accepted classes. Provision is urged upon
Congress for exercising discretionary Executive '
power in appointing delegates to chance Euro- I
pcau congresses. The Treasury surplus has !
hitherto been used in reducing the national
«leht and hence the 3 (>er cent, bonds (amount
ing to 305 millions) are the only outstanding
bunds redeemable at the mv mment’s ideas
ure. The 41 and 4 j*cr its. are not payable till
ls‘.*l and l'J07. If the Treasury surplus contin
ues large the 3 per cents, may be redeemed in
1487. The 41 per cents, may be paid at matu
rity and the funds for 1 per cents, be in the
Treasury years before it i- needed. This rapi l
extinguishment oftht debt, however, is unwise 1
beeatueof the high taxation it renders neces
sary. In view of recent statutes decreasing the
tax revenue fifty or sixty millions its further
ditninishment at this si --ion is unadvi.-able. A
part of the present surplus revenue might be
applied to rebuilding our navy. Important
changes are urges! in the law controlling the
circulation of national bank currency, as the
probable effect of such an extensive retirement
of those securities which'are the basis of this
circulation would be to contract its volume and
produce embarrassments. The enactment is
recommended of a law repealing tax on circu
lation and permitting banks to issue notes for
an amount equal to 90 per cent, of the market
value. It is urged that the Trade Dollar be ta
ken at the Treasury and at the mints as bul
lion at a small percent, above the current rates.
The 12*5 internal revenue collection districts
have been reduced by consolidation to 83. The
reduction is urged of local letter postage to one
cent. Executive objection is noted to any
scheme for placing the country’s telegraphic
lines under Post Office control, while govern
ment supervision over inter-state line is recom
mended. The law fixing the fees of jurors,
witnesses, district attorneys and marshals in
Federal courts sh >uld bo revi d—the latter
being given 'itone. Congress is asked to
consider the feasibility of Fislcrol aid to public
primary education. The repeal of the act fash
ioning Utah’s present government is urged, the
territorial control then f to he given to»'.>n
gress, which should appoint a special commis
sion to rule. The placing of Alaska under the
Federal law's protection is strongly urged.—
Congress should protes t the people in their in
tor-State traffic against injustice from railway
cor* rations. The protection of fori*sts on the
public domain is recommended. The efforts of
the civil service commission have thus far prov
ed beneficial. An early interpretation by Con
gress of the constitution's ctau-c rt gulatingthe
presidential sue* cssion is urged. Legislation is
askcii to supplement the guarantees given the
colored man in the 11th amendment—recently
held void by the Courts.
CiX-UOTcmor iaix? iiucKimrn, oi sven
t;l ky, went to Talmage’s Brooklyn Taber
nacle and was invited to the platform,
whereupon, it is s.ud, o.ihhi voices began to
aing, “ While the lamp holds out to burn, ’
Kentucky’s tate Executive, above al
luded to, had a touch of tender feeling for
unfortunates that prompted him to the fre
quent exercise of the pardoning power, and
himself to he the subject of clemency from
on high would not be an unreasonable ex- !
j - ration—though we have no doubt he ha
higher aud surer grounds upon which to )
base bis hope.
Democratic representatives should paste ‘
on their desks this closin ’ utterance of Sun
set Cox in Caucus : “ ’M depends upon the
wi-dom with which we exereis the duties of
this Congress, Without a wise forecast and
discreet hor«*scope wo will be * derelict,
laeatenand discomfited. * r * Remember!
that '84 depends upon our wisdom and dis
The Republicans of the Senate have
taken Senator Mahone into full fellowship,
t- indicated by their reception of him in
Caucus. A toothache prevented Senator
Riildleberger from meeting a like formal
wwlcone. A toothache! At last we’vedis- *
covered the uses of a toothache.
I’reston County ha.- a mau log years old
who has never seen a railroad, Tyler county
has one who has never Men the Ohio rivor
«-r the Court House, and Hancock c unity
has one who hasn’t w ashed himself for nigh
«>nto 4<> years. Next.- // . <•*- 1 '■ urit r.
From what we see in the Wheeling
paj ers there are doubts about the mi—iug
i’!«*k of the Circuit Court, MeColloch,
having been murdered at all. The place
made vacant by Li* absence has Ken tilled.
Miss Carrie Martin received injuries
which may prove fatal in Jumping from a
second-story window of a burning dwelling
at 112 Boundary avenue, Baltimore, on
Monday morning. Several ladies were res
The third slaughter of Egyptians troops
is reported. If they are annihilated a few
more times mummies will le dirt cheap
wilhij the borders of the Soudan. ,
jJter thin the Previous Question.
The following letter to the Spirit of Jeffer
son in response to an article in The Free
i Press of last week we publish at the request
[of the author—the same having been de
I dined bv the editor of the Spirit Ever
green'* being entitled to a reply to us. \\ e
give it verbatim et literatim, etspeltatim, tl
punctuatim,—ad nauseam, and without com
ment :
For the Spirit of Jefferson.
El'ITOP. Hanes
lu taking up the Free Press of Doc. 6th
I see my courteous friend W . V\ . B. t Jalla
her—has given extracts of “ tbc Remarkable
Product* n—.4 Literary Curiosity. Ha
ll*—A letter written to uiy Home Paper—
which you chose to copy—I regret that so
comm n :i oLico letter should strike the Ed
jtor a-* “ a Literary Curiossity ”—Hi-> reoun
denev of Language in Translating this “ou
rio>'ity—has taken up more space in lu-5
\ aluable collums—than the extracts of this
wonderful! letter—That so small a spark as
Evirgreen-should cause such a liame of
Splendid ' 'ttire —Thanks-that he lias not
refuted some of ray brilliant Efforts in
Speaking of the Degeneracy of Tallent end
Culture—And by observation—I see the
M<>.»n Still Shim s- and the Sun sets as Gor
g. ms and Wit h;is been enhanced—As to
/ i r'.Ti v not being able to bear contradic
tion 1 would n .t be a woman—It I could not
play at cross purposes—
Do not allow your Temerity Mr. Free J'ress
ever to faint by the way side—I like to see
a Man Stand up for his rights—A Crown
ing Virtu —if Eve did Cause him to eat of
the forbidden fruit—
Thanks also for the valuable information—
that Churl*-town was a village a Hundred
years rhe ('••nteunial of its Male Aea
damv will be ccllebrated next year—-and
their was Eighteen Incendiary tires in a
single oL ht—during the Ibd—"lliat the
Free Pres- was not Kindled bv Kinblood—
their is no bitterness engendered. “All
quiet on the Potomac
We do know—that Mr Andrew Hunters
lb,use w. laved in ruins by his own Kiu
Their is one expression that strikes my
brilliant mind—as entirely too dudie—Os
car Wild—In speaking of the “ personates—
U some cases a little t«r too"— Sorry the
Free l‘r« - wanders to Slang Phrases— for
key - A- to Fditi r Ham•> N\ ®
think tin Soil here too I’layie to add much
to his s! addow -or for the grotli of chinco
<: ins—1 li ; e the Free Press-will not hessi
tut in the least to criticise Evergreen when
ever tie opportunity offers—as variety is
the spice t lire and I like «im«<ii»-in well
ballanced uiiuds. Au-lie voir
Tribute of Reaitect.
At a regular c >tnmiinieution of Malta Lodge.
Vo. so. A.. F. A A. M.. of Charlestown, held
November 23d, lssJ, the following preamble
and resoluti -n" were unanimously adopted:
Win He • - *t ha4* pleased Almighty God in
his infinite wisd-.io, to remove from our midst
■ur friend and f loved worthy brother, IIoky
tioNi i n ti\LL.\nm, whose memory we fond
ly cherish, and
RWe are desirous of hearing testi
r;i >nv to till eharaeter of the deceased, whose
usefulness was widespread. Tiierefore, be it
li, - lift That we recall with pleasure the
hig a ir departed Brother, ud heart
11 v attest his generous welldoing, and the ex
cellence of his culture and accomplishments.
ri u we r.. gnize the all wise or
»ol the llearenlj Grand Master in the
death of our worthy and venerable Brother in
th-* evening of his long and active life, whose
sunset in : "ry. with Ids labors datitully and
fiuthfullv j*erformed.
li- 0.7. That w e deeply regret his removal
from our midst, and deplore the loss our V ra
ti rnity h i sustained in liis death, and that we
tend r to hi- family our heartfelt sympathy in
their present sorrow and distrv s.
lx, -t. That as a mark of respect to our dc
c -a- 1 Br rli.-r, w* wear the usual badge of
. >uri.i.'i.' m l dr. pe our hall accordingly, for
the space "f thirty days.
l; ■ !„ I That a copy of these Resolutions
bo sent the 'amity of our deceased Brother;
that a e..p. , r«'i 1 upon the minutes of the
1. . | , .m 5 that they he printed once in the
newspapers of the town.
7" I!’ ' l~r • - ni Shfol Jnirn i!, of which
II .n. B. I, Uut-hcr, State Superintendent
of Public Schools, is the able edited in its
“ t'urr>. Dt Exchange History " for the month
of N vember stake® tha following clever
mention of Fin: Virginia Free Press and
its late s aii r Editor:
Tin Virginia Free Press.—H<*r»tio
N ds oi (ialla’i. r, the nior editor of this
s rlia ' ;;i r, ; rhaps the oldest iu the
Slate. di< da* his horn ■ in Charlestown, Jef
f r- ia c ,West Virginia, Novembers,
1 vt, in th 7«»th year of his age. He was
the N.-t >r of West Virginia journalism,
h ivi’.g ' . onne te 1 with the Free Press
-iiici its birth in 1'21—nearly 63 years ago.
Ho was :ie of the oldest, if not the oldest,
i lr .ali-t in the I’niteJ States. He was a
man .>f -rr tg convictions and fearless ut
terance, y t tolerant and kind. Onerous
vj'.uii*, iit? >> k^ m iikii ivcu »»
telkctual power. Hi* (l*ath removes ano
ther .it t!i r markaMe men whose lives spaa
the marvelous gr iwth of the Republic.
I:i hi.- - go <» *v. Cameron of Ya. says
that deficiencies in the law have prevented
the funding ct more than 6 per cent, of the
State deft. In this regard aud also to en
force the Riddleb rger bill he asks proper
legislation. He urges the improvement of
then .1:1 * mr juvenile education, lie re
commends the rept al of last years art defin
ii.: the Md. Va.. boundary—this question
b ing ab >ut to bo settled. Ho will submit
a rial m ssasrc ia tin* matter of Virginia’s
la kof an oyster il<vt to suppress unlawful
drt lging in her waters. A judicial inves
t gati m should, ho says, be had anent the
l>anville el etion riot irrespective of color
or politics.
Hold • n to the truth, for it will serve you
well and lo you good through eternity.
1I<>M i n to virtue, it is beyond price to you
at all tiu.< - and places. Hold on to Pr.
Hull’s C' ugh Syrup, for there is nothing like
it to cure a e ugh or cold.
F. C. Mas >n, of < >hi>, has a tit-hour-dial
watch whi h his I'ncle, Col. G. \V. Mason,
had i ad<* in »'-4 because of a misuuderstand
.ng of order whilst in command at Harper's
Ferry. Hi- superiors had ordered an attack
on the " H -” at 4 o’clock—an hour Col.
Ma- nwr -.gly construed to mean “ aftcr
n ■ >n.” T ie attack was unsuccessful and
the C>don . w as court-martialed but happi
ly acquitted.
It /«(!/ in Sic inn ttnlnam *
Swiss Hnisnm i< a sure and speedy cure
for Coughs, Colds, Croup Throat and Lung
Troubles in vie of pure Alpine herbs. What
is the us. of lingering with a cough, cold, or
I - Be, if . m bottli ol Sums li.il
saut will tiled a sure cure. Excellent iu
croup, containing no morphine or opium—
p« rf< tly harmless, l’rice 2b and 7b cents.
Famp’ - fr. e. Try a bottle. Fold by Geo.
f. Light, Charledown -nd dealers through
out the county. 1
(Jen. John B. Clark, Jr., clerk of the House
is 52 and a Missourian by birth. His con
gressional tenure covered 5 consecutive
Jno. P. Leedon. sergeant-at-arms, is 34,
of Ohio birth, and a farmer. At 25 he was
chosen common pleas clerk in his native
The late Thomas Whitridge, a Baltimore
commission merchant, has left a three mil
lions estate to hi3 nieces and nephews. $50,
000 of it to Mrs. Pr. Williams of that city.
The Georgia Supreme court decides that
a note given iu a transaction in cotton “ lu
tures” is void—such speculatiou being sim
ple gambling.
Jas. G. Wintersmith, doorkeeper, is 34, a
Kentuckian by birth and a lawyer. He
| entered the Confederate ranks at 15 and
1 earned Lis spurs under John II. Morgan.
After the war he settled in Texas.
Lycurgus Dalton, postmaster, was born in
Kentucky but lived in Indiana since child
hood. His late superintendency of the
Senate docu.uent room, covered the past 4
vears. Mr. P. has appointed Jas. II. Fisher,
a former Richmond druggist, to his position
i as assistant postu.nstcr held through tic
; 4Sth Congress.
If disease has entered the system the only
! wav to drive it out is to purify and enrich
the* blood. To this end, as is acknowledged
by all medical men, nothing is better adapt
ed than iron. The fault hitherto lias been
that iron could not be so prepared ns to be
absolutely harmless to the teeth, a bis dif
ficulty has been overcome by the i>own
Chemical Company of Baltimore, Md., v'bo
I offer their Brown's Iron Bitters as a faultleo-'
i iron preparation, a positive cure fordyspep
I ___
From the Register :
l’ork $5—5.50.
The ladies of the Presbyterian Church
realized about $190 from the dinner and
suppers held by them last week.
Miss Annie Shepherd died on the 3oth.
She was one of the most devoted members
of the Episcopal Church here, and was a
liberal contributor to its support. Of the
most charitable disposition, the needy will
miss her as one who never turned a deaf
car to an appeul for help.
From Col. C. H. Mackey, 32d Iowa In
fantry : I have derived more bent tit from
Ely’s Cream Halm than anything else I have
ever tried. I have now been using it three
months and am experiencing no trouble
i from Catarrh whatever. 1 have been a suf
ferer for twenty years.—C. II. Mackey, Sig- ]
ourney. Iowa, Feburary 22, ’82.
For three winters I have been atllicted
with Catarrh and Cold in the Head. I
used Fly’s Cream Halm; it accomplished
all that was represented. T. F. MeCortniek
(Judge Common Pleas), Elizabeth, N. J.
(Price, 50 cents.)
1 have been very much benefitted bv a 50
cent bottle of Ely’s Cream Halm. When I
began usin_' it my Catarrh was so bad 1 had
headache the whole time and discharged a
large amount of filthy matter. That has al
most entirely disappeared and 1 have not
had headache since to amount to anything.
Please send me two more bottles.—John H.
Summers, Stepney, Conn.
I [up Bittrr* Co., Toronto :
1 have been sick for the past six years,
suffering from dyspepsia and general weak
ness. I have used three bottles of Hop Hit
ters, and they have done wonders for me. 1
am well and able to work, ami eat and sleep
well. 1 cauuot say too much for Hop Hit
ters. Simon Robbins.
800 bills were introduced in Congress on
Monday and the call was to be resumed on
T uesdav.
* ---—
Mahone and Riddleberger havo been
given good places on Committees by the
Republican caucus.
.in Egyptian Custom.
It n* Ptuted that the ancient Egyptians
when il'v feinted always had a skeleton at
the table wltu This was for the pur
pose of reminding tnv."' that °ven in the
midst of mirth and revelry uvMh w:is.*T’tto
come. Let him come when ho wn» in.
ia unwelcome. The Egyptians sought t«>
teach that all should prepare for the grim
monster and be ready to follow him, let him
call when he would. The lesson can well
be remembered to-day. All should live
prepared to die at any moment, and all should
learn now while in the full enjoyment of
1 .1.1.I i>. .J...,,,,.., i.
1 greatest remedy in the world for the diseases
t > which flesh is heir. It can he procured
at any drug store. Ask your druggist for
Pcruna, the great tonic.
We are informed Col. R. P. Chew has
purchased of Mr. K. W. Bedinger the proper
ty on (Ieorge street formerly occupied by
Mr. R. T. Brown, for the sum of $4,000.
We are indebted to Charlie Brown, with
II. S. Hyde, Martinsburg, for a copy of the
If diday Mxtenger, illustrated. Charlie will
be much pleased to cxibit the fine wares of
the establishment to all who are in search
of beautiful goods for gifts.
Commissioner’s Notice.
iN the < 'ircuit Court of Jefferson County, West
ROBERT PHILLIPS and S. I.ec Phillips, sur
vivors of William Phillip*, Robert Phillips
and S. Lee Phillips, partners trading under
tic •irtn !»nd name of William Phillips A
Sons, Plaintiffs,
Against In Chancery.
\ JOHN W. RoP.ERTS, Julia A KoUrts. Wil
liam L. Wilson, Trustee, and Philip Henry,
Extra t fr<>id Decree of Xarcmber 2.8/A, 1883.
' It is adjudged, ordered and decreed that
this cause be referred to Commissioner Cleon !
Moore with instructions to ascertain and report
l the real estate of which John W. Roberts is
; M in'd, its value and annual rental value. To
ascertain and report the liens upon said real
estate, their amounts and priorities, and such
i further matters as may tie deemed [icrtinentby
him and required by the parties "
A i r P.P. LYNCH,Clerk.
To all persons holding liens by Judgment or
other* - on the real estate or any part thereof 1
of John W. Roberts : In pursuance of a decree |
of the Cir. nit Court of Jefferson County, made ,
in a cause therein peuding. to subject the real ,
estate of the said John W. Roberts to the satis
faction of the liens thereon, you are hereby re- ;
pared to present all claims held by you and |
each of you acain-t the said John W. Ridierts,
which are liens on his real estate or any pan of
it, for adjudication to me, at my oiliee, in the
Count v of Jefferson, town of Charlestown, on
or before the 7th day of January, l'>4. Given !
under my hand this fjth day of December, j
Notice is hercbv given that l will execute the I
forego*n-decree at my office in Charleetown,
\\V-t Virginia, on the 7th day of January, 18M. •
t LEON MO* >KE,«‘onirn'r. |
December 13 1*83—It. Free Press foe—*0.00. i
A new post office has been established at
“ Wheatland" Depot,S. V. R. It. thiscounty,
and Mr. S. H. Higinbotham has been ap
pointed postmaster.
-- » ■ - -
The fine Stieff Piano used on the occa
sion of the late Concert has been secured by
the principal of ML Parro Institute.
“ Little Bill Kinney ” was recently convicted
of the murder of the Doyles, and placed in the
Clarksburg jail. On Monday, at West Union,
the jury, in the case of “ Big Bill Kinney for
participation in the same atrocious crime, dis
agreed, and at night a mob hung Big Bill.
Lt. Milton Rouss of this County was thrown
from his buggy on Friday last and seriouslp in
jured—will probably lose an eye.
Ed. Ilowell, colored, living with Mr. Frank
Howell, of this county, on Tuesday was thrown
from a horse and had both legs aud several
ribs broken.
Mr. Leo Wheat and family, of Clarke
county, are in Washington for the winter.
Holiday Goods.
The largest, richest, rarest and cheapest col
lection of goods ever offered for the Holiday
trade. Before purchasing look through any
one or all of our 13 DEPARTMENTS.
Hats and Caps.
Ladies and Children’s Fur Trimmings, Fur
and Silk Lined Circulars, Fur Trimmed
Dolmans Circulars and Wraps.
C.'tDts Ready-made Suits, Overcoats and
Smoking Jackets.
Youth ’’ and Children’s Suits and Overcoats.
Men’s Working Pants, Cardigan Jackets and
Piece Goods for Custom Work.
Gents’ and You In’ Furnishings, Shirts,
Drawers, Stocking", Collars, ( ufls. Neck
ties, Suspender*. Handkerchiefs,
Pulse Warmers, Comforts, Far
Muffs, ifcc.
Gloves, Fine Fur Gloves a Specialty.
Canes; elegant Christmas present.
Umbrellas, Silk Umbrellas; a beautiful
Hand Satchels and Valises; a serviceable
ITorse, Buggy, Sleigh Blankets and Robes.
Buffalo, Wolf and Bear Robes.
Each Department is complete and presents
an array of goods unsurpassed anywhere for
variety, style and low prices, summing up a
graud.totulofJtWJWO worth of goods from which
to out fit yourself, your children, or present to
your friends. Each article has the price mark
ed on it in plain figures.
12* 3? S G RclFF' *S,
Manufacturers, Clothiers, Furnishers, Hatters,
Furriers and Glovers,
Opposite Baldwin House,
December 11,1883.
Commissioner’s Notice.
IN the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, West
GEORGE V. KEENE and James Hagerty
partners under the name of Keene it Ilagcrty,
and l\ F. Eichclburner and H.S. Myers part
ners under name of Eichclburner Si Co. I’ltfs.,
r.». In Chancery.
GEORGE ZOLL, F. H. Placing and George
Zoll, partners under name ol Plaging and Zoll,
John Zoll and Barbara Zoll, Defendants.
Extract from decree of November 24, 1*83:
“ It is ordered that this cause be referred to
Commissioner Cleon Moore to audit all tbe liens
binding on the real estate of said George Zoll—
with their amount and priorities. T<> ascertain
the real estate of which the said George Zoll is
seized and pi s.-cssed, its rental and market value
->d if the same is held in common with the
**ai 1 jvVn and Barbara Zoll—whether the same
is suScv tin*, •'f division, and if the same can
nut be more a'dvtu ‘«*«eouslj old and the pro
ceeds divided atW’? entitled, and make
report hereof, together )VM> ••••' other run tc.-.
deemed penmeut oy any 01 w. !■***• -.
A copy teste.
1'. I*. LYSCn, rierk.
To all persons holding lien's by Judgment >r
otherwise on the real estate or any part thereof
of (ieorge Zoll.
In pursuance of a decree of the Circuit Court
of Jefferson County, made in a cause therein
pending, to subject the real estate of the said
Z.il1 to the satisfaction oftheliens thereon. you
ure hereby required to present all claims hold
by you and each of you against the said George
Zoll which are liens on liis real estate or any
part of it, for adjudication, to me, at luy office
in the County of Jefferson at Charlestown. \\ .
Va., on or before the 5tli day of January, l'sL
Given under my hand this 12th day of Decem
ber, 1S83. CLEON MOORE.
Coin in issioner.
Notice is hereby given that 1 will execute the
foregoing decree at my office in Charlestown \\ .
Yu. on Januarv 5th, 1*81.
CLEON MOORE, Commissioner.
Dec. 13, 1883—It. Free Press Fee$0.00.
Commissioner's Notice.
In the Circuit < ’ourt of Jefferson County, A\ est
N. F. HENDERSON trading under the firm
name of N. F. Henderson A Co., Esroiu Slifer
and George T. Light, Plaintiffs,
Against In Chancery.
ton, Defendants.
Extract from decree of December 3rd. 1883:
“ It is adjudged ordered and decreed thattliis
cause he referred to Cleon Moore, a Commis
sioner of this Court, with instructions, 1st to as
certain and report the amount due upon each
of the Judgments of Complainants, together
with their priorities. 2nd. To ascertain the
real estate of Franklin Byington, its value and
annual rental value. 3rd. To ascertain the
liens thereon together with their priorities, and
any < t her matters deemed pertinent by the par
ties or either of them.”
A Copy Teste— F. P. LYNCH. Clerk.
To all persons holding liens by judgment or
otherwise on the real estate or any part thereof .
of Franklin Byington. j (
In persuance of a decree of the Circuit Court ,
of Jefferson County, made in a cause therein (
pending, to subject the real estate of the said (
Franklin Byington, to the satisfaction of the (
liens thereon, you arc hereby required to pre-1 ,
sent all claims'held by you and each of you a- :
gainst the said Franklin Byington, which are j (
liens on his real estate, or any part of it. for (
adjudication to n:o, at my office in the County 1 |
ot Jefferson, town of Charlestown, on or before
the 8th day of January. 1881.
Given under my hand thi-> 12th day of Decem
ber, 1883. CLEON MOORE,
Notice is hereby given that I will execute the
foregoing decree at niv office in Charlestown A\.
Va., on the 8th dav of January 1884. 1
CLEON MOORE, Commissioner.
December 13, 188-3.—It. Free Tre* Foe $0.00
. October 16,1883.
We are now oflerii g the Largest General Stock of
Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Notions, Woolens, Blankets, Carpets, Ilats, Cap's, Cfddks.and
Fine Dress Goods ever ottered by us.
Established in 1851.
The Jeweler.
Artistic Jewelry, Silverware, Opera and Field Glasses, Bronzes,
Novelties and Bric-a-Brac, Gold and Silver Watches, find Bronze and Marble
Clock*, striking * hour on Cathedral gongs ; rich jewelry in sets, lace pins, ear-rings,
sleeve-buttons, set rings—set with diamonds, Rhine stones, tiger eyes, cameos, topaz, amethyst,
rubv. emerald, pearl, Xr., gold and plated bracelets, necklaces, ladies’ ami gentlemen’s gold and
plated chains, gold-headed canes, gold pens, pencils, tooth-picks, gold and steel spectacles and
eye-glasses in new and most elegant styles.
Engraving finely executed.
.73El. Ttf.V aoniiE
Practical Watchmaker and Jtrirelcr,
Sop. 20, 1883—v. _
fall attil Wtnfet fowls!
Our Stock of Men’s, Youths’, Boys* and Children’s
Which is acknowledged Unequaled for Style, Fit and Finish,
iml at flie very Lowed Prices, is a Standard^ Superiority, and with.Our Facilities, we are now
prepared to cater to the wants of the Public.
Qelits’ Furnishing Goods, Hats, Caps, Trunks and Valises, Fine
«ilk ;\nd Alpaca Umbrellas. Everythin* to Complete a Gentleman’* Ouitit. The Celebrated
*• Laurel ’’ <S ‘ Monarch" Shirts, and r wn brand Collars and CutH.
We tV-rdiaily invite you to inspect our »*»rk and l-urn our prices before making purchases for
the fall rnd winter, and if the lowest prices, a complete and elegant assortment of the best
mi ilities >nd latest styles, and polite and considerate attention to the smallest.wants of our
usto ni an anv ifidmcment and have any weight, we shall not only pun your trade, but
dtu rest Vturedtbat you will b^o well picked that we wilt retain it Respectfully,
The Leading Clothiers, Sadler lluilding, Charlestown, W. > a
Sept. 6, 18*3. ___
It contains illustrations, prices, descriptions anu
directions for planting all \ cgetable ar i r
Seeds, I’lants. etc. 1 ncTPrvT*
D.M. FERR¥ 5 CO. nick.
The undersigned bus taken charge of: h e W at
jon House Restaurant (basement t»l Hotel. a:ul
in addition to toothsome Lunches, will serve m
the best style Oysters Fried. Stewed, Raw or
otherwise, with a'll the condiments.
Will also supply Families with Oysters, fried
or otherwise, promptly upon short notice.
Cotrs Stolen.
THE THREE COWS stolen from tlm premi
ses of the undersigned on Monday night, No
vember ID. 1883, have not yet been recovered.
Two of these Cows are white, with red spots;
I he other is all white. They have horns, and
i rop and over-hit in the right car A reward
of Twenty-live Dollars will he paid for the re
covery of the Cows and Fifty Dollars for the
Thief* W. II. H. B<H’ER,
Near Charlestown, Jefferson County, W. A a.
December fl, 1S83. __
~tate ?1 Virginia,
* Co-iutv of Jefferson:
CleTk’s olllee of tn». ‘ ouPty ( ourt
The following is a List of K to
record in said Office, during thew?<* ending
December 8, 1883: . ,
1. X. S. White and J. S. PragonScr, Fpcda.
Commissioners, to Edmund J. \ ,L,
llargain and Sale, dated November 19th, 1883,
•onveyinp 3 Roods and 5 Perolic* of Land.—
Date of Record. December 3d. 1883.
2. Thomas Hite to James H. Grove, Trustee
for Janies H. Grove, Guardian of his children
md trustee for I'hilip Henry. Deed of Trust,
dated May 1st, 1-79, conveying two Tracts of
l.aml, containing toother s37i Acres. Duteof
Record, Deceniner aa.
3 Thomas Hite to Forrest W . Drown, j rus
;ce for James H. Grove. Deed of Trust dated
May 13th, l.*<7!». conveying two Tracts of I.an<l,
containing together s37i Acres. Date ot l.e
'ord, December 3d, 1«H3.
4 Hinch Goldman and .‘■'am 1 E. Goldman,
:o Georg- M. Beltzhoover. Trustee for Credi
■ors of said Goldman3. Deed of Trust, dated
November 24th, 18S3, conveying a stock.
3oods and Merchandise. Date of Record, De
■einbcr 4th, 1W*3. . T ..
5 Nannie C. Alexander to Hannah L. Alex
mder and others. Deed of Release, .lated and
recorded December Oth, 13a3.
Clerk of County Court.
Dei emt er 1 ,18
Commissioner s Notice.
f S' the Circuit Court of JefTcnon ('• unty, \X <*t
1 Virginia, on the 4th day of December, 1 '3,
r. P. KEARFOTT, Trustee, ITaintifl,
\ g DANDRIDGE and others, Defendants.
\nd Cleon Moore, one of the < liancory < om
nisaioners of this Court, will procced tocxc
mtc more fully the order of reference hereto
or. made, should any of the parties in interest
1,-ire him to do so. and make report to the next
erm of this Court, stating spenh-ally what
lebts herein credit* 1 egainst thei.it*rc.t^o;
he several oen. t: iane3 sn t .e Deed of Trust
lerein exhibited still remum ii.jaid m wlio.e
>r in part, their priorities with retr ace tj
ach other and with reference to several -o
Hiu:id. Notice of his artion und r t. .s decree
hall he given by publication in t'i? ».r;ixu
Free Tress for four weeks A true copv
Tpstc— I*. 1** 1*^ NClIf tier*.
Notice is hereby given that I will execute the
on going decree at ray office in Charlestowu,
LVc-t Virginia, or. January 11th, lsc.4.
esi irgi. , CLF()NjMOOKE Comm r.
Dec 13. 'S3—4t, Free Tress foe-^.W.
To the Public*
[HAVE in stock some superior bran da of
Whiskeys, among them a Sour Mash Ken
j tu- ky Whiskey highly recommended as una
dulterated ami pure.
I Nov. 22. JOHN 8. EA8TERDAY.
The Adams Express Comp.
Through Corn!
JTo Transfer* I
■ -—
Two Express*") Daily between
And ROANOKE and all intermediate points.
Messengers are now running on the celebrated
mlfemphiH Exprcan Trail*,
which leaves Baltimore at 10 o’chwk, morning,
arriving at Churlestown nt2.A2,aftermn»ti. This
train is especially commended to Shippe rs of
Oysters and other Perishable Produce. Low
| Rates and Quick Time to ail jiointa South and
West. For particulars see
Agent at Charlestown.
December 6, 1883.
jtrVN A CO., cf thn BciE.vnric AsnurA*. »n.
tlnue to net n* Solicitors for Cittern*. Caveat*. Trade
Mark*. C’opyrUtht*. for tbo United State*. Canada,
Knt'lnnd. Cntnee. Germany, etc. Hand llock nlrout
Patent* sent free. Thirty-** v. n year*’ experience.
INt uni a r.htnlncd thr. ii-'li MUNN A CO. nrenoUeed
In the scixjmnc amkjucan, the largest. geat.aaa
Hunt widely rlrculnUfl scientific paper. f l 3) a year.
Weekly. Splendid enirnivlng* and IntereMln* In
format Urn. Specimen ropy of the *wririiilfir A me r
nil Kent free Addrea* MI NX A t o Sr lEJfTUTCO
AMtKic in Office. all ISroadw-ay, New York.
Santa Claus' Exposition.
Admission Free!
1) ARE ami Beautiful Holiday Gifts, of Every
V Description, in
Toys, Books, Novelties, Fancy Goods,
Notions, &c.,
now on Exhibition at my Store. Gifts the
Finest, Prices the Ix-we-* Come everybody.
Fine French and American
Fruits* und Nuts.
An especially larg-supply of
superior in quality to* any ever offered in
Charlestown, und at astonishingly low figures.
Orders for Christmas Fruit Cakes and Christ
mas (lysters promptly attended to.
Accept my sincere thanks for your esteemed
patronage, and come again, Respectfully,
Gufftnv Brown.
December 0,1883.
Jefferson Literary Club
Tuesday Fveniny, l)e<tmber 18, 1883
At WuMhln^tou Hull.
On“ American Scenery.**
Seats Free. Lecture hour, 7$ o'clock. The
public cordially invited.
December C, 1883.
DELIGIOT'3 BOOKS.—Ben Hur, a tale of
XV the Christ, Prince of the House of David,
peep of Da Series—4 vols., and A Story of the j
Bible. Rook Deportment at 1
<A<objr 19, ’83. ALSQi-MTII & 00. ’
■ In this age of knowledge and doubt ■
■ many are anxious U> receive and more ■
■are over-willing to give relief; for evervB
■ congh there are many syrups, and for all ■
■ the pale there arc heaps of Iron Not a I
■ pain but what soothers come: to the weak I
■ are held tonics strong, and to every in ■
■ valid Is offered health through diuretics ■
■ expectorants or tonics, but wc frankly ■
■ tell you, you can get well and laugh them B
■all to scorn by taking
■ Pet-ana cures Chronic Nasal Catarrh.
■TCrwwa'has nominal as a congh remedy. 1
HRraM never fails to effect a cure. 3
■ ffTu^Scures disease* oi the Liver and 3
Mesdon, Wth-TXoKi ano Co , Pa.. |
g| January-3. WO. I
□ Dr. S. P Hartman Co . Cbfcunbtu. Ohio: A
SB Dear Sirs—I have the pleasure of rtat-H
■ ing to you that your medicine railed iv-H
■ run-1 has done me more s«oil than all the If
■ medicine I ever took, ^our* truly,
■ _H H. (JAPFENY.a
■ --Sj
Els an absolute cure for Constipation. Dvy B
pepsla. and all Pelvic Diseases.
G Price# I per llotilc. Mia HullIrs, $Y ■
■ Hold by DrsMlata even whi rr. |)I.B
E r ret Ions In RwslUb und i.rrmsn. No <■
TIIE undersigm-d have opened a Store attho
old stand of I>. 8. Hughes.
where may 1k> found tt fu)l -dock of
All of which wc are prepared to oiler at very
\-jt..\Ve are also Agents of the Ilneer-down
Furniture Manufacturing (''iiiiprinv and liuvw
in stink Furniture in suits, for rarlor or Cham
ber, or will till orders to any extent.
Terms Cash or Produce. < II vo us a call heforw
you buy.
November L*?, ISS3.
A ltarc- Chance to Buyers is now nlTcnsl. Suit*
that will suit any six*- or ag*\ at primerort!
Tbi-se goods are went purrha , - dir. it from.
Manufacturers in New York, r;.ila<lclphi.<,;md
I all-* have a large and very desirable Stock of
Trunks. Satchels, Tobacco and ( i -..rs,
At E/tccmely l/nv I'rUr*for Cm A nr h. *
Northwest Cor. of Washington and Chari 1
Streets, Charlestown.
'PUT! undersigned h in : t ,r tl, larg'-o tl ,
A most complete, the nio«t <l s.nthlcan 11 In*
most attractive stock of Cliri nn..s «-i|>plie*
lias ever had thrpleamre of oT< ring, inciudii /
^tnj.l- and Fancy Groceries;
Fruit*—Foreign and Domestic;
Confect iowry—Imported and
Great variety of Nuts;
Every Condiment ev» ntial Vr
Lite enrichment of Pie, Pudding or (Jake :
In great variety and Novelties for
Christman Gift* in gnat profii.-ion
He is prepared to supply families with
<JYY 1Y lli,
Frnit Cake, Pound Cake, Jelly fake, an I an
infinite* variety of sin:i^l Cakes, or to make to
irder in large or small (juautUic* j»ro;ii|»tly.
Orown people and children will liml a beau
tiful and bountiful stin k from which to ’•elect
>ui table good* for the ha|>py ftiristmi1.- ■< .*ori
He is thankful for past patronage and w ill
endeavor bv generous dealing to merit a < '>
tinuancc of the old custom and to w in new pa
trons. JIKNKY DI MM.
December 6, 1W<3.
Christmas Goods.
We offer to the nubile a large and varied stork
of tliese gomls and many others not mention**!.
In fact we have this season the largest Holiday
stock we have ever had.
THE I.ondon News nnd London Graphir
two handsomeChromoa with each. Only** l*,n"
it<d number on hand. Call early Price rs* <t*.
AI.L sorts of Hair Brushes, Combs, Hate!
Mirrors, Colognes, and Soap*.
GELATINE, Flavoring Extracts, Olive Oil,
Tapioca, French Mustard, Irish Moss. Ac.
Dec 0, 1«83. AWQUITII A ( 0.
J_ Farming Implements, Builder* G
House and Kitchen Ware. Tinware, Ac., of tn«
late firm of Duke AGallalu r is tori h in bu.'
or at Mail. A rare opportunity is ,,:‘ r ,
any one debiting to engage in business *fl'* 'V
cure the custom of the late firm, to get a •'"
in good condition at a handsome discount '>
cost of goods mostly obtained direct from • •
ufaetureru or im|iorters.
FARMERS can supply themselves wiin u*
tonsils; .
HOUSE-KEEPERS, with Tinware, andotn
er goods, for house or kitchen;
MECHANICS, w iih tools of the bo-' man i
facture—all at prices unattainable «**
where. These liargains are open to the p
f yianv*artidesin stock are suitable for Cbr -t
NOT. 2D. 1883. Trustees.

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