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Virginia free press. (Charlestown, Va. [W. Va.]) 1832-1916, April 10, 1884, Image 4

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Virginia fttt 3?u\55.
117 f AM> ill'mo it.
.1 Fur Story.
Jjiriy in the morning of the - M ultimo a
valuable bound owned by Samuel Ward
sell, of Oxford, struck the hot trail ©fa fox.
\lr. Wardwell re ently refused t * take $10f
for this houu I. Tow »rd n >on, after a long.
hr.nl chase, the f<>x un 1 hound were seen
running along the railroad trace near
Mount Rocky Church, i'ne rumble uf a
eotning train was heard. As soon a-* th.*
locomotive swung around the curve the b>x
seemed to give out. “ The poor l >x, said
the engineer, “ could hardly drag one I^g
utter the other. It stagg>*re l along a few
vard* and then fell all in a heap, ijuivering
us if in the agouti- of death. Roused toon *
last despairing' Tort by the nearing cries
of the hofjnd. it rt>i? t > its feet, staggered
wildly, and fell all in a help in front of the
engine. The d -g was about to grab it,
when suddenly th* f »x gave a :r*.nen 1 * as
leap, passing over one corner of the c >w
rateher and out of danger. The unwary
hound vo* caught an-1 groa i l to death be
tween the wheels of the on ru-hing tram.
That darned fox,*\ added the fireman, “ac
tually looked around ail grinned us the
train parsed over the d <g .’ -i'-rtLini .!••
•* .t Minin' IHncooiit."
An episode in th** life of a visitor in a
little -otithern town sev -ral years a; •: The
village au tlioue r iua riding up an l down
the sandy str. t oa a pretty bid ca*? o!
horse flesh, for which he wa* vainly trying
to get a bid. ** Who will give live th >u *n.o !
dollars tbr this elegant l!! * h >ss *—:l
kind as a spaniel, an ! a- swiit a* a deer .
She has the strengtho! a sab h >.•*<, is a*
playtul a* i kill•:», and know* iu»rn mon
people. Who’ll give fiv • ihou-m l ? Any
thing less w :u’. l bo r»V* ry of h r Usenet
and au insult to th* n >bi --t beast on th
_-»* •»* i I.* K.*p rA» ,P I 11 n
the rare cm’se, am! tluriu* the wah sh.
never Htu lie 1 from a Yankeegun. \\ h■* 1
give five thousand? H *w niieh'U uaj
body give? t; ltlm i. i M ’• <■ '
your houaii to make a bid. \\ fiat do you
think such noble creatur’s worth? Will
any body dah to gi ve less ? ll-iwmu !i do
I bear?" Alter a long and an vim* p»u*
a voice on the si* 1. walk '.vas n-ard t » ex
claim in clear, di-tinet a : 1 >. ill*.-rate t »:ies,
“ Two dollars and a-hall'f” "lake her!
was the quirk response >t the au'tio.nvr, a;
he nearly threw the miserable partly on
bone d. *h on her h I’inriu-s, by the vigor
with which he reined her in, 1 -t the oil r
might bereetill 1." fak her, < don-1: sue ?
your’n! But it’s a !>!» a’di-count.”
Juplfrr's /.otfcri#.
It is -aid the.; if-*- <1*1 Jupih r n:r in.»«l
a lottery in heaven and allowed b >th mor
tals and go ’s t * h >. I t!" set- l hr grand
priz*- was hi - i i, m 1 .'-lit: rva held t!i •
winning card, Tin ran* i trouble am a/
the mortal.*, and Jupd r, t<» ilppca-‘ tliem,
ottered tolly as a - * •;» 1 priz . which they
all drew, and w re highly plea-' 1 with it.
Ever since th it time tally ha* Keen he’ 1 in
bigh estimation hy morMls. It they wi*h
Co be noted for wi-d >m they should buy i\
runa and Mnujliu I the m .re- druggi-l-.
and u* • them l-»r the \ai : >u- ailment- w SiK a
are known to hilnauitv. i > • ••• -1:. .- ur»
leiirniug wi*d-»m in this regard, and Sfelo'.i 1
in th-'ir pruist-s »»t these won K-rini di*e >vcr
i s of 1 >r. S. It. ii r nan. Buy a bottle ail
win the prire mire carried oil l»y the Sa.no »
geddoss of w i • f> un.
Two Rkmark us: i. Nkm-lks. The In
ternational Exi.!!. ’ .I'd III dl-eW#r >. whi •
is to Ik* hel l at Sydenham in July l***-*
will ii.'duJr, among otli< r • nrio* t:c*, tw.
things which will not be t“i I a-t id tiie at
tractions of the exhibition. Oneot theta
mo’.is needle- pn-ieute 1 to the Emper >r o
• lent.any un ler the follow :ng circ u;. i» '■
is worth re-■-.ii'.Ii r. The F. up r >r was \ s
iting the great .»** lie mantihi fry at K:j
uadi, ii'kl w.*s *u -iroils •>: - i'a ; n r him
jelf tin- r 1 rtiv power of m» -hitur.** c on
fared with skilled Fan I lab »r. A bun il
uf superfine n<- dies was plae •’ bel-T1 bin
LOW of whi'-l» v. ighi t 1 " titan hall ai
ounce, and b- vxpr ! i.is astunishmen
♦hat eves could b- bor- i in such minute oh
jo -ts. Thereu;««.n the!-reman of ti; -bcria;
-narimeiit a>v-1 Hi* Mae -tv to give tiiu
h hair from his beard, an i reciting it, h
b vd an * ye in it, thread 1 it, and ban le
back to the a toaiah 1 H.uu r >r this impra
vised and most peculiar need is*. The otln
curious n-vdie was mcri’a -tur. l at L i
ditch and present I t * t*» * * ’ 1 n I{ l>
sort of miniature Trajan's coin.nn. Alla
round it are represented seen- s from th
(Queen's life executed so minutely that
magnifying glass is reijuovd to uistingu.s
tin in. I ii.'n. * dl*. can be opeued, and With
in it are a number of very fine needles, *
■.thici sb-i s erics have be n engraved.
i.vll »•</» i .-•■
Two maiden >.> is in i'niiad 1 phi a hi'
h ‘ tipu i a in !<’ • i in. an : i in ;i:g ferw :■
th > art p rhaps in -bted t > 1 *ickeus’ *’ M:i
Paul Friend. lin-y w » • e I Scale 1 w>>;iu‘i
one bring an excv'I-nt in »o iais, the o'ht
a fair artist, i’n *y fondly supp is • i tin ui
selves prepar ■-1 t> t . the w *ri 1. Tin
tried ear a in h-*r t > get carpi c.m'at t
teaching and iall • 1. N. \t th--.. tried < - a
in.', and a n< >» pi.to .v-jud have starv i <>
th ir unit ! »artii ig At ia-t a lady ha;
pi n-*d to give them same In. to dre-s f.
Christmas trees, fh.-y did it s , e.eiithi
• gave thotMii *r wsrk. f. . i *v
their line* an iltirtua • » »u *d. they have
•my s top of their <>wa :i » v an S ti - hi:
but make doll trou.-sv.is. fix y in ike th
. vpiLitely. It is anald little bu-ina." an
s -ria* a v*ry absurd one, but the v -t rs ar
doing w .a 1 -rfully w II at i:.
I’refis or, t >ilu - in -urgvry : “ rherigl.
leg of the patient, as j..u see. is shortsr thai
the l**ld, iu coU'etjuenc•• of \hl a he limj
Mow, what would you »’n in a ca- ttii
kind."* Kright student: “Limp, too.’’
The Maryland republican *tute conveatio:
to select delegates to fit -ago will wee
May l ut Hagerstown.
fob To ribs h..» r-fu* 1 rl’> aa acre fv.
a l,***1' a re tract in Tc.\a:.
1 l V_JI JLJ. ' A
v.>o*:si itftiMll
(r^, n.j Crc, i
c\t 't zt- ; s :cc*ss!u;'t
thculd write u- tor cur p^mpMet on para
frtitiiera. gj>-f9aj|tc>;Wwrc»ib>wada
at hame»cTato-»t r« i 2 a H-* fc> comjostfrf
nTpoStELlTpy If ^:ycnr,-ic.9j.s.
Rtt*renccslnE>ertS>Utc. *.-a-tcir swaged
Powell's Tif.-Tog_8cwe Fertilizer,
Boie. Po'ath.Rimy-O"^..*^:
lajjn^iVrrg^lNVaLTiyOBL. *0.
,\H v»5' 11 |{ A V »., ill A;.’.nt.-, Cliurlos
tn-.vn. \V. Va.
Harper's I'errySt V alley Branch
15. vV O. it. Ji.
T‘"k * f- t Su nlay, Nov. Htli, 1x13.
Wi:.' i iU u NO TRAINS.
* .1.’ J't .'10 -Xi -*A
Stations. t*. m. v. m. v. m. r. m. r.x
1 Harper’s Perry— 10 30 7 15 11 05 I 00?8 01
P 7 4»'U M! I »•* 1
..... .on— to H lft> 11 35 1 HI8
A! Iri ly • — II "1 ' 22 11 II 2 04 8 3*
i-runot Punt—It*. 11 ll 9 !•> 11 •'! 2-50.8 4
St - *i - 1:1 - .. . it ■’•_* ii .1.1 12 15 3 — 9 o
Wia •e-:. r - lit* 10 -v* 12 »*l «* 40 .t 1.
-■ .1,. . - . -V- 12 » ■ ll 20 13 Is 4 22 i-.M
Middletown - 12 11 12 07 12 58 4 37
4 1 SI I 26, 3 W
Mt. Ja.-ks.in— 1 34 3 09 2 38
i Now Market— 1 >1 3 4i 2 5V |
H.irri-inburg— 2 'i.i 7, 00 ■ ! 43 8 .v>
' Staunton— 3 4"* 4 Vi,
I Lexington— •* 50 *• 53
\. si p. v p 54 r St
s' > 212 1 lily. All other trains daily oxeej>
i: t.si' round trains.
•jll) 2>*1 ‘-V
Stuti > 15. v. M. \. M. \. M. K. X. V M
f. xington Is «-• ‘ *
: 00 »n
.; to . 30 113
N a M irk " 0 6 121
M Ja k--t; le. 9'"> ' 50 12.
Stras'.arg — • G 37 It 25 9 53 1 4.
M 111H iwii- 7 17 12 07 10 M 2 tt
■ - ' :v -le. 7 • 12 4S ID 20 2 1
' 8 22 1 3010 4 •
<f. . . *_ ll IS M ;s - 10 10 .57 2
Sum: i’ at— •• '• * 9 1 > 2 ■■<** ll 1. ■' 1
vl.lrid- 0 41 o 34 3 11 ll 27 5 2
Chariest . vn— G 5n 11 I.* 3 27 It 35 3 »
11 illt.neii 6 5s in 05 3 4s 11 4-> 3
Harper's Ferry— 7 10 lo 30 4 20 It 58 4 W
M. I U. I*. M. \ M. \..M
N . ; ns daily. AH <^her train* daily ex
eejit Suj lay.
'1 *- f 1'r.t i,s|. .nation, Camden Station
N . r 29, I 4s >.
CUianu*o of Time
Sxiuxaxuo v:i Vali.lv R. R
7' t D'\ 1 ss3.
t- ;ti as. No. 3 No. 1 V1 -‘oM.
A. M P. M. N< . 7
Il.irers‘"vvn— 7 .|,i 7 0«» 5 .1.1
St Janies * 1 *
>■ \vn 7 •!> 7 >2 1‘. M.
Sliei.. Jun ti-.n ‘ 7 7,1 S 07
Ciiarl •■.town 8 o-i 8 20
Uin a E.
bairtield F.
Herryville 8 32
lt.vecville 8 47
White 1*. 1st
Riven >n 9 P
br .-it U >val 9 24
Luf.iv- Ar.f 1"*" 19 *5*
LnraV - Le. 1" 50
Millies U 47
Klktt.n 12 03
l*..rt Ren e He 12 38
\V.;viu - i .ro’ P. m. I 20
l; ,n .ke in 12 58
1*. M. A. M.
\ - - t daily. t«i Kxpres • No. 3. Nev
\., , : . 1 1 lurri‘bur.:. eotineitiitj
1: lv, . it, sleet., r:. r New Or
le.1 - V ,\i: • . i; i Atlanta and a'. l»al
. tt : '• !!>. 1 Sleeper for Jieksitnvi!!■'
. ,, ■ • no el .itl'e N. w \ ork t
F.ori-la, . .<! N. > Y . k to New Orleans.
COXX EC l liiSS.
A: It ;. M l., v. i:h the Western Mary
. Sai,.; i: ,.!• r.l fr .in liihim-ire. Freil.riel
1 . a; . :v- ...ry, IVtmiar, Wayne
. i Went! m M
R ii .• .lit
Wit: c . ■ : ! V.-.:i. v R iiir. ii! tn.v fr.v.t
J i :rrI- . I ai'i: -Sld|*:u-ii-i»urg, ChauilK-rs
l, t . M . Martiiishara, end imintsoi
tl,. ; ■: t.i Vail-v Railnud ltdliraiu-ho
\ • ; ,. . I". • :.. 1 . 11 i; 1. .—:. : 1 ■
. . ; i; ■- New Vork. Phi!add
iiaia ..nit N>.r;!i atid i-i-t.
1 * \ - iJn-i- ;i a. W. V ... w ith Mail
» [. . ::l Vit. i to.iinl from « aso
V K » V M.cia'Nis 'Irani h o
• Vi. m v I' l 1’ :l v.
\\ • > In- *n. Va.. with t ho*i
; » U.nin v to and tVirtu (liven
,',,v r White Sn ■ :-r::■ - - ml Ri> hit..
V 1. I: I . • !. w h l.*-\iii4t'.n ltranch o
E . K -'.i.i.
\ . it .1 . \ . i >1 .:u Line «•: llHi
■t „ 1; . i Nk and \V 'ti rn Kan
r ml.
At V T'i ;• : • I •' n '», Va.
At It \« > inm, fur Millwood and Wincho
t«. r. :ni.».
TR \ 1N^ (iOlXU NORTH.
> . ;iNo. 2 No, 1 A I'M
A M A. M.
R i.i! »'i t<ll 11 .NO
\V J i': -lion Vi vh •» 11
1’i.ri Republic 3 17
Elkt ti 1 ii*
Mi ic 1 27
, L.imv Nr. cm *>ll
Lu iv -Le. 12 in 5 34
a 3 ; a m.
Riverton ti 14
White 1* *.t
li 7 1'
It rrvv.iic 2 10 7 2'
r\.ir:.< i t F.
Ro-. i F.
t", .: »wn 2 l'* 7 .V>
r- i. .1 ii'ictioji 2 54 > 07
> iii'i >toWn 3 l4* s 21 i •l'1
\ ' ' .r 7 in
'• J, n t* 17
t> .vr. Ar. 3 V. it tut S 20
V. M. V. >i A M.
■ , ' •! • - 7 ' |
V •> r. d iilv. • l'.vjiri : N >. I
t - .t . . New York i without change
m i 1' . . . M< ■ ;• r from Net
• » . ' W. iiiiia*’ ». ik iking virtually
i . - . i I.i.-.- •; >i-.cj>. ' fro to New < *r!caui t
7. % V- <*. *i i •; an.ikca.i l Harri-dnny;
, r-» ■ .-id !>ao..a ■ c!ii. kid tree to ca
l.umi mile ticket* $23,00;
' mile iekct'^iJ.W.
J*. ii ,sr • A l*ot*R.
I,, I ' ;»r lim. I'm. .1 'if.
, U lUilXE. V l. Illl.t.V'Okl.
A. . It :a.. 1’. A ;t.. Roanoke.
'IMU “l!ni kilHiMJ*" is i-litiia l t**'l- t?)
• >• >■ • M . ho; • in the w .rld. If yo:
, t . .'. -I : i ill ; •h:ne do not purclt ISO Utt
t l .... vamin ■ 1 tie- '* Household" f<>
(«Et>. W.T. KKAliSLEY.
Jit ■ 12, l" !.
j ‘N'iVNl.!' * .iitdiric, hii>t k k of Bh-.v-hei
• j -.a 1 ilro'vn (V* *n<. lHllorv Case Cotton
‘ l .r > ! j c. I>. KDY.
Beall Brothers
n.iaonu YZ
Champion Cord Binders. Reaper; and Mower?
“ Farmer/ Friend " Chock Row Corn Planters,
Lansing Whipple Wheel Harrow?,
Thomas and Victor Hay Rake?,
lsukfomatiu «mm trills,
Root an*l WiMH^toek Plows Webster Wagons,
Autniun and Taylor an-1 liar ishurg Car
Manufacturing Company's Engines,
'Threshers ami Saw Mills,
Buckeye and Ramsey Force Pumps,
R.-id s Creameries and Batter Workers,
are leading go »ds iu our line, and of the best
manufacture in the country. We call special
attention to the
. and solicit a careful examination of their many
superior features.
1 ' April 2d. Is-.?.
UASa full line of Blair's Handy Paper Tub
lets tbrs.de. both for Pen A Pencil.
, i French Paper in tablets dacts.
l.inen Pui>er “ " 3a.
[ | Bill Heads “ “ 3a.
Statements “ “ •>•>.
Blanks receipts. Bonds Ac 10.
■ l (’all and examine them.
, 1 Owing to the reduction <>f tax on (ptinine,
and :br the b netit of the inflicted, we oiler the
same at $2.00 pt-roz.
Have on hand ull the popular patent niedi
! . -in s. Also keep all School Books A s-unphes.
tiEO.T. LIB Ilf.
Feb. IV 1SS3,
now i.osr, now uesioked!
Just published, a new edition of Hr. Culver
- well's Celebrated Essar on tin r:i
Stten . rSeminal Wi iktu e*. Involun
. tarv Seminal Losses, Impoteney, Menial amt
Physical Incapacity. Impediments to Marriage,
etc.: ai ->, C. iisiimptioti. Epilepsy aiid h i! -, in
. duced by -!f-in Bilgcm •. or s-xua! extrava
gance. The celebrated author, iu tiii- adoiira
1 M- essay, clearly demonstrates from
years’ sii-.(—i‘u! practice, that the alarming
eonse-iuen-vs of >cli-abu- • may he ladically
I cutisl; pointing out a mode of cure at onoe
simple,' rt:.n and elleet'i d. I«\ means of w!i.
<• verv --i t- r, i:-> mutter wh.it his condition
may . may cure him- -If ■ i.eaplv. privately
a,:d r...l. illy. " Tiii> l.e- ture slionld b • iu
the liands of every yoath and every man in the
land. Si nt under seal, in a plain envelope, to
any addr ss, pit-paid, <>n receipt of six cents
or two postage stamps. Address
fill; <Tl.YKRVS ELI. MEDICAL<’<>..
II Ann St., New York, X. V P. O. Box 4-».
October 11. ‘si—ly.smpxeo.
v KW Crop NV.V Orleans Sugar, for sale by
.vz:n* Gov&s.
I AM m>w r, -iving my usual supply of fall
. ami winter goods.
f'-iri-vt.’/niv Groceries,
/ CIRISTM VS (IRC" ’Kill ES -Iheb the city
in - -apply -on hand i:i alma l in e
at the “ 1 1 i amity tiro;- -ry and it price that
I- .nimuid attention,
i | Sugars,
Sv r ips,
1 1 ' Molasses,
l otlccs,
i ' Teas.
ii. II. Ct*0KK.
. Her. 2". !s<l.
R. 0. Leisenri:!^
1 J AS just reeeiveii a fresh supply of Bliir's
.11 Handy Pencil I’atdeis : Bid and Statement
Heads (print 1 ; “Happy Boy” composition
> Book: Envelopes f>r photographs; ti-p-1
II mo 1, 2, i'>. and t,and No. 1-eparately with
. :"d \vitliet'.t n - s; “ oblivion" B'ark Board
Erasers. Orders taken for Printed Bill, State
ir. iil, at. l I."ttcr r*. \ . i.i a.: i enpieie
: iino.nl -ample- uf the above work .4:1 !>•• seen
by calling upon U. * LEI -EN RIXO.
January 17. I'-1.
At The Old Stand.
f S'ii :i a: •! :• -i has - 'pelted bntiacaS&l
2 hi- old .-taml. opposite tin* Jlilbert Coach
l-'a-. i budding .'lain -tre-t. Cliark,>to,»*»
an loifcrsto the publican entire now stuu.
DRY GOAD.". .Notions, <.li<R’liKILr
WARE, &0.,
ail i4fwlii. l1 will 1» > i!.l on a very short pm
I’LOUll -V A 1) M ACON
1 rn Meal, Uifal. 4V.■ , always on hand: als’j
keep in stock a full line oft Imicc
1 i^iii N untlTolMtooo.
The higiu-t market rat-s .riven f>r Country
i'r >.lii • iifnll kinds, in eicljance fortioo.ls,
i’- e* lib -.4. treat uentand fair dealing,
[ : -jit 1 fully solicit t!te patronage of my obi
cu-:-aii.Ts, and a liberal share from the public
i at large.
October 11, im
At l. -tr 1 t a rih Am .ul, Whitaker"
Protestant i pi-c iji .l Almanac, containing
bishop 1' rry's Hi-iofy of thcchnr h from 17
t to 1 4 a! 1 Potts’ Churcli Ain..mac-. A
fail iin o| .*uutioncrc. l’-iank it >■ >ks School
books, Ac. HK/CHAS. E l’RA FT,
[ I
Summit Point, W. Va.
f PH Email *-i :n i ha- ' ts.-d the above linns;,
1 and |
for t!c‘ .e ■ .a ■'o.iati-m io the traveling pub
; li -. Rate- Mode":.:-. tinl bar atta: bed. an!
Livery rouble, with gamd II *r-ws and Vehicles.
JOHN »■’. CAR iTllEHS.
April Rkl-y
j Charlestown. \V. Va.
JAMES WAirSRV, Proprietor,
r _
MEAD a* ailhoursto suit Travelers. Tran
. -lent JVKiriling 0:1 Reasonable Terms.
Hack-* t<--.i:nl fmm all trains Free of Charge.
" • Tb • bar is .-applied with Choice Wines,
Liquors. < i .ors.
I April *», 1-d.
Furniture Establishment, &c.
rpnE undersigned haring purchased the old c.«
I tabliihed Coach Fact«rv of the late W ells J.
ltd irks, in Charlestown, with the view of enter
ing into the
in all its b-anches. offers for sale a la rge number
of New and .Second-hand
Carriages, Buggies. Jaggors. See.
at the lowest pi ices and upon the most accommo
dating terms.
COR SE1!'.
A I! Kinds of Kt pairs
d ,ne with neatness and dispatch, and satisfaction
I guaranteed.
Tn connection with the above ^wi i'continue
the I.IVKiiV BUSINESS, and be prepared tn
! luminh (f irridges, Buggies and •'aggers at the
> shortest notice.
Tim above hnsiness will be under the su
periuiendence of Abram Stump.
I also offer to the public a large lot of Furnl
i ture, comprising
CHAIRS, TAKERS r.ttn>dnvn»dnt%te)VED
! and all articles usually found in a h urciture t.S'
j thbiishment.
• Old Furniture II'/>aired.
I wi 11 be prepared in a shorthme to give m_i
, special Attention to the bu>i ness of l uderukiug
j Being a practical mechanic and determined t<
i ,gi\ • <diiil action, [ respectfully solicit a snare o
public patronage.
II ___
FasLionalle Faraitaw.
' vy E Af© receiving a Stork of
j «f the very !»tc*t «t? lei.eiuHraelns Jurocecry r.ic>
CH.Ul13E»l ,-i /A;.i.*/.* yi«i 4
^ w hich hare been parch*«ed direct from tlie M i nu
i f.icturers of CiucinH.tli »iuii Cliica^o ctitiwiiicl:
we can si ll
M:\V VTIIM ITIt maji 10; ..U
| furniture repaired, mil
d itic ««heretofore hr on* excellent ;■ or-xman. -
| We are the agents fur Jcfliison Cciiiit;- tor th<
: New Talent
jietaelic x:ris«.ii« cmskut
the handsomest and m«.*t durable ca-bct in u«e
which canbe'u n I - ii • at l g '••'*'*■ red •■•'•d price
ROSEWOOD and other Wooden Casket' •!vvayi
j on hand. SADLEU A DUO.
April 14,1377 f.
Contractors Builders,
C A li P E N T E It S,
I N'Tr.XIM'.iI TO BUILD oil DEMODE!.. rat
.. i.ivi' time an I in me/ by leaving or .'t.:i diiif
their orders fur
■ .'.tiSf' :i>.ti will i>e as t<> J*r. <•
am] ijuality of \vjr!c.
*S j..... • .. 53 3 enable.
\VM. Tilii 1.1 i‘S A SON’S.
April 23, 1 :
Surveying aiui Conveyancing
< WILL ntrrcr anv.vfcer*», promptly and a
... Tracy goat , Sjm cl«
mi in 1 t*» i)LA»
j Vt; DEEDS .1:1.1 oihei iusii uaienis Writing
l’ It.— Clui lesion ll, •I'-tlei ' 'li Co.. U . I ».
. 8, . S Uil a I BROWS.
JLiooi iiuti Slioe Maliiittf.
rI -a 11K und rsi iDC d h.irremovi d lib Shop to th
• | buil-.lii'-' a tb« '-oitier o' Clmi ii sard bibert;
it! • , lie building lately occupied** Wei
■ litk.i- Weller. The charade»of the workdoneb;
th-sub-sciibei is w ell known andapprei atedbytU'
! citiien*o:Ch.n lestow n and xieinuv. Ins baiUI;
recessa- v t i add that he willcndcavoY toetuUn
I his reputation as a reliable workman,mu!( W i.lex
ccute prompt! v and at reasonable rate* a IIorder
- l \ l I* U I ’.Jl-VUUVMV.
J Oil A A \ l> "I V\je.
. I A *8‘«;
Sib. **» io*'
riMlEuu.lorsi^nein:-^ removed uii
lilacksmitii and wagon making
to the let adjoining his !>‘>u*e. tnd nc.irly opposit
the lh pet the !!■ * <>• d. li.. in Charlc.Omvn
IV here all |>vr*.»niF io ne d »f anythin/ m Ins m<
t cut: bv* accmnntlniod in short *>rd r, wurKinaniiK'
stile r.nd st nM«.t:.ib!c t-rms. 1 «!>o fcecj
lionsKS AM) !:'*(«OILS FOK HIKE, auil n*i
do ALL kl.\ US 0*
1 Thankful for past favors, I respectfully sohci
tht contiuuanco«l my old customer*, invit*
the public u» /ire me a trial. „a
« " w^si oi re.
1- pie-! ii.tnj.letv. the itost li- i ra -e and t * *
n;*»-i< iittr.iv iw stock of < hri^ma- Mipj'lic- In
lias ever had titc plea-are • *t uttering. itifiu-.mj
Stable ;;v.| I'itlfV (iy> •cries;
I’ruiis—Foreign and Domestic;
C'<«;.iU-iioitiry—Imj'orttd ant
(treat variety of Nut.- ;•
Every Condiment essential t<
i . : '
In jrrra: variety and Novelties foi
Christ is 4 - ’ :r ,::
IK- ii prepared to supply families with
Fruit Cake, found (..tke, Jelly take, and a*
infinite variety t»l small < akm. or to m:tke t.
order in large or -Hindi <jit:intit:ci promptly.
(irown ('■ oj.le and children v.11 • lind a lust-t
tiftil and li.’tntifttl >t«*i :i Iron which to flu
M ■ ■
He ' l.uikfttl f >r pai-pitr > i itre and wt.
endeavor liv generous dealing to merit it con
ti,:;i..n v of the old custom and • vi in ta« pa
trons. llEMii !*l.<1.
I l.»c-end-.r 1S<}.
Oltl Ilit’kory W«tfon>«
For sale by
i March 38,1882.
wT\ for
manufactured ami sold by us. R. A. Alexan-j
j dcraiul J. A. Washington arc Agents for Jef- !
fersoii Count v.
March 1*. 1882.
' ^OFT Blue Wind-or Fia-ter. ground at our!
! mill extra line, for sale by
valley fertilizer company, i
| Charlestown, March 18, 1882.
The Syracuse Steel Islo;r.
r P1IIS Plow has an un|*nnd!(ded reputation;
1 in Virginia. The only Steel Benin Plow i
made in the l'. S. It will hold in hard tallows I
j which no other chilled plow could do last sea- |
sou. We have statement of an experienced
•Jefferson County farmer’s expense of ivvoot
these plows in breaking .«»acres of hard fallow j
last Full, to-wit: $3.5u expended for shears for
the two.
r i! for Valiev of Virginia.
March 25, 1882.
I >l’RE GKOl'N D RAW BONE. V« arcnow
I grinding at our mill near 1L *V O. 11. l; Da- \
. . . I'.ov/i . it » 1’iin* I It
wliicli we«re aMr toguarantce to bealisolutely j
pure. Call anil see.
I TITEar now preparing our Cirm FeftllifcT*
; I
j condition, noextra wale: but dry and tlionrugli
. Iv manipulated.
M . ,1183.
L». C. IvASoiii^ i G.«,
Smre— >: to Lippitt >C Co.,
DEALER in Crain. Seeds. Oil?, Coal, Wood.
Salt. Cement, Lime, Fee 1. Ate. A So gen
eral jobbing and commission b iciness.
Udi.v at old S.a.id, ne .r 15. & O. R. R.
I AM now offeringas full prices as tbc mar
ket will justify for drain of all kinds.
f»]{ AIN S YCixS.
\1.L parties Laving i:i their [> »ss. "-ion G"am
. Sacks marked with the name of ” T. 15.
I Washington" or “ Lippitt A C ». are to i"i • I
] that tiiev arc my properly, ai d will pha-e re
turn them to me at mice. I hi i t decline to
j grain acks as it is too licacy a tax ipoti
j business, and an aceomni idatio.i entirely un*
! appreciate1. Sacks will be supplic l lr*o ot
charge to parties from wliom I purchase grain.
Tlio-c not returned promt*!ly. will i>c charged
at e is* price to p :tv rctiiinin. litem.
' 15. r. WASHINGTON.
July Jo. is >.
, «T^u'ltii .1' • •'-» uluj a ) o', ' •
rpilK undersigned haveent« :••••'. into • part
t nership and ar. conducing hu in " »n
, Main s'r.-et. opposite M. E. Par->na.-,c. It!
our purpose lo have constantly on hand
in season, carefully slaughtered and dres-cd;
aiso Itaei(it. Fowl-. Fish. Fruits, Fiour, Meal,
Corn. Rran, offal, Arc Tiic limis. kcepcr can
call ilj>o:i US »• mil ! 111V e\| •elilnr I" laid ti e
! best supplies for the tabic procurable in this
! maikcl, and at reasonable cnargea.
j II,.t fully,
‘ m n vnt & lccas.
February 5. I ’2.
: N1\W _ij(M)i)S.
Vi e have i >r sale,
ri Ik S i j <o ;* . E . 5,
with I*o. e-Fced all., iiti.eiit |
Tin* * 'elelirati 1
f - 5 - i p-x *, f rs ; <[ •*.i ' ? 1
with ISioiid-Tread Tire;
( reii'iia.F? Celt I rated
Pro luring Wheat and l‘lover ;
I,< >< IJr-iT I’OSTs .
eickkvi: ciiiiiR n:i:ss.
Also a I'..: • Line of
T) y G ood.-.
from l’iiil.olelpbi.i, and a !.ir •*.* lot of
( t i ^ CF C. 4', J* I i*, t'*,
from New York City. which we are i- •nniue*.
t„ .ell low for ( i-ii or 11ad •*. 1 invite ail t
call and see me. at the Jed rsm C >. Co-Ope
rati vc A s « iuliia.
J. If. L. IIFN fER.
September <‘>, 1 si. S ipcrintcndetst.
jKFvr.ttsos iroui.ES muh.,
r.mnri’ly P.trtrr'n I'actory,
Cnder the ab-ive meti'ioned name the old
•* l'orter - Faetoi v," which in day-gone by en
joyed almost a national reptlt.lti >:i for e.Xeel
Ifiit manufactures, will l> open ted le. I he uti
d rsigned. N conu) ro|uin barn b u made
! ain’i iiupnived inaeiiinery introduced. and it is
•nr expectation l i maintain the re, utuimioi
the mill anil to meet thcdyiiund oi uie pu!>lie
, ' for lirst-eie. s good-.
:i The Highest Market Price will he paid for
1 Wool delivered at the Mill oral such points as
iii.iv he designated.
i '
j Order? f >r < loth?, Yam.te„ will receive
i>r mint attention.
J. J. JiM’K it < <).
i Onkc—Ilipon, Jcficrson County, \V . Ya
J. J. J„l)o it ]tro. will '•■mtin’i*' to operate the
: Mill at Brucctown, Frederick County, Virginia,
; sunl will pay the t>*p market price f »r Wool de
li vcreil there.
Apiil, im
Carpenter an:! Builder.
\\ ivu,r>:i o! hi* a vocat: ;U :!*< rj liter .Usd
i IluildiT, ami will t.:k- on 1st-and execute the
: I
i perience is sneli tluit he can gnarantce perfect
j workmsinsliip, at»d hi* price- will compare
favorably with the mo-t reasonable. Those
desiring to build or improve should give hii.t a
i call.
1 Xovcmlicr 23, 1* _
?hs Adams Excess Comp,
Tit rough Curs!
.Vo Transfers!
Two Express** Daily!* tween
1 ClIAllUkSTOWN and DA1.T1M' >5Mi.
wa>'I!N«;t< >\.
m:w YOI1K.
i And UOAXOX I! and all Intermediate points.
Mo:*nger-:ir now running on the celebrated
,13nr.:) his Mix press Train.
which leave* Haltimore at 10 o’cl ■ J:. morning,
arriving at Charlestown at I’A.'.aftcrn ■ >n. Tin.*
train i* especially commendeii to Suipjier* of
Ov.-ter* and orlnr Perishable Produce. Low
Hates and \p:i . U Time to all point* South and
Wtsit. For partis-n r- ••
Agent at Charlestown.
Diceinher 0. 1 *v>
All jxrsons who kept A« :>rinta with as last
vear ssrc re*., :i*.-d to give them imac dkite at
tention. AWiflTlI *00.
January •'!, 1 "d.
Important Notice to DiiiKicrs.
rpflE undersigned is giving bis xolesttettioti to
1 the
at Roadside, Rockingham County, Virginia, and
has facilities lor tilling orders of any extent and
great variety. lie commands forests cf grow trig
timber of the very best qusiitr. and milling c*
pacity to meet the most extravagant demands of
this section.
Orders for I.umber for
cut in size and length to meet the demands ot
lluilders or others, tilled promptly noon terms
w ith which no other person in the V alley ot > ir
ginia can compete successfully.
The subscriber has in former years supplied
very manv persons in this section wit!; Lumber,
and in returning thanks for past patronage, and
in soliciting the orders ot old customers and new,
promises a careful persona! supervision, so that
orders may unsatisfactorily filled. Addresa,
' 1)It. S. 1*. 11. MII.LI.lt.
H. V. It. It.
Rockingham Co.,
March !8,1873. Virginia.
m ariile wokhs,
Coltxeb or Gk>i: ;e Srutfir vxi> Twenty 1'oot
At :.ky.
131<*lil & 15:*o.
M\xfF.vcTiKr.ns or
1i 3 V1! M ll.iTS, TOM I5S.
IJl’iXiT ami l oot Stones, Mantles, Statues nmj
Carving, in all its various branches, ami all
work In their bit-inc *. All orders promptly
at the lowest rate, ami shortest notice,
an l all work delivered ami put up. ami guar
anteed to suit nun-li.isers. If not. um m e.
IVasc call and > and judge lor yourscm > <>' -
fore purchasing else w here, and patronize I Ionic
Manufacturer*. . .
The still ribers have also in operation their
-hop in Martiushurg. wIktc thev will givi
pro mt! attention to all work entrnrtwl tnihom.
1 * 1)1 Kill. «fc BBO.
Charlestown, July 1S 1' •< y.
Cluileitown, Jeffcrauti County, Wm Virginia.
Fruit ami Ornamental Trees.
floircr and I'egciahle
«i!t.ill»!)t*i , A t*.
f» i|ii; . jlociiberr mil -itt rtinn to ilie ."eat va
| ri,-tv u friivi, I'Uuii, I iiici, Uoivi,tc»,diC.,
SI their
1-Vuit 3 I ill \ nrserv,
ami .trc grntili' <1 to be cntwiuii* «lIt ivit j a 'loci
lik.l. to please all alii palm i/e tlieio. iloi
will o«d undertake t«* pi.id i» tkii adreifj**
iuent a cattl-'giic '*! *t.i*k on hand,but wii.be
content to•’ oieralize, hopi- g ilul mu pcopli " ill
citiland »celi>rtiieiu<elver that t*• «* nec.v.-itv tor
tending abroad lor live*, S hi ubbei t ,4 C.,no|.in
ger exist*. Behave
i Trrrw —rli.•?■ r v . i. i o;
S*t*;;rli Tn." »*
Mrnw litMTj i'litii**.
A-p.irngns II iot.-, (•’reen lloti-t- inti IlfiM.nji
I’l.i tit*-Cabbage, Tom a to, Kgg, Cauliflower »u<<
Sweet r> talo. :.iltor*.ile Cheap oi C i-ii.
April 15, ls70 -C. HOPKINS <1 CO.
~ * > • s * * 4 . -• * v» 7 * g * v “ - *■ i ■ ;
1\JL .)<&<< itlalfe </ iV »* - Ik s' * *
riAltlT.if.S FkUIIV, W. » a.
rn:is oi s:
$•_> 001’ki: Dav. -V 10.00 Pi ri Wkmc.
''■irciul Hut'.* to 'J <![}t‘l'4'01 ami
Coo.MO ‘ il<J It'll.
I'v.ipi ielor.
C o.. T. II. 4 itar, ?Ici It.
Octobei 23,1S7 .*».
2333 Di'Jj Trade 1333
,vi -o: i i■; 2 -A CO.
Cottr'-ITou-c P our ■, I'oar! •' »wn,
jj Al.KIIS ill ;>:• i. vCheiiT a’- P.tihl*. Oil-.
| / W i Oo v < i ia T. M> n ' i ’
IVri'tu.n . ie . 1! .ir. .N...I ail I > i !• u-.e
| ;>raggi< Sundries ami taiiey K
- wt fit Sly e.dl tli.1 attend 111 of'iur rits
; tome: - mi l t!ie public to •• ir large an I well —
i ie.ied -cock of all article' Usually kept in a Iir t
i Drug Store. With inerea- <1 facilities tor
: b I i lit" - a I ol PI I lar.'il at We are | 'Vpared * ■'
... r; ■. i .1 i , • i a.I a ki I in nor Hue at
tVJt m.i'i «'-i are-. W .• a: • pr'• • '! to -'Ippl'
country phv-i.'ian.'- with all aritc! » they need
at the urn.-; m identic price.".
Our li . and S;..tio;iery dcparOneiit ha'
I IK-eli well-disked and we are o.tcring >I>eeial
iiuliiecmcnt.'o:i'pi-;d-in i In-line.
A i til line of jobi-co, Seg.tfs, and .'••n "ting
foir alw.ivson hand. We are oad.pt.i.t i
i t ,r John lull as A t o t l.i | lid I’aiTis any
*l*i«i*its?y of all color* iroiu A Hi- t«»i ^il.
[ alway s •:i dix k.
J.-.ntiary !. !'S-’.
\1 T ’,
A-, , il. parties wishing anything in our line
i will do weil le lulling, .t* we t~.itt l.trui h li>-t
' dn-i Meats, kilied ami k- pi in a first eb" man
June .I. 1 ‘sS'2.
“Little Brown Jug.”
mug i
X other s:itteri'iri)!iio stone ware just re. I .
and lor sale. Special indti: eluents to Jut
j trade. B. C. WASHINGTON.
l-'n.>l:ion;il>l<* OarI»o»*.
SAMVEL RI’OWX thr old reliable Harber.
I,living .»«**-'iiiv»l tin- service- <»f <<*:*». I.- wis."‘I* '
has lately !«ecn working in the Eastern ' itii-.
lean lx found at nil hours at his shop at the
•• Watson Hon—." where gentlemen an !>•
comfortably shaved, Ac.
Hates tit »!• ruie. and satisfaction guaranicod.
Call and Ini convinced,
tfept. nth, Jss;—l yr.
Phoenix Carriage Works’
BKliKYVlLI^i:, v a,
I am am a ni »k?r. cni|t! »y in :ny factory
thel- st workne :i. sujKTvisc all veltied-x turn
ed out hv my factory, hence an warrant all
iny woik. .>ly facilities for getting up fir-t
class work arc the very best, and transjiorta
timi bv rail enables me to make shipments to
any point a' short notice. I use the ix-st »tock,
and not being subjected to heavy rents and
high e -Sts f,,r living-, can afford to iimlerxdl
most competitor*, and coiu|>ctc with any who
turn out h.inest work. I have in connection
with ntj irria g fig |aj a
and fttrnisli the beat kin-1 of harms, at the
lowest cash prices.
with House Huh Ranks i.- unsurpassed. I u«e
it altogether. Its advantages are a thorough
piotrvtion of the hub from the action of the
w eather, from decay, and from danger by colli
May 17, ls-vk
furnished l>v
.JOHN .J. .loin;,
(.Socce«»nrto Wm. Jobe A Son*,)
Xltnia ftirlttrt-t ©|
Cloths, Cassini ores,
Txi’oetlr*, Hlaiikets,
flannel*, Ac.
Brmeetomt. Frederick Cnmt/g, Virginia
!*.»» Oflice-W4d«Til!e,C!ai U fount* \ «
April.M. 1879.
1*1 a in nut, Oriiiiiitftiltd
rpHK*i»b*ciibci t:ik. > adranlagentthi M
|L ■ ulcdiiiw bj ** Kiri, to i tilorin tbe cilizi a, ,.f
tin* and adjoining couufictlh.it he i» ;m pan t t
undcrtaki the
ininjstyl* that may be dcairvd.from un< r»x'{0
three, Haul Kinirli, W bile Coal «t Hear* sku
Cornices and Centre* run, and Ornaments rii,, l
i i.h; si red. Xnebit lr<hdu* tarkiri ’
cmpli.yedon xxork that may bccntrustpi r.. .. ,
ret'o to iiot.0.
I hereby tender my grab n icknnu hd-,, rlf
for theliberal patronage I hate r.iiii,,, ,IMJ
commencing litisinesr. and hope by a itritiadk*
renreto duty to merit a continual*'i
ffr" A11 communication* addicror t•• j..
Cluilettoun.W. Va., xxill receixe pr ox i
March Id,tSTO.
\ \ T K xvill have by Septcml" r 1*1. a fill
* t ply of School It i >!.* ofcvt ry tie
ml**o n fill! line of School Sundries. ~ i 1. at
j>cu*. slate pencils, satchels, Ac. We mv
tin1 attention of our customers, and the pul li
tothis bnuieb of our bnsine-s. Any book in..!
in stock furnished inufexx dm *.
AlStJlTM A n>.
Adjust ill, 1**J.
Chair Seat* Caned.
MUS.J.X WIimiXOTOX is prepmsl t>»
Repair Pune Seat Chairs at slmr: notin'
! atnl iijwtii easy terms, at her home in liter
Southern suburb:- of CharU'tnwii, on llln >m
[ cry turnpike.
September 21, I "2.
NTow iMiriiiimv.
A A T Ii: re re. . ivit_' a lar: Stn k of For
t\ tar o| the lat* 1 style v.!lit !i v.ll I •
sot 1 at b »tto:n prteo-. Our't.ek enr.iaiu
t enter Table*. War.ln Mattr. - -. C -.
Leiin rn Settees, Ii • l*,ea i«. li.-.l Sp:;n ,
Looking G la ■*•«•?*. 1’iuiiu A Organ S!in> -i.• I
; at! Iptials Tcept in :t ftrni’-'jru iio.Ho. Ikea-m
! rail ami examine our stoek.
SARLKIl A ..ilit
, May 1.1-1.
( ai'[,'tU
IIIAVK jntl r'nei\e<lt new irioo:' Carp”'
. iny. einbraeiito tilMiiitr thirty .iilferent pat
• tents amt ipialitit s, from'i,e romnmii t’otfon
' t'at|K'r to b > Iv Ildivstfls, tv'ii b t .-an unit wilt
■ sell as lo\v u* they cull !>. bought itt the laiv-**
j Pities.
• G • r.KP.AR.Sj KY.
a t I AIOIWH - Pi .11.I* MMXS II;otlor
3 1 Gartner' I. me K.'.w tin «. I ll Ny> s
I»..omening, Oil! of tIn* Marly Jturly, |Yik'»
Itnl Hoy ,-vties. li.ll Xyc's I ' Liars for sib' at
' Rook Ik-partnieitt. AI - l il'll CO.
I\ts!ii<i:i:ita!o IV;tS r*.
Main si., on il'N-r v ■ • <>: <■ . . r I In :- > I
( liurlcs'.ow n. u . Va.

n.\IIS Glffiu? «:nl !""'\:'i.r "•.< 1 i:»
Fir.-M’unn* > y ie. I'ru es re linxsi I'.r "in
. «ie pair e it!ni ; .V el'.; h-ire'i .in ■ an 1 >'..n •
at •jute tittle. «••“. I t.'ket* go •*. I l>>: I!
I sbii'es. I ii si ui. I'.ery e.l'ori ma t :•> ..
, u«timier*, ami * .i • -.ai i i ii > u •■ ,u V • I.
| Apr.! I * L*>M - 'In.
c (". ■ r /*.
U W J i •
\ LL JUTS <ilS iu.le!.-.'! I o III \ ,
. I lot ward limi is lli 'b« t ‘.. Note 1
want tii.v im-im- ' '. t:M-1. a-tb s is a N- w A
an l^.oti l you ! r,. it.
Jan. 2'». 0 -1.
For t ine.
\ XI'T! lot of I!, m, ii 'I.- S’tn ,
. 1 S. b-*. Ma.k :al ia 1.01 •!-. Hall . .1
'piarier-. Her nog :m.l S ■ I
Jiine 21, Is-2.
Wool Wiintc(i.
Ml K a. ' ill lie marl. f.r V,'-. . 1 I
\l ar.'llhl a:al Si • It*. 0.1 T or tr.e!.' j l
*»?1 «U‘!i V4TV.
J KFFKUSi iX on. od-oPKIIATI VK -T *.:!•:.
May II, 0-1.
STATi O V l'.Ii V.
Kverv taiiety of P.ijk r ;*::•! Liv- Ioj. - a.I
'.y. » ami eoinrs. ! • i it.»ve« of J'.ip r mi l I.»*•
• I 1 > ala", F.l »t«. Tapll, A l'o •*!' >,
afft .- rap .Vilnius,
I ) I- iR - P • ;t i;..! II. •. P ' ■ - i S|,in,.,
I > p,. ' F III i I' - P •»" J
It vis , uil.l a r!-iii.Tj! '! • ,. of in. < ell.i-.-nais
re I lin/.
Si pteii»!v. r . * O ». A.i'*|l irilAtn.
P'llUK oF VIRGINIA !-!. •
___ for .!<• by o. D I.I5A
nAGKRSVoWX Af.MAN.V'KS f..rI for
. sale by * • 1*. Lit *.
No etiiljer 22. 1
Il'Ti-iifh r <uir M *t S 'll in tlr* '•(
< trill be attended bj Mr.tliar •$'••••
who will -erve rnurtcuiMV and pfoun.lK »fl
.itMoit.cr*. MERCHANT & Id ' 'AS.
N. *. lhJ. IKS
\\rori.n infoMu the public th.it cvr . I
» T i. >ik :7l H ci •: u - to til
pared hv Hi" Individually. IVr.*o; •< «iii hud
me ut night at the room over the old Slierilf'
ttili . Jail Kidding. It *;• •■•tlully,
July Hi, 1M|. GKD.T. EIGHT
VI.I. j>'-r«nn* indebted to tun under* A ’
fiirunr Afmlnl llii1 li. 4 U. It. It. (‘"mi »>.»
!nr Freight*, n- C >:nniod»n*, or t» lb** Isle Hi i
<•1 Starr.< i b«k, irtuviilicil tint pif atol *•*
be made at <»t>co.
July lit, ISIS. J. 1). 8TARRI.
I )K KWHKAT l i.'*! U f.,- ,
1) GKO. W. ’1 KKAK'I.IA
{JIAYK just received u tin* lot o: T ' >
. Knvdits—import'd hr myscl, d;p*t *r":'
< 'oatc* \ Co , ot London. Tin* hm-!i< • •■ri
cvtru i*:rk* and linidi and warranted t*» ph'**' •
< 'all and -• • tin m. i>!t.' . K l’KA I i
(1ANVASSKI* J lulu- and dried 1>* f
j for Sale hv ....
GKO. W. T. K FAILS id A.
July 15, lA*i
I ICO RICK Lozengcr* and Cough I*."']** *7
J the • in' * r I/*, ind.
AI.St^riTU A-CO.
Jan. 11.1 *‘5.
1) I.A' K ' 1-5.: A I" vv ■ tlpl'ly “■
) Wool hire k c..-h. • ind * r !
g.nnlv Gr.o. W. T. KKAlLSldA
The ntidenigned ha** taken chargeofthc \> ■* *
mm lionv liotaimint ^li.i-cincntol
in addition to tnotluiosMc Lunches, will scfv i »
the bc.-t -tyle Ov-tcr* Fried, Stewcl. tfo*
otherwise, with all the condiment*. ,
Will also supply Fan**!!*5* '*dh oysf,r*. Ir.
or otherwise, promptly tijsin short notice.
Kesiicc'i fuily, .
Im . «. l'SI-'ini. t JIAUKES Mo ARK.
4 MU Feed
For sale hv li. C. WASHINGTON.
March ± 1"*.

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