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Ml /.twill! Journal.
April 24. IMS4.
Mr. James W. Butt has put tin roof on
„r,_,ll brick building adjoining residence ol
Mrs. Julia A. Lock.
, V Shugert. pupil tVotn tins town at
\\V-t Virginia University, h,x« been pro
e; ted to :?rd Sergeant of Company A.
Idle erection of a (colored) Baptist 1 hurch
i- in progress near the School lIotMd V **st
• ml of town. The wool work by Mr. Ceo.
V,'. Anderson.
♦ •>
On M • inlay last having oec.vioa t > pav
tlire.gh Snicker s Hap ot the B*ue Hi.lge,
>\ e observed oftt voting town on vi, Civil J.
Howell, in charge of an engineer corps,
running a line h>r the IV . A VV . K. L.
Mr. S. J. Minghini, l it*1 graduate of the
l at S •
day of paralysis ■>( lh 1 hrain. caused by over
amir, having made a two years’ course in
*f^ r. a* a model young man, aged
nlniut 22. _
Wo sell tin .•ilehrat*>l IV.irl shirt, known
f r reliability in lit ami make, are so we’
. tehultha: :h v 'land tie- m —t sever.-'train
K.-sjs- tt'itlv, Wm. K.uis «tCo.
Sadler Building, ( harlestowu. W. Va.
Hon. Wm. C. Brown, a distinguished cit
,/0f thisSta*e. <1: ! at his home in King
•s. ,.>■]' Pro ton County, on Saturday worn
ing last, in the Mrh year of his age. H.
; .4 represented his people in many position
! honor—am >ng tit *u several terms it:
t ’ ingress.
!*r. L. Ui'.'nV tin i- here for a few day
r ! . ' liliug m th • “Kt ler,’of »hc North
i. rtnan L'ovd liu >>:' o •• i:i steamers, fu
* raia.i)’. Ho expi ' ■> t> spend toree
ii .itlis i:i Bren ui an l Ilesdvlberg. l-.r
“ ns ni" ling ii i • ry • glass-; m iv secure
t ,.i of him b . r • ! ■,> ir.ur 1 • a r .. < a.-.
Mr. i a ir'. •- F. S • i!, 1*1 a:i‘> r »n 1 >:’\'er
«•, l Nukel plat r of our t- • t. >» «■"> «**.
f. iv •!.. .< a_*o. a - 'ii ill force pu up. t »i i an-1
i t • :a -nt.! *i •p.irtn ' '■ **f «h • A*
«-a 1 a % wbie'i «■ i« tb ? pr * I i *S of hii <>»va
Pi I,], ill a err Ji t* UN <1; 1 a-a u arti' iu
r .o . t.d pirti xv-rr pelted It tu l-uni !y,
un l ih • * a*| • b • i itifiilly e;< ‘rated.
\V K ('■ 4 '! . F: ;-»r:uii‘. ". I lei
V. .lino. ■ !r i, • l-i i. ' • > are U >te*i ill
. • • rjt* -a in every wax e>|ttal to tav>:
«u.»* im w -rk.
♦ <T* *•
V*le ;r.i fr “ :i the l>i»a.Vr> T< . o!
t l ull in-aut that AI\Ja i •• i! I in n
. ‘ s: ! • u’y - l t : • * i i i * l it a! the r u
! i v i*i ;,i- ou ■, Mr . Auair S.iviKt. It*
w » p li.v c • I an-! Ii • 1 -*» *r‘:v l‘t r.-after.
Mr. J i!i:i. > i wi auitive *f 1* sarleat-* v.l —
:. hr :;..e of th • tf • Fa»ni.i4. Wilt: ;:u an-l
• ■ J «hk > i >; tlii-t'ov:». Wcprorttc
i ! Paris i t va. w - l ii.: i -ix >• y i:< c-.
II • r *' *• i .r * ,i . . ■> t i rj ‘Ver.il
“■* ay: *.
% •; ■.«!.*. it. (U . ir' ‘ t- • ufy. el
! m. iiivs-s, : ..rmwuy. j*i .I r. n
• .{ i . rvj.f it *•».' . ia.i at*- ■>,
. . .. i- >:,> ii!>:-r>.-r,:iu- "1 what
... :li.. e f; « iti* i*»ai?t! tfcjvV oki
• tut. lio.o Ifully.
V« K«»N.t< -
»li>. • * 1..thief', ' le" Kf.Mili ■
* -ft, V \ -.
« «■ V
i, ‘.u\ . u firm r e:ti.:.rt ■ rrlii
i- f ' ii ll. > rt r -u ix in.' M.t * tine
f'-r t‘:i> t ’ >u ity. T;»i* xv vk !»•.• will
. r : l.i- .1 iiii-iiiiiu-h ati.l xvi.I open
ii! th; .-kh. Ve t^ri^iMtwFife ti e
< a > . ii - ir;n.r the -efvie ; •»; Mr
i g tltU m .*i who x* :t! ft pr sent
t • ip.iuy i-'.ei!:/ ally *nl -faith; illy.
i r.. hop**, xx iU Ik* Mie • -''fill to n decree
*: i: v.n ur: ' rate 1.It:i Iia:i'.l-;.ae5y
r.i n I r 1. \\ e .»r • pleased at the
; - iv. r turn «>f Mr. i>. au tanisly tu
1: v,!. ■ r ti ul> re! « jroeean »nvita
t ■ tir- if el furrier: uu 1 »v
* <, \f • 4-r-i. I >1 '*i.: ■ J lla.iiT'tii’.xi:. to
■ ry ; > 1 11 I- ail ] r . call .,o ! r t r.n
F.. • , !t i !■• hoar *>a Ki't.'r M >u
t ur: • -R im?! !r_>i ey'i' of vari-.u c »I--r
• a >f J :f 'rent e'»lt>r, e;u‘h,--v.uTe ili -tri
! 1; M >re eg;* \\<.ti'.rl I; »vt* bt- n g;v. n
'■•A t ■ ' i|>; y of c!n!-}r •; w a.* exhaust* ! at
■ T5." i: raVr of egg doesn't strike
<i - 11 v ■ Indy reni:»r'\.iMe .< the 'act
‘ : i >nr-. i irn Ir •! g-e*! little children
iMhiu'i't r 1 ia H i j-Tst nvu. Yet w.'
til tie* la t'Mt lla.—M'i«n ha* an en
t-r .rising com n mitv -in! of it* e;i r*etie
5 clever anen to. i\.■ ;r.gf- .A • ia tin
• i r >t k ■ f Men a nt P *} ' ts throtigh

S. 1» Hi us. now & c.. *
I! - 'fr. furr. cu'.- r* at the repa1
*■ - • in thi-' plr.ee ft t’enrslsy la**
; i.• .il br« hrnI I • a: - rsl »:;•!
e • 1 man is fl* kicxlivuruf tin*
!• ;-i th - canty the fact nittst h« *«!»t;tn
* > r>' »..*Tmvd—that representation must In*
! ! in the st.iti .aid Instriet
• .*•«. H- -anted s.t witis a known
r the e >i *red v *:.-r bad ’ ecu r>n*a Tried
, ):,-\\er of w ».<! and drawer of wa
it- vi. I the ■ *! • ■ l ;• • »ple trefc " b .rn’
I ii' -the bqriivi! '* 1“ tl'-n ;*»'«n;t that
*m!e rep ihli-an jast "‘came >■.», ’ and il i
r.-ui abnormal - *adlli->nin wh. hh find'
IK mphasued the n ::rk that h
. ••:: r« ;• • • fr the e >1 -red man wh * w.r>
i . m”—an ! let tfie inferential i lea
, thr !ph the hair ol‘ li - white political
■‘■■rf. »t he “ hadn't ort r " have a hump
st.i in a w i:it bigg r than that which
' m r. tie n ;rwho Wasn't ** boro,’
. .. ...rm. M.. furry t;.,i a pithy
i. •!• y t -.miM have better ex; r-.'~c l
. .
his wli’t - hrctliren t'-nir of theta
; ■ :>* p! 1-i.ir- in p-.nipt!;, prom
.11 vsioo to !:is demands.
• .* Nearly all of the fe-.v ..lured
1- • appointed to the <’• inventions ar- t<« tr >
*• > tie! writes; and you might
r !•■ d liar, Mr ' ■: ry, if W’J w* re
n b ■** r man, tSi.it not a single
'• iv. 11 fail t » I ,- in h;* seat in t'onvvn
..ud *h, • »!or.-d alteruat. ,* will alternate
1 h <1: r iu wanning their shin* in the
■ oi|frile rj. ..n , ntion hill, They
• • ■ .1 .r l v .'ers, r presentation in a
Hut y'. | ar * \:■ fed to vote - '• Hy
r-p.-*.; m i.-iu- .»* dill v-'t eon
: • > li- k tj ha!. | tb.»* -iu tv- vo-.i .*
lira ad Jh ry.
T'.e following persons have been drawn
.. Grand Jurors and will appear at Court
*n tho 20th of May :
J. W. Hi,hr. David Hoke. James M. Marshall,
1*. S. Hughes, Andrew Aldridge. Jas. Giw.
11<mlT, It'*? rt Furl, Janu * \V. Ecaeue, Geo. D.
Wiltshire, 1. II. Hotter?, in” Lirklitler, *M.
I. Hillntyr, Joseph T Hess, W.C'. Frtuier, Le
vi M Hert>",-. Juntos fl. Conklyn.
Petit Jury.
T::-- following persona will compose the
lYtit Jury panel during the term of tlieCir
cuit < iurt, and are summoned to attend, on
the 21st of May:
Jane W. Coyle, J S. Srah'V, H. M. Moore,
A. if Yates. Jam -* \Y. Fntt, O. J. Blackford,
<; T. II does, Patrick O'lhicn, Adam Hen- |
dr. k , J. C. Bitnor, -Edward Stmu*. .1 li. Os- j
I turn. IB nrv Frdcer, Th"s. (J. l'i krell, Reuben
Small, O > M Duke. G o. K. Bowers. Hmwm !
dl i N M !er, A is. T-.n piary. C. W. j
f.ipp. a. C. M i •. I>. \Y. I'hndenning, Kd
w ir l l.i \li 1 r. .1 iah CirulKT, John 11. Levic,
IE 1’ C. v. Joins H. i".i ’iles, A. I,. Dyer,
Daniel G. Miner.
S m vhero I s (!.»jr*ia th *r • is a ehur.-h,
wii'uh is calh d''Tl.e Bister's Cliureh,” R>! ,
the members are women. The chief work j
vf their iiii*-iou'iry society i-s to send Dr. ,
Bull's C. mrh Syrup to tho Indiana, who
-ulft r largi Iv wills coughs and colds.
A» St tie's ( Inpi l. Clarke county, Y«„ April
o, t'ss, l>r 1\>UT MslKHISti.X, of Berkeley
county, and Miss ANNABEL ClEstt E, ol
Clarke county.
April ITtli. l'st at the Parsonage, 51. K.
Church * itii. in ChaGrstown. I>v Rev. J. L. 1
Shi pie'.. 'Ir WILLIAM P. KASlGKDAY and
'IBs MINNIE l'» IBMtKUTS both of this place.
5! Trinity id. E. Church, S nth,in Baltimore, |
..... v,\ .; .sl’.vov tiit! t, April !*th, 1«*L by the
j,',.v ... 1 R ■ 1 ts. of lev-burg, father of.
t.. ■ V:\JOHN L. R<*DGF.R< an 1 Miss
Jil l A Y. M strRl DEU, daughter of T. J. M;s- ,
ruder. Ii -th of Baltimore. _ _
\, :r S April 15. 1«S. MARTIN
BYERS. ■ f Mr.Ti’ ina'l'y'—-. igcdl»5*cars
I ti months and 7 days.
Our new k inn ’ f " fo pit a
any ! . iv ..f -•.‘■■•1 t. to No prettier -:••• k has
ei r sh- .va, .Hi l we promise to please you.
l'.utN' AS«;:iin:T.
F ir tl ini'>t ' ok el B.ci ’s tar Gents,
. r • i » 11 i
Wo',.. S-i’o.'c u - cird- of invitation to wit-,
s. th i i ini.u: ■ of Mr. Harry L Snyder of
1 ‘ uni Altalda
i'h.i.». wl.: a uaj^jr event set (
I i'.*r t’l J ?.’i it* •. ;nt .ril t'i ntteti I tfreeep
' ti *n at «! • i yre In.me happy e-*nple in (
it.U: i vn »■:» ttie eveiiiii;’ i>» llie tith ot i
; M V. In i-.vl -h?u. "!t *f the Courtesy we
a U i•. v n. :rat':*..i ns •
" An ; ! ! th •-.. iii o >t:ir
T • I- ‘ t! I riilal lamp..
J •* ,;i.‘tl.'. -il iti‘ " nil.
Ill • p V.ivi r • "i H if'"! i '< M" iffi’ii '•'■■■ r
tv .ve v . i t*ii ’ rewards in their Monthly :
• r irl w the I tHo* tiig:
\\ ■ v. ■ I-ive ’H t'* :!.■• | ers ei te.liotr .
us !.t a : fy !!!•?• 'i. ■ r! I'ar.nlis mo-ars
; th - v • 1' -t if.vnt rv-riptur - a »t llie
i u . 1 * M ii im:i.. •> -i. i?!i >uiti
a ... l‘s a *. ■ ■ ve i, t!.. '
- . .. r■ ivi■ • si. rill-HI »:i will he
: r. . ! • . .i* winner M iv lV!i, 1«*t.
!Yr«**t* try. •. t »r tiie re a :* r.l mast - 1
v ... - . r • • ■ -• t ap" taken
!• their..n-w r. t-iruai 'i lit ;v will re
vive til .1 1 1. ■. ■ ■ in V. iiie’i th- name j
.,1Vi i ir. ii :'tl e wins r nf:h • reward and
t>.. ’ »«w r will hej»n«>ltsli*.*I, and in
allies - ■ re v.thubk* rewards will'
!. r A Mr il. ,Lr: K IVm.is:!
iN't (\.m: vs v. ilrstati, IVuaa.
* — -
Mr. I' ll. L;nr.r !u« ta’c-1 u;» hit ah.eh
ia ;r t a. > a -a t ’d ehar-ra t»f the |
“ Carter It ai ■"-te'i! ; fir the p9r;»>oe im •
-.niluvtiv ' a ;'r-t v!a.v* Livery bu-in-ss. !
it ■ i it !i.l< tn fc vp ’ > »1 Ii *r=e* t if r;-li ijt ;
• and ilrivin r, re 1 \ hikrtn sail th • <h- '
.a iniN d th e j> » •!! •. 11 • al- » par;*ases t.
loo tn Auctions ri -hav
i:i-I' . ! .•* ■ r: -iv • that eaj*a .tale- him f>>r |
r. -Ii :h • wiii etn *!■ *y liitn. A 1
4 v. rti' -i!. n \t w eeh.
V.• 44 -* ivi ’...ivfi t«i I. - m l. i}'
and* itiidr ■>- <1 iliino.! >r the lictter aivum- |
! e. ••• ■: :..:I eel •• r i\: ■; . Vv ry i m
:• iv. !.* ii: tii«* lit- .. and «lrv > tlnl.l. !
\V.- ;i > v. I> n v.-ry l'.rut •• .i-’on In _’ :t
•>.st,.- n'e.. r imt iii ilres
b '
\\ •: K KNOT Co. 1
I . ■ I.. , !ia Clothier*, Sutler Building,
r:. v.i. vv. v.t.
II ::*• -'»rsirr
■ urg In lay . ..aing of hi- week, flit*
t . • r. rif : M >d Tutor.
' M l‘r
! .• i was <• ’]-• 511:• *”l with piayer. lt-v. c. '
\\ > ;ii!.■_.■ w.. « •• t M!.t :«r, and Kev
W !>. V. . ■ 1 V :'i: . Filer 1*. W. Boyd
fi Clerks. Ur. Sb i lv Eiigb wa-«x
anitm- l n l taken un.l.v the nn* of Pre.-hy te
j j? k'v.iil v.i- i*\ait»iii 1 am!
i; to j.r«* i ii and will go to !.d»>r at Ik - 1
.. r. .> nty. Uf. .\V. H. Mi
ni. 1 K. 11 F ’ :■ g v cl. : 1 dcU-.talei* t *
a, • .v sli.y. Th " -Ve i »:h llenov- >
,.| . it rt showed that the 'mrcln - eftlltf
IV r\ had r.ii -1 during the year over'
- .... i . j. • Minister* and k'7
. . .. j. j. r» x*. < re jin . tit. I’reJivt •«•*.• will j
• »' • ■•■':! 18 Vn ad
j . hr .special hudn. -* will be (
h i a; K wr May tfh. i"Ol.
Win. K Jin .V C , Sadler Building. The |
t .Hal ‘ 0-t assorted Men and B »ys stock in
this town. Al.'iuti.v the 'til;, entirely li >*
k in ’ s town. Absolutely ti*e l'»\v«-.t
; r '• wry a irae-nt we sei:. Absolutely
•!.■ «... -r •'.te-i *! TS hy iljV 1 Iii-l.t. A h
.. •. • r. Itn et|Uui to the best f nor
t •-.hr irmetit, at otie-half the price.
mi lieu sorts.
K v. C N. (’.unpbtll preached in the
IV . »• in Cutsrrh on Sunday—morning
and night.
II v. i*. Phillip.* of Horry ville preached
in th • Kg ■ • >p J. I' i.ire’a Sunday morning
aad night.
€>f all tk ..trio i la-s -. of go ids iMinprteing
our itiii.i >e *■*." v .'I V iotliitig. we *h"\v none ,
in nicer a- wan at than that f .• Boys' u«e.
S. P. Ilia*.niavN *fc Co.2
It will I* ■ .-ratifying to the friends of
\f ..r*. V iguns A Main - to leant that they
1 i\ ’.eg :i v.ie r. hmMing of their mill ro
c title ••• -trovi d by iir • and will e.piip it
v.an; roved tun h.n * ry so that the osl
tnii<* iv.'tt: iti’.n of the .aid tr. sv be improved
upon —if pits dbk*.
-■ »-k of J t- **. I:nj»ortc l tlo.iery
...,| (,:,,v 1‘ri.vs ceunr>t tail to have y*oti
:: • x 1 ■
o..,o | rsoH> j.re n j ortc l as ha* ii»g becu
n»as a : I by .\rnl» n- Siiendy.
Vrrivd a’ list and t>ow ijtinrtetvd at th'* PM
UdiuM.* I Vi Fronts o*u-..f lkiitituore’s m
j,. Mi diner* » d! b* | ha -.1 to
v..., s. Ik lira* aavsi Co. i
I '

P!l« STniMrfiitr u tho real tort of a tobacco. I I
It it. too regal '.v_) of am 'k:us'. You get
more directly at tao flavor aad t Arrancc.
Y'tu to':e the reioko cooler, and t!i tonic
desalter ami wtfir. I'i|>o emokicy is
Mewing red.iced to a hue art
Tire m-J-- tlio question of adulterated
tcK-.cco force* ib-H cn th ultcnUoa cf
wuokens, the more desirable it become*
to hit >iv prec Ay abet you aro sJaoYfi'P
lu 8l*clvdl'« Hull imriccti SiaoIPng To
—--—— bacco y. Hi he *0 a gumwn Me.
. always. that it is Nature's
JL u radial. rated | redact
_XL Its fremwee. flavor, an-1
• iti«..irivis»e.t<i".altV.arc(ie
i *yte_. ritcJ fromtUoooilandsir.
Mj GKgJ s Try it. cm! you wiM l*
H JB t.»-> None eiini’itio'vitl).
( cut tr.i. ■ tnark ; f the iluiL
jS ATI r;shoni:f*a anti S' rrts*
l«3 jimx t . 'PA bull Durham
icaii -cc*\ ELti they cxijoy ;L
A hin! those who aro curious about the
authorrhip of this, that, or the oilier contribu
tion to the newr-paper in times of high political
cxi itement might be express.' 1 out of the fol
lowing juke a- easily ;ts eider out of an apple :
A Kaunas cowboy was seen coming out of
tie. oltiee t f a local pap r in that Mate with a
terribly brui- 'd eomitenar.ee and tit general
appearance of a walking r.o b .g. " tt hat have
you been doing in the ottiec •' ’ ask-'d a friend. |
‘••cli. I went in to have the editor explain nil
item about myself, ami lie did it. I'm p.rtevtly
satisfied. For tfu* love of heaven don t hint to
him that I’m not!”
f'pim ttf. M.ii: Mrrlts.
Ifoldsteiu’s Arouianna comes before ti e
publi ■ urn i its "V.'.t merits. Ir: a positive
tare for Dyspepsia, Liver and Kid&ey Din- I
eases, iSick Headache, Heartburn, ami ail
I) biiitv of the Stomach, Liver and Kidneys.
To eon', in v the peoph* that tliis remedy is
m> Jui nbug the proprietor is giving away
sample bottles free of charge. You can
o' r one at Heo. T. Light’s, t'harh -town and
tth C unty. Be tlar
size, 25 and 75 cents.
Mr. J. W. Blessing lias contracted, to erect
?!:<• lios'die .MauulG' lining r i.’s shops, and
to build a large grain barracks fbr Mr. Jno. [
A. Washington. Mr. L-vi Baker is now at
work u- i.n tlie foundation lor the Roselle I
shoj>8.—Siit fit.
Sale of Valuable Tov.n Lot. i
•pm: u: d> r-i : il t Tri;-'i(\ under and 1
i virtue «»t'the auth- ' ity contained in adivd j
,>! trust made no ike 7:i. dttv nl April, 1 ;hy j
\V. 1C inicer, to William I- Wilson, trust j
> s. -ore Henry <>. Talbot, trustee, and record- '
.it i,i tl: (‘.itmty t I. . .. s otirea JHIersoii
mtv, \V. :V» In D l llook K,p 0, and
at the'request of the beneticYry it; s tid deed. |
will offer f->r '.tie at public auction in front of
tl t oml House, in I'harlestowu, W. Yu., on I
/:/ »j 'IV.'t, l'<4. -it 1 i.-t I -l. J/. I
1 .. !"h '. nt'_ Leal iSi.i’e tliilee ; in seal vhei’t: !
a ortnin lot and parcel of hand situate in ,
< baric- nvn, outlie N 'tilt-cast corner of Wash- j
,!i:;t •!! and Sallitlc! Streets, evteiuliliy ulotl'ti .i'l ;
s. ■ in•■! street from Washington to Liberty i
o; i-r a«d lr-ittritic al.out Ii rty-twoaml a half1
ai l Washington and I.:l>erly streets. -
I!-. • said lot "ill h. red in two pa ret Is—one
front in;: on Waddim-ton street mid extending I
: .Samuel m * • half, w ay to Lilicrtj :
unit: the other fro,itinc on Liberty stre-1 amt ;
,".t( .aline hack halfway t » Washington street. I
i he s-.id projHTty i< sold to ;>ay tiie said lieu- :
. ii-n e. t he unpaid purchase iuo- j
itev thereof, tl.v sum of Sevan Hundred l»ol- j
ia. -. with inter'.st tin r, "ti from April 7, 1SS.V I
; i.U.MS « !■ SAId!> VMI am.ld.c 1 made and
dt :. -r • I >n pavuiVtit of p'treliusc money.
: i \V. L. \YILi 1 >X,
I press fee - >7 tin. Tru.'t«JC. j
HepullUiiu Muss .1 Xerliutf.
S. Y. Y.rntis, Chuirm tn; Il v. N. (’
. kett vrct.iry. <> i motion of Col. Jno.
f*.'hlev, u committee o{ live was anpotilt- |
ed t »- !« • ; delegates to the Si : c and Con- j
ires . t C mv.-ntu as. as tolinws; .la-. 1).
Putt, S il. lligiri .itiium. D.m'i Itctwa
dunrer, Ih v. C o. K. Curry.
Th • 1 Howing d lie. ites w *re appoint :
s; • )e’e_r .!•'-*-(: •. Ivionee
- |f. i I • thftm, A. 11. With ; - j ■ ■ ■ ■ i.
.' is. IL B ttr,S. Y. Vault*, l». F. I. i.-ettrini',
\. John C. C. liei;:eti hunter, if. C.
Vd.tn’.s, C-o. K. t’lirry. Alterit.ttes, K. If
Johnson. II. Coofcus John Fox.Menj. 1 ftin- 1
, r, W. it. LI-Ii, Charles M Card, James)
Lohiti.sott, Jr.. L.nvii Cro-.v, fn'innis Jell r- j
son. A. liorr)<1.
l , ,r s ' : ■.—]> !erite<—!I. Worley, !>. !
F. Sit i.nnaker, C ilviu Tald.-r, J.n P S.al-% ;
duo. He- hl y, J. J. Miller, I, !.. I’agc, S. j
Stover, < ii o. W. Fosset, John Koiin ■ n Al
ternates \. nnen 1 S Sayd r.
Thus. K Woodw tri, S. 11. Iiiginb itliutn, J.
\V . I i •. Uait'lC t/. uvhinn.T, i». W. Border,
! . ; tx, John Wat* . T ,». P. Bhntdl.
( : -1:K , ■ -f.i Y. Ynn
ti (i wge Ko inee.t'r j litter. S. Stov r
S. il. Hiciuhotli ini. I). F. Shoemaker, John
Ware, Tims. K. Siuull, Jno. 1). Staley and
Calvin Tabicr.
A ljourn.il with a shout for Blaine &
For *lfay or.
Ml! |'l>!'i'<>l!: If Mr ESUt'M SUPER will
i >11-. ’>t :•> the n-e of hi* name y- a candidate \
lor >;.>• Mayoralty !;•• trill receive a hearty sup
port. A* the elu.ef magistral.- of the town in 1
tj; p.j-r : vice eotnnien.K ! it—-If to all.— i
The administration of Justice I v him v. a* a!>- !
- >ti!ti Iv impartial, and hi- mil for the good ?
>>rd. r and sanitary . >>ndition of the mnnieipal- i
:iv . x?or » 1 the admiration of e*. ry eiti/.uii or I
s *joiir:ier. We hope he will indicate in your j
in \t issue hi* vvilhmjues* again to serve the
‘ April -v;, 1SSI.
For % 'on sir it m a «.
M Elit r i: ase ann > nice Ml d'.N
PoUTKRF.EE!> as a gentleman w •!’. >\ua!i- |
ti, 1 to represent the ini W’aM in tin (’oiiucil.
lie will have the stint* *rt of
April in, It" t. ' MANY VOTERS.
For iousicihsiait.
Many v ter- .tf the g*d Ward will v< » for
Mr. JAMES N. u AI.I.AH mi* f *r t I>v.mii::i:»n.
PlniM* annriit.ee hint.
I] ^ ^ VOTERS.
For ('own film an,
KP1TOR FREE PRESS Pleas** ann* r.ncc j
MR. MARTIN L. AVH f-*r > •ttni'.mrttt to
**. pre-onr t h • Fir * Ward. Hi*faithful.- Tviccr
in tlie pa-1 recommend hint for the |>n*itinn. ;
For th• • most ta-hionuble Clothing, lfp.t.s
:ta l Furnishing floods go to il voi.i.y ■•*.
Mr. J.u-. \V. B an has tin-roofed the brick !
: :i!dinr of Mr. F.srom S lifer, . i Samuel :
rtre -t. art i ha* contracRed to roof the large [
.1- « •’welling of \Via. M. * Temeiits, 1 *(J„
of i. <>j I*. A. l>. It. B , near Summit
The )| >• r t o-u f'ltn takes the l ad
I;- • < *uin to call at fictretnlar.iier «t Raker's
tod i xntnine ii on ii- uteri1- It i- endorsed by ; 1
i >i i known firmer* . - Nat. Willi E-1 .
t. r .ri« p. , Will: it:; 1: E j, - » ou i.
liofc to Your Interest!
By Purchasing Your
\'()U cnn ‘live the freight on the pood*. Se
rum!, voii save from i?( to to percent.
pr,,f)? that the middle manor joM»ermust Imre
over the manufacturers prices. We have a full
line of
C number Suits,
Wood and AforMe Top*, A*h Ea*tlale Suite,
J’u in fed (httage Suite,
Wood and Marble Tops ;
Wood and Cane Scat,
Lounges and Parlor Suits
:i« bring ?uj*‘rinr in finish, using only tin- Pat
ent Spring in their construction. Conic and
see us and be convinced that you can buy bet
ter Goods and for less money front us than you
can lind elsewhere in this section.
Goods delivered in Olioriestown «r at oth-r
points Free of Freight.
U. K. Jll'UHEfj, Agent,
Charlestown, Jefferson County, W. Vn.
September l‘>, 1S<1—y.
rKRSi *NS visiting Martinsburg will have an
opportunity of Examining the largest
Stocks of
tt'afrhcs, Cloekut, Silver and
Flaivd W’Virr.
this siil of the Eastern Cities by calling at
1- Queen Street.
C. W. ISnowx. Salesman.
June 11, IrWC—ly.
New Jewelry Store.
[T. Srownoid, Agent,
it tr!'-town, Jeirerson County, West Virginia,
ESFKCTFFLLY announce to the public
t * Un.: they have opened out a full line ol
goods, such ns
Ami the latest styles of
liEl'MMXG of all kinds neatly done and
:ti-faction guaranteed.
Call, one and all, at the old Kolilhousen
u.tnd, Main street, ami examine goods and be
E, IlRoWNOLD, Agent.
March 21. 1SS».
has gained an envia
ble reputation wher
cverkn nvn, displac
ing all other ]•repara
tion?. An art'n le of
undoubted merit. Is
ronveiiieiit atid clean
ly. It causes
\pplv bv the linger into the nostrils. It
c ill be ahsi.rlwd. clfectiially cleansing thena
- d pa - sages of eatarrital virus .causing healthy
■vi-rction.- • If allays inllanunation. protects the
menihranal linings of the hi ad from addition
al cold; eonipleteiy heals thesoresnnd restores
lie1 sense of taste and stite.il. 1 U-isetii-!41 results
ire r- aliz‘-d by o few application-. A ther.-pgh
ireatment will cure! Cneiptaled for Cold in
the J lead. Headache and Deafness, or any kind
inmlar. C-oll liy a!! wholesale and retail drug
I’ri e so "vnts. tio puts by mail regis
ter 1 Stamps r» wired.
August it. s.!_iy. ELY BROTHERS.
s.pr:l 3, IHsp U tv ego, N. Y.
b '4 sgcvi:ss cn. i.Yfm #;.
rJt;ii: firm uf Merehant A' Lucas w.isd'.s-nlvt d
1_ April 1st, Is'!, ami the undersigned is now
i ii|> done tbc business formerly etuied
!»nbv said firm. The action of the r<>wn('>>itn>
:.l 11 1' ;lig forced tho withdrawal of thq m at
stand from tile mafket rcJonL 1«entire btlsi
i:— will he concentrated in his store-room op
l...site the Methodist Parsonage, tvlierc he will
serve the
r),tl-.at th markets afford, anil prnpn«*>s to
! i
HI k : p ..II ban 1 I supply >*f standardortlch -.
<it -h as Flv.tr, Meat, Bacon, !*ard. Fanm-d
Fre.it m i Vi getables, the Best Brands of T<*
: <i ;o and t 'igars, Ac. Thankful for past liber
patvoti: .-.re, 1 respectfully ask a continuaii
the same, promising nit ho-t efforts to please
:M.t : imniodate the public ill both troudsaml
April 10,1834.
The firm ;f M< reliant A Lucas dissolve-: part
nership April 1. 1**1. Persons knowing tf.em
ircr tedIt
■ ttl>■ at on- Hither member of th • old firm
a ill act in tli - ttlcmcnt of the old b’:dn ".
Tlic 1 , :will b? continued bv Jlr. Mer
•haui. and I a.-k for him from my friends the
■ •Hie kind patronage which was evtended t«>
,;s a. a firm. Respectfully.
0. M. LIT'AS.
April 10, l.ssl —3t.
j'tfr s-,ir T iom lately •’♦s'tipic'l ’ > <t< ■ •. T.
| Li-ih.-vLoinu:: the Watson H *use Pus
. i: .•? i Pelv. Apply to

What we Offer
For the Spring of 1884,
I / - • • t' ’ *
All the advantages of an Im
mense Stock, the Largest As
sortment and Lowest Prices.—
Our Dry Goods Department is
conceded by every one who has
seen it to be the finest shown
here. When buying from us
you run no risk, as you have the
privilege of returning your
goods (if not cut goods) and get
ting your money. All we ask
is a trial, and you can convince
yourself. What we advertise
are solid facts.
I ij. lilSCMAI £8.
Goldsmith's Twin Fronts. Charlestown.
March 27,1864.
Established in 1851.
j\11LTon KonIjEli,
T h e J e we 1 er.
Artistic jewelry, Silverware, Opera and Field (Basses, Bronszc,
■ No\ el ties and Uric-a-Brao, Geld : r.d Silver \\ ateho*', find Bronze and Marble
i CiocSw. striking .! hour on Cathedra! gongs : rich j welry in si t*, lace pin*, ear-ring*,
1 «lee\ u-lcatton*, fi t ring- ,-i-t with diamond*, Rhine *:•••!. . i g r etuneos, topaz. umethy-t.
I r !•■;. , cm. raid’ pearl, A .. gold and plated bracelet*. m< lait*. Iudic-' and gentlemen'* gold and
[dated chain.-, gold-head'. ' use :?• 1; pi*t»,‘1 !•*, tooth-pick*. gold and -tcjl specific* and
! cvc-ghi**cs in new anil mast elegant ftyles. . .
' 117' IS V ITU lS-ost TWA To THE LATEST sTYJ.h-. REST tji'Af.tTII.*, I AUG a. T
AssoliTVEST A M> t.01I7>T I’RIt 7X
. Engraving finely executed.
Practical Watchmaker amt Jeweler,
Dyspepsia, Liver and
Kidney Diseases.
1 tulip Tion. Hiliuusncsi, fi>:k II -..darli'-. lb in
born, Waterbfash i»istrc«safti r Hating, l’» ! Ii
ing of Fou l, etc. This purely vt-gi t :»!•!•• l ' i U
mtiim furpas'^vt any medicine r immendc 1
fur tl:c above discam •. (rivi i' a trill i‘ri«v,
i> and ”•’> cents. To prove i • im r ts I don t
say to vou buv as others d . , ie.it 1 -ay So yoil
irv a sample bottle, fn •, at •! >. T. Light'* in
rharlc.-town, ami dealers thro i.rli.eit tie-coun
ty HouosrF.i.v, i'ropriou’r,
j ik-t. 11. l.«J—Um. Woodbury, N. J.
Adams Espress Office
.Yatioiial Hank Building.
One Door AVcst of Bank.
April 10.1SSI. Agent.
I A Lecture..ii ttie N';.: rc. Treatment and Rad
. '
r ' ' '.
1 ' and
ipedimentst > M.»rr. y . •i.-. raily; (• :*;• • p
lioji, Epilepsv mid Fit . Mental ;.t:d i'hys:e .1
Incapacity, Ac.—By ROBERT J. 1 1 l.»LR
WEJ.L. M.I>. author of the •• Grom Bo*.!;, .v .
The world-rcnownc«l author, in Otis admira
ble Lecture, dearly prow from hi* own ~\
|*-rict)<-e that the aid-il f<nse<iiK-nc .%? <>f Sdf
: Abuse may Ineffectually remove! without dar.
: pcpj'i1* -uryiral. ,j>er«t i.ms, b>iugi( - .ir. aruiuents
rings or cordials ; p Anting oiit a mode of cu'c
i at once certain and effectual, bv which every
-udVrer, no nisttei what his condition may i ■ ,
may cure luruivif cheaply, privately and rudi
C" Thit lt**ute wUl imt u h!o ilutttnt -It
a:i I ' , s*.«
s nt under sea?, i:i a plain envelope, to any
address, on receipt of tour cents, or two pos
tage sfanitr*. Addrc«.
41 Anti s*.. New York. Y.; I*. O. la.x
October 11, ’.■vJ—ly suipwu*.
UOXEY AS: -' P .
by t. D. LliY.
\\J Eri «p. rffully in vi r < th*- J oMr’ 'o rail 8ti
\\ civ. •. • rla■ami \; ri> >■' >. K <»f li
a examination. a-* w«* tin* :nf«l_ to
• will i ike pli upe in .•> I rid
tlii'iii t<* i» di*<*riiiilii.dln* p.ihlir, ami < > liance
“trliitlv for < 'mintry l'rodmeor the lath. Old
•oil! h mutt Ik* pai l t»* :< r - new ones arc
i opened.
I '*-tiFi;KAliVJ: A-"' V • 'IATIOX.
May 3, 1--X
S'or Sale,
The Itri. k IIo 1««. Iin<l l«ojr Hmi'c ndjoinintr.
with the- hit utt:i' lied thereto, fomurlv li.»
property of John R.i, f*r.. <•:* «*onyr Mri < >.
in L'harle town, W. Va. For Term* apply to
OKoUOi: 1UYL011,
January 4, l~*i. CLKoN MOOKK.
Karine (hum' JE.fpoaUion.
Admission Free!
I » ARK and Rcaiiti:;! Holiday <off«, of Every
I 1 Derrription, in
Toys, Books, Novelties, Fancy Gcoas,
Notions, &c.,
i.. w tin Exhibition at my : • -re. Gift- the
Fine-’ 1’ri" - the I,u»r-t. r urn- cv,ryh.-dy.
Fine French and American
Fniitu und N’i»{x.
An csjKJeially large supply of
nperii>r in quality to su >• ovr oftired in
<'harU:'own, and at astonishingly lo* l.r;ur. j
A)r !• • f »r (Yiri-tnns- Fruit Cak'aaii.' '■ i»rht
mas <>; »ter5 promptly attended to.
Ar< (my ‘.inure thank* for your <«fe< med
patronage, ur. l come again, Respectfully,
GiiMtnv Brown.
December 1WVCJ.
Iic-.i'hcs Charlestown at 3 10 P. M. on the day
,,f publication. P >. I^isonring will supply
i; promptly on order, or we will send it by
mail a*. .30 cents a month. Addrev*
Publisher of "Tiik M r.
v • • •: !•>: New Yen * ...
T :'.-'T it* d, a !/.'• .tifu! rtue ntof Farter
f) rid HirtlVl.iy < . r from »• :..<•*» t. 1
nimutfa’turers. *ueii a* l'»>. k. iw* La ll.u.Ac..
iiieii wcsTeselRugl wer liraii !vt year. Come
and sec nur selection!*.
MaHi 27. 1«*». ?>r. (’. E. PR ATT.
\\T. av m ’:i .'-. f • ! line r,f r "
t . Gar . > ■ rh-fe.mi bfttr and W.
Arlcr Porj<v. >f Philadelphia.
March -7. I"». Hr. C. F. PRATT.
t k ' ;. < iT‘ Hixh; Royal l'»lw. for Lt:dkV
y r ,.t ; *
Alei'l ITU £ CO.
What you Want i- where the article is made*
! or grown, because vou not only get what best
suits you. but you iaycthe protit made by thus
who r<uv to sell again. The grower, the pro
rtucer, tiie manufacturer is the fountain head
j from whence cpriug tiie supplies of the world.
The nearer the purchaser gets to these people
the better Un i • suited and the mow money he
! ..are**. These are the important controllingelc
j n-.euts of all sucre*, trading, and for this reason ,
w c are extensively wipin'! in manufacturing
1 what the (>copk w ear and want.
Our Eeady-Made
! fa nearly all of our own mirtufactnre. In m.v
i tcrial, tit, make and price, it tar surpass** the
I bought clothing of the Eastern markets. Any
one can set* tlie difference.
j Our Custom Department
[ ii full of new Spring l’ice* Goods. For custom
sails we certainly luivu a right #o claim troiu
pat ex peril nee that none at home or abroad
make up neater fitting <>r more artistic, or bet
ter made garments for the pri*ve#han we do.
1N Dli l li IS, L OI .L AI IS, Cl F FS,
Stoi kings. Suspenders, t ollur and Shirt itiu
ti*>s, t aiu's Fiubrellas, Traveling Satchels, An ,
w e have all the now Spring Style*, and last,
though not least in the
of hat* for Gents'. Youths'and Children * w ear
w c otter you all the new s ylc*und the greatest
varieties at
Manufacturers, Clothiers. Furnishers, Itatt r\
Furrier* and Glover*.
Oppo^tc Ikildwin IliitlSe.
! Aprils. DO.
i" laronce T>. EI >y.
Consisting of 1‘rinta. Ginghams. Bed, White
and Gray Flannels, Uieaehed and Brown Oan
- tons, IHcaehi d and Brown <'niton?, UM Sheet
ings. Shirting', it- i l.inscys, Kerseys*, Cray und
White Yarn, Blankets and Comfbrts.
i And a f-.nl line of
Queenswarc, Glassware, Woodonware,
Willowware, Tinware,
And toanyortier .irM ks which lie is pm} urcd
j to Oili r at' lioit'HU i‘rices for Cush <*r Produce.
Also Agent for Landis A Fout, Merchant
I Tailor?. <:dl und look at Sum plus and Wit'.
J September g7, 1883.
Lumber, Shingles, Wood,
for s.ght:.
rnilF, undersigned having |»unrhus-d on c\
1 tensive pi' eof Timber within 21 miles oi
Sbephi-rdMown, will have for sale
Feet of Oak Lumber,
100,00)1 Oak Sdiiritflcs.
1,000 Curds of Oak Wood,
on the ground or delivered upon good terms,
We want 1 alio re r? to rut the Woodand make
tin- Sliinglns, which will be taken up and jsiid
for every Saturday.
No\ 22, 'tO-Ant* CharJrvtowu.
Ship. Begistcr copy.
Mi p< knowing themselves indebted t*»
W C. c.,rr< II. or \V. C.Carrdl A Co., wiliidense
call nt my oflw e and rettie. OWeo uii 2nd floor
of eur old stand. When absent inyss'lf 1. 1-1
Burns will r-veii t, V< t'.t'AHKH.fj.
Jaqnnry ill, l?8-l.
S H 0 P P I N 61
Shopping of Evory Description
l**«.mpdy ftnd V/ in mieally l»one.
References. In format ion and Circular* given
when desired. Addre**
Mr-.A. M.fiNOWDHX, No. :w IMtnn St.
Baltimore, Md.
Man h 20, le9l -'tin.
VI VH'dl •*. -), mid all r vh ' of Baby Cnr
rVgfa, je -t v<*»riml and flirMilcat Haiti'
Inure price- by S A L)LKK A UUO.
March 21, lw4. _
Commissioners Notice.
IV tie- 11 rvilt Court of JefF'-r- m County,
\Yi 't Virginia, i
GKOKOK W. WEIGHT, Ptnintiff,
JAiIi> T. LITTLETON, Laura Littleton.
I Jo- j.ii Tniphell, Tru-ti., and Tie JefTer
■ in • ihnty Building Association No. >.
t'rfrftfrihi H:irrr •,/ ifnnh d, 1*">L
It is adjudged, urdereil anddocreed tint Com
t mi- inner Chou Moor-bo in- rm fc l to mrrv
ait the de r. * titered in this eatis- IJwetiiber
i and, lsrtd, and rip »rt to the next term of this
j < .urt nil mato r- therein referred to him and
I in Addition thereto that ho cn«|uire into and
; report iij>o:i the matter pr-'-nted by the peti
j tioner, Georg** W. Boyar.”
t '. irnrl front If'tt"’. 'd*'" rrfrn '-'l 10, 'if lh -via •
tnr US.'.
" ]* ■« ordered and de r > 1 that this eau-m !»•.*
j referred to Commissi nrr Cleon M -or to a
<*rtuin and report: First, tin- real estate of
| whj'di tie defctuhmt, Jam*? T. Littleton i*
Fw 1 am! jk -i-v-ad, with the market and tw
in! value tl.-.r- >f. SiTi-ji•!, all the l.c.u* bind
i in t - -it the real estate <<f th-- said d-f« ndont, t *» <•
| amount and priorities then f. tig tier with
i any other luuR rs dc-une i pcrtiricn. by any of
thv i-**rti'-s le-r- to.”
i A Copy
! I\ LYNCH, Clerk.
!• notice.
Noth-* L? hereby.given Gut I will cxr-eutc-tlie
f.-rejT' ing -i • Tec* at my office .,n thv 2ml day
of .'Far, l ssl.
CLEON MOORE, Ci-sim’r.
Nori< i:t<* lies holder**.
To all per" ■»' holdi;i;; Lien* bjr Judgment
or othcrwiv on tl»«- Ileal Estate of Jon.*.* I.
In r.,:v ■ •'■•i i p-* fi<‘of the f irriiii Court
>f J( “T. ,«on 'Vufntr. made In a ran** therein
i;;, Ik’ real cjtate of tin “t i l
.IjM' i Littleton to viie &atiaLuSion of the
i lieu* th reon, you art hereby required to J>re
- :it ail < laim» held by you and ■ ach of you a
gainst the "aid Jbum T. Littleton which ere
in his real ertate, <tr any part of it. fuc
adjudication to me, at my office in Cl»r*rl</ -
town, West Virginia, on or before the 2nd «lay
• »f May, 1-4. <liven under my luud tb» L-%
At il, 1*>I.
• 'LEON MftOP.K. f’lmm’r.
April 3, I'v-l- It. 1 ree l*r»— fee—£P-Miw
r): ■ '
1 • t.ri '. Pro;.o• J she IK m f l*iv«J
Peep of Da rferir—4 vuIk, and A Stoty of tbw
ltif.lv- Kook lEVAttuieiet ut
.H.Je; In AA ANiVITII k t’O,
\inrm:\r*J UiwLci&rsuU
t. V. I.11V,
/ 1 1!,1 Bn 1“ for Pro Jr >r -rile by.
I I t. i>. Liiy.

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