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$11 /nraihi Journal
V xi/ g-*, ISS4.
_.~ ~
The Washington Monument U now !•”>♦>
feet high. _
Mr. T 11 uvthevttf Kearneysvillc in one
• . r ally shippx 1 l&O torn* W- A
.light example of the diligence in business
0f the hens in that locality.
• ln-Tcascd f,v r. pulse feeble, h-^s am! ears
,i,j and tfivat pliywul prostration.’ ” Hurt
will do.’' lntlamation * f the bowels. (»i%e
the loose the usual ipiantitv of Hay s llorse and
i .kttle jsovd. r." l’riee -'ai ts, per package of
one pound, full weight.
Th* Patrick Flynn farm, 121 * acres. c*n
East side of Shenandoah river, was soul on
Wedne- lav of last week tor by
Messrs, l.n-as. Ihylor aud Brown. Special
C immissiouers, to Joan i .) n.».
V young ladv bell. " J to bo Miss Jennie
r.unjolph of Mt. Ci iwford, Buckingham
. Mi:’ ate! by gas at the Niagara
H .rcl’. lUltiniore. t - • week, •’“'ho registered
as - Edna Tate, Harper s Ferry.”
Mr.-. Havid Weill and children, of Mar
tin.-liurg 'aii.si lor lv.iro,v last Saturday
Mav thev have a p! usual sojourn in the
oldC »u:itry and a safe return to their home.
Mr. Weill is a c»u-in of Mr. \\ m. Kahn,
the p iptxlar clothier of this place.
The following. Mini; other mail con
tra ws, w t-aw iricd last week : from \\ ick
lijfc, 1’iarkv County, to Gaylord, J. B. Cole
prove; from IVrrTvillc, Clafke County, to
s i ,i nit l* >int, J • f raon t ’ mntr. Jaenb l*.
G„h rt, Winchester, V i.; from Wados
\ ill... Clarke Cmufy, to ltost, Frederick
C innty, G. F. Carpenter.
Farmer* arc dirccte! t > t*.c adxertiso
incut* of llarvc-ters. They can take their
i ill the t:: w'. .tics being highly com*
:iu li J. d. M-ssrs. Bcill Bros. »v Phillips
lun Ue the 0;».vn:.’.»n ; U. linn l/i v<, the
Mel'nrtuick ; Jane - II Conklva the lv»
t.-rlv ; unit < •>i -ndatiiM'c Maker, the
** Marsh Whitney.”
f;> t '.ark'" ' ' b ' ■ " At ;l c
L* ;[. * i*’ tmir *».■ *Nc I rcsb} tcrian
* ; ,r h inti... »• s. >• u Saturday laof. ut
which K v. C N I’aai; 11 acted as M wlera
*.,r, Rw. V. J. Mrimkr, ot Clark.sbury, W.
Y was uti.iu.M'elected I’n.-t. r, and
*! 1- ’ riot the Church were direct d t«
siva the rail on 1-e.sh . the eati^r vatimi."
J!. v. Wait*.r son of the 1 ite
.T 1 ■ I. K. i>ni:g!a«' of this tuwn. will sail
i| i v,cv k trout New Y tk for l.urnpe as a
i .-it to the \\ ur’d’s Convention »t Mer
lin of if V. V. c. A. J' r sonist years paw
Mr. Js ■ -1 i-s !..; been mmsptea »us anion*
th . i ii r< 0 15 Jtr t! • pt ation il
r : .r .'C.. Le..*. .cd ...’ y luin0«;i
* ... ac .
O • I - \ ■ a V, t> ' a:i t ■ "ii!
\ r. mil '! i I <v»*' pri i
%?,'t K iM -. .k C ».
Th • •'*. ; r, !? filer f.i'.iMm/,
■; I •; - ».V... W I
Mi-S it • ■ I M l - . -.1 in rt -tin-’
. ! r i ■ \ e 'M r»r.i'on!<r/,
V i.. an ; r .:i. : Mr. - e~r- • C dej\ tit
t", ■ j -\ • K’i linie.r.' * Tiled r '.ii
! ;t a- i e. vi-i\ after a U*:e*. I'nr-s o!
i. . r. a 1 \ d vs ivo. S1.* Vi-ued t aarles
t m i ; • i i.ir: an 1 her appoaran • ».ive
j. r >iui»« >: a Ism? life. f-ae was in the
l.| i >m of fr.-h, i • »r ra , beuutiiul youne
warn ii-hood.
\ • - - .'■.'ii.'-. ,\" ir.nvai
. .. Ur. :.n ’•< h -• v -n sir-niter uev <«
. .op-iv il .fth-iln:i a' It c depiVt
.„. -i In ,o rvin -.i:. ■<« w -soli hat* tor less
i .. .. - in town .a:i l».»y the '.line,
i ;.-i ..ii- ; t '!1.» : ■ I ». I very
1 of., i.ui- rnllr i . a* l he f' * !*'•>'
\\ >i Iv \H N A <
!f.• :: -,n* ''Car I’.-i.l tin *.
r 1- r the .11'; i o: ttl' Y. M. C. A«
iti-ri. II <a. I> I’tiel V. * * »h ttv. n: Hail*
a I .|j>h: i. m . le " ire . . “ ( a ir! s W a-liiflV
t .■! I! di” .a til-* cv-ni-1' >f Th*r<dly, June
•a. 1' I. S ihje •:: “ fn * Sta»e.” It is
i >Ti •... iry f >r u • * > ! > ia >re th ri nuke the
4-n .an - a a*. Tie o the nnnrehendon the
e e.mnitt * his is that the Hill, whieli s a:s
I 1 •, T" »'• .> • !;: i I pli t > a?-;vwn • ! i\> *i!
\, h ,1 -ire t » h ir the distinyai. h !
>r Mr .» i this •••»*; >.i when he will ?ive
j r..h iVy th ■ ;i u d an 1 in Mt popular of hi
! far -. S its ha 1 b.-ttw b reserved at
i.n • ..rly in nrvnt.
O * f irru-'.'- cl- <1 p .rttnenf is API C
i..■! i' •Naplesand tn.wlties
set >n. Tr\ i< ••■•-•. f.«ry.»ir wliitr shirt,
rt id \ »u will *«;• r. i'e \i fiat a pleasure it is tu
l.at a >hir tlia' at-.
Wv K min d' < \>.
S.i 1’ r It . V.ne. < h rt. -t-.wn, \V. Ya.
.Tcli' r.s .it County Building Ass-K'iation
No. hs- h • *n >*.rvii r l by th" ele •*! >n of
t!ie f.l lowing Hoard of hireetars: Juo. T.
Colts 'ti, II. II. Cooke, W. lI.Kuble.Custav
p.r »w:i. S. \V. Washing >a, S. tf. Daljraxn
1:11 ;:a n'i I II-m ll. it a raoeti:.^ ct the
It ard th 1 ost .*.* in" ofS -ers were yhosen
il. II C»k\ I’resii at; V. W. Brown,
Sciliei; >r; J.hn Porterfield, Scc’y., it Trea
1" l*r*t payments, ns nil! be seen by ad*
V'Tti'ei.ii ■ -it, will b ‘-.ui on Wedn * lay, J’.'ti"
Ith. We ami ..-tan 1 already oneth.asnnd
•!, .r h r. !« n tak tt—payments 2» cent*
[•« r *har-‘per « k. Par value per share
♦ si* ♦ —
Th pith annual » in law of the Craiid
• im.i.r. 1 rv of Knights IYtnpI.ir of \\t-a
Virginia nu‘ held at Wheeling Wed? l*y
of la-t Week. \ra >nj the olfi or# in-tailed
' r ?!'-> *ns'iiii.r t-r a are -Mr t baric* 1’.
M .trite i Irani Pr. laf ‘ ; Sir J. W. Orubb,
Cr.til >;anlard ll irer; Sir I »rrest W.
Brown. f1 rand Warden : Sir Liustav Brown,
,:rtni Juu: >r Warden; Sir Charles K
Pratt, Grand Captain of the (1 iard. Po
i - no • Comrn.ui 1 *ry. No. 9, was changed
lr >:n i! .r • r’s Perry to CliatUstwivti.
It v d id- d to a lopt as a standard fur
»’;• Order of Malta, the short ritual, and
Oh trie-down, J .‘If rsnn county, was selected
as ti • pi., for holding the ne*t meeting
W the (lrand Coiniuandcrv.
who • ‘t-‘ h«d- at our :vs-ortm»’tlt of
1 !• *l,.ti » .ire tmt bother.*! and leiereil t<» l*uv,
. who tin.l it to their interest to f ty.
" tin I it to ..or ii.ter.~-t to serve a- well a- we
Mm, • .M r U> keep tliemUS customers.
lK Uiu. U< Co. *
Jttlor L±N Jl±\.
t hainwion Dinner.

An unusual visitation of farmers taoftrTtVft'n
marked last Saturday, anil hut fur the l>n>v
seasou many others would htVe b««n here. It
w..- the C hampion Delivery Day and was eele
! br.»u*l by a dinner. Messrs. Beall Brothers A
rhillii*. Agents for the sale of the popular
i hatnpion Harveeters.had ordered a sumptuous
j dinner for all the farmers whb should Is* in
t.ovn that day whether to receive machines or
i tiered, or to examine and Imy or simply talk
about the lixely competitor of all other liar
vest- is. About a hundred farmers and f^enqp
I of farmer* were dined at the Carter House —
The ta des, freighted with choice meats and cd
; ibles delieiioM'y vmd. xxeroheaatifully adorn
ed by large x is -s of ex juisite tl xsrers—thear
I rsngcment of wUieh honored the fair 1‘lora —
If there was any apprehension in the minds of
| thus.- who, like ourselves were a little tardy
j and were, con-e ptentxx ticketed for the second
| tab? e. of Col. D irsey's capacity as a provider.
. . - i trfait \x i a littl -hake#
when x\ ■ learned o xr cinvenporaty of the
* t w is a half hour ahead of us) it was right
■ away di-pe!le 1—for we have s -tdonl seen saeh
abundant li.r riib provis'ien xvos perfectly
■ in a.rd with thegertOrousc inception of Beall
Brothers A Phillips, to whom all were iiulebt
i .‘1 for the m unilicent feast. N i form xl invi
tations to sit tax* on this occasion were issued,
the li *;d tirm having extended a general
web :n to farmers and their friends as oppor
tunity <«:)'re 1. We h i l’he pleasure of meet
's:.- th > <i > i -xl A ;ent. Mr. C. W. Crow, an«l
, M. ,-r- r. S. B ery and J. X. Gutman, experts
front th 1 Champion 1' ork - at SpringUeld, <thio,
• from xvaosn some interesting fa ’s e int erning
the manufacture and sale and sdrees* of the
' champion were derive 1. 'fhirty-thrCC years
a;o Mr. W. N. \\ hiu-ly mil > the tirst machine
in a mini >rt blacksmith shop. l»y ingenuity.
1 -kid. pers on ran v. industry an 1 imlomitalde
pp. , he b is yon • from -1 • • -s to triumph aud
i* n i x the hiefof a plant xx a *se exp. u ity is
the completion of l »v> " harvester , in a single
\v'\r f * .• :*•« f > the ft'iww if /—*
v, JoiV*r> *»d,—thii <»i tl»c \ ir
1 ..;ini.is and p '. of agricultural m.ichin ’ in mil
fa, urers his ax) * Hampions in the hands of
it* farm rs No xv >•'. ler M -or* t'e,.w an 1 Mer
ry . nd (iiitman were pleased toeomefrqm their
di-tant home* to break bread xvitli the farmers
.,f j ;'Hs i -to enjoy with them a Champion
dinner! The Haltimnre House ot I.. 11. i.ee.v
]ir-• . ~>hl !• '.MH’hunipions—7"» of them to Jef
ferson I’nunty famn r*. For this season already
7»J < 'humpion Hauler-, in a.l.liti in to Reaper
a:i l M >*v rs, have !■ :i sold in this county. Un
■s.-tor i iy : ••» V> Hi nder , It ltifffler Trneks. V
Mow r all l».-.>;i|ver were - dd. Sixteen
it: • h r* we- • deliver*' i to fanners last week by
H. Hr.»tl;er« .V Phillip- here, and thirteen
j the w V before atSh-ph -rdstown.
* ea Mive \Ss|, at th lMr - .aa :e of tin Si.
Ha : -M H.. t'h’iri h. b the Uev. I»r. Itu-bong.
Mr « II Void.* Id. llO'oHKU. an employ*' of
i! j s. Ii, -s for ; ,ny, to M;s- VNN’.N M.
Kill 1 1\ - o;».l dan inter "of Mr. John Knift,
,,t e,j <'olnnrSia s!., Springfield, <mio.
i ,\t Item uuh, I'a., April '.Cch. t8R*,V Re-.
M r • V.U-ii. I l.tvdeii. :i'sisfisl (>y K« v Henry
i, .1 .a - MKunii; HAitNF.rr
\| tHl'i M l> , of H. Twille. Ya , to Mrs.
K .ii-' vi’.KTH -iMiY VNDii'd WARM 1UUT
|'i \ ,1-b*-rr.f»ivk»' U fte. 51’ g .
e rrvville, Y.«.
< . ;,1 - ily b >r b >m • in this ;d > on Fri
: • M- SARA 11 I’ UiSHHl*. wife
Mr John ii. Hi h >p. I i l years, a in ..iths
and js da* -.
i . «:ild-n l r';v :n it tal.'« from <>ur
• . \* o was I igbly i-teemed bv all who
> v Irr. Altlioti :ii of a retinit;g disposition,
! le-i dt .or a't,i fimad. an l a de
> d’.ii’e and mother, and around her men;1
,,-y will .din.: the I'mde't t " -’liv.i vis of her
i, r lc. Tli" bereaved friend-ha . o
t!,e heir: •!:-.. .apathy- f the *■ immunity in
", .'....Is ! i at al'iiv ten >;*•• *.
M * J- l--1 :P *he re-idea ■" of Mr. <*;iris
i i-i N i- •*•, e ", I. e i I i i i i'ii in tv. \ a., Mr s.
1! PI:”' ,\\'\' I: VI * I. K V . <• m-in of Mr. .1 dm
H Hi.-h >p. of this ;,! i, - a ; 1 about l * years.
I ron. pre- nt app'.iraiice we apprehend a
\. y I,';.v - ■ is iu. i ire.-'alt i- not m »re thaii
w evpe, re I. as the s!.ck w show thi--ca-Hi
j, v .1.. - R e; • one of the ^ramb'-t and in> -I
- • . . w ;i f ■ ■ tl:.* p. -op!,- of t i i.irles
l i e... i ;i:,S .le;l.-r- >. *.e.mty. t vtr ll * *r i- -t■k
' e . t!. ' :r.:e. et- ■ it ever, s.i.spe » ij 1 l.’.t.* .
11 speet fully,
Wm. K v.i s' A < '■ >.
r ;e I.. ..iirp. \ l- Thiers, Sadler Buihlim:
i < ?•> r!e. town, V* . \ 4.
4 O*
A railr >ad wr k near ConnelUviUe, Penn
svl\ani l, h *t V -k. Fourteen lab Her* kil
le i orr >:‘.-ted aiivc and many others intured.
fie collision rsultifl- m the loregoir.p ear
ful destruction of life was caused by the
* .trelensi.e#» of a train dr-pr.tehcr named
t lilbert .1- c? :s.
(he season up *n u« fir making i e.m * • in
■ • r. S. !>. Hir hnuaftiV, hivcai i
. p, r’ |ii. t » y..*i:r in ■ • tim. from the n;<-!ius::
V tight- i-> r sit s 111 the lighter gai«r
f. r tl ' iMir.or weathtr. have h*eii -elec
: 1 w itt> t‘>- t ire to insure their t-us
t'.,-.iers |. .* ..nly the b->t id- tint the ovst
i i:ti t r.iey liaxi tke;u for M-.ii,
Womcc ami Children .
I' it: Sln-rts, colored, :i member of the
' Meth-di.-t Church for forty-eight years,
di. J on the lllh instant, near town, in hope
■ o' pi *d iu*:n ira’itv, in th ■ tKUh year ot
he, a^e. lt.'V. W. II. Hanson conducted
the funfr.il service.
| “Hath,” Go. Alfred Townsend.—the
1 mi >u- newspaper correspondent,— was in
town bust week, “ takin’ notes, an’frith he’ll
riot ’em.” tlladhedidn t take anvthirv
■-o. Yv e haven’t the least expectation that
:. • will tell the truth about us.
An odice and stable arc iti course of c
: ti«»n for Mr. S. Howell Brown, by Mr. J.
Holmes, on the lot opposite the lkiptist
Church. They will be tin-roofed by Mr.
TLc “ Taylor H »tel,M Winchester, has
:• r«.*s 1 for service as i;i rht clerk Mr.
Charles Bowers—lately with the ’ t »irter
Mr. W. W. d. 'in- m is brightening up
with fresh paivt t*' building belonging to
Mr. Talbott—o. upied by Mr. Klias ltohrer.
d i lge kaulkiier b-gan a term of the Cir
cuit Court on Tuesday.
In the M K Cl.- a *ral (’ infer nre at Thl
..delphiu, la-t Thur-lay Rev. Hr. W. X.
N inde, of the Hetroit Conference, Bov. Hr.
J. 31. Walden, of the Western Book Concern
Brv. Hr. Willard F. MalialieU and B-v. Hr.
Charles H. Fowler wore elected b'shops of
the church.
Tk. 1'. 31. C.cij'I last Saturday wa nt over
tfi,» Mi,tc 'tw ixt Baltimore and Hag rstown
ih'fi rit1 itie f»r himself if in rca.nl mail
facilities were needed.
foie sale oftbc splendid estate, “Mt. Airy,”
the property of Gen. John G. Meem-, situa
te! about two miles smith of Mt. Jackson,
Shenandoah County, \ irgiuia, took place
last week. The sale was attended by a large
number of people from the surrounding
country, and a few from abroad, including
Gen. Thos. L. li.isser acd others, ine suc
cessful bidder was Mr. H. (5. Lulatey, Jr.,
of Loudoun county, at $90,000. The farm
contains 2,200 acres, of which 580 acres are
unsurpassed bottom land, 500 acres old blue
grass upland sod, and the remaining 1,120
acres mountain and rolling woodland. 1 he
improvements arc first-class, and the estate
is one of the most valuable in \ irgiuia.
Luring March and April West Virginia
invested $*45,000 in new manufacturing
and mining enterprises, while \ irginia put
in $5.555,t«XV.
The Virginia -tate democratic conven
tion last v.eck elected Jno. is. Harbour,
Richd T. Beirne, Jno. T. Harris and l’agc
Met arty dtdegatcs-at-large to Chicago.
Thcbronx * Luther statue erected by that
' denomination in lront of the Memorial
I-.uthcran church at \ ennont-ave. and 14th
( street, Washington was uuveiled yesterday
' after .l-davs cereirtoities.
Hon. Joseph Vunroetre, of Hardy, visited
1 Charlestown this week.
cuvucn xoTim.
P v. Mr. Thccroll, of South Corolina, de
clin'd the proffsred partorate of the Baptist
congregation of this place.
' ltev. J. S. Lafevre preached in the Pres
byterian Church on Sunday morning last.
At ni^ht H *v. Mr. Therrell preached.
TliLMlistirtguished divine, Rev. Ur. Min
I negerodc of Richmond, is expected to
preach in Zion (Kpiscopal) Church, t!d>
place on Sunday next, morpnig and night.
The hour for evening service in the Prcs
: bvterian and Methodist eluirch beginning
with Smidav, Mav Kh, will be * P. M. until
further notice.
The >t. r,. Church, Smith, at Summit
^ Point, Juir-rsnii Circuit, will be dedicated
to the worship of Almighty <1)1 on Snn
‘ da*, June lst. H?v. Bumtey Smithsosi of
' Staunton, Virginia, will conduct the dedi
cator/ - *r\ i1"'. Bre.iciiitvr at 11 A. .M. c.ed
at :f P. M. Tiu public i* c >rdially invited
to attend. S. V • 111and, P.
/.; ry Prfjiirntlon Hi'iny Mi If fo Iiimre a
i foriubl id Quid Trip B «'/< « Am. 1
At t'J'f'ltl ' .
As to he expected, the C. & 0. is right on
: time with bottom figures on the rates to the
< Chicago convention. One tare tor the round
trip, with tickets good going from .May Jl*th
! to June -d aud good returning up to and
including June 1-lilt »s the way to talk it,
and that is the tune the old reliable sets lor
others, t'* folbiw w “ot as they please. It
matters liitlc to the public or the road, as
her *ib i*ts all y*,> by the P. V O. I'.very
means will he provided to insure ample ac
comnt * 1 it ions tor all who ome, an ! as for
tim the road's reputation in this respect
leiV's u^i r .o i forijiie-tion. As am.itterot
1 • nr-c the 1*. cSr »_>. will t tk this bit iuOss
fr cm t!ti* section, as no other line can co:n
P ae with it in direct and rapid access tv the
9 • .Its trains
run •tire:', to Chicigo without change, and
whi*:: th-* demand reaches the limit et the
regular trains sulSeient sections wil4 $e a 1
deii to acc^imnodate the travel to the ni'v-t
satisfactory extent. An especial advantage
1 >, ,.aessed l»y the If. O.ovcr all other lines
enti ling Chicago is that its depot may be
said to b * aim \t a part of the structure in
which the conventions will be held. It im
mediately sa*?jo:ir*s the c .itveuti m building,
an t the main entrance is but a very short
w dk from the platform where the trains stop.
T:i * if. ix O.’s new depot in Chicago is, be
vond all qn. *tion, tin* handiest in the city,
thin a tew srju i - >f tli l il Is and near
the bu-in s.s c. n■ r s. It is an exceedingly
mat an.! commi ii *u building, with attrac
tive waiting roams an 1 cctr’. "X' '.ltc?rdants.
I'li. 1 r ites,—half fare, or one fare for the
round trip,—will he in f eel* for bath e >n
. ventions. the N.iti .nut R.*p;iblie.v\ in June
1 and the National lietnocratie in July-. It
would he a good idtii lor those coiitcnlp.A
! tine: going to haven talk with the B. i£ O.
agents and learn all requisite particulars, in
the shape ot timek't departure of trains, etc.,
1 etc.
_^ <^„ ^_
Remarkable ! That is the e acral verdi* t of
t’ - • c who cal! tn inspect mir stuck, aud exclaim
; with astonishment over the prices we cider.
l’.l;:\s .1 HltliiKtlT.
' From the Shopherdstown /»’>■</: ft r :
]Ion. A. It. It (tiler, of this place, went to
Washington the first <*f this week, having
been telegraphed for by t!ie Attorney-Gen
eral of the United States, to undertake an
1 important investigation in the Territory of
h ilcota. Th*'selection of Col. It (teler for
e > responsible a ditty is a high compliment
to his charaet'-r f>r ability and integrity,
and we hope his visit to the Noitlnvest will
be a pleasant one.
— -+ ----
For the finest slot k of Shoes for Gents,
[aadic* and Children go to Hyc.i.ky's.
The Freewill Baptist’s •• ihired of Win
duster, Berryville and Charlestown yvill
hold a oiint I air in \\ inilioter, Va., Jun.e
14;h and loth, for the said churches; and
Miss Ik-lphia Brown is authorized to solicit
contributions from the citizens of thn place
for said worthy object.
F t the most fashionable Clothing, lists
and Furnishing Goo Is go to if *.<;i.i.y’■.
The Leesburg Mirror sric* ;
*• At the atimul Bench Show held in New
York !*'l week, the dr-t prize in the open
clajs ol i’uiiiters over cm lbs. was won by the
, lemon and white dog ” Fritz,” owned by C.
» W. Littlejohn, of this town. TheshoW was
livid in Madison square garden and was
quite extensive, upwards of 11' 9 dogs being
on exhibition, embracing almost every breed
known. There were 14tj pointer-, of all clas
ses in the show, and iu ,y\e class which
| “ Fritz” won. ten other dogs were given
places, but the ribbon wm- awarded “ Fritz."
We heartily congratulate cur townsman on
the«succi >.s*fhis really handsome d.>g.”
(’urii.'iv spring st.x k cannot fail to please
:*ny lady of .:••••■! taste N<> prettier st >• k has
• over shown. and wo premise to please you
B> i;\» a Shi .rur.
<i ••( II. HagUr controls the sale of tluplt'
"mond Shirt in Ohariestowu.
Choice flowef and garden plant.- may be
had ot Mt. S II. \\ '•.»! ly. S • hi- ’ ver
t ■
i Municipal eleetiou to-day—Thursday.
L:o'!t to Your Interest!
By Purchasing Your
\r0r , tn save tlie freight on the poods. Se
cond, vou save from 20 to 10 percent,
profit t hut the middle mm or jobber must have
over the manufacturers prices. N\e have a full
line of
Cnambei" Suits,
IIW ami Marble Top*, A*h Ea*tlalc Suit*,
R,uuffl (hff’r
Wood and Marble Top? ;
Wood and t ’anc Scat,
Wc call especial attention to our
Lounges and Parlor Suits
. . .
I-: Kir." -rpf rSf.fr in finish, using only the Pat
ent Spring in their construction. Conic and
sec us .m l be convinced that you can buy bet
i r Roods and f >r b-ss money from us than you
can find * ls where in this section.
<{<.;* V ivlivcr.'-i in Cb*..* iown or at other
points l-'ree of Freight
ti. i;. iiroues, Agmt,
Charlestown, Jefferson County, W. \ a.
September 13,1RS3—y.
"PERSONS visiting Martinsburg will liavc an
1. opportunity of Kxaruining the Largest
I St< c’ts of
?iVifrftf#, Harks, Silver and
this side of the Eastern Cities 1 y felling ot
•is (pieen Street.
C. W. Bb'IWX. Salesman.
Jutu 11, 1883—ly.
New Jewelry Store.
E. Brownold, Agent.
Watch makkii and jkwklkr,
Cliarb -town. .Jefferson County, West Virginia
1)KS1’K<'TFC1.LY announce to the publii
i 1 tliat they have opened out a full line o
*Ach as
And thv latest stylet of
Ki r.i ntrxrf Of all kinds neatly done am
uU-hi.tien guaranteed.
Call, otip and all, lit the old KohlhoUSCi
stand. Main street, and examine goods anil b.
Respect fill IV.
]•:. UROWNOLI), Agent.
March L7-, IfrSl.
Hi*, firm. • 'Mi: hunt A L’l war*di-solvc'
1 April 1st, lesl. and the umU . signed is nov
eon lm-ting alone tin* tia-i.ie-. t irmerly earriei
i>nb\ -•aid iinn. The :!■ 'ion ot the Town( min
eil bavin ’ toned the withdrawal of the mea
v-dihl from tin market room, bis entire busi
fiv-s will I'e i-orti cr'-t rated il' !.:• >t.,re room op
p. .site tie Mi t’*i 'it Far/oVc •»•. *l!’*T b- v.il
veryr 'he
tliat tliat the markets afford, and propose- b
sell at the »».*/ li'-rml pri*;*. In addition le
! will keep on band a supply of sinndaSd articles
-mb a- Fio tr, Meal. Hae'n; Lard, ''untiei
fruit- and Vegetables, the Pc-t Brands of To
b;,, .;111d Ci Mr.-, A •. Thankful for past liber
id patnmaee. I respectfully .‘i-k a ciuitinuanei
of tie -aim*, proini-ing my b.'-t ellorts to ideas'
and aix'ointuodato the public ill Ixitli H'WmIsan<
W. S. ME lb It A NT.
April 10, ISSJ. _
HAS taken the room on Charles street, i;
rear of r len if M S. " Wtt i ■ |
where she will i! 1 l,liM'> M AKIN1’ am! I AM
1 J,Y S l-AYING in _ > .J style ami at reasonahl
charges. She will l c pleased to have the pat
ron.me of tlm ladies of the town and vicinity
and will strive to render satisfaction.
April 1884.
b:Mj s: t' tb #». v.*no ts vb:.
rpin; l; -gular Biennial Mle ion to f>ll the o(
I til l s of Mayor. It. s»rder and Council inci
j ot the Corporal ion of Charlestown. will balich
on tin*
I'nirlh Thurr lfJ in .1hy inoi,
(May —‘1. I'M.,
and the l’.dls will he open on swd day a* tli
following places, and the following persons ar
Hinted Inspector* and Clerks irf Klection :
‘ |v(Vi'ii,ii. Voting place*—Town Jiali.
AY. >. Merchant, 1
G.t.rgc Dooley, Inspectors.
D. 8. Hughes. 1
duo. \V. Garner, Clerk.
»v. \Y\e;.. A', ting place- Tn Store Room oi
Washington street, just Mist of Goldsmith's
ll.d. Talbott. 1
B. !•'. Lcisenrfng, Inspectors,
duo. P. Gormat;. t
AY I.. Hedges CU-rk.
AV.vfcr*. A'vG place—Court-House.
George II Flagg, j
S. I.e. Phillip* . Inspectors.
R s. Donnelly, )
I.. M. Blessing; I lerk.
p.db n from sunrise tosun-.-t. All place
where Intoxiiatlilg I.iq;iors> are sold must b
(do.-ed on that da}.
Rv Order i»t'thc ’’oiiptil.
.I V. SIMMONS, Mayor.
C M. Iloccsn, Rect?rdef.
" 1, I'M It.
“.Vo. 1’* vfiarkerel.
NI'AY No. l Mm ' ere! liv tbf' kit or dozen, f >
sale hy CFO AV. T. KF.AR8l.EY.
.May 8, JS8t.
I have jit't placed in my Carjiet exhibitor ai
addition ..•! eighteen sryle~ ot new designs c
. ... ... r, 1 prices, making • total c
;,!• 'ii fortv pattern* to Select from.
Apr. _'l, *i. GKO. AV. T. KEAR8LEY.
i ' .. |
3 18 1 3 3 8 8 8 8
' 'tobur New
Clothing Room,
which has just hccn ooTnjrlotr,,l. is conce
ded hy every one who has seen it, to be
the Dost Lighted and tfest Equipped
Room in the town. Wc will inaugurate
the Season by Displaying the very New
est Designs in
and at PVieeS which we \jijJ guarantee the
Or Monov Refunded.
Goldsmith’s Twin Fronts, 'Charlestown,
May 15,1884.
Established in J8$l.
The Jeweler.
Artistic Jewelry, Silverware, Opera and Field Glasses, Hronsze,
Novelties amt Jiri*-u-Uruc, Gold and Silver Watches, find Pronze and Marble
Olueko striking i hour on Cathedral gongs ; rich jewelry in nets, lacc pins, ear-rings,
th diamonds, Rhine si * * I • -
. rut.-. • mcruld, pearl, Ac., gold und plated bracelets, necklaces, ladies apd gentlcm* n sgold and
piau’d chains. gold-headed cane , -’old pens, pencils, tooth-pick ■, gold und M.-el spe’etack- and
eve-classes in new and most elegunt styles. ..
liv isvrni i\si‘ilike\ to the latiht styles, el, si yi a lilies, lai. >isi
, A ssoli THEM A Mi 1.0 WES T 1‘llK ES.
Engraving finely executed.
, IS SI. TO.V Si Oils, Eie,
Practical Watchmaker and Jeweler,
; .2 ' - ’ j
is the Loss of
A Lcctiircon the Nature, Treatment and Ilud
ical cure, of Seminal V. cakne—, or Spenua. i
' rb !•:», indued l.y Self-Abuse, Involuntary
, Kmis-ions, Impntem y, Nervous Debility, and
' Impediments to Marriage generally ; C'ousunip
J tion, Epilepi v an,d Kits, Mental and Physical
i Incapacity, 4c,—By KOBKtf J. ' * IA I-11
; WELL, M. D.,antlmr oflin Gnvn v.
' The world-renowned author, in this admira
l.le Lecture, dearly proves fr- m his own ex
j»oricn<T tb.it tho lul rt nc« rr ii' *
I ; use may be cffi-r ttlallyrcmo' i d Without dan
gerous surgical tipcr.it ions. bougies, ins!runieht
’ rings «.r cordials : pointing out a mode of cure
“ at i.nee certain and die, tual, by which every
1 sutferer, no matter what his condition may be,
1 may cure hiir - lf < hcyply, privat* ly and radi
cally. , ,
This lecture u!Vpror- ,t l<■ ■ * to thousands
and thwiands..
S-iff un*ler seal, in a plain envelope, to any
, address; on receipt oT four cents, or two p—
1 tage stamps. Address.
II Ann Ct . New York. N. Y.; 1*. 0. Box 1».
October 11, lylrhpy *.
■ 1 TAKE : • tb d of inf n Tig tin i ub >
j I that t have taken'charreof the t’jrti * I! >’ise
where I intend keeping i first '
Stylish Teams fatr-MU'd at reasonable rate*.—
Special attention given to Hors.- on Livery.
I am al»0 aggnt for BVUG1KS AND CAR
RIAGES, df the best manufacture. Anyone
in want of a nice Buggy or Carriage, would do
well by calling and examining my stock bef 're
purchasing elsewhere.
1 will pay special attention to
il ivtuff bad - rVgT'b-r.dvii- experience ir. flu-bus
iii—s, I feel coui'-b :u I can give satisfaction to
1 ; any one •rb<» fair need my -•r it AJ
is to give nic a fair trial.
Very rv pectfully.
May 8. 1**1—Om. < lb LAMAR.
Ordinance »Vo. I.
1 \ T a meeting of the < '• »i.in<-il of Char'-- ’ vn,
| il held this 1st day of May, I"«, it: rder
The T- svn Jf flvyUs* ffn sli^ll hcrcifii r con
sist Ttare Wf.Ms, lo’Tt* d and bounded as
5 follows, fo-wit :
Tin- / /r-f Word hall iiwlud all the territory
within the Corporate limits lying West of Go rv
■ ■
Washington st. and Sniithfield and Harj*er
Ferry turnpike, including the house on the line
1 of George st. extended. Northward.
'! Tlie sc /vl Jb.rd shall include all the t-rri
! tory lying Wo of Ge*.rgc st. and George it. ex
• ii-l.-i. and ■''-util of Wx-liingtoii st. .*u !
r Smithtield rtin! Harp- r - F* rry turnpike,
The Third Word shajl include a.ll the UyritofT
lying East of George st. and Ge< -g' st txfentl
ed. except t’ e property hxntt'Jif the North
cml of ueox>tt st.
Ordered, IhattK (brcgtjg Ordinance -bail
take effect from the date of Its pa-age.
f • Passed May 1-t, 1 —b
i ' J. V. SIMMONS, Mayor,
r. M Ilorcn. Re- order.
! May 8, 1>»4— A.
ttTF.refp. ?fullvInvifethepublic tocdlami
\\ piveourliir-i1 and v;:ri*-'l k ' f <• I -
.» close i lamina*i in, a* w .ire d> moned to
| Hellthcm. W*> it ill toki- pi y wH in showing
them to ndi>< riminiili: .'pub!! .d i vehan.ro j
strictly f'r Country l’l dii'i'or tin < '.oh. • !J
accounts mutt be paid before new ones urc
May 3, IttfB.
For Sair.
, The Uri'-k House, and Lvs Hou.-c adjoinimr.
vifh ihcI. N attu bed (htrefo. formerly the
property of J..lm Rict), Sr .t'n ( oivrrcts tjtre.t.
In Charlestown, W. \a. For T rm- apply t.i
January 4, 1^1. (LEON MOOltE.
Santa elatin' Fxposit ion.
Admission Free!
MARK and E dutiful Holiday Gift of Every
i V. Description, in
Toys, Books, Novelties, Farc'y Goods,
Notions, &.C.,
not* on Exhibition at my Store. Gifts the
Finest, Prices tin- Low. *r. Come everybody.
Fine French and Amcrii ;:n
cox i i; c t i o x s.
Fruits uiiti IN’uts.
An especially large supply of
superior in quality to any ever o<K - 1 in
• !i-.«ri town, arid at astoni.-hiiurly low ■ r< -
Orders for Christmas Fruit C.V< - and Christ*
biai Oysters promptly attend'd to.
Accept my sims-re thanks for your esteem* d
patronage, and come again, Itesjicetfully,
GitNtMv Brown.
Ik-i enils-r t>, lfd.
Rea* hes Chariest*.wn at 3.10 I*. M. on the day j
: publication. R. S. U i*. nring
it promptly on order, or w* v,:l! send it by I
mail at 30 cents a month. Address
PnblLibcr.of “The Sex,
March ?7, ?tu. Ni.vr York # itt.
J' 1ST ree d, a fcesotifui assortment of Easter j
apd Birthday Cards from the most note*!
manuftn lurer*. such as Tu k, hr la Hue, Ac., i
vhH, vre are selling lower than last year. « onto
and see our sc Lections.
i l : Dr.C. B PRATT.
\\'E have now in stork a full line of I tn i • (
Atler Burpee, of Philadelphia.
March ‘Si, 1S54. Dr. C L PRATT.
/ \XI.Gt ■ Fti\hv II*. ■ U. for La in -
* / shiy. - ..l lb- Itff tail!*
AlS^riTII ACO. j
Thj Temple of Fashi$!
Spring Clothing■>
Cents’ Furnishing Goods,
Sweet A Orr Overalls IMumoinl Shirt*, Collars
ami Culls.
Slio«naking and Repairing with proam’m-*.
Northwest for. of Washington ami‘ baric,
Stru ts, Charlestown.
April .’I, 1884.
—THK —
Wluit you want i* where tlie nrti* le i-- made
or grown, Ixvwwc you not only tf'*t whut y* ^\
Miits you, but you save the profit made by flu
V ho huv to sell again. The grower, the pro
ducer, the manufacturer i* the fountainhead
from whence -printr the supplies of the world
The nearer tin pnrih.. -r gitajo tin--- p«onle
t» c heller he i* suite*! an<t the iui re mane; lie
«av, < *ihe*>-krr the impo'n'.mt eontroirjir: •!*••
rm-nts of all nieces*, trailing, niirt fort hi* rea-.m
we !ire extensively engaged in nianuhn taring
wli.it the people wear and want.
Our Heady-A lade
i nearly all of our own manufacture, In ma
terial,Tt, make nml price, jtliir surps-s* * tla
bought *-lotlong -f till, !.astern.iii^rk*tx. Any
one call Sic the ditlerciifc.
Our Custom Department
is full of new Spring Piece FornHotn
suits we certainly have a right to claim tr«*ft
l»4*t experience that none at home or ahrjHcl
make ill* le.ati/ litt!up ->r more art L tie, or t
ter mam* gnrm< nt- for the priet than we tin
SUHikimr*,Suspenders, Colla* nnd Shirt Hut
ton*. ('Anos, I'mhrtlh^.'i riA'iijip^atelu 1*. ,
%\c liave all the new fcnrinK Ktyh*. and last,
thoiipli not least in tlu?
of hats for (ionts'. Youths'and Children swear
we oiler you all the new style-*and the greati-t
vnvu*ic* a*
Manufacturer*, Clotlijer*, Furnisher*, Hatters,
Furrier* and filovi rj.
Opposite Baldwin House,
April 3, 1SK4.
Clarence J). El>y.
Consisting of l’rints, tiinphnms, Ee l, AA hite
and Or:i\ Flann I*. llhaehed and Drown ' m*
tons, DU i' liril and Drown (’■>(ton-, P» 1 Hu
inn*, Sliirtinps. 0-1 Litt'ey*. Kerseys, Oray uml
White- Yarn, Blanket* nud< omf rt.-.
And a full line of
(•rtecnstvurc, (ilasawurc, Wo<Ki<nwar»»f
Willowware, Titiwarc,
And manv other nrtieh * whieli In- i prepared
to ml. i at jSottom Drift** f< r < oh or Produce.
Also Aroit for T/india A- Font, M< r, h.ifit
Tailor*, ('all and look at S.implm and Dri
Fo Mjiwibrr ealer*.
IITH have two lar ~ iw mills ;tt:ng :
t> |..vv pine, in It -kingham < infv. \ ir
-inia, on the S. V. K. K. Orl- rs f-.r bill Star
promptly tilled. ...
May 8, 1884. Lynnwood. Va.
W ool Wnnlecl!
1AM r* viy i > p > }! lughe-t i -arket pri- - in
. Cash f-«r all the Wool dipped in Jefferson
« ’lunty. Will rereive the ann in pcr»oti or
by Agcril In Cl»ar!< slown at l!ie Ad t. Rspriss
vyfljei, National Hank BtiiMhi::. <>r n» theJtf*
ferson Woolen Mill* (herrforr known <* i’«-r
tcCs Factory t near Wheatland Station .*•'> 1’
Mark i* My nrr.JU'- tm fit ■ art *udi 11- ■' i
can handle all the W-tol brought or shipped to
ice and Cash pii-lon delivery.
1*. 0. Wheatland, Jcffcnioii C--fluty Wert \ ir*
Jiio. J. Jobe (C Br
w ill nqrcha'c ail the Wool delivered p» tin m
at tLclr lip. ■ town Woolen "o» Ire-lerieh
County, Virginia,
May 8,18*4_
Lumber. Shingles, Wood,
ron SfiLi:.
min-* 1 • 1- ' : 1 1 - 1 . < 1 I < •
y • n-i - |e of Tim'ier v. i-lce 21 mii- s of
bhepln rdstown, will have for sale
100,000 Feet of < )ak Lumber.
100,000 Oak Shingle-*,
J/i00 Cords of Oak UV-d,
-n the ground or delivered tipon go*t»i terms.
Wo want laborer* to rut fhr V* -sh] af.d mal.c
the ShingL*. wheh will be token up and paid
for every raturouy.
Nov 22, 'ft!—.‘hn * Charlestown.
Hh8p. Register copy.
Hhciiundouli C’otin ty, Vu.
Having leased these well-known btgj’ny for
FIVE YKAKS. we beg leave to inl..rn. th.pub
lic and our friend - that they will b*- opan-l
from JI NK 1 TO DECRMKKU 1.1-4. for the
reception of guest*. All appoint;^eut* first *y Ian*.
Tiie Hotels 3!i<l Cottage* have n« < nput in ex
ei flent condition and th* complete furnishing
entirely renovated, affording a-'-Qinnioil.ition*
and i ',niforts equal to njiy Ke*wrt in the South.
Capacity so" person*.
MAIL. TKLWiHAFH.iffid EXPBKS-i tv di
ticj in the Hotel. TKKMS-r rEI, e4o jmd
jtcr month, ac< ording *o'J-<;:{! r» Sp-'isi rates
f->r season. Writ* fvr d- *r riMi-.’e <lo ol.tr*.
giving varieties and aualy-i • of >1“- dillcrent
waters to JO^Rl'H N. AltD, Man..,'- r,
or M A li t . MAHHI X.
May \ !'• 1 Jm. Proprietor:.

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