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*^“T*al'aaa P**s< i» published weekly at Two
t*/*9 l***' f" *’*
-y*-TUHKK DOLL AUSIt not paid in adeance.
l>ol!'V*» l *V>* I'tmufor «* eioatia.
VTneU- u.ofadi-nmng are. for * square
eh i u>* (J... D‘*it*r <»sd > .y#j <V>o»tor
lA *ee iusertieu* larger one. in the same propor
. i,>n. Each continuance H/lf 0-u
--.u , ivli rtiee-nenl t» ba considered by the
TV -r rear uale»* apecitted »o the Manuacr.pt,
Tr^jteiouelr agreed upon between the parties.
in .druMiseioeal not marked on the copy
«-kw •' insertion* wit!be en
Haued an.il r lored out. aud payment will be
. ,*cwd accordingly.
v.'»a*ri»«aaat». — To avoid any
u„u0 i rstandi ng on tbepartof the annual adrer
. |,t is ;>r >per to state ii.iinrtty that their pri
nt, c ualv e* tends to their immediate business.
it.-al Estate. I.egalor all »tfwr udeu»».e®ent*aeot
iv th ‘ n to be an additional charge, and no rana
pgb itntutrv n »liov‘» jf oior# lh4i» Of*fin^
srlllbe charged for.
JOll WOKK -I’oaton,.^a!o Bills, Circulars,
Card*, Ac., executed promptly, neatly, audatfair
prices._ . _
i*rofi‘ssiuntti i'artls.
\VM. II. Til WK1W,
C\irU*t ■*•». Jift-rt ’U r>* •'}. Ho.' I irji ti t.
Will practice in the Courts of this County and
the Adjoining Counties
Oih- e next door t.i therwsi lenoeot Mr< W J.
Hawks, and nearly oppwitethe “larter House.
November 1\ t
_- ... .,. > >. 11 7 T k V
I) m -
‘ irh't ' ■» JCounty, WV«f Yirjinia,
\V I vtr.Mid the Court* of Jefferson ami Bcrke
. . .1 i 1 itteo l to other law business
if \V*-t Virginia. S;*e. i.il
ti,. , • *:i t i Elections.
M .r. - \ lS7d.
i. R iv i:> % i:i> v,
i \ :-L <*/wn. J'$er*m County, »F*rt Yirjinia,
■ I (
offli C .If Resident on South Mil-lad street.
S-ptemper :>>, Lvd—tf.
Char!'*! «-** County. lir^wiA
April I, 1 '74.
ed. .¥. C. MOOUE,
frrryyillc, CivV f-a.Vy. iir.jioii,
Chariot'"™, Jfffrr** O’.tnty. HV*t Vinjinia.
Will undertake a«e> jointly in the Courts of
both’of s.ii-1 Counties.
May 11. ts72.
1>W. J. I>. siTARBY,
Charlr.t’ Jt-J-r.-.a Count' HV«f Virginia,
iiavmg n - .ne I the pranii-* --f Medicine, ol
ft-r* hi* Professional *ervice* t-> the nubile.
Orttc* n* xt -1 • >r to residence, near corner ->i
George anti Main streets.
January 22. 1 ■*?»!.
lames H. t*r *■ Fo«v*t W. Ifrowi».
(iltOVE A. 1IUOWN,
ATTOllMA S IT f. H» .
C>) j•/,■»> .a■» J. fr. ■■*'-a C„ nt i H< ft l ir iima.
Having a**--* iatexl f-»r the practice of Law. will
attend to eases in the dilfetvnt Courts <*f West
Virginia and Maryland. Attention given to
Pen*ion* an-l altclasses of t laitn* against the
C S. Government.
. if si*e* ial attention to Collections.
April t>. 1*7*
Ch ief-U -u Jrf>r» » County, IF«d
Will practice in Juti- rs*in and adjoining c - in
ti** Prompt alteuiion to Collectiouof Clamp*.
jrtf'Utli-e in Gibson La*v Building, inCourt
House yard.
February 22. is?t>-y.
UH. C. 1*'. FOUliE,
CkarUrtou u, Jtftnua € « tty, HV.*< Virginia.
^fOtllccin Isaac Fouke’s Law Building.
October 12. 1*7S—y.
\y.ukinjt <a City, IHstrict >■/ r. in nbia.
■if. R-m.ii* .1 and lo t 'hauncey Building. 321
,d 323 4* Street. N. Mr.
April i», 191 A.
'•F. C. GH EEN,
Oh irb utwen, J'jftwn (bunty, 11. l a.
Will pr i. •> .* in the Courts of Jefferson and th*
•hi- .ring < ountie* and intheSuprcinet ourt
f API ■*!* of MY't Virginia. Prompt alien
ti >n ' - the collection ->f claims.
<*!l. in the Law Buiumsu in rear ot th*
• irt lfouxe on George Street.
t .... » t » 1 *
|)r W K. LONG.
rillSK I IV -i>/> Sl'RGEOM,
O' FFl-’R.'s his professional services fo the iti
j,ri' of Chur! -town and vicinity.
,int* door East of the “Cartel
Will attend pr aptly to calls at all hours.
4a: h .7. l"l
ttforneyci ami I’ounttellors at Late,
K ait' building, It.1" N- w York Avenue,
■■ ] I ha. <• formed a partnershtj
: r :h practice of Law before the Supretu.
,rt of the 1 nited States, the Court ot t hums
s pnuut Court i f the l),istri< t ot (Jul t'ubui
,t 1 the Executive Departments.
Immediate attention will be given to all mu
- tru'*- l to their charge. ... ,
January .1, luS*.
ItllAVTON 1>. (illl^OV
‘ h vte*o*«, Jrftntm <Um/V. H«* Vitvmin.
W i att ad to . t«< ' in the several < ■ ‘
’ • Virginia and "t u.e neighboring ctiuntm
. . tho adjoining States.
• in «iibs.at law Building, *,urt
II .'«>yard.
July 17. 1"4.
( has.
4 ,«r/, ./-/• .w< D lu.,
pr, . in the Courts of Jeffers-»n and ih
■ Ijoining Counties. ... ....
•jsortice in the “Free Frw* building, u
I.;' pi4.
Ot. 4 l-d-Jj-.
Y '-A'rc ad. r only |e per Ui*—»t^.^
July *'A 14-4.
When vou visit Washington stop at the t
I'lrutii. Itx'ue . > '-r. Sttxnth Street,
Tkkms #•_» 1‘kk Pay.
'■''Ill' proprietors «»f this House, the oiliest
I • iMish.-.i Hotel in Washington, desire to (
call the attention of their patrons and theimb- ;
lie to the fit that the Hotel is and lias liven i
tii h id .planers for West Virginians for over
half a century. The “ American” is centrally 1
|o p. I in tie- business |Kirtion of the city, and |
within a 'le >rt distance of all Public Buildings.
Churches, and places of Amusement.
N \ ember IS), ly. Proprietors.
(European Plan
Near the Treasury, Washington City.
E!. ’tntly Furnished Rooms, single, double,
.f en uite. #l.ia* and #1.50 per day.
Se a! rates for the week, month, or longer.
De. . J. issj. Proprietors.
Mansion House,
rormw r#l.SO !)a.v.
N W t'oassu FAYSTT«*Sr.l’AC!.Si^aKTB
llppoiitc Uaroura’* City Hotel,
hllC 4LBe»TXOX,Pro|iridor.
March <0, 1675. June 25,1670
0-130. W. FOY,!
()ystei* Packer,
^ V’i.1 Do-tier* In Fruit - Fnreign and Ihnnestic,
1 »' inn -1 Fruits on l Vegetables, l'ish, Vegetables
in -aason, Ac.
SiTtasora U> .1/1 <1 M>y
Sit. » lftollliiK%wot't(i Street.
af * , e-. *• ItH deit I o, *1 Met
| •ali-yurliuK
October 21. 1871—tf.
„_ I
MY BAR ii supplied with Ll<iU'*ra of every
description —of the best quality,
Baltimore and Rochester Beer
Pure French Brandy,
— *11 -f the best. Freeb Rochester IJeerdelivured
anywhere in town at SI per doyeq
Jan. J5, l«Tb. Basement Jefferson Building.
'JMIE undersigned has taken the Agency of j
/ Vs r h‘A \( /•; < (JMl'AS >■ OF
.V M ii T n •! 4 ft i; Si £ ( .1, j
Hus «Ymit>..ny is one of the very best in ex- 1 I
| isteiH- .in ilit' hail a successful experience of I
• ii. ■ i • Security and l
A|'!*!k i ■ ■ 11s fur Insurance against Loss or *
Ihtm ije by Fire promptly attended to. and Pol- '
ieie • ."U< I without delay in this old and fttvo
‘ rile Company,
Also of the j
OF W\N> I|F.ST*I», KNoLXXll.
U. F. LKISEXIHXfl, Agent.
■ in l .aw Buiidin •. 3rd door.
Charlestown, March li. lht<3—y.
HAVIN’*! relinquished engagements abroad
. which have occupied my attention almost
cm hi'ivcly for several years post, I will devote
mv time in the future to work at home, and ,
j otter mv service- to the public as Contra, tor
! and Builder. There are many evidences of mv
ability to dc-' n :u\d eottslrtp I houses in the
best style- and substantially awl promptly here
• and elsewhere, and the (wist few years have giv- ;
en meexperionecs in house-building that are
valtub c to myself and to persons who may cm- ;
i ploy : i 1 will endeavor, in all work entrust-1
ed to me. to render entire satisfaction. i
* January is, 1HS.T Agent.
N ew Cr< >ods.
1A NI now in receipt of my fall supply of.
. (ieneral Merchandise and will be pleased to
Sup) ' . my friends and the public generally.
I'lilTitV !•'! \ \ \ F.l S
1) KI>. Brown, Slate. Fun v Figure*!, Bloach
V * l and I'nblcochcd Canton Flannels of,
all grades.
It \ N < V CASSIMKHS Domestic ditto. Fulled
. Cloth, W »den Shirts, Ac., lor men’s wear, j
I>; k ,v 1 « Laities ctotk. and other Woolens I
> r tlr»s'<line and medium White Flan*
.! avv .■'Laker Flannels, and Fancy ditto, 1
,1 It i-mad. ««rev. line Saxony Steel j
divv. ani I» m -tit ditto. Indies Vests.
\V< )(>1>KN \V V.KK.
\\rllITK ' aK Hamper Baskets. Buckets,
1 li.-kt > Wash Boards, Brooms. Ac.
t itiX’KKUY.
a vFF.I N'WAKK Glassware. Lamps, Majoli
\ 7 i a War* For Sale by.
w geo. \v. r. kkahslky.
o, t 1 'sA.
nit. r 11. St ll.KFFKU. forineily of Fred* r
: k Mil . having perm.uiently located in
Charu -town. oilers hi> professional services to
* tin public. ,
Appended is a card of bis predecessor:
, it ... pi as .re in re* iiumendinginysuceiss.*r,
)*r. 1 II Sdi t iler, who takes inv office, in the
.,;-t .if 1 iciitistrv and whose kuowji akill in
>,r,.fusion enable.- Tt»e to commend him
f toiiii ienth i • all my patients. 1 solicit for him
* tin- ame coiiti b'ln'e and gencr >as 'Upport ac
,.| to nn bv the citizen' of Charlestown
Marvh 13, l "4.
Apr 1. 1M1.
V. 31. FI l«OH,
Krai luHtatr
Lawyers How, Middle Door.
November 22.
James \\ . Hi tt,
axd m wi j vm uru or
all pisi>s or rix axi> sum
ltoolinir *‘*>(.1 Spoutinsr
rpHE undersigned has recently enlarged and
| very much improved his salesroom, and
added largely to his stock, both in variety and
ijuantit >• of g<>o<Ls in hi- line. lli> supply of
i OOK STOVES AN1> RANGES will compete
with anv, embraces the celebrated ' Excelsior
mid “ Farmer Girl," which never fail to give
entire satisfaction, besides a large number of
others. With each Stove there arc given Fifty
Pieces, exclusive of plates, all of them very
useful o housekeepers. Important additions
to many of these Stoves, as furnished by me,
are Side. Automatic-Oven and Pipe Shelves,
Water-Bucks and Warming Closets. Coal Oil
Stoves always in stock, and the best Wood and
foal Heaters on hand in sea-on. Every Stove
guaranteed. My supply of Fine Goods in my
line is one of thebest ever offered in Charles
town. and includes handsomely ornamented
Water Coolers and Chamber Sets, Beautiful
I trip Coffee-Puts. Soup b e and' ream Udles,
with all tie-usual variety of Tin and Sheet
Iron Wares of all Kinds. Prices always mod
erate. Price of Stoves from SI2 Up.
Rooting and Spouting and other Tin Work,
promptly executed.
April JO, 1883.
HAVING purchased the.Store and Stock of
Mr. Warren Kby I will continue the same
IO« Ul OUJIUeMBl IM5WIU 914UU. * V,«v*
issortuieut of
CHOC ’Elt IKS, sen A Its, COFFEES,
TE. 1S, Spl CES, S Ylt l PS, & C.
Also a large stock of
I solicit the patronage of my friends and the
public, andaui satisfied they will find myatock of
irinie quality and tuv prices very low.
April 12, 1879. ' 11. 11. COOKE.
( 1 ROUND Alum and Fine Salt for sale cheap
[ l by II. U. COOKK.
J UST received lot of Buckets, Tubs and Cylin
der Churns, which are lor sale bv
V LARGE Stock of Oucensware, Glassware
and Stonew are for sale cheap at “The. Old
■auiilv Grocery” ot II. H. COOKE.
riiowvsC. Eaussiiaw. B. Frvkk Doolct.
(Hilbert's Building, Main Street.)
Charlestown, \V. Ya.
Dealers in
of all kinds, and Manufacturers of
Special Attention given to
Roofing £ Spouting.
All Kinds of Repairing promptly done.
U VYING purchased the stock of Machine
ry. Tools and Stoves of Messrs. Duke
,■ i t.illaher, we will continue the Tin and Stove
msiness in all its various branches. We will
;cep on hand a full stock of tinware <>f our
nvu manufacture. and will make to order
iromptiy. any urtieleiu our line. Being Both
tract icaf'liliners, the senior having served 17
cars at the busino--. is a guarantee that work
ntrusted to as will b properly • xccuted. We
:uarantee all work at luwest prices, and ask a
hare of the public patronage.
Fob. 1\ 1 s>:i.
Iosuranco Agency,
Otlice Gibson Building. Charlestown.
Representing the following Companies:
Fire Insurance Company.
he largest and most popular Co. in America,
l'.ipii table Life Assurance Society of Y. S.
Hartford Life and Annuity of Hartford.
Home, of New York.
Pluenix »f Hartford.
Washington Fire A Marine, of Boston.
Continental, of New York.
American, of Wheeling.
Peabody, of Wheeling
German, of Wheeling.
Lie, r, an l L .ndon and Globe, of England,
he largest foreign Company doing business in
H. C KNTI.ER, Shepbcrdstown ;
C. L BARNHART, Duffields;
JAS. W. LEAGUE, Middleway.
A sworn statement of the conditions of all
Foreign Insurance Companies represented in
!hi- Agcnev will bo found at the Clerk’s Office,
n compliance with State laws. All losses
promptly adjusted and paid at onr office.
February 12, 1884. Agents.
Tie Jefferson Co. Mutual
Fire Insurance Company.
(' \FFKIvS to the peoph of Jefferson County.
I Insurance in a safe Company at theaetual
i o't of insurauee, which is much cheaper than
the rates usually charged, ami keeps the money
at home. Good risk' from resp msiblc parties
are invited.
Executive Committee meets every Friday.
Dikkctoks—X. S. White, Henry 15. Davon
inirt. J. Garland Hurst, John W. Rider. W. H.
1’ Lewis, R. Preston Chew, Win. L. Wilson,
Eugene Baker. S. W. Washington. James Logie.
Charles 1*. Wilson. John H Zittle, Jacob S.
Melvin. E. G. W. Herr, .saac 11 Strider.
N S. WHITE.President.
11 B. DAVEXTORT.Treasurer
Ext ttivk Coxmittkk—N. S. White, Win.
H i Lewis, Eugene Ruk. r. Isaac 11. Strider.
R. P. Chew. S. W Washington.
\l Aokxts.—Midtlleway—J. G. Shirley;
K trnev.'ville—J. C. Bitner: Harper’s Ferry—
chti'. E. Trail; Shephcnlstown—II. C. Entler;
Dutlields—C. L. Barnhart; Charlestown—
Washington A Alexander.
r .<• The Secretary will be found ut the Com
pany « Office, Gibson Building. Court-House
varil. in Charlestown
Feb. 21, 1884. Secretary.
4is»j yds. of Prints A Ginghams in variety,
fur sale bv
May IT. ’S’C GEO. W. 1'. KEARSLEY.
Successor to X. F. IIespersok A Co.,
DEALER in Drugs, Chemicals, Patent Med
icines. Dve Sturt'. Fancy .V Toilet articles
Books, Stationery, Ac.
(lu.-tav Brown's new building, Main Strce
Charlestown, West\ iiu.inia.
V( ME Corn Eraser—Positively cures Corns
Bunions and all other Cal uses. Best o
Reference given. For sale by
j March 1,1883.
J UST received a large line of Soaps— inclu
ding Jesse Oakes'. Brown Windsor. Col
| gate's. Lubin’s—also a large lot of cheapc:
March 1, 1SS3
Store at Post Office.
1». is. EEISEXRING carrie'a full stock of Kim
Stationery and Stationers' Novelties, includiiq
30.000 Envelopes.
Can supply them in lots of iVior A(Xi very
| cheap.
Fine Box Papers
i always on hand and at prices to suit.
Nice Note Paper 5, 8, 10 and l."»c per quire
I Tissue Paper in all colors.
of all kinds—Ledgers, Day Books. Record
Books, Pocket Books.
Purses, Autograph and Photograph Albums
The Government Writing Fluid-undoubted'
ly the best in Market —in Half Pint. Pint am:
Quart Untiles, try it.
La Page's Liquid Glue, recommended l»y al
who have used it, lAamt25 cents per bottle
Mucilage, Slates, Ac.
T-.lueco, Sugars, Sunil's,—liest brands, am
! Sinokir's Goods generally.
I January .'5, 1884. It. S. LEISKNUIXG.
until nor si:.
X. E. Corner Ninth and Chestnut Sts., Philo
J. M< Kiuuen. Manager. .1.. 11. Dkxjiison, Sup
STREETCARS run from all the prineipu
Depots to the HOTEL. The accommodation;
are in all resjiccts equal to any in the City.—
$.'5.00 jier day.
Oct. 2,1880—y.
l)EALtlt I if
Groceries, Provisions, Liquors
I IIA V Kuo hand and am In receipt ot a l.ar>
Stock of
Family Groceries and Liquors,
which willbe sold as low ascanbe bought elae
where. Give me a call befiu Giusing.
Ciiari.ksrows, June 9, 1877—ly. J.
Jus. It. McLaughlin-] [Chas. II. Herbert
When you go to
Ojiened September 1, 1880,)
Entirely now. First-class in every respect,—
Solid Walnut Furniture throughout. Has in
everv ru im. Uunniug Water upon each floor.
McLaughlin a Herbert.
Ajiril 10, 1881. Projectors.
Adams Express Office
.National Bank Building.
One Door West of Rank
j April 10, 188». Agent.
The West End Slill Alive!
I HAVE A MAMMOTH I' K ('llKST, which
. weighs 17.81 jxmnds, and I etui furnish
at all hours, cold, sweet, nice and clean.
Salt Mcatsofall kinds,—Sliced Ham in quan
tities to suit purchasers; Ham Sausage. Dried
Beef and No. I laird constantly on hand.
Aline of Groceries, consisting of Molasses,
Teas, t'.itlees, Meal and the following brandsol
1 Flour: Ruble's Patent Roller Process and Ren
ner’s Best Family Flour.
A large stock of Dried and l'aimed Goods oil
l,„.wl ,ii.i,.n.r .dlx.rk f La, ft tl It I\vili«r ;trt
Dried IYaclies, Dried Apples and Prunes, < an
ned Corn, lleans. Peas, 'lomatcR-s, Apples ami
Peaele > A line ... Domestic ami Foreign
Mackerel and Potomac Herring hy the doz.
I kit, half barrel ami harp*\.
(Mini’s untl Tolutcoo.
A hill line of all the popular brand- on hand.
1 Goods delivered anywhere in the Corporation
fro of - h-tr-jr, hy Master Tommie Ryan. Thank
ing my many friends and customers for pasi
• patronage, 1 hope by fair dealing to merit aeon
I tinuance of the same.
Jefferson Steam Saw Mill,
C/i<tr/csto'rn, lies/ 17/.
l LL pay the Highest M
und all kinds of Hard Timber, delivered at hi:
Mill or on the ground. Keeps on hand for salt
and all kinds of Hard Lumber. Also,
Spolces, Handltrss* Hleigfr
liunnera, liims. &c.
f*>.;■ -„dc ill large or small quantities. Cl »IOT
SAWING done at reasonable rates.
Thinking you for past patronage, bv stnr
attention to business 1 hope f»r acontinuanc
! of the same.
May IF lSS4-ly.
For Sale,
• XU Wrick House, and Log House adjoininj!
I with the Lots attached thereto, formerly th
property of John Deed, Hr., on emigre-- Street
in Charlestown, W. Va. For Terms apply t
January i. 1884. CLBOJi MOORS.
V KLSON'8 Gelatine 10c, Chalmers’ per pack
oA age l-ki. and Tapioca 1" cts.
The maple fades; the ash tree stands and
• Across the path the spider spins his bars
For lassie’' face, whose step among the leaves
Sounds like an army’s in the licld of Mars.
f The grass grows brown ; the rose's breath Is lost;
The bleeding grapes migathcred tempt the
While katydid, pale prophet of the frost.
Chant.' her last signal from the locust tree.
In circle swift around the fields doth sail
The keen-eyed hawk, with under-wing of
And from tlie stubble all the quivering quail
Dart for the thicket with a humming flight.
The mute gray squirrel, sobered with the year.
Holds the ripe nut in lithe uplifted paws;
And reynard -its. profound philosopher,
Beside his den and meditates on cause.
Apollo still is cruel us of old :
The frightened Daphne through the pastures
: The birds tly south ; the woods in red mid gold
Put on t lie splendors of apocalypse.
The evening sinks; the boys returning swing
The haslet luden with the pawpaw’s fruit;
While through the shadows flaps the rapid
Of whip-poor-will whose monologue is untie.
The dun October’s half-orbed moon descend'
The sloping Zodiac ; the white clouds fly
On swifter wing than albatross unbends,
And red Orion climbs the eastern sky.
And tints by day and thus by night I trace
The dying glories of the autumn time;
Against the snow I set a stony face,
And fling behind this withered leaf of rhyme.
% iiijiuiu j. m
IF. H' It. A ,1. V. VALLA HER,
U. W. It. VALLAHEB, Editor.
Charlestown,Jefferson County. West I’m.
Xure.nitttr 0, ISS.4.
.1 Large and Flourishing Business.
Perhaps there is hardly a Urni in Baltimore
better <>r more favorably known than the emi
nent Piano ani> Oik.vn Horse <if Mrssrs. S\n
i>kk- & St a y.w\N. located at No. 15 N. Charles
The relations they hear to the musical world
1 i are necessarily very prominent, representing.
as they do. the instruments that are endorsed
■ J by all the noted organists, pianist- and com
posers of Europe and America. When such
! names as Wagner, Liszt, Rubinstein, Saint
Saens, Thomas, Patti, Kellogg. Albani, <ierstcr,
Parepa, Carreno, Bristow, Morgan, Sullivan
and hosts of other " Bright, Particular Stars"
i appear as endorsers, purchasers Inn no longer
reasonable hesitate as to what Organ or Piano
I to buy. ‘Messrs, SantlcM & Slay man have the
pleasure to represent the Weber and the Fischer
| Pianos and the world-famous Estev Organs,
which are really without a rival in the market. |
especially in the all important mutter of 7W
] —other makers have in vain tried to imitate
it, hut have signally failed, and the Estev <*r
! can stands triumphantly at the head of all. and
i is the standard by which musicians measure
1 the merits of other instruments.
A few figures in conclusion may 1* of interest.
Messrs. .1. Estev Ac Co. make fitly organs per
day. and are hv far the largest manufacturers:
of organs in the world. Albert Weber turns
out from fifty to sixty pianos per week ; Fischer
Bros, produce from sixty to seventy pianos per j
week. A readv sale is found for all these good*,
as ttieir reputation is so thoroughly established I
that the public have no hesitation whatever in |
buying them. Parties desiring to purchase a
Piano or Organ can do no better than to call
: upon or address Messrs. Sanders .V Stayinan.
J No. 15 N. Charles Street. Baltimore, Md.
The 101st annual conventiun oi the Epis
1 copal church, Maryland diocese, i* holding
1 in Baltimore. It is an adjourned, meeting
from last May—called for electing Bishop
■ Pinkney’s successor.
Hr. Janies Faulkner, of Livingstone coun
ty, N. Y., is dead aged 04.. He was a sur
geon in the war of 1 HI *2, and between 1815 and
1840 held various Slate offices. He found
ed the 1st Nat’l Bank of Dansville (his
home) and was its president from *33 until
his death. Hon. James Faulkner and Gen.
II. Faulkner are surviving sons.
At the Richmond meeting of tiic Asso’n
Army of Northern Virginia last Thursday
i Gen. Bradley Johnson said that Lee had
entered Maryland to relieve Virginia from
invasion. Ue also denied the truth of
Whittier’sdelincation ofthe Barbara)! ritchie
episode in Frederick—Barbara having been
, over HO and unable to go out when Jackson
The Wheeling Register on Saturday was
sold to Messrs. James B. Taney and others
i for the sum of $60,000. This sale does not
include the real estate. Mr. Lewis Baker
retires from the establishment. The Wheel
ing ytte*-Letter says:
“ Jt is almost unnecessary to state that
the paper under the new management will
he conducted strictly in the interest of the
democratic party. Sir. Taney, the principal
owner, is known as one ol the best business
men and financiers in the state. He is a
gentleman in every respect, a man wha is
held in high esteem by those who know him
intimately, and it may be set down as %
foregone conclusion that the utlairs of the
RegUter in hi» hands will be administered
honestly and with true business sagacity.
The other new partners in the R’-gi-ttr are
i also gentlemen of well known ability and
integrity, and will add to the tone and credit
oi the company.”
Washed-Out Iltilr.
There is a sort oi pallid, chalky com
plexion which the novelists call a washed
out complexion.” It isghastly enough,and
t no mistake. Washed-out. laded, discolored,
; or parti-colored hair i* almost as repulsive
and melancholy. Barker - Hair Ba.sain will
restore your hair to its original color, what
ever it was; brown, aburn or black. W by
wear moss on your bead, when you may
easily have lively, shining hair.
V circus advertisement has the picture of
* u male and i< male hippopotamus One of
{lu monsters had its month open while that
of the other one is closed. It is not ‘tated
which is the female. It is supposed to be
.uormon anarpr * ivoom
A Style of OourUhiy That in I 'tah i* Thought
The courtships of the saint* are not al
ways romantic alburn. Dr. Sharpe of this
city has four wives, and if he lias go *d lin k
he will have another before long. During
the last few weeks l.e has had a courtship
on hand which has given him great trouble,
lie employed a girl named Mary White as
a servant in one of his families. Mary was
a fresh, plump, rosy cheeked young Mormon.
Her father was a saint with two wives.—
Mary was the daughter of wife No. 1. W ife
No. 2 was gay and giddy, and when Dr.
Sharpe carried Mary hack and forth be
tween her father’s home and the place of
her service, he saw and bewitched her as
White said. Altera while Sharp enticed
No. 2 away from lipr husband, and then
White got an idea that the doctor had be
witched him also. Another saint came along
who was in the soothsaying business, and
lie told White lie had something that was
good for him, hut that it would coat money.
The price was agreed upon. \\ bite bought
the charm, worked it, and the evil spirit ot
Sharp was exorcised. .lust as \\ bite was
beginning to feel at case onco more, Sharp
drove up with Mary And asked permission
to make her Mrs. Sharpe No. To this
the old people objected, tor tin*)' believed he
was possessed of the devil,and they thought
he did not support his other wives any too
well. Wln-n they pave Sharp the reasons
for their refu-al he was furious, and he took
an oath in their presence that he would
have Mary.
In the course of time 111 convinced the
old man that it had been ordained from all
time that Mary should become his wife;
hut the old lady said that the doctor had
hoodooed her husband once more, and she
refused to assent to the union. Then Sharp
had a vision or two which he related to Mrs.
White. She was still inexorable. Two or
three days later lie had a revclatiou that it
would he very acceptable to the Lord to
have Mary become his wife. It had no ef
fect on her mother. Then Sharp dreamed
dreams of mighty import every night, heard
tremendous rumblings in the skies, saw a
great light, and read many commands writ
ten on the fleeting clouds, all to the effect
that Mary was his and his only. The old
lady’s teeth were set tight.
Taking a new tack, the doctor then threat
ened to summon Mrs. White heiiorc the high
council. She told him the Sanhedrim <*f
the saints had no terrors for her. Then he
appealed to the bi«hop of that ward and
finding him dull of comprehension, he went
before the council with his grievance.
Here he found sympathetic listeners. The
old bishop was promptly removed and a
new one who believes in marrying off the
young women, was appointed. Sharp* is
on good term* with the ecclesiastic, and
considers hiinsvlfus good ns married already.
Mary is now at school at Provo, and Sharp
has gone after her. The new Bishop is
wrestling with her mother, who now sees
the futility of further resistance, and who
will, in a few days, it is understood, formal
ly consent to the union. In Mormon socie
ty this is considered a very romantic court
ship. All Muruion love stories begin and
end something like the above.
Since the reopeniogof the crusade against
the Mormons the elder- of the Church have
decided *hat the saints must be urged to a
dopt more generally the polygamous rela
tion. Many good Mormons have never in
dulged in that feature of the faith, but
w ith the powers that be it is considered of
vital importance. At the last meeting of
the priesthood the women were sent home
alone, and after they had disappeared the
saints not in polygamy were asked to retire.
When they had gone Cannon and others of
the chief priests announced that the time
had come when Mormonism must put on a
hold front and practice all that if preached.
The priests and others in authority who had
but one wife mu^t give wav to bettor men
who had two, six, or ten wives. Men who
did not live up to their religion were un
worthy of positions of honor under it. This
sentiment was a.-.-*nted to with rapturous
applause by all present. The weeding out
of the half-hearted saints will begin at once.
This action has been brewing for a long
time. A good many very faithful Mormon#
deterred by poverty, respect for the feelings
of their first wives, and by fear of Govern
ment precautions, have not “lived up to
their religion''in the pa-t. All such will
be tolerated hereafter, but they cannot hope
to rise to places of honor in the church.
Moat of the big polygamists, of course,
arc old men. One young fellow, named
Rudgcr Clawson, a son ol Bishop ( law son,
now about twenty-one year* of age, inspired
by the belief of the ciders that j*olygamy
should be more general, has already two
wives, and ^looking around for more. Two
years ago he married Florence A. Din woody,
and one year later he was joined to Lydia
ripencer. Both are young women, brought
lip under the teachings ol Mormonis®, and
both aro seemingly very much attached tc
their young lord. The conduct of this young
fellow in taking two wives almost before hr
w as out of school so worked up the Gentile*
and the Federal officials litre that they de
termined to make an example of him, il
possible. Step by step they proceeded on
liis trial, gathering the needful evidence,
until only the testimony of the second wifi
was w anting. This cost them many a chasr
and numerous long vigils. A* soon as
young Clawson and his bride* discovereil
that the officer* were after them, they broki
up housekeeping and the young womei
went into retirement. Several times the
officers got on their track, out at the la
iuomeut lost it. Finally by a clever ru.-e
rooy were caugni jii too oacx yaru ni n
dwelling-house w.here they had barn hiding
and the writ was served on theui. They
were taken at once b<;ftyf the fjrnnd jury,
and they freely admitted all the facts in th#
case. When the indictment was returned,
Olawaon was arrested end held in W/WVl
hail. It is beleived that he «*jn In* convict
ed, and that he will be sente yeera older be
fore he gets a chance to take a third wife.
The prompt action taken in hia ca.*e has
been a damper on the ardent spirit*, ef
many other youthful Mormena who were
contemplating polygamy.—A’. T. torn.
4 Valuable ffiu
The Museum ef Natural histary at Cen
tral Park. N. V.. ha* been offered a WOO
egg. Thirty-six hundred dallaro a dozen la
a pretty rgood'price for egga, hn( the mana
gers think this one worth the price and will
probably buy it. The egg ia a little ovar a
f<>st in length, the shell held# two gallons of
liquid, its lineul measurement is double that
of an ostrich egg. und it# cubip’bulk'eight
times greater. In round uumhrrs it equuta
bin hen’s eggs. The monster egg cornea
Iroiu Madagascar, und a cast lm« been sent
on to show i*s dimension#. The relics were
discovered by the captaiu of a merchant
vessel w ho stopped ut a southern port of the
iaUud to trade with the saliva#. They
used the eggs, cut ia halves, as vfM<*li‘in
which to curry water *m] food, and told blia
they came from great #uud baaka, some dis
tance in the up coautry. Thu tustUr com
ing to the nfteutiou of the riaturaliat St.
Hilaire, he succeeded iu tiuding the bones
•f the bir<i, which ha named Kpinoruir, the
tall bird. Thi« w»- iu 1H.V). Withiu a
short time the reiuama of jeTrral of these
monster birds have been discovered, with
numbers of the eggs, ami it# aim- has been
establish**]at eleveu nr twelrafaetia heigth,
some w riter* aver thal'Ilt was tradition of
this great bird that gate ri»# to the »t*ri««
i of the roe, a* told ia tha history of binbad
tlu* sailor.
Not long elnra thrae little children, a
hoc of ten year*, with his two little sister*,
one seven and the other four, living in
Kluui in Has ter n Prussia, wished to go to
' Scdalia, in the afufo of Missouri, to join
their parent* who were "titled, in America.
None of their relatives were ho situated iu
to be able to aecotapauy them, uud heme
they were undert|i<i ncccwity ol taking tiieir
journey along. An aunt in iWlin furniali
ed each of the young travelers with a Tes
tament. on the firat page of which *ha w rote
the name, i^'\ birthplace and drwtination of
the .vnj K-n»-*iN she uiwta Ib large
letter*, in German, F.n§li*li, and French,
the verse, “Inasmuch ,is ye have done it
unto one of the least of tha**, uty little one*,
ye have done it unto rwe.” She told them
whenever they found th*m*elva* lo any
trouble or'diftieulty, to ju*t stood still.op< o
those Tastaments and bold tkasw up be fora
them. The children started from their
German home, travaiad until thay raaebed
J the steaaicr, crossed thr \tlauuc, landed in
New York, traveled by rail tuorc than a
thousand aides wet card iutothe heart of
Missouri,sh iwiag tbvir TestamonU and
verse, when needful, to all with whom Ikty
came in contact; and iu *• case «il<l thay
fail pi receive every kind****, tandaraoa*
; and protection that could ha givea, ovary
heartwarming with lova, aad ovary haad
being stretched forth ii helpfulness to tha
little ones past upon the kind now* of passing
stranger* whom they had never seen btfora
aud would never see again. That wick a
journey should be tuc<e*afolly proaecutad
across thousands of mile* of load aud saa,
through people* of difTereat laaguagaa, with
no passport save a versa of the New Testa
ment ; that three such waif*, nnatt»*nd*4 by
relative or guardian, should tbu* raeaiva
! the tenderest rare of a hundred •traagOM by
virtue of that talisonaic verse, and »*f*1y
reach home and friends, *pesk* volume* for
the prevalent* and heart-coa pelliug powar
of the words of Jesus. This haautifal tru#
' -tory is condensed from that interesting
I r»ok, ju»t puhlishad, entitlad “The C'or
j ruption* of'tha New Testament.”
The English Mouse of Lord* haviug paa
i sed the hill permitting marring* with a do
j < eased wife's sister, an enterprising Naw
York journal ha* net outtoaonnd America*
public opinion on the subject. Tbe report**
found a number af representativa men and
r>fh of them e*nres*ed himnelf willing, " If
it were necessary',” to marry his wife * sister.
Tliis touching exhibition of self-saerifloe ia
all very well as far as it gees, but th# pic
ture is altogether incomplete without tome
presentation of the attitude of th* sister*
themselves. Poaaibly they have ao eapeeial
longing t# see the law repealed or the gen*
tlcmen sacrificed, even after readiag ia the
paper of their willingness in ease etaeed.
-♦ ♦
(>n the first birthday ef a chine** male
intant, he is seated in a large sieve, with
money enln, e foot inesaure, a |»*ir ef
shears, a brass mirrer, a pencil, ink and t*eok
: and other articles arranged in a eircle *♦
round him. The object which h# haudlea
tir-t is a »ure prophecy of bis futnreeccupa*
tiou. It auch a custom prevail# in (iertnany
we would say that the first thing Bistnark
did was to kirk over a piece of America*
pork and grab a beer mug. And if a sim
ilar cus*om prevails in Italy, the majority
ef the male infants of noble birth seize a
hand organ and a monkey.
‘‘tiire the new Summer bearder *what
ever he wants,” say* an experienced oouatry
shark, “nnd you will get hi* money. He
will eat cucumbers and milk, and green
apples, and honey, and pickles, and ihea be
w ill send for tho doctor and go without eat*
. ing for a week, while all the time hi* hoard
biil is going on.”

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