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VOL 71.—VOT, *20. NEW SERIK& '
r uu >i^.
-■drVuKr 4**P*«« »* published weekly at TVn
;» riant ! AVly *»» ptr « *>* w »» a<fea«e«.
*yr* rtfKKK DULI.AKS il not paidin advance.
.▼*(>.« />•»’ « • a . < A’i'Ay (V.w'or ««>««*..
rne u-riaaol advertising are. furuqtttr*'
.. .Tnchi ,r >«. <>.« «* <- - ^ *«1«‘or
breems.-rti»na -larger sines •• the *««epropor
‘ion. Kaehe mtinnance t >,/fy l
i advertise.gent to be considered by the
,^h ..r rear unless specified «<n the Manager.pt.
r previous'v agreed upon between the parties.
r<r Vn advertisement not marked on the copy
' ,rVp-citi.-d nuuberof in- rt.ooa wnlbe con
faued until -r Wed out. and payment will be
taeted accordingly.
v •<' To **;>»< *"*
-rstaoding >a thepart of the annua.adver
t- -i ate <li*t»ucf/e that their pn

f -fife. I. gal" »’l *fi t i Ivertisem-ntssent
-h.-'u :« > • in idditional charge,and novaria
)oitui%rv n uic* - »* ib*n •v,'bnt,-«
eillhe charged for.
foil WORK. -I* ■*' .<. dale Bill*. Circular*.
Card*, Jte., eiecuted pro aptly, c at.y,and utuir
price*. _
t*rofCHSioH4ll 1'ttl'llS'
\v >1 II. THAV MU*.
Oh irl ./ «•*. J * *»•* '''fit,, II**t Vlrmah.
Will practice in the «ourt* of th.si .untv and
ll 1 tilting t .UUtu-s.
Ilawk- and nearly j.puc4tet»i.*,< utter ll<«t*e.
N.*' • tufa r I, 1 ’
iV ro liovi. * "’in. I. " ' •>. i
11AYLOH Jlc " II.*0>i.
irroK'M > u l in.
»• (A • . JVjf.r >* ' - ’ i
Willr. ml the «’**urte *d' Jefferson and >* rkl
les r.iniiliei. anil altnid t" •••her i" 1 *'
Mur 11 \ W«
A. M. KH> > H1)Y
Churl'*' <* i Jrf trrrr ' ■< ’:<■ I*' - li<'./<“'<,
, I " , j;, . J,•!,, on •• it 1. '1 lr i strvt ’ j
> : in J" 1*' i -If
Ur. c\ r. men Y U 0*0N.
i»|| \ Mi l l N «i "I R
Anril 4 I '74
•4. ,f. MOOHK,
ATTOR\H\ Iff. Ml'.
/{• Chirk *’■•> tv. Virgin *,
ATT*HIVfl ITf. Ml'.
NVUlun.l- rr.iko .i- - jointly in tie Court.- u.
both of <ii<l * '-'untie*.
May 11, l-T.*.
1)1(. .¥. 1>. ^T.VUUV,
Chirt .* J : • C-U I' • W’ * •
Having resumed tin- |wracli,« «*t Moltinf, ol
for* hi* Profession. I *■ rviee* 1 »t;*o oublic.
(.nil- next <1 >r t -e*:-lt n«s-. n-ar ■■•nor";
«h"ivo and Main -i
January J_‘. 1*7'
lain-- II. i>mve. F-.rr.-t W. Br..vrt».
\TH*R\tYs Iff. III.
i h‘tr!, 4»u J *.r*m C ntv. If. •* I <\r *•».
V M-.4 M i.r\ Un.l N' nti-ti «*’
1. - I»IV1 mil:' nt
,r *.>.-oi;iI aiti -at-1, ' ■ •' *.
April*- 1-7*
irroKVf.r i f f. i if.
• N trlr't 'un, JcjT'rfm t'mnty, ll.st Vir t in i t.
Will practloe in J- lb pmn and adjjoinin,' ‘ oun*
:*ir"iHi in«.;t- u Law Buildii'-r,i»C\Hirt
H-iijse yard.
February 1*7 ’ J •
I>1«. C. F. FOUKK,
Vll YSH I IN .1 *f KM.IIN.
Ch'vb&'fi. J f-r* . '••« tv. IF -f ITr>ji .kt.
.fintl e in l*.i . K - tk * I. ' Hr. ’ li-i,’.
October IJ 1-7* y.
trr<n:\n i f i. nr.
Il l ’ •>»-. CU /'"'< ■ ' / € Nel.
0~lv-.m* '• and P* •’hauineV Bn Idin-, .'fc.’l
i i .1 H *.:•> t. X W
Aprii A*. 1*7*.
IffoBNM IT I. Ml.
1 ‘ ,J'f< - • C'l'int'j, IF. Fa.
Wj . practice in the Courts of Jefferson and the
J iiu*v.mi' - -i-l iutin 'iipr>-in 1 urt
t Apf-1 i'* *f West V Fmia. Prompt alien*
< .rt-llou*. in *■-•>!■ *t
Or. W. IZ. LOA(i,
i»//l >f* / I A IM» M it*. I ON,
O! FERS hi - j -• .ft- • :• • s r r I
_ /< a- if t'lmr!*-: wi: an*l ■ nity.
i i
Iffin iit i/s 'mill Connsrl/i/rs at l.nir.
■ - l: 1AA* New York kveime,
WA^HIN<*T"N !' •
* th*- [>r.i ri»t» nf Lav hefo't* the ' ittreiue
l\ ' pr. me« mrt of the lifettkl of (V«lumh:a,
Jt *11N ItLAlU IMUE.
. iary :t, l"l.
HKWTON 1). (illl-sOA.
irro/tvti ir / • ir.
( if Vm. |»()UTi:ii FIELD.
limits t:i ii #. hi.
* a, • iiir,i ,/ 'in / II. I <».,
V. .11 jin* thv ill the t'ourt' of JrlSruHIMlf tin
\AS‘F I'uwiU-r. only 1> at
I* I in -
\\ lu ll V.. I visit a-lunginii «w»p :u me ,
y, . lu-zin-. 1 > , mtA >><•<■>'
Tr.R’J' Per Hay.
'I-'; 1K p' ■ >>rs f tlii- llniw, tin oldest
1 ibii'h- 1 1 in Washington, desire to
j .all tli ■ attention of their patron- an<l the pub-j
I lie to tin fa t that the Hotel is ami has lieen j
the lie.il pi •to Nr We-t Virginians for over,
half a ••cnturv. The ••American" i- centrally j
: t . .it. 1 : isim—portion of the city . ami |
within a sh di-tai v of all Public Huitiliugs.
; i |i s . ... a, I places of Yniii-enieiit.
Votember _o !".i-ly. Proprietors, j
: < \WKN ll<»rsF
l 1 Koropeau Plan
ii pi:\s-vi.\ am a av::ni*i:
\ ft; lr a- . y. Washington t ■ ty
I'.l.rftlv Furnished Hoorn.-, single .lonhle, j
,r . a - -1 o and #1..V> per day .
.r i o * week, inositli, or longer.
11 , ls-j. Proprietors.
M a nsion I I < )iise?
halt mo i:.
iltMHIs Ftlt*T-<XtSS, %%' I I'll
r.<i*niN tsilolO per l)ny.
\ (AST. PttlS'i . r.KTs
Oppe.ite Uarnum’i City Hotel
!•* A \i II IHIIM'MIA. PiO|»lift«r.
'firch 40, 1*75. Jane 35,1*70
()ysf*n* Packer,
Ami I> iters in Fruit Foreign ami l*oiuestic, I
i ami • I Fruit-ami Vegetables, Fish. A egetahle- 1
In eason. A' .
3 ii caaora to Aii it F<>y,
\a. Hollingsworth Sirt'fl,
i'><i.;■ i. ■ fe o.itjtliy ittvmltd I o, tnd .
.4twyaeti«»7 ;ariiift(iJ.
October 31. 1*71 —tf.
MY It Y K it supplied with Liquors of tretj
description—of the best quality.
m waissiEs. mim. asb
Baltimore ami Bochester Beer
Pure French Brandy, j
—*ll,»f the best. Fresh Rochester lleerdellvured
anywhere in town at $1 per dozen.
Jan. 15,1*7- Basement Jefferson Building, j
-r'lIE and•—-i-TTM-.l Lm' taken the Ygeii.-y of*
/\>r/! tXf j roMi'.ixr of
.V O It T II . 71 #; It I ( ./,
TLi- fotupauy i- one of tin- very he.'t in cx
i'tctin and lia- had a-iiii.x‘-sful experiemv of
F. e!.'\ -< via v. ar-. t- motto : •• Seeitritvand
Da a. i>\ Ki;v promptly attended to. and Pol- •
it ;e> ."'ie l without d* lay in this old and favo
rite Company.
Also « f the
oi w\.'. tn-riK, kxoi.\m>.
It F I.FISFNKINti. Agent.
■—«»tt*. in Law Building, dnl lour,
t rh xv M !. 1 s. 1"J y.
UAVD ■. |■ i - ■ d i . in- i.t* ah; id . '
. x\ itirh ha . <■ th cupi, I my attention almost
e.\t ItbUYely i >r several y, ,trs past. I will devote |
tux time in tl • future io work at home, and
•tier tuv to ttn* public a> t'ontraetor '•
and Bui der. There are many evidences of my 1
. ty , dt - . ad instruc t hou •- in the
-t styles and substantially anil promptly here .
and el't-where. anil th few years hare giv« ;
••n meexjHTi, , - mi h •use-building that are
x lit a t r la \ '■ If and to |>cr*nn<t xvho may ein
e i to tin tor i der entire v,t isfa< tion.
J.t ID»LMl>.
January 1' !"■ Agent.
Xevv Cr( x )ds.
1YM n*»xx r« ipi of tnv fall -upplv of
. «i.n. r.i M. ’ tuli't and xxili he pleased to
- pplx : l: lids ,ti<i the puhlix* generally. |
t . >i I t t\ i I \\ \ Kl>
I)K1> F a I'.ifii v Figured. !*li uch-1
\\ t>oLKX OOOl»S.
r\N' v > V"l.\ii:u> l' nu-ti- ditto. Fulled
r « W . Skirts*, a- . for men’s* wear, j
1>I.U a 1 I - 1 di . d other Woolens |
) i . d " .1 medium White Flan
: ii- -. Heavy - .k'T Flannel'*, and Fancy ditto.
Ilotie !• Grey, line Saxony Steel!
t . y I- id 1 •< -I i ditto. I.u lil ' V est*i.
U * >**!»..\ W \RK.
11 V
i v! 1.1 NSW \i;l G11'sware. l~unj.'. M.ijoli
w Sale
v <;F<> \Y T. KKARSl.KY.
u • _ 1"
DE.vrssre: i\
I v|; i H " il i l Kli ! *ri ,eil\ if Fred- i
1 9 )ii| having permanently located in
F(. . \ > hi* pMJ*— »tm! servitt" to
\: _ led .i.d u' iiis* prede* •-■**«■
I • ik' j.i i- in tinmcmlingmy su*ve-sor,
J»t i 11 " *. wl.n takes my otticc. in the
I .ft I whose known -kill in
hi- iii'i’:* '—ic.t « ii:iMi - me to commend him
. 111* i . ly t ■ I n y patii it- I «olieit for him
the «.ttue *•••!! ud .-eu* rou- «ti|Miort ae
, r led to nie ‘*e 'I *it i/i’lt - of Charlestown
' II Wll.U VMs.
I A \ 1*0 It HOTEL.
Il’iach.lw, YtryiaM,
Apr 1.13*1
\ . M. F1KOH*
He*it Estate • thrift.
|. . , - u„,v. Middle i».• r.
* 11AK1 KS 1* »W N. W. V
N’ veii iu-r l" ’ »'»m.
James W. Bctt,
Hoolintr «i»d Spoutinir
ri^HE n. •l«M->iuno«l lia> recentIv enlarged and
1 \i ry milch improved his salesroom, and
a Id. 1 largely to his -lock, both in variety and !
iaantitv of go als in his line. His supply of i
, • niK ST« *VEs AN 1> RANGES will compete
with aii>. i mhraces the e, lehrated " Excelsior
and' Farmer Girl," which never fail to give I
ini. ire m! i-iai iion besides a large tuimher of j
..iher*. Witli each Move there are given Fifty I
1' .... ■ \elusive of plates, ali of them very j
useful o housekeepers, important additions J
1.1 many of Stoves, as iurtiished by me,!
\ itomatie-Oven and Pipe Shelves.,
Wat.r-Raek'and Warming Closets. Coal Oil!
Sto\ e-al way - i ii-toek. and the hest Wood and
1 o.d Heaters on hand in season. Every Stove
an. ran'eed My supply of Fine Goods in my
line i- one of Iliehc t ever offered in Charles- j
town, and includes handsomely ornamented j
Water foolers and Chamber Sets. Heautiful
!>. ip Coffee-Pots Soup lee and Cream Ladles. |
,V<*.. with all the usual variety of Tin and Sheet- !
Iron Wares of all Binds. Prices always mod- |
e'-ate. Price of stoves from .<1 — tip.
i: . and Spouting anti other T in Work,
oroiniitlv executed.
April Lti. 1SS3.
HAVING purchased the Store and Stock of
Mr. Warren Kby I will continue the same
line ot business at his old stand. I ofler a tine
assortment of
(J10< Eli I /• \ S ('GA HS, ( (PEEKES,
teas, srn e:s, s yhirrs, ac.
Also a large stock of
1 solicit the patronage of my friends and the
public, and am satisfied they will find my stock of
prime uua’itv and rnv prices very low.
April 12. 1879. H. II. COOKE.
d 4 Hi ft I’ Y Ik l Sim aiw! Vina 'suit for kfktP cht'HP
(j by H. H. COOKE.
JUST received lot of Buckets, Tubs and Cylin
der Churns, which are for sale bv
11. H. COOKK.
V LARGE Stock of Quoensware, Glassware
and Stoneware for sale cheap at “The Old!
G ry,,ol H. H. COOKE.
Tlt“M\s(’. F.\lt\slt\W. R. FltVNK PooLKY.
Hilbert'* Building, Main Street.)
Charlestown, W. Va.
Dealers in
tMOKING STOVES, rangers, bask
of all kinds and Manufacturers of
Special Attention given to
Hooting X Spouting.
Vli Kind' of Repairing promptly done.
U AYINg pur. ha*. d the stock of Machine*
rv. Tonis and Stove* of Messrs. Puke
V Gaiiah. r, we will continue the Tin and Stove
ni'iness in .11 it* various branches. Wo will
ieep on band a full stock of tinware of otir
>wn tnaiiufa. turc, and will make to order
>rotuptly. any article in our line. Being both
■ raeti. aitinner*, tlio 'cnior having served 17
,-ears at the business, i* a guarantee that work
■ntrusted tons will b properly executed. We
ruarautve all work at lowest prices, and ask a ,
.hare of the public patronage.
Fob. IA 1 KSd.
Iusurunee Atfeno.v,
oili.-c Gibson Building. Charlestown.
Koprv*outing th>- following Companies:
Fire Insurance Company.
h«- la: -o«t and ro..*t popular Co. in America, i
I', jnir.i• . Life A"ttrance Society of Y.
Hartford Life and Annuity of Hartford.
Home. ,.f New York.
Phtciii.x »f Hartford.
W. 'bington Fire A Marine, of Boston.
< uttinental. of New York.
American, *>f Wheeling.
Peabody, of Wheeling
«ierman, of Wheeling.
he largest foreign Company doing business in ,
li t F.N ri.KH. Shepliervlstowu ;
• . 1 . HA UN II ART. Duffields;
JAv W. LEARIE, Middlcway.
A "Worn statement ot the conditions of all j
I'.in gu Insuran '• Coni|iai)ies represented in j
bis \gency will be found at tbc Clerk's Office, j
in compliance with State laws. All lo"'C'
promptly adjusted and paid at our office.
Re-pect I'ullv.
\\ AsillM.TitN .V Al.FXAN'DKK.
February l_\ 1"l. Agents.
The Jsffsrsjn Co. Mutual
Fire liisunuut* Company.
1>TA!!1.1SHKI» Ivv
OFFERS to ibe people of Jctlcr-on 1 ouiity.
Insurance in a safe t'ompany at theaetiial
. -i ..f insurance, which i-much cheaper than
die rati ' usually charged, ami kccp'the money 1
it home. «• >od risk' fmm responsible parti**"
are invited.
Exivutivi Committee meets every Friday.
Diet T"ie N. S. White. Henry 15. Haven
I *rt. .1. t.,-e oid 11 urst. John W. Rider. W. 11. j
1' I., wiv 11 Preston Chew. Win. L. Wilson,!
i' 15ak. r. s. W. Washington. James Logie, j
i ..... - p Wilson. John 11 Zittle, Jto
Me!\ in. K. O W. IF it. »s.iae II. Strhler.
X. v W1IITK.President. .
11 R. DAVKNl*oRT.Treasurer. I
Ev-tmt * oMMiTTtt N. S. White. Will. I
II r. Lew*' Fuat lie Raker, l'.uie II. St rider. J
R p. Chew, s W. Washington.
I. . \. v i -.Mni.il !Way J.Q. Shirley ; 1
Kearney"ville--J c. P.itner; Harper's Ferry—
i has E. Ti ~ irn H. C. H r
Duffields—C. L. Ikiruhart: Charlestown—
Washington A Alexander.
c riie >t eretar.* will h< found at the Com* |
panv ' office, oil 'ui Ruilding. Court-House
\ ar«\. ia Charlestown.
Feb. 21,18<M
4000 v is. t,f Prinfs A Uinghams in variety,
for sale by
\iay it. a;. CEO. W. T. KEAUSLEA.
Of Confidence.
iwpnin Sarsaparilla Is a medicine that.
Hi tn d during nearly 40 years, in all
parts of the world, has proved its effi
cacy as the bc>t blood alterative known
to medical science.
genuine Honduras Sarsaparilla) is its
base, anil its powers ore enhanced by
the extracts of Yellow Dock and Stii
liugia, the Iodides of Potassium and
Iron, and other potent ingredients.
IQ your blood vitiated by derangements
13 of the digestive and assirailatory func
tions? is it tainted by Scrofula? or
does it contain the poison of Mercury
or Contagious Disease?
TUP leadiug physicians of the United
I flu states, who know the composition
of Ayer’s Sarsaparilla, say that
nothing else so good for the purifica
tion of the blood is within the range of
flMI V by the use of this remedy is it
UllLY possible for a person who has
corrupted blood to altainsound health
and prevent transmission of the de
structive taint to posterity.
Tunomirui V effective renovation
I nUnUUunLY oft lie system must
include not only the removal of cor
ruption from the blood, but its enrich
ment and the strengthening of the
vital organs.
nri i Adi r witnesses, all over the
nbLIADLL world, testify that this
work is better accoraplisbcu by AYER’S
Sarsaparilla than by any other
D! nnn 'bat is corrupted throughdis
DLUuLI vase is made pure, and blood
weakened through diminution of the
i-cd corpuscles is made strong, by
Ayer’s Sarsap\rilla.
nimtrt/iuf' tho blood and building
rUrilr YiliCt up the system require
time in serious ca>es, but benefit will
be derived from the use of AYER’S
•Sarsaparilla more speedily than
from anything else.
urnimur for which like effects are
mtUlbmL fidselv claimed, is abun
dant inthe market,'under many names,
but the onlv preparation that has stood
the test of time, and proved worthy of
tin* world’s confidence, is
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Dr j. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Sold Ity all druggists: Price 1;
six 1 Kittles for §.1.
Stvci s«o« Tu N. F. Hkxokhson A ('•>.,
DEALER in Hrugs, Chemicals,Patent Med
icines. Dye .Stuns, Fancy A Toilet articles,
Books, Stationery, Ac.
tiustav Brown’s new building, Main Street]
( it wji.kstowx, WestVikuixia.
V( M E l om Eraser—Positively cures Corns, j
Bunions and all other Caluses. Best ot
Reference given. Eor sale by
Hr. ( I1AS. E. PRATT.
March I, 1883.
Jl'ST received a large line of Snaps— inclu
ding Jesse Oakes’, Brown Windsor. Col
gate's, l.ubin’s—also a large lot of cheaper
Dr. ( H AS. E. PRATT.
March I. 1R83
Jefferson Steam Saw Mill,
Ch‘irte*to>rn, He*/ In.
Y^lLl. pay tin- Highest Market Price for
and all kinds of Hard Timber, delivered at bis
Mill or on the ground. Keeps on band for sale
and all kinds of Hard Lumber. Also,
Spokes, Handles, Sleigh
Stunners, l tims. &c.
for -ale in large or small quantitie- iTSTOM
SAW INC done at reasonable rates.
Thanking you for past patronage, hv strict
attention to business I hope for a continuance ;
of the same.
May 22. issj-iy.
Dealer in
Groceries, Provisions, Liquors I
[HAVKon hand ami am to receipt of • Larg I
Stock of
Family Groceries and Liquors.
which willbe sold as low ascanbe boughtelse
where. (Jive roe a call before purchasing.
Chaulmtowm, June !t, 1877 —tv. J. S.
Jus. R. McLaughlin.] [(.'has II. Herbert.
When you go to
(Opened September 1. 1**0,)
Entirely new. First-class in every re-pect.—
Solid Walnut Furniture throughout, (las in
everv room. Running Water upon each floor.
April Id, 1881. Proprietors.
Adams Express Office
,'Vnfional iBank Building.
One I tour West of Bank.
April lo. 18.84. Ag°nt- I
i'or Salt’.
Thi Brink House, and Log Hon-e adjoining,
with the Lots attaclieil thereto, formerly the
property of John Reed, 8r., on Congrew* Street,
in Charlestown, W Ya. For Terms apply to
January 4. Iss.j. ( LEON MOORE.
? » Tapioi-a, Ground Ginger, Desiccated Co
eoanut. all the flavoring extracts.
Dee. 4. 18<4. A!S(ilTTH A CO.
NELSONS Gelatine lde, Chalmers' per jack
age Fie. and Tapioca 1" cts.
AlSi'l'mi <fc CO.
V Half Bleached linen Damask, White
Counter) a ties, Toweling in variety by the yard
and Towels from the lowest prii ed to the finest
qualities. Napkins and Dowels. W Lite and Tur
kev Red; also Turkev Red Table Hath*, for
' Sale bv GEO. W. T. KEARSLEY.
May g2,‘l884. I
When violets bloom and soft winds play—
When fleckless skies float o'er the earth—
Wlu n all is youth, and joy and mirth—
Life’s aim is happiness, we say.
When violets bloom and soft winds play.
When summer joys have all gone by—
When frowning skies hand o'er the world—
When hope's gay banners all are furled—
Life’s aim is usefulness, we sigh.
When summer joys have all gone by:
— Th> Current.
She wore white roses on her breast.
White roses in her hair;
hi silken raiment she was drest,
So white so pure, so fair.
The summer stars, faint golden spheres,
Flashed in the purple sky :
The dew lay on the tlowr’s like tears
The night we said good-bye.
She wore white roses on her breast.
White roses in her hair;
Kobed all in white she lay at rest.
So still, so pure, so fair.
Oh, agony of lives that part !
Oh, love that you and I
Had died together, heart to heart,
The night we said good-bye!
Shift. I ll i'ir < .
Virginia gm Vtcso.
IP. IP. II. GALLAHEIl. Editor,
t ltd rlcstoun.Jefferson County, West P«.
March ,5. tSSo.
The Iowa sight-seers who were hospitably re
ceived at Andersonville, Georgia, last week and
shown around and evidenced their gratitude
by shouting hack front the departing train a
certain chorus anent hanging some one on a
fruit tree ought to have been given leather
medals for ilyortment.
Kx-Senator Sharon finds it hard work " buck
in’ agin" the ’Frisco judiciary. Jlis appeal
from the decision saddling him with a wifely
Sally Ann has resulted in an order for him to
pay her $2500 a month alimony uml $.V2,uu0
counsel fees. This ought to shut up the Sen
atorial mouth for good and all.
BUmark and the Canadian authorities have
both determined to sit down on American im
ports. The farmer has had increased the du
ties on Yankee oil seeds, oil and meat, while
Canada raises her tariff on American (lour
from fifty to seventy-live cents a hbl. At pres
ent we furnish that -hivering land with a mil
ion bids, yearly.
Hon. Henry G. Davis was interviewed by
a representative of the Wheeling Regi'f'r,
a few days ago, anent the immense resources
of West Virginia, and what is doing and
may be done to develop them, and some in
teresting facts were elicited. We regret
our inability to give them to our readers.
General Horace Capron, formerly Com
missioner of Agriculture and long a leading
citizen of Laurel, Maryland, died in Wash
ington Sunday night from exposure on Sat
urday at the Washington monument dedi
A young man tried and convicted at Par
kersburg for stealing chickens is alleged to
be the grandson of Tom Campbell, the
Scotch poet. He i> said to be a graduate of
Paris and Berlin universities. That being
so be ought to have had education enough
to get chickens without stealing them, or if
lie must steal, to hide better.
Col. Andrew Jackson of Tennessee—whose
late father was President Jackson's adopted son
—lias become at this late day administrator at
Washington of hi.- famous relative's estate in
order to sue the widow and son of Montgomery I
Blair for the recovery of certain private paper
owned by the ex-I’residcnt. These were given
to Amos Kendall in lSI'i for use in a projected
biography and, becoming lost, drifted into ;
Montgomery Blair's custody. The defendant
say their father was given the papers by Jack
son himself. It is Indicved that a recent move
ment to have Congress buy the ms. has rendered
them valuable in the eyes of all concerned.
♦ t w
For a high toned remnant ot the grand old 1
party in it- ultra stalwart phase Senator Evans
starts out well—better, indeed, than might have
been looked for from a member of an adminis
tr ifit.p uliiiso tfiiiiir w.i- tifip i »f f rci.ilil in.'-Ilf
feranec. 11 is remarks at tile I’nion League
('lull in New Y«»rk anent the democracy of '<»
being the same in sentiment as tlie democracy
of 'tin, and liaving virtually the same aims, were
gems in their way, while his subsequent appeal
to the legislative minority at Washington to
cheek wherever possible the vandal tendencies
of a rebel opposition in the coming four years
cannot certainly fail of results. It begins real
ly to look .1' though Senator Kvarts had alrea
dy hived a presidential l*e in his bonnet and
was working up a boom for ’So.
One of tlie best plans yet suggested to
make railroads do the square thing by their
patrons is voiced in ex-Scnator Davis’ ad
vice. It is to so legislate that other rail
roads will seek your State and compete with
the old ones. There is no amount of legi*
lation that will so protect the people from
the extortion* of a monopoly a* a competing
monopoly. All the legislation in favor of
the people and against a railroad that could
lie enacted in a century, would not have so
salutary effect on a railroad as a competing
road. Mr. Davis says much beside? in hi
article on the resources and development of
West Virginia which will repay perusal.—
11 'In'll I hii Iinji*!rr.
The editor of the Shepherdstown Il'yt-h r
—one of the innocents at home—observes
that a fellow—a Shepherdstown fellow—
sleighing with hi- girl only requires one
hand for the reins. Strange to say the same
fellow requires both hands to put in his
pocket on ordinary occasions—when he’s
feeling for a nicklo, for instance, when the
collection plate reach*?* the head of the
Rev. E. 11. Cumpaton, formerly of the
Winchester Presbytery, died in Lynchburg
on the 1-t of January,—in the 73rd year of
his age.
ltli.lt ;lAr MjM.m. irsii.
1 Sj.'ciat Correipondtncc Home ami Farm.J
I am afrai J I am getting behind. I don't
know that I want an office, but I don't like
to see them gobbled up in such a hurry. F
will vrite to Mr. Cleveland to set aside
about half a dozen good, fut ones for use to
take choice of when I make up my mind. I
was ruminating over two or three that would
pay pretty well, and lot me stay home most
of the time; hut there are a dozen or more
fellers after them,*and what worries me is,
they want my help to gel them. I get a
letter most every day trom some suffering
Democrat who lias been working for the
party for years and years, and is just obliged
to have an office. 1 can’t go to town but
what some feller wants me to sign a petition.
1 don't know how many times ! have sigred
for differant men for the same office, for I
like all the boys, and want them all to have
a chance, so 1 sign every one they put at
me. I reckon Mr. Cleveland will under
stand it. 1 w ish there was a good, fat office
for everybody who wants one, for there are
lots of clever fellers in this country that
work don’t agree with. Their constitutions
need an easy, sedentary life, where they can
^et around, and smoke and talk, and enter
tain their friends, and take on flesh, ami
accumulate some '* out bong jtong,'' as the
French call it.
1 admire a good, tat office-holder. It Mrs.
Arp and i conclude that I must have tin of
fice, I want one of the kitid they call asinc
rilre or a rim gmt mm or a rinc 'Hr or some
thing rimy. An office with large pay and
little to do—one that can be filled by proxy
—where I can draw the salary, and have a
cheap feller to do all the work. It would
be a splendid thing for Mrs. Arp and the
children to have almut *200 coming in ev
ery month. I think I would like that.
.. i_.i.i li.n’,.
(iii domestic affairs. The money comes from
the treasury, and it seems like it don’t cost
anybody anything. Public money is easy
to spend, it’a man steals a little it don’t
seem near so bad as to steal from his nalior.
My father used to tell us about old Major
Dade, who rode 300 miles on his gray mare
to get an otliee from John Tyler. He was
a friend and nabor to Tyler’s father in W es
tern Virginia, and had got old and poor,
and so lie hitched his mare to the White
house fence and went in and told him his
business. *• Now, John,”said he, “meand
the old man talked it all over, and he told
me to tell you to fix me all right. I want
an otliee with good pay and nothing to do.
Mv old 'oniau what used to give you ginger
cakes is dead and gone, and I had about as
leave be here in Washington as anywhere.’
Looking out of the window he said ; “ I see
the old mare lias got loose anil you had bet
ter step out and hitch her again, John, Pin
powerful tired right now.
So Mr. Tyler thought over all tlie vacant
offices, and finally made the old Major a
warden of the district penitentiary, and he
made tin* convicts a little speech when lie
took charge, and told them all about old
r an Tyler and John, and how many miles
he' had come for an easy place, and he
wound up hv saying that if they all be
haved and put him to no trouble it would
be all right all round, but if they got to
cutting up he would turn the last one of
them out of there and let them shift for
But they sav that Mr. Cleveland means
reform, and I’m afraid there won’t lie many
sinecures. The Democracy can save half
the expenses if they want to. They can
abolish about half the offices, and cut down
the pay of the other half to a living sum.
( >mi* judges get only >2,000, and it takes
$tf*00 of that to pay traveling expenses.
But the postmaster at Borne gets .*3,000.
and don’t have to travel at all. I can find
a dozen good men who would be glad to j
talru il Ml Si OOO !l V.- ir I L'nilW tllCII ill
t he Rewnuo department who get •vl Vl a
month, who don’t have 'nut little to do.
There are millions upon millions that can
be saved. They say that there is a surplus
ol jSXO.iwkmmhi iu tin* treasury now notwith
standing all tlie stealage and all the extrav
agance. Now if we keep up the present
tariff ami cut down expenses oO per eent.,
I want to know what we will do with all
the money that will How like a stream of
gold into the treasury. That is what both
ers nie. If we keep on protecting w ith a
high tariff, what will reform do with the .
money? Well, I reckon we can divide it
out among the States, and take the State tax
off of the people. I want the Democracy to
think about that. If they want to do some
thing that will perpetuate their jmwer, let
them reduce the tax in that way. Why
they could divide out that »,(«#>,Of m next
year, and Georgia would get about a mil
lion of it, and it would pay all our taxes
and leave a big surplus to educate the poor.
Well, I’ii. sorry for Mr. Cleveland right
now, for be is going to have an awful time
in picking out the best men. They say it
killed old General Taylor. It just wore
him out; and I reckon it killed General
Harrison, too. I am glad that Mr. ( leve
loud lias g<*t no family. I am glad that he
has already had some experience in the
busiue-s. I am glad In,- is kind and not
vindictive, for I don’t want him to do like
(Jen. Jackson ami turn everybody out.
There ar. go^sl men and good women in of
fice, and where they are poor and helpless I
hope lie will let them day. Hut he will
have to make a pretty clean sweep down
South for the Republicans didn't have
enough decent men down here to till the of
fice-. find they had to fall back on scalaw ags
and niggers. As a general thing they are
a hard stock, and we are sick of them.
Tliev are the fellers who made the negroes
believe tin* Democrats wanted to put them
back into slavery. They ar** slanderers of our
jnujnc, uiiu wnu* nm iur .1 uruimi new*
papers. I shall rejoice to sec them step
down and out.
Hut our people had better gw slow about
getting office. I am at'raid they are in too
big a hurry. If they are iu any living busi
ness they had better keep it. Iu the tirat
place, they will have to humble thcoiselvtw
iu getting up a petition or in importuning
friends to write letters to members of Coo
gre»s, and at the last not get the office. Then,
again, most of the office* require a lamd—a
good bond and security—and solid meu don't
like to sign such bonds for their insolvent
friends. I know a man now who has been
trying a month to make a bond and be can't
do it' The first thing au otlici-seeker ought
to do, is to find out for certain that he can
give the bond. A friend wrote to me the
other day for a recommendation, and I wrote
hi 111 to know who would be his securities,
and lie went round to see and found he
couldn't gi t anybody worth having, and so
he backed out of his business. It is huiuil
itating to be refused, and even when a man
does give security he feels all the time a tear
that hi* security is uneasy. So take it ull
in all, there is not much comfort iu office
-Peking. It a man sueeeeIs, it excites th*
envy ot those who didn't get it, and they
watch him and talk about him, and a gov
ernment detective conies slipping ar.und and
if there i- the least irregularity lie »»re|»ort
cd and perhaps removed. Why, the Atlanta
postoffice has had twelve postmasters since
the war. I'tieasy lies the load that wear*
a postolffcp. It a man ge.s an office he has
no security ol keeping it more than four
years, and iflie hasn't stolen enough to do
him a year or two, he is in a bad fix—no
money, no business, no friends, and no fit
ness for work—and if lie could hear like a
telephone he would hear lots of fellows say,
“ Now, dogori you, go to work and sue how
vi.11 IiL1 > it." Wlii ii .-in ■ itlii'i-.liiilili r fins tn
walk a plank, there is many a man to look
mi and glory in human misery.
So, on the whole, I reckon I will stay at
home and let Mr. Clclvclnnd alone.
Itll.l. A HI*.
richi.it vr in Tin; ir.ir.
There i< nothing to equal Ayer’s Sarsapa
rilla for purifying the Mood, and ns aspring
The town of Charleston, W. Va., is the
only American city paved with bricks in the
middle of tin* streets, bricks turned end
wise and set on wood. They last well, and
have been known 20tiyears in Holland.
Itobt. M. Argo of tiirard countv, Ky., is
dead -aged »*<•. lie was a noted bee eultu
rist and a stepson ot (Sell. Tims. Kennedy
from whose plantation Ia*wis Clark, a slave
—the original of “< !< urge Harris ” in “ Un
ele Tom’s Cabin”—escuped to Canada in
Talking about rail-road war, we have cut
the prices away down. The room occupied
by our Winter stock we want to refill with
Spring wear, now coming in daily from the
Eastern markets.
Wm.Raiix Co.’s
Tlii' Lnrv«''t Retail i lotliiiiK House in the
The Baltimore (^inference, M. E. Church,
will meet in tin Eutaw-st. edifice, Baltimore
next Thursday. Among the change* indi
cated as probable we note: Catonsvillo,
Rev. F. 11. Huveuner; Kcyser, Rev.George
E. May dwell; Frostburg, Rev. .1.1*. Wright;
Reisterstown, Rev. Win. Ferguson; Pied
nmnt, Rev. .1. 11. Lemon.
The Balto. conferenceol the M. E.Church,
South, in-■ t mu March 11th (next
Wednesday week) at Salem, Va. The fol
lowing changes will occur under the limi
tation rule: Washington district—Alexan
dria, Va., Rev. .1. 11. Wollf. Winchester
district t 'cdarville circuit, Rev. H. W. Kin
zer. Rockingham district—Fort Republic
Mission, Rev. S. R. Snap. Roanoke dis
trict Salem, Rev. L. It. (ireene ; Roanoke
Rev. 1.. L. Lloyd. Moorefield district—
Mo irefic-ld, Rev. S. (!. IVrgtiaon. Itcv. Win.
II. Wilson (superannuated) of Washington
was the* only member of the conference who
i* .i _«? ~
'•'•••••ft V..,, — .
The Winchester Ttrnm say*:
Mr. Ad. Manning i* in the city. He is
Master Bridge Builder on the < build system
of railroads in the southwest. He is look
ing well and was greeted warmly by his
in.my friend* in Winchester. Mr. Manning
was overcome by the dose atmosphere of
the court room la-t Monday morning, and
fell in a fainting attack. He was carried
out and taken home, where he soon recov
Mr. M. is a son of the late X, W. Man
ning, of this county.
Boils, sores, and ulcer*, indicate a bad
state of the blood. Ayer’s Sarsaparilla e
radici.tes all foul humor*.
A terrific natural ga* explosion occurred
at Wellsburg, W. Va., Saturday morning.
The explosion wa* caused by gas leaking in
the cellar of a two-story brick building oc
cupied bv K. Helsley A Brother, ctgannuk
er*. This building and one adjoining oc
cupi'sl by Luke Wallace, saloon keeper,
which was also of brick, were demolished.
The whole family of Mr. Helsley, consist
ing «>f himself, his wife, mother, and two
children, were instantly killed. All the
bodi*-* were easily recove re* I, except that of
the youngest child, aged eighteen months,
which was burned to a crisp. .John Wal
ters, aged seventeen, is missing, and is *up
posed to be buried in the ruins. Air. Wal
ter-. hi* wife, and two other children arc
badly injured, and some of them will not
recover. Several other* are reported fatally
injur1 I. The lo-s will reach t*'-**,**W,
$1.00 for OO rent*.
Any reader of this paper who will send
30 one-cent damps to the American Rural
Ilono, Rochester, X. A'., befiireMarch loth,
1*8.3, w ill receive that handsome pH|*cr, pos
tage fr—, until January 1-t, 1*8*1. The Ru
ral i« a large eight-page, forty-column
WEEKLY paper, now in its fifteenth year,
and the cheapest farm journal in the world.
The price i- one dollar a year in advance,
but the above offer of fifty cents in }>oatag*
stamp- will lie accepted if sent in before
March 13tli, 18*3. This Spend tJgfer wil!
not appear again in thi* paper. If you
want the Rural Home, subscribe at mice.
Send for sample eopy, and see what a bar
gain is offered.

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