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Virginia £rre
M M R. c I/./ I HER, Editor.
Charlestown, Jefferson County, West Va.
\oietnber 23, 1SS6.
The Wise-Laiub tlare-up has dickered out.
The Republican papers continue to quote
with satisfaction from the Best Rrfwia Demo
crat. It is a faithful Republican ally.
Mr. Lee H Vance, editor of the Clarksburg
JV(k.(, wa- married in that city on the 16th in
stant to Mi" Lizzie Hursey. We tender con
gratulations. It is an adVance we are pleased
to note.
Pr Morin, a French physician, deserves
some sort of tribute rotn American husbands
anti fathers. Just in the nick of time, as it
were, he sounds the warning that the wearing
of earrings induces erysipelas, permanently
ulcers the lo!>c of the ear and brines out what
ever scrofula may l>e latent in the system.
Once convince our wives and daughters of the
truth of this d.-covery—if we can—and we ll
have some Xmas money left for ourselves!
The Charleston Kanawha Gazette copies from
Tmk iti> Fui 'S Col. W P. CraighiH's proposi
tion for a change of name of Charles/on. and
"There is no doubt that the similarity of
names of the two towns leads to much contu
sion ami inconvenience A number of on r cit
izens favor changing ttie name of Charleston to
Kanawha City We sliall be gird to have sug
gestions from any of our citizens on the sub
The adoption of Kanawha City would be a
charming solution of the matter.
It has come at last-the " sear and yellow
leaf ami the rain i< falling trie cold No
vember ruin’ after weeks and weeks of glo
rious sunshine and gentle airs ami mountains
tinted with rainbow hues ’til the heart, swelled
with joy at the loveliness of the world and the
goodness of its great Creator, is constrained to
cry out: “ In wisdom bast thou made it all.”
And now the latter rains doing their bidding,
and the dried earth drinks in the freshening
draught and is revived and fert ft i zed and made
rvauy loyit m uuuuuiim nam'n m uit- rusu
ing year. How many of us are reaJv to "prai'e
the Lord for his g-«odness, and for his wonder
ful works to the children of men?” To-day is
api-ointcd bv proclamations of President Cleve
land and Gov Wilson a> a general thanksgiv
ing. What People on earth has such cau-e for
thankfulm-'. what Nation has received
richly at the hands of God?
Note — We 'vmp.ithire with the wise men of
the weather l>ure*uu. A reference to the weath
er in print is injudicious, to say the Iwi't, un
til it is a day old.
A writer from Charlestown t.* the Wheeling
Kejistir ofsuturdav advocates Col. It. P. Chew
for Speaker f the II -use of Delegates, and the
Sjj/,-> •/ J> '•■■■■• >i of Ttie-day last contains the
same. as follows
'■ He comes from a banner county and Dem
ocratic stronghold is a favorite in hi-party
and an able legislator. Having been a mem
ber ol the last Legislature, his experience and
familiarity with legislative princelings emi
nently qualify him for the S|**akership. Hei'
manly, determined and impartial. A'U shak
er he is forcible ami is in every re-j«ect coiupe
tent t<> pre-ide over a leg slative body. His
popularity is evidenced by the fact that the re
turn- of tbc cits lion show that he not only led
the I»« >i: ••-ratio ticket in tliis county, leading
Congrc-'M .n Wils-ui and his colleague Dele
gate. but that he ran ahead of the ticket nearly
two hundred votes Pleasant in intercourse,
court con- in manner impartial in dutv. ami
sound in LVmocr itic doctrine, he is regarded
as a N ader of the party, and will legislate for
the pi • ari l t! ■ interest- of the State.—
Should »«• elect. 1 speaker, he will do hon
or to the Ilou-e.”
We ! prof > urge a single objection
to Col. < .<■•.%•, hnt we think the writer of the
above ... . ttingly <li« oiled the |N>pularity
of Mr \\ -■••> by tin statement that Col. Chew
" not only led the Democratic ticket in this
county. leading C. mg c-sman Wilson.” Ac —
A- an ab-:ra t -• itcincnt it i- true, but the wri
ter ought to have remembered that Col Chew
had n > >pp"iicut and Mr. Wilson hud. Wedo
not m .kc this mention to detract from Col.
Chew -iniple justice to Mr Wilson suggested
it. Col. Chew is too generous to desire a com
pliment at the expense of a friend.
• Mr 1 s. Grant Pitrer of the Mirtiiubnrj
Ifl'fi' , -uvs he " does not belong to the
si-hool tb.it taught howto count a President
out.’ You belonged to the school—primary
department, we judge by your name, you'fresh
young soul.’ "—tWr /*>-■•••.
If there is one thing in the w orld we feel
proud of it is our surname. U. 8. Grant. You
should blush at your insolence. Fresh young
soul! Fresh young minds are needed in this
tv..rl«l f vi i k 11 rlto oilitur nf rlu>
will tini no solace in endcn voriinr to destroy
them. Better fresh. than too dried-up to write
. editorial' Wedded to your old slave
ideas, your mind lives in the durk past. As
for slurring the name of our great dead Gen
eral. we feel sorry thar American soil even
raised a man so "mean and ungrateful. — lT. S
Grant Pit~.fr.
Of course we simply meant that Mr. Pitzer's
Christian name indicated that he was proliabk
iu his ub—abs when his party was stealing the
presidency. We meant no reflection on Gen.
(•rant by using his name just as Mr. Pitzer's
parents did at the baptismal font. He says he
is proud of his "surname." So it seenu Mr.
Pitzer has a- a surname to live! We are
glad of it. wo will remark in return for the
compliment implied, hut not intended, by his
obsetration that we do not write our own edi
torials. Of course he meant that they were ei
ther too good to be our production or unworthy
of us. He can take either horn of the dilem
ma. and along with it our opinion that for the
sake of the readers of tlie ImLjifiuUiU it wuul 1
be well if Mr Pitzer U S Grant had the same
writer to pen hit editorials. He says " fresh
young minds are needed in the wor d to-day.
and the editor of the Free Prttt will find no so
lace In endeavoring to destroy them." Of
course they are needed-we are the more
convinced of it when weihinkofP whose sur
name is Grant. And aren't they coming—com
ing in by thousands daily ' Why the innocents
are abroad now and were a long time before
Mark Twain made the discovery. His intima
tion that we are a monster—a baby-killer—a
destroyer of “fresh young minds" is mon
strous' We demand a re-count.
In another place Mr. Pitzer 1*. S. Grant calls
us Poor Gnllaher. a dyspeptic, and a bone—
says the last time we kicked a dog he—the dog
—ran away with us thinking we were a bone,
having no flesh, and then concludes by reflect
ing on our humanity saying “God pity those
who are subjected to such humanity." Of
course we are not moved by these compliment- j
ary emanations from a " fresh young mind"—
especially to allusions to our extenuated phy
sique, remembering that the young gentleman
that boasts of his " surname " bxa had his la
test observations almost exclusively directed
to a late highly esteemed candidate for con
gress who, in the flesh, brought down Fair
banks iui pro veil scales at 3UU strong 1
Now. if the young gentleman of the surname
of which he is proud does these things in the
green tree what will he not do in the dry’ W«
t ions Extracts from Mason's West
Kirytnia Democrat, So-Called.
The Legislature is Democratic and Camden's
defeat is assured—unless the Standard Oil Com
pany spends enough money to buy a good
many vote*.— West rwytma Democrat.
* • • • • • • • ^ ^ j
If an attempt is made to corrupt members of
: the Legislature, there are mer. who have the
! manhood to exj>ose it and denounce it: Van
Pelt. Sydens?richer. Crockett, Pugh. Price, j
I Shaw. Chew, Lucas. Byrne and several others.
Men like these will not sit quiet and witness
j the corrupt methods to which you refer.— ,
! M'«f Virginia Democrat.
Mr. Mason's chief characteristic seems to
be to strike viciously at whatever and who
ever lie dislikes, or cannot control to suit ;
his purposes This characteristic seems to j
be growing upon him ever since he tailed
t» -addle his tax scheme upon the State, in
j the interest of his Wa l street syndicate.
! Everything is subordinated to his personal
! view and interests, ami likes and dislikes.
Ilis West Mryinia Democrat, from the time
j it was started seems to have had but two
I objects in view, first, to promote his finan
cial schemes; second, to kill ofF Davis,
Camden and others whom he imagines to
be in his way—he has devoted himself for
j years, in reason and <>ut of season—to these
J objects. The Press as well as the public
i have taken very little notice of his slander
ous vaporing*. But when direct insults,
1 such as are contained in the article above
j quoted, to honorable gentlemen who have
bt i n elected to the Legislature, are publish
ed aud freely circulated, it is time to vindi
cate these gentlemen and the Democratic
party against -uch outrageous insinuations
and assaults. ....
The articles above, quoted plainly insin
uate, ami mean that Democratic members
of the West Virginia Legislature are in the
market to be bought by the highest bidder,
tor the Democrats have a majority in the
j Legislature, and car, and will elect a Dem
|... ratio Senator by their own votes. W«
j are not the advocate of any particular man
I for th:jt position, but as a Denmcratic paper
i we protest against the continuation of th se
vile assaults u|*on the trusted representa
tives of the partv, and upon the integrity
I of the people of our State. We also pro
I test against the disreputable method*, of j
Mr Mason's Democrat in trying to force in- j
! dividual- in the party to do his bidding. ;
! We very much doubt whether the honora- |
1 hie gentlemen named bv Mr. Ma*on in the ;
. ' .. . .1 ...III (’.,.,1 ll..n.,roil Kv tlie ilia.
tinction he has given them in that connec
tion with their colleagues.
Mr. Mason’s object i too transparent to
deceive any one ; it i-> an eflort to intimi
.Hate and prevent representatives from exer
cising their free judgment U|*on an imjMir
tant question lor tear of his slanderous ac
cusations. Aicli is Mr. Mason s dear ob
ject and intentions—and for what purpose?
—t" gratify his personal spleen Such jour
nalism deserves tiie indignation ami just
re hake of every Democrat in tin- State.
Mr. Mason might as well understand that
IVmocrat* are getting tired of such meth
ods, and hat he helps the men he abuses
more than he hurts them. It he wants to
help the Republicans get possession of the
State, let him do it as a Republican, and
no* under the garb of Democracy. His pa
per is sent without charge to the homes and
firesides of good Democrats all over the
State, sowing discord, and retailing the per
sonal abuse and venom of its editor, as
Democratic teachings.
The next Legislature will he composed of
as good and able men as we have had for
years, they will meet and elect the choice
of the majority of the Democrats to the
United States Senate, and perform all their
duties thoroughly. And their constituents
will condemn as one man all disreputable
insinuations of Mr. Mason and his paper.
— Wheeling Rryitter.
Tv-President Arthur died at his Lexing
ton ave. residence in New York last Thurs
day a. tu. of cerebral apoplexy aged
He had been long ailing with Bright's dis
ease. The funeral took place Monday a.
in from the church of the Heavenly Rest
—the rector. Dr. Morgan and Rev. \\ . A
Leonard of A. John’s, Washington, officia
ting Attending, were tiie President and
l'abinet, Senators. Representatives and, as
pall-bearers, Mr. Arthur’s cabinet, Gen.
Sheridan, etc The remains were buried
in the family plat at RuraKYmetery, Alba
ny. The ex-President leaves a son, Ches
ter, aged 'll, and a daughter, Nellie, aged
15. Chester Alan Arthur was born at Fair
field, Franklin county, Vt. W as the eldest
of two sons and three daughters. His fa
ther. an Ir sh Baptist minister, tilled many
N. Y. state pulpits and died in ’75. De
ct a>t d graduated at Union College. A*h
nectady, taught school in ’45-7 and then
entered the law. Was delegate to the Air
onneontiAn flint tarniPil i > V111 ! 11 I •
in patty in N V. Was iuspector and Q
M Genera! under Gov. Morgan, customs
collector at New York 71-78 and was elect
ed Vice President in IS8<>. Assumed the
Presidency S*pt 20, ’81 He was a digni
fied Chief Magistrate. The late ex Presi
dent- only brother, Maj. Win. Arthur, is
army paymaster at San Antonin, Tex.
The lamented ex-President married in ’59
the daughter, Ellen, of (.'apt. Lewis Hern
don, 1’. S. N a Virginian i who in *57
went down with his steamer, the Central
America. Mrs Arthur died 7 years ago.
The annual meeting ot the stockholders
of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad compa
ny was held in Baltimore last week. Rev
erdy Johnson. Jr., in the chair. The re
port of President Garrett was presented,
showing the receipts of the main stem
tor the past year to have been $9,846,613 i
and the expenses $4,026,365, or $5,237,741
less than the earnings. The cost of opera
ting the road was 51 10 per een\ upon the
earnings. The Washington branch earnings ,
wen $325,320 and the expenses $90,815,
showing net earnings of $234,505. The 1 1
earn ngs of all the branches, including'
Washington, were $18,422,437, expenses
$12,035,742—leaving a net balance of $♦>,
386,694. Of the telegraph, he says: "The j
increise on the earning- f the Baltimore <
Ohio Telegraph company, for the fiscal i
year ended September 30, has been 172 per i
cent, compared with 1884, and 41.25 per i
cent, compared with 1835. There was no <
change in the board of directors, except (
that John K Cowen we- elected in place of
H. Clay Smith, deceased.
Mr. Geo. P. Sargeant, of the Hardy Ex
i w-, is a candidate for Sergeaut-at-Arms
of the Hou«e of Delegates. If there is
anything in u name it would «eem he ought
to have it. He has been there before—and
nobody knows it better than the editor of
the Wtti Virginia Democrat. ii
♦ • u
The next -e—ion of the West Virginia h
Legislature will convene at Charleston ou u
:be second Wednesday iu January, 1*87. (u
Sunday will be the first Sunday in .'. ent.
To morrow—108 years si nee the di- very
of the Sandwich Islands.
Piercing of the Iloosac tunnel ti. rteen
years ago day after to-morrow.
’Frisco rai-< »,•' ' lor Charleston at a
dramatic peib»i wince last week.
Chas Berry killed Tho-. Burke, his broth
er-in-law, at G* mi wood, Va , for maltreating
his sister—Bunco’s wife.
Onebundre’ 1 fourth annual session
Virginia Conte, <ce M. E. Church, South,
open d at Norfolk yesterday week.
Josiah Brinard. a blind Federal veteran
of tipring City, Pa., has just got $11,800
back pension—the 3rd largest pension ever
An eccei trie colored inmate of the Se
dalia i Mo.) poorhouse died last week after
remaining 9 years in bed because of anger
at being punished.
Sunday will he the anniversary of Wash
ington Irving's deatli in 57—.Monday, of
Horace Greeley’s deatli in '72—Tuesday of
Sheridan Knowles’ deatli in 02.
The Gem iron furnace in Page county,
Va., on the S. V. R R. is chilled, and it
will take three months to remove its con
tents. Five hundred hands oat of work.
Unknown parties tried to poison Phil
Armour the Chicago beef man and hi- fam
ily bv leaving at his house a sample pack
age of buckw heat impregnated withstrych
The latest riddle out: Why was my ba
by'- la-f attack of croup like this paragraph?
Because it was very short, and elided with
that wonderful cure, l)r. Bull’s Cough
A landslide last Thursday a. m. at Jones'
Ferry outside Pittsburg crushed into 3
sleepers on the Pittsburg, Cincinnati and
$t. Louis ea-t hound limited. Eight pas
sen ers seriously hurt.
Election echoes: Missouri’s Legislature
Democratic on joint ballot bv 44. Col.
... ........ Til,
South Carolina district 7*17. The figures
for New York mayor: Hewitt IK), 552, George
G'S.llo, Roosevelt 00,435.
Burned last week: The Hotel Bellevue,
10 cottages, 4 shops and a lumber yard at
Gape May.—rpshur’s guano factory, Nor
folk.—Freitag’s big embroidery factory,
Jersey City.— Marcus, Fecheimer and Co.,
and Muck, Stadler and Co., Cincinnati
Burned in Baltimoiu: Mabley and Ca
rew’s clothingstore.—The “Milling Block,”
Pratt and Fremont streets. The losers are:
Finley anti Bro., Bailey and Bro doors and
sashes; B. J. Sparklin, stair builder; J. J.
Duffy, planing mill; Irving, Buck and Co.,
desks; Fritter and Co., and Geo. A. Mills,
Dear SirsI bought a fifty cent bottle
of your Cough Killer of Dr. Root, and it
cured me of a severe cough. It is the best
medicine for a cough I ever saw. T. W.
Brand, Klysian, Minn.
Mothers, n!iray» use Dr. Seth Arnold’s
Soothing and Quieting Cordial for children.
A mild safe tonic. 25c.
Micb'i Malone, Tim aud John White and
Pat Driscoll were tried at Cumberland last
week for lynching David Johnson Septem
ber 14 lust. The latter, an ex-employee B.
& O. and sexton of a Piedmont fW. Ya. )
church w is a litth crazy and on the date
noted killed without provocation Ned White,
an employee of the B. it O. shops at West
ernport opposite.
117yellESTEH I TEH N.
From the Winchester Xeics:
We understand that Mr. The. Conner, of
Harper's Ferry, has purchased, for $1,500,
the brick house and lot on Main street, for
merly owned and occupied by the late Mrs.
Mr. Bavard Fuller, who has cast his lot
in Columbus, Nebraska, was elected a mag
istrate tor that place recently, beating his
republican competitor who had held the of
fice for some time.
Gen. Phil. Sheridan and Senator J. Don
Cameron reached Winchester Wednesday,
morning of last week on horseback, after a
ride through the rain from Strasburg.
They lunched at the Arlington House and
left by the afternoon train for Washington.
Gen. Sheridan made a call while there upon
a lady at whose residence he visited during
Ri.tli intnlLinun
selves as mtieli pleased with their ten days’
ride through Virginia, and also with the
courtesy with which they had been treated.
Now who questions the fact that tiie war is
over ?
The Charlestown Free Press published
at Hon. Wm. J,. Wilson’s home, celebrated
Mr. W’s election two years ago by placing
a very tall picture of a giraffe over the elec
tion returns. This year the Free Press
trots out the same animal and parades over
Wilson’s enormously reduced majority in
the District —Morgantown I'o<t.
Well, wasn t it appropriate? Tall major
ity—tall animal; slim majority—slim ani
mal. An eternal fitness, friend Morgan.
The famous Walker Will ease has heen
lettled by compromise. Mrs. Walker gets
the town property in fee simple, and Mr.
George W. Walker gets the farm. Each
party to pay their own costs.—Marfinsburg
As seven or eight lawyers were engaged
leveral terms of court considering the
matter, it is bevond the conception of an
lrdinary mind how they figured out any
ihing for the contestants.
Abbott, Hardin Co.. Iowa, March 20,1886.
Your “Cough Killer'’ is the best remedy for
•oughs and colds I ever sold. It gives -at
traction every time. Yours truly. II. II. !
For Costiveness, Biliousness, Headache ;
md all feverish habit-use Dr Seth Arnold’s (
ililious Pills. 25c.
Among other business disposed of by the
?ourt of Appeals, in Charleston, on Satur
lav week was the ea-e of Mr. Jas. M. Ma
on, vs. the Harper’s Ferry Bridge Cornpa- 1
iv, from this county. Opinion by Snyder; ;
Circuit Court reversed, and judgment eu
ered in favor of Masou.
is warranted, is because it is the best
Blood Preparation known. It will posi
tively cure all Blood Diseases, purifies the
whole system, and thoroughly builds up the
constitution. Remember, we guarantee it.
Jim Mason failed to defeat the Democrat
• party at the late election but he coniin
es his abuse, lie will not succeed with
is tax scheme, ami he roav as well make
i> hi- mind that the taxpayers of the State
nderstaud his object.— Merton Democrat.
•lVtr . iftn rfisanents.
For 1880-87.
The Cestury is an illustrated monthly mag
i azine. having a regular circulation of about
j two hundred thousand copies flen reaching
and metimcs exceeding tv hundred and
twenty-live thousand. Chief among its many
attractions for the coming year is a serial which .
has been in active preparation for sixteen yrs.
It is a history of our own country in its most ;
critical time, as set forth in
1 By his Confidential Secretaries. John G. Xico
lay and Col. John Hay.
This great work, begun with the sanction of
I President Lincoln, and continued under the
1 authority of his sun, the Hon. Robert T. Lin
coln, is the only full and authoritative record
of the life of Abraham Lincoln. Here will be
told the inside history of the civil war and of
President Lincoln’s administration,—import
ant details of which have hitherto remained
unrevealed, that they might first appear in this
authentic history. By reason of the publica
tion of this work,
which has been followed with unflagging inter
est by a great audience, will occupy less space
: during the coining year. Gettysburg will he
! described by Gen. Hunt (Chief of the Union
Artillery), Gen. Longstreet, Gen. E. M. Law,
and others; Chickamauga, by Gen. P. H. Hill;
Sherman's March to thsSea, by Generals How
ard and Slocum. Generals Q. A. Gillmore, \\ .
F. Smith, John Gibbon. Horace Porter, and
John S. Mosby will describe special battles and
incidents. Stories of naval engagements, pris
on life, etc., will appear.
“ The Hundredth Man.” a novel by Frank
i R. Stockton, author of ‘'The Lady, or the Ti
ger?” etc., begins in November. Two novel
ettes by George \V. Cable, stories by Mary Hal
lock Foote, “ Uncle Remus,” Julian Haw
thorne, Edward Eggleston, and other promi
nent American authors will be printed during
the year.
Special features
(with illustrations) include a series of articles
on affairs in Russia and Siberia, by George1
| Kennan, author of “ Tent Life in Siberia, ' who
j has just returned from a most eventful visit to
Siberian prisons; paperson the Food Question,
! with reference to its hearing on the Labor Pro
1 Idem : Men and Women of Queen Anne’s
! Reign, by Mrs. Oliphant; Clairvoyance, Spirit
I iiulism Llrnlnvv efr hv the Rev. J. M. Buck
ley, 1) D.; astronomical papers; articles throw
ing light on IJible history, etc.
Subscription price, $4.00 a year, 35 cents a
number. Dealers, postmasters, and the publish
ers take subscriptions. Send for our beautiful
ly illustrated 1'4-page catalogue (free) contain
ing full prospectus, etc., including a special of
fer by which new readers can get back num
bers to the beginning of the War Series at a
very low price. A specimen copy (hack num
ber) will be sent on request. Mention this pa
per Cun ifou afitiril tn hr without 1IIK CEBTl'RY ?
“The ideal Magazine n
for voting people is what the papers call St.
Nbchoi vs. Do you know about it,—how gaud
it is, how clean ami pure and helpful? If there
are any boys and girls in your house will you
not try a number, or try it for a year, and see
if it Isn’t just the element you need in the
household? The London Tillies has said, “We
have nothing like it on this side.” Here arc
some lending features of
For 1886-87.
Stories by Louisa M. Alcott and Frank K.
Siockton,—several by each author. A Slmrt
Serial Story by Mrs. Burnett, whose charming
" Little Lord Fauntleroy ” has been a great
feature in the past year of St. Nicholas.
Gen. Badeau, chief-of-statf, biographer, and
confidential friend of General Grant, and one
of the ablest and most popular of living mili
tary writers, will contribute a number of pa
pers descrihin in clear and vivid style someof
the leading buttles of thecivii war. They will
be panoramic descriptions of single contests or
short campaigns, presenting a sort of literary
picture-gallery of the grand and heroic con
tests in which the parents of many a boy and
girl of to-day took part.
The Serial Stories include “Juan aud Juan
ita,’’an admirably written story of Mexican
life, by Frances Courtenay Baylor, author of
“On Both Sides”; also, “Jenny’s Hoarding
House,” by James Otis, a story of life in a
great city.
Short Aiticlos, instructive and entertaining,
will abound Among these are: “IIowaGreat
Panorama is Made,” by Theodore It. Davis,
with profuse illustrations; “Winning a Com
mission” Naval Academy), and "Recollections
of the Naval Academy"; “Boring for Oil" and
“Among the Gas-wells,” with a number of
striking pictures; “Child-Sketches from <icorge
Eliot,” by Julia Magruder; ‘ Victor Hugo’s
Tabs- to his Grandchildren,’’ recounted by
Bander Matthews; “Historic Girls,” by E. S.
Brooks. Also intensting contributions from
Nora Perry. Harriet Prescott Spotford, Joaquin
Miller, II. H. Boyesen, Washington Gladden,
Alice Wellington Rollins, J. F. Trowbridge,
Lieutenant Frederick Scbwatka, Noah Brooks,
Grace Dcnio Litchfield, Rose Hawthorne La
tlirop. Mrs. S. M. B. Platt, Mary MapcsDodge,
and many others, etc., etc.
The subscription price of St. Nu uolas is
$3.00 a year; J5 cents a number. Subscrip
tions are received by booksellers and news
dealers everywhere, or by the publishers. New ■
volume begins with the November number.
Min* Iwxinl li* illnat puliul oatnliurlia
(free) containing full prospectus, etc., etc.
TI1E CENTl ltY CO., Now York.
Nou. i"). 1SS6.
Tlie Serial st >ry for this year, by that charm
| ing writer for children, Mrs. M. F. Butts, will 1
be entitled, 1
Wanderers in Bo-Peep's World.
It will be accompanied with twelve full-page 1
! drawings by Elizabeth S. Tucker. The author ,
■ of "Little Talks about Insects," givcsan amus
ing series about
Tiny Folk in lied in Black,
in which she tells about ants and their wise
ways—bow they work, how they harvest their
grain, how they milk their cows.
Ten Little Indians,
by Mrs. Helen K. Sweet, tells many interesting ,
things about Indian boysaml girls, their sports
and their strange waysof living. The History
Chapters for the year will consist of
Adventures of the Early Discoverers,
by Mrs Francis A. Humphrey, following on '
from the voyages of Colombus given last year,
nnd relating the story of Bonce tie I .eon and s
his search fur the Fountain of Youth, the ro- '
mantic tale of L)e Sota, the exploits of Cupt. <
John Smith in Virginia, etc., <
All these will Ik; profusely illustrated, as also I
will be the verses and -liort stories by Mrs. t
Clara Doty Bates. Sara E. Farmer, Mrs. Olive i
Howard, (‘buries E. Skinner, Bessie Chandler,
II R. Hudson, etc. $
The yearly numbers will have seventy-live -
fall-page pictures. ?
Jt-ir'S/teeiment tree to Intending snbfrihers.
Address orders to
D. LOTHROP tC- CO.. Publishers.
Boston. Mass., V. .S’..!.
Nov. 25 1881
For Sate Privately.
rpiIE HOUSE AND LOT of the late Mrs. ]
1 MaryWooddy in Charlestown, on Congress i
street, East, is for sale privately. The lot con- i
tains about two acres and is very fertile, hav- -
ing been cultivated as a market garden for a _
number of years. The House contains ten r
rooms. There are some out-buildings, two cis- ,
terns and other conveniences.
Apply to CLEON MOORE. | J
Nov. 11, lssr>—It.
Lost. (
VDOOR KEY—bra", with brown ribbon • _
tied thereon The finder will please leave |
it at this office to be ret
i RBUCKLE'S, Levering's and Enterprise
j\. Coffee. For sale by C. I). EBY.
N’ E\V ORLEANS M >luv-.En<|iiire the r
price at once and be surprised, at ; .
C. I». EBY'S. i
Prospectus for 1SS7.
Babvland will have two enticing new fea
tures for the babies and their mammas, in ad
dition to the perennial pleasures of the count
less little two-mlnute stories and verses with
which the the magazine always has abounded.
Especially calculated to merrily occupy the
eyes and ears of the littlcones are the monthly
p'ictoriol pages called
Puzzles about Peter and Patty.
text and pictures by Margaret Johnson; and
especially calculated to sweetly teach and charm
are the home kindergarten delights called
Surscry Finger-Plays.
by Emilio Poulsson. w ith dozens and dozens
and dozens of bewitching picture-instructions
by L. J. Bridgman. Every one who has the
eare of little nursery toddlers will bless Baby
land for these features.
Big bright pictures, large print, strong paper,
dainty gay cover.
Only 50 cents a year.
Z^S~Specimens free to intending subscriber*.
A ildress orders to
IK LOTUROP& CO.. Publishers,
Boston, Mass., U. S. .4.
Nov. 2T», 1336.
State of West Virginia,
County of Jefferson, to-wit:
VT RULES held in the Clerk’s Office of the
Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Xovem
her, 1880,
J. GARLAND HURST, Sheriff of Jefferson
County, and Committee Administrator of
David Crawford, deed, Plaintiff,
X. S. WHITE, Administrator of Wm. F. Tur
ner, deceased, Ellen Beirne Saunders and
John S. Saunders, her husband ; Sydney
Turner Swan and Dotinel Swan, her hus
band ; J. Garland H irst, Sheriff of Jeffer
son County and Committee Administrator
of R. S. Blackburn, deceased, and Sarah A.
E Blackburn, Defendants.
The object of this suit is to recover of the Es
tate of Win. F. Turner, deceased, the following
amounts, to-wit: Four Thousand Six Hundred
Dollars (64,600 00). with interest from April6th
1861; One Thousand Three Hundred and Nine
tv-two Dollars and Nineteen Cents 161,302.19),
with interest from July 22nd, 1869; One Hun
dred and Thirty-six Dollars and Ninety-live
cents ($136.95) with interest from April 18th.
1»71 ; Forty-Eight Dollars and Seventy-five
nnntw i i ivifli int»*n*wl frotii ( *_?7fli
1 s7*>; Ninety-three Dollars and Seventy-live
cents with interest from April 7th,
1877; Two Hundred and Twenty-four Dollars
and live cents ($221.03), with interest from Feb
ruary Gth, 1878 ; Seventy-five Dollars and nine
teen "cents ($75.19) with Interest from August
27th, 1878; the first three named amounts hav
ing been paid in property and money to said
Turner in his lifetime and the last named to
his administrator since his death, which ain’nts
were paid to said Turner and his Administra
tor, because it was supposed that he was a Dis
tributee of the estate of David Crawford, dee'd,
and which amounts he was not entitled to re
ceive because of tlie after discovery of the will
of said Crawford . and to attach the property
of the Defendant Ellen Bcirne Saunders, and
subject the same to the payment of Complain
ant’s claim.
It appearing, oil affidavit tiled in this suit,
that the Defendants, Ellen Bcirne Saunders
and John S. Saunders, her husband, Sydney
Turner Swan and Donnel Swan, her husband,
are non-residents of the State of West Virginia,
they are hereby required to appear within one
month after the date of the lirst publication of
this order and do what is necessary to protect
their interests in this matter.
Clerk of the Circuit Court.
S. J. C. & Cleon Moore, r. Q.
Nov. -1, 1886—It. Free Press fee—$13.00
People in every community point with pride
to their great stores—if they have any. A
really great store supplies every article in its
line—of the finest—medium—and common
qualities—at the lowest prices. That is the
kind of store we aim to keep—to have jieople
point with pride to our great store—that is our
pride—see what we can do for you.
1200 yds. of Alexander Giraud's Black Silks
—made in Lyons—France—one among the best
Black Silks in the world—an excellent article
it 75 cents per yard—with ten other grades—
running up to 82.30 for the best make. v240o
yards of Priestley’s Si lk Warp Mourning Roods
—made at Bradford—England—starting with
i black Melrose Henrietta cloths at 85 cents
per yard—gradually increasing in quality und
price to s'l 85 per yard for the nest. 1200 yards
if French Cashmere—start at 40 cents—and
jo gradually up to si. 15 per yard. 1*500 yards
af American made Cashmere—as low as 12
•cuts a yard—in black—grey and second mourn
ing. Fine—medium and common mourning
:rinimings in ereftes—fringes—passamenteries
—drop ornaments—braids—&c.
Variety and styles are so many we cannot
lescribe." We start Indies’ Jackets at 84—New
Mnrki-ts at s5—Ottoman’s Cloth at SO—Plush
Jacques at $20—and up the scale in prices—ac
cording to quality. Children's Coats 75 cents
:o $15.00. Ding and Square Shawls—Shoulder
Jhawls— Blat’k Thibcts and other Shawls.
Rhadaiuc Silks $1—Plain Silk Velvets—
'henille Stripes—Satin Stripes $1 per yard.
Eider Down Cloths—Cashmere Flannels tall
•olors)—Jersey Flannels—Archery Flannels—
Jhuker <fc Wcol Flannels—plain and twilled—
vhite—grey—red—brown—blue—black. Cot
on Flannels—all colors—Bleached and Un
deached 5 cents per yard and up—Muslins 5
•ents per yard.
Ladies and children’s Underwear—Hosiery
ind Notions—the line is immense—and very
heap—from the finest to the commonest
Special Bargains. White Merino Under
liirts 25 cents—elegant ones 50 cents. Bed
Vool 75 cents—Drawers to match at same pri
es. Fine—Silk—Balbriggan—wool and Cam
l's Hair Underwear.
Men’s all wool Cassimere Suits—our own
nake—$10. Men’s tine Overcoats $10. Bovs
n«l Children's Suits $1.50 to $8. Special Job
-Men’s Solid Kip Boots at $2—another at
2.25. The greatest variety—the largest stock
-the lowest prices—in piece goods—everything
ou need—from head to foot—at
Oct. 14. 1«80.
JERSEY CLOTH for sacks, wrappers and
children’s cloaks for sale by
[JURE GUM -I have in stock Pure Gum
L Boots and Overcoats for men. Thecheap
st and most satisfactory article for the eonsu
icr. GEO'. W. T. KEARSLEY.
\JE\v STOCK of Ladies Gossiruor Cloaks
rived by GEO. VV . f. KEARSLL5 .
[ [OME-MADE FLANNEL^, white and gray j
L L also heavv cloth for sale bv
Nov. 1 lsst;.' GEO. W. T. KEARSLEY.
BANNED CORN, Tomatoes. Peaches, Pine
J Apple and Lima Beans. Also New Horn-[
iy and Prunes at O. D. EBV 5.
' ROUND PEPPER, A., and Pint Salt
T .Saltpetre for butchering at C. 1). EBY’S.
I IRKS!! MUSHROOMS. Gingt 'nap- and
i Pretzels at EBY'S Grocery.
rHE best 2 for 5 cigars in town. Tobacco
and ci;Kirs of choice grades.
We have undoubtedly out done all our former efforts in the
matter of selecting Dress Goods for this season. Many novel
ties, as well as many pleasing effects in the various priced goods,
are now on our ■n’lnteraaod the assortment certainly represents
the cream of the market in the preferred fabrics lor present
season wear.
Wraps of tire latest cut and the adopted styles of the leading
articles of the fashionable world are now in abundance on our
racks. Newmarkets, jacket* and everything dictated by Daine
Fashion we are ready to supply at prices which wc are confident
cannot be matcher!.
Very Truly*
November 4, 1886.
!Z~ E
W $$£>
#W' <v<fc
»y CUBES —Diphtheria, Croup, Aathmi, Bmnehltia, Neuralgia, Bhoumatlsm, Bleeding at the tonga.
I noaraeness, Influent*, Hacking Coach.\V op-eg Cough, Catarrh, Cholera Morbus, Dy sectary, Chronic
Diarrhoea, Kidney TroubU-. : m • . n ,-. fr. I. S. Johnson * Co., Boaton. Haig
These pllla were a wonderful discovery. No others Ilka them In the world. Will positively cure or
reIIere all manner of diaeaao. The inlormation around each boa ta wotth ton times the cost or a boa of
pill*. Find out about them and you will always bo thankful. On* mil a doae. Illustrated pamphlet
free. Bold everywhere, or sent >->• mill fora»u. In atampa. Dr. I 8. JOnNBON h CO., M C.H St. Boaton.
Kheridar.’a Condition^ tm mm m m — ■ ■ — ■ ■ dh gjj ma m —Nothing on earth
^d;nrdi‘«»|ifi||r lirilP I lUssirM
biotin by oxproM. yroptidg for |A.0(^ Du. I* o. JUuriBOfi At CO., Bootco.
November 5, 18H5.—I vr.
■ lafoa oronortioni wtnn® only nim in to l>Inh) thf*ir nr.
_,__ ftSk1. |
i »ora restored t »
hSSr.s* SEMINAL PASTILLES. - , * ....
t i:Mlir*rSeaforNeev..ni|»ehility.Or».Mn r .X. i:'-VuSi^ i..',1.''....'g
\ ~njL°irn*niat indu
‘*1 A : “ - J-n. y ■>< 1 r I kM \ yirn in tu**-. funr*i m.s of thf M:»ran . rjrtr , r--.* . i l *,#
thoueniidrai.es theyobeolutelyroiitoro prematurely watted inltn,
‘i*:**’1 «ui<t broken down men to the full eajoymentof become* cluerful ami rapidly gains bulb unogUi ai.a iut.iii
perfect and full Manly Strength and \ tgor-ous Health. —3—1-3
To thoM.iwhofutfer from the many obscured isMsew TREATMENT.—Csj M::ll, *3. ?*: Nil K. Tim, |7
bron t by Ind ion, r.i >oetire,Orwr-Brain —— ■ ■ .
Work, ortoo freo Indulgence, wn a>kthntyou send us u,nn|c DCMPITV Cfl Mr-e Puruitra
your n mia tvilh italmen' of yourtrouhle, und eecuro H ARKI3 KBIvIBI# I vU., MFi; wMEMlITI,
TBI.Vt 1* \ PEACE I i ill K, with 1 Hint'd Pamphlet.*«. 300S N. Tenth Street,8T.IXIUI8. MO.
RUPTUhEO PERSONS can have FREE Trial of our Appliance. Agh for Term#!
October 21, 1HWI.
Mount Parvo Institute,
Charlestown, Jeff. County, \V. Va.,
Hoarding and Hag School
For Young Ladles and Children.
Miss Axnik L. Boiii.nr-,
Teacher of Languages and Music.
Third Ainiml Section will Injin S./it. If), Jssii.
A thorough course of instruction in the usual
branches of an English education will Ik* given ;
and competent teachers will prepare students
in Ancient and Modern Luiguugcs for admis
sion into any Collegiate Institution.
No requisite of a first -class school will Ik*
The Institute Building is well suit<*d to school
uses; and so situated as to secure all the con
ditions necessaiy to the health of the pupils.—
It is placed upon an eminence overlooking the
town and surrounding country. The attrac
tions of this section of the Valley of Virginia
are too well known to need further statement.
Charlestown is easy of access from all (mints
North ami South, being situated upon the B.
A* O. and H. V. Kail roads, and within three and
four hours’ ride of Washington and Baltimore.
Terms:—Board per Scholastic year,
No extra charges in the literary course; Tui
tion, $23 to $40; Board from Monday morning
to Friday evening, per scholastic year, $KtO;
Music. *40: Drawing, *10; Painting, *10; En
tire charges by the year, $220.
Where two or more hoarding pupils are from
the same family a liberal deduction will Ik*
References by Permission:
Bi-Imp A. W. Wilson, I>. I)., LL. D., Balti
more, .'Id.
Rev Jolin S. Martin, I>. I) Winchester, Va.
Rev. Samuel Rodgers, D. D.. Alexandria. Va.
Rev. O. P. Fitzgerald. I). D., Editor of the
ChrixtiiiH Ailcwalt, Nashville, Tennessee.
Rev. W. J*. Harrison, I>. I).. Nashville, Tenn.
Hon. Eugene M Wilson,. Minneaimlis, Minn.
Rev P. H. Whisner, I). D., Baltimore, Md.
Rev. J. Watts Shoalf, Salem, Roanoke Co. Va.
Rev. J. L. Shipley, Mooreficld. West Va.
liev. r.ggiesion,* uam -uiwii, . > a.
I’ev. J. E. Armstrong, Hamilton, Virginia.
Hon. W. 1- Wilson, ot \V<-st Vir
ginia University, Charlestown.
Rev A. ('. Hopkins, I). I)., Charlestown.
Hon. Win. II. Travers, Charlestown.
Rev. A. J. Huntington, !>. !>., I’rof. Colum
bian University, Washington i). C.
Rev. R. N. Baer, D. !>.. Washington City.
Rev. W. S. Edwards, I>. I)., Washington City.
Rev. 8. G. Ferguson, Romney, West Virginia.
Hon. Jno. Blair Hoge. Washington City.
Rev. Dallas Tucker, ChnrleMown, W. Va.
John Hess, Esq., County Superintendent of
Schools. Kearneysville, Jefferson Co., W. Va.
Rev. R. R. H. Hough, M. D., Fredericksburg.
Rev. Wm. II. Meade, D. D.. Philadelphia.
Rev. J. A. McCauley, D. D , LI,. D.. President
i of Dickinson College, Carlisle. Pa.
George W. Corner, Esq., Baltimore.
Robert Cat heart. Esq., Baltimore.
Rev. T. B. Shepherd. Bayard. Warren < «>., Vo.
Mrs. 8. C. Tmeheart. Principal of Female Col
lege, Millershurg, Kentucky.
Rev. A. H. Ames, M. !>., Dubuque. Iowa.
For Circulars apply to the
July 1. 1886.
If so, subscribe for
TERMS: One year >•*>; Six months t2.o0.
It will give you the latent telegraphic
news from ail parts of the world and cor
respondence from ail sections ol the State,
and a full and detailed rcjK»rt of the Pro
ceedings of the
which convenes in that city in January
Charleston, W. Va.
September 22, l-s;,
IRON PHOSPHATES on draught and by the
• bottle at Dr. C.has. E. I’ralt‘s--a delicious
and cooling drink. lr>in iriv«* the strength.
Phosphates the nerve. Five -nt- a glas-: come
and try it. »
ami many other substantial goods suitable for
Christmas Presents at low prices for Cash are to
he found nt
Skates at prices within the reach of all. Al
bany and Portland Cutters, Sleigh Material,
Sleigh Bells, Japanese, Wolf and other Lap
Robes, Jforso Blankets, Whip*, etc.
Young America Corn and Cob Mills, and
Corn Shellers.
will do more work in less time. Separate and
lean Ix-tter than any other on the market.
Farmers’ Friend Corn Planters,
Thomas and Victor Hay Rakes,
Webster Wagons.
li 'n ktni ’l if- Huffman firniit lh lilt,
Reid's Creameries and Butter Workers,
Russell A Co s. Ault man A Taylor Go's, and
Harrisburg Manufacturing Co's
—all of which arc at work, giving entire satis
faction in the hands of our leading farmers.
Fairbanks ami Howe Seales at very low pri
ces. Powder ami Dynamite at wholesale pri
ce*. A complete line of Paints. Oils. Gush,
Coach and Wagon Makers' Materials.
April 17, 1S#4. Charlestown.
Arctic Soda Water.
f|MIK undersigned takes this means to inform
1 the public that he lias just linishcd placing
in his Drug Store a new
•Uiaeral IIViter Fountain
of the latest improved style, and will havccon
stuntly on draught
Sofia Water) MPeep ICork, Jff.
with all the popular Syrups and Flavor* to suit
the taste. A»so Ginger Ale, Pear Phosphates
and other cooling and refreshing leverages.
Charlestown, July 1, 18WJ.
I7D/J.V .I.V0 a 1JMT.IR
HAVING teen solicited by many music
. loving person* to give lesson* on the Vio
lin and Guitar. I have concluded to accept a
limited number of pupils for the a Urn- named
Instruments. For terms please call on meat
my Jewelry Store on Main street, or address
me l-ock Box No. 4x. Charlestown.
Special Rates for Clubs of 4.
Re«l*ectfully, E. BROWNOI.D.
March 11.
i 7* arlottesrille Casstiarres.
\ FRESH invoice of these celebrated goods
. just received. To those who have worn
them no recommendation is necessrry.
Oct. «. UW3. GKO. W. T. KEARSLEY.
I HAVE iust replenished my Car{«-t Exhibi
tion with twenty-live new styles of C'arjwt
ing for the Fall and Winter trade.
Sept. !>. IXXrj. GEO. W. T KEARSLEY.
J EST receive*!. A Urge supply of elegant
School Satchels, Stationary, ink, Slate and
Lead Pencils and School Supplies in general
at Dr. C. E. Pratt's.
(10LD Sparklin/ Sxla Water, Ginger Ale
J and Deep Rock Water. Also Pear Phos
phates and the Celeb rate* l Horsford's Add
Phosphates on draught.
I)OoT BEER for M> dicinal P.irp* *-*•<. Sure
IV cure for Dy*pe|*uSi For sale by C. D. EB Y.

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