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(Old Jwmto Journal
JUM t >■ I SS ft.
TheCornet Band entertainment netted 185.
Mr. W. W. Johnson secured the contract
for painting the jail.
Mr. Win. Kahn left for New York on
Monday to secure new goods.
The town couucil has ordered that barber
-hops shall be closed on the Sabbath day.
The Charlestown Creamery shipped 1,2M0
pounds of butter by Adams Express on
Tuesday night. ^ ^
Sixteen pieces of bacou were taken trom
the meat house of Mr. Leavell near Shen
andoah Junction recently.
Mr. J. C. Holmes has contracted to erect
a commodious dwelling for Mr. R. Mit
Moore, on the I.eetown road.
Master Edward Reiuinger has for sale
some nice China A-ter plants. These are
grown from the seeds of choice varieties.
Purchasers of Strawberries will please re
turn empty baskets.
(’. P. Eby.
Among those who sustained serious los-es
by the high water in the Shenandoah were
Mf-srs. Nat. Conrad and Juo. W. l>aile ot
Blnoaiery. __ _
We acknowledge an invitation to be pres
ent at the Semi-Centennial Celebration of
ti. Virginia Military Institute on July 3rd
and 4th, lSoU.
Won. Strange, a colored man tn>m this
c >uuty, was drowned iu the Hood at Harris
burg, Pa., and Iks b >dy was brought here
and interred last Wednesday.
IVo k i.l kdarv aknvoN mi M.imlav nieht
and a great volume of water poured down
for hours, but our town ruu didn't magnify
itself—though it got pretty full.
It is reported that Mr. Will Bishop of
this town, and Mr. O. M. I>aaes and wile,
who were sojourners here a few months ago,
are among the drowned at .Johnstown.
Samuel 11. Cox. carpeuter on the B. & O.
R R.t fell from the trestle near the carpen
ter shops at Harper’s Ferry and fractured
his skull. He died, and leaves a wife and
four children. _
Three days before the ll 1 Rev. X. C.
Brackett urged strongly a movement to sup
ply Harper’s Ferry with water—but lie
wanted it from - nneof the beautiful springs
of the viciuitv. _
The improvements of I>r. James M. Ban
son’s dental ortiee having been completed,
h'“ may now be found there daily tor busi
ness. His office and its appointments are
creditable to his taste.
The h*-1* of growing wheat and corn, also
of stock, buildings, fencing, <Jfcc., of Mr. Ca
ry Seldeo on Leiden’s Island in the Poto
mac below Point of Rocks, bv the flood, is
reported to be very heavy.
Cadet L. McCoy Xulton, -on of Col. Jos.
V Xulton, of Winchester, Va., has been
assigned for the two years’ cruise to the
"Chicago ” Cadet Juliau Latimer, of this
town, will graduate in lX'o.
Harper’s Ferry is a candidate for the Re
form School. We should like to see the
g< d old town get it. It has lots of beauti
ful sites ihat can defy the Shenandoah and
Potomac at their worst to floo 1 them.
Mr. Charles Coens, residing near k'able
; wn, adjoining the farm of Maj W. H. I*.
Lewis, lost by the high water forty acres of
wheat, six acres of corn, thirty acres ot grass,
a ferry-boat and a large quantity of fencing.
Hiss Olive Virginia Evans, daughter of
Mr. Oliver P. Evans, of Clarke county, Va.,
< 1 Thursday in Baltimore. She was but
s t I * * __
ei^iueen years 01 agr, »uu iuiui^u^,
viva itv ami sweetne-s of character, had
made her many friends.
Mr. 11. H. Hiker, - »ti of the late Henry
l’.aker, of Windiest, r, Va., and Miss Be! e
K. Jordan, only daughter of K. C. Jordan,
of Jordan's Sulphur Springs, were married
iu i'hr’-t Episcopal Church in Winchester
hv R v. N I*. JXune Tue-Jay fv*-!iing, June
4th. ___ __
Jo!i i Br»wu’s “ Fort at HarperV Ferry
prevailed against the flood last week as it
i i i d me several tiin<- before, and stands a
i. mment to his military incapacity, and
' • the fact that-his lir-t victim at Har
r’s Ferry was an industrious, inotfen-ive
-red man.
We> arc indebted to (»en. Pass. Agent
1 ii vard Royer of tlic S. V. R. R. for
I uo 'shenandoah Valley of Virginia Ulus
aed”—descriptive of the beautiful coun
tr. m the line of the S. V. R. R. lhe
. pblet may be had free on application
' > Mr. Royer at Roanoke.
\t a meeting of the Hoard of Trade of
H rper's Ferrv two or three days preceding
(!• J, 1 >r. G mkell made an interesting
v .herein he cited the many advan
t. *s t-i he derived from “the improvement
Shenandoah. In the light oi sub
f ' ei nl- the wisdom of the Ihietor s
ru. irl - < beyond (juestion.
v g lrien 1 J. A. G. Shipley c*m
p i U4 by inviting U- to attend the
R. ph-Maeon Commencement Oelebra
th Literary Societies, June 19-5>.
By the very handsomely designed an<l exe
\ .tat ion we learnt!; it our townsman,
H . W L. Wi!- n, is the President-elect
ii Washington Literary s • i tv.
Is Incurable .*
1:1 the following; Mr t H. Morris,
N wark. Ark., says; “Was down with Vb
--of Luugs, and friend> and physicians
.nounced me an locurahit- Con-omptive.
.mu taking l>r King-' New ihseovery
for Consumption, am now on my third hot*
e, and able to oversee the work on my
farm. It is the finest medicine ever made.”
Jesse Middleware Ib-catur, Ohio, says:
H 1 it not been for Hr King's New l>is
•very for Consumption I would have died
Lung Troubh-. Wa* given up bv doc
tors Am now in best of health.’ Try it.
'ample bottles free at C. Frank Joue’s
hrug Store,
Mrs. Col. Lawson Botts is in town.
Hon. B. I). Gibson has gone to Morgan
Mrs. Gustav Brown has returned from a
visit to Baltimore.
Miss Julia Merchant is visitiug friends
in Harrisonburg.
Miss Irene McFaden, of Harper’s Ferry,
has been visiting Miss Sadie Johnson.
Mrs. Margaret Fidler, of Tippecanoe,
I Ohio, is visiting Mr. Fayette B. Souders.
Miss Lucy L. I.yne, of Shepherdstown,
visited Mrs. J. Ogden Murray last week.
Miv- Mazie Seueendiver has returned to
her home here from school in Martinsburg.
Mi" Viola Moler, of Harper’s Ferry, has
been visiting her cousin, Miss Minnie Moler.
Mrs. Capt. A. J. Thompson, of Clarke
county, Va , is visitiug her daughter, Mrs.
Wm. C. Ramey.
Mr. Julian A. Smith brought his family
up from Washington to visit his mother
Monday evening.
Mr. Stuart Hirschman came from New
York on Monday night and left for Morgan
town Tuesday morning.
Miss Fannie Campbell returned home on
Friday from a visit of several weeks to
friends in Washington city.
Mr. Geo W. Armentrout and bride, of
Middletown, Va., are visiting Mr. Geo. W.
Armentrout. the groom’s uncle, in this place.
Mai L. L. Dawson and family, of Phila
delphia ; also Mrs. Tyson, mother of Mrs.
Dawson, are at the Misses Keeri’s for the
Mr. I) Jannev Howell, accompanied by
his wife and the interesting, prattling
Beaudric, caiue on Saturday night for a
visit to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Howell.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Krepps, of Brooklyn,
M- II. .. T D.J*: ami montlu.r^
Mr. Maurice K repps’ family of Harper’s
Ferry, visited the Misses Ware last week.
Mr. Robert Baits of Baltimore, son of the
late Col. Lawson 15 itts whose grave is kept
green in Zion Churchyard, came up to be
present on Memorial Day. Never did son
have a more worthy sire.
Lt. 15. O. 8cott, of the war ship Trenton,
which was wrecked at Samoa, arrived in
Charle-town on Tuesday. Mrs. Scott and
children have been sojourning at Capt. Geo.
11. Flagg’s f*r months past.
The West Virginia Episcopal Council
as- tabled in Shephtd-town la-t week. On
Thursday it was ordered that a memorial
page to the it X. S. White, of Charles? wn,
be inserted in the journal of the council.
An election was held for deputies to the
General Convention at New York in Octo
ber. The following clerical delegates were
elected: Rev. L. R. Mason, of Shepherds
i wn; Rev. 1 ‘alias Tucker, of Charlestown ;
Kev. Dr. T. H. Lacy, of Weston and Rev.
R. D. Roller, of Charleston. Lay delegates
and iltcrn.it - elected are as follows: L. J.
Lee, of Shi pherdstown ; R. J. McCandish,
j of Parkersburg; 15. C. Washington, of
Charlestown, and W. T. Laidlev, of Cliar
b -ton. The clerical alternates are Rev. C.
C. Pearson, of Point Pleasant; Rev. J.
Br. ttingh in of Wheeling; Rev. 8. 8.
Moore, of Parkersburg, and Rev. J. 8. Gib
son, < f Middleway. The lay alternates are
Judge J. P. Rogers, of Wheeling; J. 1*.
L. gan, of I'nion; Benjamin Hurxthal, of
Roticeverte, and Dr. W. F. Lippitt, ot
R v. John 8. Gibson, chairman of the
committee, made a very strong report con
demnatory of the proposed new hymnal.
The standing committee oi the diocese
recommended for ordination to deacons
orders Jefferson R. Taylor and Richard A.
R trick, and for ordination to priests’ orders
Rev. Walter L. Burwell and Rev. Charles
M. Campbell.
On Saturday the old standing cemmittee
r.. » _ _— ll.o
venerable Dr. Lea.veil arose and said that
bv reason of age and imtirmitv he would
ask to be excused from longer serving on
this committee, of which he had been a
member for many years. The following
were then elected as the new standing com
[mittee: Rev. L. B. Mason, Rev. Dallas
fucker. Rev. John S. Gibson, Messrs. K. J.
I.,e. B C. Washington and 1. II. Strider.
After fixing upon the city of Charleston
a- the next p ice <>f meeting one year hence
and di votiof. il exercises conducted by the
Bishop the council adjourned sine die.
The young gentlemen who were before
th> Presbytery last week on examination
I' r licensure passed most creditably the or
deal, and were duly licensed to preach the
gospel. Call- for their services were put
in:-* the hand* of Messrs. McFaden, Strib
j ling and Link from Mariou, Virginia, I lk
i Garden, West Virginia, and Ceder Cliff,
Cedar Gr<»ve u.d Strasburg, Virginia, re
, speotively. Mr. McFaden was dismissed to
' the Abingdon Presbytery that he might en
ter upon his pastorate there; and meetings
■ t Presbytery were ordered for Winchester
oil the 7th o: July to ordain Mr. Graham,
who will go as a missionary to China in the
early Fall, and at Martinsburg on the :23rd
wt July i r the ordination of Mr. Stribliug,
who will then go to his charge of the Kik
' Garden church. The Presbytery adjourned
on lbursday.
I IVri/ Large Percentage
Of the American people are troubled with
m >-t aunoyiug troublesome and disagree
able complaint called “Catarrh.” It is not
netvs- iry to be troubled. It is demonstra
ted beyond ue-tion that Clarke - Extract
of Flax Papillon Catarrh Cure immedi
at iy relieve- and permanently cures Cata
rrh. A tbor-eigh and fair trial will con
vince you.
r.e Clark) - Flax Soap for the Skin
Catarrh Cun fl <“» Soap l’"* cents at C
Frank Jone- drug store.
The work of registration of the survivors
at Johnstown, Pa., up to Sunday evening
was 21,000 out of a population of 85,000,
The number of the 3>st is placed now al
5_o)>o by tin -e who held a week ago that il
would reach 10,000. A conservative e.-ti
m ite is between 3,500 and 4,000. flip lasl
statement ot the number of bodies recover
v el is 1,50*.*.
Memorial Day In Clxarlestoxnx.
On Saturday last our citizens made their
aunual tribute of flowers to the memory of
the heroic dead of the Confederate army re
posing in our midst. The congregation of
people from home and abroad was large,
and as we surveyed the multitude we noted
with sadness the absence of so many famil
iar faces of veteran soldiers who had, here
tofore, been accustomed once a year to meet
for the purpose of honoring the memory of
departed comrades. There is nothing truer
than the statement that “ We all do fade as
! a leaf.”
The procession was marshaled by Mr.
David Howell, assisted by Messrs. W. S
Merchant and Isaac H. Strider, and was
composed of the Charlestown Cornet Band,
the Jefferson Guards, the Citizens and In
dependent Fire Companies, and citizens and
visitors. As published in the programme
the procession first visited the graveyard
surrounding the M. E. Church, South, and
strewed with flowers the graves of Confeder
ates there; those of the P. E. churchyard
were next decorated, and then the column
moved on to Edge Hill Cemetery, where a
stand had been erected and preparations
made for the ceremonies. Rev. Dr. Hop
kins, President of Lee Memorial Associa
tion, called the assembly to order (a call
which was not as promptly or cordially res
ponded to as might have been desired or ex
pected ' and the exercises commenced with
Prayer, offered by Rev. Dr. Gardner, fol
lowed by beautiful ami appropriate music
by a choir organized for the occasion, under
the direction and leadership of Madame
Ruhl. The speaker invited for the day,
Capt. John J. Williams, was introduced by
; Col. R. P. Chew, a comrade in arms, with
graceful allusion to his patriotic devotion
, to the cause of the Confederacy and his
brave aud brilliant services in the late war.
Capt. Williams delivered with excellent ef
fect a carefully prepared address, elevated
in tone,—leading the thoughts of his hear
ers from sordid things” to the higher con
siderations of patriotism and duty, paying
eloquent tribute to the memory of the dead
and generously alluding to those who from
conviction of right fell fighting against us.
At the conclusion of Capt Williams’speech
the choir sang and Dr. Gardner pronounced
the Benediction. The Cornet Band then
gave some suitable strains and the Jefferson
Guards fired a salute of three rounds over
the soldiers’ graves, the choir then sang
“ Cover them over with beautiful flowers,”
and the crowd dispersed to strew the flowers
which had been brought in great abund
ance for the purpose.
Electric Hitters.
This remedy is becoming so well known
and so popular as to need no special men
tion. All who have used Electric Bitters
sing the same song of praise.—A purer
medicine does not exist and it is guaranteed
to do all tha' is claimed. Electric Bitters
will cure all diseases of the Liver and Kid
neys, will remove Pimples, Boils, Salt
Rheum and other affections caused by im
pure blood.—Will drive Malaria from the
system and prevent as well as cure all Ma
larial fevers. For cure of Headache, Con
stipation and Indigestion try Electric Bit
tors—Entire satisfaction guaranteed^ or
money refunded.—Price 50 cts. and *1 00
por bottle at C. Frank Jones’ Drugstore.
The Shonandoah Valley R. R. and Cen
tral improvement company case which has
so often occupied the attention of the court
and employed the best legal talent of the
country, and in which is involved a million
or more dollars, this week was argued by
eminent counsel before Judge Duckwall.
The counsel engaged and present: Judge
W. J. Robertson, of Virginia, IL C. Dale,
Samuel Dickson and Joseph S. Clarke,
of Philadelphia, F. P. Clarke, of Baltimore,
G. B. Caldwell, of Wheeling, A. W. Mc
Donald and A. Moore, Jr., of Virginia, I).
B. Lucas and W. II. Travers, of West Vir
ginia. All of the above-named gentlemen
except Messrs. McDonald and Travers are
guests of the Carter House. In addition
II . t I Iku Atlioe nriio«itu_■ 1 i * t i n < r 11 i * 11» i1
and otherwise—“too numerous to mention.”
you Were Once Beautiful, Mailam,
but your gla-- tells you that you are so no
longer. Why is this? It is because you are
suffering from functional derangement.
Ym may “paint an inch thick,” as Hamlet
s:iv-. but you cannot conceal the ravages of
di-ease. No wonder you are low-spirited.
But why sifter any longer? Dr. Pierce’s
Favorite Preemption will restore the bloom
to your cheek, the sparkle to your eyes, the
old-time lightness to vour step. It will
make a happy woman of you again. It
cures all those weaknesses, backaching,
bearing down pains peculiar to your sex.
The only medicine sold by druggists, under
a positive guarantee from the manufactur
er-. that it will give satisfaction in every
case or money refunded. See guarantee on
bottle wrapper.
At a meeting of the citizens of Charles
town, on Wednesday, Juueoth, for raising
contributions for the benefit of the Harper’s
Ferry sufferers from the late flood, Mr.
Geo. W. Haines was called to the Chair,
and V. N. Simmons was elected Secretary.
It was moved by Mr. G. D. Moore that
the Chair appoint a committee of three, to
wait upon the Town Council and request
that body to make an appropriation for the
Harper’s Ferry sufferers, and another com
i mittee of three to solicit subscriptions.
Motion carried.
The following were appointed to wait
upoft the Council: W. H. Travers, Cleon
Moore and F. W. Brown.
To solicit subscriptions: It. A. Alexan
der. G. D. Moore and T. W. Latimer.
The meeting then adjourned.
Geo. W. Haines, Chairman.
V. N\ Simmons, Secretary.
The Sewers of Paris
are one of the modern wonders of the world.
That marvelous network of underground
streams, over which the tourist can travel
by rail and in boats, constitutes the bowels
of the gay capital. This labyrinth of
stream- i- kept with scrupulous care; for
any obstruction in the flow of sewage would
be attended with serious results to the
health of the inhabitants of the city above.
| The sewers of the human system are the
liver and bowels, and in order to keep dis- j
ease out of the wonderful city of which they
are a part, they must be kept alwavs free
and unobstructed. Dr. Fierce’s Flonsant
Purgative Fellets are the be-t laxative and
cathartic known for the purpose. Tiny,
i sugar-coated granule-, in vials, alwavs >
[ fresh. ' I
Children’s service at Bethany (brown s
Crossing) on Sunday afternoon next. Rev.
Dr. Gardner will be present.
Rev. Dr. Gardner will preach at Bethany
on the fifth Sunday, June 30th, at 11 o’clock
a. m. Communion service. Preparatory
services on Saturday afternoon, 20th.
Rev. J. R. Graham, D. D., of Winchester,
will preach in the Presbyterian Church on
Sunday morning next. At night he will
preach the baccalaureate sermon before the
Stephenson Seminary young ladies.
Blair Says It's All Right.
Mr. S. 0. Biair, Chicago, sfvs: “We
could not keep house without your Clarke’s
Extract of Flax Skin Cure and Cough Cure.
We have used both for numerous troubles,
especially for our child. We recommend
the Cough Cure to every family having
children. Wc used it for Whooping Cough
with remarkably quick and satisfactory re
sults, and use it for any and every cough the
family may have.” Only one size, large
bottle. Price $1.00. If you want the best
toilet soap get Clarke’s Flax Soap, 25 cents.
Ask C. Frank Jones, Druggist, for these
Principal Hood losses at Harper’s Ferry:
Shenandoah Pulp Mill Co., $12,000; Jas.
McGraw, H. V. Daniels, T. M. Connor and
Daniel Hood $.‘>,000 each ; J. G. Hurst, $2,
500; J. C. Childs, Chas. Drew, Geo. Mc
Glincv, Thos. McGavey, T. W. Beall and
T. A. Kirwan, $1,500: R. Cavalier, Thomas
Burley, M. Waish and several others $1,000 ;
Mrs. Kate Cockerell, Joseph Myers, Geo.
W. Green, M. Kane, J. I*. Cleveland, John
Doll, Albert Bussard and several others $500.
The Ferry losses will aggregate $100,000.
Wevertou loses $10,000 and Point of Rocks
$4<>,0O0. Frederick escaped with the flood
ing of streets and basements. Frederick
county's loss is in crops and farm stock.
The bridges at Buckcvstown, Creagerstown,
Frederick Junction and contiguous points
arc gone.
IUicklrn’s Arnica Salve.
The Be>t Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions,and positive
ly cures Piles, or no pay required. It is
guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or
money refunded. Price 25 cents per box.
For sale by C. Frank Jones.
The Commencement celebration of Ste
phenson Female Seminary will include a
commencement sermon next Sunday night
in the Presbyterian Church by Rev. J. R.
Graham, I). 1>.; music and calisthenics in
Washington Hall on Monday evening, and
school exercises and distribution of prizes
and diplomas in the same place on Tuesday
evening. A cordial invitation is extended
to the public to attend the commencement
sermon. Admission to the hall will neces
sarily be by pari} of invitation, so that it
may not be crowded beyond its seating ca
A rare opportunity is presented for some
enterprising townsman to represent a nurs
ery firm that warrants stock to be delivered
in prime condition, so that a large, honora
ble and permanent trade can be built up.
Very liberal terms to the right man. Ad
dress James E. Whitney, Rochester, N. V.
This week we have something for the boys—
Knee Pants—from 4 years to 12, only 15c per
pair, worth double the money.
S. D. Hibschm \s a Co.
We have everything in Summer Goods for
men and boys and children at greatly reduced
S. P. Hibsciiman * Co.
P»ig reduction in our Straw Hat Department
for men, boys and children.
S. D. Hibsciiman A Co.
We have the nicest line of Flannel Shirt ever
in Charlestown. We bought them direct from
the Manufacturer. That's why we can sell so
much cheaper than anybody else in this town.
S. 1>. Hibschm an & Co.
Our Tennis Striped Shirts are the nicest thing
for hot weather. They keep you cool. Wc
have sold lots of them and have still more.—
Can give you all sizes.
ts. D. Hibschm an & Co.
Onr Millinerv Denartmcnt is stocked with all
the latest styles ill Trimmed and Untrimmed
Hats for Ladies and children. We make a spe
cialty in doing up crepe veils and bonnets e
qual to new. Prices reasonable.
S. D.Hirscum is A Co.
Ladies, don’t forget to attend our great
dial lie sale for this week only. Ten cent
cballie will be sold for this week only at
5 cts. a yard.
S. D. Hirschmax & Co.
Without indulging in boastful statements
we as-ert that we believe we convince every
buyer that our prices are absolutely the low
est in Charlestown, by which I mean that
mv clothing represents more genuine value,
quality, style and durability for the amount
you can afford to invest than is offered by
any other concern in this town. That’s the
verdict that has been cheerfully accorded
the Leading Clothier again and again by
thousands of patrons who have put the is
sue to the test.
Wm. Kahn, Sadler Building.
For the small boy—ages 4 to 14—an ele
gant line of suits at from 7oc. to So.OO. He
can assure you we will be able to save you
not less than a dollar on every suit. He
are determined to get a large slice of this
trade the coming season and wo are prepar
ed to offer the biggest bargains that have
ever been shown.
Wm. Kahn a Co., Sadler Building.
Boys’ and children’s week. Our large
Hue is now complete and we otter extraor
dinary inducements for you to cloth your
boys hendsomely and cheap.
Wm. Kahn a Co., Sadler Building.
You are cordially invited to examine our
beautiful line of Spring clothing.
Wm. Kahn, Sadler Building.
For clothing, go to Head Quarters. He
can show you the largest and finest stock in
the valley.
Wm. Kahn, Sadler Ruilding.
Examine our immense stock of children’s
clothing. Our stock this season is unusu
ally large and prices the lowest in town.
Wm. Kahn a- Co., Sadler Building.
On Thursday evening. May 30th, 1889, at the
Par-mage of the M E. Church, South, in
Charlestown, bv Rev. Dr. J. S. Gardner. Mr
—daughter of Mr. W. L. Hedges, all of this
In the M. E. Church, South, in Middletown,
Frederick covntv. Virginia. June 5th, 1889. by
Rev. F. A. Strother. Mr. GEO W ARMEN
TROUT to Miss CORA V. WILLEY—both of
that place. _
At his father’s residence on Camp Hill, Har
per's Ferrv, on Wedoesdav, June 5th, WIL
LIAM PETER WAGLEY, aged JOyears and 11
The way to the heart is through the purse.
The easiest way to a man’s good graces is
through his pocketbook. Give a man a
“tip" on a good thing and he becomes your
friend. The many advocates of our tine,
ready-made clothing are the people who
have profited by our advice to buy our reli
able clothing. It has cemented them to us.
e have reached their hearts through their
pockets, and now they are paying us by
recommending us and our clothing. The'
stores that advertise impossibilities wonder
why we flourish and grow.
Our tree is nurtured by the fountain of
reliability. Every branch bears blossoms
of economy.
We profit by a very large business and
the buyer by saving hard-earned dollars.
Take no chances ou quality for ours are the
best—best in make and finish—beat because
they are reliable and durable—best in fit—
the fit is everything in clothing.
Take no chances on the price, for our’s
is the lowest—loweft because we buy strict
1 v fnr pn.ti_lmvpst hppiinsp U P htlV five times
us much clothing as any of our competitors
—lowest because we are square dealers.
Take no chances for your children's cloth
ing. We arc leaving nothing undone to
please the boys and children—we ought to
say the mothers. The prices too. are un
usual; for just sea what we will do. Give
your boy or child a new suit, tie and hat.
Five times the largest and cheapest cloth
ing establishment in this town.
May 2:;, 1889.
Havo opened a school for the purpose of teach
ing all classes of people
The Most Complete System in
So Tailor or Dressmaker Can Afford to I>o
Without the System.—Only a few
Lessons Necessary.
Instruction Iloom in "Lee Hull Building'' op
posite Carter House.
A Competent Lady in Charge of Room.
For further particulars visit the room between
2 ami G P. M.
Agents Wanted.
Ladies orGentlemen to introduce the Nation
al Garment Cutter System and open Cutting
Schools throughout Jefferson County. Pleas
ant work and good pay. Teachers will find
this a profitable way of spending their vaca
tions. Only a few lessons necessary to fit one
for the work.
In large cities is a constant demand for good
Fitters at salaries ranging from $15 to $20 a
week. There are hundreds of young women
throughout the country who have the taste
and talent to fill such positions: all they want
is an opportunity, and a knowledge of the laws
that govern the art of dress-making. A want!
of this knowledge precludes the possibility of
reaching a high position as Cutter ami Fitter.
We will help you in this matter. We teach
you in detail the art of cutting. That our me- ,
ihod is not hard to learn is clearly demonstra
ted by the following testimonials of some of
the brat citizens of Grafton, W. Va. We could
give several columns of such and even stronger:
Grafton, W. Va.,
February, 1889.
Until quite recently I never attempted to cut
a garment of any kind in my life. After tak
ing four lessons I cut my sister a basque which
fitted perfectly without a change of seams.
Eva Hi ll.
Charlestown, W. Va., June 4, 1889;
It is with pleasure that I speak of the Na
tional Garment Cutter System. After a few
lessons onlv I bad very good success in fitting.
Some of my customers now request their dress
es cut by the system. I would recommend it
not only to dressmakers, but also to any lady
who does any part of her sewing, as it saves
time, worry add material.
Verv Respectfully,
* Mbs. M. E. Woodot, Dressmaker.
For forther information visit Instruction
Rooms in “Lee Hail Building, opposite Car
ter House between 8 a. ra. and 6 p. m., or ad
Charlestown, Jeff Co., W . \ a.
June 13,1689.
Summer Clothng,
— i I njti I i --
You can save dollars by dealing with
June 13, 1889. _
Cfl SP?FG til
To The Front
With an immense stock ot' Dry Goods, Notions,
Hats, 8hoes, Groceries, Tobacco and everything
ttiat is kept in a general store. These goods
were just bought in New York and Philadel
phia N/wf Cash and it will astonish you how j
cheap we are selling goods this season. Our J
is crowded to overflowing with nice fine Dress
Goods both American and Imported they con
sist in part of llennettas, Cashmeres. Tricots,
Nun’s Veiling, Malanges, Plaids, .Stripes, Ac.
A specialty in White Dross Goods, Lace Mus
lins, Piques, India Linens, Cussi meres, Cotton
udes. Cottons, Calicoes, Ac. Ginghams at a
big bargain.
is full and complete. A specialty in Corsets—
such as Thompson’s Glove-Fitting, Dr. String's,
Dr. Hall’s nursing and a complete line of mis
ses’corsets. Gloves for Gents. Ladies, Misses
and Children. The beet 50r. Kid dime in town.
Hosiery, Ribbons, Scrim, Gold-headed Para
sols, Umbrellas, I-adics' Gauze Vests, Gents’
Gauze Shirts, Colored and White Shirts for
men and boys, Ac., Ac.
Men's and Hoys’ Hats, a nice assortment the
latest styles in straw hats.
A very large stocKof Men's Women’s Misses'
and Children's Shoes sold at astonishingly low
needs no comments—for it is conceded by all
that we are the only house in town that keeps
a complete line. Sugars, Coffee*, Teas. Spices,
Dried Fruits, 1 runes, Ac. Canned Goods we
are selling at 8c. per can—the very best brands.
The best 50c. tobacco in town and the best 2
for 5c. cigar in town.
A larger assortment Ilian ever before, arid pri
ces way down.
Of Every Description.
We are Agents for one of the largest Broom
Factories iti the country andcansell brooms
at a low price. A Dandy for 15c. Churns,
Washboards. A specialty in Whitewash
Brushes, Ac., Ac.
We exchange Flour f«»r Wheat and Meal for
Corn at our warehouse in town as usual. Our
Flour needs no commendation—for it is known
far and wide as the leading Flour.
We deliver goods within the Corporation
free of charge.
Our motto is: “ t^uick Sales and Small l’ro- j
No trouble to show goods.
Thanking the public for their liberal patron- j
age in the past, we hope by polite attention to
merit a continuance. Remember the place:
Centre Room Sadler Building.
S. H. Landis, 4
John M. Howell. Salesmen.
David Rodeffcr, J
April 25, 1889.
tiie: valley
Cot. R. PRESTON CHEW, President.
Du. W. F. LIPPITT, Superintendent.
B. C. WASHINGTON, Secretary.
ROBT. CHEW, General Agent.
Charlestown, Jefferson County, West Virginia.
We call attention to our brands of Fertilizer
for Spring Croj>s—Corn, Oats, Potatoes, Ac., viz:
Ammoiiiated Bone Phosphate,
the latter reported by the Virginia State Chem
ist as follows: Available Phosphoric Acid, 15 3-5;
Insoluble Phosphoric Acid, 2.2s: R< lativeCom
mercial Value, 21.49.
This is of our own make the present season.
Pi re Ground IIaiv Rone
in full supply, also KAINET, Ac.
always on hand.
April 4, 1889.
• Mayor's »Yoticr.
I HEREBY call the attention of our citizens.
J in compliance with the law of the corpora
tion o Charlestown, that all dirt or filth of
anv kind that produces an unpleasant odor or
taints the air, must he removed from their
premises—from cellars, yards, gardens. h<»g
pens, sinks, stables, alleys slaughter houses,
and outhouses general}'. The streets also, as
well as the above named premises, in front of
each residence and business house, must be
cleaned. _
I hope every good citizen will comply with
above request; and any person offending here
in, upon the complaint of any citizen, or the
information to the Sergeant, shall be fined not
less than one nor more than five dollars.
Respectful ly.
May 16,1889. Mayor.
What’s the Matter With
On, He’s All Kight !
Foreign ami Domestic 1
For Man, Woman and Child.
Infinite Variety of
Dolls. Games, Novelties,
An«l in store also large supplies of sweetmeats
and the essential elements for Cakes and Pud
dings for the Holiday time.
Families or individuals supplied with CAKE
of every kind. FRUIT CAKE a specialty.
All made to order or for sale at my counter. I
have made unusual preparation to supply the
Oysters—the best quality—sold in quantity
to suit purchasers.
Pec. 13, 1888. HENRY DUMM.
Respectfully Is your attention to his elegant
stock of
Cakes in all its Branches;
all fresh ami fine. Prices guaranteed as low
ns any ether house in town.
Thankful for past patronage, and hoping to
merit a continuance,
I am Respectfully,
Pec. 13.1888. GUSTAV IJROWN.
The Outfitter,
is ready for a
HAVING increased my stock very much be
yond past seasons, I now offer to the
The Largest Stock of Clothing
In Jefferson County.
The Largest Stock of Shoes
In Jefferson County.
The Largest Stock of Hats
In Jefferson County.
The Largest Stock of Gloves
In Jefferson County.
The Largest Stock of Neckwear
In Jefferson County.
The Largest Stock of Underwear
In Jefferson County.
Tiic Largest Stock of Overalls
In Jefferson County.
The Largest Stock of Trunks and Satchels
In Jefferson County.
Rubber t lolhiug, Umbrellas, (’alien. Tobacco,
Cigars, Ladies' Collars and Cuffs, Gloves,
April 18, 188!k
Price List of Tivvare
AT C. H. EBY’8.
14 Quart Bucket only SO*-. 12 Qt. Bucket I5c.
4 “ ” cover’d lie. 3 “ “ cov. 00.
2. 07c. I .. 06.
Wash Boiler t'offe. Pots from 8 to 3>c.
3-piece Painted Chamber Set* only $1.25.
Wash Basina at 4.6. 7. and 10c.
Rinsicg Pans Njt. ltt l(*p 2bc. 12qt.23csnd
l.*jt. 2.V Painted Bucket’* from 22 to 40c.
Retined .Stew Pans atb, n, 10, 12. 14. Ik and 20c
5 Gai. Oil Can and Pump $1.75.
Tin Cui»« and Plates, Skimmers and everything
in Tin line used in family at Rock Bottom
April :i. IMP.
I F Taxes are not paid promptly I will be
compelled to sell property as the law di
rects. No other help for it.
Deputy Hhcriff.
June 16. 1887
Spirit and Deru. cdpy.
Salesmen Wanted
To handle our 8j<ecialties and Ornamental
Stock. Steady work at good pay. No experi
ence necessary Any man not afraid to work
can succeed with us. Salary and expenses paid
to good men the year round. Success guaran
teed. Write for terms.
E. C. BELOV ER A (X).,
Nurserymen. Geneva, N. Y.
Feb. 14. '80—Im.
rpHE undersigned will pay top market price
1 in Ca»h for Wool delivered at the Jefferson
Woolen Mill (Old Porter Factory) or in Charles
town at Adams Express Office.
May 25.1889. ___
tor /{flit.
four rooms—good water near.
Apply to GEO. H. HAGLEY.
May 30. 1889,
OOAP8.—Wehavein store a large stock of
O Toilet Soaps. We call special atuattwi to
1 our 10and 7 cent soaps. AlSQcITH A CO.

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