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Vitgiuiu f.xtt ^tcss.
tdr fm Free Press* is published weekly at
ften /*<//.».•» null Fifty Cents I’rr Annum.
ZdT'One Lhtlhir u ml Twenty-Put Cents for Six
_J4T The t«mis of advertising are, h»ra square
(one-inch) or less, On* ikU.-itf n>"l F/ty * ruts
for three insertions—larger ones in the same
proportion. Km ti continuance Fifty tents.
.-er-N'o advertisement to be considered by
tbe month or year unless specified on the man
uscript. or pre viously agreed bet weeu the |>ar
X4T An advertisement not marked on the
copy fora sped tied number of insertion* will
be continued until ordered out, aud payment
will be exacted accordingly.
ff#~IUoctAR Advertisements—To avoi«
any misunderstanding on the |»art ot the an
nual advertisers it is proper to state distinctly
that their privilege only extends to their im
mediate business Real Kstate. Legal or other
advertisements sent by them to be an addition
al charge, and no variation.
8#*iIbiluarv notices of more than five lines
will t*e charged for.
jolt WORK.—Foster*. Sale Bills, orculars.
Colds, etc . executed promptly, neatly and at
fair price*.
Profession a! i ants.
~ |»|f YSICl 4 V it Sl im EOS.
Ch‘vUst»ten. Jefferson thnnty. West li/fwi#.
April 4. IN74.
CK-irUst>-wn. Jefferson Omnty, West Viri/inm
Having resumed the practice of Medicine, of
fers his lYofesslonal services to the public.
Oittce next door to residence, near corner of
George and Main streets.
UmiiH -W I s?»i
J A\1 KS ,\1. KA.N&UN. Jr..
tdfers his Professional Services to the citizens
of 1 luirlestowu ami Vh iniljf.
:«'iidkeiu Ui'xm Bcilpi.xu. in the rooms
recently occupied by lion. Andrew Hunter as
Low Odice*>,op|io«*ite Court House, Char.estowu. j
West Virginia.
April Id, lsv>—y.
Ha' located in Charlestown for the practice of i
lit' profession. is'Uppiieil with ah Hie m "Urn
appliances and prepared lo serve the puotic in
a satis lav lory manner
othveiu bin.thug of Mr H O ralbott, near
ly opposite first Nation* Hunk.
June J?, I"!1.
^y .\l H. TKAVERS,
ChnrieM»wt, Jejftrmtu County, li o/ liV./iimi,
Will practice in the Courts of tlusCouiity ami
the adjoining Counties.
UUice neat >iooi to tue residence of Mrs. Max
well. and nearly opt>oaiie the"Carter House.
Suvemlier Jd. l*«.o.
Ch i »■ ’.‘"u i Jerfri v.i/1 (.uiutljf, ti es/ IVryouu, ]
Will attend t<> < a'<'s in the several Courts of
We-t Virginia. Virginia and Maryland.
v^Oitice hi Uibson Law Building, in Court
House yard.
July 17, ls>d.
George Baylor. Wiu. L. Wilson.
Cha- ie»t"wn, Jkjffi'*1* CW.-’y, I'./yiuw,
*Vill attend the l ourts of Jeiferson ami Berke
ley Counties, and attend lo other law business j
iu the State ot West Virginia, special alien- 1
lion given lo collections.
March 5, I'To
ChwitM'.it », orjfr. .«•><* ti-oiit’j, Wear I eyiniii,
Wiiil practice in Jefferson and adjoining Couu
urti v iu Northern end of Lawyer's How.
'•■pteiuber Jn, I'7.1—tl.
^ j.t xwnb.
/. rrycitU, Clarke County. Wroinia.
(’kurUstoH n. Jejfrr&rn County, Weal l iiywut,
Will uiiilertaisi' cast.' jointly in the Courts ol
both of Situl t ‘••unties.
May tl,
Wns\ ojto-, CUy, District iff V“i •!*&»•*.
wttii' *♦ and lt> t'hauncey Building, 321
a<l •:> t; Street. S. VV.
April J" 1*7'
.1 r; ORAL 1 AT L III
• . U |. Jcjf< *>* lW*fy, We ■»
Practice'm Hie * otirts of Virginia and West
\ i Attention i*uidtuculles Uunui e: *ints.
Jan. IV, 1 v<*.
, o< Vi, J*j‘ ' 1 On ••'.'/ H rsf l iryiuf'l.
1 • t“ ease' i> t • dil!> Ht I ulirtsol w e*l
'• na and Maryland. Attention given to
P* '!■•'!'and all ei.taotss ol Claims against the
' tiuvernment.
«r '^•eeiut attention to Collections.
J m. 10 I*>!».
Frank Beckwith. T. C. Orectt.
J) KWifll a UKEES.
. !.,u u, Jijfiram Coo -ty. Wat lujuii.
\\ . -.tctice m the Courts of Jet! rson Ih-rke
1 \|or. hi ..inti.' tn the C ito l Stale'
, i art at Martin' . . _• • i i :.i tin '•U
Co in of Appeal' of West Virginia.
*■, al o’tent "it., tiie collection ot claims,
i i napt remittance* of the '.tine
u ■*» in Law 15 litding, re*arof Court-hausc.
\» i. 10. I " *.
Tim w>*»k ^
^ Jb&M'
NO cuar MO PAY
OLIVE MtOSSOJI-U the greatest booa
* .i K.. .<• ycu'C'i forms off' --e
*• . r . h a. 1 iilul Menslruaii n. Korea
®- , A* ■ *», hiiiM, Osariaa * I 1 -’■* <1
1 ■ r. in lb- ,r early sta.es, and th» U ns “»* °*
if. e . d u ncni. .-alne St "eric.* that
- tirepaijr- t 1 ry it and T<"i » iMCJia. M
e -erf.of others hare: "Oh, 1 feel Ahead.-..rent
» I m« m ■ .. s trea- mem set I po-t- aid to
»: y part of me L n.ud biases on reio pi ct tl. '»*
s. ■ M ,r y refunded if a cure is not etlrc ed
•her • ’r -., c:,,ers t ^.rect ons. Address 1.K
l*MCl HlCICAl IMTITUTC CO., Coccaav*.On-O.
Oct. a. lvsi—iy
laiie Superintendent of Repuirs of Public
Chark"'own, Jefferson County West Virginia.
I now offer tuv services again as
Architect and Builder,
as well as a General
Contractor or Superintendent
for all c*a*se> of Ituildirg. ami Ke|*uir work
neatiy ami promptly done Plan* and S|*eyiti
cation ami estimate's uirnished upon applica
tion M> aim shall lie to give volt work fallal
to the best in the I’uited Mates in material
and workmanship. I defy any city mechanic ,
to beat it in workmanship or in time ol com
plet ion.
My ptst experien e in the ei vtion ot the j
following large buildings attest my ability as
a bunder mi.«t Contractor : Oakland Hotel. 1>
A O.. I.urav Inn. S. V. K. »i. Koanoke Hotel
and Passenger Station, lomtiokc \a.. ,
a d cl the stations on the Shenandoah Valley
K R and the handsome station tor the Nor
folk an i Western K. It at Norfolk, Green s Ho
tet ai llnpers Ferry. Harrisonburg Court
House. It •*.kIngham comity. \a . the It. A O.
stations at Charlestown a- d Grafton and other
jsunts ..t the ro.»d all were done under my su- j
pervision- «s well as numerous buildingsenx't
ed here plans and s|witiL*utii*ii9iil which 1 litr
Dish to the s.iiisiaction of ail parties. So if
vott want a tirst-t .i'» building according to j
modern slvle of architecture. with the best
seasoned i ateiial and tirst-clu's work, wi'li
interior tini'ti eeilings or sfle Walls in unv de- ,
sign in soft or hard wood, 1 can do it at less
cost urn! shorter time than any eitv builder can
do it f..r \."U So w hatever da." of work you
want linn.' in rough or tine or extra fine, 'hall
hate tin* same cur.*- shall be done to your en
tire sati-l Mon bui hear in mind that I will
give v*mi li ': class material free of any delects,
with first- a-s workmen who understand their
lx done tt11v where. Mv lnotto 'hull lie ti* give '
>.iti>:at 'ioii in u'l who employ me. whatever ,
grade ot w>rlc vou wai t, prices will lie all evi- ,
de ee. llld buildings will lie altered to aliv I
imxlern d*sign <il aivlii'et ture you may de-ire.
- i il \oil pirpo-e to build or make alterations
or repair-ami you want it done in workman- !
like manlier give me a call and V'»u w ill save
... \K past experience of 24 year- ns h
builder and inv e.\perieiiee ol four years and
four ilay - as the t* ’tieral Sum'rintendent of lb
pair* ol Publie Buildings will give you the!
guarantee of having it done lir-t cla-s in every .
ri—pev' in the must approved style ol modem
May.tu is- JUI.1U3C HOLMES.
Acoi st" hclti, K. L. I’khx .«cx. Jr..
Painter. Smith.
Now Car.iage Fact:ry,
Charleston n, *mtn< County, H. In.
It T K the undersigned haveentered intoat'o- !
» » Partnership for the purpose of Manufac- i
luring and Keputring
spring Wag nl', 1 togt arts. Sulkies,Sleighs. Ac.. 1
’ll a- tine st v ie as ran l>e done anv where in tin ;
Union at tmxlerute prices. Being practical |
met haliii■* we will lie enabled to do all work |
on correct systematic principles, thereby pro- i
din ing work, durable ami handsome.
We have secured the servK:sof 2>ii‘ fuo*.
Kvan. 'o favorably known for; ear: :n CCUnet
tion with Maj. Hawks Factory to •’V^ciit'? th-*
woodwork on our manufacture •
Hoping to receives fair slum ror
age. we pledge ourselves to gi ' *
Z4r" : ip-on Blootuery Turn *••.*2 square* 1
from Main St.
May 21, 1*n>—tf.
To the Public.
HAVIN'* pun‘ii»*e<l the FLO l It and fill IS T
MILL at t iiarlestown kltt wn as the
”L"v xe Mill."and put it in thorough r.-jo.ir lor
the i i.iiiufav’turc "f the very lie-t quality m
Burr, or oat process Hour, we re-pectfully |
-oln it pnb . patronage I In re will always lx
»n luuid . stt|*ply ol Fiour. < orn Meat. Min
r »*♦ ' 1 ' * ■ • . i * x » • '»*, " '' • ’ rav., »vi • oiv wi x.»
all .mieis wil! he dedved at home ol customer
Mr 1 F Eddy .m ex|MTiei>o-d miller. i» in
terested with us iit ttie .Milting Business, aim
will give inompt attention to all orders.
t 11A .; I. I„> I t • \V N \V A rK K A M Fti. IO.
Aug. a* Ivsii. _
HAS a lull line of Blair s llamly Paper Td
lets for sale, both for Pen A Pencil.
French Paper in tablets 35cta.
Linen Paper “ ** 33.
Bill Heads " “ 33.
{statements “ -13.
Blanks receipts. Bonds Ac 10.
« all and examine them.
Owing to the reduction ol lax on t^niuine.
and tor tlie bvuetu of the indicted, weotlcr the
same at sJ.OO per ox.
Have on hand all the popular patent me<li
ciiies A - ■ keep ail School Books A supplies
UKO. f. Lit ill r.
Feb. 13, lv*3.
><>DY A SANK Y Hymns—l, 2. 3. and 1.
|{(M)I SUPPLIES.—I iltf* ju't r..
^ ,i k «>l St ImwI Supplier- umhI Pmctb
Slate Pencils. Pens and Pen Holders. Compo
sition B • "ss.
IlUTPRE Frames—jx-rfectlv lovely: Corres
pondent *■1 'ards—“ Daisies " Playing* ards
from J) cts. to 75 cts.; Mourning Paper and En
vel* >j*es
\’ VCITM Oil. for Harness; Carbolic Acid
jiieis |(1.f Imttle: insect Powilers .’si cts
B*. :ne verv best. Hog Powders. 3** cts B>.—
Sold hv UEO. T. I.Dilir,
O. t. 1*:. |ss4. Druggist.
Adams Express Office
• Yttltonal Stank Stniht in%.
Oue Door West of Bank.
April 10. ls.s; Agent.
I'VERY farmer should have a ran of our
*j Brown or Red Paint. It i' put up in | and
one gallon cans, already to put oil. The very
tic j i-- :■ timing gales pumps. roofs. and all
vii.s of agricultural implements.
AlBt^l'ITH A CO.
Apr. »♦>. s3.
Star her Shop.
'PIIF. room in the rear of Wats.ni House, in
I. the. [ev. has been refitted ami handsomely
furnish*-1 with in;proved Chairs, Ac. and will
1. P ted hv Samuel Brown Customers
ire tr. I of cleanliness in all the ap|»*int
luents i l comfortable, prompt wdomrnmtu
clothes Renovated.
May '1 ls*{*
wMi.YPS - We have in store a large 't<»ck ol
O ToiU-t Soap* We call special attention tc
our Wand 7 (V * vipt. AlSJQt-lTU A O0.
Braddock Tistillery,
Cumberland. .Md . August 14 1888.
Having been under assignment *' l "ited
States st ’ivkee|(ers and gaugers at the Brad
dock distillery of James ('lurk while in opera
tion, we hereby certify that in the manufac
ture of the Braddock Pure Rye Whiskey only
rye uml barley malt are Used. Respectlully,
J P Willard,
I. H Trook.
Jnrtx II Yocso,
P. l.lLLts.
U. S. Storekeepers and Gaugers,
Cumberland. Mil.. Aug. 13 l*s*.
Cl/trkd' Co.. Oislilltf*. die , ( umheilnnd:— ]
Gcxtlemks — For several years past we have
used your whiskeys in our practice to the ex
clusion of all others. Repeated trials of vour
Malted Rye an * Harley Malt Whiskeys have i
convinced us that they are the purest and most ,
uniformly reliable goods that we can tind lor (
our sick. Yours truly,
Titos M. IIf.aly M P.
W. W. Wiley M P.
M. A R F. Carr. M. P.
C. H.Our M. I».
Pr F. K Goldsho rough a well-known phy- ;
sician of Washington, P C., wiites:
Oakland. Md . August 14. 1888.
.1 lews James Clrt't d" Cn , Cumberland Md ■'
Gentlemen—I take pleasure in saying that I
regard your Braddock W lii-kcy as a line and j
excellent article, and cheerfully recommend it I
for medicinal u»e.
Very truly yours,
K. II. Golpsborocoh, M. P.
Winchester. Ya , Ang. 10, 18*8.
Jamr* Ctui ke d' Co . Cumberland. Md :
Pear Sirs— I have fi*sjueiitly used in my |
practice here your Braddock Pure Rye and j
Harley Malt Whi-kcye. I believe them to he <
perfect I \ pure and free from all adulterations.!
Your> truly. W. P. McGvirk, M. P.
July Id, l**9-1y.
Office Uitison Building. Charlestown.
Representing the following Companies:
Fire Insurance Company.
the largest and most popular Fire Insurance
Co. in America.
Hartford Life and Annuity of Hartford.
Equitable Life Assurance Society of C. S.
.turn Life Insurance Co., of Hartford.
Phoenix, of Hartford.
Continental, of New York.
Pealwdv. of Wheeling.
German, of Wheeling.
Jett'erson, of W heeling.
Liverpool and London and Globe. of England,
the largest foreign Company doing business in
J. S FLEMING. Shepherdstown ;
C. L. BA KM I ART. DiilHelds;
J A >. W. LEAGUE. Middleway.
CHAs II TRAIL. HuriK-rs Kerry.
A sworn natement of the conditions of all j
Foreign ln>u-ance Companies represented in ,
this Agency will he found at tin- Clerk s Ottice. I
in complialiie with State laws. All losses ;
promptly adjusted and paid at our office.
Respectful E\
February 1.’. 1SW. Agents.
The Jeferson Co. Mutual
Fire Insurance Company.
K. A. Al. XANDKK. Secretary.
Ottice. Gibson B ding. Court-House yard.
CL irlestowu.
OFFERS to the p !e of Jefferson County.
Insurance in u *• . Company at the actual
cost of insurance, wh i is much cheaper than
the rates usually char-- !. and keeps the money
it home. Good risks t out responsible parties
are invited.
Executive Committee meets every Friday.
IMKtltiaj- i, iiuui »».
J. Garland Hurst, J u W. Rider. W. 11
l-. Lewis, R. Preston flu Win. L Wilson.
Eugene Raker,S. W. Wash gtuti. H. L. Snyder
• 'liarles I*. Wilson. John It. Zittle, .laeoh S.
Melvin. E. G. W. Herr. »tm.ie H. Strider.
fUL. R P. CHEW. .President.
H. B. DAVENPORT.Treasurer.
Executive Committee— .1 Ilur.st, Wtu.
H. I'. Lewis. Eugene Baker, '-aac 11. Strider,
It. P.fliew, S. W. Waslnugioi .
Local Ai.kxts.—Muidleway-J. G. Shirlev;
Harper's Kerry—Clots. E. fn-.'d; Shepherila
luwn-J.S. Fleming; Durtields- C. L.Barnnurt,
i 'tiarlestowu—Washington .V Al xander.
\Ve don’t use small tin and
want everybody to know il
file reason why we don t is
lhat it you have small tin put
on your root tin* more seams you
will have and the more leaks
will be in your roof. Call on
us and we will prove to you
that large tin is the best to put
on your roof It will pay you
to look around. You will not
only save time but money by
calling on
Apr. IB. 'H5.
Howard and Baliimore Streets,
Baltimore, Md.
ITAKE th’s method of informing my friends
ami the public generally lliut I have leased
tnealnive well-known hotel for a term of years,
and have thoroughly renovated and refurni-.li
c*t the same. 1 ho* e. by polite ami strict at
tention to business to merit a liberal share of
public patr-oiage.
Terms—$1 and VO per day.
Aug. 8, 1Proprietor.
Surveying and Conveyancing.
I WILL surrey anrwbere. promptly and ai
«bnrt notice—accurac* guaranteed, spect.
attention uaid *n connection therewith to l>K A "
l.X't) DKEDS oraot •uberinstruinenti' •>! Writing
P. 0.—Cbarleatown, Jeffer.oD C'*., W. Va.
Deo. 8, 1877. S. HOWELL BROWN.
Is not this the 6th time I hare halbsolci
these boots ?
Customer—Yes! Since I hare used WOLFF'3 ACL!£
BLACKlhi. my t"*ots wear longer than bafe-e ar.d
are always bright and clean.
Is the Blacking for Men, Wontn axi
Making Leather Waterproof cud Durable.
Ko Brush. A Shine Lasts a W<ck.
Can be washed with water, same as Oilcloth.
The Finest Dressing for Harness.
Sold by Shoe Sto-e« Grocers. Druggists,
and roto-ilers generally.
wo! ff & Randolph, phocelphis.
g psu
Sick Headache and relieve all the troubles inci
dent to u bilious state of the system, such as
Dizziness, Nausea. Drowsiness. Distress alter
eating. Fain iu tiie Side. &e While tlieir most
remarkable success lias lieen shown iu curing
Headache. vet Carter’s Little I.tver Pills
are equally' valuable in Constipation, curing
and preventing this annoying complaint, white
they also correct all disorders of the stomach,
stimulate the liver and regulate the bowels.
Even if they only cured
Ache they would lie almost priceless to those
who suffer from this distressing complaint:
but fortunately their goodliest does not end
h-re. and those who once try them will find
these little pills valuable in so many ways that
they will not be willing to do without them.
Dui after all sick head
is the bane of so many lives that here Is w here
we make our great boast. Our pills cure it
wliile others do not.
Carter's Little f.tvrn Tills are very smnil
an I very ease to take One or tw o pills make
a dose. They are strictly vegetable nnd do
not grijie or purge.teiiit In their gentle aetion
please nil who use them. In vials nt 2" cents;
five for ?t Sold everrwhefM. or sent by mull.
SS3IKMI CO., Jn T::i.
MU M fell Bile. W fife.
July I'. liwD ly.
Cloth & Cold Binding
Hi l iips itilb Sl«l Lo|nm{i
H ill.Hi HILL.
1 Per era. Corniest Ion, lidUnmiatlons... .*5
» Worm*. Woim l‘t>'cr, "orui < ohc.. .
.‘i Cr> Ititf Colic, or Teclhiiitf ot liifsulS. .2}
•I Ikiurrlit'fft. uf Children or Adults.. ...
ft llysfiitcrv, Cri|ii*»K. Hiliou* Colic.2}
l» Cholera .uorliiH, \ •muling. •
? Coughs. Cold, Ikotichitia ....2*
H \«*tiinltfin, Tootliaflui I ncase f .2ft
«> 11 end it rite*. Sick kh'sdarlis. \ erfitfo .25
ToTTT^TnmmTlhi',j!'i'i"ij'-b... .2}
11 (•u|ii»re».eoor 1 iilnful I erlod* *■*
12 Willies, loo l*mftt«c Periods...
IS 4 rimii. touch. Difficult Breathing.2.3
|‘l ►nit Itbeiiin. Kry.ipvln-. Kitiplions.. .23
13 Hli.iiumtisin. Rhemnatie Piuns. -3
Hi Vrxer mid ,\«t*e. Chills. Malaria.311
17 l*ile«. blind <>r Weeding...... •••••• .3t*
I** (iiinrrb. Intlnenzs. < "M in the Head ..ill
21* W limM'iu# Cough. 3 ident Oongha.. .3<>
•» , i;t.nrriil Debility ,Physical Weagueta .30
\ervon« Debility ••• ■ •• 1'VI!
30 I riliary Weeklies*. Werllpgliml... .30
30 lij.enses ul ibe Henri. I .-il|.iteti.^-i !.<*<»
$ P E C B F b <C S a
In use a) yc r< Tho od'v successful remedy tor
Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness,
nnd l'r< trati n, from* over-work or other causes,
ft per vial, or 5 vials and Innre vial powder, for
y ILO IV |l.:i(vii«TS or mnt postpaid on rec.ititol
price.—lt«m’’lirej»* Mnllriart a.. IO‘J t utloa M.. N. l.
Keeps nothing hat the hot of everything ir
the line of
Stores ami Tinware.
—o: anti makes :o—
I invite the public to call and see my good*
and 1 know they will be satis tied both in qual
itV pMnU and in pruts*.
Mv i> cMii*|ilele, my good* ar* the lx*
I that cut be had. 1 know it will pay you t<
| dll at my
North Charles Street,
CllAlil E-SIt>\VN, WEST VA.,
and I printis: to please you.
Very respect U.lly,
JNO W • lit 38ELL.
July I. l"9-y._
.notice: notice:
\\" B are tiie leader in Low Prices and Ilea
'V Quarter*6»-Tinware. P"provetliefM
to you w ■ are selling the be-t fruit Can in th
nni’ket. v it it a guarantee with every one, a
the small ,>rice of 4ll06iit> jkt d z,-ii. llopin
\OU will c ill before buying elsewhere, wean
Yours, very tnilv.
Sept cm hi r 5. «9. C. I>. ELY.
I __ - —
4 IX per*nu« indebted to tho tinder-'cnr
will find their menu t' with (.Fran
Gaduher and are requeyh d to sett le t he satin
All accounts against uie you "til prevent I
hi,,,. C. FKANK JON Ed.
1 September A
-Virginia i’rrss.
j ir. H. ll OALLAHEB, Editor.
Ona rleetoien. Jefferson County, 1%'rst Fa.
November 90, 1880
The Result.
The following is from the pen of “Invisi
ble"—11 contributor to the Washington Ci'y
Sunday Gazette a Republican paper that fa
vored the election of Billy Mahone :
“To say that I, in common with many
millions of Americans, was profoundly as
I tonished at the genera result of the elec
tions last Tue-d ty is to state what everybody
or almost everybody, has felt. There were
differences of opinion, of course, as to tie
magnitude of the victory or the defeat in
each of the States, but very few persons—
none that l know—believed that the Dem
ocrats would carry Ohio and Iowa, while
there was a general b< lief on the part ot
Republicans, supplemented by a fear enter
1 mined by thousands of Democrats, that .Ma
hone would carry Virginia bv a heavy nui
i jority. The absolute defeat of Foraker in
: Ohio, however, was not dreamed of by eith
er party, greatly reduced though his major
ily might be, as many Republic.it s feared,
as many Democrats hoped. But that he
would be “snowed under” by the decisive
1 majority of 13,000, and that a Democratic
| Legislature would be chosen was s meihing
that even the imagination of a Tuscarawas
COUVKV Iirvrr umcrnru.
Still inure improbable was the idea that
1 Iowa would be carried by the Democrats
The latter themselves, in the wildest fanta
sies induced by smuggled whisky, never fan
cied they could carry that State. Had they
believed such a thing even possible they
would have “humped” themselves and swept
theState, Legislature and all. like a cycb ne
To sum up: Massachusetts is kept in tin
Republican column by the slightest of plur
alities. It was a I’yrrhic victory for Repub
licHiiism there. We can imagine t! e
ghost of blurt’ old John Andrew, as I e
remembered the 70,OIK) or HO.000 major
ities he used to roll up, tumiifr uneasily
in bis grave and swearing as deeply a» a
Puritan ghost’s conscience would allow
him at the decay and decline of thcG.O. 1*
West of the Hudson the Republican de
, feat was complete. New ^«»rk was over
whelmingly Detiiocratic. New Jersey wen'
back t«< the ancient faith with a bound
Pennsylvania stood firm, but douotless it
was because the Democrats t ere didn’t tr\
to do ativtliing. Ohio and I own astonished
everywhere. There are no Deni ernts in
Nebraska, constquently the Republican*
bad a one-sided tight there.
In the South the triumph of the “Unter
rifled” was equally as great. In Man land
the only consolation the Republicans find i*
that they carried Prince George's county b
a small majority. Virginia roll d up tin
largest Democratic majority she ever gave,
and henceforth is a* “solid a* Mississippi
or Mis»oiiri, in which States there are no
Republicans to make any fight. I be Deni
ucratie victory is complete. To put it in
another form, the Republican deft at is
i crushing.
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How the Island Hountaln of Sun Loren
zo Got It* Some.
“Whenever seismic disturbances are
mentioned in ray hearing it always reminds
me of the desperately calamitous aflair!
that took place in Callao, Peru, in 1746.
said the cap'n breaking in on a spirited
discussion touching the best quality of oil
for binnacle lamps. It is needless to say
that earthquakes had not been mentioned
or even thought of by any one present
except the cap’n himself. But it the
cap’n sail! earthquakes why earthquakes
it was, and the sailors placed themselves
in convenient listening attitudes.
“Was you there, cap’u ?” asked the lub
I her.
“Cortaiulv I was; been there several
| times. This seismic dis”
“How old a man are you, cap’n ?”
“Forty-two on my last birthday,” re
plied the cap’n. “Sav,” he continued, as
; lie divined the drift ot the lubber's que
tion, “if it wasn’t for the sailors here I
would pipe down on this story at once.
You, measly, lop eared idiot, did you
; ’spose 1 meant that I was in (’allaoat the
time of earthquake 146 years ago ? Hasn t
! the fact possibly been jammed into your
! skull that I was there since the upheaval y
If 1 didn’t have sense enough to sit and
listen to intelligent remarks l d keep iim
• figure Ik*uI closetl/’ ami the cap n looker
| daggers at the wretched lubber.
“Don’t lie too hard on the poor cu p.
cap,” suggested one of the sailors. “He
ain’t never been nowhere or don’t know
“That’s a fact,” said the captain,some*
' wluit mollified ; “but I do get water log*
j ged laying up alongside of such unita
sonable folks, hut I reckon I’ll have to
.land it. Now, if somebody will tell me
what I was talking about I’ll get under
way again.”
“Earthquakes!” shouted the sailors.
“Si it was,” said tlie cap’n, again re
suming his reminiscent expression. “TI e
desperate disaster of which I spoke took
p'ace at six hells on the night of Oct. 1.8.
17 4(». The people were first turned < ui
bv a tremendous shock and a low ruin
hling n i*e like thunder. The first seis
mic * I akc was followed by 200 lighter
j rks lasting over a period of iwciity-foui
hours. Deep, booming noises came Iron
iiir out under the sen, and the upheaval
kept on until they pumped up a great ti
lal wave eighty tcet high. ( alluo wa
built on a rising coast, with the lowei
portion of the town clustered al ng th<
locks. Like all seaport towns this wa
the most thickly populated part. W hei
the big wave rolled in on shore it was ac
compound by a powerful shock which
broke off the lower edge of the city. Am
when the wave retreated it carried lh<
town and 18,000 people with it down int.
ihe sea.
“I’m now corning to the most curiou*
incident of that terrible night,” continued
the cap’n. “Before the trouble the liar
bor was clear, bu now an island nu un
min 400 feet high rears its head near tin
northern shore of the harbor. A light
house graces the top of the island, which
is down on the map a- San Lorenza. and
one of the prettiest and most romantic ot
the many Peruvian legends is told in con
nection with the naming of the island.
It was named after San Lorenza, the mat
who discovered the mountain, and is ni
intensely interesting story when told in
; Spanish. I heard it in that language
myself, hut as none of you fellows under
stand Spanish I'll tell it in English.
“Mr. Lorenza, or San, as they called
him for short, was a fisherman, and w§ut
out to sea every night in his trail Peru
vian J>aik to fish lor hake and haddock,
flic native fisherman lias a light -kitr or
canoe in which he plies his railing and
one paddle. He aits on his knees in the
i -.tern of the boat and fi-lies with a line
1 2l>0 feet long, ti ing his front finger tor a
pole. On the fatal night of Oct. 28 San
had just got a bite when he heard the
ominous rumble. Before he could either
land the fish or grab bis puddle be fell
himself going up into the air. It was so
.lark that .can couldn’t see anything, so
clutched both gunwales of his l*oat and
hung on. Presently there came another
jerk, and the fisherman went up a few
feet more.
The unhappy man was too frightened
, to move, so he sit there,' going up by
I jerks, until daylight. Then San peered
■ | over the edge of his boat and t iund him
I self slicking on top of a mountain -PHJ
feet in itie air. The [n*ak was so sharp
that it pierced t lie I ml tom of hi* boat and
. ; suck up four feet above Satis head. He
-till hung on to Ids ti*li line, which had
a horse mackerel dangling front the book
dead, halfway down the mountain. Tin
survivors discovered Mu in the tnomiuf
and hat is the beautiful legend of bow
-uo Lorenza got its name.”
“How did they get Lorenza down of
I ihe mountain? asked the iubl»er.
“I was just going to telt that,” said tin
rap u in an angry tone, “but as you seem
to be in sui b a devilish hurry I’ll let you
wait awhile.” And the crusty old sailor
walked away.
.4 Villune Where Mm Lire to be Krry
“Back in Montgomery county, eleven
miles from Lmrel, on the Baltimore and
Ohio Railroad, and twelve miles from Rick
vill'-, is the little village of Sandy Spring,
a Quaker settlement, whose population is
hut seventy-five persons, vet which is noted
for the length of time its inhabitants live
and the stature they attain,” said Robert II.
Moran a day or two ago. “Now I am not
what you would rail a little or a young man.
I am 77 years old, am six feet tall and weigh
200 pounds, yet I cannot hold a candle to
Mime of the chaps who live there. The old
people there are dying otT, though. Now
there was the Penn family. Mary lived to
He 109 years old. Edward died at 104, Lir
/.ie was 103 when she died and Joseph was
101. Joshua lived to be 99 and 10 months. •
Mary No. 2 was 98. and another Mary was
>9. William Thompson was one of the old
est men in town. He died at 113 years,
riie Bell boys were triplets. They were
shadrach, Meshach ami Abednego. Every
one of them was over 100 years old, and the
smallest of them was six feet four inches
high. Both the others were six feet five.
I'hen there were two men. one named Davis
a id the other Thatcher, both of whom were
»ver 100. Isaac Moore lived to *be 102.
Mrs. Russell died at 104. Mrs Kirk was
mi. IJHIV .*[ ill new s aiiii am .'lanrmn t
were each 101 when they died. Billy Simp
son was 100, and M illion Chnndlee is now
living at 100. Cornet'us Sullivan was 91,
William Brown was 92 when In* left us, and
limmy Whiteside is still living, hale and
hearty, at 90. Now there is a raft of men
over 80 years. Among those who are dead
ire William Thompson, Umdall Thompson
ind Joe Thompson, Joshua Lewis, Ephraim
Murphy, Henry Stabler and Edward Stu
»ler. Caleb Stabler, Richard Tucker, Perry
Linear and Jeff Higgins are still living.
There is such a rail of boys over 70 that it
isn't worth while to mention them. Now
for the big fellows. Ed. Penn was 0 feet l
md Josh was G feet ‘2. Robert Sullivan win
i feet «r>. He had two son*, Will and (leorge,
who were 6 feet 1 and G feet 3, respectively.
Mahlon and Nelson Sullivan were brothers,
did each was G feet 4 inches high. 1 here
was Richard Sullivan, whom we u«ed to
cill Long Hick, lie was 6 feet 4. He hud
wo sons, E l., and Perry, who is still living,
(dll 0 feet 2 Hr. Artemua Riggs was a
I ii«y. lie was ij feet 5 inches tall, weighed
»i» > pounds, without an ounce of superfluous
lesh, and was mu* of the best men -in the
: >uoty. There were three men who were
mined William Brown, and we had to nick
unie them to distinguish them. There was
tig Bill Brown, 6 feet 3; Long Bill Brown
vas «> feet .r> and Little Bill Brown was 6
I*auc Moore was li feet 2, but his son
.itInin went him one belter and was G feet
{. Perry Linear is slill living. He is over
10 years old, is six feet 2 in h « stockings,
veighs 220 pounds, is straight as an arrow,
md one of the best men in the county. I
ell you what, if you have any children and
want them to live long and grow big.juut
semi them to Sandy Spring."
When Bnby wm tick, we j-»*e her Caatoria,
When she wiui a Child, she cried for Caatoria,
When id»e became Mini, she chin# to Ca*l"ria,
When the had Children, ehe gave them Caatoria,
Tln> November Wide Awake i* likely to
oe much fought, read and preserved, on ac
count of it* portrait of Helen Hunt in her
young womanhood; it i* engraved from the
charcoal by Mi-* B.wtol, and in rno*t plea*
ant to look upon. The accompanying arti
cle i* bv Susan Coolidge; it i# full of fresh
anecdote mid give* the story of “The
Naught’est Day of my Life," as “ H. II.
one day related it herself to her friend. A
very delightful article for boys i* about
*4 Jack-knives,” with twenty-one pictures;
j and a very delightful story tor them i* by
William O Stoddard, “The Big Gun’s
Game.” Another jolly story i» by Alice
Wheildon, entitled “A Novel Postman,”
go*id Thanksgiving Day reading. Mrs.
Fremont tell* how she went to an Odd Fel
low's Ball in California, and camped out on
Mount Bullion, fronti'g the Yoaemite.—
; Mri.Claflin’s Dsisie-Pattie Letter gives
! certain warnings to young people, drawn
from the mistakes and ignorance of people
elected to fill high places in our Govern
ment; we learn that this admirable series
of Behavior Letters will continue through
1890. Margaret Sidney’s Peppers serial
come* to a close, but the reader confidently
add* an au recoir a* he sees the deli -htful
family off for Europe. Mrs. White's Public
j School Cooking series, in closing, tells bow
young women may get their training »*
I'eacher* of School-Cooking. “ Men and
Things" is full of original anecdotes and
talk; excellent are “A Pioneer School,”
“ The Art of Giving and Forgetting,” and
* A Dilemma.” This department alone is
worth tlie suliscription price, a year.
The December number is to be much en
larged. D. Lolbrop Company, Publishers,
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