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Seirgmia ,ftcr i’trss.
W. IT. B. G ALLAH KB, Editor.
CknrteMtutcn.-ieffrrMni County. »>*» *’"•
November 27, i889.
The official return* in Virginia will *how
McKinney's majority to be about 40,000
over Malione.
Miss Florence E Smith, of the Harper’*
Ferrv neighborhood, last week eloped with
Charles H. Grove, of Washington county,
Md., and they were married at Sharpsburg
Oen. Sprigg think* the maj wily report ol
the gubernatorial cootwt committee will be
ready by the 10th of D cember. He i* in
Charleston now, putting the finishing
touches upon it. It is now thought the
L 'gislature will be cooveurd ** about tin
first of the year.” What year ?
A Mr*. South worth, who clai ned to have
be^n wronged by a prominent New York
b isines* man, named l*ettu*. fatally ah<»i
him on Fulton street last Friday. 5>'>e *a>
a richly dressed and rather pretty v inuan
Pettu* was a native of Tennessee and madt
a fortune in New York since the war. Hr
was a married man, went wrong aud cairn
to grief. _
A great fire at Lvnn, Massachusetts, ve*
terday, involving a l<»** of irii million dol
lar*. A square mile of buildings burn* d.
twelve shoe manufacturing blocks—forty
factories, twenty five store*, h»ur bank*,
four daily paper* and one church. Think
of the distre** incident to such a cutiflagni
lion, especially a' the beginning ot wiutet
aud in a northern clime!
■ ■ ■■ — '■■■ ■ -
If a rich nun wi*h •* to endow r-ligiou*
or philanthropic institutions lie snouui uo **
while living, for the chances are bis will
will not hold it he bequeaths any large suin'
to be distributed in the direction referred
to. Even so able and experienced a lawyer
&s Mr. Tilden couldn’t write a will—for
himself, at least,—impregnable against as
sault or possible fracture.
Persecution and intimidation for partizan
purposes by the republican leaders didn'
work weil for them in Virginia, but ratbei
provoker] the magnificent majority over Ma
hone. Now that the election is over, tin
charges against the three Pittsylvania deni
ocratic judges of election have been dis
mi'Sed b) a United S ates commissioner at
Danville, the district attorney (republican
confessing that there was no ground for pros
ecution. Probably if Mahone bad known
as much then as he does now his method1
would have been different.
Hon (i'll II P< "dleton. I te l* > Min
inter l*» Germany, died in litn—i Is on sun
day, of apoplexy, lie had lieen sick f<*i
some time. He served the State ol Ohio i>
both brunches fC’ongriss, ;,n<J in 1 Si!I wu*
tbe democratic vice presidential candidal
on the ticket with General McCletlau. He
was a graceful speaker, a versatile scholar,
ami polished gentleman—indeed, long bor<
the sobr quet of “Gentleman George.” H<
married a Miss Key, d»ught* r <d the an; hoi
of“TliP Mar Spangled Fanner ” She was
killed in New York, three years ago, by be
ing thrown from her carriage.
There’-* nothing mean about the revolu
tionists wh*> turne*i Emperor 1> in Prdi'
out of his palace ami deprived him *>t rovai
prerogatives and authority and even a lioim
in Frazil. They gave him $2,-»tn).U00 i
Cash and voted him a (tension *>l S-UHf.OU*.
a year. We reckon L> >iu can stand it it
thev can. A most ati\b>*lv coulil afford t*
let go the care-* of *>tli •• f*>r a c*mi| hall mil
lion a year. We’d suffer ours* If to lie rota
ted out ol our sky gray parlor, whence I'llK
Free Press Fsu •*. for half that sum aim
run the risk of eelmg contaminated by the
possession of »<» niueu filthy lucre.
It i« a curious coincidence that Jay Gouli!
contributed t<» the World’s For lumi pre
cicely the same amount as Mr C. F lions*
—$2o.,(0** Jav waited lor Charley to >lmw
the way, and then, a week alter. planke**
down the same ti.iue. Mi that onr imloim
table Winchester boy has g**t ahe; d of tW
greatest money maker oi me country am
the day. And lie ha* the advantage over
Gould that hi* dollar* have been made b*
hard work. *n I not by railroad wrecking.
Thev are invested moreover, in solid am!
tanginle proj-rrtv, and not in fancy stock
wbich mav b- worthless six m oths hcuc>
— Winchester AVir«.
It will b<> seen llm' the Napoleon of Trade
in New York, .Mr. Ron*-, i- as much ni<*:e
generous than Gould a* Gould is richer
than Roues.
By jingo! Brazil’s gone republican. 0,
it’s a cold day when we get left entirely ! —
Uirper’s Fern/ Feuda l.
The Wheeling Intelligences and other pa
pers have been extracting comfort from the
same source. Brazil has become a Kepub
lie, it is true, but to say tli it it has “gone
republican ” i* a little misleading. O te id
the cause* of the revolution »u* the eman
cipation of slaves and the failure t > pay for
them. Suppo*e - »n -overeign *\it-* ihi
•idc of the historic Mason & Dixon's 1 ne
should inaugurate a >U\.vi-"ful revolution
because they had not been paid for emanci
pated slaves, would it be a cause for repub
lican jollification ? Wouid the F<ntinel then
exulti.igly say "it's a cold day wheu we
get left entirely! '
The Seplatint Colrndnrf.tr
The initial issue of this dainty almanac j
for 1SS9. by Lee and Shepard, lio*ton, 11»».‘ \
produced in large editions, failed to supply
the market, and great was the disappoint
ment of thousands. Those same future*,
which made it s-> popular will be found in
the issue for 1890. It is truly called “ a p-r- |
feet little beauty, and a charming souvenir.” j
The calendar 1* a little gem. It* leaves are
held together by two ring*, attached to .
which a silvered chain all >rds means for
banging, while a wl.it. > Ik cord is tu-ti-fu!
ly tii*d with a knot, through the hole mod.
by the ring in the uppercover Die calen
dar itself is filled with -om of the ile.mst,
quaintest little figures, so deftly and natural
ly pietured that it quite warms one’s heart
to look at them. It i* a charming piece ot
wo'k, and is s thorough plea-ure t<i theeye,
and will win a wglwme wherever it goes.
| '‘j irtif, Sharpened by Ambition.”
Theiiet/irjnn Tr>ide Jourwil of Mr Charles
Broadway R >uss has n very readable article,
and we regret our liiuiicd ijvace docs not ad
mit of reproduc.ion of it as a whole. It
seems to be tbe ambition of Mr. K*'Uss to
1 make general his sy-tem—tbe ‘‘Net "?|Md
j Cash System”—whereby tl*«* general public
is b neliited in the seeurenn nt of goods at
low prices and tlie mercantile men are ena
oled to escape tbe breakers ol King Credit
.uid the wreckage consequent upon sticking
to ihe old methods, i'inaucialiy greatly
embarrassed a lew y*ears ago by the L gt r
system and the late of war, lie inaugurated
the Net 5*pot Cash System—aud live per
cent profit scale—ami has gone on from suc
cess to success, from hundreds to thousand*
and now to millions yearly; and barn alter
barn lie pulls down to build greater for lb*
accommodation of his monumental rade.
\Ve append a pithy paragraph ornvoculled
iroiu a two column rthe..r>al id how lie did
it_the "I will, suarpened by ambition and
backed by indomitable industry, unparal
.elt-d courage and rare sagacity :
"It. al our si*ogles lor mastery we^liuv
ever advucated tne slmrl, q ilk *»a. Upon
ihe nio’leru methods, o| woicu we are tne
■.uece-slui xpoueiils, leu years hi I sh » g'a
ur results man the entire lile'im after the
.,d Ushiou. Upon our sure, safe system,
al-of bee urns pleasu-e—ihe liard lines ol
reilif, anxiety and torture change into III
•mihusia-iu ol sucits Justed o| ihe tenth
j me swell* under the nulul tyrany ol llo
eg. r, the cash belor delivery g- liius slo p
4. it he werded until danreuK when ambition
akes lull) hv the hand and leads him to still
grater results.
"‘I’ll try it over ageo,' sed pbik ‘I v*
.von,’ said undaunted resolution, and armed
villi ibis hemic metal the Kiqueler press,-,
tnwaid. And the lei icon 'Ills not contain
... n.,nls w till a til Ik- of I lie s-U 1*11 III I
V of the* *1 will!’ tha ret d I'm HI the (led
ii*t >rie past iron souled heroes who* lam
ail never die. Napoleon at Marengo, Ar
■old at Saratoga, Washington at I’reoton,
Jackson ut Manassas. The sain iron wil
• i.wer always eoiuaiids suces in al the uvo
,lions of life; it nerv* Its (sweaor with that
moral curage that is always superior to ova
Mr. Rouxs concludes by saying:
"On the lir*t ol January we will nioveU|
o our new building—our own e.\ciusiv«
property—where we w ill have thr- e time*
;lie space we now have—*ix elevators, our
,wn electric plant, our own water Work*,
mr own tire department and all the latest
ippliau e* lor expediting and economizing
\o k. Cii'toiner* and repteaenlHtives wi I
get the best and promptest service ever
% nowu.
"In additiontotlti*cnnvpnieneennd rcor.
rov we Hiiiiounce a to w departure, which
we believe will prove ol enormous value—
tamely, the establishment of pureha*ing
igencie* in Europe Our E union, I'ari*.
d anche*ter Ih u**el Is, St. (.• ill, \ ienna, Hei
in and 1 >re*d«‘ii offices wi l be in charge
t the nio*t < xp 11 ■iM,' d European buyci*
r.K'Urabie Mr. C 11 P> Roit»* wi 1 eav.
, v irk with eight lilt* on Nov. 8th
. In* gniie *e\*i ral months
*• I he olij el of these European hrauchp*
* to |iuri lia*e :|MV j»«H«|sofl red helow valio
■ •r a ea*h consideration. Our trade there
ore will get th *e European goods at lower
• ric-** than the ordinary ereilit li aises ol
In United Slate* av for theirs. We pro
- *e t ■ apply the same principles of pur
•h isiog there that we apply here.
"We are lighting as desperately, figuring
* e’oselv. e onomi/ing a* Carefnllv ami
working a* liar • a* in the (lavs ol our ini ni
x'in 2”l CliUM-li s' ret*— then with hundred*,
mixv with million*. I’lo* *aini* principle*
oid rule* that guide u* are laid down for
>ur repre-eniatives (>nr io»ere*ts arc iden
ieal: their success is our profit.”
Rueklrn'n Arnica So Ice.
The Be*t Salve in the world for Outs.
Bruise*. Sores, Ulcer.*, S it Itlouui, fever
* Tc*. Tetter, Pnapprd Hand*. Chilblain*
\»rn*, and all Skin Eruptions,and positive
v cure* Pile*, or no pav required. It is
guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or
Honey relun led Price 2*> cent* per box.
For *ide In C Frank .lone*
ii i /: PEit s feu it r ii i ppExiy as.
From the Sentinel:
Mr*. Marv McFaden while att tiding
">u*eho|d duties on Tuesday evening 1**1
jiped and tell, hurting lier*etl in tin* side
l>r Spangler was summoned and rendered
• udic.il aid. The ac< lent necessitated tin
return trout Wa*hi gt. n ol Mr* McFaden *
laughter*, Mi-*c* Mol he and Irene.
Mo*es Smith, a colored waiter at the Po
r onac iou*e, fell through one of th'1 l*rg>
xind w* of the hot. 1 last Saturday, xv liiU
nnixiiaii il and xv i* badlv cut hv the bro
con glus*. The pr 'prietor uf the hotel tohl
mu to l.uiry «>tr to a doctor * office and hav«
•'e« ii oN dreoed Smith started to do a
ie was a lvi*ed, but stopped on the wav and
in< I uv i r a railing until lo*s of b!o,»d ren
i red him unconscious. A passer by dis
• vt red him and his condition and hastily
muintnn d Dr. Gannon w ho .succeeded in
straightening the iuj ired man up and put
ting him in shape to mead.
ter |/ou Skeptical ?
If-o wo will convince you that Acker’*
lvgii*:i lbni-dy tor the lungs i* superior
to ail oilier prep iratious, and i* a posit v*
are for all I'll mat and Lung trouble*.
Croup, Whooping Cough and Cold*. W.
guarantee the preparation ami will give you
i sample bottle free. Sold by C. Frank
Jodis A Co.
Joseph, age I alrout 17 years, youngest
' >n of Rev. Dr. SainuG Rodgers of the .M
F C tirclr, Smith, died in Staunton, Va.,on
Thursday evening last, lie bad been in ill
ealth for many months, but on Tuesday
was at school, and on Wednesday, unti>
evening, was moving ah ut His remain
were 'iiIclii to I Baltimore for ioternieiit ou
"a nrr'iiv. Dr. R*»lgers has many frit mi
ni 11>i- -tction. .tml among tlm reader- ol
ITie Fkee I’EEsi all ov»r tiie isiunirv, who
•» til h ar with sadness of hi- *..re bereave
tent am] m *st sincerely sympathize with
We i ive a *; ee ! y ti'i I positive Cure for
t’rtarrb. Diphtheria. Canker Mouth, ami
RKWKDY. A Nt*al Injector free with
. ie!i 1k>"|o. I -e it il vott desire health
and sweet breath. So d hv Geo. T. Ligli'.
Mr. William Tennant, a well known
' 7. ui of Shepherdstovvn, died at the re*i
■ t -rice of his-on in law, Mr. William Ent
er, in till* place, on Monday morning hist.
o r •*. long and tli»tre*-ing illness. Mr
lYnnant, who was Of years old, leave* a
" tie. three daughters and two sou* to motir
hi* Ins* IL* wa* a good i-iti2en anti an up
M.-’u matt, ami p *set| the res|n-ct <-f ad
wliu kuew hi in s—JshepKerdilbwn Ecyilltr.
B simp Peterk in. who is President of the
Board of Directors of “The Sheltering
Arms” Hospital, Orphanage and Home at
Paint Creek, Kanawha county, in a circular
I letter give* an interesting statement of the
1 present,,Condition of the Institution nnd
hopes of i s future. It is a beneficent en
terprise of tlie Episcopal Church in this
: State and is supported by voluntary contri
butions of food, money, clothing, etc.
Thanksgiving day contributions are hoped
for that will enable the B ard to go on and
even enlarge the facilities for doing a good
work Ibr the unfortunate. We have no
doubt R< v. Dallas Tucker will be pleased
to receive money donations for this object,
or to take charge of other contributions and
forward them T lie officers of the institu
tion are persons known to many in our com
munity, or whose names are familiar and «
guarantee that contributions will t»e prop
erly applied They are lit. Iiev. Geo. W.
Peterk in, D. 1) . President, Park* rshurg, W.
Va.; Neil Robin-on, Vice President; W in
R. Johnson, Treasurer. Crescent, Fayette Co ,
\V. Va.; Tim*. L. Broun. Secretary; Rev.
R. D Roller, Chaplin; E L Ihll, Sup rin
teiident. Paint Creek, K inawbaCu., 'V . \ a.
Cumin's Emulsion Curts Consumption
The late Dr. C.eo. If. Wood, Prof. Univer
sity of Penn-ylvania. *ay*;
“Asa remedy in Pulmonary Consumption,
Cod Liv. r Oil far exceed* anv other,”
|)r, Churchill, of Paris, say-:
“Coii-umpiton when not denied w'irh the
II vpoplmttphiies mu-t be regarded a-nloio-i
ilnats fatal, where,*i-, when used ill time,
••verv patient liny be cured by use of the
i I v poplin- phite*.”
('amin’- Emulsion Dcnmpnsed of 'be Pur
i—t Norwegian Cm! L» ver (Id combined wiib
the llypopliospliiti* of Litre ami Soda with
Iron. Dr. 0. F. Mason, of Charlestown,
-ays, “1 am prescribing Camni’s Emulsion
in my practice ami it lias given me great
satisfaction. With child.rn it is the best
preparation of Cod Liver Oil I have ever
For “ale hv all druggists. Manufactured
only by E. A. Ckaiohii.L <fc Co., Whole
sale Druggists, Lynchburg, Va.
The new M. E. Clmrch, South, 3t Kerns
town, Winchester circuit. Rev. F A. Struth
er. P. C , was dedicated by Bishop A. W
Wilson, of tlie Baltimore Conference, on
■Sunday morning. A large crowd was in
attendance, many having gone from Win
chester. We understand the entire debt
was liquidated. The church is a handsome
one and reflects much credit upon the eir
cuit and otjr friend. Rev. Strother. Bishop
\. W. Wilson occupied the pulpit of the
M K. Church, South, in this city Sunday
night. This aide di\ine preached a power*
tul sermon, and received the closest atten
tion from tlie large audience present —
Winchester Aeifi.
Don't hawk, hawk, blow, sp t, and dis
gll»t ever* b *dv with vour offensive breath,
hilt use Dr. Sage’s Catarrh Remedy and end
it. __
Is Life Worth Living ?
Not if you g> through the world a dyspep
tic. Acker’s 1)» spepsiu Tablets are a po-i
ive cure for the worst forms ot Dyspepsia,
[■•digestion, Flatulency and Constipation
1 •uaranieed and sold l»y C. Frank Jones &
.Vpir . Mrertiscinnits.
Harper’s Weekly,
Harper’s Weekly lias a well-established place
as the I calling illli-t raid new-p.iper in Amer
ica. I lie fairness of Us e.tiioriul comments on
current p-**iti,'Si bus earned tor it the respect
and .onii.leiiew of all imp irtial readers, and tin*
variety of it> literary C intents, winch include
serial ;iti>l sln.rt stoiies by the best ami most
(Mipiilar writers lit it for the perusal ol people
• •f the widest ramie of tastes Hti.l pursuits I lie
Weekly supplements are ol remarkable varie
rv. ini* re t ail.t value No expense i» spared
to tiring the highest order of artistic ability to
‘e.r upon tin- ill.i'tra imi <>f the changeful
phases of home uu*l fore.gu history. A Mexi
can romance. I'r*nu the p- •• ot riionnis A. Jan
vier, will appear in the Weekly in |s90.
Per Year:
Harper's Weekly.. $1 W
Harper's Magazine. -4 ill
I l.irpcr <* It.-iz tr. 4 0<»
Harper's Young I'-ople... - tv
Postage Free t<* nil subs* i ihers in the United
States,Canada, or Mexico.
The Volumes of the Weekly begin with the
first Number for .'miliary of each year When
' I' » TIII IW I* l|IHH"MICI, «|ii '"»i"
with ilie Number current at time of receipt of
Bound Volumes of Horner's Weekly for
three vear-back. in neat cloth binding, will be
>ent bv mail. laistiiye paid, or by express, free
of expense, provided the freight does not ex
ceed one dollar per volume), for 00 per vol.
Cloth Cases for each volume, suitable for
binding, will he sent by mail, post-paid, on re
ceipt of $1 00 each.
Remittances should he made by Post-office
Money Order or Draft, to avoid chance of loss.
Newspapers are not to copv this advertbe
m*mt without the express order of Harper iV
Brothers. Addre-s:
Sheiuuidoah Valley Railroad.
S. F. TYI.ER, Receiver.
Schedule In / ffret Xoumbcr 24, ISS9.
R:37 A. M. Daily—Memphis Express. Roanoke
and intermediate stations and
all |»>jnts South and £ itithwest.
1 Itrough Pullman Sleeping cars from
New York and Pliiladel|diia to
Roanoke, Chattanooga and Mem
1-’ 11 A. M.Daily—N.Orleans Express from New
York, Philailelphia and Baltimore
with da v vouches to Roanoke, mak
ing conneetion through to t lie South.
Carrie-, through Pullman Sleeper
to New Ormans via Harrisburg.
leave ciiari.estows—northward.
7:50 A. M. Daily—Baltimore Express, front all
points South, arrive in Washington
11:45 A M.. Baltimore 11:4' P. M.,
Harrisburg 11:40 I*. M. Philadelphia
3:15 I*. M Carries through Ptill
lti.tit Sleeper front New Orleans to
Philadelphia \ ia I larrisburg.
9:4G P. M. Daily—New York ami Pltilailelphia J
Express, front Mobile. Memphis,
Chattanooga ami all points South, j
Arrive Pinludelphia 4:25 A 'I . New i
York 7 10 A M Sleeping cars ■
through to New York via Harris- j
hn rg.
Tieket Agents will furnish all b-formation j
and through s. Itedtilefupon application
o. HOWARD ROYER. Geti’l Pass Agt.
Nov. 27. ItJoO. Roanoke, Va.
I'HE above TJ'wanl will he pnid for Hie ar
re>* uid conviction of the thief or thieves
who »t • meat from my mgai-hotiyg on or
ah«. 3L*t of October l-t*t.
: Msifr-li. V’U. C. iUkWSYi i
The Century Co's MiAraaiue for Young Folks.
Enlarged and Printed in New Type.
fince 1873 when, under the editorial man
agemenf ot Mrs Mary Mapes Dodge, tliepuhlj.
ration of .St SichftUujor Vvunr/ fb'fo wits begun,
it lias led all magazine* for girls ami boy*. No
thing like it was known before, and to day. as
the Chicago Inter Own * recently said, "it is
tiie model and ideal juvenile magazine of the
world.” Through its pages the greatest wri
ters of our time are speaking to the voitt li of
America ami England, ami the best artists and
engravers are training the eyes <>f the boys and
girl« to appreciate the highest in art. Noliody
knows how many readers St Xicholan lias. In
the third largest public lihrarv in America,—
that in Indianapolis.—more than 3,000 people
rend each mouth s number.
Since the tir't issue Mrs Dodge has remained
usedpor. tsariy m ilk history other voting
peoples magazines. "(»iir Young Folks ” “The
l.ittle Corporai.” " Kiversidt*.’' etc., were con
solidated with It, and I** history ha* been one
of growl It front the lirst. Tennyson. Bryan*
l«ongtel|i»w. Whittier. Miss \ !•••••* _ rs. Bur
nett. Charles Dudley Warner. W. it. Howells
and almost every well-known w riter of our
time have contributed to its pages. Then is
* in 1 v oneway in which iUnQiultictoiscnn make
jt better, add that is by making more of it.
and “o they announce that w ith the beginning
of the seventeenth volume (November. 188b.)
^ .Yi'cW'i* will he enlargeii by the additi >n of
eight, and sometimes sixteen, extra pages in
em-ii number. This enlargement is absolutelv
required to make room for the rich store of
new material which lias been secured for the
henellt ot ,s/. Xichula* readers. The u«e of new
and clearer type will bo begun with the No
vember number.
During the coming year there are to he four
important -erial stories by four well known
American authors. Athletics and out door
*ooit$ w ill he a special feature (contributed by
Walter Camp, of Yale, and others), and there
will be stories of character and adventure,
ini',>rni!ilinn and travel, outdoor
papers, articles of special literary interest, sug
gestive talks on natural history.other scientific
subjects, and the march of events. Both the
Decern her ami January numbers are to be hol
iday issues
The price will be the same as heretofore, fa
a year. 25 cents a number, ami all dealers and
die publishers (The Century Co., New ^*rk.)
take subscriptions New subscribers should
begin with November.
A li»tle money will get a Idg lot of Christmas
Goods. if vnu spend it where good* are sold on
the one price cash plan; where no protits are
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on credit and never pay Every article we <*f.
fer ini' marked on it in plain figures the low
cstrish price at which we can alford to sell
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1 ct. hues nearly all the 2 ct. goods.
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Sets, bins all the 4 ct. ami many 5 ct.gooda
4 cts buvs all the 5 ct and many « ct. goods
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I'GOll*. *
Ami so on up to the dollars’ worth ; you get
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cu'h plan for site to Sac than you can get for a
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Comprises every article of wear, ol the liner,
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nia'e wear from birth to death (except Ladies'
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Horse C’ovt i> and Gum Hoods
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Updecr rn ff’s,
One Price Cash Store,
Nov. 20, ISsO.
Is tie o’dost and most popular scientific nrd
nuclein cal pat er published and has Ihe largest
circulation of any pare r of Its clss* In the world.
Kul y illustrated. Bet cia** of Wood Kngrav
lng<. fubllshed weekly. bend for specimen
ciipv. i'rtoe M n year. Knur months' trial, tl.
MINN a t u.. l'l ui.isULitr, id Broadway. N.t.
H Edition of Scientif.c American. U
A great aticccss. Each Issno contain* colored
llthogruiduc plates of country and city residen
ces or public buildings. Numerous engravings
and fu l plan? and spee'flcallons for the use of
such u*contemplate building. Price $2 Ni a tear.
So els. a cup)'. AiL'NN A CO., 1‘L ill. 1311LU3.
I ty years' experience and have marie over
i3 1 O.iilt application* for American am! )'• r
1 R eign patents Send for Handbook. Corres
pondence strictly confidential.
Tn rasa your mark Is not registered In the Pat.
*nt Office, apply 'n Mcsn .» Co., and procuti
minjeduie piulectlon. bend for Handbook.
CHl’YRIGHTS for books, charts, maps,
•0.. quickly procured. Address
WI NN A CO., Patent Solicitor*.
(Exmii ormt: &;i itnoAuwar. N. 1
Nov. 13. I8>9.
Respectfully Id your attention to liia elegant
stock of I
Cakes in ail its Branches;
all fresh and fine Prices guaranteed as low !
ns any ether house in town.
Thankful for past patronage and hoping to j J
merit a continuance,
I at.i Bespcrtfullr. ' ,
lV*c. 13. lHSti. GUSTAV BROWN. ,
ll'an'cd. !
— 11
X t" 1.curtl Irao* and Make Mmipv wliiltsi
R"a.,ing. FOLW A \\aE'\LL>>'
Ntfr. dv, j!«p—Umntrv, Pa. i
ia to go to the
and you'll do It.
Light Drown Sugar.
A Whi'e " . ®c
Uranulated ^
Best Kite...
l lb. can Annour's Dried Beef.'-‘®
Baker’s Break last Chocalate.45
\'ic« Bright Syrup, per gul.3'
Turkish Prunes. .05
Oct 30.1S«>.
CHARLESTOWJf, W. Va„ August I, 1SA9.
DF.A R SiltWcare prepared to furnish om
regular Brands of Fertilizer, viz: “Shenan
doah.” Virginia," Potomac.” "Valley Bone.’
"Spe.'ial Wheat Mixture." "Raw Hone," "Dis
solved Bone." "South Carolina,"our own man
ufaeiure. Tne "s'lienundimh” is the best Fer
tilizer sold ; the farmers tth? have used it yeai
after year have had the best wheat and gras.
and their laud has improved, because it is i*
strictly Bone Fertilizer. We have averaged;
year since 1Hs3 Two Hundred and Fifty Tons
ot "Shenandoah” in Jefferson Countv—tni
« peaks for itself. The "Virginia" Inis Dissolved
Bone where the "Shenandoah" has Haw Bone,
and is sold at the same price. ' Potomac"—
tni> giade is well, for years it has been a favor
ite with our farmers. "Valley Bone" costs less
than "Potomac,” and is used by a number oi
our farmers. Both of these brands Analyzt
high in Bone Phosphate of Lime. "Special
Wheat Mixture”—we prepared and put this
brand on the murket in l«X9 to meet the do*
n and for a cheap Atnmomaled Phosphate
We have been surprised at the demand create* I
for if: last year we sold 1*m tons of it in Jeiler
"fin luuiii V. ii * till'" u>t*i 13 111 aiiMinniia
costs only $22 per ion. We have on hand )•
large supply of our own Manufac ture of Month
Carolina, aiso a large supply of 8 C tnanufac
tured in lialtiinore. either of which we will
furnish at the market priee. We furnished last
year in this Countv over4t> • tons of 8. C. thrct
iiuudred uf which we niantitiu tured. We will
guarantee it to be in fine drilling condition
We run it through the Rollers before bagging
We have on hand a supply of Animal Hone
Raw and Dissolved, of our own manufacture
We would be glad to have vou ins|>ect it. ti<>
better can lie found on the market. We are
prepared to mix. on short notice, any 8pecia!
Formula, at a small cost.
The Valley Fertilizer Company is a -trirtlv
home institution, Jelferson county capital and
Jcfiereon county people, and we are gratified
at the encouragement given the Company by
our farmers since its organization. A* an evi
dence of our standing at home, we sold in Jef
ferson county the fall of 1***. over 1.200 Tons
of Fe’tllizer to tliree hundred farmers. We
will be glad to have you call and examine our
stock. Resi»ecttullv.
Aug 29, 1**9.
rpiIE undersigned, having purchased the
X foundry of the late lleiay Pam pel. which
was established over half n eentiiry ago. have
completely refitted and remodeled the plant,
and are now turning out work of the most im
proved ami modern patterns. The
a sjiecialty ; the oid reliable
Ten'Plate Stove,
none better, and the
Famous Pilot Cock Stove,
low in universal use. All at red 11 ceil prices
and improved patterns. The
“ FUSES TO 07 and other Flout.
•IRS' MACHINERY. Kettles, cellar doors and
rating Repairing of stoves, furnaces and ag*
icultural implements and machine work in
II its brandies eieeiiied by competent and
killed mechanics. Highest uash prices paid
or old iron. We are determined to maintain
lie far-famed reputation which this foundry
ms enjoyed for fifty years, and knowing that
he public is well acquainted with its merit, we
esiaeet fully solicit its patronage.
* c.E. MARK ELL.
Jtuiw 8,
To experienced and economical buyers who believe in
and desire to make selections from the
Seasonable Styles
in Dress Goods Millinery, Notions. Furnishing Goods, Carpets,
Oilcloths, ltugs, Ladies’. Children’s and Misses Coats,
Because it is the Largest and Newest with Prices the Lowest.
You are cordially invited to examine the goods we offer.
8«*pt. 26,1889.
[ ; ““ — — -—- -, a
"TheCentury Magazine” in 1 >90-Joseph Jef
ferson’s Aut (biography—Novels by
Frank R. Stockton. Amelia
K. Barr, ami others.
A Capital Programme.
During 1>90 Thr Century Magazine (whoso re
cent successes have included the l.onous "Mm
Papers." the Lincoln History and George Ken
nan’s series on "Siberia and the Exile System"
will publish the long looked-for Aiit<>hh>gni
>,hy of Joseph Jefler-on, whose " Hip vun M in t
kle” has made his name a household word -
No more interesting record ol a life upon iIn
stage could he laid before the pubiic. Mr Jel
lerson is the fourth in a generation of actors
md. with hit children and grandchildren, an
-ix generations of actors among the Jelli rsmis
Ills story of the early days <if ihe American
-tago, when, as u boy. traveling ill his fatlo-r
company, they would settle down tor a scasot
in a Western town, playing in their own ex
iem|miized theater.—the particulars of tbe
creation of his famous " Hip van M'inkle." Imw
he acted "Ticket of-1 rave Man" before at, ini
lieint of that class in Au-tralia. etc ,—all thi
enriclted with illustrations and portraits ol
contemporary actors and actresses, and with
in< ( dotes, will form oneof the most dolightlul
serials Thr Century has ever printed.
Amelia R Burr. Frank H ritocktnn. Mark
Twain, If. II Uovesen, and many other well?
kn nvn writers.will furnish the tictimi for the
new volume, wbi h is to he unusually strong,
inclit ii gseveral novels, illustrated novelettes
and short stories. "The Women of the French
Salons " are to be described in a brilliant se
ries of illustrated papers The important dis
coveries made wit it tbe great Lick Telesroiic
at Sun Francisco (the largest telescope in tlie
world) and the lat»st exploration* relating to
prehistoric America (including the famous Sir
t**nt Mound, of Ohio) ate to he chronicled in
Thr Century.
Prof George P. Fisher of i ale l nivcmit v is
to write a series on "The Nature and Method
if Revelation." which will attract every Bible
-Iinh'iit. Bishop Potter of New York will be
me of several prominent writers who ate to
rout rihute a serii-* of " Present d iy Papers "on
living topics, and there will heart paper*. time
tv articles, etc . etc. and the choicest pictures
'hat the greatest artists ami engravers can pro
Every book viler, po*tmrt*tor, and subvrip
tjou agent takes subscriptions to The Century
$t.00ayear), nr remittance m tv lie made di
rectly to die publishers, Tim Cextvrt « <•.. nl 1
New York. Begin new sui»"criptions with No 1
comber (the first is>ue of the Volume) and gel i
'lark Twain's store, "A Connecticut Yankee
in King Arthur's(\mrt," in that number.
have just opened a large assortment of
Fall and Winter Goods,
Jucl» as Blankets. Comfort*, Shawls.. Skirt*
Jerseys. Fine Plush Henrietta". Ladies Cloth.
1’ashmeres, Flannels. ttiitingCloth.Ginghams,
Calicoes, Canton Flannels, Corsets, Gloves, '
to suit everybody in quality, sizes and price*
We keep men's and ltoys* pant* ami a full line
of Gent's Furnishing Go id*. You will lie*ur
prised to see our large stock of goods and it
will more surprise you when you see our low
prices. If will pay you to examine our goods
and prices Remember tlie place,
People's Bargain Store.
Next di*or to Watson House.
Nov.^5 Jfs>0.
What’s the Matter W itli
On. He’s All Right !
boni;<)N8, cikk olates
Foreign and I)ome*l ic 1
For Man. Woman ami Child.
Infinite Variety of
Dolls, Games, Novelties,
And in store ul»o large supplies of sweetmeats
and the essential element* for Cakes and Pud
dings for the Holiday time.
Families or individuals supplied with CAKE
of every kind. FRUIT CAKE a specialty
All made to order or for sale at my counter. I
have made unusual preparation to supply the
public. j
Oyster*—the best quality—sold in quantity j
to suit purchasers. \
Itet. J3. 1 *tw. HENRY DUMM. ,
Bank Notice.
rpiIE Bank oft hnr'es'own will he dosed on
1 Thursday, November IVJ. (Thank*
givuig Day).
Ner. II, OsMto. 1
Harper's Young People.
Tlie Eleventh Volume of Harper s Young I
People, which begin* with the Number for No- I
vein I nr 5, presents an attractive pro- I
gramme. It will offer to its readers at least I
four serials of the usual length, and others in II
two or three parts, namely. "The Ucd Mus- ■
tang," hv William O Stoddard; "Phil and the M
Baby." by Lucy C. Lillie; "Prince Tommy," I
by John ltussell Coryell; and "Mother's Wav," I
bv Margaret E Sangster; two short serials bv I
lijalmar lljortb Boveseii. Two series of Fairy
Tales will attract the attention of lovers of the
wonder-world, namely, the quaint tabs told
by Howard Pyle, and so admtrablv illustrated
by him, and another series in a different vein
by Frank M. Bicknell. There will he short
stories by W. I) Howells Thomas Nelson Page,
Murv K Wilkins, Nora Perry. Harriet Prescott
Spotlbrd, David Ker. Hezekiah Butterworih,
Sophie Swett. Richard Malcolm Johnston e;
A subscription to Harper's Young People
secures a juvenile library. There is useful
know ledge, ulso plenty of amusement.— fl< i.'vi
Advert iter.
TERMS . Postage Prepaid. $2 Per Year
Vol XI. begins November 5, Kbit*.
Specimen Copy sent on receipt of a two-ccnt
Single Numbers, Five Cents each.
Remittances should be made by Post-office
Money Order or Draft, to avoid chance of loss
Newspapers nre not tocnpvih** advertise
nent without the express order of Hurper A
New 1 ork.
Harper’s Bazar is a journal for the home
Diving the latest information with r gar.I to
Hu; Fashions, its nmurrou* i Must rati u s t.«>li
ion-platm, and pattern sheet supplement, are
indispensable alike to the home dres*-niak< r
ami the professional modiste. No expense i.
spared in making its artistic attractiveness of
the highest order. Its "lever abort stone* par
lor plays, and thoughtful essays aati-fv ail
taste*, and it. last page is famous us a budget
of wit and humor. In it. weekly issues every
thing is included which is of interest to wo
men. During I*1W t»|iv«*Thorne Miller. * hm.
tine Terlmne Herrick, and Mary I owe Diet in
son will respectively tiiruish a series of pipers
on " The Daughter at Home," " Three .Meal- a
Dnv," and "The Woman of 'lie Period The
serial novels will he written by Walter Ik-sunt
and F. W. Robinson. I
IVr Year.
Harper's Riiir. #1 r*>
Harper'* Magazine.. I 00
llnriier'a Weekly. I 00
Harper'* Young People. V '*)
PuMuge Kr> c to all snb*ci iber* in tlie l'uit<*J
State*, Canada, or Mexico,
The Volume* of the M.izsr begin with tbe
lir>t Number lor J iimary ol eai li year. When
no time t* miMiiionrd subscription* will begin
with the NuiuImt current al time of receipt <>f
Round Volume, of Harper'* H.'uar for three
veara lan k, in neat cloth binding, will lie *cnt
by mail, postage paid, or by express, free of
expense < provided tin* freight dm-s not exreed
one dollar |«t volume), for >7 00 per volume
Cloth Case* for each volume. *uitab|e fur
binding, w ill lx* sent by mail, post-paid, on re
i eipt ol #1 00 eneh.
Remittances sboubl tie by Post-office Money
Orderor Draft, to avoid eh a uce of lo*a.
Newspa|ier* arc not to copv this advertise
ment w ithout the express order of Harper A
Rrothers. Addma
Harper's Magazine. '
A new Shakespeare—the 8hake*peo re of Ed
win A. Abliev—will be presented in Harper*
Magazine for DUO. with comment# by Andrew
Lang. Harper's Magazine lias also made »|e
cial arrangement* with Alplionse Daudet.th*
greatest of living French novelist* for the ej
elusive publication, in serial form, of n humor
ous story, to tie enliPed “The Colonist* of
Trascon: the I«a*t Adventures of the Famotn
Turtarin." The story will be translated by
Henry James, and illustrated by Rossi and
Mv bach.
W. I>. Howell* will contribute a novelette s:i
two part*, entitled “ You.na,” handsomely il
I list rated.
In illustrated pnjier*. touching subjec**- of
ruricut interest, an I in its short stories ps-o •
end timely articles; the Magazide will main
tain its well-known standard.
Per Year.
Postage Fire to all suinenbcni in the I oil'd
states, Canada, or Mexico.
1 lie Voluirx * of the M jgnxine liegin wt* h t! *
(limber* for June and December of each )• -,r
iVlieu no time »j»ecifU*d, *ub*cri|«tloii* t*1"
>egin with the Number current at luue of re
eipt of order.
Round Volnme* of Harper’* Magszin* fr>t
hree years l*ack. iri t e it t loth binding. wd*
ent by mail. post-paid. on rc<-eipt of $■> I"'*
olnme. Cloth Casea, for binding.Sdvetiu ca'.n
-by mail, jaist-paid.
Index to Har|ier's Magazine. Alphabetical,
lualvtieal. and C «s»itied. for Volume* I
nciUaive. from June, 1*50, to June. I-v'^- u“e
ol.. xvo, Cloth, $4 U).
Remittances should be made by pnaf-oftbc
loney Orderor Draft, to avoid chance of lo*»
Newspajer* are nr*t to copy this advert!*^
lent without the expresa order of llarjer*
irother*. Address:
HARPER dt RRuTHERH. Kew \ort.
A and Fine bait. Pepper, gaifjivire. ani B
J • WYountf wj^pTfar *f V. it. l»V.

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