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trtld Tamils journal.
October &, t*f*Q
Twin Cities,
Permanent. Prosperous.
v. V did opportunity for Investment. Mas
be seen to be appreciated.
October 22d. 23d and 24th
Excursion raves from principal points.
For information address
CHAS. H BEATY. Secretary.
Sept. .'4. t*X Front Royal. Virginia.
\jr. G. B. LaBoyteaux bought •: T C
.• >r, a lot on Samuil street
To new subscribers for ISbl the Fkei
will be sent frre from now until th
first of January next.
If vou would acquaint yourself with th
latest lashioas and newest fabrics visit Mr
J. F. Reininger. Merchant Tailor. He ha
3500 new samples._
Hon. John E. Massey. Superintendent o
Public Instruction of Virginia, was marries
a few davs a^o ia Alabama. Mr. Massey 1
first wife was a Miss Kabie of this county
The Republicans of Jefferson county are
requested to meet m toavrunu m w
town on Saturday October 11th. tor the pur
po»e oi putting a full county ticket m .b<
fie L a _
The stock of the Charkstoia M. M A I
Company i- being tasen quite recij- ,*nn .
will aii be placed, it is proba. le, before th«
end of the m >nth. The outlook i» very en
couraging : * those who have the insights.
A telegram was received here from Roa
nokeon Wednesday announcing the death
there at 7 45 a. m of Mis* R »e Hilbert,
aa'C*d twenty-one year*. the o.d *t daughter
f Mr* Kate Hi bert, formerly . : S:_unt n.
_Staaaton \~n iiniior, 3rd.
The people of this town have a treat in
ref r them Mr. Arthur M. Hawk-—
the inimitable Arthur—of Baltimore, wi *
c.ve h » marvel] a- peri rmanoe of the re
n wned Mr? Jar ey s Max Aorkson the
7th and sth of November in College Ha...—
.sv k. J:- i R : -vr^
The Charlestown Bri. k and Tile Com
pany, a s roag corporation, has applied to
the Charie-t wo Miaing. Manufacturing
and Improves Co. f •? 1-cati -n. and pro
pose* to enter at once upon the manufacture
of brick upon a large - 'a.e, putting in a
plant with a capacity of Sd/"'” brick per
Mr Bernard A. Wade has received the
epp -iatmeut of agent of the B. A O. R. R.,
at Charlestown, W. Ya . vice Mr. A. D.
Barr resigned. Mr. M’ade entered on his
duties on M ;niav. M’e r- gret to louse him
as a citizen a.oJ congratulate the railroad
company up >n having - .ured the service
of so capable and reliable official.— ffia. W
ter Timr*.
t *. Dan J 'hn- n. of Tyler county, state
Agricuhur:-'. w here u M‘edn< -lay as!
foe the puipoas of establishing an experi
mental farm. II * de-ire was to secure a
couple of acres of fertile land whereon to
- w wheat and test the values of a variety
of fertilizers; a-> - >ru groan 1 for corn.
Col. Jno. T. CV-: consented to accommo
date him.
As wi'! be -cen by advertisement Messrs.
Burns A Shuzert. in view of a change oi
;«u-1: • • n tiie 1st day ■ January next,
have determined to reduce prices on theii
entire stock. In view of the fact that the
McKinley tariff bill which went effect on
Monday will increa*e the price* of goods is
their line almost without exception, theii
rt ;action at this time is worthy of the at
tention of buyers.
Mr J i J Van-ant, an aged gentleman
wh for mar.y years lived on his farm along
the river, i She]
i.er i«t v: . •! i M i «y evening last.
Mr. Van-ant had ! ■ near relatives living
and during his last days was cared for by
thi family ; Mr. Jam*- F. Ma i-lox. who
took -ii to th r h ;i—-igc. Hi
d-ath w. «t:. n - .’tof i age, he b* ing in
h - eightieth year.—> -• Rrgi$ttr.
Mr. I. B. .** . l„ra-*. the proprietor of the
- r res rt at the Big Spring, near Mar
tin-burg, -diesi Friday. He was well-known
t: • -jt the eastern Paa-hanuie, an
*- rved a» timber inspector in Utah an lei
t > Cleveland adtniai'trat: *n. He *.l
a - a Confederate «ol lier, haring serv
e i ' the Twelfth Virginia Calvary R gi
mem. and was a thorough Democrat, and a
: time rer re- nte l Berkeley county in th<
< ‘ur r Lintyman. Jan.es V K 'per, who ha
■ -tiuncb Kej ublican f <r years, Joe
t t hesitate to say that he disapprove* tb«
i . i : r ‘ bi 1 ar. 1 a1- > the McKin
•y TariJ bi an i at the coming election
*. y - v ,te. express his abhorrence o
ja i up measures. Heretofore *ever*
lie has cist his voi for Hon. Wm. L
" 1- purely up n per* mai grounds; bu
in N v r r. xt will do so because hi
1 k- W : - , r;ght in n.liters that an
\ it i t •;w. . the people among whoa
,v'* » • that j i g oernment can b
se ir> 1 m >-t surely by adherence to th>
prir bp -s adv -ext- . by him.
‘I- A. .** i\ - - r--presenting the pub
lis ••'*. 'A'ar r AlA.fc in the count]
Je»iv <•: ti;t. * Hist ry of th<
1- •» r " :i 1 kh '•*.»., -y -uhsef! bed foi
an : just fre-it fr >m the press. The work i:
. .-i. in ovny particular—
< rt iti w icii the publishers may well tak<
• - »r Mr • E N irn-, has
>"*»« : h »u .r by hi- careful cumpi’a
t- >o -i interesting facts It is very widen
! at h - . light the bf't - >urc - of in forma
ti '. and expen led a vast deal of time an<
in ; is*ry in res arch. He has giveu to thi
: .a v ■ Hue -f value anl one of es
i a interest to the pe pie of Frederick
C»arke, Berkeley and Jetferson.
Col. R. P. Chew went to Goshen on Mon
* Mr. Geo. V. RuM, of Grafton, is visitinj
his mother here.
Hon. Wta. L Wi!« n went into Hamp
shire on Mondav.
» I
Mr. Rutherford Kennedy and wife fcavi
returned to Wheeling.
Muo Mamii Wood l as entered Stephen
son Seminary for a pother term
Col. Simplon K. Dunarin, a former citi
zen of this town, and for years past in pofc
ities and journalism quit-1 prominent ii
Ohio—: ' - retar. >f the Srnate of thal
irreat State— ' a candidate for Probatt
Judge of Delaware county.
We called at! N o two vrteks ago to the
fact that the M li -lists of U»e Wiachestei
Dimi t of the Baltimor
• contemplate the establishment of a high
grade school fvz boy* and young men ; and
that munificent offer* had beeu made by
the Front Royal Improvement Company
and a!-* by the Middletown Improvement
i Company as inducement for tfc* location ol
the school there. The matter escaped the
r attention of the CLar.estewn M , M. & I.
j Company until a late moment, but it hai
1 made aa .Ter >: $5,000 cash and ten acres
traltaa !. F. • Conference Commit
tee was to m • t a! M idletowa oa Tuesday
I to view tbt • 1 tn further con
sider the project. We trust, if no decision
has been reached, that Chari ewtown’s advan
♦ in minv ntrfimiiN finJ in a. idilion
t the ret 1 Um liberal proposition of the Im
I proitMat wiil bo duly consid
ered, and that ::> the meantime our business
peopl , farmers and others, wiil take the
matter in h.»al and co- perate with the Im
pany and charch authori
ties The - >1 contemplated a-, uld be
better than a gold mine. What i-to be done
must be done quickly.
Chariest'*wn has an even chance for tae
blc Methodist Academy. If our Merchants
and other bu- p.*^- men, a;.J the farmers in
the vicinity ol the town, will consult their
own pecuniary interests—leaving out of
consideration hig~.tr motives—they will
take action a: once. The site has not been
decided upon but the school will be estab
lished. A school of one, two or three hun
dred pupil- from abroad is not a matter to
be ignored by v community.
News has been received here of the death
of Mr*. Rebecca J. Style, wife of Rev. E.
W. Style, D. D i ] ados, Esgla
tember IMrl.m tb - 70th year of her age.
Mr- Style wa- r-t ms* 1 to thr late Thus.
B. Washington of this county. She was
the mother of Bushrod C. Washington of
this town, Th - B .'ashingtoa of Staunton,
Va.. and Mr-. J. A Ewing, of Dundee. Scot
land Her- :.s George and James lost their
lives jn the Confederate service. Her death
was not unexcelled as she had been ill and
suffering f >r p.e months past, but recently
her friend- hi-re had tb uglit she was much
better. Mrs. try!. - has hal an eveutful
li:e. Since her marriage to Dr. Style, just
before the war, sac ha? traveled around the
w rid, living in China, Japan an 1 England,
being engaged in missionary w rk in the
two former countries. Her death will be
lamented n>>t >>n y by her relative here and
elsewhere but by a large circle of friends
who will cheriab the memory of her Chris
tian life an i example.—Spirit.
The fo lowing n tice of a former towns
man we take from the New York Musical
It may not be known generally that we
have in oar city an artist ou the guitar who
rank- excej i Jiially high, and he is Mr. E.
Br >wn >ld, a pupil of the celebrated Brand,
uf Wurzburg, who was a renowned guitar
ayer. Mr. Browuold has received flatter
ing encomiums fn. ni many mu-ical people,
such a- Antoim K ‘ski. 8. B. Mills,
Mr- M. Drake-:-hipmaa and others, and
among the pupils of Mr. Brownold we find
Mr-. William >emnacher aod Assemblyman
{ Francis Y. King. The cui:3r has been too
much nej - ■•••J o! 'ate years, and th"-? who
ir-ire t . tivate the instrument should
c- p.-a'.t Mr. Brownold, who i- an artist.
His stndi - at 24 Union-sq
cni Rcn sorts.
The i of Virginia will meet in the
8 • I . V a .
on Tuesday, October 21st, at 7. p. m.
The Sacrament of the Los s S er will
b ■ a n I n thePiwblhritsn Church
in Chariest *n on Sunday m >roing. Octo
ber l.'th Preparatory ->.rvice> a- u-ual on
the preceding Friday and Saturday.
1 On account <>f the of a daughter,
Rt v. Ru- -»y - : t -en. Presiding Elder,
wa- tp.'.ib t id me Quarterly Meet
ings of J • u Circuit and Charlestown
- . .in 1 J. 1* Hyde
supp.usl the pa.pus.
The 5. V. R. It will run a special train
i lo the Hagerstown Fair on Wednesday ami
Thursday, October 15 and 16, at the foil
inj rate?, ticket? including admission totht
Boyce 8.46 $1.4*.
Berry ville 9.M0 1.3*
I Gaylord 9.08 1.2*
Kipon 9.14 1.2'
j Charlestown 9.2S 1.0*
: ?hec. Junction 9.40 .!*•
- . .8!
The train returning leaves Hagerstown ai
i 5:80 p. m.
Fr m the Corpus Cbristi Texas) Calla
we take the following:
•*W. R Hopkins. F-j . i? announced ii
to-day '? ' '. 'Vr for the office of county judgt
of Nuecc' county. Mr. Hopkins is au abb
voting at: rney of this place, aud if electee
w uiil ii the office to which he aspires
with credit t . hit:.self and Neuces county.’
Mr. H. pkir.' is our former young towns
man, ? >n <*f R- v. l>r. A. C. Hopkins. 1
will be very gratifying to our readers and t<
i the peopl* of this county generally if Mr
H. i- chosen for the re.?; -n* • e an l h *n>r
l able position.
Before the Wni. L. Wilson Heroocratii
Club, at the C*urt-Hou*e in Charlestown
, , on Frida.* evening. October 10th, at 7
| o'clock, l’ublic cordially invited.
The Ke-Vnton at Winrhcstrr.
The re-union of the Laurel Brigade ct
Winchester on Wednesday last was an oc
casion of real pleasure. Perhaps a thou
sand ex-C\>nfederates participated ia the
enjoyments of the day. A procession was
formed of which Gen. Rosser was chief
marshal, and Maj. Holmes Conrad, Col. H.
, Kyd Douglas, Maj. R. W. Hunter, Col. Jos.
A. Nulton, Maj. Dangerfield Lewis and
Maj. Ed. McDonald were aides. Among
other? present, were Col. R. P. Chew, in
command of the artillery with Rev. Dr.
Henry M. White as aid ; Col. C. T. O'Fer
ra’.l, Capt. Miltou Rooss, Capt. Win. Mc
Donald, Col. W. A. Morgan, Col. “Ligc”
White, Col. and ex-Gov. F. W. M. Holli
day, Col. Massey, Capt. Geo. Baylor, Capt.
Jno. J. Williams, Hon. Wm. L. Wilson, H.
D. Beall, of the Sun Ac., Ac. We would
like to make special note of others, but they
were too numerous to mention.
The march wa< first to the Soldiers’ Cem
etery and the command passed by the craves
of the heroic dead with uncovered heads, to
the step of appropriate music; thence thro’
Winchester's principal street to the Fair
Grounds, where there was a “feast of reason
and a flow of soul.” After all had been re
freshed, the supply of edibles, etc., being
abundant, Maj. Holmes Conrad made a
stirring introductory address and introduced
Gen. Rosser, who made the oration of the
day in which he extolled the courage and
gallantry aud patient endurance of hard
nos of his comrades. After the reading of
a letter from Gen. Hampton—Hampton the
incomparable, Hampton the superb,—Maj.
Conrad said he had the pleasure, yea, the
honor of introducing to the audience a pri
vate soldier—one who*e fame in civic life
was only bounded by the limits of the
world's civilization—the Hon. Wm. L. Wil
son. But Mr. Wilson had left the stand be
fore this announcement was made, not ex
pecting to speak. Col. Charles T. O’Fer
rall—the distinguished member of Congress
and the chivalrous soldier in days gone by
—made a brief, but very eloquent address.
He was followed by ex Gov. Holliday in a
brief speech—marked by the excellency
that characterizes all his utterances. After
a brief recess, speeches were made by Col.
White and others, and interesting papers
on the great cavalry battles of Trevillian
and Beam’s Station by Capt. W. N. McDon
ald were read. Then a permanent brigade
i rganizati n wh^ effected and Gen. Rosser
w.i> made president thereof and the
surviving Colonels of the regiment chosen
•oa vice-presidents.
Excursions to Historic Battlefields.
The last of the series of special excursions
to the battlefields of Cedar Creek, Middle
town. Winchester and Harper’s Ferry, un
der the auspices of the Grand Army of the
Republic is announced for Oct. 16,181*0, af
rt nity to visit the H1
t ric Ground where the contending hosts
struggled for victory.
Ticket- for these excursions will be sold
from ail ticket stations on the Baltimore and
Ohio R. R. east of the Ohio River at one
fare for the round trip on October 15 and
16, IS!*', valid for return journey ten days
including day of sale. Good to stop off at
Winche>; r <>r Harper’s Ferry.
F >r the accommodation of those desiring
to visit the battlefields of Antietam and
Gettysburg, the Baltimore and Ohio R. R.
Co. will plac-3 on sale excursion tickets at
one fare for the round trip to these points
at Harper's Ferry and Wcverton, to be sold
Oct. 16 to J4 inclusive, good to return until
Oct. ->:h inclusive, for rates and time of
trains call on or address Agents B. i 0. R.
R. __
The Great Ilagerstoicn and Frederick
Fa irs.
Trie l airs at Hagerstown and Frederick
will open their gates to the public October
14th, and cl"-*? October 17th. Elaborate
• reparations are being made for the success
of each. Special features are announced
daily during the fair and the large prem
iums offered will bring out the best stock in
this section as well as from more distant
points. The Races w;il be exceptionally
fine, a number of noted stables have entered
fer the various events, an l good time may
be looked for.
The B. & 0. R. R. Co. with its usual lib
erality has arranged to«e!l excursion tickets
including a iuii-sion t>> the lairs, from Bal
1 timore, Washington, Grafton, Lexington
and alii ticket Stations, for all
trains vClOvKT 10111 ICJ Uiu fc'A-u
‘ until the 1 Sth inclusive, at greatly reduced
j rates.
For time >>f special trains aud rates, see
i hand bills or write B. & O. Agents.
lux k Hill, S. C.. March 24. 1S90.
B tnaon, Rock B
Dear ?ir—The Microbe Killer bought
; fr m v,.u ha< entirely relieved my wife from
asthma and I believe will eventually cure
: her. Please -end me another package.
Yours truly,
J. H. WiLsox, Prin. Ebenezer Academy,
York County, S. C.
For sab by Shenandoah Milling Co., Sole
j Agent. _
Every democratic voter of the town should
be present at the Democratic meeting at the
Court House on Friday night. We hope
the ladies will attend They have a deep
inter.--: in this canvass. More depends
upon Democratic -uccess than they are
j aware of.
Preside: t Oakes, of the Northern Pacific
Railroad, -ays the passage by Congress of
li e so-called forfeiture bill establishes for
ever the right of his company to lands worth
cji That was a forfeiture that
didn’t forfeit much.
Consumption Surely Cured.
To T:it ErcT-fc:—Please inf.-ra year readers
tis; 1 Live a juajuve remedy for tbc abcTe-camel
tjo-ise. By XU timely use ttocsiuos ofhopalm
r_. ■» !.SU) born peruuaently cared. I sbiU be glid
is f : 1 i <ro t- «le* of my tweedy FEZS to ary of
t -jr m‘ -s who Live cossaasptica if they wU
» ; ms •_ .r Exprvee isd P. O. sddrt*i. Eerjvcb
f- ~ X- X LLOCCdt. it. C.. 1S1 Pearl S», X. X.
In recent bids for waterworks pipe, the
lids of Southern foundries were about 25
• per cent below the bids of Pennsylvania
, I establishments. The reason: the conditions
of iron manufacture are more favorable in
I the South.
The extreme and ' u .. ;ig cotton of a
widow for Um wiahee of be* deceased hus
band has probably add been better illus
trated than in the c-se oi ro.-Utiy bereaved
French woman, who visited 3 crematorium
for the incineration of h"r husband.
The manager of thv inatituti after sympa
thizing with tier over her recent lo-«, finally
asked her: “Madame, wc ha'C ‘^o methods
of cremation, the French an - Italian; which
do you think the deceased would prefer ?”
“Ob, monsieur,'" she responded,‘ the r rench,
by all means. Alphonse w.v- a true patriot
and hated Italian c x»king.’ Alphonse was
accordiugly not cremated - la 1 taiienne.
Cumm's Emulsion Cures ( onsumption
The late Dr. Geo. 1>. Wood,hot Univer
sity of Pennsylvania, says:
“As a remedy iu I'u;mo;ia.r. C onsumption,
Cod Liver Oil far exceeds any other.
Dr. Churchill, of Paris, says:
“Consumption when not treated with the
Hypophosphites must be regarded as almost
always fatal, whereas, when u-cd in time,
every patient may be cured by use of the
Camm’s Emulsin is comp -edot the Pur
est Norwegian Cod Liver Oil combined with
the Hvpophosphites of Lime and Soda with
Iron. * Dr. G. F. Mason, of Charlestown,
says, “1 am prescribing Camm’s Emulsion
in my practice and it has given me great
satisfaction. With children it is the best
preparation of Cod Liver Oil I have ever
For sale by all druggist*. Manufactured
only by E. A? CitAiviHiU. & Co., Whole
sale Druggists. Lynchburg. Va.
Perfection in Juvenile Attire.—We have
a matchless variety of first-rate suits for
school wear. They are made from correct
materials, strong and serviceable, beautiful
]v designed and finished; also rich and
ta«teful designs in children’s outfits. Prices
are decidedly reasonable—in fact decidedly
low. Fine mirror with every child suit.
Wm. Kahx, Sadler Building.
In Trim for Fall Trade.—The style, grace
and general excellence of our new fall stock
rank our productions absolutely faultless.
Perfection in fit*, superiorly in finish and
economical in price our display of reliable
clothing justly merits the appreciation of
gentlemen who give thoughtful considera
tion to the subject of stylish, becoming and
form-fitting garments. Lowest prices.
Wm. Kahx, Sadler Building.
We have now open our extensive line of
school suits which for completeness excels
any that we have heretofore shown.
Wm. Kahx, Sadler Building.
We are opening daily new aud novel ef
fects in men’s and boys' wearing apparel for
Fall wear.
Wm. Kahx, Sadler Building.
Found.—The greatest bargains in chil
dren’s suits at Hirschman’s.
Found.—The greatest bargains in boys'
suits at Hiracbman’s. That's the verdict of
Evervbody says go t<> Hirschman’s for
children’s suit*. They have the greatest
variety to select from.
When vou come to Hirschman'e for your
children’s suits we can save you money;
and besides, we present each purchaser of a
suit of clothes with a handsome present.
S. P. Hibschmax k Co.
You run no risk in buying your clothing
at Hirschman’*. All goods are warranted.
We carry more carpets and oil cloth than
any store in town and oar price* you will
find lower. That’s the inducements we of
fer to buyer* to come to our store.
S. P. Hibschmax k Co.
Great bargain* in cl res- goods at M. Palm
baum k Bro. *, a!* > blank ts, comforts and
bed spreads, very cheap. Next to Watson
Get your flannel.*, canton flannels, shirt
ing*. mu-lins, outing*, kc., from M. Palm
baum & Bro.
Very large line of underwear, hosiery,
corsets, gloves, Ac., at very low prices ut.M.
Palmbaum k Bro.’*.
New embroideries, laces, ruchings, kc.,
at M. Palmbaum A Bro.’-.
Don’t forget that we keep a full lice of
gent’s furnishing goods, a.*o men's and
boys’ pants. M. Palmbaum Bro.
Puny Children Made Strong.
Dob t you think your children arc trou
bled with Worms? Children are often weak
and puny from this cause. There is no
remedy equal to “BorEMAX * ?weet \ erm
IFUGX” for removing these pe*ls from the
system. Sold by all dealers at 25 cents.
Do not be put "off with something called
just as good.
At the residence of thebride's brother-in-law.
Dr. A. TV. Rusmiselle, at I .char, on Church.
Shenandoah county. Va.,September 24th, IsiXj,
bv Rev. Mr. Ru.*:ni«»lk-. Mr. JOHN P. LON"AS
to Miss EMM A FRENCH TAN'Ql’ARY sbter
of Mr. A. F. Tanqoary of this place.
In Charlestown, October 2d. !?:*), by Rev.
Dr. A C. Hopkins. Mr. THOMAS DAILEY to
Mis* MARY C. SHAM LIN*, both of this county.
In Shepherdstown. on Thursday morning.
October 2. I - «Q. in the M. E. Church. South.by
Rev. Dr. J. P. Hyde. Mr. JOSEPH M. BAl'S
vpu (V t.f \V . ..tstock Virginia, and Mi
MAUD, daughter of Rev. J. R Van Horne.
On iei-leiiiber 24th. bv Rev. J. W. Dufty.
Mr. John M. BRADY and Mi* VIRGINIA
BELL SENCiXDIYER,—both of Berkeley
On September 23rd, in Martinsburg. Mr.
HENRY STERLING of Marti: d irg a:; 1 Mis*
On September 22.14’**, by Rev. J. M. R:dec
our. in Martinsbnrg. Mr. GILES W. FIZER to
Miss M ARY E. HUNT,—aU of Berkeley coun
ty. __
In this place, on Friday morning. OctcUr 3
lS&o after a lingering illness. Mrs. FRANCE;
E. STOVER, wife of Mr. Sbryor Stover, ageci
about 47 years. _
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of Uttar baking powder. Highes
; of all in leavening strength.— l. G irmtarn
A rust 17, iN't*.
I June 6.1$5K>.
We take great pleasure in informing our
many patrons that we have now open onr
entire tine of
Min’s anil Boys'
Coming* Season.
Our continuously
Increasing Trade
has encouraged us to purchase a stock that
for completeness in every respect excells
anv U11U USive unauiuiK
finding our line
you will perceive a decided improvement iu
even- particular, especially so ia our
Children's Suit Department
where we introduce many high grade novel
ties never before shown in this market.
We respectfully request vour inspection
of our lice.
Sept. 10,1SOO.
Countv Association- of Washington anil Car
roll, Md.. Franklin and Adams, I’a..
Berkeley and Jefferson, West
Va„ Baltimore and
Hagerstown, ,Hary1and.
Oct. 14. 15. 16 and 17. 1S90.
25 RACES 25
Steeple Chases. Hurdle, Chariot. Running and
Trotting Rav \
The Mu tie Peak Combination
daily exhibitions
Large display of Machinery. Live Stock, 1 arm
and Household Goods.
Great Machinery Exhibition.
To make room for the machinery exhibition
which has outgrown the ten acre space devoted
to this feature. TOO feet of line shafting to i>ro
pel machinery Lave been erected. The shaft
will be driven by one powerful engine.
A Full Four Days' Exhibition.
I The people of Jefferson County are invited
I X __I_* n>;il Koavard.
lO cuiupcic IU1 .... ,r
e<l with absolute impartiality, and generally
bv expert judges. At anv rate they are most
cordially invited to attend the great Fair—the
finest in’ Maryland.
Tickets good till after the Fair at excursion
rates on all railr-iads and for all regular trains.
Excursion train; as advertised by railroad com
panies. . ,
For premium list, privileges, programs 3nu
other information, address Towner Sch«ey,
Secretary for JeiTerson County, or
P. A. WITMEK. Secretary.
J. W. STONEBKAKER. President.
Sept. 17. 1890.
C ramp Killer!
A reliable, -afe and quick relief for C ramp
Colic, Cholera Morbus, Diarrhoea
and Indigestion.
You should keep it in the boose for emergen
cies. and carry it in your valise when you
travel. Sold by all enterprising dealers.—
Price 25c.
Aug. 1", 1?90—6m.
v >'\Y CROP NewOrleans Molasses for sale
41 POUNDS California Raisins for 23 cents ai
C. D. EBY'S.
KXTRACT White R rse. do. Frangipani do
Bonqnet, for the handkerchief. Sold bj
Feb. 2.1888. GEO. T. LIGHT.
Fine Line of Tobacco- at Cn-t
A BROOD MARE. Any pen in having o’
; can find a purchaser by applying at *
j Sept. 24. '99—St.
• ____
We are now ready to serve you. An immense stock to^ se
lect from. Everything new and Iresh from our New \ork
Our line of Boys and Children s Suits have been selected
with the greatest care and is the largest stock we have ever
shown. For style, workmanship and tit we take the lead.—
Our prices you will find more reasonable than ever.
Manufacturers of Clothing.
Sept. 24, 1890. ___
On the 1st dav of January, 1891, we will make a change in our business, at which
time we will ne 1 a eomiderabic amount oi reauy casu anu we ui..
to obtain the desired object. Commencing with Tu • day morning, Oct. .tb. »e will sac
rifice our entire stock at prices far below their value
Foit cash: only.
Silk- Plushes. Velvet,, Black and Colored Drew Good*. Outing*. Ottomans Flannels.
Canton-. Ginghams, Brown and Bleached Skirting Cassimerea, Towel*, l rasbc* Table
Linen. Blankets, 15 1 Comfort*, Shawls, Skirts. I nderwear, Itoy„ Flannel shirt \i aists.
Ho-ierv Corset*. Handkerchiefs, Gents’Furnishing Goods, Lnibrellas HaU, ZtfPb>r»,
Germantown and Saxony Wool*, Ribbon*, Velvet Ribbon*, Toilet Article*, Jersey*,
Knit Goods, Gents’, Ladies’, Misses’ and Children's Fine shoe*.
All the New Stvles and Novelties in Millinery.
Full Line of Carpets, Oil Cloths, Druggets and Rugs.
S 1,000 81,000
worth of Ladies', Mi-os’ and Children’, Wrsp* and Cloak*. It is not our purpose to
*e!ect a few articles and mark a low price on them, but all poods will be *old at cut
..rices Call early and get choice selections. Remember goods will be sold for cash only.
Oct. 8, 180".____
Never before has been better
prepared to meet the
of the i*eople— oM and young, rich and poor, j
regardless of se x or previous condition, than
now. The stock is large, varied and fresh,— !
consisting of
Foreign and Domestic!
fresh nuts and fruits.
_PRESENTS in great profusion
Infinite Variety of
Dolls- Games, Novelties,
And in store also large supplies of sweetmeats ;
and the essential elements for Cakes and Pud-1
dings for the Holiday time.
Families or individuals supplied with CARL
of everv kind. FRUIT CAKE a specialty.
All made to order or for sale at my counter. I
have made unusual preparation to supply the
public. ... ...
Oysters—the best quality—sold in quantity
to suit purchasers.
. ; 1- ‘ _HENRY Dl"'
Geo. -H. Hagley,
.Vow Offers /or Spring and Summer Trade,
The Largest Stock of CLOTHING in Jeffer
son countv. _ _
The Largest Stock of SHOES andSLIPI ERS,
in Jefferson countv. T T
The Largest Stock of HATs in JertVraon
countv. . . _
The Largest Stock of GLO\ LS in Jefferson
^The’Largest Stock of UNDERWEAR in Jef
ferson county. __ , . ,
The Largest Mock of NECKWEAR tn Jef
ferson county. T ,
The Largo* Stock of TRl NKS in Jefferson
C°The>Largest Stock of SATCHELS in Jeffer
Everything belonging toG ENTS" FI RNIrH
INGS in Large Supply. All at Lowest Prices
in Jefferson county.
and neatly done.
:*¥> LOi'TST POSTS at a Bargain.
Cor. Charles and Washington St*.. Charles
town, W. Va.
I will pay
for WHEAT AND CORN delivered at Shen
andoah Valley Depot.
Office and Warehouse near s. \ . R- R Depot.
Agent for Reed A Long.
f (., WYATT.
Keeps constantly on Land a good supply of
CO S o
At the Very Lowest Prices.
Having bought oat J. G. Wyatt A Co., all
persons knowing themselves indebted moat
come forward and settle.
Orders for Coal or Wood left with Mr. Horace
Gallaher. of Adams Express Company, will
receive prompt attention. _
.... 1 Alt.
IF you are going to paint your house, you
will find it to vour advantage to call and
1 gee our stock of Painta. The brand weare car
rying this year is Our Own Go-xia, a strictly
1 pure I inseed Oil and Lead Paint that sells for
! $1.50 per gallon. Our own Guarantee will be
riven to insure its Purity. A’so. Roofing and
Fencing Paint, at $1.00 per odtoo.
April 22, 90. AlaQUITH A CO.
For a nice slice of Ham go to
[ W. 3. MERCHANT 3.
Would with pleasure call attention to Special
ties such as
Gold and Silver Watches,
Indies' and Gents’ Chains,
Scarf Pins. Shirt Studs. Gold and Silver Neck
laces, Silverware, Hocks, Eyeglasses and
Spectacles to suit all ages.
Old Gold and Silver Bought.
Silver 80c. per ounce.
Verv Respectfully.
Aug. 13,1890. Charlestown. W. Va.
Xp T* I ^ p 1 1 pf-»
OFFERS his services and will vigorously
prosecute his avocation as Carpenter and
Builder, and will take orders and execute the
same promptly and satisfactorily. His expe
rience is such that he can guarantee perfect
workmanship, and his prices will comj*are fa
vorably with the inoet reasonable. Those de
siring to build or improve should give him a
Jan. 7, MW. _
1 Powder. Whale Oil and Carbolic Soap. Qk.
Silver Mercurial Ointment, and Bed Bug Poi
I)A LBITT8, Star. Quaker City and tbe cel*
IJ brn?r i rainoti? N)ap—la^i naroni s rtin
for.'*' For sale by C. I). EBY.^
Humphreys specifics. (for Hone*,)
Sold by Q T. LIGHT.
i lOPrERAS >u;p!.-:r c I Fla* Seed Meal
for sale by G. T. LIGHT.
HAMBUP.G FIGS. Brady-Crotine (for Head
ache) for *ale by 0. T. LIGHT.
1 BLACKBOARD Slating and Eraaer*, foraale
) by G. T. LIGHT.
Oct! 17, 18». __
S 1
I.'H'LL line of Chewing and Smoking Tobac
* co A»k to «ee Banana Twist; Only 35c.
a pound, at C. D. EBY’8.
/ CALIFORNIA, Silver, f rench and Turkish
U Prune- Evaporated Peaches, Apricota and
full line of Canned Good* at C. D. EBY’8.
QUGAR-OOATED Yeast Cake*. Patapacoand
O Royal Baking Powder at C. D. EBY'8.
WHITEWASH Brushes. Tuba, Bocketa
v V and Chain*. full stock at C. D. EB\ 8.
MEDICATED Meat Sacks. Babbitt* and
Banner Lye. for sale by C. D. EBY.
Adams Express Office
One Door Weet of Carter House.
March 5, l*J0. _ _Agent.
MUSIC FOLIOS fr-m 25c to 50c, and 1,(00
piece* of Sheet Music at 10c each in the
Book and Stationery department.
Oct. ii ** ___ AisQurra k oo.
1/ ; ne tar Odor benef. al to weak lungi;
will not rub off or stain. Perfect protection
from moth* and other insects. Clean. Healthy
Effectual. AI8QITTH A CO.
Or. King'* Spertarle*.
I HAVE the atrency for these Spectacle*, and
guarantee to St an v eye or return the money.

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