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fitgmia Jm |«SS.
W. IT. B. G.4JLL.4HBB, Editor._
ChorUotoum.Jeffrroon County. Wool Tm.
July t9, 1893.
The World’s Fair directors have decided
to close the gates on Sundays hereafter—not
on high moral grounds but because it does
not pay to keep them open.
The fellow-feeling that ought to wist be
tween two eminent sutesmen-out-of-a-job
doesn’t seem to make John James Ingalls
and Whitelaw Reid wondrous kind to each
other. _____
- SS0> » ■ 1
The San Flan cisco Examiner offers $2o
for the moet reasonable and ingenious theo
ry of the Borden murder. But the moet
ingenious theory isn’t always the most rea
sonable. ^ _
Rev. C. Herbert Richardson preached
Sunday night in Monumeut Street Metho
dist Episcopal Church on "Shams, says the
Baltimore Sun. reckou he unbosomed
Hon. Hoke Smith has been made an
LL.D by the Agricultural College of Flor
ida. That’s cultivating the “powers that
be.” The Land Office is under his Secre
taryship. __
Gov. MacCorkle and ten members of bis
stafl were at Berkeley Springs last week.—
The baths were not discolored by such a
clever representation of West \ irginia
If the World’s Fair does nothing more
than it has already done by way of demon
strating the reverence of the American peo
ple for the Sabbath day, it will go down in
to history as a success.
The steamship Spree from Bremen has
just landed sixteen profeasors, who will visit
a. on the Surec
to familiarize themselves beforehand with
Chicago modes of life.
We see the suggestion in our exchange*
that President Cleveland, having a vacancy
on the Supreme Bench to fill, may “follow
the example of President Harrison in ap
pointing a Democrat. W e feel almost
•ure that he will do that very thing.
The Republicans ueed not congratulate
themselves o'ermuch because Mr. t levelaud
had a tooth drawn. He has a few more
left, and he will demonstrate that fact when
he gets back to Washington aud bites the
red tape from some packages of applica
tions for office that have been tiled duriug
his vacation. Aud the way he will jump
with both feet ou some unworthy office
holders will be proof that the rheuinatiz is
a thing of the past.
- --«•> --
The Free Pres* wants Judge K. B.
Faulkner to fill the vacancy caused by
death, in the United States Supreme Court.
He is a good man, and were it not for one
thing, we would throw up both hands and
yell, Faulkner !! but we shall in the
sweet by and by have a case before that
august “sleepy” body, and Judge Faulkner
might “awake” the “duffers” and suataiu
his previous act.—Pione<r /Vrw.
Lawyer Clifford must have a very ques
tionable case if he is unwilling to have “a
good man” to sit in judgment upon it.—
Besides, Lawyer Clifford ought to know
that it is not customary for Judges to sit in
cases appealed Irom them.
■ ♦ ♦ ♦
Judge Faulkner, of Berkeley county, is
an excellent judge. An excellent judge
would make an excellent governor.—Shep
SmUtovcn Rrgiiter.
The above statement is a patent fact.
The West Virginia Ifemocrata entered theii
caveat when they nominated Judge Fleming
for governor, and we had a model governor.
We will not say that Judge Faulkner will
be au Improvement, but he would come up
to all the specifications for a first-class ex
ecutive of a first-class State. But Mr.
Cleveland may demand his services in some
important function long before we are ready
to release him from the Judgeship of the
lorn virwuib.
It is understood that fHuart W. Walkei
will contest with Hon. Win. L. Wilson foi
the congressional nomination in the Sec
ond district uext year.— l\irk'rtburg Stnti
No mau has succeeded Heury (.’lay as the
representative of the Ashland district thal
haa not been especially mentioned a» the
successor of the great Kentuckian. And il
ia a noble ambition in the breast ot any
young man in this district some day to be
kuown as the successor of Hon. Win. L
Wilson We do not believe it has entered
the mind of Hon. Stuart \V. Walker, 01
any other man in the Democratic party ol
this district, to “contest” with Hou. Win
L. Wilson for the nomination for Congress
It is not to the discredit of Mr. Walker tc
aspire to the place when vacated by Mr

Referring to an editorial in l**t week's issut
the Charlestown Frtt Frn» has the following
to say
Editor Clifford has failed iu his enumera
tion to mention that John Brown's first vic
tim at Harper’s Ferry was an industrious, in
offensive colored man. If Moses and Hanni
bal and Cleopatra were negroes because they
were natives of Africa, what is Editor Clifford
because he was born in America—a red Indian
No, we are a mixture of Indian white and
Negro. It is a self-evident fact—much as1
and are tour, and we are the best type of an
American, opposed to anarehy. lynchlaw, race
discrimination, loyal to the flag and a lover
of the country over which it floats. Will Ed
itor Gallaher tell us what right he has to u*«
“ Afro-American.” Is it not a misnomer *
As to that “ industrious, inoffensive colored
man” we rather take sides with John Brown
i. e. if Brown considered him offensive enough
to be killed, we have no fault to find.—Fhmtti
What a mongrel mix ' It ought to militaU
against Editor Clifford's posing as a Negro witl)
a big N. He does himself injustice, claiming
to be “an American, opposed to anarchy
lynch law.” etc., by approving John Brown
It is rather unsafe to say that any man may
arrogate to himself the right to kill because
he has it in his mind that a man is “offensive
enough to be killed.” His killing of Hay ward
Shepard was an unprovoked murder, and Ed
itor Clifford is the only mau. to oar knowl
edge, who ha* had the temerity to publicly
approve it. This justifies us in the belief that
he is. what he claims to be. part Indian,—
therefore an Afro-American. The term Afro
AjLueri.au has boon much used by Editor Clif
Ex-Senator Ingalls and ex-Minister Reid
hare each other by the goatee, to the indnite
diversion of the American people. Ingalls
began it. In one of those spicy and lucra
tive syndicate newspaper articles whereby
the iridescent Kansan relieves his overflow
| ing genius and obtains bis bread since bis
j involuntary retirement from the halls of
I legislation, he has just reviewed Editor
! Reid’s late candidacy for the vice-presiden
cy, describing Mr. Reid himself as uxori
ous” and "an aristocrat,” criticizing his
dress aud manners, aud making reference to
bis difficulties with union printers and his
I supercilious insults to laboring men. Ihe
ex-candidate being interviewed pleads va
riously to the different indictments, conclu
ding, in response to the charge of aristoc
racy,” etc., with the following lauguage—
not so choice, perhaps, as the barbed phrases
of the ex-Senator, but spirited aud, in its
way, eloquent:
“The rest of Mr. Ingalls’complaint seems
to be that in other particulars also I act l'ke
a gentleman. Well, out in Kausas they
did not bring that accusation against him.
And yet, whea be was last a candidate, al
though he abaudoned his supposed princi
ples and crawled in the dirt before them,
Mrs. Lease and Mr. Peffer thrust him into
the gutter. He has been lying there ever
since, spouting mud and bad language.
“What can be bis motive for the attack .
pursued the reporter.
“How do I kuow ; and what's the good
of guessiug? He seems to lack employ
ment since he was tbrowu out of office
holding, and I suppose the mau must make
a living by lecturing or writing for the syn
The Washington correspondent of the
Alexandria Gtuette last Thursday wrote:
“Senator Faulkuer, of West Virgiuia, is
here to-day. Ho says he has no doubt the
Sherman silver bill will be repealed at the
I coming session of Congress and that, too,
without much delay, as the knowledge that
more than one hundred million ounces of
silver bullion are now stored in the Treas
urv and are being added to at the rate of
four million aud a-half a month, the whole
of which may be thrown upon the market
at once, aud thus make silver comparative
ly valueless, is sufficient of itself alone to
induce eveu the most pronounced silver
men to vote for the repeal. He says the
rules of the last House will, if readopted,
enable the friends of the repeal to effect
their object without further change. Mr.
Faulkner also says the tariff bill should by
all means be taken up at the coming session,
and that if the ways and menus committee
have such a bill prepared by the time the
vote on the silver bill be reached, there will
be no recess but that Congress will proceed
to cousider and pass it at once, so that the
people cau judge of its practical effects be
fore the next congressional election, which
otherwise they would he unable to do.”
Martlnsbury Matters.
From the ‘Sttitfiinua.
An infant child of liev. and Mrs. Charles
Stribliug died at Berryville, Va., aud was
brought here for interment on Monday last.
The dedication of the new Presbyterian
Church at (Jerardstowu, which was to have
occurred July 16th, has been postponed un
til August 13th.
Mr. Clintou Mendenhall, an aged citizen,
died at his home on Burke street on Mon
day last. July 10, aged about 6o years.
Miss Alice Barnhart, second daughter of
Capt. and Mrs. H. F. Barnhart, died at the
residence of her uncle, R. S. M. Hoffman,
in Shepherdstown, on Iuesdav evening of
last week, aged 13 years.
Died at his home in Point Pleasant, 'V.
Va., ou July 7th, Mr. Byron Hogg, from
injuries received by being thrown from bis
buggy a few days before. He was the room
mate of Mr. Braxtou Davenport, ol this
place, while at the West Virginia Uuiver
aitv. His mauy col lege-mates in this couu
ty, as well as all over the State, will regret
very much to hear of his death. He was a
bright and agreeable companion, and much
auunreu vy an wuv
Mr. A. S. Daudridge returned last week
from his trip to Camden-on-Uauley, enthu
siastic over the pleasure he experienced.—
He says that Senator Camden is going to
make that great wilderness blossom as tbe
rose by meaus of tbe railroads aud tbe man
ufacturing enterprises to be developed there.
Already much has beeu done, but still
there’s more to follow. Mr. Daudridge says
that Senator Camden’s entertainment of his
friends was superb.—Sfvpherthtoun Rryitter.
The July Wide Aicake has a variety of
contents, interesting and instructive to
child-readers, as indicated by some of the
titles: In Haying Time; The Strategy of
tbe Siahs The American Coracle; The
Bang-Whaoger; An Old Spanish Town;
Oue Little Pioneer; With the Lady of the
Lake; Out-of-door Gymnastics; In the
Lookout with Columbus; Jo’s Hunt and
the Game, etc., etc. Profusely illustrated.
D. Lothrop Co., Boston.
A curious antithetic used in China has
recently been made kuown. It is obtained
by placing a frog in a jar of dour and irri
tating it by prodding. Uuder these circum
stances it exudes a liquid which forms a
paste with the dour. This paste, wheu dis
solved iu water, has well-marked ansesthetic
properties. After the finger has been im
mersed in the liquid for a few minutes it
cau be cut to the bone wilbout auv pain
being felt.
The Moorefield Examiner has found veut
for a good deal of suppressed wrath and in
dignation as follows and, doubtless, feels
“At last, after much worry and a good
deal of cussing, the miserable skunk who
has been mixing our mails up for the last
four years has been removed and the office
will again pass into decent hands, and it is
hoped that our people will never be cursed
with such a conglomerate mass of jrrors
and ignorance again.”
I'm: Frkk Pri ss suggests Judge Faulk
ner for the vacancy in the Supreme Court
of the United States. It would never do to
put such a live, energetic man on that
bench. He'd keep all those old duller*
iwabe.—herdtioicn Refute-.
Rousa Auction Trade Journal.
Xperience is an xpensive lesson tn time
and money—but evry one who starts in
busines ideas must go thru the gauntlet,
and not one of a hundred escape unscathed.
Most are cripled for life—bav no pluk to
try it over agen and then the bread and
meet salery is good enuf for the kings that
have uo bition. Tha eat and sleep like the
tramp and bother little with the wear aud
tear, the svret and swear of the employer —
Tha get as much out of the hard, short life
as the Boss, aud thats al tha care for. The
cold world loox at him suspicious and pitiles
as tho he had cum from State Prison, and
he wants to get out of range of the abuse
and slander of the scavenger. But to the
unhappy unfortionate into whos vitals am
bition has fastened its fangs—to the ruf but
geuuiu diatnoud of genius whos hopes uever
dy, aud the bundle of pluck and nerv and
sand who faces fate unflinchingly, lookiug
backward or up in the blue dome, never—
to such as thes, xperience simply sharpens
the aspiration for great records and solid
triumf. Thes costly lessous always oblite*
rate irresolution aud plant in the brain that
heroic stuf that was the lever that lifted the
Liliputisns from the ruins of Church street
to the Babel of Broadway—fools call it luck,
piety the Lord ; al the same, it was simply
the four titanic leters of the English tung
—I will. The fellow loded to the brim
with this metal finds it a plesur to say to
his old time friends who always go trust,
“Too busy with cash trade, no time to talk,
I’ve buried the Ledger,” and when the ne
gotiable uote fiend butonholes him for his
autograf he answers in that other leviathan
of the Kuglish language of two leters—No.
I always want the first chance at the
young beginer just starting out into the
mysteries aud masteries of mercantile life,
to show him how esy.quik aud solid the rite
road under the “modern methods” of which
this author is the original advocate. I wil
start the comercial conscript upon a system
that 91* out of a 100 means suostanuai suc
cess from the very jump. The first day’s
work wil iuspire the impatient aspirant
with that self confidence that conquers al
things and coins into reality that which the
old regular had always blievd iinpossibl.—
At the end of his first day’s magnificent
work, instead of being tired to deth, he was
unable to sleep, and la iu xtacy of tbaut ol
tbe briliant future that bad so suddenly
opened up befor him. Dout, fear and an
xiety bad given wa to the thrill and throb
of ambition. Where he had hesitated
about risking al he had in the world, where
ther was so much competition, "hard times”
and ‘‘tile tootin,” now he felt like a Koval
Bengal Tiger, master of the situation—in
faot, felt as if sum real competition wudnt
be a hard thing to keep him up to his per
fect filing pitch. The truth is lie realized
the importance of the oldtimer as a jaw
smashing advertisement to properly place
his merits befor the peple as an uncompro
mising, uncondition Raqueter of the twen
ty-five per cent, creed. He was nobody da
before yesterday, toda everyone is teling ol
the cyclone that had swept almost al he had
from the shelves into the money drawer
with such a day’s start U ma safely bet yoi
dear life that the nu beginer wud rathei
handle ded polka than that destroyer o:
ability and ambition—The Infernal ledger
I am spekiug now of the 99. He thaul
he had captured the cuntry (and so he bud
and determined to make mor money and
get rich faster by piling on a litle moi
profit; instead of dropping to 20 he jumped
to 30 per cent. In his selfish greed ot ste
per percentage he lost site ol thes two vita,
salients, great agregations and big adver
tisements. The first fatal step. The tem
tation of a big round profit often induced
him to scratch it down iu a memorandun:
book, which finaly got ful and he was
obliged to have a Ledger. Then the drum
er with bis trunx, pluhras and cigars, wit!
his regular goods (no auction trash or sto
leu plunder) ou old time terms and travel
ing xpenses with 10 per cent, commissiot
put iu bis titan strokes; befor be knu it b<
was an old-timer of the tufcst creed. Th<
peple had forgoteu him. His stock w&
lockt up in that book that never gives bak
In the meanwhile a real represeutaliv of tin
Uouss System had swept him along witl
other ded lumbr and chaf clear oft' the fact
oftheerth. One in a while he lookt bat
with unavailing regrets only to thiuk wlia
he “mite hav ben” had be followed lh<
strait lines of the tru system. Iu6ted ot i
genuin diamond he was simply acounterfit
In thes monthlies are the plain, simph
and ouest rules that U may becum a pros
perus aud pupular merchant erly iu lift
and not a broken down failure at thirty
flateued out at forty (as the riter was it
Church street), aud in the seer and yellow
leaf of autumn turned out to “root hog 01
Walk dow n Broadway any da and U wi
meet thes genial, high-minded and great
harted mercantile wrecks who had at on<
time of life ben up in the lofty altitudes
had staked their life, bad bet and lost tbeii
fortune on the dream book of King Credil
agenst that other card that will buy th<
world—The Almighty Dollar.
Unles T meet and answer thes vita
issues now tba will face U da after da it
after life when time has blunted the enthu
siasm of to*day and the Ledger has para
lyzed the ambition that had one set tbc
brain afire. The comercial Waterloo shuc
be faut before 40, not after, aud yet inosl
men put it oft'until Autumn—in the fifties
aud sixties To the writer it came first al
24, agen at 80, the last at 40. About ont
in a huudred survives the first defeat, one
in a thousand the repetition aud not moi
than two out ot a million liv thru the third
—of thes 1 recall Macy, the other was the
defeated Confederate who walked from the
humiliation ol Appomattox (losing one
year iu the cornfield) to the Metropolis
I of America.
The hosts who hav one fallen in their
desperate strugle in a hopeles aud lukless
caus realize thes truths too late to rally for
another ( nterprist-, and this riter, who spent
the r >i -. prime of life in courting thes
risk- od of flanking them, would feel
iprou ;t wer p.'ssible to drive thes real
itles into your brain now and lave the long,
hard years of mental torture and remora
that ar sure to folo
Our atractive tempt®**008 for midsummer
plead with the reder in no uncertain or
equivocal sound— gathered in from evry
manufacturing centre of the world for cash,
avoiding the middleman with his hevy im
portation charges and placed befor l at the I
minimum of profit) escaping ngen another
midleman cald the drumer, with his five and
teu per ceut. comisio**—no wonder the Old
Regular calls them Sledghamers and Trip
hamers. They appeal ireaistible to evryone
whos hopes and whos unaverted gaze is fixt
upon that splendid word success.
On the first page in words that a child
ma read is our logic, which is absolutely
unanserable, smashes all controversy on
the subject. On the uext, our terms and
conditions—of a character so iuviting and
liberal as to leav U no xcuse for neglecting
the opportunities that will assuredly make
a broad mark all over your mercantile life.
On the succeding pages are figures that wil
alow U 25 per cent, profit and enable you
to quote at or belo what yor competitor paid
for the selfsame^oods. We are headquar
ters beyond the reach of competition. We
are the Underbuy at this end of the line ;
U are the Undersell, money down, and that
is the Alpha and Omega of the Rouss Sys
tem. If U have the iron will to stick sa
credly to these perfect business methods yor
fortune las within your grasp. From time
to time U read the botom lines of success
ful business men who had the hors sens and
curage to read arite the living lesons and
embrace the chances, with no risks. Rite
to thes magnificent fellows—representatives
of the correct system. Tha wil tel you
what child’s pla the “walk over’’ was—the
solid results in one short year. U wil find
these Iiacqueters evrywhere in your own
State—in fact it is difficult to find a town
where these hustlers are not driving the
oldtimer out of existence, destroying the
ksrkorin avitom nf RCTPR irnn hv that en
richt neither buyer nor seler, but nearly al
ways impoverished both.
A single trial—no matter whether by or
der or in person—the tel tale figures ar the
same precisely—wil setle the question with
evry merchant who files to win and who
means to master all the problems and pos
sibilities of Mercantile Success.
Yes, the merchants of this age are grow
ing progresive and agresive, too. See the
havoc thes spot cash champions make in
the credit raux ; tha begin to smel the credit
brimstoue, and propose to pass iuto history
as victors and not victims. Tha ar tired to
deth of the wear and swear and tear ol
credit life—at nite waiting for dubreak ; all
the day, like Wellington, waiting for nite,
Tha want to go to bed and sleep like a hors,
go to the table and eat like a tramp, and let
some other felow pour down the corn and
hops. Tha have found out that succes does
not lay behind the Ledger breastwork firing
at long range at the Stonewalls who had
Hanked and ignored them, and after, had
ridiculed their terrific trafic and held them
up to the lafter and derision of cash buyers,
Oha.s. Broadway Rouss,
New York City.
-^ - -
How's This !
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured
by Hall’s Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, O
We, the undersigned, have known F. J,
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable iu all business
transactions and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by their firm.
West A Truax, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, O.
Warding, Kinnan A Marvin, Wholesale
Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall’s Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucus
surfaces of the system. Price, 75c. per bot
tle. Sold by all Druggists. Testimonials
--♦ -—
Twelve Days at Atlantic City.
The third of the series of popular excur
sions to Atlautic City, via Baltimore and
i Ohio Railroad, will run on August 3d.—
Ample provision will be made for the ac
commouaiion oi muse avmiiug lueiusei vcj
of the low rates and superior train servict
i to enjoy a respite by the seaside. Tb<
scenery en route is unsurpassed by that o:
i any other route iu America.
TTickets will be valid for return journej
i for twelve days from day of sale, aud will
s be good on all regular trains. Ou returr
i journey they will bo good to stop off a<
Washington, thus affording an opportunitj
i to visit the numerous public buildings
which are open to visitors free of charge
> and to take a trip down the Potomac to Mt
, Vernon, the tomb of Washington, as wel
i as to visit other places of interest in anc
near Washington.
For rates and time of trains, consult ap
pended table :
HAVE A. M. A. M. r. M. BATE
Winchester.6.U0 11.09 4.12 $6.5(
Stephenson...6.09 11.19 4.22 6.5<
, Wadesville.6.19 11.21* 4.32 6.21
Summit Point.6.26 11.39 4.42 6.21
i Charles Town.6.43 11.57 5.00 6.11
P. M.
Halltown.6.55 12.07 5.10 5.81
Millville.7.04* 12.12 5.15 5.61
Harper s Ferry.7.08 12.20 5.23 5.5<
Philadelphia.«...12.55 6.15 3.55
Correspondingly low rates from othei
Pullman Buffet Parlor Car from Staun
ton to Baltimore, and Baltimore to Phila
delphia on afternoon train from Staunton
For more detailed information apply tc
C. E. Dudrow, Traveling Passenger Agent
Winchester, Va.
-- -♦ -
Our voung friend Master Clayton I brush,
in the employment of Messrs Light A Wat
son, has received his papers n« a graduate
of pharmacy. Master Thrush, we are
pleased to learn, not only enjoys the dis
tinction of being the youngest candidate
who has passed the board, but has secured
liis graduation in the shortest time only
two years) and passed the best examination.
A merry partv from ‘‘Caasiiis,’ accompa
nied by friends from town, took a straw ride
to Harper’s Ferry Wednesday evening —
The Charles Town Cornet Baud contributed
to the pleasure of the ride, and refreshments
were served after tho return to "CanllJs.
Sunday School Convention.
As the executive committee of the county
convention has appointed the Sunday School
Convention to be held at Uvilla July 27th
aod 2Stb, I will be glad if all delegates and
others who will attend will notify me as to
the time they will be with us. We extend
a cordial invitation to all and will do our
best to make them comfortable.
N. S. J. Stbider, 1st Vice-Pres’f,
Uvilla, W. Va.
A dog belonging to Samocl Ropp, in the
neck, near Falling Waters, was taken with
rabies and bit other dogs and three colts
belonging to Mr. Ropp. Mr. Ropp killed
all the dogs and will watch the colts.—
ShephenUtoxrn Register.
There will be Free Lectures in the
Charles Town Baptist church July 25 and
26, at 8 p. m., by Mrs. Helen G. Rice, of Bos
ton, Mass., National Superintendent of the
Juvenile work for the Women’s Christian
Temperance Union, and Superintendent ol
the Juvenile Sabbath School work.
Charles Town Mining, Manu
facturing and Improve
ment Company.
The Charles Town Mining, Manufacturing
and Improvement Company, in pursuance of
an order passed by its Board of Directors on
the 5th day of June, 1893, will offer for sale at
public auction, for cash, at 11 o’clock A. M.,
ONMONDA Yt A VO VST 21.ST, 1893,
in front of the Court-house in Charles Town,
Jefferson County, W. Va., the following shares
of Stock in said Company, held by the follow
ing parties, and on which the following in
stallments, amounting to the following sums,
remain unpaid:
Name of No. of Ins’lm'ts Auit. Int.
Stockholder Shares Unpaid
Arbuckle J. W. 18 5,6,7.8,9. $225. *57.50
. . . * wav wo t i’ » o fi Of
Aiueiouu j. n.
Alderson J. M. 18 6,7,8,9, 180. 30.00
Adams Alex. 18 2.3.4,5,6,7,8,9,405. 57.50
Briggs I. K. 4 6,7.8,9, 40. 6.67
Bird A Koont/ 36 7,8,9, 270. 45.00
Beard Dr. W. C. ^ 8 7,8,9, 60. 10.00
Brenningcr H. F.
A A. 8. Johnson 36 5,0,7.8,9, 150. 75.00
Bradshaw J. B. 18 5,6,7,8,9, 225. 37.50
Bender Geo. D. 18 5,6,7,8,9, 225. 37.50
Baughman S. F. 18 9, 45. 7 50
Bell J. W. 18 pt. 5,6,7.8.9, 2*10. 43.34
Brown F. C. 18 2.3,4,5,6,7,8,9,405. 57..*0
Billmver J. D. 18 7,8,9, 135. 22.50
Bowman Geo. H. 18 6,7,8,9, 180. 30.00
Billmyer J.D.AJ.R. 4 8,9, 20. 3.34
Brown Chas. E. H. 4 8,9, 20. 3.34
Barr Wilkie C. 4 3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 70. 11.67
Adams R. A. 18 2,3,4.5,G.7,8,9,405. 57.50
Campbell Wm. 22 5,6,7,8,9, 275. 45.84
Churchill J. W. 4 9, 10. 1.67
Cable Alex. 8 5,6,7,8,9, 100. 16.67
Carter Mrs. Wm. F. 4 6.7,8,9, 40. 6.67
Cone D. C. 18 8,9, 90. 15.00
Cantley J. W. 4 6,7,8,9, 10, 6.67
Daniels T. C. and
Geo. J. Johnson 18 6,7,8,9, 180. .‘W.OO
Fleming Henry 8 8.9, 40. 6.67
Fielding & Walton 4 5,6,7,8,5*, 50. 8.34
Fava, Neeff A Co. 18 4,5.6,7,8,9, 270. 45.00
Given Wra.M. 20 3.4,5,6.7,8,9,350. 58.34
Good B. E. 18 7,8,9, 135. 22 50
Getzendancr L. D. 18 5,6,7,8,9, 225. 37.50
Gummert Thos. N. 18 pt. 7,8,9, 110. 18.34
Hart C. 1. 4 5,6,7,8,9, 50. 8.34
Hudgins N. B. 4 8,9, 20. 3.34
Harnc J. L. « 6,7,8.9 GO. 10.00
Hawes Mrs. Ejdi. A.18 5,6,7,8,9 225, 37.50
Hockcmevcr Jno. 18 7,8,9, 135. 22.50
Hockemyer Car. M. 4 7i8,9, 30. 5.00
Hardesty R. D. A J.
O. Crown 18 pt. 8,9, 70. 11.67
Harrison L. V. 18 pt. 3,4,5.6,
7,8,9, 275. 45.81
Hoot! Mrs. A. A. 18 6,7,8,9, 180. 30.00
Hodges Jas. M. 18 7,8.9, 135. 22.50
Hall Jas. D. 8 5,0,7,8.9, 100. 16.67
Hallock I„ G. 18 5,6.7.8,9, 225. 37.50
Howard John A. 4 4,5,6,7,8.9, GO. 10.00
Hudgins Cl* rence 36 2,3,4.5,G.7,8,9,810. 135.00
Hardesty Chas, R. 18 5,6,7,8,9, 225. 37.50
Haskell J. H. 18 9, 45. 7.50
Johnson J. W. 18 7,8,9, 135. 22.50
Jennings, Forsyth
A Lake 18 5,6.7,8,9, 225. 37.50
Jackson E. II. 22 5,6,7,8,9, 275, 15.84
Johns 8. L. 4 pt.4.5,6,7,8,9, 55. 0.17
KnpcrJohn 18 5,6,7,8,9, 225. 37.50
Lee Geo. 4 3,4.5,6,7,8,0, 70. 11.67
Murphy J. S. C, 36 pt. 8,9, 112.50 18.75
Mathews A Gal
loway 18 7,8.9, 135, 22,50
Mineshinc Henry 4 8,9, 20. 3.34
Mock Geo. A. 18—5 13 6,7.8,9, 130. 21.67
J. E. Wyatt 9 7.8.9, 135. 22.50
It 18 7 8 9. 135. 22.50
McWilliams Mrs.F. 4 pi 5,6,7.8,9, 45. 7.50
Morton, White &
Price 18 2,3,1,5,6,7,8,9,495. 57 50
March W. B. 4 ti,7.8,0. 40. 6.67
Neveeold W. W. 18 5,6,7,8,9, 225. 37.50
Nelson W. E. 18 7,8,9, 135. 22.50
1 Pilkington Jas. E. 3G 6.7,8,9, 86". 60.00
i Pullin H. M. 4 6,7,8.9, 10. 6.67
, Pilcher F. C. » 6.7,8.!*. 90. 15.00
. Payne C. N. 18 5,6,7.8.9. 225. 37.50
Payne G. V. 8 5,6.7,8,9, 100. 16 67
Page R. Powell 12 5,6,7,8,9, 150. 25.00
Richards M. C. 18 7,8,9, 135. 22.00
Rodgers Mort. M. 36 3,4,5,6,7.8,9, *530. 105.00
Schwarz 8. 13 7.8.9, 135. 22.50
Stark M. 10 5,6,7,8,9, 125. 20.85
Shuler W. H. 4 5,6,i.8,9, 50. 8.34
Sanders J. E. 4 3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 70. 11.67
Smith. Silvey &
Griffith 18 5,0,7,8.9, 225. 37.50
Scott W. C. 4 8,9, 20. 3.34
Smith Godfrey A. 4 6,7,8,9, 10. 6.67
Sterrette S. W. 18 8,9. 90. 15 00
Slaven W. D. 18 5,6,7.8.9, 225. 37.50
81aven W. I). 4 2,3.4,5,6.7,8,9, 90. 15.00
Shcnck C. F. 4 5,6,7,8.9, .50. 8.34
Slack Julius I 5,6,7,8.9, 50, 8.34
Slrickler J. A. 8 5,6,7,8,9. 100. 16.67
81othower Henry 18 9, 45. 7.50
Steep Thos.M. 18 7.8,9, 135. 22.50
Tarnkin Win. 4 6,7,8.9, 40. 6.67
Taylor U. B. 4 3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 70. 11.67
i Tyson J. R. 8 8,9, 40. 6.97
i TaylorS. M. 4 5,6,7,8,9, 50. 8.^1
i Westfall H. M. 4 6.7,8,9, 40. 6.67
White A. G. 1 6,7.8,9, 40. 6.67
Walton M.L. 40 8.9. 200. 33 34
Ware Mrs. E. J. 18 9. 45. 7.50
Watson Geo. S. 9 pt. 5,6.7,8,9, 108.15 18.03
i Wigginton &
i Hardesty 18 5.6,7.8,9, 225. 37.50
Berkeley Carter 18 2,3,4,5,6.7,8,9. 405. 57.50
Brophy B. A. 8 2,3,4,5.6,7.8,9, 180. 30.00
Barton Harrv 4 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 90. 15.00
Deahl H P. 9 2,3,4,5,6.7,8.9, 202.50 33.75
Eldridge Geo. 8 2.3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 180. 30.00
Elliott C. H. 12,3,4,5.6,7,8,9, 90. 15.00
Flemings & Rich
ards 18 2,3,4,5,6.7,8,9, 405. 57.50
Graves G. W. 1 2,3,4.5,6.7,8,9, 90. 15.00
Goodman T. A. 4 2,3,4A6.7,8.9. 90. 15.00
Jordan R. M. 1 2,3 4.5,6.7,5,9, 90. 15.00
Johnston C. W. 18 2,3,4,5.6,7,8,9, 405. 57.50
Johcston S. J. J. 18 2,3,4.5,6.7,8.9, 405. 57.50
Kitchen J. C. 4 2,3,4,5,6.7.8,9, 90. 15.00
Kirkwood H. 4 2,3,4,5,6.7,8,9, 90. 15.00
Mercer C. H. 36 2,3.4,5,6,7,8,9,810. 134.00
Offner John E. 18 2,3,4.5.6,7,8,9, 405. 57.50
Potler C. L. 18 2,3,4,5,6,7.8,9, 405. 57.50
Robinson Mrs EH 4 2,3,4.5,6.7,8,9, 90. 15.00
Russell — C.R.Leel8,6,7.8.!*, 405. 57 50
Rice A. D. 18 2.3,4,5,6,7,8.9, 405. 57.50
Smith A. T. 18 2,3.4,5.6.7,8.!», 405. 57.50
Soutbwick ( has. 8 2,3,4,5,6,7,8.9, 180. 30.00
Saunders F. L. 18 2,3,4,5,6. ■ ,8.9, 405. 3<A0
Stewart John T. 18 2,3,4,5,6,1.8,9,405. 57A0
Tucker Eliza 8 2.3.1,5,6.7,8.9,180 . 3O.C0
Ward Herbert B. 4 2.3,4,5,0,, ,8,9, 90. 13.00
Ward R. M. 4 2.3J,5,6,7,8.9. 90. 15.00
Zerba Cba«. A. 18 2.3,4,5.6,7,8,!*, 405. 57A0
And said Shares of Stock will be transferred
to the purchasers thereof at such sale by 8.
Lee Phillips, appointed by said Board of Di
rectors for that purpose.
July 19,1??3-H. By R. I\ Car«’ 1 ret t.
“ Castoria is so well adapted to children that
1 recommend it as superior to any prescription
known to me." JL A. Akchkr, M. D.,
Ill So. Oxford St., Brooklyn. N.Y.
“The use o£ ‘C'astoria is so unirersal and
its merits so well known that it seems a work
of supprerogation to endorse it. Few are the
intelligent families who do not keep C’astoria
within easy reach."
Carlos JLahttx, D. D.,
New York City.
Castoria cum Colic, Constipation,
Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea, Eructation,
Kills Worms, gives d«T. di
Without injurious medication.
“For several years 1 have recommended
your ‘Castoria,' and shall always continue t«
do so ss it has Invariably produced beneficial
Enwix F. Panogr. M. D..
l»lh Street and 7th Ave., New York City.
Ta* CSJrTAUa CoarlVT, 77 MIRRAY STRICT, ;u» v in.
We are Doing Business in the
Age of New Styles on
Dressing and Materials.
Are tilings of the past in our Groat Store.—!
Wherever you see them on our counters you II
find them marked at half to three-fourths
Xow styles are what the public want. We
are here with our Great Stores to meet and
supply that want at the lowest possible cost to
our patrons.
The new Spring Styles in Changeable Serges,
Poplins and Silks, Silk Striped and Mixed'
Fabrics, French Whip Cords, English Poplins'
and Roman Plaids, with innumerable Silks
and Fabrics for trimming to match.
In India, Brocaded, Perspiration Proof, French
Mourning, Silcot and Satin Gloria Cloth, Wool
Challies, French Muslins, Irish Lawns, Organ
dies, India Crepes, twenty novelties in Import
ed and Domestic Dress Ginghams.
One Price Cash Store,
Feb. 22. 1892._
We oft'eryou this Fall our Fcrlilizers as follows:
Special Mixture,
Ober's Farmer’s Standard,
Ober's South Carolina.
Zell’s Economizer,
Zell's Dissolved Bone Phosphate,
Itasin’s Dissolved South Carolina.
Walker's Dissolved South Carolina,
Pure Ground Bone,
Pure Dissolved Animal Bone,
Pure Ground Fish,
wi_a _ r lj,. i»
Muriate and Sulphate of Potash,
We have our Fertilizer, brands ‘‘Shenan
doah’’ and "Special Mixture,” prepared by G.
Ober A Sons Co., of Baltimore, and we guar
antee every bag to come up to the Analysis.
Ober's South Curolina is put in sacks treated
with Lime, and you will have no trouble with
rotten sacks.
Please give your orders as early as possible.
Washington & Alexander.
July 12, 18U3—3m.
j. h. nolandT
Agent for the Celebrated
Also for the Newly A Evan* and the Davis A
Son Pianos— fully warranted and
endorsed by the Stieff House.
First-class Organs and Second-Hand Pianos
at all prices. Terms and prices to suit pur
chasers. It will be to your interest to see me,
or write, before purchasing.
Musical • Chart
—An arrangement by which an a< compani
ment can be played upon the Piano or Organ,
in any key; endorsed by musicians; can be '
learned in one hour. Price $1.00. A limited '
number of orders will be taken at 75 cents, to I
introduce it. Liberal discount to agents.— |
Write for territory.
July 5. 18!*3.
Now we contemplate a large improvement
to the Temple of Fashion to benefit our future
trade. Now we will offer every article of
to make room for this work. We will make ,
an "Annex” to oar Basement Story—a real.
Country Store in itself. Jh ft. by 40 ft — making
tbe entire size of our building ’J>< ft. by 154 ft.
Summer Stock Must Go,
A- we have Fall and Winter Goods enough
bought to 1U1 all space at oar command.
Call and see how we can benefit you.
HAGLEV. The Outfitter.
Juljlt. U33. 1
• * §• •
Stale Normal School.
Normal, Academic and Musical Cour-o. Pre
pares for Teaching,for any College or for Bu>i
nes.'. Competent Faculty. Thorough work.
Library and Reading Room. location healthy,
pleasant and accessible. Excellent building*
Boarding cheap. Tuition to 8Ute student*free,
to others low. Session begins Sept. lltli, 1883.
For catalogue apply to
A.C.KIMLER. Principal,
July 12.1893—13t. 8hepberdstown, W. Vs.
To (he Public.
The uudersigued offers his services to th»
public iu the Removal of Stumps. Blasting,
Ac Has had large experience, wdl do faith
ful work and exact only reasonable price*.
8tumps removed at 10 cents each, if the com
bustiblc material is supplied: otherwise W
cents per stump will be charged, and no charge
if satisfaction is not given in the removal of
stumps or rock.
Charles Town, Jed. Co , W. Vs.
July 12, 1893.
Healthfully situated among the mountains
pure air and water. Prepares Boys and Yount
Men for Collego or Business life. A selected
corps of teachers. Thorough mental training.
Physical healthtalnese. Moral and religious
influence. Full equipment. Moderate chart
and continue* for nine calendar month*. Send
for full particulars to Rev. B. W. BOND, Prin
cipal. Front Royal, Va.
July 10, 1803—It.
Wheat Bought.
I am prepared to clean wheat at niv Eleva
tor in this place, and will receive WHEAT IS
I will receive cleaned wheat at all dei>ots in
the county.
Will he glad to make an oiler for any Grain.
Hav or Jeeds yon may have to sell.
July 19, 1803.
Stephenson Seminary
Twelfth Session logins Sept. 12,1WK). Thor
oughly equipped. Their courses leading to
graduation. Terms moderate. For catalogue
address Charles Town, Jefferson county. W. vs.
Rev. C. N. CAMPBELL, D. I)..
Or Miss C. L. LLOYD,
July 11, MOb-Sm. Co-Principals.
Shannondale Springs.
The Hotel at these 8priugs will be open to
visitors on THURSDAY, JUNE 13th.
This beautiful mountain health re-ort mid
its medicinal waters hove been long and ft
vorably known, one Spring being sulphur tod
Another whose aualy/utiou is almost identical
with the celebrated Bedford Water.
May 31, 1802.
Administrator’s Notice.
The undersigned having qualified a* Admin
istrator of the late Joseph b tarry. respectfully
__il.. ,.11 In till, .mill* to
make settlement thereof; th<*e having ac
counts will present them duly autlien icated.
Adm. of Joseph Starry, dec d.
July 12, 1803—4t. _
Mrs. E. I*. Kennedy
W'ill reopen lier School for Young ladie ■ an i
Little Oirl* Sept. 11th, 18U3. Thorough intira- •
tion in Latin, German, French, Mathematic*,
and all English branches.
Mia* 8. H. BROWN.
July 12, 1803—3mo.* Teach en.
It* wnerioe oualittae *r# *aaujp**e*A •ete.J'*
The Modesty of tin* Temple of
Is only equaled by its genuine Correct Style*,
Excellent Qualities and Popular Price*. Llo u*
ing, Furnishings, Hats, Shoes and Trunk* '
every description for men and boy*.
July 12, 1803. GEO. H. HAGLEY.
Hutu itenoratetl.
" Mr-. Fannie Fleming i* prepare-! torenorat*
gentlemen’* silk or felt hat* promptly an-l *
mode-rate rate-. Call at her re*idence.ea*t •id*
of Charles atrec-t, south of Congr< **.
May 3, 1803.
Biiggy and Harness.
A TOP BUGGY and HARNESS for sale
bolh in good condition. Apply at
May 17. ’03. FREE PRESS OFEKfc
*3. Will be sold together or *eparately.
For /Sale.
A pair of WESTERN POM Kb broken to
ri<i« and drive. Apply to
May 3. 1803. <>EO. PORTERHfchB
Clover Seed.
Choice Western Red end Sepling <*»'*
Heed, for aeie by _, .
For Sale.
Window-aeebae. blind*, door*, etc-, '*
old Method* Cburrh: Apply el thi* o
Jane 7, IW.
Estray Hog.
A large spotted *ow came to my
about the Utb of June. The owner will
-ot»e forward, pay charges and » 7
July 19, WM.B BAKtB

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