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fitgiuia £xtt 't’rws.
e^The Free Pees* i* published weekly at
fwo IkiUart Per Annum if y ud in advance.
S#* The terms of ad vert wing are, for a square
one-inch) or lew, One U>diar and Fifty Centt
or three insertions— larger one* in the same
proportion. Each continuance Fifty Cent*.
s#*No advertieeiueut to be considered by
the month or year unless specified on the man
uscript, or previously agreed between the par
S#* An advertisement not marked on the
copy for a specified number of insertions will
be continued until ordered out, and payment
will be exacted accordingly.
9#*Kcut:LAB Adveetisbjeexts—To avolu
any misunderstanding on the part of the an
nual advertisers it is proper to state diMinctty
that their privilege only extends to their im
mediate business. Real Estate. Legal or other
advertisements sent by them to be an addition
al charge, and no variation.
S#*Obituary notices of more thaw five lines
will be charged for.
JOB WORK —Posters. Sale Bills, Circulars,
'sr's. etc . executed promptly, neatly aud at
fair prices.
Professional Cards.
Charleetown, Jrffereon County, IF. Fa.
Office—One door east of Carter-Ho use.
May 18. 180J—y.
Cbarieetown, Jeferton CWdy, Went Virginia.
April 4, 1*74.
Ciarlestouu. Jefferton County. Wert Firyi«*.i
Haring resumed the practice of Medicine, of- !
Cera his Professional services to the public.
Office uext door to residence, near corner of
George and Main streets.
January 22, 1X76.
Offers his Professional Services to the ciluens
of Charlestown and vicinity.
Office opposite Parish building.
April 13. IMA—y.
Y 8118 M. LOCK*
Charlestown. Jefferson County, W. Va. |
Offkv with Cleon Moore, opposite the Court
ma. t, ia»». __
.4 TTORXE Y AT L.4 H'.
CharltHoutn, Jtftrton County, Wttl I’oyinia,
■Vill oractice in the Courts of this County ana
the adjoining Counties.
Office next door to the residence of Mrs. Max
well, and nearly opposite the "Carter House."
November J3, lseo.
George barlor. Wm. L. Wilson. 1
Cu lettown, Jtftrton County, Wttl Virginia,
A*ill attend the Courts of Jefferson and Berke-1
.ey Counties, and attend to other law business ;
in the State of West Virginia. Special alien- 1
tiuti gi veil to collections.
March 5, 187d.
Charlttloum, Jtftrton Cororty, Wttl Virginia,
Will practice in Jefferson and adjoiuing Coun
Office in Northern end of Lawyer’s Row.
September JU, 1873—tf.
Barry till*, Clark* County, Virginia,
C\<irtutown, Jtftrton County, Weal IVyiuM.
Will undertake cases joiutly in the Courts of
aoth of said Counties.
May 11, 1872. _ !
Chnrletlotm, Jtftrton County, Wttl Virginia.
Attends to oases in the different Court*of West
Vrginia am) Maryland. Attention given to
Pensions and all classes of Claims against the :
C. 8. Government.
■W* Special attention to Collections.
Jtn. 10. IASS.
B T> Gibson. J. F. Engle, j
uroR.vErs.tr law.
Charleston-x Jefferson County. Weet Virginia.
Practice in the Courts of Jefferson and ad- |
*ining counties, in the Supreme Court of
Weet Virginia, and in the United States Dis
trict Court at Martinsburg Notary Public in
Office in Lawyer’s Row. on George street
Jan. A IMft.
CharitsLmn, Jefferson County. West Virginia.
"’ill practice in the Court* of Jefferson. Berke
ley and Morgan counties, in the United Stares
District Court at Martinsburg, and in the 8u- i
preme Court of Appeals of West Virginia.
Special attention to the collection of claims,
and prompt remittances of the same. ,
Office opposite Court-house.
Aug. 6. 1390.
A W. McDonald. Frank Beckwith, j
Ci.ar es-Town, Jefferson County. West Va. |
Will practice in the Courts of Jefferson,
Berkeley and Morgan counties, the U. 8. Dis
'• et Court at Martinsburg and the Court of
Appeals of West Virginia. i
Mar. 2. l«92. _ |
arlestown, Jefferson County, West Virginia. J
Office in Maxwell Building. <
(aa*les Town. Jefferson County, West Va.
Will practice in the various courts.
1 artfhl attention paid to collections aud
prompt remittances made. <
in Gibson Building in Court yard.
s W ’-*> 1392. ____ | 1
Feed at Retail. \
Delivered promptly. Ear Corn. Oats. Chop,
t orn and Cob around Baled Hay.CllIck- 1
*° ^er»i. Ao., st Coal and Wood Yard.
m«t4 iim
-if used in lime.
Cures Scrofula. Glandular Swelling*. Rheuma
tism. Bronchitis and other Lung Diseases.
It is composed of the purest Norwegian Cod
Liver «'il, combined with the Hyp-q.h*»phites
of Idine and tvsla. and is freely prescribed by
the Medical Faculty throughout this Coun
try and in Kurope.
Prof 0 B. Wood, I diversity Pennsylvania,
saysCod-Liver oil far exceeds ail other
remedies on the treatment of Pulmonary Con
' sumption "
Prof. Churchill, of Paris, says:—‘ When
used in time, every patient may he cured of
Pulmonary Consumption by the use of llypo
I>r. S. II Kudnall, of Virginia, says:—"I
find ’ • - Kmulsion particularly adapted to
,.v cuiidreii. and iti Consumption and
Chronic Bronchitis it seems to be the great de
1 sideratum.”
l»r. S. C. Gleavec Ex-President Virginia
I Medical Association, says:—"l believe Cam in'*
Kmulsion is the best preparation known for
I pulmonary disease"."
Dr. G F Mason. West Virginia, says:—|
"With children. Camm's Kmulsion is the best ;
preparation I have ever used."
Dr. F. P. Bibby Pontotoc, Mi-s., says:—
"Camm's Emul-ion is the best combination
for Consumption with which 1 am acquain
I)r. I. It. Bratton. Yorkvilie. S. C. says:—
"Decided and satisfactory results must follow
the use of Camm's Emulsion."
Rev 11. it. Hawes, of Farinville, Va„ says:
—"I lived on Camm's Euiulson for three
months, and am almost prepared to say I owe
my life to it "
Mrs. J. C Dabney. Lynchhurg. Va., says;—
"Until I tried Caium's Kmulsion I failed to
find any preparation of Cod-Liver Oil my stom
ach would retain, taken in the smallest quan
The above are a few of the hundreds of testi
monials we have of the superiority of Camm's
Emulsion over all similar preparations soul
i» 19 m.iiMiiav.i uto ui me or?i iiwurunio au««
with great care, and is universally popular
wherever known For vale by Druggists eve
Camm'a Emulsion retails at One Dollar.
Wholesale Druggists, Manufacturers and Pro
P. 0. Lock Drawer 6_K_’. Lynchburg. Va.
Dec. 21, 1S92.
Having rented the
lately occupied by the Shenandoah Milling
Company, I will carry a full stock of
Goods delivered to any part of the town free
of charge. Will do a
Country produce taken in exchange for
Roods l solicit a share of the public patron- |
age. Respectfully,
April 12, UW3. One Price Store.
We oiler to Farmers generally our Fertilizers
for Fall Crops.
die old formula, too w^lI known to need de
for Wheat. a No. I article, drilling perfectly, i
which ilie re|M>rta of the \V. Va.. Agricu'turai i
Department show to be of greater commercial <
ralue Ilian any sold at near same price and ol
tauiegrade. Relative commercial value of our
-je* ial mixture $23.30. Two other brands .
largely stdd are rated ut $21 lb and $J051*. We j
»uy our amtnoniatea in tbe West, direct from |
daughter houses*, our chemicals from import- ^
►r», a liich enable* us to sell tor lews—only one i
profit to make. We also offer
dry and in hue drilling condition.
We are prepared to famish any private mix- t
lures ileaired. promptly and of l>ej>t materials, t
Factory at Eagle Works, N. A W. K K. Goods
delivered at any depot.
Au^. 9, ls93. W F. A T. P. LIPPITT. '
Architect and Builder.
Contracts for all kinds of Building. My arch- <
lecture and workmanship recommends itself
f you have any kind of Building that you
rant erected in first-class order and in siiort
ime give me a call. ?
I ;
Drawing and Estimates '
uade on application. I also furnish all kindaof £
at the lowest cash prices.
' i
in Belt Line. North George street.
Aug. 3,1882. Charles-Town, W. Va. c
Ice and Wood.
The undersigned will shortly begin the daily
lelivery of an excellent quality of Ice. He
rill be pleased to serve all bonier customer*
uid many new ones at reasonable rates.
Has also a large lot of cord wu«id—seasoned
md green - oak and hickory, and will deliver e
he same promptly on notice. r
Also a lot of deed Potatoes of fine qus.itr. *
Orders may be left with Mr. John Oden,
tear the Ctmries Town Mid.
Marshall burns.
P. O. Addre* ’ 'iartes Town. c
Arrfi ij im
people With enure success, leery single opoemu
A special cure Tor the disease named.
Tney cure without drugging, purging or reducing
the system and are in tact and ur«uU.e Sovereign
Remedies of (be World.
urr of iwum. crw*. rticti
1— Fevers, Congestions Inflammations .25
2- Worms, Worm Fever, Worm Colic... .25
S-Teeth: is; Colic. Crying Wakefulness .25
4— Diarrhea, of Children or Adult*.25
5— Dysentery,Griping, Elliott* Colic.... .25
6— Cholera Morbus. Vomiting . .25
7— Coughs, Colds, Lronchltis... .25
8— Neuralgia, Toothache. Eaceache ... .25
9— Headaches, Sick Headache. Vertigo. .25
10— Dyspepsia, Biliousness Const I pat Ion .25
11— Suppressed or Painful Periods. .25
12— Whites. Too Profuse Periods.25
13— Croup, Laryngitis, Hoarseness.25
14— Halt itheum, Lryslpclas, Truytkms. .25
15— Rheumatism, or Rheumatic Pains.. .25
16— Malaria, Chills. Fever and Ague.25
17— Piles, Blind or Bleeding.25
18— Ophtbalmy, Sere or W eak Eyes..25
19— Catarrh, Inflams-v, Cold In the Head .25
29— Whooping Cough.25
21— Asthma, Oppressed Breathing. .25
22— Ear Discharges. Impaired Hearing .25
23— Scrofula, Enlarged t land*. Swelling .25
24 -General Debility, Physical Weakness .25
23-Dropsy, and Scanty Secretion*.25
26—Hea.Hickness. Sickness from Biding .25
27 — Kidney Discuses .
29—Sore Mouth, or Canker.
39— Urinary Weakness. WettingEed.. .25
31- Paiuful Periods . 25
34— Diphtheria, Ulcerated Sore Throat.. .25
35— Chrouic Congestions A Eruptions. .25
32- Diseases of the Heart. Palpitation 1.00
33- Epilepsy, Spasms, St. Mlus' Banco... 1.00
Bold by Prnjcflsti, of moI |x*t-|*i4 on roctlck ol prtco.
I»a HrarHMTi' Manttal (lfl« hailed fu*.
■C*flt ■ X YS* mco. CO., 111 A IIS WIIHa* BL, Saw York.
For r Ilo§~ F.xternal 01 Internal I’llml or Bleeding;
Fwtuln In Aa>' Itching or Lict\!la.j c < the Rectum.
TU» i v lit! U Immediate—the cure ct rt.Lx
Sola by Drnstt'to, ot khI pc>t-p>l4 on receipt of price,
at arnubvs' at:>. to., mans ttuiun su, MW tobk
IuHuruuuo Agoiifty,
Office Gibson Building. Charlestown.
established in isto.
Representing the following Companies:
Eire Insurance Company.
the largest and most popular Fire Insurance
Co. in America.
.Etna Life Insurance Co., of Hartford,
(l.ile and Accident).
Phoenix, of Hartford.
Virginia Fire and Marine, of Richmond.
Georgia Home, of Columbus, Ga.
Continental, of New York.
Peabody, of Wheeling.
German, of Wheeling.
Jellerson, of Wheeling.
Fire and Marine, of Wheeling.
Manchester Fire Ins. Co., ot England.
Liverpool and Loudon and Globe, of England.
:be largest foreign Company doing business m
Fire Association, of Philadelphia.
Hamhurg-Breiueu Fire Ins. Co., of Germany.
J. S. FLEMING, Shepherdstown ;
JAS. VV. LEAGUE. Middle way.
CJ1AS. H. TRAIL, Harper's Kerry.
A sworu statement ot the condition# of all
Foreign Insurance Companies represented in
his Agency will be found at the Clerk's Office,
n compliance with Stale laws. All losses
•roiuptly adjusted and paid at our office.
February 12, 18»8.
The Jefferson Co. Mutual
Fire insurance Coiupauy.
R. A. ALEXANDER. Secretary.
>ffice, Gibson Building, Court-House yard,
JFFERS to the people of Jefferson County,
Insurance in a safe Company at theaclual
osl of insurance, which is much cheaper than
he rates usually charged, and keeps the money
>t home. Good risks from responsible parties
,re invited.
ExecutiveComniittee meets every Friday.
Djkectoks—Jos. Trapnell, Henry B. Daven
port, J. Garland Hurst, John W. Rider. W. II.
'. Lewis, R. Preston Chew. Wm. L. Wilson,
Eugene Baker. S. W. Washington. H. L.Snyder
'harles I’. Wilson. J«hn H. Zittle. Jacob S.
lelviu, E. G. W. Herr. tsaac H.Stridbr.
OS. TR VPSKLL.President.
1. B. DAVENPORT.Treasurer
Executive Committee—J. G Hurst, Wm.
1. T. Lewi*. Eugene Baker, Isaac 11. Strider,
os. Trapnell. 8. W. Washington.
Local Aoents.—Middlewav—J.G. Shirley;
larpcr’s Ferry—Chas. E. Trail; Shepherds
uwn— J.S.Fleming; Charlestown—Wasliing
on A Alexander.
Luocst Schulte. F. L. Pednmux, Jr.,
Painter. V Smith.
New Carriage Factcry,
'Jharlesto*cn, Jeffertou County, If'. I’o.
11TE the undersigned have entered intoaCo
? » Partnership for the purpose of Manufac
uringaud Repairing
pring Wagons, DogCarts,Sulkies,Sleighs, Ac., j
u as tine style as can be done anywhere in the ;
Juion at moderate prices. Being practical ;
uechuhics we will be enabled to do all work
n correct, systematic principles, thereby pro- [
ucing work, durable and handsome.
We have secured tbe services cf Mr. Thos. j
tyau, so favorably known for yean in con net-1
ion with Maj. Hawks' Factory to execute the |
roodwork on our manufactures.
Hoping to receives fair shart of voui patroD
ge, we pledge ourselves to gi~ e TC*t * oIu* »*>
t#*shops on Bloomery Turn ^e,28quares
•ora Main St.
May 21. UW5— tf. j
Hats Kf notated.
Mrs Fanni<* Fleming is prepared to renovate
cntlemeii's silk o'felt hats pronip' ly and at
I'hterste rates. Call at h**r residen-e.east side
f I'liarlee street, south of Congress.
May 3 1*01
QUEEN TARl.F. SYRUP-tbe most deli
ious on the market. Ait sate bv
Oct. 14 '91. W. 8. MERCHANT *
Over fields that arc ripe with the sweetness
Thu hides in the full tisselled corn.
Over vine* arils slow reaching completeness,
l»uu purpling at d'Kk and at morn,
Rhine down in thy ufflu -nt splendor,
O mooli of the year in her prime;
Beam soft, mother he«rt«il and lender;
Earth hath not a holier time.
For the seed that slept long in the furrow
Hath wakened to life and to death ,
i From the grave that was ceremeut and bur
Hath riser to passionate breath.
i It hath laughed in the sunlight and starlight.
Hath thrilled to the breeze and the dew,
And fallen, to stir in some far night,
And all the old gladness renew.
0 moon of the harvest’s rich glory,
'I lay banners outfl tine In the sky,
And under thee men write the story
That cries to the heavens for reply—
The story of work and endeavor.
Of burden and weakne-s and strength,
The story that g »cs on forever.
Though centuries dragging its length.
And thou, ever stately and golden,
Timu in ion of the late-t ytjtr’s prime,
What sight though thine eve hull beholden,
No grief to thv pathway may climb,
As over the fields that arc reaoen,
*t evening and level and sh >rn.
Thou pourest thy splendors that deepen
The rose and tile silver of til >rn. I
—Margaret E Sangs'er. in Harper's Bazar.
Virgiuia ,frrc ^trss.
W. If. H. O ALLAH EH. Editor.
Oha r lent own..I ef! ersnn County. West Fa.
October 88. lSft3.
Every Man’s Value.
An interesting exhibit at the National
Museum sltu.vs the chemical ingrediuieuts
which go to make the average man,
weighing 154 pounds. Divided up into
his primary chemical elements the man
is found to contain ninety seven pounds
of oxygen, enough to lake up under ordi
nary atmospheric pressure the space of a
room ten feel long, ten feet wide and ten
feet high. 11 is body also holds fitteen
pounds of hydrogen, which under the
same conditions would occupy somewhat
more than two such rooms as that de
scribed. To these must be added three
pounds and thirteen ounces of nitrogen.
The carbon in the corpus of the individ
ual referred to is represented by a toot
cube of coal.
It ought to be a diamond of the same
size, because the stone is pure carbon, but
the National Museum has not Pitch n
one in its possession. A row of bottles
contain the other elements going to make
up the man. These are four ounces of
chlorine, three and a quarter ounces of
tlorine, eight ounces of phospliorius, three
and a half ounces of brimstone, two and
a half ounces of sodium, two and a half
ounces of potassium, one tenth of an ounce
of iron, two ounces of magnesium and
three pounds and thirteen ounces of cal
cium. Calcium at present market rates,
is won it cow hii ounce, so uiai me
amount of it contained in one human body
has a money value of 818.300. Few of
our fellew citizens realize that they arej
worth so much intrinsically.—American
Ifdd Ilia Fill.
An overcute granger landed in the
Union depot yesterday morning. With i
his grip suck in hand and an expression 1
on his face that might he translated as
“Ye can’t nunco me,” he started off and I
finally landed in a neighboring hotel.
lie registered. 1 he clerk to d him the
rale was $2 a day “meals and room.”
lie semed perfectly satisfied and start
ed off at once to test the skill of the cook.
The first thing that caught his eye ns
he entered the dining room was a sign
which read meals at ull hours.
He p mdered over it awhile, and final
ly. with a broad smile, went to a broad
table, convinced he hud solved it.
“Well, I’ll be darned!” he exclaimed
as lie seated himself. “Folks here must
be great eaters. Cheap, too. But I
won’t let any of them get ahead of me.”
All day long lie went to the dining
room each hour and ate. He had to
force himself at times, but he didn't in
tend to lose anything.
When he was about to go away last
night, the clerk presented him with a bill
for 89, and it was only then he discover
ed that “meals at all hours” were not
included in the 82 a day rate.—Pittsburg
Both Saint and Sinner.
It trouble.’* tbe sinner ami troubles the saint,
It’s a troublesome trying ami nasty complaint, j
Don’t think it incurable; 1 tell you it ain t.
Excuse the grammar ; it s the truth I'm j
iftcr, whether gianiatical y or ungramati- j
:a ly told The truth is, that catarru can be
cured. The pr iprietors of Dr. Sage's l a- |
isrih Itemed} "Ter 8500 f< r an iucurable
case of Catanl. n the Head
Tiie Sympi of Catarrh.—Head-j
iche, obstruction of the nose, discharges fall- j
ing into the thro it, sometimes profuse, wa
tery and acrid, at oti ers, thick, tenacious,
mucous, purulent, bloody, putrid and orten
»ive; eyes weak, ringing in llm cars, deaf- J
ness : offensive breath, sno-11 and taste im
paired, and general deni tty. On’y a few of
these symptoms lively to be pro*ent at once.
Dr. Sages's R medy cure* 'he woist cas<s.
Dn'y 50 cents. Sold by druggists, every
fok nvsyEritii,
■odhrsti'UL «m2 iStaurli t*. t-jr;
ItHrtlVXS IRON Wiratf,
ad ucAjen itayj it, fiper . pcauiaefcas
tnie VITK Ml
17»« Caintl.
A camel by itself is one of the most
interesting animals that has ever been
created, but when it bl**cks tlie way of a
d *g cart and a smart E iglish groom en
deavors to drive around it, the incongrui
ty of the situation appeals to you as no h
ing on Broadway can ever do. Mr.
Laurence Hutton, who was in Cairo be
fore l reached it, has p linte 1 o it th it the
camel is the real aristocrat of Egypt.—
Tile camel belongs to one of the very first
families; he was there when Mena ruled,
and he is there now. It does not matter
to him whether it is a Pharaoh or a
Mameluke or a Napoleon or a Mixed 1'ri
biiiial that is in power, bis gods are un
changed, and he and the palm tree have
preserved their ancient individuality
through centuries. He shows that he
knows this in the proud way in which he
holds his head, and in his disdainful
manner of waving and unwinding his
neck, and in the rudeness with which he
impedes traffij ami selfishly considers his
own comfort. These are the signs of an
cient lineage all the world over. lie i»
not the shaggy, moth-eaten object we see
in lli» circiis IhiiI nf hum • fli> is nicolv
shaven, like a French poodle, and cover
e l with fi ie trappings, and lie bends ami
struts with the dignity of a peacock, lie
possesses also that uncertainty of conduct
that is the privilege of a royal mind ;
felialiin and Arabs pretend they are his
masters, and lea l him abiut with a rope,
but that never disturbs him or breaks his
When he wants to lie d >wu ho lies
down, whether he is in the desert or in
the Ezbekiyeh It aid ; and when lie de
cides to get up he leaves you in doubt for
| some feverish seconds as to which part of
him will got up first. To properly up
predate the camel, you should ride him
and experience his getting tin and silling
down. He never does either of these
things the same way twice. Sometime*
lie breaks one leg in two or three places
where it had never l»een broken before,
ami sinks or rises in a northeaster.ily di
rection, and then suddenly changes his
Course and lurches up from the rear, ami
you grasp his neck wildly, only to find
that he is sinking rapidly to one side,
ami rising, with a jump equal to that ot
a horse taking n fence, in the front. He
can di-joint himself in more different
places Ilian explorers have found sources
for the river Nile, and there is no keener
pleasure than that which lie afford* you
in watching the countenance of a friend
who is being elevated on his hack for the
first time. He and the palm tree can
make any landscape striking.—Harper*
Pretty nearly every one will be bat
tling with a cold just now ami drug stores
will be reaping a harvest from the sale of
remedies, it me euti is hi me iiean me
following treatment pro nises well: Add
a teaspoonful of piwdered camphor to a
pitcher of b liling water. Over this place
si c >ne ina le of thick paper or pasteboard,
and hold the nose and mouth over the
small opening. The vap*r arising from
t‘»e water is charged with camphor and
will speedily relieve many of the disturb
ing symptoms. It should be inhaled for
fmr or live minutes at a sitting, and
three such treatments are usually suHi
cient to arrest the most rebellious “cold
in th* head.” But many of the victims
of this trouble must be out an I ah *ut.—
A snuff is more convenient f>r them. A
very good one can be made as follows:
Menthol, three grains ; piwdered horaic
ncid, one drachm ; subnitrate of bismuth
and p ordered benzioti, each one and one
half drichuts. Agoolsizjd pinch may
be snuffed up five or six times a day.
“I have, at latrt, a servant girl that
suits,” remarked a matron who had long
undergone the usual urban trials with
help. “She is neat handed, swift and in
telligent. She has nu followers or ulhg
ed relatives to crowd my kitchen at night
and hold mixed ale parlies. She goes to
church in the evening instead o! at dawn.
She is respectful and obedient, and has a
quiet dignity that demands resjiect in re
turn. In addition she is young, pretty
and ambitious. And how do you think
she spends her leisure time? Studying
law. I met her at a Vermont larmhoUre
where we summered.”—Xew York Hun.
A Sad Awakening.
‘‘When in the dirk, oil thy soft hand I hung.
And heard ihe tempting syren of tnr (••••■cue -
\\ hat fl.owes -what dulls—what anguish 1 en
But when the candle eutereJ—I was cured!'
Such complex'O'is as so many of o ir y -ung
ladies possess — dull, pimply, and covered
with sores and blackheads, sin* ugh to cool
the' ardor of the warmest lover. To ruch
young ladies wbe won d say, that you can
nev«r have a soft, fair, smooth, attractive,
kltnable complexion, unless your blo-sJ is
healthy and pure, for the condition of the
bl**od decides the comp exion. Dr. Peirce’s
Golden Medical Discovery will pu>ify your
blood, tone up your system, and drive away
those distressing headaches and backache,
from which you suffer periodically, and g ve
vou a c *Jiple*ion that a lily or rose leaf
might envy.
A Paoblt m that in a Problem.
A group of gentlemen were gathered
about the desk engaged in earnest endeav- j
j nrs to figure out u mathematical problem
j brought over by a prominent young
member of the New York bar, who stands
to lone 8100 on a wager if his own solu
tion is wrong. Here it is:
A column of troops 2-3 miles long is
ordered to a point 2-3 miles distant. A
courier starts simultaneously with the
rear of the column and reaches the head
thereof, iieiuriiig, lie meets the rear col
umn and reaches the point where the
head originally was. Bull the iroojw
and the courier are to travel at a uniform
rate of speed. IIow many miles <l«*es the
courier traverse ?
It looks simple. The young New York
er said it was simple, and that it didn t
lake a mathematical sharp to figure that
the courier j *uriieyed even 50 miles.—
The man who made the bet with him was
a Philadelphian, and lie called in Pro
I fessor Thunder, a teacher of mathematics,
said to be the greatest expert in the Qua
ker City. The Professor figured at it
awhile and suid it was plain that the
✓ MIlloJ llllf III*!
Iiow much more lie wouldu’t undertake
to say ofF hand.
The man from G »tham was not satis
tied with the Pnilulelphia professor's ©in
clusion, so reaching Washington he
hunted up Professor G-*orge Hill, the
clerk of the House irrigating committee
and an expert in mathematics, who in
turn* referred him to Professor Wood
ward of the coast and geodetic survey.—
His answer was sent in and appeared at
the bottom of a long sheet of algebraic
equations. It was G)3 miles. And still
the New Yorker is not satisfied. Before
giving up the 8103 he is going to have
the opinion of the pr ifess or of in ithemat
ica of the Cdumhiau cdlege. It will
take no less authority than that to shake
his belief in the correctness of his own
ciphering, which he a Imits, was not done
with the help of qulric equations.—
Washington Fu.it.
Maurice Birrymore, the actor, is a
great wit and wag, and at sharp repartee
lie is wonderfully clever. O.ie of the ac
quaiiitnuces lie ma le at the II >fTiimu
House Inr is a dapper little Hebrew who
is ugent for a certain brand of champagne
and is constantly pushing its sale. Bar
rymore liked the agent and lie liked the
wine, and the two cracked many a bottle
together. O.ie day not long ago the
ugent approached tlie actor in u confiden
tial manner, and buttonholing him aside,
sui< I:
"Barrv, I have got a new scheme and
you can help me in it if you will.”
“Certainly, mv b *y. What is it?’
replied Barrymore.
“Well, as u sort of u side line I have
taken the agency of the skoodle water,
a very fine beverage.”
" I'li.il'j .ill ri.rttf iil,l m:lll llllt W’lillt
have I to tlo with the water?”
“Nothing, Btrrv; but you can help
me in this way : Sometimes you nre out
with a party and feci like chopping off
» on wine and dr nking something else.—
At such limes you could assist me l»v
saying: 'Have you any skoodle water?' ”
“Yes,” said Barrymore, “but suppose
be lias ?”
There is a Washington young woman
who, while not a c mspicuous beauty, is
by no means us homely as site afl'.-cts to
believe. A young mm who has been
devoting much of his time to her, und
she lias given him reason to think that
his society phased her, the oilier even*
ini: said; “D» you believe that you
c mid learn to care fir aiybily well j
enough to mirry him ? ’ S te caught her ,
breath and answered in a low tone:
“Yes; I am sure l could.” “Have you
—have you anyb »• Iy in your mind now
for whom you think you could care for |
in this way!” “les.” “Ted me; am I
t int per.s oi ?" S'lfl opened her lips to
sp?a'r and tlien cl*Me*I them without
speaking. Slie looked at hint narrowly
for a in mient and tlic t *ii I: “ 1 ir«t an
swer me one qieatiou." “Wiiat is it?
“Are you d »ing this on aba ? —Shr.
Invalid'* generally do not deep enough
The important of a-niod, q<nef, nod »uf!j
cieiit sleep cmnot b* to * highly esitw *’e ,
as in iy be inferretj from the phy«iohtgiral j
fact that it is during s'e-p that the atrue- i (
tores nre repaired. flis o»«t»fi*l« of aatri- ' |
lion are digested an I elaborate I •luring the j
d iv ; hut assimilation — the f »rui iiion of t is- | (
sije—only lakes |ila>« during sleep, when |
the ext*T i »l suse* are in rep»««. L terary ^
persons r quire more sleep, other circum- j
sunces being »q ml, than those who pursue ]
manual labor occupations. It the brain is|:
not du’y repleniahe<l, early decaf, deinen*
ta'.ion, or insanity will result. The rule for
invalids is to retire e»rly, and r ina a as j
long in bed as Uiey cii sleep quietly. ,
Scaling a tonic, or children who want build I 4
tug up. should take_
It Is picarant: cures ilaiana. Indore*: inn,
'Uiocsneu. Liver Complaints and .Neur»i?i* *
ChiWr Oryfor PitofieKs Oaatoriaw «
A Vanished People.
On the shores of Brittany there is mye*
tetanus relic of forgotten ages which es
capes the atteutiou of most travelers says
the Million.
Far i ut in the Morbihan sea—across
which legend tells us Arthur sailed with
his knights in puisuit of the dragon—
rises a little island. It can be reached in
u h<mt from the coast only in a calm sea.
A Breton sin pherd has a solitary hut up
on it and feed* a few slfeep.
Crossing the grassy slope off which
they brnuse the traveler finds himself at
the font of a hill, in the face of which has
been excavated a groat tunnel or cave,
floored, wullcd and roofed by huge flat
Some archie dogists say that this cav
ern was the dwelling of the worshipers
of the serpent god lloa—a race that lias
passed into oblivion.
I lie unlearned traveler knows only
that the mysterious cavern antedates all
hi-tory; that the rocks of which it is
built came from the mainland, a distance
of more than one hundred miles inland.
Even with our nvwlern engineering
knowledge mid machinery it would re
quire vast labor and skill to bring these
enormous blocks of stone mid place them
so securely as to defy the wear and fric
tion of ages.
How were they brought here by men
who bad. perhaps, few mechanical appli
ances—nothing but the strength of their
Imdiesntid their strength in a strange god?
The race who built the temple are dust.
Even their unmes ages ago perished from
earth. Their religion is vanished. These
stones are the monuments of their indom
itable resolution. That defies the flight
of years.
■ —^ mm — —
It was Hook who perpetrated tbej-St that
form* the turning point in Gilbert Gurnev's
career. O te <1 iy lie and the elder Mathews,
ihe comedian, took a row up the river to
Richmond Passing a well trimmed lawn
at Italics they noticed an inscription board
-ternlv forbidding nnv strangers to land —
Hits was enough for Hook. Tying the
b nil to n tree be and Mathews landrd, tak
ing with them fi-liing rods and line*.—
Hook acted as land surveyor, Mathews as
liis clerk. Pacing slowly to and Iro across
the lawn they u»rd their fi-liing-rod* as
pretended measuring and leveling staffs,
t'wir lines a* yard and rood measures.—
rJ.Min a parlor window opened. Tbs occu
pant of tlie villa, n well-ln do ahlermnn,
strode oill in great wrath and demanded to
know what the two interlopers were about.
Hook coolly but courteously informed him
thill a new canal was to be cut directly
across the lawn, and that be and bis clerk
were taking accurate measurements. Part
ly hi rage, piriiy in ue-piitr, me aiuerman
invited them in to talk tlie matter over —
Dinner wa* ju*t ready. Tlie wine flowed
Iredy. Tne alderman sought to per-uade
the purveyor that another line for the canal
might easily be obtained. Hook aaid he
wnU'd do bin beat. Good humor was re
stored, the conversation grew general, the
novelist and the comedian succeeded in
charming the household. At laal Hook sat
down to the piano, and finally, after numer
ous brilliant impromptus, rallied of the fol
lowing :
Many thanks for your excellent fare,
ttui we are not the men that we look :
My friend'# Mr Mathews, tlie player,
And 1 am one 'I lieodo'e Hook.
—L ppincolt i Magazine.
Dally Excuralon to tlie World'a Pair.
The Baltimore A Ohio Railroad Co. will
sHl excursion tickets to Chicago from all
ticket stations on the Valley Diviaion for
all train* during the month of October,
1»93, at one fare for the round trip. The
ticket* will be valid for going paa-age in
tlie day coache* of through cxpreaa train*,
connecting at n*r|K*r’a Ferry, and will be
honored for (lie return journey in the day
cache* of all train* within fifteen day*
from d iy of avle. I hi* is your last oppor
tunity to set- the "Greatest 3hnw on Earib."
The following rale* apply from alaliooi
in thia vicinity :
leave a. n. e»t«.
Kern-town.to M.$'6 75
Winehe»>er...II (III... |n.76
Htei'hensnn....It IO...™-.. 1*71
Wa.lesvlllr. II . 16 7$
Kuniniil Point.It ■*!...«.. 16AQ
i tiarlcs Tcww__tl 17 __.... 16 U
r n
Ifailtown_„ .. ..12 07__ 16 76
Millville..II12...16 10
llar|atr’s Krny.12 16 00
F**r more detailesi ml •rniatiipit apply to
C. E Dudmw, Traveling I'aweuger Agent,
Winchester. Va.
"When I waa a young fellow," aaid amid*
He-aged mao, *T used to thiol that when a
ntn got to l>e thirty he w»uld be quite a
nature wirt of a person; hut there came a
imp when I changed my view* on tbiasub*
ct in «teri.»lly, ami thought that a man of
liiriy wa* a mere youngster. I thought
lien that possibly a man might at filty think
■ at he was taking on year* aomewhal, but
! don't look at it ill that light at all now ;
now regard a man of filty a* one who ie
ust beginning life."
The park polic *men of San Francisco use
he lariat to *l>.p runaway horses, and all
re expert with the rope. The captaiu of
•ie Go.den Gate park squad says hi* men
can atop a horse within a distance of fifty
ard*, without the slightest danger to thrm*
elves,” and lie implies, though he doesn’t
lutiuc-ly say so, without danger to the run
iwny or itv rider.

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