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#ld Jawilg |outnal.
.Vgrewsfrer A, 1893.
Sot. 10.—Sal® of Welsh property by Cleon
Moore, Trustee.
Sot. 10.- Sale of City Electric Light Com
pany’s bonds.
Sot. 24.—By Wm. H. Travers and Cleon
Moore, Special Commissioners,
House ana Lot in Charles Town.
Sot. 24.—Sal# by Cleon Moore, Trustee, of
House and Lot.
[)ec. 1.—House and Lot at Halltown by
Cleon Moore, Trustee.
For dress goods see Palmbauma.
Hagerstown Almanacks at Beard’s.
Diamond dyea, all shades, at Aisquith A
Co.’s. |
First-class mountain buckwheat lour for
sale by W. S. Merchant.
Wells Richardson’s celebrated butter col
or for sale at Aisquith A Co.’s.
Beard’s clearing sale will end November
15: are you taking advantage of it?
The big reduction in window shades at
Beard’s make® them go like hot cake*.
For blankets, comforts, flannels, shawls,
underwear and glove® see Palmbaums.
Mr. C. N. Beard will not occupy the store
room of S. D. Hirschman A Co. as stated.
Celluloid in sheets, pink, blue, yellow and
white at Beard’s. Also blotting board in
name tints.
Wanted.—Old China, Bric-a-brac, Relics,
Ac. Address John Treblig, 9 North How
ard street, Baltimore.
<* __i__ e - **-oAa 1
CKJulr uuu spcv ilucua VI •u**4.ww-w
have been mined in the western part of
Berkeley county recently.
Mr. C. D. Eby is having a new brick pave
ment laid in front of his storehouse—Mr.
Levi Baker doing the work.
William Co* has purchased John Earley's
farm of 61 acres, two and a-half miles north
west of Sharpsburg, for $3,600.
Just received by M. Palmbautn A Bro. a
tine L'sortBMOt of stamped linens and zephyr
worsteds, also towels, napkins, etc.
Lot coughs, colds or any affection of the
throat and lungs try Compound Syrup of
White Pine and Tar, prepared by Aiequitb
A Co. ^ ___
Artist’s materials, brushes, tubes, water
colors, crayon, charcoal, drawing paper and
other requisites for making fancy articles at
Mr. George W. Port, sou-in-law of Mr.
Joseph Welshans, of Shepherdstowu, died
at his hom- in Beloit, Kansas, recently, aged
51 years.
On Monday Mr. D. H. Heidwobl killed
a catamount in the Wiltshire vicinity. It
was nearly two feet from tip of nose to
tip of tail.
“Official History of the World’s kair.”
price $2 75 to $4.25 per copy, sold only by
subscription. Miss Mary H. Cockrell has
secured the agency for this county.
The uew M. E. Church, South, roof it
uearly ready for the slater*. Mr. F. L. Bel
ler has put work upon the building that
would prevail against a Kansas cyclone.
Judge Faulkner held a special term ot
court here last Friday. Some important
orders were entered. The regular term of
the court will begin Tuesday, November 21.
The town council has passed an order that
the fire companies should hereafter, under
order\of the Fire Marshal, turn out once a
month for inspection and teat of apparatus.
Mr. Valentine Shaull, a well-known citi
zen of this county, died at the residence of
his son, Mr. Geo. B.Sbaull.near Middleway,
on the 4th instant, aged 75 years, 10 months
and 25 days.
Mrs. Shoemaker, wife of Mr. D. F. Shoe
maker, died on Tuesday evening, October
31st, at her home near Kipon, at an advanc
ed age. Her remains were interred in Edge
Hill Cemetery.
The Amateur Art Club, whose previous
renditions hate been so popular, have in re
hearsal two excellent farces, which will be
put on the board* during Christmas week.
Proceeds for a laudable object
The seventh daughter of the seventh
daughter is said to be lucky, but her luck
doe* not compare with the“Luckv Number
beven" of Humphreys’ Specifics—an infal
lible cur# for coughs and colds. Try it.
lbeiady friends of Wildey Lodge, No.
27,1 O. O. F. will, about the holidays, give
an entertainment, the object ot which will
be to raise funds to furnish the usw lodge
room of that organization in the Weirick
The wile of Phil Herbert, a worthy color
ed man of this county, died on Sunday
morning. The funeral services were in the
colored Methodist Church in this town on
Monday afternoon and attended by a very
large congregation.
Hon. Daniel B. Lucas, for plaintiff in er
ror, on Monday last in the Supreme Court
of the Cnited State* argued the case of L.
C. Derling, sheriff, etc., administrator of J.
Wilson Martio, deceased, vs. the Baltimore
mid Ohio Railroad Company.
I he members of Lebanon Royal Arch
Chapter were royally entertained last night
*’• a banquet giveu by Messrs. Louis Brown,
M. L. IVd and John W. Homrich, in honor
of their having been exalted to the royal or
purple degree.—Martuuburg World.
Mr. Chalmers Byers and Miss Nora Hen
dricks, second daughter of Mr. Tobias Hen
drick*, were married at the home of the
bride's parents, a couple ol mile# south of
bhepherdstowu, on Tuesday evening of laat
»«*k. R«v. C. H. Hockey, of the Lutheran
Church, vilficiated.
Arrival and Departure of Halle.
Deputy Postmaster Charles A. Johuson
has compiled the following list of the times
of arrival and departure of mails, which it
; would be well for all to cut out and preserve
' until there is a change in the schedule:
6:30 a. m.—For Halltown, Millville, Har
per’s Ferry and for all points east, west,
north and south and offices between Wash*
! iogton Junction and Baltimore (main line).
8 a. m.—For all offices ou line of and
reached via N. A W. R. R. and for Tennes
see. Georgia, Alabama and the Carolinas.
11:30 a. m.—For alt points east, west,
north and south. Mail for points between
Harper’s Ferry and Martinsburg 6:30 and
11:30 a m. _
1:30 p. m.—For intermediate offices be
tween Charles Town and Lexington, Va.,
for Charleston, this State, and offices south
' and west reached by C. A O. R’y and its
2:15 p. m.—For Kabletown, Myerstown
I and Dailey’s.
4:30 p. nr.—For Baltimore, Washington,
! New York and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
i and Eastern Virginia, and for the Northern
5 p. m.—For Shepberdstown, Shenandoah
Junction, Hagerstown, and for points west
from Shenandoah Junction via B. A 0. R R.
8 p. m.—For offices only between Charles
Town and Winchester, Va.
C.io a. m.—From Winchester aud inter
mediate offices.
8:24 a. m.—From east, west, north and
9:49 a. m.—From Ripon, this county.
10:15a. m.— From Kabletown, Myerstown
and Dailey’s.
11:57 a. m.—From the west via C. A O.
R’y, and from all points east of Lexington,
1:48 p. m.—From east, west, north and
5 p. m.—From Charleston, this State, and
points ou C. A 0. (Washington and Hinton
5:40 p. m.—From Roanoke, Va., and in
termediate offices on N. A W. R. R.
8:18 p. m.—from east, west, nortn ana
Office hours 6 a. m. to y p. m.
Mr. W. Herbert Johnson, formerly of
this town, now of Radford, Ya., and Miss
Corinne Anderson, of Bluefield, this State,
were united in marriage on the evening of
the first instant,—Rev. Mr. McFaden, of
Marion, officiating. The Bluefield Daily
Journal says :
“ Ths wedding bell* rung merrily last night
on the clear, crisp air, so typical of an ideal
autumu day. which had sloped gracefully be
hind the festooned hills that curtained the
western sky. The Presbyterian Church pre
sented a scene of rich beauty to an apprecia
tive gatheriug—the friends of a beautiful bride.
The choicest -elections from “ God’s first tem
ples,” the groves, decorated the cosy little
church. The reddened tint vied with the sere
and yellow leaf and the graceful fern bended
low. in keeping with the solemn silence and
hallowed environments of a wedding shrine.
The bride approached the altar accompanied
by her sister. She wore a handsome amure
cloth with silk trimmings and carried a clus
ter of natural flowers. Rev. Mr. McFaden, of
Marion, conducted a very impressive ceremo
ny, employing a handsome gold ring in the
service. The groom is a popular gentleman
of the telegraphic service, and is located at
Radford. He is to be congratulated a* well as
envied by a host of other gallants of equal
merit upon his -election and successful cap
ture of such a fair and lovely character as Mi«s
• . • f u?: 4 - _
AX all aojouroru uiccuug u* ” n.vu^tv.
Presbytery, held at Lexiugton, Va., during
the sessions of Synod, licentiate R. A.
White, who had been dismissed to the care
of Montgomery Presbytery, returned his
certificate of dismission, in order to accept
a joint call from the churches of Gerards
town and Bunker Hill. Presbytery will
hold an adjourned meeting at Gerardstown,
Tuesday, November 14th, at 4 p. m., to pro
ceed, if the way be prepared, to the ordina
tion and installment of Mr, White as pastor
of these churcbee. A call from the Har
per’s Ferry church for the pastoral services
of Rev. J. E. Triplett tor part of his time,
was placed in bis hands. Permission was
given him to hold the call under considera
tion until the adjourned meeting at Ger
Goshaun, a ini ml- reader, has given sev
eral exhibitions of his wonderful—what do
you-call-it?—gift in this town. Blindfold
ed he would step quickly through the hall
as if he he had eyes stuck about him as
promiscuously as buttons on a man a coat,
and would quickly find hidden things—al
was holding closely the hand of the person
who concealed the object of search, the
while exhorting him to concentrate his own
msnd upon the location of tho thing to be
found. He didn’t fail in a single instance
—though occasionally he was dUconcerted
and could account for it by a lack of con
centration of mind upon the article hidden
of the person giving the test.
Mr. F. M. Pennock is getting his green
houses in shape for the winter. As before
stated he has enlarged his facilities and
further perfected his heating apparatus so
that he is rapidly advancing to the front as
a florist, amt enjoys a growing trade. In
Carnations, of which he is a specialist, he
has developed shme new and beautiful va
rieties which are destined to become great
favorites by virtue of their rare beauty.—
Mr. Pennock is an exceedingly intelligent
| lover of rare and beautiful flowers, and
takes great pride in the developement of
his business. He has established a profit
able industry which is already yielding sat
isfactory results. — Advocair.
List of petit jurors drawn for the Novem
ber term of the Jeflerson Circuit Court, to
appear on Thursday, November 23d : Edw.
Licklider, James W. Burr, George Shirley,
T. L. Rissler, Willard Koontz, Charles H.
Lewis, S. S. Dalgarn, Charles H. Johnson,
Frank Nichols. John S. Legge, Jas. A. Rob
inson. Lewis Upright, Parran M. Hollis,
John Howell, D. Grove Henkle. Levi M
Porter, Geo. W. Osbourn, Nelson T. Snyder,
H. L. Alexander, J. A Gracey, Thomas L.
Brantner, D. B. Nichols (of D*n\ Rush
Turner, Edgar Conklyn, John W. Black
ford, G. E. Hughes, Jacob Tutwiler, Colin
Show, G. W. Clipp, Thos. E. Sublette.
Mr. F. II. Pennock, florist, has received
a tine assortment of flowering bulbs—in
cluding hyacinths, tulips, Chinese sacred
lilies, callus, crocuses, etc., etc., and is pre
pared to plant out beds of the same for
spring blooming at reasonable prices.
Children Cry tor i Pitcher's Castoria,
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov t Report
Rev. Dallas Tucker visited town a few
days ago.
Mrs. David Howell is visiting friends in
Baltimore City.
Mrs. \V. T. Mauck of Woodstock is visit
ing her sister, Mrs. D. S. Hughes.
Mr. Geo. E Wysone and wife have re
turned from Bluefield, and will locate here
Mrs. Louisa Tyson, who has been so
journiug at the Misses Abell's, is now at
“Claymont. ”
Rev. P. D. Stephenson, of Abingdon, Va.,
has received a call from the congregation
of the Presbyterian Church at Woodstock.
Mr. George Aisquith, of Montgomery
county, Md., has succeeded his brother, Mr.
Thomas Aisquith, in the drug store of Ais
quith & Co.
Mrs. D. I. Griffith aud daughters, who:
have spent several months at the Misses
Abell’s, left yesterday for their new home in j
Maj. A. R. H. Ransou, and Messrs. Gill
and Lamar, of Baltimore, are guests of Col.
R. P. Chew, and are enjoying themselves
partridge hunting.
Mr. Parker, who serves at the meat couu- j
ter of Mr. W. S. Merchant, took a day off'
this week to go to Staunton and cast a
straight Democratic ticket.
Mr. Vernon Simmous, one of our popular
young townsman, will locate in Hagerstown
and practice his profession—the law—with
his uncle, Mr. Alexander Neill.
Gov. McKinney has ordered that the Win
chester Light Iufantry—Co. B of the 2nd
Va. Regiment—be disbanded and its arms
amt f*ntiinmpnfa he turned over to the Rad
ford Iiifles. The reasou for disbanding the
company is its failure to turn out for the ,
annual inspection.
--+ -—■ —
Rev. Mr. Wainrigbt, pastor of the color
ed Free Will Baptist Church of this town,
on Sunday afternoon last immersed in Evitt’s
run twenty-five candidates for admittance
to membership in his church. Quite a large
congregation of people, tfhite and black,
witnessed the ceremony.
Mr. W. S. Merchant had a splendid wild
turkev suspended in front of bis store a few
days ago for sale. No doubt he will have
turkeys, pheasants, partridges and "old
hares” for his customers through the season,
as well as good beef, mutton, veal, pork aud
sausage, and fresh oysters.
Mrs. Susan Ferrell, wife of Mr. Jacob j
Ferrell, met with a severe accident a few
days ago. As she was coming down stairs
she tripped aud fell headlong. Her head
was cut badly, her arm painfully injured,
and she was bruised generally. We are
glad to state that she is now improving,—
ShepKerdstou n Regitler.
Mr. Henry Dumm has increased his facil
ities for baking by erecting new ovens and
will serve his customers with fresh bread
daily. He has greatly improved his prop
erty, corner of Main and West streets,—fit
ting it admirably for all the purposes of
his business. No man in the community
more deserving of prosperity.
An opossum raided the chicken coop of
the editor of this paper on Wednesday night
and created a commotion there. An old
hen and young chickens were much demor
alized and quickly vacated the roost, and
have since sought other quarters. W e sup
pose it is a sign of a hard winter when
opossums come to an editor’s house for grub.
— . - —-■■
Mr. Guy Webster, Secretary of the \ ul
can Road Machine & Bridge Company of
this town, and one of our most popular and
progressive young business men, and Miss
Nina Harrisoo, of Weston, sister of Mrs. R.
W. Norris, of this place, were married at
the residence of the bride’s father, on Wed*
nesday the 25th ult., Rev. Dr. Forrest, of
Clarksburg, officiating.
The “I. W. Harper” is a pure whiskey,
distilled from the best corn and rye that
money can buy and from the purest spring
1 water. It is matured naturally and not ar
tificially. It requires no adulteration to
give it a flavor and bouquet, and it is as
( rich and palatable as fine old sherry. It is
a gentleman’s whiskey. Sold by G. W.
Thomas, Charles Town, W. Va.
Several persons have expressed a desire
to put memorial windows in the new Meth
odist Church, and it is not unlikely that
others may wish to honor the memory of
friends, who were members of the church
or otherwise attached to it, in this appro
priate way. Information as to cost, loca
tion **f windows, etc., can be had by apply
ing t the pastor or to members of the
building cimmittee,—but inquiry should
he made ai once.
A regular meeting of John W. Rowan
Camp, C. V., was held last Friday evening,
Commauder Geo. A. Porterfield in the
chair. The meeting was opened with pray
er by the chaplain, Rev. Dr. A. C. Hopkins,
after which the commander reported a
communication from the Grand Camp at
Richmond, and that he had received the
charter for John W. Rowan Camp. He
also gave the Camp the benefit of a commu
nication from Lee Camp Confederate Sol
diers’ Home at Richmond. The Camp ex
pressed a desire to hear an address from the
commander in the near future.
Mr. H. C. Baker is layiug a pavement in
» front of Mayor Brown’s store and residence
Church Notes
Rev. H. P. Hamill will preach in the
court-house on Sunday morning and at night
in the Presbyterian Church.
Rev. David Harris will preach at Kable
town next Sunday, Nov. 12th, morning and
night, and at “Oakland’’ at 3:30 p. m.
The next Quarterly Meeting for Charlea
Town station, M. E. Church, South, will be
held Nov. 18 an$ 19; for Jefferson circuit
Nov. 25 and 26.
Rev. C. H. Rockey has been installed as
pastor of the Lutheran congregation of
Sbepherdstown and Uvilla. The service
was held in the church in Sbepherdstown.
The track has been laid through the new
tunnel at Harper’s Ferry, which is being
walled up at each end. The abutments and
piers for the new bridge are completed, and
the work for the new roadbed along the foot
of the hill on the Harper’s Ferry side is
nearing completion. Upon a portion of this
a temporary track has been laid, and con
nection made with the main line near Island
Park. The first shipment of iron for the
bridge went down in the great storm on the
lakes recently and was a total loss to the
The fellow who can take a walk out on
the boom with his best girl such evenings
as we had through October, and not be glad
that he’s living, and that in a glorious pres
ent, is a dude without preceptions, aesthetic
taste or mental endowment—in short a reg
ular clothes horse cane sucking dude.—
The editor of the Advocate didn’t happen
to stroll boomward whilst it was fashiona
ble for idiotic boys to stretch barbed wire
across the footways to the cndangerrarnt of
pedestrians—unless he got his lameness
that way and is truly “glad he’s living.”
Boys’ School Suits.
We’ll make Rome howl. We have placed
on sale the following lots : 200 boys’ nobby
double-breasted suits, ages 4 to 14 ; twenty
styles; will wear like iron. Our prices $1
to’ 13 ; worth from $2 to $5 per suit.
Perfect mountains of children’s clothing
running down as low as 75c. per suit, and
as high as $5 per suit. Bring the little tots
around, and if we can’t rig them from head
to toe for much less cash than all others our
name isn’t
W.M. Kahn, Sadler Building.
When Baby was sick, we gave hex Castoria.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss, she to Castoria,
When she had Children, she gave them Castoria
To the Ladies —Our line of wraps have
been admired by everybody. Our Bales, bo
far. have gono ahead of last year. Style,
good material and low prices are what peo
ple want and that is what you can look for
at Hirschman’s.
For bargains in dry goods come to Hirsch
Bargaius iu blankets and comforts at
The best line of boys’ and children’s over
coats ever shown can be found at Hirsch
Our stuck of clothing is simply immense.
Overcoat stock has never been larger, styles
Dever prettier, prices uever lower.
S. D. Hirschmak A Co.
Our S. S. S. has been a great success.—
Those who have bought them recommend
them toothers, because they never rip nor
near. That’s what your children need. If
you buy one of those suits you will not have
to sew np seams. For aalo only by us, »t
f3.00 per suit.
S. D. Hirschman & Co.
Children’s suits by the hundred at Hirech
Boots and shoes of all kinds and at low
prices at Hirschman’s.
You can get any width of oilcloth at
In Baltimore. November 2nd, 1893, Mr. A^ •
LETT MILLER, formerly of this county -aged
86 years. His remains were interred in the
Lutheran cemetery at Bolivar.
Caused by Carelessness.
The majority of people die sooner than
they should. Kvidence of this tact is grow
ing daily. Waring says: “ Disease is not a
consequence of life; it is due to unnatural
conditions of living—neglect, abuse, want.
Dr. Stephen Smith, ou the sulject,
“ Man is born to health and long life; dis
ease is unnatural, death, except from old
age. is accidental, and both are preventable
by human agencies." This is almost invari
ably true of death resulting from heart dis
ease- Careless over-exertion, intemperate
use of tea, coflee, tobacco, alcoholic or other
stimulants are generally the causes of this
difficulty, and indifference to its progress re
sults in'sudden death, or long sickness end
ing in death. By the newspapers it can be
seen that many prominent and hundreds of
persons in private life die frem heart dis
ease every day. .
If you have any of the following symp
toms: shortness of breath, palpitation, irreg
ular pulse, fainting and smothering spells,
pain in shoulder, side, or arm. swollen
ankles, etc., begin treatment immediately for
heart disease. If you delay, the consequences
mav be serious.
for over 20 vears Dr. Franklin Miles
the eminent g] <vialist, has made a profound
studv of heart ..isease, its cruses and cure,
and mane of the leading discoveries in that
direction are due to him. His Jiew Heart
Cure is absolutely the only reliable remedy
for the cure of h<art disease, as is proved
bv thousands of testimonials from grateful
persons who have used it
*jam»A Pain, editor of tbe Cony. Pa. Avqder,
stales: - Alter an apparent recovery from ibree
months of laerippe.lfell on the street uncon
scious from heart disease In one month from
that time I was unable to walk across my room,
and my pulse beat from 85 to 116 times a mlnute.
I then used In. Milee' New Heart Cure, and at
once became stronger. After u«irg six bottle* I
waa able to work as usu*l and walk 1» milerrery
day, my pu.se ranging from *? to» Dr Miles
remedy i« not only a preventive .
Pr. Miles' New Heart Cure is »!d by all drug
cist* on * positive guarantee, or by Dt Mile*
Medical Co.. Elkhart. Ind., on r<**’>Pt °(
per bottle, atx for *6. exprew .Jji* K"*’
by mail
To the people of Charles Town and vicinity to
In our handsome quarters—Sadler Block—and
inspect the Largest Stock of Fine Ready-Made
Hats, Furnishing and Shoes
Ever placed under any roof in the Valley of
Virginia. Our facilities now are more than
doubled and we can assure our patrons that
the stock we now carry cannot be excelled by
any house in the Valley.
§20,000 WORTH
Of the very latest productions of Fall and
Winter Fine Ready-Made Clothing, which we
have just purchased from hard-up manufac
Hirers at 50 cents on the dollar for spot cash.
Bring a $10 note our store and take $20 worth
of Clothing for it.
Borh time and money together with annoy
ance and disappointment may be saved by an
early call on
Sept. 20, 1893.
M. Palmbaum & Bro.’s
Also Flannels, Blankets, Com
forts, Underwear, Hosiery.
Prices Lower than Ever.
We offer you this Fall our Fertilizers as follows:
Special Mixture.
Ober’s Farmer's Standard,
Ober's South Carolina,
Zell’s Economizer,
Zell’s Dissolved Bone Phosphate,
Rasin’s Dissolved South Carolina,
Walker's Dissolved South Carolina.
Pure Ground Bone,
Pure Dissolve*! Animal Bone,
Pure Ground Fish,
Xitrate of 8oda,
Muriate and Sulphate of Potash,
K ain it.
We have our Fertilizer, brands ‘•Shenan
doah’’ and “Special Mixture." prepared by G.
Obcr A Sons Co., of Baltimore. and we guar
antee every bap to come up to the Analysis.
Ober’s South Carolina is put in sacks treated
with Lime, and you will have no trouble with
rotten sacks.
Please give your orders as early as possible.
Washington k Alexander.
July 12.1893—3m.
Music Lessons.
Madam aud Mias Bertha Rubl will resume
their class in Vocal and Instrumental Music
Sept 11th, 1*93. at tbeir residence on the cor
ner of 8amuel and Liberty streets, snd any
one wishing Vocal or Instrumental Lessons
will save time and money by taking from them.
They will teach Vocal in class and special, and
Instruments as follows: Piano, Organ. \ iolin.
Guitar and Banjo. Alao Sight Reading, The
ory and Harmony. Terms ® ***••
, sept. 6,1803.
We invite especial attention to the extraor
dinary advantages we offer in each depart
ment. In
you will tind choice -tyles and all the new
shades. Plain black and colored Silks, Grena
dines, Laces and Drapery Nets. In
we have entirely new things for the season.—
is complete with stylish headwear. Mattings,
Oil Cloths, Carpets, LaceCaruins and Window
Shades in abundance, with low prices.
Yours truly,
Burns & Shugert.
May S, 1S93.
Has been wade by Santa Claus the Charles Town Depository for
This Christmas stock exceed* any that has gone before, and all tastes can be accommodated
Fruit Cakes a Specialty.
Oyster* Fresh, Daily, and in quantities to suit customers.
Henry Dumm.
Dec. 14, 1802.
and State sUsrpeo *sucb property a* they wish to sell, the mrul.reonimWcn"M*****;
S if • »lli« JEeiid. Those wishing description forwarded abroad must remit »l 00 to eoser
extra expenses. Form* and particulars sent on request.
Arthur Davenport,
Charles Town, Jefferson County, West \ irginis.
... ha* tx».n verv successful in sending purchasers to Piedmont. Virginia, in past
years1' The nam« of thoee^riUing to take farm pupils end boarders, with terms per month
or 3-ear, also desired.
A ue. 23. 1*03. ___ _
Agent for the Celebrated
Also for the Newly A Evans and the Davis A j
Son Piano*—fullv warranted and
endorsed by the8tieff House.
First-class Organs and Second-Hand Piann* j
at alt prices. Terms and prices to suit pur- i
chasers. It will be to your interest to see me,
or write, before purchasing
Musical Chart
—An arrangement by which an accompani
ment can be played upon the Piano or Organ,
in any key. endorsed by maetdam; can be
learned in one hour. Pnee $1 00. A limited
number of orders will be taken at 75 eenta. to
introduce it. Liberal discount to agents.—
Write for territory.
July 5.1603. _ _ __
For Sale.
Window-sash *». blind*, doors, etc., of the
old Methodi*t Church. Apply *t thisoffloe.
June 7.1SW.
Of our notable Fall Stock la In. The distreaa
iiig hard time* hare not diacouraged tha
Temple of Fashion,
for we base frequently had aucb experience*
and we must bold our trade until we tide osar
these troubles. Profits will not he an object.
We are in a position to do it for we buy ahead of
the season and get first choice. Wa pay eaah .
for all goods and
Save All Discounts,
which alone will-pay running expanse*. No
rents. We can sell atcortand no'lose money.
By enlarging onr store we can and will
Enlarge Our Stock.
Boys' wants for school in great supply. Cloth
ing. Pants, Shoes. Hose, Trunks, Umbrella*.
Ac , A.
Sep .«. IMS-_Tha Outfitter.
. For Sale.
Building stona and old lumbar. Apply »#
tha Building Committee of 0»* M K. Cuowb,

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