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Virginia Jtff jfo55-;
w. Ir. *. e ALLAH SR, Mdlfr. |
CTUrUstoicw.Jsfsfiw County",West Ta. '
January 10. !<*<• _
Remember, that where on® monopolist
oalls for special favor ten consumers long
for justice. Pass the Wilson bill^quickly.
Accordin’* to exls'iator Pelmer of Mich
igan. who la very close to Mr. Harriseu, Hie
•x President is not a candidate for renorn
i nation.__ ^ __
Congressman Bourke Cockran concisely
stated the situation the other day wheu he
said that what the country wanted not
“academical contributions to the tariff lit*
•rature of the day, but speedy action on the
In reply to the demand of Minister iFillis
for the reetoration of the ex Q teen of IU
waii, the “provisional government" refused
to surrender its authority. The Preahieot
and cabinet have d**ci<led that the matter
must be left to the decision of Congre**.
Senator Voorbee-, who is chairman o»
the Senate finance committee, thinks the
Wilson bill will pea* the Senate without
material alteration. He d'>es not think that
bearings before the committee will occupy
much time or that there will be protracted
debate, and has received assurances from
Republican leaders that uo filibustering is
Senator Camden ha* an attsck of the grip
and hai announced his intention of taking
a vacation of three weeks, which lie **H
spend in Florida. He will leave the capi
tal in a day or two and will spend his time
at 9eaford and Tampa. He will return to
Washington early enough to take part in
the discuaeion of the Milaon tariff bill when
it reaches ibe Senate.
A Democratic convention has been called
to meet at Harrisonburg January 23d to
nominate a candidate for the seat in Cong
rasa vacated by Got. O'Ferrall’a resignation
The candidatea are Messrs. Gordon of Rap
pahannock, Moore of Clarke. Walton ol
Shenandoah. Turner of Warren and Wood*
and Levy of Albemarle. The election will
take place on the 30th.
Mr. Thos. H. Carter, chairman of the
Republican national executive committee,
who "ran the campaign" for Mr. Harrison
in ’92, ia believed to be in favor of Gov.
McKinley for the presidential nomination
in ’96. We are willing to bet most any
amount of money that Gov. McKinley isn t
in favor of Mr Carter for chairman of the
executive committee at that time.
Ia opening the tariff debate Mondav Hon.
Wm. L. Wilson said that the majority of
the ways and means committee had expect
ed a falling away of friencla whenever they
undertook Vo prepare any definite measure
ef legislation. "They know from all ol
their experience in the pa«t that not all who
march bravely in the parade are found in
line when the musketry begins to rattle."
The Fairmont IntUs observed the open
ing of the new year by issuing an 13 page
edition, handsomely printed on fine paper,
illustrated with views of industrial estab
liabmenta, private residence*, schools,
churches, etc , of Fairmont, and devoted
chiefly to “booming" the various interests
of that growing town. The edition is cred
itable to the community and to the paper’s
The Baltimore Sun correspond *nt s\v*
that during Mr. Wilson’s speech on Monday
“* sensation wa< created when, as an illus
tration of the imperious position ns-urmd
by the purse-proud protectinniats, he quoted
from the report of the pre-ident of the Iron
and Steel Manufacturer»**Asanciatinn, styl
ing the great strike of 1392of the working
men as a ‘rebellion.’ As Mr. U’tl on re
marked. these millionaire monopolist* im
agine themselves to be b u lal lord- and b**k
upon their workingmen a* so many chattels.”
When the poetic soul of the rural editor
turns away from the sordid thoughts sug
gested by the avoirdupois of rival hogs ami
the corn) arativegirthof abnormal pumpkin'
and find* its true expression in verse —when
be ceases to appeal to delinquent subscribers
and apostrophizes the stars—it is a thine
worthy of note, and all the world ought to
be still a;id bear him sing. Wherefore we
call altet ‘.ion to a modest volume from the
pen of an esteemed fellow journalist, Mr.
James Brainerd Morgan, of the GerariU
town Timet,—published by H. K Caiutnaun
A Bro. of Baltimore, Did ,—entitled “Stroll
ing! in Song Land. ’ Mr. Morgan has been
for tome years addicted to occasional strob
ing* in Song-land ; and this is the second
time he has giveu some of the results of hi'
excursions to the public in book form. His
measures are mellifluous and the verses are
pervaded by an unmistakable love of nature
aud a deep and pure faith.
While speaking on the tariff bill vester
terday Hon. Wm. L Wilson was interrupt
ed by Mr. Doolittle, of Washington, who
•aked if be meant, to compare the intelli
gence of the American laborer with the in
telligence of the slave laborer of the South
before the war. Mr. Wilson replied that
na one with intelligence above that of the
•lave laborer would ask such a question —
[Long continued laughter and applause on
Democratic side.) Mr. Wilson soon after
ward slated that he wished to be courteou*
ia everything, and he therefore withdrew
hie remarks about the gentleman fmm
Washington. At the coaclu-lon of the
speech, Mr. Doolittle arose and stated that
be attributed the remark of Mr. Wilson in
reference to bimseli as due to his (Mr. Wi|.
son's) association with slave-labor intelli
gence. and he therefore accepted the apolo
gy. [ Derisive cheers on Democratic side ]
Mr. Wilson iu reply said he hoped the gen
tleman from Washington would not make
kirn feel that the apology was due more to
himself (Mr. Wilton) than to the gentleman
from wMhiagton [Democratic laughter.]
The House of Representative*, re **sem
>ling last Wednesday, spent four days in
lleness for waut of a quorum—tbe Re
publican* and a few anti-tariff-reform Dera
>crata refusing to vote and a large number
)f Democrats being absent. A quorum
roted Monday and a resolution reported by
:he committee on rules and amended on
motion of Mr. Wilson was adopted provid
ing for general discussion on the tariff bill
throughout this week and debate under the
Sve-mmute rule for two week* following,
tiid that voting on the bill shall begin ou
Lhe 29th. Hon. W. L. Wilson then opened
the debate in a brilliant and convincing
•peech, with which, »avs the Baltimore Sun
correspondent, '"hi* Democratic colleagues
were more than satisfied.” W ilhoUt slop
ping to enquire into the causes that had
brought about the present prostration of in
iustry in thi-* country, he said that if there
?ver was a time when the burden of taxa
tion should be lightened it was at a time
when men were struggling for the nece-sa
rie* of lif-, a lime when trade was held in
the puraly»i* <»f * commercial cri-*i*.
The tariff of 1890 represent* 1 not only a
high and liberal protection, but it repre
sented all that greed and selfishness ami
rapacity dared to demand of the American
people (Applause <»n the Democratic side )
l'o iHu-urate, .Mr. Wilson showed a piece id
cloth worth about 32 cents a yard, on which
the act of 1890 placed a tax of 303 per cent.
$3 tax on $1 worth of goods. So that the
poor woman in New York or anywhere else
in thi* country who bv earning 50 cent* a
day at her labor is able to buy one dollar’s
worth ot tbi« material, must work six days
longtr to make the McKinley taxes to take
it out of the cu.-tom house. (Applause on
the Democratic aiJe.) To day, notwith
standing the high rale intentionally left in
this bill, there had been a call lor the wool
en m .nufacturer* of thi* country to meet in
New York on Wednesday next to protest
against a bill which leaves them a 40 per
cent, tax on their product*.
Tbe English landlords, who. when famine
wa* slaying its terso thousand* in Ireland,
mad - a protest against relieving food from
taxation are the prototype* of the gentle
men who will meet in New York the day
after to-morrow. (Applause nn the Demo
cratic aide )
Now when disease and discontent, when
consumption and pneumonia and grip are
•talking abroad in all the land, when there
are million* oi men, women and children
incurring daily ri-k of death and daily ri»k
of disease and permanent loss of their pro
•luctive energies, when thousand and tens <d
thousand* are fighting the cold in their
nightly •lumber* brcause there is no heat in
the tax put on blankets, these gentlemen
who made the law of 1883 and of 1890 are to
meet in New York city to protest against
your doing anvthing for the relief of the
American people from this cruel, inhuman
system of taxation. (Applause on theD«m
ocratic side.)
Mr. Wilson discussed elaborately the rea
sons fur placing wool, iron ore ami coal on
the free list. Of the question of wage* he
said, in part: The general productivenes*
of every country determiura the wage* ol
the laboring people of that country. 1 lie
general intelligence of the laboring people
of a country a!*o in equal mea-ure deter
minis the wages of the laboring people ot
ilnt country. IKe have higher nominal
daily wages in this country than elsewhere,
fi st, bec*n-a we are a great new Country in
ail era of development ; and. secondly, be
cause we have the ino-t intelligent, self
re- peeling laboring men in all the world, and
tov industry thaicintmt maintain it-eifex
eept by lax itinn on the people of the coun
irv, instead ot increusii g the rale of wages
to the extent ot protection, diminishes the
wage rate of all the laboring people of Ihe
country (Applause on the Democratic
side ) Every industry that lean* upon lax
•tom for its support, that calls upon the law
to make the consumer* of its product* pay
more than they would otherwise be obliged
to p ty f..r them, whatever we may call it, is
t pauper industry supported by the sell
•upporting imlusiri.a of the country. (Ap
pUuse on the Democratic side.) After
speaking two hour*. Mr IKiUou became fa
tigued and suspended, concluding Tuesday.
The directors of the a-iju'tnient company
which wa* organized by the Mercantile
r... • ...I I liiwiai t PmiinanV tif Il.il 11 lllllfe
to ••fleet a .settlement of the alleged Slate
debt of West Virginia, have prepared a
plan of settlement, which has been submit
ted to ihe advisory b *ard of the creditors of
West Virginia. The director* urge the ne
ces-itv of an absolute guarantee that all the
certificates issued by Virginia to represent
the amount of West Virginia's indebtedness
(which certificate*, they say, exceed theju-t
proportion for the latter S?tate) will be
promptly surrender*d in exchange for the
new bonds West Virginia may issue to dis
charge the debt to Virginia. ‘ It is evi
dent,” say they “that no progress toward a
settlement can be made until the creditors
are willing to trust to the honor and good
faith ol two sovereign Slates mating with
each other about a matter of such public
importance, and it is also evident that \ ir
giuia should not move to bring about a set
tlement with West Virginia it the negotia
tion* must be based on a guarauUe, express
or implied, tual West Virgin.a snail pay
a stipu ated percentage.” i'liey do not be
lieve it possible to devise a plan, likely to
succeed that will be more definite and pre
cise than the one submitted, which is as
‘ First—The adju-tment company will
offer to surrender ali the certificates which
may be deposited Under the agreement oi
October 16. 1893, in exchange tor such an
amount ot new bonds or other avails as
'Vest Virginia provides to discharge her
proportion of the interstate debt.
‘Wound—A tender of all the deposited
certificates shall accompany a petition to
the Legislature of Virginia to authorize a
conimis-ion to bring about a settlement with
West Virginia.
•‘Third —All que-tions touching the ap
portionment of the new tv-nds or avails be
tween the different classes of certificate-,
shall he determined by a tribunal of three,
one |o be appointed by the advisory board,
one to be appointed by the adjustment com
pane, and the third to be appointed by the
'wo thu« chmen Any vaoancv in this tri
bunal shall be filled bv the party respective
ly appointing.”
A Brilliant Wedding at IJampton—Dis
tinguished Gite*ls-~ Something
.About the Bride.
Special to Washington Post. ^
Fort Monroe, Vi., January 3—The
marriage of Senator Charles J. Faulkoer, of
West Virginia, and Miss Virginia Whiting,
of Hampton, was solemnized at St. John s
Episcopal Church at 5 o’clock this afternoon.
The church, fsmous for it* baauty and an
tiquity, was magnificently decorated for
this occasion, in addition to the Christina*
dressing already in place. The church was
crowded with eager spectators, almost all
the available space being reserved for vis
itors from abroad and personal friends.
Following is a list of the attendants:
Best man—State Senator H. L>. Flood.—
Groomsmen—Senator Fred T. Du Bois,
lion*. John O Pendleton. B D. Gibson, J.
E Chilton, Mes-rs. 0. J. F. Pierce, Peyton
R. Harrison, Livingston Whiting, W. W.
Sprout. Bridesmaids—Mi**e» Lucy Tatt,
Anuie Chi-man, and Annie Watkins, ol
Hampton ; Lillie Criteher, of Alexandria ,
Pier-on, of Kentucky; May Faulkner, of
Martin-burg, and Elise and Mary Love, of
Winchester. Maid of Honor—Miss May
Phillip*, of Hampton. U*hers—Messrs.
G-orgc Young, Thomas Jones, Eldrid Jones,
Worsham Hudgins, and Dr. Charles Mar
row, of the University of Virginia; Mr.
Taylor Hunt, of Norfolk ; Mr. C. H. Symnte,
of Washington, and Mr. G. C. Swartz, ol
In addition to these there were eight cho
rus girl* and three boys, and three little
girl*, who preceded the bridal party tip the
three aisles and untied and held the ribbon*.
These children were dressed in white mull
Empire dresses and while duck suits. The
chorus -girls wore white organdie dresses
over pink satin slips and sleeves. The
bride-maids wore besutiful dresses of pink
crepe, with berthas of pink mull, accordeon
plaited. The biide’s dress was of white
moire antique, trimmed with duches*e lace.
This dress is a model of elegant simplic
ity, with a plain, long train. Over this fell
a point lace veil, worn tluown hack from
• l.A Tim ivuist u n rl tilmiilrlprn rtf the
gown were decorated with real orange blos
soms and the bridal bouquet was of Bride
About forty guests from Washington at
tended the wedding and many also from
Richmond and other places. Among the
distinguished guests were Senator and
.Mrs. Gibson.
The old Colonial Church in which the
wedding took place is in the form of a cross,
lending itself beautifully to the unique and
stately ceremonial. The chancel decorations
were of palms among which shown hundreds
of wax candles.
A pair of children advanced up each el
the three aisles, untied the ribbons and
stood holding them back. The eight brides
maids and groomsmen came in successive
couples, two up each side nisle, and four up
the middle aisle, and ranged themselves in
a double row at the upper end of the mid
dle aisle, the bridesmaids on the left, the
groomsmen on the right. Then from the
vestry room came the eight choius girls,
two and two, singing the wedding chorus
from “Lohengrin,” “Star of Renown, We
Lead You Forth,” accompanied by music
from a concealed string band. 'I hey pro
ceeded singing down the middle Hale nearly
to ilie entrance, and then wheeled and re
turned to the altar, followed by the maid of
honor. The groom and his best man ap
peart d before the altar at tbe same time than
tbe chorus girls came into view. After tlie
maid of honor came the bride on the arm
of her fa her. passing to the altar betwten
the double row of attendants at the head ol
the aisle. These followed her ami took their
places to her right and left. Tbe chorus
girls haJ passed to the back of the chancel
and stood four on either side. Last of all
came the eight ushers up tbe middle aisle
and placed themselves on either side of the
chancel mmediateiy behind the bridesmaids
and groomsmen.
During the ceremony, which was perform
ed by the rector, Rev. 0. B. Bryan, the band
played soltly tbe sweet old air, ‘‘Juanita, be
my own fair bride.” Alter the ceremony
tbe bridal pair left the church by the mid
dle aisle, followed by the best man and maid
of honor, the bridesmaids and groomsmen,
and the chorus girls who had been joined
by tbe ushers, all forming a stately cortege
oi grace auu oeamy. mo urines point
lace veil was caught bv an exquisite pin,
the gift of the groom, a star of five large
diamond* linked together by curves of
smaller one*. The bridesmaids carried bou
quets of piuk chrysanthemums. Immedi
ately after the wedding a reception was held
at the re*idence of the bride’s father for the
two families, the visiting friends and the
bridal party
Senator Lunik tier anti bis wife left in a
government steamer tor Norfolk when the
reception was over There they took a pri
vate ear lor Florida. The bride’* going
away dress was of dark green cloth, trim
med with green velvet, hat of felt and vel
vet to match.
Mrs. Faulkner is a daughter of Col. H.
Clav Whiling, president of the Hampton
Bank, t'he is one of the most popular
yung ladies in society. Although only
about twenty-six years of age, she has, ow
ing to the death of her mother, for more
than a third of her short life presided at
the elegant residence of her father. A tall,
graceful and commanding figure, a wealth
of dark hair, eyes at once soft and dark, a
mouth with pretty curves, a face that in
speaking or in repose possesses ever a sweet
expression, all these, coupled with a certain
dignity, yet simplicity of manner, are the
rare gifts ot the woman who will adorn the
home ol Senator Faulkner at the National
Capitol. In the midst of all the fl'iod of
I uhlicity which ha* lately dashed over her
life she has walked serenely wiih her own
gentle composure quite unruffl d. Living
always on the seashore, Mis* Whiting is a
true daughter of the ocean, and can both
row and swim She i* pa**iodately fond of;
horse* *' I dog., ami i* an admirable horse
back r r. She looks Ikt very best on ■
her- her fine erect figure showing to i
great advantage in her habit. She is a great
fox hunter, and has been *n at many a
death. J be large, handsome home ot which i
Miss Whiting had so long been sole miatresa,,
is beautifully situated on a alight elevation,
in the midst of a larg® 8ra8Sy 'aWD> which
slopes to the water’s edge. There a small
pavilion stands lor the accommodation of
boatmen or bathers. In this true home her
artistic tastes are everywhere exhibited in
those magic touches which are needed to
transform mere furniture into objects of j*»y
and beauty, and make of each room a charm
ing picture. These rooms are now glowing
with the gorgeous gifts which friends have
delighted to shower upon this fortunate
bride, rich in love, as in all else that fortuns
has to bestow._ ^_
Hole's This ?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured
by Hall’s Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney & Co , Props., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable in all business
transactions and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by their firm.
West & TfiUAX, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, 0.
Waldino, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale
Druggists, Toledo, 0.
Hall’s Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. Price, 75c. per bot
tle. gold by all Druggists. Testimonials
free. . , _
F. J. Cheney k Co., Toledo, O.
0^*So!d by Druggists, 75c.
The West Virginia Bar Association held
its animal meeting at Grafton last week.—
Judge T. P. Jacob was elected president for
the ensuing year; Mr. D. C. Westenhaver
of Martinsburg was re-elected secretary and
Mr. W. R. Miller treasurer. The next
meeting will be at Charleston.
Hoic Maun Oonsumer be Sure of Getting
a Pure and Wholesome Whiskey.
ANSWER: In the same maimer that he
secures good wines, good table water, good
sauces, good soap, etc. He must find out
the name of a hue whiskey, oecome launi
iar with the paokage containing it and in
sist upon ids dealer keeping a stock on hand.
There are plenty of fine whiskies obtained
if this rule be followed. Such a whiskey is
the I. W. Harper. It is a pure whiskey,
distilled from the beat corn and rye and
purest of spring water. It is sold by G. W.
I'HOStAS, Charles Town, \V. Va.
The Democratic caucus of the Virginia
Legislature made the following nominations
of judges for the Court of Appeals: George
11. llHrrison, of Augusta; John A. Buchan
an, of IVasliington ; John W. Rilev, of Hal
ifax; R. H. Cardwell, of Hanover, and
James Keith, of Fuuquier. The nominees
were elected by the Legislature baturday.
Mrs. Marian Walsh, widow of Win.
Walsh and a nativo of Cumberland, died at
the Walsh mansion, in that city Monday
morning, aged filty-two years. Prior to
her marriage, in 1858, Mrs. Walsh was Miss
Marian Shane. She was noted for her gen
erosity to the poor. Two children survive
her, Wm. Walsh and Mias Clara Walsh.
Sore throat and bronchial affections arc
speedily relieved and effrctually cured by
the use of that safe and reliable remedy Dr.
Hull’s Cough Svrup. It has stood the test
of half a century.
Mr. Benjamin Pierce, of Clarke county,
went crazy last week and attempted to mur
der his father. He was caught by three
men and carried to the j til in Berryvile.—
His insanity was caused by trouble in mon
ey matters,having recently lost about $3,000.
— Winchester Times.
The latest addition to the city press of
Martinsburg is the Berkeley Free Lance, an
eight-page weekly, conducted by Messrs.
Mowbray and Evans—the first issue of
which appeared a few days ago.
Greatest reduction in carpets at llirsch
Ladies’ and children’s wraps must be sold
regardless of cost at Hirschtnan’s.
Winter goods of all kinds must be sold
regardless of cost at Hirsclunan’s.
Men’s overcoats as low as §2.00;—former
price $4 50—at Hirschtnan’s.
Boy’s overcoats as low as $1.25;—former
price $2 50—at Hirschman’s.
Lots of odd pants at your own price at
Heavy dress goods will be sold regardless
of cost at Hirschman’s.
Our motto is to carry no winter goods
over from one season to another; therefore
we offer you the greatest bargains ever heard
of at Hirschmnn’s.
•Yew Advertisements.
Inas maae many menus.
Why? Because it is the 0
best and cheapest lini-|
mentsold. It kills pain In
issold by all dealers for2>c
Substitutes are mostly cheap imita- < ►
tions of good articles. Don't take i ►
them. Insist on getting Salvation i ►
Oil, or you will be disappointed. i *
PUCVAf LANGE'S PLUGS. Ths Great Tobacco
U11 c. ¥V Antidote!—Price 10 Cts. At all dealer*.
Harness Stolen—$10 Reward.
Stolen from the >tab!e on the farm of the
under-igned (“Belvidere") near Charle* Town,
on iho night of the 'iL’nd of December, a set
of Carriage Harness. Two Collars and Two
Bridles. Harness was nickel-mounted, had
heavy saddle and turrets, bright hamcs. etc —
One of the bridles had check rein and the other
had kirnble rein. The above reward will be
paid for the return of the property or f <r in
humation that will lead to the arrest and con
viction of the thief or thieves.
Jan. 3, 1S94—3t. T. H. BATES.
Bronze Turkeys.
I have for rale a few tina Thoroughbred
Mammoth Bronze Turkeys
Jan. 3. ISM—St. TH09. J. WIST.
Setesy Sates.
Mrs. Cockrell, wife of Senator Cockrell
of Missouri, died in Washington Saturday.
The regular January terai of the Circuit
Court of Berkeley County will begin on
Tuesday next.
Intense cold prevailing almost throughout
Europe has caused intense suffering and
some loss of life within a week past.
Representative and Mrs W. L. Wilson
were among the guests at President Cleve
land’s cabinet dinner Thursday evening.
The late Major H. L D. Lewis, of Clarke
county, had an insurance of $5,000 upon his
life in the Equitable Life of New York.
The Darby Garrott flouring mills at We
verton, in the hands of a receiver, and sold
by an order from Judge Stake, were pur
chased on Saturday by Mrs. Warren Gar*
rott for $6,000.
Mr. George W. Keller, one of the oldest
residents of Winchester, died at the home
of his son, Mr. Geo. H. Keller, in that city
last week, aged 87 years. He had been a
ruling elder in the Loudoun street Presbyte
rian church since before the war.
Fire originating in the Casiuo building
on the World’s Fair grounds Monday even
ing spread to and destroyed the Peristyle
and Music Hall—then was communicated
to the Manufactures and Liberal Arts build
ing which was partly consumed. Twenty
thousand cases of exhibits were in the latter
building. The loss is estimated at one mil
lion dollars.
Special Commissioners’ Sale
By virtnc of a decree of the Circuit Court
of Jefferson County, entered on the 13th day
of June, 1800, in the chancery cause therein
pending, in which the Cook Carri-uc Company
is plaintiff and August Schulte and other? are
defendants, the undersigne 1 Special Commi*
sioners will offer for sale at public outcry in
front of the court-house in Charles Town,
IV V« nn
Friday, the 2d day of February, 1894,
the following valuable real estate, to-wit:
The Brick Dwelling House and Lot
fronting on George street and South alley in
Charles Town. Jefferson County, West \ir
giuia, with
Carriage Factory, Stable
and other buildings thereon. A valuable prop
erty for botli residence and business purposes.
TERMS OFSALE.—One-third cash, balance
in one and two years, purchaser giving bond
for deterred payment* bearing interest from
date, and title reserved until purchase money
i? paid. FORREST W. BROWN.
Special Commissioners.
State or West Vi ko ini a.
Jefferson c0unty, set.:
I. John M. Paniel. hereby ccnify that For
rest W. Brown. Special Cnnimswioncr, has ex
ecuted bond before me with approved security
as required bv law. 'I est«.
1 JNO. M. DANIEL, Clerk.
Jan. 10, 1^94—4t. _________
By virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court of
Jefferson County, West Virginia, entered in
the cause of W. W. B. Gallaher against C. H.
Gallaher. &c.. on the 2*th day of February.
IhDl. ami for the purpose of partition, the un
dersigned Special Commissioners appointed to
make sale of the realty hereinafter described,
will sell at publicauction in front of the Court
house in Charles Town, W. Va.. that valuable
house and lot formerly occupied by H. N.Gal
lalier. Ksq’r. on Main street, lying north of the
Reed property and east of the Johnson prop
erty—the lot containing
and has on it
in which are eleven rooms, a good staMe.
smoke house, servants’ house—two stories,
good cistern, and gas fixtures in tbe dwelling.
The right to keep open the alley' east of the
property is sold with the premises. The above
property will be sold at 12 o'clock on
if not sold at private sale before that time. Pos
session given at once.
TERMS OF SALK.—One-third cash and the
residue in two equal annual payments, with
interest on deferred payments from day of
sale—same to be evidenced by the bonds of the
purchaser. Title withheld until all of pur
chase money is paid.
If not sold will be rented.
Special Commissioners.
I. T. W. Latimer, Clerk of tbe Circuit Court
of said Jefferson County, do hereby certify
■ Imt Cleon Moore, one of the above-named
Special Commissioners, has given bond in said
case as required by law.
Given under niv hand this 6th day of March,
1893. T. W. LATiMKR, Clerk,
Bv Gerard IX Moore, Deputy.
Jan. 10, '91-ts.
Report of the condition of life First National
Bank of Jefferson at Charlestown, W. Va.. at
the close of business Dec 19, 1893:
Loans and Discounts.$ 80,267 60
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured... 481 79
U. 8. Bonds to secure circulation. 12,500 00
Stocks, securities, etc. 23,000 00
Banking House. Furniture and Fix
tures. 400 00
Due from National Banks (not Re
serve Agent*).. 6*-® 17
Due from State Banks and Bankers.. 1,237 32
Due from approved Reserve Agents 9,359 61
Checks and other Cash Items. 1.88s 36
Votes of other Banks,. 3.592 00
Fractional Paper Currency, Nickels
and Ceuta. 37 20
Lawful Money reserve in Bank, viz:
Specie.11,8® 40
Legal Tender Notes. 8,030 00 10,717 40
Redemption Fund with U. 8. Treas
urer (5 per cent of circulation). 562 50
Total. $156,109 95
Capital Stock paid in. 50,000 00
Surplus Fund,. iw.ooo Oo
Undivided Profits less Expenses and
Taxes paid. 8,837 32
National Bank Notes outstanding,.... 11.0*0 00
Due to other National Banks. 8,745 24
Due to State Banks and Banker*. 513 15
Individual deposits subject to check. 54.509 24
Bills payable. 2.5O0 00
Total.$1*6.109 95
State of Weet Virginia,
County of Jefferson, sa:
I, Samuel Howell, Cashier of the above
named Bank, do solemnly swear that the above
statement is true to the best of niv knowledge
and belief. 8AM'L. HOWELL.
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 27th
day of December, 189.3.
Notary Public.
H. 0. Talbott, 1
J. Garl. Hcrst, > Directors.
0. F. Mason. )
Jan. 10, 1894—It. I
for Infants and Children.
« Costoria it so well adapted to children that
1 recommend It as superior to any prescription
known to me.” n. A. Aacnxa, M. D.,
Ill So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, If. Y.
“The use of ‘Costoria is no universal and
its merits so well known that it seems a work
of supererogation to endorse it. Few are the
intelligent families who do not keep Costoria
within easy reach."
Carlow Marttn, D. D.,
New York City.
Castoria cures OoUe, Const tp.Hoa.
Sour Stomach, Diarrhma, Cruetsttaa.
Kills Worms, fires sleep, sad premom d«
Without injurious madkaitoa.
*• for mean! years I hsr* rsoomassaded
your ‘ Castoria,' aad shall always eootiaus to
do so sa it has inrariably producad beneficial
Bawni r. Psaana. *. D.,
lS&th Street sad tth Are., Jtew York CHy
Commissioner’s Notice.
In the Circuit Court of Jefferson County
West Virginia,
J. GARLAND HURST. Sheriff Committee j
Administrator of Matilda Harding. Plff.
JOHN* A. HARDING. B. B. Ranson, G. C. !
Johns, A. F. Davis, J. Garland Hurst. W. M.
B. Harding, Annie C. 8ullivan and J. C.
Sullivan, her husband, Defts.
Extract from decree of December 1st, 1893 :
It is adjudged, ordered and decreed that this
cause be referred to Commissioner Cleon
Moore, with instructions to settle the admin
istration account of J. Garland Hurst. 8heriff
Committee Administrator of Matilda Harding,
deceased, to ascertain the real estate of which
said Matilda Harding died seized and possessed,
its value and rental value, to convene the cred
itors of the said Matilda Harding and ascer
tain the amount and priority of their claims
against her estate, and their liens specific and
general on uny real estate of which she was
possessed and report upon any other matters
he may deem pertinent or any of the parties
may require.
A Copv, Teste.
JNO. M. DANIEL, Clerk.
Notice is hereby given that I will execute
the above decree at my office in Cliarles-Town,
\V. Va., on the 27th day of January. 1894.
Given under my hand this 29th day of De
cember, 1893.
CLEON MOORE, Commissioner.
To the creditors oT Matilda Harding, deceased:
In pursuance of a decree of the Circuit Court
of the county of Jefferson, made ;tt a cause
therein pending, to subject the real estate of
thesaid Matilda Harding to the paymcntof her
debts, you are required to present your claims
against the estate of thesaid Matilda Harding
fur adjudication to Cleon Moore. Commissioner,
at his office in the said county on or before
the 9th day of February, 1*94.
Witness Juo. M Daniel. Clerk of said Court,
this 29th day of December, >893.
JNO. M. DANIEL, Clerk.
Jan. 3, 1894—6t._
Commissioner’s Notice.
IN the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, West
A. F. DAVIS. Adnt'r c. t. a of Annie K. Wa
ger, deceased, and E. Lee Wager, Plaintiff*,
JAMES E. WYATT, Horace IJcall, Jefferson
County Building Association No. 8. Bank of
Charles Town. Abram Stump. G. T. Stonesi
fer, John Porterfield and Wm. McSIierry,
Extract front decree of November 22nd, 1893:
On consideration whereof the Court doth j
adjudge, order and decree that this cause be
reterred to Commissioner Cleon Moore, who is
instructed to inquireand ascertain theamounts
due the plaintiffs upon the judgment against
latnes E. Wyatt exhibited with the bill, to as
certain the real estate of which the said de
fendant is seized subject to the lien of the said
judgments, his interest in said real estate, and
the actual and the annual or rental value
thereof, to audit the liens binding upon the
said realty, stating the amounts and priorities,
and to make report to the next term of this
Court, with any other matters specially deem
ed pertinent by himself or required by any of
the parties to be so stated.
A Copy—Teste:
JNO. M. DANIEL, Clerk.
Notice is hereby given that I will execute
the above decree at my office in Charlestown, W.
Va.. on the 2t»ih day of January. 1894
Given under njy hand this 29th day of De
cember, 1893.
To all persons holding liens by judgment or
otherwise on the real estate, or any part
thereof, of James E. Wyatt:
In pursuance of a decree of the Circuit Court
of Jefferson County, made in a cause therein
pending, to subject the real estate of the said
James E. Wyatt to the satisfaction of the
claims held by you and each of you against
the said James E. Wyatt, which are
liens on his real estate, or any part of it, for
adjudication to me. at ray office in Charies
Town, West Virginia, on or before the iWlh day
of January. 1804.
Given under my hand this 29th day of De
cember. 1893. ,
CLEON' MOORE, Commissioner.
JanL3. 1894—4L_
Notice to Creditors.
To the creditors of Chas. I*. Willson, deceased :
In pursuance of a decree of the Circuit Court
of Jetrerson County made in a cause therein
[tending, to subject the real estate of the said
Chas. P Willson to the payment of his debts,
you are hereby required to present your claims
against the estate of the said Chas. P. Will
Son for adjudication to Cleon Moore. Commis
sioner, at his office in the said county on or
before the 8th day of February, 1894.
Witness Jno. M. Daniel. Clerk of said Court,
this 29th day of December. 1*93.
JNO. M. DANIEL. Clerk.
Jan. 3, 1894—Ct.
of* Real Estate
The undersigned Trustee, bv virtue of a Deed
of Trust from Thornton D. A Wells. Janies
W.Thornton,8. P. Walker. Frederick Eequard,
and Matthew Payne. Trustees of Saint James’
Chapel, dated the 14th day of January 1889.
ami recorded in the County Clerk s Office of
Jefferson County. West Va.. in Deed Rook 8,
Page 490. for the benefit of Jefferson County
Building Association No. 7, will offer at public
sale in front of the court-house in Charles
Town, W Va . on
Friday, January 20, 1894,
the lot known as the
"Sant James' Chapel Property"
Dear Middlewar, W. Va., with all the improve- j
merits thereon.
TERMS OF SALE-As prescribed by the j
Board of Directors of said Association.—One- '
third Cash, and the residue in two equal pay- j
menta at six and twelve months with interest '
on deferred papments from day of sale.
Sale at li o’clock in.
Jan, 3, 1894—4t. I
1894. THE SUN ! 1894.
Baltimore. Mr.
The Pa per op tiie People,
For the People asd with tiie People.
Honest in Motive.
Fearless in Expression.
Sound in Principle.
Unswerving in Its Allegiance to
Right Theories and
RionT Practices.
The Si n Publishes All the News Allthi
Time, but it does not allow its columns to be
degraded by unclean, immoral or purely sensa
tional matter.
Editorially. The 8un is tueCoxsutent aid
ULAR rights and interests against political
machines and monopolies of every character.
Independent in all things, extreme in none.
By mail Fifty Cents a month, Six Dollars a
The Weekly Sun publishes all the new> of
each week, giving complete accounts of all
events of interest throughout the world. A*
an Agricultural paper The Weekly Sun is un
surpassed. It is edited by writers of practical
experience, who know what farming means
and what farmers want in an agricultural
journal. It contaius regular reports of the
work of the Agricultural experiment station-*
throughout the country, of the proceedings of
farmers clulwand institutes, and the discussion
of new methods and ideas in agricultuie. Its
U.rUl I’.-nm-l* P(1U It TV DsnSTt IllPIlt Slid Yt(
erinary column are full ami completo. Every
issue contains Stories, Poems, Household and
Puzzle Columns, a variety of instructive se
lected matter and other features, which make
it a welcome visitor In city and country homes
One dollar a year. Inducements to geuer*
up of clubs for the Weekly Son. Both the
Daily and Weekly Sun mailed free of postage
in the United States, Canada ami Mexico.
Payments invariably in advance. AddrtS'
Publishers and Proprietors
Jan. 3. 1694. Baltimore, Md.
By virtue of a Deed of Trust (Mortgage)
dated the 1st day of December. 1892. by the
City Electric Light Company and recorded in
the Clerk's Office of the County Court of Jef
ferson County, West Va., in Deed Book 73,
page 11H, to which reference is hereby made,
by request of tho holders of the mortgage
bonds secured therein and by the consent of
the said City Electric Light f/ompany, the un
dersigned, trustee, will sell at public outcry at
the front door of tho Court-house in Charles
Town, W. Va., on the
Yllk day of January, 1894,
the following property:
One 12x12 automatic steam engine, with pipes,
valves and fittings;
One 950 light dynamo;
One No. 3 light dynamo-engine and dynamo
on brick foundation ;
Two driving belts;
One switchboard, with instruments and fix
All lamps—16 candle power-and all arc lamp*
with hoods;
The entire system of copper conductors ;
The engine house;
All poles with crossarms and insulators;
All rights, privileges and franchises now own
ed by said company and con
veyed in said trust;
Finally all other property necessary, useful
or proper for the operation and maintenance
of the plant complete of said company and
conveyed in said trust. The boiler not being
a part of tbe plant will not be sold.
Dec. 13, 1893—5t. Trustee.
Real Estate
>r*AK I ML .lUliruiiiv nt n rvot fin.i ivau*
The undersigned Trustee, bv virtue of *
Deed of Trust from J. G. Wyatt to CJeon
Moore. Trustee, dated September 30th. 1 WO,
and recordrd in the County Clerk's odice of
Jefferson County. West Va., in Deed Book V ,
Pa*<> 299, for the benefit of Jefferson County
Building Association No. 7. will offer at pub
lie sale in front of the court house in Charles
Towu, W. Va., on
Friday, January 2»>, 18IH,
the lot with the buildings thereon known *•
" The Eagle Factory, ”
adjoining the Norfolk A Western Railroad
and the Middleway. Charles Town and Har
per's Ferry turnpike, the same that was con
veyed to J. O. Wyatt by George Washington
and wife.
TERMS OF SALE—As prescribe*! by the
Board of Directors of said Association.—One
third Cash, residue in two equal annual pay
ments with interest on deferred payments
from day of sale.
Sale at II o'clock a. in.
Jan. 3. 1«M—4t.
Taxes are Due oil the 20th
The Taxea for 189.3 are due and the lew re
quires payment by the aOth of this month.—
The Sheriffs are required to be prompt in their
returns—hence the urgency. Persons in de
fault of |iaynient after the JJOtb instant win
be subject to additional expense.
Jan. 3,1891—31. Deputy Sheriff
For Rent.
The McKnight Fictory Building—six* *°l
100 feet—two etoriee. well lighted, with so
ample supply of soft and well water.
within 200 feet of B. A 0. R R station.
adapted for any manufacturing porpoM. im
canning, livery stable or storage. _
rented low for any period desired. Poasea*-o»
^Dec^JD, 1*93. GEO. H. HAGLET
All persons are hereby warned not to po
chase a horse of mine from George D>*
Markell. .., „rrr i
Jen. 3, 18W. S.T. MARKELL

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