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mi Jamilg gouroal.
June JO, 1S94.
^}*t a hammock at Beard's.
Summer reading at Beard’s.
For fine cigar* go to Landis’s.
For cheap syrup go to Landis's.
Just received a lot of currants at Landis's.
For fine cucumber pickle go to Landis s.
A fine lot of shoes just received at Landis’s.
A variety of the best oils at Beall A Cole
R. A G. corsets for sale by M. l’almbaum
sod Bro.
A good toilet soap tor five cents a cake at
Keep cool—good soJa water at Light A
For pure Sisal binder twine go to Beall A
July Delineators and new patterns on sale
at Beard's.
For dried apples and peaches, cheap, go
to I-andis’s.
Pure buttermilk soap, of the finest quality,
at Landis's.
Wire window screens and d«or* at Beal!
A Coleman’s.
For lace curtains and bed spreads see
New embroideries, laces and white goods
at Palmbaums’.
Klegant line of writing tablets and en
velopes at Beard's.
r- « sahoona and Ffpnph DPT
calea at Palmbaums'.
You should see the new good* Palmbaums
have received this week.
Window shades all width* and lengths
made to order at P*eard’s.
Mrs. A. 0. Palmer has a small farm for
-ale. See advertisement.
Get it at Light & Watson’s; if they haven’t
it they will get it for you.
P>uy your percales now, while the assort
ment is large at Palmbaum s.
Palmbaums are receiving the latest styles
of dress goods, trimmings, etc.
1H> vou need music? Order it at Beards,
who allows a discount of 25 per cent.
You can get a good Mocha aud Java cof
fee for 2'» cents per pound at Landis’s.
To convince you that our prices are cheap
on lamps, give u* a call. S. H. Laxpis.
Munsey’s Magazine for June is a model
of printer’s art. Ten cents a copy at Beard’s.
Ice cream freezer*, water coolers and au
tomatic refrigerator? at Beall A Coleman’*.
Mrs. J. J. Wysong will not take charge
of the Sbannondale Spring* hotel this year.
For the best selected pure and fresh drug*
and chemical* go to Brown A Hooff’s drug
>hephsrd*town has a ‘ fire-bug. I here
have been two attempt* at incendiarism
It you want to invest your dollar to good
advantage in dress goods, etc., see Palm
“Iona'’ is the name of the new Mocha and
Java coffee for sale for 25 cents per pound
at Landis’*.
A water tank •! fifty thousand gallons
capacity is to be built at Shepherdstown for
the X. A W. K. R.
Malta Lodge, Xo. 80, A.,- F. A A. M.,
meets next Friday evening at 3 o’clock.—
Flection of officers.
Wanted.—Old China, Bric-a-brac, Relics,
Ac. Address John Treblig, 9 North How
ard street, Baltimore.
“Aunt" Lucy Parker, a well-koowu and
highly-respected colored woman, died Sun
day, at an advanced age.
Regular meeting of Jefferson Chapter
Xo. 5, R. A. M., next Monday evening at
* . t • v*t__
Choice perfumes, toilet waters, sachet
i wders, tooth powder, tooth brushes dental
team, Ac., at Light A W atson’s.
We saw at the work room of Mr. John 0.
Johnson the other day a handsome corner
closet he had made for a customer.
A carload of ground alum aud fine salt
just received by B. C. W aahington, Agent,
at his warerooms near B. A O. station.
Rev. Dr. R. L. Dabney, formerly of Vir
ginia, ha« resigned the chair of moral
philosophy in the University of Texas.
Ex (tov. E. Willis Wilson will speak in
Charles Town on Monday, July 2, at 2 p. m.,
instead of June 23 as heretofore announced.
The posteftice at Harper’s Feny will be
raised from fourth class to the Presi
dential class, giving the postmaster a salary
of #1,000 a year.
If you want wire screen doors and win
dows put in to protect you from the Hies and
other ineects, Mr. Jno. O. Johnson is the
man to call upon.
Paris green, London purple, insect jmw
•lers. carb. acid, chloride of lime ?heep
dip Prices to suit the times, t all at
Light A Watson's.
The Carrel 1 Building—the home of Tue
Tree Press— is being painted red by Mr*
W A. Davis. It suggests that the F. P. is
getting ready fora red-hot campaign.
Meditating upon the recent big haul the
burglars made at the pestuffice here, l nclc
"am" can derive comfort from the patriotic
thought that the flag was not hauled down.
Among the graduates of the law depart
ment of the West Virginia University this
yesr are H. B. Davenport, Jr., of Cbarlw
Town, and (1. W. Johnson, of Leetown, thi;
The Fourth of July Pic-oic at Inwood,
Rerkeley county, promises to be on© of th<
largest ever held there. It is under th<
auspices of the Brotherhood of Locnmotivt
The Episcopal Female Institute at Win
ch^-ter had It# closing exercises last 1 hurs
day Mis# Lillie Andrews Hagley, daugh
ter of Mr. (Jeo. H. Hagley of this town
graduated in English and Languages.
Children Cry for
Bridge Over the B. «€• O. R. R. on Rorth
Charles Street Extended.
Approaches to said bridge are now com
pleted and it is ready for travel. Grade ol
approach on south side is 4$ feet per 100 ;
on north side 3 feet per 100. The grade on
this bridge is considerably lighter than
the grade on George street from North alley
to B. & 0. R. R . and from Evitt’s Run on
Washington street to Potato Bill. The fol
lowing will be about the entire cost of the
bridge when completed:
Right of way through If. *. Church
lot. 00
Masonry and grading.. }•**?
Engineering expenses ..... ^
Mr Adam {estimated cost). x®
Fencing < “ “ >..
Total...$4,#35 00
Of this amount the citizens on Charles
street contributed $.500, Jotferaon county
*500 and the B. 4 O. R. R- *500. The bridge
consists of three spaus of thirty-one feet
each. Mr. Baylor says he considers this
bridge stronger than the one erected by him
over the Opequon Creek near Middleway in
1S89, which was guaranteed to carry a load
of one hundred and fifty pounds to the square
foot, with a factor of safety o! four, while
this bridge was only guaranteed to carrv a
load of {•■'' hundred pounds, with the same
f ictor wi oaiely. The component parts of
this bridge are extra heavy. The Vulcan
Road Machine Works Company are willing
to have it tested with four traction engines,
run two abreast, which is equivalent to a
load of twenty-five to thirty tons. The
bridge is creditable both to the Vulcan Road
Machine Works and the council. Mr. Bay
lor says so far as he knows his services with
the town closed June 14. If the bridge
could speak it would say, “Give me plenty
of paint and 1 will live until the closing of
the twentieth centurv.”—Advocate.
The lilies and roses of June lent them
selves in fragrant profusion to beautify the
scene of the wedding of Miss Margaret
Shannon Cramer, daughter of Mr. Ambrose
W. Cramer of this town, and Mr. Edward
Leigh Morton, of Clarksville, Virginia.—
The ceremony took place at half-pa9t six
o’clock on the evening of Thursday, the
fourteenth instant, at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. C. Horace Gallaher, Rev. Dr. A. C.
Hopkins officiating, assisted by Rev. Dr.
C. N. Campbell. The approach to the par
lor was through a ribbon aisle, guarded by
Bessie Sherrard and Shannon Gallaher, lit
tle niece and cousin of the bride. The wed
ding march froiu Loheugrin, played by .Mrs.
Judge Beckwith, announced the entranced
the bridal pair, attended by Miss Cramer,
sister of the bride, as maid of honor, and
Mr. Cabell S. Wood, of Clarksville, as best
man ; Miss Morton, the groom’s sister, with
Col. B. D. Gibson ; Miss Nannie Cramer,
sister of the bride, with Mr. E. C. Daven
port, aud Miss Eliza S. Gallaher with Mr.
Frank J. Manning, Jr. The bride wore
white organdy with bridal veil and orange
blossoms, and carried white carnations; the
bridesmaids were dressed iu white and each
carried a bouque: of carnatious. After the
marrtago service, which was performed un
der a wish-boue made of daisies, the bride
and groom were surrounded by friends pres
ent and received congratulations and sin
cerest wishes for years ol happiness. Later,
the bridal party aud guests were invited to
the refreshment room and elegantly enter
tained. There was a rich display of wed
ding presents. Mr. and Mrs. Morton loft at
eight o’clock the same evening for a short
journey, to end at Clarksville where their
home will be. _
$100 lie ward $100.
The readers of this paper will be pleased
to learn that there i9 at least one dreaded
disease that science has been able to cure in
all its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall’s
Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure known
to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a
constitutional disease, requires a constitu
tional treatment. Hall’s Catarrh Cure is
taken internally, acting directly upon the
bfood and mucous surfaces of the system,
thereby destroying the foundation of the
disease and giving the patient strength by
building up the constitution and assisting
nature in doing its work, lhe proprietors
have so much faith in its curative powers
that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any
case that it fails to cure. Send for list of
testimonials. Address, _ , ,
F. J. Cheney A Co., Toledo, 0.
fc^Sold by Druggists, Toe.
The postoffice in this town was burglarized
during the night of Wednesday last. The
office was entered at the frontdoor, the lock
having been forced. A hole was bored in
front of the combination lock of Capt.
Flagg’s new safe and the outer door opened
The inner lock was broken with a sledge
hammer. The contents of the safe extract
ed included worth of stamps—a fresli
supply having been received that day ; I20(
or thereabouts in money; some registerec
letters, money orders, etc. It was a nea'
job, and, doubtless, the work of experts. Tlu
heavy tools used and left in the postoffict
were taken from the blacksmith shop of Mr
M. E. Phillips.
Church Motes
Rev. J. II. Moore, of Keyser, preacher
on Wednesday night in the Prcsbyteriai
Rev. Dr. J. P. Hyde, ot Winchester
preached in the M. E. C hurch, South, ii
this town, on Sunday morning. At nigh
Rev. A. A. 1’. Neel preached. The pastor
Rev. Mr. Hamill, was at Ashland, Virginia
and preached the commencement sermon a
Kandolph-Maoon College.
Persons having physicians’ prescription
to be compounded can always rely upoi
having it done in the most accurate manne
aud of the purest drugs at Brown A Hooff”
drug store.
Coca Cola—a delicious, refreshing, ex
hilarating, invigorating beverage dispense
, „t Light A Watson’s. Try it. It cure
headache resulting from nervousness o
loss of sleep.
- We have all of the latest and most desii
able t"ilet water?, colognes, handkerebit
■ odors, toilet soaps and general line of drug
. gists’ fancy goods always in stock.
Brown A Hooff.
* Pitcher’s Castorla.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov t Report
Mr. Harvey Horsey is at home from New
York on a visit.
Mr. Charles Diehl is at home from Johns
Hopkins University.
Mr. C. E. Ambler has returned from the
University of Virginia.
Miss Julia Merchant hRs been visiting
friends in Martinsburg.
Miss Nannie Cramer returned to Wash
ington on Friday morning.
Miss Lloyd, of Stephensou Seminary, is
visiting in Washington City.
Major A. W. McDonald and bride came
home on Thursday afternoon.
Miss Maggie Johnson, of Charles Towd, 1
was in Martinsburg last week.
Misses Margaret and Ethel Kennedy left j
Monday for a visit to Annapolis.
Mr. Scott McKnight, of New York, is in
town circulating among his friends. ; |
During his stay here Rev. Dr. J. I*. Hyde i1
was the guest of Mr. C. T. Shugert.
Mrs. C. G. Allen, of Washington, D. C., J
is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. F. Engle.
Mrs. Louis Diehl has been called to Mar
tinsburg by the illness of a friend there.
Miss Jaue M. Quigley, of Pennsylvania, 1
is visiting her aunt, Mrs. T. W. Latimer.
Mrs. J. F. Engle spent a few days in
Washington and returned Wednesday night.
Miss Rigger, of Delaware, is visiting her <
brother, Mr. F. W. Bigger, at the Misses
Messrs. Jno. P. Kennedy and Koger Ldiew j
are at home from Stevens Institute, Hobs-'
ken,N. J.
Clayton Thrush is home from the Phila-,
delphia School of Pharmacy for a summer ,
vacation. j j
Dr. W. W. Brown returned Friday from
the meeting of University Regents at Mor
Mrs. Iiav. J. L. Sherrard and daughter
returned Tuesday morning to their home in
Nelson county, Va.
Rev. Dr. Jno. P. Hyde, principal of the
Valley Female College at Winchester, call-1
ed to see us on Monday.
Deputy Circuit Clerk Wilmer Latimer is
taking a vacation, spending the time in
Washington City and other places.
Mr. and Mrs. Aspinwall, of Washington ,
City, who have been guests of Col. Jno, r
Thos. Gibson, left uu Friday morning.
Miss Mary Crump, of Virginia, and Miss ,
Sadie Maslin of West Virginia, are guests
of the family of Rev. Dr. Hopkins.
Gen. Jno. B. Gordon and son, guests at
Hotel Powhatan, attended preaching at the
Presbyterian Church Sunday morning.
Miss Mary White, of Nottoway county,
Virginia, who has been visiting the family
of Rev. Dr. Hopkins, returned to her home
on Monday.
Mrs. Martha Beall, who spent the winter
and spriug with her daughter, Mrs. Daven
port, in Atlanta, returned on Saturday and
is with Mrs. C. Frank Gallaher.
Miss Lillie Hagley has returned home
from the Episcopal Institute at Winchester,
having graduatsd, accompanied by Miss
Freda Brown of the Institute.
Misses Orra and Eugenia Turner have
returned homo front teaching, for the vaca
tion—the former from Henry county,
and the latter from the northern part of
this county.
Charles Toicn Male Academy.
The next session of the Academy begins
September 10th, 1804. R. K. Meade,
Ber. Newman, colored, stole a oottie ox
whiskey from Mr. F. B. Soudcrs’ saloon,
was arrested, and sentenced by Justice
Howell to ten days in jail at hard labor and
$10 fine. High spirit^that.
Mr. Frank McDaniel, who graduated from |
Dickiuson College this year, will preach in
Newark, X. J., this summer, as an assistant
to Dr. Muller, rle is a sou of Rev. H. C. j
McDaniel, of Shepherdatown.
Henry Vanmeter, one of the most prom
inent meu of Berkeley county, died Sunday
morning of kidney trouble. He was aged
seventy-four years. He leaves one son, I
Deputy Sheriff E. W. Vanmeter.
Early in the season Mr. Becker expected
from liis Blue Ridge Fruit Farm in this
1 county thirty thousand bushels of peaches, (
1 but uow he says there isn’t a peach ou any
tree there, and his grape crop will be a
» short one.
We acknowledge from Capt. \\Tm. H. Ka
ble, principal of the Staunton Military
Academy, a catalogue, handsomely illustra
t ted, of that nourishing institution. Capt.
A. A. Hooff, of this county, is a member of
the faculty.
, (uii’l T. GL Baylor, who has had much
r experience as a civil engineer in railroad
* and bridge building, pays a high compli
ment to the Vulcan Road Machine Compa
ny of this town. He says it builds the best
1 short span bridge of any bridge building
, company in the United States.
r Rev. Dr. J. R. Graham, of Winchester,
has kindly accepted an invitation to deliver
before John NV. Rowan Camp, C. V., of this
( place, on the evening of the first Friday in
July next, an address upon the Domestic
Life of Stonewall Jackson. Dr. Graham is
competent to speak upon this subject as
General Jackson was, at times during the
"war, au iumate of his family.
Last Wednesday evening the 72nd annual
commencement of Columbian was held in
Mctzerott Music Hall, Washington City, The
Marine Band Orchestra furnishod the music,
rhe platform was richly decorated, and there
was a large audience of interested people.—
Rev. I)r. Huntington invoked the Divine bles
sing and President Welling introduced Mr.
Marathon Montrose Ramsey, of West Virginia,
i graduate of the Scientific School, who read
i paper entitled “Language and Science."—
A.mong other essays prepared—not all of them
read, however,—was one by Mr. Arthur L.
Wilson, of this town, son of Hon. Wm. L.
Wilson, entitled “Glimmerings of the Dawn."
Mr. Wilson received the degree of Bachelor of
iris. and diploma for English, French, Greek,
hatin and Philosophy; also certificate of merit
'or excellence in German.
Bucklen’a Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for Cute,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
iores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Horns, and all Skin Eruptions and positive
y cures Piles, or uo pay required.. It is
guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or
nonev refunded. Price 25 cents per box.—
For sale by Brown & Hoof!’.
Ducking for ladies’ suits is all the go at
Here is the biggest bargain in children s suits
-$1.00 suits for SOc.—only don’t wait till they
ire all gone. At Hirschman s.
Ladies’ trimmed and untrimmed hats—the
>est assortment in town—at Hirschman s.
Parasols and sun shades in all grades at
For shoes conie to Hirschman s. >\ e can
are you money.
Children’s knee pants, as low as 15c. a pair,
it Hirschman’s.
The best line of men's straw hats in town at
For your men's suits don’t forget to pay
Hirschman’s a call. Best selection in ready
uadc clothing we have ever shown. Trices to
mit the times.
For your shirts come to Hirschman's.
Try an H. & 8. corset and you will always
year one. At Hirschman’s.
In children’s suits you can lind almost any
ityleat Hirschman's. We carry the largest
itock. Our strong scam suit is the best we
lave ever shown. Gives more wear than any
wo suits you buy elsewhere.
If you need a hammock cotue to Hirsch
nan's. We sell them cheaper than others.
Clothing !—We have succeeded iu getting
ogether for this spring’s business an admir
ible assortment of new patterns of garments
’or men’s, boys and children’s wear. Save
yourself trouble and worry once by coming
;o us, getting a correct lit and paying for
,hem at least 2o per cent, less than in any
)ther store in the Valley of Virginia.
Wm. Kahn,
Clothier, Hatter and Furnisher.
To be well dressed is a laudable ambition.
Io dress well at a moderate cost is most de
lirable. We meet the case. Our clothing
s everything to be desired iu point of beau
;y, excellence and moderate cost, ’l ou can
nterview us on the clothing question with
much to gain and nothing to lose. It is
surprising how nicely we can dress you for
little outlay. Wm. Kahn, Sadler Block.
We want you. You can’t make a mistake
in buying your spring suit, your boy’s suit,
jr child’s suit from us. It is impossible to
select anything but a stylish garment from
jur stock. The finest couception of taste
:annot fail to be pleased with our incom
parable large stock. Wm. Kahn,
Clothier. Hatter and Furnisher.
When Baby was sick, we pare her Castoria.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Hiss, she clunp to Castoria.
When she had Children, sho pave them Castoria.
At the Southern Methodist parsonage in
Martinsburg, on June 6th, by Rev. I)r. A. M.
Cacklev, Mr. C. McKIXSTRY to Miss MOLI.IE
At the home of the bride in Martinsburg, on
Wednesday, June6th, Mr. HORACE GRLKLY
Rev. Ur. A. M. Cacklev performed the cer
emony. __
At her home in Hedgesville, Berkeley coun
ty, June 8th, Miss LIZZIE Hl'LL—a member
of the Fresbyterian Church.
At the residence of Mr. Thomas 0. Flagg, in
Martinsburg, on June 10th, 1884, Mr. \V IL
ljorn May 2nd, 1823.
Caused by Carelessness.
The majority of people die sooner than
they should, feculence of this fact Ls grow
ing daily. Waring says: " Disease is not a
consequence of life; it is due to unnatural
conditions of living—neglect, abuse, want.”
Dr. Stephen Smith, on the same subject,
“Man is born to health and long life; dis
ease is unnatural, death, except from old
age. is accidental, nnd both are preventable
by human agencies.” This is almost invari
ably true of death resulting from heart dis
ease. Careless over-exertion, intemperate
use of tea, coflee, tobacco, nlcoholic or other
stimulants are generally the causes of this
difficulty, and indiflerence to its progress re
sults in’sudden death, or long sickness end
ing in death. By the newspapers it can be
seen that many prominent and hundreds ol
persons in private life die from heart dis
ease every day.
If you have any of the following symp
toms:' shortness of’brcath, palpitation, irreg
ular pulse, fainting and smothering spells,
pain in shoulder, side, or arm, swollen
ankles, £tc., begin treatment immediately for
heart disease. If you delay, the consequences
mav be serious.
For over 20 years Dr. Franklin Miles,
the eminent specialist, lias made a profound
rtudv of heart disease, its causes and cure,
and many of the leading discoveries in that
direction are due to him. His J<ew Heart
Cure is absolun lv the only reliable remedy
for the cure ol heart disease, as is proved
by thousands of testimonials from grateful
persons who have used it.
James A. Pain, editor of the Corry, Pa . Leader,
states: ** Aiter an apparent recovery from three
months of la grippe. I fell on the street uncon
scious from heart disease. Iu one month from
that time I was unable to walk across my room,
and my pulse beat from 85 to 11G times a minute.
I then used Dr. Miles’ New Heart Cure, and at
once became stronger. After using six bottles 1
was able to work as usual and walk a mile every
day, my pmse ranging from *8 to 60. Dr. Miles'
rcincdv is not only a preventive but a cure."
Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure is sold by all drug
ging on a positive guarantee, or by Dr. Mites
Medical Co.. Elkhart, Ind.. on receipt of price, il
per bottle, iix for 56. express prepaid It is posi
tively free from opiate* or dangerous drugs Pr.
Miles' Pills, 25 cents. Free book at druggist.-, or
by mail.
Right in Style !
Right in Fit!
Right in Workmanship!
Right in Price !
The Leading Clothier,
Sadler Block.
For District Delegate.
Martinsbibu, W. Va., May 1, 94.
To Editor Free Press.
As an earnest, staunch Democrat who de
sires to sec worth and youth recognized in our
partv, I endorse the candidacy of Jesse V.
Brillhart, of this city, for Delegate at-Large in
this District. If nominated he will be elected
and reflect credit and honor on his party and
himself. MANY \ OTER8.
For the Legislature.
Mr. Elitor: Announce A. S. DANL'RIDGE
as a candidate for the House of Delegates, sub
ject to th* action of the Democratic primaries.
Mr. Dandridge served the people very energet
ically—was awake to the interests of all the
people—at the last session, and deserves a re
election by the
For Legislature.
We are authorized to announce Mr. WM.M.
CLEMENTS, of Summit Point, as a candidate
to represent Jefferson county in fhe Legisla
ture, subject to the action of the Democratic
Jane 6,1694.
For County Superintendent.
I announce myself a candidate for re-elec
tion to the office of Superintendent of Fre<
Schools in this county at the November elec
tion, 1891. A. A. P. NEEL.
June 13, 1894.. _
$25.00 Reward!
A reward of $25 will be paid for information
that wiil lead to the arrest and conviction o
parties who have been depredating upon trees
Charles Town'" AV *
June 13, 1891. Mayor.
For Sale.
AMdofRyeforj.^ ApcpI^.ochell
May 23, l!94-3t.
We Manufacture all our own Goods.
We promise you a saving of 25 per cent.
MILLINERY—The High Character ol' our Trimmed
Hats, the Large Variety of Styles and Beauty, and
the Moderate Prices at which we sell them, have
made our Millinery Business the Largest in ( liarles
Town. Yours truly,
Has been made by Santa Claus the Charles Town Depository for
This Christmas stock exceeds any that has gone before, and all tastes can be accommodated
Fruit Oalves a Specialty.
Oysters Fresh, Daily, and in quantities to suit customs*.
Henry Fumm.
Hardware. It costs you less to pay for it when you carry it out of the
store, but in the end you
for it. Year* of studied experience and a thorough acquaintance with
the business has convin' ed us that it pays to handle
Heavy anti Sliell Hai'tlwai'e, A^i’ieul*
tural Implements,
Paints, Oils. Glas-, Putty. Wheel*. Shafts, Spokes and Hobs. Can fur
nish any thing in the Hardware line of good reliable goods and at
moderate prices. Don't go by
June ‘it, 1801.
$2.00 PER YEAR.
. /

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