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Virginia £trr ftess. j
w. IT. M. GALLAHER* AstiSer.
CKarlestous.Jefferoon County. Weot fa.
jwi iwv T? Oft f*fr Annum in Advance.
Soptember 11. 1893.
W© owe some money, and are ex
pecting those who owe us to help us
meet our obligations-to help us to bo
honest. Can we put it stronger ?
This issue closes Volume 84 of The Free
- —-»- —
Last week The Free Press, referring to
John Brown said he was ‘‘only a lunatic and
murderer.” It was written “fanatic” not
lunatic. The proof reader overlooked the
error of the type setter. A Virginia jury
would not have condemued a lunatic to
The Southern citie* are becoming interest
ed in the proposed Rouss Confederate Me
morial Building—“The Temple of the Lost
Cause”—or “Westminster Abbey of the
South.” Nashville, New Orleans, Atlanta,
Richmond, Baltimore -all would be pleased
to have it.
Referring to the speech of Congressman
Patterson at Morgan's Grove, the editor of
the Advocate says: “We listened to him
patiently as long as we could, and if the
audience had been composed of Egyptian
mommies it could scarcely have been less
passive.” That's probable.
Another crushing blow the Advocate was
pleased to administer to Congressman Pat
tenon, to wit: be "draws a salary of $•’>,000
a year as a member of Congress!” Wbat
better argument has the editor of the Advo
cate ever made in bebalf of free and un
limited coinage of silver at 16 to 1!
Referring to tbe supplement which we
have been pleased to give to the readers of
The Free pREaei, the editor of the Advo
cate says : “It amazes us that our neighbor
has the gall to insult the intelligence of his
readers with such rot.” We are not appre
hensive that au apology to the editor of tbe
Advocate will be necessary.
And our brother has a grievance because
he cannot much for tbe truth of the above,
but is obliged to preface his remark with
“it is aaid."—Murtintburg Herald.
It would be well if tbe editor of the Her
aid could muster au “it is said,” even, for
many of the statements promulgated by him
— not, however, that "he has a grievance
because he cannot vouch for the truth” of
The editor ot the Advocate, the oracle of
the silver men of the couuty, (other silver
oracles will please excuse us) heard Cong
ressman Patterson at Morgan’s Grove last
Wednesday. He heard Mr. Patterson's in
vitation to silver men to propound inquiries
Mr. Patterson paused for interrogatories —
Probably the oracle was not of an inquiring
mind just then because he thought he "knew
it all.
The Sidiepherdston n Independent of last
Wednesday in its notes on Morgan’s Grove
Fair, aaid: "The interesting event to-day
will be the baseball game between the Mar
tinsburg and Hagerstown teams." Great
fteott! That was the day for speaking by
Post master-Genera I Wilson and ex Con
gressman Patterson! “Everybody to their
taste," said the old lady when she kissed
the cow.
The Advocate, ever ready to attribute sel
!iah motives to those who have opinions
contrary to his own, *ay» : “He [Congress
inan Patterson doubtless is an applicant for
some appointment at the hands ot tbe ad
ministration, as soon as his present steward
ship is ended, and desires to make himsell
•olid." I’nless the present administration
has a new lease, Mr. Patterson's term in
Congress is co-existent with the administra
Last week we noted that King Alexander,
of 8ervia, uarrowly escaped drowning and
a 'jueeu wti thrown from her horse.
come* the tiding* that the horse of King
Humbert of Italy stumbled aud fell, throw
ing it* royal rider with violence to the
ground; r.nd that a demented woman slapped
'.Jueeu > ;talie, of Servia, iu the face, and
the Czar of Russia is closely guarded for
tear of assassination. Uneasy the head that
wears a crown.
Judge I.uca* use* half a column or so of
the pbepLerdstown Independent'* valuable
•pace in n argument to the effect that per
nous or organization* may no* properly be
permitted to dictate legislation affecting the
special interest* which they repre*eut. Judge
Lucas quite correctly point* out that this
principle has been recognized almost from
the beginniug of the government. We call
attention to the fact that the sound mo-iev
men of the country arc earnestly contending
against propo*ed legislation in itself inde
feasible, and urged, not merely in iu gen
era! principles but iu its exact detail*, h>
the parties immediately interested—the hold
ers of silver mining stock.
The Advocate claims that Hon. Wui. L.
Wilson was at one time an advocate of free
•ilver. I* is easy enough to claim,—what
people want is proof. Brother Morrow ha*
long been known a* one of that cla*s wh<>
claim everything and prove nothing. We
deny that Mr. Wilson’s position on the mo
uey question ha* changed one iota. We
challenge the Advocate to prove to the ecu
trary. Mr. Wilsou has in six campaign'
stumped his district from eud to end, am)
his speeches have been published in halt
the paper* iu this state. He ha* also spo
ken in Congress Let Brother Morrow turn
to the files of these papers aud to the Con
greseional Record aud »ee if he can find a
solitary instance iu which Mr. Wilson ha*
advocate! the free coioage of* silver. H* 1
cannot do i<, aud he knows it. Claiming is
easy ; claim without proof i* worthless; and
claim disproved is fa««*. Mr. \Y il*on say* ^
he has never by word or vote advocated the ,
free coinage of silver He is in a position ,
to know, and those who know him know t
that he speaks the truth. ’
Up to September 1st, ’94, there was pn'd !
out for wheat at ^unimit Point by Mr. C. E
Baylor $20000. IV u* the corresponding
date ill 1895 only $3,000 his been paid with
no more wheat remaining in the hands n!
farmers than at this time last year, which
means that the bulk of the crop baa been
Perhaps some farmers in that locality took
the advice and fo lowed the example of the
editor of the Advocate and failed to sow
wheat last fall. About the first of June
last we twitted the farmer-editor of the Far
er’s Advocate on his lack of sagacity in not
planting wheat last fall and advising bis
neighbors to follow in bis footsteps. And
he came back at us, explaining and attempt
ing to prove that it was more profitable to
produce corn (though ou a former occasion
he assured us that corn was not a cash pro
ducing crop1. We append his table, which
he imagined was a clean “knock out.
70 acres of corn. 10 bbls. per acre at $2 $1100.00
70 acres of wheat. 20 bus. per acre at 75c lOoOOO
Balance in favor of corn.$ 35^00
“Now who is the m-ist ‘sagacious,’ the
farmer who has 70 acres of wheat at the
possible price of 75 cents, or i0 acres nl
corn at the certain price of $2 per barrel ?
Now suppose the tnb'e is revised to suit the
conditions. He tells us he will not have
more than a half crop of corn. A neigh
bor says eight barrels of corn per acre would
be a fair estimate:
70 acres of corn. 4 bhls p«»r acre, at $'i. $560 0o
70 acres of wheat, 20 bus. peracre, at 75c.lo50 00
Balance in favor of whett'...$ 490Oo
Or at 6uc. the balance in tavor of wheat f isc.w
Of course we anticipate that Editor Mor
row will sav be had no control over the sea
son and the short corn crop; but he cannot
fairly throw the responsibility on Providence
for the failure to plant wheat Hod counsel
others to follow his example—unless the
Almighty erred in permitting him 'o be a
tiller of the soil with so little capacity for it.
Again referring to Congressman Patter
son’s speech the Advocate says :
•'We heard many expressions of disgust,
. i- _:.i. .1... .............t tli» Miit-akt-r.
but that the management wou.d second a
scheme to thru-t mugwumpery down the
throats of the farmers If Morgan’s Grove
is to become a political side show, then its
days of popularity are numbered. When
Judge Lucas spoke there last year, although
manv came there especially to hear a Iree
silver speech, and although a majority < f
the audience were anxious that he should
go into the question, both the speaker and
his close friends determined that it was in
appropriate, and the great question was
passed with little more than a few observa
Of cona*e the Fair authorities did a very
unwi«e thing—this year and every other year
—in d ling what other managers of great
gathering- of farmers—notably Williams’
Grove assemblies of Grangers—have been
doing annually,inviting discussions of ques
tion- of great public interest! And last year
when it invited Judge Luca-, when ‘ many
came there especially to hear a silver
speech,” and “a majority of the audience
were anxious that he should go into the
question” it wa» very naughty to have con
teinplated such a proceeding ! And it was a
very delicate and commendable seii-eot ap
pieciatiou of the proprieties indulged by
’•the -peaker and his close friends” when
tbev “determined that it was inappropriate
and tli great question was pesaed with little
more than a few observations !”
A- ritE Free Press has said elsewhere,
the Advocate severely criticises the man
agement of the Morgan’s Grove Fair for
introducing into its exercises a discussion
of the money question by the Hon. Mr. Pat
terson. The real grievance of the Advocate
is to be found iu the fact that the speaker
opposed free silver. Had he spoken oi. the
other -t.le, the space devoted by the Advo
cate to criticism of the management for in
troducing an element of discord into its
*• otherwise peaceful a id plea-wit proceed
itlgs ‘ would have been taken up with a re
port of the speech aud high sounding enco
miums of the speaker. What one sees al
wav* depends upon the poiut from which
he sees it.
“ All things look yeliow to the jaundiced eye."
Postmaster Genera! Wilson thinks that
the increased receipts of the Post office De
partment means that business is booming
* * * * It is the best indication of hard
times, and that every business man is fight
,k._I. ...:,i. .1......
The stars in ihe foregoing are substituted
forthecxrse sentence omitted, l'lie -ug ;
gestiou that the mails arc freighted with j
duns, and th.it the increased buiuie— of!
t ie po-t-office department i-< indicative of j
lnrd times we h ave seen in Republican p:a !
pers su i it i* borrowed by the Advocate.
The Free Press ventures the assertion
that duus uo not comprise one tenth of one
per cent, of the matter transported through
the mails, ’nut i-< not prepared to say what
the individual experience >f tiie editor ot the
Advocate may be.
Senator Faulkner avas recently interview
ed on the political situation and said : “I
regret the prominence silver is having at
this tiicv In Ohio and Kentucky our great
e-t danger he* in a division on that question.
I cau't understand why the Democrats in
those States should want to make silver the
leading is-ue, when the question of coinage
is purely a national one, to he met and au
swered in our nexjt National Convention — j
VIy information from Kentucky is that the
..amp aicn grows hotter as election draws
nearer. I think the Democrats will win, |
but it will be a struggle.”
From the Clarke Courier are lake the fol
I -wing items; On Tuesday morning, £-ept.
ird, 1S95, Rev. Edward J Richard*on, of
;his place, and M ss Auuie Wray .>eldeu, of
Gloucester county, were united in matrimo
nial bonds at "!>herewo'»d," the homeof the
sride —Rev. Win. II L«e officiating -An
tllercation took place at a dance held by
colon : persons at Webbtown la*t Saturday ^
light, which led to blows, an-I Alex. Page
iad his throat cut bv - Robinson. The
•ut was severe enough, we are informed, to
•equire the service* of a surgeon to stitch it. I
Senator Milts, of Texas, who has. hitherto,
>eeii a free coinage of silver man. is out in a !
letter piling reasons tor his change. He says: !
‘The continued fall of silver and the progres
-ive abandonment of it as a standard of value
>y other countries has -eparated the two metals
o fur that the conclusion has been forced upon !
ny mind that the United Stutcs alone cannot
•ring them to par and keep them at par !
hrough-jilt the world at that ratio" —1G to 1. [
Seicay Sotes.
The Atlanta Exposition will be ft iJy ft>r
opening next Wednesday.
It is reported that Spain is preparing to
seud 20,000 more ttoops to Cuba.
One thousand G. A. R. veterans left
Washington for the encampment at Louis
The Masonic Temple iu Bostou was de
stroyed by tire Saturday morning. Loss
Mr. Lafayette Cave and Miss Columbia
McCoy, of Shenandoah, Va., eloped and
were married in Hagerstown recently,
Mrs. Sarah Allen Ksyser, wife of Davis
Kayser, died iu Staunton Thursday night
after a three weeks' illness, aged sixty-five
Thirty miners were suffocated or burned
in a Michigau copper mine on Saturday—
most Austrians. Nearly two hundred es
caped from the burning shaft.
Mr. W. S. Staley, formerly of Shepherds
town, was appointed postmaster iu the place
of the California editor who indecently crit
icised President Cleveland recently.
A telegram has been received at Hpdges
villa stating that the eldest son of J. Luther
Ropp, who moved from Berkeley county
to Ohio about two years ago, had been
A. B. Clark, a watchman at the Govern
ment Printing Office in Washington was
crazed by grief upon the death of bis wife,
and two hours after her deinize placed flow
ers on her bier and then killed himself.
Mr. Isaac Malatt, of Berkeley county, has
ju«t taken unto himself his fifth wife. The
bride is Miss Mary Burris, of Murtiusburg,
and the ceremony was performed in that
city last Wednesday by Rev P. B. Busey.
Mr. Andrew Dowdell Lipscomb died at
Opelika, Alabama, on the 28ih of August.
Ue was a son of the late Rev. Andrew Ad
gate Lipscomb, D. D LL D., ex chancellor
of the University of Georgia and professor
_<■ a-_i.,.k:w
On Saturday tiie fir.-t of the live races for
the America’s cup was won by tho Arneri
can vacbt Defender—beating the Valkyrie
by 8 minutes and 49 seconds. The challen
ger was in front in the early part of the con
test, but superior seamauship is allfged to
have secured the victory. The second race
wae woo yesterday by tbe Valkyrie by 47
Tbe thirteenth annual session of the West
Virginia Sunday-school Association ad
journed on Thursday after three days’ ses
sion. The following officers were elected
for the eusuing year: President, W. S. Me
Gregor, Huntington; first vice-president
Frank Barr, Martinsburg; second,Scollay
Moore, Parkersbuig; secretary, G. Kutten
cutter, it. Mary’s; treasurer, W. G. Shafer,
Rev. Dr. Taylor, of Rome, Italy, one of
the most prominent foreign missionaries of
the Southern Baptist cun«-«niion was thrown
from a buggy at Appomattox C. H., last
Wednesday and sustained injuries about the
head. Hia condition critical. Hehasserved
a number of years in Italy, from which coun
try he ha* just returned to attend the con
vention of the American Association of Ap
Rev. Win. A. Harris, president of Vir
ginia College at Roanoke,—for twenty-seven
years president of Wesleyan Female Iusti
tute at .Staunton—died in the former city
on Wednesday morning last—aged 68 vears.
He was a native of Augusta county and a
brother of Hon. Juo. T. Harris, of Harris
onburg. The funeral t >ok place in Stnun
ton on Thursday—services conducted by
Revs. P. H. Wbisner and H. P. Hum ill.
In Unique Curiosities this Mammoth
Show has no Equal—At Frederick,
Maryland. September ‘JI.
Their pair of monster Hippopotami are
unquestionably the rarest and most valuable
wild beasts ou exhibition ; their flock ol
Ostriches unrivaled ; their Educated Seals
and Se» Lions, Rooster Orchestra and Pig
Circu-*, Riding Peacock are genuine won
der*. An Arabian Caravan, magnificent
Ki tv '.'aire Menaeerie. Triole Circuses. Re
gal Roman Hippodrome, Performing Arenas,
Mid Air Carnivals, Tropical Aquariums,
Australian Aviary, Athletes ami Arabian
The names of really great performers are
legion, and the Hippodrome races given are
ol the most varied and spirited character —
Everybody will want to see the glorious, free
morning street parade at 10 o’clock, and for
that in ttier, the whole world of fun and
wonders s I Is Brothers’ everywhere present.
Now everybody can have an opportunity of
witnessing The Greatest Show on Earth —
Special excur*i m rates on all lines of travel.
When Baby v. ,s »ie’*, -.»e gate herCastoriu.
When she v;v»« CtiiM, she cri ■ t f;>r Castoria,
When she became 11 iv., ^he clung to (.’Astoria.
When she had Children, she gave them Ca-storia.
Ten Itays’ Trip to Xlagara Faita.
An early tall trip to Niagara Falls, Wat
kins Gien, Maucli Chunk, Glen Ouoko,
Rochester and Geneva, has been arranged
via the Royal Blue Line and the famous
Lehigh Valley Route.
A special express with Pullman Parlor
Cars attached, in charge of an experienced
touri*t ngent, will leave B. A 0. station,:
Washington, rimrsday, September 12th,!
8 10 a. in., Baltimore 9.05 a. in , arriving at :
the ha U II 00 p m Round trip tickets j
good ten days. $lU 00.
Round trip tickets for this excursion have |
been placed on sale at following stations on |
the Valley Division of the B A O. R. R. at
rates appended: Lexington, $14 35; Stan n -
tou, $13 65; Harrisonburg. $1310; Wood*
•t ick, ?12 00; Winchester, $11,75.
For more detailed information apply to
has. 0 cub. G. i , Passenger Agent, Bal
;ini(. .
R er the date Thursday, Sept. 12th. i
Financial Statement
Board of Education,
Charles TownDistrict.forthe year beginning
July 1st, 1894, and ending June 30th, 1895.
From B ilatiee In Treasury at close of
last School year.$
From Levy on $1,551,"99.00 Valuation
at 25 cts. on the $100. 5.470
From State School Fuud. 2.012
From Railroad Tax. 77 7«
Total Receipts from all Sources, of
Teachers’ Fund. 8.2o8 31
Total for No. 1 Teachers.$7,620 00
Total for No. 2 Teachers.. 270 00
Total for No 3 Teachers. (This i* Mrs.
A M. Hatter’s old order for 1894.. 25 00
Total other Credits. 29141
Totul Disbursement* offeachers Fund 8.206 41
Balauce in Treasury. 5190
Total Salaries Paid Each Grade of Teachers.
Paid No. 1 Teachers. Including Pro
fessional Certificates.
For White Male Teachers.^^9 99
For White Female Teachers. 3.840 00
For Cob red Mule Teacher*. 720 00
For Colored Female Teachers. 360 0)
Total for No. 1 Teachers. 7,630 00
Paid No. 2. Teachers.
For Colored Female Teachers. 270 00
Total for No. 2 Teachers. 270 00
Paid No. 3 Teachers.
For Colored Female Teachers, ('ibis
is at) old order for 9th month, ’94.. 35 00
Total for No. 3 Teachers. 25 00
Whole amount of orders Caucelled.. 7,915 00
Paid for Commissions, Ate.
For Sheriffs Commission at 5 per
cent, on $5,470 64 net district levy 373 74
For Sheriffs Commission at 2 per
cent, ou $77.72 Railroad Tax. 1 55
For D litiqncut List of Persoual and
Real Estate. *7 13
Total Commissions, Ate. 2*9141
Total disbursements and Charges on
T.-nelier’* Fund. 8,206 41
Charles Town District, for the year begin
ning July 1, 1894, and ending June 30. 1895.
Sources of Income.
From Balance in the Treasury at the
dose of last year.$1,120 15
From Levy on $1,551 799.00 valuation
at 10 cents on the $100 . 2.189 87
From Railroad Tux . 700 00
From other Districts for transferred
Pupils. 92 71
Total Receipts from all Sources,
Building Fund.4.670 72
Total for Permanent Improvements 1,01117
Total forCurrant Expenses of Schools 1,839 92
Total lor Current Expeuscs for Trans
acting the Business.,. 175 00
Total for Delinquents, Ac. 125 97
Total Expenses, Building Fund. 3,152 15
Total Receipts. ., 67!j T?
Total Expenditu es. 3,152 la
Balance in the Treasury. 1,5*4 57
Permanent Improvements.
For Land.$ 500 00
For Furniture. 511 17
Total for Permanent Improvements. 1,011 17
Current Expenses of Schools.
For Rent. 63 00
For Repairs. 732 *1
For Fuel. 287 48
For Sweeping Houses A Buildiug tires 512 73
For Interest. 40 00
For Contiugeucies. 203 90
Total Curreut Expenses. 1.839 92
Expenses of Ttansa« ting the Business.
Per Die n of Members of Board of
Education. 27 00
For Salary of Secretary of hoard. .. 15 00
For Secretary’s Annual Report. 10 00
For Sherifl's Commissions. 123 09
Total Expeuscs for Trausaetiug iuc
Business . 175 05*
Credits for Delinquents, Ac.
For Delinquent List of Personal and
Real Estate. 7 79
For Transferred Pupils. 118 18
Total for Delinquents. Ac. 125 97
Total Disbursements of Buildiug
Fund. 3.152 15
Fuud of Charles Town District, for the year
beginning July 1st, 185M, and ending June
30th. 1895.
To Balance due the District from last
year’s settlement.$ 697 69
To Lew on $1,501,799 at 25 cents on
the $100 . 5,470 64
To State School Fund. 2,012 26
To Railroad Tax. 77 72
Total Debits.'. 8,258 31
By Amount of Orders Presented, Ex
amined and Canc'llcd. dated on
By Amount of Orders Presented. Ev
uinined and Cancelled, dated before
the first of July last. 25 00
By Delinquent List of Personal and
Real Estate. 1712
By Sheriff’s Commission at 5 per
eent. on $5,470.61 net district levy 272 74
By Sheriff’s Commission at 2 per
cent, on $77.72 Railroad Tax. 1 55
Total Credits. 8,306 41
Balance due the District. 5100
Fund of Charles Town District, for the year
begiunimr July 1st. 1894, and ending June
80th. 1895.
To Balance due the District from last
year's settlement.$1,120 15
To Levy on $1,551,799 at 10 cents on
the $100 . 2.189 87
T» Railroad Tax. 700 00
To Amount from other Districts tor
Transferred Pupils. 92 71
Total Amount Charged to Sheriff.... 4.676 72
By Amount of Orders Presented. Ex
amined and Cancelled.dated an and
since the first of July last. 2,613 s5
By Amount of Orders Presented. Ex
amined and Canceled, dated before
the flr t of July last. 288 24
By Sheriff's Commissions at 5 per
cent, on *2,189.87 net district Levy 109 09
By Sheriff’s Commissions at 2 per
eent. on $7C0 Railroad Tax. 14 00
By Del nqueut list of Personal aod
Real Estate. .. 7 79
By Amount paid Harper’s Ferry
District... 11818
Total Credits. 3.151 03
Balance due the District . 1.524 57
Highest rate paid per month. 100 00
Lowest rate paid p r m»uih. 40 00
Kate for No. 1 Certificates per month 40 00
Rate lor No. 2 Certificate per month 30 00
Rate of levy ou $100 for Teachers’
Fund. $5
Rate of levy on $100 for Building
Fund. 10
Total assessed valuation of Real
Estate.91.551,799 00
Total Receipts, including balance _ i
from 1 a~t year, of Teachers Fund.$8,35831
Total Heciipts, including balance ^ .
from just war, of Building Fund . 4.676 73 ‘
Total Receipts for all purposes. 12,842 32
Total Disbursements for all purposes,
from Teachers' Fuud, inclndiug
amount overdrawn last year ... . 8,200 41 j i
Total Disbursements for al! Purposes,
from Building Fuud, including
amount overdrawn last veur. - 1*
Total Disbursements for all purposes 11.3-Vi 56
Balauce uuexpeudcd. 1.484 78 j
Sept. 11, 1895. Secretary B. of E.
Real Estate Agent,
Ortices in Real Estate Exchange Building, Op*
posite Carter House,
Charles Town, Jefferson County, West Va.
Below are a few of the properties now on
my books for sale. I am having a good many
inquiries for farms. If you want to sell your
property come to see me :
No7. 200 A. with Peach Orchard. Price $1,500
200 acres within one-fourth mile of R. R.
depot. 3 000 Peach Trees 2 and 3 years oltL—
500 Grape Vi'*es of different varieties; also
Apples. Plums. Apricots and Pears Located
above frost line contieuous to the well-known
peach belt of Maryland; fine spring water;
small dwelling and packing house. Price
$4,500—One-third cash, balance in 1 and 2 yrs.
Call and get particulars. This is a bargain.
No. P4 . 250 Acres. $5 000.
Good New Dwelline and Outbuilding, Ferry
attached; large deposits of first-cla<s Iron Ore;
right to 100 acres adjoining ; one-half of the
above land is in timber. Price $20 per acre.
No. 11. Building and 27 Acres $3,000
Good 2 »tory (basement) brick dwelling ;
contains 12 or 14rooms; good well and cistern,
milk house, smoke house, ice house, stable,
good orchard, 3 tenement houses; also large
brick mill and frame addition ; within halt
mile of depot and 5 miles from Charles Town.
Terms $1 0C0 cash, balance on time. The very
place for summer boarders from the city.
No 13. Pressed Brick Front Dwelling, $5,000
Washington, D. C.
On K St. N. E„ New Pressed Brick 2-story
metal roof dwelling, marble steps, front yard
and shade trees; 6 rooms and hath room ;
heated by furnace. $1,000 or $1,500 cash, time
as to balance.
No. 83. Brick Dwelling and 240 Acres. $60 per A
A laree first-cla«s Jefferson county farm, fine
Brick Building. Barn, Ac , Ac.; fine orchard ;
farm well fenced and all in good condition —
1$ miles from Ripon, W. Va. $6,000 cash, bal
ance on time with interest.
X-_ 1 O... I.nlf on.) ±1
Mildred St., Charles Town. W. Va.
First-class, large 2-story Frame Metal Roof
Dwelling; 9 rooms and bathroom ; steam heat;
cistern on porch and hydrant water ; beautiful
lot; apples, peaches, pears, plums, apricots,
Ac. One-ibird cash, balance in 1 and 2 years
with interest.
No. 1G. Washington Street. $3,000
Large Frame Metal Roof Dwelling 45x30 ft ;
lot 94 ft. front, running through and fronting
94 ft on Liberty St.; tine fruit—apples, peaches,
quinces. Ac. $t.0U0 cash, balance on lime.—
This is fine property.
No. lkJ. West Street. $150.
A neat lj story Frame Metal Roof Dwelling
well located Tortus, one-third cash, balance
in 1 and 2 years.
I represent first-class Fire Insurance Com
panies. All losses promptly paid. When your
policy expires, if you will confer with me, I may
save you money.
Close attention given to the “collection of
claimt." Rents collected.
When you write about property give the
number. All inquiries promptly answered.
Real Estate Agent.
Charles Town, Jefl'erson Co., W. Va.
P. O. Rox 207.
Sept. 11, 1895.
Commissioner’s Notice.
In the Circuit Court of Jefl'erson County, West
Virginia, July Special Term, 1895.
JAS. N. KOPEK, et al.
This cause coming on to be heard this 2Gth
day of July, 1893, on process duly served on all
the defendants, viz: C. H. Goens, A. E Ken
nedy. Timtee, L P. Starry, ndm. c t a of Jos.
Starry, dec’d, Cleon Moore, Tru'-tec, Ixnma V.
Goeus, L. D. Getzendaner, I). M Osborne A
Co , a corporation. B. Contrite. T. P. Lippitt,
Cumberland County Fertiliz-r Co , a corpora
tion. M. Chase A Co., a corporation. Piedmont
Guano Co., a cor|>oration, R. D Shugert, trad
ing as K. D. Shugert A Bro , Win. Beall. II C.
Getzendaner. W. C. Carrell, B F. Langdon,
Win. K. C. Willson and J T. Gritliih, partners
trading as Willson A Griffl h. Katnsburg, Koo
gle A Co. and It. P. Chew, and upon leave ask
ed by L. P. Starry, adiu- c. t. a. of Joseph Star
ry dec’d, which is grauted to file an answer
before the commissioner before whom this
came is referred, and was argued by counsel,
ami in pursuance of the prayer of said hill,
this cause is referred to Special Commissioner
J. F. Engle—First, for ascertaining the real es
tate of which the defendant, C. II. Goens,
is seized and possessed, the value and
annual rental value thereof; Second to
audit all debts which are liens against said
real estate, showing their amounts and priori
ties; Tliiru any other matters which any of
the parties in interest may require, or may he
deemed pertinent by any of the parties or by
said Commissioner.
Notice by publication of the execution of
this decree shall he given for four successive
weeks in the Visoims Free Press of the time
and place of executing this decree, which shall
he equivalent to personal s«rvioe upon all the
nnrln-s in interest Said Commissioner slmll
also publish the notice required by section 7.
chapter 159, Code of West Virginia, and said
Commissioner shall make report of bis pro
ceedings under this decree to a future term of
this court.
A Copy—Teste:
JN<>. M. DANIEL, Clerk.
Comm i.-sio.NER'e Office, Cn miles Tows . W. Va.,
September 10, 1*95.
Notice is hereby given to all parties interest
ed in the foregoing suit, that I will proceed to
execute said decree at my office on George St .
in Charlestown, West Virginia, on the 11th
day of October, 1895,
Special Conimisiiontr.
To all persons bolding liens by judgment or
otherwise on the real estate, or any part
thereof, of Chas. H. Goens :
In pursuance of a decree of the Circuit Court
of Jefferson County, made in a cause therein
pending, to subject the real estate of the
said Cnurles 11. Goens to the satisfaction
of the liens thereon, you are hereby required
to present all claims held by you and each
of you against the said Chari'es H. Goens.
which are liens on his real estate, or any
part of it, for adjudication to me, at my office
in Charles Town, West Virginia, on or'before
the 11th day of October. 1*95.
Given under my hand this 10th day of Sep
tember, ls95.
Sept. 11, 1895—It. Special Commissioner.
Tax Notice.
On Taxes due tbe Corporation of Charles
Town for 1*95, a discount of 2J per cent, will
be allowed if paid on or before the 10th day of
Jctuber. 1*95 Upon those unpaid after Jau
ury 20, 1896. interest will be charged
Sept 11, '95. Town Sergeant.
Ladies Take Notice.—Our ladies shoe depart- j
aient has been removed to our clothing de
partment. where we have better serrice and
uore light and lower prices than ever—at
ilirsch man's.
Do you need a carpet ? If so call at Hirsch
uan's. You will lind the large-t stock to se
ed from, and prices to suit you. J
In a few days our line of fall goods will be 1
■eady for you. Our clothing is equal to cu«
«m made. We can save you monev, as we
uake all our own goods. Hirschmas's
School suits for men and boys ; children's |
chool suits at Hirschman's. We show this *
.11 lie nicest line of children's clo'liing, all ; r
lew designs, best in make and lowest in price. ; c
Oilcloth, carpets, window shades—the best i t
itsortmeut in town—at Hirschman s. 1
By virtue of a deed of trust executed by
C'has. H. Goens to the undersigned trustee,
bearing date on the 29th day of January, 1892,
and duly recorded in the Clerk’s Office of the
Countv Court of Jefferson County, in Deed
Book Y, page 352, the undersigned trustee will
offer for sale at public outcry on the farm of
Charles H. Goens, near Myerstown in Jefferson
County, West Virginia, commencing at 10
o'clock a. m., on
Wednesday* JScpt. 18,1895,
the following personal property:
Ten Head of Horses,
3 work Horses and 5 Colts;
Seven Head of’Cattle,
5 Milch Cows. 2 Heifers and l Durham Bull;
9 head of Sheep, 1 Berkshire Sow, 1 Road
Wagon, 2 Farm Wagons, 1 Sunfish Plow, 1
Oliver Chided Plow. 4 Double Shovel Plows,
2 Siugle Shovel Plows, I Square Harrow, 1
Spring-Tooth Harrow.
One McCormick Binder,
2 Wheat Drills (1 Pennsylvania and 1 Bick
ford Hoofman); 4 Sets of Wagon Harness,
4 Sets of Plow Gears,
1 Carriage. Nearly New.
1 Buggy and 2 Set of Buggy Harness, 2 sets of
Carriage Harness, 1 Wheat Fan, Cider Mill, 1
Cutting Box. Horse Rake. Grindstone. 1 Spring
Wagon and Harness, 1 Water Cart, Ac.
TERMS OF SALE—All sums of $10 and
under. Cash ; over $10 a credit of Eight Months,
purchaser giving negotiable note, with approv
ed endorsers, bearing interest from date.
Sept. 4,1895. Trustee.
Notice to Tax-Payers.
1 or one of my deputies will be at the fol
lowing place* in the County of Jefferson, to re
ceive Taxes due for the year 1&95. at which
time a Miscount of2J per cent, will be made
on all Taxes for said year 1*95, if paid in full:
Charles Town, Monday and Tuesday, Octo
ber 7 and 8.
Shenandoah Junction, Wednesday and
Thursday, October 9 and 10.
Dailey's, Friday and Saturday, October 11
and 12.
Leetown, Monday and Tuesday, October 21
Kearneysvilh Friday and Saturday, Octo
ber 25 and 2*3.
Middleway, Wednesday and Thursday, Oc
tober 23 and 24.
Shepherdstown, Wedne'day and Thursday,
October 9 and 10
Moler’s Cross Hoads, Monday and Tuesday,
October 7 and 8.
Duffields, Friday and Saturday, October 11
and 12.
Summit Point, Monday ami Tuesday, Octo
ber 14 and 15.
Rippon, Wednesday and Thursday, October
16 and 17.
Kabletown, Friday and Saturday, October
18 and 19.
Halltown, Wednesday and Thursday, Octo
ber 9 and 10.
Harper's Ferry, Saturday and Monday, Oc
tober 5 and 7.
Bakcrton, Friday aud Saturday, October 11
and 12.
All persons indebted to me as Deputy Sher
iff will please settle up at once.
Sept. 11. 1895—It. _ _
The National Building and
Loan Association,
is one of the
A number of the best citizens of Jellerson
County are members. Its dividends for four
years past have averaged 22 per cent. If you
want to save or borrow’ money, apply to the
S. S. DALGARN, Local Sec'y.
Sept. 4, 1895—3m. Charles Town. W. Va.
Stephenson Seminary.
The next session will begin September 10th
1S95. and close June I5tb. 1«90.
ForCa'alogue containing terms, Ac., apply
to the Principal,
July 24. 1895-81.
Mrs. E. I*. Kennedy's
Reopens September 9th, 1895.
Teachers : Miss 8. H. Brown,
Miss U. H. Kennedy.
lull- ->1 IMOK — O.r.
For Sale.
A desirable house, centrally and deligh'fulv
located, with nine rooms, pantry and bath
room. A large lot with all kinds of choice fruit.
The house has all the modern improvements,
including fiteam Heating. This pro|»erty ad
joins the residence property, of Postmaster
General Wilson. For terms, Ac , apply to the
May 1, 1895. MRS. T. W. LATIMER.
From the application last fall of the South
Carolina (so-called bone fossil) we realized
ab ut 23 bushels of prime wheat on corn
ground, and believe that if the land had been
properly plowed its the spring, the corn
wed cultivated, and the wheat seeded as it
should have been, would doubtless have yield
ed from 25 to 30 bushels on an average.
Sept, 4, '95—It. E. L. WAGER.
Every smoker to send us seven 2-cent stamps
to help pay postage, packing. Ac., and we will
WARS. Only one box to one address.
Address, LANDIS A CO..
Ftb. 20, 1*95. Sbippensburg, Pa.
Salesmen Wanted
samples free. Salary or Commission. Good
side line. Address, LANDIS AGO.,
Feb. 20, 1895. Sbippensburg, Pa.
Shoe Shop.
Mr. George W. Yontz has taken charge of
uy Shoe Shop, and will make new work or
epair old promptly and neatly
For Kent.
Two comfortable BRICK DWELLINGS on
at x fa x bou levard. Si x rooms i n each. Ren t
educed to $4 per month. Apply to
Aug :: l- Real Estate Agent.
Our line of Men's Olothing is immense. We
ave them jn all styles, shape, and prices ,
rhich we are king i„. \ve have sack suits' I
rgent suits, cutaway, double-breasted straight
ut suits, long and short coats, price* cheaper
tian otheis can buv them at wholesale. t
Wit. Kauk, Sadler Block.
Keep your eye on this spact*.
Fall Announcement of \ew
Goods just received.
The Leading Clothier,
Sadler Block.
The undersigned offers for sale the firm bt
longing to 8. I>. Middlekauff's heirs, situated
about three miles southeast of Charles Town.
W. Vu. near the turnpike leading from Charles
Town to Uloomcry. It adjoins tne landa of
F. J. Mantling W. F. WeinckandS.L.Rislar
The tract contains
of which 27 acres is good hickory and o»t
timber—on which there is a
Good Frame .Dwelling,
containing 13 rooms, good barn and largecorii
house, line spring and running water through
the place, and fine apple orchard. The land
is of excellent quality, and fencing in good
TKRII8 OF 8 ALE.—One-third cash; residue
in two equal annual payments with interr*1
on deferred payments from day of sale.
Att'y for the heirs of 8. I). MiddlekaufV
July 24, I•*!>•>.
The Wesleyan Female Institute
Owned and conducted by the Baltimore Con
ference. M. E. Church, South. Establish*;
IH48. Full corps of experienced teachers. For
catalogue and particulars applv to Rev. HEN
RY P. IIAMILL, President
July 10, 1805.
Notice to Creditors.
To the creditors of Edward P. Tolbut, d*. d.
In pursuance of a decree of the Circuit'll',
of the County of Jefferson made in a cause
therein pending, to subject the real estate o.
the said Edward P. Tolbut to the payment oi
his debts, you are required to present jo.
claims against the estate of the said Ed**r'
P. Tolbut, for adjudication T. C. Green, oo»*
misnioner, at his office in the said county or
or before the 19th day of September. l«t»- ..
Witness John M. Daniel. Cleric of the »•«
Court, this 3rd day of August, 189>.
Aug. 7, 1895—f>t.
Merchants Take Notic* •
Sec. e. Chap. 5. of the ordinances of *h*
Town of Charles Town provides that no
son »hall occupy a greater space of any pu® •'
Mdewalk, for the purpose of exhibiting
wares and merchandise, or for other
wtiatever, than two feet measured fro®
side opposite the curb, under a penalty
dollar for each offence. Mercbanttand ot •
are hereby notified that this law must becr-J
ed; otherwise its penalties will be enforce®.
Aug. 14, 1896. Mayo^
Shepherd College.
Normal and Academic Courses.
faculty. Boarding $11 per calendar ® ' /“
itate Students pay no tuition. N«wJl1 p<5.
>eing erected. Session begins Sept 9*n,
kpply to County Superintendent ot .
Principal for appointment. For ipwj
ipplyto A.C.KIMLER,
July 24, l893-3ni. Prtncip* •

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