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l9t'ofcx*ioniil i'ards.
We* r*r/*HM'
April 4,1374.
wyt.J. D. STARRY.
WfU ,
.-sumed lb* practice of Medicine, of
irhis r^fe=»iona! service* to the public,
'office mxTdoor to residence, near corner of
Main street..
January 22, l*7®- ________ _
doctor of destal surqkmy,
Offers his Professional Services to thecitiaeus
April 13.1333-y.
Charles Town. Jefferson County, W. Va.
W'll practice in Jefferson and and adjoining
ZK Ottice with Forrest W. Brown in
jJJBuilding. Special attention to collections.
Jan. W. 13». _
jav M. Mason. Jas. M. Mason, Jr.
'har'.es Town. Jefferson County, West Va.
Will practice in the various court*.
Careful attention paid to collections,
office one door west of Carter House.
Jan. 3, 1<S4.
Charles Town, Jefferson County, W. Va.,
5-»tt. es in the Circuit Courts of West Vir
wna the Supreme Court of Appeals and the
" i*i States District Court at Martinaburg.
Office over Aisquith A Co’s drug store.
I Jan. 3, lsW.
attorney at law .
.wiertmm, Jefferson County, Wut Virginia.
' Practices in the Courts of Jefferson and ad
■ lining counties, in the Supreme Court ol
Vest Virginia, and in the Uuited &tates_Dis
I net Court at Martinsburg. Notary Public in
| See.
dike in lawyer’s Row. on George street,
ran. 3. 18M.
Charlestown, J'fnson County, Wert Virginia,
•Vill practice in the Court* of thisCounty am
he adjoining Counties.
Office next door to the residence of Mrs. Max
1 sell, and nearly opposite the “Carter House.
November 23, 1966.
George Baylor. Wm. L. Wilson
Ciarlertown, Jefferton County, Wert V irginia,
X. attend the Courts of Jefferson and Berke
*y Counties, and attend to other law busines
n the State of West Virginia. Special atten
■ i ion given to collections.
March 5, 1976.
Berryrille, Clarke Qrunty, Virginia.
Charlestown, Jefferson Q*rnty, H e*t l irginia.
Vill undertake cases jointly in the Courts t
v>th of said Counties.
May 11, 1972.
'Jharleetoum, Jefferson County, West Virginia,
Attends to cases in the different Courts of We
| Virginia and Maryland. Attention given t
Pensions and all classes of Claims against tb
r. S. Government.
'■ir- Special attention to Collections.
Jin. 10, IS9».
I '.Xuiertown, Jefferton County, West Virginia,
•V practice in the Courts of Jefferson, Berki
•v and Morgan counties, in the United Stati
• • irtat Martitisbursc. and in the Si
"'me Court of Appeals of West \ irgmii
al attention to the collection of claim
i"l i ' i-tipt remittances of the same.
"S’eopp .«ite Court-house.
I ' W McDonald. Frank Beokwitl
I ..»:>«-Town, Jeffersou County, W est \ a
H *'"’.11 practice in the Courts of Jeffersoi
1 arul M organ counties, the tT. 8. Dll
I Court at Marti nsburg and the Court <
I Appeals of West Virginia.
Mar. 2, l*e**.
I House. Sign and Fresco Painte
1 paper* hanger and grain er.
1 Charlestown, Jeff. Co., W. A a.
8 ftbroary 4. IH91.
j For Sale. '
H A detimble house, centrally and deligb'ful
i "tth nine rooms, pantry and bat
w ,'”a A large lot with all kinds of choice frui
I bouse has all the modern improvement:
I ling Steam Heating This property ail
J§ 1 ti»e residence property, of Puetmastei
m ^ ""iison. For terms, Ac , apply to th
I ’*>" l. 1 MRS T. W LATIMER.
I Tax Notice.
£ j^te- due the Corj>oration of Cbarit
8 ,r l- ' >. a discount of 21 per cent, wi
& if i ,,ti or before the 10th day »
" l* > I’pon those unpaid after Jar
■ J’ I4*i ate rest will be charged.
Town Sergeant.
House for Rent.
Ho i-e on Main street for Ren
. Apply to K. L. HELLER.
''Hus f nrss
PARKERsborg. W. VA
"•"'-"XT' „ •-* «»><* state Give* th- f'om
hti'jrrhjnd and T' r*''*ritlu#
, ■~’Jiag J y*r*’■ U Gradual. - >u. u-sefuf
* 'Ti.,! . ■ t- «| per Vrek i.atuh-ffue »cnt
■U ’"'* ' G. M.Nfc. 1'ki -I t-EsT.
Furniture Establishment, &c.
UK undersigned having purchased the old es
[ tablisbed Coach Factory of the late Walls J.
awks.in Charlestown, with the view of enter
ing into the
in allits branches, offers for sale alargeaumber
of New and Second-hand
Carriages, Buggies, Jaggers,&c.
at the lowest prices and upon the most accommo
dating terms.
All Kinds of lirpiitr*
done with neatness and dispatch. and miuiactinn
zs and carriages
fob tiisb.
Inconnectioc with the above I willeontin"
the LIVERY BUSINESS, and be prepared
fnrnisbCarriages. Bnggies and Jaggersat the
shortest notice.
Theabovebaainess willbe under the in
perm tendance ofAbramStnmp.
I also offer to the public a large lot of Fnrni
tnre, comprising
CHAIRS, TA BLSS{ Sxu«.io’>a;dot\ir)BED
andall articles usually focndin a Fnrnitnre Es
| tablisbment.
Old Furniture Repaired.
1 willbe prepared in aaborttime to give my
special attention to the bust ness of Undertaking.
Being a practical mechanic and determined to
givesatisfaction, I respectfully solicit a share o(
public patronage.
May 13. 1877.
C. 1). ELY
is now located in the
Hooff Building* Opposite
Cartel’ House,
where everything usually found in a
is supplied at moderate prices. Fresh goods
are being constantly received, and nothing
stale in the stock. We have on hand a large
supply of
. Queensware, Glass and
Wooden \va re.
There is i ways a supply of Fresh Country
Produce to l>e found at our store. Thanking
the public for their jwitronage,
I am respectfully,
June CO. lot. ‘ C. D. EBY.
Pharmacists & Druggists,
Will keep » new and fresh stock of Drugs anc
Medicines, i’atent Medicines and
,t Fancy Goods,
0 Such a* Hair. Tooth, Nail, Cloth and Shavinf
e Brushes. Fine Perfumes. Combs of all kinds
Toilet Soap.-, Powder Pull's and Boxes. Toile
Bottles. Ac. We keep in stock a full line o
Stationery, Stationer’s Supplies, Cap and Let
ter Papers, all kinds of Envelopes, Writinj
Tablets, Box Papers, plain and ruled. A line o
Fine Cigars and Tobacco
and Smokers’ Materials. Paints, Oils, Var
nishes and Painters' Material and Windov
* Glass
March 6,181*3.
Good qualify of mince meat for sale by S
u H. Landis.
Buckwheat for sale by S. H. Landis.
Maple syrup, Lest quality, for sale by . H
Aunt Maria I'am ake flour—see S. H. Landis
i, A gooc chewing tobacco at 25o. per pound—
h see Landis's.
»f Belle of North Carolina tobacco only 33c
per pound see Landis's.
Ore's goods, all kinds, at Landis's.
Blankets, comforts, flannels, outings. Ac
cheap, at S. II. Landis's.
Country produce taken in exchange fo
* goods at Landis's.
Men's boys' and children gloves and mitts
cheap-see Landis's.
My stock of glass and queens ware complet
and low-priced, at C. I). EBY'S, Hooff build'?
Pride of Virginia. Bride Union, Tax am
other leading brands of snv-king tobacco ii
stock at C. I*. EBY'S, Hoot! building.
Worcester Sauce. Catsup. Horse Radish
; Queen Olives, Olive Oil. Potted Ham am
Tongue. Sardines, Lobster and Salmon at C. L
I' EBY'S. also Stoneware all sixes from pint t
eight-gallon in si/e.
New Prunes. Evaporated Apples and Apri
e cots, and Macaroni. Cheese and Colonial Flou
at C, I>. EBY’S, Hooff building.
Full line Laundry and ToiletSoap. cheap, <>
A. and Fine Salt by the sack, cheap, at t. I
EBY'S. Hooff building.
Pure Mountain Buckwheat Flour. Franci
H 1 eggett A Co.'s Mocha and Java Lot.ee
kit l* EBY8, B ' !"ig.
To Owners of Stock.
an owners of Horses. Cows. Hogs. Goa
or other live stock within the Lorporation1 /
Charles Town are hereby notified to keep t
same from roaming at large within the co
p.,rate limits, as the law in regard thereto wi
t- be strictly enforced. QUgTAV BROWS,
tatmiBL Mayor
All parties having insurance in our^Agent
and making a chavee in their rwttUence. ac
I April 3 «**
Bottled Dp!
Whether in the form of pill powder
or liquid, the doctor’s prescription for
blood diseases is always the same—
mercury or potash. These drugs bottle
up and poison and dry it up in the
system, but they also dry up the marrow
in the bones at the same time.
The suppleness and elasticity of the
joints give way to a stiffuess, the rack
ing pains of* rheumatism. The form
gradually bends, the bones ache, while
decrepitude and helplessness prema
turely take possession of the body, and
it is but a short step to a pair of
crutches. Then comes falling of
the hair and decay of the bones,—a con
dition truly horrible.
Contagious Blood
Poison—the curse
of mankind—is the
most horrible of all
diseases, and has al
ways bafHed the
doctors. Their pot
ash and mercury
bottle up the poison,
but it always breaks
forth again attack
ing some delicate
organ, frequently
the mouth and
throat, filling them
with eating sores.
S.S.S., is the only
known cure for this
disease. It is guar
anteed purely vege
table, and one thousand dollars reward is
i offered for proof to the contrary. It
never fails to cure Contagious Blood
Poison, Scrofula, Eczema, Rheumatism,
Cancer, or any other disease of the
blood. If you have a blood disease,
take a remedy which will not injure you.
Beware of mercury; dou’t do violence
to your system. Don’t get bottled up1
Our books sent free to any address.
Swift Specific Co., Atlanta, Ga.
L. A. W.
Call to sec me at the Lock Building. Main St ,
Charles Town, W. Va., ami examine the
the best high grade wheel on the market. Also
and other makes.
Repairing a Specialty.
Any work left with me will receive prompt
attention and at living prices. A lull line oj
repairs alwavs on hand. I keep on hand a full
line of Caps and Sweaters. Bicycle suits made
to order at very low prices.
June 10, IMS Hi.
Having set tired the Agency for the following
Harvard Chainless,
—I have opened the way by which buyers can
se-urc first-class goods on a moderate price —
These wheels are backed by years of experi
ence and capital, and their merits need nc
comment. Fully guaranteed by the makers
and if found defective in material or work
manship will be replaced free of charge. A
I call will convince the most skeptic that good'
are right and prices within reach of all.
, June 10, !*»». Agent.
Howard and Baltimore Streets,
Baltimore, Md.
To my old Patrons and the Traveling Public
Having had a very liberal share of the pub
lie patronage during the past live years I fel
encouraged to re-leas- the Howard House fo
a term ot years, ami have at great expensi
refurnished and refitted the hotel from top t<
Am better prepared than ever to accoturoo
date the public. My aim will be to give first
class accommodations at $2 00 per day. Coun
try Merchants and Commercial Travelers wil
find it the most centrally located hotel in th<
! citv. Respectfully,
Jan. 9. 1895. Proprietor.
For Sale.
On account of my living in Washington am
not being able to manage the running of mi
Green House, I offer the same for sale on easi
terms. , , ., ,
The Green House proper is 28 feet wide bt
00 feet in length, with 200 square feet of glas
r attached to rear end. and house in rear end o
lot with 250 square feet of glass. The liousi
whs built last tall of best lumber and work
' mnnsliip; has a fine cistern in it with fore
pump, and good furnace in the cellar, elegan
, ! office, all built on lot 30x130 feet; located op
posit* B. A O. Depot, and right in the town o
• Charles Town, Jefferson County, West Vir
• gitiia. Splendid opportunity for any one un
I demanding the business.
For terms, Ac., aiiilre-s
i 1131 9th St., Washington, D. C.
. ! May 6, 1896—3m._
r Insures Property and Lives,
Lends Money on Real Estate.
• Office in the Hunter Building, Opposite tb
>. Representing the following Companies:
Insurance Company, of London and Edinburj
one of the strongest foreign companies doin
business in America.
>f Composed of the Insurance Company of !
e America and the Fire Association of Philade
phia. the strongest combiue doing business i
II the United States. The
Insuruice Company, of Milwaukee, Wis.
of New York. The
'i of Philadelphia, writes n Liberal Accidei
f I respectfully solicit a share of your patro:
1 Sg*. I HO?. R. MOORE.
1 Sept. 2. l-0e»—tf.
Pursuant to a call of the Demo
cratic District Delegate Executive
Committee the District Delegate
j Convention for the • 7lb Delegate
District assembled in Charles Town
on Thursday, Aug. 27, 1896. The
| Convention was called to order by
Mr. R. S. Eichelburgcr, chairman
of the Executive Committee and Mr.
F. H. Ilarmison, of Morgan, was
made temporary chairman and the
Democratic editors of Charles Town
made temporary secretaries.
[ Oa motion Committees on Creden
tials, Permanent Organization and
Basis of Representation, Order of
Business and Resolutions were ap
pointed—three members of each
from each respective county. On
motion the following Delegate Dis
triet Executive Committee was ap
Berkeley—A. F. Bentz, J. W. B.
Evans and Lee Lingamfelter.
Morgan—C. T. Bivans, F. II.
Ilarmison aDd B. F. Johnson.
Jefferson—R. W. Morrow, W. G.
Bates and Capt. J. S. Melvin.
On motion the Convention took
a recess until 2 o’clock p. m., for the
various Committees to meet and
make up their reports.
The Convention re assembled at
2 o’clock. The Committee on Cre
dentials declared against theadmis
sion of proxies, and there being no
contests the various delegates from
the counties comprising the Dele
gate District were enumerated and
admitted to seats in the Convention,
which report was adopted. The
Committee on Permanent Organiza
tion and Basis of Representation re
ported recomending that the tempo
rarv organization be made perma
Dent, and adopted the laft vote tor
governor as the Basis of Representa
tion which gave Morgan six votes,
Berkeley 21 and Jefferson 25. lie
port adopted.
The Committee on Rules and
Order of Business was submitted
and provided that the rules adopt
cd by the last Democratic legisla
ture be the rules governing the
Convention, and that the order of
business should be: 1st, the report
of Committees. 2nd, the nomination
of District Delegate from Jefferson.
3rd, the nomination of Delegate
from Berkeley. Report adopted.
The Committeeon resolutions sub
milted the following report:
resolved, That wc affirm our faith in Dem
ocratic principles and wc announce that the
platform adopted by the National Conven
tion at Chicago is the embodiment of that
Democracy which has fought the battles of
the people and won the victory lor the
masses, and wc unqualifiedly pledge our
heartiest support to the able leadership of
\V. J. Bryan and Arthur Bewail.
Resolved, That to further emphasize our
views on the financial question, that wc un
equivocally re-declare that wc are in fa\ or of
the free and unlimited coinage of silver at
tiie old ratio 10 to 1 without asking the con
sent of England or any other nation, feeling
assured that if wc can set the whole of Europe
an example in free government wc can also
adopt a financial policy as independent and
as distinctly American.
Resolved, That in the language of Gover
nor Jackson, “West Virginia has no bond'
owes no debt and asks no lavors." and that
we condemn the agents of Wall street lor the
attempt to saddle on this State a vast Stat*1
Resolved That the nominees of this con
vention are instructed to vote for no one for
United States Senator, should that question
come up in the West Virginia Legislature,
■ who is not a straight silver man, 1(5 to t,
I without compromise.
Wherevs, discriminative legislation both
state and National, has resulted in so in
j creasing the taxes imposed uj>on all produc
: ers as to require four times as many farm
products to pay the annual State levy as it
I uiu icn years uicivivmv
Resolvei*. '1 liat we demand of our repre
sentatives in the next (ienernl Assembly of
'■ the State, the enactment of such laws tisahall
’ reduce all State salaries, funds and public
dues to au amount consistent with a gold
standard of value, and that all public dues
shall be so adjusted as to bear equally upon
all descriptions of property within the State,
i R. W. Morrow, J. S. Melvin,
s Secretary. Chairman.
Nominations being in order,Major
A. \V. McDonald was placed in nom
ination by Capt. George Baylor, of
Jefferson, which nomination was
l seconded by Morgan and Berkeley
and on motion the nomination was
made by acclamation. Hon Jesse T.
Brillbart and Hon. J. W. B. Evans,
D both of Berkeley, were next placed
■ in nomination as candidates for Del
egate from Berkeley.
On the call of the roll, Berkeley
voted for
J. T. Brillhart.
.!. W. B. Evans. 1210
Evans being the majotity choice
of Berkeley, under the rule, received
25 solid votes from Jefferson, and
Morgan moved to make the nomina
tion by acclamation, which motion
< prevailed. On motion, the cl air
man appointed Messrs. Jack. Lewis
aud Wever a committee to notify
Maj. McDonald of his nomination,
anti Biladeau, Melvin aud Johnson
to notify Mr. Evans. The nominees
were brought before the convention
: aud in speeches fitly acknowledged
: the honor conferred aud pledged
S themselves i-> earnest efforts in be
half of tbei constituents. Ringing
I. speeches wtie made bj* Judge D. B
Lucas, Capt. George Baylor ant
Judge Frank Beckwilb.
E On motion the contention at!
E F. H. IIahmison,
R. W. Morrow, J Chairman.
Geo. W. Haines\
it _ t __
Mr. Jesse BrillhRrt, of Marlinsbure, h
’■ announced himself as an Iiidependeii, ca
didatc fur District Delegate.
Sometimes when
the last spark of life
seems almost extin
guished it is fanned
into flame again by
prompt, vigorous ac
tion. It is a mistake
h vwcver, to put cff
action too long_; an
othce mistake is to
despair too easily.
Both these mistakes
are made in dealing
with disease, par
ticularly with con
sumption. It is neg
lected at first until
someone names it.
Then the name
;. strikes terror to the
' 'mind ; the nature of
the disease is inisun
derstood: It is a
blood disease, set
tled in the lungs If
it settled somewhere
else the doctors
would give it a dif
ferent name : - crofula, kidm > disease oi
"liver complaint." But the name only tells
where it scttli s. It is really all one dis
e.i e lie. d Mood ; and there is only oar
cure : — Good Mood.
An abundance if good, rich, red, blood put
into the ciitrulatii in, core; everyone of these
complaints, com umplion as well as the rest
—if it hasn’t gone loo far. It is on this true
phv.'iologic.U p:inciplc fully proven bvex
pefic-ncc—that Dr. 1’icrco-' _i‘.olden Medical
Discovery cures Consumption and all other
blood diseases. It tones up the blood mak
ing organs lo produce a fresh supply of
healthy, red blind; this carries new nour
ishment and lit' lo ihc wasted lung tissue ;
or .'my other tissue that is affected. It
drives out the poisonous disease - germs
which clog the skin, liver or kidneys. It is
simply .a question of purifying and building
up • where there i' anything left to build on
the'"Holden Medical Discovery" will in
fallibly build up and cure. It cures cases
which doctors declare "incurable.” That
word has lost its meaning since Doctor
pierce s wonderful "Discovery.”
Th» p’p.iu and hopeful truth about disease is
shown in the li'lit of the ixrst science of the
cctu.TV ill l>r. fierce-* Common Sense Medical
Adviser It is n i olnnie of i<> ' pages; illustrated,
it also contains letters from many who have tieen
rescued from on* mpttoa. T!.i< great book is
fr.t, if you send 11 one-cent stamp*, to cover cost
if mailing only, to Votld’s Dispensary ..Itdical
Association. Buffalo, S. Y.
.1 Splendid Tribute from linn. Joatnh
Patterson, of Memphis.
Hon. Josiah Patterson, the able Represen
tative in Congress from the Memphis (i enn.)
district and who is a candidate for re elec
tion on a sound money platform, addressed
an immense meeting in that city last 1 hunt
day evening. During bis speech be paid
the following tribute to President Cleveland:
The Chicago platform does not deign to
mention the name of Grover Cleveland.
His administration was assailed all along
the line, but hit fellow Democrats were si
lent in respect to him as if be never existed.
The distinguished gentleman who competes
with me for the honor of a seat in Congress
(Hon. E \V. Carmack, fr*c silverite) some
times refers to him ; and, on one occasion,
in bitterness of bis soul, lie donounced him
as the‘‘Buffalo hangman." I dissent from
all this. Three times has the Democratic
party nominated Grover Cleveland for the
presidency. He is the only man who has
led the Democratic hosts to victory in a pe
riod of fortv years. I know him, and I know
him to be patriotic, unselfish, and devoted
to the welfare of bis country. When the
party spirit of the hour shall have passed
away ; when the aspersions and denuncia
tions of partisans have been forgotten, be
will lake his place among the foremost men
of bis time.
‘ I never confront a Southern audience
that I do not feel like protesting against the
treatment which the President lias received
at the hands of some of onr Southern states
men. I protest that be di serves a place in
the afiections of the Southern people. 1
protest '.hat he has done more to live down
sectionalism and to restore the 1 nion —a
union of h**art and sentiment, a union as
our fathers understood it—than any man of
his time.
He lias appointed four judges of the Su
I nreme CoiifL of tile United States, and two
of them have been from the South. Me ha*
appointed two judge* in the six'.ii judicial
circuit, and both of them have been from
the South and both were ex Confederate *<>i
diers. Go to Washington : Four member*
of hi* cabinet from the South, two < f them
old Confederates. Go into all the depart
ment*, and everywhere you will find the
honored sons of the South recognized by this
administration. Go abroad : The ambassa
dors to England, to France, mini*ter* to
Russia and to Mexico, all from the South
and three of them old Confederate soldiers
So with the minister* to Spain, to Portugal
to Turkey, to Persia, to Peru, to Chili; and
everywhere throughout the world have
1 we representatives in the consular *ervic<
I of the government.
“The pending situation in Cuba calls trn
not only a diplomat, hut h soldier, and a mar
of courage and discretion, \\ ho did tin
President select to represent the tl tg of t h*
republic at Havana at this critical period
■ It was Fitzhugh Lee, of \ irginia Tin
Hamptons have been a glorious family ii
South Carolina. The grandfather was i
revolutionary hero, the father was a hero o
the war of 1812, and the grandson, Genera
Wade Hampton, was the lieutenant of Gen
Lee and the savior of South Carolina fron
carpet bag rule. This man <>f gb*riou
achievements and a glorious ancestry wa
driven from the Sen ate by l illman.of Sou l
Carolina. Discredited by the S ate he loved
aged and infirm, with hi* fortune swep
away, and scarcely means to maintain him
self in his old age, he was taken up an
made railroad commissioner by the Presi
dent. And so, all along tiie line, lie ha
been the friend to her bravest and her true*
sons. I know not what Mr. Catmack ma
do or say, but my right arm mav wither b
my side and may I forget to speak m
mother tongue before I speak otherwise tha
in honor of Grover Cleveland.”
Mr. Romanu* Hunter of Berkeley Sprinj
as has hecu called upon by voters of Morgii
;i- county to become a candidate for Di-tri
Delegate to the Legislature.
Li Hung Chang.
The great Chinese statesman, Li Hung
Chang, arrived in New York on Friday, and
was received with high honors. Eleven
war ships were in review and the harbor
was crowded with craft, big and little. The
distinguished visitor was escorted to the
Waldorf Hotel by U. S. troops and became
the guest of the National Government.—
The receiving party was headed by General
Huger. On Saturday President Cleveland
arrived from “Buzzard’s Bay," and gave a
formal reception at the palatial re*i lence ot
lion. Win. C Whitney. These formalities
occupied only thirty minutes, and Mr.
Cleveland returned to “Buzzard’s Bay.”
Alter the formal greeting- Li HfingChang
addre-sed the President as follows:
“Your excellency, it affords uie great
pleasure to have the honor to be presented
to your excellency. The reputation of voai
highly esteemed virtues is widely known
throughout the world, and in you the citi
z.ens of the United States of America liavr
invariably placed their confidence; conse
quently both the interior administration and
the exterior relations of this great republic
are in a state of prosperity.
“It will always be the desire of my nugu«i
master, the Emperor of Chins, to maintain
the most cordial relations with America
whose friendly assistance rendered to th*
government of China after the China Japa
nese war, ami whose protection for the safely
of the Chinese immigrants in America an
always to be highly appreciated.
“I am now specially appointed by my an
gust master, the Emperor of China, to pre
sent to your excellency the as-urance of hi*
most friendly feelings toward the l nitc<;
Slates of America in hope that your excel
lency will reciprocate hi-> sentiment-* a:. . c ■
operate with him to promote me meinm
intercourse between our two countries lot
the cause of human kind.
“I trust that your excellency's government
will continue to afford protection and kiur
treatment to the Chinese immigrants ii
America and to render friendly assistance t<
the Chinese government when required.—
May tho peoples of our two nations enjoj
(he benefits of per pet il tl peace ”
Mr. Cleveland replied thus :
“Your excellency, il gives megnat pleas
tire to receive from your hand ttie persona
letter from your august sovereign and t<
greet you as his personal representative.
“.•since our two countries became belli
acquainted, many incidents have occurre*
calculated to increase our friendly relation
and not the least gratifying of thesi an tin
friendly expressions contained in the lette
of your Emperor and the visit to our coun
try of his most distinguished subject, win
has been so honorably and prominently con
rirctcd with public affairs in bis own couii
trv and with all that lias been attempted ii
the direction id' its advancement and ini
“Your visit to us at this time is made mor
impressive by the thought that it serves t<
join in one suggestion the most ancient civ
i ilizition of the East and the liC't type of :
j newer civilization in the Western world.
“Notwithstanding the widely difleren
| characteristics ol the two countries, the wel
come which is tendered you by the govern
ment and citizens of the United .States illus
1 trates in the strongest possible manner th
1 kinship of nations. We feel that in the at
rangemeiit for your tour you have not allot
led to your sojourn among ussufli i«*ni tim
to gain an adequate observation of all w
j have accomplished as a nation. It will u"1
however, escape your notice that a ncli an
fertile domain has here be n quickly creat*
hv those who were a*siired ’hat they woul
^ <j .. ..» .
and bemficent government lias been bet
established by those who loved freedom, no
that we have ;• generous and patriotic pe<
pie who love their government because it i
theirs—contracted by them, administered f<
them and protected and saved from harm b
“We heartily wish that your slay with i
may be moat pleasant and that at its ch»
you may enjoy a safe and agreeable relur
to your home and vour field of duly and usi
<s acts as a specific |
i S'! Bj Arousing to Healthy Action all her Organs //
\ // It causes health to bloom, and<|
nn joy to reign throughout the frame. /<
|... It Never fails to Regulate... \
I \N "Mrwlfebas been under tre»t’i>'-nt of Icad-J,
« lix i'll,«n rain Hire* jaars ■riiUpjit •wiwn*
* (( After Mint 'bit* totHM of BBAJil , ei.i. ~v
>> I KM.M.K KKOLT.ATOB she ca n do bare** <<
* )/ toukiCji, lullkln* and wa»M« s <<
SS N.s. BUTAN Henderson. A a. r<
1 >> IlUAbEIELl) BEClT.ATOIt« O., Atlanta, 0*. <<
, $ Sold by dru.’*i*t*at *1 00 per bottle. y\
] The biggest contract of its kind that w
- ever entered into in the .itale of " eat \
s ginia, was recorded at P.»r*ons recent
t The Condon Laue Boom and Lumber Co
y pany, of Horton, W. \ a , contracted to <
y liver at Hendricks, four miles north of P
y sons. 600,000 cords of pulp wood, at $1
n per cord, amounting to the sum of $2,2-j
000. The Piedmont Pulp and Paper Co
pany were the purchasers.
The lleallty of Wart-Charming.
The case with which warts can be •’char
med away” by niggestion has long been
known. I will quote two cases. The pa
tient in the first case was my wife, then a
little girl, and the account was written for
me by her mother. ‘‘I remember it all {■er
fectly. It was when K—was about six
years old, just before we went to Boston to
j live. .She had warts on her hands for over
a year. They had spread until her bands
were not only badly disfigured, but very
painful, as they were apt to crack and bleed.
I'wo physicians, both relatives of ours, had
prescribed for them, and we had followed
' directions without success We were in
Lawrence, at 'I 1*—s’. A lady came to tea,
noticed the warts, and offered to remove
them by a "charm.” As I had once or
twice been relieved in childhood in the same
way, I was delighted at the offer, She then
went through some mummery,# rubbing
them and muttering something, I think,
and then announced that they would be
■rone in a month. They were, every one.
In a few days they began to dry up and dis
appear. So fur ns I can remember, nho
nev. r had nnother. When I was a child
there was a neighbor of ours who used to
remove all the warts in the neighborhood.
1 never heard of his failing, and I know of
many successful removals in our own fam
ily, He used a piece of thread. He would
tie it around the wart—if be could—with
•olemnity; rit’* it three times and very care
fully put the piece ot thread in a paper in
his pocket-book. This made a very great
impression on ns, I remember. It seemed
next to a church service having your wart
taken off.’’— Appleton’e f\>pular faience
remedy for Consumption. By its timely use
thousands of hopeless cases have been already
, permanently cured. So proof-positive am I
of its power that I consider it my duty to
send tico bolt In free to those of your readers
who have Consumption,Throat, Bronchial or
Lung Trouble, if they will write me tliclr
express and postoffice address. Sincerely,
T. A. SLOCUM. Li. C., 153 Pearl St., Hew Tort
Tho IMitorUI nn<l liiulnriui Minarsmsiit it
U.b 1‘m't.r UimrufiWtt luu gcucrutu 1’rvpowUQife
John Bowl*-*, a personal friend of the Into
, Mi** Kate Field, write*: ‘'The lust lime I
met her our conversation rounded upon the
r philosophy, wi-dom and justice of crema
I 'i »n. Both of u* being member* of the
i New York Cremation Society, »he spoke
. very frankly on the subject, and closed by
r laying: “I have in my will made express
. provision* for the cremation of my body in
, «uc!i term* os no friend or foe of mine
would think of disregarding, even after I nm
. dead." So there i* no doubt in my mind
, tliitl when Kate Field’s will turn* up, there
. will be a clause providing for giving back
to mother nature the part of the perishable
, garments with which she clothe* all her
, children, through the process of cremation.
Hie New York Cremation Snciety will be
, found ready an I w illing to perform this
•acr*-d ri'c when the body of Kate Field is
t delivered into tin ir custody.” It was cur
rently stat' d that Miss Field desired that
«lio should hi- huti• J along-side of John
Blown, whose body lie*
"mould- img Hi the ground. '
She most li ue changed her mind.
The news received lore l«*l week of the
j death of Clsrene** Hawverinale, prove*, we
| regret to say, true Mr. Ilawvermale left
I j h«*r** but a few month* ago and established
j himself in Birmingham, Ala, where his
l family joined him. The venture there
,, 1 proved n fuilur* and his family and him*
e *elf were on llieir way back to West Vir*
I | ^iniii, separated itt Nashville, and Clarence
wa* shortly afterward found in one of the
„ hotels acting in a strange manner. He was
f i taken to a hospital and died in two houra.
y This young man was, when here, industri*
! mil and a natural money maker, and bia
H | death is a blow to ail of u* who have known
e him in life. At one time he owned thia
n paper.—BcrL'lcy Sprin;/t Nrvt
A French statistician has b'.come interest*
ed in the question whether more wine than
heer i* drunk on the globe He figures out
ibe annual production of wine in the whole
world at 3,510.000,000 gallon*, while 4,860,
000,000 gallon* of beer are annually brewed.
The consumption of beer i*. therefore, 1,350,
I 0 »0,000 gallon- larg'-r than the consumption
of wine. Ti e largest b-er con-umera are
Germany, with 1,296,000.000 gallons of beer,
and England with 1.2'9.000,000 gallons.—
Then comes th>- I fitted 8'ntea with 999,000,*
000 gallons, Austria with 378,000,000, and
Frati' <• with 270,000 000 gallons. Curiously
enough, little Belgium ccn*umes almost as
much beer ••.* France arid is next in order.
Three John H. Holts are candidate* for
office in this 8:ate, to-wit: John II. Holt,
of M"Uiid-viile, is the l’rohibitioocandidate
for pro-ecuting attorney of Marshall county.
.1,1:11 H Holt, of Cahill I >unty, is the Item
ocr.uic nominee for supreme judge and John
II Holt is the Republican candidate for
a® prosecuting attorney in Taylor county.
ir All three belong to the legal profession and
T- a;| three are related.
e. A naval cadet at Annapolis, Md , from
»r- • Missouri, represented bhn*elf to be twenty
50 year- old and u'Ot married. He was prompt*
f). ly dismissed—not for getting married, but
m f»r fibbing about his age. The academy
record showed that he was only acventeeu.

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