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,%irit i of
Cbaricntown, Jefferson fduntjv WesiT?.
v T^BSliAT HOBX1X0, BWKM BEB 3,18T3.
Jjjjp 91# Ml1"09^ i4!Aid J HO.A S *
Oar Gnausial iffiaira liavo come to that
must be paid afr we-caonot work for nothing
fcand five'on'air? ' &pfilaiy.de6t.{i$ng8. Over, ps
wiiiuti* tnj^inwybawMHagyw-! I
dalged, and this liability must be liquidated^,
Sft$ mw SfcHlM ^nt'i
TVSS' .&? %>?fcw4: >%>! j
bills, groceries and a hundred other necessaries i
incident to frfdrily txpetises and ptibliahingl'a
"paper, joro^d^ifiibtftts^lfi^'moriCTTWtf.ttiew8!
jtigu of what is tfge pa. We will;. after this
week, commence making out all account!), and
?wii IMJJe (hat WSbbSH'tf5t' B8'tbr'otrn info the
8^cVttt1l^|o|r' ijpatfnjg
baa become.at faroe^-lnd-to continue a busi
7ne4aa4#yJ>p?r^>?to*t}y3-jitying obt'andwifh
notKi*h eiMtfif ti iaiWoiftble.' Will/those
who owefps^^'^iKe j^eed'f^
? .?-?'??? ^ ?"'STAYrvuaw.'"i i **?!
^iRt ?Msw9T^ '.y.'.*. Tl/'L'na r?.? '? pi J .*?*:?
it bfeiog'j^nferilly "understood tbit^Editora
are n6t rtspoi^ibWfi>r sentipients expressed
in.compuiucat4oiq?, ;we.publish this week a
well-written. letter from "Observer,".advocat
ing the passage 'of a 8tay-!aw; ? In our Edi
torial 'of1 week," 16. which '"Obser^efs"
letter Li a reply, we' stated it qs our be lip f that
no movement,in the direotioo of -a. Stay-law
would find popular favor - and us Jefferson is
certainly oiie of-, ffhe richest counties in tho
State, we did. not wish her people to place |
themselves.in the. position, of being-the fir^t,
aud perhaps the only ones to ask for projec
tion from the payments of their debt?, with
quite ag mucji in th'eir pockets with whicli'to
pay them "as the people , of. any other county.
iWfr-alstf deolared that experience had shown,
that where therdiwas no' mode of enforcing
the paytne'ntk 3f dfebts,'pedp1e will pay neither
, J * s > f . ??. ?> -? ? #7
principal nor interest j ami (we will add that,
in gur opinion at"Jeas.t;, :the effcct of a Stay
law is always a demoralizing one tO any icoin
munity. Those were-our sentntfents nttha
"?time'of our ctfitorialnf last "week, and''.we
must own that, notwithstanding "Observer's"
letter with its statement of fact in regard to
the Virginia Stay-law, the conttaetioa of the
currency, etc., with' which wo confess not to
be familiar, our views remain entirely tin
changed. We do not propose an'answer to so
able a statistician as "Observer." Wo pub
lish bi3 letter in a conspicuous placc, so that
"those who run may read." If it convinces
any one that, qt this"time, the people of this
State would .be benefitted by a stoppage of
the payment of all debts, we shall not object.
We merely take editorial notice of the letter,
because being "of the same opinion still," wo
did not tHioose that car siIence.sbould.be con
strued into a ' change of front," and a gen
eral acquiescence in the views of'iObscrver."
Our-columns " are always optfn -lor the publica
tion of communications upon matters of pub
lic interest ; but when qui views do not ac
- cord with those of our correspondents, it must
be understood that there is an amicable "agree
ment to disagree."
Tho news From Havana is warlike. The
Ilavaoese rehemently declare that, come what
may, tlie Vinrinius phalli not be given up.?
They assert that they will not obey any^or
der from Madrid' calling for tho restoration of
the steamer to the United Stntes Government,
nor ma^? any reparation for her sciziire-snd
' the: ronrdeid.ot. l*er cruw. The IZs Jo '(Tuba
says that Oastolar has not.su$<)ient power to
issue ?;i uril^r. _(,);i tnn other hinc?, it is re
ported from Washington that, the neeotiation3
with,Spain have taken n moro favorable turn.
If rso; Ajastelar's powento giverup the Vir
?iginlus will stidw be tested:
Tt is persistently asserted that Minister
Sickles: has left Madrid. This is probably
not tme, 'although his instruction's were to
close his legation on, Wednesday .last, and Via
may deem that be has .cause of otfeiifce in-the
manner in which he has been treated -bvithe
Spanish Cabinet; and in thofi'eaotiatioosiak
in(j^^.Tat.'WarfiWjftori through Admiral
jnstead, of at the projjer place, Madrid.
? * '""cotftfTY Ratters.
We havo not th'e slightest objection in the
world .to.ihe- Sh.epherd-jkiwQ /iV^/s/fr "-expos
ing uoneaessary expenditures uponthecoui.ty
huildlngg^t'the expense of tho tax-payers of
the county," whenever and wherever it pleases;
but whenever, a public journal in one end of
the comity picks up little scraps of oonveTsa
fion' thrown oot by irresponsible parties, or
fhat may be expressed in a joke, and threby
attempts to place the responsibility^"or every
thing'upon Charteatnwo, for acts done by the
representative* 0/ the countf/ at- large, and
array one Section of tho county agninst another;
we shall enter our serious protest against such
action. "Give the devil his dues," all'the
time, aud when nextycu strike,.Mr. ICeyifter,
be sure and hit those nearest to j"ou first. and
then go abroad j and not stoop to create,little
petty,animosities by puerile fabrications.
it59~ Ace0rditJg tb the act of the Lfgialh
ture, rpqujriog the .'Governor and heads of
departments,to certify to Congress the mem
bers elect from West Virginia, whieh net be
came a law by the neglect of the Governor
to sign pr veto?a meeting took place at the
capital on Friday week ; all present exoept
the Governor, and certificates were awarded
to Benjamin Wilson, 13. F. Maftiu, and Frank
^Thft Tuift/sirinl A;/ry an influential
anti-monopolist paper published at Chioogo,
ftlfl.v^3P.',aekflow]edjging the rpceipt of a com
plimentary letter from our eminent county
man, John At Thomson', Esq., characterizes
tiim als "que of the best thinkers in West Vir
? if- ? ????- ? ?? ?'
giin?. -
In the House, on the 19th ultimo, Mr.
Bumgarner presented the petition of M. D.
M. Altice and 88 others of Wood oounty,ask*
ing that the law regulating the sale, of ardent
spirits to be allowed to remain without any re
peal or modification whatever.: which was re
ferr&f-toVbe Committee on Taxation and
Mr. Legg preiebted the petition of P. F.
:?55jy?!k*?jLl$bera.9f Berkeley county, asking
th'at^pn a<Jt> entitled, "An aot to provide'
against" thra /yiftrreanl^ing from the sale of ilfc
"j^afedi'^, i'-> <?'?! tj
Aiaoj the petition of W. 9. Peniok and
S3 others ofB^rkaley county;,asking that the
i Act passed April 4th, 1873, providing against
1,10 88,0 of i?toxica't-ji|
ing liquors be not repealed, but amended so
as.Jp n/ake it moro effective}'f which was re-1
ferred to the Committee on Taxation and
Fidance. ? ' " ':i - ! Jvf'If ;
Senate till was taken from the table and plaoed
LOo tho palanijari: ?. i
Senate Bill No. 15, "A bill to amend and
, 'e^act TO acVpMsed' February -28, 187$}^
anpoiint of public property and its value, de
stroyed in rtho Stato: .ty tthe ^Federal army,
during lhe'lafe civil war.'" j d?c-1
Scott,presented a petition signed by William
Falooner, and 21 others of Parkersburg, Wood
county,, asking that the School month bo
-fp'ffi'a-^.: VTh'?JrV
tition ww re/er'rp'4 to t^;iqWmiUee'onE^uj
! cation. - - ? -
In the Senate, on the 22d "ultimo, on
motion of Mr. Grantham, Senate Bill
No. 2u8, "A .bill amending and re-enacting
sections four, five, six and seven of "Chapter
ninety-sixj of the Code, in relation to money
and interest,'' was taken from tbo table and
placed upon the calendar.
Death ov Jud<3b Lek.?'The Clarksburg
Sun announces the death, in that place, on
the 20th iustant. of George II. Lee, formerly
Judge of the '21st Judicial Cjircuit of Vir
ginia, and afterwards one of the Judges 6f the
\ irginin: Court of Appeals, whose presence ns
counsel at-the late "session of the "W. Va
^oijrt of. Appeals in this place many of Stir
readers will remember.
Since the war, says, the Sun- judge Lee
applied himself'diligently to tbo pfaStice of
his profession, of which he stood at'the head,
lie was a faithful cotiiisel for tho Baltimore
and Ohio Ilailroad, and managed the diffioult
and important cases of that Company with
great real and ability. Ills decisions as Judge
Bf the Court of Appeals stand very hij.li aad
are quoted as the best authority. He lived
almost exclusively in his profession and was
the most careful lawyer in the State in pre
parihi. " is eases. Bat lie will never again
figure a tlio Courts of earth. Dig caso is
dow submitted to the chancery on'high where
mercy and justice are met together.
War Claims.?The Wheeling Register
has received a copy of the list of .claims pre-,
sented to tho Commissioners of Claims at
Washington, under the act of Congress that
provides for the payment of '-loyal citizens"
in the Southern States for stores or supplies
furnished to or taken 4>y the army. The'list,
says tho Register, is quite a formidable one,'
and the aggregate amount of the claims runs
awny up in the millions. The 'names of tho
claimants in Virginia'fill tbirty-threo pages cf |
the book, while two pages suffice for West
irginis. There are reported in this Stnto
only 201 claimants in all, of whom 125 re*
side "in 'Joffersou county aodr35 in Berkeley.
Greenbrier reports but one, Doctor Joseph F.
Caldwell, (the name scems'tamiiiar) who asks
compensation to the amount of S1450. Mr.
John ?f. Atkinson, of Hancock- county,
claims S2-fGS. The'largefit claim in the State
is that made ;by Mr. David II. Strother, of
Jefferson county, for 850,000, and the smallest
is that of Joseph Detter. of Berkeley, who
only wants S38.
The Little Trial.?Tho trial of Oscar
Pi Little has ocoupiod tho entire time of tho
Circuit coiirt Binco our last issue. Thero is a
great deal pf interest manifested in this case,
au(J tho bourt room js -well filled caoh day.?
While thp toSfciwopy ia pretty much tho same
as that'givon-on the trial of Lycurgus Little
inrC!srfee county; thero have still been a good
tnai)'y_ facts elicited ?fthich ' were not brought
out \n Clarlco. Tho declaration eff the de
ceased .Clinton L?ttlOj as to how bo" came by
his death which was feought to bo introduced
as a dying declaration in Clarke, but excluded
by the court, was offered yesterday on the
ground of. it? being a part of th6 res gestae,
and the question was'beitig elaborately argued
by counsel when we went to press. The
prisoner seems to stand the trial well. lie
aits near h,is counsel and takes great interest
in all that is said ; though be seldom speaks.
The examination of witnesses far tho defense
will begin to-day or to-morrow.
[Winchester Times.
K Startling Truth !?Thousands die
annually from neglected coughs and colds,
which soon ripen iDto consumption, or other
equally fatal diseases of the lungs-; when by
tho timely use of a finale bottle of Dr. IlVs
tar's Bu/sam of Wild Cherty their lives have
been, preserved to a sreen old age~
The work of extending tho Vfr. & O.
Railroad from Hamilton to Winchester, says
the Alexandria (iazeltr, will be Commenced
on the 1st of the new year and be proceeded
with vigorously.
JOF The editor of the Morgan Mercury
must- have a sweet tootb, by the merciless way
in which be attacks every couple married in
Morgan county that fails to send him a piece
of cake. '
Senator Grantham and Delegates
Butcher and Shirley will accept thanks for
additional documentary favors.
J&3T Pork is selling in Charlcetown at
$6 50 per hundred.
Suow again yesterday.
The Synod finished its business at ? late
hour Saturday night, but deferred the correc
tion of minutes and final''adjournment till
Monday morning, 24th iti'st. 'The business
was done well and deliberately, 'the discus
sions were very able, earnest and" courteous,
and decisions"were reached with'a degree of
unanimity that'was retnarkable on nearly every
question. Committees carefully investigated1
every question' referred to them and reported
promptly, so that there was time for the Synod
to isonsider well each sutfjeift- touching the
welfare and growth of the eKurch.
r>ROB*S*V Mlfct8TER8.
The doaths or the following ministers' were
reported4o iiave occurred Bitlcd the'last meet
ing;, viz : Rev. W. II- MeGuffey, D. D.,'Rev.
R. J, Tayler, Rev.'N.W. Calhoun,and"Rev.
Lewis F. Wilson, and suitable memorial of
eRoh ono, except Dr. MeGuffey, were adopted.
The Chairman of Committee to offer tneniorial
of'Dr.-McG. was too sick to present it at this
Rev. A. W. Pitzer reported on the subject
'of Systematic Benevolence a paper from which
the following extract is taken,: "Synod hails
"with pleasure tho fact that the prinoiple of
weekly Offerings is rapidly growing in favor
with our churches, and wherever this' system
has been adopted, the results have'fully proved
its wisdom and worth ; and tho Synod would
urge the Presbyteries to tako Each action as
'will-lead all-our churches to tidopt the rule
given toTthe churehWof Galatia and Corinth
'bjran iriBph'ea apostle, viz :""TJp5h"thelSrst
day of.the weelc let every one of y6u lay him
in store as Gpd hath prospered him.' And
in this connexion Synod would-ask llie earnest
copsideration of nil thoso under its care to this
question, viz: May not the entire revenues
of'fhe churches; whe'ther for'general or local
purposes, be raised by the weekly gifts and
oblations of God's people ?"
In rosp6nsecto an interesting and satisfac
tory address'by Dr. 13. T. IJaird, Secretary,
Synod passed a papei;;fxqm which we take an
extract, viz: "Having information that our
last General Assembly has designated tho 1st
?Sabbath of December,' or as soon thereafter
as convenient, for a united and special effort
throughout tho church to purchase a publish
ing house in the city of Richmond, and to
complete the endowment of the Committee of
Publfoation ; the Synod does hereby urge this
matter upon all our ministers, ciders and
churches as one of the utmost importance con
nected with this great department of christian
bcno'volence, and would express the hope that
nothing will be lacking on th'eir part to give
it entire suecess; and this becomes even the
moro obligatpry, because of tho present pecu
niary embarrassment prevailing over the coun
try!" * ! ' "
Rev. Richard Mcllwaino presented these
subjects?aided in foreign missions by Rev.
J. L. Stuart, of Kentucky, for many years
past onij of our missionaries in China. This
work attracted 'much attention, and wo trust
received new impulse. The work increases
greatly at home and abroad.
Evangelistic work
commanded much attention lb Committee and
in Synod, and was given much more prominence
than heretofore, fis the church seemed now
about to gird its armour for a forward move
ment. Otving to defoetivo reports, however,
nothing more could bo dono this year tlifen to
urgo action on the part of Presbyteries, and to
appoint a Committee'to report on tho nature
and extent of tbe field for Evangelistic work
at tho next meeting of Synod. Tho Commit
tco consists of ltevs. A. C. Hopkins, J. II.
Leps, Edgar Woods, Col. 13,,M. Armstrong
Bud Maj, llobt. C. Stiles.
Tho relation of the church1 to education
camo Up as unfinished business of last Synod.
Dr. J3. M. Smith, Chairman of Committee,
offered last year's resolution which elicited dis
cussion theu he proposed the following sub
stitute, viz i
"That whenever tho authorities of nny lit
erary institution within our bounds tuay de
sire to form with this Synod, or with Pres
bytery or Session under its care, a relation
giving to sueh ecclesiastical court a super
vision of euch institution, on terms consistent
with the Constitution of our Church and the
interests of tho institution, such connexion
may lawfully he constituted ; and
TT'h'cre'u*, The President and Trustees of
Hampden Sidney College, who are present at
this meeting,not only wish to assure the Synod
of the Presbyterian character, of that institu
tion, but also to secure such a permanent
character, and are willing to grant the'Synod
a veto power in the election of Trustees ;
Heswucj, That Synod will unite in form
ing such a relation,, upon tho terms suggested,
whenever the Board of Trustees shall secure
such legislation as may bo necessary in the
This subject excited a debate of unusual
interest. It was remarkable for its ability
and good spirit and zeal. The affirmative was
maintained by Rev. Drs. Dabney and Smith,
Ruling Elder A. R. Blakey, Rev. Saml. W.
Watkius, Rev. Ebenezor Junkin, Dr. Win.
Brown, Dr. J. M. P. Atkinson and Rev. W.
W. Houston, and the negative by Rev. Dr.
J. L. Kirkpatrick, Maj. T. J. ICirkpatrick,
Rev. Dr. II. C. Alexandor and Rev. J. Itioe
Bowman. The' vote was taken late Saturday
night and oarriod in the affirmative by & small
All the evangelical pulpits of the town wore
occupied on Sunday by ministers of Synod.
Most of tho mombers left for home Mon
day A. M.-, delighted equally with proceed
ings of their Synod and tho generous hospi
tality of the good people of Charleston.
Govw Jacob Bet the people of his State a
most praiseworthy example in the interest he
manifested in tho preaching of tho gospel
duribg the sessions.
Synod adjourned to meet in Winchester
the third Wednesday of Ootober, 1874* at 7*.
Jordan, of the White Sulphur Springs,
recently killed seven Chester pigs, sixteen
months old, which aggregated 2,352 Ibs.j Or
an average of 33G pounds cach.
'[For toe Spirit of Jefterson, nnd tbo rree frees
will plott?? copy.]
jfr.~ Editor ii see that the Free" Press
and Spirit are both otlt against a stay-law, and
am free to admit tbat nothing but the present
Condition of tho money matters of the country
rcould-justify it. 'But 'they not only, in my
bp'inion, do justify a'conditional stay-law, and
such an one as the memorials now being signed
largely call for,' but render it pre-eminently
expedient'and'just. In reply to bgth edi
torials on thfct subject, permit me to mention
some reaxons for the opinion so expressed:?
I will do so, as I think you have both over
looked the peculiar and grave circumstances
surrounding 'tfra~ subject, and which can be
neither parried by tho suasion of the Free
Press or bluffod by the Onslaught of j our own
article. You are, both, speaking from wrong
premises, when, you put up a stay-law in the"
general; and not in the present, peculiar, and
critical condition of the country. Every one
knows that if money is' to be paid, abd es
pecially if property .is to be foroed to sale to
pay it that, it is the bonndoti duty of the Gov
ernment to see that, there "shall be ah'ado
quate supply of money in the country for all
its business and exigencies ; but what is' the
fact ? Why while this country requires from
840 to $50 to the bead to ' transact its busi
ness and represent and exchange Tts property,
on an average there is only S 13.60; and in
this locality, and many others in the South,
not 85 to the head L Is this no reason for a
stay-law until the deficiency is supplied ? and
does it not sound like the taskmasters of Egypt
to their bonds^men who, were required to
make "brick "without straw,"' under tnls state
of the case to bawl at the' top of your lungs
"ye are idle, ye are idle" "labor labor?"?
-Ndr'ia "tViis'allJ'bnt these very"men ?vKo, bavo
br'oiittht about this very state of affairs, the
speculators and usurers of the land, by di
verting all the'money of the coun tryfrbm the
very industries of' tWe''Country, and for which
and which only the people intendedit, to un
productive stqckljobbjujp, and speculative rail
roads, aro now the nfen'who, having failed in
their Btock-?amblingand speculative railroads,
desire to'mSke ' up their losses by cornering
? tbo1 whole industry of the country and its prop
erty too, especially its lands: And the most
impudent feature in'the whole affair too is
that, whilo they look upon a stay-law for
farmers and all debtors with holy horror, these
bond-autocrats and mpney-mongers?these
speculators and usurers?they, themselves,
have without tho aid of the legislature, and
of their own will and motion, passed a stay
law for their own benefit': For what else but
a stay-law is tho suspension of the Hanks?
That swindling villainy, tho United States
Banks leading,tho way, and foreinc all other
Hanks to follow suit! I. respectfully, submit
Mr. Editor, with all deference to your judg
ment, and that of your brother Editors of tho
Free Press, official counsellors of tho people
though yo be. that, under Such circumstances,
while they will, no doubt, thank you for your
good intentions, it will be wise in tho people
to consult their own understanding and brains,
and'to try'at least,to manage their own affairs
in their own way, where so much is at stake,
and'by all meana to hurry up tho memorials.
Thero is, now. but short time to do it, but I
hope"they will iiso it with industry. The
wolves aro howlintr behind thcbi, constables,
sheriffs, lawyers, clerks, usurers and shavers,
but never mind that ; let them howl, it is
their nature so to do"; but hurry up and'elicck
rnate their stay law by "your own. If they are
entitled to a stay-law of their own making,
fair play should entitle the pcovlo to ono too,
"odious or not or?ions" ns stay-laws may be.
One word more, and in regard to the Vir
ginia stay-law, refei+ed to and quoted by you
and the Editors of tho Free Press, and I have
done. You, both, refer to it as a "caso in
poirit'j" and hold it up as an awful ' beacon
against all stay-laws. Permit mo to toll "you
that, in quoting tho Virginia "stay-law as a
"case in point," yon havo followed the'e'x
ample of'the most indifferent lawyers at the
bar; I mean those known as "case. Imryprs."
Unable to reason on puro law and principle,
these "case lawyers" aro ever bothering tho
judges with their eternal cases which, may bo
very good law in themselves, but not appli
cable to the case at bar, and simply because
theifdehs and circritn.iiurices aro totally dif
1 fererit. Though not lawyers yourselves, I
I can't Help'thinkirig you must have rubbed
apainst'one.of the "case lairi/crs" when you
quoted the Virginia stay-law against the one
wo see"k. That stay-law estopped principal
and interest. This we ask does not '; so there
will be no accumulation of debt. That stay
1 law passed at a time when thero was 840 a
bead to'the people of currency, and this is
asked when, by cfesit/nivi/ contraction-, "there
is but SI3.60 to'tlio head. That law passed
when land in Virginia sold as higli as'SlOO
per acre, a'^e $125, this, when lanjs worth
850, now, are sold Tor 88 an3 the courts are
constantly injoining and refusing to confirm
sales, is prayed for. 'And besides, Mr.Ed
itors, even in Virginia, it was not the stay
law that did the mischief, but, as before said,
the contraction of the currenoy from $40 a
head to about 817 and now fallen to 813.60
when we ask a stay-law. 1 hope, by this time,
you see some little distinction in thq two very
different cases. If 70U don't, I think- tho
people will see ft, nnd feel it tdo, if they are
mis-advised, and suffer this Legislature to ad
journ without providing Tor tliofr protection
in these mbst critioal and perilous times. I
advise them, by all means, to loo'k to th'eir
own security, and to sign these memorials.?
I am not deterred, and will not be, by a few
big words about the odium attaching to the
"authors and originators of stay-laws." I
take the responsibility for my advice, and you
must take ft for yours, and events and conse
quences will decide between us.
Summit Point, Nov. 25th, 1873.
Serious Acciiient.?On Tuesday morn
ing last, as Mr. Joseph Morgan, of this county,
was preparing to take a deer hunt, of which
he is paSsiohately fond, he bad momentarily
set hi9 fowling piece down to aid Lis little
nephew in securing a dog, 'that he did not
wish to follow hirc, when from Borne unex
plained cause, the gnn.fell to the floor and
the hammer striking, it was exploded. The
oharge- passed through the pannel of a door
into an adjoining room, where Mrs. Morgan
Morgan, Jr.. was engaged in clearing the
breakfast table. Very fortunately a sewing
machine stood in the line of the charge and
but for that she might have been instantly
killed. As it was, four of the shot entered
one of her limbs, but we are glad to learn no
serious consequences will ensue.
[Martinsburg Statesman.
Vick's Florat, Guide for 1874.?The
Guide for the first quarter of next year has
been received, and a magnificent book it is?
filled with engravings, colored plates, and
choice reading matter. It contains all the in
formation you wish to know about flowers,
floral culture, vegetables, gardens, shrubbery,
&c. The Guide has no superior, of its kind, on
the bohtinent. It is published quarterly for
25b d year. One copy ia worth four times as
much as its yearly subscription. Send to
JaS, Vick, lloohcster, Now York.
On the lSth_ lilt- in Guy;.ncIotte, CnbeUconn
tfF/Rn Jr*'^q.ru^MA?YA^Ml^MDU^^
both formerly of this coautv. 3
Oo the 19:h nit;., at the Central Hot eV Fred
erick Citv. by Rev. J. A. Pric e.' JOHX T- MA
GEES. of Frederick county. Md., to Aiisu MABY
J. KOHB, of this place. ... ....
In Sbililierdstown, on the 27t.li ult., bv Her.
J. Hawluns. GEO. A. SCHOPPERT to Miss M.
"P.T ,17.A COOKUS?all ol that town.
On the 27th nit., at the residence of Mr. Frank
lin Myers. Kabletown. hy Rev: J. T. Rossiter.
JOHN N. TABLER. of Berkeley county, to Miwa
ABBY E. HOFFMAN, of this county.
IirSt. James* Ghnreb. Kiohinond. Va., on the
Whuvi^UGY P. wKSoi
?^Seofflclafli^felergymanr' -1 - '. .f
On thb Bnrfec at Harpei 'k Ferry, on the 27th
lilt., bv Rev. L. T Ree?e. G. R.ANDERSON to
_ nA 7 TTA flTNK th r r^Koth of Freaeiick COOS- !
In Hii(teritfdw*i on the Q3iVof October, by Rev.
Mr.-Amos. D. W. THKO'JKMORTON to Miss
QgBAQ^?,V. tp0^lASif?n5f38?tkeley county, i
On the gVttf n)t., m the M. E. Church Sonfli,,
Martinsbnrir, by 6ev.J.T.Maxwell. R.P. BABE,
formerly of Fauquior omrHtv, Va, to Miss EM
MA. daughter..of Mr. Joseoti Chapman, of
-- ?.?
In Rifrhpmnd, Va., on the 8tb ully, JOHN O.
SNYDER,-Cashier of the Southern Express Com
pany, aced 46 years, formerly of Berryville, and
eldest son of tlie bite David H. Snyder, of this
Ne*?-8her*er^ritown, on the S7tb ult.. Mrs.
RACHEL ANN'FIEES, wife of Thomas Files,
a (fed n bout'40 years.
In'MartinaWiirtrron ti e 16th ult.. Mrs. MAR
GARET RUTHERFORD, in the 67th year of her
ace. ?' -if
In Martinsbnrir, on the 21st ult, ARTHUR
?BRA'JT. -in,the 55j,h year qt his. Ase. Mr. B. was
fot^uiahy 'veors Superintendent of the B. & O.'
-Rl R. ?litfi>B in:l^'rtih^urfc',v '
In Hillabark, VaTj'an tl>e"2Sth of October, Mrs.
JENNIEF.'PO ITS, wife of E. F. Potts, Esq,
and dauithler of'the late J. P. Wanrerd, of
Geol'Betb'Arn, Di C. _ ?''
' | n, j | || | ? II.. ?!..
. ' ....... tT .i Mf ?? . ; . ? . . | ?'
? v-. -v 'tv > \ ?* ) J.' > .. *-f - .1 ' *?
npHE Ladies of the New Church between,Ren
1 neHs Mill nnd Ported Fafctqr^.wjjl hold a
FAIIt AND FESTIVAXi, coroipdd&ipc Op
Tuesday, December 9)h^ 1873,
siri'd continuing several days. On Thnrsday
Eveninir there will b"o Tableaux and Charades,
and also a Fine Sujrpar. A Splendid Dinner on
Tuesday. . ?. . .
. 50 CentS.fo^ Dinner; 9,V?ter3and CoOeonxira.
.The ladies iijoefcordVall t, mvita tho,puUic to .
aviiil ttieftiselvrf of. the present oppori'unfty at
once to participate in the enjoyments inciueut'
to the occasion-and to contribute towards the
ercction iifltlieTClnircu.. The liioonliRht niKbts
will be favorable to travel. The object coiii
niends itself:to all.
Commi'ITEK.ok AurasOemf.nts Mrs. Burns,
President:; Mrs. Porter, Mrs. McCarrell, Mrs.
Holireri Mvp. Reimer, Mi's. Knode. Airs. Crisweli.!
lira. ni'KO,- Mrs. Crittonden, Mis. Anderson and;
'SIi*8. Morrow. '' l
? .December 2,1873?2t. - . f
Having purch??ea the stock of^goods of
the l&te \V. CSheerer j (formerly Keareley k
Sheerer,) to which'I have made additions of
XJry G-oocisi
AtO TI O N S ,
and Hjiph articles as are p-ene'raJIy needed by the
penplfc.1 respectfully ?pk a call from former cub
toinerB arid'the public generally,; at the old stand,
where they Canjudg-e for thtmeolves as to quality
and prices of my g-oodn.
Derepihrr 2- 1^73.
Denih-Diid<cf'Stonewall' Jackson :
TmS iBlholitlo of n, lino encrravi' c r-f the
Di?rtt.l:-I5eil qt "Stoncwnliw Jac^Kon, 14x18
ii:c! os in b^zo, and printed on henvv platepanor.
ODlcorfl"of. tlie Cor-.fi dciate army are i
sorpowf?illv around tl.o Concii of this m-eat. and
koo<1 man,t*a)8 christian noldjer, whoso lih'-blood
has'Deen.aiven -for liis conntiy. In the distance
is the encaiiruinv armv, t!ie weary soiitiiiel on
lna ,l)'^at, ctov Iw iSn.pscfrrrd tW:it, >yill touch
eveiy Southern heart, and should have a placo
in every Scui.lipru lioire. Sour l>y mail, mounl
.ed on rolled, pccuiely wrappetf, ami post-paid, for
UO'ets 'efrclvr.T three for 50 "ts. Addrcsa
200 Main street, Bristol, Tein.
^5-Acf<?n?3 Vrauted fo?* tli'is mid a. lvaii?*ty "of
other fi?:e er'srravjxigf. From ^3 to ?10 a day can
easjly l.o. mrdo. ..
| . DceeinJlet'S, 1873?
fTRfmlpltf-OWN, D. C\ Nov. 28tl\ 15
nVTOTtCK i?lierel?r ; tq.a'l whom it
n cm t'f^fiVtlfatU will - ?p:*?y. t'? the Co
/i.. ?c ti.iv- i t. ttt a xr :..,A ? ? t.. ..
it may
. .... County
Court of .TtHvifcuit. West. Virjnn'ifo at its Jamfary
Torn!, 1874. i<?i an order .an tlmnssinjr ami requir
ing: A?i!? IX D?>nneliV Und N? P. Whitfs personal 1
reprcsjmtat ivoa of .T^lin Mjtlor. (li'Pfiasod. lute of
JrfteTAori flOttfltVj^est Vijstfnin, i*? i>:iy and de
liver'to i??o, as Guardian of Mary Ellen Stephen
son, ift the D'striQt of Colombia, all personal
property and money in, tlieir "bauds. or in the
hnnda-of "oi liersTbelQitpincr 1o mv- Ward 'afore
said ; and-to autliorize nievnssnch.foreipm Guar
dian, to sue?For/recovw8,ana rccofve all monev
and . personal property b^louinnp: to my said
Ward mnWest V:lginiH. and remove the same to
tlm District of 'Goiiruibifr. whore I and myWard
reside? * TX% > JAMES S. WELfjfi,
? . T5nni*dfari of Mary E. Stephenson.
December 2; 1823?4t.- *
"XT shall not be lawful fur any person to k?f>p
I 111 aoy shop, store, wnrchonse or other
btiildinn within this town, williont. special per
mission, or nnrhoiitv from the Conner], more
than Two Barrels of Kerosene or inflammable
Oil; and every person ofiendme against this
section snail nav a fine ol not less than live nor
iuoie cliau ten. dollars.
By order of the Conncii.
Dccpp bcr 3. 1873?3t. Ree-?rd?r.
THERE .will be aMeetinar of-theTCbarlestown
Dramatic Society at- Lee Hall* on Tuksday
Evkning) December "2d, 1873. A full attendance
is requested.
Bv Order of President.
. Pec. 2.1873. J. S. EASTER DAY. SecV.
ri^HE Sale Notes given at the Sale of William
I Pissler. Will lall due on the 12th of Decem
ber. at the Bank ? f Cbarlestown. Promnt pa.\
niPTjt is expec.to'l. SAMUEL L. RISSLER.
December 2,1873? 3t.
ftAWB toV the residence of the midersijjned,
\j some time during the month of August. a
SMALL RED COW. supposed to be about four
veals old.. The owner will please come forward,
pr??ve property, pav charges "and lake Her away.
Decolnbei "8.1873 -"3r. E. L. WAGER.
ALL persons indebted to us*, will please come for
ward at once and make payment, as we are
compelled to elope up our business at once. Ac
counts not settled at once, will be put in the hands
of a collector. Our entire Stock of Goods at Cost,
as we close business by the first of January.
P. SWe would state that some evil disposed
parties circulated t'?e report tbatwe were noteroing>
out of business.- Wewould state that we will go
out of business on the 1st of January.
December 2,1373. * J. ROSE & BRO.
FULLED LinseyB,Cassimeres, Flannels, Yarns,
&c.,~for sale cheap at the store of
Dec. 2, 1873. F. T. GROVE.
1 TT-: .' t.- - 1 ? ?
WANTED.?All indebted to do what they can
towards furnishing-money to replenish my
stocks 1 will eo below in a week or ten days.
Dec. 2,1873. W 8. MASON.
(IAN be bad the purest Ground Sage, Ground
J Pepper, the beiiSulphur. at
Dec. 2, 1S73. W. S. MASON'S.
C A ft be had the purest Coal.Oil, best London Port
ter;all kinds of Lamps, French, Mason's and
Ladies'Shoe Polishj at W: 8. MASON'S.
TRY'our Tooth Wash, tke best known. All the
above, as well as a bomplete stock of. tirnga^
Medicines. Books an8 everything- in obr line, we
are now offering cheaper than can be.boueh.tin
iowns-.a1-.'! : W. &. MAS ON#
Dec. 2,1873, ' ~ ?-???? : ' -
Buckwheat Fionr. for sale i>y
4 STRALOil?non-ex plosive? for sale by
A Dec. 3. GEO. W. T. kearsley.
TuOU . . ?'
S S ^
\^'E *?? offer until tba I.t'day'if January,
Fancy Goods,
a,.*... i*. v.u! .??? ?.^
j Parties wiahing- ,lo lay in their aupply of Good.,
have now the opportunity of doing? ?o# aa we leave
herei the l.t ol January, and our entire atock raa?t
beclo.edout , J. ROBE ? BRO ,
November 11^673. Under free PreaaOffice.
WTew Prices !
J^HF. underaimed, having re-opened hia Store at
the Store Room of Mr. W. Ebv. four dnnr.
e.tof the Sappinpton Hotel, Main .tieet, Cbar)eq.
" >P ,ecurerf theeervicea of Mr. Oeorre W.
Taylor, an experienced and well-known mo-c hant
"ei"?r.iock oie ,nd oBcr"to ,bo p,,blic * Iare? "d
It Will be hiti conitant aim to keep on hand a care
fully .elected atnck ol the bf.t (rood, in ihemarket
&TO dePar:lr'>ent pf hi. buain?.a,.whif h will be
dure ODIl jle Profi'8 for Cash or Country pr0
Pelievinp that he can do huninoi|fi catitfactnrilv
And advantageously to all who may deal with him
he respectfully a.k. a .bar. of the public patron-'!
-il. 7h" D,nd?r,'>ned will be pleaaed to aeebia
eitabVuhme" PUbl'C S6""*11*- *' ,bo *bovo
November 25, ,873. GE?RGE W T^L?*
To Persons liming Claims
hi the Count// Cnuri.) 'Jifferfon County, net.: !
ihe Co^rSfoT'nStt'le (<0n",y
Thursday jfrcccdi'm, the next Dccemhcr
Term oj the Court,
arid tlin't persons having c'nitns acakst the
County lie notified, tnronsrh the count v trnvbig
to deposit; their accounts with the Clerk of this
Court, properly certified, onor t<> Hint. d:iy or to :
present them u> tliG.Cnniqiitfcto on that da?
T lie following are the names of tun All'lifinir 1
Committee: Justices Smith, llerr. Was^itiztdu .
Eeutch, Avis, Heukle and Fleming. '
A Copy?Teste. ? ;
November 18,1873-Sfc. J ' A" Cloflr:
[Free Press ami Refnstercopy 3 tiincs.1
"NJOTICE is hereby (riven totheTax-Patfers of
Com??; ifuS St
I will, from this date, charge Interest on nil
laxos Unpaid ; andl will fnrfhorSav tSl,?l Wh"
NoVKMif""Cim after t"" lOT 1)AY ov
' toTo, 1 A\lll coinmenco to seize an<l
n'lMn t?Pr"Pe'ty of all parlies who neulect to
aVftil thetnselves of this nonce, ns tins is ti n
last.. I will he compelled to make rotnrn to tlio
December Term of the County Court
Oct. 21.1873-tD2." 0?bar" Diatrlct"
MRS MARY HENPON hnB just received from
n.iitirimo bei Fall Stoek of Gin dg?HON
RIBBONS, FLOWERS, Smv?"and invites tlio la
dies to call jiud examine. Will take Home Coun
try Trade. Residence on Cuiivrcm street, near
the residence of Thos. C. Green, Esq.
Chiirleatown. Oct. 21.1878?1 rn?
bALT F(m
JUSTj rpceived 80 Sacks Ground Alum and
Fine Suit, which we will
or sell for CTaa!),'at thu Warehouse in our Coal
aud Wood yard
Sept. 30. 1873.
. CHINE are-Tan Dollars down, in Cash. Coin
or Wood, and Five Dollars per month until i>aid.
Nov. 25. 1873?31. STUMP & HAWKS.
Just received by
Nov. 26.1873?8t. STUMP & HAWKS.
CALL and examine oar stock of UrnpB, juat
opened, comprising all styles and varieties?
beautiful pairs of Stand Lamps, exceedingly cneap,
alao House's Patent Safety Lamp, which renders
kerosene oil aa aafe sa any fluid burned; in .fact
tb'ey are perfectly free from danger.
November 11. 1373^ W.S. MASON.
MRS. GOLDSMITH invitee her customers to ex
amine her early styles of Hats; Frames, Bon
nets., Ribbona, Flowera and other TrimmioKi. used
in the Millinery Department. The stock Is com
plete and very low. These goodm are displayed in
a room in the rear of Store No 19 of
October 7. 18'3
OUR stock of Drugs and Medicines will always
be found complete as well as fr?sb and reliable.
Prescriptions and Recipes entrusted to us will ^be
carefully compounded at a 11 hours, day and night j
according to the latest rulea of Pharmacy. <
TUNI PER Tar Soap, Glycerine Lotion and Car
ta bolic Soap, agreeable and eSicieat remidies lor
chap and all cutaneous diseases for sale at
W.S. MASON'S Drugstore.
WfE have tbe Agency for.the Wines produced at
? ? Excelsior Vineyard. All desiring pure Winee
for Medicinal purposes can be supplied at moder
ate prices. _ W. S. MASON.
"^'1 XL tbe latest styles in Genrlernen's and'Boys'
October 7, 1873.
REYNOLDS' Pill., and All other patent medi
cine*. >old by GEO. T. LIGHT.
Aufuit 12,1873. ?
VIOLINS.?Excellent Violin*, for aale bv
Feb. 18. L. DINKLE.
TT^NGRAVING neatly. done by ?y
Hi Aoguat 23 L. DINKLK.
FINE and Coar?e Bootn at Goldamitb'a Twin
tronU. C. W. LITTLKJOHN in Charge.
. October.7.1873, - . - -.--rr- ">.
6ERKE'8 Pure Grape Winea. of the oi
186S,? MASON'S Drug btore.
Valuable Farm.
T>Y virtue of a Decree entered on the 10th dirr
I "> ot November, 1STS, by tho Circuit Court of
Jefterson Comity. West Virginia. in the Chan
cery suit of N. S. White, Administrator of Leon
ard Sadler, Piaintifl. vs. Francis W. Drew anil
otbers, Defendants, the undersigned, Special
Commissioners appointed by said Decree, will
offer at Public Auction, oil
in tront of the Cc.urt-HmiRC of fiid coimiy. THE
FARM upon vrhieb the said Francis \V. Drew
now resides, Ivinc adjacent to and partly witbui
the towu of Charlestowti, and containing
101 Acres, 2 Roods and 20 Poles.
Said laud isof the finest qualiivof LIMESTONE,
and very fertiie, aud is improved by a fine, large*
BnCk M Alff Sioif-Etotfsi:.
Is intersected bv a fine stream of rnnninar
water, (Even's nrd fans on it a large and
conveniently located within a short distance of '
the improvements.
Said Property is conveniently situated to
Churches. Schools and Market, lyiuc partly ip
theCorporattflii'tusi.f the town of Chnrlestowu?
the C?unrv-seat of said cpnnry and a Station on
the Wiiiohesterlinincli of the B. & O. Railroad
and tbe Shenandoah Valley Kailroad.
TERMS OF SALE.?One-third CASH, the resi
due in one aori two years, equal payments. with
interest from day.ot sale, title to withheld to
secuio the deterred payments uutil the further
order of the Court. ; : - -
Jiov. 18,1873?St. Special Couimissiouerg, ?
p7u b lIcs^K
p? - ?
Valuable l and.
PBl'RSU'NT to n Decree of the Circuit Conrt
of Jefferson County, West Vi-ginin. pro
liouuoed on (he sotb day of October. 18m. fu a
cause therein between George 1>. Pa (re, Plain
tifl. and G. M. Do L. Smith anil others. Defend
ants, the undersigned. Speoial Commissioner iy>
pointed by the Decree for tbo purpose, will offer
St Public Sale, in front of tlio Post-Office in
[iddlewav, in said oonntv, on
fsA TURD A Y. the 21 th of DECEMBER,
1873. THE FARM npon which the said George
K. Pagenow' resides, three-lonrths of u milo
North of Middloway. adjoining the lands of Mi
chael IJusnoy's heirs. Geo. AV. Anderson and oth
ers. or so much thereof, by the acre, (not includ
ing the buildings.) as will pay the debt, interest
and costs of suit and costs of Bale. Tlio above
mentioned Farm coutuins
One Hundred and Ten Aercs..
The conditions of the Decree are that the said
Commissioner poll by the acre so much of lha
said Land', not including the buildings, as will
pay the debt; intorest and costs of suit and costs
of sale, and if no sn'o can lie thus cffocted. theii
THE ENTIRE TRACT* TJpoo these conditions
the Land will bo oflercd for sale. v
The debt and interest claimed to he duo on
the day of sale will amount to 82^218.5?, exclu
sive of costs.
I TERM^.?One-Third Cash, and the residue In
Nine and Eighteen Months, equal payments,
I with interest troqi ^lio day of sale: the title to
be retained till tho further order of tbe Court.
Sale to talre place at 13-o'clock. SI
.. O.M. Df.L. SMITH,
Nov. 25,1878?14?. Spcciul Commissioner.
T)TJKSU"ANT to nlioorce of tlie'Cifcuit Onit
1 of Jefferson eoniity. pronounced on the 101h
dav of October, 1873, l'u a" cause therein between
J. K. P. Ott nn<l others. Plniutifts, and Emma
Belle* Ott and others, Defendartts, the utider
51 cued. Special Commissioner appointed by Ihp
)ecre? for the. purpose, will offfr at Public Sale,
in front of the store-of T. W. Berry & Co., nt
Uippon. in ?aid oonut j-: on
1873. u portion of tie ncal Estate of ihc lato
Bnrney Ott. deceit sod, consisting of n
Very Valuable House and Lot,
and shoV attached,
situated,on tlio Turnpike. nt Rippon in A?A
nn1 (1 0'iunty ; also, SEVERAL OTHER (Wlint
LOTH ncijnroiit, and froiitintfi'n tltePike. 1**1 BE
nlid tie OLD WORKSHOP AND LOT, together
orrnsisn tOTP. ,
beintr pnrt of. the.TKompcbend, nndiilso T Hit
'I RIANGLE-lying between the Turnpike and
the Comity Koud at the sumo, plnco.
'1 his i'lquvrt'y is bouut.fully situated, and is
verv .desirable.
TERMS OF SALE ?O'lo-Thtrd Cash, tlio resi
iWt.no and two .years; equal payments, "with
interest} tlio octet red .payments to be seemed
by a lten on the pi oinises.
a plat of the Lots will ikj shown to bidders,
{fcj- Sale to take place at 11 o'clock, A. M.
n. s. aVhiie.
Special Coinmissioner.
Danle.l Ileflnhowor. Auctioneer.
November 18.1973- 5t. -w-f
Valuable 'iiniber Land
THE undersigned offers for rale, privately* Tro
Valuable Tract* of TIMBER LAND. The Aral
XUO Acres.
lying- on the East side of the ShenandoAh ri"?r*r*{5>5
in Jefferson county. West Virginia. The pub-jT*'
1 lie road leading* from Keyes* Ferry to Hilfsbo- t
i ro, passes through tbe ceotre of tbfs tract. lt bai
and is well watered with fine tfpringr*. The treaty
er portion-of it faai?ot>bMn cfttoffilnci!
h?sa large growth of Chestnut Timber .upon it at
this time. The second tract contalas
576 Aore?i,
lying- on the Ezat aide ot ?h?> Siienandoeh river, <Q
Mid county, directly adjacent tu the river, .lid II
raileaahovo the Bloomery Sash Fartpry. Will cul
forty cords of wood per acrs. nod thousands of rail
road cross-ties may be gotten out from the tract.?
It i. k!eo wall watered, and capable of aub division.
It ha* on it
Both tracts lie within a short dlatanr. of Charley
town and Harper's Fsrry, and the timber on each
is ea?y of acceas. .*
Price and terms of sale made known on applica
Sepjcqaber 3, 1672?if. - - - . , . , ;
Real Hstato Agonls!
Cbarlestown, Jefferson Co., W. Ya.
HAVING aaaocisted ouraelvea in tha Real Eataia
Business, we will
and attend to a
in all of ita branch.*. .
Titles Examined Free of Charge.
0T-Office on Main atrset,or.r the Drag 8tor. of
C. E. Heller.
March S6. 1873? if.
1?; Twin Fronts, 21.
a RE crowded to overflowing- with Dry Good*,'
J\ Notions. Millinery,Gents' and Boys* Clothing
and Famishing Gooda. Boots and Shoe., Gaitera,
Ties, Slippers, Bata, Cspa,-Trunks, VaK.es, Sc.I
Bit l^oupht since toe recent panic in the East, spa
to.be aold at once, at less tUan manufaelnrtrs'pricts.
October 7. Ie73.
? j j ? r
BY using Anti-Moth Cedar Soap,Camphorated?
? flective and economical?just received and lor
iais by C. ?. BELLER.
July 8.1873. .
1 A DIES'Particular Attention fa called to tha
J magnificentatockof MILLINERY GOODS at
Goldamith'a Twin Fronts. A room in the rrar of
Store 19 iaprepared for the exhibition , snd a Fash
ionable Milliner is in constant attendance. The
styles are <be very latest, and perfectly beautiful.
Prices less than could I* imagined. ,?t
07-Call early and make jour selections.
. Qjgqbet^itHPr,' ' prjr r- lljO
EVERY kind of Boots, Shoes and Slipper*, foe
man, woman or child, at No. 21 of Goldafhlth'e
Twin Fronts, _ , ?
C. W. littlejoiin in Charge.
October 7.1873.
j ? ?
I \RY PINE KINDLING, finely aplit, kept always
jyj on liaiMf at otir Cotil and iWo6d YitT?).r^
Nor. 26. washington & lippitt.
PRIME OAK SBINGLE8 on hand and for .ale
by washington ?c LIPPITT.'
November 23,1S73.

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