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Charlks Town. W. Vjl.. ApiuY 18. 1S99.
Why Do You Suffer
With your Eyes, when the assistance of a
pair of
will give you relief. We guarantee to fit or
tefund the price. Large as^ortuieut. at ?
Oct. 20. 1S01. Ojitidan and Jeweler.
We speak of our shoes as being
of the right kind because they are
not experimental.
As well as we know what kind
? of shoes you ought to wear, so
well do we kuow how these shoes
ought to be made. *
We are now receiving the larg
est stock of shoes ever brought to
Jefferson county.
Local Miscellany.
County Court May i.
Circuit Court May 16.
Red sea oil at Dalgarn's.
The growing wheat is looking well.
Loose shredded cocoanut at Dalgarn's.
White Lily flour for sale by S. H.
White Star coffee for sale by S. H.
Fresh garden seed for sale by Cooke &
Latest tints in .stationery at Dr.
Fine perfumeries, soaps, ctc., at Dr.
New crop New Orleans molasses at
Go to Dalgarn's for heavy cluck coats,
Shining Light leather preserver at C.
N. Coleman's.
Graham flour and rye chop at Turner's
Milling Store.
Cart load of sawed slab wood tor 50c.
by Miley Bros.
Oil cloth, skirts, flannels of all kinds.
See S. Ii. Landis.
Visit the Baltimore Bargain House for
a nice spring suit.
?Burpee garden seed have just arrived
at C. N. Coleman's.
Pictures framed and frames made to
order at Dr. Bishop's.
New dress goods and silks received by
M. Palmbaum & Bro.
Five new dwellings are under way ft
Shenandoah Junction.
The best seed that grows (Burpee) for
sale by C. N. Coleman.
New underwear and hosiery received
by M. Palmbaum & Bro.
Novelties in spring dress goods received
t>V M. Palmbaum & Bro.
We were visited with a couple of snow*
flurries Sunday afternoon.
Ladies' and children's underwear
cheap. See S. H. Landis.
Look at the Baltimore Bargain House
new advertisment this week.
Wanted to purchase, a good driving
horse. Apply to A. D. Mile}'.
If you want fire, life, sick or accident
insurance see A. G. Wynkoop.
44 Get the best." The Vulcan chilled
plow for sale by C. N. Coleman.
A fine line of Men's and Ladies' Shoes
at the Baltimore Bargain House.
Call 011 A. G. W ynkoop for F ire. Life j
Burglary and Accident Insurance.
If you want to sell your farm or town
property apply to A. G. Wynkoop.
New lace curtains and dotted swisses
received by M. Palmbaum & Bro.
Wall ships 815,000 worth of live stock
out of Jefterson county every month.
Ladies' and children's black hose. A
large assortment. See S. H. Landis.
J. W. Kyle is agent for Morgan &
Wright bicycle tires. See him for prices.
Postage stamps and postal cards for sale
by W. B. Davis, Market-House corner.
New silks, ribbons, laces and embroi
deries, received by M. Palmbaum &. Bro.
A saving of 10 per ccnt. guaranteed by
dealing with the Baltimore Bargain
The Baltimore Bargain House is the
place to get the best goods for the least
A special term of the County Court, for
granting liquor licenses, will be held
April 2S.
The " Famous Ohio" cultivators are
the best on the market. Sold by Cooke
& Phillips^
Genuine chilled plows and repairs that
interchange with the Oliver, at C. N.
"Cahoon," Cyclone and Crown wheel
liarrow grass seeder on sale at C. N.
The Baptists have contracted to have
their church building illuminated by
electric light.
If you have a fine or complicated watch
tthat needs attention, call on Lewis. Ex
pert work at low priccs.
Wanted.?Old China, Bric-a-brac Rel
ics, &c. Address John Treblig, 9 North
Howard street. Baltimore.
Go to Cooke and Phillips for the genu
ine Oliver chilled plows and parts. They
are undoubtedly the best and cheapest to
We return thanks to Joseph Trapnell,
Esq., for an interesting copy of the
Kingston, Jamaica, Daily Gleaner of
March 25.
Easterday & Co. have tin roofed the
Avis property of Mr. Geo. H. Hagley,
and .will roof Col. Gibson's new addition
to the Ambler property.
W. B. Davis, at old post office room,
will sell you best and freshest groceries,
flour, bacon, confections, notions, etc.,
at bottom prices for cash or country pro
Cooke & Phillips handle the well-known
Iloosier single and double corn planters.
They are the best implement of the kind
in the world. Can also furnish the Tiger
<louble planter.
Personal /lention.
Lieut. Hanson B. Black was in town
Mr. Albert C. Rust left yesterCay for
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Alexander went to
Baltimore Wednesday.
Miss Margie Kennedy, of Washington, is
visiting friends in town.
Col. B. D. Gibson madea business trip
to Shepherdstown Wednesday.
Mr. J. P. Miley made a business trip to
Newport News, Va., last week.
Mr. Forrest Richardson is on from Ne
braska. visiting his parents here.
Mrs. Wolley, of Lexington, Ky., is vis
iting her daughter, Mrs.W. F. Alexander.
Mr. J. W. James is improving the
property of Mr. F. G. Butler below town.
Mr.Braxton Davenport, of Ohio,visited
his father, Col. H. B. Davenport, last
Dr. and Mrs. T. W. Simmons, of Ha
gerstown, have been visiting relatives in
Mrs. John T. Gibson and daughter.
Miss Zan, are visiting friends in Wash
ington City.
Miss Mary Woods, of Martinsburg, has
been spending a few days with Miss Bes
sie Sublette.
Rev. Dr. A. C. Hopkins has been quite
indisposed the past week, but is now
much better.
Capt. George Baylor, though still quite
weak, was down town for a short while
this morning.
Mr. Geo S. Eyster went over Thurs
day to visit his father at Chambersburg,
Mr. J. C. Davenport left Tuesday to
take his position as cashier of the Bank
at Graham, Va.
Mr. Geo. W. Haines, the popular Win
chester marble cutter, was in Charles
Town Tuesday.
Mr. John A Livers, president of the City
Electric Light, Heat and Power Co., was
in town Thursday.
Hon. Frank R. Stockton and family
are expected at " Claymont Court" the
latter part of this month.
Mrs. Hugh Perry and little son, of Lu
ray, Va. are visiting the hospitable home
of her aunt, Mrs. Joseph Crane.
Mrs. Fannie A. Chambers, of Bolivar,
attended the meeting of the Daughters of
the Confederacy here Thursday.
. Mrs. T. W. Timbelake and Miss Tim
berlake, of Milldale. Va,, are the guests
of the family of Dr. J. L. Luke.
Mrs. Amanda Brown accompanied her
niece. Miss Marquard of New York, on a
visit to friends in Martinsburg last week.
Capt. Albert Moler, of Washington
City, and Mr. Virgil Moler, of Pittsburg,
attended the funeral of their mother here
last Friday.
Miss Lucy Nelnes, one of Roanoke
county, Virginia's, most popular and
charming young ladies, is visiting Miss
Bessie Crane.
Mrs. H. N. Whittington came on from
Pittsburg with Miss Griff Moler after the
death of the latter's mother, and remained
several days with her brother, Mr. B. W.
Miss Margaret Kennedy, Miss Ella
ICeerl, Mrs. Thos. Frazierand Mrs. Jno.
C. Burns and Mr. W. C. Carrell took ad
vantage ot the excursion to Washington
Rev. F. A. Strother, the new preacher
in charge ol Jefferson Circuit, M. E.
Church South, arrived to-day. The ap
pointments of Middleway and Leetown
have beeu added to this circuit.
Mr. William Trnpnell left Saturday week
for Topeka, Kansas, where lie has accepted
a position with the Atchison, Topeka and
Santa Fe Kailroad Company. Charles Town
cm ill afloril to lose such young men as Mr.
Trapnell. We wish him success.
I"ev. Dr. and Mrs. Rumsey Sniitlison
visited friends in Harford county, Md.,
and returned yesterday to Charles Town.
Rev. H. H. Kennedy, the newly appoint
ed pastor of the M. E. Church South here,
is expected to arrive next Thurday.
About half-past eight Sunday night
fire was discovered in a barrel of cloth
ing in the kitchen of Mr. Edward Row
land, on liable avenue. An alarm was
sounded, but the fire was extinguished
before a great deal of damage was done,
without the aid of the fire department.
The stable of Mr. D. G. Donnelly, used
by Mr. D. J. Porter, was burned about
3 o'clock Saturday morning, together
with a horse, buggy, harness and other
articles belonging to Mr. Porter. A hog
belonging to Mr. J. W. Cantley, in an
adjoining pen, was rescued, but not until
it had been severely burned. The fire
department responded, but so rapid was
the progress of the fire that but little
could be done. No insurance.
Mrs. Mary Jane Moler, of this place,
died at the residence of her daughter,
Mrs. H. G. Knapp. in Pittsburg, Pa., on
Wednesday last, aged about 70 years.
She was a kind and devoted mother, and
had been for years a member of the M.
E. Church South. Her remains were
brought to Charles Town, and on Friday
morning funeral services were held in
the M. K. Church South, conducted by
Rev. A. A. P. Necl, after which they
were tuken to Uvilla for burial.
Mrs. Boiling has again rented the Hotel
Powhatan, and will re-open the same for
the coming season about May 15. The
Powhatan under the superb management
of Mrs. Boiling the two last seasons past
has become a most popular sum mer resort,
numbering among its guests many of the
most prominent people ot Washington,
Baltimore and elsewhere. We are grati
fied to note that Mrs. B. will be at its
head again, and wish her a more success
ful season than ever.
A unique entertainment was given in
City Hall, this week, by a group of blind
students from the Industrial School for
the Blind, of Hartford, Conn. The first
part of the performance consisted of a
mock trial, in which all the parts were
played by the blind people, excepting the
jury, which was lijade up of prominent
citizens of Nashua. The acting reflected
great credit on the performance. Follow
| ing the mock trial an excellent concert
j was given.?Boston Herald, Nov., 1S9S.
Will appear in Washington Hall on
1 Tuesday evening, April 25.
Public Sales.
Thursday. April 27.?Lumber and
Wood, by H. P. Thorn.
Wednesday, May 10.?Real Estate, by
James M. Mason, Jr., and M. L. Walton,
?$5,000 to loan in sums to suit.
Aj8-3t. Chew & Norms.
Experienced clerk wanted at the New
York Racket Store at once.
Our grand display of new spring Mat
tings, prices to suit every house-keeper.
Burns & Siiugert.
Rev Julius E. Grammer, pastor of Trin
ity P. E. Church, Baltimore, will address
the Anti-Saloon League of Charles Town
Mr*. I'. p. White was making soap by
an outdoor fire this morning, when her
clothing became ignited and she was very
seriously burned. j
Meeting of John W. Rowan Camp, U.
C. VThursday evening, April 20, at 8
o clock. Business of importance, and a
full attendance requested.
Julius C. Holmes, Commander.
Mr. J. M. Funk had his hand severely
cut Thursday, by grabbing a falling hay
knife in front of the hardware store of
Mr. C. N. Coleman. Dr. J. P. Bishop
gave him surgical attention.
Miss Annie Colston was thrown from a
light vehicle by a runaway horse, in
Clarke county, Va., where she is visiting,
a few days ago, and severely bruised,
though hot dangerously injured.
Mr. Charles Langdon, a well-known
and esteemed citizen of this county, died
at his home near Kabletown. Saturday, at
an advanced age. The deceased is sur
vived by a widow and one son, Mr. B. F.
Jailor S. C. Young, (who by the way is
about the best janitor of public property
the county has ever had) is having the
enclosures about the court-house nicely
cleaned up, fences whitewashed, etc.,
giving the whole a cleanly and attractive
Caiload of shoats wanted by Saturday.
See me in regard to hogs, sheep and
calves this week. Corn to sell by barrel,
wagon load, bushel or carload. Baled
hay. Must clean out warehouse and get
ready for wool. 25 fresh cows wanted,
with calves. C. F. Wall.
Mr. John O. Johnson, who has just
completed the elegant Ambler residence
011 South George street, has broken
ground on the adjoining lot for the new
dwelling of Mr. S. W. Washington,
which is to be an equally handsoiiie and
imposing structure.
We do not know where Rev. f. H.
Wolff will make his future home, but we
hope he and his good wife may decide to
locatc in Charles Town. They are both
held in high esteem by all our people,
without regard to denominational lines,
and the people of the community would
be pleased to have them remain here.
Whether on pleasure bent or business,
take on every trip a bottle of Syrup of Figs,
as it acts most pleasantly and effectually
on the kidneys, liver, and bowels, prevent
ing fevers, headaches, and other f irmsof
sickness. For sale in 50 cent bottles by all
leading druggists. Manufactured by the
California Fig Syrup Co. only.
Hest in the Would?yin>. Jatlc Uopkin's
Boys Clothes. Ueware of imitations. After
years of tireless devotion to the subject of
good looking and wear-resisting BoysClothes,
she successfully evolved the principle of con
struction. which has not oniv made ficr an
enviable reputation, but blessed by mothers
of boys throughout the land. Genuine Mrs.
! Jane Hopkins lioys Clothes 011 sale for the
j Spring, 189!), ut Win. Halm's, Sadler block.
We regret to lose Rev. Dr. Rumsey
Smithsou from our midst. He is an
able, earnest preacher, and he and his
good wife will cany with them to his;
new appointment the best wishes of the
mass of our people. To the newly ap
pointed prcacher in charge of Charles
Town Station, M. E. Church South,
Rev. H. H. Kennedy, we extend a cor
dial welcome,
Mr. Gustav D. Brown has our thanks
for a freezer of excellent ice-cream sent
us last Wednesday. Our liberal spirited
and enterprising young friend not only
has about the nicest and most attractive
ice-cream and oyster parlors in the Val
ley, but has an enviable reputatation for
serving the best in each line, in a style
unsurpassed in the larger cities. His ice
cream and soda water business is now in
full blast, and those desiring either of
these delicious articles may be served as
they desire.
An Excellent Combination.
The pleasant method and beneficial
effects of the well known remedy.
Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the
California. Fig Syrup Co., illustrate
the value of obtaining the liquid laxa
tive principles of plants known to be
medicinally laxative and presenting
them in the form most refreshing to the
taste and acceptable to the system. It
is the one perfect strengthening laxa
tive, cleansing- the system effectually,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
gently yet pronjgtly and enabling one
to overcome habitual constipation per
manentlj*. Its perfect freedom from
every objectionable quality and sub
stance, and its acting on the kidneys,
liver and bowels, without weakenintr
or irritating thom, mal:o it the ideal
In the process of manufacturing figs
are used, as thev are pleasant to the
taste, but the medicinal qualities of the
remedy are obtained from senna and
other aromatic plants, by a method
known to the California Fig Syrup
Co. only. In order to get its beneficial
pffects and to avoid imitations, please
remember the full name of the Company
printed on the front of every package.
^orsale by all Drvggists.? Price 50c. per bottle
Church Items.
Rev. L. R. Milbourne will preach at
Halltown next Sunday afternoon.
Rev. Dr. A. C. Hopkins will preach at
Kabletown on Sunday, April 30, at 3:30
p. m.
Bishop Peterkin will visit Zion P. E.
Church, to administer the Rite of Con
firmation, May 14.
Services in St. James" Catholic Church,
Charles Town, on the 4th Sunday of
each month, at 10: 30 a. m.
The sermon being preached to young
men by Rev. L. R. Milbourne in the
Baptist church Sunday night having been
interrupted by an alarm of fire, has been
postponed until Sunday night, May 7.
The Sacrament of of the Lord's Supper
was administered in the Presbyterian
church on Sunday last?usual prepara
tory services Friday and Saturday pre
vious. The pastor was assisted by Rev.
Mr. Laird, of Front Royal, who preached
during the meeting.
At the pariah meetings of Wickliffe
and St. John's Churches, Rev. H. G.
England, rector, the following vestrymen
were elected : Wickliffe?\V. H. T.
Lewis, Jnqnelin E. Smith, Robert. R.
Smith, Cba* H. Lewis, John R. Castle
man, J. J. Singleton, Philip H. Powers
and Clins H. Harris Ripon?Dr. Uow
ar'l Oabourn, John B.P.-tge, F.Corbin La
Rue, It L. Wire, Neil Snyder, S. Fayette
Sommers anil John C. Knuode.
Go to Cooke & Phillips for your garden
plows. The Queen of the Garden is the
most durable and easiest running plow
on earth.
Special Thirty Days Offer.
Two dollar cabinets tor 99 cents.
D. C. Moll,
Mr28. Charles Town, W. Va.
Notwithstanding the advance in coal,
we offer 60 tons at the old price. Red
ash Lykens Valley stove, ?6.oo; nut,
$5.50. Miley Bros.
Eggs for Hatching.?Barred Ply
mouth Rocks, pure bred, 13 eggs for 75
cts. Stock from the noted poultry yards
of Danton Marford, Md., and C. A.
Kuhlman, Va. M.Kercheval,
Charles Town, W. Va.
Messrs. Wooddy & Baker are at work
upon the foundation for the new addition
to Col. John T. Gibson's Ambler build
ing, which, when completed, together
with the west end of the present building,
will make the finest store-room in the
town?24x100 feet in the clear.
If your liver is out of order, causing
Biliousness, Sick Headache, Heart
burn, or Constipation, take a dose of
Hood's PSBSs
On retiring, and tomorrow your di
gestive organs will be regulated and
you will be bright, active and ready
for any kind of work. This has
been the experience of others; it
will be yours. HOOD'S PILLS are
Bold t)y all medicine dealers. 25 cts.
Lovers of fine fowls, especially that popu
lar areod, Barred Plymouth Kocks. should
write Mr. Denton Marford, of Catonsyille,
Md., and get a setting of eggs from his prize
taking birds. He is one of Maryland's most
successful and noted breeders, and from the
number oi premiums he has taken at the
poultry shows is self-evident that his stock
is wny up in O. The foreman of the Advo
cate who will introduce new blood into his
Hock, received a setting of eggs from Mr.
Marford yesterday, which were nicely pack
ed and arrived without a break, writes him
that he has disposed of 81 setting the last
month. Col. Bryan, who heads Mr. Kerche
val's pen of barred birds, and by competent
judges said to be quite a handsome bird, was
raised by Mr. Marford, and parties desiring
to look at him before ordering eggs can do
so by calling at Mr. K's residence on West
Liberty street.
I wish to inform my friends and the
public generally that I have moved in the
new room now being fitted up for me in
the Ilagley buildiug (a few doors from
Racket store) about April ist. I antici
pate a very large spring trade, and will
use my best efforts to raise and maintain
the standard of custom garment making
to the highest level possible, in order to
counteract the many spurious imitations
of legitimate tailoring that have been
foisted upon the public. As to my new
samples for the comingseason, it is hardly
necessary for me to dwell on them. All
1 can say is that I used the very best
ability and matured experience in sel ect
ing a complete assortment of styles and
qualities. I promise you also in the fu
ture, as in the past, the same courteous
and liberal treatment, and last, but not
least, a perfect fit. Yours" &c.,
C. E. Reinixger.
Tile Non-Absorbent Bread and Pastry
In no part of the household realm has
such advancement been made, as in the
variety and production of convenient and
labor saving appliances for the kitchen.
BOARD is one of the most important
health and labor saving devices yet to be
introduced, as the ordinary wooden board
is unhealthy, laborious and wasteful, and
in every respect unsatisfactory. It there
fore .snves the agent great pleasure to of
fer to the house-wives of this vicinity the
patent Non-Absorbent Bread and Pas
try Board, the triumph of simplicity and
perfection, an ideal board on which to
prepare bread, pastry and other food.
It is hygienic and sanitary, having a
highly polished metalic kneading and
rolling surface, microbes nor disease
germs cannot enter. It is easily and
quickly cleaned with a damp cloth, no
scraping nor scouring being required, as
dough will not adhere to it. ffo more
flour is required than is necessary to tem
per the dough, the gqod results of which
are well known, while butter, lard and
liquids can be mixed without being ab
sorbed. No bad odors from previous use
nor soft fibrous surface to become rancid
and foul. Being extremely light and at
tractive, it is acknowledged by all to be
superior to the heavy and expensive
slabs frequently used, thus making it the
only practical, non-absorbeut board
ever offered for domestic use.
H. L. Kirbv, Agent,
Poliyar, W. Va.
A. D. Bark, Sub-agent,
For Charles Town and Vicinity.
Royal &
^bsowteky Pure
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
iSqg Ramblers $40.00.
M. E. Bouncer, Agent.
Educate Your llowela With Cascavets.
Candy Cathartic, euro constipation forever.
10c, ?5c. If C. C. C. fail, drucs:istsrefund monev.
New spring dress goods and trimmings,
ginghams, percals, white goods, embroid
eries, laces, lace curtains, art drapery,
curtain muslins, silks, &c.
Burns & Shuoert.
Bun the ^ The Kind You Have Always Bought
I>jm. Tomlinson's
Corner or Charles and Liberty S^hee
Have you time to look at your watch ?
Maybe you have time, but have the
wrong time wheu you do look. If such
is the case, don't swear, but bring your
timepiece to Lewis. Prices always right.
Tobacco Spit smi hiuoie Your I Ife Away.
To quit tobacco easily an.! forever, be mag
netic, full of J ife, nerve and vigor, take No-To
Bac. tl?e v.ouuer wor'.ccr. that makes weals men
stroug. All druggists, f.Oc or PI. Cure guaran
teed. Booklet and sample free. Address
Sterling llemedy Co., Chicago or Now York.
If kept continually running a watch
willtick 160,144,000 tiinesayear. If your
watch is not kept clean it will soon wear
out and be useless. Lewis will clean
your watch for 75 cts., and warrant it
one year.
Just received a carload of the latest im
proved Deering Binders and Mowers.
C. N. Coleman.
Save your carpets and furniture by
using the Milford Suction Sweeper.
C. N. Coleman.
Dcnniy Its Blood Deep.
Clean Mood means a clean skin. No
beauty without it. Cascarels, Candy Cathar
tic clean your blood and keep it clean, by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all im
Surities from the body. licgin to-day to
aiiish pimples, boils, nlotchcs, blackheads,
ind that sickly bilious complexion by taking
C'nscarets,?beauty for ten cents. All drug
gists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25c, 50c.
The Mrs, Jane Hopkius Hoys Clothes differ
from the ordiuary sort in so mauy ways that
they really leggar description ; oulv a per
sonal description of their " fine points " can
properly convey to the minds of the intelli
gent American mothers their enormous super
iority over every other sort. Call at William
Kahn's, the leading clothier, Sadler block.
Reduced rates to Triennial Session Interna
tional Sunday School Association, Atlanta.
Ga.. April 20-29,1809. For the a hove occasion
the Southern Railway will sell tickets to At
lanta, Ga., and return, from all points on its
lines, at rate of one ttrbt-class fare for tbe
round trip. Tickets on sale April 25, 20, 27,
final limit May H, IS99. Double daily train
service, Pullman sleeping cars. Dining car
and dav c? aches 011 both trains.
Mrs. Jane Hopk:ns Boys Clothes arc made
as nearly indestructible as garments made
from woolen fabrics possibly can be. They
are guaranteed by the makers and sellers to
give absolute satisfaction. Like other articles
of exceeding merit Mrs. Jane. Hopkius Boys
Clothes have received that sincerest flattery?
imitation. Therefore we cautiou the public
that the genuine Mrs. Jane Hopkius Boys
Clothes bear her label and are for sale in this
vicinity only by Wm. Kahn. Sadler block.
Black serge, lienriettas, cashmeres,
worsteds, &c., cheaper than ever. See
S. H. Landis.
Comforts, blankets, lap robes, duck
jackets, cheaper than ever before.
Oakland Mineral Water, for kidney
and stomach trouble and rehcumatism,
for sale by S. H. Landis.
Sheeting-, cotton, ticking, cottonades,
full lines, and domestics of all kinds, at
reduced prices. S. H. Landis.
are the months when prudent
mothers look after the
of their lads. Styles are fresh
est and Assort merits arc largest.
To these mothers a word:
for Spring, 1S!)9, are ready.
Prices are as uniformly rinht as
they have been for the past 16
The Leading Clothier, Sadler Klock,
S. H. Landis.
SPRiNGr, 99.
Mai ch 14. 1SU0.
oils and Pimples
Give Warning.
When Nature is overtaxed, she has
her own way of giving notice that assist
ance is needed. She does not ask for
help until it is impossible to get along without
it. Boils and pimples are an indication that
the system is accumulating impurities which
rnn nri n must be gotten rid of ; thoy are an urgent appeal for assistance
lUn (iLLr ? ?a warning that can not safely be ignored.
To neglect to purify the blood at this
time means more than the annoyance of painful boils and
unsightly pimples. If these impurities are allowed to
remain, the system succumbs to any ordinary illness, and is
unable to withstand the many ailtpents which are so
prevalent during spring and summer.
Mrs. L. Gentile, 2004 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash ,
says: " I was afflicted for a long time with pimples, which
were very annoying, as they disfigured my face fearfully.
After using many other remedies in vain. S S. S. promptly
and thoroughly cleansed my blood, and now I rejoice in
a good complexion, which I never had before."
Capt. W. H. Dunlap, of the A. G. S.
R. R., Chattanooga. Tenn., writes:
" Several boils and carbuncles broke out upon me, causing
great pain and annoyance. My blood seemed to be in
a riotous condition, and nothing I took seemed to do
any good. Six bottles of S. S S. cured me completely
and my blood has been perfectly pure eve/ since."
is the best blood remedy, because it is purely vegetable
and is the only one that is absolutely freo from potash and mercury. It
promptly purifies the blood and thoroughly cleanses the system, builds up
the general health and strength. It cures Scrofula, Eczema,"Cancer, Rheuma
tism. Tetter. Boils, Sores, etc., by going direct to the cause of the trouble and
forcing out all impure blood.
Books free to any addreos by the Swift Specific Co., Atlanta, Ga.
The Monarch of Strength is
j?rength f?mes ftr?? its purity. It is all pure coffee,
freshly roasted, and is sold only in onQ-oound sealed
packages. Each package will make40 cups* The pack
age is sealed at the Mills so that the aroma is never
weakened. It has a delicious flavor. Incomparable
strength. It is a luxury within the reach of all.
Insist on "Lion" Coffeo
Never ground nor so;C] jn bulk.
None Genuine without Llori's head.
If your Grocer
doca not ha to I-ion Coffee In hla store,
Fen<I ;w h'js pfi?J etldrfo# that we
V\ni pla.v i: or ?a)e tbere. IH> not accept
ecy H?:iNt|fut?-.
WOOlSON SPICE CO.. Toledo. Oh!o.
To See and Examine, and then you will want a
M'?, O fVS.
GENUINE CLtLDED PLOWS and repairs thai inie-change
with the Oliver. Vulcan Plows with Clamp Beam, stronger
tliau the bolted beam. Root Plow?. Repairs furnished for
all plows in :he country. BROWN MANLY PLOWS and.
'1 he Thomas Ali-Steel Hay Rakes and Tedders, The Rich
mond Champion Double and Single Corn Planters, Michigan
Wheel and Float Spring-Tooth Harrows, Wood and Steel
Land Rollers, Self Oiling Tubular Axle Farm Wagons.
Agents for Birdsell Hnllers and Wind Stackers,The Amer
ican Thresher and Rock Crusher. Full line
Wire, Cement, Terra Cotta Pipe, Pumps, Paints, Oils, &e,
?7. JV. COL.EM.jMJV,
Jan. 17.
Our New Spring Goods are now on display.
No matter how small your purchase may lie,
we will make interesting prices for you.
XIarch 7.
1899. SOLID ROCK. 1899.
Yes, the Book tells us that a house built on sand soon crumbles and
falls, but one built upon solid rock stands all storms, cyclones anil bliz
zards. Just so in the mercantile arena. The business that is founded on
solid principles:
know no compction, keep goods eternally on the move. Lead in low
price; never follow or imitate; don't wait for somebody else to cut prices.
The people who come for miles around tell us every day (hat we are the
talk of the country. Best yalues for least money. We believe in short
profits and doing the volume of business. This spring finds us with a more
selected stock than ever before. It will pay you to inspect our line of
Hagluy Corner, diaries Town, W. Va.
Fch. 23,
ure ready for spring trade with flne selection of
Embroideries, SUIes,
Prices Lower Than Ever.
March 21.
M Palmbaum & Bro.f
Next to Watson House, Charles Town, W. Va.
Some people do riot like to he talked about.
We do. and, to give you a good cause for doing
so, we will endeavor to perform some redicu
lons things, commencing today, and keep it
up until January 1, 18*J9. Watch the papers
and our window for gosip food.
BROWN, The Jeweler.
Nov 22. 1S88.
500 NEW
& Buggies.
Thrush $ Stowgh,
of Southern Pennsylvania and Maryland,
Wish to announce to the people of Charles Town and vicinity
Ihal tli?;y ore better prepared than ever to furnish Buggies,
Carriages, Spindle and Dayton Wagons, at bottom prices.
Do not purchase until you address u3 at Shippen9burg, Pa., or
Ilagersstown, Md.; or yoo can receive full information from
Mr. Adam Brown, at the Carter House, Charles Towa,
1 Aug. 2,"OS.

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