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. , |
TUURJJDAV : I . MARCH 11,-1802.
ffWB.'ll ? ?
Today, we doff our dtUpidalid 'bee
vur' and make our beat bow,bfragenerous
and epprcoiative public, as wo protest
10 the world lha first number of ''Tha
Weekly Register." Being impressed
no lete wilh the taut thai the warns of
the people of iliia imme linte section de
mand* medium through which metiers
of a general and publ e nature way bu
diiouaeeil, than wilk a desire of levering
for ourselves o parmnneni, and we trust,
remunerative e())plo>mont, we lieve
engaged is this enterprise. It i? suffi
cient for ut to say here, that we ere
awaro of the obstacles w* have to ov?jp
,t come in establishing a piper, with
' limited anjoput of rreann, and that'we
know something of (he labor and respoa;
sibility that we assume in undertaking
Its management, as we hare served a
life-time apprenticeship at the business,
end thereforo to know something
of its duties, if we know anything.?
With this assurance on oar part we would
prefer to bo judged by our pcrferman
cee, raiber than our promises, which,
though they mny tie mode in good fuith
;nay nut be fulfilltd s pie ty, an J
to th? I filer.
We therefore, only propose at thit
tjtpe to jndicale briefly our position in
regard to the great and momentous ques
fions of (ha day. -2 ? p
In tho tiret^laeo wo wish it, ante
ler all, to bo riistinetl/ uadersteod. ih.it
we are emphatioally snd unconditional
ly ii favor ?f the Unien, as formed by
our fathers, and that under no possible
or ooneeivable circumstances will we
consent te its dismemberment.
The anuses whleh have led to the
deplorable and bloody civil w?r now
desoletinj our fair land, hsvo been re
cently, so fully diicussed by tlu press,
Had from tlio rostrum, that thry must be
patent to everyone, and tbenfore, any
disquisition from us on tliut subjaot would
be uaprofiiable. It is enough for as to
ssy, that.the time fer argument is now
^e ambitious rod
unprincipled men who are nnw seeking
?u orvrihrow tho Government, wore tho
first to appeal to arms, wo are decidedly
in favor of convincing them, by that
Jitnd of arbitration, that wo have a gov
ernment povoiful enough to punish troa
son at hoiuc, nod demand respect from
"bread, not only in the present strueglo
./or national existence, but for all time to
oomo. To this end, we fcl it our duty,
and thjgjuty of every patriotioand loyal
citiien to give a cordial, hearly and un
wavering support to the present Admin
istration in the efforts it is makipg to
orush out Ibo present infamous rebellion.
Although wo happened to have our birth
South of Mason and Dixon's lino, wo
are not one of those who can ba frighten
ed from the plain path of duty by tho
cry of Abolitionism, and shall, thcroforo,
stand by President Lincoln so long as
he stands by the Constitution, as ho has
done heretofore.
As a law-lovi.ng, and law-abiding oit
i*en,.^e feel bound to give our earnest
and zealous support to the reorcanijed
government of the 8tat0. as established
by tho Convention which assembled at
Wheeling on the 11th day of last June,
ond shall advocate the proposition to
divide the State, with all the energy sivJ
power that there is in us.
?For this we might offer sufficient ar
gument to satisfy any sane and reasona
ble uisn, but spoco wilj not permit at
tbi? time. It is sufficient (o say here
now, thot wo have no intcrestin common
^with the people of the Eastern portion
of the Hlrite. that we nan never hcre^r.*!
jiS?irr6'r'iTiem any of that fraternal feel
ing, which should exist bttween peoplo
pi tha same Stato, find without referring
Jo the repeated jinjl multiplied wrongs
they have done us, we must 6ay that in
^wyr ?jyfnion the looner we are separated
{row tha East the belter it will he
tor both parties.
We intend, as far asnjsy bo consistent
villi our feelings of sclf-respect, to treat
all with whom wo may havo to deal edi
toiially, with becoming courtesy, but
shall discharge our duty as a publio
journalist, as far as we have the ability,'
'/'without fear favor or sffection."
In conclusion wo have to say to iho
loyal people of Mason ond surrounding
-ounties, (and wo address uoim other than
tthe loy^l people?ss our platform will not
suit the other clasi) that wo have enga
ged if) this enterprise with the firm and
jflifd determination of putting it auoceii
fully "through" if such a thing i? posi-i-1
bio. Wil|i the people c? Wost Vtr^inin
our lui h*s bueu cut, and her generous
lad luaji)..iiiinoi^ people to whom we
look for support, will, Vc feel usstirod,
snat?inusin cur wide/taking, if our
liumblo effort* should entitle ua to re
ccive it.
Tho Couktitallon of West Vtrgrnt*.
Af. some considerable expense, wa
furnish ouch of oursulnpribi r? this week
with ?n extra, containing tha Conatita
tion of the proposed now State of Weal
Virginia. Wa havo been able, an yet,
to give that document but a cursory ex
amination; and, therefore, are not pro.
pared to express any decided opin'on
ua to itn merits, further tlmn to say that
wo oonsider it a vast improvement upon
that instrument which was given to the
people of Virginia ua their orjiitnic law,
after an eight months' incubation, by that
one ideal, old fogy body, knoas tne
reform Convention which assembled in
Richmond, some ten ir i dozen years
: ago.
As wo understand, provision, hat,been
' mado for having tho Constitution extun
sivolv circulated throughout the lovcral
^ counties of West Virginia; every votei
can have an opportunity of informing
himself of its merits, and be prepared ti
1 vote understanding^ at the election (pi
1 its ratification' or rejoction, which teket
' place on tho first Thursday in April,
next. That it will bo ratified by an
i overwhelming majority, ws do not ontcr>
i tains doubi.
Death or Gm. Likdbh.?The pub
lie will bo painel to hear of the death o
1 |ho noblo and intrepid, Gon. Fred. W
' Lander, which occurred on the 2nd Inst.,
at bis head quarters on the Upper Poto
mac, of wounds received i,t Leesburgh,
the day after ibe disaster at BhII'i
Bluff. Gen. Lander was the "bravest
of the brave,"?as perfect a spocitnen
of lofty chivalry as ever livod.
Foiuiiun News.?Woha?onot spacc
to print the details of news leaching us
from Jiurope. It is sufficient to say that
it is extromly favorable. The atory that
It o French Emperor proposrd to recog
nize the Southern Confederacy and break
our blockade,turns out to have been man
ufactured by the sensation British Preaa.
The dispatches of Lord Lyons in hl? Onu.
ernmont just published, show that be has
a very wholesome centempt for the orro
gant[and ignorant vulgarians who assume
to be the Southern aristocracy arid master
of the world. The debutes in tl.o British
Parliament show tlmt there is but a small
faction in favor of interreotiou is our af
Tha Richmond Examinor says the con
federate reversrs at Ronnoke and on tho
fonnessee and Cumberland livers were
"mere scratches on the skin of the coun
try." As tho country was penetrated to
Florence, Ala., tho epidermis must bo
thicker than most people imagined though
from llo general insonsihjlity to honor
and loyalty in that quarter, it was gener
ally conceded to be thicker than that of a
^jrEx-Governar Joseph A. Wrighl
has Ken appointed, by Go vcrnor Mor
ton, I nited Btnies Sennt.ir from Inditim,
in the place ofJessio I).Bright, expelled.
Mr. Wright is a Democrat and o patriot
and represented this country at thecourl
of Berlin during the Bnchonon Adminis
tration. The appointment, is a fit trib
ute to his slorliug worth, patriotism and
E?"The evacuation of Columbus
leaves Kentucky froo of all armed robols
Nov let llleir bo a through expurgation
of the traitors who still Infest her soil.
Every man who does nut j;ive the Gov
ernment his hany allegiance, should be
deprived of tho boncfUs of its protoction.
Storetnry Slnnton's order to the press
makes olrar one point which some ol the
enemies of General MoClolland have en
deavored 10 obscure. The General com.
minding" is carefully distinguished from
tl.n,"Generals commanding" the oripioa
in tho Hold in the several departments.?
Inasmuch as the order is under tho aig
! unliiteofthe Secretary ufwnr, it is there
fore officially anuouueed that General
McCle 11 >i ii is still Hie "General comma n
ding."-fN.Y. World.
Patterson's Creek Bridge, near Cumber
land Md., was destroyed by lire Tuesday
night, by a dotaohment of rebels. There
was no guard at the bridge.
Under authority ol the War Depart
ment ipedal agents of tha Adiitjr. Ka
press Company aro now actively en^a
Red in arranging an extension of tho lines
ol the company from Louisville ?nd Cai
ro to Nashville, Clarksville, Forts llenry
and Donelsou, in I other points In Ton
p p01"
if The
oo the
? /.nt Oil
JOrfheti l? bejtn'mlv n
ihe history of wan on this
in nil J" fMirt of the World, to ti
/clofiea that have perrhei"
Sinn and Slfljiun daring the
In til quarters tho rebel
been dpfifated, and ?*tr
Humphrey Marshall's army
tud dispersed, Zollioeffefi'# Is
put to flight and'an immense
. army sl<>r<s, horses, wagons,
ammunition csptuiad; the Gei
Mlfkilled. Fort Henry, a pi
calculable importance, fell inl?
KMiion of the Federal forces;
ffls'iman ond stnfl" are prisoni
r.e*! and Inat of tit* series in J
Was achieved at Fort Donnelso
Cumberland rivsr- Thi?wa*i
of great strength raiurally. end
tided yyiiji "11 th# (kill a59 *
enea tho r?b"ls possessed.
bv a large ferco,
I linn 28.U00 or 30.000;
nntean'i bravo dt'ertw ofthre*
unconditionally turrendered to I
cible prowess, the galhnteutl
stormingol the Federal foroel,k
rior to the entrenched rebels, in
number*. This victory will form jjbri^lit
page in the history o( this war. Bat this
ilon4 not complete tho serios of t|i? wos
ernviotores; the Stars on.l stripes wave
over Olarkbvillr, Tenn., rurrenderfld Jo
Federal armswitltout a fight. No^t* this
nil yet Priie and lii? army have bean dri
qen, with pieut lot* from Missouri, i?'<>
Arkahsas and then defeated alter J* had
formed o junction with McCulIobgh's
futon.' . . ,,
As brilliant as these victories, 5n tho
West ere, they era equalled in every re
spect by the \ictory of Roanoke,
coastofN. Oarolini, undor Gen.'purn
lide and ?om. Goldsborough. Offi
cial accounts stnio the results T>f tbo flf
tory at Roanoke Ialand end Clio control
of all the inland waters of North Carolina
and of the Southern npproaclfto'NoVfoIk:
the capture of six forts and b 'tter ea nod
the destruition of a seventh. Tfte.onp
ture of 34 heavy cannon. 2,6l7 prisoners
3,500 stnnnd of urine. 75 tonsofaonjei
tion, superior winter quarters lor pver
6,000 men, end the entire desiruotiori
of the rebel fleot. This was done at the
expense of 60 men killed and 222 wound
ed on our tide.
Union Sentiment in Florida.
The Kay West coi'reipondent of the
Boston Journal says:
Parties who hove escaped to the
orol vessels from I^>iid? represent]
on ml! lion of the jiePHe as deplnriibl||
ll?, ,ir?wmtTrT?n*"ftro?
rapidly on the increase. Ihe rtiR^cSrlJV
are heartily sick of the war, and would
bo glad to have peace upuo any terms.
In iho neighborhood of Tampa there are
at least torty Union families, who only
renuiro the support of the Federal pow
er to return to lli'pir allegiance. Similar
reports reach mo Irom other parts ot
Florida, and I do not hesitate to say
iliat en ermy o( 5,000 men could march
ihroush the entire Stato. It is proposed
by Captain Eaton of the Ethan Allen, to
lake possession of a finu'l island near
Tumpay Buy, on which there is ft light
house ?nd other buil lings, and make it a
temporary place of reluge for those who
boek his pioteition.
jtSrTho details of the news from En -
gland. bought by the mails of the Ni
agara, present -ono highly important lot
nre not indicated hy tho telegraph from
Halifax, Earl Derby, ihe leader of the
opposition in the British P,.rlauieht.
o>e in his plnce in the House of Lords
on tho 7th inst, order to oorrect e mis
report of his speeoh of tho previous day.
published in the London Times, and tho
lacl of his deeming it nccessnry to take
go much trouble may be regerde.l
as a significant symptom of opiniftn.
Tho report of his speech in the limes
wus. "1 think the liino is ueatly come
when the Government, m?y probibly
be cniled on the ree0gni*4 the so lav suc
cessful revolt of the seceded Stnles. ?
What Earl Derby d.id say was veiy iiff.
ernt, It was as follows: "The time b??
not some when jt (tho British Govern-,
mont] can propcrlh be onjled on to recog
nise tlu Government repre?enliriK ?ttie
snrcessfnl revolt of the 8. u hern itates.
Tl'ough it is the prncice to reoo^ntle a
de f?eic government tlmt has SUcceAieJ
in es'abltsliiiijj itself, 1 do uot think tho
resistatKe cfthe^uthernStVMta-rJfcs?
''?) succsi-ruf'as to jUiffiiy us m recogniz
ing them ns a Power able to maintain
its own independence.
BSJ-The Lynchburg Virginian publish
es the following.
?A jitivale letter received from
lerville last nigh Btatod thnt our
reciovod orders to send their sicl; to
rear, and pul themselves :n ma
ordor. Hy passengers who arrived on
last night's train, the ahnvo report is
oonfirmed, Mid they also stale that the
Ionian and pbiMreo ware oidered to
leave yesterday morning. We nnder
itaml from the same source that tho Yan
kees have soccceded in cutiinj another
road throngh the wooils to Fairfaj.'
Tho Louisville- Nashville-Bowling
Green r."nrier,we Wrn. te now Mit-g
published in Atlanta, Georgia. j
\ Floyd has a dislike to th.e shup? ol
1 Minnie bullets, ^llhougb ho runs the#).
jgrSubseribu for tho Weokly Regts
What Gkn. tlvoKHBB Savs or ijis j
Dk?*at audpVFlotb a*d Piu.ow.? j
General Bu6tco?r, whllo the boat up
nr. which no was conveyed * prisoner lo
JeCT-r-ionvillo wasJjini? ?' New Albaoy,
was vtMtvd bv a number of his old ?o
nusi ances. Ho met them cordially and
I converse I IrcMyjr.l unreet'ryfdly of In# I
1 il'mnter at Fort Donelaon". Ilo ' Watea
! that I::'- H not been for Fioyd Unit Pll
j low's cowardly desertion nf him. be ,
would hnvo been able to out his w;iv
through Federal lines, end escaped
wiih the gioatost portion of his army.
He freely denounced the cowardly con
duct of the 'Great Thief and ihe -Ditch
Digger,' an the catiso of his present mis
fortunes. He even slated thst'these
men had madoa ptopoelion thai tbc otli
cers should escaM frc.nl the WTl and l*avo
ihe-privuUs 10 their own fa?e--to be kill_
i:d or taken prisnne^a* tho fortunes of
tlvo oucc.eding dmight result, no
.?purnod the projionttion, snd deter
1 ha fate of his men.?
Ha iJjsHco in high- terms of tho >?1ol
?of rVi0 Federal iroopt, and tbe sol
diflrTy'qualitie" "I their officers, ilo in
-timated that the rebellion hud received
a check from which il could never 10
JffirTii* Rkuki. Cosunr.ss has little di?
position to einbnice the Border Suites
in their deliberations. These unfortun
meooti'innt'nities lisvo been badly treated
hy tb? oligarchy. We rou'd in ilia pro
ceedings of the first day's "es"''1"" tH*' ?
during the bnllol for the Clerla of the
Hous': of Representatives, u pathetic ap
peal was mjide to the members in furor
uf the election ol Mr. Johpson, 'a citizen
of Missouri.' ?oys the report, 'outdo uii
appropriate anil touching allusion to the
saorafices ntai e bv her citizens and the
Bufferings she had endured to release
herself from the oppresivo thraldom of
die Abolition Govcrnmont.' Furilnr
more, il wits *aid thai Jalinion would
accept the. position as ? high oompli
ment. The Onsets was inexoraWe.?
It wo?ld neithar sympathise'with the
anffering# of Missouri nor besow a' cqWi
plimant upoa ihu modest Mr. Emirieti
Dixon, of (Georgia, a creature of Howell
Colsb. In th? origunizuiion of the new.
Government, noi" one 0# the downloa
ded Bonier Slates is repraaihlad. T lie
piesUinjc oiliceis of both branches ol
Congress are from Virginia, the >"ccre
tary ot tin Senate from North CntOiina,
the coorktcper of the House is from
Alabama, th? Ce-V ss wo have raid.
from Gaorgio. Kentu.ky, and Iean
easec, and Missouri, all'of ikem rapra
ient?d on t4ie floor, have no praetica
reaoenition in awstdioj the favura ol
Congresi; Tliey do um be.ong to the
close cotton corporation, snd ivlib--al]_
Sontkeru News Irom Rebel Sources.
Tho Philadelphia Inquirer's Foi
Monroe lorie.spondont give-, on the au
thority of the Hnlcicli Kegiater of tho
26th, a rumor .thai General linger was
placed under arrest at Norfolk to bo
fried for oegBcepce aad ine?ropetency.
Toe Memphis Avalanche, of the 26th
says General' Beauregard' is at Columbus
j but in gnucipHiion of a Federal ftdytncu
11? about HVucuatmg it*
Unliable information has just been re
ceived by me tlmt the enemy, lti.000
strimji, left 1 Greenville. tyo.,on Salurdey
Inrf, fur the purpo'sn of itttsck'rg Poctni
iumtas. It now becomes tho duly tif ev
prv mail lo turn out prompdji, shoulder
hi* musket,and drive the vandals fiom
the Slate. .
This is probably the advance gusril
of n iiiurh larger foroe of the' eiieinf.?
Come with mil delay, singly or in squads,
anil randeivoas in Jncksonport.
Bring as few horses as posfible, os
(orog.u is searen. _
Ma.'. Kkvwohth, Com g.
Pocahouias, I'cb. 12,1802.
The Norfolk I)..y Book of Friday
funiishes llio following iultdligenoe :
The Richmond papors say that the fol
lowing will in all probability, constitute j
the Cabinet of President Davis- j
J. P. Benjamin, of Louisiana, Secretr
ry ?f St'ite.
General Lee, Secretary of \\ ar. !
Brigadier Gea. George Randolph, of
Virginia, Seoretary of the Navy.
0. G. Mjjmminger, of South Carolina,
Secretary of (he I reasury.
M. 'C; from Jfxbuuky
Postmaster (ien'iral
Horschel V. Juhnson, of Georgia At
torney General.
The Appoal hn? a Richmond letter,
dated Feb l?th. The letter writer say'i:
The want of 1'aitii in th? Government,
is more and more clearly manifes
ted .very day. The re.olulion . I the
Hon Mr F0010, mentioned above, will
probably bring and array a?a parly the
ODDOsirinn .il tho ndministralion in the
Lower House. President P"vi. lis. it
in his power, by a thorough toorganiKi
ti Ol of his Cab net. at the very opening
uibix rceular Presidential term, to es
lahlish himself more firmly than ever 111
iho public conC^cnco.
In die Confederate Congress on Ihe
27th, "resolution was unanimously pas
iei (<> entertain no ppjee propositions
excluding anylporlion of the aoil of any of
the Codfudorelu Slates, and declaring that
tho war be continued until 1I10 muni)
expelled entirely frcm tho Confederacy.
This done noi look much liko making
propositions for peace.?[Ctri. Com.
- 1
Krenrboilr.t? lake (he Oatb.
Sj. Loufi. March 4.?Ge*. HftHaok, |
in b Generas Older, siys, on the re<om- |
mendhition of the Governor an'* several
Jodgi? ol the State. ii itis diroc'.ed ah at
licenced attorney*. counsels nod proeinrs
be reqvired to take the oath of allo^iancc
prescribed ii thp sixth scruioli ofihe o.r
(.inanceof the Stuto Convention, passed
October 10, XBU1.
I Judge of State Court will refnso to
'? permit any one to practice jn their
j Courts, who rofuso or neglect lb take
such oath.
J The Board of Assessment in tho city
of Si, Louis, for i|>0 l?!iicjil pfeufiering
families drjveii from Southwest Miss
otiri, having couiploted ii? labors, and
reudered its final report, is hereby d.solv
ed, 'J
The Anicricnu Q'le^tlon In Farliraonti
?The following is a sutnmnry of the
the news taken oat by the City of Ntw
' Vnrji. j.
Tfo tuscnro B lelt Gibrdlihiltcr on the
13th in.ii,, for thj.-Spanish waters. She
had been watching the Sunverj which
| still reK'tiasd at Qtbrallcr uij^tjo to pro
c uri'coal.'
In the House ofCoum ons, on the 17th
inst. the supph mfOtkiy estates fur the
iif- vaI and expi dition on thel'rant affair,
; amountin'1 in all to 9I3.UUO, werq tpov
! ed and uii?rdmous|y li^roed to.
In tli* I'ebnto on the m&ject, Mr.
j Bii^ht strongly denounced the polony
of tho Offvemmint thrown away. The
' threatening ni?uncrs were quite uncalled
for, and gave Earl Russel's lirst dispatch
more tho apperrance ol a dideration of
war thtn a courteous demand for the
just obj.ct which America could not fail
to r<5eede'to.
He refused the idea that that Ameri
can Government wiis influenced by a
mob, und argued thai the interests of
Sn^land were bound up with America,
that it was in every respect, invisible t'o
inflict ? sting that it might take centuries
to remove.'
Mr. B.ntcr endorsed the tone ol the
Government, but condeiued the tone of
the press.
' Orders had been received it Slifcrncss
to dismantle nil gunboat* prepared for
commiotion under the Ametjean difoul'
ty. !>
The Daily News and Star publishes
lho correspondence with Mr. 8yf?rd re
lative to the passage of 'Brit sT troops
thrdugh tho Slate of Maine. The latter
journal accoids muoli pr.ii>o to Mr.
SuWafd for hbtwiur?eiii tins rrspeot.
I'll0 reading of the address to tho
Emperor of France baa takeu plsot iji
"TtnrSen'ale, arid debate vumenct-d upon
-tt-mrxns vath-nr*.- 1 *
Tho adiiro'ss rtgrets toe sufferings jn
flicteil l>y tbe American civil war on t'lie
trade-and manufacturer, but torses with
Hit Emperor that the menUy relations
of tlit* Vwp countries render neutrality
incumbebt, and believes the quariel will
be all the shorter if not comfiiciifed by
foreign influence.
l'russin nnd Austria in trouble.
Berlin, February 20.?The question
between Pruscin and Austria is continu
ally widening. The language of the
Prussia;* ami Austrian papers is daily
more hostile.
The agitation in Gernjany is increus
iug. Austiia by her recent conduct, had
lost much of her influence in Northern
German v.
The Puris Temps anil .llexicun Eipedi
rnris, Feb. 21.?The Temps nnd oth
er Freucli journals demonstrate that a
inonnrol>ial restoration in North Ameri
ca will only benefit Spt in, nnd the Spit
is|i Monaichial interest alone existing
It ii believed that the speech of l'rince
Napoleon on the address of the Senate,
wjll express the real policy of il.e Em
peror on the Italian question.
Military Governor of To .uii-sscc.
Hon. Andrew Johnson has formally
been appointed Military Governor of
Tennessee, with ull the powors, duties
and fuuetions pertaining to that office,
during the pleasure of the President, or
until the loyal itionbiiauls of the Stato
shall organize a civil government in ac
ourdaiue with the Constitution of the
Uuited States.
..In. acdat.to eve.:uise '.bos- Juiics,. it
becutro n' leaiary first to give u miliary
position, nnd hence tho President noui
mated him Brigadier General. This up
poiuinicut the Senate to-oay eontirm :d.
The preseut Government ol Tennessee,
being a usurpation.every proper t neon:
age mini wtll through the niltlitnry Gov
ernment, be givon to the loysl people to
'assume its control.
Tho designation of Andiew Johnson
for the position is considered by every,
body as eminently proper, both iu view
of his peculiar fitnoss for the uflico, and
?f bis great popularity among all the
loyal people, besides his devotion tu his
own State. The Govornor, by ilie ac
ceptance of the oflice. i,ocossarilv vacates
his position at Senator. The term for
which ho was elected will riot expire
till March next.
...JK"pr?ntitatJv'.-* Etheritij;eai,d Vlayn
' ard, the former now clerk of the lb use,
I are making arrangement tu go to Ten
Knbt. C. King, ofOhio, waa today
confirmed by U,u tyciinto us Minister to
I the Argentino ltrpiiblic.
Colonel Co reditu--Troop* the itcm
jihii Hoilroad.
Washington, March 1.?The lust ?<?
ceunts from Colonel (Joni- > ?(O""1
he is on ihe ?*?y f"im Columbia, South
Caeoliria, 10 Riilini'ind.
It is e?id our fi ruea aie ten miles on
the Memphis Railroad. '
News from Nsshvil|e, dale I yesterday
says the rebels are retreating toward
the Tennessee river.
It is sisted that the rebel" h?ve e?ie
' uatciColumbus, ?nd are concentrating
at Chattanooga.
UiMor.il y Oa the C.mber|n?d niTOr.
Columbus Evacuated and in riainoi.
Cuicaoo, March 4. A special lo the
Times from Cairo, the 1st. reports that
the unanimous clisl<iV?!iy of ihe citm-nn
in al)J shoutNashvillfis confirmed by
every av>ivu) Irom ihe Cumberland.
Tb?}liStr*nce in 'sentiment letweoB the
neoole of tbd TenoVwiW i nd Cumtarlarnf
?ivS. vVry On the former
are in?ny Unionists; on the latter upn?
have yei mad* tHeir
Reports are current, smf credited, that
Columbus is evacuated arf.l destroyed.?
Th* town was in Hemes las! n-ghj,
. G.eat^rti. t U ?i-p.rcnt, and inaction
reigns in Ofliro. ^
Cairo, March 3d, A gentleman, just
ariv.d from Charleston, Mo..
intelligence of lb capture of forty of J?0 -
Thompson's band, and four, small
On-poiinder puns near Sykestown.
I ' The gunboat Lexington hud an en
rapement, a d*av or two since, with a
rebel battel? atiavenali, lunn.
New York,March J.?Counterfeit fivo
dollar'lVeasury notes made tbeir r,ppcnv
aaco in this city yesterday. They are
excellentimimtioni of tl>e genuine, but
they tan be detected. The loiters "tfc
S.," one within th? other, on the shield
in the Goddess of L-bcrty, being left oui.
(ion. UanU-' Division.
CuAtiuHTo?".i. Va, March 3.?Six
hundred to one ihoosanp liarrclsol (lour
befonging'to the Confederates, have been
seize I and stored h#re. A Woolen Mill
owned by a man named Davis, which bad
been nvimifaclurins OonMepre cloth,
was also seized with tonsiderkble slock.
Uiuhard' Washington, brother of the
late John A. Washington. is now con
OY.ed at Harper's Kerry.
A Hush to the Norihorn <iold Millet.
San Frjiijpisco, FeHilary 3 ?Tl.o
steamer Nt'V-tda, Willi^h sailed for t'.iu
North was densely crowded with miner*
Piuegrating to 'be Oregon and British
Colombia gold mines.
yAiE.Jia?ion "bin Polynesia way Lutn
ed at ihe mi a M flits inpitii?i|j{, fiPiJ pt?s?-rf
to ba?e been frc ! by ifie crew-, part oj
whom Weie put oh beard by the pelicJ.
The wrtck will bo sold to mor:ow. Sho
was about to saij for Ooina in ballast.
Official Confi; motion nf the Kfncuallou
Columbus, *
St. Louis, Maieh 4?Gen. Ilalleik
has tulogruplied tho following to Major
Geuerul McClelUn:
Our cavalry, from Pnduosb, marched
into Calutubus yesterday ut C P. M.,
driving before them tho enemy's van
tuird. The f!>g of the Unu'n is now
floating o*tr the boasted Gibraltar of the
West. Finding himself completely
tunned pobotb aide* of the Mississippi,
thfc enemy *as ebligod to evacuate or
suiraudcr. Large quantities of arli lcry
aed stores were captured.
[Signed.] H-. W. IIALLECK,
Fort Monroe, Mutch 3.? Nothing baa
yet been he rd fiom iho releaso I Union
pYino'rtcra. No flag of'trAen Ina raised
between Fort Monroe and Crnney Island.
Gen. Wool has lelusfid to permit any
moie passengers to jo South -^fli
Tbe Constitutinn, on her way ?hp to
Newport News, #as fired on by the reb
el bout, but not damaged.
Excitement in the South.
I.ouiaville, Ky., March 4.?No pusses
will be hereafter required to any point in
Two bridges on the Nashville aud lie
catur Railroad,between bora r.nd Frank
lin, )inve heen dotrojren. It is also re
ported that bridge near Celumbia has
been d-st'Oyed Excileniorit prevails
South of Nashville, and largo numbers
ate fleeing further South.
The rivers aro leeeding very slowly.
Nnvi^airO-'i"for tlVa ta'rgesl cTais of Uti?
will probably continuo for some time.
Evacuation ok CoLvuutm.?Oairo,
Mnrcli 4. 1 have just returned from
l\ilttmbu?, wkieh was taken pnsscss'on
i el by Coir.maJoro Footo and Ganai Cul
lum and Sheiman.
Our flag waves in triumph over tho
rebel hiphti. It was plnntn on the late
rebel haturies f>y Gen. Sherman and
Lieut. .Phclpi, of lb a U. S. Navy
'l)ie caatny coailudod thoir o\acu?
tiVK Menday ninbl.
ColnmkuH waa first ocrupioil by tho
! Second Illinois cayclry, from l'aducah
i'wit'iouta cnnflict1
('olnmbus was reil'y tho Gibrolter of
1 of 4'iuurlcn.
Alt qulut on tin* Pojom?ic,
\V^hinglon, March 4. ?Everything
in the vicinity of the army of the l'olo
nine remains in a statu of ([tiiotudo,
Capture of ii Itcbel Cupliiln.
Louisvillo, Mar. 1.?The Journul h?s
| advices that thu rebel Captain.John Mi.'
i r?n, has b??n captured tioar Seottivil!*!

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