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TJIK w K R K. T, Y R iSfc; 1 s T K K.
W, isorn.i. u.rch ?Official in
?i,,. r.,m N?sh?i|U>? the Aar
t r.m iit represent^' life C",M7
a. k u 8tnre us ubtmt finished, H.nd
i(?iiU r^iu.'ini loclFeci ? civil reorgf.ni
??^iion of th? Hovi-rnment.
Ii is i.elio'ed llie lj*iled States forces
will occupy' CiiUniibu. to-dey. The
rebel forces dn4?r Albert Sydney John
?' fon sro steadily being pressed backward
by Gail. Buell. ,
Cotton to theamoant of 8100,000 has
fallen into our hands at Nashvi|le. The
Treasury Department linn taken meas- j
ure* to have it brought to New York. ?
The President has dtsi natcd the Hon. |
AnJy Johnson to bo a Brg-dier Gene-1
rnl, and ho pioceeds to -Tennessee to
morrow to open a military ; provisional ;
govomitirnt for Tcuni'Sseo until [be re-:
construction ol the civil government.?
Brigadier-General Buell will oe r.ominu
led to-morrow as Major-General.
WAsntsaTON, March 2.?A dispatch
was to-day received from Commodore
Fo'ote, raying Li. ut. Phelps, sent with
a An^of truco to Columbus, has return
ed and reports that Columbus is being
evacuated. He suw the rebels burning
their winter quarters and -removing the
heavy puns on the Bluffs, but leaving
those in the water batteries. The indi
cations were illnt the town ol Columbus,
together with the military stores, bad
been burned. .
Geiii-ral- Shiolds succends General
Lindirin his command. ?
' It is said to be clearly understood be
tween the allied powers, th'at J Monarchy
will bo ll.oresult of tho present invasion
ol Mexico, notwithstanding ho ussuran
tes given the Uuitcd Stdtos that ilia al
lies did not (cek my political object
It it believed thdy will say the mon
archy will l,? established bv 'the free
will of the Mexican people, just us the
empire was established iu France.
The War Depirtme.nl- refuse to trauv
mit any letters toVhe Southern States;
Report* received Irbm all the roilimry
departments the past week represents
vendition of llie-jro.op# us yery good, und
having a p'slrKilio desire fur action.
Major G-ntr.il Huchcoid; d< olhies hi*
hppoiiitniei.l, oft tl 6 ground thst ill
hca'th will not permit iiim to perfoim tlio
ou it'S ol ? . .
Gen. Lander died to-day. at Pew
Paw. Western, Virginia, frdtn ili?? debil
?iiatingfdt'ei Is uf' lht! wound reieived ut
K i wards' Ferry
The vie>vs or Fralree where iaentical
with England on ibe suljiiel of the
,v ,ioii> -iluvtini/uita is. liush
preparing all informal on on the sub
- jcet, to fay bifi re the Parliament.
? Mr. O' Dunnoghue gave notice of a
uiUt'ilii'b of returns a# to all British ves
? tuls wblcb have iuii the bliitkuile, or
where captured in the effort.
The I'utrine points to tho effort to
get cotton via Mexico a* a probable so
lution of the JjlAekada question.
Too bourse was 71;" 10c.
Ttie news from ltidiu says tho sup
posed JJenah Sahib had been brougt iu
irons to Bombay. ^ ,
A commercial treity his L;ou tiigned
between liu-du and Turkey.'
It is believed tlfst England would
withdraw from tho Jioxican expedition,
should the aim be ibaniirowd by Krance
uiiti by Sp ain, und should they interfere
in internal polocy of Mcx;6o.
Tho belief contiuues iu Italy that
'V Austria meditates ware aguiust \ ted
uiont. |
Liverpool.?Flour uud wheat steady.
Corn downward. _ 1
Cotton clos d firm, w th iuipro.o l
tine. Consols elosod 92ja98. Illinois ?
Ceutrul hhiiros '
. Halikax, March the 1.?Tho Ar.bm,
from Liverpool Saturday the 1 ?l_l'> v'11!
Quconstowu on the ICth, putin her
j" short of eoill at hall-past one 1'. M. to j
Tho French papers think the Meii-!
i- ian question wili lead to the fall of the
? Paliuerstnn C.ihinet. ' , j
Tho Arohduko Mtxioiilisn is posi
tively said to .have accepted the Mix
i,en throne.
Iu ilie Il'iuko of Lords, Earl ltussell,
in reply to Lord Stanhope, stated that
the Government bad protested ngainat
?the permanent destruction ol'atiy hnjr
bors by the s'.ono blockade, and the
American Government dcilted any such
e ' int nlion
The expense to England ol the Mason
r and Shdell iilf.'ir in understood to bo
< 361,000,
, - ? j . ?- ^
' r The Couirier do-i Elals Unis publish
J ' es a lotthr from Paris siinounoidij the
detmrturo the ieo of Dor. Juan Almonte,
? the Ex-Miiiistor of War undei Coiummi
lort! and sinoi 185G. Miniitefr tout M'x
. ion to tho Court ol tho Emperor. 1 His
Eronlloncp? who burs tho olianictQf ol
a liberal conservative?it is itllejjcd,
c; rrlos wiih liini n propoition of oirtnfiro
tuiso between the Mevicanv and tho , Al
lies, which has tho lull sanction of ; the
Emperor, and (or which porular noobpt.
unto and approval are uonfidcnily pro
ilictod. Tho propositon with ivlijch
Aim mite has been intru-ted is under
stood to rehto, in sonvi way, to tho AV
ubliahineiH ..f a monarohy in tho eoihi
iry. Tno offer ?f an Imperjul ship-oT
?ar to convey the Minister no bin iuu
porinnt ii.i?sion was declined', and ho ia
believed to Imve tnkm passsgo in one
of the Utiglish mail steamers. - We need
olfer iiu comments oi> an expedition the
drecisointont ofwhiph oan only b? mil
ler of speculation
~\T ~F in'.?Yiiinrlll please nnuu^nca 1\
,,r BTuonv . ' *'candidate for tUe <>?cu "f
W.blSSON." -venue iu District No. 1 at
CoaHBiM.on.rrfH, ^ Am|ohljgt
tlio ensuing Spring ele*. ^?any VOTERS.
John L. Charles, Esq., Tr,".1' a=oaP'
our thanks for favors,
? -? * - ?
We call Uio attention of our readers to I
(lie advertisement of Mr. Jolin Leonard,
to be found in another column. Mr. L.
keeps constantly on hand a food assort
ment ofStoves, Tin-Ware, Shoet-Iroii
Wore, &c. Persons wi-hing to |fur
chose mch articles,would do well to give ,
him a call.
Olllt TERMS.
We trust our subscribers will pardon ?
uf, when wo remind them that our terms;
are cash in advance?or at lesst within ,
two weeks from the date of subscription.
We have put the price ol our prper at
tile very lowest living fisure, rs an in
ducement for prompt payment, an I will
be compelled, thereforo, to insist upon |
those who cominetfto with the voluitio
to call at once at tlto Captain's oflice and
In Town.
Mr. Fred. E. Foster, Editor, Reporter.
and Typo, late of Wheeling, Vo? where |
he has been making himself' usoful by j
reporting the proccedings'bf the Leg s- j
lature and Constitute -tal Convention,
recently sitting in that city, paid our
town b visit tho other day, by way of
redreation, and for the purpose ol looking
around generally. As he is. a capital
fellow and a clever writer withal, we
would be (ilad to learn that he was suf
ficiently pleased with our littlo '"burg
to nuke it his future home.
That Head,
We mean the head that appears on the
first pagfi of this number of our paper.
We ore well aware that it presents an
?i,j.pcorange a little the hardest of any
thing of the.kind tlmt has ever been seen
in ihi?""neck of the woods,'' and it is but
,tus our rcadefs to state by vsy of apol
ogy. that we brdered suitable type for a
hr>inline, together wf'ho lot of .jther^er '
doles, from Cincinnati, a fort-night or'
inrtr9 ngo, hut were disappointed in re
ceiving them, as the boat by which wo
sent our order was impressed into toe
Government service, and we have heard
nothing from irtince. liS a few days
?e hope to reieife the material ordered,
und expect, therefore, that our next is
sue will present a much better appear
County Court.
The regular March term of the Couu
ty Court, was held on last Monday, the
3rd inst. It w'hs gratifying to see that
the attendance upon tlio- session though
not large, was, considering the inclem
ent state of the weather, quite respect*
ble. A consideVable amount of business |
was transacted, amongst tvhicfc was the ;
qualification of the' new Magistrates,
elected to fill the vacancies occasioned |
bv the resignation, or rcC^'^Jpf the late
incumbents to take the'oatii prescribed
by the Wheeling Convention. With tho
exception of t?o Jimtices ol the l'oaoe
jet to qualify, (one of whom, we under
stand, declines to accept the position,),
the reorganization of tho Court is now
completo. We congratulate the people
j of tho County in view of tho prospect o
a speedy re-cstablishment of the power ^
1 o I the civil authorities and tho restora- j
| tion of law and order again in our bor
i dels. r j
County Milltln. '
We understand that the re-organize
1 iiou of tire County Militia be* been en
?Jrely completed, M.J tlmt the following
hfcxcelleut seloclion of field oflieBrs, was
( recently made by the Company officers:
of the 100th Regiment, viz:
I. J. P. U B- Smith, Colonel,
Junius Kinkade, Lieut.-Colonel,
VnVi. D. Mi Duniol, Major,
Col. Smith i?? thorough going busi
lies, man, entirely familiar with the du
ties of the position to which lie Ma* been
choson, and we are authorized to sny,
that he will Ifol I the officers under his
i command, to a strict observance of the
aws regulsting the militia, and especial
ly the requirements in regard to uniform
With tho inauguration of a new order
ol things* generally, let us, for Heavens
sake, have some improvement, it we can.
,upon tlieso non sensical farces known as
militia musters.
Gen. Lander wai a native of Seism,
Tut Kakawba Ksrt?uciN.?W? a?-?
eladto know that this awl-ling old paper
is egain nlHiiins its weekly visits, xvlili
iis osud regularity. Not long since we
mei Father Ncw'on, the venerable Edi
tor o/thst paper, ?od wore surprise.! nt
the ehanje n fow ?liort months had
wrought upon bisonre familiar features;
but w?!:ea we leu.ned oT the treatment
nur old ai!d worthy friend had received
at the hands of the beautiful pimps of
Jeff Da\'is during ?>(ir br,of rti5n
JCauawho, his fare-,TO? nnd
0 iranc*- was aocoui',e(1 Wa
have 1,0.^1 ?"?' ??<> <?('> "-f 1,18 , eSS0
pntinnn of ."arson Brown low, but 'L'1 us
remember tliaC Newloo hMS*
ton portion of ou.- <ympaUi)r also. We
hope the Union men iT.' ^r,,sl y^S'"''1
will manifest their (ppieoS"'0" ?' '"8
past services iu somo gutsis.'""*' tnnu
net-. "
Akotues Revival.?Wo '..nil witfe
joy every n':ldltioh to tho country pre?? j
of West Virginia, all bnI two or tlirco of
which were extinguished by tho rebrllion.
And therefore, wo are pleased to note
that another is to bo added to the li-t
which bas,la* t revived during the pari
four mohtliiV viz: ''The Weekly Rift's
tar," the Grst number of whioh is to be
published to day or to-irorrow at Po:ni
Ptiosant;' Mason cnuniy,?[Wkcelibg
ify The 18tl> Cirouil. J. N. Brown
Judge, is composed of the f?llowinif
counties aud the regular teims be^inou
iho days following, vig:?
Wayne?20th of March nnd August.
Cabell?27th of Match and August.
Pulnsm?8th of Ajril ami September.
Mason? 18th of April and September.
Jackson?2 I of May an I October,
Jirauwha?27ill of May and Oetoljrr.
__ . i ?
A Jjourynii-iit of t!.u Convention.
Thu Constitutional Convention at
Wheeling appears to have adjournal,
pleased with their labels andj animated
with confident hope and firm aniripa
tions of the brilliant future caieer ol
West Virginia. In response lo the rts
olutions of thank* to the President and
other officers of the Convention on its
adjournment, John Hill, the Prmidmt
r?j%l tt.
? GtNTi*?utor tub Convention?Di
visions of. interest and divisions i f f eling
Imve impelled the people of Wrst- rn
Virginia to seek a separation from their
eastern brethren.
To recount the prjrvanees losg and
patieally boi-nt1, ? would consume nor*
time than would be proper on this orca
sion. Suffice it to say justice rin l riglit
are on our side. We a k nothing that
is not rijhi. We can submit In no more
wrong. Charged es vciu w?'6, with the
high duly of forming the organic law of
our be iu ideal of a new State, that is to
bre, )Ouhaee labored with mure tlnta or
dinary tlili^eaco sn.d fidelity, hr.vn fully
overcome the mauv trials, compilations
and obstacles that were in your p?:li.
aad hove cotnplclt d an instrument emi
nently adapted lo Die wants and necesii
ties, anil that will prospornu reshape the
destinies of yeur constituents.
In it tho g>?tl principles of (res gov
ernment are not ouly enunciated, bill put
in practical operation. The rights ol nil
ara secu etl, sn I t'.ie dn:er of mal at!
miuistrerion sre cautiously preclude I.?
If list all ibateacli desired, it is what all
win take an l defend. It is believed that
its n lopnon will restore peace ,and har
mony to a di-traetail peopl) f r s ton r
than ctubl all th* ariiiies of (lis Union.
The progress of .past events and tho
present existent tirnumstances Imve
ran lered tho divisiou of Vir.inia #iabs ?
lute necessity, a fore-tone conclusion -
The sconerit is accomplishul the belter,
an>l the soouer will t e hearts nnd ban Is
of *11 our poo pie be united iu duvotio i
to the National Union, and in Iho noble
effort to promote iho prosperity of our
own West Virginia.
Pern-it ma to express lo you personal
ly, my grateful thanks lor the kindness
?<?^*rfe*saJy hewing-. *<? torn ?il
ever msniliated" towards jour pres.ding
officer, whose failings and crrois you
have ?o mnmfeslly overlwked aud borne
without a mariner--not having taken a
single nppeal froni the decision of tho
Chair during a session of nearly three
months' Ubor. 1 tannot forego the plea
mr? of congratulaliug you upon tbo re
markable harmony and food feeling lhat
has prpvajjed . continually iwijotig the
members of tbo Convention for.eioh oth
er. An I when you linve returned to
yiur linn*, ll)?y the friendships engen
dered amiu our poipinoi) struggles, trials
and toil, now ended in the lonnation of
tho Constitution of \Ve?t Virginia, bo
among the most pleasing recollections ol
the past 1
In conoiusion, permit ino to wish you
tt tpecdy and a safe roll rn iq tbc ess
braco of your familis* and diu beany
wrluoino of your ?oustiluouia.
Qus thing nUiro wily remain* lo l>?
done, and that is--to pronounce the
Convention adjourned?whlob 1 no* do.
1 The rociain* of Gen. Lander ?ro on
; the way to Wailiinglun by woy cf Wliocl
T1i |i:inrrnth plil#,"
I' ihUi'lu "?ai Utile slioet, pub
Jwli*.; i|| jo! .,ti tlio nth QI>io
Kry uiii .ut |H8font (juKrirrt'd -it llii-'
|M?tc "i'i "Klfvoni.h" i? mutm.
"rioh un.l rvv," nud hu? Ix-en filing
off (w?iii ? "r; it! i thing* of the feason
Tho media" ??! \ jcuiicm of the p^pcri
ig excellent. n ,1 ;ho editorial depart - ]
modi would credit upon a ihoet of
much islom. We wish tlio ,
"bojr?"fro? m; 4.
-r-i ? .?,f ..jL'i ?? .1..
It 1b Baitl a dozen Confederiito
fl?CH At ]) ."I m were thrown into '
the river, v ! .? United Siates'flnpaud
iho Coiile i >flt ioth flojti?d there?
one in that''' ib< other in the wtter.
^Fori)? I I hv enlist*! for tho
whole tn 11 r?' he ha* been looking fo?;
ea> tlial Marshall i' well j
ferrtnlyl<w qttitU? ,,clre^
LEVlK-fl&SH-On the W.I of February,
J8G2, l?y?e Iter. A, X. ^Tordon, Mr. jofrn
A. D. Leiit.r to Miss Mary June Hudi*
KKDMoNt) ,'10 'wnfnir of thaN
23d ultjpiv t:it ]fov 0. S- Woodhiifl, Ben{,J
J a Redu&ad, Km , jjul M/m Bottle, J. 11 nil,
?'>TV <ta|^htcr of Hon. J0'!" Hall, nil of thin
WOl'LT Hixpr-ctfully (jnil tJi*
i4t?i |>>ple of Po|w Pleasan', and
country point (renoralMv. that ho iw mill carry
ing on tltfTiniiing ImsintMiH at liin old at and i
ou MninSntt ,m>n door above John L,Charles' '
Jtoot-fttr^oc shop," where lie is rradr lo nr
cuirmoddt all who may favor liini with their
pntrpjini$ He keeps constantly on hand all
Ktwlaouf^lu and Sheet-Iron Ware. A No a good
assortment u^stnvaa of tjio must approved pat
terns. J< > Work and repairing of nil kinds,
dbtie witl.di-pntrh upon the most rcsionnblo
'tnn*, V < icular ntlentiou will bo given to
Ro Jimr* Ac.
(p*0??iniry produco taken in exchange for
Tin-Waft [march 6 uol 1.8G2.
IlrintlW Types, i?nd oil other Printing
k w..'< ials, are kept on hand in large quan
tities, f*i? 1 '?old a*. the lpwout prices, for kix
mouth"' >or cash, at ilruco'a New York
Tvpe riMu-lry. Roman fonts of tho mod- rn
styles n< ihvays on thu shelves, ready for itn
loodlatedilivery fri fonta from !?0 to 10,0001b*.
Nine cents will prepay Iho postage on a?[
panYphhtof J'Pviced Specimens of Fonta/' and
other sheets, yliicji wnl hnmailod to t\\ print*
InKoffiflca^endinij mo their ^Hdreaa
Anv 'iiihliBhcr of a newppupu* \rlio ehooMft
to pu^InI; tiiif adyortiwmfnt, iucladinjr thin
not", thtaL .timoa, and forward m<? ouoof th?
papers egnUinioff it, *11 b? itUnWcd Li? l.i)l.
Stthe.limi of miMm? a n*f?J?ase ftory rot of
of f,v* rtr"" "n"x'm
Tvpe/^ml.r, 13, OftajnWfl straijt, If If
6 18U9.
R^ul^Gnllipolu and K?nawl-? Packet J
lc j?; tor.
W. iJ MADDY Captain,
\ 0 TttUfiLOW, Clerk,
T TEA rES Hallipolis evory Tuesday, Thitr?*
IJ dav m d Sattirdny. leaves Kanawha
every M >ndav, "Wednesday and Friday. Every
attoutio jwiid to. paiiauii^arM und freight. Bo
ing kve y light (Iraught boat , (the lightest in
tho trad ,) tilio will run at all times when,not
dotainet by ice.
Stnuncli a?ui Good SUumtr
R. C. M. LOVELL. " '
^Will ply between Sy/aeuse and
^mggp^Qallipoliadaily,leaving Syraeuio nt !
7a iw, tiimeroy at, 8, and arriving at Oallipolia
atlOatf It-turiiinir, leaves OalllpolU at 1
P. M , IVjint Plea-ant, ?U 3 p. in. Ail order*
prompbU attended to. For f^ci^ht or plusagt
apply ioul IkkiixI.
i W.B. PENNINGTON Captain,
March j 6, lbG'2.-3m.
' No like puldiration Ims ever atlained to
su l^ri(o4 rir?Mlation in so short, a period of
tim^ as Iibh' BalUa'^Oollnr Monthlv. Thia is
notalonsjhteawtvof its s onderfulclwapno-s?
| which, a^tke New York Tribune ways, is seat j
j to flivingjjtf awjyy - but also on assountof ils
i fresh, o^iaal and ontertaininr? character, j
ItSi^tor'^f, ykerpbes and enjfraviiiHS, while j
I'tliov abiwo and lieoply ifit^rmin the ffcneral I
I reader, alfo enltivate a'fovo hr all that is good I
i mi l beautiful in humanilv, in this way oxer- |
j citing a tfteerful flnd haj>py ioflnensa over fhe
< homesirelo.
j IWi pn^ts are odiled with (rreat oaru and i?
porieiifw.flnd its varied contents are tabulated
to proV(,ke In the minds of t.lie yt-nuij mid in. |
quiilni| $i/it. and to add to their Mora ol
1 k*oivled?jy. l(n fureijm ffossip is of the most
rendtablemfl choice oharaner, its wit and lia
1?or denwwient If H?i?f of nil vM7;?nri-- mrl
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ni'ijibcr jmii^s tain", nketchns, pop* snd
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different rei?ulat' pontribu'ors. afTordiim.a lieh i
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the beautiea of iliou^ht.
l<ot H4 *?ne fall, lliep, to realii^ how much
pleaaurttrny Vh* pnrehaicl, how much inno
e? r.t ni;J?vHul cnioynient mav"l>e Vtisurert to
tho family circle, liow much i?iteUifi*nca ol>
tained, and how many leUTlro Jioum rendered
valuable ahd agreeable t>v tho regular receipt
oi this favorite and pophlaf Ma(aisine?Post*
flqo only eighteen cents n ycarl
Now istna time to subseril.o. Addr?sa, Bal
lou*' Hollar Monthly, Hoiton, Ma u
March 6. 1862.
Number. Uur vailed Literary Attraction.
Pet Tson's Mazarine. O" Tho Periodical for
tiro Tlints?*On.y Two Dollar* a Year. j\|
Olio copv forono voir,!?: Throe conV one
year, <5: Fivo copies ntio y ?'.r ? 7 50; Hifflit
< o|?io4 ouo yimr. $10; Iwtdvo copios o t* year,
il.V Sixteen topies ?neyear.^90.
nrrTho Volumo* begin with th?Numb?ti
for July and January; but subscribes iimv
eonnneiice with any month they pleaif)', Hack
numbers furnished if desired. AlljfrOMti]fil
ters oo|i"titjQtud AictnU, but any mar
ret up a club. Sncyimens sent gratuitously. If
written for. Now Is tho lliuo t?? snbscribo,
, Address OffA'ltlJVH J. PBTKUfOV,
No. 391 Olittiaut Stj st, Philsdcfphit.
I March 6 1669.
W. femiiU, M. 1J. \V. T. Minium,
l'Lows, gas mas,
?StO? iQ, ic.,
/Fever and igue,
from which mankind Vuftor over & largo part of
the globe, it the conawr'ience of a dueaaed action
iu the ajritrm, induced liy the polaonoua miasm of
vegetable decay. Thia eah^latioa is evolved bf
the action of aolar heat on wet toil, and riiee with
tho watery vapor from it. While th? aun in below
t.So horiion thia vapor liuger* near t?*e tarth'fl *ur
/ace, and the virua ia taken with it through tho
wg* jtoto the blood. There it act* a* an Irritating
poiaoi' 0.7 the internal vjneera and excreting ana
of the bu 1,e l>T?"becomea torpid and faif.1 to
lecrete not ??lv T'rua* bul *1#0 tot l,ilr fr,,ra
the blood. hVM tho virus and the bile accumulate |
in the circulatiw,n? tntl Pro<,uc# violent conatitu- i
tional diaordir. ^pjcen. the kidney*, and the
htgmach avmpathirt wi^ the liter, and become
ftianrriarpfl al?o. Finalfo Mt&nct of our or
out. The blood leavee the aurfact, ??? "J ti.j
the central organ* with eongeativo *10. w*'
la tho Chill. But in thia effort it fall*. Ah?.
Fjiyuk follow*, In which the blood leave* W?e .r; "
tral organ* and ruahea to the aurface, u u ???
another eflbrt to eapel the irritating poison througw
that other gr*at excretory?the akin. In thia
olao It faila, and the ayatem abandon* the attempt
aihauated, and wait* for the recovery of itrtngth
to retcat the hopeleae effort another day. Aheao
are tho fit* or paroxrim* of THvan and Aoto.
Buch ocuatitutionrvl diaorder will of eoura* under
mine th* health If it I* not r?morcd.
We have labored to Ond, and hare found, an
Ayer's Ague pure,
which niutialliea this malarioua polaon In the
blood, and atimulatca the liver to eapel it from the
body. Aa It should. ao it doea curi thin afflicting
disorder srl'.h parfcMcntilnty. And it does mwc,
JectUJ thil Infaetion. If taken ia aeaeon It eapola
It froso tho ayatem aa It la abaurloil, and thua karpe
those who uae It free from ita atto?ka; kaepa tlic
?rateut In liealth although eipoifd to the diaea.e.
Consequently It not only curoa, bat piMMU ftoin.
the (treat variety of affectiona which are induccu
br thia malignant Influence, ?uch as Ilemitlaut
Fever, Chill Fever, Dumb, or Mualted 'Ague,
Pcriouical Headache, or Bilious Hentlnchn, Bilious
Fevera, Neuralgia, lUicumati.ui, Uout, Blindness,
Toothache, Earaohl, Catnrrh, Asthma, Pulpita
tlona, Painful Affections of tho Spleen, Hysterica,
Colic, Paralvaia, and Painful All'ccilima of the
Stomach and Bowela, all of which,'when arising
from thia cauae, will be found to ssaun.e more or
left the intermittent type. Till" " Add CHS*"
removea the cauae of these derangeraentJ, and turn
the dlseaae. , ,
Thia It acoomplishea by atlmulatlng the excrc
torlea to cupel the vima from the ayatem I and ,
these organ* by degrees become habited to do thia j
their offlct of their own accord. Hence ariaea what
term atflimuiatian. Time m*y accomplish the
aame end, but often life ia not long enough, or ia
aacrifleed in the attempt, jrhile thia " Aovb Ci'SB
doob it at once, and with lafety. W e have.great 1
reason to believe thla'ia a ?urer aa well ua aufrr
remedy for tlie whole claaa of di*ea?v* which *re
caueed by the miasmatic lfcfrction, than any other
which haa been diacorered | ?nd ti )iaa af ill another
Important advantage to tho public, which ia, that
it i* cheap as wtll a* good.
DB, j. c. AYER & CO.
Puck One Dollar ran Bottlu.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
baa won for itself aurh a renown for the cure Of
every variety of Throat and Lung Complaint, that
it ia entirely unneceasary for ua to rerount the
olden:# of ita virtuee, wherover it baa befcn em
ployed. As it hae long been in ron?t?nt uao
tliroujihoat tbia aection, We need not do mora tin A
assure the people ita quality ia kept up to the beat
it ever has been; and that it rear be relied on to
do for tbciTfelief all it ha* ever been fouud to dd.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
Fob CoSTiviKjaa;
rol TUB Cub? or Dranrau;
Fi>* JavMiicBi
Fob rn Ct?? or in.ioMtiox;
Ton ?'/
to* t*? CtlB? or Dlsanaal,
Fob k Foui STonatK ;
Fob i?? Chi or Exiairauui;
FoK tub Pii.m ;
VoB thh Cubb or SonorutA;
To* atl Sccon't.ota Cow ls t)>Tai
Fob mil Cckb oV liunwaTiaM;
Fob I)ui!i>M or tub Sua ,
Fob tub Cih? or I.trju'CoarLJLiKTj
I'or JJaovor ,
1 Fob t*b Cubb or Tfttb*; Ttiuoua ?"? Bur
| Him'i!,
' ? Foh V'obkii
Fo* the CvhE or Ooct;
1*'0U L l)t!tNEII Pill*
Fo* tbb CtrBi or Ni.m*tou|
For J'LBjt Yiso Tim Kloob.
They are augar'coated,'ao tha^ the uv>?t aenai
i live can take them plcasttflv, and bring purely
1 vegetable, no hanu can arlae fwm tlirir iu.e m any
Trie* 9t otiiti per Boxjjli toxw for ITl.OU.
, . Great nutnbere of ClAgyrtien, l'hyaldnne, Btatce.
well, ud ttpincnt peisonagea, have km uicu
' names to < eriify the ui.paialleled naelulnert Of these
iroiedii'a, t ut our apkr? h?ro will not periuit the
insertion of thetn. 'Jhe ApenU l.elow i.ntnrd for
1 niih gratia our AucnrrAN AlwXVai lH^hieh they
ato given with alw full tlescrlptlom of the ?1>OTO
romplaiota, and the Usalnient lljf ahoulu le fol
lowed for their cure. '
Do not be put off by unprincipled dealers with
ether preparatiotie they make iwote pvo"1 on*
Demand A\im'a, and take n? othert. Hie alrk
want the It.t aid there la for than, aid (bay ahould
have It.
All our Kemadiaa an for aalo by
For 8?lo by BcitU, Stfaacr .V Co., jji. d M?
tlianta and liru(!<l,t?f?ntT?ll3i. . 1 "
!? Fob. V 18M,
. 1
Having purchased aprintluireatablUhment.
the Ainderal^nM will iyaua regularly (ou or a.
bout the tadof March.) t paper of the nbov*
title. It i*,hl* objectto public* weekly pa.
pel iHentlflW wtth the Wat iuterosta of West
ern Virginia. It will be strictly a Union pa-k
per, and a warm sunpoiWrof tb? Pr.oviiional
Oovi'rnnient. nn eitfinUhhed nt Whirling.' tt#
columns will be elo.:r<l to nil unbecoming eon
trdveriles, but cheerfully opened to those of *
?liecominj? nature, on any subject, ahd to thu
feoeial and tteligiou* questions of the dpy. It
will bo devoted to AsrricnliurRl^ Mechanical.'
Soioi.tifio and Kducational matters'of general
interest. I'14 object wil\ bo to give e^l Ire satis
faction! ami he trusts the patronage of the pub
lie will ruablebim to do ho.
The puper will be issued rogulary everv
Thursday Morning, at Uie low ptite of ONE
DOLLAR per yrnr, sTaienv I* advancb
Subscribers will plouae notify us to what Foat
(tffi'co they wish tlrtr paper sent. Address.
Point Heaaant, Va. ?
Pebuarv IOth, l?G9.
TheoblaHt, the bent, nnd thtf cheapest Mag.
aalne. Useful, Ornnmental. and Ibanictive.
Theonlv Iiadv's Book In America. , Tno Lit*
er^uro in the Lady's llftok ia by llio first wri
ter* in ihe country, and the atorlcs aro'iitwaya
n'.oral Avd itjatructivo.
One copy ono year, $3. Two eoploa oua
year. $5. Three copUa oi?e vo^r, $0
Vive copied one yenr/and'nn extra copy to
thn personnoiiijiiig tlieclub^tUaXing aixcopica
|2it;ht ebpitia tin A year, and an extra copy to
the person vending the ^lub, making twelvo
copied, ?30.' .
And thu only tnagnailio that can be lntr?
dnred intc any of the above club* is Arthui's
Home Mfiffsritio. One' or more of that work
ean bo Included in a club in thu place of the
Lady's Hook, if preferred.
Qodny's Lady's Book ami Arthur's Homo
Mngv.iue both one year for $3 T?0. '?
(iud.vyN Lady's Rwk and Harpor'a Maga*
line both ono year fur $4 51).
Gftdey's Jjady'i* llouk, Hnrpor'a Magazine
dud Arthur'* Homo Magaaino ono year $6 00
Motes of all solventbanks taken' at par.
Hubueril'tTS Iri the British Provinces, whu
houd for club-*, mujvt remit 3(1 cents extra ou
every mibxcjiVor, to pay tbq American iponU
age to the lines. 1
lJo careful and pay the postage -on jour let4
L. A. OODKY, 323 Chostnut
Philadelphia, Pa.
Mareh #, lfeC3.
_ ? u,
cv ,%ttt Everybody >Vmit-.-rllli? I'ltmil
W W Ooctor, containing ?"tuii>lo romudieu.
i'ii- ilv ubfcJtfcd, for theture of Ui^AbOit iu all
form?, by Pro.'- ?cnr.r 8.^11.0. " '<
11 yon how W ?ttend upi.u thu a|ek, and
li.w h)?o?k fur them | how Uipr^am Drink*.
Vimltlfl*#, ?*?.. and &t>F to;
lufcttidiifniiii OotituRnona Pininj ?. . -
It l?ll? Tt* "t tka 'vurioUK riiVW' of QIal
?rm. kin( givu? Ao b??'. mw)^!
of troiHamt dartn'g Tcollilns, XJoaruIjUWHi
Vnrciunsf*. Wlioopiit|f-coilKli.' Huauli'".
It kviU tuh Mil- ?y?irMom? o[. Umnp. '.OlnlIcrA
Iiii?li<*iHr?mir"rAsrr*iit'a, truiro*. nc?ll?d .
Rill* worm, Ofclelfrii.|!ntf, 1ft
givcri y?w t?o b*it ni)i?<Jiei (or iWil sure;
ItU'.l" v'ou lilt ?vinpt?mB ft Fitcr tttld
luii Jtlloiw, ToJlow. 'lyfpW, Scarlst (uVU
other ftrirt, nwl given you tuo Lfljt tud
?Implu.t iwm4Ub for th-'ir oiiri; .
ItUll.Hyoii tii? lyuipionw of liidifcnii. Con'
minpti."., Py?puj.?i? A?lUi|.?, Bropw,
(lout, Illm.uitttJsm. 'lumWi iSrJtIp?ln?,
^i'., aitil givm Um k?nt ramecliuii for tli?(r
Il'tcilU yon th? ?yi?ptoia?of Cliolum Mori>Ui?|
Malianaut CMmlt i*, (>u?II |>o.t, Dy?t.ntcry,
Oiminp, DtMuK!>?ti. ft inu Hlniltli't, Kldnoyi ?
on4 LtTcr, ami tLo l#6.st' riMtic'dits' for, tli?ir
lnK, ' ' .
Ii t^ll' yuii tlm nyuip'oai" of l'Uiiriny, Muiupa,
K??ri?l|lii>rAp"Pl<-,*Ti P?r*1rwliii llio >ariou?
UiHcavni of tlm 1'lirwit,Tor?li,Kiir audEyo.
anil tho b<^l r.mj.l o? for llioir ciiru.
$1090 ? yo-ir tan Iw minln bv WnwfpVftiuj
in I. dU'rywh.'M, iti aolllija iJiJ *'>oni work.on
ojrlnd'ir.immt* Wall l iclinre vi*y Mliaral. -
yorilnxl0 copiui of thu Hook, or f'll*
? -irtiVH, vrith o.lior Iiiformuliou, apply W u.
alilrt'iin, I ' '
30!IJf E. I'dTTK^, Publmhar, r
No, UlT S.w? jiu Street, Phil dolpliia, P*.
March i, i ; ; .
miiitv noWY'S I.AWYtm INI)
i!i Counsellor ill Bu.ine??, l>y Fr*uj(0ro^li^,
of i?ir Philadelphia ??'? ? ', _
ll t?lla Jja how to draw up Partnflihlp Ph
fwrn.a.i.l (t'ivik pciieral foruiH for Ajtreiumsu.
'if ail Linda, llilld lit Sulc^ Lcainw
Ittellnybu ilow In draff upjlomU and Murt
oaiea. AIRIarlt*.Towers of AUorpoy Hoi.m
?ii.l llill-uf i^fchtiuge, an'o
It't'lla you the i.avH for the ColliSrtlon of
i)t'b!n.with llio Htatutm of Limitation, and
mitdunt and kind of projMrty Kxonipt fto^i
Kx'iuiiou in Bialo
It H'lin you Jmw i<?/uHko A^aitftjiDept of projt.
cily, with forrUs tor Composition with Urtvli.
tors, and (he li.solv* nl I?awa of every HtaU?
It UlU vou the legal relation* existing be
twcmi duardlsn and Ward, M:iater and tyr
prentice# and Landlord^and Tenant.
It yo i what convtitCtea Libul and Slsn
1 <15r aiid the Law aa to Marriaea !*Wr? >** .??*;
,'uiiuynn tli? Law fiV^Hechanle'i l.iena ia
vTtry ttwtr, awl Ilia .Saturaliiaiim Lawa
of thia eounlry, and hojr ,lf comply wilhlb*
! ??????. . . . . "vV ...
I h Wlls you Uw Coo^rniny and
lutw lo olif^in one. an^ Mia I'rc Euiptfo^
i tV tells you thu J nw for Patentn. with motla ct
procedure iu obiainin^oti# wjtb^nteriemy
o#4, Aasi?om?aitsaed tabh* of l'^'f* r
It tells?yiai how to maka your Will, ami hovrto
Adu?mi*K?r on an Katate, with the l?w ayd
the rvquirvimcnMthereof in ayory StnU;.,'
It tells you Ih* meanioRof Law t?rinsjn ffen
oral use, aud explain* to ydu tlie
Kff?cutivo and Judicial I!ow.crarot ^yttijija
Oaneral and Ityvornmente.
It |?rll? you bow to keep out <rf Law, by ahow
iiHl how to J<? yoar bnsipe^s legally, thuaaa
vinf a vH?t amount of properij, and vexa
tious litigation, by its timely.consultation
Single copies will be scut by mnll. p^l^ff?
paid, W> Hvery Farmer, Bvery lfaehanlc, B^rf
i Man wi IM^iness. ami Krerv body in every
I Ht-uo. e?? recirpt of )t|00 or In a lnw ptylo w
bimUng for fcl,96. , . ?
$10$ a )*ear can be mi da be #at?rprMng
everywhere. In m lling tlie
?or induoHuenta to all au<ib are very liw ral.
For alngle eoplet of thsB ?ok,or tor tuma ??
a^nt?, with other informatlen. a'ipiv to jut
,d.lio?? JOHN K.POTTKR.r^li?M?.
K.i BIT Baun* 3irtfgt, Philad^r
Mi r.li? j; ' -
;prin*nk?ot?li kiudafor ?1? ?l
1 register oFr,c:*.

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