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The weekly register. [volume] (Point Pleasant, Va. [W. Va.]) 1862-1909, March 13, 1862, Image 1

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? Tt'jX
. ill . i . i.? 'jiiarjuu'j tmai
MORNING. 1AM 13.1862, . ????> =? ? ? -??yTMRKtt-fc'
Main Street.
TKltMS:--On* dollar per annum MficUy in j
* square oflO lines, one or threo insertions j
$i.110. il&ch subsequent insertion, 25f cunts. '
?iufaisionnl cards of 7 lines or Jess I year $5 '
IJuartef CuluMi ? fpcuiitV $10 one year $15
Null Column, ., 6 months $15, 1 year $20
One' o months $25 1 year $35
A IttvrnV discount made to those who adrer
lise by the year.
AdvurtisemiMi?* oWit have the number cf in
i<: tinns ni!irk? (l on tlif copy, or they Will be
kept in 'till forbid!* and char red accordingly.
A I], carnal ortrnosUjrit advertisements must
jv paid fwr in advance* tA insure thoir insertion.
,i UTAH) davit will not lnv made to orders of
Publication or other legal' advertisements tin- '
*uh* they are jniii for.
!'????? imi11 I'm ???. r?lWHj'jjL'it'JJ.i*av?);
practice in Mason, Jackson ami
? * Putnam Counties* Prompt attention
'fjtwMi.jpuic collect ioji <<f claims and other bus
ineps entrusted toliis cure.
Feb. 27, ItJGUly.
WM. il. TOMLlNib;... i
A11. o r n c y ;i I ! > a. w ,
TW-l/prariic.jin Mason arid Putnam and
iV r :j'lftni c<unities. Prompt attention glv
en to tii ? cn'ln.tipn ofclaims. , .
J'ub. 37,j$&My. '
? I)K. S. "(v.* SHAW,"
. JP II Y I C r A N A NO S U R O E 0 N*,
rpENDEltS his professional services to the
L piibtio'i Galls irom tlio country promptly
att^ndod tO' Oilice on Front Street, adjoining
tho "Virginia I-foiise..1'
Fob'. QT.ltWly." 1
D&.JAM&& H. flOOKF
'JTKXDEllS hi"-professional services to the
-*? citizens of Point Pleasant, and vicinity.
Ite keeps constantly on hand a lar^e supply !
of dru^s,oil, jialntsYdyst\m6, varhfah, li-sences |
extrneK perfumery and soaps of all (finds ami
patent mnliiiinuslmd a very superior atticle of
Ho also him a large#sfatioiiery. tobacco, cigars
?ajid an excellent irticle of pure cider vineirar.
?.*?.#>. 47. \W:-ly
ClTico on Second Streot,'aliove Public square,
!" Where all operations pertaining to
s Dentistry ore performed in the nest
^htylu ot the'-vrofession. Terms
Cash. I'eb. U. If32.-1 y.
.ji as? annum in
! i,C<*-r ) IipodyUudu Clothing,
x\ |M
? | CiolitSyCaasimrrs, Vcclii.j:,
1 ??'.i '? 1 xisiiiNo goods.
{ 11 ')
c. i-. Tnilnrs Triinrainga, 4c
Corner Main and 4tli SticetH.
'.'Kiiiiiiif.' raado to order in tint very best style
? tin- sliorl.-Jt notice, and ot t he lowest price:.
Orders from tlfl dlstaficc solicited.
l'eli. 27 JiJ62-)y.
.Hercluuit-. and .Hcchanics Bank of
C. C. 31ILLER, President.
J. D. THOMPSON, Cashier.
J. IV McCulloch) j S.G.Shaw,
A. McCausland, | JamesCapohart,
C. C. Miller, i Johu McCulloch,
P. S. l^ewis.
Discount day Tuesday.
February 27. lsf?2-lv.
' - ?
r INHK S'll'M-riher would rospuctf?lly inform i
.?? frod)??/* th."4 jSrepWed tr? fumisi> ;
? r.<".-M1 " ' "* ' ?
such as white l'ine 1 inch, V{ inch. P.C inch
I aM(j 2 int'h, of all qnalties; ulso. Poplar, Oak
n i l Yellow l'ine, and Plastering laths,
Dr. oil Floariii'.r. Ceiling Casinir? und
All of which 1 will soil as cheap, or chenprr
than thev can bo got at any other place in tills
part cf the country.
In connection with tlieabpyo I.have a new
which I have completed but a short time, villi
tnreo run of French inns?one for corn, one
for custom wheat ami the other expressly for
Morchant work. They can be run separately
or all toK?ther.
J 7'SnUirdnv is the dn v fur grinding Com,but
I can irrind Wheat any day when I have steam
up. 1 eharjro t h?' ejtfth f<?r prindinjr Wheat and
thn ?ixth for jrrindinjr corn, but will exchange
at nil times when parties wish to do so.
Those liviu/on the Kanawha rivei. find
wishing toseiul their wheat or corn to my mill
for the pnrpo'r of having it gioun^l, or'exchnn
rti'd ami not wi.^him? to come with it, can send
?'down on somuof the boats with Instructions
b? hitter, and i will have it hnulcd up to the
Aini and back FREE OF CHAHOE.
t/*Tho hi^hefct market juice paid for wheat,
?forA and logsa'iall time*.
? b *?7 nol lv
I'OKXK.AJ,., ,
[From ttiu iiou'isviilij JoJrtial
' " *? <?? aiil-A:
?" ? ??? ksd??xj!j| j.,3 ?iX ,!
By llie banks of tlicOuinhorLand echoes t#e%f.*
Of Uia kenli/itl '* rarninjj?ihc foe's on the
kIiotp. ' ? 'i i-V-?
Our war drums are beaten, itijr bugles tire
Mown, y:l i .4
And uur lefijuK advance 1o their musical tpW.
JJy the buuks.uf the Cumberland, blipiicjy and
kA, v, . . : f
red, Willi l,:e i^-Ji-dew, of battle, and atfofrti
vilb tJiQ^yd.
Ken lucky basrouletl lwr indent- foe,.?/
Ami victory'^star gilds th?- drrty oi v.,ir w?r
l>y tho*c brinks that once Moomed like an e3cj^
'of joy, . | . ' l% ,'*|fj
Tile jlemuji of | reason MallccJ jfoilh to destroy.
Uilr ndi tra.niri^'han est In- -wept in his ;jngli.
And" the lla; o of our dwellings illumined -bin
J>aih. " *
Like an eagle-pIuimd|.MTow our Nemesis comes.
Shout, soldier*! souncf Huglte! and clainor.oh,
Lot the land Ving rilourf in the tviMrv?<s ofipy,
And tli?htnfire? blazJ bright 1}?butfiol t'uda
1'ur the Ui"l of the Union' lias prospered the
righi. ? , v
And U:v (choiU of treat ou hart inched iu
, flight.
Blow, bc^Ii-s!ioll, rivers! and tell to the.Kca
TJi.il our Mvordn --hall not rest 'till Kentucky
fs'frf#; ' : I ?"
ixr\4*u ?- *? .*. u any 'xirnrnn >. .u m?m
Wlmt is nud What is uot Enlriu!i>ni.
In this day of our national tribulation
the term?? pnlrioiisiu, is so indiscrimin
ately used'thil it* sec'ms neccssary lo
pnrilr.ilarly un'dfcrsiand' what it' is and
wliuL.it. i.s i)UI. In whatever portion of
i'k flounUy, in whatever community, or
in whatever group of individual*, the
worl inny be ticed, its ch riicleristio
meooUg is claimed lo he pos.-.ssed und
obeyed by all. All assume the position
of patriots. Tho rebf-i in arms J
fighting to oVenlfTow .the governmeni
tli.it protects his lifa'fljfi) property, avows
himself n true patriot. The'man who
worships only at the shrine of party, and,
'claims-thai parly nfliliations are more
>acied a'ni mtiru Binlliflg lii.iij tlie Coo
rn -W-fsnmtt,
de'clarts hi rift ?o I f a p.ti-iot. Ei>cti! ilipse
who Boldly.nfflfci'thai tho nlmiarchini
in.-litntionsf.fEiigl;in(I. of Europe, are
f r prefer..: I.' Jothp ttbpu'biifillil institu
tions'nf the United 3jafe?, piohiss to be
purioif. it js not possible, therefore,
the term which conveys the idea of such
noblo s .?ntiraents as are evocated hy the
n?o of this niueli abused word, can be
su<ce(jtiblo of such incongruous meaning
ami applications. Were wu to invoke
t!:e sncrcd shudes of sonjo ol the
sainted patriots, now slumbering in
death, as orailcsof instruction, such as
.. f*o'iji.!as,' a William Tell, or a Wash
ington, the coptuised spiiii of diviLu
ti"ii myit reply?"it. is the sUrious
ami noble characteristic of a rood and
loyal citizeg, the Jiigh an I exalted posi- ;
(ions that -ovorn tho aelions of alt true
Snlijects of any potcntato, whether na
I've or i atural:zed." Such would be
theres poo:- such would he the crjteri
oii hy which to judyc ol patriotism.? j
>> hate^vor, then, does not como uj) to tliis
stamjjird must l o .set dowu as n neiia
tivo quitljtv.
1'roin lliis, therefore, vre may deduce
somo fai ls ns iip;)]icahie lo molives, a<?.
lions and pursuits of cit'zens which aic
not patriotic. Wu rnii;ht assume, as an
inoititroverliWo position, that lie who
opposed llie President in his landaUs .
ondi>aAors to restore tho Union, i? nix n I
patriot?that lie who advocaies princi- !
pies entirely at varianco with tho (Jon
flilution, is not a patriot?that bo who
labors only for party purposes,sees noth
ing hut party aggrandizement, and
?opes lor milling .save party sue- !
cess ii not a pairiot?ibm he who
called this restored Government Vir- i
S'Oii naught but "flctjon" yet hopes!
Ihrongli that vfcryfiction toiake advan- \
."/'Oulii.;.1 1 .i.il 'i]jnn '
couniry, to osiablisha iaaiin? :.ini
prooodent bv which to obtain certain
flbjeels, ittaiii ceriain cms, is not a pn
trjol. These ore only a few, among the
many nogs lives which might bo nmiecd.
We (invo a living example of sneh anion;'
us. And what seems liio more appall! i
ing is, aoniu who are Roverned hv no '
Qjhor motives than those lust mrnlioncrl ;
claim to be patriot*, and rondnmn all
who do uoi worship at tho same shrino
to which tliojr kneel, as boing onomien
to llie Union cause.
.U a hall givuu at a fashionable hotel ;
in Rio Jin1'lro last luonlh, during tlie I
dancin? of the Lanctr*. the bull room
was suddenly inundated, bv a Hue in the
river, ihn Isdioi bfei'ttfl fnreed lo get on
olmirs aud into tho orrhestra, jn'a low
nioincnts tho water in tho room wn? two
fiioldeep, and many jewels were io.?t.?
The ladiea who were all very wet, were
eventually oarried in tho arms of rfw
peoplo (n dm uppor rooms ofthe holeli?
Tho Inundation t:ilbfided in ahoul fwo
tJrryif men oUVa^ hil.Vi r ich <UUcr'
When 11oj>kii:>-viU?.
Ktmuelv. tho CwijtHrVCho Admin*
(ration o't Jolfn OtliieV 3d?n<. to defetiu
himself *;aiiist tho chni^i-"*>r "bsrgMn,
imrljiUe ?|.il edlati^flW'" Iw t>"K1 Cvitf
upon bv his M?.isW-? hi*j? :'m
cics- saloon. Pr. ll., ihvti of A?t ph?
nnd a great (ilijHil ofMr. Clay, wis bj .
his fide, presenting hint to'hia numtrous I
I'riosds ?? Iheyiwuie Mrwrfrd: Preftont
H UifffiOWBW* tliVWW fotm of the!
ptesnlrlc GoW.or Pittsiir inter tho ,
tlbnrfof ttw+ilofth.'" InsV.ntly tic
brtce.l*tlA o;Vpim,inSly'i<> point him^.
to Mr. Ohry,"tmd then rliitptirplto hint
thnt tlfltrmU hir.it ntihe-door '-it Gov;
I'ittbnr, of f*orid vlver, ? htost woNhy 1
frien I ot'yodrs wlioni vim must know i
wilhont an- inirodtiotioil; and yotl nw>l
be cortlVi*,' bitow lis W*w, K> -wish
tint In.* may ticvfer have AnoilWr- itMt
tiioii of B^irtrr'i ls." Thfts |t?. m, Mr.
1!1bv stood hi*JgW'titiJ, In the center oil
ihc saloon, whiW the Governor. uneoii
ciousol tlio innocent trii-k, flppro.tcli1
liini1?y<lcgr*?, Kij'itij; ?* lie tame:
??Don't introduce |w to Mr. I'lsv; ?i
?will know me noil 1 shall know Wit!! ',ir
(rrent men ilwayt> kniAr ilc'.i oilier on .
ei?tn." ,
S'lle; Governor lonkdl everywhere).hut,
in thb right pltlcif.'r.tid #r.k?0 JiW lie js-?s?Btl
on;- 11. i1
?: Where h dip i?.-<?? m?-.s 11,1,1
eatin", "1 siv.tll l.ini on-ei iht: tor
"rout inert lit.<> t??f-i.ovcr fnil'to know j
oaoli other. ? I Huglbf Vou gontfemnW
not to intsodurtl hp; will know ca'-?
other, though WO have ilevor seen eneh
other. Ymmav hu is ifc *'ie ',H1 "~~
voo?l, 1 shall tin'd hira!'1- Aivav ?ril- (
ked toward the i&?",'WMIte Mr. CViv
stood. ? '
Presently lie drew hllBifil ''P to Ms
loftiest height uji-n beboldlHjj Jlr. Olae...
and cved liini for wtmt) tinw >inun-i:>
hiendmirntiolt.'" Ml; t.'lay snipped
wird with hi* libtfUst smile and sweet
est voioe nnd exidiiimed.
"Haw are vou,'' Governor Pittsur, or.
Pond Him'.' I am n juiced to ?>?? you.'
? ?Hear ihiitiraid the U v.reor,
"didn't 1 leU'yoiHliftt he would ki; ?? I
me,and that Plttsur Would l>??;v ?
Yus, yes, fjontlcmcu..h-- the ^.euiest,
man that iives!" i
Alter cord idly slmkini Kauije, tultiuv;
a few liaupy jitkstf. Mr. Oluy snid:
??lly dear -Governor, 1 w?h .'tliat yon
may live a tht'UMipd ycais, tl.at I" l;l>
mayiMO'ii'd.ihtoujfhout your wide doH
juai>. wPMEtlii" :?*<??
oilier in vat-ion of sijliirrel".'
"BIm?s met' s?id:ih? Governor did
yoitlitar llial!. How iiid.be know that
my people loaU their otitiro icrop of com
by squirrel*'? Bless iuv w.ul he kn.owc
ovcryibitigli 1 always told you t i?l l-?
was tlje (;rettte?t man in die worldvr i
didn't I, hov>l"
And tl.O tiovernor left in perl j't ad
miration of the StaiesuiBii.
A New Atlantic Telegraph.
There is f'eacon to 1 olievn un aHeinpt
will shortly be made io,conueci K",;land
and America onco tuote by the e'.eetriu
teie^raph, and this time with greater in
creased prospects of permanent sunei ;s.
Recent oceurieoces have impressed the ,
(rovirnmetm of Euglaod anil ol the :
United Slates with the (Mormon" imp'i '? I
ti?uct: of such a me&iisof conrnunication; |
and the President and Government ol
the United St.,tjs hatro decided on giv
ing every support in their pownr to any
wtll-coiibliucted pr'jiict^ "f tlint kind.
The Government of tlia I idled State*
havo, in n liberal manner, ollere I to sub
siribe ono-hnll'of the sum whieii would
be required for making die eubh'
and give tlio usa of vessels of
Ihuir navy in assisttna to lay it, provided
the British Government will grant the
igmajning portion id the suui.
Mr. Cyrut Field, who took so native
a part inreforenoo to 'ihu former Allan
t'e tolexropll, has wo are informed, un
dertaken a minsioii to ihis nonmry. for
the purpose of inducing the British (jov
ernment to act in a spirit of eq'nl liber
ality, and qo-oper acting wiih thi<fiiend
lv offer on the part of the United Slates.
As further evidence of the friendly
spiril which lias actuated this ofler, the
Government of the United fy -t'S are
.iir.t t -. : '?
should hove itt terminus on Bri'i-sh ter
ritory, as that will afford il.e nearest
point of eomuiiiuicnt'iiin with England or
Ireland.?[London Observer.
GaittTfiiB ox thk 11st' oi liAr
TLS.?The Tribune's l ort Domieis >:i ,
coirespondent utiles that in the terrdilo
engagement of 3? turd ay there, nn order
ly-sorgonnt acting a rebel point a . iflu
at tlia captain of his company, ho threw
himself before his beloved officer, receiv
ed tlio bullet in his breast and fall dead
in the aims of the man ho had saved.?
Tlio bravo fellow had been rei red nnd
very giuarously treated by the Captain s
father,and had"declared when tuli?litig
lhal bo >vouhl bo happy to dm t? snv?
the life of his benefactor's si.n. 'I'lm nf
feotiori shown each other by Dnminon
and Pythias did not exceed that of thin
uan.ulcin soldier.
- ? r* -*?
Tlio Maryland I.ogislntura mut in
onucuson th'u4th inst,, end-voted, on
the tenth ballot, f'iv Kevcr ly -I#l.u
United States Ssnntor.
tut of llit Compromises.
Iy, suun c( ili? pacildo UntooW
Bsi Compromise. Among tho
Suggested1 !?' t'llO foilouio.,' I)) ft
lisljud corrvspon lent ?' ? " Lw
ilunj,o|rn>l which may win ooniiden
lion W'c. l?ut not here. If not vpr>'
prn&ijffibH, it is certainly funny:
"l'.'jThr.t llii' Union shall bp
ta1nwt(or restored).
? 2iKrhot Mr. Iaiicaln fcbo.ll o mtmye
"J, JPiml Mt. S'?*aid slir.ll i>i?U? ''lf
\ i o ftrasiilcn'.-lui>. and 1".' :uecikued '?>"
ilic toiftiiwio" <>! ?v'r
ti'icui'* Mk'i Vf ,iwj' M'v U*V*
"!?#, 'vwy
e!ect}$a, iw^lr. Lincoln wry/; i?_> w?
lint^o as i',..l4*c? Imth' 'fJ iTli . v?
^?ulh-H?K ? footing ?f fatftft
1 i t.^uftcrMi". L.ivi's tiu-.o ,'n op
J?Pr.:s'ulcni ^lr?U iho c)in<cn bv
All, ami ti<! Vicc-Vr?:fcid?n? l>>'
[tli (the former iuu;hJL bo under*
ibe Mr. Stwsrd, in recompense
Hiri'ponl rosi,nation), ami thus i
Jrti Pfosiil' iu. sffiM %tton
^VvsiiSoni.;nn?l so alternately.
filial to kcyp, initlovs r'jiinl and
BD-'lwVii ?'>!"? 'f ? vataucy in
tofl'i^ti. by >baili, i|iu. Micci's-'.f
e clioscII by ^bq'Scnutori and U-p
Bivt's u'. Washington > f the ????'
fiith HtiJ S'jutli? to which ih'i di
ll l.olon,.' il.
iTh.it the law. at to slavery ?b?i,
?jrlv iliutiiiCjl by tbr .jmW "{
f.rlie", ? qd no. i.)ioi atigii, of any
ji-r Hindu but,by .' V '(WW1 ol 11
Jtv of llu; uiouibera ol liot.h llousos
ling to'tidjVr. section."
( y. . ? - * ? - "'ill 1
Il^jtVaahitilton llelivartid Ills Fnro
U'litl i^?fyly<}HHf
liiljiB Xulionul IntulJitrcnoer. clurinj!
ihe tonr *l}57i w {riven nil I'XtWt
'(rbi? letfnr written by a lady ?f ei^b.ly
yeiir&of a^*o? i.-sithii'.$ m l'bilndelpb.i?*
to lic|Gr,iiidfO|i i" Waihimton, descri
bing f d hcviio at tho dolivar; qf NVfcfeli
in"({iw'? PafeWfctl nrtd !ru-?:
General WUbiiutnti delivered
c|l addf?Asin ih'./ronm. pT.tho
it ?ornef of Qhustnul nnd sixth
sai'immodi'iitcly i.n front ,.ol
I\ifaj in ib? ioom ilic CpDtJ^1*8
'Clio labia ?tf .thrf gg.Mkjft
,'ei'ti tho two Wiudoiy on jijtA
A'cxandrln. ibi^pn}' ic:;in an I nitimmu
friend of Waabinulon, Mrs.??, whoso
liusbnn i.w'na' tW nnditor, ?ns a very
dear fiicn l ' of''mine. IjSaf brbthifi,
Wnslilngtop, wifi opa o'tbo Sscrctari, i
of OfSaxai W.'sluiigion.
Vounj{ D.iiidri l^'', a nepliew ol Mr'.
Wasliihu'tbOj wns tlio oil,or. I wns in
cluded in Mrs. H 'a party to witness
the august, tho solemn scorn:. 'X
II ? declined ;;oiu^ with Mis. II
wfioliad detorniliiod to go so curly us to
se:un- tho front bcnijb. It fort.u
(,r X fl . (afterwards Mrs
\J L. Y ihM sbo w u'd not instburte 1'
? . near her honired (jrandfatberi liy
dear lather stood v. rv ne:,r her: she w. ?
terribly'aLitatcd. Tl.ero iva- a nairow
passage from tbeiUvir uf Ao untranco
to tho ioom. ttln.li w.n on tha ea:t di
vUlinu'. tb" row of benches. Oopyrnl
Wtsbin-toii'stopped at ?be end to let,
Mr, A pas? to i' '' el a'r. Tim 1 al
ter alw ivB wor>) a full Kui'.. ul biigbl
di ib. with ilnsW, or ri.tber lo < 4 oulft.?
He ' wore wrist ruffle ?. lie bad not
chanj od h'a fashions. IT" w?* a nborl
n: in, ivlili a (:oiil bend. With b.,
fnmHv h ; aflepded our church, twice . a
da v.. ...
Oert. WuHbinpjton's dress was a full
suit of biripk. His military hat bad the
bin,enft;(??'?. Them MOflll the Father
of bis Coun'ry, acknoiv sid.'^ l by na
tions "tho first in war, lust in jJO?re.
and first in tVo hurts i f bis conntrymon.'
No nnr(dials, with foi l-color,:.! seerls;
no cheering. Tlio most profound IUM
oc-.h greeted biiii, as if that ?re?t? - >?*??
bly dinirrd t",, 1'iar him bruntbe, and
cntrbbis tir.l'Sth?the boning, ol tba
lieart. Mr. Adams oov, rod bis fii'P
with bo'h band". Tho sleovus ?f bis
coat end ni; hands wore coyi rod w.t.i
itinri tvvery now (in 1 then then' win
:up^).1 ?--,1' ' I Oltjii" 1
W:??l|in"tohV rpjeirancc as I fe!t p?'r;
fecilv ci/np.ved und aelf posnr^wd tiit
tbeclos# ol hir. ^Idr-s^. Tnon, wlitn
Btrongrebna'soba broke lo1' "', when
tears covore I .thair far;??, then tba uw>\
man was fbilijja, "1 nee" toc>; at.
cyos from his fac'i l<ir!M dr ips ran,
froin his eyes. Ho looked to tho rnlc
l'ul children who were pariing with their
faibtr, ihcir ftian4, as if Ilia hoort *'?
villi tlicm i'id would bo to tho on I.
The London Times of ihe (Uh ins*'',
has itfi regiibir ?rtlol?? upon our p(fairs,
and speikaof "the belii!?r<nii Araericen
Itepublics''?and imnijiue; what ??"
have hnppennl to Mexico, "liu 1 ,'v
American ITeion coiitinifd lo c.
At;. At thin wa esn n(lord a dtlli'e, ind
lunuaq ourselves with sp iiilatioiis upfi
iho ditonlshlng ehan^a of tono,' a few
days inaco. upon Iho ra"cption ef ihiJ
,'Inter advioos."
ti. er, like tbo flea, is natlgl t ? ?' 1
hops. And a^.tm, beer c. |il<o s I ? ir
i ? broHviiii
? 'OUh1 ?u(liu?ia>iio fditor wlnvjhi' faith in
liluHilf?and I.is paper, hitche* up (In- Mum*
and driven as leiim, - ?
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lire nml luper:
But, a'1I It i* a Winer tiring bv far, io rend our
Won't vutt take our pnppr? Can't von laki' our
The juyti uf hunt ore little vortli, uulcM jo"
lako cur paper. J
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ntir iitpcr.
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tilled Ultr'plptir. ' I
Won't vim t|kc > til paji^ . C?u t jv. #>i !
l.tive'., jov? iielow you'll tn vi rltrntw, t.ido ?* vtiu
ul-v our impcr.
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-tr. njj spirtt of )f><?ln- in fir-SSfrth. api
parontly .io'rtnnnt, hut readily a touted
tato act 'Hi vliunuror ^'.^viistn iv?-. mi-;
t liClOI)lhollCe);i%l t? ,| ;Uq,.. ;
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prove this Curt h ybnif ft, ?,v Wlit.i
tlip tirtiii shall t itiiio for tlio uMtilit" t.[>
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iii Otosi! |oralit.ii:s, wi|i,ftij tUt way
of '.M^ns^resiorijJmriCj' Tjie smu'-1
tht>r?d volcano of >liimlnt'riV ?' loyally :
n li I tinl forth in torribl fnrv when jy -
er adequate protection i.4 Mtort.'tfd to
' t"ti (fUvfeu I dentin of tlio I ttiiin. If, [
I wijj ri:i;uini Intt two pr iltr, e;i|)gr? victo
rios tii ntovf the rtpiit llinl now cgnrutN
tlln iWti ml'tliis vol it it* 10? \ffu i,f
it bur-1; it wi|| I,. i tu ,1... s?tf,Wh"Ai !
ponmnr-i'dl the sun aftira lot r itim7.- of
cloudy Mtti flymy Wt'tl/h'T. vlt v, ill lie !
IjtulSd W illi tli^t oiituus!j,.,t.c joy which
Hiriiiptl i)i(t inKHijii i, t3 or Jufea n the
??? Sittr of II..tl.l,.m.?
llt?RMvil|'thc nitt?nn*W t(i? eJrt-h fe
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A IHrl)rl I'fOph iKy. i
Tito lit.tiituoml Dispatch January i!9ili,
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| >Vl.f0ll llttVU hot U'utl ifc Utl v , HTfilll
, out. i liore fcrttiiitly. iva^ ?-l^{ng "pi|jt
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i utorrtuc;, we t|i:l tl,c, f?mp tiling b_fr<rij
winter.s"t io I,, \\ijnjorn Vlrcinhi, \\ n
tltil it in tii? most Miilinin'ry mntiiicr "on
tho PttniTtsuHi in ffjjn'6. It dopn not yrt
:iopoartli*t ?? IiNv?not yi>t ,|ohf 'n'jo
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stss'ppi to rerjuir# in jej, my (Jicjfivo
Slept, ng,il'ttM liiiq tiiori'. Vfr Ftave vt otcli
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Hnrnslrlff i th? |,,si rrti| ol *Ke
jioptilij nnd if wit ran cripple nil') '
i .cstroy iiitn tl-.i:rn, ??ur, tr,inb 11:s may - Im
j ?' down n* ovor; for ihc ogi'iity's trenfu
I ry is now 1) intinipl. and ' WilHoii't soiric :
iTont tinrl lirilli.tnt yiinrcqt wltirli tvill
will put fiim in pn<-!c? inn nl r,iit?nr(
tl.tK u;ir inoKt lx'b.iL down in a ictv
tnotilK \y0 jiavc no R;)pr(jlicns,iim
ti'.ni Hnrnti i?, bill a priitiitit and li'or
ons.'rnlly of ic;r jfenpl* itjiifisi ibis fn
vnrite omcriTrim of tho oimniy will firry
<ii limv?nd dttfpair to the Itwurt >.f the
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woioll nti^liL ho repentod hr>?r itith soma
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ot tlio fonxylrttnin Fron Ottmp.'inv in
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tion ni tho Pml. Flour olid ansifltint iir.
Adam?. An attempt in f>?iri>; mi. in in
rof.np iron by , contbiniitfon ?i' tl-ctii
oitj nuil niitcosonin I hvdro^on. Wc
copy frouj tho panvilln D tow,- ,t? tint
fyilgwiiig orlic.lu on titc subject.
The cl.cctricity isecneratoil bt u pow
orful mognoto (ilectrfc nVn^hinH,'mn'lt-'
in? som<! five liuhdr d revolution's pnr
minute; lar^o copjicr wire holi'.rr rdMnlv*
ing Ui,fori\ twenty ||t)\f. rful ptllgnul,:^
i This tn. sliino fttrni.hti f!te pr'uiKr-/ cur*
runt nr.d tn< : thro'uh t l.'tlhm^orlf's
infltiffiii" foil of Inr^nnij!*'. fro-n Which
llm n condnrv ctirrrutis l.t<J into th? pt|.|.
tiling fiirt/is'ctt, Wh tl.o iruti boils tip,
tii" tub<? Co a taini;i 7 tii., s>.ii i s xtou ii e cli 1
I; - ?' "i r. ',; : c,,'. ' ' ' : ? ,,
lift iron. A crest ch;. . ,c scom'j to ''hp
place til this Mi-oof 'Ito prnce . ' Tho
fruit, frotlp. up ninl <,fL-.i- u f..w. uiinuti a
l?'C<.m" cellular. The intpurillai liaye
tlio iron In a cs "bus c'otlfiitirini ;:n ! '.lie ?
tftvWl pro 'nee,! ii of a very"tii'.? TiHrb'mF'
texluro. Wc w?ie miou.i Rf.nii pmeoi, t
v.-bioh wern ?o gimttij thai it not
!>? broken uvu wild lliu (uracil olt'dgn
hnramcr, tttla licnl tin to ii mcie'. Tpo
pro,... Will do skat .orVifc ffthx work.1
ir, ? of liid it in. ftrt.l nil tire fully co'r.lldent
thill r;?i 11 nttvdc . Ins refined iron ^ill1
soon bp in L'm/it dftutind, \\T.; jmvu ..ho
foen ?oma lino tne-fte'lic stbel eiuiitdes
proi'ti'.'tl in n sihiilitr m inner, v. Iiirh
'ftcm l<> in in no w?y di4"erSrft fr.tiii the '
best Kiiirlioh itwl ivo Itnva ?oon in liiu-j
rope. Helutrr. til#.', tliR^n n?w
of woi! ?..t* tjtn irno.i'roni tin <jo> Will ?
noon I' introSiuo l .??! a I <r-<i 'sitile at'
this woihtt, r.nd Ihtil liny will limn,by bo
I'tmhM to mahufat'tire iron in Mlrtplfor )
qualit) Uoolrieiti biioins to rttn k its t
w?y truly U'lesmplii fpend into till ihu.,
piOllliiu nl otlllufie o in !i...a. !i> . of
the coot.try
jterili ,in'n .1, Mrl'T ^r'v," (iP$l)ilii
tuipMi, ?n3 crtwp mwifLrp/wn#.'.
nn/orm* t^ql'hlhdelpli* ? 3uMiaT?* ,
Mlijslii): Witowal/ Itttiedfimtint
1 \ \ Twwfi ?'??
tnlriy per cent. premium lit rticWpnd.'i.
I 'After tl* W*|'sfT?M .- fiVf' II,,.,
1 ?nv nt Ion' per rt-ut. \V|,| WtoUIKfitai'
J Union vitfWfv. v.orti Won IMfiSW jrti
lit nt prKem'rIK* whrlWllflrfv:(Jt'i
ficni. iiinin i mn
t'erti rnU or Vin-M, nilt!,o,(ry tvliloli Kn
RW '? fw '*>'? ii'Miliitlifn'Kr i|,a
ol ihe Old Dominion. TliV I.Mi'Wlflo
ii< KPtcr?lr f*l( in Mf' M,
Clary word a pair '(.f"|Mntn|Adh?*SJ9?TI.
. "Ill of, pmijinii IvuiUluIh, |, ]1jC , Airn|ll
arc wojlh .'MO in lKWiiujl Hay,,
elolh pnntnljons in r.b'it1iTlW,Wirf ihlV
(?<?*!* or,' huld nt#D0**frr n? ill,' iMfi*
P'dm. C-OIIII11UI1 U'I IK \Vi)l l1i. >i fip
ru'tipd} <r?0?*| 'rl.H'Mpt.fct 2j, ..r.U <nt,
M1. CI f?Q Mr nop?.| TJii
j)oorr i |;jm I olOormnn c?x^nVh oft u, h)
im iYniMM, (.1,1 r/.fV.MitiV ,f,'M '<?'?
rnr, j'oti must nuy tUO ir 9 W (!#(" ISW
dmiL CU|uwij((fijlinfoo ij-pliipu.-air
. '. r. rt'
ll wrounolint In III, 111, I ipy I,J.'.. ,,u
iy of t'liBIK onfivln^ n>l)a!'<'q.' '
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Tin J mlurp si[ i|(, I. <ritv<?:tl
moiit. <i?f( |
?'?'! ;i?|?yr..stifc!.o fur, i| lit,
Imben(.W? Jfrfl
the \ 'rnttSH lHf.tt"fj|v
>icnal ?!i,?ic? wWahj ?lm UnvfWj^ft
.wyi u'ii|/'r,iii ibu ovMV'iy i?t 'in (Kuhreir
! W fe'vW ' V^lFW'k'toi'
pi-olmlilv fufpr.
ti<Mu:ipiyur ,i/f,t rwir\b/-n frfi pnonfe;.*.
A Jl^ll'iid, #in ill I ii)Wi \yiHk
flm pImiNih WW? MinifWr/p
lion Jtt
J i'? im iilIff v piinll ' I'lii'n rllirir tia
?"^>i",>(ij ??J'ttyii crops. .11} siau ili^i
It-lii the Iian.ls of th,. VutiI,,.?'s, rhji*
paliio'lun i .ft Jfp in Jb
lioivrnfr, Tl(,.y v.-Mit' 111- 'C^fWilW
.U0?mwont?fiHt ???of'.-nll' to 'iiiKUHt^r)
iliisin f% .U.i'ir lom TIibvi ?!i'..lmiiu
walit (o Wli({!j.|Jp,?|)j'(>fi,t|nrtin'.TiHimtm
-c>|ffn ilopreoiuicil, (.',mfc>l, i.hm
would Im Minrc nvr.n .br,' 'ili .Vi' i lio' t'n;.l
Ion wliii h ihvy mi, ,fp Vn^isfiifW
t|mt |l|^ wirM ulipiild./'jll.(town nn3
Vfi'i^bip if. l.'.opr lyinjr QoUoulH; t
I v'7 'ivl,it^in ? W'4%
fiVi^li i?^'Vnw Yntl) C'fYri
SfAtthew Hale Sniitji. wfej iviifop '???,./
IbVuignitoro fir-Kur'lci^VHi ifce fujv
iowin^' |Mi7^S|it, ' T.t vvlifttii (|W?fi ?...
for? ? ? : ?,,''3fli!
"A nli'r 'vniiin ii rtW vlrlii'fly';' .Vfffi,
noUiil for hiw. I'cccniritiiy, Miivo ?. Kijjji1
won the oilier day tlim njnije vnroc-Vn*
? -tioii nrnoii:: liTs ,,nn,,|...
inrootlVM ihiit li/Tnirlml n( Lho'bond'ql
??'">? rtrf"'? WltgriWtirfrt'.Wi'it!n,r;tfiMif
"licii bound I".Hom,l Hit Inn vi\ '
iiiin luuli utjiliri<*e ht llir iono innd liirrt
per ol tin: N"siaon. und )?ft tin.
Hut Hie p/tirlior was npi f/istQUUiltcu
nor disronceiidi; n,lt.. ?l 4lfryllU'
ilio rplrontinn'ftioi' iii' '<',for
don't lilrn the truth. If voii' arc ^tioi
pleMid wiHiyliailPiv. you. iney ?lv
licll, nr,d I niljgiyi' jpu
It )? Mljl lie meant n <-. 11i'utuh gJj| ?? 1
^tlicr clm'rrh; Rut rHtf loot fw Ol.'."
neeiton wmcrt (#?' inilfcnW o ? ?
people could not tin ir,t>( ihr \/?H l.t)^V
iao?t with (o nypi,|*| iinievj. jioiMe wriu
ngn?d their . ?
, ?"* ' ?'
Tiib Oi.n l-'cif.i\.. [,.u,
n a rcccnt Iei-lur., Goo, U'. CnrlN
latnd an UnrwWlo HrhH hA
ho knew in m trir?. an I ivliWlrtirfb"u?hi'
illusirmes the nnivunn.iitv iiti.l 4ne-mHi-r
hlr <liyMct%of tho ictlioi;- ol totunrl
can n?iion?|ip-. ;.v.c Oali'?n.1,tap.
t'lrM at 1! ittoras infel, vAi|e .--n' inniir,
f l"?rt Wnrren, irn rei(<lfh? Ihtf llHrf-..;'
paper *Oi'inlnU..<.| . io .)?aiuy .*rUH?rv
piaciicc,,llic iujuri i.l (|(lli|)(, 0[
ors, |bxirtnyi.iJi.jt-j.l cw.lutionu ,ib,|
in" riinrtiifipfiiu'iit Duponf, nt' Y'ori1
HoySI^ until," full ,if fcqVii,v'
Kprun ? lo "i-< f., I, diij tui^hijflnn frinn,?
Ill toi Wurid liiiaoo ^J.y. ,ll!(
riio Riclin'ioiiil ciitia'l of . 'vn'sj/iral ii
:?T? (frmfly dh<w?v<! nMki1 ?fi*
on* i xpon'i'a nt ih/> rtoW^irfK^t hi pnl'
? illj.uuwij (I,,' Mlrfljiqi) '| t, ^ , fi'mjj og,
? ti tAllUUStod Ull i i, ? Litii 00) ?U|r
VJlul" I it till! "I .it n: Oli4?U
Ind.war. AN (liere no fXpen^Vn V'i;,* ?*
iviffi t[irir ruViif/
II. 8. Tremiiry oniori; ora*t|^|lfemhini
ii* Ciohmond. How oUonL ,tlm,r ?/?r?
'oadiiuj Hood fit/Clip? |j9c:i ii J^k? ,,
tlioiiffh wo sh.'lf Kvb no iiiliI^ cikc'
andnlu th.i^ TlFf.' ?i^rWoi'
corn Hndtef% *n,ltet d,v?n i,< ? ',>an
?linnere in bntnji-nlii ir(ii)4nr,?i ^ vf .|
t ^ ^ ? _,
. Uiu biupuror .yinp^lnitis, whuii n
titan , rcfuspH iu own lie# 0011. <*riie|*?*?i
liicm to lie married Th\i n'4|ioV o'ltii
oifiip nt'oitoe.. ?? .1. vrc ?
?"li?'' ? ? lr-4-l- U. (llinY. IP*
.Vii,up-coiir)try eJiitr Ii?h l)H*wiu r.?;.
witty, that Iih Uiltijv.
LiihI I.m fu 111 ii 1 y mo > 11 (.1 in 1 iio .'M.Niiii 1 '
h!'. jlllics,

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