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jCST''Why is it, my son, (hat when
you drop jour breu.l mid butter, it is al
v.'svi tho bunorsit!a down!"
"1 dun't know. It oughtn't t?, ought
it? The strongest tide ought to bo up,
and this 'h t!.o strongest built.r I
uver foen
"Hush up, it is some of voui aunt's
? Di I she churn it? The luz/ lliing."
"W ,it, your mini?"
"No, this here butter. To ainke ilie
i) i? r ol.l woman churn it, when it wus
'rong fnoi:h lo churn itself."
' Hn-h Zfh, I've (at a great deal
.1 i- ii: the most iiiiiiorrotic houses."
"Well, people ol rank ou^ht lo e?l
"Why peoplo of rank?' f
Cnurc il*? rank butter." >
"You varmint you! Whsl m*kei you
'".'?msotho butter hog tiken l!i? rkin
off my tongue."
"7,th, don't lie. I can't throw away
:1. 1 butter!'
"I'll toll you whit lo do with it?
i' < p it lo draw blisters. You ought lo
the flifn keel over as 60011 as they
iU''h it."
Bailies (as soldiers know and nrws
?tj> 'i -i i!? not) aro usually fought, not a*
v ouyht to bo fought, lull as ihey can
fought, and while the literary man i?
>ying down llio low, ?.i his desk as lo
,v.v iiiany troops should move here, and
?hat rivers ought to be crossoi! there,
:;nd where (ho cavalry should have been
brought up, aud when the (i ink should
Iilivo been lurried, the wretched man who
Iiih lo do the work finds llio matter set
(ltd for him by pestilence, want of bIiocs
empty stornaobs, bad roads, heavy rains,
and a thousand oilier stern warriors who
never show on paper.
Lndy Herbert, n great grand daughter
of Loid Clive, of whose gallantry in In
ilia we have such a brilliant account by
Macau lay, has n postage stamp Album,
which is a groat curiosity. It contains
undofa.t'd specimens cf every postage
stamp in the world, and is illustrated
wih innps of the countries, and portraits
nod autographs of the respective rulers.
Ii it is richly bound, and is the most com
pile thins ol ?!'< sort ever got up.
There is a remnant of n nee ol Itidt
ans in New New Mexico who are entire
ly different from any other tr be on the
continent, and are supposed to be de
scended from the Toltoes, who preced
ed tin Aztecs. They nre small, liavo a
peculiar conformation of skull and face,
nre of peaceful habiti, and live by agri
culture. The)- weave cloth, build with
lools ma le of stone, and build towns of
stone etui mortar with wells. They
have now seven small towns; but the ru
ins of their ancient cities show that they
were once inhabited by millions.
Learning, i! is said, may bo an instru
ment of fraud; so may bread, if dischar
ge! !'r ra the mouth of a cannon be an
nirument of death, E ich way be ef
fective for evil.
"Rcbcrl, can you describe a bat'"
?Yes, Sir, he's a firing inscct, about the
r.V ? lople, has India rubber wir.es,
nnd n shoo-Strin ? 11i 1; ho sees with bis
tyea shut; and bites liko the devil."
What is the sweetest of all things??
A female volunlec- was detected by
r.itfmpting to p it her p-nts on over her
All mankind n o liks the auctioneer's
lods? goinj?going?gone.
Only an industrious life is safo and
One of th * commanders of a military
attack telegraphs: 'We liavo met the
?nemy, aud they aro hours?almad of
Water?a tluiil once used as a drink.
Senators have three ages important to
tlic-rn?mile-age, patronage, and post
*3?- ^
V ,700 I farmer is known by !,is femes
and a villain by his otfenccs.
Woman lost us onti paradise, but
ma'.cs us another.
"' ttt a wife llio lawyer is more trusty,
the o .or more respected and useful,
i in mechanic moro in luslrious, an I the
in ;rehaot gets better credit; in short a
mm without a wife is no man at all.
Aiohurch some clasp thvir hind so
light in prayer time, thai they cannot
get ihom open when the contribution
box comes round.
A gentleman said ho mads a lawyer
of his ward because he was always a ly
ing little fellow, an I he thought lie
would indulgo the natural bent of hi*
talents, '
? ?
In the third Regiment, Wisconsin Vol-1
unteers it is a rule that no soldier ran ;
Iciiyo camp without a pass, llio chap- !
lain was one day distributing tracts;
among others one headed, "Come, s n
ner?, come!" Soon alter the tract w-s
pickd up in esmn; and under the hea
din < was pencile I, "Can't lo ill C3I. K'l- i
U?r wiii'isijn my pisil" ,
Bullets sing anil whistle, but do not
make pleasant music.
The laborer wlio adds hia ?hnre in the j
general wealth, is worth a thousand do
nothings ?ho only consume.
A cubic inch of water, converted into
Heini, will ruin > tun weight on* foot
Children are our idols, through whom
the heart ascendi to heaven.
A fool's henrt dance* on hit lip?.
We ore Apt to see the clouds that hneg
over ti?, forgetting the clear blue sky
beyond them.
The trend essential of h>| pinex in
tb;? lif>' is something to hop* fur ?ai!
lotaothing to love.
Kxcessiro Politeness.?Sailing your
bat to a lady, ami dropping from it k
couple of dirty collars and u pair ol old
?lockings into the street.
Woman was sent into the world to
make mischief, and jewella were irivcn
ted altctward* to III' ke li?r still more
wise bio voua.
Strong passions are a iremenduou*
power when curbed and governed by
stronger reason.
Ladies sometime* keep charms upon
their watch-guards, but it is mora itnpor
taot to keep u watchlul guiird upon thoir
[ ehurniB.
An exchange advertises for oomposi-j
tors "who won't get drunk." and ad.laj
ihaf'the odilordneg nil the gei'.ini; drunk 1
necessnry to support the dignity o! the I
establish moitt."
A man is foolish to be jealous' of a
good woman, and n downright loul to bo
jealous of a bid one.
Sonic men are base enough, when thev
have reached tic object of their ambi
tion, to pull up the ladder by whii h they
have clitred, and look down with scorn
upon thoir companions who held it for
What are United States senators??
Men who receive jOUOO a year for trying]
to bo President. j
'?What ail< yottr eye, Joa ?" 'Noth
ing j only I told Sim he lied.'
Thero aro 618 bones in tlio human
frame : 11 in the face, 32 troth, 21 in
the ribs, 16 in the wrids, 30 in tho bands
I S in the ancles, 38 in the feet, and 342
in other parts of the body.
A councellor, asked by his client what
the jury would bring in, answered, 'II
any thing is uncertain to God himsolf, it
mist be what verdict a petit jury will
Stupid people eat belter than they
talk. Their mouths are exreliant banks
of deposit, bill poor banks of issue. ,
In onr army and service, General
Truchin isa Russian, Stuhl a Hungarian,
Mag;ji a Sardinian, Sigel a German, De
Coursy an Englishman,G isson a Swede,
Corcoran and Moagbor Irishmen, end
Kadella an Italian.
Why is Henry Ward Beeoher 1 ke
Briglitm Young' Bemuse lie has mar
ried a grest many women, and ko<ps
marrying more.
Ww. i ?r?ni?i>lnnsmirr ?ir> "iTi'? iViijiiTj
The Staunch and G-od Steamer
R. C. M. LOVELt,
j^Will ply between Syracuse and j
ial 1 ip'>)i^?1 mi 1 y, 1 cavinSvrqp:" i? ? 1
7 a I,... romeroy at 8. and arrivin - it fiallipoli !
I at. 12 am Returning, loaves (JidlJp.dis .it 1!
P. M., Point Pleasant, at Q p. in All order*!
promptly attended to. For f?vi:;ht or pvsatjrj
I apply on hoard.
\N\ R PENNINGTON, Captain,
March. R. l^.-Hm.
Re;*ulj\rGallipoln nnd K m .wlin Packet
Vic JE? tor.
W. L. MAPDY Captain,
C T: USLOW, Cleric,
I" LEAVES Gallipolis every Tuesdav. ,pliur~
IJ dav a I Sat inlay. leaves Kan:iwhal
v? *r?. M'r.ri. v, T.S~??.*,,? stiny hud Friday. livery [
! ion paid to pn*s?iw?ra and fp-i jii. IV j
; intj a very light- cir.au-/lit boat. the lightest in i
I the trado,) she will run at all timoR when no? |
detained by ire. |
T.* New Subicribtrs the present yl'ar,
Will be furnished at $.r> OO.a year.
.1M ERIC AN REVIEW Will be ?umUhrd f..r!
A?.(10 a year. ThoChriatian Examiner, Norlh
American Roviow, and Atlantic MomMv.wiM
be furnished for $0.00 a year. I'-'vment in ad
vanro to accompany tho order in all cn*<>-?.
(1 >*A few subscription* can be rrc ived on
theahove term", beginning with the Examiner
for January. 1^62. tlio firat number of the cur
rent Tohune. Address,
945 Wasliinyion Slrtet Bolton.
He^nlnr Knnnuhn Si Onllipolh pneket
, fpe.Jffp' II' KEEP, Oaptain. McCot.i.imp.r.
JiGSSHpClerk. Leaven KAtiawh'i SalineH ev
erv Tuesday. Thursday and Saturdav.
l.-avi-s Oallipolinevery Monday, Wt di r-n!:iy
ami Friday
Every attention paid 'o and
Freight. H"in?r a very light drought boot, 'tin1
lighteat in th<* trid.*.) *ho will run nt a'l time*
wh?l rat iftr. T,
T8 llffi II!!
lUcekln Uiaistci\
M'o arc piepnreil to pxpcate JBKiixIs
of Job Work, in the latest s<ylfc,Bbn the
pihortest notice and upon the tfist re
souatilo torins.
plain or iraifn,
In ilioso limps of rieitcmont avcryboily
ll'J'jiJ Imvo A
FOR 16C3.
Tlio publisher of Oodey's Lady's Book,
ilm<>k'iiI to that public whieh hti* I'llsbletl birn
to publish 11 inagaxinc f-?r the Is.t thirty-three
veor* of a larger Clioula:ion llian any in /Imcr
ica, has made an arra gerueii* willi the most
popular autloreas in thi? country
Authoress of "Alone," "Hidden Path "
'?Moss Side,""Neroesi*," slid "Miriam."
who will fortlish a story for every number of
the Lilly'a Hook (or IHC'I. This alone will
place tin' Ladv's liook in a literary point of
view faraheail "f any other iiiagaa'De. Mni
mi Harland writs- fur no other publication.?
Our other favorite writers will continue to fir
liisll article* throughout the year.
Liuiy't Mogiwnc in 'As I! or!J, uni the
The Literature is of that kind that can be
read aloud ill the family circle, and llie clergy
in immonw number* are Mi! w ribi' r - fertile
Book. The music is all original, and would
co-it a.-, cents (the price of the Book) in the mu
sic store*; but m ist of it is copy-riffhted, and
cannot be obtained except in "Godey." Our
Steelongravitlgs. All efforts to rival us in this
have ceased, and we now Maud alone in this
Department, giving, m we do, many ioor.- and
infinitely better er graving# tlmu are j.ublished
in any other work.
Oodey's immense Doublu Sheet Fashion
Wales. Containing from five to aoveu full
length Colored Fa hions oil each plate. Other
inagaaines give only two.
Oodey's is the only work in the world that
gives these immense plates, and tlcy ar-- such
as to have excited the wonder ot publish r
tiiul the public. The publication of these plutea
than Fsshion plates of the old style, and noth
ing but our wonderfully large circulation ena
bles us to give them. Other Magazines can
not afford it. We neversp .remi wiien the
public can bo benefitted. llie.se fasliious may
j ri ;;cd (,fli Dresses may tie made after tlieni
nud the wearer will not suleect herself to ridi
ieule. as would be the case if she visited ike
large cities dressed after the style of tie- plates
given ill come of our so called fashion iiiagu
ilnod. , ,. ,
Our wood engravings, of winch we give twice
or three times as many as any other wag .line,
are often mistaken for steel.
Imitations? Beware of them. Remember tlir.t
tlie I.ady's Book is the original publication
and the cheapest.
Everything useful and ornamental can be
found in Godey.
One copy one year, $3. Two copies one
fear,$5. Three copies one year, $6. Four
topics ono vaar, $7
Five copies one year, and an extra copy tc
lie person sending the club, making six copies
Eight copies one year, and an extra copy tc
he person sending the club, making time
topics, $15
Blevcn copies one year, and an extra copy to
the gettel up of the club. VJtl
And the only magaxino that can b - intrs
faced intc any of the above clubs is Arthui s
jjimio Magaznie. One or more of that work
tan lie included in a club in the place of the
Utdy's Book, if preferred.
Oodey's Lady's Book and Arthur's Home
ifagarine both one venr for .$3 50.
'Outlay's Lady's Book and Harper's Maga_
line both one venr for $4 so.
Gwfev's I-ady's Ilook, Harp-r's Magsxinc,
ind Arthur's Home Mngsxinu one year *ti
Treasury Notes and Notes of all solvent banks
alien nt par. ,
Be careful and pay the postage on jour lot
AJ',5; "a GODF.Y, 323 Chestnut Street,
Philadelphia, Pa.
March n. 1S62
of ih'tn VM coi'M V. Foil Iioi.y
C-APT. JOHN HOW'YKR.Pre. Justice.
Quarterly Terms.
Tuly Term, 1863.-A N Carry,and Jas. M
Nish. , ,
WetnborTerm.im?P.BIkms, and .Ts?.
W Mines.
? iilv Term, 1363?Isaac R- Shank, and
Jo. Henderson.
Witmbcr Term. 1863?Z.Priddy, and Jos
My Terra, 15C1--J. C. Harrison, D.S. Mon
Monthly Term?.
jnrcb Term, lBG3~Joscp)i Savine.il/id Jos
'p,"'il Terni. 1S62.--A. J NichoUs, and
Plasant Lanliam,
lav Term. 1389?Richard Foster and Jo- j
setb Henderson.
,iiio Term; 1862?Jas. W Minesand Allen j
Scroll , .
iug'tst.Term 18B3?- H. T. Carttliers. and
A.N. Curry.
September Term. 1B63-T,. rttspman and |
.fjtite* M. ???&?
October Terra. 1863-D. S. Montague, 7
PrKltlv , it i 1
Tier ember Term. 1*63.-Joserh Henderson
and W T. Vintroux. ,
Jatinarv Term. IWlW. C. Harrison, and
A. .T. Nicholas.
. r,.!,.~?ry Term, 188J-P.
R SlianV .
Miirel, Term. 1863-ffm. Cish. and Landon
\nril Torm, AJIon SArvll anil Isnnr
Mnv Trrm,1HG3-D. 9. Montai<uo, and P,
I,, |. Term,l?6"-'Henry T. Cnruthers, K
"'A^Termti^-Wm.T Vint,on, and
I1. Lnnhnm.
S-ptemberTirm, 1863--A. N.Currv, and
7.. Priiidy. i
Oc'.ib ir Tern. 1883?Joseph Sivine, and
Win. Cash
p ? ih - "erm, lar'J? '? 0. Harrison and
H. T.Ca-rulie/s.
Jannary Perm. 1861?Isaac R. Shank, and
James \V. dines.
Febrnar Term?1804?James M. Nash and
A N Ciirtv . | T
Mnrcf^ortn, IBM.?L. Clnpmnn, anil Jo
noph ITtilon. n . ,,
Apiil I'erm ly6l?R. Foster and 7.. I nildy
Msv "erm, I Wit? io'ephSnvIne and .Tcwph
Tin (lo'^on.
Jun?Torm lifi-l?J.O.narrlMn, nnil >>?n
CaHb' ' T F.ST Ft
Msrek, 18#.
For 1803.
THE January number will conimcncc tin
: Eleventh Volume of the Atlantic Monthly ?
. From th * commencement, in lfc-57. the Atlas
tic has rapidly increased in circulation, and i
| now has the largest class of readers since it;
! beginning five years ago. Its prosperity btea
j diljr augments, and it continues annd all th<
H lctuations and dangers incident to our J'a
I tional crisis, to gain ground in the catimatioi
of the public. At a time so pregnant with < v
ents which touch the future destinies of Amer
ifc? in even* vital pnrtirtilar. tho Publishers aui
Ed itom do not deem it necessary to promisi
that i' pa; will never swerve from th- hones
paths ofloyal patriotism and universal freedom
It. opinions have always been on tho sitlc o
Liberty, Progress, and Right, and the course i
fir?l adopted in i:- early career, will i*vcr bi
faithfully maintained.
The Staff of Writers, regularly contributing
to the Atlantic Monthly, embraces all the bes
known au'h< r- in American literature, am
warrants the Publishers in promising to its rea
Which tho American talent car. furnish.
In Prose and Poetry tho".\tlantic" Stuff o
Writers. is unequalled. The following arc stil
? urn-tug the regular contributor* :?
! Jaines Russell Lowell, Charles E. Norton
I! nrv W. Longfellow,GeorgeS.JHillard, l.'alpl
Wnldow Emerson, Henry Giles, Nathaniel Hav
tliorne. Hev. Walter Miihchell, C. C. Huiewel
Mr-. Ii. H Stowe.T. W. Higginson, Autho
of "Murgarst. Ilowth,"HarrietMartineau, Ghas
Readc "TheCountry Pars?n("l>ose Terry, 01!
ver Wendell Holmes, Harriett E. Prescott. .Tohi
G. Whiltier Robt. T. S. Lowe!!, K. 1'. Whip
pie, J. T. Trowbridge, Bavard Taylor, Ed
ward.Everett. Mrs. Julia V*. Howe Mrs. A. D
T. Whitney, Henry T Tuckerman, John Weis
The foregoing list ot" contributors includes
Thrco dollars per annum, or Twenty-Five
cents a number. Upon the receipt of the sub
scription price, the publishers will mail tin
work to any part of the United States, prepaid,
subscriptions may begin with either 'he fir^t,
or anv subsequent number. Tho pr/es of the
Atlantic are stereotyped, and back numbtrn
can li#- supplied.
Inducementsfor subscribing. Lists of Pre*
minms.etc.. furnished on application to
Publishers, 135 Wa-hington St., Boston.
ily Amusement and Instruction. Edited
bv Moses A. Dow. This paper is the largest
Weekly ever published in this countrv. Its
contents are such as will be approved in the
most fast dious circles?nothing immoral br
ing admitted into it* pair's. It iri11 furnish as
much reading mat terns almost any one r find
time to peru?e, consist'ng/of Tales, Uistojy.
Rioirraphy, together with Music andpoir;
The paper contain'* ro n]tra sertM- rr's, nml
meddles n< ither with poll'ic- n?>r religion, but
it is characterized by a hit/h moral It
circulates all over the country, from Maine to
TERMS.?The Waverly Magazine i? pub
lished wrekly l?v Motfes A. Dow, 5 I.indall
Street,Boston. Mass. Two editions an? print
ed, one on thick pnper for Periodical Dealers,
at fi cents a copv. and nn edition for mail sub
scribers (on a little thinner paper, so as to
come within the low postage law) at $2 00 a
?&.or AX; w
C!i 00. Pnper stopped when the last numnsr
paid for i? sent: a new volume commences every
Julv sno January But if a person commen
rt'< at S'iv numoerin ""?? volume, and pays f..r
<\x months, he will Imvo a complete book. vith
a title page, as every paper in complete in
itself. j
When a subscriber orders a renewrlon.??
subscription he should tell us what was the
Inst number ho received. then we sha.l know
what number to renew at without hunting over
our books. Otherwise we -hall hejiin when
the money is received Persons writingforthe
paper must write their name. post-office, conn
tv and state very distinctly. Those wh ? wish
their papers changed should tell where i! has
previously been vent. Postage on this paper
is twenty six cents a year, payable in advance
at, the office where taken out.
Club', must nlwav" be sent at one t ov lo get
the benefit of th ? low prir- We erinnot send
them at the el b price unless received all to
-.??le r. a* it is too much trouble to lock 0V<|
our books or keep an account wilh cach one
getting them up.
Anv one sending us S3-2."? in ndvance. can
have a copv of 'be ??Waverlev M?g i*ine." and
either of the following papers foronevev ).\
mail: "True Fin'.'." "American Union," "Ol
ive Branch," "Yankee Privateer."
All letters ard communication* concern mv
the paper should be addressed to the puble her'
Tin: Wat to Srs?ritinr..?The pr- per mode
to subscribe for a paper is to enclose the monev
in ? letter and address the publisher direct,
giving individual name with the post-office,
county and state verv plainly written, as post
marks are of!en illegible.
nOM AHi) A'Non \*rio\, r*iiiind
phia. A Benevolent Institution estnb
lisli-'-l bv special Endowment, for the Relief
of the Sielc and Distressed, afflicted with Viru
lent and Epidemic Disease*, nnd etpec?:?lly for
tVro ..>?'? of T?i?(?-? J of the S( \;;r?l Organs.
Medical advice given gratis, bv the Acting
Surgeon, to nil who apply !>v letter, with n de
scription ? f their condition, (age occupation,
habits of life. ?*c.,) and in casos of extreme
poverty. M"dieine? furnished fre. of charge.
VALTT \ W E RFPORT? on F; rmatorhrea.
??nd other of lb.', Sexual Organs and
i.w the "* r'-es'employed in the D'spoil
..?nrv en' to the nffieted in pealed letter envel
. ( . , ? c) .. Two or three Stamps f"r
po?i "'e will be accentfble
Ad.lres-. Dr. .1 SKILLIM TIOrnilTOX.
Actinr Surgeon, Howard Association, Nt?. Q
South Ninth Street. Philadelphia, Pa. By
order of the Directors.
EZRA 1> n ART WELL, PfiWeaf.
GEO. FAIRCmLD. Strretory.
Marines and widows or other heirs of those
who have died or boon killed in the service.
011.1 S. TUCKER, Attorney for claimants,
Bounty Land and Pension Agent, Washington,
I). O.
Pensions procured for r<>ldiers, seamen and
marines of the pi e-etU war. who are disabled
by reason of wounds received, or disease con
Iracted while in service and Pension, Bountv
ty Monev and arrears of pav obtained for wid
n'wsorotLrr lieip of those who havo died or
been kil^l while in service.
Bounty land procured for services in any of
the other war".
OH AS TUCKER. Washington. T>. C.
Tho'-e entitled to Pensions. Bounty Land or
Bounty Monev, can have their claims preparon
md forwarded to Mr. Tttebif by wiling at the
Register office.
J supetlor articlo of Sealing Wax for fruit
isns. J. LEONARD.
Jalj 1-K
Ague Cure,
*0* TUB tPZMVt ir*B Of
Intermittent Fcfor, or Fever find Affile,
Remittent Fere r, Chill Fever, Dam*
Ague, Periodical Headache, cr Mil to us
Headache* and Htfteus Forers inde*4
for tho whole clas? of. diseases orinU
nutinpc in biliary ilofnnjtiuc'at, cabled
by the Malaria of miuyn.atio c juutrku,
i No one remedy is loudir called f ?? by th*
nccesiities of the AiLi'-iow people than nun
and safe euro for Fever and Av u. Sata
[ V. c are uotv enable I to oiler, with t rerf?-t
certainty that it will eradicate thd uisease,
und with osaurancc, fouudwd on proof, that
no harm con arise from ita u*; iu any quaa*
f titv.
i That which protects fYnrn or nr?rrc-nt< tb?
; disorder w t be of inline: ;o le.-vico i.i t!,e
communities where it prevail*. l'rcrniiio't li
: better than cure, for tho ;>niient ? ?apci the
t risk which he must run in vi-.lent 'attacks of
i; this baleful di*ttuij,er. T;.ii "CYiia" e:;peb
tho miasmatic p wm of >V.vaB Ann Ao j
' from the . y-.t- ? nnd put. it* t' . d .rd-p*
; ment of the di-eaM?, if takvn on thti iirst ap
proach i f its p??M;?>:*.:.t..ry f> '? ! "*? il w
' not only the beat r c..*iy ever yi t u.- vcr*d
> for this eL^n of eoic; taint:, I t tho
cheapest. The lars^j 1 V|ly for
a <1 .liar brings it wulia the r h f cterjr
! body; unl in bilious districts, uhete Fkyhii
P an-i" Aoi k pr v.'?!!?*, ? vt-ry body ?b. uH hava it
and uw it fr.xly t lb fi r cm-and ,. ??v#J
1 It i. hoii i this {rice w.ll v- . -o it . ithln L.t
icaeh ?.r all ;* -? y> r u. x> ell as th.? rich. A
' grfftt sniH'rif-rity ' ibis remcl/ over s.iy
! other cvt r <1 * r. i R r (he *p;\ ly and ccv
I tain rr? - I Intern.IttiuU n. f .*. it contains
. no Quiuint r mincfa', - ?a.ii?vjne: t\j i: i:rv
Auce# no ip.jini.cn < r ' <?> injur- r? ct.vcrs
whatever upon th" cor.'.i t >? r. 'I '? ? - eut'il
by it are left as healthy JiS it they bad nvtjc
litul the disease.
Fever and Appiei* r.:-.t al^'p tha e c-.r^crccs
of tho mia?mitic j i?-n. A Klclii i'
disorders ati-o from it - 'rrit?tii?.i, n ? vrhicU
! uro Neuralgia, Khi in. ai'unu. 1.S<??>*. !??
! Blind'?(v?, 'I' kiith^hi. Ktrr> ha, (,Vjf.r?h, A?;h-"
; m;v, r.ilni?a!i< n, v* i'.s
'? Hplf), UybtiricH, l'.iin riu* i'v'/i, (olifi. ,
l'?raiyef?, and l?cr?.?y: : '.>?.? :?toniA h,
I H.l ! V.v;, h, wh?;i i.-\ :?? l' " ?
> unt o?itheinlerju tv ? t t?" t.crbeet? o ?:/i?
J teal. 'l'Sw "Cess" * frum*
tho tk> l, and *;?.t .iiy c ? iv".<,ui Ml
alike. It i? s*? :'?? ??>
j grarta ?a i pfrr-ni i. *-i; '? . x;, r.j y
! rvKidinj; i>i the R isIpa
i 14-. ?>i; l.n'iiT i.r whiVj ' -.p. ?J. to ihe ir
i Cection, thnt will b ? CpxrrfU;! hmu t f *r.-i ,a,
? <nd C4?.n t '.it- r.rjl Sv ?? r*. h/;J. y
j t- rijUJl il-l ll H'4V. Mo. '?r \'%t .Mil >
Valualb H;r r.rot:it i ihiv > - r- v .i ->ir w?ll
r?.~ ??;!?'? fun" loteiarH.? v,
theineeWw cf tho yr-taeUoc U-a n .. W/ ?
for da.
Ayev's C-'.dr.vrlic; Pills,
res AIL T? nffiSiK S? * FAKi'.r .Vr*! "!,
ire ho r(.TM %?,' 0 ? ? d,.r '?S-, ?l ? . ? ?'
hfir aeVi a r ?*r* ? ??>. i.. >?? ? ? ??
1'helr - u.?r ivo:wa.-* ??,
and !-.>? *? ? r "c ? ??.*? r^>fV -r.
turn. in action,.a#'.
Ita hca'.:hy Aa a ??'
??i-?-vrtii's, ti f i lYJ.H'l Tbo b >< ?vi . ri?h
vitM ?.r jibviicnl Ability ?? ?o ftitd K#
or C"?rrfY by i rtmt-'.; f.l ouc* <*
Bhur.ic'and ir.v.tit tj.
>ot o:?U i!o thty cvjt> ?hc e?<ry ?'.r r f
of ev?.fjr Vo>'y, bttl ix.<xi r f-tn d ."i ^
ti-trg'rtyis di?eaM9. loo u?*as-c
! to eratii ray A:r.. i:.--)
containing certlfleaV ? nf tS.-b rum
Tii-iZcrki.' <Hsn oiv?
! Aesioeik, Aa?i?*>. J^
JiiGciirn cf the JU L?o* t. J;?v
<;/?*. J'Wiii s, and ??*.???? Uu-!itd cw.v**ti.^.
arUlvy fn-r. * low wtr.tc ?f or
of i:? fauclions. Tliey arc ?n ex.'vrwi ?' ?.-!5*a ,
fir ti.*.' renovation of the Uo-jd ii'? rS.? 'a
tion -f t us-j and iticu^Ji u; U*? iy*ir:u a^uuud
by diieaaa.
Aycr's Cherry rcctora-,
TOR TiI2 XI ?' 1 f '
CO'JRbs, Col(l??, Ir.:' >?. JTo .jifn"'*?
Croupy Broachltis r;l v : n?cmp
tion, ftnd tl? ? roljvf of ContuctpUte
Patients iu nV.ura l atnscs of t-i
go r.; '?? li the full rf v>* usr.'i.ln r-rv
nrrcf.* r.;e the r; o? ? ?' Us ci<n?, that ain.oat
o\'TV ^u tioa oT country ul c.uTiU'j in rcraoi:s jiub
;i.-ly'?"-r '? vh" havi l i '-r r'.' t' i a:, rnn:^
aa(t rvui desperate uisoajw "I *?' lun<s by ila
v.Hf. VVhfnonci triid, vcr ?vr,T
\ t ? r! ' ' i. ? ??t it - kii.ii i" ?.?>?? ?' '.??'? in* ta e
I or, erv'ti. ? , and where it:t '.?ur.cs tre kv.*. mi, tie
i ..' : ?? loRger hesitate v. 1.r.via. o'.-11'? tr. j .oy
for il-e di.'tri.i o-< : ad dau^f r;? ...ot.oi.sol t:.j
I Ins,>:...rv ?that r.rr ia? i ? : lo our climate,
wiiiic nv'.ur i:'t rier reit^?hts vj * n tho
cuTnni'.i'. lty t'ttllfd d ' ?-'n t.^.'ari.eu, t..-4
bu nln< A frii ?da 1 j every trial. fto.W Une:.?*
on i- a8tt>u-.l tU.y rm Utgit, ?vt pto.
.'..j'T ?:res loo nun.-: jUo a ad too icu*ar?ao?o to
. be t -rgoiten. rRrj,AaKP ItY
S8n?. J. 4'. WE3I Si t"<?.
I Torfnln by BonU'i RcTsxcr A Co.
I'lii'Ki'.soN a acazLne.
j\ Xi'.inlicr. Uiirivnllc.-! t.i'iTnry Attraction,
rctpr^oi^fl Mngar.ino. 0".r 1'tio I criodicAl for
.a-o Tiwi.-Oi-y-T.wv Qnlsxi ft Ten. jrj ?
One eopv for one yoar, $"2: Thrco copies one
year, $5; Five copies one year $7 5u; Kight
copies one y? nr. $10; twelve copies one year,
$15* Sixteen copies onoyear,$20.
(irTho Volumes besrin with the Numb'Tf
for .1 uly and .Tnuna' v be! 'J'ibserib-JM mat
commiV.ce with any no.nth they pleavo, Baca
numbers furnished if desired. All postmflji*
t? rs constituted Agents, but any person mav
i;.! up n club. SpecimenH sent gratuitously, it
written for. IIT Now isthe timo to subscribe*
No. 360 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
March (?1800.
l)rintiuK Typcs? and till other Frlntina
I materials, aro kept on hand in large qunn
titicM, ami Mild at tho lowest prices, f.,rsit
months' notes or cash, at flrucoVt New York
Typo Fotindry. Roman fonts of tlm modern
Htvlmnre always on the flwlvrs. rendv for iin
mediate delivery in fonts from i?f> to 10,000lbs
Nino cents will prepay tho sfmstapo on a
pnmpblet of "IMmd Specimen1' of Fonts," nnd
other 'heits, which will be mailed to .'11 print
ing offices sending me their address.
Auv publisher of a newspaper whocr.ooftes
to publish tbi; advertisement, including tliia
not ', three < ines. and fovwanl meono of tho
papers containing it, will bo allowed his bill
at tho timo of making a purchase from moo
my own manufactures, of live times the amoQti
of said bill. Address
gegroe nnucFi.
Tvpo Founder, 1.1, Chambers struct, N T
March (> 1809. t A
Printed at tho oflico of tli"

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